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Powerful online brochure makers to create online page flipping brochure for presenting website content

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Do you have digital brochure for your business? Do you ever know why you need a digital brochure with good design? If you have a website, then you should have a digital brochure. Because of digital online brochure keeps all your core products and services contained in striking position of your website. Unlike printed brochure which is limited to the real world, digital brochure can be advertised online and shared on social networking sites easily. Furthermore, it can help build your brand and get closers to mobile devices users.

Then in the blog, you will find 2 popular online brochure makers to organize content of your website with ease. Both of them are user-friendly and provide total free digital publishing solution for user to create online page flipping brochures.


PUB HTML5 is an excellent digital brochures maker for creating online and offline page flipping brochures with ease. For online publishing, PUB HTML5 allows users to create online page flipping brochure by uploading PDF document directly. And then you can customize book information and layout settings of digital brochure. Then it is time to share to social networking and embed into website. For offline publishing, PUB HTML5 provides professional animation editors for users to add interactive multimedia contents for your digital publication. Then you can distribute it offline with ease.

In a word, PUB HTML5 can not only create gorgeous page flipping brochure to organize image, text of your website, but also distribute it any platform, any devices and anytime.

2. Flip HTML5

Flip HTML5 is one of the most popular online brochure makers in the market. With Flip HTML5, creating digital brochure has never been so easier. And there is text version of page flipping brochure once you publish it online. It can be used for search engine friendly. However, you can create digital brochure with beautiful design by Flip HTML5 exactly.

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