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Body System Flipbook - Samay Rathod

Published by samay.rathod.451, 2020-09-19 17:17:38

Description: 4B - Pickett

Informational and somewhat comical


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Body System Flipbook Samay Rathod 4B/Pickett

- Integumentary System Terms +Function - Acts as a barrier between the outside and inside of the body. +derm/o - skin +kerat/o- hard +Vocab - Abscess(collection of +xero/o-dry pbums),pCellulitis(bacterial skin infection), Papule(tender +xanth/o- yellow On skin), Hematoma(bleeding underneath skin), Keloid( +erythr/o-red Raised scar), Papilloma(benign epithelial tumor), +pedicu/o- fingernail Pustule(pimple/raised area of skin filled with pus), +onych/o- nail Vesicle(fluid filled blister)Skin fissure(splits in skin), +myc/o - fungus Skin ulcer(open sore on skin) +pil/o - hair +lip/o- fatty +Diseases - melanoma(cancer in melanocytes), eczema( +rhytid/o-wrinkle Itchy inflammation of skin), hives(pale bumps on skin), +albin/o- white Rosacea(skin condition that includes redness/swelling) +Careers - Esthetician(specialist in beautification of skin), Dermatology(specialist of skin in general)

-Musculoskeletal System -my/o - muscle -Diseases/Disorders -myel/o - bone + Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Nerve pinch in wrist -oste/o - bone + Plantar Fasciitis - Swelling of the planar -cost/o - ribs + Ligament Sprain - excessive stretch of the ligament -crani/o - cranium + Tendon Sprain - excessive stretch of a tendon -pexy - surgical fixation -chondr/o - cartilage -Healthcare Jobs -arthr/o - joint + Orthopaedics - Directly works with bones -plegia - paralysis/stroke + Radiologist - uses X Rays and etc to diagnose -kinesi/o - movement +Function - Allows for movement of the body and holds the skeleton together +Vocab - cartilage(connective tissue), calcium(mineral constitutes), disc(platelike structure), ribs(curved bones), sinus(air - cavity), bone(composes the skeletal system), collagen (dense, connective tissue), facial bones(bones of face), osseous tissue(bone tissue), bone marrow(center of bone)

- Nervous System Diseases/Disorder- Alzheimer's Disease - affects brain function and memory -neur/o - brain Bell’s Palsy - Sudden weakness of paralysis -encephal/o - head Epilepsy - Disease characterized by seizures and photosensitivity - myel/o - bone Huntington’s Disease - disease that breaks down brain over time -ambul/o - walking -esthesia - sensation Jobs- - mening/o - meninges Neurosurgeon - Surgeon of the brain -psych/o - mind Neurobiologist - Studies biology of nervous system -concuss/o - shaken together -Function - To provide sensation and send signals throughout the body to indicate pain. <- Get it? -Vocab - neurons(transmit electrical signals), axon(end of neuron), dendrites(conducts messaging to Cuz other cells), myelin(surrounds axons), stimuli(changes within and outside body),Neurotransmitter NERVOUS (chemicals released to stimulate other neurons), Synapse(space between two neurons), Cerebrum System (Higher level brain functions), Hypothalamus(maintains homeostasis), interneuron(internal circuits)

-Special Sense -irid/o - iris -cusis - hearing -opia - defects in vision -ot/o - ear tympan/o - eardrum ophthalm/o - eye -metry - measurement +Function - To allow you to hear, smell, tase, see, and feel things/Similar to nervous system. +Vocab - Tympanic Membrane(eardrum), Ossicles(3 bones that enhance sound), Pinna(outer ear) , Apex(top of tongue)epiglottis (flap of roof of tongue), cochlea(turns sound to signals), Vestibule(hold labrynth) , perilymph(fluid between labyrinth and bone), round window(opening in ear), ampullae(cavity of ear) +Diseases/Disorders - osteosclerosis(middle ear disease that impacts hearing), Meniere’s Disease(causes Severe vertigo), Anosmia(loss of sense of smell), Ageusia(loss of taste) +Professions - Otolaryngologist(ear,nose, and throat specialist), Optometrists(doctor speciaizes in the eyes and sight))

The Cardiovascular System cardi/o - heart angi/o - vessel <- hem/o - blood CARDIOvascular Brady - slow System :() Tachy - fast Thromb/o - blood clot -emia - blood leuk/o - white erythr/o - red arteri/o - artery +Function - To carry oxygen to the rest of the body by circulating blood from the lungs +Vocab - aorta(largest artery in body), arteriole(small artery), artery(largest type of blood vessel), atrium(one of the 2 upper chambers), diastole(relaxation phase of heartbeat), mitral valve(valve On left side), myocardium(middle layer of heart), oxygen(the gas that circulates the body), peri- cardium(double-layered membrane surrounding heart), pulse(beat of the heart that is felt) +Diseases/Disorder - Cerebrovascular Disease(blood vessels supplying brain), Cardiac Arrest(loss of heart function), Arrhythmia(improper heartbeat), Stroke(interruption of blood supply) +Careers - Cardiovascular Surgeon(surgeon of system), Cardiologist(diagnoses conditions)

Respiratory System bronch/o - trachea cyan/o - blue laryng/o - larynx -oxia - oxygen Oxy- sharp pleur/o - side pneum/o - air pulmon/o - lung thorac/o - chest trache/o - trachea +Function : To take in oxygen and distribute it to the body as well as to expel carbon dioxide +Vocab : mucus(secretion of mucous membrane), pharynx(throat), trachea(windpipe), bronchi(larger branches of lungs), alveoli(cluster of air sacks), diaphragm(muscle that helps breathing), pleura(double folded membrane of lung), inspiration(breathing in), expiration(breathing out), dyspnea(pain of breathing) +Jobs: respiratory therapist(treats people with acute critical conditions relating to the respiratory system), cardiothoracic sugeon (surgeon of lungs and heart)

Digestive System cholecyst/o - gallbladder enter/o - intestine col/o - colon hepat/o - liver gastr/o - stomach or/o - mouth -pepsia - digestion chol/e - bile proct/o - anus +Function - To allow food to be digested and to take the nutrients from the food and use it for energy within the body +Vocab: Saliva(liquid released to aid digestion), Mouth(orifice which food is consumed), Amylase(enzyme that breaks down starches), Bolus (chewed Mass of food),Peristalsis(natural waves of movement that pushes food through system), Stomach(muscular organ that houses acid), Mucus(fluid that Lines walls of stomach), Chyme(mixture of stomach fluid and food), Bile(dissolves and disperses fats), Appendix(part of intestine has no use) +Diseases and Disorders: IBS(mixture of symptoms), Crohn’s(inflammation in digestive tract), Celiac Disease(damages small intestine), Diarrhea(loose/watery stool) +Professions : Gastroenterologists(diseases and conditions of system), Oncologist(can diagnose cancer in the digestive tract)

Urinary System -cele - swelling -lysis - break down cyst/o - relating to bladder nephr/o - kidney ren/o - renal -uria - relating to urine -pexy - fixation -ectasis - dilation pyel/o - renal pelvis +Function - To filter out waste from fluids and to remove waste +Vocab : renal cortex(cortex of kidney containing tubules), renal medulla(inner portion of kidney), apex(highest point), renal vein(vein accompany renal arteries), nephron(mini filtration tubules), filtration(filter out waste), uric acid(product of protein metabolism), urea(waste product of liver), ureter(carry urine from kidney to bladder), urethra(takes urine to be discharged) +Diseases and Disorders: Kidney Stones(crystallized acid), Urinary Incontinence(loss of bladder control), Hematuria(blood urine), Interstitial Cystitis(bladder pain) +Professions : Urologist(specialist of urinary tract), Nephrologist(specialize in kidneys)

Reproductive System cervic/o-neck of uterus salping/o - tube ov/o - egg/ovum orchid/o - testicle oophor/o - ovary men/o - month mamm/o - breasts ^ gynec/o - female | colp/o - vagina That is school appropriate prostat/o - prostate gland btw +Function : To produce sperm and eggs, To transport sperm to the egg, and to house developing offspring(Generate offspring) +Vocab : amenorrhea(suppression of normal menstrual flow), cervix(opening to uterus), fundus(farthest from opening of organ), gamete(cell involved In sexual reproduction), genital herpes(infection caused by herpes virus through sexual contact), mastectomy(surgical removal of breast), menarche(first Menstrual period), menopause(time in woman’s life where menstrual cycle ends), menstruation(shedding of uterine lining), ova(female reproductive cell) +Diseases and Disorders- Endometriosis(uterine tissue grows outside uterus), Fibroids(non-cancerous growths in uterus), Prostate cancer(cancer in Prostate gland), Prostatitis(swelling of prostate gland) s+yPsrtoefmessainodnsth-eGuyrnineacroylotgraisctt(ss)pecializes in female reproductive system), Urologist(the male equivalent of a gynecologist specializing in the male reproductive

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