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Online PDF Brochure Maker-Make Your Marketing Brochure Online

PubHTML5 gives everything you need to create a marketing brochure online for effective promotion.

Online PDF Brochure Maker Online Brochure Marketing Brochure

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Why PubHTML5 ?

There is no doubt that marketing through compelling online brochures is an effective way today. With beautiful content layout, expressive words and eye-catching multimedia, your online brochure can definitely reach wider audiences. Most importantly, there is a unique advantage in PubHTML5 which can let you give the multimedia animation effects and display the objects flexibly. In this way, your online brochure can get more views and convert the visitors into your buyers effectively. In addition, the online PDF brochure maker allows you to improve brand awareness by customizing a unique logo. At last, you are able to know how your online brochure performing in real time with Google Analytics. With the real-time statistics, you can make a better marketing strategy in good season.
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PubHTML5 online PDF brochure maker

Introduction of PubHTML5 online PDF brochure maker

1. Enhance online brochure with multimedia

Adding rich multimedia to the content of your online brochure with PubHTML5 can ensure your online brochure on the go. You are able to embed vivid videos, wonderful audio, compelling images or links with action into the online brochure. Most importantly, you can give your media animation effect with the powerful Animation Editor of PubHTML5 and show the media flexibly by using the Time Line.

2. Brand your online brochure

A striking logo can make your marketing brochure stand out from you competitors. PubHTML5 gives you the ability to add your company’s logo to your online brochure from toolbar to a single page. Additionally, you are able to custom the logo in your own style.

3. Track visitors’ engagement

PubHTML5 is integrated with Google Analytics, so you can get insight into your visitors’ usage of your online brochure easily. With advanced data and business analytics, you are able to evaluate and improve the content of your online brochure in good time so that your marketing strategy can be adjusted in time.

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