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Connecting Member Vol 25

Published by SIMTech, 2021-10-15 04:55:38

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52 .LOV NEW MEMBER ONBOARD SREBMEM GNITCENNOC ARTC CONSORTIUM Matrix Automation Solutions joins ARTC consortium to drive innovation UP-CLOSE WITH ABRASIVE ENGINEERING An interview with Abrasive Engineering on the joint lab collaboration WHITEPAPER PUBLICATION ON THE EOS MONITORING SYSTEM A publication in collaboration with EOS on a cost effective solution for quality assurance ARTC 5G SMART FACTORY EXPERIENCE ARTC's initiative to develop the 5G smart factory

ABOUT ARTC The Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) is a contemporary platform built upon strong public-private partnerships to translate research to industry applications. It is led by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore). ARTC provides a collaborative platform which brings together industry players, public sector research institutes and academia to bridge technological gaps in the adoption of advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing processes.

IN THIS EDITION Overview of consortium members - Pg 4 New Member on board - Matrix Automation Solutions - Pg 5 Events Launch of A*STAR - Arcstone Joint Lab - Pg 6 Ros-Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop - Pg 7 Bi-Annual Technical Meeting (September) - Pg 8 ARTC Startup Challenge 2021 Day, Innovation Day & Startup Experience Tour - Pg 9 Second International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement (INCASE) 2021 - Pg 10 Industry Engagements Economic Development Board Investment - Pg 11 Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group - Pg 11 Singpost - Pg 12 SMRT - Pg 13 Our Collaboration with members Expanding Possibilities in Abrasive Engineering - Pg 14,15 Whitepaper Publication on the EOS monitoring system - a cost effective solution for quality assurance in Additive Manufacturing with EOS - Pg 16. 17 ARTC Insights 5G Smart Factory - Pg 18,19 Give us your suggestions! - Pg 20 QR Glossary - Pg 21

OUR MEMBERS ANCHOR TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3 Connecting Member | Page 04

New Member Onboard NEW MEMBER ONBOARD Matrix Automation Solution has core competencies such as engineering design, prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly for both standard or customized systems but not limited to precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, integration, programming, systems testing and commissioning. They are specialised in designing and provide Turnkey Automation Solutions, Contract Equipment Manufacturing and standard packaging products to multinational companies from a wide range of industries, including medical devices, consumer electronics, Healthcare, HDD Industries etc. They aim to provide their customers with the highest quality products, customer service and is continually looking into venturing and growing their products, skills and providing individual and personal service to every customer. Over the years, they have developed many solutions for some of the world’s largest and leading manufacturing companies in various industries, including food processing & packaging industrial, electronics, disk drives and biomedical. Interest Areas: Research & development in the field of robotics and automation MR. LOO SOON LAI Managing Director, Matrix Automation Solutions We are pleased to join the ARTC membership consortium and we are positive that this partnership will push our innovation and technology to the next level. We hope that our participation in the membership ecosystem will create more positive synergies for the manufacturing domain. Connecting Member | Page 05

Events LAUNCH OF A*STAR - ARCSTONE JOINT LAB \"New $18m lab in S'pore to boost digital manufacturing, aiming to make factories more efficient and productive\" On 17th June 2021, a signing ceremony was held to launch the opening of the A*STAR – Arcstone Joint Lab at ARTC. The ceremony was graced by Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Chairman of A*STAR, Ms. Chan Lai Fung, CEO of A*STAR, Mr. Frederick Chew, Assistant Chief Executive of A*STAR's Science and Engineering Research Council, Professor. Alfred Huan and Professor. Tan Sze Wee, Assistant Chief Executive of A*STAR’s Enterprise Division. The Joint-Lab will deepen ARTC’s collaboration with Arcstone, to accelerate digitalization in the manufacturing sector. Over the years, Arcstone has expanded its capabilities to address the entire manufacturing supply chain with its Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The launch of this $18 million joint-lab invested by A*STAR and Arcstone will pave the way to elevate the next generation of digital manufacturing toolsets. Arcstone CEO and founder, Mr. Willson Deng presenting 1st row from left to right: Professor. Alfred Huan, ACE of A*STAR’s future plans over the next 3 years of joint-lab Science and Engineering Research Council, Mr. Jaison Kimura, collaboration to Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Gan Head of Finance, Arcstone | 2nd row from left to right: Mr. Kim Yong with manangement of A*STAR and ARTC Frederick Chew, CEO of A*STAR, Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Trade and Industry and Mr. Willson Deng, CEO and founder of Arcstone Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Gan Kim Yong giving Arcstone CEO and founder, Mr. Willson Deng and ARTC staff, Mr. an opening speech at the launch of the A*STAR-Arcstone Myo Kyaw Sett presenting the Manufacturing Execution System Joint Lab (MES) to Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Gan Kim Yong Connecting Member | Page 06

ROS-I ASIA-PACIFIC WORKSHOP 18 AUGUST 2021 The Annual ROS-Industrial Asia-Pacific Workshop on 18th August 2021 has come to a successful closure, with over 200 registered attendees that dialed in! Mr. Tan Jin Yang, Senior Manager, Changi Airport Group A one-day digital webinar, the workshop commences making a presentation on the Robotics Middleware with an opening speech by our guest-of-honor, Framework for facilities management Professor Alfred Huan, Assistant Chief Executive of SERC from A*STAR. In his speech, he gave an overview of the robotics and automation eco-system in Singapore and how the adoption of ROS has been proliferated through Asia-Pacific. After the opening, Mr. Tan Jin Yang, Senior Manager of Changi Airport Group, shared the topic of “Robotics Middleware Framework (RMF) for Facilities Management”. With the increased number of robots being used to augment the workforce, there is also growing importance in effectively managing and ensuring interoperability across disparate fleets of robots. Many of the experts from different industry fields shared their expertise on the application of ROS and its framework. Mr. Darryl Lee, Consortium Manager of ROS-Industrial Asia Mr. Matt Robinson, Consortium Manager, Ros-Industrial Pacific presenting on accelerating Industry Adoption of Americas Southwest Research Institute presenting on lowering ROS2 based Technology in Asia Pacific the Barrier for Industry Personnel to Leverage Open Source Dr. Dave Coleman, CEO & Roboticist of PickNik Robotics Dr. Jan Becker, CEO, President & Co-Founder of Apex.AI presenting presenting on MoveIt migration process to Ros2 on the Apex.OS, a safety-certified software framework based on ROS 2 Connecting Member | Page 07

BI-ANNUAL TECHNICAL MEETING 1-3 SEPTEMBER 2021 The Bi-Annual Technical Meeting 2021 spanning over 3 days (including the start-up challenge) was held in September. It was a hybrid event where some of our ARTC consortium members had the opportunity to visit ARTC physically for this event. The event was held for our consortium members to review the Core Research Projects (CRP) 8 projects and the CRP 9 topics to be voted in 2022. On the first day of the BTM, we celebrated an important milestone for ARTC: the launch of the Next Generation Hyper Personalisation Line(NGHPL) targeted for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. The NGHPL is designed to help companies transform their processes for personalised manufacturing, tailoring products for each customer's specific, real-time demand. On the same day, ARTC technical leads also shared the progress of the CRP 8 projects. The 2nd day of the BTM presents our members with the 5G Smart Factory experience, giving them a glimpse into the factory of the future. The 5G Smart Factory is designed as an end-to-end platform that integrates the potential of the 5G technology into Advanced Manufacturing technology to enable intelligent automation and leverage real-time data across the factory operations. CRP 9 projects was also presented to our members during this event. On the last day of the BTM, we witnessed the accomplishments of the 3 Startup Winners who had completed the ARTC Start-up Challenge earlier this year. In addition, we had our first dialogue with our members to drive discussion on sustainability in the manufacturing domain. The event over the 3 days has been rewarding to meet many of our consortium members in person. Together with our members, we were able to celebrate some of our important milestones and share the latest updates to the CRP projects. We look forward to meeting our members again in the next BTM in February next year. CEO of ARTC, Dr. David Low opening the Bi-Annual Technical Dr. Andy Lee, New Business Development Director of ARTC Meeting September 2021 engaging with our consortium member, Scorpio Electric Our consortium members listening to a presentation given Hybrid setup for the Bi-Annual Technical Meeting September by ARTC staff on the 5G smart factory experience 2021 Connecting Member | Page 08

ARTC STARTUP DAY 2021 3 SEPTEMBER 2021 On the third day of the Bi-Annual Technical Meeting (BTM), The ARTC Startup Day 2021 was held. The event falls into 3 different segments: ARTC Startup Challenge 2021 Demo Day, Innovation Day, and Startup Experience Tour. Startup Challenge 2021 Demo Day The challenge was the result of a close partnership with IMDA and Open Innovation Platform. With the problem statement from our ARTC industry members, 3 startup winners (TransferFi, Myrmidon Laboratories Pte Ltd (MyrLabs) and Zuno) presented their solutions based on these topics: Predictive Maintenance, Asset Tracking and Management, Remote Control and Monitoring. The proofs-of-concepts were developed with ARTC's support in technical expertise and resources in facilities and equipment. Innovation Day & Startup Experience Tour Through an interactive session, the 8 startups from ARTC Startup Challenge 2020 and 2021 showcased their latest technology development. In addition, our physical audience had the opportunity to get a glimpse of these startup's technology offerings via a live demo around our ARTC shopfloor. A new start to ARTC Startup Challenge 2022 Inheriting the excitement from the ARTC startup challenge 2021, we are moving on towards a new start to the 2022 event on “Automation 4.0.” We look forward to the participation of Startups ready to take on the challenge to disrupt the Advanced Manufacturing sector! Mr. Siddartha Butalia , Engineering Director of TransferFi Mr. Hari Nair , CEO and co-founder of Zuno giving a giving a presentation of the proof-of-concept on the problem presentation of the proof-of-concept on the problem statements to the consortium members statements to the consortium members Ms. Michelle Yeo, Co-founder and Executive Director of Mr. Gabriel Yee, Managing Director of MYRLabs giving a DataVlt explaining their projects to the guests of BTM presentation of the proof-of-concept on the problem statements to the consortium members Connecting Member | Page 09

INCASE 2021 7-8 SEPTEMBER 2021 The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement (INCASE 2021) – jointly organized by the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) and Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) – was held virtually from 7th to 8th September 2021. Over 100 attendees from 15 countries and territories participated in meaningful discussions on the progress in surface enhancement technologies. Over 60 keynote, oral and poster presentations were delivered LIVE, with interactive Q&A and networking opportunities. We deeply appreciate the support from our sponsors – MFN International, Progressive Surface and Tyrida International. Overview of our virtual guest joining us at the INCASE 2021 A huge thank you to the invited speakers – Prof Chen Zhong, Prof Mario Guagliano, Prof Ong Soh Khim and Dr. Elmar Bonaccurso – for their excellent delivery of the keynote lectures. Finally, INCASE 2021 owes its success to all delegates who contributed to the various sessions and symposia. All contributions have been successfully published in the INCASE 2021 Proceedings! See you at INCASE 2023! Mr. Mario Guagliano making his presentation to the online Overview of some of our keynote speakers in the INCASE guests in the conference 2021 ARTC staff giving a presentation to the virtual guest of Panel discussion on the challenges & opportunities in Surface INCASE 2021 Engineering Connecting Member | Page 10

Industry Engagements Economic Development Board Investment (EDBI) 30 JUNE 2021 Visit by Economic Development Board Investment - Ms. Chu Swee Yeok, CEO and President, Mr. Alvin Chew, Managing Partner, and Mr. Ong Jeong Shing, Partner from the Economic Development Board Investment (EDBI) together with their management team visited ARTC to understand the collaboration with industry partners, specifically the SMEs in the membership ecosystem. Moving forward, future discussions will be scheduled with EDBI to explore collaboration in furthering the use cases of ceramic 3D printing for commercial use in the dental industry with our member, Creatz3D. Group photo from left to right: Dr. David Low, CEO of ARTC, Mr. Ong Jeong Shin, Partner of EDBI, Ms. Chu Swee Yeok, CEO and President of EDBI, Mr. Alvin Chew, Managing Partner of EDBI and Dr. Andy Lee, New Business Development Director of ARTC SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK DEVELOPMENT GROUP 7 JULY 2021 Visit by Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group - On the 7th July 2021, Ms. Seah Yueh Chinn, Deputy Director and, Mr. David Lee, Assistant Director, Northeast Asia Desk, Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) spearheaded a visit with China Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group (CSSD) to ARTC. Mr. Donny Bian, Head of Investment Promotion Board of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative, Mr. Bernard Teo, General Manager, Mr. Eugene Chua, and Mr. Goh Kian Seng, Deputy Head of CSSD Singapore Office visited ARTC to understand the ARTC business model and explore future collaborations to link up with potential companies. Moving forward, future discussions will be scheduled with CSSD to explore collaboration with potential companies. Group photo from left to right: Mr. Donny Bian, Head of Investment Promotion Board of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative, CSSD, Mr. David Lee, Assistant Director, Northeast Asia Desk, MTI, Mr. Goh Kian Seng, Deputy Head of CSSD Singapore Office, Dr. Wong Chow Cher, Assistant Chief Executive of ARTC, Mr. Eugene Chua, Deputy Head of CSSD Singapore Office, Mr. Bernard Teo, General Manager of China Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group (CSSD) Singapore Office and Ms. Seah Yueh Chinn, Deputy Director, Northeast Asia Desk, MTI Connecting Member | Page 11

Group photo from left to right: Dr. David Low, CEO of ARTC, Mr. Chris Mason, Tech Div Director, ARTC, Mr. Vincent Phang, CEO, SingPost, Ms.New Su Yin, Head of Post & Parcel, SingPost and Dr. Wong Chow Cher, Assistant CE, ARTC SINGPOST 20 AUGUST 2021 Visit by SingPost (Singapore Post Limited) - On the 20th of August 2021, Mr. Vincent Phang, CEO and, Ms. Neo Su Yin, Head of Post & Parcel, of SingPost, visited ARTC to understand ARTC's capabilities in robotics packaging and automation for the future of postal services. For follow-up, ARTC will visit SingPost to better understand its operations to identify areas of collaboration. Connecting Member | Page 12

VISIT BY SMRT 23 AUGUST 2021 Visit by SMRT Corporation(SMRT) - On 23rd August 2021, Mr. Neo Kian Hong, Group CEO of SMRT Corporation together with his management team visited ARTC, hosted by Mr. Frederick Chew, Chief Executive of A*STAR. The purpose of the visit is to introduce the overall capabilities of A*STAR and ARTC to explore potential collaboration between SMRT and A*STAR as a whole, through ARTC’s Land Transport ecosystem. Future discussions and visits will be arranged with SMRT to better understand their overall innovation strategy inland transport and more specific problem statements from their Trains, Roads and Experience business units. Group photo from left to right: Mr. Peter Tan, Co-Chairman of ARTC, Dr. David Low – CEO of ARTC, Mr. Frederick Chew, Chief Executive of A*STAR, Mr. Gan Boon Jin, President of SMRT Engineering & Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Mr. Neo Kian Hong, Group CEO of SMRT Corporation, Dr. Wong Chow Cher, Assistant CE of ARTC, Mr. Lam Sheau Kai, President of SMRT Trains Connecting Member | Page 13

Our Collaboration with Members Embracing Industry 4.0 A joint lab collaboration with Abrasive Engineering In 2020, a joint lab was launched between A*STAR and Abrasive Engineering with a total investment of $5.5 million over the next 3 years. The joint lab will fortify Abrasive Engineering in building advanced manufacturing capabilities to make four new types of products and enter into new industries such as additive manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods. To find out more about the significance of this collaboration, we reached out to Mr. Tan Ser Huan, Managing 1st row from left to right: Professor. Alfred Huan, ACE of A*STAR’s Science Director of Abrasive Engineering. and Engineering Research Council, Mr. Tan Keng Huat, Deputy Managing Director of Abrasive Engineering | 2nd row from left to right: Mr. Frederick Chew, CEO of A*STAR, Dr. Tan See Leng, Second Minister of Trade and Industry and Mr. Tan Ser Huan, Director of Abrasive Engineering Expanding possibilities in Abrasive Engineering Q: Please share with us the journey of Abrasive Engineering as an organisation. A: Abrasive Engineering is an organisation that prides itself in designing and fabricating blasting and shot peening machines, and providing surface treatment through blasting and shot peening services. We started out in 1990 with only a small team of 3. Over the years, we have undergone steady development and growth and have firmly steered ourselves through many changes in business cycles and economic conditions, resulting in a company with sound fundamentals, strength, and depth in our field of expertise today. Q: How did Abrasive Engineering take on the challenge of embarking the Industry 4.0 transformation? A: To ensure that we stay relevant in the manufacturing domain, we understand the importance of continuously adapting our business models to Industry 4.0. In the past years, we have also upgraded our programs and systems so as to be able to fully integrate and link our machinery with other dashboards. We are also progressively looking at areas in which we can digitalise our machines to further elevate Mr. Tan Ser Huan with his team of employees ourselves in the manufacturing sector. Q: Over the years, Abrasive Engineering have stayed as an active member of the ARTC Consortium. Have there been any value-add to your organisation so far? A: Our long-standing partnership with ARTC has been forged ever since ARTC was officially launched in 2013. So far, It has been a very rewarding journey for us in this consortium with access to the pooled resources on knowledge and expertise. We were also provided with a new perspective on how we adopt Industry 4.0 into our business model. As a local Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs), there were limitations and constraints that Abrasive Engineering is subjected to compared to large organisation. For example, specialised talents in the area of research & development are something that would take up a lot of our time and resources. The robust partnership formed with ARTC will help Abrasive Engineering to advance forward in the manufacturing domain through the close collaboration with scientists and engineers from ARTC. Leveraging on their technological know-how, it will serve as a guide for us in employing the latest technology for the factory operations. Connecting Member | Page 14

The innovation journey with Abrasive Engineering Abrasive Engineering Investment of 1.1 Official Launch of officially joins ARTC million in valve A*STAR-Abrasive consortium as a development Engineering Joint Lab member Model factory launched - Development of presentation to Technology Roadmap Smart Ready Robotic Senior Minister of session with A*STAR Shot Peen Machine State, Dr Koh Poh team - participation of Koon T.UP scheme Building the future with Abrasive Engineering Q: How did the collaboration on the joint lab started? Was there a problem statement to solve with ARTC? Has there been any challenges met so far? A: It took Abrasive Engineering 4 years to achieve the development of the magnetic valve; with the price of numerous resources spent. The joint lab collaboration with ARTC will undeniably accelerate technology deployment by reducing the time on research and development; thereby allowing us to push our products into the market at a faster pace. This joint lab serves as a platform for us to upgrade our products, innovate and further optimise the products and services we are offering. The aim of this joint lab is to develop a wide range of valves in order to facilitate a higher flow rate and we are expecting to actualise the launch of the microwave valve in 19 months. Some of the challenges we faced were the countless amount of design changes due to the testing. We have to constantly perform the trial and error process in order to improve, optimise and enhance our product. Fortunately, the close collaboration with ARTC team through regular meetings has been efficient and productive in solving these issues. Q: What are some of the results we can expect to see after the 3-year joint lab collaboration have concluded? A: After the 3-year joint lab collaboration with ARTC, we will definitely have a wider range of products which we can expand our markets globally. In addition, our products will be able to cater to the FMCG, Aerospace, Oil and Gas industry. This also signifies an increase in sales revenue. Currently, Abrasive Engineering has a revenue of 7 million and we are expecting to reach 25 million after Mr. Tan Ser Huan explaining the joint lab the joint lab has concluded. objectives to Dr. Tan See Leng, Second Minister of Trade and Industry Q: If there's other industry partners who are interested in a joint lab collaboration, what would be your best advice to them? A: For an SME, it is not recommended to carry out R&D work on your own - employing your own scientist and engineers can be very costly. Collaborating with ARTC's huge talent pool will ensure your project is constantly taken care of and aligned with the timeline. Of course, stakeholders must be prepared and willing to invest! Work with A*STAR entities and see how you can collaborate to kickstart your innovation moving forward! Connecting Member | Page 15

A Whitepaper Publication with EOS EOS monitoring system The EOS Whitepaper Publication is the result of close EOS in-process monitoring Optical collaboration with EOS and our Additive Manufacturing Tomography of an industrial swirler Industrialisation team from ARTC. The publication is one of the first studies conducted where process monitoring can be applied to detect defects in laser powder-bed fusion systems through correlation to X-ray CT scans. Users can accelerate the validation of part quality in a serial production scenario and reduce post-inspection steps, thereby leading to improved traceability and significant cost savings in the long run. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER PUBLICATION HERE About Electro Optical Systems (EOS) EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high-quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Driving the innovation journey with EOS ARTC 's long-lasting partnership with EOS begins ever since ARTC's membership consortium was established in 2012. Our close alliance has since achieved many great results in the reign of additive manufacturing. To understand the motivation behind this whitepaper publication, we contacted Ms. Yvonne Lim, Business Development Manager of the EOS. team for a short interview. Q: What started this collaboration and how do you find the end-result of this collaboration? A: The Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation team in ARTC possesses in-depth knowledge and good experience with the EOS DMLS processes. Coupled with their expertise in Materials metallurgy, X-ray CT inspection, and statistical analysis, It was a perfect opportunity to work with them on this publication to provide unbiased information and analysis to our customers. EOS Whitepaper Publication collaborated Our collaboration between our project team from EOS by EOS & ARTC GmbH and ARTC has been exceptional. Both the project milestones and timeline were well managed. We are pleased that the proposed project scope and evaluation are close to both product and business requirements. We will love to explore more opportunities for collaboration with ARTC. Connecting Member | Page 16

About our Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation Team The Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation (AMI) Team in ARTC explores opportunities for product improvement and functionality using additive technology. With a mission to become the leading additive manufacturing(AM) solution provider and deliver products and services that accelerate AM adoption in Singapore, the team aims to deliver a complete solution from pre to post additive manufacturing processes, to enable test- bedding of the manufactured components and translation into product-ready solutions. We reached out to Kin Keong and Zheng Jie to find out more about their inspiration behind the co-authoring of this publication and their key takeaways in this collaboration. Kin Keong and Zheng Jie are both development scientists in the AMI team, working closely with our members from the consortium. By leveraging on existing capabilities within ARTC and A*STAR, they will lead the team to examine problem statements and pain-points, thereafter offer solutions holistically. Correlation of defects in OT and X-ray CT Q: What led to the co-authoring of this publication? A: This whitepaper collaboration started from a brainstorming session between EOS and ARTC on some of the problem statements that EOS is facing. Process monitoring and quality assurance are the main concerns in any reputable manufacturers in production. We realised that in-process monitoring is an area that has important applications but much work is still needed. Both parties have mutual interests to demonstrate the technical capabilities for wider industrial applications. We would also like to take this opportunity to know the EOS systems better while assisting EOS to provide a deeper technical analysis using our in-house expertise with data analysis and inspection capabilities. Q: Was there any challenges met when authoring the publication? What are some key takeaways for the team? A: One of the challenges faced was the frequency needed to tweak the design of the experiment during the project execution to bring out the results that best showcase the capabilities of the process monitoring system. With the diverse skillsets that ARTC and EOS have, the team was able to align on the methodology and deliverables eventually solve these challenges successfully. Kin Keong (left) and Zheng Jie (right) It has been an enjoyable journey for us to collaborate with working together in the ARTC AM EOS on this whitepaper. We have learned a lot about the workshop technical capabilities and business requirements from EOS. We look forward to future collaborations and publications with EOS. Connecting Member | Page 17

ARTC Insights 5G Smart Factory In the era of Industry 4.0, speed and time are the essences in the manufacturing industry. This hyper-competitive industry symbolises the need to be doing more in lesser time with fewer resources to ensure survival. Reacting to consumer feedback or demand in a jiffy and realizing concepts into products have become a significant determining factor to make or break a business. Having a 5G network is an indispensable part of facilitating good communication between machines and data to support an organisation make an informed decision An end-to-end connecting platform collaboration with Singtel In our collaboration with Singtel, our ARTC smart factory adopts the 5G's high speed and low latency to enhance factory operations and processes. The smart factory of tomorrow is envisioned with seamless well-connected tools, accumulating huge data ranging from a different location and analysing them to guide workers to make an informed decision. It will be filled with wireless robots and sensors, each monitoring different aspects of the working environment providing better control and surveillance into the factory and supply chain operations. Driving the 5G smart factory experience in ARTC Realising the potential of the 5G network with the Industry 4.0 technology embolden ARTC's epitome in creating a well-connected end to end platform . We met with Lim Cheng Leong, Lead scientist of the 5G project to understand what 5G can offer. Lim Cheng Leong, Lead scientist of 5G initiatives Q: What is your role in the 5G project? presenting the use cases of 5G in ARTC A: As the lead scientist for 5G initiatives, My role is to realise and catalyze the full potential of the 5G technology for the manufacturing value chain. Together with my team, we research and co- develop deployable 5G-enabled advanced manufacturing applications with our industry partners to accelerate technology deployment in manufacturing. Connecting Member | Page 18

Q:How does 5G play a critical role in the manufacturing industry? What is its impact on Industry 4.0? The operational technology (OT) network must support a wide range of tasks such as monitoring critical infrastructure (CI) and controlling robots on a manufacturing floor. The demands for absolute robustness and reliability to guarantee the availability and readiness of the industrial processes have made today's OT network relies heavily on wired solutions to ensure smooth factory operations. Contrary, wired solutions would imply the sacrifice of mobility and flexibility of the industrial applications, crucial to achieving greater accuracy & speed to production lines. We believe 5G can be a game-changer for Industry 4.0 technologies like mobile robots, analytics services, and IoT. A manufacturing station can undergo reconfiguration intelligently and autonomously, with the interchanging of machining tools and different arrangements on manufacturing steps. The mobility and flexibility traits of the solutions will facilitate production to respond rapidly to changes in part demand and part mix(Demand flexibility) and meet customer's demands or any disruption of the supply chain. Q: How will the 5G technology be integrated into ARTC premises and industrial applications? In the next months, our efforts will be focused on 2 manufacturing use cases: a 5G enabled parts delivery system and a Real-time edge platform over 5G for the hyper-personalisation line. The parts delivery system will access edge computing over 5G network to access object detection and recognition. Monitoring of the factory floor will be performed through high bandwidth video streaming with low latency. The Real-time edge platform for the hyper personalisation line makes evident the benefits of integrating 5G connectivity into the factory operations to improve the overall end-to-end data access. High download throughputs with data aggregation from multiple sources can be performed and any irregular network performance can be detected to identify poor connectivity and provide a solution to tackle the network gaps. Much work is still required for us to truly reap the full potential and benefits of 5G; particularly in the proof of concept work with industrial 5G applications. We hope to utilise this opportunity to work closely with our industry partners on 5G as a testbed platform to implement their industrial applications. This will aid our evaluation in the 5G connectivity performance in the manufacturing environment and on industrial protocols can be conducted. Q: What kind of support can ARTC provide to our consortium should any of our members be interested in deploying the 5G technology in their factory operations? As a collective effort to support our consortium members to accelerate 5G enabled technology deployment in their factory operations, we strive to: Provide the 5G infrastructure where our members can testbed pilot use cases in order to de-risk investment in research & development Equip and share knowledge and expertise in researching and developing tools and capability to complement industrial networks (5G and beyond) Come experience 5G with us today! Connecting Member | Page 19

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