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Principal’s Message Last academic year has been an extraordinary challenge on account of COVID-19. However, the pandemic gave an opportunity world-wide to rethink and reassess the strategies for higher education. Times of crisis ought to inspire creativity, critical reflection, transformation, and renewal. In the neo-normal, the challenge is to adapt, regenerate, and position the college for a strong and sustainable future. Striving for a vibrant and dynamic academic atmosphere is a wholesome and holistic exercise. This calls for the integration of students in the qualitative processes of the school. It necessitates an innovation ecosystem to hone the skills of students in diverse programs to mould them to become notable change-makers of the society. The aim is to make learning an enriching, fulfilling, and enjoyable experience through a multidisciplinary approach, combining theory and practice in pedagogy. Hence, our persistent efforts must be to leverage the intellectual and emotional capabilities of students, encourage the free and spirited exchange of ideas to celebrate diversity, while ensuring inclusivity. It should be our collective endeavour to promote an inspirational, motivational, value- abased academic, and administrative environment.. Our earnest attempt should be towards upholding academic integrity, accountability, sustaining open and transparent systems, and being sensitive to social responsibilities. This could be possible only through a collaborative, shared, and consultative work culture. “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet” – Swami Vivekananda 2

Editor’s Note We, Bal Bharatians, are delighted to set forth the very first bulletin of Bal Bharati Public School, Indraprastha Yojna--The Space of Swans. The Space provides an exemplary platform to all up-and-coming creators of the school; an extraordinary opportunity for students to find their voice, to articulate their thoughts and knowledge and bring forth their inner shine. The bulletin is to be viewed as a palette of pure talent, be it the vibrance in the paintings, the inscape in the poems, the zeal in the articles, the riveting facts or the passion poured in the plethora of creativity. The Editorial Board has been presented with the position of inspiring the masses through the dedication, hard work, sustained efforts and innovative ideas of the students. We solemnly hope that this splendid trove will bring forth unalloyed gusto. In a nutshell, this bulletin is an extension of the saying: “Pen is mightier than a sword.” 3

EDITORIAL Team Aabha Srivastav -10th Aanchal Singh- 10th Tanisha Kumar - A A 10th A Ms. Harsha Aggarwal T.G.T English Vaibhavi Kumar- 9th A Shreya Singh- 9th A Yashwi Bhardwaj- 9th A 4

Technical Team Priyanshi Komal Chandra Bhavya Mehta 11th A 11th A 11th A Ms. Shilpi Chauhan Malik Ms. Anjali Negi TGT Computer Science Assistant Teacher Vaibhav Singh Vaibhavi Kumar Yashwi Bhardwaj Shreya Singh Bhavya Jha Aashka Ranjan 1 1Oth A 9th A 8th A 8th A 9th A 9th A

1. IEO - International Rank 3 Bhavya Jha 2. NSO and IMO - Zonal medal and certificate of distinction 1 3. Crest Spell Bee - Zonal Rank 12 ; Zonal Silver medal + Rs 2000 4. Crest Science - North India Rank 10 ; Zonal Gold Medal + Rs 3000 5. ATSE - AIR rank 33 ; State Rank - 2 + RS 1000 6. National Astronomy Challenge ( by ISRO) - AIR RANK 15

1. IMO - International Rank 3 2. NSO – International Rank 1 Ayaana Singh CLASS V TAARUSH 1. NSO - International Rank 10 CLASS IV 1. NSO – International Rank 5 Manyata Mishra 2 CLASS V

IMAGIVATION SUMMIT “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Without creativity, humans would only repeat the same old thing and there will be no progress. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” International Innovation Summit - IMAGIVATION” has given the chance to the best 20 students of our school for the classes III to XI to represent as the brand ambassadors of our school. The Olympiad was conducted on 23rd May. Top five students of our school in different categories were: S.No. Name Class Group Category 1 Riddhima Singh VA Group I Innovation Olympiad 2 Aashka Ranjan VIII A Group II Innovation Olympiad 3 Bhavya Jha VIII A Group II Innovation Olympiad 4 Bhavya Jha VIII A Group II The Impact Extempore 5 Anushka Srivastava XA Group III Innovation Olympiad 3


The Town Of Ridgewood The town of Ridgewood But whHeandc. hnaeovesrksneoecnkethdeown itthcehi,r doors They claimed to have seen her cross the bridge. Hell engulfed every inch of her being, Her eyes nobody had ever seen; Darker were they than a night of new moon Quieter than impending doom. The devil was scared of his creation For she was dead inside, But once the moon glow caressed her skin Her shadows would no longer hide. Alone she danced along with fate, Foul men with greed—her only bait; Armed with her potions and spells At night, night the fire, the town yells. The town of Ridgewood lies They always see the witch, When avarice knocks on their doors They see her incant whilst she crosses the bridge —A Poem By Aanchal Singh (X A)

To Sit By The Lake ’ I have ever done. T O sit by the lake Near the forest so dism. al, To sit with the mist O ficklest mind of mine Near the yearning of warmth, Clouded with thoughts All that breaks unkind, Is mistaken for a heart I wonder where my heart ‘Oh, but she hath none. resides. To sit beside the birch To sit with the mist Near the darkened bark, Near the ghosts of admission, O brutally mistaken advances I wonder if you’d like to know Must I ask why I had no ‘No, I shan’t.’ chances?— So I stay and watch fragile The dusk won’t shift for dawn’s irises grow. many stances. To sit beside the birch Near the raven misjudged, To sit by the lake O first glory of the sun With my silent screams, Must you belittle the stone in I ponder—oh, I do. my chest unturned?— Whilst my mind remains clouded Nothing wrong--- I know my heart resides with you. —A Poem By Aanchal Singh (X A)

It's been a year of tragedy Granted All the days have been same We know it's never From Monday to Sunday simple, never easy When all the trouble came And it's a fight worth having a million No one has left the house soldiers in a field People choose to stay inside Everyone wished it to be reset From west, east, north and south Wished for a slight break People died. No one can save no one Everyone's mind is muzzled It depends on people’s fate It is an unsolved puzzle. And once people got through one year Take a moment to pray for those who Everyone thought the end of this was lost their life near It's like a never ending trail Cause no one had suffered from this Of trains coming on the tracks much pain And it's like the ups and downs in No one knows the price of losing people’s lives someone’s life And all of it seems to be stuck Today’s the day we should not take for It has changed everyone’s life granted From young to old . And enjoy every little moment. By- VAIBHAVI KUMAR 9TH A 4

मेरे सपने आओ सुनाऊँ मैं तमु को, अपने सपनों की दनु नया महकती है मेरह रनतया। मेरे सपनों के उपवन में आती है एक ननहहीं क्या कहँ मैं तमु से अब चिड़िया, अपने सपनों की दनु नया, ख्वाबों मंे िहक िहक कर अलबेलह है मस्तानी है करती है वह मुझसे मेरह ननदंी दया की सणिया। बनतया। क्या कहँ मैं उन बनतयों को भोर होते छु प जाती है, करती है जो मुझसे मेरे सपनों की दनु नया में चिड़िया, िहकती हुई मेरह चिड़िया। उसकी िहकती हुई वाणि से वेनया िदीं ेल कक्षा- तीन ‘अ' 5

मेरी प्यारी प्रकृ ति मां।ा प्रकृ नत का अर्थ माीं , सासंी दह , मांी का अर्थ प्यार, बिाना प़िगे ा उसे जनै प्यार का अर्थ सम्मान, जीवन ददया । सम्मान का अर्थ जजमेदारह, जजमेदारह का अर्थ फजथ , प्रकृ नत हो या मांी हो जननी है फजथ का अर्थ बिाव । , दोनों की हह गोद मंे पले है , बिाना प़िगे ा उसे जजसने प्यार ,सम्मान और बिाव जनम ददया , दोनों के ललए है , बिाना प़िगे ा उसे जजसने दोनों के बबना जीवन सभंी व आहार ददया , नहहंी है , बिाना प़िगे ा उसे जजसने मेरह प्यारह प्रकृ नत माीं। जल ददया , बिाना प़िगे ा उसे जजसने SHRESTH SINGH 6 3A

Fury Of A Woman Fury of a woman misjudged A woman’s wrath is a silent sea A hellfire at a night of no moon, A calm before a most Obscure faces known, unknown magnificent storm, Who wakes the devil meets their Forlorn ships at Poseidon's mercy doom. Even kneel before her form. No ire brighter than a woman’s A glow leaving Helios in shame, Shadows of graves under graves Lose countlessly to a woman’s rage. ~By Aanchal Singh (X A) 7

Five Kids Five kids in the Lilac Lake Two kids in the silent city Must find what it would take Both of them somewhat witty The creature who lives under the bed Have begun to swim close to the To find an abode in the woods ahead. shore That’s when the creature took one Four kids in the waters deep more. Watch their friend shriek as they weep One kid in the Lilac Lake The creature has twisted its hands Has found what it would take And it throws the body off the land. The creature who lives under the bed Three kids in the darkest night Needs no home but blood instead. Have no one to call, no one in sight The creature grabs the shortest one — By Aanchal Singh (X A) And tugs him deep before he’d run. 8

FRIENDSHIP AASHKA 8th A 9 “ (A BOND OF HEART)Friendship is a ten letter word But it makes one life It is a friend alone With whom we share Our joys and sorrows The sun can stop shining The wind can stop howling But friendship is a rainbow Which glows everyday It is a river Which keeps on flowing It is a flower Which blooms everyday But a friend is a boon Which we cannot get everyday

I Want to see them I want to see them I want to see them, I want to see them Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Planets of the solar system— I want to see them. But I am not an astronaut who goes to space to see them. But I will grow up and become an astronaut. Then I will see them. —Crystal Singh (3 A) 10

Achievements and Success Contented seems the cries, Scold to failures all Glittery are the eyes. Life seems colorful, washed away, Efforts are looking beautiful. Still, I am not spry, As achievements and Is it the truth or a lie? success got the way. It looks like endeavors changed their clothes, My soul which was From disgrace to the trots. Earlier happiness looked disguised, broken now combined And felt certainly too far from my tries. so far, Pride displayed miracle made a scar. By- Bhavya Jha (VIII A) 11

Fury Of A Woman 12 Fury of a woman misjudged A hellfire at a night of no moon, Obscure faces known, unknown Who wakes the devil meets their doom. No ire brighter than a woman’s A glow leaving Helios in shame, Shadows of graves under graves Lose countlessly to a woman’s rage. A woman’s wrath is a silent sea A calm before a most magnificent storm, Forlorn ships at Posiedon’s mercy Even kneel before her form. —A Poem By Aanchal Singh (X A)

Friendship- a bond of love Friendship is a ten letter word But it makes one life It is a friend alone With whom we share Our joys and sorrows The sun can stop shining The wind can stop howling But friendship is a rainbow Which glows everyday It is a river Which keeps on flowing It is a flower Which blooms everyday But a friend is a boon Which we cannot get everyday AASHKA 8th A

MATH POOL “ Practice! Practice ! Practice ! My mom goes shouting at me . Maths is captivating, but I always tend to flee. I practice my level best , But the result comes out as a mess . . if I equate my effort and equations they never seem to satisfy my insight but I cannot deny Mathematics is pretty delightful Mathematics is full of joy. degrees are complicated. Percentages are easy , Fractions and decimals are to me as two in one . Mathematics is delightful Mathematics is a pond of fun. Brinda Adhikari (7-A) 14

सबसे अच्छे दोस्त जब मैं जाती नानी के घर 15 वो करती मेरी बिी ड़िकर हम सब छोटे बच्चे इनकी गोद मंे करते मौज हंै, नाना के पास है ड़कस्सो का िज़ाना दादा-दादी नाना-नानी मेरे सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हैं । चुटकी में ही ड़दन जाता गुज़र राजा रानी और गुड़ियों की कहानी सुनाते रोज़ हैं तरह तरह के पकवान है बनते दादा-दादी नाना-नानी मेरे सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हंै । जब ड़ज़द पे मैं अि जाती हूँ दादा मेरे सुपर हीरो कहते हंै मैं लाडली हँू दादी लेडी भीम है, लग जाए न मुझे बुरी नज़र कभी ड़दलाते मनपसदं ड़िलौने इतना लाि करे जब ये हमसे कभी लाते आइस-क्रीम हंै, ड़िर क्यों कहते इन्हें बोझ हैं ड़मलजुलकर हम िेलें कू दंे दादा दादी नाना नानी मेरे सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हैं । और मचाते शोर हंै मम्मी कहती जोिी हमारी शैतानो की टीम है नाम - रायना विग प्यार करे भारपरू मुझे देते िड़ु शयों की डोज़ हंै कक्षा - ३ (अ) दादा दादी नाना नानी मेरे सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हैं ।

I Miss Those Days Waking up early Ringing of the bell Getting dressed merrily And sharing of lunch Was not at all boring Rushing to the As life was running… playground Catching the bus Was equally fun And sitting at the back But those days are paused And shouting on the way And we were brought to Welcoming a new day screens Rushing to the class The trolley of education We had so much fun Has become lonely Greeting our teachers Oh Lord! Please listen Wishing them morning We all need a vision Standing in the queue Give us back the time During the assembly Where our life can bedriven Meeting our buddies And starting the studies… ~Shivanshi Soni III B 16

Insane fun facts 4 is the only digit which has the same number of letters in its word. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw pictures with the other hand at the same time. A jellyfish melts in the sun because its 95% water evaporates. All ants in the world weigh as much as the whole human population of the planet. 18

fun facts • It takes just 20 seconds for the blood to circle our entire body. • In a lifetime, a person drinks almost 20,000 – 75,000 of gallons of water. • At any given time your brain can generate up to 25 watts of power that enough power a light bulb. • An eye can distinguish almost 10 million different colours 19

Interesting facts 2 about english • Shakespeare added over 1,000 words to the English language. • Most English words come from French or Old English • English uses the Latin alphabet. • A new English word is added to the dictionary every two hours. • The shortest, non-elliptical sentence is “I am.” VOCABULARY: ➢ Widdershins - This is another way to say something is moving counterclockwise or something is moving in the wrong direction. ➢ Gubbins - This is an object that has little or no value and is also referring to a gadget or device. It can also refer to odds and ends or rubbish and, oddly enough, can be used to describe a silly person. ➢ Abibliophobia - Now this is a word that perfectly describes many people and you may be one! This refers to someone who is afraid of running out of things to read.






GREEN COLOUR DAY Green colour day was celebrated in Pre school & Pre Primary classes. All the students wore Green colour outfits. ‘Show & Tell Activity’ was conducted on Green Colour Objects of their choice. Students participated in ‘ Leaf Collage Making Activity’. These activities are helpful in enhancement of confidence, vocabulary building and cognitive development of children. All students had fun and Green colour recognition was done.


VAN MAHOTSAV CELEBRATION Van Mahotsav celebration was conducted with great zeal and enthusiasm in Pre School & Pre Primary classes. Trees provide us with many benefits necessary for survival. Teachers discussed the importance of plants. Students also participated in Role Play Activity on Parts of Plants . They dressed up accordingly and spoke some lines on that part. This activity provide students the opportunity to talk about different parts of plants. They also plant a sapling and promised to take care of their plant. They had fun and learnt a lot. This activity is helpful in enhancement of confidence and Vocabulary of students.

HINDI RHYME RECITATION Reciting poems and rhymes is very important for the development of children as it improves vocabulary skills of children and helps in their cognitive development. Children also love songs and rhymes with actions. Hindi Poetry Recitation helps in enhancement of vocabulary as well as in learning capacity of the children . Students of Pre School and Pre Primary participated in Hindi Rhyme Recitation Activity . Students recited Hindi Rhyme of their choice . They also used props and actions to enhance their presentation. Students enjoyed the activity and showed full enthusiasm .

COLOUR SORTING ACTIVITY Sorting is a beginning math skill.Sorting objects colourwise helps build visual perception and thinking skills in children. Children can generally sort into colours before they can identify the name of the colours. Learning to categorize and classify helps memory skills.students of Pre School participated in colour sorting activity and had fun.

FRIENDSHIP DAY CELEBRATION A true friend is considered the most valuable asset that a person can possess. We have all heard the old saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed“. Students of Pre School and Pre Primary made beautiful friendship Day cards for their friends and greet each other . Students also enjoyed virtual Trip to Disney Land with their friends and Ma’am.


YELLOW COLOUR DAY Students of Pre School and Pre Primary celebrated Yellow Colour Day. They wore Yellow colour outfits. ‘Show & Tell Activity’ was conducted on Yellow Colour Objects of their choice. Students participated in ‘ Lion Making Paper craft Activity’. These activities are helpful in enhancement of confidence and cognitive development of children.


BALANCING ACTIVITY Balance is essential for young children to learn how to talk and develop other important physical skills. Balance is a learned skill that require both physical and mental effort. Kids enjoyed balancing activities with lemon and book. They walked on a zig zag line to develop their balancing skills.

INDEPENDENCE DAY Independence Day is the day when we commemorate the sacrifices made by the great freedom fighters to make us see the light of freedom in our lives.All the students, dressed in the tri-color, sang patriotic renditions. This filled the ambience with patriotism. They showcased their patriotism through their beautiful dance performances.The special assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.


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