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Introducing free HTML5 digital publishing software PUBHTML5 - an ideal solution for self-publishing

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Maybe you have tried digital newspaper software publishing and then updating some digital content online in order to boom your online business by attracting more readers, but that is not enough. Whether you got fewer audiences than you expected before or you have a large loyal follower base, you should know that almost everyone would do some reading while they are standing in a queue or taking a bus or a subway. What would they do away from the PC?

The general phenomenon shows that people prefer to read on mobile device now. They will make full use of every boring minute to do something interesting through their mobile devices. This is a very good commercial opportunity if you can meet their needs, including reading or self-publishing anytime, anywhere. In case like this, it is beneficial to use the power of flipping book publisher to distribute the digital publications online and offline. Therefore, I would like to introduce all of you the PDF page tuning software Pub HTML5 ( free download for mac ). Here are some useful features of PUBHTML5 flipping book publisher to help you learn more about it:

1. Reader Features

There is nice clean page of PUBHTML5 to allow readers experience reading like an e-reader. Thanks to the software, readers can read the digital newspaper in pdf page turning effect. And there is various ways to navigate digital publications, including multiple zoom levels and a full-screen reading mode option available. Readers have the option to share content on social networks, search archives and freely download to read offline.

2. Engaging Content

Thanks to freature of PUBHTML5 to turn PDF to HTML5 Flipbook, you’ll be able to start from PDF and then add unlimited rich media and videos to increase user engagement. With interactive multimedia, your digital publications will help to increase the amount of time readers spend reading your flipbooks. It will help reach more users and readers to share.

3. HTML5-based Format

Upgrade and have PUBHTML5 publish your HTML5-based Digital publications across tablet and mobile device. Readers will be auto-served HTML5 web editions on both their phones and tablet devices. YouTube videos and interactive links will be able to be added throughout the publications.

Now you can freely downloaded PUBHTML5 software for Mac to to publish interactive digital magazines, newspapers and other collateral. Try it now.

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