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global indian e papper june 04.pdf A

Published by J Koodal, 2022-06-04 03:05:54

Description: global indian e papper june 04.pdf A


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1 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 ISSUE -89 june 04 -2022 DamtXm-a-kn\\v 25,016 `q-cn-]-£-w \"Icw' ]nSn¨v Xr¡m¡c lrZbw XIÀ¶v FÂUnF^v Hm-tcm du-ïn-epw D-a-bp-tSXv hy-à-am-b B-[n-]-Xyw t]m-ÌÂ, kÀh- o-kv thm-«pI- Ä C¯- - D-a tXm-a-kn-\\v In-«n. c-ïv thm-«p-IÄ h-W B-sI ]-s¯-®w am-{X-am- ho-X-am-Wv FÂ-Un-F-^v, F³-Un-F Wp-ïm-bn-cp-¶-Xv. 83 thm-«p-IÄ-¡v Øm-\\mÀ-°n-IÄ-¡v In-«n. B-sI At- ]£- In«- nb- nc- ps- ¶¦- ne- pw Xnc- n¨- v ]-¯v du-ïv thm-«p-I-fm-Wv F-®n- tUm.tPmtPmk- ^v F.F³. h¶- X- v ]s- ¯®- w am{- Xw. AX- n sh- b-Xv. B-Zy F-«v du-ïp-IÄ tImÀ- (FÂ.Un.F^v cm-[m-Ir-jv-W³ dpw H-cp thm-«n-sâ eo-Uv am-{X-am-Wv ¸-td-j³ Un-hn-j-\\p-I-fm-sW-¦n tSm«- Âthm«- v(47750) (F³.Un.F) D-a tXm-a-kn-\\v In-«n-b-Xv. aq-¶v thm-«p- Ah- k- m\\- cs- ï®- w Xr¡- m¡- c- ap³- tSm-«Â thm-«v 12,957 ¡w I-S-¯n-b D-a, G-gmw IÄ A-km-[p-hm-bn. aq-¶v thm-«p-IÄ kn¸- me- nä- nb- mb- nc- p¶- p. du-ïn ]n.Sn. tXm-a-kn- sâ I-gn-ª X-h-W-s¯ `q-cn-]-£w a-dn-I-S-¶p.]- Dabp-tS-Xv N-cn-{X hnPbw{´-ïv du-ïp-I-fpw F-®n- ¯oÀ-¶-t¸mÄ 72770 thm- Dam tXm-a-kv «p-IÄ t\\-Sn-bm-Wv ]n Sn cm-hn-se 8.40-Hm-sS B-Zy- 15 _q-¯p-I-fn-epw D-a tXm- thm-«p-I-fp-sS I-W-¡v bp- (bp.Un.F-^vþ tXm-a-kn-sâ ]n³-Km-an- du-ïv ]qÀ-¯n-bm-b-t¸mÄ a-kv ap-¶n-se-¯n. 1500 Un-F-^v Iym-¼p-I-fn (`q-cn]£w 25,016-) bm-bn a-Õ-cn-¨ D-a tXm- D-a tXm-a-kv ap-¶n-se-¯n. thm-«p-I-fp-sS eo-Um-Wv sX-Ãv A-¦-em-¸p-ïm-¡n- a-kn-sâ an-¶pw-hn-P-bw. 2518 thm-«p-I-fp-sS `q-cn-]- C-hn-sS bp-Un-F-^v {]-Xo- sb-¦n-epw B-Zy-du-ïnÂ. tSm-«Â thm-«v 72770 25,016 thm-«p-I-fp-sS, A-Xm- £-am-Wv D-a tXm-a-kn-\\v £n-¨-Xv. ]n.Sn.tXm-a-kn-\\v bp-Un-F-^v i-àn-tI-{µ- b-Xv ImÂ-e-£w ]n-¶n-« B-Zy-du-ïn In-«n-b-Xv. 2021- C-hn-sS \\n-¶v In-«n- §-fm-Wv Cu c-ïv Un-hn-j- thm-«p-I-fp-sS `q-cn-]-£- C-S-¸-Ån, t]m-tW-¡-c b-Xv 1258 thm-«p-I-fp-sS eo- \\p-I-fpw. 21 sa-jo-\\p-I-fm- ¯n-\\m-Wv D-a tXm-a-kn- F-¶o Un-hn-j-\\p-I-fn-se Uv am-{X-am-Wv. t]m-Ì Wv C-hn-sS F-®n-b-Xv. sIm-¨n/ Xr-¡m-¡-c: H-cp am-k- sâ hn-P-bw. FÂ-Un-F-^v \\n-cm-i-bn FÂ-Un-F-^v Iym-¼v ജെയിംസ് കൂടൽ t¯m-fw \\o-ï ssl thmÄ-t«- Øm-\\mÀ-°n tPm tPm-k- Pv {]-Nm-c-W-¯n-\\v ti-jw Xr- ^v 47754 thm-«p-IÄ t\\-Sn. \\m-emw du-ïn ]-Ip-Xn-bm-b-t¸m-tg-¡v D-a tXm-a-kv 8964 ¡m-¡-c-bn P-bn-¨p I-b-dn-b-Xv _n-sP-]n Øm-\\mÀ-°n thm-«p-IÄ-¡v ap-¶n-se-¯n-b Im-gv-N-bm-Wv I-ï-Xv. A-X- D-a tXm-a-kv X-s¶. A-©mw du- F F³ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W-\\v §-s\\ ap-t¶m-«v t]m-th, D-a tXm-a-kv 11123 thm-«n-te-¡v ïnÂ-¯-s¶ eo-Uv \\n-e A-©- 12957 thm-«p-I-fm-Wv In-«n- `q-cn-]-£-sa-¯n-¡p-¶ Im-gv-N I-ï-tXm-sS bp-Un-F-^v b-Xv. Iym-¼v B-lv-fm-Z-¯n-anÀ-¸n-em-bn. 4366 thm-«p-I-fp-sS `q-cn- I-W-¡p-IÄ C-§-s\\ ]-£w am-{X-am-bn-cp-¶p Cu du-ïv ]n-¶n-«-t¸mÄ 2021- എഴുതുന്നു ]n Sn tXm-a-kn-\\v B-sI In-«n-b-Xv. thm-«p-I-fm-Wv \\m-emw s_-¶n _-l-\\m-\\v In-«n-b-Xn-t\\-¡mÄ `q-cn-]-£w t\\-Sn Xr- du-ïn D-a-bv-¡v In-«n-b-Xv. ]-Xn-\\m-bn-cw I-S-¶v eo-Uv D-a D-]-Xn-c-sª-Sp-¸v ]-cm-P-bw: ¡m-¡-c C-Xp-h-sc I-ï-Xn-se G-ä-hpw h-en-b `q-cn-]-£-t¯m- tXm-a-kv F-¯n-¨-t¸mÄ \\-K-c-tI-{µ-§-fn tPm tPm-k- kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ sS-bm-Wv tIm¬-{K-kn-sâ G-I h-\\n-Xm Fw-FÂ-F-bm-bn ^n-\\v H-cp X-c-¯n-epw ap-t¶-ä-ap-ïm-¡m³ I-gn-bm-¯ Im- [mÀ-ãy-¯n-\\p-Å a-dp-]-Sn \\n-b-a-k-`-bn-te-¡v F-¯p-¶-Xv. ]-Xn-s\\m-¶mw du-ïv ]qÀ- gv-N FÂ-Un-F-^v Iym-¼n I-Sp-¯ \\n-cm-i ]-SÀ-¯n. t] ¯n-bm-b-t¸mÄ-¯-s¶ ImÂ-e-£w I-S-¶p D-a tXm-a-kn-sâ m-fnw-Kv Ip-d-ª tImÀ-¸-td-j³ ]-cn-[n-I-fn-epw bp-Un-F- പേജ് - 05 `q-cn-]-£w. C-cp-]-XnÂ-¯m-sg _q-¯p-I-fn am-{X-am-Wv tPm ^v ap-¶nÂ-¯-s¶-bm-bn-cp-¶p. ap-Jy-a-{´n-bpw a-{´n-am-cpw tPm-k-^n-\\v ap³-Xq-¡w In-«n-b-Xv. H cm-P-tKm-]m-en-\\v ti-jw Fw-FÂ-F-am-cpw A-S-¡w sk-©z-dn e-£y-an-«v C-S-Xp-ap-¶- Xr¡m-¡-c \\n-b-a-k-`-bn F-¯p-I Xm-s\\-¶ A-h-Im-i-hm-Zw D-¶-bn-¨ F Wn sam-¯w C-d-§n \\-S-¯n-b {]-Nm-c-Ww ]m-gm-bn-sb-¶v Xn-c-sª-Sp-¸v F³ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W-\\v ]-t£ I-gn-ª X-h-W _n-sP-]n-¡v In- \\m-emw du-ïnÂ-¯-s¶ D-d-¸m-bn-cp-¶p FÂ-Un-F-^n-\\v. IqSp-X «n-b thm-«v t]m-epw In-«n-bn-sÃ-¶ \\n-cm-i am-{Xw _m-¡n. skâ-dn-se-¯n. hmÀ¯IÄ t]-Pv þ12, 17 ]-cm-P-bw k-½-Xn-¨v ]cmP-bw hy-àn-]-caà : ]-cm-P-bw io-e-am-Wv: kn-]n-Fw Pn-Ãm t\\-Xr-Xzw tPm tPm-k-^v F.F³. cm-[m-Ir-jv-W³ sIm-¨n: Xr-¡m-¡-c D-]-sX-c-sª-Sp-¸n-ep-ïm-b ]-cm- P-bw hy-àn-]-c-a-sÃ-¶v FÂ-Un-F-^v Øm-\\mÀ-°n sIm-¨n: Xr-¡m-¡-c D-]-sX-c-sª- sIm-¨n: Xr-¡m-¡-c D-]-sX-c-sª-Sp-¸n ]-cm-P-bw tPm tPm-k-^v. tXmÂ-hn-bp-sS Im-c-Ww C-g-Io-dn ]-cn- Sp-¸n ]-cm-P-bw D-d-¸m-b ti-jw k-½-Xn-¨v kn-]n-sF-Fw Pn-Ãm t\\-Xr-Xzw. ]-cm-P- tim-[n-¡pw. ]mÀ-«n GÂ-¸n-¨ tPm-en \\-¶m-bn sN-bv- {]-Xn-I-c-W-hp-am-bn F³-Un-F bw kÀ-¡m-cn-s\\-Xn-cm-b hn-[n-sb-gp-¯-Ã. tXmÂ-hn Xp. \\n-e-]m-Sp-IÄ ap-t¶m-«v h-¨p-Å cm-{ão-b t]m-cm- Øm-\\mÀ-°n F F³ cm-[m-Ir- A-hn-iz-k-\\o-b-am-Wv. hy-Xy-kv-X-am-b P-\\-h-[n-bm-Wv «-am-Wv \\-S-¯n-b-Xv. B-ßmÀ-°-am-bn {]-hÀ-¯n-¨p. jv-W³. sX-c-sª-Sp-¸v ]-cm-P-bw D-ïm-bn-cn-¡p-¶-sX-¶v kn-]n-sF-Fw Pn-Ãm sk-{I-«- F-Ãm-hÀ-¡pw lr-Z-b-¯n-sâ `m-j-bn \\-µn. ]mÀ-«n io-e-am-sW-¶pw X-§Ä-¡v tXmÂ- dn kn-F³ tam-l-\\³ ]-d-ªp. ap-Jy-a-{´n t\\-cn-«v sX- {]-Xo-£n-¡m-¯ tXmÂ-hn-bm-Wv kw-`-hn-¨-sX-¶pw hn H-cp {]-iv-\\-ap-Å Im-cy-a-Ã-tÃm- c-sª-Sp-¸n-s\\ \\-bn-¨n-«n-Ã. sX-c-sª-Sp-¸v \\-bn-¨-Xv A-Xn-sâ Im-c-W-§Ä ]-cn-tim-[n-¡p-sa-¶pw A-t±- sb-¶pw ]p-©n-cn-¨p-sIm-ïv F F³ Pn-Ãm t\\-Xr-Xz-am-Wv. ap-Jy-a-{´n-bp-sS ]-cn-]m-Sn-bpw lw {]-Xn-I-cn-¨p. cm-[m-Ir-jv-W³ a-dp-]-Sn ]-d-ªp. a-{´n-am-cp-sS ]-cn-]m-Sn-bpw Pn-Ãm t\\-Xr-Xzw B-h-iy- a-{´n-am-cpw Fw-FÂ-F-am-cpw Iq-«-t¯m-sS Iymw- sX-c-sª-Sp-¸v ]-cm-P-bw FÂ-Un-F- s¸-«-Xn-s\\ Xp-SÀ-¶m-Wv \\-S-¯n-b-Xv. A-Xp-sIm-ïp- ]v sN-bv-Xv {]-Nm-c-Ww \\-S-¯n-bn-«pw i-à-am-b a-Õ- ^n-\\v I-\\-¯ Xn-cn-¨-Sn-bm-sW-¶v F X-s¶ ap-Jy-a-{´n-t¡m ]mÀ-«n sk-{I-«-dn-t¡m C-Xn cw Im-gv-N h-bv-¡m³ km-[n-¨n-à F-¶-Xv FÂ-Un-F-^v F³ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W³ hn-e-bn-cp-¯n. _-Ô-an-sÃ-¶pw kn-F³ tam-l-\\³ ]-d-ªp. Iymw-]n-\\v tjm-¡m-bn-«p-ïv. knÂ-hÀ sse³ hn-j-b- Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn D-a tXm-a-kv X-cw- A-Xn-\\n-sS ?Kw-`o-c hn-P-b-h-gn-bn ap-t¶-dp-¶ D-am ¯n kÀ-¡m-cn-s\\-Xn-cm-b P-\\-hn-[n-bm-bpw {]-Xn-]- Kw Zr-iy-am-sb-¶v F F³ cm-[m- tXm-a-kn-s\\ A-\\p-tam-Zn-¨v tXm-a-kpw cw?K- £w Xr-¡m-¡-c ^-ew D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯pw. Xr-¡m- Ir-jv-W³ ]-d-ªp. hn-P-b-¯n-sâ ¯v h-¶p. D-a-bp-tS-Xv an-I-¨ hn-P-b-am-sW-¶pw P-b- ¡-c sX-c-sª-Sp-¸n-\\v sXm-«p-ap³-]m-bn tIm¬-{K-kv t]-cn D-a tXm-a-kn-s\\ A-`n-\\-µn- ¯n-\\v D-a-b-tb-bpw ]n-¶n {]-hÀ-¯n-¨ t\\-Xm-¡-tf- hn-«v FÂ-Un-F-^n-te-¡v tN-t¡-dn-b ¡p-¶p-sh-¶pw A-t±-lw Iq-«n-t¨À- bpw A-`n-\\-µn-¡p-¶-Xm-bpw ]-d-ªp kn-\\pw ^-ew h-en-b Xn-cn-¨-Sn-bm-Wv. ¯p.

2 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 America t¥m-_ C-´y³ C _p-¡v h-cp-¶p: Hm-Iv-e-tlm-a, SÄ-k skâv {^m³-kn-kv B-ip-]-{Xn sP-bnw-kv Iq-S c-Nn-¨ \"]-d-bm-\\p-Å-Xv' ' h-f-¸n sh-Sn-h-bv-¸v: aq-¶p t]À sIm-Ã-s¸-«p hm-b-\\-¡m-cn-te-¡v hm-jn-Mv-S³ : bp-F-kn Tn-¡p-¶ 19 Ip-«n-I-fpw 2 A-[ym- t¥m-_ C-´y³ ho-ïpw sh-Sn-h-bv-]v . Hm- ]-I-cpw sIm-Ã-s¸-«n-cp-¶p. 7 ]-»n-t¡-j³-kv Iv-e-tlm-a-bn-se SÄ-k- ap-X 10 h-b-Êv h-sc {]m-b- ]p-kv-X-I-§Ä C-\\n bn skâ v {^m³-kn-kv ap-Å-h-cm-Wv sIm-Ã-s¸-« Ip- C _p-¡m-bpw hm-bn- B-ip-]-{Xn h-f-¸n-ep-ïm-b «n-IÄ. ¡mw. Iq-Sp-X hm-b- sh-Sn-h-bv-¸n aq-¶p t] \\-¡m-cn-te-¡v À sIm-Ã-s¸-«p. A-{I-an- ]p-kv-X-I-§Ä F-¯n- bpw a-cn-¨p. A-{I-an kz-bw ¡p-¶-Xn-sâ `m-K- sh-Sn-bp-XnÀ-¯-Xm-tWm am-bm-Wv C _p-¡v A-tXm s]m-eo-kv h-[n-¨- hm-b-\\-¡mÀ-¡m-bn Xm-tWm F-¶p hy-à-a-Ã. A-h-X-cn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xv. \\n-c-h-[n t]À-¡v ]-cp-t¡- C-Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn än-«p-sï-¶m-Wv hn-h-cw. sP-bnw-kv Iq-S c-Nn- {]m-tZ-in-I k-a-bw ssh- ¨ \"]-d-bm-\\p-Å-Xv' C In-«v 4.52\\m-Wv kw-`-hw. _p-¡m-bn hm-b-\\-¡m- B-ip-]-{Xn-bp-sS c-ïmw cn-te-¡v F-¯pw. \\n-e-bnÂ-\\n-¶p ]p-d- Kr-lm-Xp-c-am-b HmÀ- ¯p-h-¶ A-{I-an sh-Sn- a-I-fp-tS-bpw k-a- \"]-d-bm-\\p-Å-Xv'. hn-aÀ-i-\\-§Ä- bp-XnÀ-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. kw-kv-Ym-\\-s¯ bp-hmÂ- Im-en-I kw-`-h-hn- ¡pw \\n-e-]m-Sp-IÄ-¡pw H-¸w HmÀ- kw-`-h-s¯ Ip-dn-¨v Iq-Sp- Un ]-«-W-¯n-ep-Å tdm-_v I m - k - § - f p - t S - b p w a-I-fp-sS ]-¦p-h-bv-¡Â Iq-Sn-bm-Wv X A-t\\z-jn-¨p h-cn-I- F-e-saâ-dn k-vIq-fn 18 h-b- \\ n - c o - £ - W - a m - W v Cu ]p-kv-X-Iw. bm-sW-¶v A-[n-Ir-XÀ Êp-Å A-{I-an kmÂ-h-tZmÀ A-dn-bn-¨p.I-gn-ª B-gv-N dm-tam-kv \\-S-¯n-b sh-Sn-h- bp-F-kn-se sS-I-v-k-kv bv-]n 2,3,4 ¢m-kp-I-fn ] am-c-I {]-l-c-ti-jn-bp-Å tXm-¡p-IÄ \\n-tcm-[n-¡-Ww: I-a-em lm-cn-kv _-^-sÃm: A-ta-cn-¡-bn N-S-§n ]-s¦-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn-\\v ¸p kw-`-h-§Ä D-ïm-b Øn- Iq-« sh-Sn-sh-¸p kw-`-h-§- F-¯n-t¨À-¶ I-a-em lm-cn-kv Xn-¡v \\n-b-a \\nÀ-am-Xm-¡Ä fn a-c-W-§Ä hÀ-[n-¨p h-cp- am-[y-a {]-hÀ-¯-I-tcm-Sp kw- A-Sn-b-´n-c \\-S-]-Sn-IÄ kzo- ¶ km-l-N-cy-¯n am-c-I km-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. I-cn-¡-W-sa-¶pw C-Xp cm-{ão- {]-l-c-ti-jn-bp-Å tXm-¡p- 'am-c-I {]-l-c-ti-jn-bp-Å b-¯n-\\-Xo-X-am-bn-cn-¡-W-sa- IÄ A-Sn-b-´n-c-am-bn \\n-tcm- B-bp-[-§Ä D-]-tbm-Kn- ¶pw A-hÀ ]-d-ªp. [n-¡p-¶-Xn-\\p-Å \\n-b-a \\ ¡p-¶-Xv bp-²-§-fn-em-Wv. C-\\n-bpw C-¯-cw kw-`-h-§Ä nÀ-am-Ww \\-S-¯-W-sa-¶v kn-hn skm-ssk-än-bn B-hÀ-¯n-¡p-hm³ A-\\p-h- A-ta-cn-¡³ ssh-kv {]-kn- C-¯-cw B-bp-[-§Ä-¡p Zn-¡-cp-Xv. cm-Pyw H-ä-sI-«m-bn Uâ v I-a-em lm-cn-kv \\nÀ-tZ- Øm-\\-an-Ã'– I-a-em lm-cn-kv \\nÂ-¡-Ww. C-Xn hn-`m-Ko- in-¨p. ]-d-ªp. A-tXm-sSm-¸w tXm- b-X D-ïm-I-cp-Xv. bp-F-kv I-gn-ª B-gv-N _-^-sÃm- ¡p hm-§p-t¼mÄ bq-Wn-th-gv- tIm¬-{K-kv Aw-K-§Ä tXm- bn \\-S-¶ sh-Sn-sh-bv-¸n k _m-¡v {Ku-ïv B-h-iy- tfm-Sp tXmÄ tNÀ-¶v \\n-b-a sIm-Ã-s¸-« 10 t]-cn G-ä- am-sW-¶pw I-a-em lm-cn-kv \\nÀ-am-W-¯n-\\v H-¶n-¨p \\nÂ- hpw {]m-bw Iq-Sn-b dq-¯v ssh- Iq-«n-t¨À-¯p.Cu hÀ-jw am- ¡-W-sa-¶pw I-a-em A-`yÀ- äv ^oÂ-Un-sâ kw-kv-¡m-c {Xw 200e-[n-Iw sh-Sn-sh-bv- Yn-¨p. tXm-¡p hnÂ-]-\\ X-S-b-W-sa-¶ B-h-iy-¯n-\\p t\\-scap-Jw Xn-cn-¨p ss_-U³ a-Zy-]n-¨p hm-l-\\-tam-Sn-¨p; \\m³-kn hm-jn-Mv-S¬ : A-ta-cn-¡-bn ]n-b-dn ]-d-ªp. am-¡n A-]-I-S-Im-cn-I-fm-b-h- s]-tem-kn-bp-sS `À-¯m-hv A-d-Ìn sh-Sn-h-bv-]v kw-`-h-§Ä hÀ- I-t\\-Un-b³ {]-[m-\\-a-{´n cp-sS ssI-¿n tXm-¡p-IÄ [n-¨p-h-cp-¶ km-l-N-cy-¯n F-Ãm-¯-c-¯n-ep-Å tXm-¡n- F-¯p-¶-Xp X-S-bp-¶-Xn- I-en-t^mÀ-Wn-b: bp-F-kv tXm-¡p hnÂ-]-\\ X-S-b-W- tâ-bpw hnÂ-]-\\ a-c-hn-¸n-¨p- \\pw ss_-U³ X-S-Ê-an-sÃ- lu-kv kv-]o-¡-dpw sU- sa-¶ B-h-iy-¯n-\\p t\\-sc sIm-ïv A-Sn-b-´n-c D-¯-c- ¶pw sk-{I-«-dn ]-d-ªp. tam-{Im-än-Iv t\\-Xm-hp-am-b ap-Jw Xn-cn-¨p {]-kn-Uâ v tPm hn-d-¡n-b-Xn-\\p Xp-ey-am-b 9Fw-Fw lmâ v K¬ A-ta-cn- \\m³-kn s]-tem-kn-bp-sS ss_-U³. 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3 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 America cm-K-hn-kv-a-b 2022 lq-Ì-Wn lq-̬: lq-̬ skâ v ]o-tä-gv-kv B³-Uv ä-dm-bn-cn-¡p-¶ d-h. ^m. A-e-Iv-km-ïÀ.sP. skâ v t]mÄ-kv HmÀ-¯-tUm-Iv-kv C-S-h-I- Ip-cy³ A-\\p-{K-l k-tµ-iw \\Â-Ipw. B-Z- bp-sS B-`n-ap-Jy-¯n lq-Ì-\\n \\-S-¯p-¶ c-Wo-b-cm-b t^m-Sv-s_³-Uv Iu-ïn P-Uv-Pv- kw-Ko-X hn-kv-a-b-am-b cm-K-hn-kv-a-b – 2022 sâ sI.]n. tPmÀ-Pv, a-tÊm-dn kn-än ta-bÀ tdm- H-cp-¡-§Ä ]qÀ-¯n-bm-b-Xm-bn kw-Lm-S-IÀ _n³ C-e-¡m-«v, Ìm-t^mÀ-Uv kn-än A-dn-bn-¨p. Pq¬ 3 sh-Ån-bm-gv-N a-tÊm-dn kn- t{]m-sSw ta-bÀ sI³ am-Xyp, h-µy-cm-b ssh- än-bn-se skâ v tPm-k-^v lm-fn h-¨v \\-S-¯- Zn-IÀ, a-e-bm-fm-bn A-tkm-k-tb-j³ Hm-^v s]-Sp-¶ kw-Ko-X ]-cn-]m-Sn ssh-Ip-t¶-cw 6 s{K-{{bÀ lq-̬ (am-Kv) {]-kn-Uâ v A-\\n a-Wn-¡v B-cw-`n-¡pw.IÀ-Wm-Sn-Iv, sh-t̬, B-d-·p-f, U-tbm-kn-j³ Iu¬-kn sa-¼À kp-dn-bm-\\n kw-Ko-X-¯n {]m-ho-Wyw t\\-Sn a-t\\m-Pv tXm-a-kv F-¶n-hÀ tNÀ-¶v \\n-e-hn-f- tI-c-f-¯n-se kÀ-¤-`m-c-Xn kw-Ko-X A-¡m-Z-an- ¡v sIm-fp-¯n D-Zv-Lm-S-\\w \\nÀ-h-ln-¡pw.C- bp-sS U-b-d-Î-dpw, sk-an-\\m-cn A-²ym-]-I- S-h-I-bp-sS [-\\-ti-J-c-WmÀ-°w \\-S-¯p-¶ \\pw {ip-Xn kv-IqÄ Hm-^v en-äÀ-Pn-¡Â ayq-kn- Cu kw-Ko-X hn-kv-a-b-¯n-\\v km-£yw h-ln- ¡n-sâ ap³ U-b-d-Î-dp-am-b h-µy tUm.Fw ¡p-hm³ lq-̬ {]-tZ-i-s¯ k-lr-Z-b-cm-b ]n. tPmÀ-Pv A-¨-sâ t\\-Xr-Xz-¯n \\-S-¯- G-h-sc-bpw hn-\\-b-]qÀ-hw hn-\\-b-]qÀ-hw kzm- s¸-Sp-¶ Cu kw-Ko-X AÀ-¨-\\-bn 40  ]-cw K-Xw sN-¿p-¶p-sh-¶v C-S-h-I Np-a-X-e-¡mÀ ]m-Ým-Xy ]u-c-kv-Xy hm-tZym-]-I-c-W-§-fpw A-dn-bn-¨p.{]-th-i-\\ I-hm-S-¯n {I-ao-I-cn- 65 kw-Ko-X-Ú-cpw H-¯p-tN-cpw. ¨n-cn-¡p-¶ {]-tXy-I Iu-ï-dp-I-fn {]-th-i- lq-̬ \\n-hm-kn-IÄ-¡m-bn H-cp-¡n-bn-cn- \\ Sn-¡-äp-IÄ e-`y-am-Ip-sa-¶v `m-c-hm-ln-IÄ ¡p-¶ Cu kw-Ko-X hn-kv-a-bw kw-Ko-X tem- A-dn-bn-¨p.d-h.^m. sF-k-Iv {]-Im-iv, tPmÀ-Pv I-¯n-\\v N-cn-{X hn-kv-a-bw XoÀ-¡p-sa-¶v `m-c- tXm-a-kv ({S-Ìn) – 281 827 4114, jn-Pn³ tXm-a-kv hm-ln-IÄ A-dn-bn-¨p. lq-Ì-Wn-se hn-hn-[ (sk-{I-«-dn) – 409 354 1338 cm-Pp kv-I-dn-b – 832 k-`-I-fn-se h-µy ssh-Zn-I-cpw Aw-K-§-fpw 296 9294, jm-Pn sI. tbm-l-¶m³ – 832 951 2202, Cu kw-Ko-X kw-L-¯n ]-s¦-Sp-¡p-¶p-sh- FÂ-tZm tPm-k-^v – 832 228 3294, Pn³-kv tP- ¶-Xv Cu ]-cn-]m-Sn-bp-sS {]-tXy-I-X-bm-Wv. ¡-_v – 832 971 3593 Xp-S-§n-b-h-cp-sS t\\-Xr-Xz- ssh-äv lu-kn bp-F-kv s^-U-d K-h¬- ¯n 50  ]-cw Aw-K-§-f-S-§n-b A-S-§n-b saâ v sU-]yq-«n A-tÊm-k-tb-äv A-Uv-an-\\n-t{S- hn-hn-[ I-½n-än-IÄ ]-cn-]m-Sn-bp aq-¶p h-b-kp-Im-cn-sb X-\\n-sb സ�ോണ​ ിയ​ ഗാന്ധിക്ക് Im-dn-en-cp-¯n-b A-½ A-d-Ìn ക�ൊ​വിഡ​ ് lq-̬ : aq-¶p h-b-Êp-Å a-I- s]m-eo-kv F-¯n ]-cn-tim-[n-¨- sf X-\\n-sb Im-dn-en-cp-¯n sXm- t¸mÄ Ip-«n-sb X-\\n-sb Im-dn I-S-I-c-amw hn-[w Im-dn H-ä- യൂ​ഡ​ൽ​ഹി​:​​ക�ോ​ൺ​ഗ്ര​സ് ​അ​ «-Sp-¯ I-S-bn km-[-\\-§Ä hm- I-sï-¯n. an-\\n-äp-IÄ-¡p-Ån ¡p-hn-« Ip-ä-¯n-\\v C-h-sc s] ദ്ധ്യ​ക്ഷ​​സ�ോ​ണി​യാ​ഗാ​ന്ധി​ക്ക​് §m³ t]m-b A-½-sb s]m-eo-kv A-½ Xn-cn-s¨-¯n. s]m-eo-kv m-eo-kv A-d-Ìv sN-bv-Xp lm- ക�ൊ​വി​ഡ് ​സ്ഥി​രീ​ക​രി​ച്ചു.​​ചെ​ A-d-Ìv sN-bv-Xp P-bn-en-e-S-¨p. tNm-Zyw sN-bv-X-t¸mÄ A-©p cn-kv Iu-ïn P-bn-en-e-S-¨-Xv. റി​യ​​പ​നി​യും​​മറ​്റ്​ര �ോ​ഗല​ ക​്ഷ​ണ​ amÀ-kn S-b-ev -dm-Wv (36) A-d-Ìn- an-\\n-äp am-{X-am-Wv I-S-bn sN-e- C-hÀ-¡v 25,000 tUm-f-dn-sâ ങ്ങള​ുമ​ു​ള്ളത​ ി​നാ​ൽ​സ​ �ോ​ണി​യാ​ em-b-Xv. Rm-b-dm-gv-N t\\mÀ-¯v h-gn-¨-sX-¶m-bn-cp-¶p C-h-cp-sS Pm-ayw ]n-¶o-Sv A-\\p-h-Zn-¨p. ഗാ​ന്ധി​സ​ ്വയ​ ം​​ഐസ​ ൊല​ േ​ഷ​ {Kmâ v ]mÀ-¡-vsh SmÀ-P-äv ]mÀ- a-dp-]-Sn. sS-I-vk-kn i-à-am-b Nq-Sv നി​ൽ​​പ്ര​വേ​ശി​ച്ചു.​എ​ .​ഐ.​സി.​ ¡n-Mv tem-«n-em-bn-cp-¶p kw-`-hw. F-¶m s]m-eo-kn-sâ hn-i-Z- B-cw-`n-¨-Xn-\\m Ip-«n-I-sf സി​​ജ​ന​റ​ൽ​​സെ​ക്ര​ട്ട​റി​​കെ.​ ÌmÀ-«m-¡n \\nÀ-¯n-bn-«n-cp-¶ Im- am-b A-t\\z-j-W-¯n 30 an-\\n-äv {]-tXy-Iw {i-²n-¡-W-sa-¶pw സി.​​വേ​ണു​ഗ�ോപ​ ാല​ ിന​ ും​​ക�ൊ​ dn aq-¶p h-b-kp-Im-cn-sb X-\\n- Ip-«n Im-dn X-\\n-sb-bm-bn-cp-¶p Im-dn-\\-I-¯p Ip-«n-I-sf X-\\n- വി​ഡ് ​സ്ഥി​രീ​ക​രി​ച്ചി​ട്ടു​ണ്.ട് എ​ sb I-ï B-tcm s]m-eo-kn F-¶p I-sï-¯n. sb hn-S-cp-sX-¶pw s]m-eo-kv ന്നാ​ൽ,​ഈ​ ​​മാ​സം​8​ന​ ് ഇ​ .ഡ​ ി​ hn-h-cw A-dn-bn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. C-tX Xp-SÀ-¶m-Wp Ip-«n-¡v A-]- s]m-Xp-P-\\-§Ä-¡p ap-¶-dn- ക്ക് ​മു​ന്നി​ൽ​​ഹാ​ജ​രാ​കു​ന്ന​തി​ന്​ bn-¸v \\Â-In-bn-«p-ïv. ഇ​ത് ​തട​സ​്സ​മാ​കി​ല്ലെ​ന്ന്​ക �ോൺ​ ​ ഗ്രസ​ ് വ​ ക​ ്താ​വ് ര​ ൺ​ ​ദീ​പ് ​സിം​ഗ്​ സു​ർ​ജേ​വാല​ ​വ​ ്യ​ക്ത​മാക​ ്കി.​​നാ​ ഷ​ണ​ൽ​​ഹെ​റാ​ൾ​ഡു​മാ​യി​​ബ​ ന്ധ​പ്പെ​ട്ട​​ക​ള്ള​പ്പ​ണം​​വെ​ളു​പ്പി​ ക്കൽ​ ​ക​ േ​സി​ൽ​​ഈ​​മാ​സം​8​ന്​ ച�ോദ​ ്യം​ച​ െ​യ്യ​ലി​ന് ഹ​ ാ​ജര​ ാ​കാ​ ൻ​​ഇ.​ഡി​​സ�ോ​ണി​യാ​ഗാ​ന്ധി​ ക്ക് ​ന�ോട​്ടീ​സ് ​അ​യച​്ചി​രു​ന്നു. _-kv X-«n-sb-Sp-¯v {_q-¡v-en³ skâv A-K-Ìn³ tdm-a³ Im-¯-en-¡v c-£-s¸-«{]-Xn-¡p-th-ïn NÀ-¨n \\n-¶pw tKmÄ-U¬ Xn-c-¨Â Xp-S-cp-¶p Sm-¼À \\m-¡nÄ tam-j-Ww t]m-bn sS-I-vk-kv: ss{U-h-sd Ip-¯n c-£-s¸- \\yp-tbmÀ-¡v: {_q-¡v-en³ Sn-b Sm-¼À \\m-¡n-fm-Wn-Xv. bn-cp-¶ hn-ip-² h-kv-Xp-¡Ä ]-cp-t¡Â-]n-¨p P-bn-en-se Sp-I-bm- skâ v A-K-Ìn³ tdm-a³ G-sd N-cn-{X-aq-ey-ap-Å h-kv- Np-äpw Nn-X-dn In-S-¡p-¶ \\n-e- hm-l-\\-hp-am-bn c-£-s¸-« bn-cp-¶p. Im-¯-en-¡v NÀ-¨n Xp hm-Wn-sX-¶v {_q-¡-ven³ bn-em-Wv I-sï-¯n-b-Xv. kw- sIm-e-t¡-kv {]-Xn sKm¬- s]m-eo-kv \\n-¶pw tKmÄ-U¬ Sm- A-Xn-cq-]-X ]p-d-¯n-d-¡n-b `-h-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v kq-N-\\ e-`n- km-sem tem-]-kv(46) s\\ A-t\\z-jn- ¼À \\m-¡nÄ tam-j-Ww {]-kv-Xm-h-\\-bn ]-d-bp-¶p. ¡p-¶-hÀ \\yp-tbmÀ-¡v s] I-sï-¯p-¶-Xn-\\v aq-¶m-gv-N- s¨-¦n-epw t]m-b-Xm-bn s]m-eo-kv Sm-¼À \\m-¡n-fn-\\v D-Ån-ep-ïm- m-eo-kn A-`yÀ-°n-¨p. bm-bn s]m-eo-kv \\-S-¯p-¶ {i- C-Xp-h-sc A-dn-bn-¨p. c-ïp an-ey¬ aw hn-P-bn-¨n-Ã. C-bm-sf tUm-fÀ hn-e ta-bv 12 \\m-bn-cp-¶p kw-`-hw. I-sï- 26\\pw 28\\pw C-S-bn-em-Wv sKm¬-km-sem-sb P-bn-en ¯m- I-f-hp \\-S-¶-sX-¶m-Wv \\n-¶pw ]p-d-t¯-¡v _-kn \\m-bn-Ã. kq-N-\\. 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4 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 Kerala I-iv-ao-cn-se `o-I-cm-{I-a-W-§Ä-¡v A-´yw Ip-dn-¡m³ tI-{µ-kÀ-¡mÀ \\yq-UÂ-ln: P-½p I-iv-ao-cn- kz-tZ-in-bm-b _m-¦v Po-h-\\- F-¶m-Wv hn-h-cw. C-Xn-\\v ]p-d- se kp-c-£m Øn-Xn-K-Xn-I- A-Sp-¯n-sS-bm-bn hn-hn-[ kw- se `o-I-cm-{I-a-W-§Ä-¡v ¡m-c³ sIm-Ã-s¸-«n-cp-¶p. ta P-½p I-iv-ao-cn-se \\n-e-hn- fpw hn-e-bn-cp-¯p-¶p-ïv Øm-\\-§-fn \\n-¶pw sXm- A-´yw Ip-dn-¡m³ tI-{µ- C-Xn-sâ ]-Ým-¯-e-¯n-em- gn-en-\\m-bn I-iv-ao-cn F-¯p- kÀ-¡mÀ. P-½p I-iv-ao-cn Wv A-Sn-b-´n-c-am-bn tbm-Kw ¶-h-sc-bpw Xp-SÀ-¨-bm-bn km-[m-c-W-¡mÀ-¡v t\\-sc tNÀ-¶-Xv. P-½p I-iv-ao-cn-se `o-I-cÀ e-£y-an-Sp-I-bm-Wv. B-{I-a-W-§Ä ]-Xn-hm-Ip-¶ `o-I-cm-{I-a-W-§Ä hÀ-²n- I-gn-ª Zn-h-kw A-²ym-]n-I- km-l-N-cy-¯n tI-{µ B-`y- ¡p-¶ km-l-N-cy-¯n sh- sb `o-I-cÀ sh-Sn-sh-¨v sIm- ´-c a-{´n A-an-Xv jm-bpw, tZ- Ån-bm-gv-N A-an-Xv jm D-¶-X- e-s¸-Sp-¯n-bn-cp-¶p. C-Xn-\\v io-b kp-c-£m D-]-tZ-ãm-hv X-e tbm-K-hpw hn-fn-¨n-«p-ïv. ]n-¶m-se-bm-Wv cm-P-Øm³ A-Pn-Xv tUm-h-epw tbm-Kw `o-I-cm-{I-a-W-§Ä sN-dp- kz-tZ-in-b-v¡v t\\-sc B-{I-a- tNÀ-¶p. D-¨-tbm-sS-bm-Wv ¡m³ B-h-iy-am-b \\-S-]- Ww D-ïm-Ip-¶-Xv. C-¶-s¯ tbm-Kw B-cw-`n-¨-Xv. Sn-I-sf-¡p-dn-¨m-Wv A-an-Xv B-{I-a-W-¯n l-\\p-am³-K- cm-hn-se IpÂ-Km-an `o-I- jm-bpw, A-Pn-Xv tUm-h-epw Uv \\n-hm-kn-bm-b hn-P-bv Ip- cm-{I-a-W-¯n cm-P-Øm³ X-½n NÀ-¨ sN-¿p-¶-Xv am-dn-\\m-Wv Po-h³ \\-ã-am-b-Xv. FÂ-sP-Un sP-Un-F-kn F-´m-Wv »q B-[mÀ e-bn-¡p-¶p ImÀ-Uv F-¶-dn-bmw tIm-gn-t¡m-Sv: FÂ-sP-Un hn Im-cy-§Ä B ]mÀ-«n-bm- ]n tam-l-\\³ tbm-K-¯n-\\v UÂ-ln: \\n-e-hn kÀ- _v-ssk-än I-b-dn th-Ww ]mÀ-«n sP-Un-F-kn e-bn- Wv Xo-cp-am-\\n-¡p-I.hÀ-¤o-b F-¯n-bn-Ã. F-¶m C-¡m- ¡m-cn-sâ hn-hn-[ tk-h-\\- »q B-[m-dn-\\m-bn A-t]- ¡m³ Xo-cp-am-\\n-¨p. tIm- i-àn-I-fp-am-bn tkm-jy-en- cy-§Ä [-cn-¸n-¨p. A-t±-l- §Ä-¡v B-[m-dm-Wv {]-[m- £n-¡m³. B-[mÀ ImÀ-Uv gn-t¡m-Sv \\-S-¶ FÂ-sP-Un Ìv ]mÀ-«n-IÄ-¡v hn-«p-ho-gv-N- ¯n-\\v A-\\p-Iq-e \\n-e-]m-Sm- \\ Xn-cn-¨-dn-b tc-J-bm-bn c-Pn-kv-t{S-j³ Hm-]v-j³ sX- kw-Øm-\\ k-an-Xn tbm-K-¯n- bn-Ã. ]-e-kw-Øm-\\-§-fn-epw Wv. C-\\n FÂ-sP-Un C-Ã. D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xv. Ip-«n-IÄ- c-sª-Sp-¯v hn-h-c-§Ä em-Wv C-Xp kw-_-Ôn-¨ Xo- tkm-jy-en-Ìv G-Io-I-c-Ww sP-Un-F-kv B-bn Xp-S-cpw. ¡v h-sc bp.sF.Un.F.sF ssI-am-d-Ww. Ip-«n-bp-sS cp-am-\\-am-b-Xv. D-ïv. C-Xv tZ-io-b X-e-¯n {]-kn-U-ïv Øm-\\-¯n-\\v B-[mÀ ImÀ-Uv \\Â-Ip-¶p- t]-cv, am-Xm-]n-Xm-¡-fp-sS sP-Un-F-kp-am-bpw BÀ-sP- tkm-jy-en-Ìv G-Io-I-c-W- ]n-Sn-ap-dp-¡n-sÃ-¶pw t{i-bmw- ïv. A-©p-h-b-Ên Xm-sg t^m¬ \\-¼À, Ip-«n-bp-sS- Un-bp-am-bpw NÀ-¨ \\-S-¯n- ¯n-\\v h-gn-sbm-cp-¡pw. sI kv Ip-amÀ ]-d-ªp. {]m-b-ap-Å Ip-«n-IÄ-¡v \\Â- bpw am-Xm-]n-Xm-¡-fp-sS-bpw sb-¶pw sP-Un-F-kp-am-bn Ip-¶ B-[mÀ ImÀ-Un-s\\ _-tbm-sa-{Sn-Iv hn-h-c-§Ä tbm-Pn-¨v t]m-Im³ Xo-cp-am-\\n- hn-fn-¡p-¶ t]-cv »q B-[mÀ F-¶n-h-bm-Wv tc-J-s¸-Sp- ¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-s¶-¶pw FÂ- ImÀ-Uv F-¶m-Wv. \\o-e-\\n-d- t¯-ï-Xv. taÂ-hn-em-kw sP-Un {]-kn-Uâ v Fw hn ¯n-ep-Å A-£-c-¯n-em-Wv DÄ-s¸-sS Xm-a-kn-¡p-¶ t{i-bmw-k-v-Ip-amÀ ]-d-ªp. C-Xn {]nâ v sN-bv-Xn-cn-¡p- Ø-e-s¯ hn-h-c-§-fpw e-b-\\ {]-{In-b e-b-\\ k-t½- ¶-Xv.Ip-«n-¡v A-©p-h-b-km- ssI-am-d-Ww. hn-h-c-§Ä f-\\-t¯m-sS ]qÀ-¯n-bm-hpw. Ip-¶-tXm-sS ImÀ-Uv A-km- ssI-am-dn-b ti-jw k-_v-an-äv Nn-e hn-tbm-Pn-¸p-IÄ D-ïm- [p-hm-Ipw. _-«-Wn ¢n-¡v sN-¿-Ww. bn-cp-¶p. A-h-sc Im-cy-§Ä ImÀ-Un-sâ km-[p-X \\n- Xp-SÀ-¶v B-[mÀ ImÀ-Un- t_m-[y-s¸-Sp-¯m³ I-gn- e-\\nÀ-¯m³ C-Xn-\\v sXm-«p- sâ c-Pn-kv-t{S-j-\\v th-ïn ªp . `m-c-hm-ln-Xz-§Ä Xp- ap³-]v bp.sF.Un.F.sF- A-t¸m-bv-saâ v Hm-]v-j-\\ ey-am-bn ho-Xn-¡pw. bp-sS ssk-än I-b-dn A-] n ¢n-¡v sN-¿-Ww. sXm-«- kw-Øm-\\ A-[y-£-Øm- v-tU-äv sN-¿-Ww. Ip-«n-bp-sS Sp-¯p-Å F³ tdmÄ-saâ v \\w H-gn-bp-¶-Xn XÀ-¡-an-Ã. _-tbm-s{a-Sn-Iv hn-h-c-§-fpw skâ-dn B-h-iy-am-b ]mÀ-«n H-¶m-hp-t¼mÄ `m- a-äpw \\Â-In am-Xm-]n-Xm-¡- tc-J-I-fp-am-bn t]m-bn th- fm-Wv C-Xv \\nÀ-h-ln-t¡-ï- Ww \\-S-]-Sn-IÄ ]qÀ-¯n-bm- Xv. bp.sF.Un.F-bp-sS sh- ¡m³.

5 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 sPbnw-kv IqS (H-sF-kn-kn bp-F-kv-F, sN-bÀ-am³) D-]-Xn-c-sª-Sp-¸v ]-cm-P-bw kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ [mÀ-ãy-¯n-\\p-Å a-dp-]-Sn A B-tcm {]-N-cn-¸n-¨ A-iv-fo-e ho-Un-tbm-bp-sS `m-cw bp-Un-F- ^n NmÀ-¯n. D-am tXm-a-kn-\\v -{X-ta {]m-[m- F-Xn-cm-b P-\\-hn-Im-cw D-WÀ- \\yw \\Â-tI-ïn-bn-cp-¶ Xn-c- ¯n kn-]n-Fw thm-«v s]-«n-bn-em- sª-Sp-¸m-bn-cp-¶n-à Xr-¡m-¡- ¡m³ ]-b-än-b-Xv F-{X-sb-{X c-bn-te-Xv. bp-Un-F-^n-sâ D-d-¨ \\-¼-cp-I-fm-Wv. Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn-se tIm-«. G-Xp-\\n-an-jw Xn-c-sª- {]-_p-²-cm-b P-\\-§Ä A-sX- Sp-¸v \\-S-¶m-epw bp-Un-F-^n-s\\m- Ãmw Xn-cn-¨-dn-ªp. D-a-bv-s¡m-¸w ¸w am-{Xw k-©-cn-¨p ]-cn-N-b- ssI-tImÀ-¯v ssI-¸-¯n-bn ap-Å a-®v. F-¶m Xr-¡m-¡-c thm-«p sN-bv-Xp. D-]-Xn-c-sª-Sp-¸n-s\\ C-{X-ta {]m-[m-\\yw IÂ-¸n-¨v \\Â-In-b-Xv C-S-Xp kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ A-Xn-cp I-S- D-a-bp-sS hn-P-b-s¯ Aw-Ko-I- ¶ B-ß-hn-izm-k-am-bn-cp-¶p. cn-¡m-\\p-Å am-\\y-X-sb-¦n-epw sk-©z-dn-b-Sn-¨v Kym-e-dn-bp-sS kn-]n-Fw tI-{µ-§-fn \\n-¶p- Iq-Sp-X ssI-b-Sn hm-§m-sa-¶ ïm-I-Ww. A-Xn-tam-lw. ap-Jy-\\pw ]-cn-hm- ap-Jy-a-{´n-bpw a-{´n-¸-S-bpw c-§-fpw X-¼-Sn-¨m Xr-¡m-¡-c tI-c-f-P-\\-X-sb sh-Ãp-hn-fn-¨v bp-Un-F-^n \\n-¶pw ]-dn-¨p- \\-S-¸m-¡m³ {i-an-¡p-¶ sI am-äm-sa-¶ A-l-¦m-cw. kÀ-¡m- sd-bn-en-\\p-Å hn-[n-Iq-Sn-bm-Wv cn-sâ hn-e-bn-cp-¯-em-Ipw Xn-c- Cu ]-cm-P-bw. P-\\-§-sf sh-Ãp- sª-Sp-s¸-¶ {]-Jym-]-\\w t] hn-fn-¨pw A-Sn-b-d-hp ]-d-bn-¨pw m-epw Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn-ep-Å A-an- \\-S-¸m-¡p-¶-X-à hn-I-k-\\-sa-¶ Xm-th-iw sIm-ïm-bn-cp-¶p. Xn-cn-¨-dn-sh-¦n-epw ]mÀ-«n t\\-Xm- ¡Ä-¡p-ïm-h-s«. kw-Øm-\\ kÀ-¡m-cn-s\\-Xn-cm-b tI-c-f-P- F-{X s]-s«-¶m-Wv A-sXm-cp \\-X-bp-sS {]-Xn-tj-[w X-s¶- D-a-bp-sS hn-P-b-s¯ Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡m-\\p-Å am-\\y-X-sb-¦n-epw ]m-gv-kz-]v-\\-am-bn C-Ãm-Xm-b-Xv. bm-Wv Cu a-[p-c-hn-P-b-sa-¶ kn-]n-Fw tI-{µ-§-fn \\n-¶p-ïm-I-Ww. A-{]-Xo-£n-X-am-b tXmÂ-hn- Im-cy-¯n F-§-s\\-bm-Wv XÀ- bn kn-]n-Fw \\n-i-Ð-cm-bn. ¡n-¡m³ I-gn-bp-¶-Xv. ap-Jy-a-{´n-bpw a-{´n-¸-S-bpw tI-c-f-P-\\-X-sb sh-Ãp-hn-fn-¨v C-{X-bpw h-en-b ]-cm-P-bw A-hÀ \\-S-¸m-¡m³ {i-an-¡p-¶ sI sd-bn-en-\\p-Å hn-[n-Iq-Sn-bm-Wv G-äp-hm-§n-b-Xv F-´p-sIm-ïm- Cu ]-cm-P-bw. P-\\-§-sf sh-Ãp-hn-fn-¨pw A-Sn-b-d-hp ]-d-bn-¨pw hpw? {]-Xn-]-£ _-lp-am-\\w ]-cm-P-b-¯n-epw am-\\y-X-Im-«n-b \\-S-¸m-¡p-¶-X-à hn-I-k-\\-sa-¶ Xn-cn-¨-dn-sh-¦n-epw ]mÀ-«n t\\- t]m-epw IÂ-¸n-¡m-sX _n-sP-]n t\\-Xm-¡-sf {]-tXy- Xm-¡Ä-¡p-ïm-h-s«. kw-Øm-\\ kÀ-¡m-cn-s\\-Xn-cm-b tI-c- kn-]n-Fw \\-S-¯n h-¶ [qÀ-¯n- Iw A-`n-\\-µn-¡-s«. Xn-c-sª- f-P-\\-X-bp-sS {]-Xn-tj-[w X-s¶-bm-Wv Cu a-[p-c-hn-P-b-sa-¶ \\v Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn \\n-¶p-Å km- Sp-¸n-\\v ap³-]p X-s¶ ]-cm-P-bw ¼nÄ sh-Sn-sI-«v am-{X-am-Wn-Xv. A-hÀ {]-Jym-]n-¨p. kz-bw t{Sm- Im-cy-¯n F-§-s\\-bm-Wv XÀ-¡n-¡m³ I-gn-bp-¶-Xv. tIm¬-{K-kn-sâ D-bnÀ-s¯-gp- fp-¶ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W-\\pw C-cn- t¶Â-¸n-sâ Im-l-f-hpw ¡-s« H-cp {]-tXy-I ssI-b-Sn. ¨-\\-bm-Wv. P-\\-§Ä-s¡m-¸w ]p-Xp-t]m-cm-«-¯n-sâ Xp-S-¡-hp- ]-cm-P-bw R-§Ä-s¡m-cp ]p-Xp- Cu hn-P-bw ]n.Sn. tXm-a- \\n-¶ {]-Øm-\\-¯n-\\p I-cp- am-Wv Cu hn-P-bw. a-b-sÃ-¶v F-{X \\n-jv-I-f-¦-am-bm- sk-¶ P-\\-Io-b t\\-Xm-hn-\\v ¯p \\Â-In-b ]n.Sn. C-t¸m-gpw Wv A-t±-lw ]-d-ª-Xv. F-´m- tIm¬-{K-kv \\Â-Ip-¶ AÀ- Po-hn-¡p-¶p. bm-epw sI-«n-sh-¨ Im-ip-X-s¶ ]Tn-¨ ]-Wn ]-Xn-s\\-«pw ]-b-än- \\-ã-am-b A-h-Ø-bm-Wv _n- bm-Wv Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn-se sP-]n-bp-tS-Xv. C-tXm-sS hÀ-¤o-b- kn-]n-F-½n-sâ ]-cm-P-bw F-¶- i-àn-IÄ-¡pw tI-c-f P-\\-X-sb Xv A-hÀ-¡v B-izm-kn-¡m-\\p-Å A-S-¡n `-cn-¡m-sa-¶p tam-ln-¡p- h-I \\Â-Ipw. Øm-\\mÀ-°n-sb- ¶-h-cp-sam-s¡ t]-Sn-¨v am-f-¯n- ¡p-dn-¨v hy-àn-]-c-am-bpw B sem-fn-¨p. Ip-Spw-_-t¯-bpw B-t£-]n-¨p. GLOBAL INDIAN MEDIA LLC, Chairman & Managing Editor JAMES KOODAL Chief Executive Officer Thomas Stephen 11041 SHADOW CREEK PWAY, SUITE 102, PEARLAND, TX USA 77584[email protected] Chief Operating Officer & Editor in Chief HARI Namboodiri Phone: +(346) 773-0074 General Manger Marketing - Reni Kavalayil Editorial Board Abraham Varkey, Esq P.P Cheriyan Adv.Paul Sebastin Thomas Chelleth

6 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 World l-ʳ k-bm-Zv sJm-Z-bm-cn-bp-sS sIm-e-]m-X-Iw C-{km-tb ap³-I-cp-X-epw thym-a-{]-Xn-tcm-[-hpw i-à-am-¡n sX A-hn-hv: ap-XnÀ-¶ ssk-\\n-I ]yq-«n I-am³-U-dm-bn-cp-¶ sJm-Z-bm-cn- kn-I-tfm-Sv Pm-{K-X ]p-eÀ-¯m³ D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v {]-Xo-£n-¡m-¯ D-tZym-K-س l-ʳ k-bm-Zv sJm- bp-sS sIm-e-]m-X-I-¯n-sâ D-¯-c-hm- \\nÀ-tZ-i-hpw \\Â-In-bn-«p-ïv. Ø-e-§-fn-te-¡v B-{I-a-Ww Z-bm-cn-bp-sS sIm-e-]m-X-I-¯n- Zn-¯w C-{km-tb G-sä-Sp-¯n-«n-Ã. sJm-Z-bm-cn-bp-sS a-c-W-¯n- \\-S-¯m-\\n-S-bp-sï-¶m-Wv hn-e- \\v C-dm³ {]-Xn-Im-cw sN-¿p-sa-¶ F-¶mÂ, sIm-¶-Xv X-§Ä X-s¶-bm- \\v {]-Xn-Im-c-am-bn kn-dn-b-bn bn-cp-¯Â. Xm-gv-¶p-]-d-¡p-¶ `-b-¯n C-{km-tb ap³-I-cp-X- sW-¶v A-ta-cn-¡³ D-tZym-K-Ø-cp-am- \\n-t¶m e-_-\\m-\\n \\n-t¶m sN-dn-b t{Um-Wp-IÄ D-]-tbm-Kn- epw thym-a-{]-Xn-tcm-[-hpw i-à-am- bp-Å B-i-b-hn-\\n-a-b-¯n C-{km- C-dm³ ssk-\\yw B-{I-a-Ww ¨p-Å B-{I-a-Ww X-S-bp-I Zp-jv- ¡n. A-bÂ-cm-{ã-§-fm-b e-_-\\-\\n tb k-½-Xn-¨-Xm-bn \\yq-tbmÀ-¡v \\-S-¯n-tb-¡p-sa-¶m-Wv C-{km- I-c-am-sW-¶v C-{km-tb {]-Xn- \\n-t¶m kn-dn-b-bn \\n-t¶m C-dm³ ssSw-kv dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN-bv-Xn-cp-¶p. C-dm- tb `-b-¡p-¶-Xv. an-ssk-ep- tcm-[-ssk-\\yw I-cp-Xp-¶-Xm-bn thym-am-{I-a-Ww \\-S-¯m-\\p-Å km-[y- \\p ]p-d-¯v C-{km-tb-en- I-fpw B-fn-Ãm hn-am-\\-§-fpw P-dq-k-ew t]m-Ìv ]-d-bp-¶p. X-bp-Å-Xn-\\m {]-Xn-tcm-[-hn-`m-Kw \\pw ]m-Ým-Xy-ssk-\\y-§Ä-¡p-sa-Xn- I-Sp-¯ Pm-{K-X ]m-en-¡p-I-bm-sW- sc {]-hÀ-¯n-¨-bm-fm-bn-cp-¶p sJm-Z- ¶pw hn-hn-[ thym-a {]-Xn-tcm-[ kw-hn- bm-cn-sb-¶pw sIm-e-]m-X-I-¯n-eq-sS [m-\\-§-sf k-Ö-am-¡n \\nÀ-¯n-bn-«p- C-dm-\\v i-à-am-b k-tµ-iw \\Â-Im- sï-¶pw P-dp-k-ew t]m-Ìv dn-t¸mÀ-«v \\m-Wv D-t±-in-¨-sX-¶pw C-{km-tb sN-¿p-¶p. Câ-en-P³-kv {]-Xn-\\n-[n-IÄ ]-d-ª- sa-bv 22-\\m-Wv C-dm-sâ 'Jp-Zv-kv t^m-gv- Xm-bn \\yq-tbmÀ-¡v ssSw-kv dn-t¸mÀ- kv' Aw-K-am-b tI-W l-k³ k-bm- «v sN-bv-Xp. A-ta-cn-¡³ {]-Xn-\\n- Zv sJm-Z-bm-cn sX-lv-dm-\\n-se X-sâ [n-I-fp-am-bp-Å B-i-b-hn-\\n-a-bw ho-«n-\\p ap-¶n sh-Sn-tb-äp a-cn-¨-Xv. am-[y-a-§Ä tNmÀ-¯n-b-Xn C-{km- tam-t«mÀ ssk-¡n-fn-se-¯n-b A-{I- tb A-Xr-]v-Xn A-dn-bn-¨n-«p-ïv. an-IÄ sJm-Z-bm-cn-sb sh-Sn-sh-¨p sJm-Z-bm-cn-bp-sS sIm-e-]m-X-I-¯n- sIm-e-s¸-Sp-¯p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. B-{I- \\v cm-Py-¯n-\\-I-¯pw ]p-d-¯pw Xn-cn- a-W-¯n-\\p ]n-¶n C-{km-tb Nm- ¨-Sn-bp-ïm-tb-¡p-sa-¶v C-{km-tb c-kw-L-S-\\-bm-b sam-km-Zv B-sW-¶v I-cp-Xp-¶-Xm-bn P-dq-k-ew t]m-Ìv C-dm³ B-tcm-]n-¨n-cp-¶p. sIm-e-] ]-d-bp-¶p. C-¡m-c-W-¯mÂ, XpÀ-¡n- m-X-I-¯n-\\v {]-Xn-Im-cw sN-¿p-sa-¶v b-S-¡-ap-Å cm-Py-§-fn-te-¡v bm-{X C-dm³ ssk-\\n-I-ta-[m-hn lp-ssk³ sN-¿p-¶-Xn \\n-¶v C-{km-tb k-em-an hy-à-am-¡p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp. ]u-c-·m-sc hn-e-¡n-bn-«p-ïv. F-Ãm Jp-Zv-kv t^m-gv-kv bq-Wn-äv 840 sU- cm-Py-§-fn-ep-ap-Å X-§-fp-sS Fw-_- P-\\-kw-Jym-hÀ-[-\\-hv ap-X B-tKm-f-Xm-]-\\-hpw h-\\-\\-io-I-c-W-hpw h-sc, \\mw k-©-cn-¡p-¶-sX-t§m-«v? Hm-tcm hÀ-j-hpw Iq-Sp- km-b-§Ä, ssh-Zyp-X-¹mâp- v-X-am-hp-I-bpw sN-¿p-¶p. F-¶mÂ, B-fp- C-S-¡n-sS I-S-¶p-h-cp-¶ {]-Ir- IÄ, ¹m-Ìn-Iv F-¶n-h-bm-Wv I-fp-sS F-®w Iq-S-t¼mÄ B-h-iy-§- X Iq-Sp-X `q-an-bp-sS a-en-\\o-I-c-W-¯n-sâ {]-[m- fpw hÀ-²n-¡pw. 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A-hÀ D-ev-]m-Zn-¸n-¡p-¶ am- mw t\\-cn-«n-cn-¡p-¶ Nn-e {]-[m- ln-am-\\n-IÄ D-cp-Ip-¶p, k-ap- en-\\y-§Ä sIm-ïp-h-¶p X-Åp-¶-tXm \\ ]m-cn-Øn-Xn-I {]-Xn-k-Ôn- {Z-¯n-se P-e-\\n-c-¸v hÀ-[n-¡p- k-ap-{Z-§-fn-epw A-hn-I-kn-X cm-Py-§- IÄ. ¶p. C-Xv an-¶Â-{]-f-b-¯n- fn-ep-am-Wv. ¹m-Ìn-Iv, ]m-¡-äv `-£-Ww, \\pw, Im-«p-Xo t]m-ep-Å A-]- hn-e-Ip-d-ª C am-en-\\y-§Ä, B-W-h a-en-\\o-I-c-Ww I-S-§Ä-¡pw Im-c-W-am-Ip- am-en-\\y-§Ä Xp-S-§n-b-h-sb-Ãmw D-ïm- ¶p. B-tKm-f-Xm-]-\\-¯n-sâ ¡p-¶ B-tcm-Ky {]-iv!*!\\-§Ä h-f-sc \\-½Ä Zn-h-tk-\\ F-¶-h-®w {]-[m-\\ Im-c-Ww A-´-co-£- A-[n-I-am-Wv. {]-hÀ-¯-\\-£-a-am-b co-Xn- tIÄ-¡p-¶ H-cp hm-¡m-Wv ¯n-te-¡v ]p-dw X-Å-s¸-Sp-¶ bn am-en-\\y-§Ä ssI-Im-cyw sN-¿m³ a-en-\\o-I-c-Ww. {]-[m-\\-am- l-cn-X-Kr-l hm-X-I-§-fp-sS F-Ãm cm-Py-§-fpw H-c-t]m-se {i-an-t¡- bpw G-gp X-c-¯n-ep-Å a-en- B-[n-Iy-am-Wv. C-Xv Im-em-h- ï-Xm-Wv. \\o-I-c-W-am-Wp-Å-Xv. hm-bp, Øm hy-Xn-bm-\\-§Ä-¡pw sh-Åw, a-®v, i-Ðw, td-Un- h-gn h-bv-¡p-¶p. h-\\-\\-io-I-c-Ww tbm B-Îo-hv, sh-fn-¨w, Xm-] w F-¶n-h-bm-Wv A-h. a-en-\\o- P-\\-kw-Jym-hÀ-[-\\-hv tem-I-¯n-sâ izm-k-tIm-i-sa-¶v A-dn- I-c-Ww \\-½Ä iz-kn-¡p-¶ b-s¸-Sp-¶ B-a-tkm¬ a-g-¡m-Sp-IÄ hm-bp-hn-s\\, Ip-Sn-¡p-¶ sh- `q-an-bv-¡v Xm-§m-\\m-hm-¯ co- C-¶v A-Kv-\\n hn-gp-§p-¶ Xo-tKm-f-am-bn Å-s¯, \\nÂ-¡p-¶ a-®n-s\\ Xn-bn tem-I P-\\-kw-Jy hÀ- am-dp-I-bm-Wv. Im-«p-Xo aq-ew Hm-tcm hÀ- F-Ãmw {]-Xn-Iq-e-am-bn _m-[n- [n-¨p-sIm-ïn-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv. j-hpw G-¡À-I-W-¡n-\\v h-\\-`q-an-bm-Wv ¡p-¶p. tem-I-¯n-se G-ä- P-\\-kw-Jy-bp-sS Im-cy-¯n \\-in-¸n-¡-s¸-Sp-¶-Xv. ImÀ-_¬ ssU Hm- hpw a-en-\\-am-b 10 \\-K-c-§- \\-½p-sS cm-Py-hpw ap³-]-´n- Iv-ssk-Un-s\\ kzmw-io-I-cn-¨v, ip-²-am-b fn H-¼-Xpw C-´y-bn-em-Wv bn-em-Wv. P-\\-kw-Jy hÀ-[n-¡- Hm-Iv-kn-P-s\\ ]p-dw-X-Åp-¶ Im-Sp-IÄ ip- F-¶-Xv Iq-Sp-X B-i-¦m-h- t¼mÄ, am-\\-h-ti-jn hÀ-[n- ²-hm-bp {]-[m-\\w sN-¿p-¶-Xn h-f-sc l-am-Wv. hm-l-\\-§Ä, hy-h- ¡p-I-bpw, km-¼-¯n-I-am-bn h-en-sbm-cp ]-¦v h-ln-¡p-¶p. Iq-Sm-sX, h-fÀ-¨ t\\-Sm³ cm-Pyw {]m-] a-s®m-en-¸v X-S-bm-\\pw, Xm-]-\\n-e-sb-bpw Im-em-h-Ø-sb-bpw \\n-b-{´n-¡m-

7 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 Gulf H-am-\\n Ip-d-hv h-cp-¯n-b sXm-gn hn-k \\n-c-¡p-IÄ {]m-_-ey-¯n Ip-ssh-¯n s]-t{SmÄ ]-¼p-I-fn H-am³: H-am-\\n Ip-d-hv h-cp- Iq-Sm-sX sXm-gn s]À-an-äv ] C-\\n kz-bw C-Ô-\\w \\n-d-bv-¡-Ww ¯n-b sXm-gn hn-k \\n-c-¡p- p-Xp-¡m³ I-gn-bm-¯-hÀ-¡v ] IÄ {]m-_-ey-¯n h-cpw. n-g-bn-Ã-sX sk-]v-Xw-_À H-¶p {]-hm-kn-IÄ-¡v G-sd Kp-W- h-sc ]p-Xp-¡m³ I-gn-bpw. hn- I-c-am-b Xo-cp-am-\\-am-bn-cn-¡p- k-\\n-c-¡p-I-fn am-äw h-cp- an-Xv. Pq¬ H-¶p-ap-X hn-k ¯p-¶-Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn C-¶v \\n-c-¡p-I-fn h-en-b Ip-d-hm- H-cp Zn-h-k-t¯-¡v C-e-Iv- Wv sXm-gn a-{´m-e-bw t\\- t{Sm-Wn-Iv tk-h-\\-§Ä \\nÀ- c-s¯ X-s¶ {]-Jym-]n-¨n-«p- ¯n h-bv-¡p-sa-¶pw sXm-gn Å-Xv. a-{´m-e-bw A-dn-bn-¨n-«p-ïv. Ip-ssh-¯v kn-än: Ip-ssh-¯n-se s]-t{SmÄ Hu-e ^yp-hÀ amÀ-¡-än-Mv I-¼-\\n A-dn-bn-¨n-cn- tKm-X-¼v e-`y-X D-d-¸m-¡m³ C-´y-bp-am-bn ]-¼p-I-fn C-Ô-\\w \\n-d-¨p \\Â-Ip-¶-Xn-\\v ¡p-¶-Xv. C-Ô-\\w kz-bw \\n-d-bv-¡p-¶ skÂ- \\-b-X-{´ \\o-¡-¯n-s\\m-cp-§n Ip-ssh-¯v C-\\n-ap-X ]-Ww \\Â-I-Ww. Po-h-\\-¡m-cp-sS ^v kÀ-ho-kv kw-hn-[m-\\w Nn-e ]-¼p-I-fn £m-aw cq-£-am-b-Xn-s\\ Xp-SÀ-¶m-Wv I-¼-\\n- Xp-S-§n-b-Xm-bn Hu-e sN-bÀ-am³ A-Ðp Ip-ssh-¯v : tKm-X-¼v e-`y-X D-d-¸m-¡m³ C-´y-bp-am-bn \\-b- IÄ {]-hÀ-¯-\\ co-Xn am-äp-¶-Xv. hm-l-\\-¯n- lp-ssk³ A kpÂ-¯m³ ]-d-ªp. X-{´ \\o-¡w \\-S-¯m-s\\m-cp-§n Ip-ssh-¯v. C-Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn ep-Å-hÀ X-s¶ C-d-§n C-Ô-\\w \\n-d-bv-¡p-¶ skÂ-^v kÀ-ho-kv co-Xn sIm-ïp-h-¶n-«p- Ip-ssh-¯v hm-Wn-Py a-{´n ^-l-Zv A i-cn-bm³ Ip-ssh-¯n- X-c-¯n {]-hÀ-¯-\\w {I-ao-I-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv sï-¦n-epw ]-¼p-I-fn Po-h-\\-¡m-cp-sS tk- se C-´y³ Aw-_m-k-UÀ kn-_n tPmÀ-Pp-am-bn D-S³ Iq-Sn-¡- ]-¼p-IÄ. h-\\w \\nÀ-¯-em-¡n-bn-«n. {]m-b-am-b-hÀ, kv- gv-N \\-S-¯p-sa-¶v A dm-bn ]-{Xw dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN-bv-Xp. cm-Py-s¯ s]-t{SmÄ ]-¼p-I-fn Po-h-\\-¡m- {Xo-IÄ, `n-¶-ti-jn-¡mÀ Xp-S-§n-b-h-cp-sS hm-Wn-Py a-{´m-e-b-am-Wv tKm-X-¼v I-b-äp-a-Xn hn-e-¡nÂ-\\n- cp-sS I-Sp-¯ £m-aw t\\-cn-Sp-I-bm-sW-¶v hm-l-\\-§Ä-¡v I-¼-\\n {]-tXy-Iw Ìn-¡-dp- ¶v Ip-ssh-¯n-s\\ H-gn-hm-¡-W-sa-¶v A-`yÀ-°n-¡m³ \\-b-X- t\\-c-s¯ X-s¶ dn-t¸mÀ-«p-I-fp-ïm-bn-cp-¶p. IÄ \\Â-Ipw. C-hÀ-¡v A-[n-I ^o-kv sIm-Sp- {´ \\o-¡w \\-S-¯p-¶-Xv. Nn-e cm-Py-§Ä-¡v C-´y I-b-äp-a-Xn C-Ô-\\w Po-h-\\-¡mÀ \\n-d-¨p \\Â-I-W-sa- ¡m-sX Po-h-\\-¡m-cp-sS tk-h-\\w ]-¼p-I-fn \\n-tcm-[-\\-¯n C-f-hv \\Â-In-b ]-Ým-¯-e-¯n C-´y-bpw ¦n 200 ^nÂ-kv ^o-kv Cu-Sm-¡p-sa-¶m-Wv e-`y-am-hp-¡p-sa-¶v A-t±-lw ]-d-ªp. Ip-ssh-¯pw X-½n ]-Xn-äm-ïp-I-fm-bn Xp-S-cp-¶ hm-Wn-Py- þ-hym-]m-c _-Ôw ap³-\\nÀ-¯n C-f-hv km-[y-am-¡m-\\m-Wv Ip- ssh-¯n-sâ \\o-¡w. cm-Py-¯n-sâ `-£y kp-c-£ D-d-¸m-¡m-\\ p-Å hm-Wn-Py-a-{´m-e-b-¯n-sâ ]-cn {i-a-§-fp-sS `m-K-am-bm-Wv C-´y-bp-am-bn C-¡m-cy-¯n NÀ-¨ \\-S-¯m³ H-cp-§p-¶-sX- ¶v kÀ-¡mÀ hr-¯-§-sf D-²-cn-¨p-f-f-dn-t¸mÀ-«n ]-d-bp-¶p. ^p-Sv-t_mÄ tem-I-I-¸n-sâ tem-tKm ]-Xn-¨ ^m³-kn \\-¼À t¹-äp-I-fp-sS te-ew: 18 e-£w dn-bm h-sc F-dn-ªv B-cm-[-IÀ tZm-l: ^p-Sv-t_mÄ tem-I-I- 18 e-£w dn-bm h-sc hn- \\m-ev {]-hr-¯n Zn-h-k-§Ä- ¸n-sâ tem-tKm ]-Xn-¨ \\-¼À fn-¡p-¶ Øn-Xn-bp-ïm-bn. ¡-Iw {Sm-^n-Iv hn-`m-K-¯n t¹-äp-I-fp-sS te-ew J-¯-dn P-\\-d U-b-d-Î-td-äv Hm-^v _-Ô-s¸-S-W-sa-¶v A-[n-Ir- Xp-S-cp-¶p. B-th-i-I-c-am-b {Sm-^n-Iv Hm¬-sse³ h-gn XÀ A-dn-bn-¨p. {]-Xn-I-c-W-am-Wv tem-I-I- \\-S-¯n-b te-e-¯n 811118 sa-{Sm-jv h-gn te-ew sN-bv-X ¸v tem-tKm ]-Xn-¨ ^m³-kn F-¶ \\-¼-dm-Wv G-ä-hpw tem-I-I-¸v tem-tKm ]-Xn-¨ \\-¼-dp-IÄ-¡v e-`n-¡p-¶-Xv. h-en-b Xp-I-bv-¡v hn-äp-t]m-b- hm-l-\\ \\-¼-dp-IÄ kz-´- sa-{Sm-jv-2 sam-ss_ B-¸v Xv. 18,48,000 dn-bm \\Â-In- am-¡n-b-hÀ-¡v Pq¬ am-kw h-gn \\-S-¯n-b ]-Xn-s\\m-¶m- bm-Wv Cu \\-¼À kz-´-am- ap-X A-Xv hm-l-\\-§-fn a-s¯ C-e-t{Îm-Wn-Iv te-e- ¡n-b-Xv. 3.8 tIm-Sn-bn-te-sd L-Sn-¸n-¡m-sa-¶v J-¯À ¯n 50 ^m³-kn \\-¼-dp-I- C-´y³ cq-] h-cp-an-Xv. B-`y-´-c a-{´m-e-bw t\\- fm-Wv te-e-¯n hn-äp t] 666662 F-¶ \\-¼À 17 e-£w c-t¯ A-dn-bn-¨n-cp-¶p. ] m-b-Xv. dn-bm-en-\\m-Wv te-e-¯n p-Xn-b hm-l-\\-§-fn am- tem-tKm ]-Xn-¨ ^m³-kn t]m-b-Xv. te-e-¯n-\\v sh-¨ t{a tem-tKm ]-Xn-¨ \\-¼À \\-¼-dp-IÄ-¡v B-h-iy-¡mÀ 50 \\-¼-dp-I-fn G-ä-hpw Ip- t¹-äp-IÄ L-Sn-¸n-¡m-hq Iq-Sn-b-tXm-sS hm-in-tb-dn-b d-ª Xp-I c-ïp e-£w dn- F-¶pw \\nÀ-t±-i-ap-ïv. sa- aÂ-k-c-am-Wv te-e-¯n bm-em-Wv. \\-¼-dp-IÄ te- bv 22\\m-Wv Hm¬-sse³ {]-I-S-am-b-Xv. H-cp \\-¼-dn-\\v e-¯n hn-fn-s¨-Sp-¯-hÀ te-ew B-cw-`n-¨-Xv. tem-I-¯v K-Xm-K-X-¡p-cp-¡v Ip-d-ª k-ap-{Z-amÀ-Kw cm-Py-X-e-Øm-\\-§Ä: H-¶m-a-Xv A-_p-Zm-_n e-l-cn-a-cp-¶v I-S-¯m³ {i-aw; 200 In-tem lm-jn-jv I-sï-¯n A-_p-Zm-_n: tem-I-¯v K-Xm-K-X-¡p- Im-¯n-cn-¸p k-a-bw F-¶n-h DÄ-s¸-sS cp-¡v Ip-d-ª cm-Py-X-e-Øm-\\-§-fp- hn-hn-[ L-S-I-§Ä am-\\-Z-Þ-am-¡n-bm- Ip-ssh-¯v kn-än: Ip-ssh- Mn-\\n-sS sX-¡³ Ip-ssh-¯n- sS ]-«n-I-bn A-_p-Zm-_n-¡v H-¶mw bn-cp-¶p hn-e-bn-cp-¯Â. ¯n-te-¡v k-ap-{Z-amÀ-Kw I-S- se sh-Å-¯n H-cp h-kv-Xp k-½m-\\w. 2021 se tSmw-tSmw K-Xm-K-X {Sm-^n-Iv sse-äp-I-fp-sS k-lm-bw ¯m³ {i-an-¨ e-l-cn-a-cp-¶v s]m-§n-¡n-S-¡p-¶-Xv {i-²- kq-Nn-I 57 cm-Py-§-fn-se 416 \\-K-c-§- \\-K-c-¯n-se K-Xm-K-X {]-hm-l-¯n-\\v I-sï-¯n. Ip-ssh-¯v k-ap- bnÂ-s¸-«p. Cu _m-Kp-IÄ fn \\-S-¯n-b kÀ-th-bn-em-Wv Cu t\\- F-§-s\\ k-lm-b-I-c-am-Ip-sa-¶pw H-¸w {Z ]-cn-[n-bn \\n-¶v 200 In- Xp-d-¶p t\\m-¡n-b-t¸m-gm-Wv «w A-_p-Zm-_n-sb tX-Sn-sb-¯n-b-Xv. {Sm-^n-Iv sse-äp-I-fp-sS {]-hÀ-¯-\\-£- tem-{Kmw lm-jn-jv B-Wv a-b-¡p-a-cp-¶v I-sï-¯n-b-Xv. Xn-c-t¡-dn-b ]-I k-a-b-§-fn DÄ- a-X-bpw A-h-bp-sS Kp-W-\\n-e-hm-c-hpw ] D-t]-£n-¡-s¸-« \\n-e-bn {]-Xn-I-sf I-sï-¯-sp-sa-¶v s¸-sS hn-hn-[ am-\\-Z-Þ-§-fn-se K-Xm- T-\\w hn-i-I-e-\\w sN-bv-Xp. tdm-Uv B-kv- I-sï-¯n-b-Xv. Xo-c-kp-c-£m A-[n-Ir-XÀ. K-X \\n-co-£-W-¯n-\\v H-Sp-hn-em-Wv Xn-I-fpw A-Sn-Øm-\\ ku-I-cy-§-fpw Xo-c-kw-c-£-W tk-\\-bp-sS A-_p-Zm-_n H-¶mw Øm-\\-s¯-¯n-b- sa-¨-s¸-Sp-¯p-I, s]m-Xp-K-Xm-K-X kw- ]-cn-tim-[-\\-bn-em-Wv a-b- Xv. hn-[m-\\-§-fp-sS F-®w hÀ-[n-¸n-¡p-I ¡p-a-cp-¶v ]n-Sn-s¨-Sp-¯-Xv. Zn-h-k-¯n Xn-c-t¡-dn-b-Xpw A-Ãm-¯- F-¶o Im-cy-§Ä ap-\\n-kn-¸m-en-än-bp-sS- D-t]-£n-¡-s¸-« B-dv _m-Kp- Xp-am-b k-a-b-§-fn-se K-Xm-K-X-¡p-cp- bpw K-Xm-K-X h-Ip-¸n-sâ-bpw ]-cn-K-W- I-fn-em-bm-Wv a-b-¡p-a-cp-¶v ¡v, {Sm-^n-Iv kn-Kv-\\-ep-I-fp-sS F-®w, \\-bn DÄ-s¸-Sp-¶p. kq-£n-¨n-cp-¶-Xv. tIm-Ìv- Km³-Un³-sd ]-Xn-hv ]-t{Sm-fn-

8 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 ]n-©p Ip-ªv DÄ-s¸-sS aq-¶p Ip-«n-I-sf I-gp-¯-dp-¯v sIm-¶v A-½ B-ß-l-Xy-bv-¡v {i-an-¨p ]-g-hq-cn hn-ZymÀ-°n-sb aÀ-±n-¨ a-{Z-k sI-bv-tdm: Cu-Pn-]v-Xn aq-¶v h-S-¡v In-g-¡³ sI-bv-tdm- A-[ym-]-I-s\\-Xn-sc tI-kv; Ip-«n-I-sf I-gp-¯-dp-¯v sIm- bn-se Zm-Jn-en-b K-hÀ-W-td- {]-Xn H-fn-hn-se-¶v s]m-eo-kv e-s¸-Sp-¯n-b ti-jw A-½ än-se an-Xv sSm-am-a-bn-em-Wv B-ß-l-Xy-bv-¡v {i-an-¨p. Ip- kw-`-hw. c-ïv B¬-Ip-«n-I- Xr-ÈqÀ: F-cp-a-s¸-«n ]-g-hq-cn hn- bm-Wv Pm-ay-an-Ãm h-Ip-¸v {]-Im-cw «n-I-sf sIm-e-s¸-Sp-¯n-b kv- fpw H-cp s]¬-Ip-ªp-am-Wv ZymÀ-°n-sb aÀ-±n-¨ a-{Z-k A-[ym- tI-sk-Sp-¯-Xv. I-gn-ª Zn-h-k-am- {Xo ti-jw {S-¡n-\\v ap-¼n sIm-Ã-s¸-«-Xv. C-h-cp-sS A-½ ]-I-s\\-Xn-sc F-cp-a-s¸-«n s]m-eo-kv Wv ]-g-hqÀ kz-tZ-in-bm-b 14 Im-c³ Nm-Sn B-ß-l-Xy-bv-¡v {i-an- {S-¡n-\\v ap-¼n-te-¡v Nm-Sp-¶- tI-sk-Sp-¯p. ]-g-hqÀ Pp-am-a-kv-Pn- a-{Z-k A-[ym-]-I-sâ aÀ-±-\\-¯n-\\v ¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-s¶-¶v {]m-tZ- Xv I-ï A-bÂ-hm-kn-IÄ Zv a-{Z-k k-ZÀ h-tµ-cn sF-cqÀ kz- C-c-bm-b-Xv. {]-Xn H-fn-hn-em-sW-¶v in-I am-[y-a-§-sf D-²-cn-¨v \\-S-¯n-b ]-cn-tim-[-\\-bn-em- tZ-in Jm-knw k-Jm-^n-s¡-Xn-sc- s]m-eo-kv A-dn-bn-¨p.\" 'KÄ-^v \\yq-kv' dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN- Wv Ip-«n-I-sf a-cn-¨ \\n-e-bn bv-Xp. I-sï-¯n-b-Xv. a-I-fp-sS ar-X-tZ-lw ho-«n-se _m-¯v-dq-an k-l-sXm-gn-em-fn-sb sIm-e-s¸-Sp-¯n; KmÀ-ln-I sXm-gn-em-fn-¡v h-[-in-£ A-©v hÀ-jw H-fn-¸n-¨p-sh-¨ 60 h-b-kp-Im-cn-¡v Po-h-]-cy-´w Ip-ssh-¯v kn-än: Ip-ssh- «p-tPm-en-sb sNm-Ãn-bp-Å XÀ- a-I-fp-sS ar-X-tZ-lw ho-«n-se Sp-¯m³ kv-{Xo D-]-tbm-Kn-¨ aqÀ-¨- ¯n C-´y-¡m-c-\\m-b k-l- ¡-am-Wv sIm-e-]m-X-I-¯n _m-¯v-dq-an A-©v hÀ-jw H-fn- tb-dn-b B-bp-[w s]m-eo-kv ]n-Sn- sXm-gn-em-fn-sb sIm-e-s¸-Sp- I-em-in-¨-sX-¶v {]m-tZ-in-I am- ¸n-¨p-sh-¨ 60 h-b-kp-Im-cn-¡v Po- s¨-Sp-¯n-«p-ïv. tI-kv ]-»n-Iv t{] ¯n-b F-tXym-]y³ KmÀ-ln-I [y-a-§-sf D-²-cn-¨v 'KÄ-^v \\yq- h-]-cy-´w.]-cn-t¡-ä kv-{Xo-sb m-kn-Iyq-j³ A-t\\z-jn-¡p-I-bm- sXm-gn-em-fn-¡v h-[-in-£. ho- kv' dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN-bv-Xp. B-ip-]-{Xn-bn {]-th-in-¸n-¨p. Wv. C-Xn³-sd `m-K-am-bn {]-Xn-bm-b C-hÀ s]m-eo-kv I-Ì-Un-bn-em-Wv. kv-{Xo-bp-sS am-\\-kn-I-\\n-e-bpw Ip-«n-I-sf I-gp-¯-dp-¯v sIm-e-s¸- ]-cn-tim-[n-¡p-¶p-ïv. B-d-·p-f-bn _-[n-c-bpw aq-I-bp-am-b bp-h-Xn-bpw a-I-fpw a-cn-¨ kw-`-h-¯n `À-¯m-hv A-d-Ìn ]-¯-\\w-Xn-«: B-d-·p-f-bn `m-cy-bpw a-I- hy-µ-¯n hn-\\o-Xv B-Wv A-d-Ìn-em-b-Xv. aq-¶p-h-b-Êp-Im-cn B-Zn-{io F-¶n-h-cp-sS fpw Xo-s¸m-f-f-te-äv a-cn-¨ kw-`-h-¯n _-[n-c-\\pw aq-I-\\p-am-b hn-\\o-Xn-s\\-Xn-sc a-c-W-¯n-em-Wv A-d-Ìv. iym-a-bp-sS A-ѳ `À-¯m-hv A-d-ÌnÂ. kv-{Xo-[-\\ ]o-U-\\w, B-ß-l-Xym t{]-c-W \\Â-In-b ]-cm-Xn-bn-em-Wv tI-kv c-Pn-ÌÀ B-d-·p-f t]m-eo-kv k-tv- ä-j³ ]-cn-[n-bn F-¶o h-Ip-¸p-I-fm-Wv Np-a-¯n-bn-«p-f-f-Xv. sN-bv-X-X-Xv. tI-kn hn-\\o-Xn-sâ am-Xm-] C-S-bm-d³-ap-f t\\mÀ-¯v tIm-gn-¸m-e-¯v {io- _-[n-c-bpw aq-I-bp-am-b `m-cy iym-a, a-IÄ n-Xm-¡-fpw {]-Xn-I-fm-Wv. sI.F-kv.BÀ _-kn \\n-¶v C-d-¡n-hn-« {]m-b-]qÀ-¯n-bm-Im-¯ s]¬-Ip-«n-sb kv-IqÄ hn-ZymÀ-Yn-IÄ Im-dnÂ-sh-¨v \\-S-]-Sn-bn I-ï-Î-sd k-kv-s]³-Uv sNbvXp Iq-«-_-em-Õw-Kw sN-bv-Xp sXm-Sp-]p-g: Iym³-kÀ tcm-Kn- I-gn-ª ta-bv 23 \\v G-e-¸m-d-bn \\n-¶pw ssl-Z-cm-_m-Zv: \\n-im-] C-cp-«-¯v B-sfm-gn-ª bm-b 73Im-c-s\\-bpw sN-dp-a- sXm-Sp-]p-g-bn-te-¡v Sn-¡-sä-Sp-¯v bm-{X sN-bv-X 73 h-b-kp-Å mÀ-«n I-gn-ªv ho-«n-te-¡v {]-tZ-i-¯v ImÀ \\nÀ-¯n- ¡-sf-bpw sI.F-kv.BÀ.Sn. Iym³-kÀ tcm-K Nn-In-Õ \\-S-¯p-¶ B-sf-bpw 13Dw 7Dw h-b-kp-Å a-S-§n-b {]m-b-]qÀ-¯n-bm- bm-Wv {]-Xn-IÄ s]¬-Ip-«n- kn _-kn \\n-¶v C-d-¡n-hn-« Im-¯ s]¬-Ip-«n-sb kv- sb _-em-Õw-Kw sN-bv-X-Xv. hn-hm-Z \\-S-]-Sn-bn I-ï-Î- sIm-¨p-a-¡-tf-bp-am-WIïÎÀ C-d-¡n-hn-«-Xv. IqÄ hn-ZymÀ-Yn-IÄ Im-dnÂ- H-cmÄ Im-dn-\\-I-¯v I-b-dp- sd k-kv-s]³-Uv sN-bv-Xp. sh-¨v Iq-«-_-em-Õw-Kw t¼mÄ a-äp-Å-hÀ Im-dn-\\v I-gn-ª ta-bv 23 \\v G-e-¸m- {X sN-¿p-¶ bm-{X-¡m-c³ bv-Xn-Ã. bm-{X-¡mÀ-¡v B-h- sN-bv-sX-¶v ]-cm-Xn. kw-`-h- ]p-d-¯v Im-h \\nÂ-¡p-I- d-bn \\n-¶pw sXm-Sp-]p-g-bn- c-ïv s]¬-Ip-«n-I-fp-am-bn iy-am-b ku-I-cyw H-cp-¡n ¯n H-cp Fw-FÂ-F-bp-sS bm-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¶pw t]m-eo- te-¡v Sn-¡-sä-Sp-¯v bm-{X bm-{X sN-¿p-t¼mÄ C-¯-cw \\Â-Im-sX _-kn \\n-¶pw a-I-\\pw DÄ-s¸-«-Xm-bn t] kv ]-d-ªp. s]¬-Ip-«n sN-bv-X 73 h-b-kp-Å Iym³- H-cp B-h-iyw A-dn-bn-¨n-«pw C-d-¡n-hn-« \\-S-]-Sn I-ï-Î- m-eo-kv hr-¯-§-sf D-²-cn-¨v ]o-U-\\-¯n-\\n-c-bm-b ImÀ kÀ tcm-K Nn-In-Õ \\-S-¯p-¶ s]¬-Ip-«n-I-fm-sW-¶ ]-cn- dp-sS D-¯-c-hm-Zn-Xz-an-Ãm-bv-a- C-´ym Sp-tU dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN- t]m-eo-kv I-Ì-Un-bn B-sf-bpw 13Dw 7Dw h-b-kp-Å K-W-\\ \\Â-Im-¯-Xv a-\\p-jy- bpw Ir-Xy-\\nÀ-Æ-l-W-¯n-se bv-Xp. kw-`-h-¯n DÄ-s¸- F-Sp-¯p. Im-dn-sâ D-S-a-sb sIm-¨p-a-¡-tf-bp-am-Wv I-ï- Xz-]-c-a-sÃ-¶v kv-Izm-Uv C³- -Kp-cp-X-c ho-gv-N-bp-am-sW-¶ «-h-sc-Ãmw {]m-b-]qÀ-¯n-bm- tNm-Zyw sN-bv-Xv h-cn-I-bm- {{IÀ C-d-¡n-hn-«-Xv. bm-{X sN- kv-s]-ÎÀ hn-e-bn-cp-¯n. I-sï-¯-en-s\\ Xp-SÀ-¶m-Wv Im-¯-h-cm-sW-¶pw Wv.s]¬-Ip-«n-bp-sS ]n-Xm- ¿-sh C-f-b Ip-«n-¡v {]m-Y-an- I-ï-ÎÀ bm-{X-¡m-c-sâ {] \\-S-]-Sn. t]m-eo-kv A-dn-bn-¨p. hn-sâ ]-cm-Xn-bn-em-Wv Im-h-iy-¯n-\\v th-ïn _-kv m-bw am-\\n-¡p-I t]m-epw sN- I-gn-ª i-\\n-bm-gv-N ssh- t]m-eo-kv tI-kv c-Pn-ÌÀ \\nÀ-¯m³ B-h-iy-s¸-s«-¦n- Ip-t¶-cw ssl-Z-cm-_m-Zn- sN-bv-X-Xv. ]-ºn \\n-¶v Xn- epw I-ï-{{IÀ A-Xv \\n-c-kn-¨v se Pq-_n-en lnÂ-kv {]-tZ- cn-s¨-¯n-b s]¬-Ip-«n-bp- A-h-sc _-kn \\n-¶pw C-d- i-¯m-Wv-kw-`-hw. ]-ºn sS I-gp-¯n-se ap-dn-hp-IÄ ¡n hn-Sp-I-bm-bn-cp-¶[y-a \\n-im-]mÀ-«n-bn ]-s¦-Sp- I-ïm-Wv ]n-Xm-hv Im-cyw hmÀ-¯-I-sf Xp-SÀ-¶v A-t\\z- ¯v a-S-§n-b s]¬-Ip-«n-sb Xn-c-¡n-b-Xv. Xp-SÀ-¶m-Wv j-Ww \\-S-¯n-b sXm-Sp-]p-g ho-«n hn-Sm-sa-¶v hm-Kv-Zm- B¬-Ip-«n-IÄ B-{I-an-¨ kv-Izm-Uv C³-kv-s]-Î-dp-sS \\w sN-bv-Xm-Wv {]-Xn-IÄ Im-cyw s]¬-Ip-«n ]n-Xm- dn-t¸mÀ-«n-s\\ Xp-SÀ-¶m-Wv aq- Im-dn I-b-än-b-Xv. F-¶m hn-t\\m-Sv ]-d-bp-¶-Xv. ]n-Xm- e-a-äw bq-Wn-än-se I-ï-ÎÀ ssl-Z-cm-_m-Zv Pq-_n-en hv ]-cm-Xn \\Â-In-b-tXm-sS Pn³-kv tPm-k-^n-s\\ A-t\\z- lnÂ-kv {]-tZ-i-¯v ImÀ t]m-eo-kv s]¬-Ip-«n-bp-sS j-W hn-t[-b-am-bn k-kv-s]³- \\nÀ-¯n-bn-«v s]¬-Ip-«n-sb sam-gn-sb-Sp-¯p. Xp-SÀ-¶m- Uv sN-bv-X-Xv. ZoÀ-L Zq-c bm- ]o-Un-¸n-¨p-sh-¶m-Wv Wv ]o-U-\\ hn-h-cw ]p-d-¯- ]-cm-Xn. dn-bp-¶-Xv.

9 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 വിവിധം kv-Iq-fn Iq-«-sh-Sn-h-bv-¸v \\-S-¯p-sa-¶v `o-j-Wn: A-©mw ¢m-Êp-Im-c³ A-d-Ìn ^v-tem-dn-U: k-Iv- q-fn Iq-«-sh-Sn-h-bv-¸v \\-S-¯p- \"\"C-Xv X-am-i-b-Ã. A-h³ H-cp hym-P `o-j-Wn ¡pw ^-e-sa-¶v a-\\-kn-em-¡n Nn-¡p-I. \\n-§-sf sIm-Ãp- sa-¶v `o-j-Wn-s¸-Sp-¯n-b H-cp A-©mw ¢m-Êp- ap-g-¡n. C-t¸mÄ A-Xn-sâ A-\\-´-c-^-e-§Ä sIm-Sp-¡m-\\m-bn-cp-¶p B¬- ¶-Xv R-§-fm-bn-cn-¡pw' Im-c-s\\ s]m-eo-kv A-d-Ìv sN-bv-Xp. A-ta- A-h³ A-\\p-`-hn-¡p-I-bm-Wv. sS-I-vk-kn-se Ip-«n-bp-sS ]-c-ky-am-b A-d- A-t±-lw Iq-«n-t¨À-¯p. cn-¡-bn-se ^v-tem-dn-U-bn-em-Wv kw-`-hw. D-hm-sU-bn A-Sp-¯n-sS-bp-ïm-b Zp-c-´-¯n- sÌ-¶pw sj-co-^v A-`n-{]m-b- I-gn-ª sNm-Æm-gv-N-bm-Wv 18 ]-c-ky-am-bn A-h-s\\ A-d-Ìv sN-bv-Xp-sh-¶v am- \\v ti-jw, \\-½p-sS Ip-«n-IÄ kp-c-£n-X-cm-sW- s¸-«p. Im-c-\\m-b kmÂ-h-tUmÀ dm- {X-a-Ã, s]m-eo-kv B ]-¯v h-b-Êp-Im-c-sâ Nn- ¶v D-d-¸m-t¡-ï-Xv ]-c-a-{]-[m-\\-am-Wv. A-h- k-Iv- q-fn sh-Sn-h-b-¸v- n-\\v {i-an- tam-kv F-¶ hn-ZymÀ-°n sS-Iv- {X-hpw ]p-d-¯p-hn-«p. sâ {]-hr-¯n th-Z-\\m-P-\\-I-am-Wv'' sj-co-^v ¡p-¶ F-Ãm-hÀ-¡p-ap-Å H-cp -k-kn-se tdm-_v F-en-saâ-dn F-¶m {]m-b-]qÀ-¯n-bm-Im-¯ A-h-sâ ImÀ-ssa³ amÀ-sk-t\\m ]n-¶o-Sv H-cp {]-kv-Xm- ]mT-am-Wv C-sX-¶pw A-t±- k-Iv q-fn ssd-^nÄ D-]-tbm- Nn-{X-hpw sF-Uân-än-bpw sh-fn-s¸-Sp-¯n-b- h-\\-bn ]-d-ªp. sj-co-^n-sâ Hm-^o-kv Ip- lw ap-¶-dn-bn-¸v \\Â-In. Kn-¨v sh-Sn-bp-XnÀ-¯-Xv. sh- Xn-\\v C-t¸mÄ s]m-eo-kv I-Sp-¯ hn-aÀ-i-\\w «n-bp-sS t]-cpw t^m-t«m-bpw A-d-Ìn-sâ ho-Un- \"\\n-§Ä H-cp Ip-«n-sb-tbm Sn-sh-¸n 19 Ip-«n-I-fpw c-ïv t\\-cn-Sp-I-bm-Wv.i-\\n-bm-gv-N-bm-Wv Ip-«n-sb tbm-bpw ]p-d-¯p-hn-«p. ^m-¡Â-än Aw-K-s¯-tbm A-[ym-]-I-cpw sIm-Ã-s¸-Sp-I- s]m-eo-kv A-d-Ìv sN-bv-X-Xv. tI-]v tIm-d-en- {]m-b-]qÀ-¯n-bm-Im-¯ A-h-sâ sF-Uân- sIm-Ãm³ Xo-cp-am-\\n-¡p-¶p- bpw, ]-Xn-t\\-tgm-fw t]À-¡v ep-Å ]m-{Sn-b-äv F-en-saâ-dn k-vIq-fn sh-Sn- än s]m-Xp-P-\\-§Ä-¡v sh-fn-s¸-Sp-¯n-b-Xn-\\v sï-¦nÂ, H-¶v Iq-Sn B-tem- ]-cn-t¡Â-¡p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp h-bv-¸v \\-S-¯p-sa-¶v A-h³ H-cp kp-lr-¯n-\\v A-t±-lw \\Â-In-b hn-i-Zo-I-c-Ww, \"\"\\n-b-a- k-tµ-iw A-b-¨-Xm-bn-cp-¶p A-d-Ìn-\\v Im-c- ¯n-\\v ap-¶n F-Ãm-h-cpw H-cp-t]m-se-bm-Wv. W-am-b-Xv. 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A-tX-k-a- bw D-a eo-sU-Sp-¯-Xn-\\v ]n-¶m-se tIm¬- {K-kv {]-hÀ-¯-IÀ ap-{Zm-hm-Iyw hn-fn-I-fp-am- bn B-lv-fm-Zw {]-I-Sn-¸n-¨p.B-Zy-du-ïn X-s¶ {]-Xo-£n-¨-Xn-epw G-sd eo-Uv D-am tXm-a-kv ]n-Sn-¨-tXm-sS-bm-Wv B-th-i-`-cn-X- cm-b tIm¬-{K-kv {]-h-À-¯-IÀ thm-s«-®Â tI-{µ-am-b F-d-Wm-Ip-fw a-lm-cm-Pm-kv tIm- tf-Pn-\\v ap-¶n ap-{Zm-hm-Iyw hn-fn-bp-am-bn C-d-§n-b-Xv. ]n-Sn tXm-a-kn-s\\ hm-gv-¯n-bpw D-am tXm-a-kn-s\\ A-`n-\\-Zn-¨p-ap-Å ap-{Zm-hm- Iyw hn-fn-bn ]n-¶o-Sv Im-cy-am-bn ]-c-amÀ-in- ¡-s¸-«-Xv sX-c-sª-Sp-¸v Im-e-¯v ]mÀ-«n hn-«v FÂ-Un-F-^n-te-¡v t]m-b ap-XnÀ-¶ t\\-Xm- hv \\n-s¶ ]n-s¶ I-tïm- fmw F-¶m-bn-cp-¶p tXm-a-kn-t\\m-Sp-Å

10 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 cinima jw-\\ Im-knw hn-hm-ln-X-bm-Ip-¶p jm-\\n-Zv B-kn-^-en-bm-Wv h-c³ tjm-I-fn-epw A-hmÀ-Uv \\n-i-I-fn-epw k-Po-h sIm-¨n: sX-¶n-´y³ \\-Sn jw-\\ Im-knw hn- km-¶n-[y-am-Wv. hm-ln-X-bm-Ip-¶p. sP._n.F-kv {Kq-¸v I-¼- I-®q-cn {]m-tZ-in-I a-Õy-s¯m-gn-em-fn \\n-bp-sS ^u-ï-dpw kn-C-H-bp-am-b jm-\\n-Zv Ip-Spw-_-¯n Im-knw, dw-e _o-hn Z-¼-Xn- B-kn-^-en-bm-Wv h-c³. C-cp-h-cp-sS-bpw hn- I-fp-sS A-©v a-¡-fn C-f-b-h-fm-bn 1989 hm-l-\\n-Ý-bw I-gn-ªp. Ip-Spw-_mw-K-§-fp-sS sa-bv 23 \\m-Wv jw-\\-bp-sS P-\\-\\w. I-®q-cn- A-\\p-{K-l-t¯m-sS Po-hn-X-¯n-sâ ]p-Xn-sbm- se DÀ-kp-en³ ko-\\n-bÀ sk-¡³-U-dn cp A-[ym-b-¯n-te-bv-¡v I-S-¡p-I-bm-sW-¶v kv-Iq-fn-epw I-®q-cn-se skâ v stc-k hn-hm-l-\\n-Ý-b Nn-{X-§Ä ]-¦p-h-¨v jw-\\ Bw-t¥m C-´y³ l-bÀ sk-¡³-U-dn C³-Ì-{Km-an Ip-dn-¨p. kn-\\n-am ta-J-e-bn kv-Iq-fn-ep-am-Wv kv-IqÄ hn-Zym-`ym-kw. \\n-¶v dn-an tSm-an, {]n-bm-a-Wn, e-£v-an \\-£-{X, hn-Zq-c hn-Zym-`ym-k-¯n-eq-sS Cw-¥o- t]-fn am-Wn, I-\\n-I, c-N-\\ \\m-cm-b-W³ Ip-«n, jv km-ln-Xy-¯n _n-cp-Zw t\\-Sn. a-Rv-P-cn Xp-S-§n-b-hÀ jw-\\-bv-¡v B-iw-k ]n-¶o-Sm-Wv dn-bm-en-än tjm-I- t\\À-¶p. fn-se-¯n-b-Xv. c-ïp hÀ-jw I-®qÀ kz-tZ-in-\\n-bm-b jw-\\ dn-bm-en-än tjm- jw-\\-bp-am-bn _-Ô-s¸-« bn-eq-sS-bm-Wv {i-t²-b-bm-Ip-¶-Xv. a-ªp 'hn-hm-lm-tem-N-\\' hn-hm- t]m-sem-cp s]¬-Ip-«n F-¶ Nn-{X-¯n-eq-sS Z-§Ä-¡v h-gn-h-¨n-cp-¶p. 2004 kn-\\n-am ta-J-e-bn-se-¯n. ]-¨-¡p-Xn-c, hn-hm-lm-tem-N-\\-bp- `mÀ-K-h-N-cn-Xw aq-¶mw J-Þw, A-en `m-bv, am-bn F-¯n-b kw-Lw tIm-f-Pv Ip-am-c³, N-«-¡m-cn, H-cp Ip-«-\\m-S³ »m-Iv-sa-bn sN-bv-Xv t»m-Kv, cm-Pm-[n cm-P, B-dp kp-µ-cn-am-cp-sS ]-Ww X-«m³ {i-an-s¨-¶ I-Y, a-I-c-a-ªv Xp-S-§n \\n-c-h-[n a-e-bm-f kn- \\-Sn-bp-sS ]-cm-Xn-bn \\n-a-I-fn A-`n-\\-bn-¨n-«p-ïv. \\m-ep t]-sc s]m-eo-kv ] {io a-lm-e-£v-an F-¶ sX-ep-¦v Nn-{X-¯n-eq- n-Sn-Iq-Sn-bn-cp-¶p. sS A-\\y-`m-j-bn-epw km-¶n-[yw D-d-¸n-¨p. Xn- t^m-Wn hn-fn-¨v e-£-§Ä cp-ap-cp-I³ kw-hn-[m-\\w sN-bv-X ap-\\n-bm-ïn B-h-iy-s¸-«-Xm-bn \\-Sn-bp-sS am-Xm-hv sIm- hn-f-§n-bm aq¬-{Sm-am-ïv F-¶ Nn-{X-¯n ¨n kn-än t]m-eo-kv I-½o-j-WÀ-¡v \\Â-In-b \\m-bn-I-bm-bn X-an-g-I-¯pw Xn-f-§n. a-e-bm-f- ]-cm-Xn-bn ]-d-ªn-cp-¶p. ]-Ww X-¶n-sÃ- ¯n-\\v ]p-d-¯v ]qÀ-W F-¶ t]-cn-em-Wv A-dn-b- ¦n I-cn-bÀ \\-in-¸n-¡p-sa-¶pw C-¡m-cyw s¸-Sp-¶-Xv. a-e-bm-f-¯n-\\pw X-an-gn-\\pw ]p-d-ta, ]p-d-¯-dn-bn-¨m sIm-e-s¸-Sp-¯p-sa-¶pw I-¶-U-bn-epw k-Po-h-am-Wv Xm-cw. tPm-k-^v `o-j-Wn-s¸-Sp-¯n. a-äm-cpw X-«n-¸n-\\n-c-bm- kn-\\n-a-bp-sS X-an-gv do-ta-¡m-b hn-kn-c-¯n-c- Im-Xn-cn-¡m-\\m-Wv ]-cm-Xn-s¸-«-Xv F-¶m-Wv \\n-em-Wv \\-Sn A-h-km-\\w A-`n-\\-bn-¨-Xv. tÌ-Pv jw-\\ ]-d-ªn-cp-¶-Xv. sh-Sn-s¡-«p-am-bn hn-jv-Wp D-®n-Ir-jv-W-\\pw B-äv-en-bp-sS t_m-fn-hp-Uv _n-_n³ tPmÀ-Ppw; ^Ìv e p-¡v t]m-ÌÀ ]p-d-¯n-d-§n Nn-{X-¯n-\\v t]-cm-bn; jm-cq-Jv U-_nÄ tdm-fn-se-¶v dn-t¸mÀ-«v sIm-¨n: a-e-bm-f kn-\\n-a t_m- n-Pn³ sP.]n, Iv-kv Hm-^o-kn h-¼³ hn- s{]m-k-£³ P-b-§-fm-bn am-dn-b A-aÀ I¬-t{Sm-fÀ: A-Iv-_À A-t´m-Wn, I-«-¸- kp-[À-½³ \\-bn-se lr-Xn-Iv tdm-j³, h-Ån-¡p-¶v, H-cp b-a-ï³ t{]-a-I-Y F-¶o I-em-kw-hn-[m- lm-{Sn-Iv hn-P-b-Nn-{X-§Ä-¡v \\w: k-Po-jv ti-jw sa-Km-ln-äv Iq-«p-sI- Xm-a-c-tÈ-cn, «m-b _n-_n³ tPmÀ-Ppw hn-jv- ta-¡-¸v: I-em- Wp D-®n-Ir-jv-W-\\pw ho-ïpw a-Þ-ew ssh- H-¶n-¡p-¶ 'sh-Sn-s¡-«v' F-¶ im-Jv, jn-Pp Nn-{X-¯n-sâ ^-Ìv ep-¡v t] Ir-jv-W, tIm- m-ÌÀ ]p-d-¯n-d-§n. Ìyqw: CÀ-jm- Ip-Spw-_ t{]-£-I-cp-sS {]n-b- Zv sN-dp-Ip-¶v, Xm-c-§-fpw Xn-c-¡-Ym-Ir-¯p- No-^v A-tkm. ¡-fm-b C-cp-h-cpw C-h-cp-sS U-b-d-ÎÀ: cm- Iq-«p-sI-«pw B-Zy-am-bn kw-hn- tP-jv BÀ [m-\\-ta-J-e-bn-te-¡v {]-th- Ir-jv-W³, sIm¨n: jm-cq-Jv Jm-s\\ «v sN-¿p-¶p. \\-b³-Xm-c-bm- in-¡p-¶ Nn-{X-sa-¶ {]-tXy- B-£³: \\m-b-I-\\m-¡n B-ä-ev- n kw-hn- Wv Nn-{X-¯n jm-cq-Jn-sâ I-X Iq-Sn Cu Nn-{X-¯n-\\p-ïv. kp-{]ow kp- [m-\\w sN-¿p-¶ Nn-{X-¯n- \\m-bn-I-bm-bn F-¯p-¶-Xv. _m-Zp-jm kn-\\n-am-kn-sâ-bpw µÀ, am-^n-b \\m-bn G-sd {]-Xo-£-tbm-sS kw-hn-[m-b-I³ A-ä-ven-bp- s]³ B³-Uv t]-¸-dn-sâ-bpw i-in, ku-ïv Im-¯n-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv kn-\\n- sS-bpw \\-b³-Xm-c-bp-sS-bpw _m-\\-dn F³.Fw _m-Zp-j, Un-ssk³: am-kzm-Z-IÀ. A-Xp-sIm-ïv t_m-fn-hp-Uv A-c-t§-ä Nn- jn-t\\m-bv am-Xyq F-¶n-hÀ F._n Pp X-s¶-bm-Wv Nn-{X-hp-am-bn {Xw Iq-Sn-bm-Wv P-hm³. Inw- tNÀ-¶m-Wv Nn-{Xw \\nÀ-½n-¡p- sâ _m-\\-dn tdm-jn-¯v em B-Wv -_n³, ^n-\\m³-kv _-Ô-s¸-«v h-cp-¶ hmÀ-¯- Kv Jm³ Nn-{X-¯n A-h- ¶-Xv. k-l-\\nÀ-½m-Ww h-ln-¡p-¶-Xv. a-Rv- I¬-t{Sm-fÀ: jn- IÄ C-cp-I-¿pw \\o-«n t{]-£- X-cn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xv H-cp 'tdm' H-cp ]q-c-]-d-¼n-sâ {]-Xn- Pp _m-Zp-j, \\o-Xp jn-t\\m-bv F-¶n-h- tPm sUm-an-\\n-Iv, IÀ kzo-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xv. C-t¸m- (dn-kÀ-¨v B³-Uv A-\\m-en- Ñm-b \\Â-Ip-¶ h-f-sc cm-Wv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«o-hv \\nÀ-am-Xm-¡Ä. s{]m-U-£³ F-Iv- gn-Xm Nn-{X-¯n-sâ ssS-än kn-kv hnw-Kv) D-tZym-K-Ø- {Km³-Uv B-b t]m-Ì-dn hn-jv-Wp D-®n-Ir-jv-W-\\pw _n-_n³ kn-Iyp-«o-hv: k-¡oÀ ]p-d-¯p-hn-«n-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv s\\-bm-sW-¶m-bn-cp-¶p B-\\-IÄ, ap-¯p-Ip-S-IÄ, tPmÀ-Ppw X-s¶ {]-[m-\\ I-Ym-]m-{X-§- lp-ssk³, s{]m-U- A-Wn-b-d {]-hÀ-¯-IÀ. 'P- B-Zyw ]p-d-¶p-X-¶ dn-t¸mÀ- sIm-Sn-a-c-§Ä, sN-ï, ImÀ- sf A-h-X-cn-¸n-¡p-¶ Nn-{X-¯n C-cp- £³ a-t\\-tPÀ: ln- hm³' F-¶m-Wv Nn-{X-¯n-\\v «p-IÄ. I-Ym-]m-{X-¯n-\\v Wn-hÂ, P-bâ v ho Xp-S-§n- ¶q-tdm-fw ]p-Xp-ap-J Xm-c-§Ä B-Wv c³, \\n-Xn³ {^-Ín, t]-cn-«n-cn-¡p-¶-Xv H-¶n-e-[n-Iw A-¸n-b-d³-kp- b-h-bp-sS ]-Ým-¯-e-¯n A-`n-\\-bn-¡p-¶-Xv. c-Xo-jv dmw Om-bm- \\r-¯ kw-hn-[m- ssS-än-en-sâ Hu-tZym-Kn-I IÄ D-ïm-hp-sa-¶pw hmÀ- I-en-¸³ ep-¡n ss_-¡n {K-l-Ww \\nÀ-h-ln-¡p-¶ Nn-{X-¯n \\w: Zn-t\\-iv am-ÌÀ, {]-Jym-]-\\w D-S³ D-ïm-tb- ¯-IÄ h-¶n-cp-¶p. C-cn-¡p-¶ hn-jv-Wp D-®n-Ir- tPm¬-Ip-«n-bm-Wv Nn-{X-kw-tbm-P-\\w A-tkm. U-b-d-ÎÀ: ¡p-sa-¶v ]n-¦v hn-à dn-t¸mÀ- jv-W-\\pw, Iq-Sm-sX _n-_n³ ssI-Im-cyw sN-¿p-¶-Xv. kp-P-bv F-kv Ip- tPmÀ-Ppw \\m-bn-I sF-iz-cy _n-_n³ tPmÀ-Pv, jn-_p ]p-eÀ-Im-gv-N, amÀ, {Km-^n-Iv-kv: \\n- A-\\nÂ-Ip-am-t\\-bpw t]m-Ì- hn-]n³ sP-{^n³, Pn-Xn³ tZ-h-kn, A³- [n³ dmw, Un-ssk³: dn Im-Wmw. Nn-{X-¯n-sâ km-Pv tKm-]n F-¶n-h-cp-sS h-cn-IÄ-¡v sS³-t]m-bnâ v, ÌnÂ- B-tLm-j {]-Xo-Xn F-à X-c- kw-Ko-Xw H-cp-¡p-¶-Xv iymw {]-km-Zv, kv: A-Pn a-kv-¡-äv, ¯n-epw kq-Nn-¸n-¡p-¶ t] jn-_p ]p-eÀ-Im-gv-N, ]n.BÀ.H: ]n. in-h-{]- m-ÌÀ X-s¶-bm-Wv sh-Sn-s¡- AÀ-Pp³ hn A-£-b F-¶n-hÀ tNÀ- km-Zv F-¶n-h-cm-Wv «v Sow ]p-d-¯v hn-«n-cn-¡p-¶- ¶m-Wv. ]-Ým-¯-e kw-Ko-Xw: tP-bv-Iv- a-äv A-Wn-b-d {]-hÀ- Xv.14 C-e-h¬ kn-\\n-am-kn- kv _n-tPm-bv, sse³ s{]m-Uyq-kÀ: {] ¯-IÀ.

11 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 ENTERTAINMENT Xn-b-ä-dp-I-fn 50 Zn-\\-§Ä; \\-µn A-dn-bn-¨v sI-Pn-F-^v 2 \\nÀ-½m-Xm-¡Ä Xn-b-ä-dp-I-fn 50 {]-ZÀ-i-\\ Zn-\\-§Ä ]n-¶n-Sp-¶-Xn³- -G-{]n 14\\v Xn-b-ä-dp-I-fn-se- sd k-t´m-jw ]-¦p-h-¨v sI-Pn-F-^v \\nÀ-½m-Xm-¡- ¯n-b Nn-{Xw 48 Zn-\\-§Ä ]qÀ- fm-b slmw-_m-sf ^n-enw-kv. cm-Pyw-sa-¼m-Sp-am-bn 390 A-[n-Iw sk³-d-dp-I-fn-epw hn-tZ-i cm-Py-§-fn ¯n-bm-¡n-bn-«p-ïv. ]-¯n-e-[n-Iw sk³-d-dp-I-fn-ep-am-Wv Nn-{Xw 50 Zn-\\-§Ä C-´y³ kn-\\n-a-bn Cu hÀ- ]qÀ-¯n-bm-¡m-s\\m-cp-§p-¶-Xv. G-{]n 14\\v Xn-b-ä-dp-I- j-s¯ G-ä-hpw h-en-b hn-P-b- fn-se-¯n-b Nn-{Xw 48 Zn-\\-§Ä ]qÀ-¯n-bm-¡n-bn-«p-ïv. §-fn-sem-¶m-Wv sI-Pn-F-^v 2. C-´y³ kn-\\n-a-bn Cu hÀ-j-s¯ G-ä-hpw h-en-b I-¶-U kn-\\n-a-sb kw-_-Ôn-¨v hn-P-b-§-fn-sem-¶m-Wv sI-Pn-F-^v 2. I-¶-U kn-\\n-a- A-`n-am-\\ hn-P-b-am-bn-cp-¶ sI- sb kw-_-Ôn-¨v A-`n-am-\\ hn-P-b-am-bn-cp-¶ sI-Pn-F- Pn-F-^n³-sd c-ïmw-`m-Kw F-¶ ^n³-sd c-ïmw-`m-Kw F-¶ \\n-e-bn `m-jm-t`-Z-a-s\\y \\n-e-bn `m-jm-t`-Z-a-s\\y C-´y³ C-´y³ kn-\\n-am-t{]-an-IÄ-¡n-S-bn h³ {]o-þ-dn-eo- kn-\\n-am-t{]-an-IÄ-¡n-S-bn h³ kv ssl-¸v t\\-Sn-bn-cp-¶p sI-Pn-F-^v 2. Cu ssl-¸n- {]o-þ-dn-eo-kv ssl-¸v t\\-Sn-bn-cp-¶p s\\m-¸w dn-eo-kv Zn-\\-¯n X-s¶ t]m-kn-äo-hv sau-¯v ]-»n-kn-än-bpw e-`n-¨-tXm-sS Nn-{Xw t_m-I-vkv Hm-^o- sI-Pn-F-^v 2. kn Ip-Xn-¨p. A-h-km-\\w ]p-d-s¯-¯n-b I-W-¡p- IÄ A-\\p-k-cn-¨v 1200 tIm-Sn-bm-Wv Nn-{X-¯n³-sd B-tKm-f t{Km-kv. a-I-sâ P-·-Zn-\\-¯n sI-Pn-F-^v Nm-]v-äÀ ss{]w h-cn-¡mÀ-¡v ku-P-\\y-am-bn Im-Wmw t^m-t«m ]-¦p-sh-¨v \\n-hn³ t]m-fn, t^m-t«m-tIm-¸n-bm-sW-¶v B-cm-[-IÀ sIm-¨n: a-e-bm-f- sIm-¨n: sI-Pn-F-^v Nm-]v-äÀ kn-\\m-bn Im-¯n-cn-¡p-¶ kn- ¯n-sâ {]n-b-s¸-« 2 Pq¬ 3 ap-X ss{]w hn-Un- \\n-am t{]-an-IÄ-¡v t\\-c-t¯ Xm-c-§-fn H-cm-fm- tbm-bn e-`y-am-Ipw. ss{] X-s¶ sI-Pn-F-^v 2 Im-Wm- Wv \\n-hn³ t]m-fn. w h-cn-¡mÀ-¡v Nn-{Xw ku-P- \\p-Å ku-I-cy-am-Wv ss{]w \\n-hn³ t]m-fn-bp- \\y-am-bn B-kz-Zn-¡mw. b-jv H-cp-¡n-b-Xv. ss{]w h-cn-¡mÀ- sS a-I³ Zm-ho-Zpw {]-[m-\\ th-j-¯n A-`n-\\- ¡pw C-Xp-h-sc ss{]w Aw-K- B-cm-[-I-cp-sS bn-¡p-¶ Nn-{Xw I-¶-U, ln- a-Ãm-¯-hÀ-¡pw 199 cq-]-bv-¡v {]n-b-¦-c-\\m-Wv. Zm- µn, X-an-gv, sX-ep-¦v, a-e-bm- sI-Pn-F-^v Nm-]v-äÀ 2 hm-S-I- ho-Zn-sâ P-·-Zn-\\-am- fw F-¶o 5 `m-j-I-fn-em-Wv b-¡v- v e-`y-am-Ipw. sI-Pn-F-^v Wv C-¶v. \\n-hn³ t] P-\\-{]n-b H-Sn-Sn ¹m-ä-tv- ^m-am-b 2 Iq-Sm-sX tem-I-sa-¼m-Sp- m-fn ]-¦p-sh-¨ Zm-ho- ss{]w hn-Un-tbm-bn e-`y- ap-Å P-\\-{]n-b kn-\\n-a-I-fp- Zn-sâ t^m-t«m-I-fm- am-hp-I. sS h³ ti-J-c-¯n-te-¡m-Wv Wv C-t¸mÄ {i-² ta-bv 16 ap-X ss{]-an ss{]w Pm-e-Iw Xp-d-¶n-Sp-¶- t\\-Sp-¶-Xv Nn-{Xw hm-S-bv-¡v Im-Wm³ Xv. G-ä-hpw ]p-Xn-b C-´y³, A-h-k-cw D-ïm-bn-cp-¶p. cm-Pym-´-c kn-\\n-a-IÄ hm-S- \\n-hn³ t]m-fn-bp- t^m-t«m ln-äm-bn-¡-gn-ªp. Hm¬-sse³ Un-Pn-ä dn-eo- I-bv-¡v Im-Wm-\\p-f-f A-h-k- sS-bpw a-I-sâ-bpw dp ]p-©n-cn-t]m-epw H-tc-t] Xp-d-ap-Jw F-¶ kn-\\n-a-bm-Wv c-hp-ap-ïm-Ipw. cq-] km-Zr-iy-am- m-se B-sW-¶m-Wv B-cm-[- C-\\n \\n-hn³ t]m-fn-bp-tS-Xm-bn Wv B-cm-[-IÀ NÀ- IÀ I-sï-¯p-¶-Xv. F-´m-bm- dn-eo-kv sN-¿m-\\p-Å-Xv. ¨-bm-¡p-¶-Xv. sN- epw \\n-hn³ t]m-fn-bp-sS a-I-sâ Nn{- XoI- c- W- ¯- n\\- ns- S \\S- ³ hnj- vW- p B-K-Ìv 27 t]m-ÌÀ dn-eo-kv sN-bv-Xp D®- nI- rj- vW- \\- v s]mÅ- t- eä- p sIm-¨n: s]-Km-k-kv t¥m-_ jn-Pp A-_-vZpÄ d-jo-Zv, P-ko-e, Fw ss{]-h-äv en-an-ä-Un-sâ _m-\\- .BÀ tKm-]-Ip-amÀ, k-Pn-tam³ ]m-d- sIm-¨n: kn-\\n-am Nn-{Xo-I- dn sP-_n-X A-Pn-Xv \\nÀ-an- bnÂ, \\o-\\ Ip-dp-¸v, Xm-c I-eym¬ c-W-¯n-\\n-sS \\-S³ hn-jv- ¡p-¶ \"B-K-Ìv 27' F-¶ F-¶n-hÀ Nn-{X-¯n tI-{µ I-Y-]m-{X- Wp D-®n-Ir-jv-W-\\v s]m-Å- ]p-Xn-b Nn-{X-¯n-sâ Hu-tZym- §-sf A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. Ip-Spw-_- te-äp. I-¿v-¡v Kp-cp-X-c-am-bn Kn-I t]m-ÌÀ ]p-d-¯n-d-¡n. _-Ô-§-fp-sS I-Y-bm-Wv Nn-{X-¯n-sâ ]-cn-t¡-ä hn-jv-Wp-hn-s\\ ku-µ-cy-a-Õ-cw-K-¯v {]-ap- C-Xn-hr-¯w. im-´n A-e³, A-a hn- sIm-¨n-bn-se kz-Im-cy J Øm-\\w h-ln-¡p-¶ tUm. P-bv, h-Ån-t¡m-Sv c-ta-i³, a-[p ap-Þ- B-ip-]-{Xn-bn {]-th-in- A-Pn-Xv c-hn s]-Km-k-km-Wv Nn- Iw F-¶n-h-cp-sS h-cn-IÄ-¡v A-Jn ¸n-¨p. {X-¯n-sâ kw-hn-[m-\\w. sIm- hn-P-bv, kmw in-h F-¶n-hÀ kw-Ko-Xw ssh-¸n-\\n \\-S-¶ jq-«n- ¨n-bn-se \"se sa-cn-Un-b³' \\Â-In-bn-cn-¡p-¶p. Nn-{X-¯n-sâ ]-Ým- §n-\\n-sS Xn-f-¨ F-® I-¿n- tlm-«-en sh-¨v \\-S-¶ Cu ¯-e kw-Ko-Xw H-cp-¡n-bn-cn-¡p-¶-Xv te-¡v a-dn-bp-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. hÀ-j-s¯ {]-ap-J ^m-j³ tjm B-b \"an-kv km-\\-µv tPmÀ-Öv B-Wv. I-em-kw-hn-[m-\\w: A-Sn-b-´-c-am-bn i-kv-{X- tI-c-f 2022' C-hân sh-¨m-Wv Hu-tZym-Kn-I ¥m-«³ ]o-äÀ, No-^v A-tkm-kn-tb-äv U-b-d- {In-b th-W-sa-¶v tUm-ÎÀ- t]m-Ì-dpw ]p-d-¯n-d-¡n-b-Xv. ÎÀ: k-_n³. sI. sI, k-l-kw-hn-[m-b-IÀ: amÀ A-dn-bn-¨p. \\-S-\\v ¹m-Ìn- Zzn-`m-jm Nn-{X-sa-¶ {]-tXy-I-X-bpw B-K- , ]n A-¿-¸-Zm-kv, cm-lpÂ-km-KÀ ta-¡v A-¸v: Iv kÀ-P-dn \\-S-¯m-\\m-Wv Ìv 27\\v D-ïv. Cu Nn-{X-¯n-sâ jq-«nw-K-v Xn- ssk-Pp, F-Un-än-Mv: P-b-N-{µ Ir-j-Wv- , h-kv- Xo-cp-am-\\n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶-Xv. cp-h-\\-´-]p-cw sIm-¨n aq-¶mÀ F-¶n-hn-S- {Xm-e-¦m-cw: d-km-Jv Xn-cqÀ, s{]m-U-£³ hn-jv-Wp D-®n-Ir-jv-W³, §-fn-em-bn ]p-tcm-K-an-¡p-¶p. Ip-¼-f-¯p I¬-t{Sm-fÀ: P-ºmÀ a-Xn-e-Iw, Pn-Xn³ a-e- _n-_n³ tPmÀ-Pv tNÀ-¶v ]-Zv-a-Ip-amÀ I-Y-bpw Xn-c-¡-Y-bpw X-¿m-dm- bn³-Io-gv, I-f-dn-Ìv: a-lm-tZ-h³, ku-ïv C-^- kw-hn-[m-\\w sN-¿p-¶ sh- ¡n-bn-cn-¡p-¶ Cu Nn-{X-¯n-sâ Om-bm-{K-l- Îv-kv: cm-Pv amÀ-¯m-Þw, ÌnÂ-kv: Pn-\\o-jv, Sn-s¡-«v F-¶ kn-\\n-a-bp-sS Ww \\n-Æ-ln-¨n-cn-¡p-¶-Xv Ir-jv-W ]n.F-kv Un-ssk³: jn-_p ]-¯pÀ(s]-Km-k-kv), Nn-{Xo-I-c-W-¯n-\\n-sS-bm- B-Wv. hmÀ-¯m-{]-N-c-Ww: ]n in-h-{]-km-Zv. Wv A-]-I-Sw.

12 election special ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 Xr-¡m-¡-c-bp-sS I-cw ]n-Sn-bv-¡m³ D-a ¶p. ]n.Sn. H-cp tbm-K-¯n th-en-s¡-«p-I-sf A-Xn-Po-hn- Xr-¡m-¡-c- : Xr-¡m-¡-c-bp- ]-s¦-Sp-¡m-\\m-bn a-lm-cm- ¨v 1987 Pq-em-bv 9-\\v ]n.Sn tXm- Xn-c-sª-Sp-¸n-s\\ t\\-cn-«-Xv. sS I-cw ]n-Sn-bv-¡m³ C-\\n ] Pm-kn F-¯p-t¼m-gm-Wv a-kv- D-a hn-hm-lw \\-S-¶p. A-Xn-sâ ^-ew Xr-¡m-¡-c- n.Sn.tXm-a-kn-sâ {]n-b-s¸-« c-ïp-t]-cpw ]-c-kv-]-cw Im- hn-hm-l-¯n-\\p-ti-jw ] bn-se P-\\-§Ä thm-«m-bn D-a-bp-ïm-hpw. h³ `q-cn-]-£- Wp-¶-Xv. a-lm-cm-Pm-kn qÀ-W-am-bpw s]m-Xp-{]-hÀ- A-hÀ-¡p \\Â-In. ¯n D-a hn-P-bn-¨p I-b-dp- _n-cp-Zm-\\-´-c _n-cp-Z-hpw ¯-\\-¯nÂ-\\n-¶v am-dn-\\n- ]n.Sn.F-¶ Xr-¡m-¡-c- t¼mÄ A-Xv ]n.Sn-bv-¡p-Å I-gn-ªv tem tIm-tf-Pn s¶-¦n-epw cm-{ão-bw bp-sS {]n-b-t\\-Xm-hn-t\\m- B-Z-c-hp Iq-Sn-bm-Wv.F-d-Wm- ]Tn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p ] a-\\-ÊnÂ-\\n-¶v Sp-Å kv-t\\-l-hpw Cu Xn- Ip-fw a-lm-cm-Pm-kv tIm-tf- n.Sn. A-¶v. tbm-K-¯n ] \\-ã-s¸-Sp-¯m-¯ c-sª-Sp-¸n hy-à-am-bn Pn ]Tn-¡p-t¼mÄ sI.F- n.Sn. F-¯m³ t\\-cw ssh-In- B-fm-bn-cp-¶p D-a. {]-Xn-^-en-¨p. k-l-Xm-] D-a s] b-t¸mÄ k-a-bw \\n-I-¯m- F-¶pw ]n.Sn.bp- m-Xp-{]-hÀ-¯-\\ cw-K-t¯-¡v \\m-bn {]o Un-{Kn-¡m-cn-bm-b sS \\n-e-]m-Sp-IÄ- X-cw-K-sa-¶v ]p-Ñn-¨-hÀ- F-¯p-¶-Xv. 1980- {]o Un- D-a ]m-«p-]m-Sp-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. s¡m-¸w i-àn- ¡v a-Þ-e-¯n-sâ N-cn- {Kn-bv-¡v a-lm-cm-Pm-kn A-t¸m-gm-Wv A-t±-lw I-S- bm-bn \\nÂ-¡m³ {X-¯n-se sd-t¡m-Uv F-¯n-b D-a 1985- _n.F- ¶p-h-¶-Xv. B ]m-«v ]n.Sn. A-hÀ-¡v km- kv kn. kp-thm-f-Pn _n-cp-Z- bp-sS lr-Z-b-¯n-te-¡m-Wv [n-¨p. Xr-¡m- `q-cn-]-£w \\Â-In D-a hp-am-bm-Wv tIm-tf-Pv hn-«-Xv. I-b-dn-b-Xv. Cu Iq-Sn-¡m-gv- ¡-c-bn a-dp-]-Sn \\Â-In-¡-gn- sI.F-kv.bp. hn-sâ k-Po-h N-bpw Xp-SÀ-¶p-Å kw-L- a-Õ-cn-¡m-\\n- ªp. ]n.Sn.bp-sS {]-hÀ-¯-I-bm-bn-cp-¶ A-hÀ S-\\m {]-hÀ-¯-\\-§-fn-se d-§n-b-t¸m- A-Xn-\\n-S-bn tIm-tf-Pv bq- I-ïp-ap-«-ep-I-fpw ]n-¶o-Sv gpw H-cp ] \\n-e-]m-Sp-IÄ-¡v Wn-b³ Iu¬-kn-eÀ, tIm- {]-W-b-am-bn h-f-cp-I-bm-bn- p-Xp-ap-J-¯n- ]p-Xn-b I-cp-¯v tf-Pv ssh-kv sN-bÀ t]- cp-¶p. _n-cp-Zw I-gn-ªv cm- sâ Om-b-bm- \\Â-Im-\\pw D-a- gv-k¬ F-¶o \\n-e-I-fn-epw P-Kn-cn tIm-tf-Pn Fw.F- bn-cp-¶n-à D-a hn-P-bn-¨v ap-t¶-dn-bn-cp-¶p. kv.U-»yp-hn-\\v ]Tn-¡p-¶ tXm-a-kn-tâ-Xv. sb-¶ s]m-Xp-{]- D-a {]-hÀ- Im-e-¯m-Wv {]-W-b-¯n-\\v ]-g-¡-ap-Å s] hÀ-¯-I-bp-sS ¯n-¡p-t¼mÄ ]n.Sn. tXm-a-kv D-a-bp-sS ho-«nÂ-\\n-¶v F-XnÀ- m-Xp-{]-hÀ-¯-I-sb- I-cp-¯v Im-Wn- kw-Øm-\\ {]-kn-Uâm-bn-cp- ¸p-IÄ D-bÀ-¶-Xv. a-X-¯n-sâ t¸m-se-bm-Wv A-hÀ ¡p-hm-\\pw C-\\n A-hÀ \\n-b-a-k- Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn \\-S-¶-Xv `-c-W-¯n-sâ `-bn-te-¡v. hn-e-bn-cp-¯Â; sI kp-[m-I-c³ _n-sP-]n-bp-sS X-{´-§Ä Nn-e-hm-bn-Ã; Xr-¡m-¡-c-bn \\-S-¶-Xv `-c-W-¯n-sâ hn-e-bn- P-\\-t{Zm-l-¯n-s\\-Xn-sc P-\\w thm-«v sIm-ïv cp-¯Â X-s¶-sb-¶v sI kp-[m-I-c³ Fw-]n. {]-Xn-I-cn-¨p. D-am tXm-a-kn-s\\ hn-P-bn-¸n-¨ Xr- thm-«v hn-ln-Xw hym-P-{]-Nm-c-W-§-fpw \\p-W-¡-Y-t¡m-«-I-fpw ¡m-¡-c-bn-se thm-«À-amÀ-¡v tIm¬-{K-kn-sâ ho-ïpw Ip-d-ªp! sIm-ïv P-bn-¡m-sa-¶p-Å ]n-W-dm-bn hn-P-b- t]-cn \\-µn A-dn-bn-¡p-¶-Xm-bpw sI-]n-kn- sâ hym-tam-lw s]m-en-ªp. kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ kn {]-kn-Uâ v t^-kv-_p-¡n Ip-dn-¨p. sI-]n-kn-kn {]-kn-Uân-sâ t^-kv-_p-¡v t]m-Ìv hym-P {]-Nm-c-W-§-fpw \\p-W-¡-Y-tIm-«-I-fpw apX- nÀ¶- t\\X- m¡- Ä apX-  Xmt- gX- «- ns- e AW- n- sIm-¨n: C-¯-h-W F {In-kv-Xy³ \\yq-\\-]-£- sIm-ïv C-¯-h-W-bpw hn-P-bn-¡m-sa-¶v ]n-W- IÄ h-sc H-¶n-s¨m-¶m-bn \\n-¶v s]m-cp-Xn.`-c- F³ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W-s\\ §-fp-sS thm-«v `n-¶n-¸n- dmb- n hnP- b- ³ hymt- aml- n¨- p. sI- db- n Ipä- nb- - W]- £- w ]d- ª- X- v R§- Ä Bh- À¯- n¡- p¶- p. 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Xy³ \\yq-\\-]-£-§-fp-sS C-cp-ap-¶-Wn-I-sf-bpw thm-«v `n-¶n-¸n-¡m-\\p-Å sR-«n-¨v 2016 \\n-b-a-k-`m {i-a-am-Wv _n-sP-]n-bp-sS sX-c-sª-Sp-¸n ]-Xn- `m-K-¯v \\n-¶p-ïm-b-Xv. \\-©v i-X-am-\\-t¯m-fw ]n kn tPmÀ-Pn-sâ hn-tZz- thm-«v t\\-Sn-b F³-Un-F- j-{]-kw-K-¯n-\\v ti-j- bp-sS thm-«v i-X-am-\\w ap-ïm-b A-d-Ìv X-s¶- C-¯-h-W ]-¯v i-X-am- bm-Wv _n-sP-]n {]-[m-\\ \\-¯n-epw Xm-sg-bm-Wv. {]-Nm-c-W-hn-j-b-am-¡n- F F³ cm-[m-Ir-jv-W-\\v b-Xv. ]q-ªm-dn tXm-ä 12955 thm-«p-I-fm-Wv In- ti-jw Xo-{h kw-L-]-cn- «n-b-Xv. A-Xm-b-Xv 9.57% hmÀ \\n-e-]m-Sp-IÄ kzo- thm-«p-IÄ am-{Xw. tem-Iv- I-cn-¡p-¶ ]n kn tPmÀ-Pv k-`m sX-c-sª-Sp-¸n I-Sp-¯ ap-Énw hn-cp-²-{]- F-d-Wm-Ip-fw a-Þ-e- kw-Kw \\-S-¯n-b-Xpw ¯n 2014- ]-{´-ïv P-bn-enÂ-t¸m-b-Xp-am-bn- i-X-am-\\-t¯m-fw thm-«v cp-¶p _n-sP-]n ap-t¶m-«v t\\-Sn-b H-cp N-cn-{Xw Iq-Sn h-¨ {]-[m-\\-{]-Nm-c-W-hn- h-¨m-Wv ap-XnÀ-¶ t\\-Xm- j-bw. 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13 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 ad page {]-Xn-bm-b ]n-Xm-hn-s\\ t]m-eo-kv ]n-Sn-Iq-Sn-bn-sÃ-¶ ]-cm-Xn-bp-am-bn s]¬-Ip-«n I-®qÀ: t]m-Iv-tkm tI-kv tamÄ Xm-sg In-S-¡-W-sa-¶m- F¶- m ]nX- mh- ns- \\X- nt- c tI- ഹാ​ർദ്ദിക് പ​ ട​്ടേ​ൽ​ബി.ജ​ െ.​പി​യിൽ c-Pn-ÌÀ sN-bv-Xv aq-¶p-hÀ- Wv D-½ ]-d-bm-dv. ]-t£, B skS- ps- ¯¦- ne- pw {]X- ns- b jw I-gn-ªn-«pw {]-Xn-bm-b sN-dn-b {]m-b-¯n F-\\n- ]n-Sn-Iq-Sm³ am-{Xw t]m-eo-kn- ന്യൂഡ​ ൽ​ ​ഹി:​​ഗ​ു​ജ​റാ​ത്ത​ന് ി​യമ​ ​സഭ​ ാ​ത​ ി​ര​ഞ്ഞെട​ു​പ്പി​ന്മ​ ാസ​ ങ​്ങൾ​ ​ ]n-Xm-hn-s\\ t]m-eo-kv ]n-Sn- ¡v C-sXm-¶pw ]p-d-¯p-]-d- \\v I-gn-ªn-«n-Ã. {]-Xn-sb Im- ശേ​ഷിക​്കെ​ക​ �ോ​ൺ​ഗ്ര​സ് ​വിട​്ട​​ഹാർ​ ​ദ്ദി​ക് ​പ​ട്ടേൽ​ ​ബ​ ി.ജ​ െ.പ​ ിയ​ ി​ Iq-Sn-bn-sÃ-¶ ]-cm-Xn-bp-am- bm³ A-dn-bp-am-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. Wm-\\n-sÃ-¶pw tIm-S-Xn-sb ൽ​​ചേ​ർന​്നു.​​ഇന​്നല​ െ​ഗ​ ാന​ ്ധി​ന​ ​ഗറ​ ില​ െ​​ബി.ജ​ െ.​പി​​ഓഫ​ ീ​സി​ bn s]¬-Ip-«n. Im-kÀ-tIm-Sv A-Xp-sIm-ïm-Wv A-¶v {]-Xn- ka- o- ൽ​​ന​ട​ന്ന​​ച​ട​ങ്ങി​ൽ​​സം​സ്ഥാ​ന​​ബി.​ജെ.​പി​​അ​ദ്ധ്യ​ക്ഷ​ൻ​​സി.​ N-t´-c t]m-eo-kv tÌ-j³ I-cn-¡m-Xn-cp-¶-Xv. ]n-¶o-Sv ]n¨- v hmd- â v ]pd- s- ¸S- ph- n¡- m\\- ആ​ർ.​​പ​ട്ടേ​ൽ​​കാ​വി​​ഷാ​ള​ണി​യി​ച്ച് ​സ്വീ​ക​രി​ച്ചു.​​എ​ന്നാ​ൽ,​​ച​ ]-cn-[n-bn 2019 \\-hw-_-dn ]-cm-Xn \\Â-In. a-Pn-kv-t{S-än-\\v p-Å \\-S-]-Sn-IÄ ]p-tcm-K-an-¡p- ട​ങ്ങി​ൽ​​സം​സ്ഥാ​ന​ത്തെ​​മു​തി​ർ​ന്ന​​നേ​താ​ക്ക​ൾ​​പ​ങ്കെ​ടു​ത്തി​ല്ല.​ c-Pn-ÌÀ sN-bv-X t]m-Iv-tkm sam-gn-sb-Ãmw \\Â-In. F-¶n- Ib- ms- W¶- pa- mW- v Nt- ´c- ഹാ​ർ​ദ്ദിക് ​പ​ട്ടേ​ൽ​​പാ​ർ​ട്ടി​യി​ൽ​​ചേ​രു​ന്ന​തി​ൽ​​വ​ലി​യ�ൊ​രു​​വി​ tI-kn-em-Wv {]-Xn-sb ]n-Sn- «pw A-hÀ tI-kv A-t\\z-jn- t]me- ok- ns- â {]X- nI- c- W- w. ഭാ​ഗം​​നേ​താ​ക്ക​ൾ​​അ​സം​തൃ​പ്ത​രാ​ണെ​ന്ന് ​സൂ​ച​ന​യു​ണ്.ട് പ്ര​ധാ​ന​ Iq-Sm-sX t]m-eo-kv H-fn-¨p-I- ¡p¶- nÃ- . A-tX-k-a-bw, {]-Xn-I-sf kw- മന​്ത്രി​ന​ ര​ േന​്ദ്ര​മ​ �ോ​ദിയ​ുട​ െ​​നേ​തൃത​ ്വത​ ്തിൽ​ ​ര​ ാ​ജ്യത​ ്തി​ന് വ​ േ​ണ്ടി​ fn-¡p-¶-Xv. tI-kv sIm-Sp-¡p-t¼mÄ D-¸ c-£n-¡m-\\m-Wv t]m-eo-kn-sâ ന​ട​ക്കു​ന്ന​​ബൃ​ഹ​ത്താ​യ​​പ്ര​വ​ർ​ത്ത​ന​ങ്ങ​ളി​ൽ​​താ​ൻ​​ഒ​രു​​ചെ​റി​ ]n-Xm-hv ssew-Kn-I-am-bn ] \\m-«n X-s¶-bp-ïm-bn-cp-¶p. {i-a-sa-¶v s]¬-Ip-«n-bp-sS am- യ​സ​ ൈന​ ി​കന​ ാ​യി​​പ്ര​വ​ർത​ ്തിക​്കു​മെ​ന്ന്​പ ാർ​ ​ട്ടി​യി​ൽ​ച​ േര​ുന​്ന​ o-Un-¸n-s¨-¶pw am-Xm-hv C-Xn- A-t\\z-j-Ww sa-sÃ-bm-b-tXm- Xrk- t- lmZ- c- nb- pw തി​ന് ​മുമ​ ്പ് ര​ ാ​വി​ലെ​​ട്വീ​റ്റ് ​ചെയ​്തു.​ \\v Iq-«p-\\n-s¶-¶pw B-tcm-] sS-bm-Wv D-¸ ap-§n-b-Xv. t] B-tcm-]n-¨p. \\n-e-hn C-h-cp- n-¨m-Wv s]¬-Ip-«n 2019þ me- ok- v Dc- pï- v If- n¡- pI- b- mW- v. sS kwc- £- W- b- ne- mW- v s]¬- ]-cm-Xn \\Â-In-b-Xv. t]m-eo- tI-kv sIm-Sp-¯-Xn-\\v D-½-bpw Ip-«n. A-t\\z-j-Ww F-´m-bn kv ]n-Xm-hn-s\\-Xn-tc t] am-\\-kn-I-am-bn X-fÀ-¯p-I- F-¶v tNm-Zn-¡p-t¼mÄ tI-kv m-Iv-tkm \\n-b-a-{]-Im-cw tI- bm-Wv. sd-k-vIyq tlm-an-em-Wv tI-kn-sâ h-gn-¡v t]m-I-s« sk-Sp-s¯-¦n-epw aq-¶p-hÀ- C-t¸mÄ I-gn-bp-¶-Xv. \\n-e- F-¶m-Wv t]m-eo-kn-sâ a-dp-]- j-am-bn-«pw {]-Xn-sb I-Ì- hn A-h-[n-¡m-e-am-b-Xn-\\ Sn. amX- mh- pw tIk- n {]X- nb- m- Un-bn-se-Sp-¡p-I t]m-epw m C-f-b-½-bp-sS ho-«n-em-Wv. sW-¶-dn-ªn-«pw A-hÀ H-cp sN-bv-Xn-«n-sÃ-¶m-Wv s]¬- sd-k-vIyq-tlm-an-epw h-en-b \\S- ]- S- n-bpw kzo-I-cn-¡p-¶n-Ã. Ip-«n-bp-sS ]-cm-Xn. ]o-U-\\-am-Wv. A-hn-sS \\nÂ- am-Xm-hn-sâ t^m-Wn-te-¡v ] \"H-ä-X-h-W am-{X-a-Ã, aq-¶mw- ¡m-\\pw I-gn-bn-Ã. s]¬-Ip-«n n-Xm-hv F-¶pw hn-fn-¡p-¶p-ïv. ¢m-kv sXm-«v B-dmw-¢m-kv ]d- ª- p. {]-Xn F-hn-sS-bm-sW-¶v am- h-sc ]-e-X-h-W D-¸ C-§-s\\ aq¶- mw¢- mk- n ]Tn¡- p¶- Im- Xm-hn-\\-dn-bm-sa-¶pw C-hÀ sN-bv-Xn-«p-ïv. A-{X-bpw-hÀ- ew apX-  aq¶- ph- Àj- t- ¯mf- w ]-d-ªp. c-ïv e-£w cq-] hm- j-§Ä cm-{Xn In-S-¡p-t¼mÄ ]nX- mh- v \\nc- ´- c- w ssewK- nI- ]- Kv-Zm-\\w sN-bv-Xv Ip-«n-bp-sS A-§-s\\ sN-bv-Xn-cp-¶p. cm- oU- \\- ¯- n\\- nc- b- m¡- ns- b¶- mb- n- am-Xm-hv tI-kv ]n³-h-en-¸n- {Xn D-¸m-sâ Iq-sS In-S-¡m- cp-¶p s]¬-Ip-«n-bp-sS ]-cm- ¡m³ \\o-¡w \\-S-¯n-b-Xm- Xn-cp-¶m {]-iv-\\-am-¡pw. Xn. amX- mh- v CX- n\\- v Iq«- p\\- ns- ¶- bpw C-hÀ B-tcm-]n-¡p-¶p- D-½-bpw {]-iv-\\-ap-ïm-¡pw. ¶pw ]c- mX- nb- ne- pï- mb- nc- p¶- p. ïv.

14 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 OBITUARY Km-b-I³ sI sI kn-]n-BÀ \\Â-In-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¦n th-Zn-bn sI sI-bp-sS Po-h³ c-£n-¡m³ Ip-g-ªp-ho-Wv a-cn-¨p I-gn-bp-am-cp-s\\-¶p t]m-Ìv-tamÀ-«w sN-bv-X tUm-ÎÀ apw-ss_: {]-ap- sImÂ-¡-¯: Km-b-I³ sI sI-bp-sS A-{]-Xo-£n-X hn-tbm- J Km-b-I³ sI K-¯n-sâ sR-«-en-em-Wv B-cm-[-I-cpw kw-Ko-X-tem-I-hpw. sI th-Zn-bn shÀ-tkm-h-bn-se iv-a-im-\\-¯n Km-b-I-sâ `u-Xn-I-i-co-cw Ip-g-ªp-ho-Wv kw-k-Iv- -cn-¨p. H-t«-d {]-ap-J-cm-Wv {]n-b-Km-b-I-\\v A-´n-tam-]- a-cn-¨p. sImÂ- Nm-cw AÀ-¸n-¡m-s\\-¯n-b-Xv.sImÂ-¡-¯-bn kw-Ko-X-]-cn-] ¡-¯-bn m-Sn A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨ ti-j-am-bn-cp-¶p sI sI-bp-sS A-´yw. \\-kv- ]-cn-]m-Sn A-h- -dp a-© Hm-Un-täm-dn-b-¯n-se ]-cn-]m-Sn-¡v ti-jw A-t±-lw A-¨m-½ am-Xyp tXm-a-kv ]-Wn-¡ÀUm-f-kv/ Xn-cp-h-\\-´-]p-cw: X-cn-¸n-¨p-sIm- ]-{Xn-bn Xm-a-kn-¨n-cp-¶ tlm-«-en-sâ tKm-h-Wn-¸-Sn-bn Ip-g-ªp-ho- ïn-cn-s¡-bm-Wv F-¯n-s¨-¦n- gp-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. sImÂ-¡-¯-bn-se kn-Fw-BÀ-sF B-ip-]- ^n-e-U-ev-^n-b: F-d-Wm-Ip-fw Ip-ï-d s\\-Sp-¼m-bn-¡p-fw a-c-Ww kw-`-hn- epw a-c-Ww {Xn-bn F-¯n-s¨-¦n-epw Po-h³ c-£n-¡m-\\m-bn-Ã.Km-b-I-sâ I-®-am-en tPm¬ am-Xyp- ]-b-äp-hn-f-bn tXm-a-kv ]-Wn- ¨-Xv. t_m-fn-hp- kw-`-hn-¨n-cp- c-à-[-a-\\n-I-fn h-en-b tXm-Xn-ep-Å t»m-¡v D-ïm-bn-cp-¶p- hn-sâ `m-cy A-¨m-½ am-Xyp ¡À (jm-Pn) A-´-cn-¨p. lr-Zv- Uv Km-b-I-\\pw ¶p. \\n-c-h-[n sh-¶pw C-Xv lr-Z-bm-Lm-X-¯n-te-¡v \\-bn-¨p-sh-¶p-am-Wv t] (sIm-¨p-tamÄ þ58) ^n-e-U- -tcm-K-s¯-¯p-SÀ-¶v C-¶v ] a-e-bm-fn-bp-am- `m-j-I-fn m-Ì-tv- amÀ-«w kw-L-¯n-ep-ïm-bn-cp-¶ H-cp tUm-ÎÀ ]-d-ª-Xv. ev-^n-b-bn \\n-cym-X-bm-bn. p-eÀ-s¨ Xn-cp-h-\\-´-]p-c-¯p Wv Ir-jv-W Ip- ]m-Sn-b cm- Ip-g-ªp-ho-W k-a-b-¯v X-s¶ kn-]n-BÀ \\Â-In-bn-cp-¶p-sh- ]m-ï-¦-cn sN-¯n-]p-c-¡Â sh-¨m-bn-cp-¶p a-c-Ww. amÀ Ip-¶-¯v. Py-s¯ G-ä- ¦n sI sI-bp-sS Po-h³ c-£n-¡m³ km-[n-¡p-am-bn-cp-¶p-sh- X-¿n ]-tc-X-cm-b ]n.sF. Um-f-kn \\n-¶pw c-ïm- sImÂ-¡-¯ hpw {]-ap-J ¶v tUm-ÎÀ ]-d-ª-Xm-bn ]n-Sn-sF dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN-¿p-¶p.X-e- tP-¡-_n-sâ-bpw G-en-bm-½- gv-N ap³-]v \\m-«n A-h-[n-¡v \\-k-dpÄ a-©n Km-b-I-cn t¨m-dn-te-¡p-Å Hm-I-vkn-P³ \\n-e-bv-¡m-Xn-cn-¡m³ s\\-©n bp-sS-bpw B-dm-a-s¯ ]p-{Xn- F-¯n-b-Xm-bn-cp-¶p jm-Pn- H-cp tIm-tf- H-cm-fm-Wv sI- i-à-am-bn A-aÀ-¯n-bpw izm-kw \\Â-In-bpw (ImÀ-Un-tbm ] bm-Wv-a-¡Ä: k-Pn-\\ km-ap- bpw Ip-Spw-_-hpw. skâ v ta- Pn ]-cn-]m-Sn sI. Ä-a-\\-dn sd-k-kn-tä-j³- kn-]n-BÀ) ip-{iq-jn-¡m³ I-gn-ªn- hÂ, bp.F-kv , kmw am-Xyp, cn-kv Pm-t¡m-ss_-äv NÀ-¨v A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨p sI-sI-bp- cp-s¶-¦n A-t±-l-¯n-sâ Po-h³ c-£n-¡m-am-bn-cp-¶p-sh- A-bÀ-e³-Uv. a-cp-a-¡Ä: tdm- (I-tcmÄ-S¬) sa-¼-dm-Wv. sIm-ïn-cn-s¡ sS \\n-cym- ¶p-am-Wv tUm-ÎÀ ]-d-ª-Xv.''lr-Z-b-¯n-te-¡v c-àw h-ln- Pn-jv km-ap-hÂ, _n³-kn a-¡Ä: \\o-\\-þ-tk-_v ap-tïm- Ip-g-ªp ho-gp- W-¯n ¡p-¶ [-a-\\n-bn-epw a-äp [-a-\\n-I-fn-epw X-S-Ê-§-fp-ïm-bn-cp-¶p. kmw.sIm-¨p-a-¡Ä; d-bv-\\, I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. {]-[m-\\-a-{´n kw-Ko-X-th-Zn-bn A-t±-lw h-f-sc B-th-i-t¯m-sS-bm-bn-cp- d-b³ k-tlm-Z-cÀ: Ip-ªp-a-dn- D-S-s\\ sImÂ- \\-tc-{µ-tam-Zn ¶p {]-Xy-£-s¸-«-Xv. ]m-Sp-¶-Xn-t\\m-sSm-¸w \\r-¯w sN-bv-Xp. bm-½, tUm-fn, t_-_n , tPmÀ- ¡-¯ kn-Fw- A-\\p-tim-N- C-sX-Ãmw c-à-tbm-«w X-S-Ê-s¸-Sp-¶-Xn-te-¡-v-\\-bn-¨n-cn-¡mw. Pv-Ip-«n, eo-\\, ]-tc-X-bm-b BÀ-sF B-ip- \\w A-dn-bn-¨p. X-¡-k-a-b-¯v kn-]n-BÀ \\Â-In-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¦n sI sI-bp- sse-k-½. sS Po-h³ c-£n-¡m-am-bn-cp-¶p''þ tUm-ÎÀ ]-d-ª{X-a-Ã, s]m-Xp-ZÀ-i-\\w: Pq¬ 2 hym- en, \\n-Yn³ ]-Wn-¡À, \\n-Jn പ​രപ​ ്പു​മ്മൽ​ ​ sI sI h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw Bâm-kn-Uv a-cp-¶p-IÄ I-gn-¨n-cp-¶- gw ssh-In-«v 6 ap-X 8:30 ]-Wn-¡À. kw-k-vIm-cw ]n-¶o- ​കുഞ​ ്ഞബ​ ്ദു​ള്ള Xm-bpw t]m-Ìv-tamÀ-«-¯n I-sï-¯n-bn-«p-ïv. A-kn-Un-än h-sc: A-k³-j³ amÀ-t¯m- Sv . \\n-b-{´n-¡m-\\pw s\\-s©-cn-¨n Ip-d-bv-¡m-\\pw s]m-Xp-sh ½m NÀ-¨v, 10197 t\\mÀ-¯v Cu- Iq-Sp-X hn-h-c-§Ä-¡v: cm- കു​റ്റ്യാ​ടി​:​​​ജി​ല്ലയ​ ി​ലെ​മ​ു​തി​ർന​്ന​ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶ a-cp-¶m-Wn-Xv. sI sI-bp-sS a-c-W-¯n-\\p ] Ìv A-h-\\yp, ^n-e-Z-ev-^n-b, ] P³ sF-k-Iv - 214 793 6450 ക�ോ​ൺഗ​്ര​സ് ​നേത​ ാ​വും​​ജില​്ലാ​ n-¶m-se A-t±-lw Xm-a-kn-¨n-cp-¶ tlm-«Â ap-dn-bn \\-S-¯n-b n.F. 19116 ക�ോ​ൺ​ഗ്ര​സ് ​ക​മ്മി​റ്റി​​അം​ഗ​ ]-cn-tim-[-\\-bn Bâm-kn-Up-IÄ s]m-eo-kv I-sï-Sp-¡p-I- kw-k-vIm-c ip-{iq-j: Pq¬ 8, വു​മായ​ ി​രുന​്ന​ക​ ാ​യ​ക്കൊ​ടി​​പ​ bpw sN-bv-Xp.sImÂ-¡-¯-bn-se kw-Ko-X ]-cn-]m-Sn-bn ]-s¦- D-¨-¡v 3 a-Wn: G-d-t¯m-Sv ho- ര​പ്പു​മ്മ​ൽ​​കു​ഞ്ഞ​ബ്ദു​ള്ള​​മാ​സ്റ്റ​ Sp-¯-t¸m-gp-ïm-b _m-ly-k-½À-±-§Ä sI sI-bv-¡v lr-Z-bm- b-]p-cw skâ v tPmÀ-Pv HmÀ- ർ​​(88​)​​നി​ര്യാ​ത​നാ​യി.​​ഭാ​ര്യ​:​ Lm-X-ap-ïm-Im³ Im-c-W-am-bn-cn-¡m-sa-¶pw tUm-ÎÀ A-`n-{] ¯-tUm-I-vkv NÀ-¨v, ]-¯-\\w- tZ-hv ta-te-¸p-c തൂവ​്വേ​ന്റവ​ ി​ട​​ബീവ​ ി​​(​ഊര​ ത​ ്ത​് m-b-s¸-«p. kw-Ko-X-\\n-i \\-S-¶ \\-k-dp a-© tÌ-Un-b-¯n Xn-« കു​റ്റ്യാ​ടി​).​​മ​ക്ക​ൾ​:​​ജ​മീ​ല,​​സു​ F-bÀ I-ïo-j-\\À th-ï-t]m-se {]-hÀ-¯n-¨n-cp-¶n-sÃ-¶pw \\yq-tbmÀ-¡v: Iyp³-kv ^v-tfm- ലൈ​ഖ,​ഹ​ ാജ​ ​റ,​​സാജ​ ി​ദ് ​(​ഷാ​ I-Sp-¯ Nq-Sn H-cp a-Wn-¡q-dn-e-[n-Iw ]m-Sn-b ti-jw Km-b-I³ d ]mÀ-¡n Xm-a-kn-¡p-¶ ർ​ജ​​ഇ​ല​ക്ട്രി​സി​റ്റി​),​​സാ​ബി​റ.​ a-S-§p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¶pw Zr-I-vkm-£n-IÄ ]-d-ªp. kp-tc-{µ³ ta-te-¸p-c-bp-sS- മ​രു​മ​ക്ക​ൾ​:​​ക​ള​ത്തി​ൽ​​അ​ബ്ദു​ bpw iym-a-f ta-te-¸p-c-bp-sS- ൽ​​ഹ​മീദ​ ് (​വാ​ണിമ​ േ​ൽ)​,​എ​ ട​്ടു​ bpw ]p-{X³ tZ-hv ta-te-¸p-c തെ​ങ്ങി​ൽ​​മു​ഹ​മ്മ​ദ് ​ക�ോ​യ​​(​ (42) \\n-cym-X-\\m-bn. kw-kv-¡m- വെള​്ളിയ​ൂ​ർ)​​ക​ �ൊള​ ​ക്കണ​്ടത​ ്തി​ cw ]n-¶o-Sv . G-I k-tlm-Z-c³ ൽ​​ബഷ​ ീ​ർ​(​പ​ ാ​റ​ക്കട​​വ,് ​പ​ ാൻ​ ​ tUm . s^-_n ta-te-¸p-c . ഗ​ൾ​ഫ് ​ഫ​ർ​ണി​ച്ച​ർ​​ദു​ബ​യ് ​),​ ഒ​തി​യ�ോ​ത്ത്ച​ ​ക്കര​ ​​അബ​്ദുൽ​ ​ ഗഫ​ ൂ​ർ​(​​കുറ​്റ്യാ​ടി. A-Sp-¯-Xv D-]-ap-Jy-a-{´n-sb, R-§-sf H-cp-an-¨v hn-hn-[ X-t±-i kz-bw-`-c-W P-bn-en-e-S-¡q'; tam-Zn-tbm-Sv Øm-]-\\-§-fn BÀ-¯n A-`yÀ-°-\\-bp-am-bn sI-Pv-cn-hmÄ ]-ïm-c-§Ä: ap-Jy-a-{´n \\yq-UÂ-ln: D-]-ap-Jy-a-{´n C-t¸mÄ Xn-cp-h-\\-´-]p-cw: X-t±-i- fp-sS A-h-Im-i-am-sW-¶v I-cp- a-\\o-jv kn-tkm-Zn-b-sb-bm- A-h-sc Øm-]-\\-§-fn-se A-gn-a-Xn- Xp-¶p. Wv A-Sp-¯-Xm-bn A-d-Ìv sN- A-gn-a-Xn- s¡-Xn-sc I-Sp-¯ \\n-e-]m-Sp- X-t±-i kz-bw-`-c-W Øm-]- ¿m³ tI-{µ kÀ-¡mÀ D-t±- ¡m-sc-¶m- am-bn ap-Jy-a-{´n ]n-W-dm-bn \\-§-fn-se {]-Xn-\\n-[n-IÄ in-¡p-¶-sX-¶v UÂ-ln Wv hn-fn- hn-P-b³ cw-K-¯v. C-¡m-cy-¯n C-S-s]-S-Ww. ap-Jy-a-{´n A-c-hn-µv sI-P-cv- n- ¡p-¶-Xv. kw-Øm-\\-s¯ hn-hn-[ kÀ-¡mÀ C-¡m-cy-§Ä Ku-c- hmÄ. X-sâ k-l-{]-hÀ-¯- k-tXy-µÀ X-t±-i kz-bw-`-c-W Øm-]-\\- h-am-bn F-Sp-¡pw. H-cp X-c-¯n- I-s\\ I-Å-t¡-kn Ip-Sp- sP-bn-\\n-\\ §-fn BÀ-¯n ]-ïm-c-§Ä ep-Å A-gn-a-Xn-bpw kÀ-¡mÀ ¡m-\\m-Wv tI-{µ kÀ-¡mÀ pw kn-tkm- D-sï-¶v ap-Jy-a-{´n Ip-ä-s¸- t{]m-Õm-ln-¸n-¡n-sÃ-¶pw ap- X-¿m-sd-Sp-¡p-¶-Xv. Zn-b-bv-¡pw Sp-¯n. Nn-eÀ A-gn-a-Xn X-§- Jy-a-{´n hy-à-am-¡n. a-\\o-jv kn-tkm-Zn-b-sb A-gn- A-gn-a-Xn a-Xn-t¡-kn A-d-Ìv sN- \\-S-¯m³ tI-c-f-¯n ]u-c-Xz \\n-b-a-t`-K-Xn ¿m³ tI-{µ-kÀ-¡mÀ H-cp- I-gn-bp-tam- \\-S-¸m-¡n-sÃ-¶v B-hÀ-¯n-¨v §p-¶-Xm-bn X-\\n-¡v hn-h-cw sb-¶pw ap-Jy-a-{´n ]n-W-dm-bn hn-P-b³ e-`n-¨p-sh-¶pw UÂ-ln ap- A-t±-lw Jy-a-{´n ho-Un-tbm k-tµ-i- k-tXy-µÀ sP-bn-s\\ F³- tNmZ- n¨- p.I- Xn-cp-h-\\-´-]p-cw: tI- C-hn-sS A-[n-Im-c-an-Ã. ¯n-eq-sS A-dn-bn-¨p.X-sâ t^m-g-vk-vsaâ v U-b-d-Î-td-äv Å-¸-Ww c-f-¯n ]u-c-Xz A-¯-c-sam-cp {]-iv- k-l-{]-hÀ-¯-I-sc F-Ãm-h- A-d-Ìv sN-¿p-sa-¶v A-t±-l- sh-fp-¸n- \\n-b-a-t`-K-Xn \\-S-¸m- \\w h-cp-t¼mÄ sc-bpw H-cp-an-¨v P-bn-en A-S- hp-am-bn A-Sp-¯ hr-¯-§Ä ¨p-sh-¶ ¡n-sÃ-¶v B-hÀ- `-c-W-L-S-\\-bm-Wv bv-¡-W-sa-¶v {]-[m-\\-a-{´n X-t¶m-Sv ]-d-ª-Xm-bn ]-©m- tI-kn ¯n-¨v ap-Jy-a-{´n ] D-bÀ-¶v \\nÂ-¡p-I. \\-tc-{µ tam-Zn-tbm-Sv A-`yÀ- _v sX-c-sª-Sp-¸n-\\v ap-¼v UÂ-ln B-tcm-Ky-a-{´n n-W-dm-bn hn-P-b³. 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16 ISSUE -80 june 04 -2022 വിവിധം 3BHK fully furnished flat, 4th floor in വർ​ ​ക്്ക ഫ​്രം​​ഹ�ോം അവ​ ​സാന​ ി​പ്പിച​്ചെ​ന്്ന Manikunnam, Kottayam Muncipality ഇ​ല�ോ​ൺ​മ​ ​സ്ക് with all amenities. Please contact more ന്യൂ​യ�ോ​ർ​ക്ക് ​:​​ടെ​സ​്‌ല​​ക​മ്പ​നി​ ഉ​ദ്യോഗ​ സ​ ്ഥ​ർ​വ​ ർ​ ക​ ്ക്ഫ​ ്രം​​ഹ�ോം​ information Mr. P.S Reji Tel. അ​വ​സാ​നി​പ്പി​ച്ച് ​ഓ​ഫീ​സു​ക​ളി​ ലേ​ക്ക്ത​ ി​രി​കെയ​ െ​ത്താൻ​ ​ആ​ വ​ ​ 91 8848007323(India). Babu ശ്യ​പ്പെ​ട്ട് ​സ്ഥാ​പ​ക​ൻ​​ഇ​ല�ോ​ൺ​ മ​സ​്‌ക.് ​​തി​രി​ച്ചെ​ത്താ​നാ​യി​ല്ലെ​ Chacko +1 7135578271(USA) ങ്കി​ൽ​​ജ�ോ​ലി​​അ​വ​സാ​നി​പ്പി​ക്ക​ ണ​മെ​ന്നും​ജ​ ീ​വന​ ക​ ്കാർ​ ​ക്ക്​അ ​യ​ ച്ച​​മെ​യി​ലിൽ​ ​​പ​റയ​ു​ന്നു.​​രഹ​ സ​ ്യ​ സ്വ​ഭാ​വ​മു​ള്ള​​ഇ​​മെ​യി​ൽ​​ഇ​ന്റ​ർ​ നെ​റ്റി​ൽ​​ച�ോ​രു​ക​യാ​യി​രു​ന്നു.​ ടെ​സ​ല്‌ ​യി​ൽ​​ആ​ഴ്ച​യിൽ​ ​​കു​റ​ഞ്ഞ​ ത് 40​​മ​ണി​ക്കൂ​റാ​ണ് ​ഓ​ഫീ​സി​ ലെ​ത്തി​​ജ�ോ​ലി​​ചെ​യ്യാ​ൻ​​നി​ഷ്ക​ ർഷ​ ിച​്ചി​ട്ടുള​്ളത​ .് ​​ വി​ഷ​യ​ത്തി​ ൽ​ട​ െസ​‌ ല​്‌ ​​പ്ര​തി​ക​രിച​്ചി​ട്ടില​്ല.ക�ൊ​ വിഡ​ ് ഭ​ ീ​ഷ​ണി​​തു​ടര​ുന​്നു​ണ്ടെ​ങ്കി​ ലും​ത​ ീ​വ്രത​ ​​കുറ​ ഞ​ ്ഞ​പ​ ശ​ ്ചാ​ത്ത​ല​ ത്തില​ ാണ​ ് മ​ ​സ്കിന​്റെ​ന​ ിർ​ ദ​്ദേ​ശം. ഇന​ ്ത്യ​ൻ​സ​ ംഘ​ ം അ​ഫ്ഗാന​ ിൽ കാ​ബൂ​ൾ​:​​ക​ഴി​ഞ്ഞ​​വ​ർ​ഷം​​താ​ ലി​ബാ​ൻ​​ഭ​ര​ണ​കൂ​ടം​​അ​ധി​കാ​ര​ ത്തി​ലേ​റി​യ​​ശേ​ഷം​​ഇ​താ​ദ്യ​മാ​ യി​അ​ ​ഫഗ് ാന​ ിസ​ ്ഥാൻ​ ​​സ​ന്ദ​ർ​ശി​ ച്ച്ഇ​ ​ന്ത്യൻ​ ​​പ്രത​ ിന​ ിധ​ ി​സ​ ം​ഘം.​ വിദ​ േ​ശ​കാര​ ്യ​മന​്ത്രാല​ യ​ ​​സം​ഘം​ ഉ​ന്ന​ത​​താ​ലി​ബാ​ൻ​​പ്ര​തി​നി​ധി​ ക​ളുമ​ ാ​യി​​ച​ർ​ച്ച​ന​ ​ടത​ ്തും. ln-Pm-_v hn-hm-Zw ho-ïpw; A-]qÀ-h tcm-Kw: 35 e-£-t¯m-fw cq-] sN-e-hv; c-ïp h-b-Êp-Im-c³ IÀ-Wm-S-I-¯n 6 tIm-tf-Pv Nn-In-Õm k-lm-bw tX-Sp-¶p hn-ZymÀ-°n-\\n-I-sf k-kv-s]³-Uv sN-bv-Xp aw-K-em-]p-cw: Z-£n-W I-¶-U- Xr-iqÀ : \\yp-t{Sm-]o- bn ln-Pm-_v [-cn-¨v tIm-tf- \\n-b F-¶ A-]qÀ-h Pn-se-¯n-b 6 hn-ZymÀ-°n-\\n- tcm-Kw _m-[n-¨v c-ïp I-sf k-kv-s]³-Uv sN-bv-Xp. h-b-Êp-Im-c³ Nn-In- D-¸n-\\-§m-Sn ^-Ìv t{K-Uv tIm- Õm k-lm-bw tX- tf-Pm-Wv \\-S-]-Sn F-Sp-¯-Xv. 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