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UiTM Global News Vol. 5

Published by Norfadzilah Abd Manap, 2021-03-24 04:27:21

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UiTM Global News 2020 Riding the COVID-19 Tsunami! Along the way, the manufacture of vaccines has given us all hope. A light at the end of the tunnel and what awaits What a Year it has been! The Year of Resilience at UiTM. us in 2021? Of course, inflation, unemployment, new If there is a word to describe 2020, it is Resilience! modalities of universities offerings, to name a few. What can we make out of this pandemic that has impacted the A year when we were poised to realise Vision 2020, little whole world? For me, the most important lesson is that did we know, the whole world was hit by a pandemic innovation will ensure survival! caused by the COVID-19 virus. Malaysia was not spared! Mid-March marked the beginning of a nationwide MCO Complacency, comfort zones, and a “wait and see” that led to many more versions of MCOs until the end of attitude will not survive. Let’s embrace the New Norms 2020. Post COVID-19. Progressive and outward changes are the new norm for leaders and university communities, The leadership of the university was put to the test, otherwise, universities will become irrelevant and especially in crisis management and strategic mitigations obsolete. of issues arising from the pandemic. Teaching and learning online was given the utmost priority as this is the Let’s look at what awaits us in 2021: new norms for core business of the university. Innovative approaches to travel, TNE, Classrooms without Walls, micro-credentials, teaching and learning emerged overnight. Teaching and values-driven education, sustainability and financial learning migrated from the F2F mode to ODL platforms. independence, personalisation and customisation of It was an amazing transformation beyond imagination for learning! all internal stakeholders from Perlis to Sabah, in the 35 campuses of UiTM. Some examples of the New Norms This is the time where the ability to synergise is important are in teaching and learning, senate and faculty meetings, in order for us to move forward and make Malaysia, safer, new work culture, and people-to-people interaction. healthier, and more prosperous! Prevailing during COVID-19, we saw expanded networks As for me, in three words, 2020 has been Exhausting, and partnerships, more MoUs, MoAs and LoIs done online. Challenging and Unpredictable! More lectures and webinars were also conducted online as people adhere to SoPs set by the Ministry of Health. But, I'm ready for 2021! Temperature screening, face masks, and sanitisers are instituted. There are winners and losers in the fight Happy New Year!!! against Covid-19. Chief Editor’s Note 2 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News UiTM Global News A quarterly newsletter showcasing UiTM’s Internationalisation activities with the motto “Engaging the World.” It features the engagement of UiTM with its partners at the global level. Courtesy from Contents InQKA & Gesturz 04 Vice Chancellor's Thoughts EDITORIAL TEAM 09 Internationalisation@UiTM 18 First Asean Nanosatellite PATRON 26 New Partners 33 Smart Campus at UiTM Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. 42 Virtual Presidential Roundtable: Mohd Azraai Kassim Vice Chancellor IMT-GT UNINET ADVISOR 52 UiTM Smart Partnership 58 Faculty of Business and Management: Prof. Dr. Roziah Mohd Janor Deputy Vice-Chancellor Meeting the New Norm Head-On (Academic and International) 64 Campus Highlights CHEIF EDITOR 70 Virtual Global Experience 78 Global Alumni Dr. Hajah Zainab Haji Mohd Noor 82 Virtual Summer Programme 85 Internationalisation@Home RESIDENT EDITOR DESIGNER Prof. Dr. Habibah Haji Ashari Haryati Kamaruddin EDITORS PRODUCTION & PUBLICATION Ananda Laxmi S.M Ponniah Assoc. Prof. Dr. Laura Christ Xavier Siti Aisyah Mohd Idris Norfadzilah Abd. Manap WRITERS Noor Sazila Md. Sarip Asmahan Abd. Razak UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 3 Ts. Dr. Judith Gisip Dr. Rozzana Mohd Said Dr. Siti Hafsyah Idris Muhammad Fadhli Abdul Rrahman CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Idaya Husna Mohd Ts. Dr. Rohaslinda Ramele@Ramli Associate Prof. Dr-Ing Masria Mustafa Eliza Ezzauddin Hussein Raudatul Aini Mohd Heikel Athirah Sidik Sumardianshah Silah Nur Hashimah Alias Muhammad Jeffrey Amirul Zulkifly Mohammad Amirul Shafiq Mohd Aznan

UiTM Global News Vice-tChhanoceullogr’shts 4 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News 2 020 dawned bright and full of promise. One is As the use of technology has increased, there is also a reminded of 20/20 eyesight...perfect vision. One commensurate increase in digital challenges. We have is also reminded of former Prime Minister Tun had to enhance internet connectivity, increase digital Mahathir’s Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020) launched in 1990, availability, and enhance and strengthen staff readiness a long-term goal for Malaysia to be a fully developed country to use technology. The Academic Affairs division has by the year 2020. Fast forward thirty years, and kaboom! we conducted online training and many related courses, like are in the midst of a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to virtual classroom design, for lecturers to enhance their want to abate. online teaching. Alhamdulillah, we have made the migration smoother, albeit encountering a few bumps and hurdles There is no question that this year has been trying. Between along the way. But, in my own personal philosophy, bumps a global pandemic, tumultuous politics, and everything in and hurdles are just opportunities to improve, to enhance our between, 2020 has put us, individually and as a community, digital capabilities, and be better. to the test. This year, likely more than ever, has been the most challenging for us as a global community, and for us in higher Many initiatives have been carried out by various cost education. centres or PTJs. Nine hundred and ninety-one programmes are registered in MQR and 294 have received Certificates Personally I have felt apprehensive, uncertain, and unsure of Recognition from MQA. MOST-Plus and MyCovid-19 of what the future will bring. And I am very sure that all of Dashboard have been instituted to track cases. We have us are feeling a gamut of emotions, some positive, some introduced ODL, conducted online meetings, enhance internet negative, and some in-between. Nevertheless, personal connectivity, and increase student welfare. I have instituted emotions aside, I am convinced that as responsible Dwi-bulanan meetings with the university community via individuals, we carry out our duties to the institution and to online platforms to share current information regarding the the people we serve to the best of our capabilities. university, our achievements, new initiatives, achievements of our KPIs, achievements of our academic staff, students and Disruption is felt all over! Our whole operation: Teaching & administrators. If you happen to miss the Dwi-bulanan, you Learning, everyday affairs, campus life, ongoing projects, can still view them via YouTube. commercialisation, and international activities, to name a few, have had to be adjusted to follow the “new norm”. Despite the restriction on travel (my passport is gathering Especially, in teaching and learning, most classes have had dust in the drawer), we have had several international to be held online using several platforms. Although online programmes initiated by the Office of International Affairs. and distance learning have been used in UiTM for several We’ve had the Ambassadorial Lectures by the Ambassadors decades, it usually followed a hybrid or blended form. There of Bosnia, Cuba and Colombia to Malaysia, the Art was still a large percentage of face-to-face meetings. Ambassadorial Lecture by the former Malaysian Ambassador to Peru and Switzerland, and Huawei Smart Classroom and With the current ODL, students and lecturers have had to Meeting Rooms Presentation Ceremony. The last two were adjust to using the online platform primarily. Many first-year face-to-face but strictly adhering to the SOPs. students have not had the luxury of adapting gradually to the social and academic milieu of campus life. Instead, they are I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate UiTM on ensconced at home, learning via Zoom, Google, or Hangout. the 21st anniversary of her university status. As a tertiary InshaAllah, when the situation returns to normal, these institution, UiTM has existed since 1956, as a university her students will get the benefit of participating in campus life. I journey began in 1999 when we were on the cusp of the personally feel that there is no substitute for the socialisation, new millennium. Here we are at the cusp of a new decade, both academic and personal, and integration to the campus and there are still many things that we can achieve as a community that one gets by being on campus physically. community, especially on our journey to become a Globally Renowned University. The general campus life has also changed. Coming into campus means being screened at the main entrance, and all Thank you to all the front-liners who have helped during the entrances. Saring C19 is instituted to identify our categories. MCO and CMCO. We are grateful for all your sacrifices. We Our temperature is taken, we are exhorted to wash our hands hope that we will have the vaccines and treatment soon for often, use sanitizers, wear masks, and keep a social distance. COVID-19. Together we can overcome the challenges. I We must follow the SOPs provided by our Health Centre, the fervently believe that behind any challenge that Allah SWT Ministry of Health, and the National Security Council. Many throws at us, there is a silver lining. people are working remotely from home (WFH); senate, executive meetings, faculty and department meetings have had to be held online.

UiTM Global News Training Continues Despite Covid-19: Digital and Online Training @UiTM W ith the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Digital Training Platform Innovation @ ILD UiTM many organisations are facing game-changing decisions. It has also indirectly altered the operating The Institute of Leadership and Development (ILD) UiTM landscape of organisation. Various applications and conducts training operations for UiTM staff nationwide. technological solutions are now essential media to ensure Training programmes are planned periodically through a operational excellence. New habits must be instituted for training calendar which is compiled on a monthly basis the advancement of its workers. Necessary strategies and according to the training needs analysis (TNA) and training appropriate actions must be implemented in the digital requirements of the staff. ILD’s facilities are also used by the technology era. government and private sector to conduct their training. This is because the training facilities at ILD are the best amongst Digitalisation is a step taken by training centres to ensure all public universities in Malaysia. Two training facilities in that organisations remain competitive and sustainable in a Bandar Enstek and Kampung Gajah Perak are also used to new normal environment where the workforce is forced to conduct training. face the various impacts of the pandemic. Employees and employers are forced to increase the use of digital technology There are seven main objectives of ILD: to facilitate the tasks and improve productivity and process 1. To produce academic staff of high-calibre and high efficiency. Such change also symbolises Malaysia's direction towards becoming a developed nation in line with the performance who contribute to institutions and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that emphasise communities. sustainability in employment, good health, well-being and 2. To produce knowledgeable, skilled administrative staff strategic cooperation. In order to combat the pandemic, the who have a positive attitude and high productivity. country needs to find ways to leverage new norms to stay 3. To plan, develop and offer staff training and healthy, sustainable and relevant. development programmes according to current needs. 4. To conduct research and evaluate the effectiveness of Technology can provide new solutions to balance the staff training and development programmes. physical, emotional and economic needs in the new norm. 5. To provide programmes to strengthen the talent for Many use existing online applications such as Free web, university succession plans. Zoom Meetings, Skype, FreeConference, Google Meet, 6. To forge cooperation in the development of human Cisco Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting, CyberLink U Meeting, resource with other organisations in Malaysia Bluejeans, and Lifesize to conduct online training. There are 7. To provide a more conducive training space, also those who use the Whatsapp and Telegram apps to infrastructure and environment. communicate. ILD is providing all the necessary platforms to digitally transform UiTM's training preparation. 6 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News Figure 1: UiTM2025 The main goal of ILD UiTM is to develop high calibre leaders maximum capacity of 200 participants in a single day. The and staff as well as become a renowned leadership and resumption of the courses enlivened the atmosphere at ILD development institute in Malaysia. Beginning 18 March 2020 when staff from all over the country began attending courses when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented, physically. UiTM’s training landscape changed and UiTM’s ILD also closed all face-to-face training operations. However, in order During the second wave of the Covid19 which saw an to meet the needs of working staff from home, ILD took swift increase in positive cases, ILD once again ceased face-to- action to identify and design online training that employees face training operations and resumed online training from can utilise. Thus, on 26 March 2020 ILD posted a training 8 October 2020. UiTM staff must complete 42 hours of catalog on its website which was also distributed to all training a year. Both online and face-to-face courses will heads of major departments. The catalogue offers training be conducted to fulfill this requirement. It is important for organised by INTAN JPA, MOOC module collaboration all staff to understand that training is not about fulfilling between ILD and ICEPS, as well as free online training from training hours but to meet the necessary training according other public universities or open source websites. to competency level. The adaptation to the new norms led to the development Apart from providing training for UiTM staff, ILD also of online courses, discussions were held with the speakers supports UiTM2025 aspirations. The five-year strategic and consultants involved for the courses to continue online. plan (see Figure 1) is to make UiTM a globally renowned Basic courses are conducted via webinars for one or two university. ILD developed instruments to measure the hours. Participants are identified from specific target groups new value index of UiTM. The Integrity Value of Excellence or open to the public. For courses with specific modules and Synergy Integrity (ESI) (see Figure 2) will be measured using KPIs, the target groups are identified earlier and the duration the instruments developed by ILD with the help of UiTM's of the course is longer, one or two days. internal expertise. The instrument was completed and the survey was conducted starting 1 November 2020 with the In June 2020, ILD prepared standard operating procedures target of 80% of staff filling the survey.It is hoped that with (SOPs) to resume training operations. The SOPs were this achievement, every UiTM staff will appreciate UiTM's approved by the UiTM Executive Meeting (MEU) before values under ESI as Institutional Values, namely Knowledge being submitted to the National Security Council (MKN). (Ilmu), Discipline (Disiplin), Trust (Amanah), Diligence (Rajin) MKN approved the SOPs and ILD UiTM resumed training and Responsibility (Tanggungjawab) (iDART). operations officially from 1 July 2020 at both training facilities in Bandar Enstek and Perak accommodating a UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 7

UiTM Global News Figure 2: UiTM’s new values For 2021 a more dynamic training calendar will be During this turbulent period, leaders need to plan ahead, formulated. This training schedule not only considers to guide their followers to a safer track by carefully feedback through TNA among staff but also considers understanding the transformation plan, having great the needs and feedback from heads of departments as communication skills, developing human touches in well as UiTM’s strategic planning. ILD UiTM is optimistic human relations and creating a passion among staff and about implementing training through Competency-Based rewarding them. Understanding the psychology of the staff Talent Development (CBTM). Through the development of will substantially bring about positive impact in the total competency sets according to the requirements of the 5 working environment. ILD is ready to enter a more advanced main components (Core, Generic, Functional, Leadership and ir4.0 phase especially in providing training for staff and is Values) training can be planned in a more orderly fashion determined to make full use of digital technology. according to the needs of each scheme and position grade. COVID19 has indeed changed the training narrative at UiTM and made ILD more creative and innovative changing its modus operandi. 8 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News Internationalisation@UiTM T he 64-year old comprehensive Universiti Teknologi Despite the current crisis, UiTM has collaborated with more MARA (UiTM) has produced more than eight hundred than 400 universities abroad through MoUs, MoAs and thousand graduates since 1956. UiTM went through LoIs, including the world's best ranked universities. The several phases of transformation from RIDA, ITM and now, collaboration focuses on bilateral academic cooperation UiTM. UiTM has taken various pertinent steps to promote involving student and staff mobility. Popular programmes international sustainability so that it can compete on the such as credit inbound and outbound student exchange global stage, particularly in the time of crisis. programmes (students) and invited guest speakers and research collaborators (staff) are prevalent amongst UiTM recently offered 6 scholarships to international international students and staff. More than 100 international students at the postgraduate level from the UiTM students from 6 countries (Indonesia, Korea, Germany, Egypt, Endowment Fund. In line with UiTM's aspiration to become China, Japan) and 15 universities studied virtually with 12 a globally renowned university by 2025, the Office of faculties at UiTM. International Affairs (OIA) played a major role in promoting the internationalisation agenda in the world of VUCA (Volatile, Internationalisation in its many forms at UiTM continues Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and COVID-19. OIA despite the pandemic with activities criss-crossing the globe. also developed internationalisation initiatives in line with new It illustrates UiTM as a popular destination and one of the norms to include international student welfare, international best education hubs in Asia. With its myriad programmes collaboration with foreign universities, virtual webinars, MoUs and activities, UiTM is highly marketable abroad. and MoAs, cooperation networks with foreign embassies in Malaysia, Transnational Education (TNE) programmes, UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 9 cooperation networks with university networks, and international alumni relations abroad.

UiTM Global News Thank You & Welcome H eartiest appreciation to Prof. Ts Dr. Haji Mohamad Prior to her appointment as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Kamal Haji Harun, former Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic and International, Prof. Roziah served as Assistant Academic and International at Universiti Teknologi Vice Chancellor at the Institute Quality & Knowledge MARA (UiTM), who served in the role from 16 September Advancement (INQKA), UiTM. She was responsible for the 2017 to 30 November 2020. quality initiatives of the university, including institutional accreditation, programme accreditation, quality excellence While in office, Prof. Kamal played a key role in establishing model, quality management systems, Innovation @ Work and international initiatives and academic brands for UiTM, which the University Ranking Project. include various global networks and partnerships as well as Education 5.0@UiTM. This has contributed to UiTM’s UiTM welcome Prof. Roziah and trust that she will continue achievements and recognition around the world. UiTM thank the university’s academic and international mission and you for the academic and international initiatives you have vision and raise the ranking of the university in its journey to establlished for the university and wish you the best. be a Globally Renowned University (GRU). Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Roziah Mohd Janor, who was appointed as the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic and International on 1 December 2020. She took over from Prof. Ts Dr. Haji Mohamad Kamal Haji Harun whose term has ended. 10 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News Welcome to OIA !! T he Office of International Affairs (OIA) welcomed the is responsible for ensuring the soundness of the academic newly appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Universiti programmes, and the robust, uniform and standardised Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in a special ceremony on 10 academic delivery throughout the whole UiTM system. December. The event was organised to acquaint Prof. Dr. A strong academic programme is crucial in attracting Roziah Mohd Janor with OIA, a department under her wing. international students to UiTM especially in her pursuit to be a Globally Renowned University (GRU). Roziah was briefed on OIA’s achievements for 2020 and initiatives for 2021. The event helped to enhance her knowledge in order to formulate the strategic plans for a department which is the international arm of the university. OIA is the gateway for international students to enter UiTM. As the officer who heads the Academic Affairs Division, she UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 11

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM in QS World University Ranking 2021 Q uacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Ranking The excellent achievement of Employer Reputation indicators (WUR) has revealed the 1,000 top universities in the has clearly proven that UiTM graduates remain trustworthy world annually. However, this year's ranking was and meet the needs of employers in both local and foreign launched at a challenging time, with COVID-19 having an governments as well as the private sector. Meanwhile, the impact on universities around the world. It was noted that encouraging increase in the Academic Reputation indicator 10 local universities - seven public and three private - were showed a positive signal of the success of efforts towards among the 110 best universities in Asia according to the QS- UiTM's reputation on the international stage. This also proved WUR in Asia 2021. that UiTM remains consistent to continue to improve the academic quality and high performance of graduates through Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) recorded an impressive the syllabus, teaching staff and staff committed to university improvement in two main indicators: the Employer excellence. The achievement of the ranking also motivated Reputation and the Academic Reputation in the QS-WUR the university to plan and implement efforts towards 2021 ranking. UiTM's position in Employer Reputation rose strengthening UiTM on the world stage through various by 72 places, to 179th place in the world in comparison with collaborative networks. last year, while the Academic Reputation increased by 27 places, to 366th place. However, as Malaysia's largest state At the same time, UiTM has a strategy to improve its university, UiTM ranks 651-700 out of 1,002 universities position in all QS-WUR indicators through the UiTM Strategic worldwide. This placed UiTM among the 55 percent of the Plan 2025. UiTM continues to be committed in producing top universities in the world which showed an increment of 6 highly skilled graduates who meet the needs of the market percent compared to the previous year. and the job professionally in various sectors. UiTM is also highly committed and strive towards delivering the best programmes, in order to be on track to become a Globally Renowned University (GRU) ~ Source: 12 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS QS APPLE QS 2020 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION (Academic and International), Dr. Hajah Zainab Haji Mohd Noor, Director, Office of International Affairs (OIA), Ir. Dr. Amirul Abd. Rashid and Sr. Dr. Norazian Mohamad Yusuwan from InQKA and Assoc. Prof. Dr-Ing Masria Mustafa and Dr. Idaya Husna Mohd from OIA. Q uacquarelli Symonds (QS), whose mission is to UiTM’s Vice Chancellor spoke on \"Post Covid-19 Sustainable enable motivated people to fulfill their potential Community Development Agenda: How Do We Bounce through educational achievement, international Back as A Community?\" He outlined how UiTM as a Higher mobility, and career development, is the world’s leading Learning Institution helps the community, especially the provider of services, analytics, and insight into the global local and indigenous community in remote areas to recover higher education sector. This year, the first virtual QS APPLE during the uncertainty of the pandemic. UiTM’s efforts and 2020 conference and exhibition was from 25-27 November initiatives in becoming a conscious and sustainable campus 2020 focussed on the theme “New World Partnerships for for future generation captured the attention and interest of Resilience and Climate Action.” the global audience. The initiatives on sustainability at UiTM were highlighted through the Sustainable Development Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, QS organisers migrated Goal (SDG) Triangle@UiTM initiatives, the establishment of their events online, ensuring that institutions across the Greenation@UiTM, Sustainable Community Development world are still able to connect with partners across the Centre (SCDC), and Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainable globe. The UiTM team led by the Vice Chancellor, Emeritus Development (IBSD). These efforts are an ongoing process Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim, participated in of change, adapting and functioning, acknowledging the QS conference and exhibition virtually. Included in the team community's capacity, skills, and knowledge as a strength were Prof. Dr. Roziah Mohd Janor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor to bounce back. The QS conference and exhibition enabled UiTM to showcase its efforts and initiatives to the global community pre-, during, and post-COVID-19. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 13

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Bagged Gold Award in QS–APPLE 2020 Q S APPLE 2020 Virtual Conference and Exhibition In conjunction with the QS APPLE Virtual Conference and 2020 was online for the first time on November 25- Exhibition 2020, QS organised the QS APPLE Creative Awards 27. This conference looked at how institutions can 2020 to recognise the importance of creative and compelling meaningfully partner to overcome barriers created by the designs in effective communication and brand building. In pandemic and visualise a robust future. 38 countries, 701 this category, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) bagged delegates and 70 exhibitors. the gold award in the QS-Apple Best International Print Ads category. The announcement as the Gold Award recipient Under the theme New Global Partnerships for Resilience marked yet another milestone in UiTM’s effort to be a globally and Climate Action, the conference and exhibition brought recognised university. together experts, thought leaders, educators and students to discuss best practices, case examples, and partnerships, Congratulations UiTM!! to create the way forward for higher education in the Asia Pacific. Higher education is experiencing unparalleled change. Even before COVID-19, the sector was undergoing significant transformation as concerns such as climate change, shifting student demographics and needs, increased edtech innovations, and a new model of working emerged, increasing the importance of partnerships and collaboration. SCAN HERE com/file/d/1HPsD- FTO8aBjfeH_b9Imv- V1cncjwqfgvE/view 14 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 15

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Announces Technology Research and Commercialization Partnership with ACM EV SYSTEMS, DNEX RFID, DAYA SECADYME and AMTEL CELLULAR through Micro Industry Hub (MIH) Programme U niversiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) together with ACM EV SYSTEMS, DNEX RFID, DAYA SECADYME and AMTEL CELLULAR have formally launched their long-term partnership through the Micro Industry Hub (MIH) Programme, focusing on technology research and commercialisation. The official announcement of the MIH Program at UiTM Ý Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim (centre) with was made by Vice-Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Datuk (from left to right) Lim Hun Teik (Senior General Manager AMTEL Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim in Shah Alam on 11 June CELLULAR), Datuk Samsul Husin (Executive Chairman DNEX RFID), 2020. Managed by Business Innovation and Technology Shamsul Anuar Mohd Tahir (Chairman ACM EV SYSTEM) and Adli Md Commercialisation (BITCOM) UiTM, the MIH Programme Noor (Chief Executive Officer DAYA SECADYME) during Micro Industry aims to establish smart partnerships between industry and Hub (MIH) Programme Launching and Memorandum of Agreement UiTM for new technology research and commercialisation for Exchange Event at UiTM Shah Alam. a period of five years. with the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical The partnership is based on a win-win situation for UiTM and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. industry focussing on human resource development, local product development, publication, graduate employability The faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and commercialisation of new products and services. Engineering have received the annual budgetary allocation Through BITCOM, the MIH Programme leverages the existing from ACM EV SYSTEMS Sdn. Bhd. to carry out various strength of both parties (UiTM and industry) such as human commercial projects involving electric mobility industry. resources, knowledge, skills, experience and networking in Electrical Engineering also received funding from the preparation of new technology and market readiness. DNEX RFID Sdn. Bhd. through the MIH programme to conduct research on integrated projects related to radio The MIH programme focuses on new products and service frequency identification (RFID) systems for commercial ideas, prototype development and validation test conducted purposes. At the same time, it also received an annual at UiTM, while industry partners focus on the commercial budgetary allocation from AMTEL CELLULAR Sdn. Bhd. production and marketing. According to Prof. Azraai, UiTM for commercial product development projects related to provides research and development space (industrial telematics, electronics and telecommunications. Chemical research laboratory), basic facilities and manpower Engineering, through volatile erosion inhibitor project, (comprising of UiTM’s experts and students), whereas obtained funding from DAYA SECADYME Sdn. Bhd. to carry industry provides basic annual operational expenditure out commercialisation products related to corrosion of budget for the laboratory activities for MIH activities. He also pipelines in the oil and gas industry. Overall, the total funding added that the MIH Programme has great potential to secure allocation for the MIH Programme from these companies are internal and external research grants specifically for product RM979,000. development and commercialisation. Among the key industry players involved in the “On behalf of UiTM we are very grateful to all four companies implementation of the MIH Programme are ACM EV for their interest and financial commitment and we hope that SYSTEMS Sdn. Bhd., DNEX RFID Sdn. Bhd., DAYA SECADYME this partnership will benefit UiTM and industry, to produce the Sdn. Bhd. and AMTEL CELLULAR Sdn. Bhd., engaging latest technological innovations that can be commercialised nationally and internationally”, says Prof. Azraai in a media 16 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020 statement.

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Received Nearly RM1 million Allocation Through MIH Programme U niversiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) received nearly RM1 Million from several private companies for profit through its Micro Industry Hub (MIH) programme launched on June 11. UiTM Vice Chancellor Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim said the allocation was received from ACM company EV Systems Sdn. Bhd, DNEX RFID Sdn. Bhd, Daya Secadyme Sdn. Bhd. and Amtel Cellular Sdn. Bhd in collaboration with the university's faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering through the MIH programme. “MIH is a smart partnership that aims to attract more companies into UiTM for the purpose of researching and commercialising new products for up to five years. “ he said. Prof. Azraai added, “The partnership is based on a win-win situation for UiTM and the industry towards human resource development, local product development, publishing, graduate job marketability and commercialisation of products and services. The MIH programme utilises the existing strengths of both sides - human resources, knowledge, skills, experience and work network in preparation for new levels of technology and market readiness”. \"The MIH programme focuses on new ideas, prototypes and product validation tests within the UiTM campus, while industry partners will focus on commercial production and marketing,\" he stated in his speech during the launch. Prof. Azraai also said that through the partnership, the three faculties received annual financial allocations from participating companies to develop products including radio frequency identification system (RFID), commercialisation of pipeline corrosion-related products in the oil and gas industry . \"UiTM also receives allocation for the development of new commercial products related to telematics, electronics and telecommunications, in total, the total financial allocation received from these companies under the MIH programme is RM979,000,\" he said. According to Prof. Azraai, UiTM is grateful to these companies for their cooperation and hopes that the smart partnership will benefit UiTM and the company as well as produce the latest technologies that can be introduced locally and internationally. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 17

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UPHSD This Nanosatellite will be the first locally built Awards Grant Nanosatellite and the first ASEAN Nanosatellite to be launched into outer space by the Japan Aerospace to UiTM to Exploration Agency (JAXA) by early 2022. This Build the Nanosatellite project will be great a platform for researchers and students from the collaborative countries First ASEAN to be exposed to the state-of-the-art approach in lean Nanosatellite satellite development project. A ssoc. Prof. Dr Mohammad Huzaimy Jusoh, the UiTM’s Vice Chancellor Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Principal Advisor of the ASEAN Nanosatellite Mohd Azraai Kassim in his opening speech at the UiTM (ASEANSAT) Project from Universiti Teknologi Academic Conference in late 2019 exclaimed that “We MARA (UiTM), Malaysia has been awarded a USD 40,000 have proven that we are the first university in Malaysia to grant from the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta launch the Nanosatellite to space, but the challenge will (UPHSD) Philippines . be to ensure that we are still number one in Nanosatellite research and development in the country”. ~ Source: qswownews The grant was awarded for the ASEANSAT Nanosatellite Project recently on 14 June 2020. The project was initiated by the team from the Centre for Satellite Communication, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), UiTM to build a 1U (10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm cube) Nanosatellite in UiTM in collaboration with UPHSD, Pensmith STEM International School, Thailand and Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan. 18 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Among the First Malaysian Universities Recognised as Training Provider for Occupational Safety and Health Course T he recognition of Utechtium, the first startup This highly recognised, value-added certificate will company by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), as enhance the career and employability opportunities of a training provider for Safety and Health Officers UiTM graduates. According to the Occupational Safety (SHO) by YB Datuk Seri M Saravanan, the Malaysian and Health Act 1994, an organisation with more than 500 Minister of Human Resources on 9 July 2020, was a great employees must have at least one SHO officer, including honour for Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Ahmad Asari Sulaiman. in the education and health sector. Therefore, employment opportunities for graduates with SHO certificates and Utechtium was founded by Ahmad Asari in 2016 with green book holders will be a great advantage. UiTM’s the aim of providing related safety courses that add recognition as SHO training provider has enabled UiTM value to graduates who took the course. The certification to increase the marketability of its graduates.~Source: is recognised by the industry under the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). qswownews This recognition is very important to UiTM as it is one of the first universities to be given such recognition in the country. In 2012, the Safety and Health Officer (SHO) course was offered by UiTM and was listed as the first to be brought by the Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) as a value-added qualification to increase the marketability of electrical engineering graduates of UiTM. After 2012, an increase in marketability was seen as the industry began to recognise Electrical Engineering graduates who obtained the value-added certificate. This certification, which has been introduced to other IHLs, is also offered to UiTM graduates from the faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. In 2012, Ahmad Asari received RM1.025 Million Marketability Grant from MOHE to provide this certificate to 250 UiTM graduates. This recognition has made UiTM an institution that conducts courses for Occupational Safety and Health Officers just like the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and CONSIST Training Centre. When UiTM first started the programme in 2012 these courses had to be outsourced to training provider services, but since July 2020, UiTM is able to conduct its own courses. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 19

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Breakthrough in Developing Modular and Open System (MOST) for Monitoring COVID-19 U niversiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia has and others as long it is in a barcode format. MOST has achieved a breakthrough in producing a device been tested and proven to expedite the process of hand which accelerates the process of hand sanitising, sanitising, temperature screening and accessing contact temperature screening and contact information access. information. A contactless device, Modular and Open System (MOST) was designed and developed by Ts. Dr. Noorfadzli bin A person only needs to stand in front of MOST, flash Abdul Razak and his team from the Faculty of Electrical the barcode either by using a card or smartphone, and Engineering (FKE), UiTM. The collaboration between FKE their health status will be displayed. Moreover, the data, and Smart Manufacturing Research Institute (SMRI), including date, time, measured temperature, and person’s UiTM resulted in the production of four units of Modular information, will all be recorded instantly. In future, the and Open System (MOST) for the use of Shah Alam team hopes to upgrade MOST with the Internet of Thing Operations and Disaster Committee (Jawatankuasa (IoT) elements and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. Operasi dan Bencana Shah Alam (JOBSA). The Dean of the It will enable data in MOST to be monitored via web or Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. smartphone app. This will further enhance MOST’s ability Juliana Johari, who represented SMRI, handed over the to detect a person infected with COVID-19. four devices to Prof. Azizan Abdullah, the Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs) UiTM, Malaysia who received Currently, these devices are placed in a few crowded the devices on behalf of JOBSA. places in UiTM Shah Alam, such as the Health Centre, students’ colleges, mosque, and the Chancellery. The MOST chassis are built using the aluminium bar. This device assists the university to perform Standard chassis is attached to a spring-operated mechanism, Operating Procedure (SOP) in its effort to curb the spread used to dispense liquid sanitiser manually by foot. The of COVID-19. Besides MOST, Noorfadzli and the team chassis has a camera, infrared camera thermometer, members have previously created face shields and mask touchscreen, barcode scanner and tower light. extenders. During the ceremony, Dr. Juliana also handed These components are used to perform contactless over 100 pieces of face shields and 100 pieces of mask temperature measurements, capture a person’s extenders to Dr. Zaiton Nasir, the Health Centre Director, information, display the temperature and alert the user on for use by the health centre staff. their health condition. The information can be data in any form such as name, phone number, identification number 20 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Malaysia-Russia Arctic Research Project M ore than thirteen years have passed since The Arctic region continues to be under study in many Malaysia’s first astronaut launched into space in fields such as natural and social sciences. This endeavour 2007. The Malaysian spaceflight programme, will be the first Malaysia-Russia scientific expedition Angkasawan, is the real motivation behind Universiti to the Arctic which could propel UiTM and Malaysia Teknologi MARA’s latest initiative to replicate the towards global prominence and recognition. It also fulfills successful collaboration between Malaysia and Russia. the Malaysian government’s call to further enhance the It is time to continue the scientific knowledge, skills, and cooperation between Malaysia and Russia in the fields technological exchange in space travel between the two of economy, culture, and science. Proposed scientific countries. research projects and discoveries are in the areas of advanced technologies, space weather, medicine, climate Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazip Suratman, Deputy Vice Chancellor change, art and design, and applied sciences. In addition (Research and Innovation) of UiTM led a team of to the three faculties, two other faculties will be joining the researchers to begin bilateral talks between Malaysia and team. They are the Faculty of Art and Design led by Dr. Russia in setting up Malaysia-Russia Arctic Research Hema Zulaika Hashim, and the Faculty of Sport Science Project. A meeting was held on 21 December 2020 at and Recreation led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. YM Raja Firhad the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia, Raja Azidin. Other faculties may be added as the project Kuala Lumpur. Nazip expressed UiTM’s interest to the progresses. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr. Naiyl M. Latypov in pursuing the The bilateral research cooperation in the Arctic region collaborative scientific research project. In attendance between Malaysia and Russia was well received by the were Ms. Svetlana Kovaleva, Director of the Russian H.E. and the embassy promised full support in steering Centre of Science and Culture in Kuala Lumpur, and the project in the right direction. This initial meeting Prof. Dr. Igor Iezhitsa from the Faculty of Medicine, paved the way for the three-year planned project expected International Medical University (IMU) Malaysia, acting to commence in 2022. More discussions will take place as the Head of Coordination Committee. The research to bring the project to fruition. ~Source: uitm news hub team from UiTM at the meeting were Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh (Electrical Engineering), Dr. Heo Chong Chin (Medicine), and Ts. Dr. Judith Gisip (Applied Sciences). UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 21

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Covid-19 and Women's Mobility T he Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the whole leads the Women in Transport Leadership knowledge world with more than 80 million cases has affected network, Dr. Tu Anh Trinh, Director, Institute of Smart every aspect of life. Many countries have been in City and Management (ISCM), University of Economics partial or full lockdowns and this has disrupted people's HCMC, Vietnam, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pawinee Iamtrakul, normal routine. Transport system have come to a halt Director, Center of Excellence in Urban Mobility Research worldwide and border closures have impacted travel. and Innovation, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anabel A. To understand and address this issue, the Faculty of ABuzo, Director of the Engineering Resource Center, Civil Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Engineering Department, Xavier University-Ateneo de collaborated with the University of Melbourne (Australia), Cagayan, Dr. Marie Danielle Guillen, Lecturer, Ateneo de the University of the Philippines (Philippines), Ateneo de Manila University, Dr. Ir. Dewanti, Associate Professor Manila University (Philippines), Xavier University-Ateneo of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, de Cagayan (Philippines), University of Economics Ho Chi Universitas Gadjah Mada, Assoc. Prof. Sheilah Minh City (Vietnam), Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia, Gaabucayan, School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Nagoya (Japan) and Thammasat University Research and Extension Fellow, National Center for (Thailand) to host two Covid-19 & Women's Mobility Transportation Studies, University of the Philippines Webinar held on 9th and 10th July 2020. The webinars and Dr. Nan Kang, Lecturer at the Department of Civil were among a series of webinars organised by Women Engineering, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, in Transport Leadership (WiTL), a network of women Nagoya University. leaders in transportation, which serves as a platform for creating knowledge, fostering innovation and empowering The first webinar intensely explored good practices and person-to-person collaborative linkages amongst female experiences on how ASEAN countries have dealt with transport leaders in Australia and ASEAN, particularly on the pandemic and the extent that the pandemic has issues pertinent to gender and equity. affected mobility activities of gender specific groups. The second webinar featured panelists from ASEAN countries, More than 700 students, academics and friends of Australia, and Japan and tackled strategies and measures industries from ASEAN, Japan and Australia attended the that have worked to support mobility of women and how webinars which featured nine guest panelists: Dr. –Ing. these can be sustained to improve mobility of women in Masria Mustafa, Associate Professor at the Faculty of the post-Covid world. The other two webinars which were Civil Engineering, UiTM, Dr. Derlie Mateo-Babiano, Urban held on November 24 and 25 respectively, explored active Planning Major Coordinator, Faculty of Architecture, transport and women’s well-being and mobility through Building and Planning, University of Melbourne who data-mining. 22 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Researcher Awarded Grant to Research on Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Heritage of Indonesia D r. Shamila Mohamed Shuhidan, a senior lecturer from the Faculty of Information Management (FIM), University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) was awarded an International Research Collaboration grant funded by the Directorate of Research Universitas Indonesia (UI), Indonesia for Hibah research implementation programme totalling Rp. 165,000,000 equivalent to RM 48,079. The research is from 29 April 2020 until 31 December 2021. Dr. Shamila will collaborate with Dr. Tamara Adriani Salim as chief researcher and Yeni Budi Rachman from Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya, Universitas Indonesia to work on a research titled Physical Identification of Manuscripts nDalem Pangeranan Banyumas Heritage Collections. The research aims to investigate the physical description Therefore, it is important that IK should be preserved of nDalem Pangeranan Banyumas’s old collection as and integrated into the existing knowledge management it represents one of Indonesia’s national wealth. The system for the benefit of the social, economic, and cultural heritage and information in the collections are knowledge development of society. extremely valuable but not much effort has been taken to preserve them. This collaborative initiative aims to Dr. Shamila’s expertise is in the field of knowledge document and preserve the cultural heritage of national management i.e. indigenous knowledge and information- wealth, as well as highlight the indigenous knowledge seeking behaviour. It is hoped that this collaboration embedded in the collections which includes tacit will add to the body of knowledge as there is currently and explicit knowledge.This refers to data collection, a lack of publication on knowledge creation and interviews, and examining documents/manuscripts of the preservation of IK. This research will provide valuable Minangkabau community. insight to support the aspiration of SDGs Agenda 2030 relevant to indigenous community such as SDG No Indigenous Knowledge (IK) is local knowledge that is 4 Quality of Education and 11 Sustainable Cities and unique to a given culture or society and Indonesia is rich Communities. The expected outcomes will also contribute in traditional knowledge having more than 300 ethnic to the government and policymakers’ efforts in the groups, and one example is the Banyumas community. protection, understanding and appreciation of indigenous The legacy of the Banyumas community is assembled knowledge.~Source: qswownews. through physical objects, artifacts, conventional building, ceremonies, traditions, information, and dialect. Their famous traditional dance called Angguk Banyumas and their favourite traditional song and music are known as Gending Banyumasan and Bongkel. The Banyumas community spend their free time playing traditional games such as Rengkok and shadow puppet. The main dialect that they use in their daily life is called Ngapak. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 23

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTM Canada-ASEAN SEED Recipients T he Canada-ASEAN Scholarships for Educational Exchanges and Development (SEED) programme, now in its third year, has been launched for the academic year 2020/2021. The programme funded by the Global Affairs Canada has been offered to approximately 125 Southeast Asian students to study or do research in fields aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Aiming to reduce poverty in the developing ASEAN countries and to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the programme will contribute towards all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including achieving gender equality, empowering women, taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impact and many others. Two UiTM students are the esteemed scholarship recipients. They are Nur Atika Hishamuddin, a Master’s student in Construction Engineering, and Mohammad Amirul Shafiq Mohd Aznan, an undergraduate in the Faculty of Law. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the candidates had to prepare their research proposal that is linked to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, commitment to using their research or studies in Canada to help combat poverty and narrow the development gap in ASEAN region, as well as benefit their home institution and the Canadian institution. Focusing on resilient infrastructure, the first candidate, Atika will be undergoing the programme at Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada. Driven by self-motivation and her lecturers’ encouragement, she regards the scholarship as a golden opportunity for exposure to more advanced learning, environment, and technology. Amirul is looking forward to delving deeper into discussions on poverty crisis and tackling environmental issues when enrolling at the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, Lakehead University. He is also excited to see the wonders of cultural differences on the other side of the world. He is currently the President of the UiTM Global Ambassador under OIA. He loves participating in leadership activities, voluntary work and communication. The duration of the undergraduate programme is between 4 to 8 months, whilst 4 to 6 months for the graduate programme. 24 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS UiTMLaw Student Undergoes Prestigious Internship at Herbert Smith Freehills N ur Fathin Amira Sapawi, who has just completed Although the internship was brief, the legal eagles at her final semester as a law student in UiTMLaw, HSF made this young promising law student feel very recently had the opportunity to broaden her welcome. The experience that she gained from her experience and test the waters of legal practice at a time at HSF, the International Law Firm of the Year in globally renowned legal firm, Herbert Smith Freehills Malaysia (awarded by Asian Legal Business in 2020), is a (“HSF”) in Kuala Lumpur before embarking on her journey remarkable experience that she will always cherish. in the legal fraternity as a Pupil in Chambers. She highly respects the professionalism that the firm HSF has more than twenty branch offices around the displays, and the serene atmosphere that the firm has world including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Their always maintained. The fact that the firm ensures that expertise includes areas such as mining, financial sectors, diversity and inclusion will always be a top priority is infrastructure, and energy. something that she admires. Fathin hopes that with the experience gained, she could spread her wings and be a UiTMLaw has had close collaborations with HSF part of the international legal fraternity. Kuala Lumpur for the last two years and recently put this relationship on an official footing by signing This is the second time that she has brought glory to the a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with this faculty. In 2017, her team was crowned the Champion of prestigious firm. the Foreign Direct Investment Moot 2017, Asia Pacific. In line with the MoU signed, UiTMLaw and HSF have ~Source: numerous collaborations in order to give the UiTMLaw students exposure in international and cross-border legal practice. During her one-month as a legal intern in February 2020, Fathin learnt the day-to-day operations of this global law firm, by assisting various Associates in different areas of law such as Arbitration, Islamic Finance, Corporate Practice, Trade and Shipping. Her daily responsibilities include conducting legal research, proofreading legal opinions and agreements as well as providing case summaries. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 25

INDIA & JAPAN UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS NEW AUSTRALIA Virtual MoU Ceremony between UiTM and Mizoram University, India. Virtual MoU Ceremony between UiTM and Kindai University, Japan Virtual MoA Ceremony between UiTM and International College of Management (ICMS), Australia 26 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS PHILIPPINCEUSB&AI&NDONESIA PARTNERS MoU between UiTM and University of Havana, Cuba MoU between UiTM & 4 International Strategic Partners, Research Synergy Foundation (RSF), Don Honorio Ventura State University (DHVSU), City College of Angeles (CCA), Pampanga Research Educators Organization (PREO) UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 27

COLOMBIA & RUSSIA UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS NEW EAST AFRICA Courtesy Visit by the Ambassador of Colombia in Malaysia Virtual Meeting with Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia Virtual Meeting with Bule Hora University, East Africa 28 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS IR&AUQ,NTITHEAIDLKAINNDG, IDNODMIA PARTNERS Meeting with Qaiwan International University, Iraq Meeting with Hatyai University, Thailand Meeting with Meeting with Karpagam University, Solent University, UK India UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 29

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS UiTM Welcomed the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia O n 30th September 2020, Universiti Teknologi MARA Education Institutions (HEIs) in Taiwan. The main agenda (UiTM) was honoured to receive a delegation of the higher education system in Taiwan is to develop a from the Education Division, Taipei Economic and high global competitive edge with a strong emphasis on Cultural Office in Malaysia. Emeritus Professor Datuk. international interactions as well as collaborations with Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim, the Vice Chancellor of UiTM, foreign universities. Knowledge and innovation are ways Dr. Hajah Zainab Haji Mohd Noor, Director, Office of to compete globally, especially during this challenging International Affairs (OIA) welcomed the delegation during period. their courtesy visit to UiTM. Also present were OIA staff, Dr. Idaya Husna Mohd, Head of International Cooperation The meeting ended with the presentation of Taiwan’s Training and Development, Dr. Rohaslinda Ramele@Ramli, famous tea and mooncake to the Vice Chancellor to Coordinator of Cooperation Networks and International celebrate the first phase of partnership between the two Relations and Asmahan Abd Razak, Coordinator of organisations. In return, Prof. Azraai presented UiTM’s Communication and Internationalisation. Batik Merbok painting to the delegates as a memento of the visit. The delegates were then taken on a campus The delegation was led by Ms. Charlin Chang, Director tour of the Shah Alam campus. This visit added yet of Education Division, Ms. Venice Yap, Assistant of another member to UiTM’s strategic partners’ list. UiTM Education Division and Ms. Jasmine Sim, Assistant aims to collaborate and develop more partnerships with of Education Division. The inaugural visit was aimed universities in the ASEAN and ASIAN region, particularly, at strengthening the relationship as well as exploring in Taiwan. possible collaborations between UiTM and Higher 30 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS O n September 30, 2020, Universiti Teknologi UiTM MARA (UiTM) signed a virtual Memorandum of Reconnected Understanding (MoU) with Universitas Bung Hatta with UBH, (UBH) in Indonesia using an online application. This MoU Indonesia was a continuation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2017, which ended on August 10, 2020. UBH as a platform for the exchange of ideas as well as strengthening friendships and cultivating noble values The MoU was signed by UiTM Vice Chancellor, Emeritus through different conservation programmes. Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim and witnessed by FSPU’s Deputy Dean (Research & Industrial Linkages), The MoU will be a platform for the exchange of expertise Professor Datin Sr. Dr. Hamimah Adnan and FSPU Deputy between the two institutions providing more opportunities Dean (Student Affairs), Sr. Dr. Mohamad Sufian Hasim to conduct joint research on aspects of archipelago as well as representatives from the faculty who were architecture and to obtain international funding for this involved in bilateral activities. On behalf of UBH, the MoU purpose. ~ Source: qswownews was signed by the Rector, Professor Dr. Tafdil Husni and was witnessed by deans and representatives from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Culture, and Faculty of Industrial Technology. The renewal of the MoU underscores the ongoing academic cooperation between UiTM and UBH since 2017 in the field of conservation and post-disaster relief. A variety of activities were conducted, including public lectures, university visits and field work, as well as conservation activities, which both institutions benefited from throughout the MoU. The successful activities reinforced the bilateral relationship between UiTM and UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 31

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS UiTM, IJN Tie-up Offers Cardiothoracic Post-grad Programme Ý Universiti Teknologi Mara Faculty of Medicine dean Professor According to a report by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia needs about 160 cardiothoracic surgeons D. r. Mohd Zamrin Dimon (left) with National Heart Institute chief to achieve a ratio of one surgeon to 200,000 people. Currently, the country is lagging far behind with executive officer Datuk Dr. Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim (right) at the only 60 cardiothoracic specialists, representing one in Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony recently. 500,000 Malaysians. To address this pressing concern, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is working with the National Heart Institute (IJN) to offer a two-year (non-specialist) cardiothoracic post-graduate programme at its Faculty of Medicine, the first of its kind in the country. The initiative has received the support and cooperation from the Malaysian Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon, said UiTM in a statement. Preliminary meetings between UiTM and IJN representatives focused on suggestions for collaboration in different areas mainly on education and research opportunities. UiTM’s Faculty of Medicine has also made visits to IJN. Preparations have been carried out for the programme to reach international standards, including collaboration with experienced specialists from the public and private services, as well as leading universities in Malaysia. The programme is in the final stages of approval from the Malaysian Medical Council before it can be offered to postgraduate students in September 2020. The university is also in a discussion to finalise collaboration with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons that was initially postponed due to the global pandemic. ~Source : 32 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS The virtual MoU was signed by UiTM Vice Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim, with the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Industry, Community and Alumni Network, Prof Dato’ Dr Rahmat Mohamad acting as witness for the university. Representing Huawei Malaysia were Mr David Li, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Malaysia, who signed the agreement, while Mr Li Shan, Head of Public Sector, Huawei Enterprise Malaysia, acted as witness to the memorable event. Smart Campus at UiTM T he MoU will see each organisation tapping into Mr. David Li said that the collaboration will put Huawei their respective expertise and strengths, to achieve at the forefront of Smart Campus technology, “It will objectives that include leveraging Huawei’s Smart bring us closer to our goal — that is to help empower Campus technology to develop an intelligent campus universities and communities with the right innovative which will consist of cutting-edge digital infrastructure technologies,” he added. “With Huawei’s innovative and cybersecurity solutions, utilised through smart technologies and experience, we ensure that the smart classrooms and virtual desktop infrastructure, explore campus solutions we offer effectively match the evolving initiatives to create a Smart Data Centre and ICT needs of higher education institutions and enterprises, Infrastructure Solutions via workshops and technical which in turns promotes the development of Malaysia’s discussions, using Huawei’s technological and technical ICT talent,” he said. expertise. These innovations will then be implemented through digital solutions on UiTM campuses nationwide UiTM as one of Malaysia’s largest universities in Malaysia and uphold Huawei and UiTM’s commitment to develop can be a hub for the development of innovative solutions local ICT talents through the Huawei ICT Academy via and local talents to drive digital transformation in training to raise more ICT talents within UiTM, with the Malaysia. ~ Source: UiTM News Hub added value of obtaining Huawei certifications. Commenting on the collaboration, Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai said, “The Huawei-UiTM collaboration marks a milestone for UiTM. The Smart Campus initiative would make it possible for UiTM campuses throughout the whole nation to be well equipped and prepared for the future” Û Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) virtually on the 5th of November, 2020 to collaborate in developing Smart Campus solutions, a Smart Data Centre, as well as other ICT Infrastructure solutions within UiTM. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 33

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS Russia & UiTM: новый партнер Avirtual meeting with the delegates from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia on 19 October formalised the ties between UiTM and Russia. The delegation, led by the Ambassador His Excellency Mr. Naiyl Latypov, Ms Svetlana Kovaleva, Director of the Center of Science and Culture in Malaysia, and Mr. Maxim Salnikov, a Russian Diplomat in Malaysia was welcomed by Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim and his team. Present from UiTM were Dr. Hajah Zainab Haji Mohd Noor, Director, Office of International Affairs (OIA) and respective deans from the Faculty of Education, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Film, Theater and Animation, and Plantation and Agrotechnology. The meeting ignited interest and triggered various collaborations between the two parties. For UiTM, Russia is a new territory which UiTM would like to explore especially Science and Technology. Space exploration and cyber-technology were identified as significant niche areas to collaborate on. As a result of the meeting, another meeting with the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Malaysia was initiated by OIA on 4 November. The Trade Representative office was led by Mr. Nikita Ponomarenko, Trade Representative, Mr. Maxim Sokolov, Deputy Trade Representative and Ms Ekaterina Latypova, Senior Expert. The UiTM team was led by Prof. Ts. Dr. Haji Mohammad Kamal Haji Harun, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International), Dr. Hajah Zainab Haji Mohd Noor, Director, Office of International Affairs (OIA), deans from the faculties of Business Management, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, the Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS), Accounting Research Institute (ARI) and Law. The meeting initiated various research possibilities in Science and Technology and start-up projects for young entrepreneurs to learn high-technology strategic planning and joint ventures. Collaborations in other areas and with various Russian universities were also deliberated upon. 34 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS (New Partner) It was a privilege to be among the participants invited in Malaysia’s high-tech business – Russia-Malaysia by the Technological Sovereignty Exports Association Hi-Tech Centre. These centres will become permanent to join the Online Business Mission to Malaysia on platform for scientific and technological cooperation in November 18-19, 2020. The Technological Sovereignty the field of cyber-security, information technology and Export Association is working to enhance the export critical infrastructure, as well as the establishment of of Russian products and services in the field of high training centres in these important strategic areas. In technologies and information security by establishing particular, the results of negotiations already held and interaction with competent authorities, companies and signed agreements on the establishment of a permanent universities in Malaysia. The priority topic of the mission high-tech centre in Malaysia is something which UiTM was on digitalisation of education and Human Resource could leverage on. Management. The plan was to meet leading Russian high-tech companies that provide digital technologies for UiTM has planned a number of collaborative efforts and education and Human Resource (HR). initiatives with the Embassy of the Federation of Russia, their Trade Representative in Malaysia and universities in This event was supported by the Security Council of the Russia by 2021. This is in line with the internationalisation Russian Federation, the ministries of Science and Higher agenda of UiTM as envisioned by the Vice Chancellor. Education, Education, Economic Development, Industry UiTM has been actively engaged in international activities and Trade, all of the Russian Federation, and a number in 2020 despite the pandemic. of leading Russian companies. The aim was to create points of permanent presence of the Russian Federation UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 35

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL PARTNERSHIPS Russian Language and Culture Virtual Engagement at UiTM T he pandemic has forced the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) community to adopt new normal approach in relating to others. An online session to introduce the Russian Language and Culture was organised by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) on 14 September. This event helped piqued students’ and staff curiosity on Russian language and culture. This virtual event was joined by 241 participants via zoom platform. The talk provided an opportunity for the participants to know more about Russia and the Russian language first hand from Alena BelozertsevaShe, the Assistant Director from the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in Kuala Lumpur. The RCSC has been operating since 1981. Their main They discovered interesting facts about the geography, objective is to promote friendly relations and co- climate, ethnic groups, and religion, as well as the operation between Russia and Malaysia in the field of customs and traditions in Russia. The participants science, culture and education. RCSC organises various were fascinated by her interactive and interesting slide programmes for guests and visitors to the centre. Among presentation, video showing and display of cultural items. them are literary and poetic evenings, meetings with artists, painting exhibitions, book exhibition, concerts, The talk provided new knowledge, as well as challenged performances, presentations, conferences, seminars and and questioned participants’ perspectives on Russia. discussions. There are a number of different clubs and Cultural insights are pertinent in developing global citizens associations for children and adults at the RCSC where at UiTM, therefore a programme like this contributes to activities such as dance, painting and music are taught the opening of the minds of the UiTM students. and performed on a regular basis. Alena accommodated participants’ curiosity and SCAN HERE enlightened them about the Russian language and culture in the 2-hour session. The participants learned about the https://www. diversity in Russia from being the largest country in the world to favourite dishes in Russia. watch?v=BSsAzFMqp- sU& 36 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 37

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT International Seminar to Support Independent Campus K adiri University organised an Online International This new study programme known as the Merdeka Seminar on June 24, 2020, with the theme Campus Programme, gives the autonomy to public or \"International Collaboration For Support private Higher Education Iinstitutions (HEIs) to open or Independent Campus\". This webinar was attended by 181 establish global study programmes. However, autonomy participants from various Higher Education Institutions is given to the public and private HEIs which have (HEIs) in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkok and India. collaborated with organisations and/or universities that are included in the QS Top 100 World Universities. The webinar discussed the concept of ‘Merdeka The idea is to give students the right to study for three (independent) Campus‘. The Kadiri University invited five semesters outside the mainstream study programme, distinguished speakers, namely Pamadya Vitasmoro namely at an independent campus. This programme gives (Head of International Collaboration, Universitas Kadiri, students the opportunities to enroll in courses outside Indonesia), Dr. Methiana Indrasari (representing Rector their study plan at a different campus. Courses taken at IV Universitas Dr. Soetomo Surabaya), Dr. Hajah Zainab the Merdeka Campus are accredited and credit tranfer is Haji. Mohd Noor (Director, Office of International Affairs, automatic for all colleges and study programmes. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia), Dr. Tubagus Achmad Darodjat (Rajamanggala University of This webinar stressed the importance of HEIs to Technology, Bangkok), and Mr. Rahul Bhandari (Director collaborate internationally to support the independent International Relation & Outreach, SPECS, United Kingdom campus policy, to ensure the benefits obtained by and Director – O.P. Jindal Global University, India). students not only in the form of the ability to understand cultural differences, but also the ability to study and also The main scope of this webinar was for academic work in an international arena. Meanwhile, the faculty and managers HEIs to explore the concept of independent staff benefitted from the exchange of lecturers and staff, campus. The objectives of the webinars were to define the as well as international research projects and teaching concept “independent campus”, to provide an overview opportunities in foreign countries. and information related to policies and concepts of an ‘independent campus’, as well as to provide a guideline and description for higher education leaders on the setting up of an independent campus. 38 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT IMT-GT Working Group on Halal Products and Services Webinar T he 14th Working Group on Halal Products and industries; nurture Halal enterprises to become export Services (WGHAPAS) meeting was conducted oriented, increase the number of Halal manufacturers virtually on August 19th 2020. It was attended by and service providers, and facilitate consumers’ buy-in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) through better access to Halal products and services. member countries, IMT-GT University Network (UNINET), Joint Business Council, Centre for IMT-GT (CIMT) The meeting was successful and fruitful with useful Subregional Cooperation and related agencies. This feedback especially from CIMT and delegations from meeting was chaired by Ms Sulida Wangchi, Assistant Indonesia and Malaysia. The meeting focused largely Director of The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn on the progress of Halal Products and Services projects University, the host of the event. As a member of IMT-GT during difficult times of Covid-19. Various ways to UNINET, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia also encourage collaboration between Halal Small Medium participated in the event and was represented by Dr. Idaya Enterprises (SMEs) and large local corporations and Husna Mohd and Asmahan Abd Razak from the Office of multinationals, as well as the development of Halal International Affairs (OIA). curriculum in higher institutions were discussed. Among the outcomes of the meeting were promoting Halal The main function of WGHAPAS is to spearhead growth related events within IMT-GT members and providing and promote trade and investment in halal product and Halal knowledge on research to industries. services amongst IMT-GT member countries. At the same time IMT-GT can intensify cooperation in promoting Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, the group took a proactive technology transfer and innovation, building capacity role by meeting online - the new normal. This act sets and networking among university-based Halal research a new stage for future planning, a way forward for centres. The aim is to move up to the next level of sub- WGHAPAS. The group will be able embark on drafting regional cooperation and integration. This entails that the measures such as policy and regulatory reforms, conduct group must achieve acceptance of the Halal Standards research, increase technology transfer and promote trade amongst the IMT-GT member countries. In addition, the in future. group needs to enhance competitiveness and promote inclusive growth of IMT-GT which will increase the number of technical experts and professionals in Halal related UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 39

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT ATU-NET OGC: BMC Webinar U iTM's involvement with Asia Technological On Day 1, students were given lectures on the University Network (ATU-Net) Online Google Introduction to Business Strategy conducted by Prof. Dr. Classroom (OGC) for 2020 was wrapped up with Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir Syed Mohamad, the Dean of the two programmes: Business Model Canvas (BMC) Webinar Arshad Ayub Business School (AAGBS) UiTM. Mr. Adlan under the theme “Entrepreneurship” and Luminaire under Ahmad Bakri, an expert in Business Model Canvas (BMC) the theme “Culture and Communication”. from the Faculty of Business Management delivered his talk on BMC and gave general guidelines on preparing The BMC Webinar was a two-day event conducted by posters for presentation. the Malaysian Academy of SME and Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED), UiTM. MASMED was Poster presentations were held on Day 2. The established to help UiTM students set up their own presentation was assessed by two panelists from businesses and also help local small industries with MASMED, Ts. Dr. Rohana Zur and Dr. Muhamad Faizal advice on running business successfully. Day 1 was on Samat. The Best BMC went to two groups with titles 26 November while Day 2 was on 10 December. Twenty- ‘Online Tutoring Center’ and ‘Nasi Goyang Malindo’. eight students from five ASEAN universities and UiTM Students expressed their satisfaction with the knowledge students participated in the programme. The universities they gained from the activity and were happy to have were the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), worked with students from other universities to come up Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (UTHO), Universitas with the BMC ideas. Muhammadiyah Surabaya (UMY), Universitas Riau (UR) and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). 40 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT Hardi Emrie Rosly, MASMED's Student Programme Coordinator led the webinar. The vibrant speaker encouraged the eager participants to design their own business models by exposing them to entrepreneurship, business model design and some ideas of enterprises, management, trading, and innovation. Business Model A Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic Canvas (BMC): management and lean startup model that helps develop IMT-GT UNINET new models or document existing business models. It is a tool to systematically explain, challenge and invent ABusiness Model Canvas (BMC) webinar programme a new business model, which encompasses elements was jointly organised by the Office of International that describe the value proposition of a business or Affairs (OIA) and the Malaysian Academy of SME product, infrastructure, customers and finances. It helps and Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED), Universiti businesses align their operations by illustrating potential Teknologi MARA (UiTM) for 2 sessions, on December tradeoffs. First introduced by Alexander Osterwalder 15 and 23 respectively. The programme involved 21 in 2005, a Swiss business theorist, author, lecturer, students from partner universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, consultant and entrepreneur, known for his work on Thailand (ITM) – Growth Triangle (GT) University Network business modelling and BMC development. BMC contains (UNINET). The programme was honoured by the presence the nine \"core elements\" of the business model design of Professor Dr. Haji Abdol Samad Nawi, Assistant Vice- which covers the most important aspects of a business. A Chancellor (Entrepreneurship), (MASMED), Dr. Hajah user can easily use this model to effectively analyse his or Zainab Haji Mohd Noor, Director, Office of International her ideas without fear of missing critical elements of the Affairs (OIA) together with OIA and MASMED organising business because of its simplicity and completeness. committee. Participants were exposed to the planning of a successful business deal and the development of a clear business model. They also gained an understanding of how key business drivers affect others and their impact on customer value generation. The ideas were then integrated into a clear business model for presentation. The session showcasing business models allowed students to have business experience. It is pertinent for students to be exposed to a learning programme that allows them to adapt to the real world after graduation. Adaptability is a critical component of survival. It is hoped that this experience will help them learn to become global citizens. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 41

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT 42 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT T he inaugural Virtual Presidential Roundtable (VPRT) to improve the quality of their institutions. This event 2020 brought together 26 universities under the significantly ended 2020 with strategic new initiatives and auspices of the Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand (IMT) efforts for academic leaders to embrace a new leadership – Growth Triangle (GT) University Network (UNINET) on culture of facing challenges and moving forward. Leaders 29 December. It was hosted by Universiti Teknologi MARA are focussed on inspiring their teams to work together to (UiTM), a member of IMT-GT UNINET from Malaysia. reach their common vision and goals. This event convened Presidents, Vice -Chancellors and Rectors who discussed the role of institutions of higher “Leadership is lifting a person's vision to learning on the theme “Leadership in Trying Times.” They higher sights, the raising of a person's deliberated on nation building from various perspectives, performance to a higher standard, the current crisis and higher education policy. building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”~ Peter Drucker The virtual event brought together six renowned speakers representing the three nations. They spoke on ‘Leadership and Managing the Pandemic Crisis: Mitigation and Initiatives” and “Managing Covid-19: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward” specifically in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the ASEAN region. This VPRT enhanced and highlighted issues for the university community to reflect on and learn from in the midst of the pandemic. The speakers explored important issues in higher SESSION 1 SESSION 2 education brought on by the pandemic and shared potential ways of addressing these issues collectively. It increased the visibility of IMT-GT UNINET at the ASEAN Fj-JYvvU/ vj0c_1/ level by providing opportunities for them to seek ways UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 43

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL INITIATIVES CHINA UiTM at CIEET ONLINE 2020 C hina International Education Exhibition Tour session to showcase its academic strengths especially (CIEET) - Beijing is a platform that facilitates the Postgraduate studies, it introduced policies and dialogues among government officials, specialists, international services during and after the pandemic, scholars, partners and peers to promote international and interacted with targeted students through live chat. higher education exchanges and cooperation. It has been UiTM’s live session captured 408 online viewers who were recognised as a top-level professional study abroad event interested to continue their studies in UiTM. Following in China. The Chinese Service Centre for Scholarship the engaging live event and high number of viewers, it is Exchange (CSCSE) through Bahagian Education Malaysia hoped that this event captured the interest of potential (BEM) invited University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) to students especially postgraduate students from China to participate in the 2020 CIEET. Other public and private continue their studies in UiTM. Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia were also invited to participate in this event namely University Sains Malaysia (USM), University Malaya (UM), University Putra Malaysia(UPM), University Malaysia Perlis (Unimap), University Sains Malaysia and INTI International University. As one of the key players and leading organisations dedicated to services of international education, CSCSE has organised CIEET for 24 consecutive years since 1999. Reactive to the outbreak of COVID-19 and giving priority to the health and safety of their exhibitors, CIEET was made a virtual fair. COVID-19 did not stop the organisers from taking proactive measures to minimise the effects of the pandemic. The CIEET Online was held using online platform info-display and live webcast with concurrent viewer interaction. During the event, prospective students were able to view UiTM’s profile in advance, download brochures, and ask specific questions that were relayed to UiTM by the CIEET Online Organising Committee. The interactive live webcast session was scheduled on the 8th and 9th of August. UiTM had a 2-hour live 44 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL INITIATIVES UiTM@CIFTIS 2020 C hina International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) 2020 was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Beijing Municipal Government. The Fair was held from 3rd – 7th September and it is the first and the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of service trade both nationally and globally. This fair has been successfully held since 2012. As one of the three exhibition platforms for China’s Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) along with other exposure towards globalisation, CIFTIS is an important public and private higher learning institution in Malaysia trade fair in international trade in services to spread were invited to join CIFTIS through the Education ideas, connecting supply and demand, share business Malaysia Department in China, in the hope of promoting opportunities and promote joint development. This in Educational internationalisation. Participants were turn builds new platforms for government international Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Malaya (UM), organisations, global service trade enterprises and Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM), Universiti Malaysia Perlis institutions to display communication negotiation and (UniMAP), Universiti Sains Malaysia & INTI International cooperation. Defined as a state-level, international and University. comprehensive fair for trade in services, the CIFTIS currently is the only comprehensive trading platform in Currently, China tops the list of the highest number the world covering the 12 sectors of trade in services of international students doing postgraduate studies defined by the WTO, namely, business services, in UiTM. During the exhibition, which was conducted communication services, construction and related through mobile phone apps, UiTM demonstrated engineering services, distribution services, educational its relationship with other universities in the world, services, environmental services, financial services, health showcased the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and and social services, tourism and travel-related services, its services, and promoted UiTM’s Postgraduate courses. recreational, cultural and sports services, transport UiTM’s live session though CIFTIS Mobile apps captured services and other services. Since 2012 it has attracted 51 online viewers who were interested to continue their more than 100 Chinese and foreign sports service studies in UiTM. It is hoped that this will strengthen the organisations. Individuals and teams from universities relationship between UiTM and the Embassy of The and businesses from more than 40 countries and regions People’s Republic of China. have participated in the conference. UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 45

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL PINAIRTITANTEIVRESSHIPS UiTM@CEAIE 2020 F ounded in 1981, China Education Association between individuals, organisations in international for International Exchange (CEAIE) is China’s education community and explore alternative approaches nationwide non-profit organisation conducting towards our shared agenda soon. Recently, CEAIE international educational exchanges and cooperation with hosted a webinar, 2020 CEAIE International Webinar its headquarters located in Beijing. on International Students’ Services for participating universities to share views and good practices from their CEAIE has full commitment to meeting the needs Covid-19 experiences. The event was held on the 30th of China’s modernisation construction, developing of October 2020 through the online platform. Among exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese other universities that participated along with University educational community and other parts of the world, Teknologi MARA (UiTM) are Peking University, Xi’an promoting the advancement of education, culture, science Jiatong University, Shanghai International University, and technology, and strengthening understanding and Shenzen University (China), Nanyang Technological friendship among the people of all countries and regions University (Singapore) and Japan Students’ Service of the world. The aim of the organisation is to promote Organisation (Japan). language exchange and mutual understanding among young people at home and abroad, and to improve foreign UiTM was represented by Dr. Hajah Zainab Haji Mohd language education in Chinese schools. CEAIE has been Noor, Director, Office of International Affairs (OIA) and Dr. working together with partner organisations overseas to Idaya Husna Mohd, Head of International Cooperation provide opportunities for young people and experienced Training and Development (ICTD). Apart from sharing teachers to work as language teachers in Chinese schools Covid-19 experiences from UiTM’s perspectives, they at all levels since 2005. CEAIE programme provides an also outlined the roles of OIA and the services provided opportunity for teachers from Australia, Canada, New to international students. Various online programme Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States of America promotions for students such as Virtual Exchange to live and work in China for twelve months. To date, more Student Programmes and Virtual Summer Programmes than 1,000 international English teachers have come to were also shared not only to increase the number China through the Teach in China Programme. of virtual students inbound but also to maintain and strengthen the good relationship with The People’s CEAIE held a series of International Webinars on Republic of China. International Students’ Services to help students cope with the challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic. This was intended to encourage collaboration between Chinese and foreign higher education institutions and to exchange ideas on how to better support international students. The target audience will be administrative staff dealing with international student services from not only Chinese universities but also universities across the globe. The goal is to provide a platform for building trust, understanding and mutually rewarding relationships 46 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVES SCAN HERE com/file/d/1zicmwPK- 1wLhAs4MeykKs3owh_ avNpMXx/view 1st Malaysia-China (Yunnan) Higher Education Dialogue 2020 O n 17 December 2020, the 1st Malaysia-China Pahang, University College Yayasan Pahang, UOW (Yunnan) Higher Education Dialogue 2020 was Malaysia KDU and Swinburne University Sarawak. successfully held in Kunming with the Consulate General of Malaysia Kunming and Education Malaysia Participating universities from Yunnan were Kunming of the Malaysian Embassy in China as the host and the University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Agricultural Yunnan Provincial Department of Education as the co- University, Kunming Medical University, Kunming organiser. University, Dali University, Yunnan University, Southwest Forestry University, Yunnan University of Traditional The Consul General of Malaysia to Kunming and Chinese Medicine, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan the Deputy Secretary-General of Yunnan Education University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan Minzu Commission of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee University, Yuxi Normal University, Yunnan Arts University, delivered their opening remarks at the dialogue. Emeritus and Yunnan Open University. Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim, the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and Mr. At the end of the dialogue, the experts agreed to adhere to Yang Zeyu, Vice President of Yunnan Universities delivered the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution, their keynote addresses after that. and shared benefits to carry out more extensive and deeper cooperation, and to create a new future of higher The theme of this year's dialogue is “Strengthen education cooperation between Yunnan and Malaysia. To Friendship; Explore Future”. The main objective of the continue with the cooperation, the 2nd Malaysia-China online-offline dialogue is to carry forward the agenda (Yunnan) Higher Education Dialogue is expected to be of strengthening the exchanges and resource sharing held in 2021 with the Yunnan Provincial Department of between Yunnan and Malaysia in higher education whilst Education as the host. deepening the friendship between Malaysia and China. Participants attended the Dinner Reception hosted by the 25 universities, 14 from Yunnan and 11 from Malaysia participated namely, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Consul General of Malaysia in Kunming at the Ballroom of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Multimedia Malaysia University, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, the Crown Plaza Hotel, Kunming. While enjoying varieties Universiti Tenaga Nasional Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia of Malaysian foods and delicacies, they were entertained by a repertoire of Malay dances, poems and songs performed by the students of the Malay Language Faculty of Yunnan Minzu University, Kunming. ~Source: UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 47

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS WEBINAR Office of LIVE International STREAM Affairs (OIA) AMBASSADORIAL LECTURE UiTM DATE: 22 JULY 2020 / WEDNESDAY | TIME: 3-5PM PLATFORM : CISCO WEBEX \"GETTING TO KNOW CUBA : 60 YEARS OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION\" BY HER EXCELLENCY IBETE FERNÁNDEZ HERNÁNDEZ 2.00 - 3.00pm 3.00 - 3.15 pm 3.15 - 3.30pm 3.30 - 4.30pm 4.30 - 5.00pm Participants Scene setting by Opening remarks by Her Excellency Ibete Q & A Session register and Dr. Hajah Zainab Emeritus Professor Datuk Fernández Hernández 5.00pm log in Haji Mohd Noor Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim Ambassador of Cuba End of Session Director, Office of Vice Chancellor, Universiti to Malaysia Office of International Affairs oia.uitm International Affairs (OIA) Teknologi MARA (UiTM) - Universiti Teknologi MARA T he Office of International Affairs (OIA), Universiti Her Excellency outlined Cuba’s cooperation in health Teknologi MARA (UiTM) hosted an Ambassadorial and medicine beginning with its basic foundations, Lecture on the 22nd of July 2020. This lecture origin, and milestones. The Cuban medical cooperation is the third in the OIA Ambassadorial Lecture Series was developed based on the number of potentialities in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of involved between countries taking into account their Cuba. Presenting the lecture was the Ambassador, Her existing differences. She highlighted that primary care Excellency Ibete Fernández Hernández. The two-hour and services by health professionals and technicians are online lecture was attended by 180 attendees which given to those in need without distinction of race, creed, included UiTM staff, local and international students. The or ideology and without involving political matters while Vice Chancellor of UiTM, Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. respecting the law and customs of the countries they Mohd Azraai Kassim gave his welcoming remarks and work in. thanked Her Excellency for collaborating with UiTM. Through the creation of the Latin American School The main highlight of this lecture was Cuba’s 60 years of of Medicine in 1999, Cuba has also established a international cooperation with the world. It began with a collaboration in education with universities worldwide brief look at Cuba as a nation and its people followed by in the training of human resources. At present, there its history of colonialisation under Spain and the United are 2000 international agreements with 52 of them States of America. Her Excellency then took the audience being ministerial and the rest bilateral inter-university through the revolution and the revolutionary measures agreements. Cuba has offered many scholarships which taken by the Cuban government to improve the state of has helped in their international projects and contributed the country. to improving the quality of higher education, enhancing university infrastructure and international visibility. 48 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS Scientific cooperation is carried out especially in the fight against COVID-19 and Cuba’s high-level biotechnology industry has enabled the country to face the pandemic better. The scientific community has placed all its effort in the medical protocol and treatments to combat COVID-19 even before the virus reached Cuba. This effort has proven to be very effective since Cuba has not had any report of child or adolescent death and 94% of the diagnosed patients in Cuba have already recovered. Cuba and Malaysia have had good diplomatic relations for 45 years. Her Excellency hopes that Cuba and Malaysia could continue these bilateral relations. She even encouraged the audience to visit Cuba when they could. Overall, the lecture shed some light on Cuba that allowed the audience to view it in a positive light different from what online sites provide. It is hoped that there will be more such sessions with the Cuban Embassy. SCAN HERE https://www.facebook. com/oia.uitm/vid- eos/338332197555058 UGN Vol.5/December 2020 | 49

UiTM Global News // INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS OIA Ambassadorial Art Lecture A Diplomatic Odyssey: An Ambition Fulfilled An Ambassadorial Art Lecture featuring Dato’ Mohd Yusof Ahmad as the key speaker was held at the OIA Seminar Hall in UiTM Shah Alam on 7th September 2020. The lecture includes a retelling of Dato’ Yusof’s experience as a diplomat in various countries as well as some advice to the younger generation, especially those who wish to become diplomats. The event began with opening remarks by the Vice Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai Kassim welcoming the former Ambassador to Peru and Switzerland. He briefly introduced Dato’ Mohd Yusof Ahmad and the subject of the lecture. SCAN HERE com/watch?v=7loGUf- Bxee0 50 | UGN Vol.5/December 2020

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