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I W 2018-2019 Edition SKYLOUNGE ‫مجلة على العقارات وإدارة الثروات‬In ConversationwithMaja KalanoskaPROPERTY INVESTMENT SPECIAL PRIVATE WEALTH 25th AnniversaryUSA I Cyprus Investment Market Vienna Going for GoldKingdom of Morocco UK’s stance on foreign HNWIs Art of Art Investment

Live with style…there is no perfect life, just perfect moments 35A Avenue J.F. Kennedy | 1855 Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Phone +352 26 47 58 3

Managing Editor ‫مدير التحرير‬ Marisa Zahra Ramirez ‫مشاركة الجمهور‬ CONTENTS Audience Development Temi Abass14 Special: 25th Anniversary WIBC 201823 One on One with Maja Kalanoska Middle East Correspondent ‫الشرق الأوسط‬26 Malta Residency Program: Portrait Wahaat Julia Vasiliauskaite (Bahrain)35 Alternative Investment: Portrait Sharps Pixley43 Dossier Cyprus Wealth Advisory: Portrait Areti Charidemou Law firm South East Asia Correspondent ‫جنوب شرق آسيا‬46 Dossier Cyprus Real Estate: Portrait Prime Property Group Budi Tahsin50 Luxury Travel Destinations60 Hotspot Frankfurt: Portrait Jumeirah Frankfurt Project Coordination ‫تطوير الأعمال‬70 Luxury Concierge Services - Portrait Victoria James Kristina Georgieva82 The Art of Art Investment86 “The Grace of the Sea” - Portrait Marina Vernicos Production ‫مدير الانتاج‬97 Portrait Emirates World Club Abiola Giwa100 Dossier Vienna Real Estate - Portrait Marschall Real Estate113 Dossier USA Real Estate - Portrait Paramount Miami World Center Art Director & Photo Editor ‫تصميم فن الصورة‬122 Invest report Kingdom of Morocco - Outlook Elizabeth Rodriguez127 Luxury Real Estate - Portrait Kensington Luxury Properties156 Medical Tourism Destination Las Vegas - Portrait Blossom Bariatrics IT & Creative Media ‫تكنولوجيا المعلومات‬ Amar B. K. Yakhloufi II Index Marketing & Sponsorship ‫تسويق‬ Lola Mounira Abass Publisher & Founding Editor ‫الناشر والمدير العام‬ Dr. Khalid B. Amar Yakhloufi Contributors ‫المساهمين‬ Marcela Gillman (LPR Inc.) Peter Marschall (Marschall Real Estate) Juliette Schwartz (Jumeirah Frankfurt) Maja Kalanoska Oliver Said (Wahaat) George Dokuchaev (Prime Property Group) Clare Barry (Victoria James Concierge) Alex Peto (Kensington Luxury Properties) Romika Fazeli (Emirates World Club) Ross Norman (Sharps Pixley) Marina Vernicos (Marina Vernicos) Special thanks to ‫شكرا للجميع‬ Ghita Zaawati (Kensington Prop. Morocco) Areti Charidemou (Areti Charidemou Law firm) Dr. Tom Umbach (Blossom Bariatric Clinic) Aanchal Dhawan (ME Global Advisors) Saida ElMoutacil (Kensington Luxury Properties) Irakliy Tevdoradze (Prime Property Group) Vanessa Buchter (Jumeirah Frankfurt) Katerina Kurlovich (Prime Property Group) Investment Promotion Agency Morocco Courtesy of Leo Caillard (“Hipster in Stone VI”) Published by KBA Enterprise Limited Penhurst House, Suite 11 Battersea Park SW11 3BY London United Kingdom Tel. +44 (0) 208 088 1077 Fax. +44 (0) 207 101 3490 United Kingdom London / Email: [email protected] United Arab Emirates Dubai / Email: [email protected] INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION ON DEMAND AMERICAS: US-$ 15,80 ∙ EUROPE: € 14,50 ∙ UAE: AED 75 Main distribution across GCC countries: United Arab Emirates ∙ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Qatar ∙ Oman ∙ Kuwait ∙ Kingdom of Bahrain & in designated Private Jet Charters en route from and to the Gulf region Every possible effort has been made to ensure that the information presented in this publication is accurate at the time of going to press and the publishers, editors, contributors and advertisers can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions. No part of the magazine, including text, photographs, illustration, advertising layouts or other graphics may be reproduced in any way without prior written consent of KBA Enterprise Ltd. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher who accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred due to reliance on the information provided in this publication. © KBA Enterprise Ltd.

Top performing Islamic Financial Institutions from Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman,Pakistan, Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia are vying for the WIBC Awards recognizing the Best Performing Banks atthe Global and Regional level.Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 22 October 2018: A testament to its vision of advancing the global Islamic bankingindustry, the 25th World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) will continue in its endeavor of enhancing theperformance and quality of key Islamic financial institutions by means of the 4th WIBC Leaderboard.Held under the patronage of HRH Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, The Prime Minister of the Kingdom ofBahrain and with the strategic partnership of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the World Islamic Banking Conference(WIBC) will take place on November 26th, 27th & 28th at the ART Rotana Hotel in Amwaj Islands, Kingdom ofBahrain. A key highlight of the three-day forum will be the annually anticipated WIBC Performance Awards 2018,whereby industry leaders will be recognized for their excellence at the Gala Dinner on November 27, and thenominees of which have been already announced and can be viewed at: in 2015 and forming the basis of the annual WIBC Performance Awards is the WIBC Leaderboard: afirst-of-its-kind comprehensive assessment tool aimed at helping the Islamic finance industry to criticallyappraise the challenges and growth opportunities that lie ahead.The WIBC Leaderboard ranks Islamic banks as compared to their key competitors at the global and regionallevels, based on various robust financial and governance metrics. These metrics comprise: Financial Stability(Total Capital and Tier 1 Capital Ratios, Loan-Loss Reserves (LLR) to Gross Loans Ratio, Loan-Loss Reserves (LLR)to Non-Performing Loans (NPL) Ratio, Non-Performing Loans (NPL) to Gross Loans); Financial Performance(Return on Average Assets (ROAA), Return on Average Equity (ROAE), Cost-to-Income Ratio (CIR), Assets Growth)and Governance and Social Responsibility (Financial Disclosure Index, CSR Disclosure).

In addition to the individual metrics, banks will be ranked on the basis of an aggregate score, which forms the apex of theWIBC Leaderboard. This aggregate index holistically ranks entities on the basis of the aforementioned financial andgovernance measures. The data employed in creating the assessment framework has been sourced from the ICD ThomsonReuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator (IFDI) and Orbis Bank Focus.Top performing Islamic financial institutions will be vying for 2 categories of the awards: One Global Award and ThreeRegional Awards for each of the following world regions: GCC, Asia and Levant. Currently, top performing Islamic banks vyingfor the Global Award include:Kuwait Finance House (Kuwait); Al Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia); Jordan Islamic Bank (Jordan);Kuwait International Bank (Kuwait); Boubyan Bank (Kuwait); Ahli United Bank (Kuwait); Warba Bank (Kuwait); PT BankSyariah BNI (Indonesia), Maybank Islamic Berhad (Malaysia) & Dubai Islamic Bank (UAE).Introduced as part of the 2nd WIBC Leaderboard, The Governance & CSR Award(Corporate Social Responsibility) will be a keyaward constituting this year’s WIBC Performance Awards, the scores of which will be aggregated as per the CSR Index and theIslamic Finance Development Indicator (IFDI). The Governance and Social Responsibility variables are extracted from theThomson Reuters database. The innovative 25th edition will also see an Award for the Fastest Growing Bank (in terms ofasset growth) to recognize an Islamic financial institution that has expanded rapidly over the last year.Confirmed partners at The 25th WIBC so far include: Casablanca Finance City Authority, Ithmaar Bank, Khaleeji CommercialBank (KHCB), World Gold Council, Bank ABC, Bank of Khartoum-International, First Energy Bank, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB),DWF, Al Baraka Banking Group, Thomson Reuters, Path Solutions, Moody’s Investor Service, Emerico, The Perth Mint, WTSDhruva Consultants, Baker McKenzie, Eiger Trading, Department for International Trade – British Embassy Bahrain, DDCAP,Fitch Ratings, Sadad & GPS.The theme for the 25th WIBC - “Islamic Finance & Sustainable Economic Growth in the Age of Disruption” is in line with theconference’s steady vision to serve as a compass for the global Islamic finance and banking industry, with the three-day forumexpected to draw participation from over 1300 global industry leaders, policy makers, innovators and stakeholders, allfocused on generating breakthrough insights that help navigate through the complexities of the global financial system.To stay updated on the happenings of the WIBC Performance Awards, visit: find out more about the 25th World Islamic Banking Conference, visit:

ABOUT WORLD ISLAMIC BANKING CONFERENCE (WIBC)The World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) has established its reputation as the world's largest andmost influential gathering of international Islamic banking and finance leaders for over two decades.With the strategic support of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the next generation WIBC will focus ontransforming Islamic finance into a global proposition by facilitating strategic opportunities,addressing systematic challenges and connecting international market players and institutionalinvestors to the industry's catalysts, thought leaders, partners and institutionsTo find out more, visit: Aanchal Dhawan Marketing Manager Middle East Global Advisors Tel: +971 4 441 4946 Email: [email protected]

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London Expert talks with Maja Kalanoska who sheds light on the latest within Top Tier 1 Investor Visa for non- domiciled / non-resident high-net- worth individuals

Sixty seconds with Maja KalanoskaPlease tell us a bit more about your company and what makes you so special?I joined Chambers of A Jafar team over six years ago, at the very beginnings of the company andI had active involvement in the company’s progress. My own personal approach to client care isreflected in that of the company’s. Our team is made up of experienced and specialist experts.We provide high-quality yet straight-forward legal advice in as clear as possible terms. As wefocus on specific area of immigration law we are able to provide ‘best in class’ advice. We havean in-depth understanding of the sector we work in, not just the law that underpins it and weknow how to solve problems as opposed to just giving clients legal advice.As Barrister's chambers we are able to foresee the difficulties that may arise later in the processand ensure that the matter is dealt with efficiently from the start. This is crucial when it comesto Tier 1 (Investor) visa as the visa renewals can be extremely complicated.What are the benefits of a second passport?There are numerous reasons for investing in a second citizenship, from personal safety toincreased global mobility and tax management. Applications can be approved in as little as threemonths, resulting in citizenship for life, a valid passport, visa-free travel and more. Economiccitizenship opens up a whole world of possibilities to high net worth investors. A significantbenefit worth mentioning is that it provides a guarantee for the future. It can be passed on toyour children ensuring the protection, economic wellbeing, and educational advantages will beavailable for the family generations to come.What are the requirements of the Tier 1 (Investor) programme ?The investor category is designed to allow individuals who make a substantial financialinvestment, starting from £2 million, in the UK to obtain permission from the UK to enter as aninvestor under the Tier 1 investor category. For the initial application under the Tier 1(Investor) immigration category, which is made from abroad at a British Consulate or the VisaSection of an Embassy or High Commission, the basic criteria are: 1. you must be at least 18 years of age; 2. you must have a minimum of £2m; 3. that £2m must be: 4. your own money, or money under your control; or money you own jointly with your husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner to which you have unrestricted access; or 5. money owned solely by your husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried or same- sex partner to which you have unrestricted access; and 6. held in a regulated financial institution; and 7. disposable in the UK (that is, in sterling and freely transferable); and 8. you must open a UK regulated bank account.

Please tell us a bit more about your company and what makes you so special?I joined Chambers of A Jafar team over six years ago, at the very beginnings of the company and I hadactive involvement in the company’s progress. My own personal approach to client care isAre there any restrictions for the Tier 1 (Investor) category ?Once invested, all the capital must be maintained in the portfolio. In other words, once the Tier 1(Investor) has purchased their initial £2m (or £5m or £10m) of qualifying investments, all of the capitalmust remain invested for the duration of Tier 1 (Investor) migrant’s stay in the UK. Investments againstwhich loans have been taken out or investments that are held in non-UK custody accounts are notpermitted.Will Brexit have any impact on the Tier 1 (Investor) programme?The number of High Net Worth Individuals applying to move to the UK as part of this programme rose 46per cent last year. For many overseas investors the UK offers an international platform from which togrow their investments or businesses on an international stage. In addition to the financial andinvestment opportunities, the strong cultural appeal of the UK and London in particular, as well as itsprivate education system attracts many overseas HNWIs.However, some HNWIs do have concerns that the government could tighten visa rules after the formalBrexit date in March 2019 and may be looking to enter before then. One adverse effect that Brexit hashad on the climate for HNWIs is increased delays in renewing or extending their visas.What has been your experience with Arabian HNWIs so far?From my experience with Arabian HNWIs they have the expectations of a premium and high end serviceproviders. They opt for tailored services that suit their needs. They also require a high degree ofdiscretion in their immigration matters. Time is of essence to these clients. We understand that thisparticular set of clients generally travel more than other clients and this often means that there is a shortwindow of time in which applications can be made. In order to meet such needs we have established anetwork of trusted partners to provide help and advice on tax, property, investment and other business-related matters.What’s the best piece of advice given to you?Listen! We live in a competitive world where everyone tends to prove oneself and we often forget thatevery person we meet in this world, regardless of their background, education, social status, age hassomething to teach us. We can’t learn something new by talking, we can only learn by listening. Maja has over 15 years experience in immigration law. She drafts judicial review grounds, permission grounds and renewal grounds from the First Tier Tribunal to the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. She is the author of over ten publications relating to immigration and nationality law. Maja is often instructed as an external consultant to the UN, OSCE, USAID and other international organisations. Your case will be handled exclusively by a Partner, who is either a qualified Barrister with over 20 years, or a lawyer with over 15 years specialist experience in the field of UK immigration and nationality law. Our experience as immigration specialists means that we are comfortable dealing with all types of cases. We represent clients from all over the world. We arrange telephone and/or online conferences where clients are living at long distances or abroad. Our clients include diplomats, high-level politicians and former heads of states. T. 0044 (0) 7984 88 2815 ◊  [email protected]

Portrait WAHAAT Wahaat is a niche service firm which provides three distinct but related services: Family business advisory services Citizenship solutions Residence solutions The firm is affiliated with a top advisory firm located in Malta, Nexia BT, with offices based in Malta and Dubai. Wahaat, through its affiliate, is proud to be the official concessionaire chosen by the Government of Malta to promote the Malta Residence and Visa Programme throughout the Middle East. This affiliation provides Wahaat with a strategic presence in over 120 countries, represented by 565 offices. Wahaat has vast experience in the development and provision of holistic services that are tailor-made for each individual client. family matters26

nterview with Oliver Said fromWahaat1. Please tell us a bit more about your companyand what makes Wahaat so special?Wahaat is a niche service firm which provides three Oliver Said, Director of Wahaatdistinct but related services: family businessadvisory services coupled with residence and unique challenges it is an area which can becitizenship solutions. The firm is affiliated with a top extremely rewarding professionally. Whatever anadvisory firm based in Malta, Nexia BT, and has a individual’s circumstances we have the tools,presence in Malta and Dubai. We are very proud to experience and network to service their the official exclusive concessionaire chosen by Experience has taught me that there are three keythe Government of Malta to promote the Malta factors to ensuring satisfied clients. The first isResidence and Visa Programme throughout the privacy and confidentiality. The second is the abilityMiddle East. Through Wahaat’s strategic partner’s to listen to what the client wants. The third is to thepresence in over 120 countries, represented by 565 ability to deliver in a professional, timely, flexibleoffices, we enjoy a vast experience in the and unbiased way. I believe that at Wahaat we havedevelopment and provision of holistic services. a robust network which possesses the essential mixWhat makes us special however, is that our services of skills, experience and knowledge to meet theseare tailor-made for each individual client. challenges.2. If you would summarise in short, what makes 4. How do you deal with multi-jurisdictionalMalta stand out from all the other countries when challenges? Obviously being the officialit comes to residency programs for high-net-worth concessionaire for 6 countries in the Middle East,non-doms? you can respond to any need. Tell us more about it.Residency by investment programmes are becoming Anyone who knows the Middle East region and inincreasingly popular, not only with high-net-worth particular the GCC countries, is keenly aware thatindividuals and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, but while these countries share a common history andwith different people from all walks of life. culture, there are also many differences in terms ofIndividuals seeking such benefits do so for many social outlook and approach to business. At Wahaatdifferent reasons, but whatever the reasons, Malta we take this diversity seriously into account inticks a lot of boxes that many other countries everything that we do. We have thereforecannot. Whether it be political or economic stability; developed bespoke market-specific marketing andsecurity; the English language; Commonwealth, EU promotional plans and we have ensured that ourand Schengen membership; high standards of living, personnel have a broad experience and knowledgeeducation and healthcare; pleasant climate; tax of the six countries. We draw heavily on our internalefficiency or business and investment opportunities, directors’ experience in the region as well as ourMalta has it all. In addition, Malta’s strategic strategic partner’s international network that allowslocation offers excellent links with the rest of us to capitalise on the know-how gained from overEurope, North Africa and the Middle East. 30 years’ experience of dealing in the GCC. With this experience and strong talent pool we are able3. Structuring wealth for UHNWIs is always a confidently to respond to all our customers’ needs.delicate matter, which requires excellent skills,solid background, good network, goodinfrastructure, and flexibility to be ready at shortnotice. What has been your experience so far?By definition UHNWIs are those that have investibleassets greater than €30 million so yes I do agreethat cross border wealth structuring for UHNWIs is adelicate business – but while each individual faces 27

5. You serve your clients according to the objectives and developing a sound governance motto “building resiliency that survives framework, identifying and developing the skills through generations”, many Arab families are and competences required for the business, tending to outsource their succession planning wealth management and corporate social to experts abroad/offshore jurisdictions (safe- responsibility. We always aim to accelerate guarding their assets for the next generation). performance to deliver tangible business What advise/services can you offer them? results. Internationally, most businesses are family 6. What is your strategy towards attracting controlled or at the very least have significant more wealthy Arab families from the GCC family representation in the boardroom. within the next 3 years? However, it is a well proven statistical fact that family wealth rarely survives beyond the third Wahaat’s strategy is a simple one - that of generation. In this regard, there is a discernible awareness raising - of Malta and of our services. pattern across generations of wealth made, Malta’s international reputation is growing and spent and blown. while it may be small, it is a country of huge opportunities. Making individuals and There are also numerous similar sayings companies aware of this is the first step. The throughout the world describing this second is to tell them how at Wahaat we can phenomenon. The Italians say “dalle stelle alle help them attain their business and personal stalle” (from the stars to the stables), the ambitions. Chinese say “富不过三代” “wealth never survives three generations”, and internationally 7. Finally one last question : What’s the best the most commonly known “shirtsleeves to piece of advice you’ve been given? shirtsleeves in three generations”. Passing the business on from one generation to Other than my mother telling me to respect the next is one of the most difficult challenges others, work hard and enjoy life, I have always facing family businesses today. Wahaat tried to emulate this immortal words of Colin recognises that every family business has its Powell, \"There are no secrets to success. It is own history, culture and family setting. We the result of preparation, hard work, and therefore concentrate on developing a strong learning from failure.” relationship with our clients which in the first instance ensures privacy and confidentiality. Mr Said we thank you for the interview. This in turn allows us to identify and strengthen the synergies between capital and As Director of Wahaat, Oliver engages directly with families management which are inherent to the seeking to protect and pass on their wealth while providing businesses. Last but by no means least we have the support and control they need to manage their matters. the vision to ensure future sustainability. In Oliver previously served as Chief Business Development assisting companies we offer a full range of Officer (CBDO) with a private family office in Saudi Arabia. services but focus our efforts on sustainability Oliver has sat on numerous boards related to financial and profitability, setting achievable strategic services including insurance, fund management and administration, remittance and wealth management. Through his experience of setting-up and managing businesses coupled with his roles as CBDO with entities having diversified international interests, he brings extensive business expertise with a deep understanding of international business operations and marketing particularly within the GCC with demonstrated capability in strategic planning and organisational development.28

Why Wahaat?Wahaat offers bespoke services related to your family’s wealth and well-being. Our services rangefrom offering advice and assistance with relocation as well as advisory services on how you canensure your family business remains your legacy for future generations. Family Business Advisory The objective of Wahaat’s family business continuity services is to further strengthen the synergies between capital and management which are inherent to family businesses. The ultimate aim is to build solid structures and systems, ensure the smooth transition to next generations and their future sustainability. The reasons for using our family business continuity services are numerous and diverse. However, usually the main initial factors motivating family businesses to seek our services include: • Privacy and confidentiality • Alignment of interest • Improved strategies and governance systems • Execution of bold growth strategies within the markets in which family business operate • Separation, or at least a distinction, between the family business and the family’s wealth • Potential for higher returns • Development and empowerment of talent through training • Sustainability • Safeguarding the interests of the next generation 29

Family Business Advisory Services We recognise that every family business has its own history, culture and family setting. With relevant experience and competencies across various areas, we provide a holistic service that is tailor-made to the needs of our clients, by adopting an independent approach to the differences in personality between the generations and the strategic direction set by the stakeholders. We help our clients overcome the challenge of passing the business from one generation to the next; make informed investment decisions; and assist in leadership appointments. In addition to acting as the external advisory council or part thereof, we assist in: Sustainability and profitability: • Getting the Board to champion sustainability • Incorporating sustainability into strategic plans • Focusing on creating long-term financial value • Setting and developing financial structures and reporting • Advice on family constitution, foundations and trusts Strategies and governance: • Developing a governance framework: • Setting strategic objectives • Identifying growth strategies: - Composition of the Board - Amelioration of current service offerings - Organisation structure and reporting lines - Business and market assessments - Internal control systems - Tap emerging markets - Policies, processes, procedures & code of conduct Wealth management: Resource development: • Ensuring succession planning: • Developing professional & technical competences: - Distribution of voting rights and dividends - Analysis of training needs - Drafting of shareholders’ agreements - Development of leadership skills • Assisting in estate planning - Talent management • Developing robust financials: • Enhancing operational performance: - Capital management and investment planning - Alignment of operational plan with strategy • Assisting in tax planning and management: - Advice on operational transformation & process - Reduction of tax burden improvement - Compliance with tax reporting obligations - Tax efficient acquisitions, restructuring & disposals - Cross-border tax opportunities Contribution to the social environment: • Assisting in the establishment of funds for philanthropy • Assisting in building family businesses’ commitment to energy efficiency and natural resource management • Assisting in social impact investments30

Citizenship Residence Family BusinessSolutions Programmes AdvisoryThere are many different The Malta Individual Investor The objective of our familyreasons why an individual Programme process would business continuity services is tomight seek a second involve the main applicant and further strengthen the synergiescitizenship including, but his/her dependents to go between capital and managementnot limited to: through a naturalisation process which are inherent to family with a certificate of businesses. The ultimate aim is toGreater political and naturalisation being issued after build solid structures and systems,economic stability and a 12-month process. This ensure the smooth transition tosecurity procedure will, amongst others, next generations and their future grant the applicants and their sustainability. The reasons forTax efficiency dependants with: using our family business continuity services are numerousEase of travel Citizenship in a well-respected and diverse. However, usually the economically and politically main initial factors motivatingHigher standard of living stable EU country family businesses to seek our services include:Increased options for Visa-free travel to more thanchildren’s education 160 countries including the US Privacy and confidentialityDiversified Right of establishment in all Alignment of interestinvestment portfolio 28 EU countries and Switzerland Improved strategies andInvestment Right to own a second-home governance systemsopportunities that in Maltamay not otherwise be Execution of bold growthavailable Attractive taxation level, strategies within the markets in both for personal and which family businesses operateContingency planning corporate taxes Separation, or at least aAccess to new Tax planning benefits, in a distinction, between the familyopportunities jurisdiction where there is business and the family’s wealth no inheritance or wealthPersonal and physical transfer or death duties tax Potential for higher returnssecurity Easy repatriation of capital Development and empowermentSuccession planning and income out of Malta of talent through training Personal security and for the Sustainability dependents, in case of instability in their native Safeguarding the interests of the countries next generation Lucrative property investment in Malta Excellent education for children/students as well as good access to health care institutions, ranked 2nd best in Europe 31

Malta Residence and Visa Programme THE MALTA RESIDENCE AND VISA ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA PROGRAMME GRANTS Open to third country nationals, i.e. not • A Malta residence permit to the beneficiary and Maltese, EU, EEA or Swiss nationals. Applicants dependants must be 18 years of age or older. Eligibility may also be extended to applicant’s • Visa-free travel within the Schengen area dependants, including spouses or partners in a • The right to reside, settle and stay indefinitely in relationship, children, parents and grandparents under certain terms. Malta • The possibility of applying for a work permit under a SUITABILITY separate process The government of Malta aims to attract only • The ability to apply for Long Term Residence status people of highest of standards through this programme. Applicants will be subject to due and naturalisation as a Maltese citizen after a diligence scrutiny and are expected to have a certain period of residence in accordance with the clean criminal record. citizenship laws of Malta • The possibility to add children of main applicant/ CONTRIBUTION TO THE spouse who are born or adopted after the approval GOVERNMENT OF MALTA date subject to an additional contribution and successful due diligence checks Applicants are required to contribute • The possibility for children of the main applicant €30,000 (€5,500 of which are payable upon and/or spouse/partner who marry, to add their application) to the government of Malta upon spouse/partner and any direct dependants subject the approval of the application. This covers to an additional contribution and successful due themselves, their spouse/partner and any diligence checks economically dependent and unmarried • The possibility of tax benefits under the Global children. Other dependants (eg. parents and Residence Programme grandparents) may be added at an additional €5,000 each, payable upon receipt of the TAX TREATMENT Letter of Approval in Principle. An individual is typically resident but not domiciled PROPERTY PURCHASE OR RENTAL in Malta where the individual lives in Malta for more than 183 days in a calendar year, but does not Applicants are required to make a intend to live in Malta permanently. commitment to buy a property in Malta for a minimum investment of €320,000 (€270,000 In such cases, the individual is subject to tax in in Gozo or south of Malta) or rent a property Malta on any Malta source income and on any with a minimum investment of €12,000 pa in foreign income remitted to Malta. Capital gains Malta (€10,000 in Gozo or south of Malta) in arising outside Malta will remain not taxable in both cases, for a minimum of five years. Malta even if received in Malta. A person who is neither ordinarily resident, nor domiciled in Malta, INVESTMENT is taxable only on income arising in Malta i.e. income having a Malta source. Upon approval of the application, the main applicants are required to invest €250,000 in Individuals granted a Certificate of Residency as per approved instruments, typically government the Regulations may also qualify for tax incentives approved bonds, to be held for five years. granted under a separate programme entitled the Global Residence Programme, granting the holder a ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS 15% beneficial tax rate on income received in Malta from foreign sources with the possibility to claim • Valid travel document relief from double taxation. • Comprehensive health insurance • Stable and regular income • Annual income of €100,000+ arising outside of Malta, or a capital of €500,000 or more32

Malta Individual Investor Programme Citizenship by InvestmentThe Individual Investor Programme (IIP) of the CONTRIBUTION FEES* €650,000Republic of Malta allows for the granting of fullcitizenship to reputable High-Net Worth foreign Main applicantindividuals and their families, who contribute to theeconomic and social development of Malta. Spouse and each child below €25,000 the age of 18THE INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR PROGRAMME(IIP) GRANTS Each dependant parent aged 55 €50,000 or older and each unmarried child • citizenship in a well-respected, politically and aged between 18 and 26 economically stable EU country; * Only €10,000 of the above fees are payable upon • visa-free travel to more than 160 countries submission of the application, with the rest payable only including the US; after receipt of the Letter of Approval. • right of establishment in all EU member states DUE DILIGENCE FEES (payable to authorities) and Switzerland; and Main applicant €7,500 • right to own a second home in Malta. Spouse, adult children and parents €5,000 Children aged between 13 and 18 €3,000ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA - Applicant must PASSPORT FEES & BANK CHARGES • be 18 years of age, or older. Eligibility may also extend to applicant’s dependents Passport €500 per person including spouses or partners in a Bank charges €200 per application relationship, children, parents and grandparents under certain terms PROCEDURE AND TIMEFRAME • propose to make a contribution as In case of approval and upon notification by a Letter determined in the section entitled of Approval, the applicant would be requested to ‘Contribution Fees’ provide the following within 4 months: • provide proof that s/he has been a resident • evidence of global health insurance policy in Malta for at least 12 months preceding and a declaration of capacity to retain the day of issuance of the certificate of such a policy indefinitely naturalisation • proof of either acquired immovable • meet all the application requirements property in Malta (minimum €350,000) or • commit to provide proof of residence in of leased immovable property in Malta (minimum annual rent of €16,000) Malta and proof of title to residential property • documents showing that the main applicant • commit to invest in stocks, bonds, made such other investments in accordance debentures, special purpose vehicles, or to with IIP regulations in Malta for a value of make other investments in accordance to €150,000 the regulations The government of Malta aims to attract only people of highest of standards through the IIP and accord them Maltese citizenship. Applicants will be subject to due diligence scrutiny and expected to: • have a clean criminal record • not have been denied a visa to a country with which Malta has visa-free travel arrangements • not be deemed a potential national security risk, have a reputational risk or are subject to criminal proceedings 33

UAE Office: Level 23, Dubai F: +971 (0) 4 409 6850Boulevard Plaza Tower 2 United Arab Emirates [email protected] Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard M: + 971 (0) 56 836 5283

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About Sharps PixleyThe Sharps Pixley name may dateback to 1778, bearing the hallmarkfor old fashioned trust anddiscretion, but our outlook isentirely of today ...We’re setting out to simplify anddemystify the gold market. Toexpand the reach of preciousmetals. To make them morecomprehensible and create newways that people can invest in them.That’s why we’ve chosen to bring itto the 'high street' – our showroomin St James's where you can browse,learn and buy. It is no secret thatSharps Pixley and our parentDegussa are pioneering new ways ofaccessing and promoting theseexciting markets... creating a 'newgold standard' if you like. Therationale for owning physical gold isarguably stronger than ever before.The Sharps Pixley name goes back to 1778 and was originally founded through the merger of twoLondon bullion businesses. Sharps Pixley was formerly a central player in the London gold and silverbullion broking community as an original gold fixing member and chairman of the silver fix. The companyname expired in 1995 but was revived in 2010 following the purchase of the company name and thetrade mark from the former owner of the business, Deutsche Bank, thereby providing a link with theoriginal firm.Today the business is wholly-owned by one of thewealthiest families in Germany and sits within theDEGUSSA group of businesses, said to be one of thelargest sellers of retail physical gold in Europe. Through itsownership by DEGUSSA, Sharps Pixley is able to leveragethe capabilities of the group in such areas as holding avery extensive stock of bullion, providing a diverseproduct range, plus capabilities in the processing of scrap,a treasury team managing the price hedging, storage /vaulting and transportation, and of course expertise insourcing (and verifying) quality stock. The business alsocombines innovative logistical and inventory managementtechniques at our Rodermark logistics centre and we candeliver products efficiently and securely at the lowestpossible cost to UK investors.

In 2015 the group purchased a gold refinery in Germany and later also acquired bullion fabrication facilities, thereby providing the group with the flexibility to manufacture and refine a wide range of bullion products. Our gold bars are sourced from two of the leading Swiss gold refineries who are both accredited as “London Good Delivery” and our coins come directly from the leading Mints around the world. In total we have over 200 bullion products available to clients. London remains, arguably, the global capital for gold trading and yet at a retail level gold remains surprisingly illusive to ordinary investors looking for tangible bullion investments (other than high margin branded jewellery) on both the High Street or even from the local banks. In 2015 Sharps Pixley puts physical gold back on the High Street with our flagship store opening in St James’s Street, just off Piccadilly. Here you can select your products and indeed store them with us in one of our new safe deposit box facilities. Physical gold is the most secure form of gold investment with no counterparty risk. A safe haven asset is only as safe as where you keep it, so we would advise clients to store their precious metals securely. We never advise clients to allocate their entire portfolio to physical gold, but a 5 to 10% allocation to the physical asset balances your portfolio and hedges your other investments. You can buy physical Gold Bars and physical Gold Coins and here at Sharps Pixley, we offer the most competitive prices to buy gold in the UK. When it comes to selling your gold, here at Sharps Pixley we will pay you 98% to 99% of the spot price even if you brought your gold from another broker (subject to testing and quality). In India gold is universally available at tight margins over the spot price and can be readily sold back at attractive prices – Sharps Pixley is similarly looking to introduce competitively priced, high quality bullion products to UK investors. In addition to our leading-edge online web shop, Sharps Pixley also provides the leading information platform on precious metals with some of the fastest and most complete sources of market prices, news, research and analysis – allowing investors to draw on leading sources of market information before making their investments. Our website is often described as the fastest and most complete source of precious metals news, prices and analysis and this is underscored by claims that it is consistently the fastest growing bullion website of all.38

How to buy gold Safe Deposit Boxes in LondonTo buy gold online and in our showroom, we require your name, Our Safe Deposit Box facility,address, email address and phone number. For single orders over located on St James’s Street, is a£5,000 we will also require a copy of photo ID such as driving licence comfortable and discrete solutionor passport and a proof of address such as a utility bill or bank to safeguarding your treasuredstatement, dated within the last 3 months. You can pay by debit card, assets. We spare no expensetransfer of funds, bitcoin or cash in our showroom. Once funds are ensuring that valuables stored withcleared, your order will be dispatched promptly. If you have chosen to us receive the maximumcollect your order then call us in advance to arrange a suitable time protection at all times. Indeed,for collection from our retail store in London. thanks to the extensive security measures put in place, our elegant facility is graded amongst the most secure in the world. Clients may choose to store a wide variety of items including documentation, jewellery and precious metal. They have unlimited access to their box during our opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-17:00) and there is no need to make an appointment.Best place to buy gold Where to buy goldWhen looking for the best place to buy gold in the UK we You can visit us in our new state of the art showroom at 54advise all of our clients to do their research when choosing St James’s Street in London where you can buy gold bulliontheir preferred gold bullion dealer. As with any investment, in store over the counter, just walk in off the street, it’sresearch and knowledge is key and no decision should be that easy. You can also visit our online shop where you canmade lightly. Here at Sharps Pixley, we are focused on buy gold online. Here at Sharps Pixley, you can buy goldconducting business in a transparent and trustworthy manner, bars or gold coins but you can also buy silver online or inpriding ourselves on providing informative and professional store and other precious metals such as platinum bars andcustomer service to every client. This is why Sharps Pixley are palladium bars. Sharps Pixley are full members of theregarded as one of the best places to buy gold in the UK via London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and areour online shop or over the counter in store at 54 St James’s registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as aStreet. Sharps Pixley only offer 99.99% purity investment high value dealer and vaulting operator.grade gold sourced from two leading Swiss LBMA accredited‘London Good Delivery’ refineries.Should I buy goldWe live in a time of heightened geopolitical risk, recordglobal debt and negative real rates. In periods of economicand political turmoil, investors have been rewarded with aflight to safety to physical gold. Investment grade gold barsare the most secure method of gold investment with nocounterparty risk. Historically physical gold has served as arepository of wealth maintaining its value in terms of realpurchasing power. Gold serves as a portfolio diversifierbecause it tends to have low correlations to most otherasset classes. It preserves wealth; Gold is typicallyconsidered a hedge against inflation, but it also acts as acurrency hedge, in particular against the dollar with whichgold correlates negatively. Gold is also highly liquid, saleproceeds will be returned the same day. Buying physicalgold is the ultimate insurance against economicuncertainty and instability.

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Advertorial Areti Charidemou Law firm ‫أعلى شركة محاماة في قبرص‬ ‫أريتي كاريدمو‬ Our Law Practice was established in Limassol more than 20 years ago, servicing clients in Cyprus but mainly clients in Russia and CIS, Europe and US. Our specialty among others, is in Property Law, Trust Law, Company Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax and Estate Law, Shipping Law. We are Members of the Cyprus Bar Association, International Bar Association, International Tax Planning Association and The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Why choose us? Our practice is servicing mainly business clients, assisting them in the proper and efficient planning of their operations internationally. All these years we have managed to serve clients by creating efficient Tax Structures, list companies in EU stock exchanges, deal successfully with complex legal and tax cases and in general managed to create a number of satisfied clients. We act as advisors to a number of Russian, European and Cypriot firms, including major investment firms, international trading companies, shipping companies. Our professionals can assist clients in a wide variety of issues including setting up a business either in Cyprus or in any other part of the world, advice on the optimum tax structure based on the individual circumstances, incorporate companies in Cyprus or abroad, support the operation of the companies after the incorporation, provide nominee services if required, provide accounting support, tax and vat consulting etc. We can also assist clients in buying properties and investing in Cyprus or abroad.44

Top Law firm for “Cyprus Investment Programme” Areas of Expertise Areti Charidemou - Managing Partner ❑ Corporate & Commercial Law Areti obtained a LL.B degree from the ❑ Admiralty & Shipping University of Athens and qualified as an ❑ Property Law Advocate in 1990. ❑ Litigation Services Areti founded the Areti Charidemou & ❑ Immigration Law Associates Law Firm in Limassol in 1990, of which she is Managing Partner. As a result of her experience, capacity and reputation, Areti is appointed on the Board of Directors of many Companies in Cyprus and abroad. Areti is also co- founder and Managing Partner of J&S Legal Counsels and Trustees since 2011. The Cyprus Bar Association Limassol Bar Association Athens Bar Association International Bar Association (IBA) The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) The International Tax Planning Association (ITPA) The International Fiscal Association (IFA). ❑ Intellectual Property ❑ Trusts ❑ Energy Law ❑ Regulated Entities ❑ Banking & Finance Areti Charidemou & Associates LLC - Law Firm 21 Vasili Michailidi Street | 3026 Limassol - Cyprus Postal Address: PO Box 54708 | CY-3727 | Cyprus T: +357 25 50 80 00 | F: +357 25 50 80 30 E: [email protected]| W: www.aretilaw.com28

Company Portrait Prime Property Group WE BUILD A BETTER FUTURE Rental Management • Property Management • Immigration Services Insurance Services • Car Rentals in Cyprus Developments (Off Plan - Under Construction - Completed) We take great pleasure in welcoming You to our company’s website, Prime Property Group offers a wide variety of properties all around Cyprus. We are experienced property developers and real estate agency located on the island of Cyprus in the well-known town and beach resort of Limassol. Two additional branches are located in the other coastal towns: Larnaca and Paphos. We operate as consultants in all matters relating to real estate and building works in Cyprus to an international clientele, offering our esteemed customers a complete spectrum of what the real estate domain has to offer. This might be a custom-built villa, a new apartment or maisonette or a property adjacent to a golf club, all built to the highest standards as well as the sale of building plots and land. We are also engaged in large investment projects for corporate clients. We pride ourselves in working directly with most of the biggest developers on the island, enabling us to offer great diversity in the type of properties we have on offer. Our extensive database contains information about all our properties for sale, with detailed descriptions including photographs, floor plans, and prices, enabling You to pick the out one that best suits your needs. The database includes properties offered from developers and other real estate agencies providing a comprehensive available selection. We are highly selective in choosing companies to partner with, and only those with a good reputation acquired over many years of successful operation and experience, and a high level of customer service are chosen. Head office in Limassol Ambelakion 28 Street, P. Germasogeia 4046 Limassol, Cyprus T +357(25)-315-300 [email protected] Office in Larnaca Office in Paphos Office in China Office in Moscow Office in Dubai Kalogirou Bldg, Shop 5, Vasilica Centre Block 1, Office 5, Yayuan Apartment, Beijing Friendship Mantulinskaya ul., 14, ZAO Level 20, 48 Burj Gate, Dubai Mall 21 Agias Fenaromeni 87 Apostolou Pavlou Ave. Hotel, No.1 Zhongguancun South street, 123111 Moscow, Metro station, Dubai 6025 Larnaca, Cyprus 8046 Paphos, Cyprus Haidian District, Beijing, China. Russia T +357-(25)-315-300 T +357(24)-342-050 T +357(26)-962-365 T +8618668900529 T +7(495)-984-09-98 [email protected]

SKY TOWER Unique residential high-rise complex of 23 floors with hotel facilities developed with the world’s latest architecture & planning trends in mind. Residents will enjoy unbelievable see panoramas and the exceptional atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in the elegant gated community with exceptional in-door amenities, such as concierge, SPA, common outdoor pool, heated indoor pool, gym, tennis court, green area, and underground parking. The complex blends ideally in the urban landscape of Limassol’ sought after tourist area thanks to the well-balanced mix of sophistication, comfort and landmark design by a leading London architecture studio. Limassol’s best sandy beaches, shops, restaurants and other holiday pleasures are in a stone’s throw. The development comprises one-, two-, three-, and four- bedroom luxurious apartments, penthouses and duplexes (sky houses) with private pools on the roof. Each unit has 3.15 meters height ceilings and top quality finishings to astound the most demanding buyer. Most of the apartments offer breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea, Limassol city and its picturesque hilly suburbs. 47

Eden Roc Residence Luxury residential complex in central Limassol, in a privileged and quite neighbourhood of the tourist area, approximately half a kilometre from the seafront. The building reaches up to 8 storeys in height. The buildings are set around the landscaped garden, located in the centre of the project. The design is influenced by elements from both the natural and man-made world. Reminiscent of a superyacht, the superstructure of each block gently terraces down from its highest point with balconies on all sides. Wide horizontal bands form continuous balustrades that wrap around the blocks at each level, emphasizing the horizontal nature of the development, which stretches to over 300 linear metres in length. The residents will enjoy the privacy of the gated compound with extended hotel-type facilities including concierge, SPA, outdoor pool, heated indoor pool, gym, landscaped gardens, playground for kids clubhouse with a playroom.

Montebello Mansions This luxurious ultra-modern establishment with plots of 820 to 1050 m2, which consists of 4 deluxe villas with five-bedrooms in one of Limassol’s most prestigious areas — Agios Tychonas, just 2 minutes away from the Four Seasons hotel. The villas luxuriate in large spacious internal areas from 386 to 415 m2. This unique development with stunning sea views sits on a sizable plot and reflects the latest architectural trends, exclusive design, and unrivalled engineering. These captivating properties enjoy outdoor swimming pools with mosaic tiles, landscaped gardens, and sufficient parking spaces. Extra attention has been paid to the finishes with natural wood decking around the pools and on the verandas. The level of comfort is enhanced by advanced engineering features such as a smart home system. 49

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