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Stuff (December 2020)

Published by RAJA NAZREEN BIN RAJA KAMARUZZAMAN Moe, 2020-12-15 02:15:13

Description: Stuff (December 2020)


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BEST GEEKGIFTIDEA THE W2IS0H2L0IST GADGETS / GAMES / GEAR COCOLFANTSSHHOELES Play gianm8eKs We help you pick your weapons in the ultimate Turn the gaming showdown teraflops MOBILE MARVELS up iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro Huawei P40 Pro Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 LG Wing Time toPrtou?rn TESTED! Hi-tech supercars GoPro’s biggest Hero All the newest smartwatches Skyworth & LG TVs 20010 Call of Duty: Cold War & 5 Beard tamers 9 771994 313049 Issue 109 | R49.50 (incl VAT) Other countries: R43.04 (excl tax)

Welcome Subscriptions hotline Call Centre: 0873531291 The world looks like a completely be immensely glad to see the back of. WhatsApp: 0873531292 different place right now. The American Even if not too much will change in Advertising elections have concluded, Apple has 2021, medically speaking. Business director conducted its trio of events, South Sally Hudson Africa… hasn’t changed all that much. The end of the year means that all [email protected] Lockdown is, technically, ongoing with no the tech for 2020 is out or announced. Senior account manager end in sight. But there is an end in sight Tech like the Xbox Series S and Series X Thalia Pallotta – the end of 2020, a year that most will and Sony’s new PlayStation 5 consoles 083 375 2418 (p32), Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 [email protected] Pro (p63) (plus two others we’re dying to Management get our hands on) or Samsung’s ‘budget’ Stuff South Africa is minded Galaxy S20 FE (p56). We’ve published by the Stuff had a chance to play with all of it and Group (Pty) Ltd. it’s all worth slogging through the mess Directors: Toby Shapshak, that is 2020 for. Sally Hudson PO Box 74, And then there’s the stuff that’s still Melrose Arch, 2096 on the way. Apple’s hoping to change Kelsey Publishing UK the face of notebooks with its new M1 Stuff UK content is ARM-based processor (p10), which does published with the some amazingly speedy things while permission of copyright somehow extending battery life. DJI’s holder Kelsey Publishing new Mini 2 (the Mavic is silent, now) Ltd, Cudham Tithe Barn, (p14) also has a little more battery at Berry’s Hill, Cudham, its disposal, as well as a substantially Kent TN16 3AG better camera, and Ring has a new ... and a word about prices security camera for your home that… Generally, we show flies? Yeah, it flies. That’s gonna terrify the manufacturer’s a burglar or two. Check it out on p16. recommended price. Occasionally we (or And since it’s the end of the year, suppliers) can make we’ve also got our annual wish list for mistakes. Please you to check out (p96) – a massive rememberthat prices collection of the best, coolest tech this listed in Stuff are intended side of Silicon Valley. 2020 has sucked, as a guide only. We make rather hard in places, but it’s also had every effort to confirm its share of awesome. And if this is how that all information we’re ending the year, we’ll take it. Even is correct (and triple if 2021 isn’t much of an improvement, checked) when we go it’s got one thing going for it. It’s new. to print. Brett Venter, Editor © Stuff South Africa. All due care will be [email protected] taken with material submitted, but the @DrakonisZA magazine and publishers cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. Stuff Follow us: StuffSA South Africa assumes no responsibility to return unsolicited editorial, graphic or Stuff competition terms and conditions: Apple is not a sponsor, nor is it involved in any way with any Stuff Magazine contests or sweepstakes. Stuff Magazine does not offer Apple products as contest or sweepstake prizes. other material. All rights in letters and 1ngoPivrceooamrwroeatsyiposononsrd,cgeoinvmcepeaewctaaitnyiosbneasneadnrtceeocrmeadrprieinettdiot.i.o43nPEsrmaizrepesloeaynreteeenrseoodtfteShxtrcuohfuafgnGhgrSoeautubpflaef nGfodrortcuhapes’irshfwaamnedbil/sieiotseraowrtewhnewor t.psartolulodfwfu.cceotds.z.taPoareinznedtesarar.erAeodapvveeanritelaisdbinlfeogrwaIsnhsdiluepesut1bo0lci9ck,rs2e0llaa2st0ito. onItnsisr1e4aptDrtehesceeednmitsabcterievrte2ios0nm2o0afyaSnntduofctfleoGnsrteoeuorpncoa1m4ndFpetehbteirtuicoaunrsystoi2nd0ti2ahn1e. o2isfsTtuhheeeijnpurdwizgheeiscsht’ odteheceniissriuoprnreoitsmhfaointta,iol nasn,d unsolicited editorial and graphic material should there be a problem with the stipulated prize won, a reasonable replacement of the same value will be offered. 5 Stuff Group carries promotions, giveaways and competitions in good faith and cannot be held responsible will be treated as unconditionally assigned faonrdacnoynmtaicstredperteasilesnatraetgioinveonn. Itthies tphaertreosfpthoensciubsiltitoydoiafnthoef tchuestpordoimanootifotnhse, gpirvoemawotaiyosn,agnidvecaowmapyeatnitdiocnosm. 6pWetiintnioenrtsoweinllsbuerneothtiafitepdrtiezelespahroensiceanltlyoauntdcobryremcatlily. Iatnisdtwheitrheinsptohnessipbeilictyifioefdtthime we.i7nnPerirzteodeenlisvuerreytwhailtl ttahkeecfoorurrectot asidxdress forpublicationandcopyright purposes cwoemepksetfirtoiomntlihneestihmaevethcelowseindn.e1r0hRaesabdeeersnmnoatyifineodt. 8claPirmomfoortmioonrse, gthivaenaownaeypsraiznedactoamtpimetei,taionndsoanreceoapnennotounScoeudtahsAafrwiciannnerersinidaennytsSotnuflyf.p9roAmll portiizoen-sw, ginivneearwsawyisll boer cpoumblpisehteitdioonns,wwwillwno.sttubfef.ecloig.zibalethfeorfoalnloowthinegr pmroiznetfho,rotnhcreeethe andmaterialwillbesubject toStuffSouth (3) months thereafter. 11 By entering any promotions, giveaways or competitions, or by accepting any prize, entrants agree that their personal details may be retained by the promoter and/or Stuff magazine and used for the Africa’s unrestricted right to edit and ppruormpoosteioonf,sgeivnedainwgatyhoermcoinmfopremtiatitoionnaanbdo/uotrfauctcuereptparnocmeootfioannsy,pervizeentims apnliedsnfeuwllsk,naoswwleedllgaes afonrdinatcecrenpatlaandcmeionfisatlrlartuiloens.and analysis. 12 Unclaimed prizes will be kept for three months and will not be resent. 13 Participation in any comment editorially. Stuff South Africa is fully protected by copyright andnothing may be reprinted in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. While reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the accuracy of advice and informationgiven to readers, the editor, publisherandproprietorcannot accept responsibility for any damage or inconvenience that may arise therefrom. Stuff is published in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic,Denmark,France,Germany, Greece,India,Indonesia,Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, theMiddle East, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the UnitedKingdom. Zinio digital edition. 2

Introducing Arc Brilliant Sound in 3D Bring all your entertainment to life with the premium smart soundbar for TV, movies, music, gaming and more featuring Dolby Atmos.

CON S ON THE P49 COVER P16 p63 Pro’s poetry HOT STUFF p TESTS Box to 8 The Hot Five 29 First test Oculus Quest 2 ● Apple MacBook Pro 13.3in box Our favourite VR headset has an upgrade How did they make it go so much faster? ● Huawei P40 Pro p56 41 Tested UltimateEars Hyperboom How long before Google Services come back? For the 42 Group test Supercars ● DJI Mini 2 How will DJI ever forgiveus for losing the last one? fans Quick enough to escape from melting polar ice ● Apple HomePod Mini p46 46 Tested GoPro Hero9 Black How likely isit that this will launch in SA? Stunt ● Ring Always Home Cam double Does GoPro’s latest go even more extreme? How long will this last before the dog eats it? 48 Tested Tecno Spark 5 49 Group test Smartwatches 18 Vital stats Lucid Air Something something Lucid dreaming? The latest generation of clever wearables 54 Tested Skyworth UB7500 20 Icon Q Acoustics Q Active 200 55 Tested Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Long, spindly legs and amazing sound – like an 56 Tested Samsung Galaxy S20 FE alien designed by Spielberg 58 Tested Oppo A72 59 Tested LG NANO85VNA 22 Games 60 Versus Articulated Androids Scorn is not your worst nightmare but it’s pretty close Will you twist or fold? 62 Tested Fitbit Sense 25 Wheels We can’t Be-Leaf we’re writing this line It’s time you got yourself a sixth Sense 63 Tested iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro 26 Stream It’s the end of the world as we know it You’d be glad to run into these in a dark alley 68 Tested Rubato Lassie The Lassie you want following you home 69 Group test Beard trimmers 74 Games Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, FIFA 2021, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War 4

12.2 P36 P72 P94 FEATURES TOP TENS SUBS 0FFER 32 Cover feature PS5 vs Xbox Series X 82 Smartphones Everything you need to know before you pick What’s the handiest, handsomest handset? GET a side in the Great Console War of 2020-21 83 Phablets 30% 40 Mini meme Retro gaming apps As above, just for bigger hands (or egos) Or, save your money and play Space Invaders OFF 84 Tablets, streamers GET OUR 72 Instant upgrades Galaxy Note20 Ultra Slick slates and ways to stream everything DIGITAL ISSUE Make your stylus-packing superphone even better... and, optionally, even more expensive 85 TVs p28 All you need for a lazy night/day/year in 98 Random access memories DMC DeLorean Back to the past for a ride in Doc’s runabout 86 Laptops Porta-powerhouses to warm your knees WISHLIST 87 Wearables, smartwatches 96 Cover feature Wishlist Strapping smart tracking tickers There’s no time like the present so get these presents in time for Christmas 90 VR headsets and VR games This reality sucks. Try these new ones 92 Headphones In-ears and on-ears, hear hear! 95 Games 10 ways to avoid adult responsibilities 5

I MADE MY NOTEBOOK I PEERED ACROSS Making Stuff up MORE MOBILE THE RAINBOW BRIDGE Publisher and Editor-in-chief The mobile-inspired tweaks to I don’t get the time to play as Toby Shapshak Apple’s latest iteration of macOS, many video games as I used Big Sur, have confirmed a long- to but one title I never miss is [email protected] held belief of mine that mobile the annual Assassin’s Creed Editor is where the most exciting innovation is. Or, to release. This year it’s Valhalla, the Viking-themed, use industry jargon: mobile is eating the world. westward expansion version of the long-running Brett Venter Witness the Apple Silicon M1 chips, designed series. And it’s everything I could have hoped [email protected] and built by Apple based on the A14 chip inside for. Combat hasn’t changed much, just become the iPhone and iPad. Or the redesign in Big Sur more violent, but the world Ubisoft has created Online Editor using the look-and-feel from an iPhone. Similarly, is a much more compelling one than usual. It Marcé Bester I can’t wait for a laptop with a reported 18 hours feels alive, populated with people you’ll care [email protected] of battery life. If mobile infuses that back into about (for the duration of their little story Deputy Online Editor desktop and gives a longer work time, I’m thrilled. vignettes). The writing is the best I’ve seen in The more pertinent question for me is: why has the game in ages and the Sim City-lite base Brad Lang it taken this long to get here? building has its attractions too. [email protected] Toby Shapshak, Publisher and Editor-in-chief Brett Venter, Editor Art Director OUR MONTH Brandon van What this issue has brought us by way of geekery Rensburg [email protected] I LANDED THAT 360 I STARTED BLEEPING Digital Publisher HARDFLIP PROMISE AND DIGGING DIRT Nic Boerma Inspired by the recent excellent Barred from visiting our city parks, [email protected] remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro lockdown quickly had me tearing Social Media Intern Skater, (reviewed in issue 108) at the walls. Naturally, the easing Kajal Premnath I went and bought an Element of restrictions meant my isolation [email protected] skateboard, adamant that learning to stand on a frustrations would be released on all Joburg’s green moving plank was a decent hobby. As it turns out, public spaces. To do it right, I needed the Nokta Selling Stuff skating is harder than it looks. At least for me, Makro Simplex+. It’s an entry level metal detector Business Director that is. I’ve been at it a decent two months and I designed for locating hidden inland and beach can’t do any tricks. But I did get severely bruised treasures with its waterproof 11in coil. Standing its Sally Hudson, legs rather quickly. And I was also chased out of a ground to devices twice the price and able to reach [email protected] parking lot, the most important test of aptitude impressive depths, the Simplex is simple to use. Senior Account for any skater. Oh, and I got a sick sticker of Just ground balance it, select a mode and start Marvel’s Moonknight to slap on the bottom of searching. I bought the pricier wireless headphone Manager my board. Not that I needed it to be any more of option which avoids getting tangled in cables as you Thalia Pallotta a complete dork. But I’ll be cool just as soon as I dig up coins, relics and lots and lots of bottlecaps. 083 375 2418 land that 180 heelflip, right? Guys? Guys!? Can it detect gold and jewellery? You betcha! [email protected] Brad Lang, Deputy Online Editor Brandon van Rensburg, Art Director Getting Stuff to you Printing CTP Distribution On the Dot 087 353 1291 Contacting Stuff Call us 087 353 1291 Email us [email protected] Subscribe subscribe-now Find us StuffSA @StuffSA South Africa 6

The truth is out there We’re still waiting to provetheseclaims but Applethrewaround ‘world’s fastest’ a bunch of times, including‘world’s fastest quad-core’. We want tobelieve. Quick. Silver Apple’s thrown everything ithas atspeedingupthePro. PartofthisistheM1chip, but Apple’salsogot quicker componentsoverall, including speedier SSDsinside. 8

Robot in HOT disguise FIVE #1 Externally,the Intel and an M1 MacBook Pro TAKING THEM1 lookalike. Whichmeans IS QUICKER nobody will know you’re fielding Apple’s fastest, Apple MacBook Pro (Apple Silicon Edition) until yougleefully point it out. Fromtheoutside, it doesn’t look likemuch has changed. Apple’s 13.3in MacBook Pro isstill an attractive piece ofhardware. But whatyou’re lookingathere is so much more than justa Pro. It’s the firstPro with Apple’s M1 processor inside. That’s abigger deal than you’d expect, too, as Apple’s making its walled garden bear a little fruit. MacOSBig Surhas been builtto workespecially well withthe company’s new computer hardware, offering both speedandbattery boosts. The battery increase in particularis alittlebonkers –up to20 hours on a chargefrom aMacBook Pro?Is Apple just blowing smoke? Apparently not, as the battery increase is accompanied by improvements in both graphical abilityand standardprocessing. But, remarkably, this speed boostdoesn’t come with an accompanying price increase. Apple’s representatives here at home havefollowed the company’s lead and keptpricing constant– whether you’rebuying intoApple’sM1orsticking withthe (now inferior)Intel machines. This isoneApple ‘One More Thing’ we’re glad took us by surprise. As hotas… an overclocked Corei9 from R25 000 / 9

HOT S TUF F LIFE IS A What do PROCESSOR you bench? Apple’s new silicon has been spottedinearly benchmarks and the numbers are… insane. The M1 is easily Apple’s fastest processor.Don’t worry, gamingdesktop dudebros. Yourcrownsare still safe.For now. Speed demon Apple’sM1 processor is a massive leapfor the company.Basedon ARM architecture,Apple’s made its own SoC (system-on- chip),incorporatingan octa- coreCPU, a GPU with up to eightcores of its own, and then a 16-coreneuralengine – plusApple’s Secure Enclave security tech. The main processor usesfour cores for high- performancework and the other four for lessintensive tasks andAppleclaims to haveoptimised these bits to substantially increase batterylife– to almost doublewhatit was previously. Twenty hours of videoplayback sounds outlandish butthat’s just what Apple’s promising. Anditmight be possible becauseApple’s also broughtits operating systems into themix. The newcomputer hardware hasoptimisedsoftware in the shapeofmacOSBig Sur – potentially giving Apple a huge advantageover Windows systems. Itdoes meanthat makingtoo many modifications toyour Apple Silicon machine will negate someof its advantages – Appledoesn’t want you to do that, after all – butwhen you’re getting increased speedand substantially longerbattery life without anyincrease in price,you maybea little more inclined to dowhatApplewants. For a while, anyway. 10

HOT S T U F F MORE FROM APPLE’S M1 LINEUP APPLE MAC MINI Apple’ssmallest desktop also getalook-in by Apple Silicon. The M1processoris presenthere as well. There’s no battery life increaseto ooh and aahoversoyou’ll have tomake dowith the performance improvements, the fact that you’llbe abletoplay games on the thing and the existence ofenoughportsto let you connectall your peripherals. Oh, and support for monitors up to6K – which is awfully specific. Since you’re saving money, maybe splash out on Apple’sPro XDR Display? from R14 000 / APPLE MACBOOK AIR Apple’s MacBook Airusedtobe for folks who justwanted anultra-portablebusiness machine. Now, Apple reckons, it’ll letyou perform 4Kvideo editing withoutany slowdown while alsooperatingfaster thaneverbefore. Battery life, which wasn’t an issue before,hasbeen increased to upto18 hours ofvideo playback. Remarkably,the price hasn’tgone up atallwhile allthis has taken place. Still looks like aregularMacBook Air, though, soyou may have tobrag. Justa little. from R20 000 / 11

Killer on the juice There’s a 4400mAh battery insidetheMate40 Proanda 66W fast charger in the box, butit alsosupportsspeedy wireless charging – you’ll need one of Huawei’s 50W chargers. Hi-ho silver shining Huaweicallsthis colour Mystic Silver – it has layers beneaththe glass that giveoff different huesdependingon howthelighthitsit. Not sure? There’sa plain black optiontoo. God is a glancer Not very touchy-feely? There are gestures to browse through photos and take screenshots, while just looking at the phone while it’s ringing can lower the volume. 12

Wrapper’s delight The edges of the ‘Horizon Display’ fall over the sides of thechassis, whiletheslightly unusual 2772x1344 resolution means it crams in more pixels than a Full HD+ screen. HOT FIVE #2 HUAWEI DOING OVER THERE? Huawei Mate 40 Pro Tosay2020has beenatoughyear would belikecallingatornadoastiff breeze.But when80millionAmericanvoters recently decidedthey’dhad enoughof AdolfTwitler, right-minded people all over the world finallyhadsomethingtocelebrate. Evenat Huawei HQ it probably went down pretty well,as itcouldmeantheChinesecompany willsoonbeallowed toofferGooglePlay services on its phones again – and when they’re as mighty as the Mate 40 Pro, that can only be a good thing. Itsheadlinefeatureisthe trioof cameras housedintheblackhaloonthe back:a 50MPmainsensor, a12MP10xhybrid zoom telephoto and an ultra-wide 20MP cine camera with laser autofocus. You can use themtocapture thelooksof pure jealousy when you tell people it’s running a 3.13Ghz Kirin 9000 chipset with 8GB of RAM and 5G support, having just shown them the 6.76in 90Hz OLED display with in-screenfingerprintreader and13MP ‘UltraVision’ selfiecamera. For now, you’ll still have to make do with Huawei’s own app store, mail and maps… but2021is definitelylookingup. Ashotas… Trump’sfurioustweetingfinger Rtba/ 13

Circle in the panned TheMini 2has stillsskillsas well as video. You can shoot wide-angle shots,180°vistas and nifty sphere panoramas, with thedronestitching them together automatically. HOT FIVE #3 THELIGHTNESSOF BEINGDJI DJI Mini 2 Prop it Theheadline featuresherearethe arrival shoot, it’s a different story.TheMini 2 like it’s hot of4K andthedroppingof theword ‘Mavic’… captures 4Kat30fps, or 1080p at60fps, butperhaps the DJI Mini 2’s mostimportant with4x zoom andvarious QuickShot Digout R12200 and youcan assetissomething that’s exactlyas itwas modes allowingyoutocaptureselfies and upgrade to the Fly More before. Yousee, flying is all aboutsmall sweeping automatedvistas, allstabilised margins,and theloopholethatallowsyou withits three-axis gimbal. Combo,which addstwospare topilot this dronefreelyis asinglegram: batteries, extrapropellers, weighingin atthesame249g as theMavic Noteven MotherNaturecanknock this a two-way charging Mini,theMini2 squeaks underthe250g thing off its stride, with windresistance hub and a neat limitsoyoucantake totheskies without allowing it toshrugoffgusts of up to carry case. registering itwiththe authoritiesoverseas. 39kkm/h… and when you’ve gotallthe shots you need, you canfold itup and 14 These fine margins also extend tothe stuff it inthe small margin of yourbag, 31-minute flying time,which isa mere 60 otherwise knownas apocket. seconds longer than its predecessor; but Ashotas… asingle gramofthesun when it comes to thefootageyoucan R9200 /

HOT FIVE #4 Nifty ways to THE POD OF leave your hover SMALL THINGS Scared you’ll crash into Apple HomePod Mini every lamppost? Don’t worry: It feels like a lifetime agothat Apple first the Mini 2’s auto take-off, introduced the HomePod –its expensive, smart return and precise hovering will make you hamstrung but sonicallyratherbrilliant smartspeaker. In fact it’s only beenthree look likeyou’vebeen years, butit wouldappear Apple has spent flying for years. that time fixing afew ofthe issues we had with the original. For starters, thenew Mini modelwill work withstreaming services otherthan Apple Music, although Spotifyisconspicuous by itsabsence. Behind its acoustically transparent mesh areone full-range driver and dual passiveradiators, which should make it sound much biggerthan its 84mm height. Stick twotogether in a roomand they’ll automatically teamup to makea stereo pair, whilethree mics are on hand topickupvoice commands. It’s powered by an Apple S5 chip, which gives it enoughoomphto adjusthow your music sounds up to 180times a second, but alsomeansitcanrecognise upto six differentvoices and be usedas an intercom totalk to otherApple devices inside and outside your home. Notbad for something thatlookslikea futuristicgrapefruit. As hot as… Siri’s naughtiestsecrets Rtba/ 15

HOT S TUF F Blinded Break first by the height in America Worriedabout beingspied There’s no word on SA on while the Always Home availabilityyet– and if you’re Cam isn’t in flight? Impossible! Itschargingdock physically concerned about a robot invasion, the5min flighttime blocksoffthe camera meansanarmyof themwill lenswhenit’s on terrafirma. never make it across the Atlantic. HOT FIVE #5 PAPAWAS APATROLLIN’ DRONE Ring Always Home Cam Ifyou’re concernedabouta robot coming route aroundyourhouse. The restof the alongin the future and stealing your job, timeitsits initschargingdock,although it’ll spare a thoughtfor guard dogs. The poor spring intoaction if itsenses a disturbance prowling pooches can alreadyseetheir somewhere and needs to investigateusing successorshoveringonthehorizon– and its built-in 1080pcamera. theylooklike Ring’s impossiblyfuturistic Always Home Cam. The Always Home Camis capableof flying forfive minutes before needing to It’s not hard to seewhyyoumightopt refuel, so all but the biggest home should fora security drone overa slobbering becovered, and it’ll makeenough noise four-leggedsentry. Forstarters, you don’t when in flight to ensureitdoesn’t sneak up have to feedittwicea day, pick up its little on yougettingoutoftheshower.OldFido robo-turds or take it for a walk –it does and his wet nose always didlove to do that. thelatterall byitself,periodicallytakingto Ashotas... Robocop’stemper theair to embarkonits preset surveillance Rtba / 16

Aliens, from space? Seriously? is hideous abomination of pixels was once the most feared invader from space. Destroying them required a pocket of change, or a black and white TV (those were a thing), directional dexterity, nerves of steel and the ability to make your own sound effects. Gaming has evolved. At its pulse is the StuffPlays team with the latest (and retro-est) in all things gaming. Expect weekly reviews, new releases, esports updates, with the latest gaming tech, live game play, strategies, tips and tricks, in real-time and played on every console imaginable. Let’s play Streaming on YouTube, Facebook Gaming and Twitch, all week, every week.

IN THE AIR Alexa handles TO KNIGHT calls, navigation, streaming, air-con, Lucid Air smarthome from R1.24 million / controls and shopping. If Netflix ever wanted to do McLaren’s mighty 720S, which by toget fromJozi toUmtata – and a IT CAN TAKE aKnightRider remake,or the way is twice the price.It has the claim that it’s the fastest-charging YOU FROM someone were to bankroll equivalent ofan insane 1080bhp electricvehicleever, fuelling up for 0 100KM H IN afourthinstalmentof Back under the bonnet, takingyoufrom 480km in less than half anhour. 2.5 SECONDS totheFuture(see p112),the 0-100km/h in2.5 seconds and on ● Without due Air and attention AND ON TO all-electricLucidAir might toatop speedof 270kmh(168mph), As forits self-driving abilities, the A TOP SPEED be the perfect star car… makingDoc andMarty’s 88mph LucidAirhas something called OF 270KM H because this advanced DeLoreanlook like a Datsun Go. a‘DreamDrive’system combining TeslaSrival issoquickit’s ● From here toAir 32sensors (covering ultrasonic, practically travelling in time. Tohitthose magic numbersyou’ll radarand lidar) working intandem needthe R2.6 million Dream withgeofenced HDmapping for ● The tortoise and the Air Edition,but don’t go thinking the level 2 andlevel 3 autonomous Lucid says the Aircan cover the ‘basic’ R1.2 million model isin any driving– which is one areawhere quarter-mile dash in 9.9 seconds way sluggish,because it’s still Tesla’slatest firmware update without somuch as breaking packing 620bhp. Theimpressive might just give itthe edge. Topping a sweat. That’sfaster thanany stats continue when itcomes to offthe KITT-like tech,insideyou’ll Tesla,outpaces Porsche’sTaycan range and charging, with the Air find a 34incurved 5Kdisplay plus TurboS and even matches capableof up to 832km – enough Alexa voice assistance. 18

UP IN THE AIR: Blasted water molecules THE RIVALS JIMMY F6 HAIRDRYER ● Polestar 2 Who’s thisJimmy guy and why does hehavehis ownrange of hairdryers? Polestar’s fastback phenom Actually,Jimmy is a sub-brand ofChinese company Xiaomi and the F6is a might only muster a 4.7s 0 to 100 negative-ion hairdryerthat does some seriousblack magicwhen itcomes time and a204km/htopspeed, to removing moisture from exteriorprotein filaments. And that’s because butbuild quality isexceptional, Volvo DNA makes it super-safe it’s abasically areally well-presented semiconductorcooling module, a andtheGoogle UIis excellent. seventeen-bladedone that keepsan eye onits owntemperature (around from R715 000 / 50 times a second), while absorbingmoisture from the air soitcaninject nano-aqueousions intoyourhairusinghigh-pressure electrolysis.Which, ● Porsche Taycan Jimmy says,willkeep your hairmore supple than usingplainold hot air. Porsche’s EVhas Taycan our Long story short,Jimmy F6 go ‘brrrrrr’. breathaway, keepinguspinned R4 000/ to our seats way beyond the 0-100km/htimeof 2.8s. Range doesn’trivalLucidor Tesla,but they can’t match it for drama. fromR2.54million/ ● TeslaModelS Arguably still the standard for all performance EVs, Tesla’s S can boast a 0-100km/h time of just 2.3s. Itonly losesouttoLucid over the quarter-mile because ofa‘mere’ 260km/h topspeed. from R1.6 million / Whoyou gonnacall? LEGO CREATOR EXPERT GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO 1 Yes,Lego has released one of these before –aspartof its Ideas range – and thenanothersetforthe launch of the 2016filmreboot. This one’s a little more ofan ambitious build,forthe pending launch of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It’sEcto-1,all 2352pieces ofit, aspart of Lego’sCreatorExpert range.Which meansloads of authentic details, like workingsteering, an extendable gunner’s seat, a‘working’ ghosttrap(it won’t actually trap spooks, butlooks cool), as well as acurvedwindscreen. Because that 1959 Caddy Miller-Meteor (yeah,it’s arealcar) looksunlike anythingelse. On pre-orderatthe moment, it’ll be on sale by the time you readthis. R4 000 / 19

Q ACOUSTICS A ‘DYNAMIC Q ACTIVE 200 WIDESCREEN from R31 000 / SOUND’ MEANS How peculiarly attractive… like YOU’LL Benedict Cumberbatch or Serge ALWAYS Gainsbourg or something. BE IN THE If you say so, but yes, the first ever SWEET SPOT active speakers from British brand Q Acoustics are definitely quirky and we like them – especially perched on those geometric wire stands that, Q says, are inspired by the 1951 Festival of Britain’s Skylon structure. Only shame is they’re an additional R7 200 per pair. The Festival of Britain? Aren’t they on lockdown again? In fact, what are festivals? Feels like forever since our ears were bleeding next to a main stage sound system, doesn’t it? Still, at least you can save the money you would have spent on tickets and wet wipes and get some proper speakers for your home. The Q Active 200 and floorstanding Q Active 400 (out January) claim to offer a ‘dynamic widescreen sound’, meaning you’ll always be in the sweet spot. So better than a festival sound system, then? In a way. And because they’re active all the important bits are self-contained, so there’s no need to worry about heaps of cabling or bulky external amps, let alone gruff Afrikaans security guards. Are they loud? I lost most of my hearing listening to Steve Aoki in a techno tent. They should be, with each speaker housing two 2.25in BMR drive units, a rear-firing 4.5in sub and six discrete amplifiers with a total power output of 280W. The Active 400 packs the same main drivers as the Active 200, but adds a second sub and two more amps for 440W per unit. Are they as smart as they look? They can be configured with Google Chromecast built-in or Works With Alexa, plus there’s Siri and Google Assistant; they’ll connect with Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Roon and Spotify Connect plus all the big streaming services; NAS drive support is included, as is HDMI ARC or optical input for your TV; and they’re good for hi-res audio. So… well, yes, they are. 20

Afair trilobite WTF IS PROJECT FOSSIL GEN 5E ARIA? Try totell the timeonanormal fossil and italwaysseemstobefivepast Oh no, more smart specs? ammonite, or, ifyou’re really lucky, 20 to stegosaurus. But consult After the Google Glass fiasco you might think they’d joined 3D TV, laser discs and Fossil’slatest Gen 5E smartwatch and it’lltellyou everything from how Amazon’s Fire Phone in the great recycling high yourheartrate isto when the dinosaurs died out. Oh, and what bin in the sky – but Facebook hasn’t given up on the idea just yet. Its new wearable AR time itis. This Google-powered 44mmwearable haslost afewfeatures venture is called Project Aria. comparedto the standard Gen 5: there’s4GB of storage insteadof 8GB, When do they turn up on my face? You won’t find these connected glasses for you don’t getbuilt-in GPS, and the configurable buttons are no more; sale. Project Aria is currently just a research but with thesame Snapdragon Wear3100 processor, always-on 1.2in initiative that Zuckerberg and co hope will display, 24-hourbattery and 1GBofRAM,there’s stillenough there to help them to build the first generation of decent AR facewear. stop itfrom becoming extinct any time soon. So this is a prototype pair? Rtba / Nope, they’re not even at that stage yet. Facebook is dishing out ‘research devices’ Devi lifting to a small group of employees. They don’t even include a display, just a camera and DEVIALET GEMINI mic plus sensors to capture location data and eye movement, so FB’s engineers can There’s onlyone type ofFrench delicacy we’d recommend you stick in get a better idea of how people actually your ears– and it’s got nothing todo with Fournos. With their 10mm move through the world. This will help them high-excursion drivers, three levels ofactivenoise-cancellation and an to develop the AR aspect and make their app that takes justfive seconds to ensure the tips you’ve chosen fitwell glasses genuinely useful. enough toprovide the best possiblesound,Devialet’s Gemini earbuds That sounds like a good idea… arecrafted with the same outlandish luxury the French audiobrand puts You know sarcasm is the lowest form of into its pricey Phantomspeakers.There’s also24 hours ofbattery life wit, right? A lot of the tech hasn’t caught andIPX4 water/dust-proofing,plustwo levels ofaudiotransparencyfor up with Facebook’s vision of video chats with lifelike avatars and real-time digital letting theoutside world in.Perhaps most crucially, though,they assistants just yet, but it makes a lot of present absolutely zero risk of getting buttercreaminyourears. sense to work on the foundations now. The team of testers will also allow FB to R5 500/ create virtual 3D maps, which it reckons are crucial for location-based AR. Wake me up when I can actually buy some, yeah? Well, Facebook does have some smart-ish glasses in the pipeline to buy next year. They won’t come with a display either, or have any AR skills, so are more likely to be an Insta-friendly version of Snapchat’s Spectacles. But FB has enlisted Ray-Ban’s help to make them, so chances are they won’t make you look like a robo-dweeb. 21

GAME S OUT 2021 FIRST LOOK SCORN XSX,XSS,PC First teased back in 2016, Scorn giant creature’s body,wherethe gunsthat have the same kind gained furtherattentionearlier walls pulse with organicmatter ofCronenbergfleshiness. They this year afterbeing confirmed and leaking entrails. also seem to double astools as a title heading for the Xbox for activating switches to open Series X. A more recentin-depth Thesame goesforthe player orclose gates, but even this lookshowsthe game running character, who appearsto be seemingly simple act is likely on Microsoft’snewconsole a skinless humanoid trying toleave you queasy just from (check it outon p32)… and it toflee this hellscape. Butthere’s the squelchy sound design. looks beautifully disgusting. no chance of blindlyblasting your way out of this one:it’s After years of development, This first-person horror a more atmosphericaffair, as Scorn isshapingup to be atruly adventure takes its influences you take yourtime and try not bloody next-gen experience from the worksof HR Giger, the to alert the nearby monstrosities, that’s alsocoming to Xbox artistbehindAlien. Butdeveloper someofwhomwillvomit acid in GamePass atlaunch. Inthe EbbSoftware has taken that your direction. Face masks are meantime, if you wanttocheck biomechanicalaesthetic tomore not provided. outthe in-depth gameplay for grotesque extremes, tothepoint yourself, you’dbe well advised where it feels like you’re insidea You’llstill be able to fend for todo soon alightbreakfast. yourself, although that’swith 22

FIRSTLOOK WHAT’S THAT COMING OVER THE HILL? MONSTER from Zelda: Breath of the Wild engaging with the monsters ride and fight alongside. And HUNTER RISE with a lot more traversal and themselves. stroke, of course. vertical movement – hence Switch the ‘Rise’ in the title. Climbing, Naturally there are new As huge as Monster Hunter Capcom’s long-running series swinging and zipping around formidable beasties to face, World has been, the series has recently become a major environments is easier than like Aknosom and Magnamalo has always felt at home on hit, so it’s interesting that its ever thanks to an inspired (give a hand to whoever has handheld, so a new instalment next entry returns to Nintendo new creature called a wirebug. the job of naming them). The for Switch that inherits the while embracing a more This in turn brings new big show-stealer, however, improvements of the newer Japanese aesthetic. actions to your huge arsenal is that – alongside your entries is a good sign. Get of weapons, so there are cat companions – you also your favourite weapon Monster Hunter Rise also now more dynamic ways of have new canine allies called sharpened when the hunt seems to have taken a leaf Palamutes that you can begins in March. BESTOFFLIGHTSOF FANTASY FINAL FANTASY XVI HYRULE WARRIORS: CRIS TALES AGE OF CALAMITY PS5 PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX, PC, Switch The latest entry in the eternal Final Fantasy Switch This has all the charm of a classic RPG, from series looks like a return to classic high The sequel to Breath of the Wild might its stunning hand-drawn art to cool battle fantasticalness, except with fast-paced still be a ways off, but this hack-and-slash menus, plus a time-travel twist as you use action combat that appears to be straight prequel, which sees Link and his plucky the past, present and future simultaneously out of Devil May Cry. With a grittier and companions fighting in the Great Calamity in puzzles and battles. The art is a touch more mature tone, it might just be the 100 years earlier, might tide us over… even more stylised than is usual but the hand- shake-up the franchise needs. if we already know how it ends. drawn feel more than makes up for it. INCOMING DECEMBER ● MEDAL OF HONOR: ABOVE AND BEYOND ● EMPIRE OF SIN ● IMMORTALS: FENYX RISING ● PUYO PUYO TETRIS 2 JANUARY ● HITMAN 3 ● PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME REMAKE ● STRONGHOLD: WARLORDS 23

The dog delusion PETOI BITTLE Ifyour main concern with Boston Dynamics robots isn’ttheir terrifying nature buttheirlack of portability, you’re goingto love the PetoiBittle. Thisdinky robot rocksupas aplastic kit that takes anhour orsoto make;it’ll then skitteracrossyour desk and up slopes on spring-loadedlegs that give it plenty of expression, like apuppy,and right itself with aweirdly alien flipping motion, not like apuppy.Thecustom Arduino board at theheartof theunit gives theBittle its balance, plus there’s infra-red fortriggering movements, and you can programme the thing in arange of coding languages in anattempttohaveitdoyourbidding. R3 600/ This is amother-flipping game GAME&WATCH SUPER MARIO BROS. If you’re a Nintendo puristthis Super Mario Bros. Game&Watch mightseem like a travesty but foreveryone who justlikes to havefun,Ninty’s 35th anniversary release ofMario’sfirst real outing –nowin portable format– is totally worth having. It’s got the iconicgame, aswell as SuperMario Bros. (The LostLevels) and something called Ball (MarioVersion),which isas closeas you’ll get to a real Game&Watch title here.There’sa digitalclock (incase you’regoing toleave this golden, limited-edition portable on the shelflike a lame person), and the whole thing charges via USB-C. The kid versionof you would have sold their soulforone of these. R1 300 / Crafting a workof art ASUS PROART STUDIOBOOK W730C Asus has goneall-in on secondary laptop screensin the past year, with gaming and businessnotebooksfeaturing thetech makingitto market. Nowyou canadd art and design to the list, as the ProArtStudioBook features aScreenPad2.0 – which replaces the boring old trackpad.But there’s farmore than justanother display on offerhere.Themachine is powered by Nvidia’s Quadro RTX500 GPU, running Intel’s Xeon-Esix-core processor, and packsup to64GB of DDR4 dual-channel RAM, withthe aim of keeping everything displayed on that 17in 1920 x 1200 IPS LCD panel looking as gorgeous as possible. Bestofall, it features enough ports thatyou won’tneed aUSB-C hub right off the bat. from R46 000 / 24

WH E E L S Nissan Re-Leaf LEAF NO ONE BEHIND N/A (concept) / NEWS DASHBOARD It’s Leaf, Jim,butnotas we (Vehicle-to-Grid) and V2X TAYCAN IT TO ‘M’ IS FOR E AIN’T HEAVY, know it… (Vehicle-to-Everything) tech, THE GERMANS MOTORBIKE E’S MY BROTHER Excellentpunning. Yep, this allowing you toplug almost Polestar isputting BMW’s madcap Honda has unveiled really isa Nissan Leaf, butunlike anything into thecar’s batteries. itsfully electric Mdivision has its SUV E:Concept, any we’ve everseen before.It’s Is that amassive TV in the boot? Porsche Taycan gotits hands on whichlooks likean beendecked out with off-road Yes, butthis isn’tsomePimp rivalinto production. amotorcycle… and electric crossover suspension,ultra-tough tyresand My Ride flourish, as the bespoke The Precept was it’sasbonkers as version ofthe LED lighting to make it look like an desk pullsout to become a mobile unveiledas a you’dexpect. The Japanese maker’s emergency responsevehicle. command centre so operatives concept earlier M 1000 RR’s 999cc cutesy E hatchback. Oh… soit’s not an emergency can dish outvitalcomms. The rear this year, but engine red-lines There’s adistinct response vehicle? seats have also been removed nowwe hear at 15,100rpm and lack oftechnical Notreally, as Nissan saysthis is and a custom bulkheadinstalled carbon-neutral delivers 209bhp, details fornowbut justa working prototype,butit so tools don’t flyaround the cabin production is due yetit weighs less the conceptshows doeshighlight howgreat battery when you’re racingto the rescue. tostartwithin a than 200kg. Sounds a voice-controlled tech isfordisaster management. Is it wrong that Inowkind of want fewyears. It’sa like the nextbest infotainment Designed as a first responder,the a Leaf? four-doorGT with thing to strapping systemand the Re-Leaf– a pretty excruciating Notatall,because the Re-Leaf headlights inspired yourself to a latest generation of punin itself –features external looks undeniably awesome with by Thor’s hammer. Space-X rocket. self-driving smarts. 110/230v plug socketsthat can itswidertrack,raised rideheight powerthings like jackhammers, and meaty sump guard. It’s a medicalventilators andwater shame the marque doesn’t offer treatment devices when mains anAWD version with similarly electricity has beenknocked out. beefed-up styling… including Infact,Leafs (Leaves?)have been optional flashing neon lightbar powering stricken homes in Japan and giant TV in the back. since 2011.It’sallthanksto V2G 25

New on-demand TV highlights for anyone who likes animals, royals, ghost hunters, talking pine martens or grown-up tricycle jockeys The Invisible Man The Crown His Dark Materials Thistimely reworking ofHGWells’ OliviaColman returnsas Lizzie TheBBC’s solid adaptation of classic sci-fi tale stars Elisabeth Windsor in thefourth series of PhilipPullman’s gloomy children’s Mossasa woman who believes Netflix’s lavish royal biographical novels continueswith the second she’s being stalked by herex… who drama. This run is set during the season ofHis Dark Materials. has foundaway tomake himself Thatcher years (she’s played Pullman’s books always feltlike invisible. With friends dismissing by Gillian Anderson!) and also amoreworldly counterpointtothe herexperiences as delusions, she introducesLadyDiana Spencer, blithe straight-bat fantasy of the must face her tormentoralone. A as wellas covering thestrange Harry Potter series, and the BBC’s perfect psychological pant-wetter nightwhen MichaelFagan broke screen version captures theirgrim, foryear’s end. into Buck House for abedside chat. mature nature well. Film / Showmax S4 / Netflix S2 / Showmax AHuonutsyeDoofnFnuna’sBig Ol’ Doctor Sleep Truth Seekers ThisAustraliancomedy triomay Looking fora creepywatchasthose Simon Pegg and Nick Frostboth be an acquired taste but they’re nightsdrawin? Look nofurther created and star in this Amazon ataste worth acquiring. South than Stephen King’s Shining sequel, Originalseries– the pair’s first Africans may beaware of them starring EwanMcGregorasa television reunionsinceSpaced. from YouTube but should change. grown-upDanny ‘the kid on the It’sa spooky sitcomthatfollows Hosting the queen,everything’s a tricycle’ Torrance.Having spent ateam of amateurparanormal drum, Olympic training and drug years battlingthe traumaof the investigators – when they stumble tests, dates and late-nightsnacks events atthe Overlook Hotel, upon a supernatural conspiracy, areallin thisbarmy series. Dannydiscovers ayounggirlwith the crewmust bring all theirskills powers evengreaterthanhis… to bear to avertdisaster. S1 / Netflix Film / Apple TV (R170) S1 / Amazon Prime Video THIMISDSOSN’T David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet /Netflix Even if you’ve never seen the man himself, you definitelyknow Sir David’s voice. The narrator ofmany anature documentary and hugely passionate about the preservation of Earth,SirDavid’s back with a look back at his own life,alongside the unnatural changes he’s noticed in the natural world overseventy years ofworking with nature. Alongside predictions of what the world will become ifwe continue unchecked,he also offers solutions – which we do well to implement if we’d like to keepwhat we have. 26


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FIRST TEST OCULUS QUEST 2 Wild wild Quest from R13300 / I t’s fair to say we performance that didn’t require a beefed-up spec sheet and, data to Zuckerberg and friends quite liked the a powerful PC, nor a roomful perhaps most impressively of might have to think twice… original Oculus of sensors and wires. It was all, a lower entry price. although, at the time of writing, Quest. We were VR, then, without faff, without ourinfrequent visits to Facebook so impressed, in fact, that after barriers – and provided the You should know, however, haven’t seen us bombarded much debate and only a brief easiest and cheapest way to that this is the first Oculus with VR game ads. bout of Greco-Roman wrestling experience the best of what headset that requires you to we named it Stuff’s 2019 gadget this exciting new medium has log in with a Facebook account, So there are caveats, but of the year. to offer. But the Quest is last even if you already have an surely the specs put the Quest The all-in-one VR headset year’s toy. Replacing it is a new Oculus one. Otherwise, you 2 in pole position to steal the VR blew us away with high-end headset with a design overhaul, can’t use it at all. Those who crown from its seemingly inferior don’t want to hand even more predecessor? Time to strap in. 29

FIRST TEST OCULUS QUEST 2 1 2 3 1 Uptown shrunk 2 Lens dance 3 Baby sharp The Quest 2’s matt plastic build The slider for adjusting left/right A screen resolution of 1832x1920 and nicely cushioned facial lens spacing is gone – now you means 50% more pixels than the interface feel premium, and have to take the headset off to Quest (and more than the Rift S), it’s smaller and lighter than switch between three settings. with performance boosted by the original. This is the most The new Touch controllers have a custom Snapdragon chip and comfortable VR headset we’ve the same layout as before but a RAM upgrade from 4GB to 6GB. worn… though you’ll still feel the now with thumb-rests and The difference is noticeable with strain after half an hour. slightly wider tracking rings. sharper text and crisper images. 24hours withlitcadywnohmonoehIgaobiTTcouTtGVaiOOnmatnlhWhieft,acmtnRtheeenneom’teuetihrrtslemwgweevnsteregrtuieo’eteTitmlsffl1seossyoosnpo?ctllt0wriurhinsoooafmoahcoagfoewnneaienom!,vbhsitithk2kndketttnceeeeuam0odlhougo.dsndpw.ou2rtrefnes…uoeebeyt0nt..ttarrsssaouih.tktoeeou,nlellewqxgsbu–edocoutitrtiuitutonrashittiorzheonstsni9niseyigitd0pc…aalmsluheeiHrlapFenOzrneyyai.xbwKogas,canioovjdeurcsxgle.iutybpllidsn,opmytggooebhrktnuttteirs the Oculus Quest2 Good Meh Evil 1min 3mins 8mins 40mins 50mins 1hr 2hrs 3hrs 5hrs 30

FIRST TEST OCULUS QUEST 2 Techspecs Display 1832x1920 LCD, 72Hz refresh rate (90Hz to come) Processor Snapdragon XR2 RAM 6GB Connectivity 3.5mm audio, USB-C charging Storage 64/256GB Battery life Up to 3hrs Dimensions 296x192x102mm, 503g Embarkingonyour Quest Setting up the Quest 2 really is part of the fun… all except the ‘selling your soul to Zuckerberg’ bit � VR golden � VR detective With a Quest 2 on your Once you’ve turned it head you can be in your on, found the right fit and own Star Wars movie, hooked it up to your Wi-Fi, but just setting it up is as you’ll be asked to follow satisfying as pretty much on-screen instructions anything else it can do… to set up your Guardian, even if you do have to log a virtual outline to define in to Facebook first. Urgh. your playing space. 4 Queasy lover 5 Motion pinchers � VR not alone � VR the world If you get a bit close to There are recommended Perhaps even more exciting is Oculus has stuck with its 6DoF breaching your Guardian’s room measurements for the refresh rate of the fast-switch tracking and it works as brilliantly perimeter you’ll see a red apps that involve walking LCD display, which will soon as before. There’s also support wall of warning, and if you around, and the headset enable 90Hz for smoother forhand-tracking,which registers step through it entirely will warn you if your space gameplay, reduced lag and button inputs by getting you you’ll see a real-time view is too small. There are also hopefully less motion sickness. to pinch your fingers together. of the (boring) physical plenty of fine stationary We’re all for anything that shuts Inevitably it isn’t quite as reliable world around you. experiences, however. out the wobblies. as using the controllers. The original Quest felt almost too good to be iteeQnoxnculdpoTSYAOeauoehuspsudryut.ireagyelrteTihipTosieub’nfauolrb’s3comoaraede6a’rertsuse0tyhb°hldtiixrotueoavbptooiigrreendsedamyxclsreoaiatjp,tylouNb–oitersone.ritsiahrtdsrtfoeelsiyymoptlexaoooamnsffmaoty.oisnuirargVcdeaevblRhteYemO.ghogaceaaaunsunlTdmmauiugensnbso.dgeo.d true. Its successor lacks the same wow factor, but you can’t argue with a better display and 7hrs 8hrs 17hrs 20hrs 24hrs processor for less money. Are there more powerful headsets? Is motion sickness still an issue? Yes to both, but superb tracking and a total absence of wires make this the VR package to get. STUFF SAYS ★★★★★ Not a complete reinvention, but our favourite VR headset is now even better… and cheaper! 31

PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X RTEERIGANFLOOFPS The PlayStation 5and Xbox Series X have both dropped, as hard as if they were the bass, and expectation is sky-high. With the promise of vast power upgrades, flashy new titles and two versions of each console, next-gen gaming is here at last. But which will it be? P andemic be damned: nothing, supercharged vision of native 4K apparently, can stop the gaming, the Series S hits the 2K middle launch of the next generation ground between power and price. of games consoles, nor the Not quite ready player one immense hype built around In truth, neither launch is happening them. As promised, Sony completely unscathed by the state of and Microsoft have both released new the world. The Xboxes arguably took hardware in November, each claiming the biggest hit with the late-breaking significantly more power and speed delay of Halo Infinite into 2021, but than their predecessors along with both launch line-ups are thinner on other perks and upgrades that are the big system-sellers that we usually sure to feel like must-haves to fans expect. On top of that, manufacturing still clutching their rapidly ageing delays have made all these consoles current-gen boxes. tricky to get before Christmas. This time around, however, it’s not as simple a decision as ‘PlayStation or But that won’t stop us from trying, Xbox’. That’s just step 1. On the Sony will it? So, following Black Friday brawls side, the PS5 is the core console but across a once-dignified country, there’s also a cheaper Digital Edition here’s our hot take on the sleek new that kicks the disc drive into touch for PlayStation and Xbox consoles rolling a download-only future; and while the out right about now – and the games Xbox Series X represents Microsoft’s that’ll make you scramble for ’em. 32

We got the tower I wanna X you up Tall and curvy like a The Xbox Series X has more raw skyscraper they decided not to graphic-wrangling build for safety power than the reasons, the PS5 PS5 and opts for comes with the a minimal design, new DualSense while the Series S controller and has less grunt and super-speedy manages without internals. the disc drive. 33

PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X XBOX GAME PASS This gaming subscription service even more titles and user benefits. has quickly become an essential Microsoft is betting more than ever pickup for Xbox owners, delivering on value… and given the investment 100+ games to download and play needed for its new hardware, that including all of Microsoft’s own could be a very smart move. first-party exclusives on day one. And EA Play is now being folded into Game Pass, bringing 8 expectations Cool for the Microsoft is hummer positioning the Series X as a A dead-quiet fan, native 4K console, split motherboard but it can support and parallel cooling up to 8K resolution architecture ensure as well. Delivering the Xbox Series X native 8K at 120fps avoids overheating seems far-fetched, without sounding though… like there’s a jet landing on the roof. Grip it up The new controller looks much like the old one, albeit with USB-C charging, a grippy texture, a tweaked D-pad and a new Share button for easy uploading of screens and clips. Pick a card There’s a port on the back for an official 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which will be just as fast as the internal SSD. Don’t settle for less – you will notice it. 34

PS5 VS X OX SERIES X XBOX SERIES X Large and in charge, the new flagship Xbox hits higher graphical peaks than the PS5. But of course, raw power isn’t everything. Can it match up on must-play games too? R12 000 / T ake a look at this hulking inside, the Series X will dramatically block of a games console. cut down on loading times, delays and Microsoft has abandoned framerate hitches. the flatter footprint of past Xbox machines in favour Quick Resume is the big new feature of something more akin that benefits from that hardware focus. to a minimal PC tower, standing You’ll be able to swap between active about 30cm tall and 15cm wide, and games in a matter of seconds, rather XBOX SERIES S weighing in at 4.5kg. The PS5 is taller, than quitting one and waiting for the but also curvier; the Xbox Series X other to load up from scratch. In the R7 000 / looks like a dense brick. middle of a lengthy Assassin’s Creed The Xbox Series S is much slimmer But there’s no doubt Microsoft Valhalla session and want to pop into than the Series X, and it’s inevitably has packed every inch of that brick FIFA 21 for a breather? You’ll be on much less powerful as a result. with top-tier components to deliver the pitch within moments, and can While the cheaper console has gaming experiences you’ve never then swap back at any time. Even some of the same key perks within, seen outside of a scary-expensive older games will benefit from including the speedy SSD, Quick PC rig. The Series X uses a custom drastically reduced loading times Resume and upgrades to older 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 and stabilised framerates. Xbox games, the GPU maxes out GPU with up to 12 teraflops of raw Big game hunting at 4 teraflops – a third what the graphics-processing power available. That’s especially good news because Series X can manage. That’s double the total graphical the Xbox Series X launch line-up output of the Xbox One X and about is a bit sparse. You’ll get enhanced Given that, the Xbox Series S 1.7 teraflops more than the PS5. versions of the Christmas season’s is positioned as a ‘2K’ or 1440p biggest multi-platform games, such console instead – still capable of The need for even more speed as Cyberpunk 2077 and Call of Duty: playing the same games but with What does that really mean, though? Black Ops – Cold War, along with less crispness and flash. It also Microsoft is promising gaming at a upgrades to Forza Horizon 4 and lacks a disc drive and has half native (not upscaled) 4K resolution others... but with Halo out of it for the storage space, but the R5 000 and up to 120 frames per second, with now, Microsoft is stuck with making discount makes this the better the potential for 8K gameplay as well. promises on future exclusives. option for a budget-savvy gamer So games will look crisper and more who isn’t fussed about 4K. Paired detailed than ever before, and with Still, the Xbox Series X is packed with a Game Pass subscription, it smoother motion to boot. Support for with potential and there’s no shortage could be the best deal in next-gen a 120Hz refresh rate also lends itself of greatness to play on Xbox Game gaming if you can live with the less well to faster reaction times, ideal for Pass in the meantime. Could this be powerful hardware. twitchy online shooters. the Xbox’s generation to shine? Key specs While enhanced resolution and Key specs ● 1440p @ 120fps ● 4 teraflops detail are expected upgrades with ● Native 4K @ 120fps ● 12 teraflops ● 10GB RAM ● 512GB SSD any new console, both Microsoft ● 16GB RAM ● 1TB SSD ● 4K Blu-ray ● No disc drive ● Xbox Wireless and Sony are also putting a major drive ● Xbox Wireless Controller Controller ● 275x151x65mm, 1.9kg focus on improving speed this time ● 301x151x151mm, 4.5kg around. Between the Xbox Velocity Architecture and custom 1TB SSD 35

PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X PLAYSTATION 5 Packing super-quick internals, a sleek (and sensitive) new controller and a solid line-up of launch titles, can Sony keep its nose in front in this next-generation showdown? D espite launching R12 000 / a week or so later Blu-ray playback, and will still support than its green-hued the existing PlayStation VR headset. competitor here in We’re expecting Sony to release SA, the PS5 looks to a higher-end PSVR replacement continue Sony’s soon, but that’ll do for now. momentum from the PS4 – whose You know it makes Sense EPDSI5TIDOINGITAL gaming-only focus, better pricing and Sony is also making big moves with constant flow of excellent exclusives the PS5’s controller, with a DualShock R10 000 / gave it a lead that the Xbox One never evolution so significant that they’re Unlike with the new Xboxes, there’s came close to making up. changing its name to the DualSense. no difference in power between But with Microsoft clearly learning Along with a fuller-looking build, the standard PS5 and the cheaper lessons from its last-gen mis-steps, the new controller provides haptic Digital Edition – it really is just a will Sony see the same kind of surging feedback all around the surface, matter of whether you want a disc success with the PS5? There’s reason delivering a much more immersive drive or not, and that’s a R2 000 to be optimistic, but also plenty of sensation than the usual gamepad decision you’ll have to make and evidence the Xbox is a more capable vibration. It also has adaptive triggers then live with. opponent this time. providing tension to better simulate The new PlayStation has similar certain actions. Do you prefer discs, for the joy chips to its rival, but as mentioned on of physical ownership or collecting? the previous page, it doesn’t hit quite On the games front, Sony has the Do you care at all about 4K UHD the same maximum output at around early edge over Microsoft in the form Blu-ray movies? Do you have a 10.3 teraflops. We doubt there’ll be a of exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man: cache of physical PS4 games that noticeable difference in early software; Miles Morales (see p38) and the you’ll still want to play on your new but as developers learn the ins and Demon’s Souls remake, while Sackboy: console? If you shrugged at all outs of each system, that extra 15% A Big Adventure looks plenty charming three of those questions, then or so could be beneficial for Microsoft. and Astro’s Playroom comes free on maybe you’ll do just fine with the the console. Digital Edition and you can put that Take a load off extra cash towards new games. On Sony has another ace up its sleeve, We’re told the PS5 will also support the other hand, if you’re not quite though: much faster SSD read speeds, most PS4 games, but it doesn’t offer ready to take the download-only meaning the system can pull data at backwards compatibility quite as leap, then this slimmer alternative a rapid rate. Both consoles use speedy extensive as you get from the Xbox isn’t the PS5 for you. NVME SSD drives; but while the PS5’s Series X. Still, it’s new exclusives that storage is lower at 825GB rather than sell systems, and the PS5 has the Key specs 1TB, its read speed of 5.5GB/s is more upper hand at launch with plenty more ● Native 4K @ 120fps ● 10.3 than double that of the Series X. That exciting titles on the horizon. teraflops ● 16GB RAM ● 825GB is a potentially enormous advantage SSD ● No disc drive ● DualSense that could kill loading times as we Key specs ● 390x260mmx92, 3.9kg know them and produce smoother ● Native 4K @ 120fps ● 10.3 teraflops overall game experiences. ● 16GB RAM ● 825GB SSD ● 4K Blu-ray drive ● DualSense The PS5 will also right one major controller ● 390x260x104mm, 4.5kg wrong of the PS4 Pro by allowing 4K 36

PLAYSTATION PLUS PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X Sony doesn’t have an equivalent to Bloodborne, Resident Evil 7: Native stuns Xbox Game Pass, but PS5 owners Biohazard and more. You won’t Like the Xbox who subscribe to PlayStation get brand new stuff in the mix Series X, the PS5 Plus will be able to access a as you do with Game Pass, but can support up free selection of top PS4 games at least it’s a brilliant backlog to 8K resolution, including such gems as God of War, that you can dig back into although Sony has Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy XV, The in the months and mostly hyped Last of Us Remastered, Persona 5, years ahead. up its native 4K capabilities at an Flat white extra-silky 120fps While most official images show the framerate. PS5 standing upright with the Blu Christmas included stand, Unlike the PS4 and you can indeed PS4 Pro, it can play lay it flat if that’s a better fit for 4K Blu-ray discs. the setup around Most people seem your television. to manage with Strap yourself in streaming these The DualSense days, but if you’re gamepad has adaptive triggers an AV die-hard, and provides more breathe a sigh precise and varied haptic feedback of relief. all around the 37 controller. And yes, it looks like a swimsuit.

PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES From the big screen to the PS5, a different personality, Miles to gain access to a remastered Miles Morales is now the star of adds extra abilities to the mix, PS5 edition of the original this sorta-sequel to 2018’s sharp including paralysing electric jolts. game, complete with upgraded Spider-Man game. It’s a little Insomniac Games looks to have graphics and even a new face for smaller in scope but, having played done a bang-up job in bringing Peter Parker. a fewhours, hardly compromises this one together for launch. on the intense action and rich Looks like a great way to get storytelling. In addition to having There’s also a special Ultimate the full Spider-Man experience Edition, which comes with a code on your shiny new console.

PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X LAUNCH TITLES New hardware needs new games, so here are the next-gen blockbusters you are able to play on your fresh console right away Demon’s Souls Watch Dogs: Call of Duty: Black Legion Ops – Cold War Sony’s remake of the PS3 Dark Souls Ubisoft’s urban hacking Black Ops scraps predecessor plays as fantasy takes on a new the future setting terrifyingly taut as ever, tone in a post-Brexit for previously unseen with tense showdowns London, in which you missions in the early against giant spiders can recruit anyone in ’80s. Besides the story and other monsters. the city (even Gran) to campaign, you’ll also You’d better have an fight back against dark get a robust new iron will for this one. forces during lockdown. multiplayer suite. PS5 PS5 / Xbox PS5 / Xbox Sackboy: A Big FIFA 21 Assassin’s XBOX Adventure Creed Valhalla EXCLUSIVE FIFA doesn’t seem to This is LittleBigPlanet be adding many major Ubisoft’s open-world GEARS TACTICS in spirit as Sackboy upgrades for this year’s fave tackles the Viking begins a new quest edition, bringing lots invasion of Britain, Launched earlier this year on PC, on PS5. It looks a lot of smaller tweaks and as your vicious crew Gears Tactics takes the Gears of like the PS3 originals enhancements into the hunts for a new home. War over-the-shoulder shooter and still supports co-op, fold, but it’s well suited You can expect a more framework and transforms it into but has more of a 3D to the power of the PS5 handcrafted world here a turn-based strategy game along look to the action. or Xbox Series X. than in Odyssey. the lines of X-Com. That might PS5 PS5 / Xbox PS5 / Xbox seem an odd fit, but Gears has built up a lot of lore over the course of the Destruction Godfall Cyberpunk 2077 series and reviews of the PC version AllStars were strong. This hack-and-slash This brilliant-looking Sony’s raucous original affair from Gearbox open-world adventure That said, the fact that a port is a destruction derby is absolutely stunning, is finally, finally due of an existing game is the most featuring transforming and certainly one of for release. It’ll be on compelling exclusive at the Xbox cars plus the ability to the best-looking PS5 current-gen consoles Series X and Series S launch is get out of your ride and launch titles. Let’s hope too, but you’ll really pretty surprising. With Halo Infinite battle on foot. Looks it’s a game we’ll enjoy want to experience having been pushed back, Microsoft and sounds wild; could playing as much as this vision on the best is relying on multi-platform games be a fun PS5 showcase. staring at… hardware available. and enhancements to existing Xbox PS5 PS5 PS5 / Xbox One titles to pull it through the early months. They’ve acquired a bunch of studios and teased plenty of future fare, including new Fable and Forza games, but the launch line-up lacks a killer exclusive. 39

APPS Mini meme ● Comix Zone SKGWOOOHOLALTFDOI R ● Doom If you’re not convinced by the next-gen Step back to a time when consoles (or just like to leave the house Wolfenstein 3D put first-person all consoles used cartridges sometimes), allow nostalgia to step in shooters on the map, but for with Comix Zone, in which a with retro gaming options for your phone most people Doom defined cartoonist jumps inside his own the genre. As you blasted and creation and starts beating up sometimes chainsawed your his… imagination, we guess? way through swathes of Said imagination is more than demons, you realised games capable of defending itself, would never be the same again. though. And, if this Sega classic Now this seminal shooter’s doesn’t float your goat, there on your phone, complete with are hordes more to choose from, controller support, widescreen from Golden Axe to Sonic to visuals, countless foes and Streets of Rage. buckets of pixelated gore. from Free (IAPs) / Android, iOS R80 / Android ● R100 / iOS ● Crazy Taxi Classic ● RetroArch ● Reset Collection ● Vectrex Ya ya ya ya ya! Forget tiresome Google Play is stuffed full of Many retro gamers have as With Apple not being keen on racers that want you to stay on emulators for every ancient much fun rifling through boxes emulators, Vectrex is a rarity the road; Crazy Taxi’s time-attack gaming system you can think as actually playing. Reset gets on the App Store. It beautifully antics have you blaze around LA, of, and we don’t have space to this and transforms your digital recreates the only vector-display soaring into the air and scaring cover them all. You might not collection into browsable box console ever made for the home the wits out of your fare as the have space for them on your art. Settle on a title and the app market, and bundles 25 games. Offspring blares from the radio. homescreen either — in which displays a description and a clip On the larger display of an iPad, This remastered take on a case, try RetroArch. It’s fiddly to of the game in action; confirm the visuals shine; and the care Sega Dreamcast classic works get working, but take some time your selection and it opens in and attention to detail — such superbly on the touchscreen and you’ll have one app that’ll your emulator of choice. If you as the wonderful 3D games as you commit the map to play pretty much anything from have a carefully curated games room — make us wish creators memory and delve into its the first few decades of video selection, this launcher tops the of more workmanlike fare would strange selection of mini-games. gaming’s history. high-score table. take a similar approach. Free or R40 / Android, iOS Free / Android R84 / Android R105/m (GameClub) / iOS 40

T E ST E D U LT I M AT E E A R S H Y P E R B O O M Thumpin’ stack flash A big speaker for the big occasion, UE’s Hyperboom is three times louder and 10 times bassier than the Megaboom from R8000 / At 14in high and 5.9kg the imposing Hyperboom is probably best left at home, but a pull-out rubber handle makes it easy to lug between rooms. Mesh-wrapped and all black, it looks like it means business… but is only capable of 270° audio, not the full 360. �To the left of the silly-massive Deeply drippy volume signs is the power button, An IPX4 rating and to the right the input buttons, means no worries where you can jump between two about beer incidents, Bluetooth devices as well as aux but there’s no voice and optical for use as a TV speaker. assistant support Between them is the play/pause or mics to take button, which can be long-pressed to start a playlist chosen in the app. phone calls. �The Hyperboom is UE’s biggest, Houses of the unholy bassiest and loudest speaker to date. We didn’t dare push it beyond The app allows you to ‘party up’ 75% of its maximum 100 decibels, with other UE speakers for a but it’s clear this thing will fill a barn. potentially terrifying multiroom And while raw volume isn’t much setup. Adaptive EQ optimises use without good sound quality, sound based on the environment, that’s not an issue here. or there’s a five-band EQ and three preset sound modes. �While the Hyperboom is a big bass monster, at no point does the low end flood your tunes. Detail remains intact as you increase the volume, and the soundstage is more satisfying than that of any Bluetooth speaker we can think of. �You’d expect a monster speaker Reggae reggae source to have a monster battery. UE says 24 hours, and this seems to be You can have up to four devices accurate provided it’s kept at connected at the same time: two a reasonable volume. On a full via Bluetooth, one aux and one charge, it’ll comfortably go the optical. Hopping between them is distance at your (imaginary) party. as simple as pressing a button, or doing it in the Boom app, where Tech specs you can fade between sources. Audio 2x 4.5in woofers, 2x 1in tweeters, 2x 3.5in radiators Compatibility Android, iOS Connectivity Bluetooth 5, 3.5mm aux, optical, USB Dimensions 364x190x190mm, 5.9kg STUFF SAYS Big, loud and lots of fun, if you can justify the equally hefty price ★★★★✩ loIust’idpsseonfainnokeete…awr,swijtmuhhsaitucrhsat If you’re after the loudest portable(ish) wireless speaker out there, the Hyperboom is it – and this isn’t volume for the sake of volume. Couple its impressive performance with the brilliantly implemented music-sharing features, and it really does have a lot going for it. But there’s no getting away from the fact this is a Bluetooth-only speaker, and that it is on the expensive side. 41

GROUP TEST SUPERCARS FUGEOLL’DS If petrol-driven supercars really are on the way out, they’re not leaving quietly – as shown by these three twin-turbo fantasy machines Flame and fortune Put a wing on it The quad-exit Most of the car’s rear is open to let titanium exhaust heat escape, and the adds to the visual rear wing doubles as drama, especially an airbrake under when it glows with heavy braking. blue flames. 42

GROUP TEST SUPERCARS MCLAREN 765LTR5.7million/ W e’re on the track and wet, we’re hitting 240km/h but legal speed limit that the car or audio system, unless you ask it’s bucketing down. spinning the wheels in fifth comes into its own, sucking itself for it, but you could use this as a Poor visibility, standing gear. In these conditions you to the ground as it races into road and track car without feeling water, low tyre temperatures either need to know what you’re go-to-jail territory. compromised in either setting. and unpredictable grip would be doing or you need to be careful… It’s a better all-rounder than the disconcerting behind the wheel but a hallmark of McLarens The way it rips through the rapid but rattly Senna. of a Renault Twingo, yet we’re on the limit is that, despite all revs is ferocious, and the gear sliding under the dihedral door the speed and power, they help changes make a pleasing ‘crack’ We would kill for some dry of a particularly fruity McLaren: to build your confidence. Show that thumps you in the back, but Tarmac to squash those tyres its latest ‘Longtail’ Super Series it some respect and the 765LT it’s the light weight and steering into submission. This is why car, the 765LT. Gulp. turns you into a better driver. sensitivity that really impress, in we’re hoping for a Spider version TERRITORIAL PISTONS partnership with the aerodynamic next year to further explore this This car is based on the already In addition to the horsepower grip (aided by a huge rear wing) miraculous machine… although very fast and eye-catching 720S, boost over the 720S, the 765LT and the bite of the brakes. we’d definitely spec ours with a with power increased to 755bhp has forged aluminium pistons and TAKIN’ IT TO THE SEATS snorkel roof-scoop, which rules in old money. The engineers the three-layer head gasket from The cockpit is tidier than that of out the topless option. don’t seem worried. They pop the Senna hypercar. Plus there’s a racing car, but just as focused. Key specs on some slightly more treaded an additional pump to fire in more Everything, including the seats, Engine 4.0L twin-turbo V8 tyres and off we go. fuel. Zero to 200km/h takes only is either bare carbon-fibre (like Power 755bhp 7.2 seconds – and it’s above the the monocoque and body panels) 0-100km/h 2.8 secs Powering down the Hangar or Alcantara. There’s no air-con Top speed 330km/h Straight in the dry, you might expect to touch 290km/h; in the STUFF SAYS You’ll struggle to get anywhere close to this car’s limits ★★★★★ Ratio gaga My kind of down The 4.0L twin-turbo Radically lightened V8 produces 765ps by 80kg and lower (755bhp), hence the to the road, the name, resulting in 765LT creates 24% a class-leading 614bhp per tonne. more downforce than the 720S. 43

GROUP TEST SUPERCARS ROLLS ROYCE GHOSTR5.1million/ M any car manufacturers more minimalist design where unit creating a more stable ride, and perhaps a monogrammed consider themselves all the technology is hidden electronic road-reading tech safe in the footwell. You could ‘prestige’, but only one away; where the lines are clean to prepare for any changes easily spec this car to well over totally understands what the and the bling restrained, but far in surface, and satellite-aided ten million rand. 0.0001% consider true luxury, from absent. transmission using GPS to and that’s Rolls-Royce. The WHITE ALIGNS pre-select the optimum gear And that’s who it’s really for: previous Ghost is the most There’s exquisite engineering for upcoming corners. ultra-high-net-worth types. successful car in the company’s involved – and this can be seen COMFORTABLY THRUM Is the Ghost worth three times history; with the new one, RR (the vast one-piece bonnet is The 6.7-litre V12 hurls you more than a Mercedes S500? brought in ‘luxury intelligence aligned precisely with the hood towards the horizon with No, because the S-Class has a specialists’ and spent 10,000 ornament without the need for nonchalance. It’s big and much better interface, Level 4 hours determining a vision for unsightly shut lines), heard (the heavy but fast and unflappable, autonomous driving systems its next decade. interior components are tuned defying the laws of physics. The and broader dynamic abilities. to a specific resonant frequency result is supreme comfort, and But the Ghost is three times This new philosophy is to create a sense of serenity) we haven’t even talked about as special. (honestly) called Post-Opulence. and felt (with world-first the regal interior yet. Key specs They’ve set about rejecting suspension tech). Engine 6.7L twin-turbo V12 superficial expressions of Most owners will personalise Power 563bhp wealth. Errr, wait, what? Surely This suspension system theirs with custom marquetry 0-100km/h 4.8 secs a car like this is a superficial comprises three elements: (maybe using open-pore veneer Top speed 250km/h expression of wealth? Maybe, an upper wishbone damper from a tree on your own estate?) (electronically limited) but what it really means is a STUFF SAYS This is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet ★★★★✩ Trouble no door A view to a grille Rear coach doors The grille and Spirit open and close of Ecstasy figure are illuminated; inside, electrically for the fascia nameplate effortless in/out is surrounded by 850 slinking without the handmade stars. chauffeur’s help. 44

GROUP TEST SUPERCARS � FERRARI ROMA R3.5million/ R ecent Ferraris have the rear, and a body-coloured which switches gears in just get the power down cleanly and been all about focus grille likely to become a design 0.5 milliseconds. you’ll be catapulted from corner and aggression, with cue for the next decade. to corner with savage thrust, the romance of the post-war This is the first Ferrari GT the car rotating on apexes with era much missed. The Roma is Ferrari hopes this less shouty to feature five settings on the the kind of balance normally a reminder of Federico Fellini’s machine will appeal to Porsche wheel-mounted ‘Manettino’ reserved for mid-engined Italy: of Vespas and negronis and Bentley owners – they dial: Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race machines. Fortunately, the and throwing coins in the Trevi expect 70% of customers to and ESC-off. We had it in Race steering is sharp. fountain. Design chief Flavio be new to the brand. But it’s still mode for most of our driving Manzoni describes this as “a a bruiser – a muscle car that’s time – this is where Ferrari’s For this performance and Formula 1 car in evening dress”, been to finishing school. clever Dynamic Enhancer tech packaging, the Roma is kind of and it’s the most handsome GEARS IN HEAVEN adjusts the brake pressure on a bargain at R3.5mil; but anyone Ferrari in decades. Most of the components are whichever wheel needs it. treating it as a ‘starter Ferrari’ From the driver’s seat, you new, including the re-worked TURNING LOVE might be caught out. Prepare see the front wings sweep twin-turbo V8, and there’s The Roma is a docile cruiser, for some big holes in the evocatively either side of the absolutely zero turbo lag. but chuck it through the turns barricades along the N1. V8 engine at your feet; but this Nobody builds better engines and it’s a demon. This car is Key specs is a thoroughly modern design, than Maranello. There’s a completely wild to drive. It’s Engine 3.9L twin-turbo V8 with a clean digital twin-cockpit new eight-speed gearbox tail-happy, as we learned very Power 612bhp cabin, LED lights that are thin at too, derived from that of the quickly on the slippery B-roads 0-100km/h 3.4 secs the front and look like gems on SF90 Stradale hybrid hypercar, of Italy’s Piedmont region, but Top speed 322km/h STUFF SAYS Looks like an elegant Aston, drives like a red-blooded Ferrari ★★★★★ God is enhancer You sexy fin The latest evolution The Roma shuns downforce-making of the Ferrari bodywork in favour Dynamic Enhancer of stylistic purity, but and Side Slip Control has a pop-up spoiler make for a thrilling in the rear screen. but controllable ride. 45

TESTED GOPRO HERO9 BLACK Hero in a hard sell Two screens, better battery life, 5K video and even smoother stabilisation – GoPro has gone all-out to make its latest action cam turtly irresistible R10500 / 1 The running theme for GoPro in 2 2020 is ‘more’; specifically, more resolution, more battery, more features, more screens and more money. The Hero9 Black packs an all-new 23.6MP sensor, up from 12MP, and offers 5K video capture. This also means you can pause your high-octane footage and grab 14.7MP screengrabs and 20MP stills – mighty. Then there’s the biggerbattery, better HyperSmooth stabilisation and new features like HindSight and Scheduled Capture. It’s all packaged in a new, bigger body that’s waterproof to 10m, with a front display that vloggers should be rejoicing about. And yet, out of the box, the Hero9 Black might not be the best GoPro for you. Its video quality is better but loses a bit of the Hero8’s ultra-wide field of view so looks a bit less... GoPro. To get it back and then some, you’ll need to shell out for a Max Lens Mod. Given the hiked price of the cam, is it worth it? Got it down to a 9 art 9 on you crazy diamond The trail of the lonesome 9 Thanks to its 23.6MP sensor, An hour and a half of continuous Yes, there’s a front screen, which the Hero9 Black shoots 5K. That recording at 1080p and the old is excellent for framing your vlogs, means pristine HyperSmooth 3.0 Hero8 Black’s battery reliably but the main touchscreen around footage (1), and screengrabs look conked out. This battery’s been the back (3) has levelled up too. like proper photos provided there bumped up from 1220mAh to Climbing up from 1.95in to 2.27in, isn’t too much motion blur. The 1720mAh (2), so despite powering it’s the biggest of any Hero and only snag: after 30 minutes of 5K an extra screen it keeps recording is bright enough for easy outdoor recording, our Hero9 got too hot for a full 2hrs 10mins, running viewing. That said, it could and shut down. circles around its predecessor. definitely be more responsive. GOOD Bigger More Touchscreen Amazingly It's bigger MEH screen is a resolution, not the most smooth than last EVIL real bonus more detail responsive year’s Hero stabilisation Our cam has overheating issues 46

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