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Company Profile 2020

Published by lmdgdesigns, 2020-07-10 15:46:57

Description: Company Profile 2020


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OUR MISSION “We strive to be an excellent architectural design studio that is recognized by both public and private sectors as the standard for great client services and relationships.” ACODES is an architecture and design studio based in Quezon City founded by three individuals who share the same passion and vision as designers and builders. It explores the diversity of the architectural practice as a critical cultural act that engages their most fundamental desires and aspirations. The practice is led by the partnership of Architect Richmond Aquino and Architect Angelo Malabana. Their comprehensive involvement in design and construction resulted to the foundation of the Architectural Consultancy and Design Services Co. or “ACODES”.

OUR SERVICES ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN RESIDENTIAL DESIGN We provide architectural planning and We provide design services that help improve design including, but not limited to, the levels of functionality, efficiency, comfort, conceptual designs, design developments, and appearance of the homes that you have and preparation of construction documents always dreamt of. needed for building permits. LANDSCAPE DESIGN ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING DESIGN We provide design services which caters We provide design services that requires to the softscapes and hardscapes. We put special application of lighting both artifiial importance to bridging culture and nature and natural lighting. together with our designs. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT We provide construction management and supervision for projects as a package with our designs to ensure that the quality of our designs and specifications are met and on schedule.



PROJECT TYPE: New Construction LOCATION: Beverly Hills, Antipolo City STATUS: Completed 2017 EXTERIOR STYLE: New Classic American INTERIOR STYLE: New Classic American BEST FEATURE: Gabions Faux Chimney Wood Cladding

The client requested a house that can imitate the look and feel of their house back in the United States. GABIONS, WOOD PANELS, PLASTERS The exterior features gabions that are made of stone plates. They were applied on the fences and the faux chimney as stone wall cladding. White wood planks were used as cladding on other parts of the exterior of the houses to give the house a more Classical American barn house feel to it.

INTERIOR DESIGN The interior design features a modernized american home for a homey feel. The design focuses on white color as a base with neutral colors for accents.

AQUINO RESIDENCE PROJECT TYPE: STATUS: BEST FEATURE: Renovation Under Construcion 2020 Flat Roof LOCATION: EXTERIOR STYLE: Semi-Bare Capitol Hills Subdivision, Contemporary Industrial Concrete Finish Quezon City Design INTERIOR STYLE: Asian Modern Design

The existing house was already EXISTING CONDITION due for renovation. It was partially infested with termites and the family wanted a bigger home in which every person in the family will have their own room. EXTERIOR DESIGN FEATURES The exterior features a huge transformation of the facade. From a classic filipino house from the 90’s, the new design boasts a facade that is contemporary modern. The selected finishes and color scheme were neutral colors to emit an industrial look to the facade at the same time.

INTERIOR DESIGN FEATURES The interior design features an Asian Minimalist design featuring wood materials combined with polished surfaces. The design focuses on light materials to emphasize a very spacious environment.

The Kitchen features an ashwood finish for the cabinets to match the asian feel in the interiors without sacrificing the aesthetics of the area. The client wanted a space where the family could all gather together during the weekends and bond with each other. A family area was then provided with a potential for an art gallery made by the family.

MASTER BEDROOM The bedrooms are large, and able to house another lounge wherein the masters of the house can relax without having to go down, as if they are living in a hotel.

BEDROOM DESIGN The bedrooms also have large walk-in closets for the clients’ storage of assorted apparels and accessories. Most of the bedrooms also carry a dresser so they can doll up themselves with ease.

BATASAN HILLS PROJECT TYPE: EXTERIOR STYLE: New Construction Modern Contemporary LOCATION: INTERIOR STYLE: Batasan Hills, Quezon City Modern Contemporary STATUS: BEST FEATURE: Design Proposal Roof Deck Patio

ROOF DECK PATIO The house features a roof deck patio for extreme relaxation while watching the sunrise and sunset. It also has a dining area for small gatherings on special occassions. EXTERIOR DESIGN The exterior features a combination of white plaster and different types of wood finishes.

MODERN CONTEMPORARY The interiors are white with a touch of wood finishes. The client requested a clean and bright interior to emit a spacious ambience within the house.

The Kitchen also features a white scheme to portray a clean look. KITCHEN and DINING

MASTER BEDROOM The use of neutral colors are made prominent in the Master Bedroom to match the exterior feature of the residence. STAIRS The stairs are composed of a combination of Wood, Steel and Glass to maintain the lightness of the design.

BEDROOMS The individual bedrooms are customized to the user’s color preference with reservations of maintaining the use of light pastel colors.

XAVIERVILLE BUILDING 01 PROJECT TYPE: STATUS: INTERIOR STYLE: New Construction Under Construction Modern Contemporary LOCATION: EXTERIOR STYLE: BEST FEATURE: Xavierville, Quezon City Modern Contemporary Open Ground Terrace BUILDING 02

ON-GOING CONSTRUCTION The residence is currently under construction with remarkable progress speed. There has been slight delays due to the pandemic but the quality of the construction is maintained without sacrificing the speed of construction. EXTERIOR DESIGN The design emphasizes horizontal lines which can be seen in the grooves that are prominent in the exterior walls. The combination of smooth plaster and grooves provides the contrast of textures in the design.

CHAN RESIDENCES PROJECT TYPE: STATUS: INTERIOR STYLE: New Construction Design Development Modern Contemporary LOCATION: EXTERIOR STYLE: BEST FEATURE: Alta Vida, San Roque, San Spanish - Modern Spanish - Modern Fusion Rafael, Bulacan Contemporary

SPANISH - MODERN FUSION The subdivision has a design restriction which limits the design of the houses within the subdivision to have a spanish look in all exterior parts of the houses. The client wanted a timeless design so we introduced a Spanish - Modern Mediterannean fusion which is usually contrasting because of the prominent features of Spanish Mediterannean which emphasizes the use of mouldings for character against Modern which focuses on minimalism and truthfulness of the lines. SPANISH MEDITERRANEAN The exterior features a combination of white plaster and extruded mouldings which are very prominent in spanish mediterranean designs in the Philippines.

MODERN MINIMALIST INTERIORS The interior spaces were designed as minimalist as possible. The owner wanted a large open space where there are almost no obstructions to his view wherever he stands in the room.

GUEST BEDROOM The owner requested a guest room located at the ground floor. This will be used as his own room in the future when he grows old. (ABOVE) The bathroom is equiped with a bathtub as required by the owner. He says this is therapeutic for him especially eventually when he grows old. (LEFT) The guest room also has ample space for storage and a display wall for paintings or other wall decorations.

2F BATHROOM (RIGHT) The 2nd Floor is equipped with a large bathroom. This will serve the guestroom and the family room on the 2nd Floor. (BOTTOM) The family room is large enough to be another bedroom. The owner predicts that he will have family guests in the future and this space will be suitable as a temporary bedroom for them. FAMILY ROOM

MASTER BEDROOM (ABOVE) The Master Bedroom is very spacious; with a large storage capacity for clothes, a TV Module, a dresser, and a computer desk for work at home needs. (LEFT) The bathroom is also equipped with a bathtub like the common bathroom on the ground floor.

MANALO RESIDENCE PROJECT TYPE: Renovation LOCATION: San Agustin Village, Brgy. Talipapa, Quezon City STATUS: Under Construction EXTERIOR STYLE: Modern Contemporary INTERIOR STYLE: Modern Contemporary BEST FEATURE: Viewing Deck Open Corner View

ON-GOING CONSTRUCTION The existing house consisted of a classical design. The client wanted a full makeover of the house with a Modern Contemporary Design in both Exterior and Interior spaces without destroying the whole old house. EXTERIOR DESIGN The exterior features a combination of white plaster and different types of neutral colored special wall textures.

The new living area is very spacious. Wooden slats are introduced to provide a soft transition between the entry way and the living area. LIVING AREA

(TOP) The Kitchen has been replaced with a modern feel with the combination use of natural stone finished counter tops and wood laminates. (LEFT) Wood finishes were also used in the dining area along with a white neutral scheme to make the area look bigger and cooler at the same time. KITCHEN AND DINING

STUDY AREA (LEFT) The owner requested a study/work area for him to be able to work from home. (BOTTOM) The study area also has an overlooking space of the Living Area and a wide viewing deck showing the outside of the house.

BEDROOM 01 A bunk bed is intended for one of the bedrooms of the house, maximizing the use of each rooms. The 2nd floor balcony is transformed to a Master Bedroom, complete with a walk-in closet and a Master Bathroom. MASTER BEDROOM + BATHROOM

IVORY WOOD PROJECT TYPE: Interior Fit-out LOCATION: Ivorywood Condominiums, Taguig City STATUS: Completed 2019 INTERIOR STYLE: Elegant Industrial Design BEST FEATURE: Wood Claddings on Beams and Columns

WOOD FINSIHES & CLADDINGS (BOTTOM) Cherry varnishes were used to match all of the wood finishes in the unit. These include the floor, column and beam claddings as well as the doors and its jambs. (TOP) Wood finishes were profound in this condominium unit’s design. Warm lights were also used to enhance the color of the wood finishes used on the doors, floors, walls and beams.


LUMIERE RESIDENCE PROJECT TYPE: Interior Fit-out LOCATION: Lumiere Residences, Pasig City STATUS: Completed 2019 INTERIOR STYLE: Modern Minimalist BEST FEATURE: Light Wood Finishes

The design of the unit adheres to the current trend which is Modern Minimalist. With the use of Light Wood Laminates, Glossy Tiles and Granite counter tops, we have provided a bright interior ambience for the owner. MODERN MINIMALIST

REYES RESIDENCE PROJECT TYPE: New Construction STATUS: Under Construction LOCATION: Mindanao Ave, Quezon City EXTERIOR STYLE: Modern Contemporary INTERIOR STYLE: Modern Contemporary BEST FEATURE: Open Ground Terrace

MODERN CONTEMPORARY The exterior features a combination of white plaster and different types of neutral colored special wall textures.

LIVING ROOM (TOP) The living room is equiped with a mirror wall to make the room look bigger. (RIGHT) The dining area is directly accessible to the kitchen area. An open plan is usually more sought out for when it comes to planning because it removes the unnecessary barriers in the house. BAR AREA


HALLWAY + BEDROOMS (TOP) The bedrooms are large, and able to house a TV module and with Built-In cabinets. (RIGHT) The Hallway is large enough for furniture to move around and be brought inside the rooms.

The Master Bedroom boasts neutral colors to give a sense of warmth in the room it is also equiped with its own Master Toilet & Bath and Walk-In Closet. MASTER BEDROOM + BATHROOM

CIRCULO VERDE PROJECT TYPE: Interior Fit-out STATUS: Completed LOCATION: Circulo Verde, Bagumbayan, Quezon City INTERIOR STYLE: Modern Contemporary BEST FEATURE: Accent Lights for Paintings

ACCENTED PAINTINGS The unit houses a painting enthusiast who requested specialized lightings for his paintings. Wood finishes and neutral colors were used to emphasize the paintings and not overpower them.

VIRIDIAN RESIDENCE PROJECT TYPE: Interior Fit-out STATUS: Completed LOCATION: Viridian in Greenhills, San Juan City INTERIOR STYLE: Modern Contemporary BEST FEATURE: Ceiling Lights

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