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January 2022 NL

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1 JANUARY 2022

NEW YEAR, NEW ME, NEW DREAMS, FRESH START “Approach the new year with a resolution to find the new opportunities hidden in each new day.”- Michael Josephson Self-improvement is the key. It is very important to have goals which help us to be a better person. At the outset of the New Year, young minds took resolutions and vowed to accomplish these resolutions. 2 JANUARY 2022

3 JANUARY 2022

4 JANUARY 2022

5 JANUARY 2022

SUMMER TIME TO LIVE IN SUNSHINE Summer, summer is always here Time for fun and swimming gear Trips to the beach are always fun Kindergartners learned about the summer season through an array of art and craft activities. Beach sight is always fascinating for all the children. They made yummy, delicious ice-cream crafts and also relished the essence of summer. 6 JANUARY 2022

7 JANUARY 2022

8 JANUARY 2022

SNOWFLAKES, SNOWFLAKES TWIRL AROUND \"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire; it is time for home.” -Edith Sitwell Winter is the season that brings a lot of fun. Also, the season that brings a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables. Little cherubs enjoyed and learnt about the season through a beautiful snow town activity. 9 JANUARY 2022

10 JANUARY 2022

11 JANUARY 2022

12 JANUARY 2022

13 JANUARY 2022

14 JANUARY 2022

PITTER – PATTER RAINDROPS “The rain is falling all around; it falls on fields and trees. It rains on the umbrellas here and on the ships at sea.” - Robert Louis Stevenson Making paper boats and floating them on water while enjoying the fragrance of the earthy smell makes the rainy season pleasant, refreshing, and cool. Colorful three-dimensional umbrella craft activities embossed the significance of the rainy season in the minds of young learners. 15 JANUARY 2022

16 JANUARY 2022

17 JANUARY 2022

BLOSSOM BY BLOSSOM THE SPRING BEGINS The first blooms of spring always make our hearts sing. The sky is almost blue, the trees almost budding, and the sun almost bright. Spring is described as a time of rebirth, renewal, and awakening. Trees blossom and early flowers bloom. Kindergarteners enthusiastically performed striking kite craft and exhibited their artistic skills. 18 JANUARY 2022

19 JANUARY 2022

LEAVES ARE FALLING The sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and autumn was awakened. Trees change colour and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The leaves begin to fall from trees and birds leave. The beauty of the autumn season was depicted by the little Kindergartners through dazzling acorn craft activity. 20 JANUARY 2022

21 JANUARY 2022

22 JANUARY 2022

WINTER IS AN ETCHING, SPRING A WATERCOLOUR, SUMMER AN OIL PAINTING, AND AUTUMN A MOSAIC OF ALL Kindergartners were challenged to exhibit their learning about seasons through the activity of Seasonal Calendar making. They applied their understanding of the seasons according to the months and portrayed them in a beautiful art form. This hands-on learning experience was an enjoyable and effective way of moving from passive to an active way of learning. 23 JANUARY 2022

24 JANUARY 2022

25 JANUARY 2022

A RAINBOW IS THE SKY’S LOVELY GARDEN After the ‘Rain’, there is a beautiful ‘Bow’- a RAINBOW- Shaan What a radiant day for our Kindergarteners! The activity was conducted with the motive of learning about the rainy season. Rainbow is the most fascinating part of the rainy season for children and they always wait for the glimpse of that magical moment. Children were dressed up in adorable rainbow color attires and enthusiastically performed art activities to make stunning rainbow crafts. It was an exciting learning experience for children, wherein they gained knowledge about the rainy season and were also able to enhance their visual discrimination that too, in a fun way. 26 JANUARY 2022

27 JANUARY 2022

28 JANUARY 2022

WHAT A PRECIOUS MIRACLE! EARTH IS SPINNING, SO DAY AND NIGHT IS FORMING ON EARTH “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing should be of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.\" — John Dewey. Exploration is the best way to learn and remember. With this aim, students were taught about the concept of rotation and revolution. They were delighted to experiment with the globe, therefore lightened one part of it through torchlight so as to learn how days and nights are formed. Students further demonstrated their learning through role- playing. The scientific understanding of day and night tickled the budding scientist in them. 29 JANUARY 2022

30 JANUARY 2022

THE BRIGHTER THE LIGHT, THE DARKER THE SHADOW “Shadow is a colour as light is, light and shadow are only the relations of two tones.” -Paul Cezzane Observing shadow formation and its patterns over time is important because it utilizes the student’s natural curiosity and observational skills. It promotes their deeper curiosity. Kindergartners learnt about how shadows are formed during different times of the day. It was fascinating for them to learn the science behind shadow formation. 31 JANUARY 2022

THE YOUNG MIND IS NOT A VESSEL TO BE FILLED BUT A FIRE TO BE IGNITED “If learning material is designed to be highly relevant and delivered in context then it is likely to be useful” - Charles Jennings Good personal hygiene is important for both good health and social reasons. It entails keeping one’s hands, head and body clean to stop the spread of germs and illness. Kindergartners learnt about the importance of maintaining health and hygiene through simple scientific experiments. In addition, it also helped them build their sense of independence and improve their self-help skills. 32 JANUARY 2022

33 JANUARY 2022

34 JANUARY 2022

BRAIN IS LIKE A MUSCLE, THE MORE WE EXERCISE, IT GETS STRONGER Moving with intention leads to optimal learning, that is the guiding principle of Educational Kinesiology. Doing anything while focusing on the present moment is engaging in mindfulness. Some things help us stay grounded and rooted in the present moment. The Brain Gym exercises link movement with breath, and as a result, the mind is better equipped to focus on the present moment. It helps students concentrate, and enhance learning through action at that moment. This can be used either as warm-up, pre-activity, or as a learning break designed to enhance attention, focus, build positive self-esteem, increase self- awareness, and relieve stress. Thus, particularly through a lens of mindfulness, performing Brain Gym exercises on a routine basis, inspires students to practice mindfulness at home and help become life- long learners. 35 JANUARY 2022

36 JANUARY 2022

37 JANUARY 2022

38 JANUARY 2022

RESEARCH IS TO SEE WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE HAS SEEN AND TO THINK WHAT NOBODY HAS THOUGHT Play gives chance to children to practice what they are learning. Learners learn through experiments and evolve by getting involved. Engaging the child in a fun activity keeps the learning in the memory forever. They do not look for books or dive into google for answers, they know it all well. The little learners found their space to express and showcase their learning through a simple experiment of telephone string activity. This activity enabled students learn how sound travels through a different medium. With changing times, the platform is new but the learning is going on and the indomitable spirit to learn is much high. 39 JANUARY 2022

40 JANUARY 2022

SCIENCE IS WHAT YOUNG CHILDREN DO. THEY EXPERIMENT AND DISCOVER “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”-Thomas Berger Science is all about asking questions and making investigations –two things which young children are good at. The capillary action experiment teaches a simple science experiment. The experiment of water moving from one tumbler to another amazed their eyes. The inquisitiveness in budding scientists' minds was quenched when they themselves witnessed water traveling and while doing so they created beautiful color mixing which delighted them. 41 JANUARY 2022

42 JANUARY 2022

THE MIND OF A CHILD IS TRULY WONDERFUL “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural will to learn.”-Maria Montessori Healthy smoothie making activity enables the budding chef to be independent, make choices and taste new flavors as they create their very own smoothie recipe. Little chefs presented their cookery show, blended all flavors of fruits, and made a salubrious smoothie. Exclusive names were given to the wholesome drinks and were served with lots of love. 43 JANUARY 2022

44 JANUARY 2022

45 JANUARY 2022

46 JANUARY 2022

FEASTY FESTIVALS “Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbors into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, and they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.” - David Binder Festivals bring joy and happiness. Lohri was celebrated by Kindergarteners with great zeal and enthusiasm. All the students were dressed up in traditional attires and were in an upbeat mood. Dazzling craft activity added color to the festive spirit. 47 JANUARY 2022

48 JANUARY 2022

49 JANUARY 2022

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