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Published by Sport in Profile, 2015-01-21 14:51:45

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Twitter: @Colne_FC COLNE FC[Colne][FC]XLCR Stadium /// /// Founded 1996Colne FC has seen a revolution in its playing fortune, profile and town awareness since we appointedthe current management team of Steve Cunningham and Ted Cockett. Over the last few years themanagement team and committee, with the resources available, had been content to see the clubestablished as a top 10 club within the NWCFL Premier Division, with only a limited ambition to progressup the football pyramid. Steve’s presentation at his interview showed a club in stagnation and thechanges he wanted to make.HIS MISSION STATEMENT WAS TO Another of our main aims was to forge Vase game (the second highest of allMAKE COLNE FC THE BEST FAMILY closer links with our Saturday morning the Saturday fixtures).ORIANTATED SPORTS CLUB IN academy and youth teams. SeniorNORTH EAST LANCASHIRE. management, coaching staff and players Whilst we have had a steady start of won give up their time to put on coaching 6 drawn 2 lost 4, the football we haveSteve and Ted’s commitment and sessions for these youngsters, in been playing merits better statistics. Weambition has rubbed off on everyone addition all junior players and managers have been dominating teams withoutat the Club. The ground, whilst old and are given free passes to attend all home being quite able to get the end result ourin need of some tender loving care, league fixtures. approach play merits.has seen a total makeover in the closeseason. All the perimeter fencing has This together with a greater profile and Steve has said on a number of occasionsbeen painted as has the main stand, awareness has seen the resurrection of that once our forwards get in the groovewith its white and red seating. the Colne Red Army. Attendances for then we will put a series of results the current season are approx. double together. The committee’s aim for theAll this work has been appreciated and the previous year and recent weeks season was a top 6 league finish and aon the annual ground grading visit the have seen an away following of over 50 cup victory, Steve and his managementNWCFL officials remarked how well the fans. team are aiming higher.ground was looking and the effort thathad been put in. AFC Liverpool, Stockport Sports and In the 2014-15 season we haveThe hard work of our commercial team the extremely well supported Runcorn resurrected an Under 18 team,of Dave Craig and Peter Shaw has paid Linnets have all voiced the opinion that recognising that we need to see ahuge dividends with an unprecedented the Colne fans are the best and most planned progression from our successfullevel of board adverts and match day vocal in the league. Testament to this youth team set up through the Under 18sponsors. was the attendance of 198 for our FA and Lancashire League (reserves) side 51

COLNE FC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG52 ISSUE 52 ultimately to our first team squad. The first team train with both the reserves and Under 18’s in order that all the senior players are used to a common system of playing. All at the club firmly believe that with the current management team we can challenge for promotion to the Evo Stick league and see no reason why we could not establish ourselves in its Premier Division. This in its self-possess challenges in terms of the ground. Some improvements would be required to meet the Evo Stick standards. We would like to be in the position where all out teams from juniors to seniors could use the same facilities. We are at the early stages of developing a business plan to look at all the alternatives open to us with a view to giving the public of Colne the best facilities we can offer. This would enable us to hire out facilities and become even more community orientated. With the appointment of Shaun O’Neill as Chairman and Lee Duerden as President, both partners in our main sponsors XLCR Vehicle Management, this has added the commercial awareness that we require to make our ambitions a reality and not a pipe dream. Both are Colne’rs born and breed and up for the challenge of changing the profile of the club and town. They have committed greater resource and sponsorship to the club, enabling both senior teams to have their own training kit, tracksuits and holdall bag. We as a club maybe well down the Non-League pyramid system but the aim of all involved with the club is to be as PROFESSIONAL as we can and see where the adventure takes us. Mark Whiteoak & Sons • Groundwork • Tarmac • Block Paving Call us now on Tel: 07976 434507 PrCoudoSlnupeporFteCrs of 7 Hollington street, Cottentree, Colne, Lancs BB8 7BP

Twitter: @MhfcInfo MIDDLESBOROUGH HOMELESS FC[Middlesbrough Homeless][FC]/// /// Founded 2013 It was initially funded with the support and financial backing of a unique charitable movement, Middlesbrough and TeessideThe Herlingshaw Centre in South Bank is Philanthropic Foundation.home to a very special Teesside footballteam. Home is not a word its players use Funds to support its first year in operation were raised bylightly. For they know what it is to be truly Teesside business leaders who took part in a sponsored CEOhomeless. Sleepout outside Middlesbrough FC’s Riverside Stadium.They are members of the North-East’s first football club for the Organised by the Philanthropic Foundation, the Sleepout sawhomeless. This is a club where winning is far less important than around 30 businessmen and women raise sponsorship to sleepreintegrating its members back into mainstream society, building rough for the night, giving up their warm, comfortable beds for atheir confidence and increasing their life chances. night on the cold, hard floor.Under a slogan of ‘Tackling Homelessness for all of Teesside’,Middlesbrough Homeless Football Club was formed in 2013. 53

MIDDLESBOROUGH FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG HOMELESS FCSoon afterwards came kick-off for this unique football club. That we believe it can help to break down the barriers between thewas quickly followed by a sponsorship deal with Ecco Finishing homeless and non-homeless. Hopefully, we will help increasingSupplies, whose managing director Keith Miller was one of the numbers of Teesside’s homeless population get back intohardy souls who had his eyes opened to the reality of life on the mainstream society.”street when taking part in the sleepout. Forming the club was the brainchild of care worker Peter Kenny,Philanthropic Foundation chairman Andy Preston says: “It’s a who was previously involved with the well-established Liverpoolstark fact that Teesside is the North-East homelessness black Homeless Football Club, whose patrons include ex-Liverpool FCspot, so we’re determined to do all we can take some positive star Jamie Carragher and comedian John Bishop.action. As manager of a team that takes part in the Redcar & District“Middlesbrough Homeless Football Club is more of a movement Sunday League, Peter sees first-hand the impact football canthan a football club. While it won’t be a cure for homelessness, have on the lives of his team’s players. For members of MHFC,54 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @MhfcInfo MIDDLESBOROUGH HOMELESS FCfootball is about far more than a kick-about. For some even the getting his head sorted. He’s like a different person and is enjoyingfamous words of Bill Shankly ring true – football really can be about his football and is happier in life.”life and death. As for the football, well, that could be better. After a mid-table finishPeter reveals: “We’ve got one lad who has been a drug addict for last season, their first, this time around they are bottom of themany years. He was married with kids, went down the wrong path, league and struggling. But Peter is philosophical about the resultsgot into drugs, became addicted to heroin and started shoplifting when there’s so much more at fund his habit. As a result, he’s been in and out of jail most ofhis adult life. “The lads don’t like losing, of course, but the nature of this club dictates that some players naturally move on as they hopefully get“Now football is giving him something positive to focus on. He loves back on their feet. Most of our players live in hostels so the gamegetting out and playing. Football keeps him out of trouble and away and midweek training is getting them out. It helps them stay awayfrom all the old habits. He’s interacting with people who are looking from alcohol, breaks the cycle. They’re making new friends andforward in the same way he is, instead of mixing with drug users. their confidence is building. You can’t really ask for more.”He’s turned himself around, he’s come off drugs and he’s back withhis partner. That’s the impact of this football club. For more details about Middlesbrough Homeless Football“Another of the lads has had anger-management problems. He Club visit to fight everyone, so we’ve had him to counselling and he’s 55

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGWhy Ecco arebacking the Boro No home games take part in the Redcar and District Sunday League each weekend.As a hard-nosed businessman who has travelled the world,Keith Miller thought he had seen most things but he was Unlike most football teams, however, results are secondary.shocked the day he witnessed drug addicts looking for new This football team is focused on improving the health,places on their bodies to inject heroin. confidence and life chances of homeless people.Determined to play his part in tackling a growing problem, the “I’ve got to know some of the homeless lads and they areowner of Ecco Finishing Supplies became the first sponsor of just like me or you,” says Keith. “They’ve had a bad start inMiddlesbrough Homeless Football Club. life and some tough luck, maybe made a few mistakes but it doesn’t mean we can’t put an arm around them and give them“Seeing the lads from a local hostel injecting drugs like that a second chance. We can’t just discard them.around the corner from my business brought it home what aserious problem we have,” says Keith, managing director of “If those guys see somebody like me or Andy Preston wantingEcco Finishing Supplies. to help them, wanting to try and make their lives a bit better and get them involved in something positive, then maybe one“They clearly feel there’s nothing for them and they have little or two might just grab the opportunity and do something aboutfocus in their lives apart from getting their next hit. Clearly their situation.not all homeless are drug addicts but I’ve been shocked todiscover just how much homelessness there is on Teesside. “By doing that, you don’t know what they might achieve. All some of them need in life is a bit of luck, some encouragement“I don’t think people have any idea just how big the problem and a helping hand. The fact is that it could happen to any oneis. It’s shocking. That’s why it’s brilliant to see them coming of us. If you don’t pay your mortgage for three months then thetogether to mix in such a healthy, positive way through football. bank will repossess your house and you’ll be homeless.It is so uplifting.” “The lads need a bit of guidance, of course. When you’re atUnder a slogan of ‘Tackling Homelessness for all of Teesside’, school I don’t think you get the harsh realities of life explainedthe club was formed during the summer of 2013 through the to you about what can happen out in the big bad world. But thefinancial backing of generous local businesses and individuals truth is that you only need to make one or two bad decisionswho support charitable movement Middlesbrough and Teesside and you’re up a creek without a paddle.”Philanthropic Foundation. So what can football do to help? “I think it’s a social thing, asFunds to support its first year in operation were raised by much as anything,” replies Keith. “But it gets them playingTeesside business leaders – Keith included - who took part in as part of team, working with and encouraging team mates,a sponsored CEO Sleepout outside Boro’s Riverside Stadium. building their confidence and fitness. What they gain can manifest itself away from pitch into other environments andKeith explained: “Taking part in the sleepout brought it home maybe even help them find a job.”to me the harsh realities that some people face every night –suffering the cold, discomfort and no doubt fear of sleeping Backing such a scheme comes naturally to Keith. Eccorough. Finishing Supplies, the business he began in a spare bedroom with the investment of £25 in a typewriter from Argos now turns“Along with the other business people who slept rough with me over £5 million a year, manufacturing and supplying shot-for one night, I was able to go home to a warm, comfortable blasting and fire protection equipment to world-wide clients innight, knowing I’d raised some money for a good cause. But I the oil, gas and off-shore industries.couldn’t just leave it at that. But while Keith’s corporate horizons now stretch to fields as“When Andy Preston, chairman of the Philanthropic Foundation, far as Kazakhstan, Russia and the Far East, his heart remainsused some of the money we’d raised to launch Middlesbrough closer to home. He believes he has a responsibility to supportHomeless Football Club and told me they needed a shirt the Teesside community in which he was born and raised.sponsor I just said ‘I’ll do it’ because it felt like the right thingto do. For more details about Middlesbrough Homeless Football Club visit logo of Ecco Finishing Supplies now appears on the shirtsof Middlesbrough Homeless Football Club players when they 56 ISSUE 52 57

CROWBOROUGH AFC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[Crowborough][AFC]Crowborough Community Stadium /// /// Founded 1974Having moved leagues during the summer, Crowborough Athletic is working hard to estab-lish themselves in their new league and have been making steady progress. Chairman TonyBowen took the time to explain the good work that the club is doing.He said, “I’ve been involved with the club for around 10 yearssince my boy started to play for them. I’ve been Chairman for 2 yearsnow and I’m finding it to be an interesting role! The club went throughsome pretty difficult times before I came in and we’ve been recoveringfrom that during my time here. We’ve stabilised on and off the pitchnow and I’m pleased to say the club is in good shape.”Set-up“We’re blessed to have very good facilities thanks to a lot of hard workfrom a lot of people back in 2006/07 and we maintain them to a highstandard. There are lots of volunteers at the club and we try to put ona good product. We’ve got a hardcore of probably 12 people that putin a lot of time to allow the club to progress. We’re in the entertainmentbusiness so we need to entertain or people won’t come through thedoor.We’re working with the Council at Youth feature heavily in the community andpresent on the possibility of putting a involve ourselves as much as possible.3G facility into the club which would “The club is built on youth and a good The other side of that is that we’re veryenable us to change the dynamic number of our first team players have well supported by the community andof what we’re able to put into the come through the youth set-up. We’ve got regularly get over 100 people comingcommunity although that’s in the very a very good youth set-up. We’ve got teams to watch us.”early stages at the moment.” at U18 and U21 level which is giving us a good supply of talent through to men’s AmbitionsThis Season football. The U21 team has been set up with a view to smoothing the transition into “On the pitch, it would be nice to be“We had to change leagues in the the senior game. promoted up another level and tosummer, getting transferred to the establish ourselves there. I’ll quantifySouthern Counties East Football We’ve had some very successful U18 that by saying at the moment we have aLeague and are finding it to be quite teams in the past but those players that great youth set up and the players knowa challenge. It’s the same level we felt might be ready for 1st team football that if they are good enough they’ll getleague but there are some strong are not available because they’ve not been chances in the first team. The higherteams from South East London with a used to playing on a Saturday and so work up we go the more players we’d neednumber of ex-academies players that instead making them unavailable when we to bring in to sustain that level whichhave been trained well and are very want to bring them through so that issue could mean less opportunities for ourgood technically. We’re learning and has hopefully now been addressed.” young players. Our priorities are toare in a mid-table position so we’re remain financially stable, build our 3gnot doing too badly – we’d like to be Community facility for the community and to playa bit higher but we’re quietly pleased at the highest level that our financeswith how things are going.” “We definitely are a community club – allow with as many locally produced we’ve got the highest Charter status. We players as possible.”58 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @CrowboroughAFC CROWBOROUGH AFC “At the moment we have a great youth set up and the players know that if they are good enough they’ll get chances in the first team.” 59


Doing every job asif it’s our own back garden!Covering areas across the County of Sussex, and subcontracting for a reputable conservatory and gardenbuilding company on the outskirts of Hailsham, Ransome Garden Design enjoys a growing reputation forproducing first class work. This has led to the company branching out into neighbouring Kent- there are nolimits to where they are prepared to travel to carry out their work!First established from scratch by Company Owner Chris Ransome,the company has now been running for over 7 years. Word hasrapidly spread of the terrific service provided in a number of differentareas, including:Driveways & PatiosFrom the latest in permeable block paving technology to tarmac,concrete, gravel and many more - we can create a driveway to bestsuit your needs using various different methods and materials.For a patio worthy of a show garden, choose glorious Indiansandstone from our wide range of paving and give your patio itsown unique identity - we can create simple or complex mosaics ofshapes and colours for any size!Decking and FencingMake unusable areas of your garden usable with long life, lowmaintenance decking designed and built to any size or shape!From panel fencing with concrete posts to closeboard fencingwith timber posts, we erect fencing to your exact dimensions andrequirements.Groundwork & ConcretingFor extensions, conservatories, garages, sheds and greenhousesor any other building that you’re looking to purchase to improveyour home - don’t hesitate to contact us to carry out the demolition,excavation and foundation work. Our specialised team of trainedprofessionals will then erect your shed/greenhouse or build yournew garage, conservatory or extension to the highest standard.We provide a polite, friendly and punctual service and we’ve becomeknown for this. Our motto is that ‘we do every job as if it’s our ownback garden’ and we work hard to ensure that from the word go weare clean, polite, do a good job and work hard - and that has helpedus to develop our strong reputation.We rely on word of mouth for business and it is vital that we’realways on our game to create a good impression with the peoplewe’re working with. A customer always has family so doing a goodjob has the potential to give you more work.We see it as vital to be personable, creating a good impression anddoing a top class job. I firmly believe you’re only as good as your lastjob and this approach runs throughout the company.Anyone interested in using our service can contact us on 01892 Chris Ransome- Owner, Ransome Garden Design610264 or 07900 874310. We also have a website and www.footballfocus.bize-mail, well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so feelfree to contact us in whichever way suits you best and we’ll popalong to discuss your plans and provide a no obligation quote. 61

ALMONDSBURY FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG UWE FC[Almondsbury][UWE FC]The Field /// ///Based on Gloucester Road in Bristol, Almondsbury UWE FC currently competes in theToolstation Western League Division One. They are led by the team of Chairman Mike Blessingand President Sam Hardy and the club has made a considerable amount of progress under theirguidance.They were first established as Patchway North End in 1971 before Almondsbury UWE FC’s positive start to the season is thanks to all of the hard work that has been put into the club bothchanging their name to Patchway Old Boys two years later when on and off the field. Hopefully they will be able to continue inthey played in the Bristol Suburban League. The club moved to their the same manner for many years to come and Football Focuscurrent home in 1989 taking up the name of Almondsbury FC. Magazine would like to wish them the best of luck.They have achieved notable success since the turn of the Millennium,winning the Bristol Suburban League in 2000/01. This saw thempromoted to the Gloucestershire County League which they also wonin 2004 which saw them climb into the Western Football League.This time around they have made a strong start to their league Unit 12, The IO Centrecampaign and sit in the top half of the table as the season reaches its Cabot Parkhalf way point. Up to now they have put together a record of 10 wins,3 draws and 7 defeats from their 20 matches which leaves them with Moorend Farm Avenue33 points on the board. Avonmouth BristolThis should provide them with a good platform from which to build BS11 0QLas they look ahead towards the second half of the season. So longas they are able to retain their current group of players and perhapsmake one or two quality additions they should be in with a goodchance of going on a good run and finishing the year on a high.One of the highlights of their performances has been the attackingbrand of football that they have been able to produce. This is reflectedby the fact that they have found the back of the net 43 times at a rateof more than 2 per game.This has certainly meant that any supporters attending their matches The Sureway fleet is always ready to distribute throughout the UKhave been well entertained and should encourage more of the local and Western to get behind the side in the future. This in turn has thepotential to provide them with a valuable source of additional revenue. A large range of vehicles, from small vans through to 44ft articulated vehicles are available.One of the reasons for the sides free scoring nature has been theform of Simon McElroy who has found the back of the net 11 times in • Pallet / Palletised Distribution • Economy Deliveries13 matches. He will be hoping to continue in the same manner and if • Express Transporthe does it will be a major boost for the side. • Tail-lift Vehicles • Road HaulageHe has been well supported by the strike partnership of Nick Rugman • Reverse Collectionsand Steve Fitzpatrick who have contributed 17 goals between them. • CouriersHaving a number of different scoring options allows the side to go • 3rd Party Movementsinto games confident that they have the necessary firepower to win • Same Day Deliveriesmatches. • Express European Deliveries • Next Day Deliveries • Full Loads & Part Loads • Premium Services, timed, pre- booked or Saturday Deliveries Our Avonmouth, Bristol warehouse can handle, store, trans-ship and redistribute your goods to any destination, we also have container unloading facilities on site. Tel: 0117 982 1020 Fax: 0117 982 1021 Email: [email protected] ISSUE 52

FOOTBALL REMEMBERS[Football Remembers]‘Football Remembers’ is the series of programmes and events being delivered jointlyby the Premier league, The FA and the Football League in partnership with the BritishCouncil to commemorate the First World War. The ‘Football Remembers Week’ tookplace between the 5-14 December with the aim of engaging football fans at every levelabout one of the most iconic moments of the 1st World War, the 1914 Christmas TruceFootball Match.Football Remembers kicked off in May 2014 when school design competition, asking children to design a memorial to be placed at the Arboretum.the partners launched a Football Remembers educationpack that was sent to more than 30,000 schools across The winning design was drawn by 10 year-old Spencerthe UK. It includes resources to help children learn about Turner from Farne Primary in Newcastle, and hethe truce and footballs role in recruitment and morale attended a special service to mark the unveiling at theduring the First World War. Arboretum, near St. George’s Park. The design for the memorial was chosen by The Duke of Cambridge andThe education initiative ran in schools across the UK England football player Theo Walcott, from applicantsand endeavoured to teach a new generation about the to the Football Remembers competition which ran insignificance of the Christmas Truce, using an association schools across the UK.with modern football. At the heart of the project was a 63

FOOTBALL FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGREMEMBERSFootball Remembers also features legacy projectsthat ensure young people will continue to learnabout WW1 for decades to come.Late on Christmas Eve 1914, men of the BritishExpeditionary Force heard the Germans singingcarols and patriotic songs and saw lanterns andsmall fir trees along their trenches.Messages began to be shouted between thetrenches. The following day, British and Germansoldiers met in No Man's Land and exchangedgifts, took photographs and some played football.They also buried casualties and repaired trenchesand dugouts.Some officers viewed the truce as a chance toimprove living conditions in the trenches, whileothers worried that such unwarlike behaviourwould undermine fighting spirit.The high commands on both sides took measuresto ensure such fraternisation would not happenagain, and the 1914 Christmas Truce remained aunique event on the Western Front.Speaking of the initiative, SPFL chief executiveNeil Doncaster said, “The 1914 Christmas Trucematches demonstrated the unifying power offootball and it’s important we use this opportunityto acknowledge and remember the spirit andhumanity of those involved.Despite what was happening, these young peoplewere able to put differences aside to enjoy a gameof football and it’s pleasing to see clubs across thecountry coming together to commemorate one ofthe few bright moments in what was a very darkchapter of history.”64 ISSUE 52

The great and the good gathered at the for some last ditch defending and a couple of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity - the British fine saves from the keeper. Spirits were high Army’s National Charity since 1944 -prestigious Burton Court for a fitting tribute though as oranges and tactics were taken on at supports thousands of soldiers, formerto the 1914 Christmas Truce match. A team the break. soldiers and their families each year.drawn from the hallowed Houses of Parliament The charity makes financial grants tolimbered up against the Army Crusaders – The second half began as the first ended and individuals in times of need and specialistseasoned veterans of many a hard campaign. very soon the Crusaders took what would turn charities supporting the wider ArmyLegions of fans from across the local area out to be an unassailable 4-0 lead, this time family. The need for support continues togathered on the sidelines for an occasion that a powerful header from yet another cornerwill live long in the memory and the stories leaving the keeper with no chance. grow.of the struggle will surely be handed down Before long it was 5 and there seemed no route Visit www.soldierscharity.orgthrough the generations; the build up truly had back for the MPs. However, the fifth goal Like us on Facebook at ‘I was there’ feel to it. seemed to rouse the MPs team into action, and more possession led to a number of half soldierscharityThe match started brightly, with the Crusaders chances and eventually a corner. Another goal- Follow us on Twitter: @soldierscharitydominating from the off, with only their mouth scrabble ensued, ending with a much-profligate finishing keeping the scores level in deserved tap-in for the MPs – a scrappy goal, 65the opening stages, as wave after wave of Army but they all count – could this be the start of anattack led to nought. incredible comeback?As the MPs finally got a foothold in the match Things looked promising as another periodthey lost possession in the centre of the pitch, of sustained MPs pressure led to a deft finishand a stunning through ball saw new kid on the from the striker, but as he wheeled away inblock Andy Garthwaite, who lost his right arm celebration, the raised lineman’s flag nippedin Afghanistan, slot the ball past the keeper’s the raucous cheers from the sideline in the buddespairing dive. and the goal was disallowed for offside. This bitter blow ended the match as a contest, andThe Crusaders led 1-0 and the blow of the Crusaders reasserted their authority onconceding after holding out for so long under proceedings for the remaining few minutes.such pressure had a negative effect on the MPs.A crisp strike from 22 yards left the keeper The final whistle brought the match to a closerooted to the spot making the score 2-0, and and cheers rang out across the terraces. In thewithin minutes it was 3-0, as the dejected MPs end an emphatic victory for the Crusaders, butdefence collapsed after a corner led to the a gallant effort from the MPs. Respect wasbobbling ball trickling across the line, as bodies mutual across the divide and the presentationlay scattered across the 6 yard box. ceremony was a moment to savour for the victors, with talks of a rematch very muchHalf time came as a blessed relief to the MPs, the topic of post-match conversation in thewho could have been further behind if it wasn’t clubhouse afterwards.

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGA FutureWorthFightingForWith 95 years’ experience in treating the mental health of There are many ways you can get involvedour ex-Service men and women, we are acknowledged as and support the work of Combat Stress.clinical experts in this field. Our work is just as vital today Visit us today at:as it was in 1919 and we are currently working with 5,600 and Reservists to help them overcome theirproblems, rediscover their self-belief and live fulfilling call 01372 587 191lives. The courage and determination of these men andwomen is outstanding. Please help us help them on Follow @CombatStresstheir journey to recovery. Find Us on you for your support. Photo: Mark and his family. Veteran of Iraq and AfghanistanEx-Services Mental Welfare Society. Company Registered in England& Wales No. 256353. Charity Registration No. 206002.Charity Registration Scotland No. SC038828. 66 ISSUE 52

FOOTBALL REMEMBERSAs the world reflects on the impact of the First CombatWorld War, the humanity of two opposing armies Stress, 95joining in a friendly game of football really hitshome. We can only imagine how those soldiers Years Onfelt.Many lost their lives in that commissioned by the NHS,conflict 100 years ago, but provides three treatmentmany returned home. Some centres, a national Communityhad physical scars; but for some and Outreach network and asurvivors the psychological free 24-hour Helpline (0800 138injuries they carried were hard 1619).to bear. Many were unableto return to ‘normal’ life. They Working with Combat Stressstruggled with their memoriesand with erratic, sometimes Having returned fromaggressive behaviour, finding itdifficult to work on ‘Civvy’ street international deployment, manyand earn a living. CombatStress was founded in the ex-Service personnel andaftermath of the Great War, in1919, to help ex-Service men Reservists put their skills andsuffering from the condition thenknown as ‘shell shock’ and now expertise to good use in therecognised as Post TraumaticStress Disorder (PTSD). business world and CombatNow the leading mental health Stress works closely withcharity for veterans, CombatStress has helped over 100,000 companies to develop mutually-ex-Service personnel to rebuildtheir lives over the last 95 beneficial partnerships thatyears. Originally providingVocational Rehabilitation, its raise funds to support veterans.role and treatment programmeshave evolved to the world-class Some businesses developservice mental health supportoffered today, free of charge, to special fundraising programmesformer members of the ArmedForces and Merchant Navy, and that include workplace initiativesReservists. and challenge events. OthersFunded mainly throughdonations, Combat Stress is choose Combat Stress ascurrently supporting over 5,600veterans. The youngest is 18, their charity of the year partnerthe oldest now 87. Its work isas vital as ever: new referrals whilst others create great solofrom those who served in Iraqand Afghanistan increased or group fundraising 57% last year. The charityprovides specialist clinical care, The money all goes to a goodincluding a PTSD IntensiveTreatment Programme specially cause: specialist and tailored support offered to veterans with mental health needs across the UK. As many businesses now pledge support for the military community through the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, Combat Stress is also organising its first Military Minds Corporate Symposium on 26 March, 2015at the Wellcome Collection, in London. Expert speakers will provide essential advice for business managers and Occupational Health practitioners. Delegate places are limited but free of charge.If your company, club or organisation would like to get involved with Combat Stress to raise funds, attend the Symposium or take part in aspecial invitation corporate event for the charity, visit or email [email protected] for more information.This year, as we reflect on the battlefields of the First World War, let’s remember that for some the battles continue. Visit www. to learn more. 67

GATESHEAD LEAM FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG RANGERS FC[Gateshead LeamRangers][FC]Hilltop Playing Fields /// /// Founded 1993Gateshead Leam Rangers FC has a fantastic youth set up in place and now provides theirplayers with a senior team to progress into. Secretary Robert Houghton took the time to tellus about the progress they have been making.He told us, “I actually founded the club in 1993, I was helping around the pitch, so we can try and achieve our ambition of reaching the Northern League. This will benefit the whole club,to train the kids at the school where my 2 sons attended, as there as the junior teams as well as the senior teams, would be ablewere no male teachers. My 2 boys were football mad as were a to have a couple of games a season under lights, this would belot of the boys in our area so it seemed like a good idea to form brilliant for the kids especially.our own club, so I got a couple of mates together and we formedLeam Rangers. Personally I have enjoyed over 21 years’ service with the club and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in thatWe soon realised the demand for more teams was massive so time, there have been so many people involved, far too many towithin about 5 years we were up to 20 teams ranging from U8s mention, but there are some who have been at the club for manyto U16s. We played on our local park pitch and the school pitch years and I hope will be here for many more to come.for the first couple of seasons, then we managed to persuadeGateshead Council to lease our current ground to us. It was A couple of years back I was nominated for an F.A. award andovergrown and there were 10 horses grazing on the land, but I won the Northern areas award for outstanding contribution towith a lot of hard work during the close season we managed to grass roots football, a few months later I had to attend the F.A. atget it cleared and found we could get 1 full sized pitch and 1 junior Wembly for the national award ceremony, I didn’t win this time butpitch, with plenty area left for training on. the F.A looked after all the candidates fantastically culminating with attending the England v San Marino game at Wembley, itOver the next 15 years or so we managed to get grant funding was a fantastic experience.from different sources to have our clubhouse and changingfacilities built, we spent over £60,000 on drainage on the main I was invited by the F.A. to attend Buckinham Palace and was,pitch and we have also recently had a half size 3rd generation along with 99 other people chosen by the F.A. to be presentedpitch, complete with 6 meter fencing and floodlights added to our with a medal from Prince William for our outstanding contributiontraining facilities. to Football; this was to commemorate 100 years of the English Football Association. And without all the un-named people thatAlso in that same period we have achieved Charter standard have helped out in some capacity at the club, over the years, thisCommunity club status and we peaked at 28 teams, but because would not have been possible, so I thank them all.”of our facilities being limited we are now back down to 20 teams,from boys U5s right through to 2 senior teams, 1 in the Wearsideleague and the other in the Northern Alliance league.So we already have in place an outlet for some of our juniorsif they wish to carry on playing into their adult lives. We alsohave a very healthy girls section, with teams at U12s, U14s andU16s who are all competing well in their leagues. The U16s willbe making the move up to senior level for the coming 2015/16season, so that bodes well for the girls section also.Our main pitch is fenced in and has hard standing up 2 sides, thiswas the minimum requirement to be accepted into the WearsideLeague and over the next 5 or so years it is our ambition to helpour junior section, boys and girls, flourish and to get floodlights68 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @LeamRangersFC GATESHEAD LEAM RANGERS FCEmploying a highly experienced team of tradesmen,Vitalis Services provides heating, electrical and re-newable installations, repairs and maintenance ser-vices to customers across the North East of England.We are accredited installers of Worcester Bosch boil-ers, Heat Pumps and Solar PV Panels and can pro- vide free estimates on all installations.As a company we are committed to supporting thelocal community and one such example of this is oursponsorship of Gateshead Leam Rangers. They area great club whose work developing young players isto be admired. We sponsor their U9 and U14 sidesand would like to take this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for the futureHEATING.ELECTRICALS.RENEWABLES. PROUD SUPPORTERS GATESHEAD LEAM RANGERS FC Contact Vitalis Services for your heating and electrical installations, repairs and maintenance and renewables installations. Domestic, commercial and contract based work for the property management sector. Phone: 07703 740 152 Alt Phone: 01914 698 994 Email:[email protected] Website: Fairfield Industrial Park, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE10 0UR 69

MICKLEOVER SPORTS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG FC[MickleoverSports] [FC] Raygar Stadium /// /// Founded 1948 Playing their home games at the Raygor Stadium on Station Road in Derbyshire, Mickleover Sports FC currently compete in the First Division South of the Evo-Stik League Northern Premier. They are led by Chairman Stu Clarke who is supported by Secretary Tony Shaw and the club has made a considerable amount of progress under their guidance.Since first being established in 1948 as Mickleover Old Boys the club has put together a history of which they have every rightto be proud. They started out competing in the Derby and District League where they remained until 1993 at which point theywere the longest serving club.They applied to enter the Central Midlands Football League and their acceptance meant that they officially entered the Non-League Pyramid for the first time under the name of Mickleover Sports Football Club.70 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @MickleoverSFC MICKLEOVER SPORTS FC SUPPORT FROM THE KING Lincolnshire’s Number 1 ParkOne of the Midlands most popular businessmen has pledged hissupport for Mickleover Sports by sponsoring its first team away kit. for Touring Caravans & MotorhomesDon Amott, widely known as ‘The King of Caravans’, has been in-volved with sport for many years and in 2012 received an Honorary Visit our websiteDoctorate from the University of Derby for contributions to sport and and take a virtual tour leisure within the community.He was previously a director of Burton Albion Football Club andco-owner of Derby County Football Club where he is now Honor-ary Vice-Chairman. He was also Chairman of Derbyshire County Cricket Club.Mr Amott said: “I played local football around Derby until I was wellinto my 50s. In those days we had to make do with very few facili-ties and really dodgy pitches. That’s why I do what I can, whenever I can, to support local sport.”Since leaving school at the age of 15 to work with his father, MrAmott has built a multi-million pound empire which includes DonAmott Caravans and Motorhomes at Hilton, close to the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border, and Don Amott Parks which has five caravanparks in Lincolnshire. He continues to head his businesses and en-joys putting money back into the community by way of supporting and sponsoring local sporting clubs including Mickleover Sports. and 71

MICKLEOVER SPORTS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG FC This season their first team has been in superb form and this has been reflected by the superb league record that they have put together. Up to now they have managed to win 14, draw 1 and lose just 3 of their first 18 matches which sees them lying near the top of the table with 43 points and games in hand. This should provide the team with the perfect platform from which to build as they look ahead towards the rest of the campaign. So long as they are able to retain their current group of players they will have a great chance of going on to claim the title. One of the highlights of their early season form has been the attacking brand of football that they have managed to produce. This is reflected by the fact that they have found the back of the net on 40 occasions at a rate of more than 2 per match. This has certainly meant that any fans attending their matches have been well entertained and should encourage more of the local community to get behind the side in the future. This in turn has the potential to provide the club with a valuable source of additional revenue. The team’s free-scoring nature has not been to the detriment of their defensive work either as they have the best defensive record in the league to date having conceded just 15 times. Being tight defensively will be vital for the team as they approach the business end of the season. Are you responsible for property built before 2000? Then you need to establish if there isasbestos present and manage the asbestos if it is. As a minimum you should have a register, management plan and trainedstaff. Soteria Asbestos can help you with all aspects of asbestos management to keep you, your workers and business safe. Keeping you safe Soteria Asbestos provide quality asbestos training and comprehensive asbestos consultancy. tel:0333 7720502 website: email: [email protected] Enterprise Centre,Randall Way,Retford,Nottinghamshire DN22 7GR 72 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @MickleoverSFC MICKLEOVER SPORTS FC This is because there will be times when they need to grind out results and all the signs from the first half of the season suggest this is something they will be capable of doing. It will certainly be exciting to see how the second half of the season goes for the club. Micklover Sports FC’s fine form this year is thanks to all of the hard work that has been put into the club behind the scenes. If they are able to continue in the same manner then they are sure to experience plenty of success both on and off the field in the coming years. 73

HAREFIELD UNITED FC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[Harefield United][FC]Preston Park /// /// Founded 1868Harefield United FC’s first team has made a promising start to their current league campaignand they also run a fantastic youth section. Club President Keith Ronald took the time to tellus more about the good work that they have been doing.He told us, “The club first attracted me “There are many of those who aremany years ago when I started to train with running the clubsome of my friends who were playing for the1st team. There are many of those who arerunning the club today who have been involvedfor over 20 years so we have a basis for a loyaland dedicated group.Club Secretary, Glenn Bellis was originally today who havea successful Senior U18 manager in theclub before moving up the ladder to Manage been involved forthe 1st team. He has become involved asthe Secretary and also is our grounds manalong with Robin Holloway whom is also ourdesign proposaolver 20 years so welongstanding fixture secretary.WeCnolwiehnatve: a nDew.SChPariremsatno, Dnhali Dhaliwal,Job Ref No: 2015who is on his second stint at the club. We have a basis for aLong Lane Farm, Long Lane, Ickenham, Middlesex. UB10 8QTalso have on Board Dhali’s Son Gum who 01895 676333 07956 136622 loyal and dedicatedhas taken over the reins of Treasurer; theabove mentioned all work hard with the otherdedicated members of our Committee. We ofcourse have the youth committee who have group.”been associated with the club for 10 years.74 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @harefieldutd Our target is to make a drive for HAREFIELD UNITED FC promotion since this season is the mostKeeping the club running over the last competitive Spartan South Midlands for management to go along to watch ourfew years during the recession has been many years with no one team dominating youth sides play.a challenge. With so many pubs going the table. There are still at least 7 clubsout of business we have worked hard to in contention and we are one. We are a community club. Many of theensure the club stays afloat and begins youth come from the village and theto grow and we have succeeded. We have an extremely strong youth surrounding area. We are also attracting structure with a dedicated Committee other teams from other clubs becauseWe have a very positive atmosphere here. We have the FA Charter and U7 of our strong youth committee andon both the senior and youth side as all though to U18 plus a senior U18 side structure.the teams are driving for success along in the Allied Counties. It is also a greatwith the development of the players at source of finding the best local talent Our facilities here are good; we haveall ages. around and getting them involved in the main stadium at E grading plus an senior football. excellent playing surface looked after byOn the youth side the teams have volunteers.always done well but now we have Making sure young player’s transitionan established management team into senior cricket can be challenging. We also have a youth/small adultstructure for the three senior sides that We have the stepping stone of the pitch next to the ground which is usedwork together we have stability and are Senior U18 team plus an adult reserve extensively for games on Saturdaysattracting stronger players and giving side that players are filtered through. We and Sundays and is again looked afterthe youth a chance to grow into adult have already had U18 players playing by volunteers. With the clubhouse infootball. This is also Phil Granville’s 2nd for the first team over the last few close proximity we are able to open forseason as 1st team manager which has seasons. We also encourage our senior refreshments. Our target over the next 5seen some stability within the club. years is to gain promotion to step 4 and then consolidate our position there. 75

FELLING MAGPIES YPC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[FellingMagpies][YPC]Albion Street /// ///Felling Magpies are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and have done a fantasticjob of providing young players from their local area with an opportunity to play thegame throughout their proud history. Current Chairman Karl Boyd took the time to talkto Football Focus Magazine about the work that they have been doing at the club lately. e started by telling us about his role at the club, saying, Hoddys Recovery“Personally, I’ve been involved for around 10 years now. Therehave been a range of things I’ve enjoyed about my time here, Abbotsford MOT Centreincluding managing teams, seeing players progress and thenthe role of Chairman. My son played for the team and benefitted Class 4, 5 & 5L MOTsfrom being with the club, achieving what he wanted to achievehere.” • All Motor Home MOTs • Any Size Any LenghthThe Role • PSV Checks“The biggest challenge for us at the moment is finding a base for • Part of Hoddysthe club. We’re looking for the right land and need to gain backing • Recovery Groupfor the plans whilst also being realistic with everyone involved Please call to arrange a FREE localwith the club to make sure they all know what we want to do. collection & DeliveryIdeally we want to provide all our kids with a secure base whichthey can train and play at. It’s really rewarding for us to see all of 0191 469 1999the kids here enjoying themselves.”This Season“From the playing side, we are delighted with the way the clubhas been going this year as our players our progressing reallywell. The club has been growing which we’re very happy withalthough trying to secure our base has been a little frustrating.We don’t have trials here at the club, we’re not about picking andchoosing our players we want to give every kid that’s interestedan opportunity to develop both from a footballing and socialperspective.”Recognition“Last season we were voted Community Charter Standard Clubof the Year for the Durham FA region and were also the regionalwinners for the North-east and Yorkshire. We won Fairplay Club 76 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @FellingMagpies FELLING MAGPIES YPC“The kids we [email protected] 0191 469 4410have here are asuccess and the Log burning stove specialistsparents, with Specialist in sales and installation for your perfect log burning stove 7 WOODBINE TERRACE, PELAW, GATESHEAD, TYNE AND WEAR, NE10 0QJthe support that of the Year for the North east and Yorkshire region asthey give, are well. We have a code of conduct for all our Managers,also a success.” players and parents to make sure that everyone at the club is progressing as one unit, stamping out any negative behaviour. Once the kids see what they are part of I think they then take a real pride in what they are achieving.” Community “We’re committed to playing an important role in the local community. Last year we sponsored one of the local schools football strips which was great for the school and for us. We’ve also got a partnership with a local comprehensive; it’s all about building for us and we’ve gone from 9 teams to 21 teams in 2 years and it’s nice to be able to provide so many players with a chance to play. The growth has been quick but we’re focused on making sure that what we’re doing is done in the right way.” Participation “There are about 225 kids involved and one of the big successes inside of that has been our tots programme which is aimed at the ages of 3 to 6. They can start training and developing so that there are ready made U7 teams coming through. That also brings parents into the club that want to get involved as managers and we’ve got a great set of volunteers here now.” The Future “We’ve got a business plan together and five years from now we are aiming to have our secure base in place with a clubhouse and community facility with 3G pitches available. We’re looking for around 35 teams and we want to grow the girls section as well. We’ve started our first team this year at U11s and hopefully will be bringing in plenty more sides. The kids we have here are a success and the parents, with the support that they give, are also a success. The amount of hours that the managers put into the football club is a massive part of what we have been able to achieve.” 77

HORDEN COLLIERY FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG WELFARE AFC[HordenColliEryWelfare][AFC]Hordon Welfare Park /// ///Playing their home games at Horden Welfare Park, Horden Colliery Welfare AFC currentlycompete in the Wearside League and currently sit in 2nd place in the table. Chairman NormanStephens took the time to speak with Football Focus Magazine.He told us, “I have been at the club the most rewarding aspects is when we get Youth football is very important to the club, feedback that we have got it right. we have an U23 side with some very goodfor 15 years, the first year as a committee young players who Keith Brown our firstmember and the following 14 years as The general mood at the club at the team manager is monitoring constantlyChairman. I followed my son Craig through moment is very good as we are building a with Graeme Wetherill our U23 manager.junior football and into the Northern good side for the future with very limitedLeague, in 1999 he was transferred from resources which is very pleasing. The start We do consider ourselves as a CommunityEvenwood Town to Horden C.W.A.F.C. of the season was slow due to new players club, with a lot of players in both the firstwhich I have to thank the late Bob Wood blending in with the squad, but the last team and the U23’s being local lads. We(Horden Secretary) for. couple of months have been excellent and also try to encourage the local people and we now find ourselves second in the league. their families to come and support us withThe most challenging aspect of my role is Our plans for this season are to keep on local youngsters being ball try and make sure that the club is run building and improving on and off the fieldevery day on a professional basis, and and then see where we end up. GlobalSport Agency Ltd. “GlobalSport Agency Ltd works with aspiring football players Eden Lane Sports Complex, who wish to attend university in the United States to continue playing football at a high level, while also continuing their stud- Eden Lane, Peterlee, ies at degree level. We create bespoke action plans for each County Durham , SR8 5DJ of our clients, ensuring they get the best possible service at all times. ISnpteorrntsaSticohnoallarship I have been associated with Horden Colliery Welfare AFC for GlobalSport is a first class sports consultant, giving assistance to male coming up to four years. I played for the club as a young player and female athletes who wish to pursue a career in sport at an elite before moving to the USA and the relationships I have with the people at the club made it an easy option to get involved. standard, while working towards a university degree in the Unites States of America. The link with the club allows for business exposure and lets me see talented young players in the region. In my role as Sports that offer scholarships, such as soccer and golf, provide financial manager I am also able to bring young players through into assistance for those who excel in these sports by paying money towards senior football. their university fees. I would love to continue working with Horden Colliery Welfare Football Club. They are a family-friendly club and the atmo- What Do We Offer? sphere around the place means it’s always a welcoming envi- GlobalSport offers a unique service to their clients. We work with our ronment. Hopefully the link between my company and the club clients on a very personal basis as we understand that each person can continue to increase the club’s exposure in the area and requires individual care and help throughout this process. By staying in attract a few more supporters to games.” touch via visits, progress calls, emails and newsletters our clients are always kept up to date on each development that takes place in the Keith Brown, First Team Manager and club sponsor with GlobalSport Agency Ltd search for an athletic scholarship. T: +44 (0) 7979721806 E: [email protected] ISSUE 52

Twitter: @HordenCW HORDEN COLLIERY WELFARE AFCOur facilities are superb; we obtained a grant Specialists in Used Cars, Vans and 4x4sfrom the Football Stadia Improvement Fund in2004/2005 to totally rebuild the Welfare Park facility Dependable Used Car Dealership in Peterleewhich included new changing rooms with showersand toilets etc, physiotherapy/treatment room, Look no further for a wide range of top-quality used cars, including vansmanager’s office, kitchen, dining/hospitality suite, and 4x4s. Here at B G Autos, we guarantee the best prices in Peterlee.general office, club shop and boot room etc. Thepitch is also first class and well maintained which Garage Work and Repairsis possibly the biggest in all of the local leagues,which we have to thank our groundsman Walter At B G Autos, we do more than just sell cars. We also offer proficient MOTRudkin for. We get lots of praise and compliments testing and repairs at our garage. Trust in our team of highly efficient autofrom the opposition on the facility. experts for speedy solutions every time.The biggest challenges in the next five years willbe to keep improving all aspects of the club on Calland off the pitch. Our overall ambition for the nextfive years is to gain promotion from the Wearside 0191 587 3476League and get back into the Northern League andconsolidate our position there.” 9a Kilburn Drive, Sea View Industrial Estate, Horden, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 4TQHorden Colliery Welfare AFC is clearly a clubheading in the right direction at the moment and 79they appear to have everything in place to enablethem to look forwards to a bright and successfulfuture. Everyone at Football Focus Magazinewould like to wish them the best of luck for the restof the season.

BURNHAM BJFC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[Burnham][JFC]The Gore /// /// Founded 1878Burnham Junior Football Club (BJFC), like so many other junior football clubs, was startedby a dad who wanted his son to play in a team back in 1976, when there were very few localjunior teams or opportunities. Over the years the club continued to grow, headed by variouschairmans and club secretaries, with new enthusiastic dads being enticed into forming andmanaging teams.The current Chairman and Club secretary, Jeff Jaffery, has been PATCHFRTEEESTwith the club for over 26 years, first as a team manager, then as Club Fed up of Waxingsecretary and taking on the dual role as Chairman and Club secretary & Shaving?in 2001. During this period the club has grown from 4 teams to the £39current 35 teams. Try IPL per area (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removalNumber of teams aside, the club has also grown in status due to its flat ratesuccesses and the professionalism of its volunteer managers. Of the35 teams under the banner of Burnham Juniors, 33 are U16 teams Slough(including one all girls team), 1 is a youth U18 team and 1 is ourmen’s team who play as Burnham Beeches (Seniors) FC. Shop No 3, Kittiwake House, 1-7 High Street, Slough SL1 1AG Tel: 01753 208117 Mob: 07725 917 051 Email: [email protected] Club is also affiliated to the local semi-pro senior club BurnhamFC and has close ties, providing talented youth to play at a higher for Burnham FC. The success of BJFC has to be attributed tothe dedication and commitment of its various team managers andcoaches, who are all volunteers.All have been CRB vetted, and hold various levels of FA coachingcertificates. BJFC like so many other junior clubs, is totally dependantof local businesses for their generous support to become team kitsponsors, with the company name advertised on the shirt front.The day to day running costs are met by the money received frommembership fees and the profit from the clubs annual Pre-SeasonTournament, which in 2014 celebrated its 21st anniversary.Burnham Junior's is all about providing football in a controlled safeenvironment to all youngsters, regardless of age (FA guidelines),gender or ability. Every potential player is given equal opportunityand teamed up with others of similar ability, thus providing andcreating several teams in the same age band.During the course of its history, the club has produced someoutstanding players, who have gone on to make their name withprofessional clubs, such as Arsenal, Bristol Rovers, Chelsea,Cheltenham, Crystal Palace, Portsmouth and Southampton, to namea few - but our main objective is for our players to continue to playlocally for our own Burnham Beeches FC or our sister club BurnhamFC.The club attained its FA Charter Standard a few years ago, andnow with the inclusion of our U12 Girls team will be applying for aCommunity Club Status in the near future. The future of BurnhamJunior FC is very bright, and with our current dedicated team ofmanagers and coaches, the club can continue to be successful andgrow even further. 80 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @DebenhamLCFC DEBENHAM LC FC[Debenham][lc fC]Maitlands Football Ground /// /// Founded 1991The football club was formed by Alan Fuller in 1991, under the name of Debenham Angels FC- the name of a local pub. Games were played at Debenham Leisure Centre to which the nameof the club was later changed.The club began life in Division 7 of the Ipswich & District League Snell, Nigel French, Nick Wade, Midge Barker and the ever present Michelle Barker made up the hard working committee.and was successful from the start with leagues won and promotions The corner started to be turned.gained. Stuart Reavell was brought in to work with manager DaleBy 2003 the club had reached Division 1. Ex Stowmarket Town Vince, and when Dale stood down towards the end of themanager Melvyn Aldis was brought in and with the help of Alastair 2012/13 season, Stuart took temporary charge.Forster Division 1 was won and the club moved into senior football.The following season - the 1st at senior level - the runners up At the end of the season Stephen Anderson took a well-spot was achieved. The club applied to join the Eastern Counties earned rest and Pip Alden came along to join myself as co-Ridgeons League Division 1 and were accepted. chair. Like his predecessor, Pip fitted the bill perfectly.2007/08 saw us enter the FA Cup for the first time and what an 2013/14 saw Paul Grainger installed as manager, along withadventure it turned out to be, when after winning through 3 rounds coach Stuart Reavell and physio Sam Gedny. The seasonwe were drawn at home to AFC Wimbledon. A record crowd of 1026 saw the club win its first senior trophy - the Thurlow Nunnsaw us bow out 1-5 with the prolific Stuart Jopling scoring our goal. 1st Division Cup with a handsome 2-0 victory over league winners Whitton Utd. Two fine goals from local lad JackThe following season a 3rd place finish saw the club promoted to the Seccombe who came through our youth team did the job. ItPremier Division, but alas were relegated after a 2 year stay, back to was great to see our longest serving player Rob Kemp lift theDivision 1 where we remain. cup, cheered on by our loyal travelling supporters. Rob is in his 10th season with the club, along with Kevin Barker - nowThe club then went through a difficult period when players, managers in his 9th season - the whole team were terrific.and committee members came and went at regular intervals. This season with Stuart at the helm as head coach, assistedThings settled down, and under the chairmanship of Stephen by ex player and manager Dale Vince along with Sam Gedny,Anderson, together with his wife Bridget and her daughter Joanne, has seen us make a good start.Martyn and Sue Clarke, Mark and Nicola Stanmore - whose latefather Claude Chapman had been a long-standing supporter, Dan We have been at the top end of the table most weeks, and at the top at times. We also hold cup hopes, so all in all are doing nicely. We are enjoying our football - together with the social side of things - which is paramount to a club like ours. Long may it continue. 81

NORTON LEES JFC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[Norton Lees][jfC] /// Founded 1993You have loved football for as far back as you can remember, played it for most of your life,followed your favourite football team since your dad bought you your first team colours forChristmas and took you to your first game at the tender age of six years old. It’s a way of life, a“family thing”, a source of enjoyment, a sport with a great social life ...but most of all, it’s partof YOU. Sounds familiar? hen your own family comes along, duty to find him a team to join and after the park once the days got longer – andwe all hope that they will follow our own seeing an advert in the local newsagents then came the bad news!traditions – most importantly “will they like for Norton Lees Juniors ‘Developmentfootball?” In my case, the answer was Squad’ I took harry to one of their coaching The coaches who had held these sessionsYES. Harry loves his football, so the next sessions for young boys [and girls]in the for months and given 20 plus kids aquestion was “do you want to play for a local community in Sheffield 8. platform to play football were no longerteam?” able to commit to the sessions as they There was no Team at this age, just a were running other teams for older ageIn 2009, my son was 6 years old and starting couple of volunteer maers from older age groups. It was a case of, ‘Dads need toto show a keen interest in playing football groups giving up their time in the local step up or there won’t be a team at this– from the back garden it progressed to park to hold a training session with a view age group next season’ ... Who in their1 hour a week at a coaching session for towards developing skills and having FUN! right mind would let this happen? Not meyoung kids and from there, I felt it was my It went from September in the park to as I nervously threw my name into the pot. winter months in a gym and then back in82 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @NortonLees_JFC NORTON LEES JFC “Having lived and worked in the area for many years we are delighted to support the Norton Lees Junior Football Club. Like many teams up and down the Country they have a dedicated team of coaches, Mums and Dads who work tirelessly to help the youngsters week in and week out. Some of those footballers will go on to achieve their dream of playing professional football but all are given an opportunity to see where the hard work takes them. Congratulations to you all and good luck for the rest of the season.” 83

NORTON LEES JFC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGAnd there started my coaching career in Junior football. The club a new “Home” at Matthews Lane – a base which has enoughsent me on the FA level 1 Coaching course and I became 1 of pitches for the younger age groups from U7 through to U12 (5v5,4 coaches of Norton Lees Juniors Under 8s [along with 3 other 7v7, 9v9) – A place in the heart of Norton Lees where the youngdads who had taken the leap of faith] as it was keen to ensure kids can associate with their local junior Football Team.that those who had volunteered have the required qualifications. It’s a shared facility with the local cricket club so its football inI am now Manager of the U12s, half way through my 5th season winter and Cricket in summer and the rental costs are shared.and loving every minute. Over the years it’s been great to The link with the local Cricket Club is a key factor in this as theywatch the boys develop their skills and game play and show have funding for building a pavilion to include changing roomsimprovement year on year. This has been reflected in our league and storage facilities as well as a bar for the after game social,position over the past 2 seasons as the boys have achieved back however, more importantly, the cricket clubs grounds men are2 back promotions and are currently playing in B Division in the contracted to maintain the playing areas, so the quality of theSheffield and District Junior Sunday League. playing surfaces there will only improve over time and eventually be the envy of junior football clubs in Sheffield for the youngerIt’s not all about winning but it certainly helps keep the boys happy age groups.most of the time – and the happiness breeds confidence. Themost challenging aspect of being a manager is trying to balance The lease for these facilities is for the next 25 years, so hopefully,obtaining results with trying to give all the boys equal playing time Norton Lees Juniors will see many young boys playing in Blackand keep everyone happy. and White stripes for years to come. For the 11 a side game, various pitches are rented in the south of Sheffield from under 13As well as being Manager of the Under 12s, my other role at through to under 18. Under 18 is currently our oldest age group,Norton Lees Juniors is as a committee member looking after however, over the next couple of years the club will be looking tothe ‘Entertainments and Social’ aspect of running the club – this introduce an U21 age group to try and ensure a smooth transitioninvolves the organisation of events and fundraising such as “end into the senior game. A longer term ambition is to introduceof season” presentation nights, Christmas “managers nights out” various Girls age groups into the club.and the annual “Race Night” which is a great fundraiser... the lastone in October raising over £1000 towards club coffers. All in all, the clubs long term future looks goodThe club is well aware that additional monies are needed to ensure – as long as volunteersthe smooth running of the club besides player’s subscriptions but continue to help andalso places an emphasis on the social aspect for those within as kids still want to playwell. I have learnt that in doing this role that you can’t please all football in Norton Leesof the people all of the time but as long as some of the people are the foundations are therehappy some of the time, I will consider that there is an element to build on. “The futureof success. is bright ... The future isNorton Lees Juniors now has over 200 players and approximately BLACK AND WHITE.”30 direct Coaching and administrative volunteers involved withthe club - Its all good fun and very rewarding for those managersand club committee members that volunteer their own time forthe good of kids within the local community, however, as a club –it does face challenges.The retention of good managers can often be a problem.Managers who give up time to go on coaching courses, plan andrun training sessions, organise matches and manage the teamduring games for the sake of 14-20 young boys are hard to comeby – there are sometimes decisions that need to be made for thegood of the team which don’t always please everyone and canlead to a conflict of interest. The retention of kids is also a major challenge – if a team issuccessful, it can be a recipe for keeping a team together,however, on the other hand if a team loses games on a regularbasis, players get impatient, disappointed and tend to look atmoving to the more successful teams.For Norton Lees Juniors, the mood down at the club at themoment is one of positivity! After seeing the number of teamsgrow from 7 different age groups from when I first started 5 yearsago to 12 age groups this season the club has recently acquired84 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @srfcofficial STAFFORD RANGERS FC[Stafford Rangers][FC] Astonfields Road /// /// Founded 1876Based on Astonfields Road in Stafford, Stafford Rangers FC currently competes in the Evo-Stik Division 1 South. They are led by Chairman John Bromley whois supported by Company Secretary John MacMillan and the club has made a considerable amount of progress under their guidance. They have a history of which they have every    right to be proud, with one of their most successful   competitions being the Staffordshire Senior Cup which  they have won on an impressive 9 occasions. They  last won it in 2004/05 when they defeated Leek Townby 2 goals to nil. Also of note, they have managed to win the FA Trophy twice in 1972 and 1979.  Their biggest win came when they defeated KidsgroveAthletic by 15 goals to nil whilst Les Box holds their Towergate Insurancerecord for most goals in a match, having notched 7 Local Knowledge. National Strength.against Dudley Town in 1958. The current group ofplayers will be keen to add to their illustrious past over At Towergate Insurance we take time to learn about your business so we can design anthe coming years. insurance solution that helps protect against the unique risks you and your businessThis season they have enjoyed a promising first half to face..the season, having managed to put together a leaguerecord of 10 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats from their first Towergate Insurance specialises in identifying and reducing risk from your business,21 matches. This has left them sitting just outside the helping you to manage your insurance requirements with places with 36 points on the board. Our trusted advisers have a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with accessSo long as they are able to keep up their recent level of to the most extensive range of trade specific insurance products in the market. Thisperformance they should be in with a good chance of means that we can deliver a tailor-made insurance and risk management programmeclinching a play-off spot. This in turn would give thema great chance of winning promotion. to businesses in almost every sector throughout the UK.One of the standout features of the Stafford Rangers As one of the largest independently owned insurance intermediaries in Europe, ourset-up is the superb youth section that they have in market influence, relationships with major insurers and buying power, mean we are inplace. This part of the club looks to provide youngplayers from the local area with an opportunity to play a strong position to negotiate on your behalf on premium and cover.the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst We pride ourselves on offering a personal service, working in partnership with youhelping them to reach their full potential. through our network of local offices to deliver excellent customer service..It is important for any side to produce their own talent,particularly in the current financial climate and this For a review of your insurances and find out how you and your business canis an area that they appear to have covered. It will benefit from our local knowledge and national strength , call Phil Holton oncertainly be exciting to see how their juniors progressover the coming years. 01782 843700 or email e-mail him at [email protected] Towergate Insurance is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited.With a strong first team and exemplary youth sectionStafford Rangers appear to have everything in place Registered in England No. 4043759to enable them to look forwards to a bright future. Registered Address: Towergate House, Eclipse Park, Sittingbourne Road,Everyone at Football Focus Magazine would like totake this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3EN.the rest of the season. Towergate Underwriting Group Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 85

GIBRALTAR FA FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[GibraltarFA]On the 24th May 2013 UEFA Congress unanimously voted in Gibraltar as the 54th member ofthe UEFA European Football Family. A battle that began way back in 1997 was finally won andthe Gibraltar Football Association finally received the international recognition, at EuropeanGoverning Body level that it had been searching for many years.Gibraltar’s International teams of all ages, Women’s Football The most rewarding aspects of my role are seeing the whole of Gibraltar football depicted, described and reported onand Futsal now compete in recognised UEFA tournaments as favourably throughout the whole of the Worlds their Clubs who now Qualify in their own right for relevantEuropean Club Competitions based on their performances in The atmosphere here at the moment is buzzing – getting theDomestic Tournaments. chance to play the World Champions - this is what we have always dreamed of and worked tirelessly to achieve.Gibraltar Played its first ever recognised international atthe Estadio Algarve (Faro/Loule, Portugal) drawing 0-0 with Some of our results have been ever so slightly disappointingSlovakia. Since then the National Team has gone on to record but it is a big learning curve for the FA both administratively andits first ever victory a 1-0 win over Malta, again in the Estadio sportingly and we are making great progress in all areas.Algarve. We want to ensure the reputation of the FA is upheld in theTheir men’s national team is now competing in the UEFA Euro world’s media given the attention we now have upon ourselves.2016 qualifying alongside Germany, Poland, Georgia, Republic The FA is continuously looking to improve, develop and makeof Ireland and Scotland. Although they have not perhaps enjoyed sure Gibraltar Football (across all formats) moves forwardthe start they would have liked the team will be benefitting from positively.the experience and showed signs of improvement in their latestfixture against Germany. We played Germany! They are the World Champions! That was a big challenge and aside from that we are working hard onTheir Communications Manager Steven Gonzalez took the time becoming FIFA members and constructing a new category 4to tell us more about the good work that they’ve been doing stadium in Gibraltar.lately.He said, “I became involved in February 2014 when the FA We want to play a part in the progression of UEFA’s newestadvertised my job. I have a masters in journalism and am a member’s development and to continue the coverage Gibraltarfootball fanatic so the attraction (given that I am Gibraltarian) Football is receiving in the eyes of the world’s media.”can be seen in that, plus to be able to work for your FA is animmense honour.86 ISSUE 52 87

KILLINGWORTH FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG STATION FC[Killingworthstation][FC]Benton Lane /// /// Founded 2007Article provided by Chairman Colin DunnThe Club was first formed back in May 2007 by myself, Vince and Anthony Bollado as Kill-ingworth Sporting FC. Our home was at Amberley Playing Fields in Killingworth and we werethe senior team to the large junior section of Killingworth Young Peoples Club. The threeof us grew up in Killingworth New Town as it was known then and played for Killingworth’sfirst junior team in the early seventies affectionately managed by a guy named “fat Pat”!Then onto the eighties with Killingworth only one game all season. The year after of a high standard and the spectators feel we won the Division 1 title and then into the part of the club and feel welcomed. I haveSocial Club on a Sunday morning, The Northern Football Alliance Premier League. to say they always do down at our newStation Pub on the Sunday afternoon and ground at Westmoor Community Centre onplaying for Killingworth Arm’s FC and so We have won the Northumberland Senior Benton Lane.on. (Yes some of us did play twice on a Benevolent Bowl twice in 2012 with thenSunday!) Sunday football has always been Manager Davy Taylor and Coach George It is most rewarding to hear some of ourstrong in the Killingworth area but a good Mooney and again in 2014 managed by older and wiser supporters express theirquality sustainable Saturday Club has Barry Donnelly and coach Richy Latimer. opinion about certain players over a bovrilalways been missing and the many good We have managed to establish ourselves at half time. However, putting a game onlocal footballers in the Killingworth area in the Northern football Alliance Premier does have its costs, we charge £1 entrywould ply their trade elsewhere. Myself, Division in the last five years coming close which includes a match day programme.Vince and Anthony, with the help of ex to challenging for the title last season andlocal footballer’s Paul Rudd and Michael then finishing in a creditable third spot. To attract sponsorship and funding weBell, set out to change that image and give changed our club name from KillingworthKillingworth a real Saturday team to talk The most challenging part of my job is club Sporting FC to Killingworth Station FC (Theabout. funding. To attract people to come, enjoy Station Pub being our current main sponsor and watch us is so important to me. I try to in 2013). This season we have been luckyIn our first season we won the Northern ensure that the presentation of the club is to be sponsored by five local businesses:Football Alliance 2nd Division title, losing88 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @Killy_StationFC KILLINGWORTH STATION FCThe Station Pub, WS Taylor & Sons, Motorhome Trader, Forest HallTandoori and GaSafe Heating and with their support we are able to raise 89the standard of football required at this level.The most rewarding part of my job is seeing familiar faces turn up eachweek with high expectations and a genuine interest in team affairs. OurSecretary Craig Leeming and Vice Chairman Davy Holmes are there onmatch days making sure that everything moves as smoothly as possible.At the beginning of the season we had high hopes, especially after lastseason’s success. Our pre-season went well, new players came in andwe looked strong. As the season unfolded so did the team and it washard to put a finger on the problems. We decided to bring in a new headcoach with fresh ideas and a few new talented players. Change is alwaysdifficult and takes time but I can say as I am writing this article that atpresent the mood is very positive and the players are buying into the newManager’s thoughts and tactics. Who incidentally is Graham Redpath exBedlington Terrier’s Manager.The club, having gone through major changes already this season, havedecided to consolidate and we are now looking far and wide for youngtalent. We already have a couple of lads from Killingworth YPC, HebburnJunior’s and Monkseaton Academy and the plan is to bring them in withthe more experienced players, such as the likes of Alex Benjamin, ChrisTate, Colin White, Michael Latimer, Mark Corvell and keeper Dan Regan.I must remember to mention our centre half Simon Patterson a Westmoorlad who has been loyal to the club since it began.Youth football is vital for the future of the senior game and they shouldboth work hand in hand. At Westmoor Community Centre there is a smalljunior Club and the goal for us as the senior Club would be that theyoungster’s, as they get older will want to play for the seniors. Therefore,we have to keep our targets high in order to keep their interest in us.Football at Benton Lane definitely has a community feel, it is so well runand all the staff are so willing to support the football especially on matchdays. The pitches always look great and well-marked out, the changingfacilities are warm and comfortable and I’d like to give to thanks Leannewho provides the hot drinks at half time.The response from visiting teams is always complimentary. The NorthernFootball Alliance League has already sounded us out for possible end ofseason Cup Finals due to their impressive visits to Westmoor CC. Thisis our second season at Westmoor Community Centre and my aim is tokeep building bridges with the Community Centre and residents. Thisalways takes time and a lot of trust, but at the moment we couldn’t be in abetter place, however, we do want to grow and develop and make furtherbonds with the junior section in the near future.I think the biggest challenge for this Club in the next five years is to try andencourage local business to support us. We are a community club andwe can provide an outlet of exercise and enjoyment for young people, weencourage our older citizens to come along and enjoy the camaraderiefor a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. By 5pm on a Saturday night Ican happily say a good job done by all.We have already climbed a few mountains in a short space of time andachieved great rewards, but to lift the Northern Football Alliance Leaguetrophy before or on our Tenth anniversary in 2017 would be a greattestament to everyone who has been involved and worked so hard forKillingworth Station FC.

BURNISTLAND FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG SHIPYARD AFC[BurntislandShipyard][aFC]Recreation Park /// ///Burntisland Shipyard AFC has plenty of reason to be optimistic about their future havingrecently brought in a new management team. Football Focus Magazine caught up with theclub’s Secretary Andrew Beveridge to find out more.He told us, “I have been on the The Role beginning of September. Alex Lowe, Neil McLeod and David Costello havecommittee of the club for almost twenty “The most challenging aspect of my been appointed along with James Lockyears serving as an ordinary member role is certainly trying to find finance who was caretaker after the previousand then as secretary. As a Burntisland for the Club which will in turn hopefully regime born and bred it is safe to say that bring success on the pitch. The most The new appointments are all localmost people in the town will have some rewarding thing for me is seeing the men and we are hoping this will lift theaffinity with the club. facilities at the Club develop and town in general, to come out and lendFor me I can remember my father also the profile of the Club rising their support to the team both on thetaking me to matches in the early through much more media coverage, pitch and off it. Certainly the first twoseventies, including Scottish Cup ties in particular the amount of “hits” our performances, if not the results, areagainst Coldstream and Elgin City. In website receives.” very encouraging.”turn I started to take my son to gamesin the early nineties and I think my Atmosphere This Seasonregular attendance encouraged thecommittee to ask me to join.” “The mood at the Club is a happier “It has certainly been a disappointing one than recently as we have now start as we would have hoped to be appointed a new management team closer to the top of the league than after the previous one resigned at the90 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @BShipyardFC BURNISTLAND SHIPYARD AFCwe currently are. It will now take a huge moment are U16, so we will be keeping clubhouse in order to meet the criteriaeffort to make the top two and gain an eye on their progress and should any of dressing room size, referee roompromotion. The cup draws were tough outstanding talent emerge we will be facilities, disabled facilities and first aidto say the least with us being drawn keen to get them into our squad. The provision. Once this is completed weagainst Lothian Thistle in the William Hill East of Scotland League runs an U20 feel we will be well placed to achieveScottish Cup. league so in the future we intend to enter our license.” a team in that league once the boys inLothian won the East of Scotland the local youth set up are old enough.” AmbitionsPremier Division last season so it wasalways going to be a difficult match and Community “The plan for this season on the pitch isalthough we had the better opportunities to let the new management team settlein the first half, three second half goals “We do consider our club to be a in and develop a squad that will besaw us out of the cup at the first hurdle. community establishment given that challenging next season. There is still our facilities are open to the youth set another cup competition where we willTwo more local cup competitions saw up and that we allow a local amateur look to make drawn against Spartans, probably team to use our old changing roomsthe best non-league team in the south of when we are playing away from home. Our ambitions over the next five yearsScotland, and in both ties we lost heavily. Any requests from other local sporting are to achieve the “Club License” andIn our league cup section group we groups or the local schools to use the maintain it. If the criteria are raisedwere knocked out by the virtue of Civil facilities are nearly always agreed to.” we have to be ready to meet it. Also,Service Strollers conceding one less Scottish football is trying to put in placegoal than us, though to be fair we only Challenges a pyramid structure, similar to that inhad ourselves to blame as Eyemouth England.United should have been beaten rather “The biggest challenge that the Clubthan the match finishing 2-2.” faces over the next five years is Outside the SPFL we have the Highland attaining a “Club License”. This is League and the recently formed LowlandYouth criteria set out by the Scottish Football League, a bit like the Conference North Association, backed by UEFA, in raising and South. We hope to gain a place in“Youth football should be important the standards in all aspects of football. the Lowland League whether throughto any club and it is very important to Player facilities, spectator facilities and promotion or meeting the standardsus, and there is a local youth set up good governance of the Club are three set by the Lowland League should anin Burntisland. We allow them to use of the main issues to be addressed. invitation for new members to applyour facilities and the Shipyard name arise again.”although they are ran by a totally Our biggest challenge in the comingseparate body. The oldest group at the months rather than years is to extend our We are a friendly, approachable firm. All of our clients are important to us and our experienced Solicitors seek to provide a professional, efficient, supportive and cost effective service.We intend to provide solutions to our clients’ problems and work with them to enable them to reach their objectives. PRIVATE CLIENT COMMERCIAL CONVEYANCING LITIGATION • Wills • Commercial Property • Residential Property • Family Law • Civil Litigation• Welfare and Continuing • Notary Services • Conveyancing Services • Employment law • Criminal Law • Powers of AttorneyKirkcaldy Office Burntisland Office Dunfermline Office Dundee Office Broxburn Office8 Hunter Street , Fife, KY1 1ED 6 Kirkgate , Fife, KY3 9DB 15-17 Chalmers Str , Fife, KY12 8AT Unit 1/Lindsay Court , Dundee, DD2 1SW 33 East Main Street , Broxburn, EH52 5ABLegal Post: LP6 Kirkcaldy Legal Post: LP1 Burntisland Legal Post: LP1 BroxburnCONTACT NUMBER : 01592 204774 CONTACT NUMBER : 01592 873501 Legal Post: LP14 Dunfermline Legal Post: LP 61 Dundee CONTACT NUMBER : 01506 852301FAX NUMBER : 01592 260748 FAX NUMBER : 01592 873618 FAX NUMBER :01506 854368 CONTACT NUMBER : 01383 738000 CONTACT NUMBER : 01382 568188 FAX NUMBER : 01383 729105 FAX NUMBER : 01382 561768 91

HILLSBOROUGH PUMAS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGJFC[HillsboroughPumas][jFC] /// Founded 2000Hillsborough Pumas JFC are a club committed to the development of young players in theircommunity and they do a fantastic job giving people an opportunity to get involved in the game.Club Secretary Douglas Connor took the time to tell us more about the good work that they’vebeen doing.He started by telling us about his involve- soccer school and became Club Secretary Atmospherement with the club, saying, “My son started when John decided to retire. I’ve also donetraining with the Soccer School 4 years ago, FA Youth Modules 1 & 2, and am currently “The mood is good, overall we had ahe joined as an Under 7, and now is an working towards Level 2.” decent season last year, and our teamsUnder 10 this season. are continuing in that vain this season. We The Role moved from Charter Standard Status toThe Soccer School was run by former Club Development Club status, and then ontoSecretary John Crofts, who the kids loved “We have teams from U7 to U16, with multiple become a Community Club through the ofas a coach, he had a real zeal for coaching teams at some age groups, so we’ve over course last season, so we must be doingthem and the players loved training with him. 220 players in total. The biggest challenge at something right!I guess that was the initial reason for being the moment is finding referees who meet theattracted to the club, seeing the kids really necessary criteria from the FA, and obviously Our player numbers are up this season, andhaving fun at Saturday morning training. entering winter now, no doubt pitch problems this is the most teams we’ve ever fielded. will throw up a few challenges. The most We don’t go out and set targets for teamsI started out by going off and doing my FA rewarding aspect is seeing players play at the on the field, the emphasis here is on playerLevel 1, I then gradually got more involved weekend and enjoying their football, that after development rather than trophies, andwith the committee who are a fantastic bunch all, is why we all do it.” ultimately all we want is for our players to goof dedicated volunteers. I then took over the92 ISSUE 52

Twitter: @HillsboroPumas HILLSBOROUGH PUMAS JFCout and enjoy playing football. If they get success on the back of that, We have a great relationship with Hillsborough Arena which is our mainthen great.” base, but we may need to look for more pitches if we continue to grow. The lack of similar facilities in Sheffield will hopefully be addressed withYouth the new partnership between Sheffield City Council and the FA, as Sheffield is the pilot scheme looking at this very issue.”“Youth development is vital to us, it’s what we are, a Junior football club,so everything we do revolves around the junior game from our Soccer AmbitionsSchool for 5 & 6 year olds, right through to our Under 16 teams. “This season our goal is just to maintain the good work all our volunteersWe do everything we can to prepare players moving into the senior do, they do a great job and make us the club we are today. From coachesgame, and one of our goals is to establish a senior team that players can to people doing the admin for the teams, everyone does a great job.progress to should they so wish to continue playing for us in a Seniorteam.” We’d like to develop the Girls side of the club more, we have a new Under 12 team this season, but we’d like to build on that if possible. Other thanCommunity that and getting a Senior team going, we just want to keep progressing as we are, allowing as many players as we possibly can to enjoy playing“We are absolutely a community club, as mentioned earlier we achieved football in a safe and fun environment.”Charter Standard Community Club status this year, of which we areimmensely proud, and we are working hard to establish links through thelocal County FA’s School Links programme, which sees coaches go intolocal schools to deliver coaching sessions to young pupils.We are also the first football club in Sheffield to become a learningdestination with the Sheffield Children’s University, and we have excellentsupport from Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA, and the local FA Skillsteam who are fantastic, we are proud to be one of only 4 FA SkillsHub Clubs in Sheffield. The support we get from them has helped usimmensely to kick on over the last couple of seasons.”Challenges“Obviously funding becomes an issue particularly as a club grows andthe number of volunteers requiring training etc. increases. That and pitchspace are our biggest challenges, if we continue to increase the numberof teams playing. Tooling specialists Numill is in its 3rd year of shirt sponsorship for Tooling manufactured Hillsborough Puma’s JFC. to customers own Having been approached by one of our employees, Barry specifications.. Burton, who has been involved for over 7 years in fund raising & coaching for the teams we were very happy toTool Reclamation, Modification, Design and offer our support to grass roots football & its benefits to Manufacture from Numill. young people.We specialise in the repair of all types of tools, including: Puma’s is a great example of the dedication shown by those involved helping young people from all backgrounds• Toolholders • Cartridge Units & levels of ability to take part in team sports allowing their talent to shine.• Boring Bars • End Mills Funding is vitally important for clubs such as Pumas• U-Drills • Face Mills survival providing assistance towards pitch fees, training facilities & kit whilst helping to keep subs down allowing• Grooving Tools / Threading Bars • Porcupine Cutters more youngsters to get involved.• Boring Head / Twin Edged Slides • Ball Nose End Mills / Cutters Numill also derives benefit from exposure throughout Yorkshire when the team is travelling & from social media• KM Units • Slitting Cutters coverage arising from the Pumas achievements. Both home & away the teams are followed by family, friends & grass roots football supporters who all see the Numill brand. Support of young people in our industry & wider community is a vital part of our local, national & global strategy. We are immensely proud that Pumas is a part of this.• Modular Tool Systems (ISO 26623) • Router Cutters 93

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGPRIVATE AIR TRAVEL Private Air Travel has become increasingly popular and can be particularly useful for Sports club’s that have a large number of fixtures outside of their home country. The Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) oversees the field with the objectives to ‘promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics within the Aviation Industry. Their Chairman, Tony Seeing people almost physically sucking in information is a Coe, took the time remarkable thing. With comments and observations after training to tell us more about sessions, it never ceases to amaze me just how important this the benefits involved aspect is in life - the passing on of knowledge.” for sports clubs using private air travel. He He went on to tell us about the part they play in representingstarted by giving us a little more information about BACA and the commercial aviation companies and said, “BACA currently hasrole he plays there, saying, “My company has been a member 216 member companies and this is increasing on average byof BACA since 1997. The Association has always stood as a 30-40 companies per year. The split is interesting. 34% Brokers,benchmark for quality, honesty and integrity. BACA’s motto “Our 33% aircraft operators, 33% associated companies such asword our Bond” says it all and has done since 1947. To be able fuelers, handling agents/FBO’s, aviation law firms, and so display the BACA logo is a sign to the industry and clients that BACA has a code of conduct which each member signs up to,our business is conducted to the highest ethical, professional, and reaffirms that every year.and honest standards. We insist companies operate to the highest industry standards.The most rewarding aspects of my role are helping companies We represent the industry in many important areas. We fightand individuals through difficulties, sometimes with legal help but causes on behalf of the members should that be necessary. Wecertainly sharing our knowledge on how to cope in an extremely are introducing Broker industry standards which has never beencompetitive world. Training and particularly training younger done before, and are about to embark on a Training structureentrants to the industry is probably the most rewarding thing for that will encompass classroom and/or on-line courses.”me.94 ISSUE 52

Making travela pleasure, not a choreWhat are the advantages of flying privately as guaranteeing that they will receive honesty and reliabilityopposed to first class with domestic airlines? together with realistic pricing.Tony: There are many. Firstly there is security. You and your Have you any advice for those that are interestedfellow passengers are the only ones travelling on that aircraft. in flying privately?The crews are dealing with corporate, business clients eachand every day, and their first priority is always safety. Tony: Work with a BACA Broker. They have had to be in business for a minimum of 2 years, and many in excess of 20-Secondly you have multiple choice of airports that are not 30 years. They know the best aircraft for the job. They haveavailable when flying first class and/or domestic. You can probably checked or even flown on various aircraft beinggenerally depart from an airport much closer to your place of offered. Build up a rapport with the same or residence. They get to know your likes and dislikes and travelling thenThirdly you can depart and arrive when you want to. becomes a pleasure and not a chore. Remember that cheapGenerally you can arrive at an airport within 15 minutes of is not necessarily (and probably not) the best.your departure time and be airborne within a few minutes.The same applies to arrivals. Generally one can be on your Using the Internet can be good at times, however contractingway within minutes of landing. can leave you in a delicate situation. Some Internet aviation companies will insist you contract directly with an operator.What would be the main advantages to our Sports Clubsand Sports Professionals of using a Baltic Air Charter That’s fine until there is a problem, for example weatherMember Company ? diversions, or you’re held up in traffic etc etc. And what do you know about contracting aircraft?!Tony: The BACA has a firm belief that abiding by the codeof conduct is the correct way to do business and that A good broker will take care of all of that, and all the problemhonesty and integrity are still valued by the majority of clients areas that can arise - and indeed they do. Booking via theworldwide, unlike some industries which seem to thrive off internet could leave all that messy stuff to youdishonesty and hoodwinking the general public. By usinga Member Company Sports Clubs and Professionals are 95

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG We have created a new category in private jet travel. Excellence. Since 2005 Oxygen Aviation has stood for the very best in private aircraft travel. By consistently providing a first-class customer experience Oxygen Aviation has become a dominant global player in the private aviation market. Our philosophies of Trust, Service and Excellence are shared by us all and our reputation depends on providing each as much as the other. Oxygen Aviation provide services to Government Bodies, Royal Families, Celebrities, Private Individuals and an array of Corporate Clients. The trust we earn from all our clients is due to the high levels of service and utmost discretion we deliver on every occasion. With access to aircraft with 4 to 400+ seats based all over the world, Oxygen Aviation can service any private aircraft requirement.96 CIaSSlUlEu52s today: +44 (0) 1403 237 010 Or send us an email: [email protected]

The Baltic Air Charter AssociationThe aims and objectives of the Baltic Air Charter Association are:• To be the representative forum of the air charter industry.• To be accepted by governmental and other regulatory agenciesas the accredited negotiating body representing the air charterindustry.• To promote the interests of its membersworld-wide:• To provide membership to any organisation or individual who candemonstrate - Active participation in the air charter market.• Commercial integrity, Acceptable financial standing, Occupationalcompetency.• To provide both professional and social facilities for members.• To promote and protect the reputation of the industry• To institute, promote, support or oppose legislative or othermeasures affecting the interests of members of the Association• To assist with commercial mediation if required by members.• To furnish such advice and assistance to members in pursuanceof any of the above objects as the Council of the Association may,at its discretion, consider as necessary or expedient.• To provide professional advice as requested on such terms andconditions as the Council may from time to time decide. FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGA Breath of Fresh AirThe Sporting Industry has always been an important part of private jet companies and encompasses a plethora of ‘reasons to fly’.It is not only reserved for the rich and famous - aircraft chartering has its place whether flying the sporting personality the fans oreven, as we once had here at Oxygen Aviation, an urgent part of a Formula 1 car.Mark Green, Director of Oxygen Aviation says, “Private jets are all seen the “Transfer Deadline Day rush” and clubs need tonowadays a business tool. For the sports personality, it offers keep things under wraps until pen is put to paper, so sitting inquiet surroundings to focus before the competition or a relaxed Seat 1A on board a regular flight from Barcelona to Manchesterenvironment for their holiday flights without media intrusion. could be seen as a ‘bit of a giveaway’.They also arrive more refreshed and whilst these days mostpersonalities have no objection to posing for ‘selfies’ with adoring At Oxygen Aviation we have welcomed on board some of thefans, for every fan, there is also the fan of the competition who highest profile players in the Premiership during their transfers,might wish to offer some choice words of support! This applies as well as players to/from other European leagues, naturallywhether you’re a footballer, golfer, cricketer, rugby star or we have comprehensive non-disclosure agreements signed toanyone well known in the sporting arena.” ensure discretion is rock-solid at all times, the slightest leak can scupper a deal.”The fans also play their part in aircraft chartering, for awayfixtures and events the fans travel en masse, it can put a strain The costs are not vast either, chartering a private jet will almoston the services offered by regular airlines and often they are not always be more expensive than business class airfares, butflying to the most convenient airport for the event, the chartered not to the extreme that you might think. Six passengers flyingaircraft can utilise airports not serviced by scheduled services on a light-jet from London to Paris (return) can be bought forwhilst also travelling with a dedicated aircraft full of fellow as little as £5,000, when one considers the time saving atsupporters. the airports alone, plus the enhanced travelling experience, it begins to make sense. Whilst there are the larger and moreIn terms of private jet as a business tool, it makes a huge luxurious aircraft that are more pricey, when prices start at lessdifference during the football transfer windows. Green than £1,000 per person, who is to say it is only for the rich andcontinued, “a club or an agent will use a private jet to move a famous.high profile player who is about to sign for a new club, we have 97

NEWPORT COUNTY FC FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG[NewportCounty][FC]Rodney Parade /// /// Founded 1912Newport County Association Football Club is aprofessional outfit that currently play their home gamesat Rodney Parade in South Wales which has a capacityof 7850. They currently compete in Football League Twowhich is the 4th tier of the Football League system.Over the years, as with most clubs, NewportCounty have experienced many ups and downs.The club was most recently reformed in 1989 andis a continuation of the Newport County Club whichwas founded in 1912 as a founder member of theFootball League’s 3rd Division.The 1980’s were one of the most turbulent periodsin the club’s history as they first achieved plentyof success under the guidance of manager LenAshurst. They managed to win promotion fromthe Football League Fourth Division in 1980 andwere just five points away from being crownedchampions.They sealed promotion in style by defeating highflying Walsall by a score line of 4-2 although Walsallwas still promoted. Although some heartbreakfollowed there would come a time when resultswould pick up again.The club’s centenary season came in 2012-13with the side determined to cap the milestone instyle. They played some terrific football throughoutthe regular season which saw them reach theConference Premier League play-offs for the firsttime. They defeated Grimsby Town in the twolegged play-off semi-final which set up a trip toWembley for the final.History was made as the match became thefirst to feature two Welsh clubs as Newport tookon Wrexham. Newport County produced anaccomplished display to emerge victorious by 2goals to nil and end the sides 25 year absencefrom the Football League. County were awardedthe Freedom of the City of Newport for this superbachievement.Next came the task of establishing themselves inthe football league and some solid displays sawthem finish in a safe mid-table position in the 2013-14 season. Heading into the current season therewas a real confidence that they would be able topush on from here.98 ISSUE 52 99

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Llanwern High SchoolTwo years since welcoming students through the doors, it would seem that LlanwernHigh School is still oozing the awesome effect. The new school is out of this world, offering students the very best facilities, excellent teaching and year-on-year improvements in GCSE results - it simply has it all! We caught up with the school’s Director of Business, Andy Knight, who told us just what makes Llanwern High so special. “Our school really is awesome and we are so pleased that so many people have recognised this. Llanwern High School continues to make great strides both within the community and our pupils and numbers are growing each day. With state-of-the-art facilities and a school building better than any other in the area, it would seem that the new Llanwern High is having an awesome effect on pupils - many of whom can’t wait to get through the doors each morning. Llanwern High School has facilities amongst the best of any public or private school in Wales. Evidence of this is the fact that Newport Rugby, Newport Netball and Gwent Basketball all use the school as their training base. The school also hosted the Wales v Australia Schoolboys’ Football International last year and plan to host further International games in the future. The school is very keen to work with companies and local organisations to provide our students with real life skills and opportunities that will equip them for their careers when they leave school. As you will have recently heard, Newport County’s first team are also using the school as their full time training base, whilst their reserve team, academy development side also train and play matches at the school. The school is now officially recognised as ‘The Training and Education Partner to Newport County’.” Headteacher, Peter Jenkins, stated, “The transformation of the whole school has been quite incredible and it has been a privilege to be part of it. The school has made quite an impact on the learning environment for the pupils and there has already been a noticeable improvement in pupils’ desire to succeed, educational attainment and opportunities. The range of opportunities and experiences we can provide, not just to our students, but also to our community, is vast and will ensure that everyone involved in the school will have a rich and valued experience. The challenges all young people face are greater than ever before, but here at Llanwern High School you can be assured we will do everything we can to help our students meet these.” The school are currently recruiting for September 2015, this includes opportunities to join the school’s Football Academy and Futsal Programmes at Post 16. Anyone interested in joining the school can apply online at or arrange a visit by calling 01633 411116.100 ISSUE 52

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