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Bier Markt Uniform Guidelines_September 2018

Published by apedra, 2018-09-05 14:10:28

Description: Find your uniform guidelines here!


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• Black in colour • Fading• Round neck line • V neck line• Sleeves (sleeveless, t- • Boat neck line • Spaghetti straps shirt length, ¾ length • Tank top style or full length) • Plunging neck lines• Full back • Cut outs• Length, no shorter • Slits or zippers, unless than 4 inches above the knee discreet and on the back (see picture for example) • Rouching • Embroider • Embellishments (such as jewels, lace, ties, buttons, drapery, pockets • No longer than 2 inches past the knee • Rips • Lace

Smal , Ful back Smal ,discreet discreetzipper is slit on theok back is ok

Incorrect Incorrect neckline necklineNo slits Backon the needs tofront of be fuldressNo buttons No cut- Noor pockets outs rouching No ties No lace Wrong hemline


• Black in colour • Fading• Slim, fitted • Logos• T-shirt length sleeves • Pockets• Buttons should be • Embellishment of any neutral in colour kind (black, brown or white)• Black in colour • Fading, or distressed wash of• Chino style any kind• Female Option: Ankle • Denim pant, dress pant style • Embellishments (such as• Slim, tailored fit jewels, lace, ties, buttons, zippers, slit • Leggings, yoga pants or any type of athletic pant • Rips • Ankle cuffs • Leather

Female optionBlack BlackChino anklestyle, pantSlim fit Slim fit

No Wrong Fit, notlogo’s colour correct No denim Shirt is faded Too baggyNo rips No cuffs No zippers No slits No embel ishments

• Black in colour • No running shoes or• Leather or Leather athletic shoes style • No dance style shoes • Dirty• Must be polishable • Scuffed• Clean • White soles• Black laces • Coloured or white laces• Closed toe • Lights• Closed heel • Croc style• Minimum ½ sole • Obvious branding • Obvious embellishment of any kind • Loafer style

Bartendersonly. optional

No running shoe or running shoe styleNo white soles No white soles No dance style shoes No embelishments No obvious Not branding polishableNo loafer style No embel ishments

Female option:• Money Belt• Available through Bier Markt• What’s inside? • Five pens • Server note pad • $30 float (Servers only) • Black Apron • Available through Bier Markt • Clean and pressed • What’s inside? • Five pens • Server note pad • $30 float (Servers only)

• Black Apron• Available through Bier Markt• Clean and pressed

• May be worn up or • Large accessories, down such as, flowers or bulky hair clips• Neutral coloured hair accessories • Hair scrunchies• Hair pulled back neatly if worn up• Facial hair is neatly trimmed• Neutral polish • No chips or scratches permitted if nail polish is worn • Never offensive• Solid black • No rips• Tights and nylons in • No holes • No embellishments of any sheer or opaque kind

• Fitted cardigan is • Faded permitted • Too long or too short • Embellishments of any• Solid Black in colour• Waist length kind• Black button • Drapery • Rips or tears Not solid in colour Too long Too short

• Crew neck sweater • Faded over top of the polo • Too long or too short • Embellishments of any• Solid black in colour• Fitted style kind• Round neck line • Rips or tears • Logos • Too loose • No pilling • No sweatshirts • No ‘hoodies’ • No zippers

While we maintain the right to require that our Team Members come to work ready andprepared, be professionally dressed in Brand approved clothing, and to look, feel and actlike a team - we still want you to be comfortably dressed to do your job well and do itsafely. That doesn't mean however, that you can wear whatever you want - after all – weare a team and we still want you to represent the Brand in a positive manner, so yourManager may provide you with some additional coaching.These uniform and grooming standards are in no way intended to offend anyone, or tobreach any Human Rights regulations. We are happy to discuss any other individualaccommodation with you, or if you’re unsure of anything – please ask your Manager rightaway. Before making any clothing purchases, check with your Manager, and hang on toreceipts just in case, so you can return things if needed. You can always contact yourRegional Manager or Human Resources if you need further help.Where clothing options exist, all options are equally valid and your Manager cannot forceyou to wear any one option over another. Your Manager cannot ask you to pick yourpreferred outfit prior to your hire.

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