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Out and About STYLE Mag Vol. 2 Issue 1

Published by Marsha Fry, 2020-03-06 05:04:59

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QMuotoenthoetf h There is nothing more important to true growth than realising that you are not the voice of the mind - you are the one who hears it. ~ Michael A. Singer [email protected] Shella Landayan [email protected] [email protected] Outandaboutstylemag Published by Out and About Style FZE (Registered at Fujairah Creative City)

WEDEITLCOORM’SE People change and things go wrong but just remember, life goes on.  ~ Mac Miller January may have greeted us with struggles and challenges, but our strength and willpower kept us going. Keep in mind that as long as we breathe, we have another chance to live the life we always wanted. From the bottom of our hearts, Out and About STYLE Magazine is proud that you are standing strong through all these battles and for keeping the fight. This February, do not be afraid to dream and soar high as we move on with life’s challenges! Features and Highlights In our Fashion feature, we present to you Alina Anwar, an international fashion designer for evening wear based in Dubai. She shared with us her life stories and inspirational journey towards her colourful success. To spice up your daily fashion vibes, check out Denim is a Staple Part of Everyone’s Wardrobe and get the right attitude going. To get the ideal look, we need to pick the right makeup and tools to use. In our Beauty section, we searched for the 10 Brush Sets, and we included the reasons why we picked them. Natural eyebrows? Learn How to Get Thicker and Fuller Brows in our Beauty feature as well and achieve that no-makeup look we always wanted to try.

If you want to start a new business, get inspiration destress. We have researched The World’s Top 16 from our special guest in our exclusive interview Breathtaking Beaches that you can browse in our with Igor Sergeev, prominent businessman Travel feature. and founder of the Dubai People, an exclusive business club in the UAE. Learn more about Igor Most of us are scared of starting something new, in our Behind The Brand feature. Taking Lessons which can be a hindrance to get our goals. For features Hjayceelyn Aurora Quintana, the our Culture section, we offer these 5 Tips to incumbent Philippine Ambassador to the UAE. Overcome Your Fear of Getting Started. Let’s also She teaches us how important dedication is to a hear the inspiring story from Joshua Quinn about diplomat and a public servant. Putting Yourself in the Driver’s Seat, a personal journey about finding one’s self, dealing with Are you into the visual arts? Check out our Talent mental struggles and putting ourselves in control Pool section. We interviewed Alena Vavilina, of our own lives. Technology is absolutely useful a successful artist who has a unique style of in our daily lives; however, it may be a difficulty showcasing her wonderful gift. for some parents out there. Solo Parenting in the Modern Era is a guide for struggling moms and We want to share with you amazing and dads. Finally, we made a book review on The educational articles to help you live your life to Untethered Soul worth reading to feed your mind the fullest. For our Lifestyle feature, we offer and soul with inspiring words. you 5 Essential Life-Changing Skills to learn and master to boost productivity and sharpen A Special Invitation, Exclusively for You your confidence. We also need to support each We proudly present to you a special affair of other, so let’s go ahead and learn about The Dark beauty: Beyond Beauty: A Journey Beyond Truth about Eating Disorders. Money matters are the Physical, made possible by Out and About always important to prioritise. Learn the basic STYLE Magazine and The Beauty Studio. Join components of personal Financial Literacy to us on Monday, February 17, at the Professional understand how to manage our limited economic Beauty GCC 2020 with the presence of our resources properly. panellists: Katrina Recca, founder of The Beauty Studio ME and Owner of Kemet Lash Co., Maya A healthy body is needed for us to face the Al Hawary, first Emirati PhD Scholar in Emotional challenges we may encounter. In our Food Intelligence, Tedx Speaker and Chairman of the section, we gather 8 Easy Overnight Oats recipes Board of Governors of Dubai Carmel School, Lara and ideas for you to try. If you still have a hard Tabet, Brand Ambassador and Luxury Business time getting your daily vegetable intake, try our Developer, and as a moderator, yours truly, 10 ways to prepare Mouthwatering Cauliflower Marsha Fry. The event will be held at Festival Dishes. Arena, Festival City, Dubai. See you there! Along with a healthy diet, we also need ample Positive Vibes—For Love, Luck and Life amounts of exercise even when we’re busy and Every morning is another chance for us to unable to visit the gym. Workout at Work: 7 continue. Let’s keep the hope and positive vibes Exercises You and Your Colleagues Can Do At the in our hearts to stand up and start all over again Office is a helpful article in our Fitness segment to when we need to. Again, from the Out and develop an active routine even at the workplace. About STYLE Magazine team that has made this Taking a break once in a while is needed for us to Edition possible, smile and keep going!

Contents 1 FASHION • Alina Anwar • Demin is A Staple Part of Everyone’s Wardrobe—Here’s Why! 2 BEAUTY • 1 0 Brush Sets for 2020 • H ow to Get Thicker and Fuller Brows 3 BEHIND THE BRAND • Igor Sergeev, Founder, Dubai People 4 TAKING LESSONS • M H.E. Ambassador Hjayceelyn Aurora Quintana Philippine Ambassador to the UAE 5 TALENT POOL • Alena Vavilina 6 LIFESTYLE • 5 Essential Life-Changing Skills • The Dark Truth about Eating Disorders • Financial Literacy: Learn these Components FOOD • 8 Easy Overnight Oats • Mouthwatering Cauliflower Dishes: 10 Ways! FITNESS • Workout at Work: 7 Exercises to do at the Office 7 TRAVEL • T he World’s Top 16 Breathtaking Beaches 8 FOR THE CULTURE • Putting Yourself in the Driver’s Seat, by Joshua Quinn • T he Reinvented Chronicles with Yvonne C. Mtengwa — 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Getting Started • Solo Parenting in the Modern Era • Book Review: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer • Win with Out and About STYLE Magazine


1. TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF I’m Alina, a fashion designer for international evening wear based in Dubai. It’s almost a year since I started working as a fashion designer. Before I started this career, I did my business consulting masters in the UK at the University of Warwick. Then I came back to Dubai since my family is based here and I took a course in fashion designing. I started working on my brand in 2017 and launched my first collection in September 2018. My very first fashion show known as Royal Gala in Dubai was held in October 2018, just a month after we launched. I was able to do this with the support of other wonderful like- minded people. The response to the show was amazing. After six months, I dressed my first celebrity from India in March 2019. I was extremely happy to have landed this gig because she’s an analyst and very well-known. To get her at an early stage was a huge achievement. That opportunity spiralled, and I have since then dressed a number of other celebrities, but I believe I still have a long way to go. It’s just the start. 2. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF FASHION? I believe that style is your silent story. It’s a way of expressing yourself and your personality without saying a word. Fashion inspires me every day. I eat, love, wear, and do fashion. I cannot imagine myself doing something else other than being a fashion designer. 3. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN FASHION? I have always wanted to be a fashion designer. It inspired me, and I was very fascinated by the idea of doing something related to fashion. I grew up looking at my mom wearing beautiful gowns, and she’s the inspiration behind the brand. I’m very lucky to have her to look up to. She’s my strength, and she pushes me to achieve as a fashion designer. I came into fashion because of the matriarchs in my life, my mother and grandmother. My grandmother had a sewing machine when I was growing up, so I would watch her sew. After school, I’d come home and watch her stitching clothes for herself. She used to make simple clothes and I loved sitting beside her to look at every small detail. Apart from that, I used to go to tailor shops when I was about 12 or 13. I was very fascinated and attracted by things like laces, threads and colours. I had this thing in myself that I wanted to be unique. I wanted to wear different clothes from everybody else. I had designs inspired from different look books on internet. and I took them to the tailor and would ask them if they could recreate them for me. After going for a while, the tailors began to question where I got the designs, as they couldn’t believe that someone of my age had such an eye for fashion. When they were doing the beadwork and embroidery, I watched keenly. So, all in all, this has been attracting me since I was very young.

4. WHAT IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A FASHION DESIGNER? I think the best part of being a fashion designer is that I learn every day and I get to do a lot of experiments with designs and with colours. There’s this creativity that is involved in this process that keeps me going. I pick up something new on a daily basis. There’s always something new, and I take risks. I’m able to do experiments, which I enjoy. That’s what I like. 5. WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR? I believe that I still have a long way to go, and it’s not even 10% of what I want to achieve, but it would be dressing up one of the most famous female celebrities for sure. She’s a living legend. To dress someone like her that you’ve been looking up to since you were a child is a huge achievement. 6. WHAT INSPIRES YOUR DESIGNS? I take inspiration from everywhere, whatever is around me, the colours and the place. For example, if I go to London, and I’m strolling around, I’ll take inspiration from a window display, a building, the colours and everything around me. If you look into my collections, there’s a different inspiration in each one of them. The first collection was inspired by the old glamour of Hollywood and its celebrities. The second collection was inspired by the beautiful Hyde Park in London. The third one was inspired by Italy’s Greenest Park. The current collection was inspired by the garden in the Netherlands. The fifth one will come out in September this year, and it is inspired by the red carpet and glamour of Hollywood. It has a lot of sequins and colors to play with, including some stylish suits and gowns. So every collection has something different to offer to the market.

7. WHO ARE YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS? 10. BIGGEST FASHION NO-NO? When I design, I keep a wider audience in my mind. In my book, there’s no fashion no-no. I think one My designs are not limited to a particular audience, should do what they want to do. Be yourself, be it’s for everyone: for every age group, for every confident in what you’re doing. Once you are woman. I design for women because I want them to confident, you won’t ever go wrong. Confidence is feel confident and empowered when they wear my your biggest key. designs. 11. WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOUR 8. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR BEST DESIGN SO FAR? PERSONAL STYLE? The best piece that I have made is the one that we My personal style is simple, elegant and classic. made very recently. It’s a beautiful purple net gown with big flowers on it. It’s short in the front and long in 9. WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST ROOKIE the back. It’s very stylish, very chic. It can be worn at MISTAKE YOU MADE WHEN JUST a red carpet event, but we specifically designed and STARTING OUT? sent it for an exclusive shoot. We worked extremely For me, every mistake you make, you learn from it. hard on the piece; we put our best into it. I would not say that I’ve made a big mistake. I’ve made many mistakes, but it’s not the biggest one I 12. WHAT’S THE GOAL? made. I got a lesson, and I have applied for it later I want to achieve a lot and this is just the beginning, on. It’s not a mistake, but it was a learning process I believe. Right now, my goal is to be in one of the I would say. It’s a learning process throughout. For prestigious stores in Europe and to dress more almost like two years, I’ve been working so I’ve been famous celebrities and influencers. learning for two years, and I want to learn more.

IS A STAPLE PART OF EVERYONE’S WARDROBE HERE’S WHY! Denim has been a popular fashion trend for many years, but it’s been here for a long time. In fact, denim dates back to the mid-1600s. There are early accounts of its use in Renaissance Europe, even way before when it was popularised in America as its own national fabric. If anything, denim has always been related to factory workers, cowboys, truckers and greasers due to its sturdiness, toughness, and resistance to stains. Times have changed and denim has gained immense popularity in fashion books. It is also considered a sartorial must-have for both men’s and women’s wardrobe!

One of the perks of denim is that it could be fashioned in a variety of styles with countless outfits. It also adds an edgy accent to your look. Whether you’re dressing up casual or going smart-chic, denim is versatile and very obliging, if paired right! However, one wrong step could wind you up in a fashion faux-pas. And that’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up the dos and don’ts of denim styling. Next time you’re dealing with denim, you can avoid being the centre of unpleasant attention. FDWOEORNMIMEN One piece of denim gives years of wear— thanks to its all-season wearability. It is also universally-flattering and androgynous, as well as lightweight and ideally cotton-made. Denim shirts and jackets make a great choice of wear for summer. Besides, being low-maintenance and a fantastic layering piece, a denim jacket is light enough to keep you cool in the breezy, spring weather and warm enough to protect from the fall chill.

If you fancy the classic fit, blue wash denim jacket, you have to avoid buying cheap bargains that are even cheaper-looking than what you paid for. Even though with a blue jean jacket, the pairing possibilities are endless and not looking cheap is your biggest challenge. ABTHLNUEDECSJLHEAIARSNTSICJACKET Hence, you have to invest in an expensive-looking blue denim jacket in a clean-looking wash. Avoid faded or worn- out versions. In this case, a darker wash is a better option because it looks fresh, stylish, more of-the- moment and creates a slimming effect.

For a fail-safe approach, a With trousers, flared trousers, denim jacket goes on top of leggings, skirts, a denim shirt an all-black outfit or an all- as a top should be a match white outfit is a nice spin to an made in heaven. With both otherwise monochrome look. short and long dresses, or over jumpsuits as outerwear, a blue ADWEITTNWHIMIST jean jacket works a charm to create an effortless, everyday look! You can finish off the look with white sneakers for a sporty appearance. Or combine nude heels and a vintage beige bag for a smart-casual look. If you wish to switch things up and be more fashion-forward and unique, pick out two-toned, printed, patterned, embroidered, patch worked and different washes of denim. These are your best and new ways of trying out denim without looking boring! You could dress up your bottoms or billowy dresses in even more creative and casually-cool ways. To seal the deal, do justice to denim with structured accessories that lean on the neutral side. Tan, beige, fawn and cream colours of bags, belts and shoes add an expensive feel to your denim. Avoid acrylics and choose natural fabrics like leather or suede for a visually interesting combination.

MFDOEERNNIM Temperature dips can be denim; you could look your best in complement your silhouette and unpredictable, especially at night. denim with a little more attention don’t overshadow the rest of your If you’re in no mood to bother with and common sense. outfit, rather balance the look. a blazer or a sports jacket and you Also, distressed denim jackets are won’t mind a light cover for the day, Instead of aiming for oversized excellent and breathable options for a denim jacket is your best friend. fits, give your inside “gangster” a a summer wardrobe. You can easily It’ll keep you cool in the day and break and choose “slim-fit” options throw on distressed denim jackets warm at night, with a slice of relaxed that hug the contours of your body every time you head out, even on style! Dudes don’t have to get their and bring out your natural body a hot, summer day since these are heads around the complexities of shape. Well-fitted denim jackets breathable all-year-round apparel. ASCTUNYTDLSING The same can be said about denim shirts! Select a fit that envelops you and avoid loose, boxy and baggy fits. This is particularly important for skinny and athletic men. Once the fit is perfected, it’s more about denim washes, styling, mixing and matching.

Traditional blue, white or pastel denim washes are splendid for the start A denim shirt worn and tucked of spring and the height of summer. Not only do light washes feel light to under a suit looks rather wear, but they make you achieve a preppy style. You can easily style light modern and allows you to denim jackets, and shirts with chinos, cords, casual slacks, shorts, khakis convey your individuality. and even ripped jeans to add some depth. You could pair a blue denim jacket with a different coloured blue shirt and bottoms; it works, you know! A simple blue denim shirt could be worn open over plain or striped T-shirts for a sleek, masculine look that never goes wrong!

ATHPEPRDOAARCKH Let’s admit going dark with denim is another FTIONUISCHHIENSG level of hotness. Black itself is full to the brim sexy, but when you pair contrasting shades with Wearing trainers might seem the only sensible it, the results end up being very powerful. For option to you, but that only goes for a casual that, a white shirt, black denim jacket and black appearance. To smarten up and look tailored, bottoms would do. White denim shirt with black boat shoes, loafers and even rugged boots are jeans is also a very effective option. You have all you need to go from casual to dressed-up. dark blue and grey to consider as well. It’s never too late to develop a sense of styling: one just needs to experiment with different flairs and trends. Stick to the ones that make you the best version of yourself, all while looking confident.

ORIENTAL BEAUTY Model: Krisztina Csakany - Avantage Models Photo : Jozsef Balogh Retouch: Ory Gabriel Makeup and styling: Liv Rideg

SENSUALITY Model: Bia Volgyi Photo and Retouch: Andrea Marton Hair and makeup: Liv Rideg Location: Studio Madison, Budapest, Hungary.

01 BEST FOR ALL LOOKS: Morphe Stroke Of Lux Brush Set MAKEUP 02 BEST VEGAN SET MADNESS Zoeva Opulence Vegan WITH Brush SET S2B1FEO00RT2RUS0SH 03 MOST POPULAR FOR BLENDING Hey, 2020 Beauty Bawses! We are now BH Cosmetics Details in the year of success, balance and harmony so why not start with making sure your beauty tools are in sync with that? I have taken the time to break down 10 makeup brush sets that will propel your 2020 makeup routine into the Beauty Bawse routine of the decade. Let’s get started!

04 POSITIVE VIBES 05 MOST FLAWLESS Spectrum Cosmetics Revolution 6pc Pro Complexion Kit 06 EASIEST TO USE 07 PRO FAVOURITE Sigma Essential Brush Kit SHANY The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set with Wooden handle, Handmade Natural Synthetic Bristles, 24 pcs 08 BEST BUDGET 09 MOST VERSATILE Online Only Silver 11 Piece Brush ARTIS Elite Mirror Ten Brush Set Collection

10 MOST RELIABLE Makeup by Mario x Sephora Complexion Brush Set Katrina is the Creative Director at The Beauty Studio, Middle East. In this article, she shares her travel makeup and skin routine.

HATTBFUHORONLOIWDCGLWKEEERTSR Eyebrows make or break your entire appearance, no matter how lush your hairstyle is or how flawless your makeup is. Skinny brows are long gone, it’s time to give your tweezers a break and hit full with your eyebrows. With our tips and hacks in this post, you can up your eyebrow game and get them on fleek!

01 GIVE YOUR Constant threading, plucking, and waxing can EYEBROWS permanently drive to thinned-out brows, talk about total A REST deforestation! Besides, overnight miracles don’t exist; instead, grow out your eyebrows. You’ll have to wait for at least five to eight weeks with no trimming, considering that eyebrows grow about 0.16 mm per day. The hardest part is the waiting period, especially in the first two weeks because the pull of taking down excess hair is irritatingly inviting. Refrain from spending too much time in front of the mirror and pondering over your eyebrows excessively. Devote your time doing something healthy for your eyebrows like drinking plenty of water which flushes out toxins from your body and promotes eyebrow growth as claimed by some experts. Don’t pluck the hair that might slightly frame your eyelids rakishly after two weeks or so. Line them in with an eyebrow pencil for a fuller yet softer appearance or conceal them with a concealer at best. Pick only the extra strands that materialise in the middle of the brow for a neater approach and leave eyebrow hair from above, below and the tail. 02 CLEAN You might suggestively “eye-roll” at this statement, but indeed we all tend to forget keeping our eyebrows clean or ignore the mere prospect. Eyebrows free from unneeded gunk are essential in supporting its growth. Keep them a distance apart from creams, lotions or moisturisers because chemicals in these items can clog the pores and disrupt the growing process. Whereas, keeping them clean would keep the pores unclogged and ready for its restorative process.

03 MASSAGE While you’re at it, try giving your eyebrows a massage regularly. This improves blood circulation and promotes thicker, fuller eyebrows. Massaging keeps the root of your eyebrows rejuvenated and eases down your strained forehead. The more relaxed you are, the better your body will recycle. Try oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil to massage your eyebrows before bed and leave it overnight. These oils are rich in nutrients and promote hair growth, stimulate circulation and increase cellular metabolism, which helps in regrowth and fuller, thicker brows over time while giving the TLC your brows need. Use these oils in their natural, purest form; diluted versions may not bestow the results you’re hoping for. 04 BRUSH Yes, you heard it right! Brushing your eyebrows is as necessary as taming your hair. Take a spoolie or use your old mascara brush (make sure it’s clean) and lightly flick it across the length of your brow using upward motions. Do this daily to acknowledge a change in your eyebrow growth because brushing eyebrows doesn’t only improve the flow of blood circulation but also gets rid of any unwanted dirt or leftover makeup stuck in those little strands. This process keeps your brows in good shape too!

05 EXFOLIATE Eyebrow exfoliation is crucial in encouraging growth. You don’t need any fancy scrubs for this purpose, use your regular facial scrub and exfoliate your eyebrows twice a week. This procedure nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates eyebrow growth. Wash off the product from your eyebrows thoroughly to remove all scrubbing particles. Brushing, in the end, will ensure your eyebrows are swept clean of any remaining granules. You can use a soft clean toothbrush to exfoliate your eyebrows as well. Be gentle, or you may end up losing some hair. Turning this into a nightly routine should encourage your brows to grow and also improve their hair cycle. 06 MOISTURISE To quicken things up, moisturising is the key to strike knee-deep when it comes to growing your eyebrows. We recommend eyebrow growth serums or eyebrow conditioning primers which comprise ingredients that enrich the brows for increased growth and strengthening the existing hair mutually—it’s a win-win situation, really! Particularly, for those who desire quick results without much effort. Even applying petroleum jelly to your brows works but this process takes time in accomplishing longer, thicker arches. It moisturises the skin under the brows, nourishes the hair, and locks in moisture to encourage the growth of hydrated brows. Not only that, it keeps the eyebrow hair in place, as well! Do this religiously three to four times a day daily. However, if you have acne-prone oily skin, the serum choice is better.

07 MAINTAIN Once you’ve acquired full brows, learn to maintain them. There’s a difference between plucking your brows and shaping them. Go minimal with the tweezers and concentrate more on acquiring a shape that suits your face. Whatever removal process you employ, remove your brow hair in soft lighting. Because doing so in excessive light translates to over-plucking — exactly what you need to avoid! Either hire professionals to do your eyebrows and learn from them or understand your face map to make a few complimentary changes. 08 FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT Lastly, groom your brows with makeup! Determine brows, you can try brow fibre gels. Brow fibre with a brush “the start and end” of your brows. gels have tiny micro-fibres similar to real hair Set your brows with a spoolie seeing the shape that stick to browhair and look part of them. And you want and begin filling in with an eyebrow simultaneously, enhances the look and volume of pencil, implementing feather-light pencil strokes your brows instantly. No, the fibres don’t come that mimic the natural line of your brows. Blur off unless you rinse with water. the strokes with slight eyebrow shadow, exerting gentle pressure. You’ll soon have natural, thicker If you have naturally light-coloured brows, invest and polished-looking brows in no time and in a brow tint that is two shades darker than your remember—practice makes perfect! original brow colour. Brow tints add a nice punch of colour to your brows, making them look more While you let time work its course around your prominent, bolder and beautiful!

Perfect eyebrows are purely trial and error! Obviously! You cannot have your gaps, patches, naturally sparse or plucked- stricken brows to grow overnight. It takes an effort and great patience to achieve the brow profile you desire. Instead of giving into sadness, opt for the challenge of achieving it. When there’s a will, there’s a way! We are with you on your eyebrow journey - may the odds be ever in your favour.

Model: Kinga Nguyen Hair and styling: Liv Rideg Photo: Jozsef Balogh Makeup: Andrea Beki and Liv Rideg Retouch: Ory Gabor Location: Studio Madison, Budapest, Hungary.

Igor Sergeev QSH Public Networking Services Quality Standard Dubai People BigUAEgiveaway isergeev_official

Production: Dubai People Special for Out and About STYLE Magazine Photographer: Nassyrova Anastassiya Location: The Penthouse Dubai, Five Palm, Jumeirah.

Production: Dubai People Special for Out and About STYLE Magazine Photographer: Nassyrova Anastassiya Location: The Penthouse Dubai, Five Palm, Jumeirah.

1. TELL US A BIT ABOUT issues, I shot more than 20 TV figures in the field of business, YOURSELF. shows and created more than management and leadership My name is Igor Sergeev, 50 brand books. In Russia in the United Arab Emirates. and I’m a 28-year-old and Ukraine, I am engaged In its first year, Dubai People businessman. I was born in in servicing businesses in shall invite 100 successful Russia, in the small town of the field of marketing. We professionals in the UAE Aksay in the Rostov Region. have a large business club through the recommendation Most of my childhood and of entrepreneurs and a of its founders and current youth were spent in Ukraine. business magazine. I’ve been members. The project aims I am the son of an amazing developing my company in to seek the visionaries and woman who gave me the Dubai for five years. strategists for the future right education and the best of business, industry and childhood! Let me tell you more about professional ventures in the my current focal projects. country. I know for sure that there BigUAEgiveaway is the only 3. WHAT IS SUCCESS? are no bad people; it’s only I believe that success is how you perceive certain social media fest on Instagram an integral part of every situations. I love life, nature person’s life. Success for and people. I believe that in UAE. We have over 30 each and everyone is a every day you need to start self-definition. It is not with a smile and thank God ambassador influencers. necessarily about money; for the day! I believe in the it is much more than that. mission of every person; I We collaborated with more Seeing successful people am sure that good always helps me get motivation to conquers evil! The main thing than 100 companies. This is develop even more. I really in life in all situations is to want people to lose envy remain human and make sure a great platform that allows and instead get motivated. your conscience is clear! To achieve, receive, develop, you to grow your business and enjoy—this is success! and personal brand in social 4. HOW DO YOU DEFINE AN ENTREPRENEUR? media. I am pleased with the game of life itself, the game on how 2. HOW LONG ARE YOU Quality Standard is a to make an achievement, the marketing and events game of implementation DOING YOUR BUSINESS? management firm associated of goals and plans, and of This year, I am celebrating with an international club course, the game of the of successful businessmen results! An entrepreneur is ten years of my active and entrepreneurs. Quality a person with a risk-taking Standard engages in the attitude, a person that loves business involvement in development of personal a good challenge, a person and corporate branding. who pushes himself in the Ukraine, Russia and UAE. back everyday and kicks! Real entrepreneurs never give up. Main activities of my business are investment, marketing, Dubai People, on the other hand, is our new platform event management, that we are proud to present on the eve of Expo 2020! network and sales systems, Dubai People is a brand new platform that aims public relations, company to convene and foster strong, dynamic business branding and personal brand relationships among the top personalities and influential development. Over these ten years, I curated more than 200 events, released 20 magazine

Production: Dubai People Special for Out and About STYLE Magazine Photographer: Nassyrova Anastassiya Location: The Penthouse Dubai, Five Palm, Jumeirah.

5. WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? I rarely read literature, but I try to choose the best books. 48 Laws of Power is a very controversial work. I re-read it several times, and I discover something new for myself every time. I also engage in sports. In my childhood, I participated in agrobotics and dancing. I also like big tennis. Music is also a part of my soul. I regularly go to the gym and music helps in keeping a strong spirit. I also consider speaking with wise people as a great hobby of mine. 6. HOW DO YOU MAKE A FINAL DECISION? My final decision is not negotiable. When in doubt, I will consult with my relatives. I like to discuss new ideas with my team, and I listen to the opinion of professionals. But if I finally decide on something, then this is not subject for discussion. I believe that a man should make decisions and act. Talk less, act more. 7. WHAT ADVICE ARE YOU REMEMBERING TO KEEP YOURSELF GOING? One advice: Igor, you’re doing everything right! 8. TIPS ON HOW TO GAIN SUCCESS. There is a formula: it is your conscience. If you do everything with honesty, then you are guaranteed success! 9. HOW DO YOU HANDLE FAILURES? Of course, such moments arise in life. I always tell myself - Igor, it is a part of your path, this is an experience; this is not complexity— this is a new stage to become even stronger. We always have time to surrender, and surrender is not for us! 10. CAN YOU SHARE WITH US ONE FAILURE YOU HAD? If we are talking about failure in business, then I have a story. Military operations began in my country, and everything was quiet in my city. I decided to open a business centre. I thought about it for a long time, and I worked at it. The hostilities did not stop me. A month later, the war began in my city, just as soon as we opened the business centre that we worked developing for two months. At some point, we lost everything: our homes, businesses, and even loved ones. I took a chance and lost, but honestly, I do not regret it. You can’t even imagine how much stronger I have become.

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