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Published by SIMTech, 2021-05-05 23:36:23

Description: Programme Information


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CREATING ROBOTS USING ROS2 NAVIGATION With the increased emphasis on ROS2 SIMULATION TO development, we are proud to present the REAL LIFE ROS2 Navigaton stack, the de facto DEPLOYMENT sucessor to the ever popular ROS Navigation stack in mobile robots since 2010. The ROS2 Navigation stack inherits a set of foundational implementations of algorithms such as A* and Dynamic Window Approach (DWA) for planning and control from the ROS1 Navigation stack. It also uses behaviour trees to call modular servers to complete actions such as path computation, control effort and recovery. The new and improved ROS2 and its Navigation comes with real-time capabilities and Data Distribution System (DDS) communication standards. It also has newly added features such as a behaviour tree navigator and task specific asynchronous servers to achieve high modularity. REAL-TIME CAPABILITIES

COURSE STRUCTURE CLASSROOM Course Objectives LECTURES The course is conducted through CASE STUDIES sequential instructional learning units aiming to increase the participants level HANDS ON of understanding of ROS2 Navigation PRACTICAL and develop the skillsets required to SESSIONS develop and deploy it on real robots. PRACTICE Who Should Attend? LEARNING WITH Engineers and Professionals within the MENTORSHIP field of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) or robotic navigation ASSESSMENT For any enquiries: [email protected]

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