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Golden Greetings | June 2015

Published by Coastal Assemblies of God, 2015-06-18 05:23:28

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EDITION 273 JUNE - 2015 - M O N T H LY N E W S editorial text editorial text But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 2 CORINTHIANS 11:3

Why can’t I communicate with God? How deep is the despair when you can't get someone's attention, especially someone important in your life, and moreso when that Someone is God? If God is the Great Communicator, why doesn't He listen to me? There are a few reasons. All your life, God has been trying to speak into your heart and mind through His Word and Holy Spirit. Perhaps you've been so busy stating your case, or making your demands, that you've not heard His still, small voice. Some, on the other hand, want to call the tune to God, never realising that they can only ever approach Him on His terms. Someone said that the only prayer God will hear from a sinner is, 'God be merciful to me.' While that may not be entirely accurate, its essence stands true. Unless you have been born again, God can't speak to you because you're spiritually dead; you cannot hear spiritual things! You can't speak to God because you're dead; you have no means of communicating with Him! Without Christ, we're all dead in trespasses and sins. Indeed, the beginning of communication with God is when He tells you, from His Word, that He loves you so much that He's given the Lord Jesus to die for your many sins. The beginning of your interaction with this holy God is when you respond to knowing this incredible truth. Responding positively to God's Gift of Salvation in Christ brings you into His saving Grace. As you confess your sinfulness and turn away from it in repentance, His forgiveness will flood into your life and His Grace will enable you to walk away from your own useless efforts at righteousness. Then you will commune back and forth with Him as He begins His wonderful work of new life in you. And what a fellowship, sweet fellowship, that will be. Let Gerald at 083 461 2023, or Alan at 082 468 3758, help you to open communication with the Almighty, Holy and Loving God as your Father.

JUNE 2015 Greetings to all, in the Lovely Name of Jesus. Our Brethren came back from Golden Harvest after the Brethrens Retreat absolutely filled and stirred with the ministry they had heard. There is no doubt that in sharing what He did, God is in earnest with us! Our plea is to every believer, to listen to what God has said to the Fellowship, and do it. How good God is to us. Enjoy the Report, and encourage those who went to share the ministry with you. We can't wait to hear what happens at the coming Youth Camps. Please pray for them. Please keep the following dear families in your prayers: the Freemes, Magubanes, and the Abbots; as Charles Freeme from Howick, Veronique Magubane from Molweni, and Devlyn Abbot from Sea Park have gone to be with the Lord. God Bless, Mandy Meet the Team: Watch this Space See our Testimony Page Editorial Pg 3 Youth Splash Pg 28 Brethrens Retreat Report Pg 6 CAOG Resorts Pg 30 Assembly News Pg 7 Contact Details Pg 33 Testimony Page Pg 23 Keeping You in the Know Pg 36 What in the World Pg 24 Chuckle Page Pg 37 Q & A Forum Pg 26 Web Report Pg 38 1480 2

SIMPLY COMPLICATED THE COMPLICATED WORLD June 2015 Daniel in his prophesy spoke of the end times when “knowledge shall be increased”. We are living in the days of the most profound explosion of knowledge: the developing world we see is riding this giant wave of knowledge which is about to crash onto the shores of eternity. As part of this rush, scientists have to give an answer as to where our creation came from. The best intellectual explanation they can present is the unproven theory of “evolution”. The explosion of knowledge requires that people either keep up and conform, or be totally excluded. Our complicated world is rapidly moving to a select society of intellectuals, while the poor and ignorant slip further and further into irrelevance. While the world continues to grow more complicated, thank God for the consistent simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul points out the foolishness of this so-called wisdom of the world. He says, “Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this world? Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” STRATEGIES OF DARKNESS The Apostle Paul's concern for the Corinthian believers was that they would swerve from the “simplicity that was in Christ”. What blessing is enjoyed by “simple people” who have learned to avoid disproving God, or His Word, and have learned the skill of just believing God, and obeying His Word? The devil's subtle strategy is to stimulate man's natural mind to demand of God answers that will satisfy his knowledge, and so G7G7G7 deceive himself. The complicated world is in trouble! David Cameron (UK) urges the world to engage in a global crackdown on the “cancer of corruption”! Obama says, “the U.S is facing “a dedicated adversary” (apparently set up in China), threatening the nation's 'cyber security'”. Identity theft is now of major concern, challenging the privacy and credibility of those targeted – once again proving the 3

inadequacy of cyber strategy. President Obama has made frequent reference to China's activities in cyber space as a significant source of concern. At the recent G7 Summit in Germany, a call was made for a clean-up of corruption. It was said at this Summit that “Transparency” is the only reliable vaccine against the disease of illicit finance”. It's a shame, but deception does not allow for transparency! But, having an open heart before the Lord, and your Brethren, is indeed the required vaccine against the disease of hindering the moving of God's Spirit amongst His people. And what contentment God's children enjoy as by His grace they bow to the truth of God's Word, submitting to each other totally transparent. RESTORATION THROUGH RECONCILIATION No longer is there any hope of rescuing this poor world. God has made His statement concerning its end. Jesus said that iniquity will abound. The wicked will become more wicked. Corruption will increase! Green programmes and anti-corruption campaigns will not delay God's declared plan. While the world rots, God has put in place a simple process of re-creation that defies the wisdom of the world, but will be enjoyed by all who believe His Word. The simple Gospel of Jesus has been presented to provide an escape from this complicated, knowledgeable world fitted for destruction. The plan of God is “simply” amazing. While it cannot be grasped with the natural mind, by faith, those who believe will escape the rot of “ignorance” that the world's knowledge has introduced. What the world will never understand is, that, through what Jesus accomplished upon the Cross of Calvary, MAN can be reconciled with GOD! For the natural mind, THAT is simply complicated. THE SIMPLE SOLUTION Just to say, “I believe”, to display a simple, total acceptance of God's Word is the solution. What is complicated about that? Trusting in the unseen God is where a sure hope is found. God's Word says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice”. It is time to drop all ritual, to just surrender to His Word. He has made adequate eternal provision for YOU! Remember, God raised Noah: he built the Ark. God raised Abraham: he built a nation: God raised Solomon: he built a Temple. BUT God Himself came: He built the Church where He seeks to demonstrate that He wants to be one with you! Yes God desires to be reconciled with you, in His Church. 4

Thank you to all who sincerely prayed for the Brethren's Retreat. From all accounts the richness of the ministry was awesome! You always hear it said that our present Youth are the Church of tomorrow. Please pray that God will continue to raise up Young People with ministries, well able to step into the shoes of the older folk. Our Prayer Focuses for June/ July are: June: Pray for God's blessing on all our Youth Camps, and that the reports from the Camps will carry God's anointing. July: That the Ladies will come back with vibrant testimonies from the two Ladies' Seminars, at the end of June, and at the end of July. If you would like to join our Prayer Team, which supports Golden Greetings in prayer every month, we would be so blessed. Please call me on 082 294 6605. Mandy Hemphill THE POWER OF THE WORD A BRIEF EXPLANATION OF SOME OF THE DIFFICULT WORDS USED IN THE BIBLE Intercession Meaning: The act of interceding between God and man, with a view to reconciling man to God. Scripture Reference: Romans 8:34: Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. Application: There is no doubt that man needs someone to intercede for him before the only True and Living God. The world today is in desperate need of a Saviour, and little do they realise that Jesus has paid the price for the sin of all mankind, and He intercedes for us on a daily basis. We do not have to end up in a Christ-less eternity. We have an Advocate with the Father. All we have to do is surrender our lives to Him and He will wash us clean and put robes of righteousness on us. Even IF we do sin again, He is faithful and just to forgive us, interceding for us with His Father. 1 John 2:1: My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous Hebrews 7:25: Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. Craig Geel 5

Brethrens Retreat A Brief Overview... G O L D E N H A R V E S T ome 110 Brethren gathered at Golden Harvest on 29 - 31 May, to hear from the heart of our Lord. From the first Meeting on Friday evening the Spirit of God moved upon our gathering; spontaneous worship ascended, Gifts of the Holy Ghost stirred our hearts, and with wonderful liberty Chris Ministered the Word. The Word of \"reconciliation\" was trumpeted into our hearts right from the word GO. We were called to not allow our natural mind to prevent us from responding to what God had to say. The “Ministry of Reconciliation” being essential to the activity of every member of the Body of Christ, was presented through anointed ministry. Everything about the work that Jesus came to do was about reconciliation. Jesus came as the expression of the Will of God His Father. The express objective for Jesus in-dwelling the heart of each believer is to fulfil the will of His Father; the Father's will is to reconcile Man to Himself. As we enjoy fellowship, and function in the Body of Christ, the heart of every believer must be for the purpose of letting Jesus fulfil His Ministry of reconciliation through us. By the end of the weekend the message was clear; Jesus our High Priest lives to make intercession, to reconcile every believer with His Father. So having been reconciled we live to make reconciliation. For the fulfilment of this Ministry, God has given to us the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The challenge presented to us, was that we will not be found in the centre of God's purpose unless we be men FULL OF THE HOLY GHOST. It is vital that we dedicate ourselves to place emphasis upon the need for every believer to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. As the weekend progressed, God ministered to our hearts the need to be available to give our lives for the sake of what He wants to do in these last days. God encouraged us to be ready to \"Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thy habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes\". What a wonderful motivation God ministered to us as He stirred our hearts to arise in His Plan to expand the blessings and vision He has entrusted into our care. With the example of the unity demonstrated by the Godhead, we, Brethren, are expected to apply ourselves together so that God, Who indwells each believer, can continue to express His unity through His children. Peter Hawyes 6 6

ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY NEWS NEWS Howick FAMILY FELLOWSHIP After making a strong recovery from a stroke, Charles Freeme took a sudden turn for the worse and, within days, on 2 May, was called home to be with the Lord. Charles and Eva's three daughters and their families gathered with us to celebrate his life and his many achievements at a memorial service. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time. Eva has left us to join her family in Pretoria. We will miss you Eva, and wish you all God's blessings in your new home. This past month incorporated some fine times of fellowship for our little Body. We gathered on Freedom Day, for a 'bring-bacon- and-share-farm-eggs' at Tyrone and Jill Perry's beautiful farm. The weather looked a bit threatening but warmed up, helped of course b y a h e a r t y breakfast that included muffins and hot drinks. Those young enough to kick a ball around engaged in a haphazard game of soccer; the rest of us sat back and enjoyed the company. th On Sunday 24 , a bring and share lunch was held at Tony and Angela Wijnberg's home after the morning meeting. We gathered around tables in the warm autumn sunshine and enjoyed fellowship and an 7

amazing spread of food: curries and biriani, a huge array of savouries and salads, topped off by an extravagance in desserts. As always, it was a joy to get together with our wider family . Braving the chill on Sunday 17 May, Soo and Robert de Neef, with their son, Matthew, were baptised by Ray Christison in the pool at the home of John and Kerensa Kiln. Each family member in turn testified to the great work God has done in their lives, and their deep conviction that baptism was a simple step of obedience. We wish them joy in their continued journey in the Lord. Lyn Pickering Molweni ASSEMBLY It was a sad moment when our dearest sister Veronique Magubane went home to be with the Lord on 12 May. She wasn't sick, but in the early hours of that morning had sharp pains in her left shoulder and decided to take some pain killers and have a rest. But by 9:00am of that morning it was her time to join the many saints that went to be with our Lord before us. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and her two sons, Vusumuzi and Skhumbuzo, and her daughter Thembile. She was a pillar in the whole Work in all kinds of ways; only God can fill the gap that is left in our Fellowship. We thank the believers who came from all over to support the family during this sad time; God bless you guy's. Our Sister is in the most amazing place now, until the resurrection day. Aaron Dlamini 8

Sea Park FAMILY FELLOWSHIP This last month has been one of mixed emotions for our Fellowship. We were shocked by the sudden death of our brother Devlyn Abbot who was only 41 years of age. Whilst he was on holiday in Thailand he suffered a haemorrhage to the brain. As he was employed by the Hibiscus Municipality as a law enforcement officer, the community were firstly involved at a Memorial Service in the Town Hall and then at a Service three days later run by our Fellowship. It was encouraging to hear of his testimony in the workplace and we were left in no doubt that he had shared his love for the Lord in his day to day life. His Superior Officer commented that there are two groups rejoicing - the angels in heaven and the criminals in Hibberdene, who are breathing a sigh of relief! He is going to be sorely missed in the Fellowship and in the community where, to quote, “he was well known for his exceptional commitment to his work”. We extend our love and prayers to his family at this time. Over the last few months we have seen our Fellowship growing and would like to welcome Richard Chapman, Marge Chittenden, Chwayita Madikizela, Nwabisa Madikizela,Thabani Nkosi and Zandile Shelembe. We are rejoicing with Darryl and Amy D'Arcy on the birth of Juliette May on Monday 1 June.Congratulations to you both and well done to Darryl - it looks like Dentistry equips with you with very needed skills - not many fathers have the privilege of delivering their own daughter! As a fellowship we have been so aware of God's faithfulness and guidance in our lives and we give Him the glory both in sadness and in joy. Sheila Douthwaite 9

United Kingdom FELLOWSHIPS It was a wonderful blessing for Mary and I to visit our fellow believers in London. We left SA on 29 April and retuned on 18 May. During this time we covered three weekends which was used to have two Local Mini Conventions and a weekend Family Camp. Unlike SA, space and time have a different set of conditions. It was, however, a joy to gather around God's Word, to receive direction and encouragement from His heart. To see the wonderful growth and development of the believers was a great highlight for us. 'Open Ministry' sessions were held over each weekend when, by the Holy Spirit, the Brethren shared the Word of God with wonderfully clear revelation and direction. The gifts of the Holy Ghost were in operation with such clarity and relevance. Indeed we ate of the finest of the wheat as we sat together in heavenly places in fellowship with our Lord. What blessings lie ahead, as we see these younger Brethren developing and rearing to get going! With so much work to be done in the UK, we appeal to everyone to stand together in prayer for God to raise these Ministries and to open doors. There is also a constant need for other provisions to equip our brethren to fulfil their burden. Please pray for Brother and Sister Baard 10

as they, together with the Brethren, by the grace of our Lord, bear the burden and responsibility of this Work. The fields are white unto harvest! It was also a blessing to see the development of the Mission into Thailand. Read Rod's report for more on this Mission, and pray for him as he, by God's grace, ventures into the deep! Here too there are desperate needs in ministering to these precious souls. Thanks to all who stood with us in prayer as we made our way to join our UK fellow believers. Peter Hawyes UK News - The end of April saw the arrival of Peter and Mary Hawyes to commence a much anticipated visit to the UK believers. This ushered in a time of lovely refreshing from the Lord as we were able to bask in the measure of this Godly couple. Many meetings took place at the West Hampstead Community hall, in Littleport, and at a Christian Manor hotel on the Norfolk coast. We cannot do justice to the content of the ministry attempting to report it here, but suffice it to say that the Lord was very generous in His clarity, pertinence and abundance of care. Perhaps the highlight of the visit was the three day \"Mini- Convention\" at Cromer, Norfolk, where we enjoyed the splendid facilities of a Christian establishment where we met in the Blue room, had coffee in the Red room and dined in a period dining room. The surroundings were most pleasant. What was more important however, was the pinpoint accuracy of the ministry which enlisted the rich response of the believers to participate richly in worship, prayer and open ministry. A comment from a sister perhaps encapsulates the spirit of the gathering when she addressed Peter thus: 'Brother, you are so wise. You know just when to minister the Milk of the Word and then the meat\". The hotel also provided the opportunity to meet new believers, some of whom were exposed to the ministry. The establishment managers also enlisted our prayer support for their 11

practical difficulties. It was also lovely to renew fellowship with Viv and Jacky Stieger who travelled down from the North to be part of us. Peter was able to follow up some contacts in the UK. We look forward to the fruit thereof. We do thank each one who worked so hard to make these meetings a success under the Lord's guidance and provision. Peter and Mary are now back in South Africa ensconced in the many requirements of the work there. Our appeal is that God gives Grace for Holy brethren such as they to be further appreciated for their sacrificial, relentless and pure labour of love as unto Him. Comment on Thailand - It was some time ago when the Lord very graciously gave the opportunity for me to visit my son and his wife in rural Thailand where they were teaching English. This was my first exposure to South East Asia, and Buddhist Thai culture in particular. Later, back in London, prayerfully waiting upon the Lord, having been frustrated at the lack of Christian witness in said rural areas, I received undoubted Divine instruction to look for a Christian orphanage in the very same area of Thailand. This seemed highly unlikely in the natural, but a cursory search revealed that such an orphanage existed in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Pranburi. Contact was made and a visit arranged for my next trip to Thailand. Upon meeting Bro. Whichai and Sis. Whanpen, language barriers were overcome and they were amazed by the Lord's arrangement of the meeting. What followed was a proving period of myself as a \"farang\" (foreigner: somewhat derogatory) to the orphanage in practical and spiritual terms. This is understandable because of the abominable motives of many older men who visit Thailand. A loving Christ-like relationship has since been fostered by the Lord which has led to my ministering into the Pranburi church which Wichai oversees and the orphans attend. This has in turn motivated the Church to plan for me to conduct a Convention/Camp sometime in the future. 12

We will not discuss the hindrances to this outreach endeavour such as 13 hour flights, unbelievably bad driving, excessive heat, huge cultural differences, financial limitation etc, etc, but rather marvel that the Lord has put together not what I expected. My son has expressed his utter amazement at the way the relationship has grown with Wichai so quickly as the Thai people are normally quite reticent in these matters. We thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity for our vision to go into Thailand. We have no desire to build on another man's foundation, but just to be faithful to the Lord's calling. Rod Baard Athlone FAMILY FELLOWSHIP ‘He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!' No other King like Him. When He talks - you take note! And indeed He spoke, and convicted His children to be baptised. From left to right - Bronwyn, Vanessa, Denise, Clive and Margie, and James. Steve baptised them. We rejoice that God is at work in ways we cannot imagine. Though baptism was not actively taught, these 6 people declared their desire to be baptised! May we never think that we build the church – God builds it! We truly experienced God's blessings at our Family Camp at Golden Harvest recently. Our Camp happened to be on the same day we had our first meeting 2 years ago (mother's day). A Granny and her grandson, Maria and Xavier from Howick Fellowship, were baptised. Rudy committed his life to the Lord and was baptised as well. 13

We were blessed to have Chris Scott sharing God's Word with us. He encouraged us to bring our conscience/thoughts into subjection to Christ, as we are not given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. We have Christ's power to love our enemies. A sound mind to reckon as God reckons. We were also reminded that our weapons against strongholds, which are in the mind, are to keep our eyes on Jesus and to bring ALL our thoughts into captivity and become more like Jesus. The food was excellent – as usual! One cannot live on bread alone, but from every Word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father - just as well, otherwise we would all have to go on a diet! Our leisure time was filled with the inevitable games of rounder's, tennis matches and lots of jaw exercises as we got to know each other better. Saturday night, the Tyrer's set up 'Minute to Win It', and even the less enthusiastic had great fun. Thank you guys for a great evening! We have seen a number of new folk coming into our meetings and are trusting the Lord for their salvation. Jason surrendered his life to Christ recently and we pray he will continue to grow in the grace of God. Dave and Cheeky Hough have come into fellowship with us; we pray they will settle in and be a blessing to this new work. Jaycee Pickard Heritage FAMILY FELLOWSHIP Gavin Berry is looking well after his operation. The clips have been removed and the wound has healed. Gavin is in high spirits and has been attending meetings, although headaches have beset him from time to time. Gavin's condition is stage four, and radiation treatment has been declined. Believers are thanked for their prayers after a very tense few weeks and we continue to trust God together for the days that lie ahead. God's grace is sufficient for any and every situation His children are faced with. Konrad Zehrt is still in the DRC where he is heading a project and will probably be there a while still. It was great hearing from Konrad who has been sharing the Word with the Fellowship through e-mail. We continue to pray for grace in the situation and that Sam and little Bethany may be comforted. 14

Debbie Smith's dad, Geoff Erasmus, underwent a successful multiple heart by-pass operation on 27 May 2015 and is recovering well. Praise God for His goodness! Neal and Alicia Kerr have been blessed with a tiny new arrival, Isabella. Praise God for His blessings and for this precious addition to the family circle. Des Rothman Pinetown ASSEMBLY 19 Men from our Fellowship gathered for a Mens th Evening on Tues 26 with Peter Hawyes, and these are some thoughts from a few: Ø Men, let's go forward in unity with the Lord and take up our place in the Body of Christ. Ian Ø Last night was a great enlightenment for me. I understand what the roles of men are in the Church, and function of the people. I was involved at another Church as a Youth Leader, but stumbled when they lost focus on a relationship with the Lord, and focused on bringing in more numbers. It took Rich 6 years to get me back to Church. I feel like I have been brought to the right place and now can grow in faith and strengthen my relationship with the Lord. Tyrone Ø I think it's brilliant having Apostolic Oversight come to interact with our brethren. These are signs of a healthy Church, functioning according to the plan given in the Scriptures. This can only mean good things for us as a Body. Anytime disciples gather to find the mind of Christ for His Church, He will honour that. I was astounded to see every one there, it really shows your care for the Body. Claiton Ø I took away the fact that God placed me in Pinetown Assembly and called me for the work He has for me to do there. Above all else, I need to be faithful with the talents that He gave me. Richard Ø Based on the overwhelming turnout, the spirit of the brethren and the encouragement given by Peter, I have a great anticipation that our Fellowship is going to be greatly enriched. Kissoon On 5 May a surprise birthday breakfast was held at the Spur for th Mandy “Sunshine”, as she celebrated her 30 birthday. About 20 sisters 15

from Pinetown and Sarnia attended. Mandy was truly surprised and in her own words, “I never th thought my 30 birthday was going to be such a huge surprise. I was astonished and humbled at those who showed their faces to make my day a blessing.” Monica O'Shaughnessy has had a tough time. In Nov 2014 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy, followed by a course of radiation. Monica shares: “The road of fighting cancer has been a hard, stressful and emotional one. Throughout all the blood tests, scans and treatments, the Lord continuously asked me, 'WHO is in control?' I soon realised that I had to hand the whole situation over to the Lord, no matter what the outcome. Once I let God be the pilot of my situation He began to reveal all the love, prayer and support that was around me through the Body of Christ. I was not alone! He gave me the strength to face the fears and anxieties that come with having this disease. He walked with me, holding my hand through it all. Now, 5 months later, the Lord has healed me. I've changed my attitude about being in control of everything; I now hand everything over to the Lord and I realise that nothing is impossible with God. I have no idea what my future holds but God has it in the palm of His hands.” There are many in our Body who are suffering health wise: Gary Potgieter continues to struggle with pain in his legs and is not as mobile as he would like to be. Lawrence Nielsen was admitted to hospital with breathing problems and his recovery was slow and difficult. Karen Hamalaien also continues to struggle, yet her testimony is so precious that she uplifts us all. Our dear brother Doug Cunningham, so far away in England yet still part of our Fellowship, also continues to struggle with serious health issues. Our dear sister Dorothy Ladell still battles as she strives to overcome severe depression. Yet we thank the Lord for constantly watching over all our dear ones and commit them to His healing touch. Sunday School - Our theme this term is sacrifice. One of the highlights was creeping into our own special house on which the 'Blood' had been painted to escape the Angel 16

of Death, as He passed over Egypt. This theme is very deep, and the Sunday School teachers are learning as much, if not more, than the children! Carol Cuthbert Bisley Park ASSEMBLY Greetings to all in the precious name of Jesus Christ. We have known a wonderful growth and development of the love of God among the folk in the Assembly. We thank the Lord as he continues to work in our lives. Our Family Camp, held at the beginning of March, saw Rene and Lee Welgemoed join us for the weekend. We were encouraged in the simple truths of the Gospel, praise God. On 28 March Warren and Danielle Thomlinson had their wedding ceremony in the Church hall. The venue was packed with guests and bro Neville le Roux lead the couple through their vows and ministered a clear Gospel message. On 2 April a small group gathered for a Memorial service for Sister Celia Dippenaar's Mom, Valerie Crozier, who had passed away. Once again, Bro Neville conducted the service, after which we enjoyed some wonderful fellowship with believers who had come from afar. We said farewell recently to Dave and Cheeky Hough, who had moved down from Rynfield Park in Benoni, to assist in running a family B+B in Hilton. They have made the decision to fellowship with the Athlone folk as this will help cut travelling long distances to fellowship. A small farewell was held, as bro Alvin Stevens spoke and prayed for them. May Athlone be blessed to have you as members of the Body. Every Friday evening we have a vibrant Buddies, grades 1-7, and Youth, grades 8-12. Most of these young folk are not from the Assembly families, but come from the Oribi village community. This is a community filled with many social evils, and we find it a great privilege to minister the Lord Jesus into the lives of these young people. 17

Please pray for Melissa Oscroft, Chris and Ruth Neuman, Daniel and Sam Oscroft and Tots and Val Oscroft; as they continue to overcome the loss of Brett. It has been Gods grace at work to see Brett's close friends coming to the Sunday morning Family Service; may they find their place in the family of God. A new couple, Trevor and Leslie Godwin, have come into fellowship through their daughter and son in law, Ryan and Kerrilyn Cochrane. Trevor has recently experienced some severe paralysis to his face and throat. He has a challenge to speak and cannot use his throat to swallow. He has expressed his willingness to lean on and trust the Lord through these difficult circumstances. We continue to pray and stand with him and Leslie. David Veitch Norkem Park ASSEMBLY We had a blessed Family Camp on weekend 1-3 May. Chris and Pat Scott joined us and Chris shared with great blessing on our position in Christ and the wonderful liberty and assurance that gives us. Our victorious walk with the Lord equips us to meet the challenges of the end times which are evident all around us. Thank you Chris and Pat for selflessly serving the Body of Christ as you do. Departures - Neville and Carol Krebs are in the throes of moving to Bethulie and are finalising the sale of their house etc. We will miss them both as they have faithfully served the Lord at Norkem Park for many years. We entrust them to the Lord as they move and we know that they will be a great blessing to believers and family in Bethulie, just as they were to us. Leon and Bridget Badenhorst have moved to Pretoria and are fellowshipping with Riviera Assembly. We miss them very much, but we trust the Lord to continue to keep them and bless their ministry in the Assembly and their retirement village. Dewald van Deventer who recently returned from USA is moving to Howick to take up a position of piano tuner and restorer. We will sorely miss Dewald and the measure of Christ so evident in his life. We entrust this brave young man to the Lord's care and know he will be a wonderful blessing to the believers in Howick. 18

Arrivals - Grenville and Ruth Phillips welcomed their son Andrew Maitland Keith Phillips; sibling to Joel, Nathan and Abigail. Praise the Lord for his safe and healthy arrival. (His names are keeping the grandfathers happy). Now we need to pray for Grenville and Ruth for the Lords blessing in their vibrant family of 4 children. Jonathan and Keeling Fickling, plus little James, have moved back to Norkem Park from Rosehill in Durban. It is very good to have them back with us and our prayers are with them as they settle down here. Rick Fickling Eshowe FAMILY FELLOWSHIP A testimony of God's Grace – On Monday 20 April I arrived back home at 06h10 after dropping off staff, to be held up at our house with a gun to the head. The gardener who had come around the corner, was called by the men and duly joined us. I opened the house and went in and, while we waited, the maid was called. The three of us were then taken to the room where, after opening the safe, we were made to lie down and tied up. Being the main target, I was subjected to tubing (suffocation) with a plastic bag, burning with an iron, stomped on, kicked and hit. Thank the Lord that the gardener only got one burn on the arm and the maid was left alone. I was then taken to another room and locked inside while they took the bakkie and fled. Hearing the bakkie leave we then untied ourselves, and gave thanks to the Lord that we were alive. I then raised the alarm and got help. My Lord careingly held my heart very close to him as the event unfolded and gave me a peace that passes all understanding. The Scripture is true and real that God's grace is available in the time of need. While on the floor, I purposed to forgive the men lest a root of bitterness defile me. That is not my nature, but Christ's. We desire justice to be done, but above all let us glorify our Lord in all things. Heartfelt thanks to all for your calls, sms messages and prayers. The Body of Christ is real and alive! Geoff Hanbury-King 19

Sarnia FAMILY FELLOWSHIP We gathered on Sunday 31 May to hold a Memorial Service for our dearest Sister Shirley Marsh. The date th was significant as it would have been her 80 Birthday. Many spoke of the great blessing she had been to them. After the service it was a joy to meet with her family and a whole group of her dear friends from Pinehaven and share time together over some tea and cake. It's always great to welcome folk into fellowship; we are especially blessed to welcome Ivan Lourens back, now with his wife Kerry and their two little ones, Jack and Isabelle. We trust you settle in and soon feel at home here again. We ask that you would particularly pray for the Byrne Family. Young Samuel, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis is really struggling with his health right now and needs God's healing Hand. Please pray that God will give the family strength, grace and peace for each day. Mandy Hemphill Elliot ASSEMBLY Greetings in Jesus' name! It was in September 2009 when we were called to be in Elliot full time in the Ministry. A very cold area, and out of place that not many people have come to visit till now. But thanks be to our God for His grace that has truly been sufficient for us. We had to face many challenges; our faith and love for God, our Marriage, our children. Also, families and friends that we had to leave behind - some of which we were still encouraging in faith towards God. We arrived on May 15 2010 and it snowed a few weeks later. God never fails in His faithfulness to shelter and comfort us, as He is our refuge, always present at a time of need! We still face the ongoing 20

challenge of being separated as husband and wife for a couple of days each week, as my wife has to drive 100 km to work in Dordrecht Hospital for the Dept. of Health. But looking back now in those 5 years we see how God has worked wonders in the local Church here; in the lives of many folks, including the children in the Youth and Sunday School, as we watched them grow in grace. The visits by Bro Chris and Sis Pat, and Bro Scott and Sis Nadine, separately, were a great encouragement. And now recently, the visit by Bro Peter Michell has really been uplifting for my wife and myself, since we are originally from East London Assembly. Many thanks to all the folks who have kept us in their hearts and prayers as we were very happy to have been visited by Bro Mark Williams and his family; twice they spent a wonderful weekend with us in Elliot. May the Lord bless all of you! Freddie and Charlotte Ngxam Rosehill ASSEMBLY Since Gerald Hawyes' serious operation to remove a cancerous section of his colon some 5 weeks ago, his recovery has been hindered by impaired kidney function, following infection in his urinary tract. He has twice been re-admitted to hospital. Certain required further procedures could not be undertaken because of his continuing weakness. He is presently in hospital being built up for the further procedure to be undertaken on Wednesday 3 June. He will thereafter need to return to hospital for a final serious operation in a months' time, where his surgery will be completed. Gerald is weak, but not bowed down by his condition. His testimony is that he has walked in the valley, and he can confirm that his Shepherd was there. He has also had wide ranging opportunities to witness to staff and to other patients; the fruit of which will only be evident in Glory. Much prayer has, and continues, to go up for our beloved brother and his dear wife, Sannie. We all look forward to his return, in strength, to the Rosehill Body to take up his vanguard place in the Lords work. Val Field 21

Empangeni ASSEMBLY With great anticipation we had prepared for the arrival of Tony and Carol Robson. They brought some welcome rain; not only water on the earth but rain from Heaven. Our Breaking of Bread was a precious time, full of gifts of ministry of the Spirit and Word; followed by two Bible Studies of confirmed exhortation and encouragement to stay on track, knowing that the basic principles of the Doctrine of Christ are still credible in the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing, not even one dot has changed, as the Church waits for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Lunch was enjoyed, with fellowship and chatter everywhere. Thanks to each believer for their support. Thanks, Tony and Carol; it was such an early start to come all this way! We look forward to seeing you again. Please pray for us - We are experiencing some struggles here, as some folk have lost loved ones, and sickness has troubled others - Debbie Botha's father, Dave, past away recently - he was known to folk in Newcastle. Astri Fourie was rushed to hospital for Tick Bite Fever, and then developed an allergic reaction to the meds. Sharon Fourie is experiencing Gall bladder difficulties and may have it removed. Graatjie de Villiers had a visit to hospital, and her father has taken seriously ill. Norma Geel is still struggling with her chest and breathing difficulties. Other folk have known loss of work and shortened work hours. The North coast is also suffering a serious drought. Please pray for all these needs. We do thank our faithful God for His rich mercies. Mike Geel 22

Testimony page Beauty for Ashes On Sunday 26 Oct 2014 we went to When asked, he said our meeting in Newcastle, and were due to he was very ill and go to Golden Oldies on the Monday. It was wanted to vomit and ministered about the Ten Virgins. I, Caroline, that his head was felt the Lord speaking to me; do I have bursting! I got dressed enough oil, or am I like the five foolish who and ran for help. Mollie did not have enough. came and started to Going home we talked about what pray and Rosemarie would happen if we did not have enough oil, called an ambulance, if something happened in our lives: would we for which we waited only 15 minutes, Praise be able to stand. This made me think; will my God! light go out and will I be found in the dark! Peter Dicks, an old friend, was the We arrived at Golden Harvest and hospital's technician and he invited me to had a wonderful time in the Word of God. stay with him and his wife while Corrie was in There was further ministry about oil in our hospital. Corrie was bleeding from the brain lamp, and I knew God was talking to me. “Are and they operated on him straight away. He you ready to face anything?” We had a came out of the theatre looking good. He blessed week, going to Giants Castle, the was fine for a few days and then had a Drakensberg Boys Choir etc. Back at Golden relapse. What a blow! Harvest, more ministry from Isa 61: “The I was told that the best I could do Spirit of the Lord is upon me ... the oil of joy was to take him home to be with family and for mourning, the garment of praise for the friends; he was now in a coma and his spirit of heaviness; - ” Mat 25 “- the kingdom condition was serious and there was no hope! I phoned and told his family. I found a of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which quiet place in the hospital to pray, and it was took their lamps - ” All this ministry was as if God said to phone my son Paul, which I speaking to me! I did not know that a trial was did! He said: “Mom, he must have another coming our way! operation even if he is weak - this is the only We closed the week with an evening option!” He had the operation and left the th of much fun; Corrie ended with his hilarious hospital on the 5 Dec, and is still with us “Jake the peg” mime. We were very tired and today! Praise our heavenly Father! prepared to go to bed, but Corrie wanted to We thank Peter and Mary and our family for the many prayers that went up for first pack the car for the morning. At 2 am I him! Isaiah 61:3 - to give unto them beauty awoke to a sound and saw Corrie sitting on for ashes - the oil of joy for mourning, the end of the bed making strange sounds! Caroline and Corrie Meintjies 23 23

WHATIN THE W RLDO ? Contact: Gerald Hawyes 083 461 2023 Jewish Priests Perform Pentecost Temple Service in Anticipation of Third Temple Recently, on a mountain ridge overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and the ancient Temple Mount, kohanim (ancestral priests) performed a dry run of the Temple Service for the Shavuot (Pentecost) holiday. All three of the major components of the holiday service – bringing of the first fruits, preparation of two loaves of bread using the season's new wheat, and a special holiday offering – were conducted to as great a level of detail as is possible at this point in time. Several kohanim, levi'im (ancestral Levites) and crowds of parents and children assembled on the Armon HaNatziv Promenade, just south of the Old City of Jerusalem, on the day after the official Shavuot holiday to newly re-enact this most joyous and beautiful ceremony, marking the time in the calendar when the wheat has just ripened and the first fruits of the season are ready for picking and eating by the entire populace. “We've come here because we want to be part of the End of Times and prophecy,” said a woman, who learned of the event through the Temple Institute website, to Breaking Israel News. What is important to understand is that the Shavuot holiday has not been celebrated in this manner for nearly 2,000 years. When the Great Temple stood at the centre of Jerusalem, the entire populace celebrated this agricultural festival, which was harmonized directly with the agricultural activities that were the mainstay of industry in the Land of Israel. Microchip Implants to Aid Payment with a Wave of the Hand Is it retail therapy gone mad? The dawn of a new cyborg age? Or a new meaning to going down under? Whatever the case, a fair proportion of Australians are receptive to technology mixing with their precious human organic flesh, if it means making payments at retail stores easier. 24

A survey, commissioned by global payments firm, Visa, found 25 per cent of Australians were “slightly interested” in having a commerce-oriented chip implanted in their skin. Research firm UMR conducted the survey for Visa, interviewing 1000 local consumers. A subcutaneous chip would let consumers pay at a retail terminal without a wallet, credit card, smartphone or smartwatch. They would simply wave their bare hand over a terminal. The finding was revealed as Visa and University of Technology Sydney announced a partnership to explore the future of wearable technology. Visa's research looked at the wearable technology Australian consumers were interested in using for payments. Thirty-two per cent would be interested in paying with a smartwatch; 29 per cent with a smart ring, and 26 per cent with smart glasses. It is little wonder Visa regards Australians as adventurous with tech. “Australians are among the world's earliest adopters of new technology,” said George Lawson, Head of Emerging Products and Innovation for Visa in ANZSP. There's nothing new about implanting tags under the skin. The US firm VeriChip obtained approval to do just that more than a decade ago. Their chip consisted of a tiny antenna and an identification number. It was designed to be implanted in the soft tissue between the thumb and index finger and detected by a radiofrequency identification (RFID) scanner. Before you see the human species morphing towards a cyborg future, there is a cautious note. Research in the past has linked subcutaneous chips to cancers in laboratory animals at the implant site. Age of Wearable Computing Delivers BioStamp Electronic Skin MC10, a start-up in Cambridge, MA, is developing a technology that will allow digital circuits to be embedded in bendable, stretchable materials, which allows exploration of entirely new form factors for electronics — including a form of “electronic skin.” MC10 has overcome the rigidity of normal electronic components by printing them in very small pieces and arranging them in wavy patterns. The company states on its Web site: “We take conventional high-performance electronics and turn them into body- integrated form factors that stretch, bend and twist seamlessly with our bodies and the natural world… Our devices incorporate silicon devices thinned to a fraction of the width of a human hair. These chips, combined with stretchable metallic interconnects, are further combined with elastic rubberlike polymers to form complete powered systems that sense, measure, analyze and communicate information.” 25

A Q& FORUM CONTACT GERALD HAWYES Tel: 083 461 2023 Q What will happen to me when I die? Every living soul MUST be able to answer this question!! Unlike what some believe, we do all have an “eternal spirit” that will live A somewhere forever! The Bible says, “The soul that sins shall surely die”. This death means to be separated from God to face eternal judgment forever. It is for this reason Jesus died upon the cross, bearing the sins of Man upon Himself. God provided Jesus as His plan through whom He could reconcile those who believe. There are many different persuasions concerning “life after death”, but the Bible establishes the TRUTH concerning this matter by the fact that Jesus arose from the dead. Jesus' resurrection not only proves life after death but also establishes the truth of all He taught concerning a life after death. The Truth concerning an eternal destination is illustrated by Jesus in Luke 16 verses 19 to 31. In this example Jesus tells of a rich man, and a poor, sick man called Lazarus. The rich man rejected the counsel of God, and when he died went to Hell. There in hell, he was in torment and begged for release. But Jesus said there is no escape from that eternal judgment. Lazarus feared God: when he died he was carried into an eternal relationship with God: there he was free from all his poverty and sickness. These souls, one in Heaven and one in Hell, are fully conscious, have emotions, see, feel and speak. Hell is the place God prepared for the devil and his angels. It is a place of terrible torment. Heaven is totally filled with the glory, presence and blessing of God. The concluding answer to this question, “What will happen to me when I die?” is best answered by yourself! Just believe in Jesus and receive Him as your Saviour and Lord, and you will be guaranteed Heaven. To reject this opportunity simply means to face eternal damnation, separated from God. The Bible teaches in 2 Corinth 5:8 that if you are a child of God, and you die, you go straight to Heaven to be with the Lord. 26

Q Is there more than one Baptism? To answer your question simply, the answer is yes. There A are four baptisms in the scriptures; each needing careful study and instruction as they form a vital part of the foundation for a ‘new believer. These are, Baptism into the Body of Christ, Baptism into Waster, the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and the Baptism into the Sufferings of Christ. The Baptism into the Body of Christ - This is the most important Baptism as it is that which brings about salvation. Rom 6:4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection: Thus if you are a born again believer, you have been baptised and immersed into the Lord Jesus. The Baptism into Water - One needs to note that water is an element of death to humans. So the question is asked, (Act 2:37) Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do? And the reply (Act 2:38) Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptised. To be baptised in water means to be immersed into an element of death, signifying that you are already dead in Christ and buried into His death, and as you emerge from the water it signifies that you are risen from this place of death into newness of life. Thus water baptism is a testimony of your salvation; the act does not save you. The Baptism into the Holy Ghost - The Lord Jesus, just prior to His ascension, said these words: (Act 1:5) For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptised with the Holy Ghost not many days hence (Act 1:8) But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me. The main purpose of this baptism is that we might be immersed into the power of the Holy Spirit that we may be witnesses to Jesus. This baptism is a separate experience to receiving Jesus as Saviour. The Baptism into the Sufferings of Christ - This Baptism teaches the believer obedience. (Heb 5:8) Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered. (Heb 12:6) For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. The believer is perfected (Heb 2:10) For it became him, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. The believer receives comfort in tribulation and so is able to comfort others in their troubles. The above encapsulates the essence of each principle, however you need to approach your oversight and ask them to teach you what part each of the Principles of the Doctrine of Christ plays in your walk with your Saviour. 27

SPLASH YOUTH SPLASH Hi Guys and Girls It was great to see so many of you at the KZN Rally in May. I always get excited when I see so many young people going on for the Lord! If you haven't already got your Camp Form in – SORRY! You may already be too late. At the time of writing, the Camps were already half full and filling up quickly. But send in your application anyway and you'll go onto the waiting list and you might just get in! If you don't make it, then go and check out some of the news of Camp on the Camp website ( as it happens, because we'll be posting some live updates and photos during camp. Don't forget that we can send out the Golden Greetings to you via e- mail these days and if you would prefer to get it online then all you have to do is drop me a mail at [email protected] and I will add you to the list! Until next time, keep serving the Lord with all your heart! Kilo (Craig Hemphill) CAMP RALLY The Camp Rally took place on 15 May at Sarnia Assembly. There was a sweet start to the evening as we nibbled away at some freshly made pancakes and popcorn, with some juice to swish it all down! There was such a nice vibe to the evening, filled with the energy of the kids playing on the field with a soccer and rugby ball. Those who just wanted to catch up stood on the sidelines talking to their Camp friends. Everyone finally made their way into the hall to play a game called fruit salad…and believe me with all the laughter and noise that was going on, it felt exactly like one big bowl of tossed fruit salad! It was then time for everyone to settle down and allow God to soften their hearts through the praise and worship. Indeed, that is exactly what God did. The majority of us just allowed God to prepare our hearts for the Word that was to come. The ministry was very thought provoking. God was clearly saying that we cannot get involved in the things of this world, because they 29 28

are all one big lie. At the end of the day, we do not want to serve a liar, but a God who is living and who loves us so much. He is the truth and the only way to Heaven. We must not give in to temptation, but rather allow God to have His way in our lives so we can live in the truth. Even though it was sad to say our goodbyes, we rejoiced in the fact that God had spoken to us. We are happy to know that it is not long till Camp, which is literally just around the corner. The excitement is growing as we look forward to being at Camp. All the best, for the last few weeks of term. Until next time, over and out, Sierra (Ross Belman) SEEN AT THE YOUTH RALLY If your face has been “STARRED” email KILO on [email protected] for a PRIZE!!! 29

26-28 Seminar - Woman's Role 18-20 Eshowe Family Camp June Sep - in the Church 1. 25-27 Seminar Marriage 24-26 Seminar - Woman's Role 2-4 Africa Outreach July in the Church 2. Oct 9-11 Rosehill Assembly - 31-1 Tychicus Camp 16-18 KZN Convention 2-8 Golden Years Aug 21-23 Seminar - Marriage Aug Nov 9-11 Seminar - Missions & Outreach Contact - Graham Lister 082-768 5564 [email protected] 0 0 GPS: 29 18'0\".149\"S 29 57'0.798\"E 13 - Combined mtg Three Rivers, June Vanderbijlpark, Bethlehem and Petrus Steyn July 17-19 - Senior Youth Camp Sept 4-6- Rynfield Assembly Family Camp 2-6 - Junior Youth Camp Oct 9-11 - Gauteng Convention Contact - Albert Ward 082-960 5171 [email protected] 0 0 GPS: 26 35'45\"S 28 0'6\"E 30

th The 50 AGM of Coastal Assemblies of God was a success; you can read a brief report of the meeting below. We have introduced a booklet called \"Administration Procedures and Compliance\", which we have distributed to each Fellowship. This booklet has been compiled with the assistance of our Auditors, with the view to bring conformity with regards to the Administration of each Local Fellowship. We are encouraging the Office Bearers at Fellowships to diligently read through the procedures and compliance requirements, and provide feedback to the Admin Office. If there are requirements that would be difficult to meet, or if you have suggestions of whatever sort, please let us know via email ([email protected]). We are endeavouring to finalise this Publication and so we request that you send through your comments and suggestions by the end of August 2015. th 50 AGM of CAOG Report It was with great rejoicing and gratitude that we th were able to host 106 Believers of CAOG to the 50 AGM of Coastal th Assemblies of God which took place at Golden Harvest on 30 May 2015. Brother Peter Hawyes chaired the meeting and read out an “Honorary Role” of our precious Brothers and Sisters who have gone to be with our Lord. 31

Brother Chris Scott presented an overview of the Annual Financial Statements for the 2014 year. It was clear to see, that even in the face of financial pressure, the Income Statement revealed a surplus of some R839,000 (2013: R2,598,000). Tithes sent from Local Fellowships to the Central Fund decreased by 16,8% from some R8,041,000 to R6,690,000, while Support given to our Workers increased by 3,4% from R4,963,570 to R5,134,900. Expenditure increased over all, particularly Admin Expenses increasing by 16,2% from R622,070 to R722,590. Expression was made that the Admin costs relate to the whole Work and include, depreciation, insurance, as well as the running of the Admin Office function. The Balance Sheet showed a 4,2% increase in our Total Assets from some R30,232,260 to R31,510,760 while our Liabilities decreased by 26,4% from some R3,621,900 to R2,665,900, resulting in an 8.4% increase in Equity (All our assets less all our liabilities). Brother Peter Hawyes delivered the Chairman's Report for the 2014 year. He gave a brief summary of all the Outreach endeavours and Functions that we as a Fellowship are a part of. Mention was also made of our Properties and Facilities that are being utilised and developed, namely: Golden Harvest Retreat, Three Rivers Convention Campsite, Sarnia Convention Grounds and the new East London Property. Thanks were expressed to the Trustees and Admin staff for their input and labours – but all Glory was given to Jesus, the Head of the Church! Special The last item on the agenda was to introduce and formally accept Note! Brother Dave de Meillon onto the board of Trustees. We are grateful for his willingness to be involved and look forward to his invaluable input as the Lord leads and directs. Craige Raw 32

TELEPHONE & EMAIL ADDRESS LIST Please notify us if there are any changes to your contact details. Contact Alan Amey 082 468 3758 Churches Athlone Peter Van Heerden 083-778 4616 Ballito Gerald Hawyes 083-461 2023 [email protected] Bethulie Ashley Adam 082-448 6592 [email protected] Bisley Park (Pmburg) Alvin Stevens 083-658 4240 [email protected] Boston Assembly Peter Smith 083-446 2250 [email protected] Buffalo Flats Louis Jooste 082-659 8231 [email protected] Cape Town North Sean Bezuidenhout 082-852 7627 [email protected] Creighton Blaine Osler 072-272 9473 [email protected] East London Peter Michell 082-662 2695 [email protected] Edenvale Chris Sykes 083-265 8221 [email protected] Elliot Ray Brown 045-933 1731 [email protected] Empangeni Mike Geel 082-375 5555 [email protected] Theo Fourie 083-375 6163 [email protected] Eshowe Geoff Hanbury-King 083-267 9400 [email protected] Eston Dave Woodley 082-462 5591 [email protected] Estcourt Dean van Greunen 079-893 9540 [email protected] Golden Harvest Graham Lister 082-768 5564 [email protected] Greytown Peter Comins 084-778 0630 [email protected] Harbour Light (Bluff) Michael Hawyes 083-648 0136 [email protected] Hartbeespoort Rodney Martheze 011-462 9535 [email protected] Heritage (Hillcrest) Des Rothman 084-465 4903 [email protected] Hillside (Bloemfontein) Delarey Bakkes 051-410 7800 [email protected] Howick Ray Christison 084 506 7414 [email protected] Bhekanani Dlamini 078-647 7843 [email protected] Lakeside (Centurion) Stuart Loudon 083-454 6949 [email protected] Mandeni Eddie Liversage 032 456 2578 Melmoth Tots Oscroft 082 716 6321 [email protected] Morninghill Paul Sykes 083-457 4600 [email protected] Mtunzini Elandre de Koning 082-857 5272 [email protected] Newcastle Zane Taggart 074-104 8497 [email protected] Norkem Park (E Rand) Rick Fickling 083-288 3344 [email protected] Pinetown Laurie Nielsen 031-716 8884 [email protected] Queensburgh (KZN) Alan Amey 082-468 3758 [email protected] Randburg Steven Charles 082-857 6436 [email protected] Riebeeckstad Lourens Fick 083-357 5838 [email protected] Riviera (Pretoria) Kenny Williams 072-123 4669 [email protected] Rosehill (Durban) Gerald Hawyes 083-461 2023 [email protected] 33

Churches Rynfield (Benoni) René Welgemoed Snr 011-849 6593 rené Sarnia (KZN) Mike Short 031-708 2573 [email protected] Sea Park (PShep) Brian Douthwaite 083-384 4686 [email protected] Southfield (Cape Town) Peter Weir 082-440 2540 [email protected] Stanger Bevan Brickhill 082-086 9712 [email protected] Three Rivers (Gauteng) René Welgemoed Jnr 073-560 0503 rené True Light (Durban) Theo Rencken 083-262 6170 [email protected] Umkomaas Mike Muller 082-804 4961 [email protected] Underberg Jason Attlee 082-254 8677 [email protected] Vanderbijlpark Steff Valle 082-374 4475 [email protected] Vryheid Jacques Grobbelaar 083-234 5934 [email protected] Waterfall (KZN) Marc Reed 081-354 4276 [email protected] Winklespruit Mike Muller 082-804 4961 [email protected] Egoli WM Ntsimbi 083-525 5096 [email protected] Endlondweni JN Mdluli 082-584 3334 Eston Reginald Ncgobo 072-622 3545 Ethengani P Makhaye 078-575 3229 Gillitts A N Sibutha 072-232 7902 Hammarsdale A Ntuli 083-587 9423 Hhaza Bhekanani Dlamini 078-647 7843 [email protected] HlokoHloko Assembly H M Nkosi 072-300 5670 Ingwavuma T Ndlovu 079-738 0341 Jozini T Mabuyakhulu 082-938 1366 KwaDabeka Isaac Khumalo 082-430 7087 [email protected] KwaDlangezwa M A Mokoena 076-100 4763 KwaNgwanase/Engozini James Zungu 072-507 8734 Kwanyamazana Thandikhaya Manciya 081-477 7121 [email protected] Madadeni Alfred Vana 034-329 2861 Madakana N W Shazi 072-148 4987 Mbayimbayi Mr. G. Dlamini 083-249 2236 Mount Ayliff Zamille Manzane 084-382 5049 Mowaba H M Nkosi 072-300-5670 Mpophomeni Jabulani Mzinyani 072-071 5111 Mtwalumi Mrs. Majola 078-671 9692 Mzimkhulu Thulani Shezi 073-460 6642 Ndumo H M Nkosi 072-300-5670 Ngcolosi Simon Shabangu 072-550 4443 Nondabuya & Munywana Yenga Madonsela 079-924 9606 Taylors Halt Tsepo Ngumbela 071-971 9546 Thandizwe Paul Gumede 072-460 8137 Umlazi JS Vumase 076-195 6188 Waterfall Simon Shabangu 072-550 4443 34

Churches West Hampstead -London Rod Baard 0044-2077942281 [email protected] Steven Coetzee 0044-1727846311 Littleport -Cambridgeshire Rod Baard 0044-2077942281 [email protected] Steven Coetzee 0044-1727846311 USA -Fort Lauderdale Rod Wiggill 954-202 9118 [email protected] Missons & Special Facilities Malawi & Mozambique Rupert Freese 083-799 5522 [email protected] Zambia Peter Hawyes 083-798 5000 [email protected] Gospel for Africa Scott Wheeler 083-275 3671 [email protected] Including Benin, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, DRC Living Bread Ann Woodley 082-457 0007 Christian Truth Ministries Peter Michell 043-748 6288 [email protected] Golden Greetings Mandy Hemphill 082-294 6605 [email protected] AOG Youth Press Mike Muller 031-708 5002 [email protected] Paradise Village – Sarnia Mike Short 031-708 2573 [email protected] 3 Rivers Youth Camp Ctr Albert Ward 016-363 0995 [email protected] Golden Harvest Retreat Graham Lister 082-768 5564 [email protected] Hetta Lindemann 072-575 9227 Resident Caretakers Ian Veitch 076-597 3504 Ann Veitch 083-757 3756 CAOG Web Page Tony Robson 082-934 4055 [email protected] Fellowship Oversight Peter Hawyes 083-798 5000 [email protected] Chris Scott 083-375 3236 [email protected] Trustees Val Field 031-561 5691 [email protected] Des Rothman 084-465 4903 [email protected] Chris Sykes 083-265 8221 [email protected] Peter Hawyes 083-798 5000 [email protected] Chris Scott 083-375 3236 [email protected] David de Meillon 082-512 1606 [email protected] Administration Craige Raw - Secretary /Treasurer (General) 031-708 5000 [email protected] - Financial Returns [email protected] - Insurance Claims & Changes [email protected] Follow us 35

Keeping You in the Know Keeping You in the Know M O N T H B Y M O N T H s m t w t f s 25News Deadline 1 2 3 4 5 6 26-28 Woman's Role in the Church (1) at GH 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 June 27-2/7 SYP KZN Youth Camp 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 s m t w t f s 3-8 JYP KZN Youth Camp 1 2 3 4 17-19 Africa Outreach Youth Conv Gauteng 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 17-19 SYP KZN Youth Camp 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 24-26 Woman's Role in Church (2) at GH July 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 30 News Deadline 31-2 Tychicus Camp 26 27 28 29 30 31 s m t w t f s 30 31 1 31-2 Tychicus Camp 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 21-23 Marriage Seminar August 27 News Deadline 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 28-30 Midlands Convention 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 s m t w t f s 1 2 3 4 5 4-6 Rynfield Family Camp at Three Rivers 8-23 Zambia Mission Trip 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 September 18-20 Eshowe Family Camp 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 24 News Deadline 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 25-27 Deacon & Finance Seminar 27 28 29 30 s m t w t f s 2-4 Africa Outreach at G Harvest 1 2 3 2-6 Junior Youth Camp at Three Rivers 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9-11 Gauteng Convention at Three Rivers 9-11 Rosehill Family Camp 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 October 16-18 KZN Convention at Sarnia 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 23-25 Cape Convention 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 29 News Deadline s m t w t f s 2-8 Golden Years 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10-12 Africa Outreach Seminar 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 13 Greetings Dinner 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 20-22 Mission Vision Seminar November 26 News Deadline 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 36

CHUCKLE page Something Missing - Missing Something? Going over our church finances I found a receipt from a local paint store signed by someone named Christian. I wasn't aware of “Wake up. anyone buying paint, so I called the store to The cat’s got your teeth!” point out its mistake 'I'm sorry,' I told the manager, 'but there are no Christians here at St Mary's Church.' Bedtime Story Daylene was sitting on her grandfather's lap as he read her a bedtime story. From time to time, she would take her eyes off the book and reach up to touch his wrinkled cheek. She was alternately stroking her own cheek, then his again. Finally she spoke up, 'Grandpa, did God make you?' 'Yes, darling,' he answered, 'God made me a long time ago.' 'Oh,' Daylene paused, 'Grandpa, did God make me too?' 'Yes, indeed, poppet,' he said, 'God made you just a little while ago.' Feeling their respective faces again, Daylene observed, 'God's getting better at it, isn't he?' Incredible Service Young Jonathan was visiting a church for the first time. He checked all the announcements, posters and pictures along the walls. When he came to a group of pictures of men in uniform, he asked a nearby verger, 'Who are all those men in the pictures?' The verger replied, 'Why, those are our boys who died in the service'. Dumbfounded, Jonathan asked, 'Was that the morning service or the evening service? 37

CAOG WEBSITE Did you know that you can get directions to an Assembly on the page? When you go to the “Assembly Locator” page you will see a map with some red “Pins” on it. These pins show where we have Assemblies. If your Assembly is not there, please let us know! In addition, you can click on the area below the map, between “From Address:” and “To:”, and key in your address. Click the drop down arrow to find the Assembly you want to go to and click “Get Route”. Voila! You will get step by step directions from your address to the selected Assembly! Next time you come for a holiday to Durban please type in your holiday address and select “Rosehill Assembly” and come to visit us! Lastly, have you signed up for our Newsletter yet? It is really a great blessing. To subscribe, go to Lord bless, Tony Robson – [email protected]

1. Unity of the Spirit and the Faith · Embrace and apply what is ministered in your Assembly, at Conventions and by our Leaders 2. Declare the Vision God has given us AND HOW YOU CAN HELP US! WHAT GOLDEN GREETINGS STRIVES FOR · Other ideas? · Can you identify what God is saying to us as a Fellowship? · How will you participate? 3. Promote Assemblies Co-operation and Fellowship · Get to know Assemblies near you · Pray for them · Phone and encourage folks there · Consider joint activities · Write and share testimonies 4. Encourage Missions, Evangelism and Soul-Winning · Pray for Mission Trips · Encourage the folks who go · Consider going yourself or donating financial support · Invite people to your Outreach meetings · Decide to become more than a witness – a soul-winner for Jesus! Printed by AYM SERVICES cc teL: 031 708 5000 Fax: 031 708 4794 email: [email protected]

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