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Published by ehsan-nawaz, 2015-04-16 07:30:30

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ABOUT USEach year, thousands of hopefuls see their dreams of studying Medicine and Dentistry fade away.Alongside the increase in tuition fees, conditions for meeting admission criteria are continuouslytightening, making it a greater challenge to secure a place at university in the UK.For this reason, Tutelage hopes to provide an alternative for prospective students in achieving theirambitions.The global expansion of English taught courses has increased the demand for universities within Europe.With lower tuition fees and cheaper living costs compared to the UK, European universities are givingstudents the capability of succeeding.Moreover, at some of our universities student loans are available to cover tuition fees for the fullduration of the course.Tutelage Ltd strives to offer a friendly, reliable and expert service to its students. To ensure each studentreceives a professionally tuned experience, irrespective of their demography, we implement a ‘studentcomes first’ approach.

WHAT YOU WILL GET FROM US Deal with all your administrative requirements We will notify you on all the required documents necessary and then process them once they have been received. We will save you from the hassle of answering questions and demands from secretaries or International Offices of Medical Universities; in regards to the entrance criteria or application process. If required, we will communicate with the Ministry of Education in the country you wish to apply to. We will respond to any other queries you have which may help with processing your application. We will finalise all the required documents as per university requirements. We will deal with any applications which are under special considerations, and find solutions to correct any concerns. We will then submit your application for you. Expert advice We will provide you with information on all options which are available to you, discuss universities and their requirements and answer any queries and concerns you may have. Know your application status Once the application has been accepted by the University, we will notify you in regards to entrance tests, if required. We will also issue you with an acceptance letter with a conditional offer made by the University! Relocation Support To support the transition near the time of departure, we arrange for all of our students to travel together; with the assistance of one of our representatives. Transport from the airport will be arranged for the students. If necessary, we will also find accommodation for each student upon arrival. We will assist in opening bank accounts for each student and secure any available financial support. We will always stand by your side. With continuous pre and post care, our aim is to dedicate our time, attention and service to you throughout the application process and during the course of studying.

FREE WWW.TUTELAGE.ORG.UK (+44) 2036171785 [email protected] MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY What we offer you 5000 EURO PER SEMESTER - MEDICINE 5900 EURO PER SEMESTER - DENTISTRY  EXAM IN THE UK ONE OF THE TOP UNIVERSITIES IN EUROPE  Full application handling  Representatives will fly outFor the last 20 years, the Faculty of Medicine andDentistry have been running a study program in General with students and offerMedicine in the English language. In recent years, support onsite.Dentistry is another program taught in English and  Accommodation supportthroughout these years, graduates have successfully  Bank account registrationbecome members of healthcare teams in numerous  Guidance throughout thecountries from USA, Canada, UK, and Norway, all the duration of the studiesway to Malaysia and Japan. from first to sixth year.In addition, the Medical School is situated at the same PLUS £150campus as the University hospital. All teaching happensin one place, with most clinics within a few minutes’  Apostillationwalk from the lecture halls. Students studying on the  NotarisationEnglish Program have fitness and training centersavailable to them. The University has its own large PLUS £50sports hall; available for use by all students. Students  Pre-departure meetingmay also use municipal sports facilities. This includes a  Airport pick upfifty-meter swimming pool and two ice skating rinks.

FREE  MEDICINE WWW.TUTELAGE.ORG.UK  HISTORICAL CITY  3500 EURO PER SEMESTER (+44) 2036171785  STUDENT LOAN AVAILABLE  [email protected] Pleven Medical University is one of the five medical What we offer youuniversities in Bulgaria. It was established in 1974;expanding the horizons, size and reputation of the City  Full application handlingHospital, founded in 1865. Combining traditions of the past  Representatives will fly outwith the present possibilities, the university incorporateseducational and therapeutic facilities, with a contemporary with students and offerpre-clinical base, Institute Hospital. support onsite.With more than 1000 beds, the hospital provides in all major  Accommodation supportmedical fields. As well as having a large number of  Bank account registrationspecialized clinics, research units with modern diagnostic and  Student loan supporttherapeutic equipment are also available. These are  Guidance throughout theefficiently used for research, treat patients, train students, duration of the studiestrainee doctors, Post-graduates. from first to sixth year.Currently, there are 2044 students. 275 of these are PLUS £500foreigners; including 78 of Indian nationality – the biggestcommunity of foreign students at the university. Other  Translationinternational students are from Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine,  ApostillationMoldova, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania, Cyprus, Congo,  NotarisationSyria, Algeria, USA, Japan, Great Britain and France. PLUS £100  Pre-departure meeting  Airport pick up  Hotel (2 nights)

FREE  MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY WWW.TUTELAGE.ORG.UK  CAPITAL OF LATVIA  4500 EURO PER SEMESTER - MEDICINE (+44) 2036171785  7000 EURO PER SEMESTER - DENTISTRY  [email protected] Medicine, provided by the Faculty of Medicine, What we offer youis specifically designed to teach students the corecompetencies that are required in order to become highly  Full application handlingskilled doctors who upon graduation are capable to pursue a  Representatives will fly outwide variety of careers. This program is characterised bystudent cooperation and active engagement in group work. with students and offerStudies involve working on a series of patient-centered support onsite.problems, revealing the basic principles that influence  Accommodation supporthuman health and disease. The medical knowledge and  Bank account registrationpractical clinical skills are obtained by giving students the  Student loan supportopportunity to work with patients as early as in the 3rd year.  Guidance throughout theProfessional education programme Dentistry, provided by duration of the studiesthe Faculty of Dentistry, produces qualified dentists with a from first to sixth of Doctor of Dental Surgery. The obtained knowledgeand practical skills allow them to practice in general dentistry PLUS £550– to treat patients with oral cavity and tooth diseases, as wellas to carry out educative activities for the prevention of the  Translationmentioned diseases. Programme follows an integrated  Apostillationcurriculum developing such knowledge, skills, judgement,  Notarisationand attitudes that enable graduates to deliver high standardof professional care in a rapidly changing educational and PLUS £150clinical environment.  Pre-departure meeting  Airport pick up  Hotel (2 nights)

£450  MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY WWW.TUTELAGE.ORG.UK  HISTORICAL CITY  4000 EURO PER SEMESTER (+44) 2036171785  STUDENT LOAN AVAILABLE  [email protected] Medical University of Plovdiv, situated in the What we offer yousecond biggest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, was founded in1945 and has been accommodating international  Full application handlingstudents for over 30 years. The University consists of  Representatives will fly outfour Faculties – Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy andHealthcare and has its own Medical College, with students and offerDepartment of Languages and St Georges Academic support onsite.Hospital. The Medical and Dentistry programs are  Accommodation supportoffered to almost 3,800 local and international students  Bank account registrationand include Bachelors, Postgraduates, Doctorate and  Student loan supportPost Doctorate Programs.  Guidance throughout the duration of the studiesThe doctorate programmes include Immunology, from first to sixth year.physiology, orthopaedics, traumatology, ENT,orthopaedics, paediatric surgery, Microbiology, PLUS £500dermatology and number of other programmes. Theuniversity employs 730 highly trained professors, deputy  Translationand assistant professors. Some are highly acknowledged  Apostillationscientists who have/had research published in  Notarisationprestigious scientific magazines. PLUS £100  Pre-departure meeting  Airport pick up  Hotel (2 nights)

 MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY £2100  ON THE SEASIDE  4000 EURO PER SEMESTER WWW.TUTELAGE.ORG.UK  STUDENT LOAN AVAILABLE  (+44) 2036171785The Medical University of Varna is a high-tech [email protected] and has more than half a century ofhistory and traditions. The classical models of What we offer youteaching at the university are well combined withthe latest technologies – 3D anatomy training and a  Full admission processsystem for complementary e-learning rich inelectronic content. The Medical University of Varna  Exam in the UKoffers uncompromised quality of training and it isthe first and the only university in Bulgaria which  Translationintroduced the model of the European Foundation  Apostillationfor Quality Management (EFQM ®) for Business  NotarisationExcellence in 2008. The diplomas issued by the  Pre-departure meetingUniversity are recognized in all European countries.  Airport pick upThe preferred University for students from 34  Hotelcountries all over the world has 82 international  Representatives will fly outpartners from 5 continents. with students and offer support onsite.  Accommodation support  Bank account registration  Student loan support  Guidance though out the duration of the studies from first to sixth year.

CONTACT USFor any further questions feel free to contact [email protected] +442036171785 time: Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 20:00

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