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coord. Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu - Midnight in the garden of peacebiblioteca

Published by Johnny Em, 2022-03-11 18:34:57

Description: coord. Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu - Midnight in the garden of peace (International Poetry Anthology)
An initiative of „World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights” and „Taifas Literary Magazine” to promote Internațional Literature through the enhancement of International Cultural Heritage through Peace Literature.
Coordination and Compilation
Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuș Lungu
Technical Editor loan Muntean

Reeditare electronică cu acceptul direct al autorilor Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu şi al Bibliotecii Cronopedia, realizată de Ioan Muntean.

Keywords: biblioteca,cronopedia,antologie,antology,Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu


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c2 formatA5 Reeditare electronică cu acceptul direct al autorilor Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu şi al Bibliotecii Cronopedia, realizată de Ioan Muntean Reproducerea - integrală sau parţială - a lucrării şi difuzarea ei pe cale electronică sunt autorizate pentru folosul privat al cititorului şi pentru scopuri necomerciale. ©2022

coord. Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu midnight in the garden of peace International Poetry Anthology Editura StudIs – Iaşi, 2022 –

midnight in the garden of peace Redactor: Lenuş Lungu Cover: Santosh Kumar Biswa, Ioan Muntean Tehnical editor: Ioan Muntean Graphics, illustration: Ioan Muntean (foto web) Ediţie apărută şi îngrijită sub egida administraţiei reţelei Cronopedia ( Toate drepturile asupra acestei ediţii aparţin autorului şi reţelei Cronopedia. Edition published and edited under the auspices of the Cronopedia network administration ( All rights to this edition belong to the author and the Cronopedia network. Descrierea CIP a Bibliotecii Naţionale a României Midnight in the Garden of Peace: international poetry anthology/coord.: Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu. - Iaşi: StudIS, 2021 Conţine bibliografie ISBN 978-606-48-0832-5 I. Biswa, Santosh Kumar (coord.) II. Lungu, Lenuş (coord.) 82 Tipărit la Editura StudIs – Iaşi Tel. 0232.217.754 Mobil: 0745.263.620 2

international poetry antology coord. Santosh Kumar Biswa & Lenuş Lungu m id n ig h t International Poetry Anthology Editura SudIs ~ Iaşi, 2022 ~ 3

midnight in the garden of peace 4

international poetry antology Foreword \"Midnight in the Garden of Peace\" is an anthology inspired by the World Literary Forum on Peace and Human Rights, which is the only one of its kind. It is the reflections of human thoughts in the form of verses that would plead melodically to all the sentiment beings to exercise for peace around the world. The anthology contains poems written by all the international literary warriors who are inspired to strengthen the international cultural heritage of different countries through their literary work so that their writing promote the cultivation of peace and peace through literature. It includes the divine imagination of all the poets of the unity to support which would eventually resonate the songs of peace that everyone waits to listen. 5

midnight in the garden of peace The anthology circle around the topic of Peace, Humanity and Humanitarian which, at present, is felt as necessary to repair the world a better place to live. The verse formed from the anthology would be able to regenerate the minds of the readers to reflect and transform oneself as its rich literary meanings enables readers to decode their humanitarian heart hidden in the paradigm of fantasy world. Simultaneously, the inner soul of the reader would resurrect to explore the world not traveled to find serenity within and would enable all readers to change the way they look and listen to the world. Thus, the anthology will cause every reader to relax, think, enjoy and realize about their real spirit as it urges a reverie and a deep introspection, that is like a dive, a fantastic exploration. Santosh Kumar Biswa 6

international poetry antology Abundio Noel M. Libot Let Them Be Themselves Please stop forcing them to change their being, That they may fit in the world of your dream, Do not continue your pseudo-healing, For they are well enough before you came. Just bother not to look for something wrong, It's their true melody, not out of tune, Though it sounds different from the old song, It is never a whistle of typhoon. You may not witness the blood that they shed, That you keep on pushing to the limit, Beware, not every danger is in red, And it may kill you if you step on it. Please allow them be themselves, my friend, Or just forget that you have ever reigned. 7

midnight in the garden of peace Different Horizons on Kabul Who are the real terrorists, I hope we fairly investigate, Because allies are there to attest What is in favor to their bet. Something written in the history Yet have different shades of gray, The youth have limited memory Just based on what the elders say. Who are the heroes and the villains, The answer will only depend On who are the respondent’s friends, They are the one they will defend. Who should be there for the Afghans? Which music would the people dance? Is it the hymn of Taliban Or the chants of the Americans. Behind the Wall Should I let my hair grow As long as of Rapunzel, Or wait any star to fall 8

international poetry antology To wish for fairy tale To be real, So your heart could hear The ringing of bells? But my horizon is nothing but walls, How could I see those meteors, How could I wish as they fall? Neither sunrise nor sunset, Only the sun’s heat For my body to sweat. Life is free, That’s what they say, The, why should I pay? Why build a wall between us To forbade each other to see The stupid reality. You’re there, I am here, We’re closer than whisper, But to my wail You never hear, As poor voices Are not allowed to enter Your golden ear. 9

midnight in the garden of peace Though I could not have The treasure that you have, But I am still worth of Such treatment so smooth. I am human too, Just like you, The wall between us, Hinders you to know. The land where the wall stand, Could be a pavement, To reach each other’s hands, That together we can dance. You need not to fear or shame For our hearts are on flames, Just listen to the rhythm Our world would be a joyful hymn. Rustle There is a noise Of a running stream, As the water to the rock kisses Like lips of her to him. 10

international poetry antology There is a sound Of the waving air, It is out of tune, Yet, I am longing to hear. There’s a lullaby Heard by my soul, It makes my heart fly, And in your love fall. But all of these Will just only pass, Silence will be noise, Be memory of the past. There is ringing of bells, Children run to play, But another ringing of bells Takes those children away. There is a silence Of the running stream, The cool waving stream No longer sing a hymn. There is a goodbye, There is an end, 11

midnight in the garden of peace No more lullaby, My soul used to listen. But all of these Will just past, Noise will be the silence, Be memory of the past. The Reigning Pawn I am holy as a saint and wicked as a sinner, I can be good or evil, but nothing last forever. I deserve no heaven, yet I am not worthy of hell, I am what I am, neither a demon nor an angel. I wish to be a king, to have a kingdom of my own, I have done everything, but I can only be a pawn. I am proud of my strength and humbled of my shortcoming, Recognizing both is the great formula of winning. 12

international poetry antology Babangida Baba About Poet Babangida B. Shira was born in the Republic of Nigeria, Bauchi state, Shira LGA. His reading journey moved him to Azare, zone of Bauchi state, where he bagged his NCE Certificate in 2019. He studied English language and Social studies. He is a poet, bibliophile, literary analyst, essayist, unpublished playwright, co-authored of \"The Art of Philosophy: A Selection of Literature and Poetry\", \"Sweet Poetry Anthology\" etc, multiple awardee in poetry online competitions. Babangida B. Shira was also a founder of PoetryJournal @(babangidababaorg.WordPress. com). He teaches Literature-in-English. Wanderer and Gatherer On pram of this lass Earth! Besides wretched 'nd wrath Of its. Bear footed matching On destiny, As if Okonkwo's Plight- reading via life ireness. Where an intestine thunders Where Pity speaks coreless A stage: where louder lowers Where Harlot so welcomed Where Orphan so outcasted. Wandering For quenching self; 13

midnight in the garden of peace Gathering not as fresh, but Decayed stuff- and, jump for joy. Carcade Of Emotion Pours on heart Seems in stupor Seniles trap less Makes souls smoothy Beside raw, riped injects Echoes an emptied holes Tick wrong, not a mad Here mine of, a queen call How can i shroud? Pardon! Drive gentle, drop humble An ardent or gullible to you Isn't love that makes king, slave? Hurray, why then- not A solo of soloful brain Remained i? I salute to The Flowerful flower, that Keeps floating in convoy Of tantalising smile, hush! Yours car, highly drives well. 14

international poetry antology The SEERS We're the SEERS Of those devils replicas We're the vertebras Of those diluted souls Roofs of transparent rooms Chairs of the bottomless tyrannies Asphalt of tireless lorries A gas use to ride a camels Victims of colonial masters And independent gentle dudes Paradises of deviant folk Wives of castrated husbands The insulters of deaf men The gesticulates of blind women We become the rapists of women We become the tutors of gathered Rocks, sheep, swung-monkeys And the guards of flies-birds. 15

midnight in the garden of peace Roamers Barefooted - they transverse The Warders - to street queen Crumble, scream in elfs canon In rhythm of hate - they bypass Gloss of any convicts, not oafs Almajirai, in this name humiliate Many. As if disposal cabbage eat By an ocean of merciless tyrants Merchants of predated century The plight en route on K'olos' Roles. Spread on mat Malam's Time paradigm, society as well I'm sorry of your roaming in wall Then why are you chosen your NYSC in the land of no concern? \"In your tour and in lives overture\" A love, a hope, an envisioning A Change to this Noble course And monopoly 16

international poetry antology Bogdana Găgeanu Bio: In 2011, a wrote a play, which is a monologue called \"Do it for me\" and I played it in august at The Culture House in the town where I was born in Romania, Câmpina My Literary poetry debute started in december 2019.I was published in the Literary Magazine \"Cenaclul de la Păltiniș\" (\"The Literary Circle from Păltiniș\", edited by Elena Moisei and Valentin Leahu). 2020-inJune, I went to a radio, Diaspora 360, in the show called \"The world of the words\"presented by Petru Abouriței and I recited my poems. Interviews with Naty Budu-Grati, a Romanian Literary blogger - article about me in \"Gândul\" (\"The thought\" presented by Simona Tănăsescu. September2020 - It was a show on radio Vocative, \"Reader on the microphone\", presented by Claudia Minela. Claudia read my play \"Do it for me\". September2020-I started to present on radio diaspora 360 a show with Petru Abouriței called \"Senseless News\", a humouristic show. I went at a poetry marathon, organized in Câmpina, Romania. December 2020-I win 3rd place at the Romanian Poetry Contest organized by \"Mureșenilor House Museum” from Brașov. I had an interview on Mezomorf-a Romanian online platform about talented youngsters. December-I was published in a Romanian Anthology called \"Literary Alpinism\" and in a magazine called \"The New Magazine\", edited by Florin Dochia. 17

midnight in the garden of peace From january 2021, I took several International recognitions on different online competitions. I had several interviews with Ayo Gutierrez, with Loi Monroe and Gelda Castro. I had different projects with radio I&G with Ionel Sava. Some of my poems became songs, with the help of singer Ghiuri Mezabrovschi I was published in \"Taifas Literary Magazine \" I was published in Romanian magazines like \"The shop window with poetry\" and \"Eminesciana\" Idols We always have idols And we want to meet them, Stay close and learn from them. As time goes by, we become idols, too For other people, who search one. We become an example of moving on And we change the perspective. Instead of haters, let's have idols! Poetry as a prayer Is poetry a prayer? Yes, it is. Because the poet is praying For a better world 18

international poetry antology And he is revealing his soul, Talking to God in rhymes, Giving Him riddles to solve And asking His unlimited mercy. Escape When my mind is a highest mountain And I feel I can not climb it, I go back to my soul And make an escape Looking for the blue sea and its waves And for the need of vacation. Beggars Are we beggars, If we search for love? Are we beggars, If we search for compașsion? Are we beggars, If we search for help? Are we beggars Or only souls in need? 19

midnight in the garden of peace Who talks? Who talks?Poverty or your heart? When you give birth to a child And you have no financial possibilities To raise him well But your heart, your mother instinct Tells you not to abandon your own blood Because he needs you more than money. Who talks?Think twice and do not have remorses! 20

international poetry antology Bozena Helena Mazur- Nowak Bio Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak is a Pole since 2004 lives in the UK. She has published eight volumes of poetry: four in Polish and four in English. She also writes prose and released two novels and a few short story collections. Her work may be found in more than 100 worldwide anthologies and magazines. Winner of many poetry competitions. Proud holder of many diplomas, awards, and distinctions including Doctor Honoris Causa for a Woman of Peace from International Forum of Creativity and Humanity established in the kingdom of Morocco and A thousand minds for Mexico Association. She is also a translator to fellow poets, translates from and into English. Her poetry was translated into more than 20 languages curse of hunger sad monkeys crouched at the edge of the clearing and were thinking so hard where to get bananas for today 21

midnight in the garden of peace their stomachs were rumble their faces twisted by a grimace however, they do not give up and were thinking so furiously the man cut down to the trunk all banana trees in their area for man, the animal's world doesn't count any value at all because of their thoughtlessness because of their own private business the curse of terrible hunger hangs over the world of all wild monkeys Man! after all, you named yourself a rational being, a master race don't you? come to your senses as it is not too late before you bury all surrounding world including yourself Invisible A little girl gave birth to her son in a dark alley. Raped more than once by drunk hogs in human skin, thrown out of her family home for lack of space and love she had to be self-reliant from an early age 22

international poetry antology She loved her son with the love she herself had always wanted she hid him in the cradle of maternal arms. She sang him lullabies, taught him how to talk, walk and how to survive on the streets, how to protect himself from rape, rain, and hunger. Her son woke up in the morning beside her cold, motionless body, so lost, so scared and so lonely in the jungle of a big city still remembering her words repeated like a mantra \"When I'm gone, son, become invisible\" She didn't know it would happen so quickly, so unexpectedly, that she would leave her son broken-hearted like hers used to be, she wanted so much to teach him to live with hope for a better tomorrow The invisible son will live like his mother, a sad and lonely life And when that last day comes My Guardian Angel, you have been walking through life with me for so many years now, giving me a hand when I fall down helpless, 23

midnight in the garden of peace you protect me when I do not see evil myself, and now there is so much evil in the world, so much it multiplies, spreads, bleeds, and triumphs so fast. Gods whom people have raised to the high pedestals, they probably laugh loudly at humans' stupidity. They are supposed to make only good and teach love for one's neighbor, it was the man who made them an instrument of war. With the name of God on their lips, these \"rational\" beings they conquered new lands, murdered, robbed, and raped. Human history is written in blood and pain. How many more cards we will be able to feel in it before the last animal dies, before we, people, will cut down the last tree, before the fat belly oligarch throws in to their unnecessary fortune the last bloody dollar? before... It might be the last lesson just yesterday they believed it would be okay they fought for every breath, for every sip of life today rows of only empty chairs remind of them, the cat mewing in the armchair and dog in tears 24

international poetry antology loved ones should be close, but they were so far away there was no one to hold their hands and tightly hug now they lay lonely in rows of nameless coffins in the middle of nowhere waiting for the grave where did it all start and how it happened, who knows? they say in China but are they really sure? if there would not be the pursuit of money and power there would not be so many hungry people in the world there is enough money for bombs and space rockets the food drowns in the sea by some madmen creatures and their sick visions instead of feeding the hungry although tomorrow, our world may cease to exist it is still not too late to shake off the madness to learn from this cruel and maybe last warning first of all, people must be treated equally the rest will slowly follow when you open your heart And it was yesterday Years go by and memories are lost in the fog But still are just as painful Yellowed photographs so often clasped to the heart Remind us that they lived among us 25

midnight in the garden of peace Grandmother had a long number on her forearm She often said that it was her name Given her by the baptism of war I listen to the dark horror of her story I close my eyes and see through hers Through the eyes of a frightened child A world that has been taken from her without her consent A world she received, although she did not want to At night I pray for peace I pray that my children never know hunger That they may enjoy every moment That they may build a future of their desire 26

international poetry antology Maria Ciobotariu Autobiography I was born on October 8, 1952, in Păltiniş commune, Botoşani county. Daughter of Teodor and Maria Istin. Graduate of the High School of Philology-History and the Cultural- Scientific University of Braşov International Ambassador of Peace through literature. Member of the Writers' League-Brasov Branch. I have been living in Brașov since 1980 by marrying Ciobotariu Aurel-graduate of the Faculty of Chemical Technology - Iași I have two daughters: Carmen-Amalia and Janina-Andreea. Literary activity: Administrator of the literary site Vasile Cârlova and GANDURI CALDE; Literary site moderator, Poetry and Literature World Vision-India and Cronos Magazine - A source of culture \"international magazine, Taifas Literary Magazine; Editor of the magazine Ritmuri Brașovene. I publish poems on various literary sites. Author volume: - The volume of poems “Hidden Flames” - Info RapArt Publishing House - Galaţi, 2013 - Volume of poems “Echo of time” - Inspirescu Publishing House - Satu Mare, 2014 - Volume of poems “Shadow of a love” -Gai Românesc Publishing House - Buzău, 2015 - The volume of poems “Rays of hope” - PIM Publishing House - Iași, 2017 27

midnight in the garden of peace - The volume of poems “Beyond us” - PIM Publishing House - Iași, 2018. Collective anthologies: - The volume of poems \"Time with a silver veil\" , IM Publishing House- Iași, 2019 Co-author volumes, over 35 volumes. I have received numerous national and international awards. Word of freedom How sweet is the word freedom As our lives want. Let the storm and the sea be calm, When the love in us blossoms. In the field and poppies are caught in the choir I am reborn in the spring under the temple of light And they sprout under the sun. They bloom under waiting rains with longing for fulfillment. I am a word of freedom I'm worried about the wind crying before the storm, I found myself in the morning dew Under the wings of birds flying to the sky and peace descends to earth. 28

international poetry antology The mystery of time I listen to the murmur of time When the green of spring sets With a warm light in May Open the window to untouched mysteries... From the lost steps among the words I still gather their spark, on the evening road Late flowers fall from the silent oak On the temples of the moment, with tender caresses. When the night stretches its veil Over the wall of night fog The moon rises from undiscovered mysteries Let your face shine through the leaves. I walk in the shadows on paths of fire What lies on the warm darkness The white rains fall away... What covers the silence of the earth ether. 29

midnight in the garden of peace A bunch of peace I follow the steps between east and west The eyes look for the passage of time From my magic universe Between today and tomorrow a bridge of thoughts I miss the beautiful braided smile From the endless fall of love. You are the word of every moment… Breathing the fresh evening air. I'm looking for a place to rest in the evenings When the moonlight vibrates in the clouds And the dream that appears wanders endlessly Like a miracle written in your name. Thousands of desires live among the lyrics, The crows travel between me and you And our circle opens to the horizon. In our prayer of faith God, suffer, A tall bridge of multicolored flowers Make a string of daisies out of tears And for the poor a warm and soft bed. 30

international poetry antology From every wound in my soul God, make a blue star And give him a new smile on his face To illuminate the moments of eternity. You are our path to serene horizons You are our prayer for victory. We gather your light from the darkness We look up to your faith. In the garden of peace A dream was born between clouds and rain It traverses thoughts like mountain waters Clear and cold on summer days, under the magic of light. The sun paints the horizon with butterflies of love The wind blows through dew scented with linden flowers He secretly caresses me with sublime music. Vibrations under the sky of immortality, towards the magical universe Birds and butterflies in flight to new sunrises, A tremor of nature with emerald sparkles. I feel like I'm floating on the wings of the wind in the sun. I carry faith in my soul like an expensive diamond. I pray for peace on earth for the pigeons to fly free to the sky. 31

midnight in the garden of peace I seek peace, tranquility and love, the proof of my existence Our friendship, a rainbow of thoughts, A covenant between heaven and earth. A perfect sphere He had missed me one morning Looking for a gram of hope in me. I see him pass by me silently, Flapping its wings to the high sky. It measures a dream in a silent world And my eyes look with wonder, In moments of peace and quiet Raindrops fall on my shoulders. A petal of thought in us unfolds In tumultuous worlds under the burning stars I try to save from love, a perfect sphere Waiting on the threshold of the passing world. Silence has long roamed the place And the smile on his face settles slightly Looking for words without regrets Those that are inlaid are not visible. 32

international poetry antology Damburudhara Behera Bio data Name: Amb. Dr. Dambarudhar Behera His father's name was Laxminarayan Behera Mother's name is Parvati Behera His wife's name is Swapnarani Behera Son's name - Anshuman Behera The girl's name is Swayamsiddha Behera Educational Qualifications -: BA (Oriya Honors) MA (Oriya) M.Phil (a research paper on the language of the Gadba Jan Jati of South Odisha), BED (Regional Education Institute, Bhubaneswar). Profession: Teaching - (Eklabya Adarsh Vidyalaya has five years of teaching experience from 04/10/2004 to 30/11/2009 and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya has been teaching for 12 years since 03/11/2009 to till now). Instincts - writing stories, poems and essays. Awarded HONORARY DOCTORATE By: HUMANITIES. Creative resources The name of the self-published book 1- \"Discussion bundle\" (collective edit) 2- A collection of poems 'Self Perfect' 1In addition, various regional daily newspapers, such as Odisha News, Sambad Kalika, Dhwani Pratidhwani, Sakal, Matrubhasha, Hiranchal and many other stories, poems and articles published in various newspapers and magazines) I am a active member in various Global Literary Work. 33

midnight in the garden of peace The names of the institutions that are active members 1. Regional Director and Regional Coordinator Suryodaya Language and Literature Institute, (Ada, Balasore) Gajapati - branch 2. Assistant Manager South Odisha Sahitya Sangsad, Malkangiri 3. Lifetime Member Ganjam Poetry House, Ganjam. 4. Literary Life, Adviser, Sambalpur. * Honor recognition * 5. International Excellence Award (2020), Sunrise Language Institute, Ada, Balasore 6.Talent Certificate Suryodaya Bhasha Sahitya Institution, Ada, Baleshwar 7.Best Essay Certificate, Honeymoon Literature, Spread Happiness, Nagpur, Maharashtra 8 i) South Odisha Sahitya Sammilani / Matilagna Sahitya Sangsad, Malkangiri family has earned a letter of commendation for its own writing. ii) State Level Competition Essay - Matilagna Managing Forum, Best Judge Saraswat Certificate of Merit. iii) Certificates of Excellence for Excellence in Strong Organization and Development. 9. Best Emerging Romantic Poet of 2020, Radhamohan Gadnayak Literary Institute, Anugol 10. At the All-India level (AUTHOR OF THE WEEK) in the second week of January this year (2020), a letter of commendation from the author of the story, The Storyer's Family. * Certificate of participation in five months of poetry participation. * Indra Sagittarius of experience Some unforgettable and Oliva past participation certificates * LOCK DOWN LIFE LESSONS WRITING CONTEST PARTICIPATION CERITIFIVATE BY SOTRY MIRROR. * CELEBRATE BROTHER- SISTER BOND CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION BY STORY MIRROR. 34

international poetry antology * BE A POET FOR POEM FOR PARTICIPATION BY STORY MIRROR. (From the literary family of Adi Storyori) 11. Literary life titled \"Mother Power, Patriotism, Guru is God, Relationship, Motherland\". 12. My article is titled \"My World\" by Kanyadan, Himbir, Air Force Raphael, and poetry. 13. Poetry and stories for participation in the monthly Bugsita Buguda monthly literary event. 14. On behalf of Suryodaya Bhasha Foundation, 'Oriya Folk Literature and the Life of Oriya (Essays) Contributions of Women Poets in Oriya Literature (Essays), Footprints (Poems), Lock Down and Life (Poems), Salam Shahid (Poems) Poetry Writing Topic in English - Humanity, Ecstasy, Romance, Crave For Freedom, Devotion, Perseverance, Contentment etc. For participation. 15. Certificate for Poetry 'Sexual Practice' from Swapna Sahitya Parivar Bhubaneswar. 16. Atomic Stories from Sananthan Smriti Sahitya - Letters of Honor for Karona and Life. 17. Poetry on behalf of the Oriya Sahitya Sangsad The poem \"Kali Yuga Manish\" and other letters of commendation. 18. Certificate of Merit from the Family of Spread and Happiness, first place for the article 'Ram Janma Bhumi', fifth place for married life (story) and participation in other competitions. 19. CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION on behalf of INK DEW PUBLICATION 20. Editor of Oriya Sahitya Samaj, Chhatra Sangha, Khallikot University (2001 to 2002) 21. INTERNATIONAL AMBSSADOR OF PEACE (2020) World Peace and Literature Association 35

midnight in the garden of peace 22. 'Writers' Award (2020) Gopal Krishna Spiritual Parliament, Mulakayada - Anantapur, Tire, Baleshwar. 23. Aam Odisha Aam Jagannath (Puri), Sahitya Sangsad (Bargarh), Utpana Sahitya Sangsad (Balangir), Swarnakshar Sahitya Sangsad (Subarnapur), Meghasani Sahitya Parivar (Mayurbhanj) Establishment of Shri Gopinath Sahitya Sangsad, Firoz Penth (Ganjam), Saptadhara Sahitya Sangsad, (Malkanagar) Kabir Kavita Sahitya Sangsad (Nabarangpur) Poetry Jhankar, District - Sambalpur (Odisha) My thoughts are on my composition Facebook Oriya Literary Organization, Beautiful My Language Literature (Kendujhar) Creati Humanity All of us are as a human being We should have kept humanity for mankind. Like - Love, Faith, Sympathy, Gentleness, kindness, friendship, helping hand, Or warming heart and sweetness voice. Be the reason someone smiles Never be hardful to others Strong people stand for themselves, But stronger people stand for others. Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back For whomever and whatever benifits humanity as a whole. Without that pious qualities 36

international poetry antology Life will be violent and will be lost. Be a donor, Devote your income and labour to other. To define us as human being. Enjoying the joys of others and suffering with them. Be ashamed to die until we have won some victory for our humanity. Because memories of lives, of our works and our deeds will remain for ever in the material world. There is nothing on earth divine except humanity. All things in the vast universe exist in us, with us and for us. We should be humble and simple by nature. So, we think about universe It is our country and the human family is our sweet family. Dream for a batter world and for a batter humanity, not for a batter car and bigger house. Because walking with a friend in the dark is batter than walking alone in the light. Don't be the reason someone feels insecure. Be the reason someone feels, seen, heard and supported. Never, never be afraid to do What's right, especially if the well- being of all the mankind. 37

midnight in the garden of peace Cry For Blaming Cake Today I cry for my blaming cake How to distribute To anyone Don't be same and shame To others It may be imposible To share with others For filling unwanting wants To whome will be served When I have insufficient Blaming sweet cake Now wonna life come Too much lacking Too much making To turn waste To take rest...? Hope For The World Hope is the foundation of the world The number of children dying around We get the tools to overcome from the ground. More mothers and children are surviving and thriving. Better nutrition and access to quality healthcare are giving 38

international poetry antology Hope for the world moms and their babies a healthier with smilling. Every child is created in their image and deserves our care. Renew our dedication to following our example as a friend and healer. We can solve the global water crisis within our lifetimes. Developing world to solve its water crisis. World Vision has to End Violence Against Children. We are supporting the efforts We hope to end abuses, exploitation, trafficking, And all forms of violence and torture against children. Loving God, reach out our helping, healing, and loving hands to keep children safe from harm. Convincing them not to marry off their teenage daugherts Hope for the world to focus on the needs of people who are vulnerable. Expanding its efforts to apply new methods and technologies for development work. World Vision put the power to choose in a child’s hands. Hope is fondation of the world Hope is hold up for the world. 39

midnight in the garden of peace War for selfishness It's empty here War for selfishness Who is ahead of whom? Whether in wealth or in charity It's empty here Civil war, cold war Who cares how much Throwing it behind Runs forward like a horse... It's empty here War only Is your race big? Someone else There is a war going on here In the name of religion Cheater's arrogance Never again here Feminist Cast Become a man and die Never mind He tells the oppressed to be untouchable Asked for water here Blood is found Hunger is hatred Prosperity says pain... 40

international poetry antology There is war For yourself Everyone is here No one No i'm yours No you are mine It's empty here War for selfishness Civil war, cold war Horse racing False propaganda Kill and Kill, Died and Died Next time Your own... Copyright: Dr.Damburudhara Behera India Ho God! It Is You are the Almighty of the world You are the Rain in the cloud. You are the Creator of the creation You are the Monsoon in the season. You are there where there is life You are there where there is no life. You are in the hut of a poor man 41

midnight in the garden of peace You are in the palace of a rich man You are the omnipresent You are the omniscient You are the directer of every direction You are the main subject of every lesson. We see You every moment of our life. We see You in the pain of knife We see You in the flower We see You everywhere Oh God ! It Is True You are the great You are the right You are the ray of the light You are the vision of the sight O God ! It Is True It's by Your Grace It's by Your Grace. 42

international poetry antology Ezhill Vendhan Profile of Dr. Ezhill Vendhan, from India Dr. Ezhil Vendhan is a celebrated poet from India writing poems for four decades. He is author of seven poetry collections and many of his poems find place in International Poetry Anthologies. His poem Banyan Tree was the poem selected for the Indian Republic Day Multilingual National Symposium of Poets - 1995. This poem has been translated into thirty eight global languages including Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and French. He represents India as an Indian delegate in many international poetry events and anthologies. He was invited to participate in the 39th World Congress of Poets of World Academy of Arts and Culture held in Bhubaneswar, India from 2nd to 6th October, 2018 and Festival of SAARC Writers And Literature held in New Delhi from 8th to 10th March, 2019. Change yourself I'm not sure who can change you unless you retreat yourself and change. Your lustful eyes spread the devious fire from your awkward eyes. Each and every activity of you, your racial and ethnic discrimination and persecution, peels your ugly designs to nudity. 43

midnight in the garden of peace Your exertions force me to keep you away beyond the horizon. While I think of the sympathy I had for you, makes me ashamed and my head bends, for I have been contemplating in good faith, waiting for your change on your own, understanding the diversity as to arrive unity. The ugly designs of your racial and religious aversion, hatred shown on us and world community, force me to question about your claim, as to the existence of one Almighty. You’re just a slave of territorial interests and power, doing everything at the expenses of humanism, paid for your cheap expansion businesses, your unpleasant advancements are filthy. You do lip services and pretense yourself, as if having respect for, culture, religion and race. But reality reveals your dirty face, having no regards for humanism. You think you’re dignitary having high heritages, only because you born wight, 44

international poetry antology but continue to remain inhuman. Try to change yourself at least human, with involvement, love, friendship, emotions, relationships, thought and action. Sailing not in the same boa We are not sailing in the same boat but struggling hard in lone distinct storm, stuck in the corona pandemic hurricane. Regardless of region, religion, race, ethnicity, colour, caste, community and discrimination of unkind, sustained throughout the human development, this single invisible enemy virus amalgamated us one, and struggle to cope with this malaise microbe. Until this moment any Noah has been unseen, to provide a sea liner guaranteeing insulation, from this deadly pandemic and save everyone. Threats to mankind all overcome tremendous and achieved much progress in enormous, the present challenge has never been met. The squeal of humanity seeking a saviour, seem alarmingly aloud and at extreme fringe. 45

midnight in the garden of peace The tyrant emphasizes the need an urgent coordination, excluding all the divergence and gaps amongst us, this occurrence too shall pass away and over, as everything ought to change in the universe. I could walk in longways I’m not a simple onlooker on many things but involving from the depth of my soul I sense your feelings and emotions in full whole heartedly with love, nothing deters me. I understand things from your point of view, and couldn’t distance myself from you anymore, for I am born with commitment and compassion, qualified and groomed, natural poet of nature. Skills aren’t even emotional intelligence makes me, to understand you better in your own perspective. Nay words yet your personality comprehend wholly I could see myself mirrored in you really. While I identify blinds and catch their hands to cross the traffic road is just a do little, feel comfortable and moved by my warmth, why not you as nearer and dearer to me. 46

international poetry antology Many people are like high sky passing clouds, while passing away they smile momentarily, and dissipating their feelings instantly, but I could walk longways in your shoes. Stay at home When the global flood came, where were Noah and his clan. When the three angels visited Abraham, where was he, only at home. When two angels went to Sodom and Gomorrah, Where was Lot, very much at home. When the angel killed first born of Egypt, where were the Israeli tests, at home. Where were the apostles of Jesus Christ, only at home they received the Holy Spirit. Where was St.Paul when he received Ananias's visit, Where should remain during pandemics, stay at home. The light has come Let's give our ears unto the berceuse of the Angels, vocalised in the universal language of humanity, composed in an unheard symphony for the new born, super powers have come bowing down their heads. 47

midnight in the garden of peace No more darkness in our gloomy ways, let us tote this light in our arms, The light swathes us leaving even an inch untouched, this light understands each one of us, however uglier or meager we may be. Let's forget the miserable past filled with pains and stains unseen ever, formulated by invisible enemy virus, this light will heal the wounds and chronic infections, spread over this spinning globe revolves. This light is born to save us now, the light has come to set us free. Let us rejoice soulfully and praise this everlasting light, delivers promising good news, new hope and faith. 48

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