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November 19

Published by Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain, 2020-02-06 04:12:55

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Prerana AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL Vol:6 Issue: 6 November, 2019 The Glimpse of ASIS 48th UAE NATIONAL DAY A DAY FILLED WITH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR UAE UAE National day with setting up of UAE pavilion MY NUTSHELL great serenity and re- spect on the 27th No- displaying food, culture and UAE FLAG DAY tradition of UAE were con- UAE NATIONAL DAY vember, 2019 on the field. The UAE NATIONAL DAY EVENT AT SHK.ZAYED LIBRARY entire campus was beautifully ducted by children to mark UAE NATIONAL DAY EVENT AT AL AIN DAIRY FARM decorated with colours of UAE the day. Children enjoyed CULTURAL PRESENTATION AT BALADIYA the day while getting ac- CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS flag. Students showed their FIELD TRIP love and respect towards the quainted with the culture GLOBAL CONCLAVE nation and the UAE flag and heritage of the UAE and NATIONAL ANTI BULLYING WEEK their hearts filled with love YOU FEST COMPETITION through a flag formation. SANTHWANAM-YOUTH FEST 2019 Wearing t-shirts in the colours and respect towards the ECO CLUB WORKSHOP CAT4 EXAMINATION WORKSHOP of the UAE flag – green, white country and its leaders. IBT EXAMINATION and red and black, they as- DEAR TIME sembled excitedly in the SPELL BEE COMPETITION BIRTHDAY OF PROPHET MOHAMMED school ground. Children en- SUBJECT CORNER joyed and had a great experi- UPCOMING EVENTS ence in forming the UAE Flag. Page 1 Along with this various activi- ties like UAE flag DAY RAISE IT UP HIGH … TO KEEP IT UP HIGH The UAE Flag, a symbol Mr Sadiq hoisted the Nation- of pride, loyalty and belongingness was raised al Flag in the presence of with ceremonial zeal and the senior management gusto at Bhavans’ Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain on No- team, staff and students vember 3, 2019, and this followed by the rendition of year coinciding with the Flag Day celebrations being held the National Anthem. This across the country. At the event was held near the stroke of 11 am, the PRO main entrance of the school. Simultaneously the digital Flag was also hoisted in the computer Lab. Prerana November, 2019

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL Prerana November, 2019 CULTURAL PRESENTATION BALADIYA - AL AIN, 22nd Nov 2019 The participants of this dance were Ajin Anil Jacob, Samuel Binu Varghese, Aaron Joshua and Aaron Philip from gr. 9 , Jason George, Santhwana Santhosh, Shilpita Roy and Jyothika Bineesh from gr. 10 Malavika M K from gr 11. The Environmental Friend Society, The cultural dance was a fusion of a government organization and different dance forms of India (Kalbelia- the Al Ain Municipality invited our Rajasthan, Kashmiri- Jummu Kashmir, school to stage a nature dance and Bihu- Assam, Giddha- Panjab and Garba- Gujarat). It was indeed a cultural presentation as a part of their mind-blowing performance and also exhibited the unity in diversity of India. 48th national day celebration on The students who were the part it, 22/11/2019. The programme started at Grade 6 6.30 pm great vigor. The Indian Pavilion Avanthika Biju, Mehvish Farooqi, was put up in the venue which highlight- Vaidehi Ajay, Anakha Harikumar, Akshaya Sivakumar, Anugraha ed th Indian culture through models of Aswathy seven monuments from various parts of Grade 7 India and other cultural symbols like Sharmila Swaminathan, Rihaana Sera Satish, Malavika K, Siya Gaur, Melvin costumes, souvenirs, utensils, Mathews, Nidhi Reddy , Shafa Shanib, Vania John, Agatha Sharma, Rishitha Harish handmade craft items etc and the stu- Grade 8 dents who were selected for the presenta- Devika Anil, Ann Maria Tom, Lakshmi tion explained in detailed to the visitors. Madhu, Amishee Gupta, Rana Ali,, The participants for the same were, Riddhi Sibal, Angel Maria, Mariam Jeswanth gr 11,Thomas Joe gr.10 Sania Abobakar Biju gr9 , Henry Raiju gr8, Lakshmi Madhu gr8, Liya Hameed gr6 and Darell Grade 9 gr6. Vyshanavi Biji, Zinan Tresa, Sona Mehrin, Gowri Nandini, Sania Biju, The nature dance presented by students Sumaiya Riyaz obviously created an awareness on the After the presentation of the programme students were invited to importance of protecting and con- stage the same in Sheikh Zayed Library and Al Ain farm also. This is indeed a serving our environment which was high- great honour and opportunity earned by our school. ly appreciated by the audience. Page 2

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL National Day Event At Sheikh Zayed Library Date: 27-11-19 Bhavans’ Al Saad Indian School (ASIS) had been invited on the National Day celebration to showcase the Culture & Tradition of India. Various artifacts were displayed and ex- plained by the students ( Jaswant of grade 11, Thomas of grade 10, Sania Biju of grade 9 and Liya of grade 6) to all the dignitaries who had visited the stall. A special invitation was given to students to per- form a dance on the occasion of UAE National day as a link to “Year of Tolerance”, which was well appreciated by the dignitaries present for the Prerana November, 2019 Page 3

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL BLUE STAR COMPETITION Inter U A E Family sports Festival AL AIN, 29TH Nov 2019 Blue Star – Al Ain is one of best performance in the events con- the most successful expatriate Indian ducted. associations in the garden city of Al Ain. Working under the umbrella of the The Following Students won the Med- Indian Social Centre – Al Ain, the or- als in Athletics ganization is committed to the Indian  PRAGNA REDDY OF K.G 2 - GOLD community in Al Ain. MEDALS IN HURDLE RACE Among the major activities of the or-  PRAGNA REDDY OF K.G 2 - – SILVER ganization, the annual mega sports fes- MEDALS IN 25 M RACES tival – Blue Star Family Sports Festival, conducted every year in commemora-  ARCHANA THONUPUNOORI K.G 2- tion of the UAE National day, stands GOLD MEDALS HURDLE RACE out. Almost four thousand athletes and sports aficionados participate in this  ARCHANA THONUPUNOORI K.G 2- SIL- mammoth festival, usually held at the VER MEDALS 25M RACE  PAGALAVAN SASIKUMAR K.G 2 - GOLD MEDALS IN HURDLE RACE  PAGALAVAN SASIKUMAR K.G 2 - GOLD MEDALS 25M RACE  TANIYA ANN VARUGHESE K G 1 – BRONZE MEDALS IN 25 M RACE most modern facilities of the UAE Uni-  KRISHNAPRIYA P VINOD OF GRADE 2 C versity stadium, in Al Ain. There are – GOLD MEDALS IN 50 M RACE track and field events for all age groups.  EVAN VINOD THOMAS OF GRADE 2 E - The 22nd edition of Inter UAE family GOLD MEDALS IN 50 M RACE sports festival 2018 was conducted at Al Ain, where in the students as well as  AARON BOSE ABIN – 2.E - SILVER MED- parents of Bhavans got a greater oppor- ALS LS IN 50 M RACE tunity to perform in various events and bagged prizes. It was a proud moment  MAHADEVAN JAYAGHOSH OF GRADE 3 for the Bhavans family. Students of Bha- B – SILVER MEDALS IN 50 M RACE vans Al Ain received the trophy for the  AARON VINOD THOMAS OF GRADE 10 A - SILVER MEDALS IN 100 M RACE  PRANET SAHA – 6 B- BRONZE MEDALS IN SHOT PUT  ADITH SHINE 8 B- BRONZE MEDALS IN 4X 100 M RELAY  SHIVAM KUMAR KUMAR 8B - BRONZE MEDALS IN 4X 100 M RELAY  DEEPAK SHINE – 9 B - BRONZE MED- ALS IN 4X 100 M RELAY  ASHWIN JUDE VARGHESE – 4A- SILVER MED- ALS LS IN 50 M RACE Prerana November, 2019 Page 4

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL Children’s day THERE IS NO GARDEN AS BEAUTIFUL AS CHILDHOOD Every child is a different kind of being a day especially for them. As it importance of this day an informative flower; together they make this world a beautiful garden. A day is generally seen, students perform speech was given by Ms.Raghi. A skit marking childhood. Children’s Day on the importance of education was celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. very entertaining. The students were overwhelmed with the entire effort. They The day is celebrated to pay tribute cheered their teachers on as they saw to the legendary freedom fighter and our First Prime minister Pandit them on stage, they laughed Jawaharlal Nehru popularly known as boisterously at their jokes. The campus Cha-Cha. Bhavans, Al Ain always was buzzing with excitement and joy. strives to emerge out with something new for its students and children’s day The day ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in everybody’s minds. The entire programme was applauded by everybody present and will always remain etched in the memory of one and all. for teachers on various occasions, but on 14th November 2019 at Al Saad Indian School teachers gave various performances for the students in order to express their love and care for them. The program started with the song, which performed by male staff. The other mesmerizing performances of the day were rendition of Arabic Song by Arabic department teachers. The power-packed performance set the stage on fire. To highlight the Prerana November, 2019 Page 5

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL Field trip Pizza Hut - Al Ain “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn” C ooking with your kids their thinking skills and creativity and engaging them in hands on activities are towards food industry. Overall it was a fun filled day. two ways to begin to educate them about healthy eating. A trip to Pizza Hut was organized for students of grade 1-3, they were taken inside the kitchen to understand the process of preparation and to made their own personal pan pizza under the guidance of the chef. They got an opportunity to discuss and enhance their knowledge by clarifying their doubts with the chef. They learnt how important it is to maintain cleanliness at the work station and also the safety precautions taken while cooking. The visit gave an and hands on learning ex- perience to students which helped them to enhance Prerana November, 2019 Page 6

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL GLOBAL CONCLAVE, is GLOBAL CONCLAVE 2019-20 ship to equip them for their a diplomatic role play. future lives as responsible Students act as ambassa- citizens. And more over it dors from various countries promoted equal opportunities around the world, and and enabled students to discuss topics that are challenge discrimination and relevant to current global stereotyping. affairs. It will give them useful experience in how to Eventually it was a present an idea and productive experience for all convince their fellow mates the participants and the of their point of view. audience. The Department of participate in decisions individually and collectively, Social Science conducted both locally and globally, The research work and The participants and their that will improve the quality paper presentation, selected countries were, the Global conclave on 5th of life without damaging the helped to develop their planet for the future. awareness and understand- November 2019 in the ing and respect for, the While presenting the environments in which they school auditorium. It was a country profile, children live, and secure their ATHENA HOUSE (RUSSIA) acquired an understanding commitment to sustainable house wise competition development at a personal, 1 RISHITHA HARISH 7A based on the topic SUS- 2 AMISHEE GUPTA 8A TAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. 3 AADHIL BIN SHAMEER 8A Four students from each house were selected 4 ANN MARIA TOM 8A from the preliminary round. Countries were JUPITER HOUSE (INDIA) selected through lots and 1 NIDHA POTTACHOLA 9A 2 MEHUL JOBI 9A started working one month prior to the final round. 3 JEREMIAH JOHN WESLEY 8B Each group prepared their 4 TWINKLE MARIA SHIBU 8A country profile and a re- search paper on the topic. PLUTO (UAE) The formal meeting 1 JOSHUA JOBBY SEBASTIAN 8B had three sessions and it was a 2 hour long event. 2 SHIVAM KUMAR 8B Our student delegates took the role of diplomats, 3 NEHA MERIN BIJI 9A behaved in a diplomatic manner, followed the of cultural traditions and an local, national and global 4 JESSICA ANN THOMAS 9A parliamentary procedures ability to appreciate and level. and showed politeness and respond to a variety of VENUS (NEPAL) 11A courtesy at all times. It aesthetic experiences. It The resolution represent- 9A helped them develop the developed their appreciation ed a great deal of work by 1 SUMER TULI knowledge, skills, of their own and different the students and helped 2 TANISHA ANBU KUGANESH understanding and values to beliefs and cultures, and them to become creative, how these influence innovative, enterprising 3 FATHIMA NARMIN FAREES 7A individuals and societies. and capable of leader- 9A 4 EULIAMINTHA THAZHE PULIKOOL The winners were Best Delegation- Pluto House (UAE) Best Delegate – Mehul Jobi (Jupiter House- India) Most Accurate Country Profile- Pluto House (UAE) Prerana November, 2019 Page 7

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL NATIONAL ANTI BULLYING WEEK “Each of us deserves the where projected to the students in the class freedom to pursue our own during break time through- version of happiness. No one out the week. deserves to be bullied.” - Barack Obama Anti-bullying sessions were conducted for students of The ministry of education ant bullying facts. to 8 were taught the music Grade 1 to 4 on 19th has organized the National on anti- bullying during November and grades 5 to Bullying Prevention Week to As it was suggested to their music period. 8 on 20th November at the raise awareness on bullying organize anti-bullying week school auditorium. The under the patronage of from 17th to 23th November During art and craft period, informative session was Sheikh Fatima Bint 2019. We’ve started our grades 3 to 9 enhanced given by Mr. Biju and Mubarak, Chairwoman of the awareness venture on 17th their views to stop bullying Mr.Rasal respectively. General Welfare Union, November by providing President of the Supreme books on Anti-bullying for The anti-bullying week Council of Motherhood and enhancing and enriching ended up by providing Childhood, and Supreme their knowledge through badges for the Anti- reading during their Library bullying cadets, selected periods. The story books from each grade. exhibiting “Taming a Bully” lead them to handle the ways to overcome the situation of bullying. Anti-bullying awareness through poster-making During this week students was given even through and grades 1 and 2 of Grades 5 to 8 had music. Students of grades 1 through painting. conducted role-plays in their respective classes. During the anti-bullying Chairwoman of Family awareness week, a survey Development Foundation. on the same was conducted Bhavan’s Al Saad Indian for teachers, parents and School with an intention to students. promote the educational concepts that have a sign of Videos which showcase the impact in our community to importance of anti-bullying eliminate bullying had conducted a week’s program under the assistance of Ministry of Education. We stepped onto this week with an intense dedication to remove the stains of bullying not only from our school but to alert each student to gear up their motive towards Prerana November, 2019 Page 8

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL Y.O.U FEST 2019, the cultural You fest Events and Prize Winners Malayalam Recitation extravaganza of UAE is entering the 4th season, this year . English Recitation 1.Makavika MK- Gr.11 Senior- First 1.Adrika Zaara Arun – Gr.5A Sub Junior -First We are glad to inform that our 2.Malavika MK – Gr.11 Senior -First Light Music students represented school in GEEPAS YOU FEST 2019 organized English Elocution 1.Adrika Zaara Arun- Gr.5A Sub by Asianet News and Hit 96.7 FM. 1.Adrika Zaara Arun- Gr.5A Sub Junior - First Junior - First Kindly join us in applauding Hindi Recitation Cinematic Dance Solo talented personalities. 1.Adrika Zaara Arun- Gr.5A Sub Junior - First 1.Adrika Zaara Arun Gr.5A Sub- Grand Finale to be held on 5th and Hindi Elocution Junior-Second 6th December in Dubai 1.Ishaan Gaur –Gr.5A Sub Junior -Second 2.Devika Anil- Gr.8A Junior -First 3.Dewmin Sasmi-Gr.11 Senior - First Cinematic Group 1.Junior category -Second Team members: 1.Malavika K- Grade 7A 2.Rayaan -5B 3.Rishaan-3B 4.Devika Anil-Grade 8A 5.Shafa- grade 7A Prerana November, 2019 Page 9

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL SANTHWANAM-YOUTH FEST 2019 F or the first time ever, deter- Prize winners mined children from ASIS re- ceived an opportunity to partic- NAME PLACE CATEGORY EVENT ipate a spectacular stage to showcase their talents. Santhwanam, a Adrika Zaara Arun 1st Subjunior English recitation social organisation registered under the Community Development Authority Fathima Narmin 1st Junior English Recitation (CDA), Dubai host the Fouth edition of 'Santhwanam Youth Fest - 2019', an Rayan 1st Sub Junior Western dance Solo inter-school cultural festival on November 29th and 30th at the Gulf Rishan 2nd Sub junior Western dance solo Model School, Al Qusais, Dubai. Several thousand students have participated in Adrika Zaara Arun 2nd Sub Junior Malayalam recitation the grand event of Santhwanam Youth Festival. Jermiah 3rd Junior Instrumental music Guitar It was a proud moment of Bhavans’ Deborah 2nd Primary Western music solo ASIS. when the students brought laurels to the school. 1.Hannah sarah 2nd Junior English Song group 2. Liya hameed 3. Rihaana 2nd JUNIOR Folk Dance group 4. Nidhi 5. Marita 6. Akasha 7. Sridha 8. Shafa shanim 9, Joan leornard 1.Malavika mk 2.Devika anil 3.Zinan 4.Vyshnavi 5.Sona Mehrin 6.Malavika kk 7.Amishee 8.Shafa Prerana November, 2019 Page 10

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL ECO CLUB WORKSHOP Eco club workshop – At Aishah Bint Abu Baker School, Abu Dhabi Date:- 26TH November 2019 Environmental agency/Sustainable schools initiative team organized Eco club workshop to form and run ECO club in schools The ideas and practices which are followed by other schools were shared. It was instructed that the school should maintain different types of bins to collect different types of wastes. It was advised that one class shall be involved in collecting the data and all the students shall be involved in the assessments. It was advised that the school shall also involve parents during the implementation of the same. This has to be carried out every year and send a re- port of the same. Overall, the workshop was very informative, interactive and a great learn- ing experience for the educators. CAT 4 EXAMINATION WORKSHOP Education seminar on students ‘Using GL Education data  Personalise and differentiate effectively to inform teaching and teaching within classrooms learning’ was held on Tuesday  Identify Gifted and SEN 19th November 2019 in Abu Dha- students, as well as underachiev- bi. Two teachers of Al Saad Indian ers school, Ms. Priyanka Haridas and  Measure attainment and Ms. Sathiyapriya attended the progress in English, Mathematics same at The British School Al and Science Utilise standardised assessments Khubairat, Abudhabi. effectively . This seminar was an introduction Mr. Paul Montague of GL Education hosted the seminar and to share the technique that many explained about various assessments of GL Education international schools are using a especially CAT4. The session ended at 12:00 pm after clarifying combination of assessments crite- doubts of representatives from various schools. The session was ria that provides data on students’ very informative and we are looking forward to conduct CAT4 ability, attainment and attitudes in our school. in order to personalise teaching Page 11 and learning, improve academic performance and support whole school evaluation. It cov- ered how schools can:  Measure the cognitive ability of each individual, including EAL Prerana November, 2019

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARK TEST 2019 – ‘20 The IBT exam was conducted in The school promotes students to participate in the exam as it helps to Bhavans’ Al Saad Indian School from bring out their areas of strengths and weaknesses in each subject. The November 17th to 20th for English, students are also getting an opportunity to be compared fairly in Mathematics, Science and Reason- the international level. The IBT also provides many different reports on ing skills. All the students of grades 4 student performance to help teachers and schools better understand where to 8 wrote English, Science and Mathe- their students are positioned on the learning continuum. matics test. The exam was free for all the students. The 56 registered stu- The International Benchmark dents of grades 3 to 8 wrote the reason- Test (IBT) is an interna- tionally administered program of ing test. assessments to compare student performance globally, between grades The exams were conducted in two and over time. The IBT Tests are sessions. Grades 4, 5 and 6 did it in the skill-based and they do not follow any morning session and grades 7 and 8 single national curriculum, allowing did it in the afternoon session. students from all countries to be Teachers were allotted invigilation duty compared fairly. for the same. The exam was for 1 hour in which students marked their response in OMR sheets. DEAR TIME : Drop Everything and Read! REPORTED BY : SHINU FREDIN teachers to \"drop everything and read.\" DEAR time is an important part of The program conveniently accommo- the weekly classroom schedule. It is “When you stand in the dark- dates a variety of student interests and scheduled to be held on the same ness, when you have lost all hope, ability levels, since each student selects days each week. When DEAR time when you can't see any path to walk for himself/herself the book(s) he/she arrives, each student should be pre- ahead, read !!! Reading will act as the wishes to read. pared to immediately pull out a pre- selected book and begin to read. lantern to show you the path. It might not take you to the destina- It has been conducted in different tion, but it will keep on guiding you days, in different timing throughout the month. Grade 1-4 during first 15 towards a resolution.” minutes of home room period and Grade 5-8 ,ten minutes after lunch It is a time set aside in the classroom break. schedule for both students and their Prerana November, 2019 Page 12

Prerana Vol:6 Issue: 6 AL SAAD INDIAN SCHOOL HIT 96.7 FM RJ's Visit @ ASIS Y .O.U FEST 2019, the cul- ducted. A few of our talented students tural extravaganza of UAE shared the stage with the team to sing is entering the 4th season, and dance. The team also had mascots this year. As a part of it, a of Steadler Pencil and Penguin that vis- promotional event was organised in ited the classes of Primary Section and ASIS Campus on 7th November 2019. provided school supplies for the stu- The RJs of Hit 96.7 FM along with dents. That brought smile of surprise the YOU Fest team visited the school. on their faces.. An Interactive and entertaining session of the RJs with our students was con- HINDI DEPARTMENT SPECIAL ASSEMBLY 2019-20 Page 13 Special Assembly of Hindi Department was organized on 7th November 2019 in Bhavans’ Al-Saad Indian School to encourage and inculcate love for the Hindi language and get knowledge on the importance of the language. Pledge in Hindi by Vania of 7A, Nation- al news, International news, sports news read by Suryaksha (5B), Tanishq (5B), Tiya (6.A), Shivani (6A) and Sa- mah of 5A. Dohe was recited by Nandani of 2.C. Hindi Group song was presented by grade-1 students. Aiden, Indra, Nessa, Nivaan, Ira verma, Chistina, Ivaana, Aymen, Nabiha of grade-1 B and Aarya of 1.C. Prerana November, 2019


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