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Chapter Animal Kingdom L4 (a) Possess a mouth with Chordata 1. Important characteristic that hemichordates share with chordates Is an upper and a lower (a) ventral tubular nerve cord jaw Reptiliaa (b) pharynx with gill slits (b) |3-chambered hearn with hondrichthyes (C) pharynx without gill slits One incompletely divided Mammala (d) absence of notochord. (NEET2017) ventricle (NEET-I 2016) 2. Which among these is the correct combination (c)Cartilaginous ol aquatic mammals? endoskeleton (a) Dolphins, Seals, Irygon (a) Viviparous (6) Whales, Dolphins, Seals (NEET2017) cn or the tollowing eatures is not present (c) Tingon, Whales, Seals in the Phylum Arthropoda? (d) Seals, Dolphins, Sharks 3. Which of the following represents order of (a) Parapodia Horse? (b) Jointed appendages (a) Perissodactyla (b) Caballus (e) Chitunous exoskeleton (C) Ferus (d) Equidae (d) Metamerie segmentation (NEET2017) (NEET-I 2016) 4. In case of poriferans, the spongocoel is ned 9 Bodyhaving meshwork of cells, internal cavities with flagellated cells called lined with food filtering lagellated cells and a) OScula (6) choanocytes direct development are the characteristics of (C) mesenchymal cells (d) ostia Phylum (NEET 2017) (a) Mollusca (b) Protoz0a 5. Choose the correct statement. (c) Coelenterata (d) Porifera (a) All mammals are viviparous. (2015) (b) All cyclostomes do not possess jaws and paired fir 10. Metagenesis refers to (c) All reptiles have a three-chambered heart. (a) occurrence ofa drastic change in form dur- (d) All pisces have gills covered by an ing post-embryonic development perculum. (b) presence of a segmented body and parthe (NEET-II 2016) nogenetic mode of reproduction 6. Which one ofthe following characteristics is not (c) presence of ditferent morphic foms (d) altermation of generation between asexua shared by birds and mammals? and sexual phases of an organism. (a) Viviparity (2015) (b) Warm blooded nature (c) Ossified endoskeleton 11. A jawless fish, which lays eggs in fresh water (d) Breathing using lungs and whose ammocoetes larvae afler metamorpho- (NEETI2016) SiS returm to the ocean iS 7. Which of the following characteristic features (a) Neomxine (6) Petromyzon (d) Mxine always holds truefor the corresponding group (C) Eplatretus (2015) of animals?

Animal Kingdom 51 12. Which ofthe following endoparasitesof humans (b) Sea- fan (Gorgonia) does show viviparity? (c) Saccharomyces (a) 7richinella spiralis (d) Blue- green algae (2014) (6) Ascarisfumbricoides 18. Planaria possesses high capacity of () Ancylastoma duodenale (a) metamorphosis (6) regeneration (d) Enterobius vermicularis (c) altemation of generation (2015 Cancelled) (d) bioluminescence (2014) 13. Which of the following represents the correct 19. A marine cartilaginous físh that can produce combination without any exception ? electric current is Characteristics Class (a) Pristis (6) Torpedo (d) Scoliodon. (a) Sucking and circular Cclostomata ingon mouth, jaws absent, (2014) integument without Scales, paied AVes 20. Which of the following are corTectly matched appendages. with respect to their taxonomic class ification? (a) House fly, butterfly, Insecta (6)|Body covered with feathers, skin moist tse-tse fly, silver fish Echinodemata and glandular, fore (6) Spiny anteater, sea limbs form wings; urchin, sea cucumber hungs with airsacs. (c) Flying fish, cuttle fish,-Pisces (C)Mammarygland; hair Mammalia silver fish on body; pinnae; two pairs of limbs. (d) Centipede, millipede, -Insecta (d)|Mouth ventral;gills Chondrichthyes spider, scopion without operculum; (NEET 2013 skin with placoid scales; 21. Which group of animals belong to the same persistent notochord. phylum? (a) Prawn, Scorpion, Locusta (2015 Cancelled) (6) Sponge, Sea anemone, Starfish 14. Which of the following animals is not vivipa- () Malanal parasite, 4moeba, Mosquito rous? b) Whale (d) Earthwom, Pinworm, Tapeworm (d) Elephant (a) Platypus (NEET 2013) (c) Flying fox (Bat) 22. Match the name ofthe animal (column ), with (2015 Cancelled) one characteristic (column 1), and the phylum/ class (column lI) to which it belong5. 15. Whichofthe following characteristics is mainly Column I Column Column responsible for diversificationofinsects on land? Limuhus Body covered Pisces (a) Exoskeleton Eyes by chitinous (c) Segmentation (d) Bilateralsymmetry exoskeleton (2015Cancelled) (b) Adamsia Radially Porifera 16. Select the taxon mentioned that represents both Symmetrical Cyclostomata marine and fresh water Species. (c) Petromyzon Ectoparasite Reptilia (a) Echinoderms (6) Ctenophora (NEET 2013) (d) lchthyophis Terrestrial (c) Cephalochordata (d) Cnidaria (2014) 23. One ofthe representatives of Phylum Arthro 17. Which one of the following living organisms poda (6) flying fish completely lacks a cell wall? (a) Cyanobacteria (a) puler ish (d) silver fish. cutle fish (NEET 2013)

52 MbG Chapterwise NEET-AIPMTSOLUTIONS 24. The characteristics of Class Reptilia are (c) Spiracles in prothorax, tracheoBes, trachea, (a) body covered with moist skin which is oxygen ditfuses into cells. devoid of scales, the ear is represented by (d) Hypopharynx, mouth, pharynx, trachea, a tympanum, alimentary canal, urinary and ISSues reproductive tracts open into a common (Karnataka NEET 2013) cloaca 29. Pheretima and its close relatives derive (b) fresh water animals with bony nourishment from endoskeleton, air-bladder to regulate a)sugarcane roots buoyancy b) decaying fallen leaves and soil organic (c) marine animals with cartilaginous endos- keleton, body covered with placoid scales matter (d) body covered with dry and cornified skin, (c) soil insects (a) small pieces of fresh fallen leaves of maize, scales over the body are epidermal, theydo (2012) ears.not have extemal (Karnataka NEET 2013)|. in which oneofthe lollowing, the genus name, 25. Which one of the following groups ofanimals its two characters and its phylumarenot correctly matched, whereas the remaining three reproduces only by sexual means? e correct? (a) Cnidaria D) Porifera (a) Pila () Body segmented (c) Proloz0a (d) Ctenophora Mollusca (Karnataka NEET 2013) (ii) Mouth with radula 26. Which one of the following animals is correctly Asterias () Spiny skinned matched with its one characteristic and the (c) Sycon Echinodermata (ii) Water vascular system taxon? (d) Periplaneta (i) Pore bearing Porifera Animal Characteristic Taxon (i) Canal system (a) Millipede Ventral nerve Arachnida () Jointed appendages cord Arthropoda (b) Sea anemone Triploblastic Cnidaria (in) Chitinous exoskeleion (c) Silverfish Pectoral and Chordata (2012) (d) Duckbilled pelvic fins Mammalia 31. Which one of the following pairs of animals Oviparous platypus similarto each otherpertaining to the feature stated against them? (Karnataka NEET 2013) (a) Preropus and Viviparity 27. Sharks and dogfishes differ from skates and Ornithorhynchus rays because (b) Garden lizard and Three chambered ()gill slits are ventrally placed crocodile heart (b) head and trunk are widened considerably (C) Ascaris and Metameric (c) distinct demarcation between body and tail Ancylostoma Segmentation (d) their pectoral fins distinctly marked of fromm Cold blooded d) Sea horse and cylindrical bodies. nying fish (poikilothermal) (Karnataka NEET 2013) (Mains 2012) 28. Which one ofthe following is ofane the paths2. Which one of the following categories of followed by air or O during respiration in the animals, is correctly described with no single adult male Periplaneta americana as il enters exception in it? the animal body? (a) All reptiles possess scales, have a three (a) Spiracle in metathorax, trachea, tracheloes, chambered heart and are cold blooded oxygen ditfuses into cells (poikilothermal). (b) Mouth, bronchial tube, trachea, oxygen All bony fishes have four pairs of gills and an opereuum on each side. enters cells

Aninal Kingdom 53 (c) All sponges are marine and have collared (c) It is absent throughout life in humans from cells. the very beginning. (d) All mammals are viviparous and poSsess (d) It is present throughout life in Amphiorus. diaphragm for breathing (Mains. 2011) (Mains 2012) | 37. Consider the following four statements 33. What will you look for to identify the sex of (A-D) related to the common frog Rana tigrina, the following? and select the correctoption statingwhich ones (a) Female Ascaris-sharply curved posterior end are tnue (T) and which ones are false (F). (b) Male frog- a copulatory pad on the first Statements digit of the hind limb A. On dry land it would die due to lack of O, (C) Female cockroach-anal cerci if its mouth is forcibly kept closed for a (d) Male shark-claspers bome on pelvic fins few days. 2011) B. It has four-chambered heart. C. Ondryland it turns uricoatelic from ureotelic. 34. Which one ofthe following groups ofanimals D. Its life-history is carried out in pond water. is correctly matched with its characteristic feature without any exception? A B CD F (a) Reptilia : possess 3-chambered heart with (b) T T FF T an incompletely divided ventricle (c) F (6) Chordala: possess a mouth with an upper (d) F T TF and a lower jaw (Mains 2011) (c) Chondrichthyes: possess cartilaginous 38. The figures (A - D) show four animals. Select endoskeleton (d) Mammalia give birth to young ones the correct option with respect to a common (2011) characteristic of two of these animals. 35. In which one ofthe following the genus name, its two characters and its class/phylum are correctiy matched? (A) (B) Gemus name Two characters Cass/ (C) (D) (a) Ascaris Phylum (a) (A)and (D) respire mainly through body 0) Body segmented Annelida wall (1n) Males and (b) (B) and (C) show radial symmetry (c) (A) and (B) have cnidoblasts for self females distinct detence (6) Salamandra (0) A Iympanum Amphibia (d) (C) and (D) have a true coelom. represenis ear (Mains 2011) (1) Fertilization external Feropus (0 SKin possesses Mammalia Coelenterata (d) Aurella (u) Oviparous (i) Cnidoblasts o(i) Organ level organ zation (201) 36. Which one ofthe following stalements is totally Wrong aboul the occurrence of notochord, while the other three are correct (a) It is present only in larval tail in ascidian. (6) It is replaced by a vertebral column in adult frog.

54 MbG ChpteriseNEETFAPMTSOLUTIONS 39. Ureters act as urinogenital ducts in 45. Crocodile and penguin are similar to whale and (a) human males dogish in which one of the following features? (6) human females (a) Possess a solid single stranded central (C) both male and female fYogs nervous system (d) male frogs. (Mains 201) (b) Lay eggs and guard them till they hatch 40. One example ofanimals having a single opening (c)Possess bony skeleton to the outside that serves both as mouth as well (d) Have gill slits at some stage as anus is (Mains 2010) (a) Octopus b) Asterias 46. Which one ofthe following groups ofanimals d) Fasciola. is bilaterally symmetrical and triploblastic? (C) Ascidia (a) Aschelminthes (round worms) (2010) 41. Which one of the following statements about (b) Ctenophores all the four of Spongilla, leech, dolphin and (C) Sponges penguin is correct? (d) Coelenterates (cnidarians) (2009) (a) Penguin is homoiothermic while the 47. Ifa live earthworm is pricked with a needle remaining three are poikilothermic. on its outer surface without damaging its gut, (6) Leech is a fresh water form while all others the fluid that comes out is are manne. (a) coelomic fluid (6) haemolymph (c) Spongilla has special collared cells called (c) slimy mucus (d) excretory fluid. choanocytes, not found in the remaining three. (2009) (d) All are bilaterally symmetrical. 48. Which one of the following pairs of animals (2010) comprises jawless fishes*? 42. Which one of the following kinds of animals (a) Mackerals and rohu (b) Lampreys and hag fishes are triploblastic? () Guppies and hag fishes (a) Flatworms (b) Sponges (d) Lampreys and eels (C) Ctenophores a) Corals (2009) (2010)| 49. Which one ofthe following in birds, indicates their reptilian ancestry? 43. Which one of the following statements about certain given animals is correct? (a) Two special chambers crop and gizzard in their digestive tract (a) Roundworms (Aschelminthes) are pseudo- coelomates (b) Eggs with a calcareous shell (b) Molluses are acoelomates (c) Scales on their hind limbs (c) Insects are pseudocoelomates (d) Four-chambered heart (2008) (d) Flatwoms(Platyhelminthes) are coeloma 50. Ascaris is characterized by (2010) (a) presence of true coelom but absence of 44. In which one of the following organisms its metamerism excretory organs are correctly slaled? (6) presence of true coelom and metamerism (0) Humans Kidneys, sebaceous glands (melamerisalion) and tear glands (c) absence of true coelom but presence of (6) Earthworm- Pharyngea, integumentary metamerism and septal nephridia (d) presence of neither true coelom nor (c) Cockroach Malpighian tubules and metamerism. (2008) enteric eca (d)IFrog - Kidneys, skin and buccal 51. Which one of the following groups of three animals each is correctly matched with their epithelium one characteristie morphological feature? (Mains 2010)

Animal Kingdom 55 Animas Morphological Animals Morphological features (a) Scorpion, spider, features 0 Crocodile 4-chambered heart Parapodia - ventral solid central (i) Sea urchin Metagenesis cockroach nervous (ii) Obelia (iv) Lemur Thecodont system (a) (ii), (ii) and (iv) (b) only (i) and (iv) (b) Cockroach, locust, metameric (C)only () and (in) (d) 0, (i) and (iv) Taenia segmentation (2007) (c) Liver fuke, bilateral symmetry 56. Which oneof the following isa matching pair sea anemone, of a body feature and the animal possessing sea cucumber it? (d) Centipede, prawn, jointed appendages (a) Ventral central Leech sea urchin (2008) nervous system 52. Which one of the following pairs of items (b) Pharyngeal gill slits Chamaeleon correctly belongs to the category of organs absent m embryo Scorpion mentioned against it? (c) Ventral heart Octopus (d) Post-anal tail (a) Nephridia of earthworm and Malpighian (2007) tubules of cockroach excretory organs $7. What is common between parrot, platypus and (6) Wings of honey bee and wings of crow - homologous organs kangaroo? () Thorn of Bougainvillea and tendrils of (a) Toothless jaws (b) Functional post-anal tail Cucurbita analogous organs (c) Ovoparity (d) Nictitating membrane and blind spot in (d) Homoiothermy (2007) human eye - vestigial org.ans 58. What is true about Nereis, scorpion, cockroach (2008) and silver fish? 53. Which one of the following phyla is correctly (a) They all possess dorsal heart. matched with its two general characteristics? b) None of them is aquatic. (a) Echinodermata pentamerous radial (C) They all belong to the same phylum. (d) They al have jointed paired appendages. symmetry and mostly intenal fertilization (2007) (b) Mollusca - normally oviparous and dewelop59. Biradial symmetry and lack of cnidoblasts are ment through a trochophore or veliger larva the characteristics of (a) Hydra and starfish (c) Arthropoda- body divided into head, thorax ((6c)) sCtaterhnsohpalannda asnead aBneermoeone and abdomen and respiration by tracheae (2006) (d) Chordata notochord at some stage and (d) Aurelia and Paranmecium. separate anal and urinary openings to the oulside. 60. Two common charncters found in centipede, (2008) cockroach, and crab are 54. Which one of the following is not a characteristic (a) book lungs and antennae (b) compound eyes and anal cerci of Phylum Annelida? (c)jointed legs and chitinous exoskeleton (a) Pseudocoelom (d) green gland and tracheae. (2006) (6) Ventral nerve cord 61. In which one of the following sets of animals (c) Closed circulatory system do all the our give bith to young ones? (d) Segmentation (2008) (a) Kangaroo, hedgehog. dolphin, Loris 55. Which of the following pairs are correctly (6) Lion, bat, whale, ostich matched? (c) PlaypuS, penguin, bat, hippopotamus (d) Shrew, bat, cat, kiwi (2006)

56 M-bG ChapterwiseNEET-AIPMT SOLUTIONS 62. Which one ofthe followingisnot a living fossil? (a) Thecodont dentition (a) Peripatus (6) King crab (b) Alveolar lungs (c) Sphenodon (d) Archaeoptey (c) Ten pairs of cranial nerves (d) Seven cervical vertebrae (2006) (20059 63. Annual migration does not occur in the case ot 71. In Arthropoda, head and thorax are often used (a) arctic term (6) salmon to form cephalothorax, but in which one of the following classes, is the body divided into head (c) siberian crane (d) salamander. thorax and abdomen? (2006) 64. Metameric segmentation is the characteristic of (a) Insecta (a) mollusca and chordata (6) Myriapoda (b) platyhelminthes and arthropoda (c) Crustacea (c) echinodermata and annelida (d) Arachnida and curstacea (2004) (d) annelida and arthropoda. (000| 72. The animals with bilateral symmetry in young 65, Which one ofthe following is a matching set of stage, and radial pentameroussymmetry in the a phylum and its three examples? adult stage. belong to the Phylum (a) Porifera Spongilla, Euplectella,Pennaula (a) Annelida (b) Mollusca (C) Cnidaria (6) Cnidaria Bonellia, Physalia, Aurelia (d) Echinodermata. (c) Platyhelminthes Planaria, Schistosoma, (2004) Enterob 73. Presence of gills in the tadpole of ftog indicates (d) Mollusca Loligo, Teredo, Octopus that (2006) (a) fish were amphibious in the past 66. What is common about Trypanosoma, (b) fish evolved from frog-like ancestors Noctiluca, Monocystís and Giardia? (c) frogs will have gills in future (a) These are all paras ities. (6) These are all unicellular protists. (d) frogs evolved from gilled ancestors. (2004) (c) They have flagella. (2006) 74. Uricotelism is found in (a) They produce spores. (a) mammalsand birds 67. Incontrast to annelids the platyhelminthes show (2004) (b) fish and fresh water protozoans (a) absence of body cavity (c) birds, land reptiles and insects (6) bilateral symmetry (d) fogs and toads. (C) radial symmetry 75. One of the following is a very unique feature of (d) presence of pseudocoel. (2005) the mammalian body 68. From the following statements select the wrong (a) homeothermy one. (6) presence of diaphragm (a) Prawn has two pairs of antennae. (C) tour chambered heart (b) Nematocysts are characteristics of the (d) rib cage. (2004) phylum cnidaria. 76. When a fresh-water protozoan possessing a (c) Millepedes have two pairs of appenda ges contractile vacuole, 1S placed in a glass in each segment of the body. (d) Animais belonging to phylum poriferaare containing marine water, the vacuole will marine and fresh waler. (2005) (a) increase in number (b) disappear 69. Which of the following unicellular organisms (C) increase in size (2004) has a macronucleus for trophic function and one (d) decrease in size. or more micronuclei for reproduction? 71. Bartholin's glands are situated (a) Euglena (6) Amoeba (a) on the sides ofthe headofsome amphibians (c) Paramecium (d) Trypanosoma (2005) (6) at the reduced tail end of birds (c) on either side of vagina in humans 70. Which one of the following characlers is not (d) on either side of vas deferens in humans. ypical of the class mammalia? (2003)

Aninel Kingdom 57 78. The chiefadvantage ofencystment ofan Amoeba (A) Silver fish Trachea (B) Scorpion Book lung (a) the ability to survive during adverse physical (C) Sea squirt Pharyngeal sits conditions (D) Dolphin Skin (b) the ability to live for some time without The correct matchings are (a) (A) and (B) (b) (A), (B) and (C) ingesting food (c) protection from parasites and predators (c) (B) and (D) (d) (C) and (D). (d) the chance to get rid ofaccumulated waste (2003) products (2003) | 85. In which ofthe following animals nerve cell is 79. Systemic heart refers to present but brain is absent? (a) the heart that contracts under stimulation (a) Sponge (b) Earthworm from nervous system (c) Cockroach (d) Hdra (2002) (b) left auricle and left ventricle in higher 86. In which of thefollowing animals dimorphic ertebrates nucleus is found? (c) entire heart in lower vertebrates (a) Amoeba proleus (d) the two ventricles together in humans. (oypanosoma gambiense (2003) (C) Plasmodium vvvax (2002) (d) Paramecium caudaum 80. Scon belongs to u group ofanimals, which are best described as 87. In which of the following, notochord is present (a) unicellular or acellular in embryonic stage (b) Some chordates (6) multicellular without any tissue (d) Non chordates (a) All chordates organization (2002) (C) mulicellular with a gastrovascular system (C) vertebrates (d) mullicellular having tissue organization, but. in prolozon like Amoeba and Paramecium, the no body cavity. (2003) organ for osmoregulation is (a) contractile vacuole (6) mitochondria 81. During the life-cycle, Fasciola hepatica(liver (C) nucleus (d) food vacuole. nuke) infectisits intermediate host and primary (2002) host at the following larval stages respectively 89. In which oisfothuenfdollowing animals, haemocyanin (a) redia and miracidium Pgment (b) cercaria and redia (a) Annelhda (b) Echinodemata C) Insecta (c) metacercaria and cercaria (d) Mollusca (2001) (d) miracidium and metacercaria. 9 0 . In which of the following animals post anal tail 82. Ommatidia serve the purpose ofphotoreception ound? (a) Earthworm (a) cockroach b) frog (6) Lower imvertebratess C) humans (d) suntiower. C) Scorpion (2003) (d) Snake (2001) 83. Which one of the following is amatching pair 91. Inydra, wasie material of food digestion and ofan animal and a certain phenomenon it nitrogenous waste material are removed exhibits? respectively from (a) Pheretima Sexual dimorphism (a) mouth and mouth (6) Musca Complete (6) bodywall andbodywall (2001) metamorphos is (C)mouth and body wall (c) Chameleon Mimicry (a) mouth and tentacles. d) Taenia - Polymorphism 92. Cleavage in mammals is (2003) (a) holoblastic equal 84. Given below are four matchings of an animal (6) holoblastic unequal (2000) and its kind of respiratory organ (c) superficial (d) discoidal.

58 MbG ChaptenwiseNEETAIPMTSOLUTONS 93. Which ofthefollowing animals have scattered 103. Solenocytes are the main excretory structures in cellswith cell- tissue gradeorganisation? (a) echinodermates (6) platyhelminthes (a) Sponge (b) Hydra (c) annelids (d) mollusCs. (1998) (c) Liver fuke (d) Ascaris (z000104. Most appropriate term to describe the life cycle 94. Similarity in Ascaris lumbricoides and of Obelia is Anopheles stephensi is (a) metamorphosis (6) neoteny (a) sexual dimorphism (c) metagenesis (d) all of these. (1998) (D) melamerism (c) anaerobic respiration 105. The lower jaw in mammals is made up of (d) endoparasilism. (2000) (a) dentary maxills 95. What happens ifbone of frog is kept in dilute (C)angulars (d) mandible. (1998) hydrochloric acid? 106. Which oneofthe following cells, found in tes tes (a) Will become flexible of rabbit, secretes male homone? (b) Will turn black (a) Epithelial cells (6) Spermatocytes (c) Will break into pieces (c) Leydig's cell (d) Sertoli cells (d) Will shrink (2000) (1998) 96. Which of the following characters is absent in 107. What 1s common among Silverfish, scorpion, all chordates? Crab and honey bee? (b) Metamorphosis (a) Jointed legs (a) Diaphragm (c) Compound eyes (d) Poison glands (6) Coelom (c) Pharyngeal gill clefis (1997) (d) Dorsal nerve cord (2000) 108. The embryonated egg of Ascaris represents 97. What is true lor mammalia? (a) an eg8 with blastula (1997) (a) Platypus 1soviparous. (D) an eg8 with a Juvenile (D) 5ats have leather (Can eg8 with an cg8 (C) Elephant is ovoviviparous. (d) an eg8 with gastrula. (2000)|(d) Diaphragm is absent in them. 109. Which of the following statements is without exception torsponges 98. Aquatic reptiles are (a) They all have calcareous spicules. (a) ureotelic (6) They have high regenerative power. (6) inureotelic waler (C)They are found only in marine water (c) ammonotelic (d) ureotelic over land. (1999) (a They are all radialy symmetrical. (1996) 99. Temperature changes, in the environment, affect 110. When an animal has both the characters ofmale and female, it is called most ofthe animals which are (a) super female (6) super male (a) poikilothermic (6) homoiothermic (C) inlersex (a) gynandromorph. (C) aquatic (d) desert living. (1996) (1999) 111. Coelom is found between 100.Thecanal system is a characteristic feature of (a) body wall and ectoderm (a) echinoderms () sponges (6) ectoderm and endoderm (c) helminthes (d) coelenterates. (c) mesoderm and body wall (endoderm) (1999) (d) mesoderm and ectoderm. (1996) 101. Which of the following is not found in birds? 112. Pneumatic bone is found in (a) Pelvic girdle (6) Pectoral girdle (a) shark (6) Rana (1996) (c) Hindlimb (d) Forelimb (1999) (c) pigeon (d) whale. 102. The long bones are hollow and connected by air 113. The nephridia in earthworm are analogous to passages. They are the characteristics of (a) nematoblastsof Hydra a reptilia (b) land vertebrates (6) flame cells of Planaria C) aves (d) mammals. (c) gills of prawn (1998) (a) trachea ot insects. (1996)

Animel Kingdom 59 114. Wmahmicmhalos?f the following is common among 123. One ofthe special characters ofcoelenterata only ahey undergo no moulting. 1s the occurrence of (a) polymorphism 6) flame cells (6) They have seven cervical vertebrae (c) hermaphroditism (d) nematocysis. (C) They are carmivores. (1996) (1994) (d) They have ventral nerve cord. 124. Radial symmetry is, usually, exhibited in animals 115. The formation ofcanalsystem in sponges is due which (a) folding of inner walls (a) are attached to the substratum (6) gastro-vascular system (6) have one opening of alimentary canal (c) live in water reproduction (d) have ciliary mode of feeding. (1994) (d) porous walls. (1996) 125. Which of the following is an example of 116. Which ofthe following organisms possesses platyhelminthes? (6)Schistasoma characteristics of a planland an animal? (a) Hasmodium (d) #uchereria a) Euglena 6 Paramecium (C) Trypanosoma (1994) (c) Bacteria (d) Mycoplasma (1995) 17. Besides annelida and arthropoda, the40. Amongthelol lowing organisms point out a metamerism is exhibited by completely non-parasitic form a) mollusca (acanthocephala (a) tape worm (6) mosquito (C) cestoda (d) chordata. (1995) (c) sea anemone (d) leech. (1994) 18. The fu nction of contractile vacuole, i n 7 . (ua)bestiaereftisahre the characteristic structures of protozoa, s (6) jellyfish (a) osmoregulation (b) reproduction (c) crayfish (d) cuttlefish. (1994) (C) locomotion (d) digestion of fbod. 128. Two examples in which the nitrogenous wastes (999 are excreted fom body in the form of uric acid 119. The organisms attached to the substratum, re generally. possess (a) birds and lizards (1994) (a) one single opening of the digestive canal (6) frogs and cartilaginous fish (0) Cilla on ine surace to creale water curfent (c)insects and bony fish (c) radial symmett (d) mammals and molluscs. (d) asymmetrical body 1 2 9 . mammals,120. The sympathetic nerves, in mammals, arise from ito andhe lIn man aa ir paSsseess frroomm Oouutssidiae into the lungs through (a) sacral nerves (a) nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx, trachen, (6) 3\", 7th, gt and 10i cranial nerves bronchi, alveoll (c) thoraco-lumbar nerves (6) nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx, trachea, (a) cervical nerves. (1995) | bronchioles, alveoli 121. The oestrous cycle is a characteristic of (c) nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, (a) human temales only bronchioles, bronchi, alveoli (b) mammalian females other than primates (d) nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, (c) human males only bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli. (1994) (d) mammalian males other than primales. (1995) 130. Which of the following does not have an open 122. A common characteristic of all vertebrates circulatory system? (6) Prawn without exception is (a) Frog's tadpole (d) Cockroach (a) the division of body into head, neck, trunk (c) Chelifer and tail (1994) (6) their body covered with an exoskeleton 131. Which is common between ostrich, penguin and (c) the possession of two pairs of functional kiwi? appendages (a) Running birds (b) Migratory birds (d) the presence of well-developed skul(l1.994) (c) Flightless birds (d) Four toed bircds (1993)

30 AbG Chapterwise NEET-AIPMITSOLUTION 132. Which one assists in locomotion? 141. Aristotle's lantem ocurs in Class (a) Trichocysts in Paramecium (a) Echinoidea (6) Asteroidea (6) Pedicellariae of star fish (c) Holothuroidea (d) Ophiuroidea. (c) Clitellum in Phereima (1992) (d) Posterior sucker in Hirudinaria (1993) 142. Starfish belongs to 133. What is true about Taenia saginata? (a) asteriodea (b) ophiuroidea (a) Life history has pig as intemediate host. (c) holothuroidea (d) crinodiea. (1992) (6) There are two large suckers on scolex. (c) Rostellar hooks are absent. 143. Eye of the molluscan group that resembles (a) Rostellum has double circle of hooks. vertebrate eye is (1993) (a) bivalvia (6) gastropoda 134. Which one of the following animals possesses (C) pelecypoda (d) cephalopoda. nerve cells but no nerves? (1992) (a) Hydra (b) Tapeworm 144. Adult Culex and Anophelescan be distinguished (C) Earthworm (d) Frog's tadpole with the help ol (1993) (a) mouth parts/colour (b) sitting posture 135.Budding is a normal mode of asexual (C) antennae/wings (d) feeding habits. reproductian in (1992) (a) starfish and Hydra 145. Sound box of birds is called (b) Hydra and sponges (a) pygostyle (6) laryn (C)tapewormand Hydra (1993) C) y inx (d)synsacrum. (1992) () sponge and starfish. 136. Tracheaeofcockroach and mammal are similar 146. Assertlon (A) : Periplaneta americana 15 nocturnal, omnivorous, household pest. in having Reason (R):lis because il acts as scavenger. (a) A is true but R is false. (a)paried nature (6) A is fàlse but R is true. (6) noncollapsible walls (C) Both A and R are true and R Is correct (C) ciliated inner lining explanation ot A. (d) origin from head. (1993) of all137. A larval stage occurs in the life history (d) Both A and R are true but R is not correct members of the group explanation of A. (1992) a irog. lizard and cockroach 147. Ascaris larva is called (6) Ascaris, houselly and frog (a) cysticercus (b) rhabditiform (C) housely, earthwom and mosquito (d) onchosphere. (d) butterfly, frog und mosquito. (1993) (C) nexacanth 138. Gorilla, chimpanzee, monkeys (1992) belong to the same ana numans148. What is correct about Taenia? (a) species 8enus (1993) (a) Male organs occur in posterior proglottides. (c) family d) order (6) Male organs occur in anterior proglottides. (C) remale organs occur in anterior 139. What is common in whale, bat and rat? proglottides. a) Absence ofneck (d) Mature proglottides contain both male and (6) Muscular diaphragm between thorax and female organs. (1992) abdomen 149. The simplest type of canal system in Porifera is (a) ascon type (6) leucon type (c) Extra-abdominal testes to avoid high emperature of body (d) Presence of extemal ears (1993) C) sycon ype (d) radial type 140. Bullffog of India isS (1992) (a) Rana tigrina (b) R. sy/vatica 150. An egg laying mammal is (C) R ecutesbeiana (d) R esculenta(.1992)| (a) kangaroo (b) platypus (d) whale. (1992) () koala

Animel Kingdom 81 151. Kidney of adult rabbit is 162. Malpighian tubules are (a) excretory organs of insects (a) pronephros (6) metanephros (6) excretory organs of annelids (c) mesonephros (d) opisthonephros. (C)respiratory organs ot insects (1992) (1990) (d) respiratory organs of annelids. 152. Homeostasis 1s (a) tendencytochargewith change in environment 163. Taenia saginata differs from 1aenia solium in (6) tendency to resist change (a) absence of scolex hooks (c) disturbance in regulatory control (b) absence of scolex hooks and uterine (a) plants and animal extracts used in branching homeopathy. (1991) (c) absence of scolex hooks and presence of 153. Which one occurs in echinadermata? both male and female reproductive organs (d) presence of scolex hooks. (1999) (a) Bilateral symmetry (6) SRoafdt iaslkisnym(m1e9tr9y1)04.Onchosphere occurs in Porous body (d) (a) Ascaris (¢) Fasciola 154. An insect regarded as greatest mechanical camier (C) aenia (d) Planaria. (1990) of diseases is 165. Eutherians are characterised by (a) Pediculhus (b) Cimex (a) hairy skin (6) true placentation (c) ovoviviparity (c) Musca (d) Xenops)fla. (a) glandular skin. (1991) (1989) 55. Metamorphos is of insects is regulated through 166. Wish bone of birds is from hormone (b) thyroxine (a) pelvic girdle (1989) (a) pheromone (d) all of these. ( b ) :skull (C) ecdysone (1991) (c) hind limbs (d) pectoral girdle/clavicles. 167. Flight muscles of bird are attached to 156. Classification of Porifera is based on (a) clavicle (b) keel of sternum (a) branching 6) spicules (C) SCapula (d) coracoid. (1989) (C) reproduction (d) symmetry 168. A chordate character is (1991) (a) gills 157. The excretory structures of flatworms/ Taenia (b) spiracles e b) protonephridia (c) post-analtail (1989) (a) flame cells (d) chitinous exoskeleton. glands.(c) malpighian tubules (d) green 169. Earthworms are (1991) (a) useful 158. Bladderworm/cysticercus is the larval stage of (6) harmful (a)tapeworm (b) roundworm (c) more useful than harmful (1989) (a) more harmful. (C)pinwom e r uN 170. Transfer of Taenia to secondary host occurs as 159. Ecdysis is shedding of (a)oncosphere (6) cysticercus (a) stratum corneum (6) epidermis (C) morula (1989) (C) dermis (d) stratum malpighi.171. Jelly fish belongs to Class (a) Hydrozoa (6) Scyphozoa 160. Penguin occurs in (C) Anthoz0a (d) none of these. (a) Australia (b) Antarctica (1989) (C) Africa (d) America. (1990) 172. Fish which can be used in biological control of mosquiloes/larvicidal fish is 161. Kala-azar and Oriental Sore are spread by (a) er (b) carp (a) housefly (6) bed bug (c) cal fish (a) Gambusia. (C)sand fly (d) fruit ny. (1990)| (1989)

82 bG ChaptoruiseNEET-4UPMTSOLUTIONS 173. Hair occur in all mammals except those of 178. Necturus is (a) rodenla (6) chiroptera (a) hell bender (6) congo eel (d) cetacea. (1988) (C) primata (C) mud puppy (d) blind worm. 179. Fire bellied toad is 174. Bird vertebrae are (1988) (a) acoelous (b) heterocoelous (a) Amphiuma (b) Bombina (0)amphicoelous (a) procoelous. c) Necturus (d) Salamandra. (1988) (1988) 175. Feet of kingfisher are modified for a) wading (b) perching 180. Which is not a true amphibian animal? running (d) catching. (1988) (a) Salamander (b) Toad (1988) (C) lortoise (d) Frog 176. Both male and female pigeons secrete milk 181. A wood boring mollusc/snipwom s through Chiton (b) leredo (a) salivary glands Lumax (d) Patella (1988) (6) modified sweat 8lands crop 182. Silk thread is obtained from silk moth during (d) gizzard (1988) (a) pupal stage (6) larval stage (c) nymph stage 177. Tphlops is (d) adult stage. (1988) (a) sea snake glass sna 183. Organ Pipe Coral is (c) blind snake (1988)(d) grass snake a) Iubipora (6)Astraea (C) Helipora (d) Fungia. (1988) (Answor Key 1. . b) 3. (a) 4. (b)5. (b) 6. (a) 7. (c) 8 (a) 9. (d) 10. (d) 11. (b) 12. (a) 13. )14. (a) 15. (a) 16. (d) 17. (b) 18. (b) 19. (6) 20. (a) 21. (a) 22. (c) 23, (d) 24. (d) 25. (d) 26. (d) 27. (d) 28. (a) 29. (6) 30. (a) J1. (d) 32. (6) J3. (d) 34. (C) 35. ()36. (C) 37. () 38. (d) 39. (d) 40. (d) 41. () 42. (a) 43. (a) 44. () 45. ()46. (a) 47. (a) 48. (6) 4. (0) 50. (d) 51. (a) 52. (a) 53. c) 54. (a) 55. (d) 56. (a) 57. () 58. (a) 59. () 60. (c) 61. (a) 62. (d) 63. (d) 64. (d) 65. (d) 66. (b) 67. (a) 68. (a) 69. (c) 70. (c) 71. a)72. (d) 73. (d) 74. (c) 75. (6) 76. (d) 77. (0) 78. (a) 79. (C) 80. (6) 81. (d) 82. (a) 83. (b) 84. (b) 85. (d) 86. (d) 87. (a) 88. (a) 89. (d) 90. (d) 91. (c) 92. (b) 93. (b) 94. (a) 95. (a) 96. (a) 9. (a) 98. (b) 99. (a) 100. (b) 101. (d) 102. (c) 103. (6) 104. (c) 105. (a) 106. (c) 107. (c) 108. (b) 109. (b) 110. (d) I11. (c) 112. (c) 113. (6) 114. (a) 115. (d) 116. (a) 117. (d) 118. (a) 119. (©) 120. () 121. (6) 122. (d) 123. (d) 124. (a) 13. (6) 126. (C) 127. (a) 128. (a) 129. (d) 130. (a) 131. (c) 132. (d) 133. () 134. (a) 135. (b) 136. (b) 137. (d) 138. (d) 139. (b) 140. (a) 141. (a) 142. (a) 143. (d) 144. (b) 145. (c) 146. (d) 147. (b) 148. (d) 149. (a) 150. (b) 151. (6) 152. (6) I53. (6) 154. (¢) 155. (0) 156. (6) 157. (a) 158. (a) 159. (a) 160. (b) 161. (c) 162. (a) 163. (a) 164. (c) 165. (6) 166. (d) 167. (6) 168. (0) 169. (a) 170. (a) 171. (6) 172. (d) 173. (d) 174. (6) 175. (a) 176. (C) 177. (C) 178. (c) 179. (6) 180. (e) 181. (6) 182. (a) 183. (a) (9 None of these.

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