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Contents Bank Overview and Values 4 Business Review 25 Bank Strategy 5 International Operations 32 Financial Highlights 6 Branch Management 34 ADIB’s Awards in 2019 8 Bank Branches’ Network 39 Chairman’s Statement 10 Financial Services Business Review 40 The ADIB Group Structure 13 Non-Financial Services Business Review 41 Board of Directors 14 Corporate Social Responsibility 43 ADIB Executive Management 16 Corporate Governance Report 47 ADIB Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures 18 Consolidated Financial Statements 60 CEO’s Report 20 Basel III Pillar III Disclosure 139

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan ADIB Annual Report 2019 1

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of the United Arab Emirates Ruler of Abu Dhabi Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces ADIB Annual Report 2019 3

Bank Overview and Values Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was established in 1997 through Emiri Decree and began commercial operations in 1998. All contracts, operations and transactions are carried out in accordance with Islamic Shari’a principles. The Bank is a leading regional Islamic financial services group and has a wide distribution network and an award-winning digital channels. Our Values • We keep it Simple and Sensible • We are Transparent • We work for Mutual Benefit • We nurture Hospitality & Tolerance • We are Shari’a inspired 4 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Bank Strategy EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – STRATEGY PROPOSAL GOAL • ADIB is in a good position to start a new phase in the Bank’s history, building on ADIB’s strong market position and highly regarded brand. The fundamental goal of our Strategy is to make ADIB a stronger, more efficient, better structured bank that is well positioned to pursue growth opportunities across all our businesses. • Focused on delivering sustainable, long-term returns to our shareholders by deploying our balance sheet and other resources to the highest return activities that are consistent with our client base, product offering and risk appetite while at same time we protect and maximize ADIB’s brand value. 4-PILLAR STRATEGY 1 2CLIENT REVENUES 3 OPERATING 4 RISK RELATIONSHIP EFFICIENCY AND CONTOL Growing and Diversifying our Achieving greater Enhancing our risk strengthening our business mix by operating efficiency management existing businesses by increasing our fee- across all areas by framework in line with deepening our based income, rationalizing internal our risk appetite and relationships with ‘stay’ recurring revenues structures, re- reinforcing our existing clients and across all ADIB engineering internal governance and expanding our segments and by processes, introducing control culture. capabilities to attract introducing new cost save initiatives ‘New to Bank’ clients. revenue streams. and an unwavering commitment to cost discipline. ADIB Annual Report 2019 5

Financial Highlights AED 126.0 AED 19.1 (billion) Total Assets (billion) Total Equity AED 101.4 80.0% (billion) Total Customer Deposits (billion) Customer Financing to Deposit Ratio 2,601 5,915 (million) Net Profit (million) Total Revenues Net Profit for 2019 increased by 4.0% to Total Revenues for 2019 increased by 2.5% AED 2,601 million to AED 5,915 million ADIB Group 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 AED mn AED mn AED mn AED mn AED mn Summary Income Statement Net revenue from funding 3,818.3 3,906.7 3,769.6 3,921.0 3,771.3 Fees, Commissions and Foreign Exchange Income 1,400.8 1,315.7 1,300.6 979.6 965.0 Investment and Other Revenues 484.9 398.1 Total Revenues 696.1 547.1 562.1 Operating Profit (Margin) 5,915.2 5,769.5 5,385.5 5,134.4 Credit Provisions and Impairment Charge 3,262.2 3,125.7 5,632.3 Net Profit after zakat & tax 2,937.6 2,760.3 Summary Balance Sheet 658.1 620.1 3,123.1 970.0 820.0 Total Assets in AED (billion) 2,601.1 2,500.8 790.4 Customer Financing in AED (billion) 1,953.6 1,934.0 Customer Deposits in AED (billion) 126.0 125.2 2,300.1 Financial Ratios 81.1 78.7 Customer Financing to Deposit Ratio 123.3 122.3 118.4 Risk asset ratio - Total (CAR, %) - Basel III / Basel II 101.4 100.4 76.5 78.2 78.4 Cost Efficiency Ratio 98.8 94.9 79.98% 78.36% 100.0 * As per Basel II **18.88% 17.18% ** without dividend adjustment for 2019 45.82% 76.53% 79.15% 82.59% 44.85% 16.09% *15.25% *15.14% 6 ADIB Annual Report 2019 44.55% 45.45% 46.24%

2.5% 5,915 4.4% 3,262 5,769 3,126 Total Revenues (AED mn) 5,632 Operating Profit (Margin) (AED mn) 3,123 5,386 2,938 2019 2019 2,760 2018 5,134 2018 2017 2017 2016 2016 2015 2015 1.0% 3.1% Total Customer Deposits (AED mn) Total Customer Financing (AED mn) 2019 101,404 81,108 2019 78,677 2018 100,404 2018 76,530 2017 78,211 2017 100,004 2016 78,403 2015 2016 98,814 2015 94,927 80.0% 18.9% Customer Financing to Deposit Ratio Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III/Basel II) 2019 79.98% 2019 **18.88% 2018 2018 17.18% 78.36% 2017 76.53% 2017 16.09% 2016 79.15% 2016 *15.25% 2015 82.59% 2015 *15.14% * As per Basel II ** without dividend adjustment for 2019 Credit Ratings Long term Short term Outlook Moody’s Investors Service A2 P1 Stable Fitch Ratings RAM Ratings A+ F1 Stable AAA P1 Stable ADIB Annual Report 2019 7

ADIB’s Awards in 2019 Best Islamic Bank Property Consultancy Best Islamic Bank in the UAE Best Islamic Bank in the UAE by World Union of the Year and Middle East by Banker Magazine of Arab Bankers by African & Arabian by EMEA FINANCE Property Awards amic Private Bank CSR Label Best Sport CSR Initiative Best Islamic Financier by IFN by Dubai Chamber of of the Year by SPIA by International Trade Finance Commerce and Industry Islamic Issue of the year by IFR REGULATORY CAPITAL DEAL OF THE YEAR Best Islamic Private Bank Best Islamic Private Bank by IFN by IFN Best Overall Bank in Customer Best Overall Call Center in the Best Islamic Private Bank Regulatory Capital Experience by Ethos UAE by Ethos Consultancy by IFN Deal of the Year Consultancy by IFN MATION EXECUTIVE EAR AWARD mic Private Bank Best Islamic Private Bank Best Islamic Private Bank Best Islamic Private Bank by IFN by IFN by IFN by IFN Information Security Executive Best Online Cash Management Best Islamic Bank in Egypt Hybrid Deal of the Year of the Year Award and Best Integrated Corporate by IFN by IFN by MESA Conference & Awards Banking Site 8 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Best Islamic Bank in Egypt Best Islamic Digital Bank Best Islamic Bank in the UAE Ijarah Deal of the Year by Global Finance Magazine by Global Finance Magazine by Global Finance Magazine by IFN BEST SOVEREIGN ISLAMIC DEAL OF THE YEAR PRIVATE BANK Best Islamic Private Bank by IFN UAE Deal of the Year Best Islamic Private Bank Best Private Bank in the Sovereign Deal of the Year BY IFN by Islamic Finance News Middle East for Islamic Finance by IFM by Private Banker International INDONESIA Awards Magazine DEAL OF THE YEAR Best Islamic Private Bank Best Youth Development Best CSR Award Real Estate Agency of the Year by IFN Program by SPIA by WIBC by African & Arabian Property Awards Indonesia Deal of the Year by IFN GITEX AWARD FOR MOBILE TRADING APP Gitex Award Highest Overall Portfolio for Mobile Trading App Performance (Issuer) by Dubai Financial Market by Visa Global Service Quality Award (GSQA) ADIB Annual Report 2019 9

Chairman’s Statement ADIB had a successful year with net profit increasing by 4% to AED 2.6 billion and total revenues reaching AED 5.9 billion. 10 ADIB Annual Report 2019

4% 2.5% Growth in Net Profit Revenues Growth in Net Profit reached Revenues increased by 2.5% to AED 5,915.2 million, driven by growth AED 2,601.1 million in Fees, FX and investment income Dear Shareholders ADIB’s commitment to investing in digital will continue to drive our On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to present digitisation agenda as we strive towards making banking simple and shareholders with ADIB’s Annual Report for 2019. Despite a convenient for our customers. Our efforts in digital have earned us challenging operating environment, ADIB had a successful year with customer appreciation and international awards in 2019 including net profit increasing by 4% to AED 2.6 billion after the deduction of ‘Best Islamic Digital Bank” by Global finance and Best Islamic bank Shareholders’ contributions to the depositors and total revenues in the Middle east by EMEA Finance. reaching AED 5.9 billion. The bank’s financial results reflects ADIB’s successful business I would like to express my thanks to the management and staff of strategies and product propositions across all bank’s functions. The ADIB for delivering sustained growth and profitability during this wholesale banking group was particularly active and involved in period, and to extend my appreciation to the Internal Shari’a arranging a range of multibillion dollar structured and syndicated Supervisory Committee for their support and guidance. finance deals on behalf of clients, resulting in growth in the asset book. Environment & UAE Economy In 2019, the UAE economy and the banking sector demonstrated its ADIB’s Total assets at the end of the year were AED 125.9 billion, resilience in the face of a challenging regional and global representing an increase of 0.6%. The Bank displayed solid environment. The UAE Economy grew by 2.9% in 2019 as compared fundamentals including robust capital and liquidity ratios with an to 1.7 per cent in the previous year, mainly driven by growth in the advances-to-deposits ratio increasing to 80% reflecting our ability oil sector and economic diversification efforts. The UAE economy’s to make optimal use of the balance sheet. main strength lies in the quality of its enabling environment, as companies can operate under stable macroeconomic conditions, Recommended Dividend make use of good infrastructure, while maintaining one of the The Board of Directors is pleased to recommend distribution of cash highest levels of technology adoption in the world. dividends of 27.38% of the share nominal value. ADIB’s Performance Recognition In 2019, ADIB delivered steady growth with net profit increasing 4% In 2019, ADIB was presented with a number of accolades and to reach AED 2.6 billion. The performance was driven by a growth in industry awards in recognition of the bank’s achievements. I am customer finance and higher investment and foreign exchange particularly proud of the fact that ADIB was awarded by The income. Mohamed Bin Rashid Business Excellence Award. We were also particularly honoured to receive a wide range of awards for our Our growth in revenues has been complemented by our discipline in corporate banking offering, including ‘Best Islamic Financier’ at the managing costs where operating expenses were flat year-on-year. International Trade Finance Awards and five awards from Islamic This was achieved despite investments in key strategic and digital Finance News including ‘Best Islamic Bank in the UAE’. initiatives designed to support business growth, enhance customer experience and create future efficiencies. The bank’s continued financial health has enabled it to maintain its solid credit ratings: A+ (Fitch) A2 (Moody’s); and AAA (RAM). ADIB has further enhanced its competencies in the risk, compliance, governance, digital and control areas which represent necessary infrastructure to deliver leadership across our business. ADIB Annual Report 2019 11

Chairman’s Statement continued Human Resources We fully understand the primary opportunities and drivers in the In line with the Group’s 2020 strategic ambition, ADIB has banking industry. The pressure to introduce new digital solutions is continued to selectively recruit the necessary talent required to central to satisfying customers while reducing costs. We have a service a comprehensive range of client segments and selective five-year strategic plan that will make ADIB a stronger, more industries through a broad range of products and solutions while efficient, better-structured bank that is well-positioned to pursue also enhancing governance structures. growth opportunities across all of our businesses. By adhering to this plan and focusing on delivering an exceptional banking ADIB remains one of the leading banks in advocating the experience to our customers, we are confident that we will recruitment, development and promotion of local talent in all the continue to deliver the performance our shareholders have come to markets in which it operates. The Bank now employs a high expect in 2020 and beyond. proportion of Emiratis in the UAE. The bank has met the points assigned by the UAE central Bank as per the new points-based Conclusion system approved by the UAE Central Bank to promote the entry of Finally, on behalf of the Board and all at ADIB, I would like to express Emiratis into the financial sector while also enhancing career our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the leaders of the United development opportunities. Arab Emirates and in particular to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Corporate Social Responsibility may God protect him, and to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin In 2019, we dedicated our corporate social activities to the Year of Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Supreme Tolerance and successfully led several programmes and initiatives, Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. aligned with the pillars outlined within the UAE’s Year tolerance. We furthered our contribution to the community through a range of I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the management donations and projects. We have enhanced initiatives that we have and staff of ADIB as well as the Board of Directors for their managed over recent years including our financial education continuous commitment and dedication towards our success in program, our support for football in the UAE, various community 2019. outreach programs and our sponsorship of humanitarian and cultural activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan. I also wish to thank our customers, shareholders, the Central Bank of the UAE for their continued support and trust, and the esteemed Looking Ahead memebrs of the Internal Shari’a Supervisory Committee for their The UAE economy has proved its resilience in recent years, and a supervision. continuation of government investment in diversification initiatives will provide opportunities for ADIB to develop its corporate and Thank you, retail banking businesses. While the global economic picture is uncertain, we are committed to maintaining our best practice HE Jawaan Awaidah Suhail Al Khaili approach to risk management to navigate this period. Chairman Our focus for 2020 will be to improve our market share in selected segments and grow our business within acceptable risk parameters while introducing new products and maintaining a superior customer service capability. 12 ADIB Annual Report 2019

The ADIB Group Structure Board of Directors Financial Services Group Non-Financial Services Banking: Real Estate: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC Burooj Properties LLC MPM Properties LLC Subsidiaries: Manpower: Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities Company LLC ADIB (UK) Limited Kawader Services LLC Associates and Joint Ventures: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – Egypt (S.A.E.) Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company PJSC Bosna Bank International D.D. Saudi Finance Company CSJC Abu Dhabi Islamic Merchant Acquiring Company LLC International Branches: Qatar (QFC) Iraq Sudan ADIB Annual Report 2019 13

Board of Directors HE Jawaan Awaidha Suhail Awaidha Al Khaili Khamis Mohamed Khamis Buharoon AlShamsi Chairman Vice Chairman Dhaen Mohamed Dhaen Mahasoon Alhameli Board Member 14 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Najib Youssef Fayyad Abdulla Ali Musleh Jumhour Al Ahbabi Board Member Board Member Khalifa Matar Khalifa Saif Almheiri Faisal Sultan Naser Salem Al Shuaibi Board Member Board Member ADIB Annual Report 2019 15

ADIB Executive Management Mazin Manna Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Abdul Qadir Khanani Mr Abdulla Al Shehhi Mr Abdulrahman Abdullah Mr Adel Ahmed Alzarouni Group Treasurer Global Head, International GM-Head of Strategic Clients Group GM-Real Estate and Administration- Business Group and Community Banking Chairman of CSR Mr Hassan Adel Khalifa Mr Khalid Ali Almansoori Mr Mamoun T Alhomssey Mr Martin Roland Corfe Head of Operations Global Head of Human Resources Executive Chairman, MPM Properties Chief Information Officer Mr Sami Al Afghani Mr Serhat Yildirim Ms Sharon Craggs Global Head, Wholesale Banking Chief Digital Officer Global Head of Compliance 16 ADIB Annual Report 2019

ADIB’s management team is vastly experienced and together represents many years of banking expertise gained through academic qualifications and careers with highly-respected financial institutions. Mr Ahsan Ahmed Akhtar Mr. Jose K. Joseph Dr Ghaith Mismar Mr Hasan Abdullah Al Zaabi Group Financial Controller Group Chief Risk Officer Global General Counsel Head of Human Resources, UAE Mr Mohamed Aly Mr Mohammed Azab Dr Osaid M. A. Kailani Mr Philip King CEO, Egypt Head of Private Banking Group Global Head, Shari’a Global Head, Retail Banking ADIB Annual Report 2019 17

ADIB Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures ADIB (Egypt) SAE Saudi Finance Company, ADIB Saudi Arabia Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company PJSC ADIB Securities 18 ADIB Annual Report 2019

ADIB UK Abu Dhabi Islamic Merchant Acquiring Company LLC MPM Properties ćBosna Bank International D.D. Burooj Properties ADIB Annual Report 2019 19

We continued to advance ADIB’s digital strategy by introducing new features and solutions that improve the banking experience for our customers. 20 ADIB Annual Report 2019

CEO’s Report We delivered a steady performance in 2019 as net profit increased by 4% to AED 2.6 billion Dear Shareholders We made significant progress in our digital transformation strategy It gives me great pleasure to present ADIB’s financial results for as we continued to enhance our digital capabilities and technology 2019. to make it easier for our customers to bank with us through their channel of choice. Our enhanced mobile app now enables pre- 2019 marked another successful year for ADIB with a healthy approved customers to receive funds instantly through our Express increase of profit and revenues in key businesses. In addition to finance feature, apply for a card or update KYC instantly. This has that, ADIB continued to advance ADIB’s digital strategy by driven user growth of the mobile app by 20% compared to last year introducing new features and solutions that improve the banking with over 60% of our customers using digital channels. experience for our customers. In our wholesale banking business, we continued to build on a ADIB performance and key achievements strong track record in financing and advisory, supporting clients in We delivered a steady performance in 2019 as net profit increased capital markets, M&A advisory, syndicated financing, cash by 4% to AED 2.6 billion and operating profit increased 4.4% to AED management and global trade services. Our wholesale banking 3.3 billion underpinned by a 3.1% growth in customer financing to group has been involved in arranging multibillion-dollar structured AED 81.1 billion, a 30.7% growth in investment income to AED 687 and syndicated finance deals on behalf of clients. This has led to a million and a 23.6% rise in foreign exchange income to AED 317.5 growth in our asset book. Furthermore, ADIB advised a number of million. Despite a low rate environment, our net profit margin was issuers on optimising their capital and financing requirements and 4.25%, one of the highest in the market, helped by the positive acted as a Joint Lead Manager & Bookrunner on a number of impact of a low cost of funds that is supported by higher CASA high-profile sukuk mandates. balances. Our growth in revenues has been complemented by our discipline in managing costs which saw the cost to income ratio We have strengthened our digital capabilities to better serve our decrease by almost 1% for the year while we still continued to corporate customers with the rollout of several new Transaction reinvest in technology and infrastructure to support our long-term Banking products and services, such as ADIB Direct and ADIB Office growth. We have demonstrated strong expense discipline across the Banking which provides customers with remote access banking bank and successfully implemented a number of optimization solutions. initiatives, resulting in a flat expense base. This underlying performance, coupled with progress in our long-term strategic ADIB Direct automates many services delivering significant cost and initiatives, helped us generate a significant return on shareholder time efficiencies for companies that can benefit from one central value of 18.6%. view of ADIB’s wide range of new banking features, and improved functionality to manage their finances locally and internationally. Our retail banking division delivered a solid performance in 2019, These features include customisable dashboards, a working capital supported by a rise in net financing income and growth in fee view, cashflow forecasting, and trade finance management, which income, driven by cards and wealth management products. We have are accessible across all devices including a mobile app. strengthened our cards portfolio with the launch of ADIB Emirates Skywards cards. In addition, we have also unveiled a savings plan ADIB Office Banking provides a number of remote access solutions, called “Khuttati” to encourage customers to make medium to such as cheque printing, cheque scanning, alongside other services, long-term investments through regular contributions. all of which allow ADIB customers to enjoy fast and secured 24/7 banking experience without leaving their office. ADIB Annual Report 2019 21

CEO’s Report continued Capital Management Risk Management ADIB continues to build a strong capital position as evidenced by During 2019, Credit provisions and impairments increased by 6.1% a 7.7% y-o-y growth in total equity. The bank’s capital adequacy to AED 658.1 million vs. AED 620.1 million for 2018.Furthermore, ratio under Basel III as at 31 December 2019 stood at 18.88%, its as per the newly adopted IFRS 9, customer financing that is Tier 1 capital ratio was at 17.79% and its common equity Tier 1 classified under Stage 3 stands at 6.5% with these assets now ratio at 13.11%. All capital ratios under Basel III principles are totalling AED 5.4 billion and total credit provisions held under IFRS above the minimum regulatory thresholds advised by Central 9 at AED 3 billion at the year end. Bank of the UAE. Commitment to Excellence Liquidity Management At ADIB, we always emphasize on delivering exceptional banking We have historically been strong in maintaining solid levels of experiences for our retail, corporate and private banking customers, liquidity. For many years, we have been one of the most liquid whether they choose to interact with us in person, on the phone, or financial institutions in the UAE. We continue to maintain this digitally. position through an optimised balance sheet and a healthy customer financing-to-deposits ratio of 80%. This was mainly In 2019, we have received a number of accolades and industry driven by our strong customer base that generates excellent awards in recognition of the bank’s achievements. I am particularly growth in current and savings accounts. This has also helped the proud of the fact that ADIB was named ‘Best Islamic Bank in the bank maintain one of the lowest cost of funds in the UAE Middle East’ by EMEA Finance. We were also honoured to receive a banking industry. wide range of awards for our corporate banking offering, including ‘Best Islamic Financier’ at the International Trade Finance Awards and five awards from Islamic Finance News including ‘Best Islamic Bank in the UAE’. Our solid credit ratings A+ (Fitch), A2 (Moody’s), and AAA (RAM) are testament to our continued solid financial health. 22 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Outlook Conclusion Despite challenges in the macroeconomic environment, ADIB will Our achievements in 2019 are testament to the dedication and continue to invest in areas where we see opportunities for professionalism of colleagues, whose efforts, experience and customer growth, particularly through a concerted focus on customer focus continues to drive our results. Today, we are a enhancing our digital banking services. dynamic, modern bank with a culture of innovation and determination that ensures we capture opportunities in the market Across ADIB, we will continuously innovate to enhance our value and meet customers’ needs and expectations. To this end we will proposition and accelerate our speed to market. We are simplifying continue to invest in the future. our client onboarding process, working on providing more personalized offers and solutions to our customers, creating more I would like to express my thanks to all of our customers for their convenient digital platforms, and taking pain points out of our commitment to ADIB. I would also like to thank our Board processes. These actions will lower our cost to serve customers and Members whose guidance and support underpins our business enable us to fund future investments in areas that position us for strategy. And finally, to our shareholders, I would like to reiterate future growth. our focus on delivering high sustainable earnings growth, and moving with clear purpose in 2020 and beyond. We have a five-year strategic plan that will make ADIB a more efficient, better-structured bank and better prepared for a range of Mazin Manna operating environments. Group Chief Executive Officer ADIB Annual Report 2019 23

CLEAR SKIES, BROAD HORIZONS. Is this how you see your future? We can help you get there. By working hard to make banking easy for you. By helping you make the right financial choices. By breaking barriers, not promises. Because we only succeed when you do. Welcome, feel at home, wherever you are from... Banking as it should be.

Business Review Retail Banking Priority Banking had a strong year with higher revenues driven by Despite a challenging 2019, ADIB retail banking Group delivered higher net profit income and higher fees due the revamped retail a solid performance in 2019, supported by a rise in net financing wealth advisory services. income and growth in fee income, driven by cards and wealth management products. An emphasis on long-term customer In 2019, ADIB invested heavily in staff training programs to relationships saw the number of active customers served by ADIB strengthen their skills on a range of aspects, including sales, customer increase by 74000 during this year. service, product development, and processes. This not only supports the development of our people and the quality of the services Total Retail Banking revenue was up by AED 212 million, an increase customers receive, but also accelerate our digital transformation of 5.6% from 2018 while total financing assets increased modestly agenda and reflects our commitment to ensure that all services are by 1% and total deposits rose by 1.8% compared to 2018 supported properly and ethically structured and delivered. by enhanced customer promotions and new product launches. In 2020 , we will continue to focus in enhancing customer ADIB’s Cards franchise was strengthened with the launch of ADIB experience, making it simpler, faster and more effective and this will Emirates Skywards cards that offer customers the opportunity continue to be centric to everything we do. to earn Skywards Miles on Emirates Airlines. ADIB Khutati saving account was also rolled out, allowing customers to put aside a Business Banking fixed contribution amount every month into a savings plan, which In 2019, ADIB Business exhibited substantial revenue growth of provides exposure to a wide choice of Sharia’a-compliant mutual ~15% YOY driven by higher fees and FX income that had growth of funds investing across different asset classes and currencies. ~20% YOY. During most of 2019, Business Banking book witnessed marginal growth, however in Q4 de-risking process was employed, In 2019, ADIB continued to advance its digitisation agenda with which evolved into a healthier portfolio. ongoing enhancements of the mobile app including launching “Express Finance” service, which provides qualifying customers with Business Banking clients can access banking solutions via diverse instant access to personal finance, customers information update channels for better customer experience on ADIB Direct (Online and through the app and mobile application through the card. Tablet Mobile Banking platform), business dedicated branches equipped by kiosks were also launched in branches to allow customers to rapidly well-trained service team and experienced relationship managers, update their information. Our enhanced mobile app has driven and a wide network of branches, ATMs & CCDMs. growth of 20% in our mobile user base compared to last year where over 60% of our customers are now using digital channels In 2020, ADIB Business will encourage clients to adopt and utilize ADIB Direct for their digital transactions for better control, security, ADIB revealed a new digital banking proposition targeting millennials time-efficiency and ease of use. ADIB Business will exploit banking called Smartbanking. Smartbanking features digital onboarding and services to the client’s office through ADIB Office Banking solutions a range of innovative products delivered through a dedicated mobile that will help them in their day-to-day business. Finally, there banking app and intuitive online banking platform. will be a greater emphasis on trade and working capital finance, transactional banking, FX and cash management services. An integral element of our digital transformation strategy is the branch transformation scheme that will launch the ADIB Branch of The Future where the branch function is redesigned and the customer journey is redefined. As a result of this, the time spent on processing transactions would be greatly reduced and hence our customer will enjoy a highly personalized and meaningful customer experience. ADIB Annual Report 2019 25

Business Review continued Wholesale Banking Group Corporate Finance and Investment Banking” CFIB” In 2019, ADIB’s Wholesale Banking Group” WBG” continued to build 2019 was another strong year for CFIB albeit market conditions. on a strong track record in financing and advisory, supporting clients Overall, CFIB successfully concluded over 20 high profile transactions in capital markets, M&A advisory, syndicated financing, cash across structured and syndicated finance, Sukuk, M&A and advisory management and global trade services. New business deals have led products. Focus throughout 2019 was on asset growth in GREs and to a healthy growth in our asset book despite the challenging market sovereigns space, diversification of business into GCC clients and backdrop. We have continued to broaden our product capability in revenues from FI syndications and DCM. Total volumes of syndicated both transaction and investment banking in order to support the and structured finance deals arranged by ADIB amounted to USD 5.9 need of our customers. billion, additionally capital market volumes totaled USD 2.6 billion, with expanding deal presence in the GCC. In addition, we focused on achieving the below: CFIB was involved in arranging multibillion dollar structured and • Better Diversification of our portfolio: WBG was able to syndicated finance deals on behalf of GREs, major Corporates and reallocate its exposure to more stable industries and worked on Financial Institutions (FIs). Total volume reached more than USD 5.9 reducing exposure to stressed industries such as Commercial billion in 2019 (as MLA & Bookrunner), a 7% year on year growth, Real Estate and Contracting, which saw a reduction from the which positioned ADIB as a market leader across Islamic syndicated previous year’s exposure. As a result, we were able to increase finance bookrunner league tables. ADIB maintained a leading financing to key strategic industries such as GREs. This position in 2019 with a 13.2% market share of Islamic syndicated diversification gives us the stable ground to further navigate the finance (as an Islamic Bookrunner in the UAE). Furthermore, CFIB challenges in 2020. advised a number of new GCC GREs on optimizing their capital and financing requirements and deal structures to achieve long term • Asset & Liability Growth: WBG achieved an 8% growth in its sustainable growth for the businesses. Some of the notable financing assets for the first time since 2013. WBG is Syndicated and Structured Finance deals for 2019 included: committed to further increasing the asset book through financing to key strategic segments of the market. Liabilities • USD 2.2 billion Multi Tranche Islamic syndicated Facility for Saudi have seen a decrease from previous year due to highly Aramco Total Refining Petrochemicals (SATORP) competitive market. • USD 1.2 billion Multi Tranche Islamic Syndicated Facility for the • Revenue Profile: Despite challenging market conditions in 2019, Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) WBG delivered sustainable topline revenues. There was considerable focus on generating cross sell and fee income. • USD 140 million Syndicated PDP Financing Facility for Dubai WBG witnessed significant FX income growth over the previous Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) years. We remain committed to enhancing our revenue streams through cross sell, and fee income going forward. As such, WBG • USD 152 million Islamic Syndicated Facility for Etihad Airways has been enhancing the product suite in order to facilitate these initiatives. • USD 100 million Structured Syndicated Facility for Zain Kuwait (Zain) Specifically, within our Product Groups, key performance highlights were as follows: • USD 80 million the First Islamic Structured Facility for Oman Shipping Company (OSC) 26 ADIB Annual Report 2019

In the Islamic Capital Markets space, CFIB led a number of firsts in Global Transaction Banking Services (‘GTB’) 2019, and witnessed strong growth in the business in addition to Global Transaction Banking provides Cash Management and Trade substantial investor appetite for debut and existing issuers, within Finance solutions to Wholesale Banking, Business Banking and the GCC. Throughout 2019 ADIB’s CFIB continued its leadership and Financial Institutions clients across ADIB network. In 2019, GTB innovation, advised on numerous Sukuk issuances for large completed the digital offering for all products in the areas of corporates, FIs, and GREs. ADIB acted as a Joint Lead Manager & payments, collections, liquidity management and trade finance over Bookrunner on a number of high profile Sukuk mandates including: the flagship platform, ADIB Direct. Aimed at businesses of all sizes, ADIB Direct automates many services delivering significant cost and • JLM and bookrunner on the first Green Senior RegS Sukuk time efficiencies. Companies benefit from one central view of ADIB’s issuances by Majid Al Futaim (MAF) in 2019 (2 issuances in 2019 wide range of new banking features, and improved functionality to with a tenor of 10yr and Long 10yr, US$ 600 million each) – manage their finances locally and internationally. These features Debut Corporate Green Sukuk for MAF, first ever Green corporate include customisable dashboards, a working capital view, cash flow Sukuk from a GCC issuer forecasting, and trade finance management, which are accessible across all devices including a mobile app. • AT1 Senior RegS Sukuk for Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) (perp, US$ 500 million) – lowest yield for an AT1 issuance in the GCC ADIB Direct also introduces ADIB Office Banking, which provides a number of remote access solutions, such as cheque printing, cheque • Warba Bank’s Senior RegS Sukuk (5yr, US$ 500 million) – First scanning, alongside other services, all of which allow ADIB customers senior issuance for Warba Bank under their trust certificate to enjoy fast and secured 24/7 banking experience without leaving program their office. The new integrated platform is also offering payment solutions, liquidity and account services, and collection solutions. • Aldar Investment Properties Senior RegS Sukuk (10yr, US$ 500 million) – Strong demand from international investors, 6x As a result of our efforts in digitising the transaction banking, ADIB oversubscribed was recognised by Global Finance magazine where we were awarded “Best Cash Management in the Middle East” and “Best Integrated Additionally in 2019, CFIB’s Equity Capital Markets & Corporate Corporate Banking Site in the Middle East”. Advisory team successfully advised on the sale of a pharmaceutical manufacturing business in the UAE to a strategic financial investor. ADIB transaction banking is now working on strategic projects with The team leverages its extensive advisory, product and industry our key government clients to digitize their collections and payments expertise in order to support ADIB’s clients. as well as other initiatives to cater to the trade needs of large local corporates and SMEs. Accordingly, during 2019 CFIB has been recognized for its innovative financing transactions and won multiple prestigious awards including: • “UAE Deal of the Year” – Majid Al Futtaim’s 10-year 2029 Reg S Green Sukuk by Islamic Finance News Awards 2019 • “Commodity Murabaha Deal of the Year” – Dubai Aerospace Enterprises USD 140 million syndicated refinancing facility by Islamic Finance News Awards 2019 • “Social Impact Deal of the Year” – Majid Al Futtaim’s 10-year 2029 Reg S Green Sukuk by Islamic Finance News Awards 2019 ADIB Annual Report 2019 27

YOUR BUSINESS PARTNER IN GROWTH TRADEAED SUPPLY FINANCE CHAIN PAYMENTS FX $ COLLECTIONS AED WE’RE HERE TO FIND SOLUTIONS FOR YOU! ADIB’s Global Transaction Banking is here to help your company conduct business locally and across borders. Our digital platform will enable you to efficiently manage your Cash, Liquidity, Trade Finance, Supply Chain and FX needs. With a wide range of unrivalled financial and digital solutions we are helping our clients across the region to achieve efficiency, liquidity and risk mitigation objectives. To know more about how we can help grow your business and reach its full potential: +971 2 497 7014 [email protected] ADIB Terms and Conditions apply.

Business Review continued Future plan Private Banking Group While 2020 is likely to present a challenging macroeconomic 2019 proved to be a very challenging investment environment where environment – we remain committed in delivering superior quality markets saw continued and sharp volatility, as well as slower than of service to our clients through further enhancing our value usual Sukuk and IPO issuances. The overall slower real estate market propositions, and improving our service models to cater to our also led to weak clients’ appetite for financing, manifested in clients market’s specific needs. We aim to achieve this through the Risk-Off mode. Despite these challenges, Private Banking Group following: business was able to maintain a steady financial performance. We launched a series of initiatives to further position ADIB as the leading • Further Enhancements to our WBG service model by enhancing onshore-based private banking service provider in the UAE. our market responsiveness process, creating a culture of excellence where customers are at the centre of what we do and The performance was backed by a growing income from fees and standardize & automate key business processes. commission driven by the newly introduced products such as private equity transactions that were offered exclusively to Private Banking • We will continue to build on and improve our value propositions clients. by providing comprehensive financing solutions, including syndications, project and structured finance. We aim at becoming On the financing side, Private Banking was able to maintain a a ‘one-stop shop’ for IPOs, capital market issuances and M&A healthy financing portfolio as we worked on further diversifying the advisory. We will work on developing customized Commercial business asset book beyond traditional real estate financing and Real Estate financing solutions and services. We are developing a relocated it more into investment finance and financial asset comprehensive suite of digital financial solutions to provide monetization solutions. convenient customer experience for our customers. On managing our customers portfolio, we were able to grow the • We will continue to provide access to ADIB’s network as well as wealth side of the business through increased levels of client our global correspondent banking network. investments and the build-up of additional Assets Under Management (AUM) to record figures. • We will continue to provide a team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry, structuring and execution experience to Growth in Total Bank Assets meet the diverse needs of our clients. (AED billion) 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 118.4 122.3 123.3 125.2 126.0 ADIB Annual Report 2019 29

Business Review continued In 2019, we continued to leverage on our network presence and Community Banking played a critical role in finalising few deals in commercial real estate ADIB Community Bank continues to manage the non profit with our subsidiary in United Kingdom, ADIB UK. As our business organizations in the UAE. Since the inception of this division in 2011, grew, we deepened our focus on enhancing clients’ experience we were able to serve our customers from the humanitarian, social, through engagement on new CRM platform. Our Sukuk leverage educational, cultural, environmental & Healthcare sector. program and margin trading products were further refined to smoothen processing and related client experience. In 2019, we served around 170 customers from a range of non-profit organizations to government and private companies that operate in Going forward, ADIB Private bank will continue to expand its offering serving the UAE community. to the top names in the UAE market, these includes HNWIs, ruling family members and family offices in the GCC region. We will also Community Bank division continues to offer customized banking expand our offerings to Saudi wealthy clients who has high interest services, including current and savings Accounts, appropriate financing in investing in the UAE market. We predict further uptake from solutions, investment management such as Sukuk, endowment clients for our offering of credit advice and solutions; fixed income management options, business planning and advisory, transactional and equity investment advisory and execution capabilities; deposits banking, cash management and a wide range of Sharia compliant and yield optimisation; and banking transactional services. products and services. Private Bank continues to be recognised by the industry for our track As of date, ADIB Community Bank remains the one and only record in providing high-quality, trusted distribution and placement community services bank for NPOs in the UAE. Our long experience in capabilities to build close client relationships. As a testament to this , this service resulted in optimizing our business with client needs the business was recognised by industry experts and received two through different technology offerings. prestigious awards including “Best Private Bank for Islamic Services” and “Best Private Bank in the UAE” by Private Wealth manager Operations and Technology magazine and and Global Finance Private Banking 2019 awards. The Operations and Technology Group acts as an enabler for ADIB’s core businesses and subsidiaries with an aim to achieve the strategic Treasury objective of being the top-tier Islamic bank for our customers, ADIB Treasury provides solutions spanning foreign exchange, Sukuk, shareholders and employees. money market, profit rate, equities and commodities together with managing the Group liquidity. The Treasury department continued to ADIB Operations and Technology team remains committed to deliver build on its strengths and constantly re-innovate themselves to support consistent operational support and practice strong governance and and guide the customers on exposure management in current challenging control mechanism across the business lines. Our journey continues economic environment. At the same time, it invests funds for the Bank’s with a strong focus to deliver lower operational cost, build digital own account and manages the relevant market risk for the Bank. capabilities, increase efficiency and automation and customer-centric processes to deliver enhanced customer experience. Along with ADIB Treasury had another strong year of growth with higher volumes in technology refresh programs to upgrade systems and technologies. Foreign Exchange and Sukuk due to enhanced product capability and a closer working relationship with its customers. The Trading Desk delivered In 2019, we continued to focus on upgrading our IT operating model, a solid performance despite challenging global market conditions due to architecture, infrastructure and information security to meet our digital proactive risk management. The Asset Liability Management business transformation agenda. delivered good results by positioning the bank to rationalize balance sheet and to take advantage of profit rate movement. Information Security Transformation Program that was initiated in 2016 with the aim to centralize and comprehensively manage the Information and cyber security controls for the group continued in 2019 to successfully deliver the digital transformation agenda and build resilience to internal and external security threats. 30 ADIB Annual Report 2019

The Business Continuity team has been fully established and the ADIB remains one of the leading Banks in advocating the business command center was inaugurated in addition to the recruitment, development and promotion of local talent. With a implementation of different platforms that shall allow automation and diverse and international workforce, the Bank currently employs over greater data integrity in the foundational elements for BCM. 740 Nationals in the UAE, representing 36% of ADIB’s UAE based employees. The HRD has successfully enabled the Bank to exceed its Human Resources targets based on the points-based system approved by the UAE The Human Resources Division (HRD) supports the delivery of ADIB’s Central Bank that promotes the entry of Emiratis into the financial strategy by working with the leadership team and the Bank’s line sector as well as their career development and future deployment managers to attract, develop and engage local and expatriate talent into critical roles. in line with business and functional requirements. Through the development and deployment of relevant tools, technologies and The HRD continued to invest into its technology platform to further frameworks, the HRD facilitates the Bank’s approach to performance improve and automate relevant HR processes, such as resourcing, in management, provides relevant talent management and training order to ensure a more efficient service delivery and a more programs, coordinates staff engagement initiatives and employee streamlined experience for hiring managers and candidates alike. relations, and manages the Bank’s reward and recognition programs. In addition, it supports staff-related regulatory requirements, organizational design and other ad-hoc projects to enable the Bank to deliver on its strategic plans. In 2019, the HRD continued to collaborate with different departments on various aspects of resourcing, talent development and organizational change initiatives in order to support the strategic agenda of the Group. The HRD also continued to enable ADIB in building and enhancing the relevant skills and capabilities of new and existing employees with a range of training and development programs, including an ongoing focus on the development of talented UAE nationals. In particular, our established ‘Tamkeen’ and ‘Qyiadat’ programs for nominated UAE nationals provide learning platforms that allow them to develop in their roles as well as open up potential internal career opportunities. These initiatives also serve to address the necessary leadership skills to advance the capabilities of Emirati managers. Through these dedicated programs, we have continued to train over 60 UAE nationals in 2019, including the opportunity to be certified or accredited through recognized external industry bodies. More broadly, the HRD also managed other certified and externally accredited programs to ensure that employees have the banking competencies and expertise to advance professionally and to serve our various customers and stakeholders effectively. Throughout 2019, over 94% of our employees, including more than 700 UAE nationals, received training and support via the Bank’s Academy. ADIB Annual Report 2019 31

International Operations International Banking Group Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Sudan The environment that ADIB’s International Banking Group (IBG) ADIB Sudan operates from one branch location in Khartoum. The operates in remained challenging in 2019. The full year impact of the business is focused on corporate banking supporting both local 2018 Sudan devaluation and the conscious adjustment to our corporates and ADIB group customers operating in Sudan, as well as business in Qatar were reflected in 2019. The impact on revenues a number of public sector companies. driven by these situations was partially offset by favourable revenue growth in both Iraq and the UK that was complemented by a cost The business operates to detailed compliance, governance, and risk reduction that led to a 15% improvement in the operating margin. frameworks, to minimize operational risk. 2019 was a challenging year due to the political and economic environment, but fortunately During the year, we have re-evaluated our international presence as towards the end of the year we have seen greater clarity in the part of the overall group strategy, and while we remained committed situation and can see green shoots of a more positive outlook. We to having a presence in certain markets, we are looking at the most took a cautious approach to the business in 2019 given the effective structures in order to serve our customers efficiently. landscape and consciously held back until we saw greater clarity in the market. In line with this strategy, we decided to reconfigure our presence in the UK to a non-regulated branch of ADIB Group. According to the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Iraq decision, ADIB will maintain its presence in the UK, with a focus on ADIB started operating in Iraq with the opening of the Baghdad developing the successful commercial real estate financing, but will Branch in February 2012, which was followed by branches in Erbil in refrain from providing regulated services to customers including, November 2013 and Basra in November 2015. current accounts, savings and deposits, as well as safe deposit boxes. The decision came following a rigorous evaluation process that took 2019 saw the first year of our new strategy, where our focus is now into consideration the high demand for commercial real estate on corporate banking and trade finance, and the early signs are financing, where ADIB has built a strong full-service property encouraging, with a substantial double-digit revenue growth, while financing solution to support clients’ investment strategies in UK costs are properly managed to keep them at a level below last year. commercial real estate in compliance with Islamic Shari’a principles. Despite the challenging environment in Iraq, we still see a lot of opportunities and expect our low risk approach to deliver solid returns. 32 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Qatar Established under the jurisdiction of the Qatar Financial Centre, ADIB Qatar continued to face significant challenges in 2019 given the geopolitical environment. We maintained our business presence and continue to serve our current customer base. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, UK ADIB UK was established in 2012 to service the London needs of ADIB Group’s existing relationship banking customers from GCC and MENA countries. The business is located in the prestigious location of 1 Hyde Park in London. 2019 was a strong year for the UK business with asset volumes growing strongly as we financed a number of prestigious projects. Building on this success we are implementing a revised strategy where we will give up our banking license whilst continuing to focus on supporting our Group and GCC clients’ commercial real estate investments in the UK. This model will allow us to deliver a strong value proposition to our clients whilst operating a significantly more efficient business model. Saudi Finance Company 2019 was a strong year for Saudi Finance Company. Following the return to a business expansion mode, we registered a 13% growth in customer assets and a similar growth in revenue. During the year we expanded our distribution capabilities and commenced investment in developing our digital capabilities. ADIB Annual Report 2019 33

Branch Management Mr M Abouzeid Mr N Al Abdool Mr H Al Ahbabi Mr S Al Dhaheri Mr M Al Ali Mr M H Al Ali Mr S Al Ghallabi Mr A Al Hammadi Mr M Ali Mr S Al Kaabi Mr M Al Khoori Mr A Al Boloshi 34 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Mr A Al Dhaheri Mr A A Aldhanhani Mr M Al Dhanhani Mr J Ali Mr Y Al Hammadi Mr K Al Awadhi Mr A Al Baloushi Mr H Al Hosani Mr I Al Baloushi Ms M Al Darmaki Mr S Al Marzouqi Mr M Al Mehairy ADIB Annual Report 2019 35

Branch Management continued Mr A Al Melhi Mr A Almemari Mr A Al Mitwali Mr A Al Mutairi Mr A Al Najar Mr H Al Shamsi Mr H Al Shateri Mr R Al Mutawwa Mr F Al Naqbi Mr S Al Nuaimi Mr S Kaoud Mr E A Al Safar 36 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Mr H A Al Naqeeb Mr A Al Shehhi Mr S Al Shehhi Mr Y Al Suwaidi Mr A Al Zubaidi Mr I Al Qasser Mr J H Alraeesi Mr F Al Rais Mr S S Alameri Mr M H Khalil Mr A Al Marzooqi Mr K S A lshamsi ADIB Annual Report 2019 37

Branch Management continued Mr Y Jaafar Mr H Kader Mr H Tamimi Mr K Al Hosani Mr M Mahjoub Mr F Saeed Mr O Thoban Ms A M Yousif Mr M Zainal Mr H Kashwani Mr M Alnuaimi Mr S Alhammadi Mr A Al Shuweihi 38 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Bank Branches’ Network Abu Dhabi (Central Area) Abu Dhabi (East + West Area) Dubai (Bur Dubai Area) North Emirates 1. Najda Street 18. Baniyas 51. Sheikh Zayed Road 66. Sharjah 2. Khalidiya Ladies 19. Mussafah 52. Dubai Mall 67. Ajman 3. Muroor 20. Binal Jesrain 53. Arenco - DIC 68. Wasit Street 4. Abu Dhabi Municipality 21. Abu Dhabi Airport 54. Jumeirah 69. Umm Al Qaiwain 5. Al Wahda Mall 22. Al Rahba 55. Al Barsha 70. Sahara Centre 6. Abu Dhabi Police GHQ 23. Dalma Mall 56. JAFZA 71. Al Buhairah 7. Sheikh Zayed Main Branch 24. Khalifa A City 57. Second of December 72. Al Juraina 25. Bawabat Al Sharq Mall 73. Fujairah Abu Dhabi (Corniche Area) 26. Shahama Dubai (Deira Area) 74. Ras Al Khaimah 27. Deerfields Townsquare 75. Dibba 8. Abu Dhabi Chamber of 28. Yas Mall 58. Deira 76. Khor Fakkan 29. Madinat Zayed 59. Al Twar Branch 77. Al Dhaid Commerce Cash Office 30. Madinat Zayed Immigration 60. Nad Al Hamar 78. RAK Airport Road 31. Al Sila 61. Al Mamzar 79. Kalba 9. Khalidiya Gents 32. Al Marfaa 62. Al Regah 80. Al Hamra Mall 33. Delma Island 63. Al Warqaa 81. Fujairah City Centre 10. Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex 34. Liwa 64. Al Mohaisnah 35. Gayathi 65. DAFZA ADIB Express 11. Al Bateen 36. Ruwais Mall 37. Al Shamkha Mall • Emaar Business Park - Dubai 12. Abu Dhabi Immigration • Arabian Ranches - Dubai Al Ain • World Trade Center - Abu Dhabi 13. Abu Dhabi Shari’a Court • Al Wahda Mall - Abu Dhabi 38. Al Ain 14. ADIA Cash Office 39. Al Jimi 40. Sinayia 15. Marina Mall 41. Al Yahar 42. Al Murabbaa 16. Nation Towers 43. Al Ain Municipality 44. Al Wagan 17. Abu Dhabi Judicial Department 45. Hili Mall 46. Oud Al Tobba Ladies Branch 47. Al Bawadi Mall 48. Al Ain Court Cash Office 49. Al Tawaam Branch 50. Makani Mall ADIB Annual Report 2019 39

Financial Services Business Review ADIB Securities Our stock-brokerage subsidiary, ADIB Securities, has ranked offer its clients a diversified access to trade outside the UAE. ADIB number three in the UAE in terms of the number of transaction Securities continues to be a market leader in sharia compliant executed with a 9.2% market share. Furthermore, our digital equities trading thus ranking 1st in UAE in terms of Islamic trading channels represent 25% of the overall online trades on brokerage volumes. the Dubai Financial Market. ADIB Securities registered a net profit of AED 20.3 million in 2019. ADIB Securities continued to attract new customers winning their trust through its state-of-art trading platforms and superb client services. It had also added Saudi Tadawal and all major US exchanges to its trading platform thus setting the stage Abridged Balance Sheet 31 December Abridged Income Statement For the year ended 31 December Commission Income 2018 2019 Other revenues 2018 2019 Total Revenues AED Million AED Million Total expenses AED Million AED Million Profit for the year ASSETS 11.1 14.7 18.8 21.4 Bank balances and cash 656.5 682.4 Account recievables and prepayments 163.9 144.0 29.8 36.1 Property and equipment Total Assets 0.4 1.9 (15.8) (15.8) LIABILITIES 820.8 828.2 Accounts payable and accruals 14.0 20.3 23.5 29.0 EQUITY 23.5 29.0 Share capital Unconditional shareholder advance 30.0 30.0 Retained earnings and other reserves 600.0 600.0 167.2 169.2 Total Liabilities and Equity 797.2 799.2 820.8 828.2 The above financial results are consoldiated line by line in the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s consolidated financial statements as required by IFRS10-Consolidated Financial Statements 40 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Non-Financial Services Business Review Burooj Properties LLC The repositioning of ADIB’s Real Estate subsidiary, Burooj Properties, to better reflect the Group’s investment and development property portfolio, continued in 2019. With the downturn in some aspects of the Real Estate market in the UAE we deemed it prudent to increase the impairments relating to Burooj’s historical activities by a further AED 124.4 Mn in 2019. Abridged Balance Sheet 31 December Abridged Income Statement For the year ended 31 December Investment revenues 2018 2019 Other revenues 2018 2019 Total Revenues AED Million AED Million Total expenses AED Million AED Million Provision for impairment ASSETS Loss for the year 14.1 14.0 5.4 1.3 Bank balances and cash 279.7 68.9 Investment in properties 1,864.2 1,728.3 19.5 15.4 Investments in equities Property and equipment 8.8 17.1 (17.7) (14.6) Other receiavbles 133.6 132.8 (61.8) (124.4) Total Assets 144.2 LIABILITIES 2,430.4 0.6 (60.1) (123.6) Murabaha payable 1,947.6 Other payables 1,996.6 1,996.6 EQUITY 1,019.0 648.2 Share capital 3,015.5 Accumulated losses and other 2,644.7 reserves 500.0 500.0 Total Liabilities and Equity (1,085.1) (1,197.1) (585.1) (697.1) 2,430.4 1,947.6 The above financial results are consoldiated line by line in the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s consolidated financial statements as required by IFRS10-Consolidated Financial Statements ADIB Annual Report 2019 41

Non-Financial Services Business Review continued MPM Properties LLC MPM Properties became a stand-alone subsidiary of the Bank in 2014. The primary focus is on bringing MPM’s customer service levels up to the same standards as those of the Bank in the UAE. MPM’s new business model as an integrated real estate services company focused on property management, valuations, sales and leasing and real estate advisory has continued to contribute positively, despite a tough property market across the UAE in 2019. MPM continues to manage significant portfolios and through an ongoing focus on developing the skill sets and capabilities of the teams within, continues to expand its business, most recently in the Property Advisory sector, beyond Abu Dhabi into Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Abridged Balance Sheet 31 December Abridged Income Statement For the year ended 31 December Fees and commissions 2018 2019 Total Revenues 2018 2019 Total expenses AED Million AED Million Profit (loss) for the year AED Million AED Million ASSETS 62.5 52.2 Bank balances and cash 35.6 45.9 62.5 52.2 Property and equipment 5.7 4.2 Accounts receivables and (60.5) (53.1) prepayments 71.8 72.6 Total Assets 113.0 122.8 2.0 (0.9) LIABILITIES Accounts payables and accruals 68.8 79.4 68.8 79.4 EQUITY Share capital 1.0 1.0 Retained earnings and other reserves 43.2 42.4 44.2 43.4 Total Liabilities and Equity 113.0 122.8 The above financial results are consoldiated line by line in the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s consolidated financial statements as required by IFRS10-Consolidated Financial Statements 42 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility ADIB has always taken a proactive approach to conduct responsible Finance” service, which provides qualifying customers with instant business, which is why to solidify our commitments, we invest in a access to personal finance, customer information update through the five-year sustainability strategy that will continue to generate app. Tablet kiosks were also launched in branches to allow customers mutual benefits to all our stakeholders. In 2019, we continued in our to rapidly update their information. ADIB revealed a new digital journey to be the leading sustainable Islamic bank by proactively banking proposition targeting millennials called Smartbanking. incorporating the best international sustainability practices with our Smartbanking features digital onboarding and a range of innovative deep-rooted principals for sharia. products delivered through a dedicated mobile banking app and intuitive online banking platform. NB: ADIB will be publishing a separate sustainability report for 2019 that contains more details on our sustainable strategy and approach. 2. Social Responsibility As an ethical bank, our role in the communities we operate in is Some for our key initiatives: more than profit making. We have a collective responsibility to serve our local community, our customers, shareholders, employees and all 1. Economic Sustainability our stakeholders. Our customers’ trust remains a priority for us. It is very important to understand what our role and responsibilities are to them. We also Alignment with the year of Tolerence understand the growing need for sustainability in the broader The UAE President and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh context of the national economy, which is why in 2019 we pushed Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, declared 2019 as the Year of Tolerence. for continuous improvement which led to strong and stable financial ADIB therefore ensured that our 2019 social investment initiatives growth, ensuring economic sustainability. Some of our notable focus were in line with tolerance values and aligned its social responsibility areas for improvements in 2019 were: actions with the “year of tolerance” government initiative. Sustainable financial performance Initiative Achievements Despite challenging market conditions, 2019 marked another successful year for ADIB characterized by improved profitability. ADIB Ramadan tents were installed • 48,000 food box were in 8 locations in 8 locations in the 7 distributed through the Customer satisfaction and experience emirates and in Al Ain tents We are committed to delivering the highest standards of customer To celebrate international Labor’s satisfaction and engagement. This approach is driven by our strategic Day, we distributed food boxes to • 500 box was distributed priorities: “enhancing customer experience” and “ service excellence”. labourers working in Abu Dhabi These priorities are well-communicated across all our departments, ADIB distributed winter clothes to • 2000 labours benefited and carry significant weight in our annual performance-management labourers during the cold winter from the initiative balanced scorecard. We have a dedicated Customer Experience Unit weather that sets our service excellence strategy by resolving all customer Hadiyah Initiative to cheer kids in • 130 volenteers issues, adopting a customer-centric culture, and implementing high hospitals during the Holy month of • 720 gifts distributed service standards. Ramadan by presenting gifts ADIB arranged iftar nights with • 179 Senior Citizens were Accessibility and customer convenience has always been a topic of games to elderly citizens and to visited focus at ADIB, which is why we consistently enhance all the delivery people of determination channels within our network. • 442 People with Blood Donations Determination Drive towards digitization ADIB continued to advance its digitisation agenda with ongoing • More than 1000 donors enhancements of the mobile app including launching “Express ADIB Annual Report 2019 43

Corporate Social Responsibility continued 2. Social Responsibility continued Empowering youth Some of the focus areas for 2019 were: Apart from the financial empowerment of youth, ADIB continues to invest in the country’s future generation through various activities. Financial education One of our notable programs is the ADIB Future Champions leagues. We believe that financial education contributes to the future Since its launch the league has expanded nationwide, and now offers stability of the economy in a positive manner, which is why we thousands of children the opportunity to join a truly competitive always inspire to educate individuals and families at different stages tournament annually at professional-class venues. This league of life about the importance of making informed, thoughtful and attracted the participation of 3000 players. beneficial financial decisions. In 2019 ADIB continued its drive for financial education through some of the following activities: Community empowerment We believe that the value we create for our communities is our duty Moneysmart Community as a responsible citizen. This culture is ingrained not only through our • ADIB has always been committed to helping people make better Islamic principles but also from our wish to grow along side a strong and healthy community. To ensure this, ADIB actively forms choices with their money through our financial education long-term meaningful partnerships with NGOs and governmental programmes. In 2019, the effort has been taken to the next level by entities through financial and in-kind contributions. ADIB empowered creating a digital community platform in the region. It is designed to local communities through various initiatives alongside our partners connect people with different financial experiences to share their in 2019, including: knowledge with each other. • Taking it a step further from creating a women’s banking segment, Financial Education for Labors - Happy Summer Campaign we promoted the health and livelihood of our female customers • As part of the Year of Tolerance, ADIN impeneted 10 financial and employees through our breast cancer awareness campaigns. literacy sessions for labourers in Abu Dhabi. We understand that • In partnership with the Ministry of Social Development, we built every segment of our community should have these knowledge to up a special centre for our senior citizens. The center will open in reach a prosperous life. We are aiming to reach as many segments as 2020 and will contribute to fulfill the pillars and goals of the possible in the coming years. national policy for senior emiratis especially by elevating their quality of life. Khutatti - Saving Plan • ADI launched in 2019 a saving plan called “Khuttati’’ to encourage • Mass Weddings: In 2019, 4 mass weddings were organised and in order to recognise the Year of Tolerance, the Ministry of Community medium-to long-term investments through regular contributions. Development with the support of the ADIB, held a “Tolerance Mass Khuttati, which means “my plan” in Arabic, allows customers to put Wedding” for 48 UAE nationals and residents. The Tolerance Mass aside a fixed contribution amount every month into a savings plan, Wedding included festive performances that reflected the popular which provides exposure to a wide choice of Sharia’a-compliant folklore as well as cultural and habits of the participating countries mutual funds investing across different asset classes and currencies. and reflected an open environment based on positive coexistence, coherence and mutual respect among all. As the leading advocate for financial education of young people, ADIB’s impact reached 690 students across 15 universities in the • Think Science ADIB sponsored The Think Science programme to UAE. Students got a chance to learn how to make smart decisions by empower youth between the ages of 15-35 to actively engage with learning from industry leaders. These roadshows focused around the the digital Area’s of Agreement revolution by providing them with areas of budgeting, saving and avoiding debt cycles. solid Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills, encouraging them to innovate and deploy technology that addresses some of today’s broader socio economic challenges. 44 ADIB Annual Report 2019

Volunteer program Learning and development Our culture and spirit of giving is embedded to our employees We provide inclusive training opportunities that focus directly on through the opportunities we create for them to play active roles in personal and professional development. This facilitates our employees’ the development of the community. In 2019, 920 ADIB staff continual growth, immersing them in a work environment that offers volunteered their time and efforts to maximize their positive impact a cohesive organisational culture and holistic work-life balance. ADIB as a team. Our notable initiative for the year were the Iftar food academy organises thousands of training sessions – digital and in-class boxes in tents, elderly visits and some environmental inititaves. – to inform employees of corporate policies and practices, while other programs target specific employment specialities and are tailored to Cultural activities meet the development needs of employees in line with the As the leading Islamic Bank in the UAE we understand the role that requirements of their jobs. history, culture and heritage plays in paving the way for future innovation. We take pride in raising awareness around the areas of Reward and recognition Islamic arts and heritage. Some of our notable activities: Our practice of rewarding exceptional work provides positive reinforcement for our people. This, in turn, contributes to a more • UAE National Day Celebrations resilient and results-focused workforce. • Zayed Heritage Festival Empowering UAE Nationals We believe that empowering UAE Nationals is a vital element to the • Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival overall sustainability and prosperity of the country. We do this through various initiatives, partnerships and programs throughout • Mother of The Nation festival the year. In 2019ADIB achieved a 36% representation of Emiratis in our workforce. • Emirati Children’s Day Engagement and communication • Al Dhaid Heritage Festival ADIB is committed to communicate all strategic and operational updates in advance. A key focus of our culture is to ensure employees • Commemoration Day maintain regular communication with top management through diverse channels and avenues. We have organized lunch sessions with • Emirati Women’s Day the CEO, where employees can openly share ideas, concerns and challenges. We also have an annual employee engagement survey 3. Caring for our people Soutak, which provides a platform to ensure that all our employees ADIB believes that shared value should be created not only for our are heard and fairly represented. external stakeholders, but also our internal stakeholders. Our leaders are the people who ensure that our values and cultures manifest Environmental responsibility themselves in day-to-day business and operations across our Honouring our commitment as a signatory of the Dubai and Abu organization, enabling ADIB to fulfil its role as an ethically responsible dhabi Declaration of Financial Institutions, ADIB consistently pushes organization. This is why we strive to cultivate the highest degree of towards maintaining sustainable practices throughout our excellence and professionalism among all employees. operations. During 2019 we tracked and monitored our electricity and water consumption as well as our carbon footprint. This is reported in great detail in our annual sustainability report. ADIB Annual Report 2019 45

Corporate Governance Report ADIB endeavours to continually upgrade and adopt best practices in the areas of governance, transparency, ethics, management and oversight of risk, audit and compliance. Effective corporate governance remains central to the culture and business practices of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (“ADIB” or “Bank”) and its related Subsidiaries and Affiliates (“the Group”). ADIB endeavours to continually upgrade and adopt best practices in the areas of governance, transparency, ethics, management and oversight of risk, audit and compliance. ADIB’s overarching objective is to be “a top tier Islamic financial services group” and has committed to the following corporate values in order to achieve this objective: • “We are Shari’a inspired” • “We keep it simple and sensible” • “We are transparent” • “We work for mutual benefit” • “We nurture hospitality and tolerance” 1. Corporate Governance Framework These values are embedded across the Group through a corporate governance framework that is relevant and proportionate to the scope and size of ADIB’s businesses. The framework is built on the principles prescribed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Corporate Governance Regulation and Stadards of the Central Bank of the UAE, and the Standards of Institutional Discipline and Governance of Public Shareholding Companies issued by the Securities and Commodities Authority. The Corporate Governance structure including the Board, Board committees, Management committees and various functions are shown in the following page: ADIB Annual Report 2019 47

Corporate Governance Report continued Shareholders External Auditor Board of Directors Internal Shari’a Supervisory Committee Remuneration & Board Level Nomination Committee Strategy Committee Risk & Investment Approval Committee Audit Governance & Risk Committee Policy Committee Group CEO Executive Level IT Steering Enterprise Risk ALCO Steering Information Security Control & Compliance Other Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committees Business Risk Management Risk Oversight & Control Independent Assurance Retail Wholesale Private Operations Finance & Strategy Internal Audit Functions Banking Banking Banking IT Compliance Governance Shari’a Audit Community Treasury International Legal Division Banking Banking Group Human Resource Division Shari’a Compliance Internal Audit function independently VMPC and CSR assesses the effectiveness of the Risk Management processes created in the first and second lines of defense and provide assuracne to Business Units undertake risks within Support and Control functions, in close these porcesses. Shari’a Audit function assigned limits of risk exposure and are relationship with business units, ensure conducts an independent review to responsible and accountable for that the risk in the business units have provide assuranc with respect to specific identifying, assessing and controlling the been appropriately identified and types of risks applicable to Islamic risks of their business. managed. financial services. First Line of Defence Second Line of Defence Third Line of Defence 48 ADIB Annual Report 2019

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