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The World and I 3 Learning to Live Well Name : ________________________ Section : ________________________ Roll No. : ________________________ School : ________________________

For teachers and parents . . . A holistic formal education must encompass not just literacy and numeracy skills, but also life skills based on social and emotional learning (SEL). Managing and maintaining relationships, dealing with problems of different kinds and managing oneself are some key social-emotional skills required in life in the 21st century. The CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, USA) framework for systemic social and emotional learning defines SEL as: ‘… the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions’. The authors have referred to various researches conducted on SEL while designing the framework and content for the books. The World and I series by ClassKlap aims at engaging students in a way that ensures: opportunities to generate greater awareness of the self recognition of the need, and exposure to the methods of managing oneself and one’s emotions greater understanding, empathy, care and concern for others with a focus on inclusiveness inculcation of social and environmental awareness along with a sense of responsibility towards and ownership of the society and the planet All of this is done through the use of age-appropriate and engaging content which includes the use of stories, comic strips, activities, songs, poems, characters and colourful illustrations suited to the Indian cultural context. The goal of the series is to enhance young learners’ awareness of their own selves and sensitise them to the world around them so that growing up is a more joyful experience. A vital aim is to nurture them as more sensitive human beings to create a generation that is wiser and more humane. We hope teachers and parents will take an active interest in co-creating a learning environment where learners can meaningfully engage with the content of these books. We hope that the young learners will have as much fun going through these books as we had designing them. – The Authors

Hello everyone! We all know it is not easy being a child. So, here is a book especially for you to think about your feelings. We hope that this book will help you know yourself and the world around you better. Wishing you happy learning and discovering! Put paint on your hand and leave a print here!

Contents 3Class Self-awareness Relationship skills 1 How Well Do I Know ‘ME’ .......... 1 11 Listening to Others ................... 33 2 Tall or Short—Worry Not! ........... 4 12 Let Us Work Together ............... 35 3 My Body Is Mine ......................... 7 13 All Is Well ................................... 37 Self-control Responsible decision-making 4 Dealing with Anger .................. 12 14 Making Friends ......................... 40 15 The Decision-making Wheel ... 42 Self-management Moral values 5 One Step at a Time ................. 15 6 Let Us Keep Trying ................... 18 16 Kind Hearts Are the Happiest... 44 7 Doing Things on Time .............. 21 17 Helping Myself ......................... 46 Social awareness Our duties 8 I Feel What You Feel ................ 24 18 Give a Little, Take a Little ........ 49 9 Accepting Everyone ............... 27 10 I Love Myself ............................. 30 Environmental awareness 19 Water Matters! ......................... 52 20 Let’s Save the Trees! ................ 55

1 How Well Do I Know ‘ME’ Hello! I am Heartsy. I am a heart, and I love to talk. I have some fun activities, songs and games for you. Let’s be friends, and together we will think about some very important things! Let us find out how well we know ourselves. Tick the points that are true for you. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers! I enjoy singing. I like making new friends. I like to feel happy and smile. I like playing outdoors. I enjoy playing indoors. I like reading. 1

I like watching TV. I like painting. I like sports. I enjoy food. Now, fill in these blanks about yourself. 1) My favourite game is _______________________. 2) If I could be a superhero, I would be _________________. 3) One place I love to spend time at is ______________. 4) I am good at ____________________________________. 5) I am not so good at ______________________________. 2

How to know your friend We just found out what we love doing and are good at. Here are some things we can do to know our friends better. Ask them about things that they like. Talk to them about things that they do not like. Do things that both of you enjoy together. Be a good listener. Ice cream for thought Would it be interesting if—  all of us were good at the same thing? YES / NO / MAYBE  all of us loved the same things? YES / NO / MAYBE  all of us would do the same thing every day? YES / NO / MAYBE  all of us could do every single thing in this world? YES / NO / MAYBE Our friends may like and do the same things as we do. But, sometimes they may be completely different from us. Let us love ourselves and also love others. 3

2 Tall or Short—Worry Not! Have you ever grown taller than your classmates over the summer holidays? Or everyone else has grown, but your height has remained the same? Doctor Giraffe knows a lot about height and its problems. Let us see what she has to tell us. Hello, everyone! I am Doctor Giraffe. How has your body changed over the years? Draw in the space given. How did you look when you What do you look like now? were five years old? 4

Read the following carefully. Tick the way in which you grow.  Some of us grow like some trees—very fast, and without stopping until we have reached our full height.  Some of us grow like sandhills—little by little, every month, till we reach our full height.  Some of us grow a little and then stop growing for a bit. Then we grow a little more. This keeps happening, until we reach our full height.  Some people don’t grow tall for a very long time and then, shoot up suddenly! It does not matter how tall we grow. What matters is that we eat healthy food, play outdoor games, keep ourselves clean and sleep well. Think, Feel and Share Every person—tall, short, or of average height—is the best that they can be. What will you say to someone if they say something about your height? What if someone teases your friend about their height? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 5

Do on your own Colour the following slogan. Don’t forget to read it aloud and follow it every day! Eat, play and live healthy! 6

3 My Body Is Mine There is something very special that is yours. It is your body! We all love our bodies. But, how do we keep our bodies safe? Meet Friendly Owl, who will tell us how. Hello! I am Friendly Owl. Let’s always remember to keep ourselves safe. Whenever we do not like a touch, we should say ‘no’. Let us learn more about keeping our bodies safe. When we’re young, we need help to keep us clean. We need help with a bath or shower, or after we use the bathroom. That’s OK. But, it is NEVER a secret! 7

Sometimes a doctor or a nurse touches our body when we get a check-up. That’s OK too. But, it is NEVER a secret! Some kinds of touch are A good touch gives us good GOOD— feelings— happy excited surprised for example, when we pet our Some people love hugs and kisses. dogs or shake hands with our What are the good touches for you? friends. ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ A good touch is NEVER a secret. 8

There is one more rule to keep ourselves safe. NO ONE TOUCHES OUR PRIVATE PARTS. The parts marked in red in the given picture are our private parts. A bad touch gives us bad feelings. Touching private parts is a bad touch. Bad touches can come from ANYONE and they may want us to keep it a SECRET. But we MUST NOT. 9

How to deal with bad touch When any person touches your private parts or touches you in a way that you don’t like, you can do the following. Shout. Say ‘no’. Tell a grown-up that you trust. Never keep it a secret. Call 1098, which is a child helpline number. Ice cream for thought  If we don’t like when someone touches us, should we shout? YES / NO / MAYBE  If a touch gives us bad feelings, should we keep it a secret? YES / NO / MAYBE If someone tries to touch our private parts or make us touch their private parts, we can always tell our parents or another trusted grown-up. A trusted grown-up is anyone who can help you be safe. 10

Do on your own Here is a Safe and Smart certificate. Fill it up! SAFE AND SMART CERTIFICATE My name is ...................................................., and I am safe and smart. My safe person is ....................................... whom I can always talk to about everything. I trust them because I know they will keep me safe. 11

4 Dealing with Anger Have you ever felt angry? What do you do when that happens? Some of us cry, some shout and some stop talking. Everyone has different ways of showing their anger. Match each pressure cooker with the word that describes it. Calm Angry 12

How to deal with anger! It is all right to feel angry sometimes. But it’s important to know what to do when you feel angry. When you are angry, you can do the following things. Laugh loudly and jump around with your arms in the air! Slowly—very, very slowly—breathe in, and breathe out. Drink some water. Or buttermilk! Eat a piece of fruit. Or a vada! Tell a grown-up about how you’re feeling. Write about how you’re feeling. Draw it out! Paint it! Play with some clay! Make up a song about your anger. Sing it aloud! Dance like a monkey! And the easiest—take a deep breath and count from 1 to 100. 13

What would you do if your friend gets angry like the angry pressure cooker? Tick the things that you can do.  I will wait for her to calm down.  I will get angry with her.  I will talk to her softly.  I will fight with her.  I will try to find out why she is angry.  I will find ways to make her happy.  I will ask her to breathe deeply and count till ten. Ice cream for thought Do you think—  it is all right to feel angry sometimes? YES / NO / MAYBE  anger is a feeling? YES / NO / MAYBE When we get too angry, we stop thinking about what we are doing. This may hurt people around us. With the tricks that Uncle Penguin taught us, we can deal with our anger and also help our friends! 14

5 One Step at a Time If we want an activity to happen smoothly, we must do it step by step. Only when we finish the first task can we move on to the next one. Do you like going on picnics? Let’s plan one. Given below are a few steps for planning a picnic. But they are all jumbled up. Can you write the numbers in the right order to help plan the picnic? The first step is done for you.  Pack your food.  Go to the picnic and have loads of fun!  Decide the day and date.  Decide where to go. 1  Think of fun activities. Now you know how to plan a picnic. Let us think of another scenario. 15

Imagine that your partner has fallen down. Their elbows are bleeding, and they are crying. You have to help them with first aid. Here are a few steps that you must follow but they are not in order. Can you put them in the correct order?  I will ask her to sit on the footpath.  I will help her walk.  I will put a band-aid on her wound.  I will wash her wound with the water in my bottle.  I will wipe her tears.  I will help her get up. 16

Ice cream for thought Do you think it is easier to—  finish each step before moving on to the next step? YES / NO / MAYBE  do everything at once? YES / NO / MAYBE Now we know that every step is important. It is much easier if we do our task one step at a time. 17

6 Let Us Keep Trying Sometimes, we have to try many times to get the result we want. I have been trying to draw a perfect apple. But I just can’t make a big, round one. Still, I will keep trying! Try and find out how many words you can write using the letters in the sentence— I WILL KEEP TRYING. Write as many as you can come up with. It is OK if it takes time. Keep trying till you have at least five words. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 18

Kiki, the dog, is lost. She has to reach home, but there are many difficulties on the way. But she will keep on trying. Can you help her reach home? Kiki and you kept trying and finally she reached home. Congratulations! 19

Think, Feel and Share Now we know that we may not succeed at once. But, if we keep trying, we can. And even if we don’t succeed, at least we tried! Have you ever completed a difficult task after trying again and again? How did you manage? Did someone encourage you? Write your story here. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 20

7 Doing Things on Time Sometimes we are forgetful and lazy and can’t complete our tasks on time. Sometimes we think we don’t have enough time. Wuzzy, the magician, is facing the same problem. I have to do many things every day. I do not know what to do first and what to do later. Will you help me put them in order in the timetable given below? • Brush teeth. • Learn the ‘Hocus Pocus, Ini Mini Mocus’ spell in class. • Have lunch. • Have a bath. • Help wizard grandparents to wash dishes after dinner. • Go to wizard school. • Have dinner. TASK TIME 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 21

How will the timetable help Wuzzy? A) It will make Wuzzy more confused. B) It will help Wuzzy know what to do when. C) It will do the work for Wuzzy. Just like Wuzzy, you also have many things to do every day. You have to study, read books, play games, paint, help your parents and the list goes on. How will you plan your day if you have to do all these tasks? TASK TIME Do homework Help Ma or Papa with work Paint, read or dance Study Play games Watch TV Clean my room 22

Yay! You were able to plan your day. Congratulations! Do you think making a plan is helpful? Ice cream for thought  Can we do all our tasks at the same time? YES / NO / MAYBE  Is it easier if we plan our tasks? YES / NO / MAYBE It is so much easier if we know what we should do when. Do on your own Turn to the last page of the book. There is a timetable given for you. Fill it in with your daily tasks. Cut it and paste it near your bed and use it every day. 23

8 I Feel What You Feel We feel worried about somebody who is unhappy or is facing a problem. When we understand what a person is feeling, we try to help them. It shows that we care about people around us. Let us learn more about our friends. 1) Choose a partner. 2) Sit facing each other. 3) Talk about one problem that you have faced. Also, talk about the reasons why you are facing that problem. 4) If you can’t find a problem, just talk about each other—where you are from, what you eat at home, what things make you sad and so on. 5) Decide who will talk first. 6) Listen seriously to what your friend has to say. 7) Try and find a solution together. 8) You can even say something that makes your friend smile! Have you ever felt sad because your friend was sad? Did you try to help them? 24

Read the following scenarios. Make a circle next to the ones which show care. Make a square for the ones that do not show care and kindness.  Chand lives with his mother.  Rukmi’s best friend, Teena, She is a school teacher. hurts her finger. It starts She comes back from work, bleeding. Rukmi feels sorry cleans the house and cooks. for her but keeps Chand helps playing without her out with helping Teena. washing ___________ the utensils, cleaning  Biku’s toffee is taken away the house by Andy. Lee sees this and and buying vegetables. runs to Andy. She asks him _____________ to give Biku’s chocolate back. ________________  Tasneem is in a cycle race. Suddenly, the wheels of the cycle break and he falls. Bruno, another competitor, sees this, and stops to help Tasneem get up. _______ 25

Pledge Time! Let us read aloud the pledge together and follow it every day.  I will always listen carefully when people are sharing their problems.  I will try to understand and make them feel better.  I will not say mean or hurtful things to others.  I will love, care and help others. 26

9 Accepting Everyone We are all different from each other. Even in our family, each family member looks different and can do different things. That is the fun of life! We are all different, but we still fit well together. WE F I TWE L L 27

Let us do a fun activity. 1) Form groups of five. 2) Take a piece of blank paper. 3) Each member of the group will come forward and tear a piece of that paper with their hands. 4) Once you have your paper, draw your face on it. You can use any colour you want! 5) Add one word that describes you best. 6) Once everyone has finished drawing, place your papers on the table. Fit them together in the same way you solve a jigsaw puzzle. All the pictures fit perfectly fine, don’t they? We are all different yet we fit together perfectly to make this beautiful world! Now read these scenarios. Tick the one in which people accept each other.  Tina and Tulsi belong to  The children from the big different communities. Their building see a thin, little houses are next to each boy, wearing torn clothes. other’s. They celebrate all He begs at the bus stop with their festivals together by his mother. They don’t have sharing food and gifts. money. ‘Don’t go near him. He stinks!’ shouts one of the children at the bus stop. The others laugh. 28

Think, Feel and Share  Are your friends and neighbours different from you? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________  Does it matter if we are different from each other? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Let us make this world a better place by trying to love and accept people the way they are! 29

10 I Love Myself All of us have many qualities and talents. We are all different and special. A pizza is also made of many different things. Can you image yourself as a pizza? Imagine your qualities are the vegetables and your talents are the other toppings. Can you make a pizza with your qualities and talents?  Pizza bread: _______________________________ (your name)  Vegetables: helpful, fun-loving, creative, sharing, friendly, honest, brave, loving, hard-working, patient and so on  Other toppings: dancing, writing, outdoor sports, art and craft, singing, listening, smiling, indoor games, reading, cooking, making new things, cleaning . . . the list can go on 30

Did you notice how many special talents and qualities you have? Pledge Time! It is important to respect ourselves and love what we do! Let us say this out loud together.  I am important, you are too.  I will always keep learning.  I respect myself and all the talents that I have. Do on your own There is a poster on the next page. You can colour it with your favourite colours. Stick your photograph and remember to love yourself every day! 31

(stick your photograph here) 32

11 Listening to Others Sometimes we have a lot to say, and we forget to listen to others carefully. Sometimes we do not listen to our teachers and make mistakes. Let us all play a game. It is called Chinese Whispers. 1) Let us all sit down on the floor in a circle. 2) One person will think of a message. It can be anything. (For example, ‘There is a cat on the tree.’) 3) They will whisper that message into the ear of the person sitting next to them. 4) The next person will again whisper it into the ear of the person sitting next to them, and so on. 5) The last person will say the message out loud. 6) The game goes on until the last person says aloud whatever they heard. Then, the first person shares the original message. 7) Was the final message same as the original message? What do you think is the most important part of this game? Yes! You are right. Good listening is the most important part of the game. 33

Here is a song about being a good listener. Come on, sing along! I am a good listener, I listen quietly. I close my mouth, Open my ears, When others speak to me. I always try to listen— ‘Cause listening is good. Oh! I am a good listener, I listen the way I should. Think, Feel and Share  Do you think we should listen to others when they are talking? Why or why not? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________  Can you write down two ways in which we can be good listeners? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 34

12 Let Us Work Together Do you think working together in a team makes things easier? Let us play a game and find out! 1) Make two circles of eight or ten people. 2) Each one raises their right hand and holds the right hand of the person standing opposite to them in the circle. 3) Then, each person raises their left hand and holds someone else’s left hand. 4) You are now knotted! Can you undo the knot without leaving each other’s hands? Ice cream for thought  Is it possible to undo the knot without working together or helping each other? YES / NO / MAYBE  Is it harder to solve problems when we work together? YES / NO / MAYBE It is more fun when we do things together! 35

Do on your own Colour the following promise. Don’t forget to read it aloud and follow it every day! Let us support each other, now and always! 36

13 All Is Well Has anyone ever stopped being friends with you? Have you ever been teased by others? There are many times when we feel left out or lonely. Sometimes, we also feel bad about how others behave with us. Look at the following pictures. What do you see in each one of them? Make a story and discuss it in class. The beginning of the story has been written for you. Maya and Farhan were very good friends. They both studied in Class 3. 37

How to deal with teasing Read the steps given. Then, colour the flags beside the steps that you think you have followed or will follow when anyone teases you. Use a smart voice to tell the person teasing you to stop making fun of you. Ignore and calmly walk away from the place. Avoid showing how upset you are because of the teasing. They will stop if they see their teasing isn’t working. Think of a short phrase or a joke to reply with. Walk away. Look for a friend or someone you trust and talk to them. 38

Ice cream for thought Did any of the following happen in the pictures shown?  A student was feeling lonely. YES / NO / MAYBE  A student was being teased by another student. YES / NO / MAYBE  Another person tried to help the student. YES / NO / MAYBE It is OK to feel sad and angry when our friends leave us. Sometimes people stay, and sometimes they leave. 39

14 Making Friends Friendships are like our favourite dishes. They come in different flavours. A good friendship is made up of fun, safety, love, adventure, honesty, care and so on. We’re going to make a soup today that we will all love. It is called the FRIENDSHIP SOUP! Given below are a few things that you can get from the Friendship Shop. Choose from the following to make your very own recipe of Friendship Soup. Let’s see how good it tastes. 2 sticks of kindness 2 cups of 3 big spoons of 1 gallon of having fun honesty love 1 cup of caring 2 big spoons of 1 pinch of 1 pinch of fights for each other accepting each other the way we are respecting ourselves 2 cups of cheering for one another 1 sprinkle of feeling 1 spoon of sticking 1 bottle of safe with each other up for each other support 3 spoons of trust 40

Choose your ingredients and write your recipe below. Now boil your soup and share it with your friends. Think, Feel and Share We all are different and have different kinds of friends. Think of your best friend. What do you like the most about your friendship? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ 41

15 The Decision-making Wheel Sometimes, it is very difficult to make decisions. We may not know what the right decision is. What decisions will you make in the following situations? Scenario 1 Your parents forget to get you a birthday gift or throw a party as they are very busy. What will you do? a) Get angry with them. b) Understand that they were busy and not get angry. c) Make a new birthday plan with them. Scenario 2 There is a new student in your class. No one is talking to her. Some students are also teasing her. What will you do? a) It is not your business. So you stay out of it. b) Join the students who are teasing her. c) Try to make friends with her and stop those who are teasing her. 42

How to make a responsible decision You can use this decision-making wheel every time you have to make a decision. It will take you in the right direction. Think, Feel and Share Do you remember a good decision you made? Write about it here. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ We can follow different steps to make a decision, but our decisions should always be careful kind responsible! 43

16 Kind Hearts Are the Happiest Little acts of kindness make life better and happier. We can make others happy by being kind to them. Let's make some— 1) Think about all the different people who work in your school. 2) What do you like about these people? 3) Choose one person you like the most. 4) Find a piece of blank paper and write down what you like about them. Draw something pretty for them too. 5) You can give it to them and see them smile! Ice cream for thought  Did you enjoy making the Kindness Cards? YES / NO / MAYBE  Did the person you gave your card to smile? YES / NO / MAYBE Little acts of kindness make a big difference! 44

Do on your own Make a Kindness Box. 1) Take a small empty box (or a bucket / an unused pen stand / a basket or any kind of container). This is going to be your Kindness Box. 2) Each day of this month, when you do something kind that makes someone happy, write it down on a piece of paper. 3) Write about what you did and the date you did it on. 4) Fold it and keep it in your Kindness Box. 5) At the end of the month, count all the lovely things that you did. You can put in tasks like:  helping your parent with work  feeding stray dogs or cats  helping your teacher in class  helping your grandparent carry something  helping your sibling with homework  sharing your umbrella with a friend . . . the list goes on. You will be surprised to see how kind you are! 45

17 Helping Myself Sometimes it is important to help ourselves before helping others. When we help ourselves first, we can help others in a better way. Let us play a game together! 1) Choose one student who will be the ‘water ghost’. 2) The power of the water ghost is that it can touch anyone and turn them into ice. 3) After being turned into ice, the person cannot move and has to be saved. 4) Another person who is still free has to come and touch the person who has been turned into ice to rescue them. 5) While rescuing someone you have to make sure that you are safe from the water ghost. Is it important for us to first keep ourselves safe from the water ghost so that we can help others? Why? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 46

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