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2014 Autumn Leader - Leveraging Leadership for Superior Results

Published by Communications, 2015-10-28 10:12:18

Description: Innovative strategies to be a leader in the safety and health industry. Learn what it takes to make changes in your organization.

Keywords: leadership,slips trips and falls,safety culture


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chairman’s messageAs 2014 winds to Dear Members,a close, we arelooking forward to T he 30th Annual National VPPPA Conference, held August 24–28 atan outstanding 2015. the Gaylord National Hotel, was a big success, as the 2,500 attendeesInterest in VPP has enjoyed 120 workshops, keynote speakers, receptions and a great Expogrown and with OSHA Hall. The location also provided attendees and guests with an opportunity tonow conducting new enjoy the sites around the Washington, D.C., area.application audits, thereshould be an even As 2014 winds to a close, we are looking forward to an outstanding 2015.higher level of interest in Interest in VPP has grown and with OSHA now conducting new applicationthe program. audits, there should be an even higher level of interest in the program. The total attendance at the regional conferences was very impressive; over 7,000 attendees were provided with an opportunity to attend outstanding educational events and network with other attendees. The regional chapters are already working on having outstanding 2015 conferences, beginning with the Region III conference in March with other regional conferences taking place through June. The 31st Annual National VPPPA Conference will be at the Gaylord Texan, located between Ft. Worth and Dallas, Texas, Aug. 24–27, 2015. We are looking forward to having the conference back in Texas, where we always have excellent attendance. Information on 2015 membership will be sent out very soon, and I urge each site to make sure your dues are up-to-date, as I continually repeat, strength is in numbers. We will continue to make progress in 2015, and we look forward to having strong congressional outreach campaigns throughout the year. Thank you and remember the best is yet to come. MIKE MADDOX Chairman VPPPA Board of Directors THE LEADER 3

LTHEEADER CONTENTSVOL 1. ISSUE 3 AUTUMN 2014cover features18Leveraging 24Life Safety 26Leading in the Leadership for Solutions Prevention ofSuperior Results Slips and Falls As growing interest for employee safetyThere is an old debate that seems had increased through VPP initiatives and Leaders in safety exhibit a variety ofto crop up during discussions on other management concerns, Marathon behaviors that enhance and reinforceleadership; are leaders born or made? Petroleum Company LP’s (MCP) organizational safety excellence. ManyThe problem with the concept of “born refinery plant manager and supporting of those behaviors are obvious—likeleaders” is that it implies that some management team started looking building an atmosphere of trust, beingpeople will never be able to lead unless into whether an intelligent continuous uncompromising relative to ensuringthey were born with certain traits. This “man-down” monitoring system was worker safety and working hard tois discouraging, and experience in the available in the industry. With nothing on communicate safety information inmilitary has shown that regardless of the market that met MPC’s needs, the new and fresh ways. Other leadershipbackground or innate characteristics, decision was made to investigate and behaviors may be a bit more subtle, butmany people can become leaders. If pursue the ideas that came out of a work important nonetheless. Leadership is notyou are a leader or manager seeking site in Robinson, IL, and then to look for always defined as being the first one outto improve performance in your partnering opportunities to develop the of the gate with a good idea, practiceorganization, consider this: perhaps functionality envisioned. The innovation or behavior. It can also be defined aseveryone (or almost everyone), can had to meet three criteria: reliability, ease recognizing something valuable andbe a leader regardless of his or her job of use and affordability. enhancing it further in order to meet atitle. Leadership is more of a mindset, a particular need. Such was the case withwillingness to take risks that will improve Savannah River Remediation, LLCyour organization and employee (SRR) and the mobile slip simulator,well-being as well as the deep desire recently recognized as the 2014to inspire others to work towards a Innovation Award winner, by thecommon vision. Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association.4 THE LEADER

features continued 3 4 Announcement— VPP Certificate30Walk the Program Graduates VPPPA National Board of Directors Talk—Buildinga Culture Requires ChairpersonPlanning, Accountability Mike Maddox, NuStar Energy, LPand Visibility Vice ChairpersonPut your passion for safety into practice Mike Guillory, SGE, The Brock Groupwith visible commitment. The secret tobuilding a winning culture begins with Treasureryou! When individuals model a passion Chris Adolfson, Idaho National Laboratoryand conviction to achieve zero incidents,organizations excel in safety. No matter Secretarywhere you fit in an organizational chart, Anthony Stoner, Integrity Windows and Doorsyou influence those around you and yourpositive influence translates to a winning Director from a Site With a Collectiveculture. A personal dedication to safety Bargaining Agentdoes not exist if one does not display Kent Lang, Clearwater Paper Corporationthe commitment with visible, consistentaction. Your actions are a reflection of Director from a Site Without a Collectivewhat you believe about safety. I Bargaining Agentwant to offer three techniques that Rob Henson, LyondellBasellorganizations can institute to visiblyexhibit commitment and build Director from a DOE-VPP Sitesafety culture. Commitment cannot Stacy Thursby, Washington Closure Hanfordexist without consistent and visiblereinforcement of each technique. Director from a VPP Contractor/ Construction Sitesections Richard McConnell, Austin Industrial at LyondellBasellGLOBAL SAFETY AND 6 Look for these topics highlighted in the HEALTH WATCH top right corner of each section. Director-at-Large Bill Harkins, Chevron PhillipsWASHINGTON UPDATE 8 G overnment Chemical Company M embershipSTATE-PLAN MONITOR 10 H ealth Director-at-Large J.A. Rodriguez, Jr., CSP, SGE , RaytheonCONFERENCE WRAP-UP— 12 Business Technical Services Company LLC 30TH ANNUAL NATIONAL VPPPA CONFERENCE Outreach Director-at-Large Terry Schulte, NuStar Energy, LPCHAPTER ROUND-UPS 14 Director-at-LargeMEMBER SPOTLIGHT 36 Kristyn Grow, CSP, CHMM, SGE Cintas CorporationINFOGRAPHIC CORNER 39, 41 Director-at-LargeMEMBER INFO CORNER 40 Don Johnson, Phillips 66CALENDAR OF EVENTS 42 Editor Sarah Neely, VPPPA, Inc.CROSSWORD PUZZLE 43 Editorial Mission The Leader (ISSN 1081-261X) is published quarterly for VPPPA members. The Leader delivers articles from members for members, safety and health best practices, developments in the field of occupational safety and health, association activities, educational and networking opportunities and the latest VPP approvals. Subscriptions are available for members as part of their membership benefits and at a 50 percent discount beyond the complimentary allotment. The nonmember subscription rate is $25 a year. Ideas and opinions expressed within The Leader represent the independent views of the authors. Postmaster >> Please send address changes to: VPPPA, Inc. • 7600-E Leesburg Pike • Ste. 100 Falls Church, VA 22043-2004 VPPPA, Inc., the premier global safety and health organization, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes advances in worker safety and health excellence through best practices and cooperative efforts among workers, employers, the government and communities. THE LEADER 5

global safety and health watchGlobal Safety Leadership at the WHO BY CHARLIE DOSS, T he World Health Organization (WHO), Proposed spending in 2014–2015 across GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS as a UN agency, is the world’s leading WHO’s major project areas directs 21 percent MANAGER, VPPPA, INC. health institution. However, like many of this funding to combatting communicable international bodies, its structure and role is diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and In 2007, the World not clear to most of the general public. tuberculosis. Noncommunicable diseases, Health Assembly including programs addressing violence, endorsed the Global The WHO was founded by a constitution disabilities, nutrition and mental health, Plan of Action on signed by all UN members in 1946 and 10 received eight percent. Health promotion Workers’ Health other countries, which entered into effect on through the life-course, which covers areas 2008–2017, which set April 7, 1948. WHO took over maintenance of reproductive and sexual health and aging occupational health of the International Classification of Disease and social factors that contribute to health, objectives for WHO. (ICD) that year, a now common system of accounts for ten percent of the budget. diagnosis. ICD was rooted in early efforts Health systems receives 13 percent, which6 THE LEADER to share and standardize medical data in addresses access to healthcare in member the mid-nineteenth century, first taking states and facilitates the spread of information, form as the International List of Causes of technology and research. Seven percent is Death. The importance of international, and reserved for preparedness, surveillance and specifically global, cooperation on health response to health emergencies, disease issues is not only based on altruistic motives, outbreaks and disasters. Seventeen percent but the nature of disease and health. Health is directed toward administrative costs. The touches every aspect of civilization and remaining amount is divided between 18 research, treatment and prevention are more percent for polio eradication and six percent efficient and effective when coordinated for crisis response. across borders. The example par excellence of this level of cooperation is the eradication of These program areas reflect WHO’s current smallpox in 1979. goals and shift with each new budget to meet new challenges. Much of its work is in support Membership now stands at 194 countries, of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. with 147 hosting country-level offices. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, In 2007, the World Health Assembly WHO maintains six regional offices in endorsed the Global Plan of Action on Brazzaville, Republic of Congo; Cairo, Workers’ Health 2008–2017, which set Egypt; Copenhagen, Denmark; Manila, occupational health objectives for WHO. Philippines; New Dehli, India; and Members are to create national policies Washington, D.C. in collaboration with workers, employers and organizations. These policies should WHO is headed up by the World Health endeavor to provide health access to all Assembly, comprised of delegates from workers across economies, including the member states. It acts as a supervisory body informal sector and migrant workers. and appoints a director-general. The smaller, Evidence collected to support policy and 34-member Executive Board is elected to three- government and hazards introduced into year terms and must have technical health local communities should be actively qualifications. These individuals are often high- monitored. Health programs should work ranking officials from member health agencies together across disciplines and other and are charged with facilitating the policy government agencies should coordinate decisions of the assembly. with health ministries. Additionally, sick or injured individuals should be aided The organization has a biennial budget in their reintegration into society. These of just under $4 billion. Approximately objectives are deliberately vague because one quarter of this amount is assessed from of the discrepancy in economic activity, member states. The remainder largely consists development and resources among the of voluntary contributions from members, WHO’s numerous members. other international organizations, charities and non-governmental organizations.

washington updateBY CHARLIE DOSS,GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS MANAGER, VPPPA, INC.OSHA Call for Training Proposals analyses and examining alternative approaches to provide monitoring and treatment for for managing chemical exposures. Other emergency responders, recovery and cleanupThe Occupational Safety and Health avenues of public participation in the workers, volunteers and those who resided inAdministration (OSHA) has issued a call for initiative will be announced in the future. the New York City disaster area. The programproposals for its 10- and 30-hour Outreach For more information, visit is encouraging those eligible to make use of theTraining Program online courses across general chemicalmanagement/index.html. services it provides through a concerted socialindustry, construction and maritime sectors, media campaign and coordination with localparticularly training targeting young workers. New Temporary Worker Resource organizations. More information can be foundThree hard copies of proposals along with a at or flash drive must be submitted to OSHA The National Institute for Occupational Safetyby 4 p.m. CT on Dec. 12, 2014. Further and Health (NIOSH) and OSHA have released Truck Driving Resourcesdetails and requirements can be found on a recommended practices document for staffing from NIOSHOSHA’s website. agencies and host employers in order to better protect temporary workers. Assistant Secretary To coincide with Truck Driver AppreciationPEL Dialogue Launched of Labor for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels, Week, NIOSH released a guide on improving announced the new document at the 30th sleep quality for truck drivers. The guideOSHA has announced a national stakeholder Annual National VPPPA Conference citing the includes information on creating a healthydialogue concerning hazardous substance joint responsibility of staffing agencies and host sleep environment, properly preparing forexposure. The first stage of this initiative is employers to protect temporary workers. More sleep and other information. As covered ina request for information about hazardous information can be found at the Summer 2014 edition of The Leader, thechemical exposure in the workplace. The temp_workers/. dangers of driving while drowsy or exhaustedagency seeks to update its permissible have been the subject of debate recentlyexposure limits (PEL), the maximum September 11 Health after several high-profile accidents involvingamount of a substance allowed in the air, Outreach Program allegedly sleep-deprived truck drivers.which have not been updated since 1971.Public comments are requested on current NIOSH has announced a new program for Celebrating VPP’s Successespractices and potential new methods for responders and survivors of the Sept. 11, 2001,updating PELs and for worker protection. terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Leaders in safety and health policy heapedTwo areas of focus for OSHA include Pentagon and in Shanksville, PA. The World praise on the Voluntary Protection Programsstreamlining risk assessment and feasibility Trade Center Health Program was created (VPP) at the 30th Annual National VPPPA Conference. In honor of the milestone, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, Dr. David Michaels, joined his predecessors, Charles Jeffers from the Clinton administration and John Henshaw from the George W. Bush administration to recognize sites that have been participants since the programs’ inception. In an address to attendees, Michaels stressed participants’ status as “role models” for workplace safety, adding, “I know that many of you are already doing this, but we need, this country needs, every single person in this room to reach out to these other employers, large ones and small ones, to show them why safer, healthier workplaces are better for business, better for workers, better for the economy and better for the country. […] Teach them what everyone in this room knows, that investing in safety and health isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good for the bottom line. When employees feel protected, morale goes up and performance and profitability increases. Tell8 THE LEADER

Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels (middle) Dr. Micheals presenting the award for SGEjoined by his predecessors, Charles Jeffers from the Clinton administration and John of the year.Henshaw from the George W. Bush administration.them that workplace injuries, illnesses and The benefits of a strong safety and health New Site Approvals as Backlogfatalities take an enormous toll, not just on culture impact companies’ performance. is Eliminatedworkers and their families, but also on our Michaels shared that every dollar spent onnation’s economy and on our businesses.” holistic safety approaches like VPP yields six Michaels went on to announce that several times that amount in returns on investment. of OSHA’s regions have eliminated backlogs Michaels also asked the VPP workers Additionally, this savings is realized across of VPP re-approvals that had been createdand employers to reach out to companies, sectors. Brad Davy, Director of the Office of due to the recent budget crises and that theyorganizations and policymakers to, “share your Worker Safety and Health Assistance at the have, “begun aggressively evaluating newsuccess, to pay it forward, convincing others U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), shared applications.”what we know is true, that businesses succeed that agency’s experience with its VPP sites:when they protect their workers. You are the “In 2013 we estimate that VPP programs OSHA will be paying particular attentionbest advocates for safety and health protections in DOE covers about 47,000 people, which to its Department of Defense (DoD)and we need your help to educate others.” is about half of the contractor workforce applicants as many such sites have used the in DOE. Those 47,000 people collectively VPP process as a mission readiness tool. Commissioner of Labor and Industry avoided over 1,300 injuries. With an “I’ve made a very strong commitment tofor Maryland, J. Ronald DeJuliis, also estimated cost avoidance, and that’s taxpayer the Department of Defense and to helpingemphasized the effect of VPP participants on dollars, between $30 and $60 million. It our nation’s armed services protect theirother worksites, “It permeates through all of costs DOE annually between five and seven uniformed and civilian workers,” Michaelsindustry and actually sets a challenge. And million dollars to implement VPP, which added, “and we’re fulfilling that by growingthat’s what we did in our state. We challenge goes to that six to one number that Dr. the number of partnerships we have withthe companies, we challenge the contractors Michaels referred to. So I’m glad to hear that Defense Department sites. […] We careto outdo their competitors. And again, it OSHA is seeing similar results. It seems that deeply about this commitment to DoD, andhas really benefited everyone. So I’m going it is a pretty good investment from us in the we’re very proud that we’re putting the DoDto thank you all for the outstanding job you Department of Energy.” facilities at the front of the list [for approvaldo every day by instilling a strong culture of evaluation].”safety in the workplace.” THE LEADER 9

state-plan monitorCOMPILED BY Arizona managing internal and external relationshipsCHARLIE DOSS, GOVERNMENT with private and public employers and employeesAFFAIRS MANAGER, VPPPA, INC. The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety statewide. Most recently, he served as the program and Health (ADOSH) has welcomed a new coordinator where he managed the Voluntary Federal OSHA States VPP participant into the Star program. Protection Programs for Nevada and was a State-Plan States Loven Contracting, Inc., a general contractor great resource during the regional and national Public Sector Only based in Flagstaff, successfully completed conferences. We look forward to watching Jess in their 90-day action item list in July and his new role and thank him for his contributions became the fourth construction company to VPP. to receive the Star designation. With the addition of Loven Contracting Inc., Arizona We also look forward to working with now has 35 participating VPP sites. whomever the VPP torch is passed to next as Nevada expands the number of participating Jessie Atencio, ADOSH VPP coordinator, sites. Nevada offers voluntary and cooperative also explained that with the federal fiscal programs to employers such as the Safety and year coming to a close, ADOSH will have Health Achievement Recognition Program completed 11 VPP site re-approval audits, (SHARP) and VPP. Contact Nevada OSHA and during that process, they benefitted from for information on VPP at the participation of three Special Government OSHA/osha.htm. Employees (SGE) who joined their teams. Hawaii Atencio anticipates that with the new year upon them, ADOSH will continue to utilize Hawaii’s VPP count is still listed as four an additional three to five SGEs as part of sites for the state program and there are two inspection teams throughout calendar year sites participating under the Federal OSHA 2015. “These SGEs have been a great asset Program. If your organization is interested to the ADOSH VPP team and current site in applying for VPP status in Hawaii, please participants,” Atencio said. contact the consultation section at (808) 586-9100 or visit If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact ADOSH or Jessie Atencio Washington at (520) 628-5478 or ADOSH/ADOSH_main.aspx. There are currently 30 recognized VPP sites in the Washington State program. In the past Nevada four months, onsite re-approval evaluations were conducted at Intermech, Inc. in Recently, Jess Lankford was appointed as chief Richland, Columbia Vista in Vancouver and administrative officer of the Nevada OSHA section. Lankford will be responsible for10 THE LEADER

contacting each state >>Monsanto in Othello. In August, an initial Alaska Michigan South Carolinaapproval onsite was conducted for Mortenson Bill Nickerson Doug Kimmel Sharon DumitConstruction in Tacoma. Three celebrations VPP Coordinator MVPP Specialist VPP Coordinatorwere held. In June, a celebration was held Phone: (907) 269-4948 Phone: (231) 546-2366 Phone: (803) 896-7788at Wheelabrator Spokane to present them Sherry Scott www.scosha.llronline.comwith a plaque and flag for their re-approval. oshhome.htm MVPP ManagerVeolia ES in Vancouver and Cascades Sonoco Phone: (517) 322-5817 Tennesseein Tacoma both received certificates and Arizona David Blessmanflags at their celebrations to recognize them Jessie Atencio VPP Manageras new VPP sites. Cascades Sonoco is the Assistant Director Minnesota Phone: (615) 253-6890first site to graduate from START (Safety Phone: (520) 220-4222 Ryan Nosan Achieving Recognition Together) MNSTAR VPP Coordinator wfd/vppStar.htmlto VPP. START is the equivalent to OSHA ADOSH/ADOSH_main. Phone: (651) 284-5120SHARP. Re-approval onsites are scheduled aspx Utahin the coming months for GE River Road mnStar.html Holly LawrenceGenerating Plant in Vancouver and Carlisle California VPP ManagerConstruction Materials in Puyallup. Initial Iraj Pourmehraban Nevada Phone: (801) 530-6494approval onsites are scheduled for NuStar Cal/VPP & PSM Manager Jess Lankford www.laborcommission.Energy in Tacoma and Starbucks Roasting Phone: (510) 622-1080 VPP Coordinator in Kent. Phone: (702) 486-9046 VPPprogram.html vpp/cal_vpp_index.html The Washington Voluntary Protection VermontPrograms held a networking meeting of Hawaii New Mexico Daniel WhippleVPP participants and others pursuing VPP Clayton Chun Melissa Barker VPP Coordinatorstatus on Aug. 13, 2014. Oldcastle Precast Manager VPP Coordinator Phone: (802) 828-5084in Auburn hosted the group and provided a Phone: (808) 586-9110 Phone: (505) 222-9595 of their plant for the 30 attendees. Rick www.nmenv.state. voshaGoggins and Ernesto Carcamo of DOSH on preventing sprains and strains. Indiana ComplianceAssistance/ VirginiaCindy Schultz of Honeywell Aerospace, Michael Gaskill VPP.htm Milford SternRedmond, presented on Employee Manager VPP CoordinatorLeadership/Ownership. Finally, Rich Carroll Phone: (260) 373-2860 North Carolina Phone: (540) 562-3580and Jeremy Fanning of Cascades Sonoco LaMont Smith on Blending Production and Safety Recognition Program vosh_coop/vosh_vpp.htmlas well as Sustaining Safety Culture. Iowa Manager Shashi Patel Phone: (919) 807-2909 Washington VPP Coordinator John Geppert Phone: (515) 281-6369 osh.htm VPP Manager Phone: (360) 902-5496 labor/iosh Oregon Mark E. Hurliman, CSHM topics/atoz/vpp/default.asp Kentucky VPP/SHARP Program Joe Giles Manager Wyoming VPP Program Phone: (541) 776-6016 Karin Schubert Administrator Consultation Supervisor Phone: (502) 564-4089 subjects/vpp.htm Phone: (307) 777-7710 www.wyomingworkforce. oshp/doet/partnership/ Puerto Rico org/employers-and- pages/VPP---Voluntary- Ilza Roman businesses/osha/Pages/ Protection-Partnership. Director safety-and-health- aspx Phone: (787) 754-2171 compliance.aspx Maryland Cynthia L. Wheeler VPP Coordinator Phone: (410) 527-4473 labor/mosh/vpp.shtml For additional information and up-to-date contacts, please visit THE LEADER 11

CONFERENCE WRAP-UP 30TH ANNUAL NATIONAL VPPPA CONFERENCE VPPPA celebrated its 30th anniversary this year in National Harbor, MD, at the Gaylord National Convention Center from Aug. 24–28, 2014. More than 2,500 attendees gathered to participate in educational workshops, visit the packed exhibit hall, hear motivational keynote speakers and network with other health and safety professionals from around the globe.12 THE LEADER

Attendees taking it all in at the VPPPA booth in the expo hallConference participants attending “Humor in Safety: From Blah Blah Blah to Ha Ha Ha”O ver a hundred attendees came to being an award winning country music We hope to see you at out early to participate in pre- recording artist, was also a part of the elite next year’s conference, conference workshops and OSHA’s special operations unit that would later be taking place Aug. 24–27,SGE training. The official kickoff of the famously recounted in the book and movie, 2015, at the Gaylord Texanconference began Monday with the Annual “Blackhawk Down.” Convention Center inMeeting of the Membership, with reports Grapevine, TX, right outsideon the status of the association, including The Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall of Dallas.the treasurer’s and membership reports. occurred Monday night with over 220Some design changes to the association’s exhibiting companies. Attendees visited The Board of Directors took part in the fun,membership materials were introduced, with exhibitors to learn about their products wearing 70’s wigs while dancing to the music.including the new membership brochure and services designed to improve employee Attendees relaxed and networked on the lastand the new look of The Leader. Two new health and safety. Exhibitors showcased their night of the conference, while partaking incompetitions were announced, including products in the new product theater through delicious food and desserts.a contest to illustrate members’ growth in demonstrations. Exhibitors’ services rangedVPP through pictures, as well as “VPPPA’s widely from personal protective equipment, Thursday morning concluded theGot Talent,” a contest designed to explore to promotional products to training and conference with the Closing General Sessionthe vocal gifts of our members and to find consulting services. breakfast and presentation by keynote speaker,our National Anthem singer for the 2015 Jeff “Odie” Espenship, who encouraged culturenational conference. There were more than 120 workshops leadership safety systems in the workplace. that attendees participated in throughout Thank you to all those who attended our 30th The Opening General Session featured the conference. These workshops included anniversary conference and we hope to seea range of speakers including J. Ronald presentations focusing on best practices, to you at next year’s conference, taking placeDeJuliis, commissioner of the Division personal stories, all designed to inspire and Aug. 24–27, 2015, at the Gaylord Texanof Labor and Industry for the State of motivate attendees and provide material to Convention Center in Grapevine, TX, rightMaryland; Dr. David Michaels, assistant bring back to their sites. outside of Dallas.secretary of labor for OSHA; Ann Klee,vice president of corporate environmental The Closing Reception, co-sponsored byprograms for GE; and our keynote Region I, featured the musical stylings of thespeaker, Keni Thomas. Keni, in addition Motor Booty Affair, a 70’s tribute band. They brought the funk with their renditions of 70’s classics, complete with costumes and wigs. THE LEADER 13

chapter round-ups COMPILED BY SARAH NEELY, Region I Safety Research Cooperative. Twenty breakout COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, sessions are planned along with a pre-conference VPPPA Greetings from the New England OSHA workshop on Preparing VPP Applications. We are VPP Stars! also excited to have scheduled Mr. Lee Shelby as14 THE LEADER our Closing General Session keynote speaker. VPPPA Region I held its quarterly chapter business meeting and VPP Meet N’ Greet at the We have communicated our 2015 call for annual national VPPPA conference in Maryland, vendors, and our 2015 call for speakers and with attendees representing “The Best of the sponsors will be announced this fall. Best Northeast.” Following a welcome by Region I practice sharing by our member VPP Star sites is Chairperson Stephen Gauthier, introductions of encouraged and desired. the national VPPPA Board of Directors members were made, followed by the Region I BOD Contributed by Region I members, OSHA officials and attendees. Communications Committee Following acceptance of the previous chapter Region II meeting minutes prepared by Secretary Deb Bowie and Karen Girardin’s Treasurer’s Report, Thousands of GE employees and their families the chapter board of directors in attendance celebrated Family Day at GE Power & Water gave updates on their respective chapter in Schenectady, NY, on Saturday, Sept. 13. committees’ activities and future plans. Attendees participated in a variety of fun activities and enjoyed tasty carnival fare. A Steve Gauthier updated the group on the number of local organizations were on hand to Region I Communications Committee and greet and educate employees, including VPP! requested that Region I members please keep Despite the rain, a great time was had by all. an eye on the chapter website for chapter updates and 2015 regional conference In the coming months, you may receive calls announcements at from volunteers in Region II to update contact information. We are planning on making The 2015 BOD elections will be held our 2015 conference bigger and better, but on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, at the regional to do that we need our members’ input. We conference. appreciate any help you can provide. If any individuals or organizations are interested in Region I will be announcing its call for 2015 helping us develop and improve our Region II scholarships later this year. We were glad that we conference for 2015, please visit our website at were able to present three scholarships in 2014. OSHA Region I Assistant Regional Region II asks for your continued support Administrator, Timothy Irving, updated the of the Norman Deitch Automated External attendees on Region I VPP activities and OSHA. Defibrillator (AED) Fund. Its mission is Region I continues to work collaboratively on to provide free AEDs to non-profits and VPP efforts with the local BOD. organizations that traditionally do not have Mentoring activity continues, site applications Region II asks for your are being submitted and reviewed and some new continued support of the approval audits are being scheduled. SGEs are Norman Deitch Automated encouraged to fully support the OSHA VPP External Defibrillator (AED) audit schedules. Fund. Its mission is to provide free AEDs to non-profits Preparation continues for the 2015 and organizations that Region I VPPPA, “The Best of the Northeast” traditionally do not have the Conference & Exposition, which will be resources to purchase an held on May 18–20, 2015, at beautiful Sea AED on their own. Crest Beach Hotel in Cape Cod, MA. The conference is the premier safety and health conference in the New England region focusing on the Voluntary Protection Programs and VPP excellence. We anticipate another very successful and value-added conference. It’s not too early to begin planning to join us there! We are thrilled to have scheduled as our Opening General Session keynote speaker, Mr. Steve Williams of Max Proactive—The Advanced

the resources to purchase an AED on their hiking trails, swimming, tennis, not to EVERYONE, and EVERYONE gets a superown. Over the past nine years, with your help, mention our top notch safety conference! low price!we have donated over 19 machines. Anyone Book early as you do not want to miss thisinterested in contributing to the fund should event! Register by Jan. 31, 2015, to get the The following positions will be up forcontact the Region II chairperson, at early bird rate. A link to the conference election at the 2015 [email protected]. registration is on the website. vppparegion3. • Vice Chairperson—Pam Mendiola, org/homepage.htmlContributed by Brenda Wiederkehr, Valero, Texas City TXChairperson, Region II Board, Access If you have an idea for a breakout session • Treasure—Danny Barrett, NRG, Houston, TXHealth Systems for our conference or would like to present a • Director at Large #1—Open workshop at our 2015 conference, please reach out • Director at Large #3—Johnny CollazoRegion III to Region III board member, Brad McPherson, via email at [email protected]. Chevron Phillips Chemical, Port Arthur, TXThe Board of Directors encourages everyone • Employee Representative from a Non-in Region III to take advantage of the Region In addition to visiting the Region III VPPPAIII website as a resource. We continue to make website,, you Represented Site—Richard McConnell,website improvements and provide valuable can also keep up with activity by becoming a Lyondell, Houston, TXinformation. If you have job openings or Facebook “friend” of Region III VPPPA. Calling all Region VI SGEs! As yousafety alerts that you would like to post on the may have heard, Region VI OSHA officeswebsite, please reach out to any member of the Contributed by Bob Schroeder, have caught up on all re-approvals andboard, contact information is on the website. Secretary, Region III are starting to do new approvals. TheyInformation regarding the Larry Shaffer need our assistance to stay on top of theseScholarship can be found at: vppparegion3. Region VI audits; check with your area OSHA VPPorg/homepage.html coordinators and see if they need your help. We had yet another successful conference in Have you recently celebrated a success at your Our annual regional conference will 2014 and we are already gearing up for our site? Share your story with the rest of the VPPtake place much earlier than usual next 2015 Conference in Corpus Christi, TX, community! Send us your stories with photosyear. The dates of our 18th Annual Region “Hooked On Safety.” As always, we expect and brag a little about what you’re doing well andIII VPPPA Conference are March 4–6, thousands of you to show up and partake how it’s impacted your site and safety program,2015. It will be held at the amazing OMNI in one of the best conference experiences a recent re-approval, etc. Send your storiesHomestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA: www. you will ever be a part of. With hundreds and photos to Kirk Crandall ([email protected]/pools-and-hot-springs. of exhibitors and more information-packed for publication.This venue has everything: natural warm workshops than you can possibly attend in Visit the Region VI website atspring pools, snow skiing on its very own ski three days, it is hard to pass this opportunity for more details.mountain, two championship golf courses, up. This safety conference is open to Contributed by Kirk Crandall, Director-at-LargeRegion 2 VPPPA Board member, Perry O’Neil, helping to man the VPP booth at the Rita Young, Albany Asst Area Director,Schenectady Family Day Event presenting at Konica Minolta’s VPP re-approval ceremony (as well as their 25th anniversary) THE LEADER 15

chapter round-upsRegion VIII Region IX everyone and you can get involved in various aspects throughout the year.It has been a busy couple of months in Region August 2014 is but a memory now, highlightedVIII! It’s great to see we are still awake, alive by the recollection of all that was encountered In closing, just a note to save the date as theand willing to be advocates. Our national at the national VPPPA conference, which Region IX Conference will be held in Reno,conference attendance almost matched commemorated 30 years of safety excellence. Nevada, April 14–16, 2015. More informationour regional attendance, proving we are a The conference did exactly what it was meant to can be found on the Region IX websiteremarkable force. Through our hard work do: motivate and inform its stakeholders of the marketing efforts, I expect we will see an benefits of the Voluntary Protection Programs.unparalleled spike in our region’s growth. You heard from seasoned speakers, safety Contributed by Mark Norton, MAOM, RSP professionals and working individuals from all Norton Safety Services, Ambassador to the Board members have been at work types of industry, about how they each do their Region IX Boardpreparing VPPPA webinars, supporting Utah’s part in making this program work within theirsafety conference, mentoring, performing respective organizations. Region Xaudits as SGEs, supporting the nationalSGE training re-write and planning the next Thinking about the conference, I can’t help but Since May 2014, Federal OSHA, Oregonconference. The most exciting piece is seeing notice how it continues to change by illustrating OSHA and the Washington State Divisionthe region working together and realizing we that the various stages of any safety management of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH),are all part of something bigger. system are ongoing, teaching us that safety is not have been busy conducting onsite reviews for as simple as ordering a program in small, medium new applicants and sites seeking re-approval. In October, Ball Corporation in Golden, or large to suit the organization and showing us As we have all learned, attaining VPPCO, volunteered to host the first, “What the level of work that has to be done to achieve recognition is not easy, it requires dedicationis great in Region 8?” benchmark event. the next level of effective safety. The people and commitment by all parties involved.Approximately 10 sites along the Front involved in the Region IX VPPPA are committed Maintaining and sustaining VPP at the StarRange wanted to start an effort to help each to helping employers understand these lessons. level can have challenges; VPP is not aboutother, and any other interested companies, Whether it be at the national or regional perfection. It’s a continuous improvementin becoming an OSHA VPP Site in Region conferences, it’s about sharing, mentoring and process designed to improve relationshipsVIII by sharing best practices and visiting growing! We learn that this model, as I call it, between workers, managers and regulators.a current OSHA VPP Star host site twice a works, and it fits! It fits any organization that is Management leadership and employeeyear. This event also included a tour of the willing to challenge themselves and put in the involvement are key to a successful VPP.facility and multiple presentations on lock work, implementing its many elements. That’s Employees at all levels need to be involvedout/tag out programs from other VPP sites. why it’s important to continue delivering our in the safety and health program. In additionHolly Hodnik, Kevin Camp and Jenelle message of safety excellence. In Region IX, we to protecting workers, the public and theMote coordinated the event, which was have some of the biggest proponents of the environment from hazards, a commondeveloped when they met for the first time as program and we are constantly working to get the goal desired by VPP Star sites is to reduceSGEs during a VPP audit in Montana. word out. accidents and injuries. In August, Region VIII operated a booth For example, I want to let you know of Since May, Federal OSHA has been veryat the ShurShales Full Contact Safety some of the additional things they are doing busy conducting onsite evaluations. TheCombine in Denver, CO. Shelly Ettel and I within the region. On Sept. 23–25, STM following re-approvals have taken place:were pleased to see the response as VPPPA training was delivered in California, and Monsanto, Potlatch Land & Lumber, LLC,National and Region VIII information will occur again on Nov. 18–20th, 2014. In Tessenderlo-Kerley, Puget Sound Navalwas distributed. addition, Region IX members are working to Shipyard, Naval Facilities Engineering help finalize STM participation guidelines Command Northwest, Naval Station Everett Region VIII currently has 72 VPP sites for use in California. The Arizona Division and URS (Boise Complex). A re-approvalwith numerous 2014 re-approvals. In of Occupational Safety and Health carries visit was also conducted at Pioneer Hi-Bred;addition, we are pleased to receive many new out several summits throughout the year to the report is still in the review process.VPP applications for FY15. Congratulations educate stakeholders on many safety topics,to our two newest VPP sites: Kiewit–– one of which is the Voluntary Protection An onsite review has been conducted atCherokee Power and URS Energy Programs. Naval Magazine at Indian Island, WA. The& Construction. report was approved by the Regional Office Region IX members work with state-plan and is now at the National Office for review. I’m very proud of what we’ve done and VPP managers to try to increase participationwhat’s yet to come. It’s an honor buckling in various outreach sessions. Lastly, there are Two sites have been re-approved as Star:my seatbelt and going on this ride with each many opportunities for mentoring new site Life Technologies (now ThermoFisherand every one of you. Thank you Region participants or those working on applications. Scientific) in Eugene and Marvin WoodVIII for rocking the Rockies! You can see there is always something for Products in Baker City. Coquille Plywood of Roseburg stepped up from Merit to StarContributed by Mark A Moya, in September. VPP evaluations were alsoRegion VIII Chairperson16 THE LEADER

conducted at AmeriTies West in The Dalles, From left: CWI President and CEO Tom Dieter, DOE-VPP Manager Carol Henning, CWI CESTand Sherwin-Williams Purdy in Portland; Chair Saprena Lyons, CWI ESH&Q Vice-president Kevin Daniels and CWI VPP Manager Bonniethose reports are in the review process. Anderson, proudly display CWI’s new VPP STAR.Evaluations are also scheduled at BoisePackaging and Newsprint (a wholly owned friends and families will be able to help insubsidiary of PCA) and Covanta Energy the development of the trail.Marion in the next couple of months. Congratulations to the entire Idaho Prior to the safety summit, Region X will Cleanup Project (ICP) workforce for theirbe hosting a three-day SGE workshop, May tireless pursuit of excellence in safety & health9–11, 2015. The application deadline for and for sustaining recognition at the Starattending the SGE training course is Jan. 15, level in the Department of Energy Voluntary2015. In addition, an SGE training course will Protection Programs. The approval wastake place at the HAMMER training facility officially awarded on August 19, 2014, in ain Richland, WA, in March 2015. For more ceremony at the Idaho Nuclear Technologyinformation on the SGE training course, go to and Engineering Center (INTEC) On Sept. 8–18, 2014, the DOE-HQ- On May 8, 2014, CH2M HILL VPP team conducted a Star re-approval ofPlateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) HAMMER and Mission Support Alliancecelebrated a Merit to Star approval. In LLC of Richland, WA. The report is in theJuly, the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental preparation process.Management System (EMS) RegistrationAudit Team audited the EMS and not only The 21st Annual Northwest Safety & Healthdid they pass—they aced it! Based on the Summit will take place at the Red Lion Hotelreview of their collective commitment on the River-Jantzen Beach in Portland,to environmental stewardship, the team Oregon, May 12–14, 2015.found zero non-conformances with elevenproficiencies. The lead auditor stated Contributed by Jack Griffith, Region Xthat three of the proficiencies should be BOD, Communications Chairmanconsidered “Best in Class” and stand outas superlative environmental activities for THE LEADER 17federal installations nationwide. CHPRC employees consistently delivertheir giving spirit and commitment tothe community by investing hundreds ofhours and thousands of dollars to greatcauses. In August, employees supportedthe Tri-City Union Gospel Mission annualgolf tournament, where 144 golfers and21 volunteers enjoyed a day on the courseand raised donations of nearly $20,000!CHPRC has worked one million workhours since their last recordable injury andtwo million hours since their last DART(Days Away Restricted or Transferred) case.Also in August, CH2M HILL announced acommunity legacy project: They’ve teamedwith “Friends of Badger Mountain.” CH2MHILL donated corporate funds totaling$500,000 over five years to support a newpartnership that will help extend a trailsystem that will cross Tri-City area ridgestotaling 20 miles—from Badger Mountainacross Candy Mountain, Red Mountain tothe Yakima River. CHPRC workers, their

LEVERAGING BY RANDY CADIEUX CREATOR AND INSTRUCTOR, TEAM LEADERSHIP IN HIGH RISK ENVIRONMENTS CERTIFICATE PROGRAM, UAB PROFESSIONAL STUDIES When consideration is given to seeking application and approval into the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), a question faced by leaders may be, “Why should our facility/site do this?” This is a fair question. After all, seeking approval into VPP, or a major certification, can be a massive undertaking in terms of human and financial resources and time commitments.18 THE LEADER


A good leader will be able F or many leaders, understanding the areas. This is a key point to create a coalition with benefits and value of achieving VPP Leadership activities do not only reside atkey power players and status is easy, but for others who are faced the executive level, and mid-level managersinfluencers, and will develop with the pressure of external market forces and front line supervisors can work to inspirean effective vision, which and economic factors driving production, the their teams or crews towards achievementcan be communicated benefits may be harder to grasp. Perhaps this of the objectives and goals that are linked toacross broad platforms in may occur when they are overly focused on the larger vision. Additionally, at the smallerorder to reach an audience quarterly earnings and meeting production team level, strong leadership serves as the glueof followers. deadlines, particularly if this is how their job that binds team actions together and links performance is measured. One of leaders’ these actions to a larger purpose. One way responsibilities is to guide the organization organizations may leverage leadership activities along the right path, which includes orienting is by empowering subordinate supervisors and performance focus. This highlights some of the employees, through the granting of authority key issues behind leadership, and by examining in their functional areas. By distributing and leadership attributes, we can see what effective decentralizing authority, organizations may be leaders should be doing to drive safety and able to gain a great deal of value by capitalizing health performance in their organizations. on the experience and expertise of supervisors and employees. Unfortunately, many high First, it may be helpful to describe what level leaders and managers in numerous leadership is and what leaders do. While at the organizations may be afraid of this concept. operational level, leadership and management Their position is somewhat understandable. activities often intersect and excellent leaders After all, if their organizational culture has need solid management skills, it is necessary created a climate where they feel their job to describe some of the key elements of will be threatened by giving subordinates too leadership because these behaviors are required much power or control, or if an atmosphere of to help create the momentum for change and micromanagement and distrust has developed the adoption and implementation of a safety over time, leaders and managers will likely be management system. Two important aspects reluctant to relinquish control to subordinates of leadership are building alliances and setting for certain risk management and functional visions. According to John Kotter, author of decision-making activities. Unfortunately, Leading Change, one of the functions of a foregoing the benefits of distributed authority leader is the ability to develop a coalition of and leadership may result in organizational key individuals with a shared vision who can stagnation and a decreased ability to innovate, help achieve buy-in from other stakeholders including the development of innovative in the organization (p.67–68). Additionally, methods for controlling risks and developing leaders must be adept at creating a vision of more efficient work methods. Another problem the future, which is a conceptual description leaders and managers may face is that by failing of the desired end-state. The vision provides a to develop subordinate leaders and empower mental image of a desired goal, such as what employees, they may also be stifling creativity the organization should look like at the end of and motivation that ultimately could be a transformation (Kotter 71). A good leader lowering employee morale. Employees often will be able to create a coalition with key power work for more than a paycheck, and many players and influencers, and will develop an employees seek out autonomy, mastery and effective vision, which can be communicated purpose in their work (Pink 78). Excessive across broad platforms in order to reach an control tactics may, in some cases, work against audience of followers. The ultimate need for a the intended purposes. The solution may be to leader is to inspire employees to follow his or relax levels of control, grant employees more her lead and buy into the vision. While this autonomy in their work and help them to may sound like a function that only occurs at understand how their work relates to the vision the executive level, leadership is not limited of the organization. to the C-Suite. In fact, effective leadership is needed at all levels. Why should leaders empower employees and front line While middle managers and front line supervisors? supervisors may not be the ones creating grand visions of the organization’s future, or building Despite the education and information available major coalitions within the company, they on system safety and prevention through design, play key leadership roles in their functional20 THE LEADER

when failure occurs, organizations still have consequences, leaders should be able to capture you may be surprised by the willingness of youra propensity for kneejerk reactions, resulting feedback and design better, safer work methods. teams to help when you try to implement ain blaming the employee who committed the safety management system.error that resulted in failure or injury. The This employee and supervisor feedbackproblem with this approach is that it assumes is critical for continuous improvement, and Referencesthat correcting the employee will fix the leaders in the organization need to be openproblem. In some cases it may, but if there are to this feedback if they want to benefit from • Dekker, Sidney. The Field Guide tosystem deficiencies, it may not. What happens the talents of their employees. In order to Understanding Human Error. Burlington:if another employee commits the same error? work towards exceptional safety performance, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2006. Print.Rather than blame the individual worker, leaders a structured safety management system orshould seek to identify deficiencies within the framework like VPP is necessary so employees • Kotter, John P. Leading Change. Boston:work system, including work methods and know what they should be doing, and so Harvard Business Press, 2012. Print.procedures. Part of leaders’ responsibilities managers can understand where gaps in theirshould include ensuring that operations and programs exist and learn ways to reduce them. • Pink, Daniel. Drive: The Surprising Truthsafety systems are functioning properly and that Additionally, empowerment and feedback helps About What Motivates Us. New York:system deficiencies are identified and corrected. organizations focus on risk identification, not Riverhead Books, 2010.In order for leaders to be able to identify and simply managing safety. However, even thecorrect deficiencies, they need the support of best safety management system will not be • United States. Department of the Navy,their operational teams and employees. able to overcome a lack of employee buy-in, Headquarters United States Marine particularly if this is due to negative leadership Corps. Command and Control, MCDP 6. The success of an organization often depends attitudes and behaviors towards safety and Washington D.C.: U.S. Marine Corps, 1996.on multiple factors, including the ability of teamwork. Leaders will need buy-in at allworkers to do their jobs safely and effectively. levels of the organization. By creating an • United States. Office of the Chief of NavalThese employees and their supervisors often environment where managers, supervisors and Operations. NATOPS General Flightunderstand the best way to do a job and how employees are empowered, and where they can and Operations Instruction OPNAVINSTto do a job safely, given their operational provide feedback on risks, work methods and 3710.7U. Washington D.C.: Department ofcontext. However, there is often a gap between work system design, leaders may be able to gain the Navy, managers and leaders higher up in the lasting support and continuous improvement.organization, (at the blunt end, where rules Randy Cadieux is the author of theare made) view safety and job performance How do leaders get more out of forthcoming book, Team Leadership in High-compared to how those on the shop floor or mid-level managers and front Hazard Environments: Performance, Safety andout in the field (at the sharp end, where the line supervisors? Risk Management Strategies for Operationalhazardous work is actually performed) view Teams, to be published by Gower Publishingsafety and work rules. Those at the blunt end There is an old debate that seems to crop in December 2014. Randy is also the Foundermay mistakenly think that job procedures are up during discussions on leadership: are of V-Speed, LLC (, aeffective and work all the time and that workers leaders born or made? The problem with the leadership, risk management, organizationaljust need to get in line with the procedures. concept of “born leaders” is that it implies resilience and team performance consultingOn the other end of the performance “stick,” that some people will never be able to lead and training company. He is the developerworkers try to match rules and procedures unless they were born with certain traits. This of V-Speed’s team leadership and resourcewith the reality and context of the operational is discouraging, and experience in the military management training system. Randy is alsoenvironment, and the rules as they are designed has shown that regardless of background the program manager and an instructor formay not actually work. When matching or innate characteristics, many people can the University of Alabama at Birmingham’sproduction demands with safety requirements become leaders, at least on some level. If you master of engineering in advanced safetyand work methods, workers and teams will often are a leader or manager seeking to improve engineering and management program.find the best way to get the job done, as safely performance in your organization, consider Randy is a 20-year veteran of the Unitedas possible, in the given operational context. this: perhaps everyone (or almost everyone) States Marine Corps, where he served inThey are often the ones leaders should seek can be a leader, regardless of his or her job multiple roles. His primary occupationalout when attempting to identify and correct title. Leadership is more of a mindset, a specialty was as a KC-130 Hercules pilot andsystem deficiencies. By empowering front line willingness to take risks that will improve he had numerous other leadership roles insupervisors and employees, and by allowing your organization and employee well-being, the areas of aviation, operations and safety.them a voice and a seat at the table in the work and the deep desire to inspire others to Randy has experience with a range of safety,system design process, leaders and managers at work towards a common vision. If you can operations and human performance trainingthe blunt end may be able to learn better and identify opportunities for empowerment, and application methodologies, includingsafer ways that employees can use to perform decentralized authority, opportunities for front Marine Corps aviation operations planning,their work at the sharp end. Using a system- line supervisors to exercise leadership in their operational risk management and creworiented approach that includes risk assessments technical or functional areas and feedback resource management. Randy holds a masterand potential intended and unintended mechanisms to help employees voice their ideas of engineering in advanced safety engineering on ways to make work better and safer, perhaps and management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and the International System Safety Society. THE LEADER 21

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BY DAVID HESHER I n a remarkable process innovation, Marathon Petroleum Company LP TRAINING SPECIALIST AT ROBINSON’S (MPC) teamed up with Accenture ILLINOIS REFINING DIVISION to develop and implement a new and WINNER: VPP INNOVATION AWARD, 2014 potentially life-saving technology known as the Life Safety Solution. At MPC’s LIFE SAFETY Illinois Refining Division (IRD), located SOLUTIONS in Robinson, IL, operators are now continuously monitored through a wireless- Across the oil and gas industry, the single largest enabled multi-gas detection system that challenge for managers is how to keep employees safe helps protect workers in potentially in the working environment. hazardous environments.24 THE LEADER As growing interest for employee safety had increased through VPP initiatives and other management concerns, the refinery plant manager and supporting management team started looking into whether an intelligent continuous “man-down” monitoring system was available in the industry. Located on approximately 650 acres, as well as having off-site operations and the significant structures of concrete and steel necessary for a refinery environment, the Robinson Refinery sought to overcome the complex problem of a “man-down” system. The refinery had already tested several systems before this point that were not successful. The industry standard gas monitoring devices on the market were typically single gas detectors that measure H2S, SO2 and CO. Workers and contractor services at refineries, chemical or waste-water plants, oil platforms, utility plants, mines and cargo ships would be issued these single gas detectors to wear as a warning device when gas concentrations exceed a certain level. The monitors’ alarm systems, however, can only be heard or recognized by the person wearing it. Such a localized warning creates its own problem because the only person that knows of the potential danger is the person wearing the device. Locating the affected person in the event of an emergency is an even larger challenge. Information for a rescue, if needed, would be non-existent. With nothing on the market that met MPC’s needs, the decision was made to investigate and pursue the ideas that came out of Robinson, and then to look for partnering opportunities to develop the functionality envisioned. The innovation had to meet three criteria: reliability, ease of use and affordability. MPC looked to Accenture, a leading, world-renowned, consulting organization, to create a consortium of vendors that could

provide components for a new monitoring first alarm, a second alert will be sent to the The Life Safety Solution was developedsystem. These included Cisco Systems, central control room. to better our methods of respondingIndustrial Scientific and AeroScout. in a timely manner to the detection of The Wi-Fi network took care of the dangerous levels of gas that personnel may Refinery workers were involved in the process units, but when it came to the be exposed to and/or health and physicaldevelopment of the new system from the remote facilities that also needed coverage, adversities an employee may encounter.early stages. With all the players identified, the thinking caps came out again. Accenturethe team was tasked with developing a safety actually mounted mobile access points in So what is next? With the wirelesssystem that could monitor and report H2S, vehicles, and then transmitted through a infrastructure in place, the sky is the limit.CO, O2, LEL, NO2 and SO2 individually G3 network back to the central control For example, iPads or laptops might beor a combination of any four gases within room displaying on the Life Safety Solution located on the units for outside workers toone device. The idea was to communicate screen in the same way as the unit Wi-Fi access any piece of equipment details locatedusing a wireless network technology to information. The Life Safety Solution screen on local intranet files. Personnel coulddeliver the information back in real- has the individual unit, plot plans and/ find, open and execute any unit procedurestime to a monitoring station at a central or Google Maps for remote locations on including emergency procedures, directlylocation. Refinery workers were fitted with display for location of affected personnel in from the units or potentially access any anda portable safety device containing a small and around the unit boundaries. An alarm all forms. They will also be able to performWi-Fi RFID tag that could send signals summary also appears on the screen with the and enter inspection reports directly fromacross the Cisco wireless infrastructure. The description of location, gas value, alarm type the piece of equipment being analyzed.Cisco Access Point locations were designed and names of the personnel in alarm. Other ideas include improving efficiency inusing Accenture’s patent pending design numerous ways such as tracking high valueapproach, which takes into consideration The central control room is where the mobile equipment, creating video linksenhanced location capability. In the initial “heartbeat” of the refinery is monitored, so it with people in the field, increasing worktests, prototype detector devices were simply was a perfect fit for routing the transmission productivity through the use of hand heldtaped to Wi-Fi tags. This showed that the of the “man-down” alerts. Console operators devices and much more.wireless technology could cover an area with staff the control room 24 hours a day, sevensustained data transmission. During these days a week. In the event of an alarm situation For MPC’s Robinson, IL, refinery, thetests, the team also saw the first data on gas associated with the Life Safety Solution, staff flood gates have opened to the possibilities oftype and concentration, measured by the will initiate the alarm response procedure activities that can be accessed and transmittedmonitors coming into the central control that coincides with the particular incident. A straight to and from the units or remoteroom via the network. check-in-/check-out station allows the detector locations—innovations that were unimaginable to be associated with each employee. The MPC only two to three years ago. The initial testing was done on two console operator now has a monitor that is wornprocess units at Robinson, the Diesel by workers, day and night, that is personally David has been with Marathon PetroleumHydrotreating Unit and the Gasoline associated to particular workers and shows theDesulfurization Unit. Both were fitted name of the person, his or her location and the Company for 36 years. His first 21 years ofwith Cisco outdoor access points, covering environment to which he or she is exposed.them with an integrated wireless signal. employment was with Marathon PipelineInformation regarding gas levels and location As a result of all the new technology andwere sent every five seconds to the console innovative thinking, the Life Safety Solution Company, where he worked the constructionoperator. The new four-gas detectors, was officially born, providing a level of safetysupplied by Industrial Scientific, were and security that will be beneficial to all of and maintenance end of the business for 11clipped to the workers’ lapels which included Marathon’s personnel.Wi-Fi tags that were supplied by AeroScout. years before moving to the operations part of theThis technology alliance was useful to MPC Accenture was the overall program managerin all stages of the innovation process, from of the Life Safety Solution. The newly pipeline. In 1999, he transferred to the refinery inplanning to execution. developed Industrial Scientific “Ventis LS” four-gas detector with motion sensor and Robinson. He has been involved in multiple facets To build upon the successes realized with panic button which also houses the locationthe gas detection portion of the system, a component, was supplied by AeroScout. It is of Marathon’s operations including working aspanic button was incorporated that can be then pulled together over the Cisco wirelesspressed by the employee if health problems infrastructure. The Ventis LS takes real time an outside operator, console operator and chiefarise unrelated to fugitive gases or leaks, such gas detection readings, along with the locationas personal injury or cardiovascular issues. of the person possessing the monitor, and operator. His current position as the AdvancedA motion sensor was another addition used relays that information to the console operatorto detect when a worker stops moving for at the central control room. Training Specialist involves work with all of thea period of time, triggering a local alarm toalert the individual concerned. If motion is In simple terms, when asked what development, implementation and coordinationnot sensed within a predefined time from the the innovation motive was, the mission statement that was achieved probably of training materials for Complex 5 to ensure describes it best: the IRD has an informed, skilled and effective workforce that successfully supports the overall operation of the Robinson Refinery. THE LEADER 25

BY KEVIN SMITH, CSPMANAGER, ENVIRONMENTAL, SAFETY AND HEALTHPROGRAMS AT SAVANNAH RIVER REMEDIATION, LLCWINNER: VPP INNOVATION AWARD, 2014SLIPS FALLLEADING IN THE PREVENTION OFLeaders in safety exhibit a variety of behaviors that enhance and reinforceorganizational safety excellence. Many of those behaviors are obvious, like buildingan atmosphere of trust, being uncompromising relative to ensuring worker safetyand working hard to communicate safety information in new and fresh ways. Otherleadership behaviors may be a bit more subtle, but important nonetheless.L eadership is not always defined as being the first Background and History one out of the gate with a good idea, practice or behavior. It can also be defined as recognizing The SRR mission is to remove, stabilize and something valuable and enhancing it further in order dispose of approximately 36 million gallons of to meet a particular need. Such was the case with liquid radioactive waste stored in 45 underground Savannah River Remediation, LLC (SRR) and the waste tanks and ultimately close tanks at the U.S. mobile slip simulator which was recently recognized Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River Site as the subject of the 2014 Voluntary Protection (SRS) in Aiken, SC. SRR is a young company, having Programs Participants’ Association Innovation Award. been established at the initiation of the liquid waste contract with the government in the summer of 2009. The following is a brief description of the evolution of the mobile slip simulator, why it The company employs approximately 2,000 people was developed how it was developed, how it was who operate the five key facilities used to manage, treat used and how each of those steps along the way and dispose of the liquid waste. Since many of the demonstrates leadership. work areas are outdoors and much of the work takes place on the tops of tanks (see photo #1), the potential for slip, trip and fall injuries is significant. The mobile slip simulator was developed and placed into the SRR safety toolbox to help minimize that potential.26 THE LEADER


Photo 1: Outdoor work area, SRRLeadership Attribute #1 While the MoveSMART® effort was paying harness. After the initial run, a discussion was dividends, the intent was not to depend fully held with the participant to share tips for stayingLeaders in safety are proactive—they solve upon that approach for minimizing slips and upright on slippery surfaces and another passproblems before they come to the surface and look falls. On a visit to the Department of Energy’s down the runway while implementing those tipsfor unique ways to solve those problems. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in was performed. The team came away from that New Mexico, an SRR executive learned of a slip visit highly impressed with the approach, the Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause simulator that was being used to train workers in passion of the team running workers throughof injuries in the workplace. Approximately prevention of slips and falls. Further investigation the simulator and the reception the device was25,000 such injury events occur daily, yielded that the simulator had been designed getting from the LANL workforce.representing over 65 percent of all lost work and modeled after a similar but more complexday cases in the United States and resulting unit created at Virginia Tech at the request of Although the slip simulator, as observed,in 95 million lost work day cases annually. the United Parcel Service who was interested was an outstanding tool, the large, stationary in finding tools to help their drivers more configuration was not a viable option for Although SRR’s safety performance is safely negotiate slippery surfaces while making application in SRR facilities. Therefore, SRRtypically very good and very few recordable deliveries. Shortly thereafter, a small team of SRR contacted Virginia Tech to request assistanceinjuries occur on an annual basis, slip, trip personnel took a benchmarking visit to LANL to with designing a mobile unit that could easilyand fall events were the most common injury observe their simulator in operation. be moved from one location to another.types in the 2009–2010 timeframe. In the Upon completion of the initial design, SRRinterest of reversing that trend, SRR entered What was observed was an overhead beam to contracted with a large fabrication shop tointo a relationship with a company known which a trolley was connected. Participants in the build a mobile unit in a modified Sealandas MoveSMART®, that has developed slip simulator briefing donned a fall protection container designed for personnel use.a unique training and awareness process harness, attached the harness to the trolley andincorporating mental and physical skillsets then attempted to negotiate a tiled surface made The mobile unit utilized all the key elementsdesigned to significantly prevent incidences slippery by shoe covers. Participants negotiated of the stationary simulator at LANL suchand the severity of injuries. SRR’s rollout the runway of the simulator multiple times—the as the overhead trolley/harness system andof their basic Strength and Control module first pass was attempted using a normal gait the slippery walking surface, but specialized(designed to target strains/sprains), was which resulted in numerous slips that would enhancements made by SRR included:strongly embraced by the workforce as highly have resulted in falls if not for the fall protection • The use of a portable video camera andinstructive and valuable, particularly dueto the high level of hands-on participant Outside of slip simulator training unit 42 inch monitor as well as a large Mylar®involvement in the learning process. Thebroad success of the initial module led tothe rollout of the MoveSMART® Balancemodule aimed at slips/trips/falls. Thetechniques introduced in the MoveSMART®modules paved the way for application of themobile slip simulator.Leadership Attribute #2Leaders in safety recognize something valuableused by others and implement it or model it tomeet a specific need.28 THE LEADER

Slips, trips and falls are support for the process by not only participating SRR employee using the mobilea leading cause of in the training, but also allowing his training slip simulatorinjuries in the workplace. experience to be videotaped. Excerpts from thatApproximately 25,000 video were later used in his monthly video messagesuch injury events occur to employees, where he encouraged them to takedaily, representing over 65 advantage of this creative learning opportunity.percent of all lost work daycases in the United States Conclusion mirror to allow for self-monitoring of The mobile simulator provides an opportunity posture and implementation of techniques for one-on-one interaction between the as the participant negotiates the runway. instructor and the student that offers• The use of modified shoe covers. Strap-on personalized feedback on behaviors while shoe covers that were originally equipped negotiating the slippery surface. It also enables to facilitate walking on icy surfaces, were workers to employ the MoveSMART® Balance modified to accommodate small furniture techniques in a “safe” environment—they sliders. The modified shoe covers, in can experience the sensation of a slip and fall conjunction with the tile floor and the without the consequences and are also able to application of spray furniture polish, see and feel how employing those techniques resulted in an ultra-slippery surface. The can actually benefit them in a slippery situation. modified shoe covers were eventually awarded a U.S. patent. The mobile slip simulator is not a silver Studies have shown that retention of bullet that forever eliminates slip, trip andtraining significantly increases when the trainee fall injuries. It is, however, another tool inactively engages in learning the materials. The the SRR safety toolbox that, when used atcombination of the MoveSMART® Balance the right time and in the right way, can havetraining and the mobile slip simulator was a a positive impact on total safety efforts.logical step to provide opportunities to put thoseMoveSMART® slip, trip and fall reduction REACHING OUT | Compact Crawlertechniques into practice without risk of injury.As the SRR workers used the simulator, the Boom Liftsprinciples and techniques in the MoveSMART®Balance module were reinforced. ’Leadership Attribute #3 , ,Leaders in safety share with others. Just as LANL openly shared their . Introducing the new X500AJ and X600AJ JLG® Compact Crawler boom lifts, featuringgeneration of the slip simulator, SRR 500 lb unrestricted working envelope, fork lift pockets andconveyed the availability of the mobile unit to lifting hooks. Learn more at sites, and as a result, the unit has beenutilized on two separate occasions; once inOak Ridge, TN, and another time in Detroit,MI. Instructional materials were prepared inadvance and packaged with the simulator toallow for a turnkey operation as it is relocatedfrom site to site.Leadership Attribute #4Leaders in safety work strategically withcompany executives to publicize their supportof safety initiatives. The SRR president at the time of the mobileslip simulator rollout demonstrated his personaljlg421-34CompCrwlr-upppaD1.indd 1 10/2/14 T1H:4E3 PLMEADER 29


THE BUILDING A CULTURE REQUIRES PLANNING, ACCOUNTABILITY AND VISIBILITY Put your passion for safety into practice with visible commitment. The secret to building a winning culture begins with you! When individuals model a passion and conviction to achieve zero injuries, organizations excel in safety. No matter where you fit into an organizational chart, you influence those around you, and this translates to a winning culture. L eaders have to make their commitment visible. You have to know how you will train workers, A personal dedication to safety does not exist if analyze work, adapt to changing conditions and one does not display commitment with visible, control risks in all phases of the work. Consistent consistent action. Your actions are a reflection of what planning visibly shows the workforce the level of you believe about safety. commitment that management places on achieving a safe and healthy outcome. I want to offer three techniques that organizations can incorporate to visibly exhibit commitment and build your Workers and managers in successful safety cultures safety culture. Your commitment will not exist without develop specific safety and health plans and back- consistent and visible reinforcement of each technique. up plans that help execute work safely and help mitigate catastrophes. A thorough plan minimizes the Technique #1: Project Planning pressure to take shortcuts that lead to injuries, and a comprehensive plan sets the safety expectations for A true injury-free culture applies visible management the project. A good safety and health plan provides commitment through consistent methods of defenses for known hazards, anticipates the unknown execution. Preparation enables the work group to and answers questions before someone has to ask. adjust to the unexpected and react with precision. THE LEADER 31

Consistent planning Technique #2: Measured and participation in the process. The records will visibly show the Accountability become a performance measurement. The workforce the level process of accountability provides for a of commitment that A strategic system to evaluate people will perfect opportunity to instill expectations, management places drive improvement and instill accountability. urgency and discipline into your program. on achieving a safe A scorecard gives you a method to integrate and healthy outcome. urgency into an individual’s daily expectations. If your organization does not keep detailed individual scores for safety, you will32 THE LEADER What does it mean to “hold” someone experience an adjustment period when you accountable for safety and to “keep score” on introduce the idea. I learned this lesson the their performance? This is often a deficient hard way. part of safety programs because leaders wait until something bad happens before they At a previous employer, I developed feel the need to hold anyone accountable. a scorecard that tracked management A negative event is already too late to hold participation in four categories. I tracked someone accountable for safety. The answer audit participation, safety team support, is simple: set standards for people, measure safety meeting completion and safety the results and either recognize or discipline procedure reviews. Each supervisor based on the findings. Do all this routinely and manager had responsibilities and I and consistently. documented their performance. I gave them a score for each item and I rolled up the For example, if audits are required, scores into a final score. Then, I stack-ranked track audit participation and measure the each leader from the best to the worst. I quality of audits. If your organization values highlighted the top ten percent in green and sustained corrective action, track the number the bottom ten percent in red. of repeat observations on each audit. If your program requires supervisors to perform After the report was complete, I preshift safety meetings, track the quality distributed the report to the leadership team. The process sounds reasonable, right? The score showed who followed through with their responsibilities and who did not. That is the type of accountability you need because it tells you who deserves a reward and who needs urgent “motivation.” After all, safety is a condition of employment. You have to know the score, and the score has to mean something. My plant manager was in the red! The system was awesome because it measured management commitment with visible tools that have been proven over time to drive safety success. The backlash was predictable. When my plant manager reviewed the results, he came to my office in a bad mood. He was not happy and my scorecard had a short lifespan. Somehow, I managed to keep my job. Where did I go wrong? My mistake was that I did not communicate the purpose and intent of the scorecard well, and I embarrassed important people. In reality, my plant manager always supported safety and I enjoyed working for him, but I failed to properly explain the rules of the game. The moral of the story is that you have to develop your scorecards as a team to gain the greatest value. The goal, of course, is for leaders to embrace measurement techniques and play to win. The prize is a quality of life for your employees.

Technique #3: Conclusion ReferenceStrategic Visibility Visible management commitment is the Principle to Practice by David G. Lynn, CSPWhen is safety commitment real? cornerstone to building a successful safetySafety commitment does not exist without culture, and it is a mark that distinguishes a DAVID G. LYNN, CSP, is vice president ofvisibility. The commitment becomes real culture. Our words and actions project our Signature Services, a division of Life & Safetywhen leaders develop obsessions about commitment, and we have to ask ourselves Consultants. He is also professional speaker,critical safety processes. Leaders can difficult questions requiring honest reflection published author and improvement strategistdemonstrate their conviction in strategic on our approach to safety. These reflections are with 20 years of experience. David hasways. Where do you spend your time? The important to discovering a true commitment authored books such as Principle to Practicemost critical point you need to remember to safety. All of our actions and the techniques and Strategic Safety Plan. Both books helpabout strategic visibility is that it does not we implement, represent a footprint for safety. readers develop execution plans that put VPPhave to cost money. Your presence in the We project an image, whether we like it or principles to practice. David utilizes theseright safety-related processes demonstrates not. How would your coworkers describe your proven principles to help clients achieve theirwhat is important to you. Employees have to focus on safety? You have opportunities every safety goals. For resources and assistance, yousee your obsession! day to demonstrate you believe an injury-free can go to or www. culture is possible. For example, new employees form opinionsin the first couple of hours they are onsite.This is a perfect opportunity for site managersto set the safety tone by meeting with them.Take the opportunity to communicate safetyexpectations in person. Intentional interactionwith employees during safety meetings, pre-job meetings and audits, show an employeethat safety is important to you. Ask safety-related questions. Workers know your interestby the questions you ask. When leadersbalance management participation withdecisive action, they visibly demonstrate thatsafety is important.Sample questions you can ask:1. What are the critical steps in your job?2. What is the worst thing that could happen?3. How do you prevent the “worst” thing from happening?4. How can I help you prevent a potential injury?5. Do you feel like you get the proper safety training?6. Do you feel like you get the proper instructions to perform tasks safely?7. Do you feel comfortable stopping work if a hazard is present?8. How do people around you demonstrate their commitment to safety?9. Do you have the appropriate tools to complete your work safely?10. Do you believe that all incidents (injuries, near misses, first aid, etc.) can be prevented?11. Is there anything safety-related you would like for me to evaluate?12. If you could make one safety improvement, what would you do? THE LEADER 33


VSPAPFEETXYCGERLLAEDNUCAETEINSChristopher Colburn, Ken Sicard, Maryann Hartman, Congratulations to the inaugural class of theJohnathan Dyer, David Childs, Kyle Kirkpatrick. NotPictured: Christopher George, Albert Almanza University of Alabama at Birmingham’s VPPChristopher Colburn, Pam Roe Excellence In Safety Certificate Program! These individuals truly personify leadership as the first class to complete this online, VPPPA endorsed, safety education program designed to equip safety leaders with the tools they need to achieve their maximum potential in pursuit of VPP approval. W hen asked about the program, Maryann Hartman of American Airlines wrote, “We have begun our mission to establish world-class safety excellence here at American Airlines; reaching VPP Star status is the goal set for our maintenance bases. The VPP Excellence in Safety Certificate Program at UAB has allowed us to begin on solid footing. The curriculum is set to steer students from the history of VPP, through the application process and into the continuous improvement programs needed to sustain their new rating. While that information has proved valuable, the interaction with other students provides insight on how companies have successfully made this journey; something that typically comes through experience. Best of all, a student will find instructors do not shut their classroom doors when the course is complete; support and information are always readily available, proving safety is not a career—it is a passion.” THE LEADER 35

member spotlightBrenda Wiederkehr Brenda has been for OSHA, John Tomich, was What are you hoping to accomplish a VPPPA member considering closing it down. He had as the newly elected chairperson of since 2002 and talked with John and asked if we Region II? is currently the could have a shot at reviving it. He vice president at came to her with a list of contacts VPP is designed to partner with the business Access Health and asked her to do the reviving. world to promote the goals of health and Systems and the Brenda agreed, and she and her safety in the workplace as a partner with Owner of Access team immediately began calling, OSHA. VPPPA represents those organizations Compliance. writing and networking. Their efforts that have reached a level of performance In 1992, after serving four years proved successful; attendance resulting in recognition in the VPP. I would active duty in the U.S. Army and rapidly climbed to over 100 people like to emphasize a shift in our activities a subsequent eight years in the for the meetings. from one of sharing our best practices and Reserves, Brenda was hired at our common interests, to an emphasis on Access Health Systems, one of the Brenda went on to get a college outreach and drawing in individuals in early, true occupational medicine degree as well as specialized the health and safety community, not only practices in the capital district. She training. Dr. Silverman brought her business entities. I believe that if we can worked with Dr. Warren Silverman, into the NYS DOL Code Rule 59 and stimulate an interest in attaining higher levels a board certified occupational 60 projects. “Before I knew it, I knew of involvement and performance, we will have medicine specialist, to promote the a lot. I went to Dr. Silverman one day a much bigger impact for the workers and the practice and the health and safety and told him that it was my lifelong employers of our region. While mentoring has of the workforce. wish to have my own business, and always been one such mechanism, I believe that safety was what it should be. that now is the time to show the general One day, Dr. Silverman came to her He had incubated other businesses business world what we, as VPPPA member with a challenge. He had been to in risk management before, and sites, are so proud of. an OSHA Federal Health and Safety he agreed to support me. Since Council meeting, which he said had then I have been building Access Many people in this industry “fell into” an excellent set of lectures, a great Compliance. It grew strong enough safety and health by accident only to faculty, but only five attendees. He to be on its own, a totally woman realize how much they loved the EHS said the regional district manager owned, veteran owned entity.” field. How did your career in safety start?36 THE LEADER I have been in the safety field for what seems like my entire life. Growing up in a small farming town in the Midwest, where injuries or death affected the whole community, I was aware at a young age of the dangers faced in the working world. After completing high school, I served in the United States Army for four years, United States Army Reserves for eight years, and in 1992 moved into the occupational medicine and health and safety field. Throughout my formative years and career, I have witnessed how safety, no matter where you are, at home, school or work, is one of the most important elements of ensuring a healthy life, not just for yourself, but all who come into contact with you. I believe safety impacts the individual, the family and the community. I really believe that by providing access to valuable information and sharing the knowledge and insight acquired through our own experiences and training, we can help to prevent accidents, injuries and unsafe situations and environments.

How did you get involved in VPPPA? could pass a VPP inspection, but, I think it It has brought me togetherOur involvement with the Capital District is absolutely wonderful. I feel that they have with wonderful, caringSafety and Health Council, led us to a strong learned how to analyze and prepare for real and intelligent peopleworking relationship with the regional world situations, from root cause analysis to who really do somethingOSHA office. As we watched large employers wearing appropriate protective gear. important. I would stronglycome to partner with OSHA as VPP sites, encourage, and I have,we asked if a small medical practice could As far as my professional life, I recall people to get into thisalso do the same. We could and we did, the point at which I decided to develop an field and make it theirbecoming the first outpatient medical expertise in this arena. It was a life changing livelihood.facility in the U.S. to achieve VPP Star site decision and I have never looked back. Itstatus. Obviously, when VPPPA became a has brought me together with wonderful, expansion with regard to urgent care-freeviable option, I was there, front and center, caring and intelligent people who really standing operations. These facilities offermentoring sites and promoting VPP as a do something important. I would strongly occupational health services, but often doproud VPP Star site in 2003. encourage, and I have, people to get into this not provide proper oversight to ensure full field and make it their livelihood. compliance with various standards. We all areWhat role are you playing or hoping competing for finite resources, and decisionsto play, in shaping the organization Do you have any particular are often made on price a whole? accomplishment within AccessOver the years, through our involvement Compliance or VPPPA that you are The stagnation of the economy has posedwith OSHA and workplace health and safety, most proud of? another challenge. Organizations have learnedI have watched as each administration has I have assembled a team of professionals that to do more with less and have implementedstruggled with the idea of safety and health will give Access Compliance a competitive reductions in force initiatives. Many companiesthrough punitive means, such as intense advantage. If your company has a problem to have cut back on investing in their safety andinspection and penalty, versus the VPP solve, we can help. By integrating safety training, health systems. The tide is turning, however,concept of promoting cultural and ethical compliance and occupational health into one as many companies recognize the benefits ofincentives, by emphasizing the true rewards of convenient package, we can develop a safety and reducing workplace injuries on their bottomdedicating time, energy and resources to the health system your employees deserve. lines. In order to differentiate our services fromprotection of the worker. those of our competitors, we have made superior Safety has traditionally been dominated customer service and product availability a As those people who align with the by men. Our affiliation with the National priority. For example, most urgent care facilitiesobjectives of OSHA, I believe that we do Association of Women in Construction can offer FIT testing; we can perform yournot have to wait, passively watching how (NAWIC) has provided resources for women physical, give you a FIT test, write your programadministrative emphasis changes. I would to develop or enhance safety and health and train your to greatly expand the visibility of those systems, and I am proud to contribute to thiswho represent the gold standards of the safe aspect of the educational process for women Have you always had the resourcesworkplace and get the message out to even the who are also interested in the safety field. and support that you have needed tosmallest employer that this works! Everyone We have also actively partnered with various accomplish your safety goals?stands to benefit. We, as the members of associations like ASSE (American Society I have worked with the safety and health staffVPPPA, are in a great position to blow this of Safety Engineers), Capital District Safety members of some of the largest companies in thehorn and I hope to work with the excellent Council and the Federal Motor Carriers world, and I cannot think of one that can say thatpeople within the organization to get these Association, to share best practices and they had all the resources and support that theymessages out there. promote safety in the workplace. needed to accomplish the goals. Each employee, line worker or president, is a resource, and untilDo you feel like being a member What are some of the challenges that each and every one of them makes the goals ofof VPPPA has helped you in your you face at Access Health that are VPP and VPPPA their own, we cannot rest withprofessional and/or personal life? unique to your industry or site and how the other tools we have.This question makes me laugh, because I do you overcome those?am the mother of a house filled with young The Affordable Care Act has fundamentallyboys. My kids have been brought up with changed the delivery of health care servicesthe teachings of workplace health and safety, in the United States. There are very fewand I would bet anything that our home independently owned practices dedicated to occupational health. Hospitals have initiated THE LEADER 37

member spotlightEach employee, lineworker or president, is aresource, and until eachand every one of themmakes the goals of VPPand VPPPA their own, wecannot rest with the othertools we have. What are some of the positive safety Michael, Hans and Lars). In fact, he stops between management and labor is critical. trends you have seen over the past at the office sometimes, when he knows it is The best resource will always be vested several years? going to be a late night so the boys can see me in labor. The empowerment of labor to Increased enforcement has forced companies before bedtime. I am busy managing Access promote meaningful change through to be more proactive in identifying hazards Health Systems as well as developing my own proactive participation will enhance the and implementing control measures to business through Access Compliance; it has execution of the safety and health system. reduce risk. General contractors will take the been a rewarding challenge. Fortunately, I Management must be willing to relinquish a initiative to review experience ratings and have surrounded myself with good people. certain amount of control to meet this end. compliance histories. Do not get me wrong, it does get complicated Management must provide the resources being pulled in so many directions trying to and must practice what they preach at all Companies are beginning to make the balance my family (including taking care of levels. Special attention must be placed on connection between direct and indirect costs my aging father), and work. middle management so that no corners are related to workplace injuries. Companies are cut in favor of productivity. Safety must be more willing to utilize outside contractors to Who inspires/inspired you? Who have you embedded in all processes and not treated as a augment existing capabilities. For example, it looked to for guidance over the years? secondary objective. may be more cost effective to contract industrial For 22 years (that is half my life!), I have had the hygienists for monitoring rather than fund privilege to work with Dr. Warren Silverman. He What legacy would you like to leave either capability in house. Also, emerging technologies, recognized my passion for safety and encouraged at your company, or at VPPPA? like nanotechnology, are incorporating safety into me to complete my master’s degree in public I want the VPPPA to be a showcase for the the process rather than viewing it as an add-on. health with a concentration in environmental workers and employers of the United States. science. I don’t want to ever stop learning or The place to see how to do it right. The place to Are you starting to see new safety issues growing. Warren worked around my schedule find the protocols, the written policies and the that need to be addressed that did not to obtain various certifications. As the business experts creating best practices. The zone where exist in previous years? expanded, he promoted me to vice president to workers and employers can step inside the culture Oh, definitely. The biggest looming shift is due run the day-to-day operations of the practice. of workplace safety and bask in the benefits and to the changing workforce, with the aging worker I also wanted to branch out in a different good feelings. and the increasing proportion of women workers. direction; I wanted to pursue the safety, training We used to speak of those issues as on the and compliance side, different than the medical At Access Health Systems and Access horizon, but our worker compensation doctors surveillance part. I convinced Warren that it Compliance, we will focus on being a one stop can tell you, they are here! Other issues are the would be better served by splitting the company resource for all your occupational safety and new technologies as our industries learn to deal out to have two. In 2006, Access Compliance was health needs. At Access, you will find the no with nanoparticles, new chemical and biological born. As a mentor and friend, Warren has had a nonsense, no compromise, right way to train and hazards, security issues, etc. The workplace is profound impact on my life. protect the employee, and the tools to assess the constantly changing and we must change with it. workplace, where it is, where it is going and how What is the one lesson or piece of to get there. Has your family played a role in your advice you would like to offer your peers safety agenda at work, interest in regarding your experiences? Our affiliates will continue to develop services the implementation and further The safety and health system is only as that will meet the needs of industry. As new development of safety education or in strong as your weakest link. In order to technologies are introduced we will work hard to other aspects of your personal life? promote a safety culture, collaboration maintain a level of expertise. We will accomplish I have a tremendous amount of support from this by hiring talent that will embrace change and family and friends. My husband is by far my keep current with regulations. biggest cheerleader. I work very long hours (not all the time but enough and he keeps the boys going. I have three beautiful boys:38 THE LEADER

infographic corner Between 1997 and 2011, when the number of businesses in the33% United States increased by 34%,of an executive’s the number of women-time is spent owned firms increased byrespondingto crises or 50%problems. —a rate 1½ times the69% national average.of business Slips, trips and falls are a leadingleaders say it's cause of injuries in the workplace.important Approximately 25,000to have a mentor. such injury events occur As of 2011, it is 65%daily, representing over estimated that of all there are over lost work8.1 million day cases in the United States, and resulting inwomen-ownedbusinesses in the United 95 millionStates, generating nearly lost work day cases$1.3 trillion in annually.revenues and employing THE LEADER 39nearly 7.7 million people.

member info cornerVPPPA’s Got Talent S ing your way to VPPPA’s 31st Annual The rules and requirements to enter this • No nudity, alcohol, firearms or bad language National Conference! VPPPA’s Got competition are as follows: may be shown or heard in the audition clip Talent is a new competition to showcase • Participants must be a member in good our members’ singing skills at the 31st Annual • Must be 18 years or older National VPPPA Conference in Grapevine, standing of VPPPA and located within the • Must be a U.S. citizen TX, Aug. 24–27, 2015! For the first time, continental U.S. VPPPA will be taking auditions from our • The contest is for solo performances only, The winner will receive a complimentary members to sing the National Anthem during not groups or duets conference registration, lodging at the Gaylord the opening general session at the Gaylord • Introduce yourself by including your Texan and round-trip airfare to the conference. Texan. Submit a clip via YouTube, Dropbox member number and contact information at Submit entries and questions to membership@ or CD, by Nov. 23, 2014, to be considered. the beginning of your audition video or contact the Membership Members will vote for the top five finalists • Participants must have permission from their Department at (703) 761-1146. Good luck! through the VPPPA YouTube account, and companies to enter the competition and the winner will be determined by who has the attend the conference Renew Your VPPPA Membership most likes at the end of the voting period. • Submissions are the property of VPPPA after • Submissions: Sep. 15–Nov. 23 they have been entered and may be used for It’s that time of year—your membership with • Finalists Chosen: Nov 23.–Jan. 5 promotional purposes VPPPA is up for renewal. Be on the lookout • Voting: Jan. 12–Feb. 23 • Song rendition must be either a cappella or for a letter containing an invoice, which will acoustic and must be no longer than 90 seconds hit your mailboxes in December. Renewing40 THE LEADER your membership can be done easily by visiting the VPPPA website, From the membership section of the website, you can opt to renew your dues. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the option that allows you to reset your password and follow the directions. Once logged in, you will be able to seamlessly renew your membership with VPPPA. Please note, you must know your site’s username and password to successfully log in. VPPPA would like to thank our members for their support over the past year. Member participation and dedication to the safety and health industry facilitated our association’s many accomplishments. We urge you to recommit your support to the association and to the safety and health industry by renewing your membership. Continue to reap the rewards of participation, renew your membership now! If you have any questions regarding your membership or dues, contact membership@ or call (703) 761-1146. Those members who joined in 2014 will receive their invoice on their anniversary date.

infographic cornerCompanies that implement Organizationseffective safety and health with theprograms can expect highest quality leaders werereductions of 20% 12 times more likelyor greater in their injury/illness ratesand a return of to outperform their competition in key$46 for every $1 invested. bottom-line metrics such asResearch shows that the numberone area of company spending financial performance,is management and leadership quality of productstraining, accounting for and services, employee engagement and35 percent customer satisfaction.of all corporate training annually, When consideringtotaling approximately workplace falls,$24.5 billion. Forbes research most peopleon corporate talent shows that immediately think of falls from a height, yet, according to theglobal leadership gapscontinue to be the most 65%Bureau of Labor and Statistics,pressing issues on the of fall relatedminds of business and injuries occurHR leaders. as a result of falls from same level walking surfaces. THE LEADER 41

calendar of events VPPPA Contactsoctober december To reach the VPPPA National Office,Sept. 15–Nov. 23, 2014 Mid-December call (703) 761-1146 or visit www. To reach a particularVPPPA’s Got Talent Membership Renewals staff member, please refer to theSubmission Round contact information below. December 11, 2014Oct. 5, 2014–Jan. 16, 2015 R. Davis Layne Webinar: OSHA Recordkeeping [email protected] for 2015 Conference 1:00 p.m. EDT Senior AdvisorWorkshop Proposals january Sara A. Taylor, CMPnovember [email protected] Membership Benefits Mailing Marketing DirectorNov. 10–Dec. 8, 2014 Ext. 107 Jan. 12–Feb. 23, 2015VPPPA Facebook Contest Amanda Buckner VPPPA’s Got Talent Voting [email protected]. 21, 2014 Senior Conference Coordinator Ext. 112Member-Submitted Best PracticesDirectory Submission Deadline Sarah Neely [email protected]. 24, 2014–Jan. 5, 2015 Communications Manager Ext. 121VPPPA’s Got Talent Round Two Benjamin MassoudNovember 29, 2014 [email protected] Communications CoordinatorAd reservation deadline for winter Ext. 1172015 issue of The Leader Charlie Doss CROSSWORD ANSWERS FROM THE LAST ISSUE [email protected] ACROSS; 2. River located in National Harbor, MD (Potomac); 7. Location of Region IV’s 2015 Government Affairs Manager conference (Florida); 9. Number of fatalities to roadway workers who work on track in 2013 (Two); Ext. 113 14. Number of SGEs who attended the Region I conference (Twentyeight); 15. Texting and driving increases a driver crash risk by ___ times (Twentythree); 17. Three kinds of distracted driving: Tom Webb manual, cognitive and ____ (Visual); 18. Airline US Airlines merged with (American); 20. “Best [email protected] Practices When Implementing Online ____ Safety Training” Webinar (Mobile); 21. Motor vehicle Strategic Development & Member crashes are the number one cause of death for ____ (Teenagers); 23. Month of most recent VPPPA Services Manager congressional outreach (June); 25. Number of years Phil Walsh has worked with Ecolab (Three); Ext. 114 26. Percent of Americans who say they would bike more often in they had a safe place (Sixty); 27. One of the greatest culprits of annual cost of U.S. vehicle crashes (Speeding); DOWN 1. Established Jenna Shay various safety committees to provide advice on railroad safety matters (FRA); 2. Chemical to [email protected] prevent insect bites (Picardin); 3. These may begin to take on an expanded role in society through Member Services Coordinator the use of business deliveries (Drones); 4. Mosquito borne illness (Chikungunya); 5. New VPPPA Ext. 115 Government Relations Counsel (Malveaux); 6. Most inspectors walk or travel in hi-rail vehicles at maximum speed of ____ (Thirty) on CWR track; 7. Percentage of freight railroads move in the Laura S. Rotzler, CMP U.S. (Forty); 8. Percentage of bicycling every day in European cities (Fifty); 10. Most prevalent [email protected] geometry cause for track-caused accidents (Widegage); 11. Bicycle ____ teach basic bicycle Advertising & Sponsorship maintenance (Kitchens); 12. Soft tissue treatment for repetitive motion aches and pains (ART); Coordinator 13. Destination of National Harbor’s water taxi (Alexandria); 16. Chairperson of VPPPA Region IV Ext. 111 (Walsh); 19. Theme of The Leader’s autumn 2014 issue (Leadership); 21. Norovirus cases in the U.S. affect one in ____ people (Twelve); 22. Keynote speaker at the Region VII conference (Eaton); 24. Marianne Trinh Winner of VPP Outreach Award (Bayou); [email protected] Senior Accountant42 THE LEADER Ext. 106 Bryant Walker [email protected] Information & Data Analyst Manager Ext. 110

crossword puzzleFill out this crossword puzzle featuring clues on VPP, the 2 1association and content from this issue! Answers to this puzzle 8will appear in the winter issue of The Leader. Do not include 45spaces for multiple-word answers. To submit a crossword 10 7puzzle clue/answer in the next issue of The Leader, contact [email protected]. 9 3 13 6 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 24 22 23 25 2627 Across 19. _______ River Remediation , LLC, 8. Location of Region I, “The Best of the established at the initiation of the Northeast” Conference” 3. Owner of Access Compliance, Brenda liquid waste contract with the _______ government, in the summer of 2009 10. The “M” in MRO Products 11. State that welcomed in a new VPP 6. Recognizing something valuable and 20. Organization headquartered in enhancing it further, in order to meet a Geneva, Switzerland (abbreviation) Participant, Loven Contracting, Inc, particular need into the Star Program 22. Jess Lankford was recently appointed 13. NIOSH released a guide on improving 7. Rather than blame the individual as chief administrative officer of this sleep quality for these workers worker, leaders should seek to identify state’s OSHA section 15. NIOSH and OSHA released a _______ within the work system recommended practices document 24. Most common work injury types from for staffing agencies and host 9. Subject of the 2014 Voluntary 2009–2010 employers, in order to better protect Protection Programs Participants’ this type of workers Association Innovation Award—Mobile 25. Second technique for building a safety 17. New competition for 31st Annual _______ Simulator culture, Measured _______ National VPPPA Conference, VPPPA’s _______ 12. In response to problems such as 27. Name of the book/movie based on Keni 21. Maximum amount of a substance personal injuries and cardiovascular Thomas’ elite special operations unit allowed in the air. Permissable issues, Marathon Petroleum Company _______ limits developed this for their workers Down 23. Leadership is more of a _______ than an inherited trait 14. To reduce slips, trips and falls, 1. Percent of fall-related injuries that 26. Number of recognized VPP sites in the MoveSMART developed a occur as a result of falls from same- state of Washington _______ module level-walking surfaces THE LEADER 43 15. Duration, in years, of World 2. City in Texas where 31st Annual National Health Assembly Executive VPPPA Conference will be held Board members’ terms 4. Third technique for building a safety 16. The location of the school that culture, strategic _______ completed the VPP Excellence in Safety Certificate Program 5. Type of work site where Life Safety Solution was implemented 18. Cooperation across countries focusing on treatment and prevention, led to the eradication of this disease in 1979

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