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Published by Sport in Profile, 2015-01-21 14:51:45

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NEWPORT COUNTY FC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGTheir first half to the season has certainly been positive with the “One of theside managing to put together a superb league record up to now. highlights ofThey have managed to win 9, draw 7 and lose just 4 of their the team’s20 matches and this sees them well-positioned in the play-off performancespositions with 34 points. this season has been theThis should provide the club with the perfect platform from which partnershipto build as they head into the 2nd half of the campaign. With the Aaron O’Connortransfer window approaching it will be important for them to hold and Chrison to their current group of players and perhaps make one or two Zebroski havequality additions that can help the side. formed up front.”One of the highlights of the team’s performances this season hasbeen the partnership Aaron O’Connor and Chris Zebroski haveformed up front. O’Connor has shown a real eye for goal, havingfound the back of the net 8 times to lead the teams scoring chartswith good support from Zebroski who has 5.They have not been the only players to chip in however as YanKlukowski and Darren Jones have also shown an eye for goal. Itis important for any side to have a variety of goal scoring optionsas this can help to relieve the pressure on strikers.Newport County have been experiencing one of the mostsuccessful periods in their history recently and this is thanks toall of the good work that has been done at the club. With lessonslearnt from past mistakes they should be able to look forwards toa bright and102 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @FCseahamredstar SEAHAM RED STAR FC[Seaham Red star][FC] Seaham Town Park /// /// Founded 1973Seaham Red Star FC have been in terrific form so farthis season, racing to the top of the Northern League2nd Division and playing some outstanding football inthe process. Football Focus Magazine caught up withtheir Club Secretary Dave Copeland to find out whathas been behind their success.He told us, “My real involvement started in June 1981when a friend ofmine, Kenny Bowmaker, took on the role of Secretary, and asked me toassist him. However, prior to that I played local football from leaving schooland one midweek game in February 1976, the Red Star were struggling fora keeper and the manager at the time Larry Phillips asked me to play.I was playing in the Wearside League with Murton so signing to play in theNorthern Alliance League wasn’t a problem. Following on from the AssistantSecretary role I have been involved with Seaham in various roles. Growingup and spending all my life in Seaham, the Red Star was the biggest club inthe town and I suppose that was the attraction.” 103

SEAHAM RED STAR FC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGThe Role EILBECK JF CHEMIST“The most rewarding part of the role is seeing the club grow, TEL: 0191 5816008making sure things behind the scene are right. I only took overthe role of Secretary in January of this year, and we brought in Free Prescriptiona new Chairman Joe Scollen at the same time. The changes Collection andwe introduced included the setting up of a Supporter’s Club, Deliverywhich, we are pleased to say has started quite well with almost200 members.” Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm Weekends : ClosedAtmosphere 1 The Avenue, Seaham , County Durham SR7 8LQ“Everyone’s on a high, we are in a good vein of form andplaying attractive football, probably the best it’s been for agood few years. All of that is down to the management teamwho have brought in some good players.I think our good form has been down to believing and backingthe team manager. Mark Collingwood is now in his thirdseason with Seaham Red Star and he has gradually improvedthe team, and has learned what the Northern league is allabout. His first season we finished in 10th place, last seasonin 4th, missing out on promotion by one point and this seasonwe are in the top three.”Target“The main objective is to gain promotion to the NL FirstDivision, winning the title would be nice. Unfortunately, wehave been knocked out of a couple of cup competitions butare still in two and it would be nice to win a few more cup ties.”Youth“We have a very good Under 18 team who are on track towin their league; they were recently knocked out of the FAYouth Cup by Bury FC and gained great experience of playingagainst lads that train full time. Ten of our squad are in theDurham County U18 squad. It’s important to the club thatsome of these young lads progress into the first team.The youth team is ran by two experienced coaches, they knowwhat’s right for the lads and will forward any players onto ourfirst team manager when they feel the time is right. From thereMark will bring them in to the coaching sessions. It’s a processthat has worked in the past as we have former youth teamplayers in our current first team squad.”Community“We don’t have so many junior teams as we have had inthe past, so we have changed our recruitment programme;however, as I said earlier the Under 18 side is very important.We have Under 14, Under 13 and Under 11 teams andhopefully these will move forward over the years to keep thestream of youngsters coming through.”Challenges/Ambitions“If we gain promotion this year, next season will offer a newchallenge. There is quite a gap between the divisions, similarto the Premiership and Championship in the professionalgame. We will need to address that and hopefully start toclose the gap.We want to establish the club as a First Division team again.We were established in the First Division from 1988 to 2002,following relegation we won promotion again in 2007 but onlylasted two seasons in the top flight.”104 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @FCseahamredstar 105

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGDevice Duration Upfront Monthly device Credit Total amount Interest rate Representative Device cash Airtime Plan, Airtime Plan, Apr 2015 Airtime Plan, Apr 2016 of agreement cost payment amount payable for device (fixed) APR price today to Mar 2015 to Mar 2016 to Mar 2017 Price A + RPI%Samsung Galaxy S5 24 months £0 £15 £360 £360 0% 0% £360 £18 £18 + RPI% announced in Feb 2015 = Price A announced in Feb 2016Galaxy Tab S 10.5\" 24 months £0 £15 £360 £360 0% 0% £429.99 £6 Price A + RPI% £6 + RPI% announced in Feb 2015 = Price A announced in Feb 2016106 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @FCseahamredstar SEAHAM RED STAR FCS. Kubilay Baykara, Store Manager of O2 Seaham“I’ve been involved here for around 6 basis, I would say at least 4 or 5 a year built up our footfall through a lot of hardyears now. When I first took over the from Breast Cancer to Movember and work. My dream is for this store to bestore it was the only one in the region always like to raise money for good at the same level as stores such asand it was notorious for having a low causes with our customers being very Sunderland and personally I hope tofootfall. We’ve brought it to a level now receptive to helping out. be an area manager myself. A numberwhere the store is performing very of people that have worked here havewell. We have a strong relationship I’m really proud of my team and the gone on to gain promotions and we’rewith our local customers that are very client base that we have created here. always looking for opportunities toloyal and always come here on a We have been performing really well help our staff develop. We have aregular basis. and last December were at number 3 great time in here together, people are in the whole country for our conversion here because they are happy but weThere’s a really positive atmosphere rate. would never try to prevent them fromhere in the store at the moment. We moving forwards.have a low turnover rate because the The team that we’ve got here all havestaff enjoy being here and usually stay their own personalities, they all have One of the things that this store isfor a long time. We are very close and their own skills but in general they are particularly proud of as a whole issocialise together outside of work and a very friendly group of guys. They’re going from being a quiet store tothat is very important for us. Having a lovely bunch, we’re just like a family one of the best performing storesgood continuity here helps us to to be honest. Leading up to Christmas in the North. We provide a fantasticprovide the best possible service to it has been getting busier and busier customer service and by the timeour customers. so I’m treating them to a Christmas do you leave our store there will be and we’ll have a nice meal together. nothing left for the customer to doWe are absolutely committed to other than enjoy their new devices.playing an important role in the local In the future I want to take this store to Our customers acknowledge this andcommunity here. We get involved the next level. It used to be one of the appreciate it and that’s why they keepwith a lot of charity work on a regular quietest stores in the country but we’ve coming back to our stores.” 107

RELOCATION FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[Relocation]The Relocation Process – How to provide players with a seamless transition into a new countryThe relocation process is one of the most difficult The Issuetimes a player and their family may face involving anintense change to their life before they ever set foot on He told us, “What you’re talking about in terms of thethe field for a new side. The impact on families can be transfer window, you’re talking about really key people,profound with enormous challenges for the children those people are quite precious to that company so ainvolved. botched international transfer can really screw things up.Professional relocation suppliers can help to provide Within the corporate sector the cost of a two yeara seamless transition for a player from one team to international transfer, let’s say someone is coming overanother, promoting effective and swift productivity for from the US to the UK, the company will invest aroundtheir new side. Football Focus Magazine got in touch the 900,000 dollar mark in that before salary so it’s a verywith Dominic Tidey the Chief Operating Officer of The expensive process.European Relocation Association (EuRA) to find outmore. This is a huge thing now within these consultants services that the issue of talent mobility is massive in that you’ve gotDominic has a wealth of experience in the industry, these key people that are very precious to the companyhaving worked for EURA since 1998 and also being and the companies are now investing very heavily in thingsinvolved with ARP (The Association of Relocation like long term career planning so the mobility planning isProfessionals). strategic to that.108 ISSUE 52

Tel: +44 0 20 3463 9774 Web: Email: [email protected] 10 Greycoat Place, London, SW1P 1SBVIP relocation R3defined Football Industry Expertsn Who we are R3Location has experience in working with Premiership level football clubs andR3Location is the only Central London understands the very specific needs of thebased company in the relocation industry when it comes to relocation to aindustry that delivers a new approach new destination.for organisations moving key employeesinto London and the South East of A philosophy of service excellenceEngland. Reliability We are gR3at at what we don Where we are Service Excellence starts withWith offices in central London,R3Location offers a range of bespoke our personal, high-touch,services, ranging from pre-assignmentand home finding support through to comprehensive supportongoing tenancy and departuresupport. across the life-cycle of then Experienced team assignment.R3Location is managed under the Reputation We pR3serve clients’ reputationcareful supervision of two industryveterans who have over 25 years We understand the need forcollective relocation experience. discretion, being the leading provider of relocation services for high net worth assignees in the capital Relationship We caR3 about our clients Our sense of partnership comes from a “hands on” senior team that has an unrivalled blend of experience and skills.The Best Things in Life R3 Services include:The challenging economic environment Pre-Assignment Supporthas resulted in an increasing need to focus Planning for a successful transferon the fundamentals at the core of ■ Temporary Accommodationdelivery: quality execution, regulatory ■ Education Consultingcompliance and risk mitigation, and a ■ Area Familiarisationsense of partnership. As a result, thebusiness philosophy of the company is Home Finding Supportsimple: Securing the right home ■ Home Findingn Reliability ■ Lease Negotiation ■ Settling Inn Relationships On-Going Supportn Reputation Integral support to HR and your employees ■ Tenancy ManagementOur desire isn’t about being the biggest – ■ Expense Managementit’s about being the best through a senior ■ Lease Renewal‘hands on’ team that has an unrivalledblend of experience, innovation and skills. Departure Support A smooth and cost effective departureWe hope to work with you in the future to ■ Departure Supportbring value to you, your employees, their ■ Damages Negotiationfamilies and the organizations they work ■ Temporary Accommodationfor.Anna and MarcoThe Management Team 109

RELOCATION FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGThe Original Property Company is an independent property finding and relocation company, specialising inoffering private and corporate clients a bespoke, tailor-made service to purchase or rent property in the North East of EnglandWithin the North East of England, we use our local knowledge, experience and network of contacts to help you findthe best property and settle into your new environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Original PropertyCompany has many years of property experience and we offer comprehensive and professional home finding services and associated services for corporate and private clients.Our specialist service allows for peace of mind, understanding and confidence that correct decisions are beingreached, whilst saving valuable time and money. On your behalf, whether you are looking for a permanent ortemporary home, holiday residence or buying for investment purposes we can help you find and secure your ideal home or property.Now that’s slightly different in terms of international transfers we are one of 3 countries in Europe who chose not to implementwithin football and sport but the key thing remains the same; it so bringing somebody into the country outside of the EUthat that person has to settle quickly and get on with their job as remains very complex in the UK.soon as possible and it’s not usually the person being movedwith the job that struggles it’s usually everyone else around that The newspapers and media here tend to lump everythingperson. together in terms of immigration and therefore it becomes a hot political issue so relocation companies either have immigrationFor example, if that person is moving with a partner and children, lawyers or they sub-contract. There are a group of immigrationhas an extended family issue, all those kind of things, that’s lawyers who specialise in corporate mobility and advisingwhen it becomes key to use professional services.” relocation companies and HR departments on how best to go about making sure that they are compliant with the immigrationWhat are the benefits of using a relocation To be honest with you it doesn’t tend to be a problem, just lengthy, but one of the things they are terribly aware of is that it1) Immigration compliance can slow down the process of getting somebody in place at the right time. If you are talking about the January transfer window,“We don’t participate in the blue card EU immigration scheme, you want those people in place inside a month.”110 ISSUE 52 111

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG2) Finding the right house 3) Getting children into the right school with international schools in order to provide language coaching – usually“One of the big deals now is that in most “If you are moving with children outside highly immersive language coaching,countries in Europe the process of lease of the UK to the UK you are then faced but going back to this notion of crosssigning is that if you are moving into high with the choice of the schooling. Getting cultural settlement – that’s very important.end rented accommodation for a couple kids to settle in the appropriate school is People usually need to have some level ofof years those properties are thin on the absolutely key. The relocation companies orientation.ground and you need someone who has work very closely with the local inside track of being able to get that Around 90% of people in this position It’s the relocation companies that will do£5,000,000 house. You know that a lot do not put their kids into state schools – that on the ground. So while they’re takingof the time these expensive properties they tend to go to international schools. people around, doing an area orientationwill almost stay in the hands of these Many people want their children to have they can say to people, ‘this is wherebespoke relocation suppliers because you a seamless education so that when they the schools are,’ ‘this is where your workknow they’ve got clients going in and of move again it causes them the minimum is’, ‘these are the good neighbourhoods,course the owners are delighted to have amount of disruption. these are the not so good neighbourhoods’corporate lets. and they’ll take care of utilities as well. All The international schools are wildly those concierge services will be takenThe thing about the relocation companies expensive – you’re talking about £10- care of. Obviously there is a price butis that they don’t work on behalf of the 12,000 per term for a day place. They are normally in order to get somebody settledlandlord; they work on behalf of the client oversubscribed and if the school is full the really quickly those things aren’t much ofso they are able to negotiate strongly. school is full. The relocation companies an issue.”That’s one of the proven benefits is that can assist – they make a real effort to getthey know they’ve got a long standing to know the deans of admissions of each “Those are the things that make therelationship with the landlord who owns of the international schools. The schools transfer successful. It’s very possible thatthe £5 million property and they know that reach out to the relocation companies to you can deal with all of those things bydilapidations will be done on time. Another make sure that the relationship works. yourself. You can find a school, a house,benefit of that long standing relationship This is vital because if the children are you can move your stuff etc. but it’s suchis that they can negotiate the rents down unhappy the parents are unhappy.” a huge hassle moving at any time. Add toand they are able to do that because the that moving to a new country, it just makeslandlords or owners are very happy to have 4) Cross Cultural Settlement people’s lives unbelievably stressful andtheir long term business. That really works that’s why relocation services have grownwell and it’s the kind of buying power that “Cross cultural training is really important up; because the companies have foundthese relocation companies are able to and it’s something that some companies out that using them they’re saving a lot ofhave so just on housing alone, you’ve got are really good at. Forget the language money and helping staff to flourish in theirthat advantage.” barrier, that’s obviously huge and new surroundings.” relocation companies work very closely112 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @SaltersLane FAVERSHAM TOWN FC[FavershamTown][FC]Shepard Neame Stadium /// /// Founded 1884Faversham Town is a club with a proud history, dating back as far as 1884. Football FocusMagazine caught up with Club Representative Thomas Reeves to find out how their currentside is getting along.He told us, “The mood at the club is really positive at the moment.Ever since our fantastic 2012-13 season, where the club reached theRyman South play-off final and played at Maidstone United’s GallagherStadium in front of over 2,000 people, the club has gathered a greatdeal of momentum.The team are playing some very good football at the moment and weprobably deserve a bit more credit than we actually have got, whatwith league leaders Burgess Hill’s 16-match winning streak ending onSaturday.But, the huge plus for Faversham is the constantly expanding group ofcommitted supporters, who are there. At every single game, at everysingle Tuesday night, for any first-team match in any competition.In fact, there are grounds we visit now, particularly on Saturdays,where we run the risk of outnumbering the home support! They are avery friendly group of fans and have a very special relationship with anincredibly interactive, friendly group of players.”This Season“Our start this year has gone very well. We have a brilliant squad ofplayers and an excellent management duo in Ray Turner and hisassistant Clive Walker. There is a huge amount of character in theteam at the minute. That was epitomised in a recent encounter awayat Three Bridges, where we won 4-1. One of our players was sent-offwith the score at 0-0 on 42 minutes.We responded ever so well and went 2-0 ahead, before Three Bridgespulled a goal back with about an hour gone. Our ten-men thendefended expertly and our striker (Jack Harris) scored two more goalsin stoppage-time to add to his early two on a memorable night for him.Over the past few seasons, our lack of squad depth has been a slightproblem. However, with the newly introduced under-21 set-up at theclub, we really don’t seem to have that problem anymore with a numberof U21s capable of stepping into the first-team squad if needed.”Youth“Youth football is incredibly vital for the club. During the close-season,Faversham Town FC merged with Faversham Town Juniors FC toensure over 25 teams will wear the Three Lions badge – from the vets 113

FAVERSHAM TOWN FC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGside right the way through to the under- early October – they all really took their team is doing in the league this season14s and beyond. chance to impress.” but struggled to do last campaign.Manager Ray Turner initially joined the Community Off the pitch, the club needs to continueclub as the youth development officer, to help improve interest throughout theso he knows the importance of youth “I would consider us a community club. community and get people talking aboutfootball and has always been more than The club has shown with the recent the Faversham Town set-up.”happy to give young players game time addition of the vets team and thewhen he can for the first-team.” merger with Faversham Town Juniors, Ambitions it really wants to make an impact in theIntegration community. “The club’s ambitions, upon promotion to the Ryman South, was to reconsolidate“The under-21 squad was put in place to Faversham isn’t a massive Town when and become a recognised Ryman Southensure players enjoy a smooth transition you consider we play against Folkestone outfit. I would suspect, if the club wereinto the senior game. The club had a Invicta, Burgess Hill, Herne Bay and even to get promoted to the Ryman Premierstrong under-18 outfit a few years ago, Guernsey in the Ryman League Division League in the near future, the exactwhich did very well in the FA Youth One South, so the club knows it is vital same ethos of reconsolidation will apply.Cup and were eventually beaten by to give something back to the communityColchester United. and help get the club recognised in local Reconsolidation is vital for Faversham circles.” Town, as the club found out exactlyIf we hadn’t of introduced the under-21 what happens if you don’t put properteam for this campaign, we could Challenges procedures in place in how to develophave risked losing some very talented and maintain the club, when it folded inyoungsters. This is something the “Faversham Town’s biggest challenge the early 21st was really wary about after Jack over the next five years will be toBaldwin left to become a professional maintain the standards, which have been The Lilywhites celebrated their 10that Hartlepool United (he now plays for set over the past three years. On the anniversary after the club’s revival justPeterborough United in League One). pitch, the first-team performed above all before the start of the season. I see no expectation to reach the Ryman South reason why the club can’t be celebratingIt is great to see so many youngsters final in the 2012-13 campaign. again come the end of the season if theyimpress in our Robert Dyas Ryman It was obviously a fantastic achievement, continue to play the way they have been.”League Cup win away at Sittingbourne in however with it, came the pressure to maintain these standards, which the114 ISSUE 52

ORSETT PARK ROYALS FC[orsett park royals][FC] Brentwood Road /// /// Founded 2010Orsett Park Royals are a club that is totally committed to the development of young players intheir local area and have been doing a great job of late. They are recognised as an FA CharterStandard club with their teams competing in the Thundermite Youth League, Southend andJunior District League, South East and Essex Primary League and the Echo League.They have a number of youth sides in place, with teams from U7 throughto U15. These sides look to provide young players from the local area withan opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilsthelping them to reach their full potential.As a club they are focused on playing an important role in their localcommunity and as well as the sides they have running they also put on EliteFeet which gives even younger aspiring players the chance to get involved.The sessions take place on a Saturday morning between 9 and 10 and theyencourage anyone interested to come along and take part. The success ofthis initiative is reflected by the fact that a new team was recently introducedat U7 level with all of the players coming from their system.A major part of helping players develop and equally important, enjoy the gameis to have managers who can help them along. Orsett Park Royals clearlyrecognise this and therefore make sure that all of their managers have aminimum level 1 coaching badge qualification or are working towards it. Theyare also all CRB checked and have safeguarding children and emergencyaid certificates.Further evidence of the vital role that OPR play in the community was providedwhen they hosted their first ever tournament last May. The event attractedover 1000 attendees with fifty teams taking part and there was some greatfootball to be seen.It was undoubtedly a superb success with those that attended enjoying agreat time. Run in association with West Ham United it is hoped that it turnsout to be the first of many such events.It is vital for the success of the English game as a whole to be able to producetalented young players with the potential to go on and compete at the toplevel. With the fantastic set-up that Orsett Park Royals currently has in placeit may not be long before they are putting forward their own stars.More importantly though, they are doing a fantastic job of providing youngstersfrom their local area with an opportunity to enjoy the game of football. Therecan be no greater contribution to the English game as well as their localcommunity than this.Hopefully the club will be able to keep up the good work that they havebeen doing for many years to come. If their Committee continue in the samemanner then there is nothing to worry about in that regard and everyone atFootball Focus Magazine would like to wish them the best of luck for thefuture. 115

ORSETT PARK FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG ROYALS FCInternational strength. National network. Local service. We are the UK’s premier service provider of cleaning, catering and hygiene products. Our service is backed by more than 25 years real world experience and expertise, delivered to our customers centrally via our Head Office and our 36 uniquely structured branch depots, located across the UK. And through our international partners, to 36 countries in Europe, the USA and more recently Australia. How can Nationwide help you? Through our advanced systems, experience and expertise, we will introduce opportunities to make significant annual cost savings across your entire cleaning, catering & hygiene spend. Reduce your management time and effort through our advanced systems and enjoy levels of managerial control and oversight you may only ever have imagined possible. For more information, or to discuss your requirements, contact us today either directly by phone / email or visit our website. Operational Sectors: FM • Healthcare • Higher Education • Government • Industrial • Catering • Commercial & Retail 0844 499 6380 OUR [email protected] INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS Nationwide Hygiene Group are proud to be sponsors of Orsett Park Royals FC Team. Nationwide are alwayskeen to support our staff and when one of our National Account Managers approached us to discuss sponsoring his sons football team, we were happy to help. Orsett Park Royals is an invaluable experience for all involved with the club and Nationwide strongly support sport for youngsters as the way forward. Healthy mind, healthy body couldn’t be a truer adage as far as Nationwide are concerned. Sport teaches youngsters valuable life lessons about discipline, hard work and being a team player, to reach goals and achieve their dreams. Nationwide Hygiene Group would not be where they are now without our 36 local shareholder companies working together as a team and achieving the success we have enjoyed over the last 28 years. Over the last year, Nationwide Hygiene Group have undertaken various activities for charity, supporting manyother worthy causes. The head office staff took part in a ‘Wear it Pink Day’ in aid of Breast Cancer Care, a ‘Wear your P.J’s to Work Day’ in aid of Children in Need and have sold raffle tickets on behalf of Ashgate Hospice for their Christmas Fair and Chesterfield Operatics Society for their ‘Raise the Roof’ appeal. As a complete group, we held a National Sales Conference and thanks to support from our leading Suppliers, donating fabulous raffle prizes, we managed to raise £1,600 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.116 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @WantageTownA WANTAGE TOWN FC[wantage town][FC]/// /// Founded 1892Wantage Town FC currently competes in Division 1 South and West of the Southern League.They are a club that is committed to playing an important role in their local community.They play their home games at Alfredian Park on Manor Road Despite their disappointing start there is still plenty of reason for optimism at the club and one of these is the outstanding youthin Oxon and their record attendance is 675, which was set when section that they have in place. This part of the club looks toOxford United came to visit them for a pre-season friendly. provide youngsters from the local area with an opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst helpingAffiliated to the Berks and Bucks FA and having first been them to reach their full potential.established in 1892 they have put together a history of which theyhave every right to be proud. They celebrated their centenary It is vital for sides to be able to produce their own talent in theseason in 1992 and capped it off in style by claiming promotion current financial climate and this is an area they appear to haveand also glory in the Hellenic League Division One Cup when covered. It will certainly be exciting to see how their juniors canthey defeated Wollen Sports by 3 goals to nil. Their current group progress over the coming years.of players will be keen to add to their illustrious past over thecoming years. In order to help ensure that they enjoy a smooth transition into the senior game they also run a number of additional sides. ThisThis season it would be fair to say that their first team has not allows them to give players experience of adult level footballperhaps enjoyed the start to the campaign that they would have even if they are not yet considered ready for first team actionliked. Up to now they have put together a record of 3 wins, 3 which can be an important step in the development process.draws and 14 defeats which has left them sitting near the bottomof the table with 12 points on the board. Another benefit of having additional sides is that it allows the first XI to benefit from far greater strength in depth. If they are everThere is still plenty of the campaign left to go however and the left short on numbers through injury or suspension they have theside will be determined to turn their results around. So long as option of calling players up with a limited amount of disruption.they can retain their current group of players and perhaps makeone or two quality additions they should be in with a good chance Wantage Town FC’s disappointing start to the season should notof climbing away from the bottom sides. take away from the good work that has been getting done at the club. Football Focus Magazine wishes them the best of luck for the future.We are local computer experts who can fix your computer in The 5 warning signs of underlying computer problemsyour homeYou choose the time we come round “Don’t ignore the computer warning signs” is the plea from Oxfordshire-basedIf we can’t fix it, there’s no charge company Computer Medicine. Often they point to underlying issues that can be90% of the time we can fix it inside 1.5 hrs quickly sorted out by a home visit or remote support call, where the Medic logs inWe guarantee our fixes for 30 daysWe can supply IT equipment that fits your needs over the internet to fix the issue. “It’s an immense source of frustration when something goes wrong” says Computer01235 280 110 Medic Oliver Terry, “give us a call if you are experiencing any of the following issues [email protected] since they can be a sign of more serious problems” •Error messages or warnings when you start it up •Computer is very slow, taking a long time to complete tasks or switch between windows • You are getting unwanted pop-up windows • The internet, email, the printer or scanner are being temperamental • Your children’s games aren’t running properly on the computer As well as fixing things when they go wrong, Computer Medicine can supply and install a variety of computer and technology equipment to ensure it’s humming along brilliantly. The Computer Medicine hotline is 01235 433 441 or email help@ 117

chasetown fc FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[chasetown][FC]The Scholars Ground /// /// Founded 1954Chasetown FC plays their home games atThe Scholars Ground on Church Street inStaffordshire and they currently competein the First Division South of the Evo-StikLeague Northern Premier. We caught up withtheir Chairman Mike Joiner to find out more.He told us, “In August 2016 I will have completed 50 years’service to the club, in almost every post. Currently we have anumber of officials who have work on behalf of the club for anumber of seasons. Brian Baker is a founder member, now in his61st season.The level we play at is a challenge, because we are heavilyinvolved in a number of community activities, and along with ourfull time academy, we have a number of very good, very activevolunteers. The main issue is finding the finance to cover allcosts. It's very challenging in the current climate. The rewards areseeing everyone’s involvement and seeing the younger playersenjoying sporting activities. Also when they turnout for the 1stteam.We are always upbeat and when as in previous seasons, if weare underachieving we work a little bit more. The very successfuldays arrive on the back of how you handle the underachievingtimes. Last season we won the Walsall Senior Cup, one of ourcounty cups. The previous season we lost in the Evo-Stik playofffinal to Stamford. Not bad to say we are underachieving.”Fellow Club Representatives John Franklin and Fred Butler tookthe time to tell us about the club’s approach to youth football,saying, “At Chasetown Football Club we are very aware of theimportance of youth football to our future and are very proud ofour football scholarship scheme, junior and youth set up. 118 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @ChasetownFC1954 chasetown fc John Short & Son Funeral Directors The Independent, Family-owned Firm of Funeral Directors Amid the confusion of bereavement we provide calmness, order and a sense of dignity, so that life, as it must, can go on with hope for the future, as well as respect for the past.At times of bereavement we have served the local communities in andaround this area since 1866. We personally know many of the familieswe have assisted. Whatever the time of day or night, we have giventhem the sympathy, advice and help they have needed.Only an independent family firm, we believe, with its roots in thecommunity, can offer this service with understanding and commitment.Triple Award Winning Agents forThe most thoughtful decision you could make. Visit our premisesto find out how planning your funeral brings peace of mind. John Short & Son 3 High Street, Chasetown, Burntwood, Staffs WS7 3XE Tel: 01543 686204 Fax: 01543 673874 All duties attended All accessories supplied Est. over 145 years. 6th generation Family BusinessOur football scholarship, which we run with our For years we have supported our local branch ofeducation partners Stafford College, has been running The Grenadier Guards making regular donations andfor the past 6 years. The coaching programme is having matches. More recently our very own Stevenrun by our first team coach, Kevin Sweeney, Sutton Sutton, yes that Steven, we helped guide him to hisTown and ex-Chasetown goalkeeper Lee Evans and first 10k, with the help of our Supporters Club. Ourex-Birmingham City and Walsall favourite, Martin local Church, St. Anne's requires a new roof and again,O’Connor. Our teams play in the Football Conference we like to say we have, in our own limited way, helped.Youth Alliance and the English college’s league; wealso enter the FA Youth Cup and Midlands Youth Cup. The challenges are no difference to the past 49 yearsWe also have a youth pyramid of teams ranging in in my case. You have to face up to the challenges, findage, both boys and girls from 6 to 17. a way forward and never let an opportunity be missed. It is important for us to continue providing time andWith the set-up we have, as described above, our opportunities for sporting people to participate. We‘ideals’ are to take a player from the age of 6 and also want others to enjoy watching games and willprepare him or her, at the age of 18, to either move always allow for anyone and everyone toon to further education and a career in sport, or tograduate to our first team squad, currently 5 of thisyear's academy players have signed first team forms,and over the years that the academy has beenin place, more than 20 players have representedChasetown at the highest level. Earlier in the year at afriendly game with Cardiff at the Cardiff City Stadium,4 ex scholarship players were on the field.”Mike went on to tell us about their role in the communityand what they are aiming to achieve in the future, “Weare very much a community club, for years we havehad links to the community. In our 2 cup runs of 10games, The FA gave us 2 cheques totalling 10k. Wepresented them both to one of our local charities, TheLive At Home Scheme. 119

spondon dynamos FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG fc[spondon dynamos][FC]/// /// Founded 1974We have tried to take the club forwardintroducing training kits for the players plus astandard kit for the U6 and U7 teams and arehoping the rest of the teams will follow suite.We have also introduced a Spondon Dynamosshop. We are always looking to introduce further items and Currently run teams from U6 through to U16 with 25 teams in total. We have already got our U16 Saturday and U13 Sunday teams into cup finals. Spondon Dynamos are one of the biggest clubs in Derbyshire but unfortunately we do not have any facilities in Spondon. We have Dale Rd that has two pitches but It gets flooded during the football season so it does not get used. Most of our 11 a-side teams play on Chaddesden Park, Chaddesden Derby DE21 6LA. Spondon is a great place to live. It’s still a village. We have a fantastic community spirit with four junior schools, one senior school, two football cubs and a cricket team. It would be nice if we were able to obtain a piece of local land. Spondon’s still quite a rural area with lots of surrounding fields. We could then apply for a grant to develop it. It would be nice if the flooding on Dale Rd could be sorted, it’s a shame that it’s not being used. It would also be nice if the council could invest in some sports facility in Spondon. A 3G plastic pitch would be nice like other parts of Derby. But if you included both football clubs it would probably get over 40 teams wanting to use the facility. We120 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @SpondonDynamos spondon dynamos fc Club Sponsor Eden Tyre Sales Ltd is a company commit- ted to supporting the local community wherever possible and one way they do this is by backing sports teams. Managing Director Matt Eden took the time to tell us more about the work they do in this regard, saying, “We cur- rently sponsor several teams in the Derby Junior League and different counties as well as other local sports clubs including swimming and cricket. ETS will continue to help and support local children’s sport wherever possible.” In July 2014, they ran a football festival at St Georges Park for 12 under 9 sides including three from Spondon. The tournament was entirely funded by ETS and provided the kids involved with a great opportunity to enjoy the game and develop their skills. Following on from its success, they plan to run another tournament in 2015, expanding to allow 16 teams to take part. Matt went on to tell us about their involvement with Spon- don Dynamos and told us, “We currently sponsor one of the Spondon teams with our name on the shirts and were able to provide the full kit for them. We are proud to be as- sociated with the club as they do some fantastic work and would like to take this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for the future.” 121

spondon dynamos FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG fcwould love for our U16 teams to carry I currently run an under 10 side, with who has many years of experience withon to U18/U21 and then reform a senior both non-competitive and competitive youth football and runs one of our mostteam. cup matches. We have had a successful sides. Matt has been getting reasonable start to the season, and involved with Marko’s training sessions,Club Chairman took the time to speak have won, drawn and lost on an equal giving guidance and advice, and helpingwith Football Focus Magazine, saying, basis. As long as we play as well as we to improve Marko’s already fantastic“I first became involved with Spondon can every week, put in 100%, and enjoy team. Matt then attends matches andDynamos about 3 years ago, when my playing football then I'm quite happy. watches from the sidelines, seeingson Niall, who was 6 at the time, wanted The important thing is that children are how his training techniques have beento play football. Spondon Dynamos is able to get involved and play football, implemented into the game. The endone of the best known clubs in Derby, regardless of their ability. As time goes result is that Matt is hopefully going toand was the natural choice. I began to on, the more talented children will be pass his B licence with flying colours,help out the managers in some of the put into the competitive youth teams, while Marko’s team is able to get eventraining sessions, and really enjoyed it. will hopefully progress and improve as better.As time went on, more and more children players, and will bring the club evenjoined up and we needed to establish more success. At present we only have teams up toanother team, so I volunteered. The the Under 16s age group, so our nextclub financed my FA level 1 and DBS, Some of our older teams have had some challenge as a club is to create links withprovided me with all the kit I needed, fantastic success through the years, an established senior club, in order toand because we've got some great and have won their respective leagues allow our players to progress with theirmanagers, there's always someone who and many cups. We've also had some football beyond school leaving age. Thecan give help and advice. excellent individual success stories, main aim for Spondon Dynamos for the with several children being scouted for future is just to keep on doing what weWhen I first joined Spondon Dynamos premiership clubs. do best: helping children to play footballI hadn't realised the size or history of and improve their game in the bestthe club. We have been established for Earlier this year we were approached possible environment, while buildingaround forty years now, and currently by Matt Collins, an FA development them as individuals. I often bump intohave 24 teams across all age groups, coach. Matt is currently taking his people who are now in their 20's andwith almost five hundred children on our UEFA B licence, and as part of his 30's, and when they say, ‘I used to playbooks! We are totally self-sufficient and development he was required to link for Spondon Dynamos’ it makes meall pitch fees and equipment are funded up with a local football side. When he really proud.”from subs and grants. We're also really approached Dynamos I introduced himlucky in that we have great support from to our U16s manager Marko Markelic,local businesses that sponsor our kits.122 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @SpondonDynamos spondon dynamos fc 1997 - 2015 Some Notable events from the club’s history 1997 - Terry Carey & Kevin Hoult joined the club.2000 - we had 4 teams (U10s, Gary Coxon) (U12, Kevin Hoult) (U13, Terry Carey) (U14, Chris Disney) 2001 - the old Chair/Secretary/Treasurer Dave/Fay Dickinson decided to retire after many years. Kevin Hoult took over as Secretary.2005 - when the small sided league started Terry Carey became secretary for the small sided teams. 2008 - we had teams from U7 – U18s 2013/14 - U15s Saturday won the league and Cup. The team represent Derbyshire in the champions of Champions tournament. 2014 - Kevin Hoult decided to start to try and bringing young players into club. He took over as small sided co-ordinator and Kerry Moore took over as small sided secretary’s job. Philip Tomkinson was voted in as Chair person.2014 - we applied for some money from the local council to set up some new U7s teams. We ended up with three U7 teams plus an U6 team still in progress. The u7 teams were able tohave a full set of training equipment plus a little money that was collected. 123

hythe & dibden FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[hythe & dibden][FC]/// /// Founded 1974Hythe and Dibden FC have been making some fantastic progress both on and off the field oflate. Football Focus Magazine caught up with the club’s First Team Manager Lee Burch to findout more about what are certainly exciting times for the club.He told us, “I’ve been first team Manager you just want to get there and play. Once Over the coming years it would be greatfor over a year now. This in my second full we’re there I think it can only get better and if we can get into the league above – thatseason. It’s going well at the moment – better. would be great for the club. They’ve neverwhen I took over the club had had some got close in the past so to go there would bedifficulties for a few seasons and last year We’ve got a side here that like to get the a superb achievement. Hopefully we canwe managed to 4th which was our highest ball down and play it. We look to play out do that within the next five years and onceever position. from the back when we can do but I’m also we get there it will be a case of establishing an advocate of playing to our strengths ourselves. I think that is a realistic targetThings have gone well and we’re ahead of and we look to utilise the good players we because we should be able to attract goodwhere we thought we’d be. Starting off this have in the air. If we are against a team calibre players with the way we are movingseason we’re just aiming to consolidate on that plays a high line we will look to get in forwards on and off the field.that performance and just repeating that behind – we’re flexible. That’s importantwould be great. We changed the side quite the way the modern game is going and you I’d also like to add that the club has beendramatically when I first came in but I’m have to be able to adapt to the different around a long time now. It has got a lot ofhappy with the squad that we’ve got now. opposition that you play. very good people in the background thatThere’s a lot of competition for places and have been at the club a long time. Thea lot of players want to come and play for The first major challenge for us will be Chairman and the Committee, they deservethe club now which is really positive. settling into the new ground and making this as much as anyone. They deserve to sure that we’re getting things right on watch a side do well at a fantastic groundThere’s a real sense of excitement at the matchdays. We also need to manage our and to enjoy their involvement with theclub now with moving to the new ground. expectations; we came 4th last year and club. Hythe and Dibden has been a veryAll of that build up and getting to that point some expectations were quite high but we big part of the community and hopefully wehas been quite tough at times because need to keep our feet on the ground and can continue that.” continue progressing.124 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @HytheDibdenFC hythe & dibden 125

hythe & dibden FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[hythe & dibden][YFC]Founded in 1999 Hythe and Dibden Youth Football Club is an up and coming club that has quickly establisheditself with credibility within the local community and beyond.With well over 200 signed on members the club plays a significant role in the local schools and the community in general and has agreat sense of local identity & recognition. The club has expanded rapidly over the last four years and today the club provides footballfor 21 youth teams aged from Under 7 to Under 18.Under 7s play in the New Forest Mini League, Under 8s to Under 10s are in the Eastleigh and District Mini Soccer League, Under 11 toUnder 15 in the Southampton and District Tyro league and Under 17s and Under 18s in the City of Southampton Youth Football League.The Club runs a hugely popular, pay as you go Soccer School for reception (4yrs old) to year 3 (8yrs old) boys & girls. This currentlyruns from April to September but is something we intend to be running all year round in the near future. It is all about these childrenabsolutely loving their football and watching them running in to sign on each Friday night it is so apparent that they do.....have a lookon the club website to see.It is the Soccer School that has acted as the catalyst for the expansion of the club. Each year there is a new group of keen children (andhappy coaches and parents), having enjoyed and benefited from their experience, that wish to play for and sign up to a team. The resultof this is that the Club fields two youth teams in almost every age group and we keep on growing. This growth is backed by a hugelyenthusiastic team. From the committee, through the managers and coaches to parents, helpers, supporters and of course the playersthere is a real buzz and pride in what is going on.The club also runs specialised Goalkeeper training sessions on a Saturday morning split into two sessions for the younger and olderage groups. These sessions are of huge benefit to all the young keepers, not only giving them the coaching they need to succeed butalmost forming a secondary team for them - the mutual support and encouragement for each other is a real joy to witness.126 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @HytheDibdenFC hythe & dibdenEach year the club runs a six a side tournament over two days,with 2014 being the biggest and best yet with entries fromacross the region and many complimentary comments on sucha well organised event. Don't miss next years - scheduled forearly/mid June 2015 (dates tbc - keep an eye on our website).The club achieved Charter Standard status in 2014...the playerswear their new kits for this season proudly displaying the CSbadge on the sleeve.In terms of active membership therefore, the club finds itself ina situation of being a very large provider (already a ‘developed’club in this context). However it is this growth that the Clubmust manage with the need to identify key objectives for futuredevelopment. The Club is very aware that further work onachieving a club culture is required. A priority requirement is toensure consistency and best practice (both on the playing andnon-playing side) across the Club.The challenge provided by maintaining Charter Standard givesthe Club an opportunity to emphasise the need for collaboration,structure and progress.Strong leadership, active participation, skills acquisition andself-development are crucial to our continued success andgrowth - giving even more young people the environment toreally enjoy their sport and sportsmanship.Hythe and Dibden Youth Football Club is a thriving and growingClub which has the potential to become one of the top clubs inHampshire. However big the Club becomes it will never deviatefrom the aim to provide the best possible football experiencefor as many players (and supporters) as possible. This willtake place within a healthy environment with attention to goodpractice and procedures with the emphasis on safety andpersonal developmentWritten by Phil Swainston – Club Chairman To find out more please visit our website - there are lots of photos and information that we hope demonstrate the great atmosphere that exists. [email protected] 127

kings langly fc FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[kings langley][FC]Gaywood Park /// /// Founded 1886Based at Gaywood Park in Hertfordshire, Kings Langley FC has enjoyed a great first half to theseason competing in the Spartans South Midlands Premier Division. We caught up with theirChairman Derry Edgar to find out more.InvolvementHe told us, “I have been with the club for more thanthirty years. I was initially attracted by the challenge ofrestoring the club to a status that befitted its long andillustrious past. At the time the club were homelessand without direction but I was struck by the loyaltyand resolve of the players and volunteers committedto keeping such a fine old club going and felt I couldcontribute.As the club progresses at all levels the challenge tomeet the demand for new and improved facilities isever present. Paradoxically, meeting those demandsbrings its own sense of achievement and reward.Everything at the Club is run on an entirely voluntarybasis and there is a real team ethic both on and offthe pitch.”Atmosphere“The mood is very buoyant at present as the clubhave made an encouragingly positive start to the newseason in the top flight of the South Midlands Leaguehaving secured promotion in dramatic fashion in thefinal game of last season. We are similarly delightedto have just completed the construction of a brandnew additional Youth pitch and added further seatedand covered accommodation to our senior pitch.”This Season“On the playing side we want to maintain momentumand secure as high a league position as possible.We want to consolidate ourselves at this level, thehighest we have ever been, but we feel we haverealistic ambitions of a top six finish. Off the field it'sa similar story. We want to continue the improvementprogramme that has seen us enhance our facilities intandem with our successful promotion push.”Youth“Youth football is part of the Club's DNA. We have anextensive youth structure covering all ages and bothgenders. The Club's philosophy has always been toengender an environment that allows kids to enjoyfootball at their own level but at the same time createan atmosphere that stimulates development andprogression.” 128 ISSUE 52

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