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Published by Matthew Charles, 2016-02-22 21:03:48

Description: Project Experience


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Building Information:G.F.A 10,075m2# of Floors 18 levelBasement 2 levelHeight Limit 55mAs the head office of one of Vietnam’stop construction companies,Coteccons tower is designed and builtwith high quality in mind. Including hi-tech facilities, advanced technicalsystems within a tight site footprint.

APARTMENT TOWERSThe site is overlooking a south facing large openpark that offers beautiful views for the buyers and aenvironment of relaxation,With this in mind the proposed concept maximizesthe view angles for the apartments. Theapartments design intent is to have all living areas,and bedrooms with large open views to maximizesthe link with the park surroundings and help createlarger open and light internal spaces that pictureframed the views beyondApartment layouts offer high end functionality, andalso flexibility so that the apartment sizes canchange to suit the market and hence achieve thebest returns for the developerThe shopping mall complex has a (5) levelatrium centralized space to link the retailzones clearly for the circulation of thepedestrians. We have clear pathwaysaround the shopping complex to minimize“dead zones” including multiple level entryinto the retail zone to maximize pedestrianflow

Five Star Resident Mix-Use Retail, Apartment TowersBuilding Information:G.F.A 121,789m2# of Floors 31 levelBasements 5 levelHeight Limit 135mApartment # 532

Torch of Saigon Building Information: G.F.A 110,000m2 # of Floors 37 level Height Limit 150m Apartment # 512The project located at a key junction within theSaigon River provides luxury paramount views. Thedesign brief called for a flexible apartmentmasterplan where the apartment mix could berevised to meet buys demands.The complex also included a retail podium, Officelevels and a 4-star hotel to the upper levels of themain tower that linked to a private jetty on theSaigon River.Building Information:G.F.A 110,000m2# of Floors 37 levelHeight Limit 150mApartment # 512+ Office and Hotel

HFC – High EndApartment and Retail Complex - HanoiBuilding Information:G.F.A 56,340m2# of Floors 23 level Basement 3 levelsHeight Limit 85.4mApartment # 237

Government ApartmentsThe Design Brief is for 600 number –45m2 single bedroom apartments tohouse government officials.Designed to allow for reducedoperational costs. The concept wasfor a “green design” approach toreduce the sun effect, naturalventilated corridors and open shadedspaces for the users to enjoy andrelax within.The 600 apartments have been splitinto (4) blocks allowing the developerto approach the construction inmultiple stages as governmentdemanded.

SCB BINH DINHOffice and Apartment BuildingBuilding Information:G.F.A 40770m2# of Floors 27 levelHeight Limit 97.8m

PV POWEROffice TOWERBuilding Information:G.F.A 41300m2# of Floors 37 levelHeight Limit 155m

Hado Apartments This “Mid Range” apartment complex housing 2545+ Apartments & a Retail Podium of 50,000m2 The Carparking is housed below a raised internal landscape zone that allows for 170m clear views for the inner frontage apartments The Total Building GFA is 436,000m22 Level


On this beach front land we have prepared thisconcept for a Peoples Park, with Retail lanebelow the park for high end tourist shopping anda “4 Seasons” Restaurant with basement Musiclounge to the North of the site to meet thedemands of quality restaurant andentertainment in Nha TrangThis project being of great importance to theCity required Peoples Committee approval as atemplate for future redevelopment of Nha Trangbeach frontage. 4-Seasons Restaurant


Government Bureaus and Offices Entering from the formal entrance long the main road, the buildings are also accessible from an informal entrance that is facing the Peoples’ Plaza. This informal entrance will be use by the public who have parked their cars at the public carparks near the Peoples Plaza. The façade facing the Peoples’ Plaza is tiered to create open balconies, allowing the greenery to spilt over to the buildings and also provide private open space for the staff.

Gate-Way BuildingINTEGRATED POLITICAL & ADMINISTRATIVE CENTRE Being the Gateway Building, the design of the TRUNG TÂM HÀNH CHÍNH VÀ CHÍNH TRỊ TẬP TRUNG Political and Administrative Centre is to project a “sturdy” and “solid” image, hence the choice of Granite Stone Wall and Glass Curtain Walling to reflect the aspirations of the administration to lead the people and at the same time to reflect a sense of openness and approachability to the people. The main reception hall, meeting rooms, the party secretary office and offices for the Chairman of the People’s Committee and People’s Council are situated at the bridge linking the two towers, offering unobstructed view towards the central park and the cultural centre. The accessibility of the Political and Administrative Centre can be divided into VIP access and normal staff access. The VIP drop-off, which is located at the top level of the carpark, provides a panoramic view of the Peoples’ Plaza and the surrounding buildings. The carpark entrance for the staff is located at a level below VIP drop-off. For security considerations, both the VIP and Staff access lobby are separated from the public access and the Political and Administrative Centre can be locked up after working hours and the plazas can still be accessible to the public at night.

The 4-Star Hotel over six levels houses International standard hotel rooms, executive suites and function facilities for guests and adjoining properties. Designed around a central atrium at lower levels that then allows for internal private gardens for guest rooms to overlook and natural passive ventilation for all central spaces. Concept also allows for Hotel rooms to be turned into Serviced Apartments in the future to cater for the changing client, and function of this building that is adjustant to the Government heart of Binh Duong Province A 1200m2 Function Room adjoins the Government Building to house functions and committee meetings4 -Star Hotel

CENTRE POINT HO CHI MINH CITYDesign called for• 140,000m2 office space,• 8000m2 retail, 24,000m2 luxuryapartments• 35,000m2 5-star hoteloverlooking Me Linh Square andthe Saigon river, including dayspa, function areas, roof topgardens and swimming pool.This 80 storey above ground leveldevelopment is a future option forthe redevelopment of a key site.Building Information:G.F.A 173,380m2# of Floors 84 levelBasements 5 levelHeight Limit 305m

Binh Duong The project located at a major Mix-use intersection requires a architectural design that makes a statement from allDevelopment angles. This building houses a 4-Level Commercial Podium and above, 25 Levels (400+) Apartments ranging from 2 bed to 3 bed layouts. The design needed to be cost effective and enhances passive design elements.

Office TowerBuilding Information:G.F.A 37,000m2# of Floors 27 levelBasement 3 levelHeight Limit 107m

TECHCOM BANK The project is 35 levels above ground with 1 “½ basement” additional retail + 5 full basements of parking.Designed to be a Commercial Podiumwith one tower being high end officespace and the other tower within theforeground as mid range apartmentsBuilding Information:G.F.A 244,000m2# of Floors 35 levelBasement 5 ½ levelHeight Limit 137m

Naylor Loves new Christchurch officewas designed to be bold with a dynamicthree dimensional cantilevered façade,clad in warm timbers with a transparencyto link the inner workings of the office tothe greater external reaches.Dalman Architecture worked incollaboration with Naylor Love to create abuilding that is unique and delivered abuilding that is a point of difference.Internally the ground level of 400m2houses our Group Operations andboardroom functions that are designed toopen out onto the atrium for largerevents.Upstairs within the 600m2 space is theregional offices for Canterbury. Withvarious meeting rooms and zones tocater for all aspects of operations, thelayout provides open plan design withreclusive areas for critical disciplines. Wewent to great effort to create anenvironment that tells of quality, shows ofdifferent construction techniques in acontemporary approach.

-Condo Towers housing 404apartments.-Luxury 5 bedroom Villas-Street House including fourdifferent styles designed for.This development being (Phase 4)of the Park City Development hasbeen designed to suit thedeveloping taste of the localscene and the demand for highend modern living in the Hanoireal-estate market.

Dong ThapDevelopmentThis requirements where to designa 10 level Office building that couldbe constructed in 2 stages. Thisdesign allows for a two stagedconstruction approach.– 4 level Office building as stage 1and the additional 6 levels couldbe constructed either at the sametime or at a later date.

SCB DA NANGThe site located by the museum ofCham Sculpture required specialattention to open space design andgarden areas not only at street level,but throughout multiple floors withinthe building. The design allowed fora shaded roof deck area for officeusers and a private outdoor area forapartment users. This building isstage one of a two stagedevelopment with views overlooking“monkey mountain”, china beachand yet central within Da Nang.Building Information:G.F.A 30090m2# of Floors 27 levelHeight Limit 94mApartment # 102Office and Retail

MapleTree Vietnam Industrial Park in Binh Duong is aHigh Tech Park for business looking to expand intothe Vietnam Market.With companies like VNTT, Clipsal, Toyota the parknot only houses Factories, but office pace for the techindustryLocated within 5 minutes drive of the new inner citydistrict for Binh Duong the location allows for custombuilt specs with easy access to the customers

Located at 114 Mai Hac De, Hai BaTrung, Ha Noi, and next to Vincom BaTrieu, facing Mai Hac De and DoanTran Nghiep street, Hoang ThanhTower is rated as the prime location ofHanoi.The project delivers a splendidlifestyle filled with spectacular beautyand high-class facilitiesBuilding Information:G.F.A: 22,000 sqm# of Floors 23 levelBasements 3 levelApartment # 185Office and Retail

Vietnam Airline A380 HangerThe Hanger is designed to the latest engineeringtechnology of its time and is the first hanger to beundertaken by Vietnam Airlines in the country. Thedesign allows for the roof to be fully completed on aflat level that includes, electrical, waterproofing,sprinklers and cladding. Then raised to form thecompleted curved roof. The hanger is designed tohouse the largest planes in the world and will be theflagship in Vietnam Airlines Maintenance Wing.

Hanoi TowerWithin a newly developed District in Hanoi thisLuxury Apartment Complex is 40 Levels tall,housing 632 Apartments, and CommercialPodium. The Brief was to design a building thatreflects the changing landscape, the moderndeveloped possibilities within Hanoi as a futurelandmark for the area and also in a modern wayrepresent a ‘dragon’ which has key symbolicmeaning for Hanoi.Building Information:G.F.A 132,000m2# of Floors 40 levelBasements 5 levelHeight Limit 150mApartment # 632

Penthouse ApartmentThe project houses four large,two level penthouse apartmentsdesigned to suit local interiordesign trends.Each apartment has openkitchens with butler kitchensbeyond,All bedrooms have ensuites withall rooms having city views andwalk in wardrobes.Bathrooms with full height stoneslabs as wall finishing's and thelatest in quality fixtures.Two level entry foyers into eachapartments have feature wallfinishes and lighting to form agallery space. Interiors

A&B Tower is a 25 level buildingwithin District 1, HCMC.Building Design is Mix-use withRetail at lower levels, Officefloors throughout with large 2level Penthouse Apartments totop of the building. Building islinked to the New World Hotel atupper levels as building isdesigned to be a hub forinternational companies workingwithin Vietnam with a strongtravel aspect to their business Design Architects

ConventionCenter Binh Duong The Convention Center forms part of the Integrated Political & Administration Centre in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Designed to house the “City Committee meetings” within the 1000 seat main hall. The ground level also caters for other events from meetings to marketing events within the 27000m2 multi-purpose space All areas have flexible break out spaces and the building can house 3 different functions at one time.

VICTORIA SQUARE APARTMENTSThe complete address for discerning city residents.This is Victoria Square. A fortunate few will call ithome.The occupants of the Victoria Square apartments willbe able to take maximum advantage of inner cityliving, being close to the central business district,restaurants, cafes, retail shopping, festival eventsand other attractions. But the development’s specialmagic derives from its outlook over fresh grass,trees, flower beds and the century old bridges withlacy wrought iron spanning the river. No other privateresidences overlook Victoria Square.The Victoria Square apartments have been designedto fit in with other structures around Victoria Squareparticularly those which are protected and formedpart of the city’s proud architectural heritage. Thisstriking address will become a local landmark,complementing Christchurch residents’ favoriteinner-city public space.

Ballantynes has a strong reputation of providing high quality merchandise matched with outstanding service. For more than century Ballantynes has been regarded as one of New Zealand's leading department stores. Customers can rely on Ballantynes to supply only the best in Food, Fashion, Homewares, and Beauty products and services. By stocking leading brands and quality products, satisfaction and quality is assured. Established in 1854, Ballantynes is New Zealand's first department store, it has outlasted the competition and continues to prosper with forward thinking. As well as the main shop in Christchurch City there are subsidiary outlets in Timaru (a town in the South Island, south of Christchurch) and the Christchurch Airport. The Ballantynes website has attracted strong interest and has become an important selling channel along with its well established catalogue business. With new innovations Ballantynes continues to thrive and cater for the changing needs of our customers. 150 Years of Excellence Ballantynes is a family business with a history deeply rooted in that of Christchurch making it a local landmark. The company has maintained a strong presence in the city and supports a number of community initiatives. In the 1850s New Zealand was a new colony and little was produced in the way of fine clothing. Many in the young settlement longed for the quality goods they purchased in the 'motherland' of England. In 1854 Esther and David Clarkson saw an opportunity and set up a small Drapery in their Cashel Street cottage in Christchurch. Nine years later the retail business passed to William Pratt and in 1872 it was purchased by John Ballantyne, a retailer originally from Scotland. So began the Ballantyne legacy of fine retail, which six generations later continues to flourish under the Ballantyne name as a privately owned family company.Ballantynes Department Store, Christchurch New Zealand is the largest department store inthe country. We were asked to undertake the design and project management for thisundertaken. The project included a 2000m2 additional space building totaling a retail floorarea of 9000m2 and Interiors for the new and existing retail areasBallantynes liked to use new young designers to undertake their works, so that they wouldwork closely with the client and achieve the clients vision

Ballantynes Department Store Ballantynes Department Store, Christchurch New Zealand at the time was the largest department store in the country. We were asked to undertake the design and project management for this project that included a 2000m2 new building to house additional retail space and retrofit of the existing department areas. Totaling a retail floor area of 6000m2.New Zealand - Interior Design award winner –for Large Format

SCB Head OfficeHo Chi Minh CitySituated in the heart of District 1, Ho ChiMinh City at Tran Hung Dao Street. Thisoffice tower is to be the head courtersfor SCB Vietnam.The building has been designed so thatthe lower 6 levels will service SCB andthe bank operations. The other floors willhouse office space ranging fromleasable areas of 240m2 to 1240m2Grade ‘A’ high-end.The overall building including twobasements is approx 31,000m2.

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