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The summer solstice brings with it the chance to start afresh, whether that is an updated menu, a new food format, al fresco dining opportunities – and so much more. As we head into the summer months we have a huge selection of features for you. From recipe ideas focusing on the season’s finest ingredients to inspirational stories from industry chefs, including the amazing winners of the Country Range Student Chef Challenge 2022! If you would like to get involved in one of The Stir it up team our features, or have a new idea for one, let us know at [email protected] Food for T hought ChSatluldenegnte Chef 51 25 NEWS ADVICE INSPIRATION TRENDS 03 11 05 03 Readers’ Lives Health & Welfare Eat the Season Plate Arrivals Raising the profile of care Gooseberries Bengal 07 sector catering Customer Profile 19 13 Successful sports catering 15 Rising Star Hospitality Education Mark Aisthorpe Help is only a pavement away 08-09 From kitchen to curriculum News From Country Range 25-28 33-34 20-21 16-17 Special Feature Melting Pot Food & Industry News Category Focus Student chef challenge The sweet taste of summer 23 The importance of menu final 2022 The Country Club diversity in higher education 48-49 catering 43 KAM Media Insight 39-40 On the Range A super-sized summer Marketplace 31 The one love coronation of sport Advice From the Experts club sandwich Contact us ... Catering for families 51 44-45 Food for Thought Writers 37 Leading Lights Inspirational plates for Lindsey Hoyle The Green Gauge Robert Hunningher summer menus Sam Houston The 5 r’s of zero waste Jackie Mitchell 47 OUR EDITORIAL PARTNERS... Subscriptions Telephone: Five Ways to Use [email protected] Maple & agave syrup Design & Print As part of our Eclipse Creative environmental policy this magazine is printed using vegetable oil based Front Cover ink and is produced Trinh Minh on Unsplash to high environmental standards, including ISO14001 and FSC® certification. It is also fully carbon balanced. 02

Rising Star Melting Pot PLABTEeAnRgRaIVlALS 19 33 Delivering on-trend dishes from around the globe FoCcuasteg1o6ry Bengali cuisine generally involves a hot Readers' Lives palette, using many herbs, spices and roots in order to create dishes that are NAME: Mary Smith Definitely will be making that again! full of depth and high in flavour. West Bengal is famously known as the land JOB TITLE: Chief Executive WHAT TRENDS DO YOU SEE TAKING of maach (fish) and bhaat (rice). OVER IN 2022? Food waste is not a Bengalis share an irrevocable PLACE OF WORK: Growing Well, a new thing but a growing problem with relationship with these two foods that mental health charity, an organic farm a tonne of creative solutions now are a staple in almost every household. and a training centre. being talked about and tried out. We do not let a single shred of product ALOO POTOL POSTO Alu Potol Posto HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED IN go to waste. In our kitchens we make is potato and pointed gourd in poppy seed THE CATERING INDUSTRY? I have a fresh meal for our beneficiaries each paste gravy. Potol is a very popular vegetable worked in the food and drink industry day, using surplus and “wonky” crops. in Bengali cuisine. The combination of pointed since graduating in 2005, including We also pickle and ferment things gourd, potato and poppy seed paste lends a time working for the Cartmel Sticky to use over winter and sell added unique flavour to this dish. Toffee Pudding Company, Cumbria value products to generate funds for Tourism and Westmorland Ltd, before the charity. ILISH MACHER JHOL This pungent arriving here at Growing Well in 2018 smelling curry is prepared with nigella to head up our amazing mental health WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE seeds and chilli to give it the required balance charity based on a six-acre COUNTRY RANGE PRODUCT is what makes it so perfect. This delicious horticultural farm. AND WHY? I know I’m not meal is a west Bengali staple. alone in being a big fan of the WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE DISH TO Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. SHUKTO Usually served as a first course, COOK IN SUMMER? We grow Shukto is a combination of different beautiful Komatsuna at Growing Well Country Range vegetables like brinjals, bitter gourd, crunchy in the spring so I love really fresh, Jamaican Jerk drumsticks and bori. The vegetables are crispy noodle dishes when our leafy Seasoning mixed with ground spices and milk to make greens are at their best. Last summer I Pack sizes: 500g a thick curry. made a really tasty herby orzotto, using herbs, peas and golden cherry SANDESH This popular sweet is made by tomatoes picked by our volunteers on curdling milk and draining all the whey, the field and made just minutes later. leaving the ‘chenna’. The ‘chenna’ is then kneaded into a smooth texture, mixed with powdered sugar and cooked. It is then cooled, rolled into small balls and then flattened. AAM PORA SHORBOT A drink made of chilled water, burnt raw mangoes and sugar, it is an instant relief that you will get on a sweltering summer afternoon in Bengal. By partially burning the mangoes it gives the drink its signature smoky taste. MISHTI DOI Anther Bengali dessert, this dish is created by boiling milk and sweetening with sugar. This mixture is then left to ferment overnight and served with a fragrant hit of cardamom. Macher Jhol 03


IN SEASON: Gooseberries EAT THE SEASON Message from George 1/FLORAL NOTES Also In Season: McIvor, Chairman of Pair the tart The Master Chefs gooseberries with the Blackcurrant of Great Britain sweet, floral notes of elderflower Mackerel for a perfect balance of flavour in Globe artichoke The Master Chefs of Great a summery dessert such as this Grapefruit Britain was formed in 1980 to provide a forum Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool. Sorrel for the exchange of culinary ideas and to further the profession 2/ STUFFED! through training and the In this dish, a guidance of young chefs. roast loin of pork is stuffed with sage, chorizo OFFICIAL TASTING NOTES sausage and gooseberries. The tartness of the berries The name gooseberry, believe it or not, cuts through the naturally derives from their traditional use to make rich meat. a sauce to accompany goose. The tart flavour of the berry compensates for the 3/ HOLY SMOKES natural fattiness of goose meat. Mackerel is such a classic pairing for The gooseberry season is quite short gooseberries that the name for and is dependent on sunny weather - the gooseberries in French is actually berries are often at their best just before Groseille à maquereau which could strawberries reach their peak. be translated as ‘mackerel currant’. Properties: Gooseberries are nutritious, 4/IN A PICKLE low-calorie fruits that are rich in vitamins, Take inspiration minerals and antioxidants. Many of the from Indian cuisine nutrients in these berries have been and create a sour and spicy linked to significant health benefits ‘Amla’ pickle using gooseberries including lower blood sugar, cholesterol as the star. and blood pressure levels. 5/ THE PERFECT Usage: Gooseberries are such a big BALANCE flavour in their own right; they don’t necessarily need cooking alongside lots The buttery pastry of other ingredients - they’ll be vying for case and deliciously sweet custard attention. Use other ingredients to bring base of this tart is flawlessly sweetness to a dish, like a sweet complemented by the fresh, tart crumble topping, or whipped cream in a flavours of the gooseberries and pavlova. Gooseberries work brilliantly in other fresh fruits. Perfect as an savoury dishes too as their tart flavour addition to summer menus. cuts through rich and fatty foods. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT Use leftover gooseberries as a base for a ketchup, chutney or a deliciously sharp compote, all of which can be utilised in a variety of dishes or as the perfect addition to a cheeseboard. Cooks Calendar JUNE /5 The Big Lunch JULY /17 National /15 National Beer Day 1 / World Milk Day 22 / National Growing for 1 / International Picnic Month Ice Cream Day /3 National 5 / National BBQ Week Wellbeing Week 7 / World Chocolate Day Fish & Chip Day 05

• FRESHLY FRO ZENS H LY F R O ZEN • FRE Bloomers Vegan Buns Gourmet Buns

CUSTOMER PROFILE Successful Sports Catering With many sports clubs and pressures falling on an army of approach but we also offer vegan, which enable us to create a real relying on members, mums, volunteers. Ben Fuller, who set up vegetarian, gluten-free and healthy wow factor with our pizzas such as dads and volunteers to stay Fullers Clubhouse Kitchens with his options. We even offer brunch our popular Spicy Chicken and operational, often the partner Natalie, told us more about including dishes like ‘Avocado and Chorizo Pizza.” catering facilities can suffer. their journey: Toast’ and thanks to the Country Fullers Clubhouse Kitchens Range portfolio, we have a terrific Following the success at the rugby helps clubs improve their “The tender was a tough process menu full of treats for the hungry club, Ben and Natalie took on their facilities, working on a and we were competing against kids, whether it’s sausages, burgers second contract this spring at franchise basis to take some big players but I think the or pizza. Milford Cricket Club and have plans overall responsibility for the committee liked our local ethos already in place to make it as food on offer across the site. and were impressed with the food Since we took on the franchise, we successful as their first. we made in various cook-off have always used Country Range Set up in 2019, Fullers Clubhouse challenges. Two years later, even products and are still astounded at Kitchens’ first tender and contract with COVID-19 making things more the quality they provide. They are win was with the historic Stafford difficult and not giving us a clear run actually better than a lot of the big Rugby Club, which moved into a at things, we’re in a great place with mainstream brands. Their Ranch new multimillion pound site on a successful bistro, a whole host of Dressing and Tartar Sauce are Blackberry Lane, surrounded by functions taking place and even an two of my favourites and are both the breath-taking nature reserve exciting street food offering, which unbelievably good. Their Dough and Doxey marshes. While the club launched this spring. Balls are another great product, hosts men’s, women’s and junior rugby, it is also a hub for sports in The food in the bistro is similar to Above (main) general, with Stafford Rangers a quality gastro pub, the burgers Stafford RUFC Clubhouse Juniors also training at the facility and our homemade pizzas are two and the Park Run attracting big favourites. We have a wide Right hundreds of runners every Saturday. selection of menus to cater for all Ben and Natalie Fuller functions great and small and the Under the scheme the club now street food offering has made every Below have the time and support to training or match night a real food Stafford RUFC Pitch expand their activities, transitioning occasion for the members, from seasonal or weekend community and locals. business to attracting visitors throughout the week, all year We strive to make the food round. Fullers Clubhouse Kitchens appealing to everyone as we want also gives the business freedom to friends and families to look forward get creative with their events and to coming along to support their menus without the added work loved ones. Yes, the rugby players tend to go for a meat-based volume Fullers Clubhouse Kitchens gives the business freedom to get creative with their events and menus 07

A ROYAL Sweet Chilli Chicken OCCASION Hanging Kebab Scan for full recipe We’ve been blessed with an extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee this month, which means Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th June will be Father’s Day one of the biggest party weekends of the year. So, why not crown the occasion with some regal sweets of a royal persuasion. With Beer Day Britain taking place Think Queen Cakes, a Galette des Rois (King Cake), an Apple Charlotte or on the 15th June in the lead up to Father’s Day even a Queen of Puddings. Our own take on the Queen of Puddings includes on the 19th, why not kick off celebrations a bit Country Range White Square Thick Sliced Bread covered in a delicious earlier this year and introduce a beery element homemade custard, layered with Country Range Solid Pack Rhubarb and to guarantee Pops has an ale of a time. You finished with gorgeous peaks of glossy meringue. You can find the full recipe could run a special beer tasting, incorporate on the website at beer into your menu or offer beer pairings to Whether it’s staple ingredients such as puff pastry be tried alongside different dishes. blocks, flour, ground almonds and custard, or When it comes to the day itself, it’s essential conveniently pre-portioned finished desserts, we’ve to have a strong offering of classic dishes on your menu. From a classic fish and chips got the Jubilee celebrations well accompanied by the award-winning Country and truly covered. Range Tartare Sauce to our Country Range Steak, Ale and Mushroom Suet Pudding, which GNIINRUTRVC,ERAWEARSNRT–E“EHGTYDRSFIHCECAIYLCBHENHA,COLEEDVCUENIFVRSOO,SASPAEZUATURIRRESDASLRNEYOTAWERBOTAENDNDAARNNINAUEYRYILTLEDCSOS,, TCHYHAAG.AAETNAIRLATNSOED’SAEUTAR.”T is a fantastic single serve product for those in need of a speedy solution. Don’t forget to add Jubilee Trifle a few on trend specials such as this Sweet Chilli Scan for full recipe Chicken Hanging Kebab, which adds a lot of theatre to the dining experience. Also consider all day parts when it comes to the Father’s Day celebration with breakfast and brunch options, or how about including our Mini Mince & Ale Party Pies on a lunchtime ploughman’s style sharing board or a gentlemen’s afternoon tea. Beer Can Jerked Chicken Rhubarb Queen of Puddings 08

FIRE UP THE GRILL NEWS FROM COUNTRY RANGE The BBQ season is roaring, and is an occasion that seems to get Ras el Hanout bigger and more diverse every year. There is still time to refine Tofu Veg Skewers recipes, ramp up promotion and put your fabulous fire cooking techniques to the test. Here are our tips to ignite a summer BBQ Vegan to remember: Burger GO GLOBAL Give guests a taste of what they have been missing with some classic BBQ dishes and flavours from around the world. It could be a bit of smoky US-inspired slow and low cooking, a Mediterranean-inspired fish dish, a South American steak-feast or some chargrilled treats with a spicy Asian twist. We have a variety of seasonings, spices and sauces that can help to give a global flavour to the dishes across your summer menu. PLANT-BASED BBQ There is no excuse for chefs not to cater for the growing number of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians this summer. The selection of meat-free meat and fish products is growing all the time and using our Country Range seasonings and spices, any piece of veg can become a sizzling, skewer star. Don’t forget our award- winning Country Range Vegan Mayonnaise as the perfect finishing touch to your vegan BBQ offering. Za’atar Country Range SAUCES & MARINADES Chicken Shawarma It’s not a BBQ without your favourite sauces and marinades! Our Country Range Sweet Chilli and BBQ sauces, mustards and burger relish ooze quality and flavour. BEST DRESSED Salad is an essential part of the al fresco dining experience providing freshness, crunch, texture and zest to counteract the flavours of flamed-grilled meat and veg. Healthy, vibrant and easy to make up in advance, your salads are not just a sideshow and can be raised to royalty with our Country Range Caesar, Ranch and French dressings. FUEL The type of fuel you use can play a huge role on the final flavour as every wood will impart different nuances. Experiment with some different types of wood such as hickory, mesquite or maple. Hardwoods are great for beef and pork, while lighter hardwoods are usually preferred for chicken and fish but even throwing some rosemary or some other hardy herbs onto the coals can help to boost flavour. “THE COUNTRY RANGE BLACKENED CAJUN SEASONING IS BRILLIANT ON CHICKEN KEBABS OR DPUIPLPLIENDGPSOARUAKC,EAtaINsNtDeSoWAf LtEhAUeDMSDEeRdTEHSSEhSaCINrOiGnUgSN.P”TRlaYtter RANGE SWEET CHILLI – CATERING DEPARTMENT, CENTRAL LONDON 09

HEALTH & WELFARE Raising the Profile of Care Sector Catering Changing the perception may think they will be restricted An innovative approach is continues to be a challenge, the of care catering and in terms of repertoire. Of course needed to tackle the current fundamentals remain true, that by raising awareness of the this is totally inaccurate. I was a recruitment challenge. At offering opportunities for career opportunities available judge at a care home catering Harrogate Neighbours, a local progression, appropriate training is vital for recruiting new competition and it’s amazing public relations campaign was and a platform for discussion, professionals into the what is being created.” launched “Behind the Mask” more catering professionals industry. Care sector catering where staff members and carers will join and stay in the care is not only highly rewarding, Harnessing the power of were filmed doing their jobs sector.” Supporting employees it also plays an incredibly referrals, Neil and his team and asked what they liked most with additional benefits such important role in the health at the Care Friends App are about it. Sue Cawthray, CEO of as flexible hours, career and wellbeing of residents. actively encouraging care sector Harrogate Neighbours, says “We development opportunities, workers to refer friends, inviting shared the videos and real-life wellbeing programmes and a Blue James Clear, Head of Hospitality testimonials with the local press. Light Card can also assist with at Care UK, says “People have “Apprenticeships This helped to raise awareness staff retention. this outdated idea that it’s all pair hands on of job vacancies and highlighted about bland food, overcooked experience with the enjoyment and job As staff shortages continue to vegetables and food out of classroom learning.” satisfaction a career in care bite, adapting benefits packages packets. Nothing could be further can provide.” to meet the needs of employees from the truth. Our meals are all them to apply for vacancies and learning from organisations cooked from scratch with good via text message or Facebook. Other methods of who are actively changing the quality ingredients and our chefs Referrers are rewarded via a recruitment include face of care sector catering, can have the freedom to design their points system for every job they apprenticeships. Claire help to ensure your operation menus around the preferences share, receiving additional points Leake from National Care becomes an ‘employer of choice’ of residents.” if the referee has a successful Group, says “This attracts for those entering the industry. interview. Over 33,000 care new people to the sector As James highlights, one major workers use the app, linking and ensures they have point of difference between care them to 450 care organisations full training for the role, homes and the wider hospitality nation-wide. leading to a higher chance sector is the work/life balance. of career longevity. An “Our chefs don’t have to work Neil Eastwood says “Employee apprenticeship pairs hands until midnight and enjoy plenty referrals are the best source of on experience with classroom of free weekends,” he adds. staff. The employee knows their learning, benefiting individuals friend and is hand picking them. from a range of academic Neil Eastwood, CEO of Care The quality of that applicant is so backgrounds and attracting a Friends App and author of much higher than someone who’s younger, more versatile cohort of “Saving Social Care” feels it applying for 20 different jobs.” catering colleagues.” is imperative to change the downmarket image of the care Claire also recommends sector. “Food at care homes is organisations make staff feel seen as mundane so if you’re a valued to reduce attrition rates, chef, this might not appeal. They commenting “While recruitment 11

HAelPp iasvOemnleynt Away HOSPITALITY ‘Only A Pavement Away’ (OAPA) is planning to open its first training café to help prison leavers, veterans and those facing homelessness find careers in the hospitality industry. With assistance from celebrity chef and ambassador Tom Aikens, the new initiative will supplement their existing activities and will be staffed by OAPA members, as well as an experienced management team, who will provide on-the-job training. Greg Mangham, CEO and founder getting people into employment. of OAPA, says “The café project He says “We discovered that will enable us to support even there was a link between more members and get them off prison leavers, veterans and the streets and into work. We’re homelessness and there was still in the development phase, but a clear need for a strategic, plan to roll out cafés in major cities practical not-for-profit solution across the UK. We’re lucky to have to bridge the gap between those Tom on board and he supports all in need and the hospitality sector. our campaigns.” Our aim is to get at least 700 Greg founded the charity with his people into work each year.” wife Gill in 2008 as a way of OAPA works with 80 charities tackling homelessness and across the homelessness sector such as Crisis, The Salvation Army “Resuming the partnership with and St Mungo’s, as well as other Iulian, Commis Chef, Thy Ivy Collection OAPA following the pandemic is organisations including Food of upmost importance to us, Behind Bars, Job Centre Plus, building on the success of the Prince’s Trust and the Ministry of existing placements and offering Defence. Connecting charities more opportunities at a time with employers such as the Ivy when it’s as important as ever Collection, Greene King, Brewdog to do so. Two members have Benugo, Corbin & King and worked with us for over a year Fullers, the charity runs a ‘Jobs and have done a tremendous job. Board’ where employers post Their commitment and dedication their vacancies. to both their roles and the Prior to being given access to interview skills. Participants “My support worker told me restaurants are clear to see. They the jobs board, prospective receive a certificate at the end about OAPA and encouraged me have slotted into their respective employees undertake three days’ of the course. to apply for a job. My career had teams very well and have had work experience to learn about been in restaurants – as a many positive comments from the industry. Following The charity’s relationship managers bartender, a sous chef and then a customers and colleagues like.” completion, they are given support all parties involved to chef. I was helped to prepare for vouchers to purchase home ensure applicants are placed in the an interview at The Ivy Collection Daniel Jeffries, Head of essentials and can apply for jobs. best possible roles. Greg says and I was lucky to be accepted Recruitment, Corbin & King Job seekers are also eligible to “Once an individual starts working for a trial shift, which went well with us, they become a member of and I was offered the job. It’s access the charity’s the charity. We recruit for all roles what I really enjoy doing, so I was online “Life Skills Hub” within hospitality from front of so happy to get the job. When which delivers a house and customer service to pot you go from being homeless to two-week course washing and cooking – and moving in to your new home and covering the basic everything in between. The being given a chance to forge a skills of applying for scheme is open to everyone and new career, it’s a feeling I can’t jobs and living easily describe. I am so relieved independently. all ages – we have a and finally feel safe and stable. Topics include member who is 72!” I am proud and know I have career options, accomplished something amazing.” practical If you would like to hospitality learn more about how Iulian, Commis Chef, training, you could get involved, The Ivy Collection budgeting for visit https:// independent onlyapavementaway. living, IT, CV for more writing and information. Life Skills Hub 13

FYOORUSTUSDHENOTUS’ LPIDZZNAS’,T NEW HAVE TO CHOOSE SCAN HERE When it comes to serving pizza, you shouldn’t have to choose to find out more between nutritional benefits, and order your sample operational efficiencies and great taste. For a menu option with universal appeal, it’s got to be a Balanced Choice. PIZZA YEOXUPREGRO-TTSO

EDUCATION From kitchen to curriculum In the education sector there At The Academy for Character and fork and spreading. These are Themed days and special menus is more to a caterer’s role Excellence (ACE), a trust of eight topped with pea shoots and served are another way school caterers than nourishing children’s schools based in Devon, Sam Ward, to parents as canapés.” can support pupils’ learning. At ACE bodies, they can also play a Trust Catering Lead is often asked to schools, when children were taught vital role linking the support teaching staff as part of food James Taylor, executive chef, Chefs about France, the kitchen was curriculum with practical, science or healthy eating topics. “I in Schools, collaborates with turned into a French café serving hands-on experience. take in different vegetables and ask teachers at the two schools he tartiflette, quiche and crepes. Sam Working with teachers, children to identify them and if they works at - Harrington Hill and Sir says “Other theme days have been catering staff can help know how they are grown. We then Thomas Abney, both primary schools around an Anglo Saxon learning children learn more about look at what vegetables are used in in London. “We’ll work on a link journey with Beowulf stew.” individual ingredients, dishes such as pizzas,” she says. between what they’re teaching in where their food comes from “The children make smashed pea class and the food we’re preparing,” For Black History Month last and how to cook with it. and mint bruschetta with me which he says. “One teacher was reading October, special menus were Classes with participating teaches them various skills – a book in class, set in Trinidad, about created at Harrington Hall and Sir caterers can often include podding the peas and beans, a character who makes rotis Thomas Abney featuring dishes practical sessions such as snipping the herbs, mashing with a (flatbreads). I was asked to bring the such as jerk chicken drumsticks, growing peas, beans and character to life. So I became that Nigerian stew, fried plantain and mint or visiting a farm. Above (main) character, cooked chickpea rotis and puff puff with ice cream. Sam Ward and ACE Schools brought them into the classroom. Above The kids were enthusiastic and Building relationships with teachers Children mixing dough enjoyed eating them.” is crucial to ensure that menus can Left be linked to classroom activities. James Taylor James also organised the first ever Caterers can also get involved in Vegan Week, connecting food with after school activities, extending the environmental issues at Harrington learning possibilities. Getting started Hall. Serving dishes such as vegan couldn’t be simpler, all it takes is a Thai curry, vegan mac and cheese conversation with the school and lentil shepherd’s pie, the event leadership team and a little creativity, was a resounding success. “The yet the rewards are bountiful – a children didn’t really notice the lack deeper relationship with the faculty of meat, they enjoyed the meals and and more engaged students who came back for seconds. It was the become increasingly open to ideal response and it brought the experimenting with food. message home. It was such a success, I will be holding one at Sir For more information about the Thomas Abney as well. I would like work that ACE and Chefs in to move over to serving mostly Schools do, visit their websites plant-based meals in future. After at Vegan Week, many teachers are and on board with this idea.” he says. 15

THE IMPORTANCE OF Higher EducationMENU DIVERSITY IN Plant based “CATERERS CAN APPEAL Speak to any university or college and vegan wrap TO MORE HEALTH-CONSCIOUS they will tell you that a large proportion of their funding comes from international STUDENTS BY STOCKING students. Although domestic fees at HEALTHIER SNACKING OPTIONS. university level can feel overwhelming, international students face tuition fees NUTS IN PARTICULAR ARE of £18,000 and above per year. With the PERFECT FOR THOSE LOOKING high standards of education provided FOR A HEALTHIER SNACK WITH by UK and Irish universities and the combined opportunity to learn a second NATURAL AND FUNCTIONAL language, they remain a popular choice BENEFITS,” RECOMMENDS MATT despite the cost. As a result, universities COLLINS, TRADING DIRECTOR, KP host large numbers of people from all SNACKS. “KP SNACKS’ FLAGSHIP over the world and a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and religion. ‘BETTER FOR YOU’ BRAND, POPCHIPS, IS ANOTHER MUST- Food forms a central part in many cultures, and it is important for students both international STOCK TO DRIVE SALES IN and domestic, to feel welcomed and accepted. THE HEALTHIER SNACKING The challenge for caterers is not only to create CATEGORY. WORTH £39.1M a menu that is as diverse as the student body, IN RETAIL SALES VALUE AND but to access the various skill sets required GROWING IN VALUE AT +27.3%1. to serve such a wide variety of food. Staff POPCHIPS OFFERS A MORE must be well versed in how to handle kosher PERMISSIBLE SNACK WITHOUT and halal food, support students celebrating religious festivals and be able to prepare and COMPROMISING ON deliver authentic dishes such as sushi while GREAT TASTE.” observing allergen regulations. 1 Nielsen Scantrack 01.01.22 Accommodating such a diverse student population must be carefully considered by 16 caterers and extends way beyond what’s on a written menu. Everything from the dishes selected to how food is stored, prepared and presented must be thought through to ensure every student has the access to the nutrition they need. Most higher education campuses have several catering outlets and are increasingly offering additional delivery services and event catering, making menu development as fun and creative as it is complex and challenging. Bearing the following four broad considerations in mind when determining the menu for the new term may help to double check you have all options covered. PLACE SUSTAINABILITY FRONT AND CENTRE Reducing your carbon footprint and supporting an overarching sustainable pledge is important not just for the educational organisation, but to the students too. Reducing meat in dishes, providing plenty of recycling points, making sustainable packaging choices, running workshops to teach students how to eat sustainably and engaging with them to develop long-term environmentally friendly habits will all help to meet the expectations of

CATEGORY FOCUS n Catering “UNIVERSITY CATERERS CAN UP THEIR GAME AND MAKE THE both international and kitchen that serves multiple outlets, MOST OF A BIG GLOBAL FOOD TREND BY domestic students. defining preparation space and TURNING THE EVERYDAY WRAP INTO A equipment will also help. NUTRITION-BOOSTING BURRITO. PURE Caterers at the University of BASMATI RICE PAIRS NICELY WITH PRAWN AND Sussex have taken sustainability “It can be a daunting task to cater CHIVE COCKTAIL; NUTTY AND WHOLESOME to new highs as a result of for students with varying dietary WHOLEGRAIN BASMATI THAT’S PERFECT WITH connecting with students requirements whilst also tapping into HARISSA AND HUMMUS. SPICY PERI PERI and listening to their ideas. current food trends, hence why it is so BASMATI WHICH IS DELICIOUS WITH CHICKEN By supporting local suppliers, crucial to source free-from foodservice AND SOUR CREAM, OR TAP INTO THE introducing a coffee cup recycling products and ingredients from trusted PLANT-BASED DEMAND WITH A COCONUT scheme, a Mug for Life incentive brands. This provides university caterers BASMATI RICE AND AVOCADO ROLL!” within on-site cafés and installing with complete reassurance that the a bio-processor to convert organic products are not only suitable for students - ANNETTE COGGINGS, HEAD matter into fertiliser, they have with varying requirements, but also OF FOODSERVICE, TILDA UK championed the University’s goals across all taste amazing and can be prepared easily,” outlets on campus. recommends Alison Smith, Global Product On-campus catering has undoubtedly come a Developer, Mars Food. “The entire Dolmio long way since its inception. Challenging your UNDERSTAND CURRENT FOOD Professional® and Ben’s Original Professional® team to expand catering services to actively TRENDS foodservice sauce range not only offer caterers welcome and serve the diverse student with a ready-to-use range of classic and on- population studying at your campus every Veganism is booming in the younger trend sauces, but each jar also clearly details year not only fosters understanding between generation, so sourcing alternative plant- key nutritional and allergen information on the staff and students, but encourages community based proteins is key and can also cater for each of each jar.” cohesion. Food can play a pivotal role in students with religious dietary requirements making people feel at home and welcomed, or allergies. From Peruvian-inspired dishes to Left (main) but also considered and heard as individuals. Pan-Asian menus and Middle Eastern flavours, Plant based vegan wrap Helping each student feel more comfortable going above and beyond to explore the latest socialising with each other in an inclusive food trends in world cuisine, translating that Below (left to right) environment enhances the educational into your menus across campus outlets will Persian Styled Jeweled Rice. Image experience as well as the broader commercial give students variety and encourage them to courtesy of Tilda opportunities for higher education providers. dine on campus more regularly. Katsu Burger. Image courtesy of Ben's Original Dolmio ENSURE DISHES ARE AUTHENTIC Extend your network of contacts to the families of international students, local religious communities and the National Union of Students to seek advice on how to prepare and cook specific dishes, the meals eaten during religious ceremonies and the type of food they want to eat. Extending Indian food beyond the korma, and Chinese menus beyond sweet and sour chicken to deliver authentic dishes that not only excite students, but give international students a taste of home will go a long way. Try dishes such as Papas a la Huancaina (potato in a spicy cheese sauce) from Peru, Jollof rice for an African dish or Feijoada (black bean and pork stew) from Brazil to add diversity. Fulfil the spectrum of dietary preferences and requirements from choice to necessity A higher education institution could have upwards of 23,000 students attending courses each week. It is therefore likely that caterers will need to accommodate for a broad range of allergies as well as dietary preferences, from the health conscious to those wanting a little indulgence. Storing ingredients that contain allergens separately will prevent cross contamination, and if you operate a central 17

RISING STAR MRisinAg stRar K AISTHORPE Recently appearing on the going to an after-school cookery never have signed on Above (main & inset) 17th series of the Great class, which was run at Sheffield the dotted line. It had five Mark Aisthorpe British Menu, representing University. It was here that I caught different managers in the Yorkshire and the North the bug so from a young age I was previous five years and Smoke cured sea trout, wild garlic East, Rotherham-born learning classical techniques, how it was a wreck serving and creme fraiche, Exmoor caviar Mark Aisthorpe started to fillet fish, de-bone lamb etc. It very low-end food. In four out in the catering team at was an incredible apprenticeship years, we’ve completely Below left (left to right) Sheffield University before for a teenager. transformed the venue Venison cannon artichoke puree, spells in Michelin 1 and 2 and its reputation. We celeriac puree and puffs, braised star restaurants and hotels. Who has been instrumental to have a bar menu, an a la rosscoff chocolate/cherry jus Still only just 30, he’s been your development? carte, a tasting menu and have owner and chef at The Undoubtedly Tracy Carr, who just added three luxury rooms The Bull’s Head dining room Bull’s Head, Holymoorside set up the Skills for Chefs upstairs so it’s definitely become for the last 4 years. conferences, which took place a bit of destination venue. The me a little. It made me realise that at Sheffield University, and who food is traditional English pub food you can adapt to anything if you Tell us a bit about your route ran the after-school cookery with the elegance of fine fining stop moping around and just get into food classes I attended. She was a real and my cooking is still influenced on with it – even if learning to lip My mum ran a bakery for a mentor to me from a teenager, by the basic techniques taught to read was bloody difficult! time and also a wedding cake not just in the technique and me by Tracy. All the stocks and business, plus my aunty ran a good practises she taught, but sauces are made from scratch, How was the Great British Menu pub, so I was always around food by giving me a job and pushing meat and fish comes in whole and experience? and spent plenty of time as a kid me to be better. When I was we de-bone and prepare it to our Overall, it was incredible and making flowers out of icing or 18-years-old I had the opportunity specifications, wasting nothing. since it’s been on TV we have bottling up at the pub. My true to work with Marcus Wareing at Nothing pretentious – just great gone from being fully booked a food journey really began as a the Skills for Chefs conference hyper-local ingredients, treated week in advance to being fully 12-year-old though when I started at Sheffield University. with absolute respect. booked 2-3 months in advance so it’s been an amazing business Tell us about The Bull’s Head What’s been the toughest booster. In all honesty, ahead of If I had known more about the moment of your life? the first day I have never been history of the pub when I took I think when I found out I would so scared in my life but after day over the tenancy, I probably would be partially deaf for life. I was one, I began to enjoy it a bit more. 17 and I had been prescribed some medicine for my condition and was told that there was a 1-in-20,000 chance of partial deafness. I guess I was just unlucky but I couldn’t help but think the world was against “From a young age I was learning classical techniques, how to fillet fish, de-bone lamb etc.” 19

newsFOOD & INDUSTRY GARDEN GOURMET® NEW INSIGHT HIGHLIGHTS OPPORTUNITIES FOR PLANT-BASED OFFERING New social media insight* released actually influence more people to reduce their by GARDEN GOURMET® reveals that meat intake. while Veganuary 2022 participants expressed an appetite for Alongside posts about enjoying these plant-based menu options beyond alternatives to meat dishes, consumers were January, there are key areas curious about the nutritional value1 and operators could address, to reassure sustainability2 of plant-based proteins. This and attract more plant-based diners gives food operators food for thought when it all year round. Discussing reasons for going vegan, animal welfare came Overall, consumers were impressed by the top at 38.7%, closely followed by health (33.5%) and sustainability (27.8%). Meat alternatives continue to be vegan dishes on offer from food operators, hugely popular, with most mentioned vegan products being bacon (35.6%), burgers (33.4%) and sausages (15.2%). expressing a desire for these to be available beyond the month. Spurred on by the experience, they also spoke about the need to make lasting behavioural changes beyond Veganuary. And many argued that having wider plant-based selections when dining out will

FOOD & INDUSTRY NEWS Left comes to communicating the proteins in their Garden Gourmet products plant-based dishes. Below (left to right) Rohini Alam, Global Brand Manager for Plant Based Garden Gourmet’s Mini Taco Cups with at Nestlé Professional says: “Now the plant-based Sensational Mince and “Deluxe-tarian” Burger market is maturing, it seems that consumers are Images courtesy Garden Gourmet becoming more concerned with provenance of plant-based products. There is a raft of meat alternatives now available, so it’s hardly surprising there’s more interest in what’s in them. To reassure consumers about what’s in their meat alternatives, food operators might consider sourcing and communicating them in the same way they would with traditional proteins like meat or fish. For details on their range, available via OOH through wholesalers, go to https://www. * Social media insight based on 22,000 British consumers and local businesses’ comments and publications about Veganuary during the month of January 1 GARDEN GOURMET® products contain soya protein which is a high-quality protein. Reference: Recommended amino acid scoring patterns for infants, children and older children, adolescents and adults, FAO 2013 2 ‘Plant-based diets represent a major opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions’ (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change- IPCC, 2019).

squeezeMe Explore our range of SqueezMe for excellent drizzling over your meal and a very reasonable portion size. SqueezMe are perfectly shaped, with an easy to tear wrap, allowing customers to enjoy our classic HEINZ Mayonnaise, Tartare and Ketchup sauces. With a generous portion size (26g), SqueezMe are also great for improving customer satisfaction and controlling food waste costs.

T he Country ClubTHECOUNTRYCLUB EXCLUSIVELY FOR CUSTOMERS OF THE COUNTRY RANGE GROUP KEEP To celebrate the amazing Live 6” Santoku Knife at your food less, less strokes = less SHARP Final of the Country Range This knife is designed to be light and work. A great all-rounder. A better Student Chef Challenge we are swift. You can chop using the entire tool suited for your cabbages, swedes AWS2anpSItNieoetkcue giving away a Flint & Flame Two length of the blade due to its flatter and squashes. Piece Santoku Set to one lucky design, with a razor-sharp heel this will is reader. ideal for finely slicing ginger, spring This amazing set comes in an elegant onions and herbs. wooden gift box, making it ideal to The 2 Piece Santoku Set features both give as a gift to someone with a passion the 6” and 8” Santoku knives, which It features a wide blade making scooping for cooking. have quickly become favourites or crushing a joy. Its bevelled edge amongst both Flint & Flame customers prevents food sticking to the blade and For your chance to win, send an email and staff. The Santoku knives are hindering your next chop. titled ‘Flint & Flame’, along with your already so incredibly versatile and name, contact details and the name 8” Santoku Knife of your Country Range Group reliable, you won’t find The bigger brother of the 6” Santoku. wholesaler, to [email protected] any two knives that Having a longer blade means you saw can fulfil the role of Closing date for the competitions: 30 June 2022. All winners will be notified by 31 a complete July 2022. Postal entries can be sent to: Country Range Group, 4 & 5 Jupiter House, knife-set quite Mercury Rise, Altham Business Park, Altham, Lancashire, BB5 5BY. Full terms and like they can. conditions can be found at: tSteudesnt f.av.ou.rites... Buns are Bao (Hirata) Buns 50g 2 x 30 filled with coUnlbaaked t6” Veegan SPausagee Roclls 10a0g 1nx 40 BroGoldewCnhVicaklleenynGFooouidjosneGslPultaesinn-f2rexe41Bkrgea8ded g 1 xChocola1te P8ecan Brownies 48g 1 x 18 mSeimple too prefpare,deasy ato seyrve a.nd perfect any time of day. When will you serve yours? Images show serving suggestioImanges sshow serving suggestions

NEW Lasts up to FORMULA 50%= longer* + += FLASH PROFESSIONAL Super concentrated for great value Upgrade your clean to Flash Professional All-purpose Cleaner, now coming with up to 100% streak free formula! Say goodbye to streaks on your floor and enjoy the impeccable cleaning and shine of Flash Professional All-purpose Cleaner for your professional needs! Whether you operate a care home or B&B, local takeaway or fish & chip shop, this product will clean away the toughest stains and dirt from your floors and surfaces, while leaving a fresh scent. This outstanding performance is delivered even when diluting the product up to 1.2%, helping you to get the most out of your product. *Vs. leading professional branded competitive all-purpose cleaner, based on recommended dosage Try Flash Professional Disinfecting All-purpose Cleaner: The cleaning power you are used to, and kills 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses on top!

SPECIAL FEATURE Challenge ACCEPTED The Country Range Student Chef Challenge is a prestigious culinary competition, which has become a firm fixture in the catering industry’s calendar. Run in partnership with the Craft Guild of Chefs, who provide competition-standard judging and detailed feedback to the students, it has played a huge role in developing young chefs and talent around the UK and Ireland, with previous winning teams being given the opportunity to compete at the Culinary Olympics and cook for the country’s leading chefs at the Craft Guild of Chefs Annual Awards. Entries to the Challenge were accepted until December 2021 before they went through to a strict paper judging stage. The eight successful entrants then progressed to the Grand Final at the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HRC) Show in March 2022. The teams, consisting of three full-time catering and hospitality students, were required to plan, prepare and present a three-course menu in just 90 minutes. STUDENT CHEFS AYRSHIRE COLLEGE CAREFULLY PREPARED DESSERT EACH DISH WITHIN Lemon and honey THEIR MENU IN LINE cream, white WITH THE CRITERIA chocolate sorbet, AND SUBMITTED hazelnut and basil THE DETAILS TO THE streusel, citrus and JUDGING PANEL IN THE elderflower curd INITIAL STRICT PAPER JUDGING STAGE OF THE COMPETITION 29

SPECIAL FEATURE THE “WINNING IS GREAT FOR THE FINALISTS STUDENT’S CVS, FUTURE CAREER 2. COLEG LLANDRILLO PROSPECTS AND THE COLLEGE’S Jay Rees, Helen Roberts 1. CAMBRIDGE CULINARY REPUTATION, BUT THEY ALSO REGIONAL COLLEGE MASTER NEW SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES, and Pippa Taylor David Carr, Adriel AND MEET OTHER CATERING STUDENTS Mascharenas and AND INDUSTRY CONTACTS ALONG THE 4. NEW CITY COLLEGE Alfie Bradford WAY WHICH WILL PUT THEM IN GOOD Sam Paoli, Maria Victoria Carbone Parra and Paulo 3. CITY OF GLASGOW SHAPE FOR THE FUTURE.” Ryan Mace-Hopkins, - Ian Jaundoo, 2020 Winning Team - City of Dela Cruz Krisztina Nagy and Gavin Barr Liverpool College Lecturer 6. MORAY COLLEGE Joely Beal, Austin May “AN AWESOME ADVENTURE FOR OUR STUDENTS AND THE PERFECT WAY TO and Darren Slapp PREPARE THEM FOR THE PRESSURES OF A BUSY PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN. 8. WEST SUFFOLK I’M SO HAPPY WITH OUR TEAM – THEY COLLEGE PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO PRACTISE Millie Smith, Harry BEFOREHAND AND THEY WERE Falkingham and Harry OUTSTANDING TOGETHER AS A TEAM ON THE DAY. THEY IMPROVED THROUGHOUT Bennington AND THE EXPERIENCE WILL STAY WITH THEM FOR A LONG TIME.\" - West Suffolk College Lecturer, Stuart Ascott 5. LOUGHBOROUGH THE CRITERIA COLLEGE Riley Monk,Caitlin The Challenge this year is to cook and present McGrath and Sam two portions of a three-course meal, comprising Watkins Canapés, Guineafowl main course and a dessert. 7. HERTFORD Canapés: Three different types of smoked fish, four of each, REGIONAL COLLEGE twelve in total Lucas Woods, Shane Hutt and Ramonte Main: Guinea Fowl. Two portions from a whole bird, a portion Harvey must include Breast and leg meat, each must utilise a different cooking method. A starch and at least three seasonal vegetable garnishes should accompany each portion, all parts of the bird must be used i.e bones for sauce and skin/fat if not required rendered down and made into a crisp or for cooking/sauté. Dessert: Two portions, an individual tart with a sweet pastry base, filling of your choice and a crumble topping to be presented with a sauce or ice-cream. Fruit must be included either as a garnish or included in the sauce or ice-cream. “For most of our students, this was the first time they had been to London so as an all-round experience for them, it takes some beating. T he competition itself was fierce and I’m not sure they were totally prepared for the live audience but we kept them on their toes in practise so it was great to see them adapt so well.\" - Moray College Lecturer, Martyn Woodward 26

THE LIVE FINAL THE STUDENTS WORKED The eight teams of student chefs battled it out in front of a huge audience in the Live Theatre BRILLIANTLY of the HRC Show. In addition the competitions UNDER THE Chair of Judges Christopher Basten and WATCHFUL EYE Judge Daniel Ayton there were a number of OF THE JUDGES exceptional judges with a wealth of experience AND A LARGE in competition judging, all of whom added AUDIENCE intense pressure on the day. IN THE LIVE THE RESULTS THEATRE The standard shown by every team was fantastic, with each team being awarded a bronze, silver or gold International Salon Culinaire medal in addition to their placement as part of the Country Range Student Chef Challenge. The team from Hertford Regional College finished in second place (silver standard) and the trio from Loughborough College took third (silver standard).   AND THE WINNER IS... THE DISHES “UNREAL – LOVED EVERY CREATED BY MINUTE OF IT, EVEN THE MOMENT THE STUDENT I HAD MICHEL ROUX OVERLOOKING CHEFS WERE MY PREP. NOTHING PREPARES YOU INCREDIBLE FOR THE AUDIENCE AND PRESSURE ON AND REALLY THE DAY BUT I HONESTLY THRIVED ON IT. IMPRESSED WHAT A BUZZ! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO THE JUDGES TAKE THE TROPHY BACK UP TO SCOTLAND ON THE DAY BUT IT DIDN’T TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE.” - Ryan Mace-Hopkins, City of Glasgow 27

SPECIAL FEATURE BELOW (LEFT NEW CITY COLLEGE TO RIGHT): CLAIM TOP SPOT T he Standard STEVE FOR 2022 CAMBRIDGE REGIONAL MUNKLEY, CHEF Following the enthralling live final Sam Paoli, COLLEGE - BRONZE DIRECTOR Maria V Carbone and Paulo Dela Cruz of New COLEG LLANDRILLO FOR SALON City College were crowned Country Range - BRONZE CULINAIRE Student Chef Challenge 2022 winners. CITY OF GLASGOW WITH THE - BRONZE The trio of chefs, under the guidance of lecturer HERTFORD REGIONAL WINNING NEW Jeffrey Mason, triumphed under intense competition COLLEGE - SILVER CITY COLLEGE conditions by wowing judges with their inventive LOUGHBOROUGH STUDENTS SAM and flavoursome menu, supreme cookery skills and COLLEGE - SILVER PAOLI, MARIA tremendous teamwork. MORAY COLLEGE - BRONZE VICTORIA New City College’s winning menu consisted of: NEW CITY COLLEGE CARBONE PARRA AND Canapés - GOLD BEST IN CLASS Seeded tuile, avocado and spinach puree and WEST SUFFOLK COLLEGE PAULO smoked salmon. DELA CRUZ Teriyaki marinated smoked eel sushi roll. - BRONZE Brown butter crumpets, chive mousse, smoked trout and cucumber spaghetti. Main Poached breast of guinea fowl with mousseline, braised leg & leek croquette, wild mushroom & braised barley, shallot puree, crispy shallots, buttered petit pois, wild mushroom & guinea fowl jus. Dessert Chocolate & orange tartlet, orange streusel, vanilla & orange ice cream, poached orange, orange & Cointreau sauce. In addition to the glory of winning, the team have won: • An overnight stay and meal at a Michelin star restaurant. • A stage working and learning what Michelin- level cooking is all about. • A free media publicity campaign around the winners, their dishes and the college. • A trip to Venice, courtesy of HRC, awarded to the team as they were Best in Class in our competition at the live final. The additional time and resource that each and every lecturer invests in order to allow teams to enter the Challenge must be appreciated. As a result Jeff was presented with a Flint and Flame chefs Knives set at the live final. Do you know a student chef or lecturer who would be up for the Challenge? We will shortly be launching the 2022/2023 Country Range Student Chef Challenge, and colleges are invited to register their interest online at www.countryrangestudent 28

OUR BAGELS ARE EXTREMELY FFRREOSZHENNEFSOSR VERSATILE AND EASY TO PREPARE. PERFECT FOR: ✓ Education ✓ Event/contract catering ✓ Cafés ✓ Foodservice solution ✓ Hotels ✓ Healthcare/NHS ✓ Travel and tourism ✓ Restaurants/QSRs Our expert, artisan bakers have been creating NOW IN CASES Serving Suggestion our deli-style bagels for over 30 years and our OF 24 FOR YOUR salmon and avocado range is perfect with both sweet and savoury CONVENIENCE fillings. Try the winning combination of smoked salmon & avocado on our plain bagel. NEW FOR 2022 Sourdough bagels Sourdough is a healthier alternative to regular white or whole wheat bread. Although it has comparable nutrients, the lower phytate levels mean it is more digestible and nutritious. The prebiotics also help to keep your gut bacteria happy, and it may be less likely to spike blood sugar levels. NEW FOR 2022 Mini bagels Although full-size bagels often served as a main grain within a meal, a mini-bagel is meant to be more of a snack food or a small part of a meal or buffet that contains several items. A great offering for the catering sector! OUR BAGELS ARE: • BRC accredited • No GM ingredients • No additives Bagel Nash are proud to * ** Our bagels are suitable for be part of the Food For Life Supplier Scheme. *Vegetarians and much of our range is also suitable for **Vegans.

SHTEAANTDASNDUPACTOIDITY Looks, tastes & performs like cream • Won’t split with acid or alcohol. “I need ingredients that are rich in • Quickly achieves sauce consistency. taste, low in cost and I can trust.” • Bain Marie Stable. • 4hrs whipped stability. Learn more at up A clean portfolio With the increase in demand for soap and cleaning products, having the best quality at the best price is vital to any caterer. Country Range have expanded their range by introducing some new products to their already expansive portfolio. New • SURFACE SANITISER @COUNTRYRANGEUK • ANTIVIRAL DISINFECTANT • ANTIVIRAL HAND SOAP • ANTIBACTERIAL HAND SOAP WWW.COUNTRYRANGE.CO.UK

ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS Catering for Families Rebecca Parents and kids want innovative, with the family. Over half of those Are there any quick-wins an Thomson healthy and inspired options. We we spoke to are now ordering operator can implement is the also want attentive service where restaurant meals via third-party immediately to improve their Founder of the parent’s our kids are engaged by staff. We delivery apps, suggesting parents service to families? website Greenwichmums also want to feel welcome and are getting comfortable with the Make menus available online or and has over ten years that our toddlers, for example, will relaxed atmosphere and on your socials. That way, parents of experience marketing be served first using child-friendly convenience of dining at home. can check out what to order to families. Working with cutlery and entertained by ahead of time. Next, having your independent restaurant innovative dining concepts— What should operators consider staff adjust how they welcome and brands including Bills, giving us parents, the time to when marketing themselves speak to families and children can Cabana, Cafe Rouge, enjoy our meals in a relaxed way. to families? have an immediate positive Caprice Holdings, Grind The pandemic has highlighted the impact. That means no eye-rolling and Sticks n Sushi, Has the pandemic changed the advantages of convenience, value or huffing and puffing to put in a Rebecca advises operators attitudes or needs of families? and a relaxed experience that highchair! Do you have child on how to improve their COVID-19 remains a significant takeout and third-party delivery friendly place settings? If not, offering and adapt their driver in how families approach methods have provided us. So get some. Consider using environments so that going to restaurants. Just talking awareness and re-education in equipment families are familiar they are more welcoming to the parents in our community, your family’s marketing strategy with and may have at home. for families. over a quarter said a lack of well across these areas are essential. Don’t underestimate your documented COVID safety Set yourself apart by increasing baby-changing either; check How important is the family policies is a barrier to dining out your customer’s emotional throughout the day and put a catering market? investment and perceived value station in the gents if you can. The family catering market is The status quo of of what you offer. Keep your After all, men also change nappies! exceptionally lucrative. Focus on nuggets and chips is policies up to date to help convenience, affordable pricing no longer an option. reassure parents back into Have reusable catch-all bibs on and kid-friendly amenities to win in-person dining. hand for parents who may have at the family market. The status forgotten theirs - we’ll appreciate quo of nuggets and chips is no How broad does a children’s the thoughtfulness and it’s a small longer an option. menu need to be? touch that won’t break the bank. Variety is vital, but it doesn’t need Neither will cups with lids because What are the most common to be complicated. If you have a spills happen no matter how hard mistakes an operator makes? specials board, let families know we try to avoid them. Contented Food can be a struggle and that kids’ portions are available kids mean relaxed parents, and a reward simultaneously, from the main adult menu. Always from personal experience, when variety on a menu is vital; clarify what is vegan, vegetarian, my kids are contented and happy, so many operators lack has gluten, or any other allergens. we spend more money and come exciting kids’ menu items. If your plates don’t look fun or back time and time again! tasty, kids will not be interested. 31

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MELTING POT The sweet taste of summer With a variety of As we reach the height of sensational cocktails the summer season, it’s time to cool customers down with out there, why not a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. mix it up and be Soft drinks should cater for all adventurous occasions and demographics and are not necessarily limited to pre-made bottled brands. From fantastic recipes for homemade lemonade, a caffeine kick with cold-brew coffee or a low sugar drink for kids, the soft drinks market is bursting with fresh ideas. If you are looking to add a new health drink to your menu or liven up mocktails with world flavours, our panel of experts did us proud this month, delivering advice and insight to inspire operators across the industry. GINA BARBACHANO Bar Manager, Hanky Panky We don’t have a mocktail menu per se, but we love to interact with our guests and create drinks in the moment. We ask what they like, and we make something delicious using our imagination. It’s a great way of making a connection as well! Almost all of our ingredients are homemade, we like to make them from scratch so that we can guarantee the flavour and consistency that we want and are famous for. We use a lot of cold brew because at Hanky Panky we don’t have an espresso coffee machine and cold brew is a great option to have for those refreshing and delicious coffee cocktails. We also use cold-brew tea, and actually one of the menu drinks is a cold brew non- alcoholic drink called, Auritum, made with Black Team infusion with coffee peel, topped up with coconut soda. 33

MELTING POT “We love to interact with our guests and create drinks in the moment. We ask what they like, and we make something delicious using our imagination.” JUDY JOO AIDAN BEAUMONT Above: Celebrity Chef & Group Bar Manager, Cosmopolitan classic red cocktails Founder, Seoul Bird Chaophraya with a twist. Our Homemade Korean Our ‘Made in Thailand’ Ice Teas are refreshing, cocktail showcases Below: thirst quenching, the exotic and tropical Paeonia premium bubble tea. uniquely flavoured. They are full of flavours of every corner of Thailand. revitalising vitamins and antioxidants Incorporating three of the four flavours too. At Seoul Bird, we offer Yuzu Green of Thailand; sweet, sour and spice. Tea, which has a lemony honey sweet, Refreshing and moreish, we consider slightly sour flavour derived from Yuzu, this our signature cocktail. It boasts a citrus fruit known as Yuja in Korea. ginger, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice Bursting with Vitamin C, Korean’s drink and is finished with a fiery ginger beer. Yuja juice regularly to strengthen their It comes served in a ceramic bamboo immune systems.   cup with pineapple leaves for garnish. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a Our best seller, Mixed Berry and non-alcoholic spirit. Lychee Green Tea needs no explanation as to why it’s so popular! ANH PHAM This crowd pleaser not only tastes Owner, Paeonia absolutely amazing, but also packs the At Paeonia premium endless health benefits associated with bubble tea lounge, green tea and berries. Our ice teas are we love bringing new, refreshing and full of flavour; they are original and exciting the ultimate Korean mocktail. If you feel flavour sensations to the tastebuds of like stiffening it up slightly, then add a our customers and we’ve just launched shot or two of Soju! our summer drinks menu. New for SS22 are bespoke and exotic drinks such GABRIELA LOZADA as dragon fruit tea, whale tea, mango Bar Manager, Brujas  matcha latte and a tropical fruit tea with This summer we set guava, mango and passion fruit. We’re ourselves the challenge really excited to see what people think! of creating fresh, citrusy flavours by limiting We’ve also got several slushies on the ourselves to using lemon juice or menu at Paeonia this season, where other citrus fruit that is around us. In we use only the very finest ingredients. other words, we are going to exploit Slushies include mango, taro, melon ingredients and handle them in milk, marble matcha and cookies and such a way that we can highlight the cream, to mention a few. acid notes with sparkling wines and homemade sodas (for very refreshing non alcoholic drinks).  In Brujas we are lovers of mocktails, especially because we open in the afternoon and alcohol is not always a great choice. That’s why we always have herbal infused sodas that we play with by adding seasonal fruits or other ingredients. In my obsession with creating complexity in a non-alcoholic beverage, I began to experiment with edible resins. The weirdest mocktail I’ve ever made was the Mexican Forrest, made using pine resin, citrus ash, agua miel and a bit of mead. The flavour was so complex and unique that it felt like it contained alcohol. 34

® FRREUAILT WE’RE GOOD TO GO *Contains naturally occurring sugars Time to

I’m made NEW from plants NO CHICKEN NUGGETS

THE GREEN GAUGE T he 5 R’s of Zero Waste As the world’s population ideology, products should be cup. There will always be a few garlic and herbs to create a pesto continues to rise, we are perpetually reused or recycled and disgruntled customers, but many of and left over veggies can make a producing unprecedented composted instead of going to landfill. us have adapted to the plastic bag super-tasty vegetable broth. Any quantities of waste. Food, surcharge, proving that consumers food scraps that cannot be used packaging, energy and water We are all well versed with the are willing and able to make can be composted. waste are areas that operators phrase ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ a change. should be actively seeking to however Zero Waste takes this a few • Install water filters for reduce and ease the pressure steps further to create 5 R’s; refuse, Seek suppliers who are willing to customers to refill their on our planet. As the reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. join you on your mission. Reusable own bottles instead of selling hospitality sector continues tubs, crates and plastic bottles all bottled water. to improve its sustainability Starting with refuse, the aim is to stop credentials, a new Zero Waste purchasing or consuming products “T he goal is to take a fresh look at what is Kitchen concept is emerging that include waste, this may mean that will take our efforts to assessing how food is used and wasted within the complete lifecycle the next level. being packaged or requesting produce is of products, ingredients and materials.” WHAT IS A ZERO WASTE KITCHEN? delivered in reusable The term itself is a little bit of a cartons. The addition of help to ensure plastics are not • To keep kitchens clean, replace misnomer because achieving zero the final stage – rot – ensures going straight to landfill. toxic chemicals with steam cleaners waste is incredibly difficult no matter items are composted to harness and use biodegradable cleaning how savvy you are. While it cannot be any remaining nutritional value to • Assess your condiment options utensils containing bamboo, 100% achieved, the goal is to take a feed new life. and extras such as napkins, coconut, sisal, loofa, palm or fresh look at what is used and what is paper straws, sleeves, lids walnut fibres. wasted within the complete lifecycle INSPIRING A ZERO of products, ingredients and materials, WASTE APPROACH and stirrers. Can sugar, salt and • Buy staff uniforms and textiles to determine how any waste can be There are many different sauces be dispensed from from suppliers who use natural, reduced. Under the zero waste steps operators can take to organic materials or recycled achieve a Zero Waste glass shakers instead of small fabrics, donating any that are no kitchen, some are more intimidating packets? Does giving access to a longer needed back into the stack of napkins entice customers system to be recycled. than others! Here are to take more than they a few ideas to get need? Evaluating all The Zero Waste Kitchen you going: the small ‘incidentals’ is concept is an ambitious goal just as important as for any operator and requires • Reduce “to-go” waste tackling the bigger-wins. questioning some of our by implementing an customer service ideals that have additional charge on Challenge chefs to create new led to the over-use of convenience disposable paper dishes, condiments, sauces or goods, but with a bit of retraining pickles to reduce food waste, for and tackling tough conversations cups and offer example, watermelon rind can be head-on, you will be astounded by a discount for combined with tomato to create a the results you can achieve. rich, vegan tomato sauce, carrot customers tops can be blitzed with lemon, who bring their own 37

CERTIFIED BY THE VEGAN SOCIETY W W W. PR E M I E R FO O D S E RV I CE .CO.U K @PremierFoods_FS PremierFoods_FS @PremierFoodsFoodservice

THE MARKETPLACE THE MARKETPLACE KEEPING YOU UP-TO-DATE ON PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WITHIN THE FOODSERVICE INDUSTRY Moving A FROZEN Mountains, FIRST One Bite at a Time Well known for their ambient • Diane A classic rich and creamy wine and diced shallots with a solutions, Essential Cuisine sauce with mushrooms, ideal deep glossy finish. This year marks the long-awaited are proud to share their brand poured over grilled meats. launch of Moving Mountain’s new Premium Frozen Range. • Blue Cheese A rich, tangy plant-based chicken, beginning Prepared using the finest • Hollandaise A classic butter blue cheese with a very distinct with the Moving Mountains® ingredients; simply heat, snip and sauce made with free range savoury flavour. No Chicken Nuggets. Tender pour for a consistent solution in eggs with a rich velvety texture. and crunchy, their irresistible your working kitchen. • Smoked Bacon and Mushroom chicken nuggets are a deliciously • Béarnaise A silky rich butter Sauce A robust wild mushroom dippable treat that’s better for Packaged in FSC approved sauce with a good hint of sauce with smoked bacon your tastebuds and the planet. cardboard for peace of mind, each tarragon, ‘the classic steak lardons and loaded with cream. box contains 25 x 75g sachets, sauce’. Stocked in over 10,000 restaurants reducing wastage, whilst allowing For more information visit around the globe, Moving chefs to effectively cost control • Red Wine and Shallot Gravy Mountains® products are trusted their sauce solutions. A rich, robust sauce with red by chefs due to our reputation in great taste. Allowing you to satisfy The brand new Premium Frozen all your customers’ meaty cravings Range contains the following without compromising on taste variants: all of which are gluten free. and flavour. • Peppercorn Sauce A classic rich and creamy sauce with cracked black pepper and crushed green peppercorns. New additions to the Weetabix portion pack range FO O D SE RVIC E Weetabix Chocolate Crispy Minis Chocolate Weetabix is the UK’s No.1 Weetabix Original *Nielsen 52 w/e 29.01.22 – Total Coverage. **Combined wholesaler data w/e 14.01.22boxed twin pack (28x)40g portion pack (32x)Breakfast Cereal * boxed twin pack (48x) Weetabix Chocolate and Crispy Minis available in portion packs for the first time Convenient, easy to prepare, hygienically packaged and portable All the new products are non-HFSS & CQUIN Compliant 24%** fasteBsreatkfagst irs tohe wing Only 3%wilolpfsowcroitbtnicrosahnunmtpdoaesorcstkher CraisrpeywMoritnhis MinisUK’s No.3Crisaprey* porgtiroonwpthack ouotcocfahsioomne the L13W v LY £28m * chcoecroelaalte Visit our website for more information about our delicious Foodservice range

THE MARKETPLACE FULL OF BEANZ of children are now vegan, vegetarian, or would like to Making a Splash Heinz and Fridays (formerly Fridays restaurants UK-wide.; follow a more plant-based diet.1 TGI Fridays) have joined Heinz Original Beanz Burgerz Radnor Splash is one of the hero brands forces to put Heinz Original are served in a vegan bun with Keith Shearer, Group Head at Radnor Hills, in 2021 two bottles of Beanz Burgerz on kids’ lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo Chef at Fridays added: “Kids Radnor Splash were sold every second! menus in restaurants UK- and vegan cheese. Fridays are taking charge; consuming This year they have launched a very wide, moving the plant- diners can also enjoy Heinz more plant-based meals and exciting partnership with one of the UK’s based protein-filled burgers Beanz as sides or alongside snacks when they eat out most popular theme parks, Alton Towers. from retail to out-of-home veggie sausages in the new at our restaurants. We’ve This partnership includes an on-pack restaurant for the first time. Heinz Beanz pot. created a tasty selection of promotion of 2 for 1 entry on tickets, vegan kids’ dishes, designed available on all 500ml labels. Combining Now top of the ‘Major League’ Passionate about doing to satisfy even the fussiest one of the UK’s most favourited drinks with on the Fridays kids’ menu in 85 their bit to save the planet, 60% eaters and are delighted to one of the UK’s most popular theme parks, add the much-loved flavours so make a splash this summer and join of Heinz to the menu. Our them for some Radnor Thrills. new vegan Heinz Beanz Burgerz are sure to become a For more information visit firm favourite!” 1 “Passionate about doing their bit to save newsround/58653757 the planet, 60% of children are now vegan, vegetarian, or would like to follow a more plant-based diet.” MINCIHOBCORLATEE AKS Giving you a treatsize reason to take some time out A selection of treatsize favourites for a mini break in your day!

LUNCHTIME, DINNERTIME, IN NO TIME TASTY, TIME SAVING, READY TO USE SAUCES ✔ 25-30 portions when used as a culinary sauce. ✔ Versatile, multiple uses – use straight from the jar, hot or cold! ✔ Suitable for gluten free and vegetarian diets. ✔ No artificial colours, flavours* or preservatives. Meets UK 2017 salt target. GMO Free. No added MSG* *Excluding Texan BBQ & Hickory Smoked BBQ sauces Moornelinreecaiptes For more versatile recipe ideas, designed to help you save time visit For more information please contact Aimia Foods Ltd customer service ®/™ Registered Trademark. ©Mars, Incorporated 2021 on 01942 408600 or email [email protected] Aimia Foods Ltd, the sole distributor for Mars Foodservice products in the UK

AVAILABLE NOW Meet your wellbeing and sustainability commitments with  UK’s No 1 Herbal Tea Brand*  Sustainably sourced and packaged  Highest-quality organic herbs  Beautiful packaging and merchandise *Source: Nielsen Value Share MAT 52 W/E 1st Jan 22.

ON THE RANGE One Love Community Music and Arts is a T he One Love community interest company, which was set up in 2017 by Richard Clarke with the Coronation Club aim of tackling a broad range of mental Sandwich health issues including social isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression. INGREDIENTS METHOD SERVES COOKING 4 TIME The jewel in the One Love crown is the Expressions • 6 tbsp Country Range Real Coffee Shop, which is based on the lower floor. Mayonnaise 30 MINS Together, Expressions’ Manager Carol Tipper and Assistant Manager Tim Davies have over a half • 2-3 tsp Country Range Mild 1. Mix the mayo, curry powder, mango century of experience working in catering and Curry Powder, to taste chutney together in a bowl and season serve between 70-100 customers each day. with black pepper. • 2 tbsp Country Range The quality of food and drink offered is a key factor Mango Chutney 2. Add the cooked chicken breast to the when enticing people to visit, helping guests bowl and stir to fully coat the chicken in connect with others and lift spirits. The eclectic • 500g tender cooked Country the sauce. Cover and refrigerate for at selection of sandwiches, paninis and toasties are Range Chicken Breast Fillets least 2 hours to enhance the flavour. freshly prepared with plenty of love each day and (cut into slices – this will their famous homemade cakes are made every provide enough chicken for 3. Take the toasted bread and layer only evening by Tim and his talented partner Danni. approx. 4 sandwiches) two slices of bread with the lettuce leaves and tomato slices, then add 125g Tim Davies comments: • 2 rashers of Country Range of the marinated coronation chicken to Unsmoked Rindless one slice and the cooked bacon to the “Expressions plays a vital role in enticing and Back Bacon other. Using the marinade that’s left encouraging people to visit and learn more about spread over the remaining piece of toast. One Love and the activities taking place so it’s • 3 slices of white or brown crucial that the food and drink we offer makes bread slightly toasted 4. Stack and serve. a positive first impression. We’re proud to cook everything from scratch, the menu is constantly • 1 ripe sliced tomato changing and we’re always adding seasonal specials. It’s about quality ingredients, which is • 6 fresh lettuce leaves where Country Range come in, a bit of imagination and a whole lot of love.” “This recipe I have chosen is one we created for Jubilee weekend. It’s a special Coronation twist on our extremely popular Club Sandwich and it is truly fit for royalty.” 43

The Soup Kitchen Due to my dyslexia and the lack of support system at the time, I felt a lot of options were closed to me. It was either carpentry or hospitality and I chose the latter due to the fact I couldn’t build a box, but I was good at baking! We fell into catering really. We started a sandwich and salad run for the local NHS and nurses and doctors, and then when the PCT barred us due to their Robert Hunningher MBE, runs canteens losing money, we negotiated Humdingers, a vibrant bakery, terms where we could cater for the event catering business and NHS, but the food had to be pre- soup kitchen in Hoxton. With ordered. It was hugely popular with the an impressive career including NHS and the catering business took off L’Escargot and the River Café, from there. he set out on his own selling We opened our kitchens in Hackney homemade cakes before and to cover rent, we began catering moving into his new premise, for studios alongside the NHS and starting a delivery service for soon through word of mouth, this the local NHS walk-in centres. grew to local corporate business, and Clearly not one to be held back, eventually fashion houses such as McQueen and Tom Ford. The events followed soon after and after some very successful years and an amazing team, we are running and catering for multiple events daily. What lessons have you learnt during your career that you still apply to your practise today? HRoUbNertNINGHERRobert’sdriveandenthusiasm has led him on a journey that not only has seen him move to a bigger premises, but an enviable client list including Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Vogue, Microsoft and the Financial Times to name a few. The pandemic changed the direction Resilience. Never give up. We have of Humdingers significantly after he gone through a lot of trials and witnessed the challenges many people tribulations to get to where we are were facing. A soup kitchen and food today – not to mention a world- bank, feeding up to 1,000 people was changing pandemic. There are many soon set up to serve his community times where you are tempted to throw and is still operational today. Robert’s in the towel, but a blue sky is always mission to put people before profit just around the corner. has not stopped, the soup kitchen gives both him and his team purpose, Seeing beyond profit is important and providing the foundations for a ‘kinder focusing more on what you can do to business’ philosophy – a movement be of service to the local community that continues to fuel his passion for and society. For us, its finding fulfilment the industry. in creating a memorable experience for our event clients, feeding our exhausted When did you decide on a career in NHS, or ensuring that no one goes hospitality and what attracted you to hungry in our community with our soup event catering in particular? kitchen. It’s time for kinder business. 44

LEADING LIGHTS “T he community efforts have enhanced not field for securing event venues as we have found over the years that only my passion for hospitality but for food.” many locations are very biased in their preferred supplier list. It puts a lot of small businesses like ours on the backfoot. When did you decide to open a have to be products – you can even I would like to see better working soup kitchen? share skills or simply your time. A conditions and treatment of hospitality The soup kitchen was officially opened little contribution from all business staff, as I think many people have during the COVID-19 pandemic who believe in kinder business would been chased away from the industry lockdown in 2020. An eyewatering result in something hugely impactful. and, as a result, truly passionate number of people lost their jobs or staff are now very hard to come couldn’t make ends meet on furlough, What are your plans for Humdingers by. We are very lucky to have the and as a father of two young children, the next year? hardworking team that we do, and it broke my heart to think there were I want to open more soup kitchens, this is because we ensure no matter children – or anyone for that matter particularly at our new bakery in your role, you are treated and spoken - going hungry. The business had to Hornsey, and to be able to do this, we to with respect, and we ensure that shut down and we had the space, we would love to do larger events and wellbeing comes first. had the stock and people who wanted attract more clients who believe in to help, so it started from there. To business with a heart, as whatever they What recipe have you selected to help us to continue to fund the soup spend with us ultimately is pumped share with us and why? kitchen once stocks were depleted, back into our community efforts. We have chosen to provide our we opened our first bakery, which to What changes would you like to see Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe this day funds our soup kitchen. in the hospitality industry to improve as it has been with Humdingers What was the reaction from the it for the next generation? since day one. It’s both Gluten Free local community and your I would like to see a fairer playing and delicious! customers? Overall feedback has been great, Flourless Chocolate Cake the soup kitchen is increasingly popular and there are queues at the door at 5pm when it opens. A lot of our volunteers are customers from the bakery and clients from our catering who share our ethos of INGREDIENTS 3. Place chocolate business with a heart and the local Met and butter in a Police are getting their names down 300g caster sugar (divide bowl, and melt. on the calendar in efforts to improve into two bowls of 150g) 4. Pour the sugar community engagement. It’s wonderful. 10 eggs syrup into the melted chocolate 330ml water and stir quickly until warm and shiny. How have your community efforts 1kg dark chocolate enhanced your passion for 250g butter 5. Add to the egg mixture and whisk for hospitality? 30 secs on low speed until combined. The community efforts have enhanced not only my passion for METHOD 6. Grease a 12” round cake tin and pour hospitality but for food and what it in mixture. can do for the soul and wellbeing of 1. Whisk the eggs and 150g sugar until an individual. To have a young family soft peaks. 7. Cook at 180 for 30 minutes. If still too come to get their Friday evening wet, reduce to 160C and take out once dinner from the soup kitchen and 2. Place the second 150g sugar and pick comes out clean. seeing their excitement to discover water in a pan and reduce to a syrup 8. Allow to cool. it’s going to be chicken wings and consistency. potato wedges - not to mention the gratitude in their ‘thank you’ - fills you with both a sense of achievement and fulfilment that cannot be replaced. How were you informed about your MBE and what was your reaction? I received a letter from the Prime Minister, and I felt both emotional and hugely honoured but mostly shocked! I was privileged enough to go to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, and Martin, the ambassador of the NHS was there to greet us. It was a wonderful day for my wife and me. What advice would you offer to other operators looking to make a difference in their local community?  Look at what you offer to your clients and where you can offer the same to the community. It doesn’t necessarily 45

WITH NEW * ASED PLANT B S OFTNESS DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS *85% of ingredients contributing to Lenor softness are plant-based

FIVE WAYS TO USE WAYS Maple & TO USE Agave Syrup An all-round, store 1/ On-trend 2/ A Mean ANDREW cupboard hero, Glaze Marinade GREEN the Country Range Maple & Agave Syrup can quite Yuzu is one of those very on- Maple and agave syrup can CRAFT GUILD literally do it all. Brilliant for breakfast trend ingredients right now. be a great component of a Simply reduce some yuzu juice in range of delicious and sticky OF CHEFS and brunch, drinks and desserts or a pan with some of the Maple & marinades, particularly if you when used as an ingredient in bakes, Agave Syrup until it’s just sticky wanting to create a vegan This month sees the return a dressings, sauces, marinades and more. and then glaze chicken, fish and marinade for vegetables or 2 year absence of the Craft Packed in an easy to squeeze 620g vegetables before coating in tofu. Make a lighter and tangy Guild Awards, after a 2 year bottle and suitable for vegetarians and seeds and herbs to add texture. teriyaki-style marinade by absence, this year being held vegans, this moreish maple and agave mixing the syrup with soy at Magazine near to the blend is deliciously sweet and versatile. 3/ Tasty sauce garlic and ginger. 02. With so much having Toppings happened, we saw a great ABOUT: JAKE PIPER 4/ A Simple deal of entries from all sectors, Take some Country Range Oats & Sweet and the chance to all get With experience working for the that have been cooked in the Treat together and celebrate will Ramsey Restaurant Holding Group syrup in a pan to make them be so wonderful. including stints at Bread Street Kitchen, sticky, drizzle them over yoghurt, Add the Maple & Agave Limehouse, The Savoy and Heddon berries and other seasonal fruits Syrup to oats with a little We are also kicking off the Street, Jake Piper is now a Lecturer of for a delicious, texture-filled black treacle and then semi-finals of the Graduate Culinary Arts at Cambridge Regional breakfast bowl. You will never sandwich between softened Awards in Sheffield and College. Jake’s passion and dedication go back to serving bog-standard dates before baking. London, with the National since joining the college has played a cereal again. Chef of the Year also huge role in the college’s recent success well underway. Plans are in reaching consecutive Country Range underway to run our October Student Chef Challenge Finals. British Student Culinary Championships, again at 5/ A Refreshing Tipple Central Bedfordshire College, Use the syrup as a sweetener for please visit our website for cocktails and mocktails. Smash some lime more details. juice quarters, add tequila and the syrup with ice, stir well and top with more lime and mint For more on the Craft leaves for a refreshing light cocktail. Guild, visit www. Country Range Maple & Agave Syrup or follow the Craft Pack size: 620g Guild of Chefs on Twitter at @Craft_Guild 47

By Katy Moses, Founder & sAuSmUmPeErRo-fSsIpZoErDt Managing Director of KAM Sport. There’s something about it. What more than £11 uplift in average spend per What makes a great live sports pub ‘great’? else but a last-minute winner prompts customer while showing major sporting events. Customers and publicans agree, it is a quality us to spontaneously and simultaneously setup (screens and sound) and being able to erupt? We lay emotions bare as we With two huge women’s sporting events coming generate the atmosphere that sets it apart. Whilst shout at televisions, throw drinks in the up, the research shows there is still a significant it may be relatively easier to ensure your set up is air, and wrap arms around strangers opportunity for pubs and bars to take advantage top notch, it can be much harder to manufacturer with whom we’ve never spoken. as the numbers of fans steadily increase. An the elusive ‘atmosphere’ that sports fans crave. impressive 38% of UK adults intend to watch a But the research shows that if you can deliver on New research KAM carried out in partnership with Women’s Football European Championship game what sports fans want, then the rewards will be FANZO suggests that an astounding 16.1 million this summer with 17% wanting to watch in a pub or significant. Large groups will visit frequently and UK adults intend to watch at least some of this bar. That’s 8.8 million UK adults looking for a spend big. Live sport has the power to help pubs year’s Men’s FIFA World Cup in a pub or bar, and suitable venue (more than the number who watch hit a home run this summer and beyond. an impressive 8.8 million want to watch a 2022 Wimbledon). However, only 18% of publicans say Women’s Football European Championship game. they do anything, in particular, to encourage So how do you ensure your venue to chosen customers to watch ‘live’ women’s sporting for the big game? It seems fans are excited to be back watching events in their pub/bars. 82% of consumers use at least one ‘tool’ to help sport in pubs and bars this year following two years of lockdowns. 2022 certainly offers some “Research shows that if you can deliver on what sportsmassive opportunities for the industry to fans want, then the rewards will be significant. Large capitalize on major sporting events. We interviewed publicans as part of the research groups will visit frequently and spend big”and nearly 2-in-3 think showing live sports is pSrtoifritiatbulpe MtocCtahienirSbuurseicnreisssp, cadlaiHmailnfgpatgheeyAWs.epedf 1 04/04/2022 10:07

KAM them choose a venue. This represents a huge opportunity to influence the decision. General internet searching and apps like FANZO are the main sources of help for sports fans. Brands and operators need to ensure they are targeting their customers through these channels. We wcrocwe‘aP.Spuwnotokiw.rar\\ktriceatebcrmuseyopos-fvumsriSerstepcihatdeoiednsireagftur’.sll need to be aware of the ‘routes to information and influence’ that sports fans are using – and invest time, effort, and money into maximising our reach as brands and operators. One of the biggest challenges for many pubs and bars is to convince customers to leave the confines of their homes and venture out to the pub. Live sport can be that catalyst. It’s the unique combination of environment and ambiance that makes pubs and bars so special. When you throw live sport into this mix, and ‘big occasion’ live sport for that matter, you really hit the sweet spot. And footfall and sales will speak for themselves.


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