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Published by Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain, 2019-01-11 11:55:39

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Prerana AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOLInside this issue: The first and foremost teacher of a child is none other than his/Kathamrut 1 her parents. Their lullabies, stories, rhymes, teachings etc are Story telling for Grade 1Maths Special Assembly 2 truly cherished memories. Bhavans Al Ain is blessed to have They enjoyed the session and explored it in a fantastic way. Bhavans Al Ain is much talented parents who always stand with us in every ven- very proud to have numerous numbers of energetic parents who supports .ture to make it a grand success wholeheartedly in all our initiatives. Ms.Jisha Raju, the poetess, the writerMaths Quiz 3Social Science Assembly 4Science Assembly 5Science Quiz 6 The Stories RetoldBlue Star sports meet 7Water Bell 8Parent’s Corner5th Annual Day The parental teaching is new initiative taken by the school, 9 where parents become the teachers. Ms.Jisha Raju, the poetess, the writer and the mother of Badri Raj and Adhi Raj took the first story telling session in Malayalam for Grade 1 students 10 along with Dr.Seema,one among the most supporting parents of Bhavans Al Ain and the lovely mother of Thanishq Pankaj with a story in English. Prerana December 2018

Maths Special AssemblyWithout mathematics, there's nothing we can do. Every-thing around us is mathematics. Everything around us isnumbers.With the aim of sharing knowledge about the origin andthe importance of mathematics in one’s life, Maths de-partment conducted an assembly on 6th December at ourschool auditorium. dance with shapes by grade 1 and 2 Presentation with the net of solids by grade 8The assembly became very interesting and informative with the sun-dry performance of the students of various Grades. Jibin of Grade 8B lead the oath taking. Students from Grades 1 and 2 presented anelegant dance about shapes, whereas Grade 4 students demonstrat-ed a skit to share the knowledge aboutBODMAS.Skit using BODMAS will be done by grade 4 The assembly became more informative through the presentation given by grade 8 and 9 students about the net of solids and great Mathematicians respectively. Prerana December 2018

Ramanujan Interhouse Quiz The Mathematics Department of our school conducted a Mathematics quiz based on various fields of Mathematics. The quiz was hosted by Mr.Ratheesh (Quiz Master), who introduced all the students to the topics involved and discussed about the importance of Mathematics. The quiz was mainly divided into three rounds, 1. The Elimination Round, 2. The general mathematical skills round 3. Individual proficiency round. The second round was the General Mathematical skills round which tested the students in the advanced concepts of mathematics ranging from algebra to calculus. The final round was the individual proficiency round which tested the capability of each student in a team. This round consisted of questions with a value of 10 points. This round decided the winners of the competition.The quiz started out with a general exercise to reduce tension and kickedinto high gear from early own, with the beginning of The EliminationRound. The students were asked questions that tested there generalawareness and logic. These questions tested the basic concepts of stu-dents in mathematics. The Elimination Round wrapped with 15 questions, The ATHENA HOUSE BOYS came out victorious followed by the VENUS HOUSE BOYS and then the JUPITER HOUSE BOYS. All the students actively took part in this quiz competition and they gained new knowledge about Mathematics. It inculcated a mathematical fervour within the students and encouraged them to take up challenging mathematical problems to test their capabilities . Prerana December 2018

Social Science AssemblySocial studies is the integrated study of multiple fieldsof social science and the humanities, including history,geography, and political science. Very informative skit was presented by the students showing how the continents were formed.A special assembly was conducted by the Department of SocialStudies on Sunday 9th December 2018 to analyze the importanceof Social Studies and to understand how continents wereformed. The students also presented about the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans through a song.The assembly started with the demonstration of Big Bang Theory.Students from all the cycles were part of this presentation. It wasindeed a visual treat through which the children shared theirknowledge in an interesting way. Prerana December 2018

Science Special AssemblyNature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. To spreadawareness among students to care the mother earth and theimportance of science, the science department conducted a spe-cial assembly on 10th December at school auditorium.Students from cycle 1, 2 and 3 enthusiastically participated in this The demonstration given by grade 2 students about the internalprogramme. Henry Raiju of Grade 7 B read the latest science news. organs in our body was very informative. The song sung by Grade 8Students of Grade 1 performed a role play to show the importance students about the Lab rules was a variety performance.of plants in our daily life.Grade 3 and 4 children came up with the inventions done by few The activity done by Grade 10 students to show the sciencescientists in science. Grade 5 presented values and competences behind the scenes became magical. Students were anxious tothey gained through the presentation. watch the programmes from the beginning till end. Through this assembly they touched all the major parts of science and shared their knowledge among students. Prerana December 2018

Blue Star Inter UAE Sports MeetBlue Star – Al Ain is one of the most successful expatriate Indian as- The Following Students won the Medals in Athleticssociations in the garden city of Al Ain. Working under the umbrellaof the Indian Social Centre – Al Ain, the organization is committed to JOHAN JOS K.G 2 A SILVER MEDALS IN 25the Indian community in Al Ain. PRAGNA REDDY K.G 1 D M RACE KRISHNAPRIYA P VINOD GRADE 1 C Among the major activities of the organization, the annual mega BROWNS MEDALS IN sports festival – Blue Star Family Sports Festival, conducted every EVAN VINOD THOMAS GRADE 1 E 25 M RACES year in commemoration of the UAE National day, stands out. Al- JEINARAYAN SRIDHAR GRADE 2 A most four thousand athletes and sports aficionados participate in MAHADEVAN JAYAGHOSH GRADE 2 B GOLD MEDALS IN this mammoth festival, usually held at the most modern facilities SIYA GAUR GRADE 6 A COLLECTING THE of the UAE University stadium, in Al Ain. There are track and field SHAFA SHANIB GRADE 6 A CRYSTAL BALL events for all age groups. SILVER MEDALS IN 50 M RACE SILVER MEDALS IN 50 M RACE GOLD MEDALS IN 50 M RACE GOLD MEDALS IN AIMING THE TARGET SILVER MEDALS IN AIMING THE TARGET AARON VINOD THOMAS GRADE 9 A SILVER MEDALS IN AARON VINOD THOMAS GRADE 9 A 100 M RACE BROWNS MEDALS IN 100 M RACE The 21st edition of Inter UAE family sports festival 2018 was conducted at Al Ain, where in the students as well as parents of Bhavans got a greater opportunity to perform in various events and bagged prizes. It was a proud moment for the Bhavans family. Students of Bhavans Al Ain received the trophy for the best performance in the events con- ducted. Prerana December 2018

Water Bell It was noted that students as well as adults are falling sick due to lack of wa- ter in their body. Our body is everything for us, so prime importance should be given to our body itself. So together with Health and Wellness club , Bhavans Al Ain introduced a new campaign called, Water Bell. The Objective behind this is to ensure that students drink enough WATER dur- ing school hours. Two special bells will be ringing for the same , wherein all the members present in the school shoulddrink water.The great thought received much appreci-ation from the parents. Bhavans Al Ainalso feel proud to introduce activities tocare everyone of Bhavans family. Water Bell in School - Health and Wellness Prerana December 2018

5th Annual Day CelebrationsBhavan’s Al Ain’s successful growth reached to its’ fifth year.The family of Bhavan’s celebrated its 5th Annual Day at the campuswith much splendor and joy. Vice- chairman of Bhavan’s Middle East, Mr. Sooraj Ramachandran, also marked his presence at the joyful day of the school. Principal, Dr.Bhavna Gupta shared the successful completion of the school by reading the Annual Report. Dr. Mathew, representing parents deliv- ered the felicitation. Special prizes for the students for their achievements in various levels and the overall champions of the academic year was also honored at the function.The occasion was graced with the presence of the Chief Guest Dr. MohammedJamali, Deputy Head-Assistant professor Health & medical Science, KhwarizmiInternational College, Al Ain, along with his wife and the guest of honor Mr.Anand Krishna Swamy, Managing Trustee, Adi Sankara Institute of Engineeringand Technology.The event was witnessed by a large crowd including Various cultural programmes were chained with the themeparents, students and all well-wishers. ‘LOKAH SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTU’. t was really a memorable day in the history of Bhavan’s Al Ain. The event started with a thematic dance based on BIG BANG Theory, where in different continents were formed at the end of the dance. Prerana December 2018

5th Annual DayThe migratory birds came dancing and through them the whole events were It was really a mesmerizing vision for the viewers. Life streaming of the eventconnected each other. Students presented stunning performances in different was also done for all the Bhavans lovers to witness the mega event. It was yet another remarkable day in the history of Bhavans Al Ain..styles depicting different nation’s culture Prerana December 2018

Nature has many wonders and among them are our chil- Mr. Swaminathan and Lalitha Swaminathan, parents ofdren. Children are more precious as they are a family’s fu- Sharmila Swaminathan grade 6Ature, a nation’s future and over all they are “Future Shapers”of our society. Let us help our children by incorporating moral values, self- esteem, self-respect & beliefs. Let us guide our children andFrom the moment a baby is born the wonder continuous; they will create a world full of harmony, peace, progress andwhen they crawl, walk, learn cycling, etc., it is a delight to a greener world.see them learn and grow. HATS OFF to our Children!Today’s children are multi-talented and have very high de- Let us hold them Now!gree of knowledge and they are very informative. We will bepuzzled the way they use modern gadgets like smart phone, They will hold this world “For Ever”.music systems, camera, etc., till is due to high degree of self-learning and focused observation.Recently during this academic year winter break (Dec 2018 –Jan 2019) a well-known hyper market outlet organized“Learn-Play-Grow” for children to show-case their talents.This event took place for a week in the evening; the re-sponse was so high from kids eventually each day the ses-sion ended at 1am early morning.Today’s children need recognition and moral support fortheir initiatives. They need encouragement and a simple“Pat at the shoulder” by parents, teachers, and elders willmake them to do and create wonders. Prerana December 2018

Competencies New year week Special Assembly French RepublicAssembly Day Celebration English Special Assembly Prerana December 2018

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