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Jacobs Engineering RFP response by Knoll 021221

Published by lizgrace217, 2021-03-09 19:39:19

Description: Jacobs Engineering RFP response by Knoll 021221


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Knoll for Connecting with Jacobs the past... Furniture Procurement ...Looking to Intent RFP the future February 12, 2021 © Knoll, Inc. Prepared for: Jacobs +

Knoll, Inc. 11840 Westline Industrial Drive, Suite 100 St. Louis, MO 63146 February 12, 2021 Mutki Bourazzouq Magdalena Skoczylas Jacobs Jacobs Category Manager, Real Estate and Facilities Facilities & Real Estate Category Buyer 9191 Jamaica St. ul. Marii Konopnickiej 31 Englewood, CO 80112 30-302 Krakow, Poland Dear Ms. Bourazzouq and Ms. Skoczylas, Thank you for inviting Knoll to participate in the Jacobs Global Furniture RFP. Our thoughtfully executed workplace solutions connect people with their work, their lives and our world. For more than eight decades, Knoll has recognized that good design is good business. This has been our guiding principle and has enabled us to truly support our customers through furniture solutions that meet their workplace needs and larger strategic business goals. Through our research, we find that balancing the work at hand with office culture requires thoughtful planning and a holistic design point of view. Working with Knoll and our global dealer network, we create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Knoll will partner with Jacobs to provide research-supported tools, techniques, and insights while applying our understanding of the interplay between people, architecture, and furniture, and the experience they create. Our products are designed with our clients’ long-term needs in mind. While protecting our client’s investment with our non-obsolescence policy, all furniture products are able to be retrofitted to meet the latest technology and aesthetic enhancements desired. Additionally, the robust Knoll product warranty is best-in-class, to protect you and your investment. Our decades-long partnership with Jacobs is highly valued. From Jacobs’ years as an authorized Knoll dealer (former) to being an end-user client, you remain an important part of the Knoll family. We look forward to collaborating with you and the design team on this exciting global opportunity. Thank you for your full consideration of the Knoll proposal. Sincerely, Karey D. Brown © Knoll, Inc. Senior Workplace Consultant Knoll, Inc. 2 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

4 Executive Summary © Knoll, Inc. 8 Who We Are 18 Meet Your Team 20 Account Management 26 Global Capabilities 30 Sustainability 40 Quality Assurance 44 Playbook 165 Lead Times Policy 168 Warranty & Maintenance Attachments Attachment 1: Executive Summary Attachment 2: AMERICAS – FoW – Furniture List Attachment 3: EMEA – FoW – Furniture List Attachment 4: APAC – FoW Furniture List Attachment 5: Questionnaire – Global Furniture Attachment 6: Assumptions Attachment 7: 2019 Knoll Annual Report Attachment 8: Knoll Sample Master Service Agreement and Attachment 9: Knoll Addendum for Global Pricing Attachment 10: Locations 3 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Knoll Executive Summary During this time of global pandemic and sweeping social concerns, organizations—and the people they employ—face significant impacts on their well-being in terms of their health, finances, and careers. In light of the current challenges, the Jacobs values of doing what is right, accepting challenges, aiming higher and living inclusion are more important than ever. As a company, Knoll shares the belief that we are meant to be good stewards. We have served in this capacity for our clients since 1938, creating spaces where people want to be, and where they can do their best work. This has been our focus for over 80 years and is more important than ever. With the current demands being placed on you and your professionals, we offer our commitment to create a thriving workplace for Jacobs. Knoll believes integrity in our industry comes from making well-being a priority. We prioritize this in our products from initial design through manufacture as well as delivery and installation, and continuing service and support. Providing high-quality furnishing solutions that give lasting value to our clients is one aspect of integrity. Knoll also believes in the power of bringing people of diverse backgrounds to the table. This not only fosters innovative ideas; it’s just the right thing to do. The Knoll Team Difference is Founded in Partnership Like Jacobs, Knoll is a Pennsylvania-headquartered company with global reach. We have a worldwide network of Knoll offices, and 400 dealer partners in our Global Service Network, that will provide your locations with comprehensive service. Our team’s approach to account management is a tailored, long-term partnership we call “Service By Design.” We believe this model will make the best approach to support Jacobs’ employees worldwide. A cornerstone of Service By Design is engagement. Knoll and our global dealer network will work to ensure you are an integral part of the process to establish your new workplace; we believe such transformation should come from within. Knoll shares and applies what we learn from our industry-leading research to help our customers shape their desired work environments. From implementing best practices for workplace change, coaching regarding engagement planning, and participation in visualization activities regarding your future workplace, Knoll and its dealer partners will help guide you every step of the way. This close collaboration is even more important in seeking to establish a hybrid model workplace. In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve sponsored research regarding how best to approach workplace design, to explore the implications for well-being and how to foster collaboration in the new workplace reality. Two areas of Knoll expertise—flexible workplace products and fluid technology integration—have become even more integral. Value, Quality, and Sustainability are Top Priorities Knoll offers value to Jacobs in a number of ways. This includes the value inherent in flexibility, which is a foundation of both our furnishing solutions and our consultative approach to fulfilling the dynamic organizational needs of our clients. We create environments with components that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of typicals. Our products support a high level of re- configurability and provide an efficient way to reduce client costs in the near- and long-term. 4 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Executive Summary continued We also employ various operational processes and tools to help maximize value for our clients. For example, Knoll Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) teams work with key suppliers to explore new possibilities for materials, manufacturing locations, ordering practices, and shipping methods. In addition, our Custom Product Development (CPD) group leads the industry in creative customer- focused solutions. In addition to full customization of a client’s solution, CPD can offer value engineering, which can ultimately result in cost savings. Our commitment to quality and safety also runs deep. All Knoll plants, both domestic and international, are certified under ISO 9001—the globally recognized standard for defining quality management systems. We utilize the tools and procedures associated with Six Sigma, and employ Black Belts in our procurement, sales, and quality departments across the organization. Continuous improvement is part of our culture. We empower Knoll associates, at all levels, to make daily improvements in their respective responsibility areas, enhancing the value our clients receive. Just as we are stewards of the modern workplace, we are also stewards of the environment. Our Design for the Environment (DfE) policies established rigorous standards through which Knoll products are imagined, designed, and manufactured with sustainability in mind. The program sets ambitious criteria for energy and water preservation, controls emissions, and defines strict thresholds for recycled content, among other sustainable benchmarks. Prioritizing Workplace Technology Innovation and Integration Our research has highlighted how technology is a key driver in the successful shift to the flexible, hybrid workspace. The role technology plays in workplace evolution has accelerated as a necessity because of the pandemic. This includes how technology influences product development, as well as its integration in the physical workplace—wherever work takes place—and how it is used by employees. Knoll leverages the latest technology at all stages of product design, manufacture, delivery, installation, and beyond. For instance, the Knoll TR Media team utilizes sophisticated rendering and animation software to make the design and planning process faster, more efficient, and collaborative. We can provide our clients with advanced visualization solutions, incorporating products in various layout options into the proposed spaces. Knoll and our dealers use Configura CET Designer during the design and planning process. CET Designer transforms the decision-making process, bringing your ideas to life in real-time. In addition, we can make use of solutions such as sensor-based technologies to reveal important insights around space utilization and workforce engagement levels, which help inform critical planning and organizational decisions. Our philosophy of technology integration into our solutions is tempered by an eye toward non-obsolescence. While fixed integration is seductive, it reflects a short-term solution that can quickly make products obsolete. Technology tends to be more fluid and ever-evolving, while furniture can be static for years. The average lifecycle of most technology is about 18 to 24 months, contrasted with the average furniture lifecycle of about 10 years. With this in mind, Knoll has created a variety of innovative and flexible solutions to bridge the gap between these two very different lifecycles, as well as address pressing challenges such as access to power and wireless connectivity. As work becomes increasingly fluid, Knoll will collaborate with Jacobs to implement the necessary support technology to deliver and maintain a strong user experience for your people. We will help you meet the accelerated demands of the hybrid work experience. We Look Forward to the Continued Partnership with Jacobs Knoll’s success is built on relationships. Our relationship with Jacobs has spanned decades, making you an important and trusted Knoll partner. We look forward to many more decades of partnership with you. 5 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are

Who We Are Knoll is a constellation of design-driven brands and people, working together with our clients to create inspired modern interiors. Since 1938, Knoll has been recognized internationally for creating workplace and residential furnishings that inspire, evolve, and endure.

Jacobs and Knoll have a long and celebrated history of The Thriving Workplace is an excellence and achievement. Jacobs works to make the world opportunity to build a new, smarter, more connected and more sustainable while Knoll more resilient environment builds on the work of renowned designers - past and present - that supports the whole to improve hoe people live and work. Jacobs and Knoll have person – the personal, the had a decades-long partnership in working to better the spaces communal, the mental and in which we work. The continued partnership of our the physical. organizations will undoubtedly offer insight into the way business is changing and into what is possible – © Knoll, Inc. both now and for the future. We look forward to collaborating on Jacobs’ locations globally, creating spaces that fosters health, well-being, and innovation. Florence Knoll and Eero Saarinen 8 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Like Jacobs, we recognize that the enhancement of people’s lives is a part of our George Nakashima social responsibility. And, like Jacobs, we also believe that what we do is more than a job working every day to make the world better for all. Understanding that we have one planet is critical Our efforts are manifested through initiatives such as the World Monuments Fund to improving the environmental footprint we leave Modernism at Risk initiative, developing solutions for threatened modern sites around behind. As a leading design company, we are - first and the globe. In addition, we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity, expanding our foremost - committed to developing and manufacturing commitment to good design and sustainable building practices. Lastly, and most our products sustainably. By creating beautiful, enduring, importantly, we are committed to social equity through our Diversity and Inclusion and environmentally responsible products, we contribute Council, which is dedicated to equity within Knoll, in the workplaces we help create to the vital stewardship of our planet, as well as help our and the world as a whole. customers and distribution partners achieve their own sustainability goals. Our products are certified to 9 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP multiple sustainability, quality, and safety standards helping to achieve your sustainability goals, reducing your footprint as your company grows. © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are Total Florence Knoll’s pioneering “total design” Design perspective, which channeled the power of good design, blurring the lines between Our commitment to modern workplaces and homes, is more relevant than design, our understanding ever. As the workplace constantly reinvents of the nature of work, itself, our ever-evolving constellation of design- and our dedication to driven brands unites legacy and innovation to sustainable design have create inspired modern interiors that foster rich yielded a unique portfolio interactions and impact what we do. of thoughtful products that respond and adapt to Knoll has a legacy of design innovation and changing needs. leadership. Recognized for excellence in design, we are honored to be the only furniture manufacturer to be a recipient of the National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement from the Smithsonian’s Cooper- Hewitt, National Design Museum. We are also a leader in policies and practices designed to protect the biosphere, conserve natural resources and reduce waste. Our sustainability programs focus on three areas: climate change, third-party certification and environmentally sensitive materials. 10 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are © Knoll, Inc. Our Constellation The Knoll constellation of products combines timeless design and classic materials with the latest innovations in ergonomics and workplace strategy. The result is a comprehensive suite of complementary product solutions that cover all aspects of the workplace. Our products evolve to suit changing client needs over the long term. 11 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Who We Are © Knoll, Inc. Our Constellation of Brands 12 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Who We Are 140 82 years 3,700 At a Glance designer partnerships. thinking about how employees worldwide. Knoll is: We team up with people interact with their Knoll Offce celebrated architects and environments, and KnollStudio designers to offer creative, how their environments KnollExtra ground-breaking impact what they do. KnollTextiles furniture, textiles and Muuto accessories. Fully DatesWeiser Spinneybeck | FilzFelt Edelman Leather HOLLY HUNT 11 We are honored to be the Sustainably Focused: 400 $1.428 only furniture manufacturer Our most essential billion manufacturing sites to be a recipient of the environmentalism is Knoll dealers, including worldwide, spanning the National Design Award anti-obsolescence. Our 200 in North America and sales revenue in 2019. U.S., Canada, Latin America, for Corporate and products are designed to 200 internationally. Knoll Europe, and Asia. Institutional Achievement endure, both physically and has a global presence in all from the Smithsonian’s stylistically. major markets. Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Knoll is Modern Always® 13 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP because modern always works. © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are Knoll Reaches 100% Knoll Presents Innovative Renewable and Green and Timeless Designs at New and Energy in North American imm Cologne 2020 notable Manufacturing Facilities at Knoll Dutch-based architecture firm Knoll announced it has converted OMA honored the one hundredth its North American manufacturing anniversary of the Bauhaus. It and distribution facilities to explored the work of Ludwig Mies electricity from renewable sources, van der Rohe, a master of twentieth reaching 100% green electrical century architecture, featuring a power produced by sources such Barcelona Couch and the recently as wind or low-impact hydro power. introduced Barcelona Relaxed chair. In addition, our East Greenville, PA Mies’s designs were complemented manufacturing site utilizes 100% by Saarinen’s Pedestal Collection. renewable and green-sourced natural gas. Knoll at Fulton Market Tops Knoll Acquires Fully TWA: The Saarinen- Crain’s List of 2019 Coolest Designed Building Receives Offices in Chicago Knoll expanded its constellation of its Second Life brands with the addition of Fully, a Crain’s rounded up the “coolest” direct-to-consumer seller of high- In May 2019, the Eero Saarinen- offices in Chicago, defining a “cool” performance adjustable-height designed TWA Flight Center office as a well-designed workplace desks, ergonomic chairs, and received its second life as the TWA that thoughtfully represents the accessories for home offices and Hotel at John F.Kennedy Airport business and allows employees to small businesses. The acquisition in New York. Governor Andrew work comfortably and efficiently. allows Knoll to reach a new audience Cuomo attended the ribbon Judges Richard Wright of Wright while simultaneously leveraging cutting ceremony and delivered Auctions, interior designer Michael Fully’s product portfolio across remarks on the project’s economic Del Piero and Crain editor Jan Parr channels, increasing the breadth of contributions to the region and selected Knoll and two other offices ergonomic designs available to Knoll praised the revitalization of for the winner’s circle. clients and dealers. Saarinen’s architectural icon. 14 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are Our Differentiators With over 80 years of experience designing, researching, and pioneering workplace solutions, we’ve distinguished ourselves as experts and innovators of the modern office. Here’s what sets us apart: Understanding the Evolving Commitment to Innovation Nature of Work Our extensive design research Belief in Modern Design experience drives innovation—offering Good design is the foundation of We apply what we learn from our insight into what’s possible in the everything we do. We balance artistic extensive research to create cutting- workplace, now and in the future. invention and functional efficiency for edge product solutions that transform workplace performance. the workplace. Global Perspective Knoll seeks the insight of designers Comprehensive Product Portfolio Diverse, Agile, Dedicated Team that represent multicultural Our integrated breadth of product We deliver innovative, tailored solutions perspectives, and we engage in choices, conceived to harmonize and exceptional service—helping our ongoing workplace research around together through a cohesive point-of- clients leverage their workplace to the globe. view and materials palette, is virtually achieve their business goals. unmatched. Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger of Antenna Design 15 KnKonlol l+l f[oDreJaalceor]bFsor [|CliFeunrtn] itu|re P[RroFcPurNemamenet] Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are Visualization Resources & Collaborative Design The Knoll Media Team utilizes sophisticated rendering and animation technology to aidthe design and planning process. We can provide our clients with advanced Examples of our visualization services visualization solutions, incorporating include: products in various layout options into the proposed spaces. + Reconfigurations + Kit-of-Parts Videos and Renderings Knoll and our dealers use Configura CET + Photo-realistic Renderings Designer during the design and planning + Fly-throughAnimations process. CET Designer transforms the + “Virtual Reality” Experiences decision-making process, bringing your ideas + Live Design Sessions to life in real time. 16 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Who We Are Research Research is a cornerstone of the Knoll brand. Through our in-depth industry knowledge and research, The result of this approach gives us an accurate picture of what Knoll offers unparalleled insight into the connection between trends exist, how our products address them and how they workspace design and human behavior, employee well-being and affect our clients. Equally important, they create the foundation performance, and the overall quality of the user experience. for our product design for the future and how we can better meet the workplace needs that companies will have in the next Our multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates five to ten years and beyond. expertise from: Our Approach to Research + Our dedicated Workplace Strategy and Research teams Early in Knoll’s history, co-founder Florence Knoll formed the Knoll Planning Unit, a design consultancy devoted to office interiors, + Research organizations and other consultants, to gain a which applied a consultative approach to matching a client’s better understanding of the larger workplace “picture” workspace to fit their work style, culture and organizational needs as well as their internal architecture. + Independent ergonomists, to understand emerging trends in productivity and wellness Today, this same approach not only encompasses our furniture solutions but also our product design and research. + Membership in industry groups, to distill trends specific to the furniture industry + Clients and non-clients, to better understand their practical needs and learn from their success stories 17 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Meet Your Team

International Contacts by Region Europe David Cunningham CANADA Global Business Director, Susan Somers Knoll Europe Vice President, Canada Tel:+0044(0)7720509081 Tel: 416.402.0074 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] United States Executive Sponsor APAC Karey Brown Jamie Whitt Dylan Moyer Senior Workplace Consultant Regional Manager Project Manager: Single Point of Contact Knoll, Inc. International Sales Tel: 314.378.5187 Tel: 636.287.2127 Tel: 267.591.7131 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] MEXICO &LATAM Middle East/Africa Dylan Moyer Hafez Abdul-Hafez Regional Sales Director, Middle East Project Manager: & Africa International Sales Tel: +97.150.903.8300 Tel: 267.591.7131 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] 19 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Account Management

Account The Knoll approach to account Management management is appropriately called “Service By Design.” We strive to tailor our solutions, customer service, and performance measurement to the specific needs of each client.

Account Management Service By Design Our “Service By Design” approach is 1. Client 2. Pre-Order 3. Specification 4. Order Entry the basic framework on which we build Engagement our personalized service, tailored to the specific needs of each client. 5. Pre- 6. Manufacturing 7. Installation 8. Close Out 9. Day 2 Service Manufacturing 22 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Account Management Customer Service Experience CLIENT KNOLL SERVICE PLATFORM Customer Experience Team As work from office and home blurs, Knoll Constellation Manufacturing Custom Product Inventory Management Logistics our service platform provides a of Brands Supply Chain Development Consolidation Centers Cargo Carriers streamlined and seamless interface White Glove Delivery throughout your entire experience. Project Sequencing Knoll an most expansive and innovative product and service platform to connect, surround, and support you for the entire life cycle of our solutions. CLIENT EXPERIENCE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE Day 1 Service Day 2 Service From initial search to completing your home office, Knoll ensures the experience is seamless and intuitive. Seamless support from planning Our comprehensive Customer through delivery: Service and Field Services Our e-commerce website provides a robust platform to purchase Knoll teams ensure your investment is products. Our customer service team offers comprehensive support to + Consistent support supported throughout its entire support you in real-time throughout the process. + Project management life cycle. + Dealer support 23 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Account Management © Knoll, Inc. Day 2 Services Our responsibility is only beginning when Knoll products leave our facilities. We have a critical role in protecting your investment and maintaining a long-term partnership with you. Our Field Service team provides full support for the entire product life cycle, extending our ownership into the field. This team of experienced installation and product experts serves as a link between our manufacturing facilities and our clients. Field Services works hand-in-hand with our dealers. Together, they support our clients to ensure consistent global service. We also have a team of product parts and installation experts at our corporate headquarters, to provide ongoing support for our product platforms, including warranty service and seamless punch list resolution. 24 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Account Management Value-Added Services In-Depth Research & Unsurpassed Industry-Leading Partnerships Engagement Customization Warranty Our detailed consultative Not only does our research Our Custom Product The Knoll warranty is one approach helps clients inform our product Development (CPD) group of the best in our industry. address their specific development, but we leads the industry in Our warranty completely challenges and develop also share the results creative customer- covers parts and labor long-range workplace of our multimillion focused solutions. from periods of one year to strategies. We create high- dollar research and Knoll CPD ensures clients lifetime, depending on the performance environments development process are fully engage in the product. that inspire, while reflecting to support our clients’ development of products an organization’s brand workplace transformations. crafted to their specific and culture. needs. Value-Added For over eight decades, Seamless Commitment to Significant Full Circle Program Services we’ve offered our clients Technology Non-Obsolescence Installed Base a unique combination of Integration Knoll helped create distinct choices for diverse Our product breadth is We have a significant Full Circle, the first workspaces, enduring We “future-proof” unparalleled in its scope installed base in many program in the contract design, and a consultative your investment by and coherence, with locations around the world. furniture industry to approach tailored to our ensuring our products collections and brands that This has allowed us to build provide comprehensive clients’ specific requirements. seamlessly integrate work together seamlessly. relationships with local repurposing services for new technologies. Our Our commitment to non- vendors that ensure new surplus furniture, fixtures and products are designed to obsolescence allows all Knoll projects run smoothly. We equipment, to avoid these adapt to changing—and systems to be retrofitted have the option of adding no-longer-needed assets unpredictable—technological for new technology. to existing installations to avoid landfills. advancements. promote savings. 25 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Global Capabilities

Global Creating a global workplace doesn’t Capabilities need to feel complicated. Experience a powerful combination of global presence, local relationships, and in-country responsiveness.

Global Capabilities Global Presence, Local Relationships Understanding what drives you, in the world you live, allows us to bring your workplace vision to life wherever you do business. We can help you achieve your goals whether Benefits include: you are a multinational corporation conducting business across continents or a local company + Perspective: Workplace research, looking for a world-class partner. cultural insight, and regulatory expertise This is possible because Knoll is not a single entity, + Planning: Workplace planningand but a constellation of people, collaborators, specification development products, and brands—united by a rigorous process, shared experience, and a distinct modern + Logistics: Project management, shipping sensibility. and delivery coordination, and installation support Through extensive solutions and worldwide services, we ensure the process will go smoothly + Tools: Full suite of before- andafter-sale every step of the way. service programs 28 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Global Capabilities Global Distribution Network Knoll provides furniture products and services worldwide through over 400independently-owned full-service dealers. We manufacture in all major regions around the world. Knoll continuously works to offer a success of any project because of the many Via our “Global Service Network” of dealers Knoll Location consistently strong international distribution intricate details that are unique to every locale. and licensees throughout the world— Knoll Manufacturing Facility network through comprehensive, full-service, Along with the standard dealer functions— supported and managed by the Knoll Global Additional markets are ser- independently-owned dedicated dealer handling, receiving, staging, delivering, Business Division and the local Knoll offices— viced by a regional dealer. organizations supported by our Global installing and following up on our customer’s we are able to offer a comprehensive sales, Business Division and Dealer Managers. furniture orders—the international dealer installation and service network worldwide. © Knoll, Inc. Each dealer provides a range of services, manages all aspects of the shipping process, including project management, technical including freight forwarding, importation and product support, delivery, installation and customs clearance, payment of duties and maintenance. Taking advantage of the taxes, inspection, claims settlement and knowledge and talents of an international delivery to warehouse or project site. Knoll’s dealer is necessary to ensuring a smooth international dealers can also handle any delivery of our products into global markets. special situations which arise with overseas shipments, because they are aware of the The support and commitment of Knoll’s specific importation requirements for their international dealer network is vital to the country, based on years of experience. 29 KnKonllo+ll [fDoreJaalecro] bFsor [C| lieFnutr]nitu|re [PRrFocPuNreammeen]t Intent RFP


Sustainability Our clean manufacturing practices minimize impact by conserving natural resources and reducing waste. But our most practical environmentalism is longevity. Our products are designed to endure, both physically and stylistically.

Sustainability Our Vision Knoll aims to be a leader in sustainability. Our environmental programs focus on three areas: climate change, third-party certification, and environmentally sensitive materials. For over 80 years, we’ve been thinking about Each piece we create targets environmental how people interact with their environments standards from design and manufacturing to and how these spaces impact what they do. the final product. We carefully examine raw Our stewardship of the environment is a natural material sources, suppliers, and production extension of this credo. processes to ensure we are acting in the most responsible way. Sustainable design considers the social, economic, and environmental impact of Our product portfolio allows our clients to also business on people and the planet. We are reach sustainability targets for their projects. committed to developing solutions that We have numerous products that contribute to impact sustainable growth by conserving our LEED®credits and nearly 30 Declare-labeled natural resources, developing energy-efficient products and systems across many categories, processes, diverting waste generated from including seating, tables and desks, storage, operations and products and protecting the and accessories. health and safety of our associates, clients, and the communities in which we work. 32 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Sustainability 01 02 03 04 The Knoll 8 Protection of the Sustainable Use of Waste Reduction Conservation The Biosphere Natural Resources & Disposal Knoll + Conserve energy by + Eliminate the release of + Make efficient use of + Reduce, recycle, and improving the efficiency We have developed hazardous substances to renewable resources and eliminate waste, and of our internal operations processes, analytic safeguard habitats affected conserve non-renewable dispose of waste using and the goods and services tools and management by our operations. natural resources. safe and responsible we sell. philosophies to make our methods. business sustainable. + Reduce air pollution + Utilize post-consumer and + Utilize environmentally safe We refer to these practices emissions from our post-industrial materials in + Dispose of our waste and sustainable energy collectively as the “Knoll 8.” manufacturing facilities by our products. only in well-operated and sources wherever possible. using clean technologies. permitted facilities. 33 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP 05 06 07 08 Risk Reduction Safe Products Environmental Informing the Public & Services Restoration + Minimize environmental + Inform those who may health and safety risks to + Reduce and eliminate the + Comply responsibly be affected by conditions our associates and the use, manufacture or sale with the law to address caused by our operations community through the use of products and services conditions we have caused that might endanger health, of safe technologies, sound that cause environmental that endanger health, safety, or the environment. transportation, safe facilities damage or health and safety or the environment. and operating procedures, safety hazards. + Encourage associates to and emergency report dangerous incidents preparedness. + Design and engineer or conditions. durable products. © Knoll, Inc.

Sustainability Hover on images to learn more 2020 Highlights “At Knoll we consider We help client projects 100% 90% environmental, economic achieve LEED and social sustainability in certification through Electricity from percent of Knoll Forest our design and management our deep knowledge of renewable sources Stewardship Council choices, from what kind of USGBC processes and for our North American (FSC) wood comes from materials are used in our the sustainability of our manufacturing and FSC-certified forests. products to the well-beingof products. distribution facilities. our associates. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to 25+ Our North American We achieved Carbon A growing selection contribute to sustainable— factories are registered to Neutral® certification for of Knoll products are and inspiring—workplaces Declare-labeled the ISO 14001 standard. our February 2020 national Intertek Clean Air and homes; environments that products, which are rated sales meeting in Chicago. certified, which imposes promote a better world.” Our two factories in Italy Our offset will support rigorous standards for material ingredients are registered to ISO EN the Mississippi Valley regarding Volatile Organic Andrew Cogan 9001 standard. Reforestation Project, Compounds (VOCs). CEO, Knoll, Inc. and end-of-life disposal. which aims to reforest one International sites have million acres of the Lower been certified to the ISO Mississippi Alluvial Valley. EN 14001 standard and are compliant with OHSAS 18001. 34 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP eadquarters Furniture RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Sustainability Design for the Environment (DfE) Design for the Environment establishes rigorous standards and means that Knoll’s products are Design for the imagined, designed and manufactured Environment with the environment in mind. The program sets criteria for embodied energy We use responsibly-sourced and emissions of materials, defines a materials and promote a healthy minimum for recycled content and mandates operational infrastructure. low energy consumption and the use of clean From inception to manufacturing, technology in manufacturing. each product we make targets strict environmental standards. DfE requires sustainability down our entire supply chain. When Knoll explores working 35 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP with a new vendor, we document their sustainability practices and then have those practices reviewed by third-party auditors. When we source new materials, suppliers must provide us with documentation regarding their sources, as well as data on any post-consumer and post-industrial recycled contents. © Knoll, Inc.

Sustainability © Knoll, Inc. Certifications & Partnerships Knoll is an industry pioneer in submitting our products for independent third-party certification, and we partner withmany leaders in sustainability. 36 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Sustainability Full Circle Full Circle Program Program RESELL Sell FF&E for profit or to offset the costs of removal Objective: Maximize financial utility Our Full Circle Program helps ALL FURNITURE, REPURPOSE Repurpose FF&E to local non-profits REPORT decommission furnishings, fixtures, FIXTURES, & for social equity and tax benefits and equipment (FF&E) that are no EQUIPMENT ANEW issues longer needed in an economically, Objective: Maximize social responsibility report including socially, and environmentally Including Knoll documentation for responsible way. and other brands LEED® Certification of furniture as well We partner with ANEW to develop a as everything from RECYCLE Recycle FF&E that has no resale Full Circle strategy for your surplus telephone and HVAC or re-purpose value based on your goals. systems to carpeting and elevators Objective: Material resource recovery RECOVER Convert waste to clean energy CLEAN ENERGY Objective: Landfill diversion FROM WASTE 37 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Sustainability Life Cycle Gate to Gate Life Cycle Assessment Assessment Manufacture into Life Cycle Assessment means we evaluate finished products the entire life of a product, from raw material extraction to end oflife. Cradle to Gate Gate to Grave/ This holistic vision allows us to adjust Gate to Cradle designs, materials, or production Material extraction processes to maximizesustainability. and manufacture of End of product’s component parts useful life 38 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP Environmental Product Declaration Certified report about energy use, emissions, and waste © Knoll, Inc.

Sustainability Health & Safety Ensuring a safe and healthful workplace is everyone’s responsibility. We set ambitious goals through participation in a portfolio of programs designed to protect the health and safety of our associates and the communities in which we work. Health Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star: Our East As a leader in workplace health and ergonomics, Knoll is Greenville facility received a “Star” rating under the Occupational dedicated to the wellness of our associates at work and in their Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection everyday lives. We participate in the Virgin Pulse Healthy Living Program (VPP). A Star rating is the highest rating a company plan, which encourages associates to make healthy decisions can obtain in OSHA’s premier partnership program. Toachieve and offers easy access to health and fitness information. We this rating, our East Greenville site had to demonstrate actively promote a healthy work/life balance. Tothat end, we a comprehensive safety and health program with strong offer meditation, yoga and mindfulness in our East Greenville management leadership and ensure an injury rate substantially facility. Knoll also participates in the American Heart Association below the average for the industry. Walk and other fitness events each year. Safety Groups Program (SGP): Facilities with similar Safety operations are grouped together to pool collective knowledge Knoll continues to improve upon practices and policies to strive in implementing injury and illness prevention programs. Knoll towards being a world class leader in safety. We have set Toronto has participated in the SGP program since 2008 and ambitious targets to drive our risk focus and reduction activities has been awarded each year by the Workplace Safety and with our continued participation various programs. Insurance Board. 39 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Quality Assurance

Quality Good quality is good business. Assurance Delivering an exceptional product to our clients—built to the highest quality standards with state-of-the-art equipment—is our primary goal. Our reliability ensures that the investment you make in Knoll products today delivers value well into the future.

Quality Assurance Overview Knoll endeavors to continually improve on a global product platform that supports our clients’ needs over the long term. We’ve built a system of quality metrics through consultation with Knoll clients, Knoll dealers, architects and interior designers, the Knoll sales team, and Knoll operations associates. Shipped Complete, Correct, and On-Time Corporate Correctness Measure the task. This standardized work is documented in operations At Knoll, all measures are determined at the order level—if one Each manufacturing site measures and analyzes defect and method sheets, where it follows a “verify the work coming to item is late or incorrect, the entire order is affected. Over the past claim data from incoming service orders. Our Corporate you, perform the work and check your work” philosophy. three years, we have been on-time for nearly 95% of shipping and Correctness Measure identifies the percentages of orders delivery product shipped from Knoll North American manufacture that are defect- and claim-free 90 days after installation. This + We formally define and distribute our quality expectations in plants. information is reviewed weekly with all manufacturing site Vice our Supplier Quality Handbook. Presidents. Key measures, such as SCCOT (Shipped Complete, Correct + Suppliers are required to adhere to the Production Part and On-Time) are managed daily at each site, reported weekly Quality Standards for Material/Component Suppliers Approval Process (PPAP)—a consistent method to monitor at the corporate level and communicated to all associates All Knoll suppliers are required to maintain stringent quality quality defined through ISO 9001 requirements. monthly through Visual Factory Boards posted at all sites. These standards. Knoll employs quality control processes throughout same measures are also a focal topic at the monthly Executive manufacturing to ensure that all elements, from raw goods + Suppliers are rated for their delivery and accuracy of their Management Meeting. through to finished product, meet and/or exceed our stringent production parts. standards. In all manufacturing processes, we strive for standardized work where there is a singular best way to perform 42 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Quality Assurance Client Portal Ability to Provide a Web-Based Standards Program Knoll can develop an interactive online portal for Jacobs, which can result in ordering efficiencies as well as cost and time savings. In terms of online capabilities, Knoll can administer Jacobs’ web-based standard program through an internal site, available only to approved users. This site offers the following capabilities: 1. Communicate Jacobs standards. 4. Easy access to customer-unique requirements • Floor plans (same as above – have everyone that is • Bills of Material working with that client using the same • Price Lists forms/language) tailored to meet the needs of • Warranty details each client. • Product Information – text/graphic, finish options, • Quote forms upholstery, etc. • Purchase Orders • Invoices 2. Share Project Profiles and details of different • Special Requirements unique to Jacobs installations. 5. Reports can be downloaded and uploaded • Photos to your shared site. • Walk-throughs • Project documents 3. Contact information can be easily accessed through a +++ Additional capabilities can be included at Jacobs’ list appropriate to the user that is logged on to the request. We will work with you to personalize the website. portable to best suit your needs. • Knoll Contacts • Dealer Contacts • A&D Contacts • Any other contact for 43 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.


Open Typologies * In some instances, product availability my vary slightly from region to region. Knoll will work our dealer partners to provide a comparable solution if necessary.

Open Typologies Product Mix Price Range X-Small | 1 Person TA-01 $3,911 per 4-pod CH-01 $465 - $527 per chair O-XS-01.4 ACC-01 $111 per monitor arm Frequent User | 4-Pack Knoll k. screen Standard Finish Option Available: Product Mix TA-01 | Knoll Antenna Power Beam Spine Standard Finishes Available: Paint 46 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Open Typologies TA-01 | Knoll k. Base Height Adjustable Table ACC-01 | Knoll Sapper Single Clamp-Mount Monitor Arm Standard Finish Options Available: X-Small | 1 Person Paint Laminate Veneer O-XS-01.4 Frequent User | 4-Pack Product Mix CH-01 | Knoll Generation Chair Standard Finishes Available: Flex Back Net Bright White Silver Medium Grey Jet Black Knoll Generation Seat Fabric © Knoll, Inc. * Additional Knoll Textile and COM textile options are available 47 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Open Typologies Product Mix Price Range X-Small | 1 Person TA-01 $5,867 per 6-pod CH-01 $465 - $527 per chair O-XS-01.6 ACC-01 $111 per monitor arm Frequent User | 6-Pack Knoll k. screen Product Mix Standard Finish Option Available: TA-01 | Knoll Antenna Power Beam Spine Paint 48 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

Open Typologies TA-01 | Knoll k. Base Height Adjustable Table ACC-01 | Knoll Sapper Single Clamp-Mount Monitor Arm Standard Finish Options Available: X-Small | 1 Person Paint Laminate Veneer O-XS-01.6 Frequent User | 6-Pack Product Mix CH-01 | Knoll Generation Chair Standard Finishes Available: Flex Back Net Bright White Silver Medium Grey Jet Black Knoll Generation Seat Fabric © Knoll, Inc. * Additional Knoll Textile and COM textile options are available 49 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP

Open Typologies Product Mix Price Range X-Small | 1 Person TA-02 $270 - $599 CH-02 $180 - $457 O-XS-02 Seated Product Mix CH-02 | Muuto Armless Fiber Chair Standard Finishes Available – TA-02 | Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Occasional Table Shell/Base Standard Finishes Available – Plywood | Wood Veneer | Laminate Grey/Grey Dusty Green/ Natural White/ Dusty Green Oak Birch Mahogany Plywood Plywood Natural Pippy Rustic Black/Black Ochre/Oak Black/Stained Oak Ok Walnut Dark Brown * Textile options are available Jet Black Medium Folkstone Bright Grey Grey White 50 Knoll for Jacobs | Furniture Procurement Intent RFP © Knoll, Inc.

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