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Jackson Boehme - Hospitality and Tourism

Published by cheryl.sanin, 2022-04-07 15:26:30

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Professional Basketball Player Jackson Boehme

A professional basketball player needs to be athletic and have basketball skills. They need to be physically fit and very skilled. The sport of basketball is very hard and intense, you also have to have basketball skills. Basketball is very hard so if you want to be a professional basketball player you will have to practice a lot.

Professional basketball player’s working condition are basketball courts. Games are held indoors and so are practices usually. You are inside with air condition so your working conditions are pretty nice. There are basketball courts outside but traditionally professional basketball is played and practice indoors. Which is pretty convenient for players because basketball is hard and you tend to sweat a lot so being in the air conditioning is very nice.

You need many skills for basketball. One of if not the most important one is athleticism. To be a basketball player you usually to be taller than the average height. You need to be tall because the hoop is 10 feet high and the taller you are the easier it is to score. You also need to be fast so you can move up and down the court quickly.

NBA players salary can range from 4-35 million dollars. Basketball players also get bonus’ for winning a championship. These can range from different amounts of money. NBA players are paid a lot of money. Some NBA players have made 100s of millions of dollars.

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