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MOSC - Diocese of Bombay : Annual Report 2019-20

Published by erp.moccb, 2020-12-18 13:24:34

Description: MOSC - Diocese of Bombay : Annual Report 2019-20


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Diocese of BomBay DIOCESE OF BOMBAY THE BOMBAY ORTHODOX DIOCESAN COUNCIL (B.O.D.C.) President: H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, Metropolitan Diocesan Secretary: Rev. Fr. Thomas K Chacko MEMBERS Name Place Telephone Rev. Fr. George Abraham Ambarnath 98198 13535 Rev. Fr. K P Varghese Bahrain 82910 80006 Mr. Bin K. Kuriakose Andheri 83693 55258 Mr. Philip Vaidyan K. L. Pune 98904 05586 Mr. Sajeev P. Rajan Vasai 97021 12299 Mr. Zachariah M. Zachariah 98203 32750 Mr. Riju M. John (Internal Auditor) Mira Road 98202 39251 M/s J. K. Varghese & Co (Statutory Auditor) Mira Road 98200 55694 MALANKARA ORTHODOX CHURCH ASSOCIATION MANAGING COMMITTEE MEMBERS Name Place Telephone Rev. Fr. Jiji K. Thomas Chembur 99670 23532 Rev. Fr. Joy M. Skaria Kirkee 97573 96161 Mr. Alex Baby Bahrain 0097339662085 Mr. Cherian George Powai 98202 98219 Mr. M. C. Sunny Vashi 98200 25461 aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 2 of 76

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Diocese of BomBay THe DiocesaN meTRoPoLiTaN Under the able guidance and leadership of our Diocesan Metropolitan H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, the Diocese is scaling the pinnacle of glory through the remarkable growth in its spiritual, social, educational, ecumenical and charitable activities. In spite of being burdened with several responsibilities of the Diocese and various projects of the Church, Thirumeni finds time to plan meticulously and to provide specific guidelines for every activity of the Diocese, the parishes, the spiritual organizations and the social and educational projects thereof. His Grace also spends time to provide help, pastoral care and counselling to those who approach with individual problems. Positions Held President :  Fellowship of the Bishops in Bombay.  Gregorian Community.  Thalacode Boys Home.  Christian Cemeteries Trust, Bombay.  Mission Board (Outside Kerala).  Sponsorship Committee (Medical & Para-Medical). Co-President :  Maharashtra Malayalee Christian Association. Vice President :  St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur. Board Member  MGOCSM.  Mission Board of India.  St. George Balikagram, Dehu Road. :  Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. Member :  Department of Ecumenical Relations. CONFERENCES ATTENDED  Meeting of the Haggai Institute, Hyderabad.  MGOCSM Global Conference, Kerala.  Retreat Programme of Gregorian Community, Roha.  Visited many countries many a time since 1978.  WCC General Assembly in Vancouver (Canada) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).  Attended many National and International conferences of various types in different parts of the world.  Associated with NCCI, WCC, Boisey Institute (Geneva) & Hagai Institute (USA).  Visited many monasteries and communities in USA, UK, Europe. All the Oriental Orthodox Churches and many Byzentine Churches. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 4 of 76

Diocese of BomBay THe maLaNKaRa oRTHoDoX syRiaN cHURcH DIOCESE OF BOMBAY ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2019-20 “Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of His salvation from day to day”. (Psalms 96:1-2) With immense gratitude to God Almighty, for the countless blessings and mercies showered upon the Diocese of Bombay, may I humbly present a brief Annual Report, on behalf of the Bombay Orthodox Diocesan Council, on the various achievements and activities of the Diocese during the year 2019-20. THE DIOCESAN GENERAL ASSEMBLY The General Assembly of the Diocese was convened on 27th Jul, 2019, at Vashi Aramana, as per Kalpana No. 97/2019 of the Diocesan Metropolitan. The meeting was presided over by the Diocesan Metropolitan H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos and was attended by 22 priests and 58 representatives from the various parishes of the Diocese. The members of the Malankara Sabha Association Managing Committee were also present as special invitees. The Annual Accounts & Annual Reports for the year 2018-19 were approved by the Assembly. The General Assembly also passed the Metropolitan Sapthathi project and the higher education project of the diocese unanimously. THE DIOCESAN COUNCIL MEETINGS In the reporting year, two meetings were held and various decisions pertaining to the activities of the Diocese were discussed and decided. PARISHES AND CONGREGATIONS At present we have 56 parishes, including congregations, which are actively functioning in the Diocese. LATE LAMENTED METROPOLITANS’ REMEMBERENCE DAY The 96th death anniversary of Late Lamented Metropolitan Alvares Mar Yulios and the 22nd death anniversary of Late Lamented Metropolitan Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilus were observed at the Diocesan level on 1st & 2nd Oct, 2019, at Vashi Aramana Church in the presence of the Diocesan Metropolitan, H. G. Dr. Joshua Mar Nicodemos, Metropolitan of Nilackel Diocese who led the perunnal service. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 5 of 76

Diocese of BomBay DAY FOR THE DEPARTED On 16th Feb, 2019, the day of the faithful departed, the Diocese of Bombay organized Holy Qurbana at Sewri Christian Cemetery, with the support of St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Dadar. 5 priests and hundreds of faithful attended the service. DIOCESAN DAY The Diocesan Day and the 30th Annual Feast (perunnal) of St. Thomas Aramana Church, Vashi, were celebrated on 2nd & 3rd Feb, 2020. H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, the Diocesan Metropolitan & H.G. Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan of Mavelikkara diocese led the perunnal service. A public meeting was also held after the Holy Qurbana. DIOCESAN MISSION DEVELOPMENT SUNDAY The Diocesan Mission Development Sunday was observed on 9th Feb, 2020. Special prayers were conducted for the mission developments of the Diocese spearheaded by the Diocesan Metropolitan. Till the reporting period, a sum of Rs. 7,03,146/- was received, through the diocesan mission development cover collection. METROPOLITAN’S SAPTHATHI CHARITY PROJECT H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan, one of the senior Metropolitans of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and the Modern Architect of the Bombay Diocese has reached his 70th year or Sapthathi Varsham, by the Grace of God. Not being interested in any festive celebrations, His Grace is instead working hard for the betterment of the society and is pushing his people to do so as well. Our Metropolitan is keen that during the Sapthathi year, we start some more social and charitable projects. Respecting his wishes, the Diocesan General Body Meeting held on 27th Jul 2019 at Vashi Aramana decided to: Provide shelter to 9 homeless families, provide marriage assistance to 7 underprivileged girls and Provide educational and medical assistance to the needy, during his Sapthathi year. A subcommittee named “Sapthathi Committee” was formed including priests, Sabha managimmittee members and Bombay diocesan council members to make this project success. By the grace of God, the first home for the homeless was blessed on the 20th Jan, 2020 at Anary, Kerala by our beloved Metropolitan. The second home, at Kottayam, is in the final stages of construction at the time of this report. During the year we could also give marriage assistance for two girls and housing aid for one family, along with two houses in Kerala. OBITUARY It is with utmost sadness that we notify the sad demise of Malankara Association managing committee member representing Bombay Diocese from 2017 and one of our senior members, Mr. Jacob Oommen in December 2019. He was the Diocesan Secretary of the OCYM for many years and was associated with so many activities of the Parish as well as the Diocese in various capacities. He also served as the school committee member and the construction committee member of the diocese. His contributions to the growth of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in general, and the Diocese of Bombay in particular, has been immense. We pray to our Lord Almighty to keep him in his bosom till the second coming of our Lord. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 6 of 76

Diocese of BomBay We also express our heartfelt condolence in the sad demise of one of the senior members of the diocese Mr. Jacob Thomas. He was the vibrant leader of various spiritual organizations viz AMOSS, Lay Leaders etc. SEMINARY STUDENTS The following students were studying in the STOTS Nagpur & OTS Kottayam, for our Diocese, during the year 2020-2021: 1. Br. Wilson Abraham 3rd Year (STOTS Nagpur) 2. Br. Jerin P. John 3rd Year (STOTS Nagpur) 3. Br. Reuben T. Mathew 1st Year (OTS Kottayam) 4. Sr. Mary 1st Year (STOTS Nagpur) PRIESTS In the reporting year, 58 priests (including 1 priest on deputation and 2 priests doing their higher studies) have been serving in various parishes and congregations of the Diocese. There are also 12 retired priests in the Diocese. SOCIAL PROJECTS 1. ST. MARY’S TEJASWINI SCHOOL, VASHI (MOCCB) St. Mary’s Tejaswini School, started in 2004, has become a full-fledged school upto the 10th Std. and has a present strength of 370 students, from the Turbhe slum area. As per the Education Department’s requirements, the school timing is 2.15 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. All the infrastructure facilities of St. Mary’s Multipurpose High School, Vashi are made available to these underprivileged children free of cost, including the TeachNext Smart Class (teaching with the help of LCD Projector, Computer and CD’s) which are equivalent to Rs. 27,000/- per student per annum, applicable for a regular student. Besides free education in English medium, transportation, school books, uniforms and one time snacks are also provided free of cost. The aggregate expenditure per child per annum is Rs. 18,750/-. More than Rs. 75 lakhs are being spent annually, for this single project. 2. ST. THOMAS MEDICAL AID CENTRE – TURBHE (BODC) A Medical Aid Centre is functioning in a hired room in Turbhe, with a doctor and nurse working daily for 2 hours, and a volunteer Mr. Raghu, monitoring the activities. 10 to 15 patients, most of them HIV+, are visiting the Centre daily for medicines, free consultations and free checkups. The Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Terna Medical College, extends the services of a team of 2 doctors and 3 social workers, for 3 hours daily, for consultation and awareness programs, at our Medical Aid Centre. Mrs. Junu Joseph is serving as the coordinator of this project dedicatedly. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 7 of 76

Diocese of BomBay 3. NUTRITIOUS FOOD FOR T. B. AFFECTED CHILDREN – TURBHE (GREGORIAN COMMUNITY) About 34 T. B. patients, most of them children aged between 3-12 years, receive medicines from the Government Health Department and are provided with a nutritious meal daily at our TB Centre. Our volunteers prepare and distribute food to these T. B. patients. The menu for this is a cup of boiled milk with Bournvita, a boiled egg, a fruit and sometimes other snacks, in addition to the regular menu, for each person, which costs about Rs. 1,000/- per day. This scheme was started on the “Shashtyabdapoorthi” day of our beloved Thirumeni. Special thanks to Mrs. Junu Joseph for her dedicated service as the coordinator of the project. 4. FREESHIPS IN SCHOOL RUN BY MOCCB About 150 economically backward students are studying in our regular school. We are providing free-ship/fee-concession to these students, equivalent to the expenses of about Rs. 27,07,500/- per annum. 5. ANNAYOGANA A program for providing midday meals to the bystanders of patients admitted to the Municipal Hospital at Vashi as many of these are poor people and cannot afford food from nearby hotels. Free lunch and bottled drinking water are provided to about 150 people every Saturday. 6. Dr. MAR THEOPHILUS ASHRAYA BHAVAN, NERUL A Shelter home for cancer patients and their relatives is our latest initiative. It is seen that the many of the cancer patients who come to Mumbai from outstation are from a poor background. As a result, these patients and/ or the relatives accompanying them cannot afford a decent place to stay in Mumbai during the treatment period, as accommodation in Mumbai is very expensive. A large number of such people have no option but to live on roadside. By the grace of God, we could start a shelter home for such people in Navi Mumbai, on the 1st August 2019 viz., ‘Dr. Mar Theophilus Ashraya Bhavan’ at Row House No 28, Plot No 35, Nandanvan CHS, Sector 17, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. We purchased this premises in the reporting year for Rs.3 Cr. We are providing free food, accommodation and transportation to Tata Hospital, to a limited number of patients and their bystander relatives. Monthly expenses to run this project comes to Rs.75,000/-. Rev. Dn. Johnson Philipose is serving as the coordinator for this project. Spiritual organizations 1. VAIDIKA SANGHAM St. Thomas Orthodox Vaideeka Sanghom, Diocese of Bombay is a vibrant organisation of our Diocese. Vaideeka Sanghom held four meetings during this financial year under the guidance of our Diocesan Metropolitan H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. Rev. Fr. M.B. George, is serving as the Vaideeka Sanghom Secretary. A special joint-program of VS, with NCCI-ESHA, \"Understanding Human Sexuality and Gender Identity\", was held on 16th Jul 2019 at Vashi Aramana. Rev.Fr. Thomas Ninan – General Coordinator of NCCI-ESHA coordinated the program. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 8 of 76

Diocese of BomBay The 8th Biennial Conference of Priests of Outside Kerala Region Dioceses (STOVS-OKR) was held from the 20th to 22nd Aug, 2019 at Brahmawar Diocese. 36 priests from Bombay Diocese attended the same and Rev. Fr. M.B. George (Bombay Diocese VS Secretary) was appointed as the Coordinator of STOVS-OKR Region. The VS, along with the Diocesan Council and Spiritual Organisations, celebrated our Thirumeni's 70th (\"Sapthathi\") on 7th Oct, 2019 evening at Vashi Aramana. The second time Counseling Course Sessions for priests was held from Nov 19-21 at Vashi Aramana, led by Rev.Fr. Dr. O. Thomas. The Vaideeka Sanghom Annual Retreat was held on 10th and 11th Mar, 2020 led by H. G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius, Metropolitan of the Diocese of Calcutta – 42 Priests attended the same and received blessings. The Vaideeka Sanghom felicitated Rev. Fr. Sam Oommen Panackamattom, Rev. Fr. Jose Isaac and Rev. Fr. Prisquilla Peter, having completed 25 years in their Priesthood. Rev. Fr. Philipose C.M. and Rev. Fr. Rony John joined the VS this year. The Spiritual Revival Ministry, the Diocesan website, Pre-marital counselling, the Diocesan Gateway magazine, Jeevandhara Gospel team and Prayer fellowship are successfully continuing their functions under the Diocesan Vaideeka Sanghom banner. 2. SUNDAY SCHOOL The Sunday Schools of Bombay Diocese greatly appreciate the guidance and leadership of our beloved and most respected Diocesan Metropolitan, H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos in recognizing the most important role of the Sunday Schools in the evangelization of our young ones. This task was headed by our former Vice President Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese and present Vice President Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen and executed selflessly by more than 450 committed teachers, in 54 Sunday Schools of Bombay Diocese. The Sunday Schools in the diocese are divided into 2 regions namely Mumbai Zone and Pune Zone, for better performance, and these regions are further divided into districts Surat, Malad, Dadar, Vashi, Kalyan, Nashik and Pune. The Sunday Schools were led by a dynamic leader, Dr. Sunny Pariyaram who was a director of the Bombay Diocese from last 11 years with the executive committee and with the HMs playing a pivotal role as well. Our Sincere thanks to Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese and Dr. Sunny Pariyaram. COMPETITIONS: The arts competitions at the unit level and district levels were completed as per specified time. The Diocesan competitions were completed successfully in November 2019, where participation and performance were excellent. Prizes and certificates were awarded at each level. TEACHER’S TRAINING: The OSSAE OKR teacher’s training camp was held at Nagpur where 5 teachers from Bombay Diocese attended. A Diocesan Level Teacher’s training program was held at Dadar Church which was attended by almost 170 teachers. INTER-DIOCESAN COMPETITION: Inter-Diocesan competitions were held in the month of July at OKR Nagpur for different titles. Ms. Serena David from St. George Orthodox Church Borivli won the title ‘Gana Sugandhi’. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 9 of 76

Diocese of BomBay SUNDAY SCHOOL DAY & CHARITY DAY: Sunday School day & Charity day were celebrated appropriately by all Parishes. EXAMINATIONS: The half yearly examinations and the annual examinations of all classes of the respective zones were conducted as per the centralized question papers from the diocese. The class 12 examinations were also conducted as per OKR regulations. We are proud to inform that Ms. Dyuti George Jacob from Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Dighi Pune topped the Std 10 and Ms. Angel. E. Jose from St. Stephens Orthodox Church, Thane topped the Std 12 exams. MEETINGS: During the academic year a general body meeting was convened to discuss and decide on various activities as per the directions from the diocese and OKR. About 20 teachers from Bombay Diocese attended the annual general body meeting held at OKR Nagpur. In the month of September, teachers who had completed 20 years and 40 years of teaching in the Sunday School were felicitated. A special mention has to be made in respect of Mrs. Mary George from Mar Gregorios OSC, Chembur and Shri T.P. Paulose from St. George OSC, Borivli, who were felicitated for completing 40 years of teaching in the Sunday School. Executive Committee meetings were held at regular intervals. Our Diocesan Metropolitan H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos appointed Dr. Bright O. Philip as the Director of Sunday School Bombay Diocese, Mrs. Rachel Varghese as the Diocesan Secretary and Mr. Oommen Jose as the Regional Secretary of Bombay with effective from January 2020. OVBS: All the unit level Sunday Schools successfully conducted OVBS classes during Diwali and Christmas vacations, with active leadership of the Deacons/Brothers from STOTS Nagpur. 3. M.G.O.C.S.M. With God Almighty's righteous will and abundant grace the MGOCSM activities for the year 2019-2020 functioned smoothly. The MGOCSM General Assembly was held on 21st Jul, 2019 at Vashi Aramana under the leadership of H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. The Office bearers for the year 2019-2020 were elected and the Year Plan was announced to all the Diocesan Representatives. The Office Bearers for the year 2019-2020: Vice President Fr. Jacob Anish Varghese Vice President Fr. Lijo Daniel (Pune region) Jt. Vice President Fr. Jubin Thomas Diocesan Secretary Rincy Varghese (Mulund) Diocesan Treasurer Beryl Varghese (Kalyan East) A Leadership Conference was held on 18th Aug, 2019 at St. John's OSC, Andheri where all the participants learnt the lessons to be a true leader in Christ. The theme of the conference was taken from St. John 3.30 - \"He must increase, but I must decrease\" Fr. Baiju Thomas from STOTS (Nagpur seminary faculty), Fr. Joemon Thomas and Mrs. Mabel Abraham were the chief speakers for the conference. Bombay MGOCSM Calendar 2020 was released by our beloved Thirumeni H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos during the INAMS International Conference on 5th Nov, 2019 at Gregorian Community Roha. More than 2000 aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 10 of 76

Diocese of BomBay calendars were sold across the country. Diocesan Carol Singing Competition “Aura” was organized on 8th Dec 2019 at St. George OSC, Mulund. Annual Conference was held from the 27th to 29th Dec, 2019 at Gregorian Community, Roha under the leadership of H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, Fr. Jacob Anish Varghese and Fr. Jubin Thomas. The theme was taken from Jeremiah 29:13 \"If you seek me with all your heart I will let you find me\". Around 210 delegates attended the conference. We had 35 seminarians from Kottayam Seminary who attended the conference. The sessions were led by H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, Fr. Philip Kuruvilla, Bibi Kuruvilla and Fr. Jacob Anish Varghese. Nasik Zonal Conference was held at St. George OSC, Nasik on 24th and 25th Aug 2019. The theme of the Conference was \"Christ is enough\", taken from Philippians 4:13 - (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me). Fr. Basil Kuriakose and Fr. Sijin Mathew were the speakers of the conference. They took sessions which gave us a message that Christ gives us the strength to not only endure the tough times, but also to grow during that time. We aren’t meant to just slog through the pain; we’re meant to see our faith blossom right in the face of our battles. God equips us with the armor we need to stand firm. Cricket Tournament named ADI MACHANE SIXER was organized on 26th October, 2019. The event was hosted by St. George OSC, Kalyan East. Pune Zone Activities: Football Tournament – 9 teams participated, on 27th Jul 2019, Soccer Yard, Chinchwad. A Day with Thirumeni and Zonal Quiz Competition – 1st September 2019 at St. Thomas Orthodox Valliyapally, Khadki, in the presence of our Beloved Thirumeni H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. 110 delegates attended, with the Theme being: “Life and witness of Orthodox youth in the sacramental life of the church”. Zonal Quiz competition conducted by Rev. Fr. John Mathai on the topics: Sacraments (Baptism and Marriage), the Book of Genesis and Church History (general). Zonal Conference – 24th Nov 2019 at St. George Orthodox Syrian Church Chinchwad Theme: “Being Pure- Your body is the temple of the holy spirit.” In presence of our Beloved Thirumeni H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. Guests: Rev. Father Nithin V. Rajan (OKR Sunday School Director) and Dr. Anil Roy. Crib Competition – 22nd - 25th Dec, 2019 at individual churches with the theme - “Best out of waste” was won by St. Mary’s OSC, Pimpri. Bonfire event – 11th Jan 2020 at St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, Pune. All the units of Pune zone participated in this event. Bizonal Conference of Kalyan and Vashi Zone was held on 9th Feb 2020 at Mar Gregorios OSC, Chembur. H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos was the chief celebrant. Mr. Geogi Eapen was the main speaker for the conference. The theme of the conference was taken from Philippians 4:6 – “Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything”, which taught us that Prayer is the way by which God helps us to overcome our anxiety and worry. Diocesan Skit Competition “Chazon” was held on 16th Feb 2020 organized by St Thomas OSC, Vasai, with the theme “A Christian response to social evils.” Kalyan Zone Great Lent retreat was organized by St. Mary's OSC, Dombivili on 8th Mar 2020 with Fr. Rony John as the main speaker. Charity Activities - BOMBAY MGOCSM sponsored Rs. 10,000.00 to TEACH (Training and Educational Centre for Hearing Impaired). Additionally, we also sponsored a Christmas tree of 7 feet to the Ashraya Bhavan in Nerul. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 11 of 76

Diocese of BomBay The MGOCSM Diocesan Assembly which was supposed to be held on 30th Mar 2020 was cancelled in view of the current Pandemic situation. 4. YOUTH MOVEMENT By the Grace of God Almighty, the Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM) of Bombay Diocese is functioning smoothly, under the inspiring leadership of H. G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan (President) and the following diocesan level office bearers: Vice President Rev. Fr. George Jijo Abraham, Ambernath Regional Vice President Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Jinumon Abraham Regional Vice President Rev. Fr. Skaria Sibi Thomas General Secretary Vinod Ninan Eapen, Powai Joint Secretary Jeffry John Thomas, Vashi Treasurer Blesson Abraham, Malad Central Committee Jaisy Biju, Mulund Central Committee Sabu Varghese, Powai Central Committee Alex Mathew, Andheri OCYM – Major activities: Individual units have been doing many charitable, spiritual & cultural events in their respective areas – like blood donation drives, collection for feeding the destitute in their neighbourhood, making active donations for education & medical needs, organizing medical camps and conducting spiritual and prayer sessions as well. The OCYM Bombay Diocese expresses its deepest condolences on the sad demise of its erstwhile General Secretary for many years, Shri. Jacob Oommen. The Dr. Philipos Mar Theophilus Memorial Orthodox Youth Hostel at Sakinaka, is also being run well, with the support of the vicar and team at Sakinaka and we have many young men who could utilize its facilities for a nominal expense during their temporary stay in Mumbai. International OCYM Global Conference: This year, we very successfully hosted the International OCYM Global Conference, for delegates from all OCYM units across the world, at the Dr. Mar Theophilos Nagar, at the Gregorian Community Centre, Roha, Raigad, Maharashtra from the 5th - 7th Oct, 2019. Over 600 delegates, 300+ from Bombay and 300+ from Kerala and across the world, plus another 100 special invitees, speakers and various volunteers attended, to make the event a grand success. The event was graced by five Metropolitans, including the Bava Thirumeni:  His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II, Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan, our beloved Bava Thirumeni;  His Grace Geevarghese Mar Coorios, Bombay Diocese Metropolitan;  His Grace Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos, Metropolitan Niranam Diocese, & OCYM President;  His Grace Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysious, Metropolitan Calcutta Diocese; and  His Grace Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan Ahmedabad Diocese. With the topic \"Look Unto Jesus ( േയശുവിെന േനാ ുക )\", Hebrews 12.2, the event saw the following additional speakers attending as well: Rev. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip, Rev. Noble aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 12 of 76

Diocese of BomBay Abraham, of the Mar Thoma church, Dr. Tiju Thomas (IRS), Commissioner - GST, Customs & Central Excise, Rev. Fr. Philip Tharakan, Fr. Varghese T. Varghese, Vice President OCYM, Fr. Aji K. Thomas General Secretary OCYM & Jogy P. Thomas, Treasurer, OCYM. The varied programmes at the event saw a riverside sermon, a hilltop trek & meditation, cultural events at Roha and at Vashi, visits to our Diocese’s educational institutions and also a Mumbai sightseeing tour. We express our sincere gratitude to all the leaders of OCYM, supporters and sponsors of the conference. As part of the event, the OCYM was able to sponsor purchase of 300 lightweight bedding material (easy-handling for large events and compact for storage), 400 foam pillows and 70 large three-person 'paya'-mats - that could be used by the Gregorian Community for future programmes and also 70 tree-saplings for the campus. 5. MARTH MARIAM SAMAJAM All the Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam units with their motto \"Pray-Work-Shine\" are functioning effectively under the Leadership and guidance of the Vicars and unit office bearers, in all zones in the Diocese. President H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Vice President Rev. Fr. Jiji K. Thomas General Secretary Mrs. Suman Abraham Treasurer Mrs. Elizabeth Idicula Rev. Fr. Jiji K. Thomas was appointed as the new Vice President of the Samajam in August 2019, to hold office for the ensuing three years. Samajam thanks V. Rev. Yaunan Mulamoottil Cor Episcopa for all the help rendered to the Samajam during his tenure with the MMVS. The Theme for the year was “Kshamayude Lavanyam” (Ephesians 4:32). The Samajam conducted 6 zonal conferences in all zones, except Surat. A Leadership Conference was held at the St. John’s OSC, Andheri on 18th Aug 2019 for the benefit of new unit level office bearers and the Session was headed by Rev. Fr. Baiju Thomas, faculty from STOTS, Nagpur. Akhila Malankara Exams were held in October 2019; about 350 members attempted the exams and the results were good. The Samajam also commends the members who received prizes for their English, Essay, Poetry and Short-story writing at Navathi Smaranika Competitions held all over India as part of MMVS Navathi Celebrations. MMVS is proud to announce the purchase of a flat at Panvel, a long cherished dream, the sole purpose being, of using it as a hostel for working women at subsidized rates. The flat registration agreements were signed by MMVS Vice President Rev. Fr. Jiji K. Thomas and Bombay Diocesan Secretary Rev. Fr. Thomas K. Chacko on behalf of MMVS Diocese of Bombay. The house warming ceremony of the flat was done on the 17th Sep 2019. About 41 women attended the MMVS Global Conference in Quilon in May 2019. The amount received from cover collections were good. Vanitha Day celebrations and food sales were conducted in many units. Continuous Bible reading was conducted during July/August 2019. As we had purchased the flat, this year MMVS Charity disbursed was only Rs. 60,000/-. About 6 executive committee members attended the Leadership Conference in Lucknow on the 11th - 13th Feb, 2020. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 13 of 76

Diocese of BomBay The MMVS Annual conference was held on the 19th Jan, 2020 at St. Thomas Orthodox Valliapally, Malad. Rev Fr. Dr. O. Thomas delivered an excellent Keynote address on the topic “Women’s liberation and Christian moral values”, where about 600 women participated. The elections of zonal secretaries and CCMs for the next three years (April 2020 to March 2023) were conducted. As usual the MMVS members lent a helping hand during the Annual Spiritual Convention of the Bombay Diocese held in February 2020 at the St. Mary’s School grounds, Vashi. 6. PRARTHANA YOGAM Under the strong prayerful leadership of our Metropolitan H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, and the guidance of the Vice President, Rev. Fr Thomas Myalil, the activities of the Prarthana Yogam has been a great resource for the diocese. A meeting of the selected prayer meeting coordinators from different parishes of the diocese was held on Dec 28th, 2019 at Vashi Aramana, led by Rev. Fr. Thomas K. Chacko, Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen, VP, Revival Ministry, Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil and Rev. Fr. T.U. Thomas, AMOSS VP. It was decided to unite the Revival Ministry and the Prarthana Yogam together for effective functioning of the organization. Mr. P. K. Mathai was selected as the Diocesan Co-ordinator. Mr. T.A. Joseph, Dadar Zone, Mr. K.G. Geevarghese, Malad Zone, Mr. T.D. Joykutty, Kalyan Zone and Mr. Saji Yohannan, Vashi Zone were selected as Zonal Co-ordinators. A meeting conducted of the office bearers on Jan 12th, 2020 at Vashi Aramana decided to have Lenten Retreats in all the zones of the dioceses. On Mar 6, 2020 a Lenten retreat was held at St. Gregorios OSC, Mira Road, led by Rev. Fr Thomas Chacko. The Lenten retreat of the Vashi Zone was held at Vashi Aramana on Mar 11, 2020. H G Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius Metropolitan of Calcutta and our Metropolitan H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos led the retreat. The rest of the zonal retreats had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Our diocese participated in a Chain Prayer conducted by the Akhila Malankara Prarthana Yogam from Mar 27th to Apr 3rd 2020. 7. INAMS (International Association for Mission Studies) INAMS unit started in the Bombay Diocese in March 2019. It is a pleasure to note that this organization, within its inception year itself has made good progress at the unit, zonal and central levels. Under the guidance of H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos and Vice President Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen, Diocese Co-ordinator Mr. Thomas Varghese, Vice Coordinator Mrs. Gracy Mathew and all other Vicars of individual churches and Office bearers. Activities are as follows: - Global Conference of INAMS – Bombay Diocese hosted the global conference of INAMS, which was held from 05th - 07th Nov 2019 at the Gregorian Community Center at Roha. This conference was blessed by the presence of H G Dr. Yuhanon Mar Thevodoros (President, Mission Board and INAMS), H G Dr. Joshua Mar Nicodemos (Vice President Mission Board) and H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. Under the theme, “A LOVING COMMUNITY AGAINST COMMUNALISM TRINITARIAN UNDERSTANDING OF HARMONY”, the speakers Rev. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip, Rev. Fr. Dr. Reji Mathew, Rev. Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob and several eminent priests & sisters from different part of India, presented to over 600 attendee members. Office bearers of Bombay Diocese INAMS worked along with the central committee member to plan and organize for the success of conference. The hard work put up by the Gregorian Community member is worth a special mention here, aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 14 of 76

Diocese of BomBay Special programs like visit of Hilltop Chapel, Open air evening prayer on hilltop, evening prayer were some of the memorable events. All those who contributed in a small or big way for the success of this conference deserves acknowledgement and appreciation. Zonal and Unit Level Activities- We have six zones. Namely Name of Zone Name of Coordinators Church Dadar Mr. John Kochukutty Powai Malad Malad Kalyan Mr. Biji Joshua Kalyan Vashi Mr. Titus Thomas Vashi Vapi Mrs. Accamma Chacko Vapi Pune Mrs. Suja Varghese Pune Mr. Mathukutty Parish level meeting and charity activities were held minimum once in a month as usual till March 2020. After that date, though this schedule couldn’t be followed due to the lock- down announced by the Government, it is very heartening to observe that in many units, members set separate time for prayer in the context of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. They specially pray for the people affected by the pandemic. 8. JEEVANDHARA Jeevandhara is a Gospel team of a group of priests under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Mathew Thannimootil and Rev. Fr. Sherin Thomas. Singing of devotional songs, gospel conventions, study classes and intercessory prayers are the programs included in Jeevandhara. 9. DIVYABODHANAM By the Grace of the God Almighty Divyabodhnam Bombay Diocese is functioning smoothly under the dynamic leadership of Diocesan Metropolitan H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos and under the able guidance of Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese (Vice President) and Mr. K.V. Chandy (Director) along with the active support from Vicars and teachers of various churches under the Bombay Diocese. In the academic session of the year 2019-20, which is the 18th batch of Divyabodhanam, a total of 188 students have studied various Divyabodhanam courses from 18 parishes of Bombay Diocese; which includes POCE – 148 students, DOCE – 22 students and GOCE – 18 students. It is a matter of happiness to convey that a landmark figure of 1009 students have so far completed Divyabodhanam studies from Bombay Diocese. 10. SUSHROOSHAKA SANGHAM (AMOSS) The Akhila Malankara Orthodox Sushrooshaka Sanghom, (“AMOSS”), Diocese of Bombay the Acolyte spiritual body of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is working steadfastly with an emphasis for the spiritual strengthening and nourishment of the Acolytes in the Diocese of Bombay. AMOSS was functioning well under the leadership of President H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, Vice President Rev. Fr. T. U. Thomas and Secretary Mr. P. G. Chacko. The Annual Conference of AMOSS was held on 1st Mar 2020 at St. Thomas Orthodox Aramana Church, Vashi. Our Diocesan Metropolitan H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos presided over the Conference and Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen, the Vicar of St. Pauls O.S.C, Powai was the Main Resource Person. During the meeting the new Treasurer and Jt. Secretary were elected, since Mr. A.S. Thomas and Mr. Cecil Sam Philip expressed their aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 15 of 76

Diocese of BomBay inconvenience in continuing as Treasurer and Jt. Secretary respectively. The organization also felicitated Altar Assistants who completed 25 years and above and those who completed 50 years and above as Acolytes, by giving certificates and mementos, respectively. The conference expressed its deep condolence on the sad demise of Mr. Thomas Jacob (Thampan) co-ordinator of AMOSS for a period of 14 years. 11. PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING The Pre-Marital Counselling Program under the auspices of the Diocese of Bombay is a two-day Program that is conducted almost once every three months. For the convenience of the participants the sessions are being held separately in Mumbai and Pune Regions. Mumbai Region: During the year 2019 - 20, the same were held at Vashi Aramana Church during the month of June 2019, and thereafter at Dadar Cathedral during the months of September 2019, December 2019 and March 2020. Also, on request by Nashik parish, a special Session was arranged for persons in Nashik region during October 2019. Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas Karakkal served as Coordinator for Pre-Marital Counselling in Mumbai region for three years – beginning in 2016 until June 2019. Since July 2019, Rev. Fr. Santhosh Varghese has been appointed as Coordinator for the same, while also Rev. Fr. Basil Kuriakose has been appointed as Asst. Coordinator. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas for his sincere services as Coordinator for Pre-Marital Counselling. We also extend our good wishes to the priests who have been newly assigned the responsibility. The following persons are serving as Faculty for Pre-Marital Counselling in Mumbai Region: Very Rev. N. S. Varghese Cor-Episcopo, Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese, Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen, Rev. Fr. Santhosh Varghese, Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas, Rev. Fr. Thomas K. Chacko, Rev. Fr. Sunil Baby, Rev. Fr. Basil Kuriakose and Dr. Annie Jolly. A total of 240 youngsters from Mumbai region, including from parishes up to Surat, attended Pre-Marital Counselling in the period 2019-20, and have received Course- Completion Certificate. Pune Region: During the year under report, three batches were conducted in the Pune Region at St. Gregorios Orthodox Syrian Church, Dighi. Thirty prospective brides and grooms completed the two days’ course. Rev Fr Jacob Koshy [Regional Coordinator], Rev Fr John Mathai, Rev Fr Scaria Thomas and Dr. Susan Zacharia are serving as the faculty. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the Clergy and all Faculty members for their dedication and support. A special note of thanks is due to Dr. Annie Jolly and Dr. Susan Zacharia for their commitment to this noble endeavour. We extend our best wishes with humble prayers for all those who completed this course and entered into blessed wedded life. 12. DIOCESAN GATEWAY PUBLICATION The Diocesan Gateway is the official Magazine of the Diocese of Bombay, under the Presidentship of the Diocesan Metropolitan H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. Very Rev. Thomas Kurian Cor-Episcopa serves as the Chief Editor, Rev. Fr. Thomas K. Chacko as Manager, Rev. Fr. Mathew Thannimoottil as the publisher and Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen, Rev. Fr. Scariah Varghese, Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Abraham, Mr. Kurian Daniel, Mr. P. D. Mathukutty and Mr. A. V. Kuruvila as the Editorial Board Members. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 16 of 76

Diocese of BomBay 13. SPIRITUAL REVIVAL MINISTRY Spiritual Revival Ministry is a great vision of our Metropolitan H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. To revitalize the spiritual growth and to refresh the sacramental life of Clergy, Family, Kids & the Youth are the motto of our Spiritual Revival Mission. Spiritual Revival Committee: General Vice President Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen Spirituality of Clergy Rev. Fr. Thomas K. Chacko Family Sanctification Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil Kids & Youth Rev. Fr. Joemon Thomas Tithe Rev. Fr. Thomaskutty P. N. First Confession Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas Liturgical Education Rev. Fr. Mathew Thannimmootil Chain prayer & Prayer team Rev. Fr. M. B. George Mr. Jacob Varghese Mission & Evangelism Mr. Thomas Varghese Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil Diocesan Convention Rev. Fr. Thomaskutty C. Book Shop Rev. Fr. Sherin Thomas Web Manager Mr. Viju John Accounts Activities: a) Book shop: - The Diocesan book shop was opened on 2nd Oct 2014 and is dedicated to the sacred memory of Late Lamented Alvares Mar Julius Metropolitan. Liturgical, devotional and biblical books are available at our Book shop. Rev. Fr. Thomaskutty C. is serving as the Book Shop Manager. b) Website: - Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Basil Kuriakose, our website portals are functioning well and its contents include Church news, and other important current matters of both Diocese as well as Church as a whole are updated regularly. c) Bombay Orthodox Diocesan Convention: - The diocesan convention known as ‘Bombay Orthodox Diocesan Convention’ conducted by the diocese has become a new spiritual awakening to the faithful. In the reporting year, the 6th Diocesan Convention and Family get together was held on 29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2020. As part of the diocesan convention, we have conducted zonal level conventions at the following centers: Kalyan Zone : St. Gregorios OSC, Ambernath. Gujarat Zone : St. Gregorios OSC, Silvassa. Central Zone : St. Stephen’s OSC, Thane. Vashi Zone : St. Gregorios OSC, Chembur. Western Zone : St. George OSC, Borivali. Pune Zone : St. George OSC, Chinchwad. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 17 of 76

Diocese of BomBay Well-known convention speakers in the Malankara Orthodox Church Rev. Fr. Joji K.Joy (Adoor-Kadambanad Diocese) and Rev. Fr. Philip Tharakan (Kollam Diocese) were the main speakers for the zonal level conventions. The mega convention and family get together was held on 2nd February 2020 at St. Mary’s School ground, Vashi. Rev. Fr. Joji K. Joy was the main speaker. Our diocesan Metropolitan H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos presided over the convention meeting wherein H. G. Alexios Mar Eusebius, the Diocesan Metropolitan of Mavelikkara, was the chief guest. About 3500 faithful gathered from various regions of the diocese. Special classes for different age groups were also conducted which was led by H. G. Alexios Mar Eusebius, Rev. Fr. Dr. Reji Mathew, Rev. Fr. Philip Tharakan and Mrs. Merlin T. Mathew. The devotional songs for the convention was led by ‘Sneha Sandesam’, a mobile mission of the Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Board. Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil served as the General Convener of the diocesan convention. We hereby express our sincere thanks to all conveners & co-ordinators of various committees for their valuable services for the grand success of the “Diocesan Convention”. In the reporting year it was decided to donate Rs.1 lakh to H. G’s Sapthathi project from the offertory received. d) Tithe Collection: - Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil, this year a good collection of Rs. 28,01,034/- was received as Tithe collection from all parishes, which are exclusively set apart for the spiritual activities and for the needy people as our charity work under the spiritual revival program. e) Clergy Retreat: - An Annual Retreat for Priests of Bombay Diocese led by H.G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionisius, Metropolitan of Calcutta diocese was held on 10th & 11th March, 2020, at Vashi Aramana Church. f) First Confession: - During the Great Lent period many parishes organized study classes about holy confession and first confession which benefited many young children of our parishes. Acknowledgement With a deep sense of gratitude from the bottom of our hearts, we acknowledge : - 1. Various sister churches for giving us permission to use their churches and school premises for our worship in different parts of the Diocese. 2. The members of the Diocesan Council, the Malankara Orthodox Church Council of Bombay and the Malankara Association Managing Committee for their sincere co- operation. 3. All the Reverend Priests and respectable Parishioners for their sincere co-operation. 4. Dr. C. J. Samuel for his timely advice on legal matters and the valuable contributions as the Director of the Education Board (MOCCB). 5. Mr. Riju John for his valuable suggestions as the internal auditor of the accounts for the reporting year. 6. M/s J.K. Varghese and Co., Chartered Accountants for their timely advice and auditing of the accounts. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 18 of 76

Diocese of BomBay 7. The Vicar and Members of the nominated Committee and all parishioners of the Vashi Aramana Church. 8. All staff working in BODC/MOCCB for their valuable services. 9. All those who have helped the Diocese with prayers, guidance, assistance and co- operation at various levels. OUR PLEDGE We pledge our loyalty to the Holy Episcopal Synod, to H. H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the Catholicos of the East and the Malankara Metropolitan and to our Diocesan Metropolitan, H. G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos. With utmost humility, we bow our heads before God Almighty and thanking Him for the continuous blessings we have been receiving all through from above, we humbly submit this Annual Report for the year 2019-20. For the Diocese of Bombay, Sd/- Place: Vashi FR. THOMAS K. CHACKO, Date: 25th August 2020 Diocesan Secretary. aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 19 of 76

Diocese of BomBay aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 20 of 76

Diocese of BomBay aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 21 of 76

aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Diocese of BomBay Page 22 of 76

Diocese of BomBay MALANKARA ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH (DIOCESE OF BOMBAY) SCHEDULES ANNEXED TO RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS ACCOUNTS RECEIPTS AMOUNT Schedule AA 4,82,752.00 54773004.46 CASH AT BANK (Opening) 1,62,21,219.58 54773004.46 3,80,69,032.88 Cash in Hand Cash Bank Balance with other deposits Schedule AB1 0.00 RENT RECEIPTS 0.00 0.00 Hall Rent Received Rent Received - 0.00 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AB2 0.00 HOSPITAL RECEIPTS 0.00 Consultancy fee 0.00 Medcine les 0.00 Lab Investigation Charges 0.00 In Patients Bill 0.00 Other collections 0.00 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AB3 0.00 SCHOOL/COLLEGE/SEMINARY RECEIPTS 0.00 0.00 Admission Fees 0.00 Registration Fees 0.00 Sale of appliction form 0.00 Other Fees Collected 0.00 Establishment Fees 0.00 Supervision Fees 0.00 Special Fees Tution fee 0.00 Examination Fee Seminary Receipts Collection from Students Boarding/Mess Income Other School/College Receipts Vehicle Fees Text Books Uniform,Bag & Belt TOTAL Schedule AB4 PRINTING AND PUBLISHING INCOME Printing Charges Collected aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 23 of 76

Souvenier/Magazine Income Diocese Commision on Purchase of BomBay Subscription/Advertisement Income Sale of Religious Books/CD's 0.00 Sale of Other Articles 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 214915.00 Schedule AB5 2537387.00 OTHER OPERATING INCOME 2752302.00 TOTAL 0.00 Schedule AC 0.00 INTEREST RECEIPTS 176196.00 Bank Interest 2050833.00 Interest on Fixed Deposits Interest on Endowement Deposit 0.00 Mutual Fund Interest 0.00 Other Interest 0.00 TOTAL 2227029.00 Schedule AD 433348.00 DONATION RECEIVED 0.00 0.00 Donation Received Voluntary Contribution Recived (Local) 433348.00 Foreign Contribution Received TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AE 0.00 RELIGIOUS RECEIPTS 2413564.00 1650.00 Convent Receipts 0.00 Asramam Receipts 191545.00 Dayara Receipts 4722.00 Perunal, Conference,Convention 0.00 Offerings 0.00 Qurbanapanam 0.00 Auction 4766882.00 Kaimuthu 781147.00 Church/Chapel Income 8159510.00 Choir Income Cover Collection 0.00 Other religious Receipts 0.00 Mission Income 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 Schedule AF Page 24 of 76 GRANTS RECEIVED Grant From CDC Grant From MDCC Parumala Seminary Mission Board aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

General Account Diocese Government Grant for Distribution of BomBay Others TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AG 2415858.00 AGRICULTURE INCOME 2415858.00 Agricultural Income 0.00 Cattle Income 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 Schedule AH 0.00 OTHER INCOME 0.00 19566824.00 Micellaneous Income 0.00 National Service Scheme 0.00 Subscription 0.00 Annual Conference/Day 0.00 Death & Burial Income 0.00 Meeting & Seminar Income 0.00 Subsidy Received 0.00 Spnsorship 0.00 Scholarship Received 0.00 Receipts form Sale of Scraps 0.00 Prior Period Income 19566824.00 Outreach Income Media Income 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AI1 CAPITAL RECEIPTS 304000.00 A DEPOSITS 0.00 Security Deposit Received 41348.00 Caution Deposit Received 0.00 Total Deposits Received 0.00 B OTHER CAPITAL RECEIPTS 0.00 Loan/Advance received 0.00 Advances/Creditors Refunded 0.00 TDS Collection GST Collection 5752765.00 Employees Share of EPF & ESI 0.00 Sale of Fixed Assets 0.00 Devalopment & Other Fund 0.00 Welfare Fund Endowments 6098113.00 Corpus Donations 6098113.00 TDS Refunds Other Capital Receipts Page 25 of 76 Total of Other Capital Receipts TOTAL CAPITAL RECEIPTS aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Schedule AI2 Diocese OTHER REVENUE RECEIPTS of BomBay Other Receipts 0.00 Contra items 979454.00 979454.00 TOTAL 0.00 PAYMENTS 0.00 Schedule AJ1 0.00 HOSPITAL EXPENSES 0.00 0.00 Drugs & Chemicals 0.00 General Stores 0.00 Consultants Fees 0.00 Hospital Neccessity Expenses 0.00 Lab and Dignostic Expenses Ambulance Van Expenses 0.00 Powerl& Fuel 0.00 Mess Expenses 0.00 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AJ2 0.00 SCHOOL/COLLEGE/SEMINARY EXPENSES 0.00 0.00 Power & Fuel Expenses 0.00 School/College Expenses 0.00 Seminary Expenses 0.00 Books and Periodicals 0.00 Hostel and Mess Expenses 0.00 Spares and Consumables 0.00 Lab Expenses 0.00 Rates & Taxes 0.00 Rent 0.00 Miscellaneous Expenses 0.00 Advertismnt Expenses 0.00 Water Charges 0.00 Vehicle Running Expenses 0.00 Educational Expenses 0.00 Medical Expenses 0.00 Hospitality Expenses 0.00 Labour charge 0.00 Wages & Coolie 0.00 Crockery & Utensils Seminar and Meeting Expenses Page 26 of 76 Annual Day Expenses Other Establishment Expenses Training Centre/Camp Expenses Computer Expenses Prior Period /Write off Expenses Fees Concession & Scolarship Sports Expenses aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Affiliation Expenses Diocese Gifts,Awards & Prizes of BomBay TOTAL 0.00 Schedule AJ3 0.00 PRINTING AND PUBLISHING EXPENSES 0.00 Paper & Stationery 103439.00 Printing Ink,Plate Making,DTP 0.00 Printing & Binding Charges 0.00 Purchase Book Publishing Expenses 207606.00 Book shop Expenses 6691285.50 Commision on Book Sales Recording & CD Expenses 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AJ4 7002330.50 SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES 20188290.00 Salaries and Allowances 10365.00 Staff welfare Expeness 0.00 PF and ESI Contribution 0.00 Medical Allowances 0.00 Provision for Gratutity Retirement Benefits 1659500.00 TOTAL 21858155.00 Schedule AJ5 466774.00 REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE 11540.00 Building 190125.00 Plant and Machineries 668439.00 Equipments Computers 358206.00 Vehicles 648066.00 TOTAL 0.00 Schedule AJ6 0.00 GENERAL EXPENSES 0.00 0.00 Mess Expenses 1006272.00 Medical Expenses Establishment Expenses 6752.51 Power & Fuel Expenses 0.00 Vehicle Running Expenses Transporting Expenses 6752.51 TOTAL Page 27 of 76 Schedule AK INTEREST & BANK CHARGES Interest & Bank Charges Interest on Deposits & Loan TOTAL aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Schedule AL Diocese CHARITY & DONATION of BomBay Charity 0.00 Marriage Assistance 0.00 Education Assiatance 0.00 Sick Aid 0.00 Poor Relief Assistance 0.00 House Building Assiatance 0.00 Donations 51400.00 TOTAL 51400.00 Schedule AM 0.00 RELIGIOUS EXPENSES 0.00 0.00 Convent Expenses 78801.00 Asramam Expenses 2676538.00 Dayara Expenses 2037401.00 Mission Expenses 1270810.00 Charity Expenses 0.00 Perunal,Conference,Convention 6063550.00 Chruch & Spiritual Expenses Cover Collection 0.00 TOTAL 270041.00 Schedule AN 0.00 GRANT GIVEN 0.00 0.00 Catholicate Aramana 0.00 Genaral Account 200000.00 Catholicose Office 470041.00 Diocese Government Grant Distributed 0.00 Chairman's Discretionarry Expenses 0.00 Others 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AO AGRICULTURE EXPENSES 847150.00 23168.00 Agricultural Expenses Wages 115341.00 Manure and Pesticides 95214.19 Cattle Expenses TOTAL 318833.00 17700.00 Schedule AP ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Page 28 of 76 Salaries and Allowances of Office staff Power & fuel Expenses Printing charges & Stationary Postage & Telephone Transporting/Traveling Expenses Accounting & Audit Fees aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Legal Charges Diocese Rates & Taxes of BomBay Rent Miscellaneous Expenses 0.00 Advertismnt Expenses 0.00 Refreshment Charges 0.00 Water Charges 51436.00 Vehicle Running Expenses 0.00 Insurance Expenses 475.00 Office Expenses 2525.00 Hospitality Expenses 0.00 Subscription & Periodicals 0.00 Labour charge 21240.00 Wages & Coolie 0.00 Crockery & Utensils 6223.00 Meeting Expenses 0.00 Annual Conference/Day Expenses 0.00 Other Establishment Expenses 0.00 Welfare Expenses 203339.00 Training Centre Expenses 105403.00 Death & Burial Expenses 0.00 Prior Period /Write off Exps 0.00 Affiliation Expenses 0.00 Gifts,Arards & Prizes 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 0.00 Schedule AQ 60100.00 OTHER EXPENSES 1868147.19 TOTAL 824532.00 Schedule AR1 824532.00 CAPITAL PAYMENTS A ADDITION OF FIXED ASSETS 0.00 0.00 Land 0.00 Land Development 0.00 Well and Tubewell 0.00 Building 0.00 Office Complex 0.00 Compound Wall 0.00 Commercial Buildings 0.00 Other Buildings 80000.00 Building under construction 0.00 Machinery and Equipments 0.00 Generator 0.00 Motor Vehicles 68000.00 Ambulance Sound System Page 29 of 76 aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Furniture and Fixtures Diocese Computer and Accessories of BomBay Software and Websites Books 35220.00 Total of Fixed Assets additions 0.00 B DEPOSITS 0.00 Security Deposits Paid/Refunded 0.00 Caution Deposits Refunded Total of Deposits 183220.00 C OTHERS Loan/Advances Repayment 0.00 Deposits Repayment 0.00 Loan/Advances Paid 0.00 Deposits Paid TDS Payments 0.00 GST Payments 0.00 Other Payments 1327550.00 Total of Other Capital Expenses 0.00 47322.00 TOTAL CAPITAL PAYMENTS 0.00 1259065.00 Schedule AR2 - 2633937.00 OTHER PAYMENTS 2817157.00 Contra Items 979454.00 979454.00 TOTAL 48181291.88 Schedule AS 367649.00 CASH AT BANK (Closing) 5240271.38 1.Fixed Deposit 53789212.26 2.Cash in hand 3.Cash at Bank TOTAL aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 30 of 76

aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Diocese of BomBay Page 31 of 76

Diocese of BomBay MALANKARA ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH (DIOCESE OF BOMBAY) SCHEDULES ANNEXED TO INCOME & EXPENDITURE ACCOUNTS INCOME PARTICULARS As per R&P Additions Deductions Cl. Balance SCH Accounts 0 Schedule BB1 0 0 0 RENT RECEIPTS 0 0 00 Hall Rent Received 0 Rent Received 0 0 TOTAL 0 0 Schedule BB2 0 0 0 HOSPITAL RECEIPTS 0 0 0 Consultancy fee 0 0 Medcine les 0 0 Lab Investigation Charges 0 In Patients Bill 00 0 Other collections 0 0 TOTAL 0 0 Schedule BB3 0 0 0 SCHOOL/COLLEGE/SEMINARY RECEIPTS 0 0 0 0 Admission Fees 0 0 Registration Fees 0 0 Sale of appliction form 0 0 Other Fees Collected 0 0 Establishment Fees 0 0 Supervision Fees 0 Special Fees 0 0 Tution fee 0 0 Examination Fee 0 0 Seminary Fees 0 Collection from Students 0 0 Boarding/Mess Income 0 2,14,915 Other School/College Receipts 0 Vehicle Fees Text Books 00 Uniform,Bag & Belt TOTAL Schedule BB4 0 PRINTING AND PUBLISHING INCOME 0 0 Printing Charges Collected 0 Souvenier/Magazine Income 2,14,915 Commision on Purchase Subscription/Advertisement Income Sale of Religious Books/CD's aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 32 of 76

Diocese of BomBay Sale of Other Articles 25,37,387 25,37,387 0 TOTAL 27,52,302 0 25,37,387 2,14,915 Schedule BB5 0 00 0 OTHER OPERATING INCOME 0 0 TOTAL 1,76,196 0 0 1,76,196 20,50,833 Schedule BC 0 0 20,50,833 INTEREST RECEIPTS 0 0 00 0 Bank Interest 0 Interest on Fixed Deposits 22,27,029 00 0 Interest on Endowement Deposit Mutual Fund Interest 4,33,348 00 0 Other Interest TOTAL 0 0 0 22,27,029 0 Schedule BD 4,33,348 4,33,348 DONATION RECEIVED 0 0 Donation Received 0 0 Voluntary Contribution Recived 0 0 0 4,33,348 (Local) 24,13,564 Foreign Contribution Received 1,650 0 TOTAL 0 1,91,545 0 Schedule BE 4,722 RELIGIOUS RECEIPTS 0 0 0 Convent Receipts 0 24,13,564 Asramam Receipts 47,66,882 Dayara Receipts 7,81,147 1,650 Perunal, Conference,Convention 81,59,510 Offerings 0 Qurbanapanam 0 Auction 0 1,91,545 Kaimuthu 0 Church/Chapel Income 0 4,722 0 Choir Income 0 Cover Collection 0 Other religious Receipts Mission Income 0 TOTAL 0 Schedule BF GRANTS RECEIVED 1,23,500 46,43,382 Grant From CDC 1,15,027 6,66,120 Grant From MDCC Parumala Seminary 0 2,43,249 79,16,261 Mission Board General Account 0 0 aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 0 0 0 Page 33 of 76

Grant Received 0 0 Diocese Others 24,15,858 0 of BomBay TOTAL 24,15,858 9,71,951 0 Schedule BG 0 9,71,951 24,15,858 AGRICULTURE INCOME 0 0 0 24,15,858 0 Agricultural Income 0 0 Cattle Income 0 0 TOTAL 0 00 1,95,66,824 Schedule BH 0 0 OTHER INCOME 0 0 0 0 2,05,38,775 Micellaneous Income 0 0 National Service Scheme 0 0 Subscription 0 0 Annual Conference/Day 0 0 Death & Burial Income 0 0 Meeting & Seminar Income 0 0 Subsidy Received 0 0 Spnsorship 1,95,66,824 0 Scholarship Received 0 Receipts form Sale of Scraps 0 0 Prior Period Income 9,79,454 0 2,05,38,775 Outreach Income 9,79,454 Media Income 0 TOTAL 0 9,79,454 0 0 9,79,454 Schedule BI2 0 OTHER REVENUE RECEIPTS 0 0 0 0 Other Receipts 0 0 Contra items 0 0 TOTAL 0 0 0 0 EXPENDITURES 0 Schedule BJ1 0 HOSPITAL EXPENSES 00 Drugs & Chemicals Page 34 of 76 General Stores Consultants Fees Hospital Neccessity Expenses Lab and Dignostic Expenses Ambulance Van Expenses Powerl& Fuel Mess Expenses TOTAL Schedule BJ2 SCHOOL/COLLEGE/ SEMINARY EXPENSES aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Diocese of BomBay Power & Fuel Expenses 0 00 0 School/College Expenses 0 0 Seminary Expenses 0 0 Books and Periodicals 0 0 Hostel and Mess Expenses 0 0 Spares and Consumables 0 0 Lab Expenses 0 0 Rates & Taxes 0 0 Rent 0 0 Miscellaneous Expenses 0 0 Advertismnt Expenses 0 0 Water Charges 0 0 Vehicle Running Expenses 0 0 Educational Expenses 0 0 Medical Expenses 0 0 Hospitality Expenses 0 0 Labour charge 0 0 Wages & Coolie 0 0 Crockery & Utensils 0 0 Seminar and Meeting Expenses 0 0 Annual Day Expenses 0 0 Other Establishment Expenses 0 0 Training Centre/Camp Expenses 0 0 Computer Expenses 0 0 Prior Period /Write off Expenses 0 0 Fees Concession & Scolarship 0 0 Sports Expenses 0 0 Affiliation Expenses 0 0 Gifts,Awards & Prizes 0 0 0 TOTAL 0 1,03,439 Schedule BJ3 0 66,91,285.5 1,03,439 PRINTING AND PUBLISHING EXPENSES 0 0 66,91,285.5 0 0 Paper & Stationery 2,07,606 Printing Ink, Plate Making, DTP 66,91,285.5 2,07,606 Printing & Binding Charges 0 Purchase 0 0 Book Publishing Expenses 0 0 Book shop Expenses 0 0 Commision on Book Sales 70,02,330.5 Recording & CD Expenses 3,11,045 2,0,188,290 TOTAL 10,365 800 2,01,87,490 0 10365 Schedule BJ4 0 SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES Page 35 of 76 Salaries and Allowances Staff welfare Expeness PF and ESI Contribution aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Medical Allowances 0 0 Diocese Provision for Gratutity 0 of BomBay Retirement Benefits 16,59,500 TOTAL 0 2,18,58,155 0 Schedule BJ5 16,59,500 REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE 0 10,000 800 2,18,57,355 0 Building 4,66,774 3,000 0 Plant and Machineries 11,540 13,000 0 Equipments 1,90,125 4,76,774 Computers 11,540 Vehicles 6,68,439 1,93,125 TOTAL 0 6,81,439 3,58,206.00 15,000 Schedule BJ6 6,48,066.00 15,000.00 3,73,206 GENERAL EXPENSES 6,48,066 0.00 Mess Expenses 0.00 0 Medical Expenses 0.00 0 Establishment Expenses 0.00 0 Power & Fuel Expenses 0 Vehicle Running Expenses 10,06,272.00 0.00 10,21,272.00 Transporting Expenses TOTAL 6,752.51 0 6,752.51 0 0 Schedule BK INTEREST & BANK CHARGES 6,752.51 0 6,752.51 Interest & Bank Charges 0 0 0 Interest on Deposits & Loan 0 0 TOTAL 0 0 0 0 Schedule BL 0 0 CHARITY & DONATION 0 0 51,400 51,400 Charity 0 51,400 Mariage Assistance 51,400 Education Assiatance 0 Sick Aid 0 0 Poor Relief Assistance 0 0 House Building Assiatance 0 78,801 Donations 78,801 26,76,538 TOTAL 26,76,538 20,37,401 20,37,401 Schedule BM Page 36 of 76 RELIGIOUS EXPENSES Convent Expenses Asramam Expenses Dayara Expenses Mission Expenses Charity Expenses Perunal,Conference,Convention aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Chruch & Spiritual Exps 12,70,810 10,000 Diocese Cover Collection 0 10,000 of BomBay TOTAL 60,63,550 12,80,810 Schedule BN 0 GRANT GIVEN 0 11,20,000 2,70,041 11,20,000 0 60,73,550 Catholicate Aramana Genaral Account 0 0 Catholicose Office 0 2,70,041 Diocese 0 Government Grant Distributed 0 0 Chairman's Discretionarry Expenses 2,00,000 0 Others 0 TOTAL 4,70,041 0 13,20,000 Schedule BO 0 0 15,90,041 AGRICULTURE EXPENSES 0 0 0 Agricultural Expenses 0 0 Wages 0 Manure and Pesticides 00 0 Cattle Expenses 00 TOTAL 8,47,150 15,000 23,168 8,62,150 Schedule BP 12,000 23,168 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES 1,15,341 4,000 95,214.19 1,15,341 Salaries and Allowances of Office 30,000 1,07,214.19 staff 3,18,833 Power & fuel Expenses 17,700 3,22,833 Printing charges & Stationary 0 47,700 Postage & Telephone 0 0 Transporting/Traveling Expenses 0 0 Accounting & Audit Fees 51,436 0 Legal Charges 0 51,436 Rates & Taxes 475 0 Rent 2,525 475 Miscellaneous Expenses 0 2,525 Advertismnt Expenses 0 0 Refreshment Charges 21,240 0 Water Charges 0 21,240 Vehicle Running Expenses 6,223 0 Insurance Expenses 0 6,223 Office Expenses 0 0 Hospitality Expenses 0 0 Subscription & Periodicals 0 Labour charge 2,03,339 Wages & Coolie 1,05,403 2,03,339 Crockery & Utensils 1,05,403 Meeting Expenses Annual Conference/Day Expenses Page 37 of 76 aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Diocese of BomBay Other Establishment Expenses 0 61000 0 Welfare Expenses 0 0 Training Centre Expenses 0 0 Death & Burial Expenses 0 0 Prior Period /Write off Exps 0 0 Affiliation Expenses 0 0 Gifts,Arards & Prizes 60,100 60,100 TOTAL 18,68,147.19 0 19,29,147.19 Schedule BQ 8,24,532.00 OTHER EXPENSES 8,24,532 2,02,290 6,22,242 0 2,02,290 6,22,242 TOTAL 9,79,454 9,79,454 9,79,454 Schedule BR2 0 0 9,79,454 OTHER PAYMENTS Opening Closing Contra Items 0 TOTAL 00 0 Schedule BS STOCK 1 2 3 TOTAL aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 38 of 76

Diocese of BomBay DATA SHEET Code No Name of the Institution MALANKARA ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH (DIOCESE OF BOMBAY) An Institution under MALANKARA ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH Address 1, ORTHODOX CHURCH CENTRE, DR MAR. THEOPHILUS Contact Person MARG SECTOR 10A NAVI MUMBAI, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, 400703 Contact No e mail iD Whether consolidated with No MOSC Accounts Financial Year 2019-2020 GST NO N.A. 12A Registration No Jacob K Varghese 80G Approval No 102, Saideep Opp. Vaishali Hotel Income Tax Filing Status Chembur Mumbai 400043 9820055694 ITO Ward [email protected] Auditors Name and Address (with Mobile No and e mail ID) aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 39 of 76

aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Diocese of BomBay Page 40 of 76

aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

Diocese of BomBay Page 41 of 76

Diocese of BomBay MALANKARA ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH (DIOCESE OF BOMBAY) SCHEDULES ANNEXED TO BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31-03-2020 SCHEDULE CA1 - CORPUS DONATIONS RECEIVED - Balance as per Last Balance Sheet Add additions during the year Closing Balance SCHEDULE CB 4,28,93,284.04 RESERVES AND SURPLUS (5,71,288.70) (5,725.50) 1 GENERAL RESERVES Balance as per Last Balance Sheet 4,23,16,269.85 Add additions during the year Add:Previous Year Adjustements Total General Reserve 2 REVALUATION RESERVE - Balance as per Last Balance Sheet Add additions during the year Total Revaluation Reserve 3 OTHER RESERVE 59,40,000.00 Contingency Fund - Balance as per Last Balance Sheet Add additions during the year 59,40,000.00 Total Closing Balance (1+2+3) 4,82,56,269.85 SCHEDULE CC 7,46,06,533.65 ENDOWMENT RECEIPTS 13,17,037.04 AS per Last Balance Sheet 7,59,23,570.69 Add Additions Closing Balances SCHEDULE CD SECURED LOANS TOTAL - SCHEDULE CE UNSECURED LOANS TOTAL - SCHEDULE CF SECURITY DEPOSITS aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20 Page 42 of 76


1.Fixed Deposit Diocese 2.Cash in hand of BomBay 3.Cash at Bank Total Balances of SB/CD Accounts 3,67,649.00 B FIXED DEPOSITS 52,40,271.38 1.Fixed Deposits for Other Fixed Deposits 56,07,920.38 2Fixed deposits for specified funds 3,56,78,536.62 Total of Fixed Deposits 7,06,08,454.58 C ENDOWMENT FUND DEPOSITS 10,62,86,991.20 1 2 - Total of Endowment Deposits D OTHER BANK DEPOSITS - 1 11,18,94,911.58 2 Total of Other Bank Deposits - TOTAL - SCHEDULE CK4 - CLOSING STOCK - 1 2 32,07,208.00 3 44,75,741.00 TOTAL 76,82,949.00 SCHEDULE CK5 RECEIVABLES 30,45,550.00 Tax Deducted at Source 30,45,550.00 Sundry Receivables (Due from Member Churches) TOTAL - SCHEDULE CK6 ADVANCES - Other advances Page 44 of 76 TOTAL SCHEDULE CK7 OTHER CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL SCHEDULE CM INTERCHURCH ACCOUNTS (Debits) Opening Balance Addition/Deduction Closing Balance aNNUaL RePoRT : 2019 - 20

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