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CSS3 Flip Book Animation Maker - the Best Mobile Solution for PDF Magazines & Catalogs

As the leading CSS3 page flip book maker, PUBHTML5 breathes life to your online content with the amazing page flip effect and animation effect.

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As we all know, the innovative online content can quickly catch the eyes of readers. Hence, everyone is eager to create interactive e-Publications to engage more audiences. PUB HTML5 , the best e-Publishing solution, provides the simple and effective way for you to enrich your online content. It not only allows you to create the popular page flip books in minutes, but also offers you the powerful Animation Editor to enrich the content. With PUB HTML5, you online content is no longer the dull presentation of text and image. This useful e-Publishing solution gives you the ability to diversify and interest the online content. The amazing animation effect is bound to engage your readers in a comfortable reading experience.

PUB HTML5 is the CSS3 flip book animation maker that empowers you to create wonderful mobile friendly e-Publications with page flip effect. It is simple and without any code. Why not deliver an impressive page flip books to your readers?
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PUB HTML5 free CSS3 flip book animation maker

Introduction of PUB HTML5 CSS3 flip book animation maker

1. Realistic page flip effect

Different from the traditional e-Publications, the page flip books created by PUB HTML5 make it easy and relax for you to enjoy your reading. It seems that you are reading a real book when you flip page personally. And with the beautiful template and theme, your reading is sure to be pleasant.

2. Rich content with multimedia and animation effect

No matter how appealing your texts and images are, all these static content will not impress the readers. But the vivid videos and audios can make a difference. PUB HTML5 allows you to enrich your e-Publications with multimedia, such as videos, links and hotspot. Moreover, you can add animation effect to your multimedia. Also, you can add actions to your content. For example, if you insert a link, you can set the link to fade in and add Open URL action to the link. Then when you readers click the link, they can enter to your website easily.

3. Online publishing

For more readers to share your interactive page flip books, PUB HTML5 supports online publishing. With the simple clicks, your stunning page flip books can upload on PUB HTML5 Cloud Platform.

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