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Schools L1_Oxford Read and Discover_Discover 1_ProQual

Published by mrs.waihninhlaing, 2022-02-25 10:44:13

Description: Schools L1_Oxford Read and Discover_Discover 1_ProQual


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Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 1

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning ProQual_Junior International Schools R i c h o r dN o r t h c o t t Introduction 3 1 Let'sGoto School 4 2 Buildings 6 3 AtSchool 8 4 InCloss L0 5 Lunchtime L2 6 Uniform L4 7 FreeTime L6 8 SchooTl rips L8 Activities 20 Project 28 P i c t u r eD i c t i o n o r g 30 AboutReadandDiscover 32 OXJ'ORD T'NIVERSITY PRESS [email protected] 2

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning OXTORD lntroduction UNIVERSITY PRESS GreatClarendonStreet,Oxford, ox2 6Dp, United Kingdom There ore schoolsqll qround Oxford University Pressis a departDrentof the University the world. There ore big schools ofOxford. It furthersthe Univesity's objectiveofexcellencein qnd little schools,new schools reseilch, scholanhip,and education by publishing worldwide. qnd old schools. Oxford is a registeredtrade mark ofOxford UniversityPress in the UKand in certainother countdes @Oxford University Press2012 The moral rights ofthe author havebeenasserted First published in 2012 2016 2o1S2014 2013zoTz 10987654327 No unauthorized photocopying All rights reseryed.No part ofthis publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system,or transmitted, in any fom or by any means,without tie prior pemission in witing of Oxford University Press,or asexpressly pemitted by law, by licenceor under terms agreedwith the appropriate reprogaphics rights organization.Enquiriesconceming reproduction outsidethe scopeofthe aboveshould be sent to the ELTRightsDepartment, Oxford University Press,at tie addressabove Youmust not circulate this work in any other form and you must imposeI his sameconditionon any acquirer Links to third party websites are provided by Oxford in goodfaith and for infomation only. Oxford disclaimsany responsibiLity for the materials contained in any third party website referencedin this work rsRN. 978o 19 4646277 AnAudio CDPackcontaining this book and a CDis also available,rsBN978o 19 4646976 The CD hasa choiceofAmerican and British Enelish recordingsofthe complete text. An accompanyhg Activity Book is also available, ISBN978o 194645482 Printed in China This book is printed on paperfrom certified and well-managedsources. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Is gour schoolbig or little? Is gour schoolnew or old? nh^r/atinnsrytKellyKennedyp.10;Alan Rowepp.20,21, 22, 2 3 ,2 4 , 2 5 , 2 6 ,2 7 , 2 9 ,3 0 , 3 7 . Now reodonddiscover m o r eo b o u ts c h o o l s ! ThePubLisherwsouldalsolik?to thankthefollwingfor their kind,pmissim to reproducephotogrqphsMd, othercoryight materiali lJamy pp.3 0nterfoto[ravel,ibig school Oman), 5 (LouiseMuuay/sledge,Simon Rawles/bike),6 (Bill Bachman),7 (NathanBenn/bigschoolKorea),8 (Heiner Heine/imagebroker),10 (Keith Dunemiller), 11 (Martir Shields/scienceclass),13 (Ymcov Shein/boatcanteen), 14 (, 5 (JeanSchweitzer/Peruschool), 16 (Ton Koene/Picturc Contact BV), 17 (Ardrew Woodley/ schoolgarden):Corbispp.3 (DavidBathgate/boatschool), 9 {MatthiasTunger/studentsoutside class),11 (AndersR}mani PEclass),15 (RogerRessmeyer/hardhat students),19(Louie Psihoyos);Getty lmages pp.7 (Bruno MorandiA.eportage/ open air schoolNepal),9 (CancanChu/GettylmagesNews/ cave school), 12 (Yellow Dog Productions,ffhe Image Bank), 13 (YellowDog Productions[he ImageBanlVchildreneating); Lonely Planet Imagesp.17 (KerenSu/schoolband);Oxford University Pressp.18;RexFeaturesp.4 (DesignPicsInc). ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 3

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning All qround the world, students go In the snow in Conodo, some to school.Some studentswolk to studentsgo to schoolbg sled.In school,qnd some go bU bus or bg Indio, some studentsgo to school troin. Some studentsgo bU bicgcle, bg rickshqw.How do gou go to qnd some go bU cqr. school? These students qre in the USA. Theg go to schoolbg bus. ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 4

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning Flere'so big school in o citg. Mong studentsgo to this school.It hqs o big schoolplogground.This school is in South I{oreq. F o rt h e s es t u d e n t si n N e p o L , t h e c o u n t r g s i diest h e i rs c h o o l ! Let's look ot schoolbuildings oround the world.This schoolis in Austrqliq.It's in the countrgside. It's q little school,but mong schools in Austrqliq ore big. ProQual_Junior International [email protected] Goto poge2Lforoctivities. 5

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning These students qre qt school.Theg fM meet their friends.Theg tqlk qnd theg ore hoppg. The students stond in the hollwog bg the door.The teocher soUS, Listen!Thot's the bell. Let's go to 'Hello, everuone.T' hese students the clossroom. hqve books ond notebooks.Cqn Uou seethem? No, Uou con't. Theg \" 1 \"li*\" - 'l ore in their bogs. '\\r)* - !$; ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 6

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning In the clossroom,the teochersouS, In some clqsses,studentshqve 'Sit down,pleose.Open Uour computers.Do uou hqve computers Englishbooks.'It's qn Englishcloss. in Uour clqssroom? The teocherhqs o picture.ShesoUS, In phgsicol educqtion clqsses, '\\)7hot'sthis?'One studentsouS,'It's studentsrun, iump, qnd plqU. o giroffe.' These girls ploU bosketboll in their phgsicol educqtion clqsses. P utup Uo ur h ondwh en [email protected] G ot o p o g e2 3f o r octi viti e s . Uouwo ntto spe okin clo s s . 7 ProQual_Junior International

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning .-t iti' t iltIt *fi * \"\\ The students sit down qnd eqt. Theg tqlk to their friends. 'How qre gou?' ... '$7hot'sUour fqvorite soccer teqm?' ... 'Do Uouhove ctcomputer?' O n es c h o oiln C o m b o d i oi so b o o t . Thecofeterioiso boot,too! At lunchtime, thesestudentsgo to the cqfeterio.The lunch lodg gives them food. Shepurs their food on o plote.The studentspur their plote on q trog qnd soU,'Thqnk Uou.' ProQual_Junior International [email protected] Go to p o g e2 4 fo ro cti vi ti e s. 8

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning These studentsin Peru weqr ct uniform, too. Evergoneweqrs q purple sweqterqnd q white shirt.The girls weqr o grou skirt qnd the bogsweqr grou pqnts. Studentsdon't weqr q uniform in evergschoolin Peru. These studentsin Chinq weqr o Do gou weqr q uniform? uniform. The girls weqr red ponts Thesestudentsin Iopon qnd the bogsweqr blqck ponrs. weoro hordhot.Their Evergoneweqrs q white shirt qnd schooitsneoro volcono. q red tie. Studentsdon't weqr o uniform in everg schoolin Chino. ProQual_Junior International [email protected] ) Gotopoge25foroctiv9ities.

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning FreeTirne Studentshqve free time qfter school, too. In someschools,there'so gorden.There o.reflowers qnd vegetoblesin the gcrden. Students help in the gorden qfter school. In someschools,there'sq bqnd. Studentsplog in the bqnd qfter school. Studentshqve free time in the dqu. Theg run in the schoolplogground or theg tqlk to their friends. Some studentsplog socceror bqsketbqll. These bogs qnd girls plqU soccerin their free time. ProQual_Junior International [email protected] * Goto poge26foroctivities. 10

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning Studentslike schooltrips. On these doUs,studentsdon't go to school. Theg go with their teqcherto o,zoo or o museum. The zoo is o fovorite schooltrip for mong students.Theg con see qnimqls qnd leqrn qbout them. These students con see qn otter. Museums ore o good schooltrip, too.These students ore in q greot museum.The museum hqs o dinosour skeleton! Studentsgo on greot schooltrips qnd theg leqrn mqnu new things. Theg leorn mqng new things with their teochersqt school.too. Thqnk Uou,teqchers! ProQual_Junior International [email protected] :, G ot o poge27for octivities. 11

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning Let'sGoto School Buildings $ Reodpages4-5. ffi ( Reodpoges6-7. I Findondwritethewords. t 1 Writetrueorfalse. d -b u 3 q I o @ L Mongschoo[isnAustroliorebig. 2 Studentisn SouthKoreodon't w o r s Le d Voqcot r goto school. dt zpheJ 3 Someschoolhsoveo school bt ro I nV omk c o r n p t oU gr o un d . 5 t bW o o q 4 Someschooldson'thovebuildings. b I c Uc t e W r i t et h e w o r d s . Completethe sentences. citg countrgsideploggroundsM bus schoot rt\" wolk ffi 1 A[toroundtheworld, students go school to schooL. & 2 Somestudents to schooL. 3 Somestudentgsobg 4 Howdo gougoto ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 12

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning rMwffiwfnosl & tmffi$wmw {'' Reodpoges8-9. {* ReodpogesL0-11. , Writethe words.Thenmotch. n Complettehesentences. 1 LuLe ffi books closses hove teocher t! L The s og s ,' S i td o w n ,p l e o s e . ' 2 9ob W 2 Thet e o c h esr o g s',O p e ng o u r 3 lsrocrmoe W 3 In someclossess,tudents c o mp u t e r s . I n ph g s i c oeLd u c o t i o n , students r un,ju m p ,o n dp l o U . 4 tqg\\/l.ol-l @ ,&, Writethewords. book bosketb[oL computer picture JUCirclethe correcwt ords. L Thestudentsstondin the friendslhol.l.wog. 2 Theteochersogs/ stonds',He[Loe,vergone.' 3 Thestudentshovebooks/ hollwogs. 4 T hebookso rein th eirdo or/ bogs . ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 13

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning ffimifroffffiiw$' rGD f ReodpogesL4-t5. hf X Writetrueorfalse. IK L Som es t u d e n t si n C h i n ow e o ro uniform. Md Studentws eoro uniformin everg s c ho oitn C h i n o . P 4t Som eg i r l si n P e r uw e o ro g r a g C o mp l e t et h e s e n t e n c e s . skirtof school. Studentsdon'tweoro uniformin gou plote food cofeterio I o p on . L At lunchtimes,omestudentgsoto the W r i t et h e w o r d s . 2 A lunchlod ggivesth em 3 Sheputstheirfoodon o f f i l q qsweoter shirt tie skirt 4 Thestudentssog,'Thonk L3 24 @ ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 14

HDiscover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning I FreeTime SchooTtrips ( ReodpogesL6-L7. $ Reodpoges18-L9. I Writethe words.Thenmotch. 1 Completethe sentences. 1 dbno @ onimoLs dinosuor leorn trips zoo 2 S6Cl'e9 ffi 1 Students|\"ikeschool 3 eIogvsefSs ffi 2 The iso fovoriteschootIrip. 4 lwo ref5 # 3 Studentsconsee of the zoo. 4 Som em u s e u m sh o v e skeLetons. 5 Students m o n gn e wt h i n g so n s c h o ot rI i p s . ff: Completethe puzzLe. ffi 4 @. Z Circlethe correcwt ords. zl rt [email protected] 1 Studentshovefreetime / pLogground 1-> a: i€ - s :< i:, I {1 lr inthedog. --' iri Y/ - ' L i ,;:r,1 2 Somestudentsto[kto theirsocce/r friends. 3 Somestudentshelpin the gordenofter ........i.....-... schoo[/ flowers. \\-> -i Somestudentsrun/ pLogin o bond. I 1I I i 'I i I ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 15

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning MySchool Drowondcoloro newuniformfor gour schoolW. riteoboutUouruniform. 1 Findor drow o pictureof f,F-\\l g o u rs c h o o [ . I A r- \\lrl 2 Writeoboutgourschool. | Aattt t l Whotisthenomeof gourschool? v\\ nt W h e r ei si t ? m- Y(ttf \\7 @----T- Howdogougoto schoot? W h o tc l o s so r eg o ui n ? The boyswearo whiteshirt Howmongstudentosrein gourcloss? The qirls weor Whotisthenomeof gourteocher? ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 16

Discover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning PictureDictionqry picture pLote pl.oUground schooL #qftf on i m o [ s bond bosketbLoL # boot buil,dings bus cofeterio shirt skirt soccetreom speok T c l o s s r o o mc o un t r g s i d e students sweoter teocher tie food h o[ [ w og sw# f\\ mffi wor[d neor ponts trog vegetobles voLcnoo (D @ ProQual_Junior International [email protected] 17

ffiDiscover 1 Oxford Read and Discover e-Learning 18 SeriesEditorH: azeGl eatches. CLILAdviserJ:ohnCtegg OxfordReadandDiscovegr radedreaderasreat sixlevelsf,orstudentfsrom age6 andotderT. heycovermanytopicswithinthreesubjecat reasa, ndsupport Engtisahcrossthecurricutumo,r Contenat ndLanguagIentegrateLdearnin(gCLIL). A v a i t a b tfeo r e a c hr e a d e r : . AudioCDPack(book& audioCD) . ActivityBook Teacihng notes& CLLI elt/teacher,/readnaddiscover \\subject TheWortd of Science TheNatural TheWorld of Arts \\rea & Technology World & S oci alS tudi es Level\\ @ Eyes € At the Beach \" Art Fruit * Camouflage \" Schools * In the Sky 300 Trees s YoungAnimats headwords Wheels @ o Etectricity . Earth t Cities . Ptastic a Jobs . Farms 450 . SunnyandRainy headwords r YourBody . IntheMountains . WildCats ffi HowWe MakeProducts , AmazingMinibeasts * FestivaAlsround S o u n da n dM u s i c theWortd ' Animalsin the Air 600 SuperStructures \" Lifein Rainforests . FreeTimeAround \" WonderfuWl ater theWortd headwords YourFiveSenses @ . Al[ AboutPlants . At[ AboutDesertLife . Animalsin Art . Howto StayHeatthy . Wondersof the Past \" At[ AboutOceanLife 750 . MachinesThenand Now r Animalsat Night headwordsn Why We Recycle r lncredibleEarth @ , Materiatsto Products AttAboutlstands H o m eAs r o u n d * MedicineThenandNow AnimaLl ifeCycles theWortd ExptorinOgurWorld 900 \" TransportatioTnhen GreaMt igrations OurWortdin Art headwords* andNow WitdWeather @ . Cetlsand Microbes r A[[AboutSpace . FoodAround . ClothesThenand Now . Caringfor OurPlanet theWortd 1,s00 . IncredibleEnergy . EarthThenand Now . HelpinAg round headwords . YourAmazingBody . WonderfulEcosystems thewortd Readerisn GRAYavailabt2e013 [email protected] ProQual_Junior International

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