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40th Anniversary of the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute

Published by net2q, 2017-11-13 04:16:00

Description: 40th Anniversary of the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute


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FOREWORD On the auspicious occasion of the 40 anniversary th of the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI), I would like to applaud my colleagues and staff for their great efforts and contributions to the success of CULI in fostering Chulalongkorn University students and other members of the community to be effective users of English. Looking ahead, due to technological developments and innovations, English as a living language also keeps changing subtly and perceptibly depending on the context of use which poses new challenges for CULI. In spite of such challenges, I am confident that CULI will be able to face them with ingenuity and unrelenting ambition to achieve excellence as a pedagogical institute dedicated to language services and education. It is with great satisfaction and pride that I wish CULI a brighter future in the next decade. Assistant Professor Kulaporn Hiranburana, Ph.D. CULI Director (2014-2017)

CONTENTS FOREWORD Part One: Congratulatory Messages 1 Chairperson of the Chulalongkorn University Council 2 President of Chulalongkorn University 3 CULI’s Former Directors Professor Emeritus Toemsakdi Krishnamra 4 Professor Emeritus Dr. Khun Kanda Thammongkol 5 Associate Professor Malinee Chandavimol 6 Associate Professor Chaniga Silpa-Anan 7 Professor Emeritus Dr. Kanchana Prapphal 8 Professor Emeritus Dr. Achara Wongsothorn 10 Associate Professor Dr. Boonsiri Anantasate 11 Assistant Professor Saowapa Chayaburakul 12 Part Two: CULI 15 Administration and Planning 16 Academic Affairs 21 International Affairs 25 Academic Services 32 Research 37 CULI Organization Chart 41 Faculty Members 42 Support Staff 54 Part Three: Personal Perspectives on CULI’s 40 Anniversary 59 th Part Four: CULI Staff Portraits 83


Part One: Congratulatory Messages

2 Congratulatory Message from the Chaiperson of the Chulalongkorn University Council CULI’s 40 th Anniversary On the auspicious occasion of the 40 anniversary of the th Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI), I would like to commend and congratulate CULI for its academic endeavours and achievements as one of the leading language institutes of the country and for its untiring efforts in improving the English language proficiency of Chulalongkorn University students. As part of the University’s commitments towards Thailand’s Education 4.0, CULI has risen to the challenge of not only enhancing CU students’ English abilities but also developing their skills so that they can function effectively as educated members of the community at both the local and international levels in the ever-changing environment facing us all. The years ahead is a real challenge to the University and, likewise, to CULI. Nevertheless, I do believe in the competency of CULI staff and their wills in providing the timely best for our students and also leading the course of English language institutes of the country. Again, congratulations and best wishes for continued success in coping with this challenge and leading to greater academic achievements in the years to come. Professor Emeritus Khunying Suchada Kiranandana, Ph.D.

3 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Congratulatory Message from the President of Chulalongkorn University The Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) was founded in 1977 to serve our students in instruction in the English language, at basic, advanced, and professional levels, as well as providing other services including translation, Master’s and PhD programs. This conforms to one of the CU strategies for 2017-2020, i.e. to develop graduates that have academic ability, latest skills, public consciousness, and leadership qualities to make a difference in society. In addition, the institute also organizes national seminars annually in addition to international conferences every four years. Furthermore, CULI transfers knowledge to the public via various activities, such as the English program called “English in Style”, which is broadcast via CU Radio (FM 101.5 MHz), and “English Today”, which is a newspaper column of Komchadluek. Over the past 40 years, I have been delighted that CULI has adapted to the needs of the future. It is clear to me that English proficiency is a necessary skill for our students to continue their lives after graduation. CULI has also played an important role in supporting the accomplishment of other CU strategies of social outreach and global engagement both locally in Thailand as well as globally. I would like to thank the executive team, faculty staff, and support staff of CULI for their continual support. I hope that CULI will continue in its role to develop the English language skills of our undergraduates and postgraduates and provide all of their other services for the next 100 years. Professor Bundhit Eua-arporn, Ph.D.

4 Congratulatory Messages from CULI’s Former Directors on CULI’s 40 Anniversary th November 7, 2017 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary I am very pleased to offer my heartiest congratulations to CULI th on its 40 anniversary for pioneering work teaching English at the tertiary level. Many educational institutions have seen the results of your efforts and many others strive to emulate your fine example. Of course language is not as static as many people tend to believe. We are dealing with a living language which transforms over time. The fact is that English is now the most frequently used language in the world as either a first but mostly as a second. Strange as it may seem, English is now used by more people for whom it is not a first language. There are in fact many varieties of English used in the world. For example, in Southeast Asia, English is prescribed as the language of international treaties. Thus, we have to learn also the other forms of English as well, e.g. Indian English as used in India. So these challenges of meeting the needs of an international language face CULI at present. I am very pleased and proud that CULI is facing them squarely. I most sincerely wish everyone at CULI luck and success for the next forty years and beyond. Professor Emeritus Toemsakdi Krishnamra (1978-1982)

5 Congratulatory Messages from CULI’s Former Directors on CULI’s 40 Anniversary CULI’s 40 th Anniversary th November 7, 2017 I would like to congratulate the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute on its achievements in ELT development over the past four decades and wish it even greater success in meeting the challenges it faces ahead. Professor Emeritus Khun Kanda Thammongkol, Ph.D. (1984-1988)

6 Congratulatory Messages from CULI’s Former Directors on CULI’s 40 Anniversary th November 7, 2017 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary As one of the founders of CULI, I have always taken pride in observing its continued growth and admired the innovative projects it has successfully implemented. As CULI celebrates its 4th decade on November 7, 2017, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all staff and students whose dedication and determination have made our CULI highly renowned both within the country and abroad, through its expanding networks and affiliations. This has helped enhance Chulalongkorn’s national competitiveness and global connectivity. In its next decade, I hope to see our instructors well-prepared to cope with the ever-evolving modern language teaching technology to meet the new challenges of the globalized world. This will ensure that our students will be versatile and obtain English language skills that will be useful for their daily lives and future careers. Lastly, I would like to wish all CULI staff and students great success in making our institution a reliable resource where teach- ers as well as other institutions can seek advice and further knowledge in the field of English language teaching. Associate Professor Malinee Chandavimol (1988-1992)

7 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary CULI Passing from the Fourth Decade and Moving on to the Fifth Founded in 1977, CULI has had a long and interesting history and is an important institute providing teaching services to all Chulalongkorn University undergraduates (except the Faculty of Arts). Its mission is to develop teaching materials of different content for different proficiency levels depending on the subject matter of each faculty. CULI has also provided English teaching services to many other institutes, schools and people outside the university. These include teaching courses, writing CU-TEP tests, organizing conferences and seminars, publishing journals and providing consultancy services regarding English teaching in addition to editing and translation services. I was first appointed Secretary to the English Language Project in 1975 and then became first secretary at CULI from 1978-1982 and finally Director from 1992-1996. I feel very proud of my contribution to and participation in CULI since the very beginning and I feel satisfaction at seeing it become an internationally recognized institute. With Thailand’s 4.0 government policy, the need to communicate in English with the rest of the world is essential for future economic growth. CULI’s objective is to develop and improve undergraduates’ and postgraduates’ proficiency in English, as they will be the leaders of Thailand’s future generation. It is my pleasure that CULI has played such a big part in developing English proficiency for the student population in Chulalongkorn University and the community beyond. I hope that CULI will be successful in its mission to support Thailand 4.0 for a brighter future for Thailand. Associate Professor Chaniga Silpa-Anan (1992-1996)

8 Celebrating the End of the Fourth Decade of the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) CULI’s 40 th Anniversary It is a great pleasure to have been asked to write a congratulatory message on the 40th anniversary of CULI. Over the past forty years, CULI has accomplished many activities in teaching English to Chulalongkorn University students and to personnel in various sectors of the country. I would like to highlight some of these achievements. Regarding English teaching, many courses in General English, English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes have been offered to thousands of Chulalongkorn University students, both undergraduate and graduate. The CULI English Club was set up to encourage students to do extra-curricular activities using English and many students have illustrated their outstanding performance in debate competitions. In addition, CULI’s Self-Access Learning Center was also developed to give students more opportunity to use English outside the classroom. As for academic services, CULI provides a variety of English training courses for both private and government sectors. Another distinguished activity of CULI is its national seminars and inter- national conferences. In addition, the first journal in EFL in Thailand, PASAA, has published many academic and research papers in EFL and related fields to share ideas and research findings with colleagues in English education.

9 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary In terms of collaborations, CULI has joined the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education of Chulalongkorn University to offer M.A. and Ph.D. programs in English as an International Language (EIL). These interdisciplinary programs are conducted under the Graduate School and have produced many qualified English language professionals to serve the country in various sectors. Moreover, due to the expertise of CULI faculty, the Academic Testing Center of the University requests standardized English testing papers from CULI each year. These achievements have been possible because of the effort and dedication of CULI teaching staff. I congratulate CULI on its success and expect a continued prosperous and successful future. Professor Emeritus Kanchana Prapphal, Ph.D. (1996-2000)

10 Celebrating the End of the Fourth Decade of the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) CULI’s 40 th Anniversary March 26, 2017 marks the Centennial Celebration of Chulalongkorn University and the 40 anniversary of the Chulalongkorn th University Language Institute, which was founded on 7 November th 1977. Established in the cradle of Thailand’s oldest, most revered university with the mission to be the Pillar of the Kingdom while adhering to the principle of “knowledge and morality” in teaching, research, service, and culture, CULI has served as the center of English language education, language learning research, English language services, and culture on both national and international levels. CULI is dedicated to the development of the university’s students’ language skills as well as promoting English beyond the university for public officials, teachers, and the general public with an interest in improving their English. Combining the human and material resources to accomplish the goals and fulfil its role as a center of excellence in English language education, research and evaluation, materials development, and translation, CULI has done magnificently well for Chulalongkorn University, the nation, and the international English education community. I am very proud to be a member of CULI as well as having served as the seventh director of the Institute. In celebrating the fortieth anniversary of CULI, I would like to express my sincerest wish for CULI’s fulfillment of its vision and the continued success of its mission. Professor Emeritus Achara Wongsothorn, Ph.D. (2000-2003)

11 A congratulatory note as CULI has completed its fourth decade as the language service of CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Chulalongkorn University As a former staff member and former director of CULI, seeing this institute entering into its forty-first year has invoked in me feelings of great pride, joy and faith in its potential to make further positive contributions to the field of language education in Thailand. All through the years, we have celebrated successes and learned from our failures. With knowledge and learning experience accruing over time, I believe that CULI will continue to take important steps to develop the English communication proficiency of our students. The task at hand, to me, requires not only determination but also creativity on CULI’s part due to the pressing and considerable demands placed on new graduates by the highly competitive job market as well as the rapid advances in technology, the unprecedented changes in the way business is conducted and the increasing interconnected global economy. To address these challenges, more practitioner research needs to be conducted into alternative teaching and learning practices that increasingly engage our students, gradually empowering them to become more responsible and autonomous learners. May the CULI team be bursting with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism so that it may thrive confidently in the coming decades. With best wishes, Associate Professor Boonsiri Anantasate, Ph.D. (2003-2007)

12 Celebrating the End of the Fourth Decade of the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Over the past four decades, the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) has made considerable contributions to language teaching in Thailand. The main purposes for CULI’s establishment were twofold. The first was to take on the role of being an English language center for the country, advancing language education development through various means: teacher training, organizing seminars, conducting research, disseminating and publishing information as regards new trends in language teaching and pedagogy as well as providing academic services for language development for the public. The second purpose was to provide different levels of language courses to Chulalongkorn University’s various faculties. CULI has to date notably fulfilled all of its missions, being well trusted for its quality in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, collaborative skills, unrelenting effort in accomplishing the tasks undertaken, and expertise in language teaching and assessment. It should also be noted that what CULI represents today has been the result of a combined effort and perseverance of all staff since its foundation. Their hard work, dedication and commitment to achieving CULI’s goals should be highly valued and appreciated. th Thus, while we are celebrating the 40 anniversary of CULI, we are actually celebrating and saluting the effort, hard work, cooperation and devotion of our past and present colleagues. I would like, therefore, to thank them for their wonderful contributions and congratulate them on their accomplishments.

13 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Yet, in the face of such a dynamic world, CULI needs to keep abreast of the rapid changes and multi-dimensional reforms at the national, regional and global levels. Although CULI’s past glory should be remembered and admired, the institution must be well-equipped and prepared to move forward into the future with confidence to meet rising expectations, new demands and new challenges, to keep its goodwill and to stay ahead in the fast-moving and competitive world. With CULI heading into its fifth decade, I would like to take this opportunity to wish CULI and all its staff prosperity and success in all their undertakings and endeavours. With all its strength and capacity, I am certain that CULI will gracefully proceed into the next decade and will not only remain an ever-growing educational organization but also maintain its role as a flagship institute in th language education for the years ahead. On a final note, the 40 anniversary of the foundation of CULI, in conjunction with the th 100 anniversary of Chulalongkorn University, should mark a further phase of development which can be looked at with pride, admiration and satisfaction by all concerned for years to come. Assistant Professor Saowapa Chayaburakul (2007-2013)

Part Two: CULI

Administration and Planning 16 CULI’s Administration and Planning Department is responsible for matters relating to daily administration of CULI. The department is organized into 2 divisions: 1) General Administration Division, and 2) Planning, Finance and Procurement Division. These two divisions cover 11 units. CULI’s 40 th Anniversary 1. General Administration Division Correspondence Unit This unit is responsible for processing documents and written correspon- dence of the Director and Deputy Directors in accordance with the ‘Less Paper’ program, which aims to reduce the amount of paper used at the university. The unit maintains and updates electronic and manual filing systems, and has developed a program for tracking document photocopy- ing. It also serves as the secretarial team to the CULI Executive Board. Personnel Unit The main responsibility of the Personnel Unit is to maintain personnel records and files of CULI staff. It handles pre-employment processing and tracking, prepares contracts for new and current staff, and processes promotions and bonus procedures in accordance with the Management’s supervision. It also arranges group insurance for CULI staff. A Special Talk by Professor Emeritus Khun Kanda Thammongkol, Ph.D. (January 27, 2017)

17 Public Relations Unit The main responsibilities of the Public Relations Unit are to develop and implement both external and internal public relations communications. CULI’s 40 th Anniversary For external communications, the unit works with other faculties’ public relations units to implement communication plans. This unit also assists management in promoting CULI events and taking care of its electronic media. Building, Grounds and Vehicles Unit The Building, Grounds, and Vehicles Unit is responsible for maintaining physical facilities such as the air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, structural systems of the building, maintaining vehicles, and transporting instructors and staff as needed. It conforms to all safety regulations and energy saving procedures and practices adopted by the university. To support CULI operations, it maintains teaching facilities as well as the systems for booking rooms and repairing equipment. Information Technology Unit The Information Technology Unit is responsible for providing comput- er-related services for Chulalongkorn University students, CULI faculty CULI Staff Annual Seminar (2017) in Bangkok and Loei Province (January 13 and 15-18, 2017)

18 and administrative staff. It also keeps up to date on new technologies and oversees the purchase of hardware and software to support teaching as well as the administration of the institute. Moreover, it organizes training and workshops to equip CULI staff with the IT knowledge and skills necessary for their work. It produces and develops multimedia instructional materials and tools, maintains the CULI website, and CULI’s 40 th Anniversary provides equipment and services relating to audio-visual equipment, computer equipment, recording studios, multimedia rooms, and language laboratories. 2. Planning, Finance and Procurement Division Planning Unit The Planning Unit works in accordance with CULI planning and budget policies. It is responsible for budget preparation, financial and resource planning, and annual reports. The unit records budget entries for both the institute’s current and permanent operating budgets. It also provides periodic status reports on budget expenditures. th CULI’s 39 Anniversary Coral Planting in Sattahip, Chonburi Retirement Ceremony (September 27, 2016) (September 24, 2016)

19 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Quality Assurance Inspection (September 22, 2016) Quality Assurance Unit The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for coordinating quality assurance functions with the university and ensuring that the institutes’ quality assurance policies are in line with those of the university. Under the supervision of a university Quality Management Representative (QMR), it is also in charge of the Quality Assurance annual report and the risk management report. Finance Unit The Finance Unit is a central administrative unit which provides financial services to CULI. This unit manages approved budgets and maintains an orderly filing system of all financial documents. It assists in preparing and making payment for all CULI activities including research projects, seminars, and academic affairs and services. Accounting Unit The Accounting Unit prepares data for monthly cash flow purposes, balance sheets, and quarterly and annual financial reports. It also makes Common Data Set (CDS), provides accounting data and coordinates with other related organizations both inside and outside the institute. Moreover, it provides consultation to the Executive Board and related sections regarding accounting data.

20 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary To Experience an Experience Project Merit Making and Candle Offering for Buddhist Lent (July 14, 2016) Merit Making on Songkran (April 8, 2016) Procurement Unit The Procurement Unit is responsible for the institute’s purchasing activities in order to ensure that CULI obtains the highest quality goods and services at the best overall value. Duties include purchasing merchandise based on department needs, inspecting merchandise, authorizing payments and the maintenance of merchandise purchased to ensure that it remains in good condition. Distribution Unit The Distribution Unit is in charge of stocking and selling in-house textbooks and reporting sales volumes to the Administration and Planning Department. The unit has created and developed a receipt issuing system in order to carry out its duties more efficiently. In addition, it is responsible for the distribution of the CULI publications: PASAA and PASAA PARITAT.

Academic Affairs 21 The Academic Affairs Department is tasked with offering a wide array of undergraduate and graduate English courses designed to hone students’ CULI’s 40 th Anniversary communicative English skills relevant to their fields of study in both Thai and international programs. The department also operates the well-equipped CULI Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) and the English Club, both of which are dedicated to providing a diverse range of extra- curricular activities that promote autonomous learning and empower students to further improve their English proficiency in tune with the concept of lifelong learning. English Language Syllabus CULI offers over 100 English courses to undergraduate students from 18 faculties and one school as well as an assortment of courses for seven international programs and graduate schools, all designed to address the specific needs of each group of students. The courses can be grouped into six categories: Experiential English (Exp Eng), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Occupational Purposes (EOP), Advanced English (AE), Elective English (EE), and Graduate English (GE). At CULI, aside from certain courses managed by the Academic Affairs Department, instruction is mainly organized within three teaching divisions as follows: 1. Division of English for Social Sciences and Humanities 2. Division of English for Business 3. Division of English for Science and Technology Each division is also responsible for selecting and developing learning materials for specific purposes of each faculty. In addition to the aforementioned English courses, the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute, in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts

22 and the Faculty of Education has also offered an M.A./Ph.D. program in English as an International Language (EIL) since 2002. This interdisciplinary program encompasses three disciplines: English Linguistics, English Language Instruction, and Assessment and Evaluation, the last of which is mainly entrusted to the Institute. Experiential English CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Formerly known as Foundation English, Experiential English is a general introductory course for most first-year students. Comprising Experiential English I and II, both courses are formulated to prepare students for more advanced English courses in the faculties with the focus on developing students’ transferable skills including oral and written communication, problem-solving and teamwork among others that can be used in different employment settings in the future. Over the years, Experiential English courses have been updated to reflect the evolving trends and challenges in the teaching of English as a second language as well as students’ requirements and expectations. Apart from careful selection and development of pedagogical resources, advanced educational technology has been adopted to support teaching to maximize learning outcomes and deliver enjoyable and challenging experiences for students. As part of efforts to implement the flip classroom methodology to enhance active learning and student engagement, the Academic Affairs Department is committed to encouraging the integration of world-class learning management systems (LMS) as well as developing various homegrown online learning materials. Chief among them is Essential Grammar for Writing and Speaking, featuring a series of short animated grammar videos that enable students to learn English in a fun and engaging way. Also, the CULI Diagnostic Test is designed to help students identify problems they have with English. Consisting of 13 tests, each with 50 multiple choice questions, the test encompasses grammar, listening, reading, and vocabulary skills. The Academic Affairs Department also features an in-house book division dedicated to facilitating and providing support for CULI teachers looking to publish their books on a wide range of topics related to English language instruction. CULI Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) As one of the earliest self-access centers in Thailand, established in 1990, the CULI Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) provides opportunities for students to continue improving their English language skills with full control over their own learning journey.

23 Over the past 27 years since its founding, the SALC has committed itself to streamlining services, providing a broad spectrum of learning materials and activities for self-directed learning to develop skills in listening, speaking, CULI’s 40 th Anniversary reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere conducive to learning. Examples include: • over 8,000 books, magazines, novels, comics, etc. • world-class language learning software such as English Discoveries and English 20 Interactive • national Geographic Footprint Reading Library and DVD • a large selection of DVD movies/music • a number of board games to promote interest in English • specific learning activities e.g. Conversation Hour, Let’s Chat, Writing Clinic, Pronunciation Clinic and more The expansion of resources available in the SALC has resulted in an exponential increase in SALC attendance by students as well as visitors from numerous educational institutions across the nation each year. This attests to the success of the SALC in achieving its mission to enable students to further improve their English skills at their own pace. The CULI Self-Access Learning Center pledges our commitment to developing services in response to the rapidly-changing world of technology to equip students with excellent English language competency, empowering them to compete in the international arena from within Chulalongkorn University as it enters its second century as the preeminent institution of higher learning in Thailand. The CULI English Club Operated by the Extra-curricular Activity Unit of CULI, the CULI English Club is designed to provide language-rich environments for students to use English purposefully outside the classroom. A team of dedicated instructors from the Extra-curricular Activity Unit are tasked with organizing a wide array of activities to engage students in the use of English and a chance to interact in English with their peers from different faculties. The activities also introduce students to new ideas or concepts to broaden their horizons while enhancing their English skills and fluency. Major activities carried out by the CULI English Club include: The English Camp Organized annually, the CULI English Camp offers a vibrant and exciting experience where participating students can refine their English skills while immersed in English-speaking environments through fun-filled activities and games for three days with free board and lodging off campus.

24 The CU Gavel Club The CU Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International, the leading non-profit organization helping members develop public speaking and leadership skills. The club is resolved to assist students to gain the confidence and ability to speak in public. Run by the students under close supervision of CULI instructors, a regular meeting is held once a week on CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Saturday mornings attended by both student members and guest speakers. Each student takes a different speaking role each week while the members help each other improve their public speaking skills in a very supportive environment, making learning both fun and rewarding. English for Thai Tourism This program allows students to explore various aspects of Thai culture throughout the semester. It caps off with an excursion to historical sites in and around Bangkok to learn English and take pride in Thai history. TED Talk and Critical Discussion Students are provided with opportunities to practice English listening and speaking skills as well as share ideas with others by listening to explorations of thought-provoking questions. They are at the same time actively engaged in observing and learning effective presentation techniques from professional presenters. Other challenging activities include Funnetics, The Melodies of English: Learn English through Music, Career Talk, Win, Lose, or Draw!, Reading Workshops, Presentation Workshop, English in the Online World, In the News, Love Guru, and much more.

International Affairs 25 The Department of International Affairs oversees tasks related to national and international collaboration and conferences, foreign staff and CULI’s 40 th Anniversary international public relations. The Department is divided into 3 units: the International Coordination Unit, the SEAMEO RELC Coordination Unit and the Seminar Organizing Unit. The Department of International Affairs is in charge of the following: • CULI National and International Conferences • International Academic Cooperation • Assistance from International Organizations • International Staff CULI National and International Conferences CULI organizes both national seminars and international conferences. These conferences serve as forums for an exchange of views among ELT professionals. They are attended by local English teachers from primary schools to universities, foreign and Thai ELT experts and people in other fields who are involved in English language teaching or in the use of the English language. Proceedings of the international conferences are published with selected papers after the event. In the past, CULI organized

26 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary national seminars annually and international conferences every four years. However, following changes in 2012, CULI no longer organizes the annual national seminars, and international conferences are now held every two years. As CULI signed an MOU with the Language Institute of Thammasat University (LITU) in 2013, CULI and LITU have an agreement to co-organize international conferences every two years. On special occasions, CULI also organizes international conferences. For example, an international conference on “ESP Needs, Pedagogy and Assessment” was conducted in October, 2015 in celebration of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 60 Birthday. th Past national seminars and international conferences are listed below: National Seminars 2007 “Diversity in the EFL Classroom” 2008 “Innovations and Implementations in English Language Teaching” 2009 “Empowering Teachers of English as an International Language” 2012 “Balancing Globalization and Localization in ELT”

27 International Conferences 2006 “Facing EFL Challenges” 2010 “Pathways in EIL: Explorations and Innovations in Teaching CULI’s 40 th Anniversary and Research” 2013 “Revolutionizing English Language Teaching for the ASEAN Integration” 2014 1 CULI-LITU International Conference 2014: “Colorful st ELT for ASEAN Integration: Symposium, Workshops and Presentations” 2015 “ESP Needs, Pedagogy and Assessment” In Celebration of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 60 Birthday Anniversary th 2016 2 LITU-CULI International Conference 2016: “ELT nd Unlimited” International Academic Cooperation The Chulalongkorn University Language Institute has academic links with international educational institutions to promote mutual cooperation for exchanges of faculty staff and scholarly publications as well as collaboration on research, teacher training, testing and evaluation, seminar organization and participation in conferences and academic meetings. Some of the international academic partnerships and partner programs include the following:

28 SINGAPORE SEAMEO RELC CULI has a Memorandum of Understanding with SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC) in Singapore for close cooperation and collaboration in the areas of language teaching, seminar and workshop organization, dissemination of academic information and publications and CULI’s 40 th Anniversary exchange of expertise. CULI acts as a coordination unit between the SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC) in Singapore and Thai ELT professionals. The Director of CULI serves as the Governing Board Member of RELC for Thailand. Programs and activities carried out in past years include the following: 1. Meetings of the National RELC Coordinating Committee 2. Selection of candidates for RELC scholarships 3. Annual orientation for RELC scholarship recipients 4. Annual Post-RELC seminars on the following topics: • 2008 “Language Teaching in a Multilingual World: Challenges and Opportunities” • 2009 “The Impact of Technology on Language Learning and Teaching: What, How and Why” • 2010 “Language Education: An Essential for a Global Economy” • 2011 “Teaching Language to Learners of Different Age Groups” • 2012 “Multiliteracies in Language Education” • 2013 “Assessment in Language Education” • 2014 “Critical Competencies for the 21 Century Language st Classroom” • 2015 “Transcending Boundaries in Language Learning: Language Arts and ELT across the Curriculum” • 2016 “Teaching Literacies – Emerging Pathways and Possibilities in Language Education” • 2017 “Dimensions of Language Education: Policy, Perspectives, Practice” AUSTRALIA Macquarie University, Sydney CULI and the Macquarie University Department of Linguistics and National Centre for English Teaching and Research (NCELTR) have agreed

29 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary to specific areas of cooperation, namely faculty exchanges, joint research projects, exchange of academic publications. Currently, CULI is actively seeking to further international academic links with other leading institutions, and is now in the process of signing an MOU with Southampton University in the U.K. THE UNITED STATES The Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI): Professional Communication Skills for Leaders The Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) is a multinational effort to foster integrated sub-regional cooperation and capacity building among Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The project is a collaboration between the United States Embassy, the Office of the Higher Education Commission of Thailand (OHEC), and the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI). The initiative’s objectives are to provide training to enable government officials from the Lower Mekong member countries to develop English language skills they need for effective professional communication by organizing face-to-face and online courses. Since 2011, the LMI courses

30 and seminars have successfully promoted capacity building among government officials, researchers, and technical experts in the five Lower Mekong countries. Assistance from International Organizations As an institute dedicated to English Language Teaching, CULI cannot CULI’s 40 th Anniversary remain insular. CULI has always been aware of the need to be a truly international institute, operating in the global sphere. This has helped CULI a great deal in striving towards its goal which is the achievement of excellence in the field of English language teaching. WestEd, a non-profit organization in San Francisco, California, provided grants to four faculty members to attend a Summer Seminar in July 2007 on WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL). The seminar was a professional development program which offered theoretical and practical strategies for effectively teaching academic language, conceptual understanding, and skills that were critical to ensuring that English language learners are fully prepared to benefit from quality education. From 2008 onwards, two CULI instructors have regularly attended the Summer Seminar for which WestEd waives the tuition fees for one of the two instructors. Other important associations are with the American Embassy and Australian Embassy, both of which have contributed greatly to CULI over the years, providing specialists and speakers for seminars and workshops at CULI’s National Seminars and International Conferences. SEAMEO RELC has also given a great deal of support in organizing speakers for the Post-RELC Seminar, which is held in Thailand every year after the International RELC Seminar in Singapore. Apart from this, RELC also grants scholarships to instructors throughout Thailand for overseas study every year. CULI acts as a coordinator for SEAMEO (RELC in Thailand) with CULI’s Director serving as President of the SEAMEO RELC Governing Board. In accordance with the Thai Ministry of Education’s desire for academic cooperation with Singapore, CULI has also sent instructors both to teach and develop materials for the South East Asian Language Project in Singapore. Finally, the American University Alumni Association and the Asia Foundation have donated valuable ELT books and journals which have contributed significantly to the upgrading and expansion of the CULI library.

31 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary CULI Information Bulletin Published twice a year, the main purposes of the CULI Information Bulletin are: • To collect and disseminate news concerning movements and events carried out by the various units within CULI • To maintain existing contacts and to establish new academic links between CULI and other domestic and international institutions involved in English language teaching International Staff CULI currently has 20 native speaker instructors employed on a contract basis under the direction of the Department of International Affairs. The main duties of native speaker instructors are: • To provide English language teaching in undergraduate programs across all Chulalongkorn University’s 18 faculties • To provide English language teaching in international undergraduate programs offered by a number of faculties • To teach courses and provide editing and translation services to external agencies and individuals through the Academic Service Center • To provide editing and language consultation services within CULI

Academic Services 32 The Academic Development and Service Department administers or manages three centers: the Academic Service Center, the State Personnel Development Center, and the Testing and Evaluation Center. Academic Service Center CULI’s 40 th Anniversary CULI provides a variety of academic services to the general public through the Academic Service Center. These services include: Training Service As employees in private industry realize the increasing importance of being able to use English effectively to get ahead, the Academic Service Center organizes special English courses in the evenings and on Saturdays as part of its numerous community services. In addition, courses are offered catering to high-school and university students who would like to improve their English skills. Courses offered on a regular basis include: 1. Effective Communication I 2. Effective Writing I 3. Effective Writing II 4. Academic Writing 5. Intensive Grammar 6. Writing in the Workplace 7. English for Work 8. CU-TEP 9. IELTS 10. TOEIC 11. TOEFL In-house Company Courses The Academic Service Center also offers tailor-made courses for individual companies, designed to meet the needs and requirements of the participants. The following is a list of some government and private organizations which have utilized CULI’s training services: • Tourist Police Division • Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) • Tetra Pak • Thai Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. • Credit Agricole Banque

33 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary • EGAT • Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) • CALTEX • Brooker Group PLC • Airport Authority of Thailand • Diethelm Trading Co., Ltd. • Government Savings Bank • The Government Lottery Office • PTT ICT Solutions Co., Ltd. • Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd. Translation and Editing Services Apart from training services, CULI also provides translation services to the public, offering both Thai-English and English-Thai translation. CU on the Road To celebrate the centenary of Chulalongkorn University’s establishment in 2017, CULI took part in producing the TV quiz show called “CU on the Road” broadcast on GMM One Channel every weekday at 16.20 to 16.35 from April to June, 2017. High-school students from more than 60 schools across Thailand participated in the show. Collaborative Project CULI organized two-week exchange study programs for students from Nagasaki, Japan who came to Thailand to both study and experience the unique Thai culture.

34 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary State Personnel Development Center Not only does CULI cater to the needs of the private sector, but its State Personnel Development Center conducts in-service training courses for government officials to help them use English more effectively. In addition, it assists university instructors and primary and secondary school teachers regarding proficiency development, teaching methodology and the use of multimedia. Courses offered on a regular basis are: 1. Intensive English Course 2. Effective Communication 3. Teacher Training Course 4. Presentation Skills 5. Professional Writing Apart from regular courses offered, the State Personnel Development Center also provides tailor-made courses and training services specially designed to serve the needs of certain governmental organizations and institutes. Some of our clients include: • Ban Somdejchaopraya Rajabhat University • National Intelligence Agency • Department Of Environmental Quality • Department of Skill Development • Office of the Private Education Commission • Army Training Command Department

35 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary E-learning Program As the Internet is increasingly becoming an important tool in learning English, CULI produces e-learning courses through its SmartTeach program. English Camp Training The State Personnel Development Center organizes English camps where government officials are given the opportunity to improve their English skills and effectively communicate in English through a number of engaging tasks and activities. Community Services CULI also serves the community by offering free English lessons regularly through various channels such as Matichon newspaper with its column “English Today” and the Chulalongkorn University Radio Station through the “English in Style” program. The Sichang Yang Yuen project is a community service project CULI has organized to enable the Koh Sichang community to effectively use English for their occupations.

36 Testing and Evaluation Center Apart from academic services, CULI produces, analyses and develops various types of language tests to meet the growing demand for a high standard of English proficiency. Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency CULI’s 40 th Anniversary (CU-TEP) CULI supplies the CU-TEP test for the university to be used for prospective graduate and undergraduate students. The test consists of three parts: listening, reading, and writing. Chulalongkorn University Academic Aptitude Test (CU-AAT) CULI produces the CU-AAT test for the university to be used for the international programs of all faculties. The test includes identifying sentence errors, improving sentences, improving paragraphs, completing sentences, and reading short and long passages. CU-TEP and CU-AAT Practice Tests CULI produces the CU-TEP and CU-AAT Practice Test book series with CDs for those who would like to prepare for the CU-TEP and CU-AAT tests. Each book consists of four test forms and answer keys with explanations. Tailor-made Tests The center also provides test designing services to government agencies and private industry. Some of the center’s clients include: • Thai Airways International PCL • Bangchak Corporation PCL • Government Savings Bank • Bank of Ayudhya PCL • Youth for Understanding • The Public Relations Department • AFS Thailand • PTT Global PCL • Civil Aviation Training Center • Bangkok Life Assurance PCL

Research 37 The Research Department supports and promotes research relevant to English language teaching (ELT). The Department is divided into five units: CULI’s 40 th Anniversary the Academic Development Unit, the Research Promotion and Development Unit, the Research Coordination and Dissemination Unit, the Academic Information Dissemination Unit, and the Library Unit. These five units work collaboratively to organize a number of projects and activities in order to engage the academic staff members in continuing their professional development. The Academic Development Unit is responsible for organizing talks and workshops on English language teaching, placing particular emphasis on sharing hands-on ELT teaching techniques and perspectives. Each year, the Unit offers over 15 talks and workshops delivered by CULI’s staff members and guest speakers from other educational institutions. The Research Promotion and Development Unit provides research support to the academic staff members by organizing research training workshops on ELT research and writing for scholarly publication. At least four workshops, led by renowned researchers, are provided by the Unit each year. This unit also offers research mentoring to the staff members working on their research project, where over 15 experts with various areas of research interest are invited to serve as research mentors.

38 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary In support of research dissemination, the Research Coordination and Dissemination Unit and the Academic Information Dissemination Unit work closely to publish two academic journals: PASAA and Pasaa Paritat. PASAA is an international, peer-reviewed language journal. With its inception in 1967, it is the oldest professional English language teaching (ELT) journal in the country. The journal is made possible through funding provided by Chulalongkorn University for the publication of academic work. PASAA is published twice annually with articles on a wide range of topics relevant to current ELT research. This includes second and foreign language teaching, materials development, curriculum design and development, language testing and assessment, language program evaluation, identities in second and foreign language learning and teaching, critical pedagogy, and teacher training and professional development. PASAA welcomes submissions in four categories: research articles, academic articles, short discussion articles, and book reviews. PASAA has always striven to present its readership with both theoretical and pedagogical ideas on current issues in ELT. It has taken another tremendous leap forward since Volume 45 (June 2013) by launching its open-access online version as a companion to the print edition. This fruitful initiative has brought together a wider range of local and

39 international contributors and readers to form a thriving ELT forum for scholarly discussions. PASAA is indexed by the Thai-Journal Citation Index Center (TCI), the ASEAN Citation Index Center (ACI), and the CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). Pasaa Paritat is a peer-reviewed journal which welcomes academic and research articles on a wide range of ELT research. While PASAA publishes articles written in English only, Pasaa Paritat also accepts articles written in Thai. Pasaa Paritat has also published its online edition since 2013 in order to provide easier access to international contributors and readers. It is currently indexed by the Thai-Journal Citation Index Center (TCI). In addition to being responsible for journal publication, the Research Coordination and Dissemination Unit and the Academic Information Dissemination Unit also organize an international seminar every year in order to demonstrate CULI’s academic commitment to society. The seminar serves as a forum for CULI’s staff members and those from other institutions to share their research experiences, pedagogical ideas, theoretical insights, and teaching concerns on a wide range of current issues in ELT. The seminar, which is open to all interested participants free of charge, is also aimed at encouraging networking among members

40 of the ELT professional community. Each year, the seminar welcomes presenters and participants from several countries, working in different levels of education and areas of research interest. The Library Unit is responsible for providing resources to CULI’s academic staff members. Its main responsibility is to operate the Panninee Sagarik Library, which has been named after Assistant Professor Dr. Panninee CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Sagarik, CULI’s first Deputy Director, in order to acknowledge her tireless and devoted contributions to the Institute. The library specializes in ELT with the most complete selection of ELT resources in Thailand. It carries materials in print, non-print, as well as multimedia formats for pedagogical and research purposes. Working in close collaboration with the Academic Services Department and the International Affairs Department, the Research Department is also responsible for commissioned research and collaborative research. The Research Department and the Academic Services Department join hands in conducting research projects for other public and private organizations, as well as in offering research training courses upon request. With full support from the International Affairs Department, the Research Department supports CULI’s academic staff members in conducting and co-authoring collaborative research projects with researchers from overseas institutions.

41 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary

FACULTY MEMBERS 42 Division of English for Social Sciences and The Humanities Associate Professor Dr. Adisra Katib CULI’s 40 th Anniversary B.A. in English, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in International Relations, The University of San Diego; M.A. in TESL, The University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign); Ph.D. in Language Arts Education, The University of Victoria, Canada. Assistant Professor Chalatip Charnchairerk B.A. (Hons.), Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in ESL, Arizona. Assistant Professor Dr. Pavinee Thirakhupt B.A. (First-Class Hons.), Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in ESL, The University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign); Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education, The University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Assistant Professor Dr. Reongrudee Maneepakhathorn B.A., Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in TESL, Kasetsart; Ph.D. in Reading Education, The State University of New York (Buffalo). Ajarn Suthirat Sritrakool B.A. (Hons.), Sri Nakarinwirot University; M.A. in ESL, The University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Ajarn Jutharat Compeerapap B.Ed. (Hons), Sri Nakharinwirot University; M.S. in Ed. (Curriculum & Instruction), Illinois State University. Ajarn Wasina Suwannasit B.A. (First-Class Hons.) in English, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Mahidol University.

43 CULI’s 40 th Anniversary Assistant Professor Dr. Wanlee Talhakul B.A. (First-Class Hons.), Chiangmai University; M.B.A. in International Business, University of Western Sydney; Ph.D. in English as an International Language (EIL), Chulalongkorn University. Ajarn Monthira Damrongmanee B.A. (First-Class Hons.) in English, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in English Language Studies and Methods, The University of Warwick, U.K. Ajarn Dr. Apiwan Nuangpolmak B.A. in English, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in Mass Communication, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in Applied Linguistics. (TESOL), Macquarie University, Australia; Ph.D. in Linguistics, Macquarie University, Australia. Ajarn Dr. Rawiwan Buppanhasamai B.A. (Hons.), Chulalongkorn University; M.A. (First-Class Hons.) in Linguistics, San Jose State University; Ph.D. in English as an International Language (EIL), Chulalongkorn University. Ajarn Woranon Sitajalabhorn B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science, International Relations, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in Applied Linguistics (TESOL), Ohio University; Cert. in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, Ohio University. Ajarn Patharaorn Patharakorn B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science, International Relations, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in Applied Linguistics, The University of Queensland. Ajarn Parima Kampookaew B.A. (First-Class Hons.) in English, Chulalongkorn University; M.A. in English as an International Language (EIL), Chulalongkorn University.

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