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Published by Fiona Faith Bucu, 2022-08-05 07:23:52

Description: For Educational Purposes; In fulfilment to the final requirement in Litr 102


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CSuinltguarpeore Peak of the Modern Innovative World Roads and Wonders of Singapore 美食Hawkers Centers (mei3shi2) Language and History Religion and Government The Singaporeans Catherine Lim Edwin Thumboo Chong Tze Chien Sonny Liew Alfian Sa’at Amanda Lee Koe

MODERNIZED WORLD-CLASS INNOVATION & INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURES MARINA BAY ESPLANADE Astounding scenery Theatres on the Bay Glitzy and glamourous, Singapore's Orchard Road is sold today as a fashionable destination to find a hotel in, to shop and to have a meal. Orchard Road gets its name from the nutmeg and pepper orchards that once blanketed the area in the 1840s. he only glimpses of this rural past are the roads named after plantation owners, such as Scotts, Cairnhill and Cuppage. Cuppage Terrace, a strip of restored shophouses housing pubs and eateries, sits behind Centrepoint, a mall well loved by Singaporeans. SINGAPORE’S RETAIL HEART | ORCHARD ROAD HELIX BRIDGE | The Illuminating Beauty THE GUOCO TOWER The 280m-long bridge is the world’s first curved double-helix bridge, and provides pedestrians a direct connection between Marina Centre, the waterfront area and Marina Bay Sands® integrated resort. Peak of the Modern Innovative World

MERLION PARK ROADS AND STREETS IN SINGAPORE ARE NAMED IN ENGLISH, CHINESE a scenic spot AND MALAY. that stands DISPLAYS how much of an impact colonization near the and immigration have had on Singapore's culture, mouth of the as well as its historical significance. The Municipal Commission was in charge of the road Singapore naming procedure in colonial Singapore. Many roads River. were also named following locales in Malaya and Southeast Asia to symbolize Singapore's status as the capital of the Straits Settlements and Malay States, whereas only a small minority named after landmarks or economic activities. e.g. Ang Mo Kio (Chinese), Bukit timah (Malay), Cavenagh (English) SENTOSA Sentosa is a prime destination in Singapore, baring panoply of attractions and activities to cater different kinds of guest. The island is known as a cultural heritage centre, a nature park and a recreational haven for tourists and Singaporeans. GARDENS BY Beyond the flora and fauna that you’ll find here, admire the THE BAY Gardens’ iconic structures – architectural marvels that reimagine nature with artistic finesse. Beauty abounds in the Gardens. Roads and Wonders of Singapore

Singapore's HAWKER CENTRES Following the increasing modernisation of the 1950s and 1960s, hawker centres sprouted up in urban regions. In many cases, they were established in part to solve the problem of unsanitary food preparation by unlicensed street hawkers. At recent times, they have become less commonplace due to rising income in Malaysian and Singaporean urban populations. Food courts, which are indoor, air-conditioned versions of hawker centres housed in shopping malls and other commercial venues, are gradually replacing them, particularly in Singapore. Hawker Centres

FAMOUS FOOD IS AN OBSESSION IN FOOD IN SINGAPORE SINGAPORE -- WILLFLYFORFOOD.COM 美食 SWEET, SOUR, (MEI3SHI2) SAVORY SINGAPORE Nasi Lemak TAU HUAY SATAY | Soft Tofu Dish | Skewered Meat Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, served with a side ROJAK CHICKEN RICE | Fruit & Vegetable Salad | Hainanese Chicken Rice of sambal (a spicy paste), eggs and anchovies, these are the components CHILI CRAB POPIAH | Stir-fried Crustaceans | Fujianese spring roll of a Nasi Lemak that make it a deliciously fulfilling meal. BEST-SELLERS TAU HUAY SATAY ROJAK CHICKEN RICE CHILI CRAB POPIAH 美食 (mei3shi2)

LANGUAGE British Acquisition Mandarin Chinese.. After Malacca and Penang, Singapore was the English ... third Malay territory that British East India Malay ... acquired, and they established a new trading Tamil ... post there that experienced fast expansion. As Singapore's population increased, the East HISTORY India Company lost control of the city-state in 1867, and the British government took over as EARLIER SINGAPORE the country's sovereign. It is believed that Singapore was founded by a World War II and End of prince from Sumatra when he landed on the Colonialism island and saw an auspicious lion. Assuming it to be a good omen, he founded a city there and February 1942: British surrendered the island named it Singapura which translates to 'the to Japanese. Singapore was colonized by Japan lion city'. There is no recorded proof of this until September 1945. legend but it has been told for centuries. Post War Period MODERN SINGAPORE Commodity price increases and high Modern Singapore was founded in the 19th unemployment sparked a number of rebellious century, thanks to politics, trade and a strikes, which in turn caused disruptions in man known as Sir Thomas Stamford transportation and other services. By late Raffles. During this time, the British 1947, the economy had begun to recover, but it empire was eyeing a port of call in this would take years for it to reach the pre-war region to base its merchant fleet, and to level of stability. Singaporeans no longer forestall any advance made by the Dutch. trusted the British after they failed to protect the nation. The local populace had a political Language and History awakening as a result, and there was an increase in the number of anti-colonial organizations and parties that developed a variety of nationalist slogans in support of \"Merdeka,\" or independence in Malay. August 9 INDEPENDENCE 1965

Religion and Government GGOO VERNME NNTT SINGCAuPstOomREsAN Unitary RELIGION parliamentary 33.9% are Buddhist republic 11.3% are Taoist 18.1% are Christian 5.2% are Hindu 14.3% are Muslim 0.7% for Others Additionally, 16.4% of all Singaporeans do not affiliate with a religion. -- 2010 Census.

THey do return ... but gently lead them back 1ST PUBLISHED A SINGAPORE SHORT IN 1983 STORIES COLLECTION CATHERINE LIM ONE OF THE HONOURED INDUCTEES TO THE SINGAPORE WOMEN’S HALL OF FAME is the one and only, Catherine Lim. Bestselling author and social and political commentator Catherine Lim is widely regarded as the doyenne of Singapore writers. The prolific novelist and short story writer is also known for her sharp political commentary, her wit and her often irreverent sense of humour. The theme is on the supernatural and the paranormal. A boy is given a girl’s name so that he can escape the attention of malignant ghouls. A devout Catholic priest is suspected of hanky-panky with a submissive Chinese wife when she gives birth to an albino child. A young girl student dies before her English examinations, but still manages to write an out-of-point essay for the Cambridge Syndicate. From societal superstitions and the imagination come these 15 tales of the paranormal. The Singaporeans | Catherine Lim

THE EXILE EDWIN THUMBOO He was not made for politics, For change of principles Unhappy days, major sacrifice. Even a bit part in a tragedy Seemed most unlikely. There was in him a cool Confucian smile Some suitable history would have been A place in the Family Bank, Consolidated by a careful match A notable gain in family wealth, SINGAPOREAN POET AND A strengthening of the Clan. ACADEMIC An ordinary man, ordinary longevity. Of these things his father sadly dreams. ONE OF THE PIONEERS OF ENGLISH He was not made for politics. LITERATURE IN SINGAPORE But those days were China-wrought, Uncertain of loyalties, full of the search Thumboo's poetry is inspired by myth For a soul, a pride and history, and he is often dubbed Out of ancestral agony, gunboat policy, Singapore's unofficial poet laureate The nation’s breaking up, because of his poems with nationalistic themes. A pioneer of The disaster of the Kuomintang. local English literature, he compiled The new people took him in and edited some of the first To cells, discussions, exciting oratory, anthologies of English poetry and Give him a cause. fiction from Singapore and Work quietly, multiply the cells Malaysia. Prepare for the bloom of a hundred flowers. The flowers came, fast withereth too. Made conspicuous by the principles And the discipline of the group, He thought to stand his ground, defy the law. Re-actionaries he said. And so he stood in the dock. Many documents were read. Those who planned The demonstration, allotted tasks Had run to fight another day – they had important work, Could not be spared, were needed to arrange More demonstrations. Impersonally, the verdict was Exile to the motherland, A new reality. He stood pale, not brave, not made for politics. The Singaporeans | Edwin Thumboo

THE FINGER PLAYS STARRING HITLER AS JEKYLL AND HYDE, 2016. Photo by Tuckys Photography CHONG TZE CHIEN TALENTED AND VERSATILE PLAYWRIGHT. ONE OF OUTSTANDING WORKS SINGAPORE'S BRIGHTEST PLAYWRIGHTS, CHONG HAS BEEN COMPARED TO HEAVYWEIGHTS SUCH AS ARTHUR Besides PIE and Between the Devil and the Deep MILLER AND KUO PAO KUN BY CASEY LIM, THE FORMER Blue Sea, other exceptional works by Chong ASSOCIATE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF THEATREWORKS include Poop (2009) and Charged (2010). He also collaborated and co-wrote 100 Years in Waiting with Kuo Pao Kun and Revelations with Haresh Sharma for the 2001 and 2003 Singapore Arts Festival (renamed Singapore International Festival of Arts) respectively. Chong is internationally recognised beyond the local theatre scene. His plays have been read and staged in London by The Royal Court’s programme for young writers, Exposure, in 2000 as well as by Singapore Playhouse London (now Platform 65) in 2006, which adapted PIE and SPOILT. In August 2006, Chong’s award- winning play, Furthest North, Deepest South, had its international premiere at the 14th Sziegt Festival in Budapest, Hungary. 23 CHONG TZE CHIEN

Sonny Liew LIEW MALAYSIA-BORN COMIC ETERNITY GIRL ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR BASED IN THE ART OF CHARLIE SINGAPORE. CHAN HOCK CHYE (2015) 01 tells the story of Singapore's greatest Re-invigorating stories through cartoonist, who grew up after the art, Sonny Liew worked in war when the colonies of British Malaya and Singapore were agitating multiple small time comic shops for independence. before finding his voice through \"[A] hugely ambitious, stylistically his publication of The Art of acrobatic work... a mercurial delight.\" Charlie Chan Hock Chye. —The New York Times Documenting the tumultuous saga of the birth of the MALINKY ROBOT SERIES Singaporean nation, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye became 02 Each tale stars Atari and Oliver, cute, imaginative kids who serve as our an overnight graphic novel guides on a slice-of-life tour through sensation -- topping a lavishly rendered, vaguely dystopian city of the future. international book charts. The controversial graphic novel (the 03 Warm Nights National Arts Council withdrew Deathless Days: The Life of Georgette a publishing grant, citing Chen “sensitive content”) won numerous prizes: including the Richly illustrated in a soft, 2017 Eisner Award Winner for milky palette, the comic Best Writer/Artist, Best US captures the quiet space of Edition of International Material art and friendship that Chen —Asia, and Best Publication sheltered amid a turbulent Design, Winner of the Singapore backdrop of political turmoil Literature Prize 2016 -- to name and personal hardship. a few. Coming in 2019, Sonny will be bring Adventure Time to into the physical world by taking the helm of turning it into a graphic novel. RECOGNITION Sonny Liew's The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye was a New York Times and Amazon bestseller, and the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize. Other works include The Shadow Hero (with Gene Luen Yang), Doctor Fate (with Paul Levitz) and Malinky Robot, as well as titles for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, DC Vertigo, First Second Books, Boom Studios, Disney Press and Image Comics. He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his writing and art (including 6 for The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye) and for spearheading Liquid City, a multivolume comics anthology featuring creators from Southeast Asia. SONNY LIEW

CLASSICS Alfian Sa’at PoEtrY POEM COLLECTIONS CORRIDOR(1999) ONEFIERCEHOUR MTHAEN(I2NU0SV1CI2S)RIBIPLET ALFIAN SA'AT (1998) playwright, He is known for penning a body of plays, poet & poems, and prose that often tackle issues writer considered taboo in the island-state, such as race, sexuality, and politics. A STANZA IN \" THE MERLION \" \"I wish it had paws,\" you said, \"It's quite grotesque the way it is, you know, limbless; can you imagine it writhing in the water, like some post-Chernobyl nightmare? I mean, how does it move? Like a torpedo? Or does it shoulder itself against the currents, gnashing with frustration, its furious mane bleached the colour of a drowned sun? . . . Published in One Fierce Hour (1998)

MINISTRY OF Amanda Lee Koe has the distinction of being the MORAL PANIC youngest recipient of the Singapore Literature Prize AMANDA LEE KOE for her short story collection Ministry of Moral Panic. NOVELIST Meet an over-the-hill Pop Yé-yé singer with a faulty heart, two conservative middle-aged women holding hands in the Galápagos, and the proprietor of a Laundromat with a penchant for Cantonese songs of heartbreak. Rehash national icons: the truth about racial riot fodder-girl Maria Hertogh living out her days as a chambermaid in Lake Tahoe, a mirage of the Merlion as a ladyboy working Orchard Towers, and a high-stakes fantasy starring the still-suave lead of the 1990s TV hit serial The Unbeatables. Heartfelt and sexy, the stories of Amanda Lee Koe encompass a skewed world fraught with prestige anxiety, moral relativism, sexual frankness, and the improbable necessity of human connection. Told in strikingly original prose, these are fictions that plough, relentlessly, the possibilities of understanding Singapore and her denizens discursively, off-centre. Ministry of Moral Panic is an extraordinary debut collection and the introduction of a revelatory new voice.

BUCU, FIONA FAITH P. CE - 3308 | ASEAN LITERATURE -- SINGAPORE REFERENCES: pacific/singapore/orchard-road two-lifestyles/article/3030319/tale-two-lifestyles 22/singapore-poll-shows-residents-affected-by-gst- than-expat-curbs days-the-life-of-georgette-chen introduction-to-singaporean-literature-in-6-authors/ park-night-view.html delicious-food-singapore/ panic

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