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7thGrade Flipbook Fixed

Published by cjholland26, 2016-11-10 19:53:44

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Body Systems Chance Holland 3B Table of Contents

Table of ContentsIntegumentary SystemMusculoskeletalNervous SystemSpecial SensesCardiovascularRespiratory SystemDigestive SystemUrinary SystemReproductive System Table of Contents

Integumentary SystemDefine​: The skin and it’s structuresStructuresEpidermis: Outer layer of the skin.Dermis: Middle layer of skin. Contains glands, nerve endings, and blood vessels.Subcutaneous layer: Area beneath the dermis.Hair: Responsible for protection and insulation.Nails: Responsible for prying, scraping, and picking up things.Cuticle: Band of epidermis at the base and sides of the nail plate.Diseases:Eczema- non contagiousinflammatory skin condition.Dermatitis- inflammation of the skincause by an irritant.Careers:Dermatologist- Doctor who is anexpert in skin diseases.Oncologist- Doctor who specializesin treating cancer. Table of Contents

MusculoskeletalDefine:​ All the muscles, and bones in the body. Allows movement and providesstructure. StructuresVertebra: Back boneCranium: Top of skullTendon: strong connective tissue fibers that hold muscle to bone.Joint: Area where two bones meet.Phalanges: fingers and toes.DiseasesArthritis: Inflammation in the joints.Bone Cancer: Cancer in the bones.ProfessionsPhysical Therapist- Help improve movement ormanage pain after an injuryChiropractor- Treat neck or back pain.. Table of Contents

Nervous SystemDefine:​ System of nerves that transmit impulses throughout your body. VocabularyCentral Nervous System- consists of your brain and spinal cordPeripheral Nervous System- all the parts of the nervous system except for the brain andspinal cordNerves- structures which carry information between your body and your CNSNeuron- a nerve cell that transfers messages in the form of fast-moving electricalenergy Diseases and DisordersConcussion- Traumatic brain injurycaused by a blow to the head.Parkinson’s- A chronic disease linkedto the decrease in dopamineproduction. Causes slowing ofmovement, and shaking while at rest. ProfessionsNeurological Surgeon- Performssurgery on nervous system parts.Neuroscientist- Studies the NervousSystem. Table of Contents

Special SensesDefine​: Senses that have specialized organs devoted to them.Vocabulary​:Eyes: Allow visionEars: Allow hearingTongue: Allows tasteNose: Allows SmellDisordersBlindness- Decreased ability to seeDeafness- Decreased ability to hearProfessionsOphthalmologist- Medical doctor who specializes in eyes and vision.Otolaryngologist- Doctor specializing in ears, noses and throats Table of Contents

CardiovascularDefine:​ Pumps, and circulates blood through the body. Transports nutrients.StructuresArteries: Carry blood through the body.Veins: Carry blood back to the heartHeart: Pumps bloodDiseases and DisordersCardiac Arrest: abrupt loss of heart function in a person.Hypertension: High blood pressure.ProfessionsCardiologists: Medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment ofdiseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular surgeons:Doctors who specialize in surgery of the heart and blood vessels. Table of Contents

Respiratory SystemDefine:​ This system is responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.StructuresLungs: Breathes in oxygen and out carbon dioxide.Diaphragm: Muscle between the chest and abdomen, it contracts/relaxes for breathing.Pharynx: ThroatEpiglottis: Lid like piece of cartilage that covers the airway. Prevents food or air fromgoing the wrong way.Diseases and DisordersInfluenza: Viral infection of the upper or lower respiratory tract.Pneumonia: Inflammation and consolidation of the lung tissue.ProfessionsPulmonologist: Specialized in diagnosingand treating patients with lung problemsand diseases.Respiratory Therapist: Diagnosesbreathing problems and suggeststreatment options to patients. Table of Contents

Digestive SystemDefine:​ Works to convert food into basic nutrients, and energy for the body.StructuresSmall intestine: the longest part of the alimentary canal.Gallbladder: Stores bile.Esophagus: Tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.Pharynx: Throat.Stomach: digests food with acidic juices.Appendix: small pouch attached to the large intestine. Can be removed if needed.Liver: Secretes bile.Diseases/DisordersCirrhosis: Degenerative Disease of the liver.Gallstones: hard deposits that form in your gallbladder.ProfessionsGastroenterologist: Specializes indiseases of the digestive system.Proctologist: Physician specializing indiseases of the rectum and anus. Table of Contents

Urinary SystemDefine: System that filters and removes excess liquids in the body.StructuresUrinary bladder: Hollow sac that holds urine.Urethra: Tube leading from the bladder to the outside of the body.Ureter: Tube leading from each kidney to the urinary bladder.Renal pelvis: Central collecting region in the kidneyKidneys: Extract waste from blood, balance body fluids, and form urine.Nephron: Filters waste in the kidneys.Diseases & DisordersKidney stones: Hard pieces that can be anywhere in the urinary tract.Bladder cancer: Cancer of the lining of the bladder.ProfessionsNephrologist: Doctor specializing inconditions of the kidneys.Urologist: Specializes in diseases anddisorders of the urinary tract. Table of Contents

Reproductive SystemWorks for the purpose of sexual reproduction.StructuresGonads: the primary sex organs.Testes: Male gonads that produce sperm.Gametes: sex cells produced by the gonadsPenis: Designed to deliver sperm into the female reproductive tract.Urethra: The last portion of the male duct system.Vagina: Thin-walled tube. It is between the bladder and the rectum.Ovaries: The female gonads. Produce ova(eggs).Uterus: Womb. Holds and nourishes a fetus.Diseases & DisordersPelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): Severe inflammation of the pelvic cavity.Ovarian cancer: Cancer of the ovary.ProfessionsGynecologist: Diagnoses and treats conditions of the female reproductive systemAndrologist: Treats the male reproductive system and male urogenital complaints. Table of Contents,P00799/ Table of Contents

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