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High rating outstanding Page Flip Software based on jQuery technology, is used to convert pdf to awesome magazine

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Nowadays, more and more attention is concentrated on book-like online catalog because it to some extent benefits a lot to sustainable development of our environment. Traditionally, for wide-spread advertisement, enterprises would always produce a large sum of printed magazines to make more people to read. Then it will waste lots of paper which does much harm to our environment. But online magazine can save you this trouble because it needs no piece of paper at all.

Luckily, there is some page flip software converting pdf into interactive jQuery digital catalog. It also a great tool for advertising and marketing, for the engaging created catalog helps attract more readers and can be shared on any website or blog. jQuery, as a multi-browser JavaScript library, is designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It makes it faster and more fluent for the created magazine work on a variety of digital devices including Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad and Android device.

Two High-rating Page Flip jQuery Software


Being a professional pdf to html5 magazine software, PUB HTML5 offers an HTML5 Digital Platform to create interactive jQuery page flip ebooks, brochures, magazines and catalogs. Unlike printed material, users can add rich media such as audio, animations, popup and links to create a rich media experience. The created books can be spread among readers easily, for even having no internet connection audience can also read your catalog anytime and anywhere.

2. FlipHTML5

The download of FlipHTML5 costs nothing. You can create unlimited flipping books with it. Rich publishing options are also at your disposal. You can add a few options to enrich your catalog and make your readers know more about your products.

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