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Published by Florida State Massage Therapy Association, 2015-05-01 15:11:08

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FSMTA2013 Annual Report Annual Membership Meeting June 27th, 2013

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Table of Contents2012 Minutes Annual Reports: Executive CommitteeState PresidentFirst Vice PresidentSecond Vice PresidentState SecretaryTreasurerExecutive DirectorImmediate Past President ChaptersBig Bend CommitteesBrevard Special CommitteesBrowardCentral FloridaDadeEmerald CoastFirst CoastFlagler/VolusiaGulf CoastHeart of FloridaKeysNorth Central FloridaPalm BeachSarasota/ManateeSouthwestSugar DunesSuwannee ValleyTampa BayTreasure CoastBY LawsLegislativeBOMT LiaisonState StoreState Sports MassageEducation StandardsFSMTA Financial ReportsFSMTA Association Services

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013State President FLORIDA STATE MASSAGE THERAPY ASSOCIATION LEIAH J. CARR, STATE PRESIDENT ANNUAL REPORTIt’s been one year since my installation as the State President. My term as State Presidentofficially began the day after convention on July 2, 2012. On that day I hit the ground running,and the pace hasn’t slowed since. As our first order of business our newly elected First VicePresident, and myself met with the Omni Resort the day after convention to review ourcontract for the following year.It has been a year filled with tremendous changes and improvements for the FSMTA. I hadseveral goals set when I ran for election, and most of those have been met in less than 12months.I created several new positions on the Executive Board, streamlined and combined others, andeliminated a few that were outdated. The new Chairs added were: Technology Chair,International Relations Chair, Insurance Coding, Documentation & Fraud Prevention (ICDF)Chair, Social Media Chair, and Strategic Planning and Development. Each of these were addedwith no additional Board meeting travel expense to the Association, as current Boardmembers were used to fill each position.In conjunction with the new Technology Chair, Mr. Greg Neely, one of the initial tasks Iperformed was a complete technological and operational review of our corporate office. Thisrevealed a lack of reinvestment in our office from a technological perspective. As a result ofthis review we now have improved technology, (I.T.) service at a reduced cost, implemented agreen fax system, increased internet speed, reduced our phone line charges, and now have a

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013corporate office with Wi-Fi and video conferencing capability. We also noted a critical needfor an update and investment in our main database, which is the foundation of ourAssociation. I am pleased to report that the Executive Board has recently approved theinvestment in this capital expenditure and we have a provider selected to begin work on a newand extensive database after convention. I appointed the new Technology Chair, Mr. GregNeely, Flagler/Volusia Chapter President to this position on the Board. Greg comes with anextensive technology background and has been instrumental in working with me to achievemany of the goals and advancements I had set prior to when running for office.In our technology review we also discovered that we had minimal access to our website. Mr.Neely and I began to work on a new temporary State website behind the scenes to switch overto that would allow us the ability to post current and timely information, with the goal to builda much more substantial website in the future. When the majority of the information wascopied over we simultaneously learned that the old site had been corrupted. Each time wewould make a post on Facebook or include the website link it would link in advertisementsthat were not appropriate for our profession.Once this was discovered I immediately gave the authorization to shut down the corruptedsite and bring up the new site. The switch occurred seamlessly in minutes with no delays orcompromise to our Association. We then had access to provide members with currentcontent and information and were well on our way to upgrading the FSMTA on the technologyside. In our website switch we also created a master host account that will allow each Chapterwebsite to be hosted under the master account at no cost to the Chapters, substantiallyreducing their annual expenditures.I appointed our First Vice President Joanna Godwin as our Social Media Chair. In this roll overthe past year she has done an outstanding job. We began working together through the use ofSocial Media to provide greater and timelier communication with our members across theState. We identified that we had inconsistent branding across the State on our ChapterFacebook groups, as well as our Chapter websites. In researching Social Media marketingJoanna learned the benefits of pages over groups and educated the Board members on thesedifferences. One of my key goals was to create greater exposure for our Association and ourmembers. In the past we had no solid data on our internet and social media level of exposureand impact. In reviewing the research it was clear that the benefit of Facebook pages faroutweighed groups on the exposure we could obtain and data we could retrieve. TheExecutive Board voted and approved to change over the State as well as the Chapter groups topages with the same consistent header branding to provide a consistent professional image.The Facebook group headers were coded with the website links, which enhanced our levels onthe search engines. On our former website we had minimal search engine optimization. I ampleased to report that this is no longer the case for FSMTA. The work that has been done byGreg Neely on our main site, and the Facebook page coding has now resulted in our website

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013ranking number one in all major search engines. We now have extensive data to know whatour impact is on both the internet and social media realms.In addition to the new State website, and Facebook changes we also created a new websiteand Facebook page for managing and marketing our Annual Convention. The Executive Boardalso approved the proposed name change for marketing purposes on Facebook to the FloridaMassage Convention and Trade Show sponsored by FSMTA. Our goal in making this switchwas to draw in a broader base of attendees. Often with the name being only FSMTAConvention therapist thought they could only attend if they were a member. Many non-member therapists were not aware that we had a free trade show, unlike most Conventions.The name change has resulted in increased traffic and increased numbers at our conventionthis year.While implementing many internal changes and cost cutting measures under my presidencywe also restructured our Annual Convention. In addition to changing the basic format we alsointroduced a brand new Convention website. The new Convention website was a significantundertaking. This involved 100’s of hours of programming and many details to discuss andnavigate for the future. The work of programming, designing and managing this project wasdone by Greg Neely. By the end of the project he had donated to the FSMTA well over$100,000 worth of programming.The new website allows us to go green and reduce our environmental impact. This furtherreduced our printing and publication cost. This website integrated many ideas I received whenspeaking one on one with our members, presenters and exhibitors. Members can nowregister online and select classes of their choice. With the live database system attendees cansee if the class of their choice is available instantly, eliminating the former process of selectingyour first, second and third choice for each class slot and waiting for a mailed confirmation tosee if you received your first choices. The new site also allows for additional online purchasesof items such as t-shirts, pin and banquet tickets, which never existed before. Our presenterscan now monitor the number of attendees registering for their class on a minute by minutebasis. We also provided them with the new option of uploading all of their class materials priorto Convention for their class attendees to review material in advance, as well as to reduce thepresenters cost for materials. There are portals on the site for the Chapter Presidents to alsoview and see minute by minute the number of attendees registering from their region. Wehave dramatically enhanced the class entrance and exiting process. Gone are the days ofcarrying the small booklets to each class where you had to stand in line to sign in, stand in lineto sign out and wait to have your little booklet stamped. This process was not only timeconsuming to the Convention attendee, it also required them to maintain the booklet for 4years on file. With our new system we have integrated a barcode system. Attendees willsimply enter the class they have registered for and be scanned quickly as they exit. A quick,easy and efficient convention system now exists. They also have the benefit of knowing that

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013all CE’s will be recorded and certificates maintained on the website database for 4 years. Theycan conveniently print out certificates for their records once they return home, or onsite for afee. Presenters will be able to easily upload the continuing education information to CEBroker for rapid posting of your CE credits. This year we have added more classes, and morepresenters than ever before. We have also introduced many free educational classes forattendees, several that include CE’s.We are also kicking off a new event this year at our Convention, the Success Summit. This is amember’s only event running in conjunction with our Annual meeting. This event will be amotivational and inspirational event where members can learn about marketing and otherkeys to becoming more successful in their profession.We have introduced new staggered class hours this year, as well as the option of 1, 2 or 3 hourclasses to allow attendees the benefit of learning from the top educators from across thecountry, time for shopping in the largest massage trade show in the nation and time to relaxand unwind at the beautiful resort.I believe the changes to the convention and the new website with its live registration andmanagement capabilities is one of the most significant changes that have been made undermy leadership and Presidency so far. This endeavor has been achieved with the help ofseveral faithful and hard-working Board members. Together we have spent countless hoursimplementing thousands of details. I would be remiss if I failed to mention several by name,chiefly Greg Neely, Joanna Godwin, Maureen Gilbert, Debbie Sieber, Donna Smith, JohnGraham and Lloyd List. The FSMTA is strong because of our volunteers. I am grateful for themany hours they spent working with me on the phone, in meetings, video web chats,Facebook chats and emailing to make the many changes possible. I am proud of theaccomplishments we have made as a team with the redesign of convention with morepresenters, more classes, and the implementation of an extensive live website. We have alsoworked to add in more fun than ever before. I believe that this year’s convention will be oneof the best yet. We also used more avenues to market the Convention than ever before at aminimal cost. I had the continued goal to use technology to the fullest to benefit theAssociation, and this is certainly what we achieved. We introduced a phone marketing systemwhere I recorded a brief message that went out to over 27,000 LMTs across the State. We alsodid an email marketing campaign to over 30,000 LMTs inviting them to both our Conventionand to a local Chapter meeting. We also used social media, massage media, and printcampaigns to get the word out in methods never used before. We introduced numerousvideos to promote the Convention from informational formats to integrating humor andinformation. We introduced a new phone app for the Convention for ease of attendees usingsmart phone technology. Many of the videos and the creation of the smart phone app weredesigned at completed at no cost to the Association. Mr. Selo Alkaranfil of LMT Pro donatedhis time and cost of designing the phone app and several of our Convention videos. He has

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013been a great support to both me, and the Executive Committee in promoting the Associationand this year’s Convention.As it happens in life we are often multitasking. While simultaneously implementing all ofthese great changes I have overseen the day to day management of both the FSMTA, Inc. andthe Association Services, Inc. organizations, as well as the bi-monthly publication of theMassage Message Magazine.Under my leadership we have taken a full inventory of our assets. We have also taken a veryextensive look at our finances and our reporting and accounting procedures. As a result wehave improved our reporting and accounting procedures. We have implemented proceduresand productivity measures which have improved our day to day management. In the processwe have made extensive and even at times difficult financial cuts to improve our overallfinances. A key goal I had when running for State President was to insure and restore theoverall stability and sustainability of the FSMTA. I am pleased to report that the changesimplemented have resulted in this being achieved. The FSMTA is on more solid ground now asa result of these changes and overall improvements. I ran with one of the platforms of holdingand conducting Executive Board meetings that were efficient and effective. This has beenachieved each Quarter. We have improved the chapter and committee members reportingprocess at the meetings. This has allowed for greater use of our volunteer Board memberstime. Through this entire year I have communicated consistently with the Executive Boardmembers in between our Quarterly Board meetings through email updates on events andchanges under the heading of Keeping You Connected and Informed. We have also heldseveral scheduled phone conferences to allow the Board to have timely and criticalinformation. My phone has been active each day since taking office and we now use the term“Hot Line” to describe my number. As we have implemented the many changes, most daysare filled with one or more Board members being on the phone line when others call in forinformation or to discuss Association changes and business. Thousands of minutes, and wayto many hours to count have been spent on the phone and computer insuring that each Boardmember and staff had access to me, and had current and timely information.In addition to the above I have reached out and improved our professional relationships withorganizations such as FSOMA, AMTA National, FCA, Exhibitors and organizations we contractwith for products and services.Another goal I had as the incoming State President was to reinstate our Legislative AwarenessDays and our presence in Tallahassee. I am pleased to report that this was achieved this year.Our event was held at the perfect time to coincide with issues that were relevant to ourprofession. I was proud to speak in front of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee toaddress their proposed changes to auto insurance in the State of Florida. I spoke in oppositionto these changes and also addressed the impact of the removal of our profession from

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013providing massage therapy to Floridians involved in auto accidents. We had a great turnoutand significant impact on our return to Tallahassee. I’m sure next year will have an evengreater turnout of therapist.During this last quarter we addressed the issue of our long standing attorney, Mr. PaulLambert. Mr. Lambert had represented our organization for 30 years. He advised us from alegal perspective over many years and through many situations, including the PIP battle thatwas waged under our previous President. Although the Executive Board was grateful for theyears of service, the majority felt that it was time for a change. The Executive Board voted toremove Mr. Lambert and seek new council.I am very pleased to report the hiring of our new FSMTA Corporate Council. We have securedMr. Luke Lirot., Esq. and Mr. Adam Levine, MD, JD. These are the same attorneys currentlyfighting on behalf of all Floridians, Massage Therapist, Chiropractors and Acupuncturist on theconstitutionality of the PIP laws passed in last year’s legislative session. It was this law changethat removed our profession and massage therapy as a treatment option for people involvedin automobile accidents in Florida. I believe that their expertise will help to navigate and takethe FSMTA to a greater level both professionally and politically. We are pleased to welcomethem to our team.Throughout the year I have had the opportunity to visit several chapters across the state andmeet members one on one. I have taken these opportunities to speak to many members andasked for their candid feedback about the Association and areas they felt could be improved. Ihave also done this with our presenters and exhibitors from our conventions. I believe I haveworked to address and resolve each problem noted, and worked to implement virtually eachand every idea or suggestion shared.I had also promised in my campaign to increase the benefits members received through theirFSMTA membership, providing increased value. I am pleased to announce that we haveseveral new member benefits being released prior to Convention. Many of these new benefitswill result in significant savings to you as a member. I will continue to seek out new benefits inthe coming year. I will also continue to work to improve the FSMTA and strengthen it as anorganization as we head into our 75th year of operation.It has been a year filled with many challenges which have been turned to opportunities, and ayear of significant changes and improvements to the FSMTA under my Presidency. It hascertainly come with a cost to both me and the key volunteers working closely with me. Wehave each had to make sacrifices in our personal and professional lives to commit the time andenergy that it has taken to carry us to this point in the journey and the new level for FSMTA. Ibelieve as we each reflect back we will all agree it has been a journey that has resulted in apositive impact to the Association and significant improvements to the FSMTA.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013In this first year it has been my honor and privilege to represent the FSMTA as your StatePresident, our members and the massage therapy profession. I look forward to the next yearof my term to complete additional goals and projects, and to further strengthen and improvethe FSMTA for each member and for the unfolding years ahead.First Vice President Florida State Massage Therapy Association Joanna Godwin, State 1st VP ANNUAL REPORT June 2013These last several months have been an intense whirlwind of excitement and movement, the entire ECand several on this board are RockN, RollN and ShakeN.The Fun has just begun!April 16th and 17th many of us from around the State went to Tallahassee for LAD Legislative AwarenessDays. We provided over 300 Chair Massage in the Rotunda, Toured the Governor’s Mansion, Walkedthe halls to visit our local Representatives and Senators, and our lobbyist. Overall Legislative AwarenessDays was a great success!Special Thanks to all of you who took time the time to attend and represent your chapters, yourprofession and our Association. Leiah Carr, Donna Smith, Debbie Seiber, Maureen Gilbert. AlexSpassoff, Sydney Sheaffer, Ralph Russ, Ron Stephens,Chapters: Emerald Coast- James Fritschle, Marilyn Gibbs, Calhoun Stallings. Tampa Bay- Jorge Rios,Kathy Souder. Flagler-Volusia- Greg Neely, Moises Stylzlermann, Jane Sharpe. Big Bend- Selina Roe,Steve Hardy, Jonathan Walker Linda Broga. Suwannee Valley- Elizabeth Killebrew , Sugar Dunes-Wendy Ballasch, and members of Southwest chapter.May 17th – 19th Leiah Carr, Donna Smith, Debbie Sieber, Greg Neely, Ron Stephens and myselfattended the AMC-American Massage and Chiropractic Conference in Atlanta. We were invited to set upa booth on the tradeshow floor, to introduce and raise awareness of our association to the attendees there.We networked with vendors, students, therapist and educators.While in Atlanta we had several meetings with some of our current sponsors. We clarified contracts,discussed more sponsorship opportunities, mended bridges and developed new relationships. I wassurprised that the attendance of this particular venue was very low.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013State President Leiah Carr and I met with AMTA National President Wionna Bontrager we shared ideasand discussed issues involving our profession. We extended Wionna a personal invitation to ourconvention, which has been confirmed.Along with the Executive Committee, several Board members, corporate office and FSMTA supporters inefforts to move this association forward, I have been part of many phone calls and conference callsregarding, social media, strategic planning, legislative, convention, promotions, membership, membershipbenefits and vendor relations.Several of us now eat, sleep, dream and breathe FSMTA.To keep the entire board current on what was transpiring and to share as we learned, heard, and gatheredresources and information the phone lines have been open and every board member has been invited tocall in and be involved in many of the conversations and issues that were being discussed,several membersof the board have done that while others have not.You are all very much appreciated for the work that you do for your chapter and this association. To helpus all succeed this EC welcomes your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. We cannot implement, change orenhance without constant communication. The FSMTA is a “team” effort, and your positive support isneeded. We have openly shared on the FaceBook Executive Board page in an effort to keep the entireboard involved and aware of what was transpiring on a weekly/daily basis.I was involved in the process of letting go of our past legal counsel and involved in the hiring process ofnew legal council,I have assisted State President Leiah Carr, the EC and Bylaws Chair Sydney Sheaffer in contractnegotiations, been involved in helping clear unresolved and uncomfortable issues up within some of thechapters and assisted in membership benefits. In an effort to streamline our cost during our last Quarterly board meeting we held our meeting at a lessexpensive property, several of us shared hotel rooms, we had catered meals and all of this gave us asavings of over $14,000, from $26,000 to only $12,000 for that particular meeting. In an effort to save andwisely make use of Association funds we will be following this type of protocol for future meetings. (withthe exception of the January meeting which was contracted prior to this new EC)Along with the EC I have played a key role in the creation of the 2013 Convention.I've helped Carl Stewart call, schedule and plug in volunteers on the spreadsheet.I’ve assisted Leiah Carr and Greg Neely with some convention hiccups that seemed to appear when leastexpected, hence multiple phone conferences with the Omni coordinator.I've promoted and brought in a couple of convention vendors, and I have looked for and foundsponsorship dollars and assistance.I scored sponsorship from Power Purchasing Inc. for all 1,200 rubber ducks and had FSMTA logoincluded at no cost to FSMTA.100% funds will go toward Touch Research Institute.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013I searched and found all entertainment at this year’s convention. I interviewed bands, DJ's and karaokeDj'sI hired A Different Worlds Band for Saturday, and Spencer McKee Karaoke/DJ for Thursday and Friday.George Tortorelli flute player will have a booth and will be performing at the Presidents Reception.We have surprise entertainment that will be at the grand opening, and other surprise entertainment duringthe convention.With only $1,000 budget for entertainment to cover the entire conventionI got Cryo-derm to sponsor an additional $1,500 $1,000 - entertainment budget+ $1,500 – sponsorship$2,500 - total to work with- 0 - SURPRISE Entertainment x's 3- $500 - DJ/Karaoke- $750 - Band - 2 nights= $1,250 – left- $450 - re-directing $450 to towards table top decorations.= $800 - padding (hidden extras such as electric)Joyce Prahasky has volunteered to be in charge of all table top decoration at the 2013 and will be joiningseveral of us at corporate office on Saturday June 22nd at corporate office to go over some convention lastminute details.We have made some very good connections, and have opened many doors to new membership benefits,you will see these start to show up and will see them at the FSMTA convention.The Corporate office Staff has gone above and beyond in their duties and this association is very fortunateto have each of these ladies on the FSMTA team.Thank you Angela, Laura and Lynn for all of your hard work and dedication for this association!I am honored to be on this Executive Committee and part of this Executive board.Happily Committed ;)Joanna GodwinState 1st Vice President

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Second Vice President This year has been a fast past and an extremely busy one. The executive committee has worked diligently to see that corporate office is run efficiently and revise many things that needed to be updated. We have worked with the girls at the office and have looked for ways to make their jobs easier to perform. We held our annual budget meeting, convention planning, and assisted with daily duties of each employee when necessary. As an executive committee member, there has been many days and hours spent on conference calls, even between clients and on a daily basis. There is always communication between the executive committee members. We have had phoneconferences for convention plans, with the days counting down on the 2013 convention at Championsgate Omni.Without an executive director all have stepped in to assist and plan room layouts, menus, and all the behind the scenedetails required to put a convention together. It has included involvement of our entire executive committee with thesedetails, and ability to finalize and negotiate last minute planning. I have traveled to Tallahassee for Legislative Awareness Days, attended a Human Trafficking Summit with AttorneyGeneral Pam Bondi at FSU campus, represented FSMTA at a Medical Quality Assurance meeting with Paul Lambert,General Counsel , attended all quarterly board meetings, convention planning, annual budget meeting, visited mychapters as well as be present at all local Gulf Coast chapter meetings. We have made efforts to make board meetings more affordable and cut out the pricey lunches and breakfasts that arerequired when we attend other hotels. This will allow us to use an already stretched budget for more necessaryagendas. Our board members seemed to adjust to the transition of our last Spring quarterly. This will make futuremeetings more cost effective. The executive committee has been involved and hands on with every aspect of our association. It has been a busy yearand our convention seems to be the buzz for 2013. We have taken great pride in this annual event and think all will seethe attention to details that everyone has been a part of. I would like to thank all who serve our great association. We are truly the best and it takes our team to make it ALLhappen. It has been a year of accomplishment. I look forward to serving our board and members in the upcoming year. Respectfully submitted, Donna Smith State 2nd Vice President

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013State Secretary State Secretary – Debbie Sieber 5584 Summerland Hills Circle Lakeland, FL 33812 863-640-3346 [email protected] Annual Executive Board MeetingMy third annual report as State Secretary makes me realize how much there is still to be learned andexperienced as an executive committee member.The following is a recap of the year since our last annual meeting. July 2012, I attended Convention wrap up meeting. September 2012, I attended the Convention Committee Meeting. October 2012 I attended Quarterly Board Meeting and my local Chapter meeting January 2013, I sworn in the Treasure Coast Chapter Board and helped at Central Office March 2013, I attended Heart of Florida Chapter Meeting and swore in the New Treasurer. May 2013, there was a motion to remove our Legal Counsel Paul Lambert. Motion passed. We also recruited and obtained Mr Luke Lirot and Adam Levine. I attended the AMC convention in Atlanta with most of our EC. We manned abooth to let LMT’s and schools that they can be a member of FSMTA and get the great Liability insurance we have to offer and that there is the greatest convention ever in Florida every year. We contacted several vendors there and feel confident that they will come to our next year’s convention. I attended the Mock Trial Convention run at the Corporate Office. I look forward to this convention and seeing all of you again! We have spent much effort in the preparationfor this convention. I hope you are excited about it as I am.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013I would like to thank each and every one of you that donate your time and efforts to this organization! I knowlife is busy and time is valuable. It takes a lot to give when we are all so active. Just know that you areappreciated no matter what your contribution it all matters!Repectfully SubmittedDebbie SieberState SecretaryState Treasurer Annual Report Executive State Treasurer Fiscal Year April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013 The FSMTA and FSMTA Service Inc. fiscal year ended March 31, 2013. Both associations adequately balanced the expenditures with the revenues.  All FSMTA State & Federal 2013 tax returns have been filed by CPA Joseph P. Mitchell  All Florida State not-for-profit corporation annual reports have been submitted.  End of Year Consolidated Financial Statements have been completed by CPA Joseph P. Mitchell.  FSMTA & FSMTA Services budgets for 2013-2014 have been presented and approved by the Final Review Committee and FSMTA Board of DirectorsThe consolidated compilation is attached to this annual report and will also be available at has held steady and continues to thrive and grow. Most chapters have increased membership over thepast year through the dedication of the Chapter Presidents and Officers,The Association has undergone several staff changes over this past year; as with any business this has been inconvenientbut not earthshaking. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors has interacted with Corporate Office staff tomaintain continuity and have continued to conduct the day to day business of representing the needs of our members.The Financial Review Committee remains conservative in projected income and expenditures.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013The Board and Corporate Office will continue to look carefully at the issues raised by our membership.Overall FSMTA is well positioned for future growth.FSMTA thrives and survives due countless hours donated by our volunteer members.Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Volunteers are the true assets of this association.Maureen Gilbert, LMT, NCTMBExecutive State TreasurerImmediate Past PresidentAnnual Report 2013Immediate Past State PresidentRalph V. RussDuring the last year I have attended all quarterly FSMTA Executive Board meetings. I continue to offerinformation to members that query me. I try to at least have ideas and/or history on each subject that arises. Iwas appointed as FSMTA Historian and using most of my budgets to make the two positions work as well aspractical. The Historian duties are coming along well. We have had some changes in FSMTA ExecutiveCommittee; changes have also been made to my responsibilities. Budget constraints are being felt by all andwe are meeting the challenge.I attended Board of Massage Therapy Meetings and have visited local massage schools both as part of myHeart of Florida membership and also as a presenter to a class. I have melded together several jobs to makethings go as good as I can. My best foot is and probably will be recruiting new members and/or gettingtherapist to come to our convention.I get calls from vendors and presenters about conventions past and future to which I tout our event as the best.Contrary to popular belief, our business associates, vendors, affiliates etc, do not want to feel that we aredivided. Their business depends on us having continuity. Anything that negatively affects their bottom line willreflect poorly on all of us.I was given the opportunity to go to Tallahassee as the Legislative Chair for the Heart of Florida chapter.While in Tallahassee we once again did massage at least for the general public. Our group had some new toLAD event members and they were exposed to the workings of our State government.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Big BendBig Bend ChapterMembers: 69 Checking as of 5/31/13: $4817.37Chapter BoardPresident: Salina Roe1st Vice President: Steve Hardy2nd Vice President: Alaine SolburgTreasurer: Phillip NeelyCommittee ChairsHospitality Chair: Alaine SolburgSports Chair: John LillySports Co-Chair: Susan DoddEducation Chair: Theresa RevellMembership Chair: Theresa RevellLesgislative Chair: Jonathan WalkerChapter MeetingsThe Big Bend Chapter meets on the third Saturday of every month from 10am-1pm at the CORE Institute School ofMassage Therapy. As of May we began to change locations of our meetings to Fenn Chiropractic, Abundance Wellness,and Aveda Institute in Tallahassee. As of July 2013 we will be changing the days of our meetings from the third Saturdayof each month to the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-9pm. We have 2 hour CE presentation at every monthlymeeting except June and December. All CE presentations are free for FSMTA members and have changed from $20 fornon-member therapists to $25 for non-members. Our Hospitality Chair provides coffee for our meetings and membersbring other light refreshments to share. We have chapter pot-luck parties with door prizes in June & December. AfterFebruary of 2014 we plan to align our CE presentations with Sugar Dunes, Emerald Coast, and Gulf Coast. Currentlythese chapters meet on the second Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each month so our day will be changed to thesecond Thursday day pending the chapters vote to do so.April 2012: How to communicate effectively to expand your massage business- Cary BayerMay 2012: Reflexology Fundamentals- Scott KingsburyJune 2012: Chapter Awards PartyJuly 2012: Summer Break, no meetingAugust 2012: Reflexology for Spa- Michelle Giammarianaro

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013September 2012: Feldenkrais Workshop- Bonnie KissamOctober 2012: presenter had medical emergency so no CE presentation only chapter meetingNovember 2012: Intro to Spa Massage- Matthew Howe with Touch EducationDecember 2012: Christmas Party!January 2013: Medical Errors-Stacey ShidemantleFebruary 2013: Ethics and Law (4 hrs) Teresa MatthewsMarch 2013: Intro to FSMTA Sports Massage – Teresa MatthewsDuring the past year as a chapter we have created a website and have created and beganusing our Facebook page. We have gained a 1st VP, Treasurer, Sports Chair, Sports Co-Chair, Education Chair,Legislative Chair and Membership Chair. Our focus is to increase membership therefore we have changed our meetingand CE presentation day to the second Tuesday of each month starting July 2013 to accommodate membership requests.We are also focused on getting our sports team up and running to bring more awareness to our area of the benefits ofmassage as well as the FSMTA.We had four members present at the 2013 Legislative Awareness Day on April 16, 2013 in Tallahassee. The entire daywas filled with free chair massage and meeting our local representatives, as a whole FSMTA was represented well. TheBig Bend Chapter has had a fantastic year of growth, and we look forward to another year of continued growth andgreater participation of our members in chapter activities.Submitted by Salina Roe, LMT, Chapter PresidentBrevardMembers: 233Chapter BoardPresident: Carl Stewart1st Vice President: Paula Panikowski2nd Vice President: Kha TaylorSecretary: Babs DiddenTreasurer: Cathie BishopImmediate Past President: Joanna GodwinChecking as of 05/20/13: $10940.52Committee Chairs:Convention: Paula PanikowskiCaligrapher: DeVarah LovettEvents/PR: Kha TaylorEducation: Babs Didden

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Fund Raising: Cathie BishopEthics: Ron McKendryHospitality / Catering: Barbara CrawfordLibrary / Video Preservation: Steve RothLegislative: openMeeting Preparations/Reception: Lucinda DanNewslette/Email: Carl StewartFacebook: Paula PanikowskiPhone Tree: Paula PanikowskiPhotographer: Jeff ChiapperianoSports: -working on a new one-Web Designer: Selo AlkranfilWeb Maintenance and Constant Contact: Carl Stewart * The Brevard Board holds regular meetings to keep us on the same page.. Brevard iscontinuing to hold monthly chapter meetings alternating between South and Central BrevardCounty. * Our South Chapter meetings are being held at Space Coast Health Institute inMelbourne. * Our Central Chapter meetings are being held at the Best Western in Cocoa. Theattendance level continues to be very good and growing at both locations. * We have had a great line up of CE providers during our chapter meetings and we arebooked through the end of the year. * Our 2013 budget adopted and approved. Some areas were trimmed to meet theavailable income. Fundraising and membership need attention. * Brevard is heavily promoting convention. This started last year as soon as somedetails were available. This year, we have one or two computers at each meeting to help signin attendees for convention registration. * We use Social Media to its full potential, Facebook, Twitter, Constant Contact, E-mail. * Our website is which is updated by our webmaster and by CarlStewart. * Chapter Elections held earlier this year. 4 of 5 officers remain on board. * Our Brevard Board and our Committee Chairs are contacted via e-mail through a firstname and website name. [email protected] which is forwarded to our normal e-mail address. * We are regularly promoting the FSMTA in the local schools. * We have formed a new Fund Raising Committee as of February 2013 consisting ofCathie Bishop, Chair. Members are Cindy Huxley and Andrea Vest. Baskets from vendersare given back to the members in the form of a drawing. Handmade face covers for sale.We are Bold, We are Bountiful, We are Brevard!Submitted by Carl Stewart

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Broward Broward Annual Report 2012/13President: John Romano Ethics/Bylaws Chair: Bob Poulin1st Vice President: Uzi Kira Events/Sports Chair: Jason Latona2nd Vice President: Nanci Kersch Illegal/Unlicensed Actv: Alice BeluskoTreasurer: Diane Wagner Hospitality Chair: Deborah DeJeanSecretary: Abe Paredes Sign-in Chair: William CherneyImd Past President: Craig Philhower Educational Standards: Eston DunnMeetings were held at Imperial Point Medical Center’s auditorium on the first Tuesday of every month from 7– 9:30 PM. Secondary locations can be held at Everest University in Pompano Beach. There are no meetingsfor the months of July and December. Light refreshments are provided for attendees. 2 CEU’s are given tolicensed attendees; Mandatory CEU’s are $10 for members and $40 for non-members, regular CEU’s are freefor members and $40 for non-members.July 3: No Meeting Due to Convention n/aAug 7: Debbie Ray Insurance coding and billing/new PIP Yes 4Sept 4: Leiah Carr Sound Therapy/Singing bowls Yes 4Oct 2: Gail Naas Pain Management with Biofeedback Yes 3Nov 6: Uzi Kira An introduction to Colonic Hydrotherapy Yes 3Dec 1: Chapter Party Jungle Queen Cruise on intercostal and barbeque n/aJan 8: Eston Dunn Prevention of Medical Errors Yes 5Feb 5: Elisa DiFalco & FBI Florida Law Yes 5March 5: Pete Whitridge Ethics Yes 4April 2: Dennis Price Massage Care for the Therapist Yes 4May: Dennis Price Massage for Respiratory Enhancement Yes 5June: Bohdi Kocica Hoshino Therapy Yes 4Our events/sports team members and events:Oct 12 – Love Long/Live Strong (Run/Bike event) -benefits Live Strong Foundation and Cancer Center @ Joe Dimaggio’s Children’s HospitalNov 12 – Smart Ride (Bike Event) -benefits various HIV/AIDS organizations in FloridaDec 12 – Kids in Distress Inlet Challenge (Bike Event) -benefitting kids organizationFeb 13 – Ride Right/Drive Right event (Bike Event) -Promoting bicycle safety/awarenessFeb 13 – Tour De Broward (Run/Bike Event -benefitting Joe DiMaggio Children’s HospitalFeb 13 – Ft Lauderdale MarathonOur Holiday party for 2012 was a cruise held upon the Jungle Queen and left out of Fort Lauderdale, which featured abarbeque cook out and a comedy show on a private island.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Central Florida FSMTA Central Florida Chapter Annual Report 2012-2013Chapter Board Committee ChairsDebbie Kirsch, President Elections, Lydia SmithCarolyn Walker, First Vice President Hospitality, Lydia SmithMary Siegel, Second Vice President Membership, Mary SiegelDonna DeMilt, Secretary Newsletter, Debbie KirschVacant, Treasurer Events Team, Ben Keyes Legislative, Hanna Jean EvansStatistics as of March 2012:Members: 737 Checking Balance: $13,022Accomplishments 2012April – Cecily Braden presented Thai Herbal Ball Treatment and we celebrated Earth Day by makinga donation to purchase 50 trees for Florida through the Arbor Day Foundation. Representatives fromthe MBI gave a short presentation and were available for questions. Carolyn Walker was sworn in asour First VP. Chapter Awards were presented.May – Wolfgang Luckmann presented Chinese Craniosacral Therapy with Visceral Manipulation &Medical Qi Gong. We honored our Volunteers with cake and presented them with lapel pins – a red hearton a bronze hand.June Teresa Matthews presented How to Stretch Your Client. Members brought their tables and teamedup to perform stretches on each other. Getting ready for Convention – we raffled off an FSMTAMessenger Bag. Ron McClure, owner of Take 5 Massage, presented to our Student Mentoring group. Convention – Great turnout at Convention. We celebrated with all the Chapters at a Tropical Times themed party on Friday evening.July – Eric Stephen presented Five Fast Tracks to Stellar Body Mechanics. Members brought theirtables and exchanged treatments with each other.August – Bonnie Kissam presented Introduction to FeldenKrais. A presentation was made by Hospice ofthe Comforter representatives to recruit volunteers. Chapter made a donation of needed items for HarborHouse.September – Stacie Nevelus presented Introduction to ACE Massage Cupping TherapyOctober – Matthew Howe presented Introduction to Bodywork for PTSD. MTAW – We partnered with the Jewish Pavilion’s “A Walk in the Park” event. Volunteers received an MTAW t-shirt and FSMTA name tag.November – Lynda Solien-Wolfe presented Retail Mastery for Massage Therapists. Every attendee wenthome with a product bag and we gave away $1,000 in prizes. We collected non-perishable food itemsand paper goods for Harbor House. Donna DeMilt was introduced as our new Chapter Secretary. HarborHouse – Donated four $25 Wal-Mart Gift cards from Nov. door prize and guest funds.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013December – Holiday Party. Every attendee brought a Teddy Bear or $10 to purchase a bear. Thesewere distributed in our community to hospitals and police departments. DJ Johnson retired as our SportsEvent Team Coordinator and Ben Keyes stepped into the role.Chapter Accomplishments 2012January– Bruce Baltz presented Active Isolated Stretching: The Spa Method – a fun, hands-on class.We created a new website and began email only of our monthly newsletter.February – Larry Self presented Introduction to Compassionate Touch: Hands-on care for those in laterlife stages. We held our Annual Chapter Business Meeting. Noreen Monticeaux was the winner of EarlyBird Convention Registration in our Participation Contest.March – Eric Stephenson presented Five Fast Tracks for Filling Your Practice. Our Chapter Treasurer,Linda LeBlanc, resigned as she moved out of the area. Requireds Class – A class of 100 attendees enjoyed lunch and the Requireds presentation by Pete Whitridge. Sports Training – Teresa Matthews facilitated a Sports Team Training and Advanced Training class at the Central FL School of Massage Therapy on March 30th.Chapter Awards were given to: Tom Keegan for Chapter LMT of the Year 2012 Hospitality Team for Outstanding Chapter Service 2012 Lydia Smith, Donna DeMilt, Elaine Howard, Larry Stephens, Monica Leibacher DJ Johnson for Outstanding Sports Team Member 2012Chapter Meetings: Meetings are held the third Monday of the month at the Marks Street SeniorCenter, RDV Sportsplex, 99 East Marks Street, Orlando, FL. Our meeting starts at 5:30pm withStudent Mentoring, networking; announcements at 6:30pm; Speaker Presentation is 6:45-8:45pm. 2CEs are awarded for each Speaker Presentation.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013DadeDade Chapter Checking Acct. as of 5/13/13 $ 11,296.96Members: 232Chapter BoardPresident Angel Orozco1st Vice President David Gonzalez2nd Vice President Jeffrey BrownTreasurer Monica WeinholdSecretary Keith MillerImmediate Past President RoseAnne EliassonSports Chair Renee SciovilleThe FSMTA Dade Chapter has been able to increase awareness in all the issues relating tochanges in legislation in the state of Florida. The chapter has also been able to educateand to increase awareness in issues related to human trafficking and illicit businesspractice creating an environment where members are taking action into becomingmore proactive in reporting illicit activities.This year our Dade Chapter has brought some awesome presenters to our monthlymeetings! The high quality and insightful information makes coming to our meetingsexciting and interesting and this continued legacy of excellence is quite an accomplishmentas it makes our learning lively and current. This year the need arose to communicate withthe spanish only speaking members who have graduated from a Spanish languagemassage school here in Miami Dade County, so we met the need by purchasing translationequipment which has made a notable difference in comprehension and participation ofmore members. We had members of our chapter participate in providing massage to theSony Open, a major USTA tennis tournament at Key Biscayne. During 2012 and 2013 ourDade chapter has created continuity among our core group of monthly attendees andwelcomed three different massage school's students to sit in on our meetings. I must saywe here in the Dade Chapter have a cohesive and cooperative community of members whoenjoy being together sharing and learning.One of the most significant events of this fiscal year was definitely the new PIP Act 2012and how it has affected our profession and the way we do business. We are very proud ofthe support we received from the Chapter members, The Praxis Institute, Miami DadeCollege, Educating Hands and all their respective students. We like to recognize VivianMahoney who has been a pillar through this entire ongoing process, who has been a greatmentor and inspiration to all of us with a very important message \" Never Give Up!\". Sheis a rock, strong and firm. We also like to recognize the legal council and defense of LukeLirot and Adam Levine who believed we were worth fighting for, reminded us that we stillhave constitutional rights and that we can defend our rights as citizens of this country. Weare very proud of our new FSMTA Leadership that also has stepped up to fight and protectour profession bringing up the moral of all members.We stood up for what we believe was fair and just. We had rallies, TV appearances, sentout e-mails, made hundreds of phone calls and collected affidavits; we are still collectingthem in support of our lawsuit.Dade Chapter Annual Report for 2012 ! ! ! May 14th, 2013Chapter Awards were given to:Alexandra Paroulek for Chapter LMT or the Year 2012;Angel Orozco for Outstanding Chapter Service 2012

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Website : www.fsmta-dade.orgMeetup : : FSMTA Dade ChapterDade Chapter meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month, usually atEducating Hands School of Massage 3883 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, 33137We are also able to provide simultaneous translation in Spanish in our monthly meetings.( Nosotros ofrecemos traducción simultánea en Español en nuestras reunionesmensuales) .Chapter MeetingsDate Class Presenter4/3/2012 Empath Yoga Ericka Boucher5/1/2012 Freeing The Neck/ Feldenkrais Method Bonnie Kissam6/4/2012 The Body has all the answers ( Bilingual) VirginieVandevoorde6/5/2012 Handling that crucial first visit ( Bilingual) Nicholas Chitty8/7/2012 Introduction to Exercise Physiology David Gonzalez9/4/2012` Introduction to HIPAA for Massage Therapists Gregory Neely10/2/2012 Tai Chi Bob Murray11/6/2012 Introduction to the Upper Body Michael Uriarte12/4/2012 The Art of Stone Massage Bruce Baltz12/12/2012 Holiday Party1/15/2013 Open Forum Angel Orozco &Keith Miller2/5/2013 Medical Errors David Gonzalez3/12/2013 Ethics Michael BrichtelDade Chapter Annual Report for 2012 ! ! ! May 14th, 2013Dade Chapter Annual Report for 2012 ! ! ! May 14th, 2013Emerald Coast Emerald Coast Chapter Annual Report 2012-2013Chapter BoardChapter President, James FritschleChapter 1st VP, Julius DanielsChapter Secretary, Calhoun StallingsChapter Treasurer, Tabitha BrownHospitality, Wendy RutlandSports Team Coordinator, Bill AnnisChapter Happenings In October, during national massage therapy awareness week, the chapter sponsored the Veterans’ AdministrationHomeless Stand Down offering free onsite table and chair massage to a crowd of 300. (An overwhelming 50% of the homeless U.S.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013citizens have served in the armed forces and now live on the streets.) Ringing in the holidays, at our December gathering, we sharedgreat food and a crazy white elephant gift swap. Despite the end of the Mayan calendar, we did meet in January for a round-tablechapter business meeting moving us into 2013. In the spring the chapter sponsored the Escambia Education Foundation 5K, the PinkRibbon Tennis Tournament, and the Emerald Coast Mud Run for Orphans. Many of our chapter board members were able to provideonsite massage to show our gratitude to the faculty and staff at the Pensacola, Fortis institute for kindly hosting our monthly chaptermeetings. Two chapter members, Calhoun Stallings and Marilyn Gibbs and I were able to work in Tallahassee during legislativeawareness days in April. We provided chair massage to the general public and our legislators in the capitol rotunda. This was anhonor and invaluable experience to learn more about the legislative process and meet with our local representatives and senators todiscuss the needs and future of our profession. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bill Annis, John Caro, Julius Daniels, Wendy Rutland, Calhoun Stallings, Donna Stone, andAndy Williams for their service on the board this past year. And Special thanks to Donna Stone for many, many years of faithfulservice to the chapter and the massage profession. Thanks to Stacy Shidemantle for providing the FL required classes and SportsMassage Team Trainings. Moreover, we recognize all our educational providers most of which traveled a long way to Pensacola andacross the great lengths of Florida State to get to us. Thank you for sharing your time and talents to strengthen, sharpen and inspireus. May you be blessed exponentially!Continuing Education presentations included:June 11, 2012 Bob Murray- Tai Chi for Massage TherapistsAug. 13, 2012Laurie Azzarella-Ingham Method-Hand and Foot ReflexologySept. 10, 2012 Bonnie Kissam- Freeing the Head & Neck, The Feldenkrais ModelOct. 8, 2012 Michael Uriarte D.C.- Intro to Upper Body, The Myokinestic TechniqueNov.12, 2012 Georgiana Johnson- Intro to ReikeFebruary 11, Stacy Shidemantle- FL Required Class, FL LawMarch 11, Don McCann- Cranial/Structural Core Distortion ReleaseApril 8 and May 13, Stacy Shidemantle-FL Required Classes, Ethics and Medical ErrorsFirst Coast FIRST COAST CHAPTER ANNUAL REPORTChapter Board Members Chapter InformationPresident: Sally Burton Bank acct Balance: 5,947.76 # of Members: 2791st Vice President: Eileen Bild2nd Vice President: Stephanie TindalTreasurer: Joan PoatesSecretary: Scott HartsfieldChairman/Co-chairsEileen Bild Membership ChairSandy Murphy Specialty Hospital Events ChairOPEN Legislative Chair

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Anil Suthar Election ChairKimberly Reaves Education ChairEileen Bild Photography ChairPhyllis Ferrier NotaryKendra Blackmer Social MediaThe First Coast Chapter has under gone major changes in the pastyear. First our Immediate Past President has gone on to StatePresident and we send best wishes to Leiah Carr. Our 2nd VicePresident Claudio Lopez stepped up to assume the role as president inJuly 2012. In March 2013 Claudio Lopez had to step down as presidentdue to health issues. Secretary Sally Burton stepped up as currentpresident and a new and complete board was installed by ElectionChair Anil Suthar.As a new board we have two new friends. FSMTA Policy andProcedures and bylaws to guide us. We also decided to meet monthlybecause of being a young/busy board. We have accomplished a“Thank you” letter to be sent out to businesses/doctors when we areapproached for massage therapists. Along with this letter a FSMTAFlyer was sent that explains the laws/rules that govern massagetherapy. A “new member” letter for inclusion into the “Welcome”packet. This is still a work in progress. Also a “School” letter to invitemassage schools in our area to become Associate Members.Communication and membership is our focus at this time. KendraBlackmer is in the process of getting the chapter website up andrunning. The goal here is to drive the members to the chapter websitefor up to date information and encourage their participation.Chapter meetings have gone well. Presiding over the meetings is attimes a balancing act, it all works out. I would like to thank the boardmembers for attending the meetings. Our members still enjoy a lightmeal prior to the business meeting with the “theme” element reflectedin the table setting, and great door prizes.Having stepped up as president has been a huge personal growthspurt for me. I have been so busy; I have not had time to reflect on myaction. I do know that I am committed to the FSMTA First Coast

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Chapter and keeping the standard that has been set. I will have moreto say at the next annual report.Sarah (Sally) Burton PresidentFirst Coast ChapterFlagler/VolusiaFlagler/Volusia ChapterMembers: 185 Licensed and 42 Free StudentsChecking Balance as of 3/31/2013: $7,560.72Chapter BoardPresident: Gregory Neely1st Vice President: Jane Sharpe2nd Vice President: Teresa Cavey Moises SztylermanSecretary: Krystal Haworth Mark BigelowTreasurer:Immediate Past President:Committees Gregory NeelyLegislative Chair: Tina BashlorRegistration Desk: Teresa CaveyEducational Chair: Alex SepulvedaSports Team Coordinator: Krystal HaworthHospitality Chair: Betsy MorrisonNewsletter: www.fsmtafv.orgWebsite:Equipment Purchased: None Volunteers have been put through the ringer this year and have met the challenge head on with great results.Our monthly meetings continue to be held at Keiser University in Daytona Beach on the second Wednesday of themonth. Attendance of Licensed LMTs averages between 40 – 60, plus students from the top three schools in the area.We continue to schedule the very best CE presenters in our profession. Within the past year we hosted various topicssuch as Himalayan Stone Massage, to “Assess don’t guess” by Debbie Roberts. We consider our chapter to be very“provider friendly” and welcome their products and workshop information for our members to take advantage of intheir practice. We thank all of them for coming from such long distances to help educate our members. Our Annual Christmas Party at LPGA International Country Club in Daytona Beach was a huge hit. We gave awayover $2500 dollars in gifts and prizes to our members it included Cash, Prizes, and Products from our sponsors such asBon Vital, Massage Warehouse, Performance Health, Cryoderm, and EdCat Enterprises. We gave each attendee achampaign flute with the FSMTA logo printed on it. Big thanks went out to each of our Sponsors with a care package aswell from the Chapter.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013 At our Annual business meeting this year, we showed once again, that our members even in tough times, couldbe strong and had a surplus of cash at the end of the year in the amount of 365.00 dollars in our Bank Account.Membership has been on a decrease for most of the year; however we are making every effort to turn that around byreaching out with phone calls and words of support. Our efforts have shown to be successful in the very last month ofthe fiscal year with our numbers dipping down into the 180’s and returning to be what is reported above. Economicallyour area of Florida has been financial depressed with tourism down and spending cuts across the board at majorfunctions. Inlight of it all we have been doing well as a Chapter and have been planning for a return to Tallahassee for LAD, breathingnew life into the Sports Team with a New Sports Team Coordinator.After inventory was taken we found that everything on our list was in order for the Chapter.Awards this year: LMT of the Year for our Chapter went to Teresa Cavey who has taken our Educational Chair on andmade it her own. She has done a wonderful job at scheduling presenters into 2014. We are very proud of the job she hastaken on and done such a good job with. Chapter Outstanding Service has gone to Jane Sharpe for all the hard work shehas done at support the Chapter. Chapter Sports Team Member of the Year went to Krystal Haworth for all the hardwork and dedication that she has shown to the Chapter throughout the year.Respectfully submitted, Gregory Neely, PresidentGulf Coast Members-63 Checking as of 5/30/2013 : $4,778.83Gulf Coast Annual ReportPresident-Marion Padgett1st Vice-President-Shawn Walker2nd Vice-President-Heather DixonTreasurer-Nena SudduthSecretary-Peggy CuylerImmediate Past President-Nena Sudduth* Participation in meetings has consistently been good. We are averaging 15 to 25 Lmt's at meetings A good portion of this is due to CE presentations being offered at most meetings! We try to offer at least 9 presenters. our Business Meeting and Dec. is our Holiday Party. No meeting is held during month of convention.* Sue Carnell organized our Massage Awareness Event - a Chair Massage-a-thon to benefit Child Advocacy Center.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013 Almost $ 700.00 was raises for the event.* Our Christmas/Holiday Party was a Pot Luck Dinner at our regular meeting room. Prizes and Fun was had by all.Heart of Florida Jeri Gabbard Adele BoydOfficers Franko Triscritti Deborah Lynette Marrero BonillaPresident Christina Webb1st Vice President2nd Vice President Robert SuarezSecretaryTreasureChapter ChairSign-in Chair and Web MasterMembers: 199 Bank Account Balance: $9,852.40This has been a busy and exciting year for the members of Heart of Florida Chapter. There were a few firsttime events. Next year brings more to come.EventsJanuary 19th, 2013Susan G Komen Polk Race for the CureAt Tiger Town Stadium LakelandHeart of Florida Chapter provided Chair Massage for the first time at the Polk Race for the Cure. Theyappreciated us very much and invited us back next year.April 14th thru the 19th, 2013Sun-N-Fun Flyin 2013At Lakeland Linder Airport

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Heart of Florida Chapter will present Chair Massage to the public and volunteers for the annual Sun-n-FunFlyin from Tuesday thru Sunday for the first time.Chapter Meetings were held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in 2012 with the exception of July, a mentornight, offered a night for newly licensed massage to gain knowledge from senior massage therapist in thecommunity, and December, Membership appreciation party. The party was held at The Garden BistroRestaurant in downtown Lakeland. A buffet dinner and gifts were presented to the attending members. Giftswere donated by local business, Earth Lite, Bon Vital and Massage Warehouse. Good times were had by all.Chapter Meetings are held at local massage schools in rotation of trying to reach all the Polk county area.There is always an exciting line up of presenter.4/10/2012: Larry Self; Intro to Compassionate Touch at Everest University Lakeland5/8/2012: Lena West; Intro to Hot Stones at Ridge Career Center Winter Haven6/12/2012: Dan Towey; Access Bars at Everest University Lakeland7/10/2012: Mentor Night at Everest University Lakeland8//14/2012: Debbie Ray; Intro to Insurance Billing at Keiser University Lakeland9/11/2012: Dr. Annie Morien; Skin Cancer in the Clinic at Ridge Career Center Winter Haven10/9/2012: Terri May; Intro to Orthopedic massage at Everest University Lakeland11/13/2012: Teresa Matthews; Into to How to stretch your client at Everest University Lakeland12/8/2013 Party at Garden Bistro Lakeland1/9/2013: Bonnie Kissam; Feldenkrais at Everest University Lakeland2/13/2013: Carla Van Arnam; Zero Balancing at Ridge Career Center Winter Haven3/13/2013: Katie Haley; Lava Shell Massage at Gold’s Gym S. LakelandIn 2013 Chapter meetings were moved to the 2nd Wednesday of the month.The move was in an effort to try to reach out to more of the chapter members who could not come to theTuesday nights.A new location was tried at Gold’s Gym south in Lakeland due to losing Keiser University location. There was anice turn out with a few new faces due to the convenience of the area. Heart of Florida chapter is still lookingat options for locations to hold monthly meetings closer to the members.Heart of Florida Chapter updates, meetings, events and classes can be found onthe website at on Facebook at

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Members also receive a monthly newsletter via email, in an effort to go green.The treasure, Pamela Kendrick, retired and the chapter gave her the Outstanding therapist Award in lieu of herfour years of service to the chapter.A new chapter treasure is in place, Christina Webb.Robert Suarez joined the Board as the Sign-in chair and later took on the position of Web Master.The President and 1st Vice president attended the Quarterly State Board Meetings to keep up with theinformation given by the State Executive Board. On March 5th, 2013 the Chapter Secretary, Treasure and Sign-in chair joined the president and 1st Vice President to the Spring Quarterly State Board Meeting. This was afirst for them. Robert Suarez, Sign-in chair, came back with a comment to the chapter, “Wow! They really takethis stuff seriously”. This was an eye opener as to what happens there. It was a great experience for the newmembers to the Chapter Board. Next for the new members of the board will be the annual Convention!Heart of Florida strives to create a warm inviting chapter with fun at the center of it in keeping up with itsname.Summited by Chapter President, Jeri Gabbard“‘Be the Change you want to see in the world”KeysThe Keys Chapter Annual ReportThe Keys are just getting by. That being said our board is down to three active members. President, Mary Ann Nelson.Treasurer, Leanora Stullken. Secretary, Jody Gay.We have no VP, I am acting sports coordinator, and we have no committee chairs.We did have some of our local therapist that are presenters have CEU at our meetings this past winter. And we didmanage to put off the sports massage at the bridge run in April. But the chapter has been very slow & quite. No onewants to see the chapter dissolve, but no one is stepping up to take over.I will give it until next election and then I will recommend we as Keys chapter members become members at large. Anddissolve this chapter.We have a balance of $3,930 in the bank account. We have 34 members.Thank You,Mary Ann Nelson

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013North Central FloridaNorth Central Florida 2012 Annual ReportPresident: Bruce Gonseth1st Vice President: Larry Miller2nd Vice President: VacantSecretary: Angel DeaconTreasurer: James BohannonPast President: Mary KoontzEducation Chair: Becki RyanSports Chair: Amberly SnappSpecial Events Chair: Amberly SnappTreasurer Report: As of March 31st, 2013 $5005.78The chapters' year has been good. We did our yearly special events for charity which include;March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon, giving free massages to the walkers post walk. Frank Polack Bike Ride for Hospice withfree massages post ride. Free massages to cancer survivors at a cancer survivors expo.The chapter also appeared at the Ocala Square to hold Massage Awareness Week by giving massages and providinginfo on why massage can benefit you.The chapter provided CE presenters each month at our chapter meetings.The chapter sponsored a weekend workshop on Bamboo Fusion which the chapter hasn't ever provided a weekendworkshop in the past.The chapter has had their ups & downs with finding a good Secretary and Treasurer. We have both now and I believe thatthey will be good for the chapter and we will continue to get better with more members coming to the chapter meetingsand attending more chapter events.As president, I'm happy with the progress our Chapter Board and our Committee Chairs.Bruce Gonseth, LMTLicense Massage TherapistFSMTA Chapter PresidentNorth Central FloridaPalm Beach Bank Balance: 21,085.88 Members: 308Palm Beach Annual Report 2013President: Katharine S. KingFirst Vice President: Michelle GettySecond Vice President: Alicia BrandSecretary: Susan JensenTreasurer: Lesli LopezSports /Chair Team: Katharine S. KingLegislative: Katharine S. KingMembership & Retention: Katharine S. KingHospitality: Pamela SmithEvents Coordinator: Alicia BrandBi Annual CEU’s Event: Lesli Lopez

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013The Palm Beach Chapter did hold a small Holiday Party at Derher Park at the end of 2012. We also again had a Drive inMovie Night in March 2013 and the weather the fine. We saw “The Great and Powerful OZ” and “Burt Wonderstone” .Those who attended had a great time. We always hope more will attend each year? We are also holding our firstsponsored free CEU event for current PB Chapter FSMTA members 5/19/2013. The response has been overwhelmingand the course booked up very quickly. We will also be holding our BI Annual after renewal Bar B Q Party 9/2013. Lookfor details and come on out, bring your friends and family. Last year we had about 40 attend, this year, let’s make itmore! Support your chapter, step up, volunteer and enjoy the fruits of your membership. For more details follow ourweb site at www.pbfsmta.comApril 19, 2012 Energy Kinesiology- Virginie VandervoordeMay 17, 2012 Access Bars – Dan ToweyJune 21, 2012 Treating the Neck before touching it – Thomas LibertoJuly 19, 2012 Neuro Muscular Eval & Treatment Plan – Dennis PriceAugust 16, 2012 Regaining the Flexable Spine – Bonnie KissamSeptember 20, 2012 Compassionate Touch – Larry SelfOctober 18, 2012 Head, Neck , Face Lymph Lift – Elisa DeFalcoNovember 15, 2012 Pect. Minor – Thomas LibertoJanuary 17, 2013 Craniosomatics – Dr. Dallas HancockFebuary 21, 2013 Funky Hips – Debbie RobertsMarch 21, 2013 Orthoflexology Low Back Hip – Scott Kingsbury

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Sarasota/Manatee Sarasota/Manatee Chapter – Annual Report 2013Members: 514 Checking as of 15 May 2013 $13,422.91Chapter Board: Eddie Hooper, II Patricia Rogers President: Casey Austin 1st Vice President Nicole Evans 2nd Vice President Evelyn Bishop Secretary Brian George Treasurer Immediate Past PresidentCommittee Chairs: Michele Weissman Nicole Evans & Eddie Hooper II Sports Team Susan Klein Membership team Casey Austin Hospitality Chair Patricia Rogers Education Chair Eddie Hooper, II Legislative Chair Carlos Diaz Mentor Chair Chair Massage ChairLMT Chapter Awards:

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013LMT of the Year Evelyn BishopService LMT of the Year Amy LuycxSports LMT of the Year Adrian MorrelPresenters: Debbie Ray Insurance Billing 04/2012 Dallas Hancock CranioSomatics 05/2012 06/2012 Stacie Nevelus Ace Cupping Therapy 07/2012 08/2012 Larry Self Later Life Stages –Hands on 09/2012 10/2012 David R. Gonzalez Stretching and R O M 11/2012 12/2012 Dr. Annie Beware of Bugs 01/2013 02/2013 Greg Neely HIPPA/HITECH Introductioin 03/2013 Lynn Hocker Shoulder, Wrists Self Care Christmas Party Marina Jack Cruise Jen Funk Florida Laws Lee Thompson Ethics Jen Funk Medical Errors Annual ReportThe really great news from the Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Desoto, Glades and HardeeCounty Chapter is that the entire Board of Directors agreed to serve another two years,resulting in a seamless transition! We also find that most of the committee chairs areenergized and really ready to put in a very productive new term. Even though our bylaws saythat we can only recognize three of our members for outstanding work, I want recognize andthank everyone in our chapter for their amazing talents, and look forward to two more greatyears.We have been reaching out to all the massage schools in our area to build strongerrelationships with the students. The Successful Start Program has afforded us an opportunityto have them see us in action. I am pleased to report that the Sarasota School of Massage

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Therapy has made arrangements to transport all their current students who register for theSSP. We hope that the students will have some time to visit the Exhibit Hall as well. As result,I am hoping that all of these students will become full members of our chapter when their freestudent membership expires.As most of you know, Brian George, Immediate Past President of our chapter, and chairpersonof the State Store, will have the State Store just outside the Exhibit Hall. He has a number ofnew items that I am sure most of you will be interested in. Please stop by and say hello. Hemay very well have something that “you simply can’t live without!”The Legislative Awareness Day was a huge success this year with a very good turnout ofFSMTA members. Michele Weissman was there to represent Sarasota/Manatee. Plans fornext year’s LAD are already in the works. We hope for an even larger representation of FSMTAin Tallahassee next year.We are looking forward to regaining the trophy for the chapter identifier this year, but weknow the competition is always very high. I hope you will take time to look at our web pageand also our Facebook pages. Amy Luycx, {this year’s recipient for chapter Service LMT of theYear}, is doing an outstanding job keeping all the data up to date. Amy will be helping GregNeely with registration and the new technology being implemented during this year'sconvention.I could use several more pages to talk about our chapter, but in short we are all working welltogether and looking forward to 2013 and 2014 as well as growing our membership and oursports team. Of course, we are keeping a close eye on our annual budget. Submitted by: Eddie Hooper, II LMT President: Sarasota/Manatee Chapter FSMTA 15 May 2013

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013SouthwestSouthwest Florida ChapterMembers: 318 Checking as of 3/31/13: $8,395.52Chapter Board Members: Chapter Committee Chair:President: John Graham Bylaws: Sydney SheafferFirst VP: Nick Abram Legislative & Insurance: Ron StevensSecond VP: Open Membership Service: Nick AbramSecretary: Open Sports Massage Team: Teo NikolovTreasurer: Terry Lowder Web Site & Newsletter: (John Graham)IPP: Sherrie Easterly Education: Terry Lowder2012 / 2013 has been a very busy year. We have had a change of leadership due to election yearand have had a change at almost every position. In addition, we have a couple of open positions tofill. Terry Lowder, continues to serve the SW Chapter in 2 roles. He is greatly appreciated by thischapter for his willingness to step up in leadership and to share his knowledge. As an approved CEprovider he will step in at a moment’s notice should the schedule come short of presenters.We are pleased to have all of the 2013 schedule filled with a vast variety of qualified interestingpresenters. Our CE Presentations have ranged from the “Big Three's Mandatories” to subjects suchas Access Consciousness, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Tuina, Positional Release Therapy,Orthoflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Stretching, Structural EnergeticTherapy and Myofascial Sports Massage.Members weren’t always in a classroom setting, we gladly attended the 2012 AnnualConvention, participated in MTAW in Bonita Springs, and FCA in Naples,treated members to an outing of our Annual Deep Sea Fishing, and a nice Christmas Party.We are trying very hard to match our focus to the FSMTA goals of membership and striving forsuccess in our carreers.We are trying to revamp our website to the new provider and format to match Central Office. This isa tool the chapter will benefit from. The future calendar of membership classes and events, andsponsors’ class enables the therapist to be aware of local available presentations, new members areannounced, and messages from sponsors are welcomed. A business tip tab is being created, minutesof board and membership meets are included. Membership benefits are posted as well as a link tocentral office.Website sponsors and newsletter advertisement has shown to be a good way in which the chapterhas been able to increase revenueJohn Graham, President, FSMTA Southwest Florida Chapter

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Chapter Meeting:Location: BASS PRO SHOPS, 10040 Gulf Center Dr., Ft. MyersTime: 6:00 – 9:00 P.M., First Tuesday of the Month with 2 CE hours per meetSugar DunesSugar Dunes Chapter Members: 91 Checking as of 5/31/2013: $2516.96Chapter Board Members: President: Stacy Shidemantle 1st Vice President: Matt Wilson 2nd Vice President: OPENTreasurer: Judy Price Secretary: Melissa Walters Immediate Past President: Lee Thompson Sports Chair: WendyBallaschChapter web site: have had a wonderfully successful year for the Sugar Dunes Chapter. We are updating our website and using socialmedia venues such as Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with our members. Thank you to Ila Holt for all her helpwith Twitter and Facebook and to Bob Harshman of HBWebdudes for all his assistance and support of our webpage.Our Sports Team has been growing and we are excited they are the FSMTA Sports Team of the Year. Thank you toWendy Ballasch and all the team members for helping the team grow and being a voice for massage therapy and theFSMTA at local events and to athletes from all over. They have been also working with team members from EmeraldCoast and Gulf Coast Chapters. The unity and collaboration among chapters has been inspiring!We have great attendance at meetings and thank you to all the providers who have come to the panhandle to sharewith our members!We also had a wonderful end of year celebration. Thank you to Bon Vital and Biofreeze for your generous donations.We have also had wonderful CE classes in the panhandle; we are so excited our presenters have not only come for ourmeetings, but have offered our area some awesome new modalities to use in our practices.Thank you to both Soothing Arts Healing Therapies School of Massage and The Source Institute for allowing us to haveour meetings in their schools and allowing us to introduce the FSMTA to their students!To the Sugar Dunes Chapter Members: Your support and Love has made serving as your president a pleasure. You Guysare AWESOME! Thank you! HUGS!Respectfully Submitted:Stacy Shidemantle, President

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Suwannee Valley Suwannee Valley FSMTA Annual Report - April 2012 - March 2013 Members: 101 Checking: $4000.0*Chapter BoardPresident: Elizabeth Killebrew Treasurer: David HennigVice President: Michael Bates Secretary: Maggie Kampney Immed Past Pres: Elizabeth KillebrewCommittee ChairsBy Laws: Vacant Legislative: Randi CareyChair Massage: Elizabeth Killebrew Membership: Angela BlakemoreEducation: Matthew Grubb School Liaisons: Mary Kennedy. Elisa Moreland, Anna RahmanElections: Greg Young Hospitality, Webmaster and FacebookSports Massage: Elizabeth Killebrew Management: Carla Van ArnamActivities: April 2012 to March 2013 was a productive year for Suwannee Valley. Growth continued incamaraderie, commitment, experience, knowledge and numbers. We saw an increase in membership viastudents joining under the auspices of the special offer made to the Florida massage schools by the MassageToday journal. It has been exciting to see students become active in Chapter life and show an interest in thisfraternal relationship as they prepare to begin their new careers.Chapter Awards issued in Spring of 2013: “LMT of the Year” to Anna Rahman and “Outstanding Service” toElizabeth Killebrew.Education: Our new Vice President donned a second hat /role i.e., Education Chair and has busily recruitedClass Presentors for many months in advance for our monthly Chapter meetings. CE Presenters such asMiranda Monkhurst, Georgianna Johnson, Christina Polnyj, Erica Boucher, Lori Messina, Laurel. Freeman, Dr.Annie Morien, Greg Neely, Debbie Roberts, Vince Cabrera, enriched our fund of knowledge, rekindled ourexcitement about our work and encouraged us during a period of growth and change.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Fla. School of Massage Liaison activity continued our Chapter’s involvement with the student body of theone local massage school.Fundraising: Sales of door prize tickets, members’ contributions to supplies / staples of meeting food.Our annual Holiday Party at the Best Western Gateway Grand Resort raised everyone’s “spirits” with a feast,collection of toys in Gainesville for Children of Trauma situations and the annual visit from the “real-beard”Santa bearing gifts for all, snowflake ornaments for every member handmade by the President, silly fungames, and musical entertainment by our infamous Chapter kazoo band -- great fellowship.Legislative Awareness Days this spring at the Capitol in Tallahassee returned LMTS to the activity ofperforming chair massage in the Rotunda at the Capitol (which we have not been able to do for the last 3years). Our President represented the Chapter. An unusual moment of recognition occurred in the House ofRepresentatives—our FSMTA delegation was asked to be present for the afternoon session on Tuesday. Wewere officially introduced to the House, with complimentary laudits given to our work toward legislationdesigned to curtail Human Trafficking and Unlicensed massage activities in the State. The entire House ofRepresentatives enthusiastically applauded us.Membership: Our Membership Chair began the process of gathering birthday information on currentmembers with future plan of monthly recognition and began a regular contact of expired members.Special Events: We participated in community activities that highlighted our FSMTA organization. ChairMassage and/or Sports Massage Team members’ had rich opportunities to showcase their expertise and skillto potential new clients: March of Dimes Walkathon; University of FLA Butterfly Sanctuary Festival; ArborHouse, Annual Downtown Fall Festival, “Deliver the Dream” family seminar weekends, and local MTAWevents.Technology Advancement. Our Webmaster designed and implemented a Facebook page for our Chapter.In addition our Webmaster and our Elections Chairman co-created and instituted use of a “mass notification”email system to keep members up to date. We expect to see much more technology usage in the coming yearas we have a State Technology Chair which now is “jetstreaming” many of our information managementmethods.Goals for the next year: Improvements in a more assertive outreach system for members to be more“connected”, and to recapture inactive members. To prepare the Suwannee Valley Chapter to make asmooth transition in January of 2014 to a new President as Elizabeth Killebrew will be finishing the current termof office and will not run for reelection. This has been a most fulfilling, challenging., exciting, joy-filled fouryears as President of Suwannee Valley. Each year has been more eventful than the previous one. Watchingthis group cohese and pull heavy loads together successfully has been a wonder to watch and I would nothave missed this experience for anything. This Chapter. holds a special place in my heart.Respectfully submitted: Elizabeth Killebrew, PresidentJune 14, 2013 * approximate (final figures not available at time of reporting)

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Tampa BayNothing SubmittedTreasure CoastTREASURE COAST CHAPTERMembers:208Checking Balance:$7289.44Chapter BoardPresident: Bob Murray1st Vice President: Ross Hoffman2nd Vice President: Molly RehyanskySecretary: Sheree BagensieTreasurer: LeeAnn BlackImmediate Past President: Sheree BagensieCommitteesLegislative Chair: Bob MurraySports Chair: Ross HoffmanThe chapter continues to hold monthly meetings at Indian River State College on the 3rdWednesday of each month. Our sports team held our first half marathon event and we had 12 sports team members participate. We evenhad two members running in the event, one of whom is our chapter secretary and IPP Sheree Bagensie. Wewill continue to build better and better relationships with the local running club officers and other eventorganizers in order to become more involved in all sports activities on the Treasure Coast. We were also active legislatively and I had the opportunity to represent our association at two LegislativeDelegation meetings. I was able to express our concerns but, more importantly, continue to build recognitionwith our local representatives. Our goals for the coming year are to continue to focus on the above mentioned areas and increase ourpresence throughout our Treasure Coast community.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Standing Committee ChairsByLaws The By-Laws Committee has been involved with many diverse topics this past year.All members are urged to involve themselves with our governing documents and makesuggestions on any item which they feel may need revamping or more clarification. At present, we are actively pursuing a social media policy to coincide with our newChapter Face Book group pages. Much advancement and exposure have beenachieved from this major move by our EC. Again, our grassroot involvementstrengthens our association and truly makes us more tightly knit. Other issues addressed were in reviewing and strengthening our financial reportsand statements which were previously generated with much cumbersome data andmis-represented figures. Such changes and modifications will allow greater ease andbetter assesment of our overall capital position. Finally, we are seeking additional membership status designations to garner greaterbusiness members and potentially out of state LMT's looking for represention in ourprofession. Our By-Laws committee continues to be actively involved with refining ourorganization.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013By developing and interpreting rule changes and /or new proposals for clarifying ourConstitution, By-Laws, and Policies and Procedures we facilitate effective functioningor our Corporate Documents. Thank you President Leiah Carr, Executive Board, and all members for theopportunity to serve our wonderful organization.Respectfully Submitted,Sydney Sheaffer, By-Laws Committee ChairCommittee Members Robert Poulin Ron Stephens Maureen Gilbert Ralph Russ

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Special CommitteesHistorianAnnual Report 2013HistorianRalph V. RussThere was a decision made to compile the history of FSMTA. I was appointed to serve asHistorian for this purpose. I requested the Executive Board to bring to me any materialsthat might help fill in the gaps that have arisen in our records. As of this time, only RoseAnne Eliasson has come forward with old issues of the Massage Message. She broughtissues from 1987 (Vol. 2) to 1999 (Vol. 14) of those 25 were issues that were not in theCentral Office Files. I also took home copies of MM from the Central Office file to try tocompile a data base of our officers from 1986 to the present.The history of the Florida State Massage Association was first compiled in a booklet byJeanette Phillips in 1967 and presented to the annual board meeting. I have posted acopy of this booklet on my Facebook page. Unfortunately I have found no access toinformation from 1968 to 1986. I am sure that some of the longest lasting chapters andindividuals have accumulated this information. It may also reside in some of the archivesthat are entombed in the Central Florida files. Unfortunately there was massive waterdamage that occurred in one of the old offices and many years of files and MM issueswere lost in that disaster.The database is in Excel and includes, executive committees, conventions, chapterpresidents, standing committees, special committees, LMT awards, Canfield Awards,Performance Health Humanitarian, and the FCA LMT of the Year Award. So far, I havenot figured a way to share these data sets through Facebook. I did put a series ofpictures that were either from my files or from Maureen Gilbert on the Facebook page tocommemorate our Legislative Awareness, and also Conventions from 1988 to 2012.I will continue to work on this project if anyone is willing to come forward with new data.

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013ICDFACTIVITIES:Please list all projects of the committee and status of each project.I was not on the board from May 2012 - Dec 31st 2012Because of this 7 months will be missing from this report.January 30th -Feb 3rd 2013I attended the Families USA Health Care Conference in Washington DC. We (John & I)attended a total of 18 different Affordable Health Care related breakouts. I have most allof it taped as well as volumes of pages of notes. Bottom line everyone from Senators,Budget Committee Members, and other very prominent people, guest presenters at theirPlenary Meetings were presenting outstanding, informative and up to date information onthe Affordable Healthcare Policies. It was obvious they had their stuff together and weredoing all they could to see that the implementation of each part of the plan was in placeand on time. This was an outstanding, exciting, informative and even very rewardingevent and I so appreciate the opportunity to have been there to represent the FSMTA andmembers!!The best thing that came from this event is that in one of the last breakouts we attended Isaw the website and email address for Allysa Wostrel, the Executive Director of theInternational Healthcare Policy Consortium or IHPC. contacted Allysa that same day by email. In the ensuing days and weeks I continued tocommunicate with her, Janet Kahn and Deborah Senn. Janet, among many outstandingcredentials was the firstExecutive Director of IHPC. Deborah Senn among her many accomplishments, waspreviously the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Washington. I and some of the

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013FSMTA board members were able to be on a live webinar presentation by Deborah a fewmonths ago.Deborah Senn, J.D., was responsible for LMTS being able to be “in-network” providers inhealth insurance plans in Washington State.This however was not the first major State move legislatively to recognize massagetherapists in health care policies.FL was first, implementing a law, effective October 1992 whereby a health policy had toreimburse a massage therapist if the policy covered massage (under certaincircumstances).While I worked very closely with FSMTA Attorney and Lobbyist at that time to help getthis implemented most of the credit goes to Alex Spassoff, the then and once againLegislative Chair. It was Alex who actually wrote the bill that we were finally able to getpassed through legislation.The rest of last year as well as all of this year I have been working day and night reportingby emails, corresponding by phone to answer massage therapists, doctors and attorneysconcerns about this lawsuit and the ongoing outcomes as they occur. I have also beenreading the legal briefs, memorandums and letters as filed by Appellant (State) andAppellee (LMTs, DC’s, AP’s), attorneys communications have been phenomenal as theyhave kept me in the loop every step of the way as they fight for our rights!! In addition tothe above, I have been working unending, communicating and sending email blasts doingall I can to collect legal funding to keep the attorneys working for US! CConstitutional Attorney, Luke Lirot and his dynamic assistant attorney, Dr. Adam Levinehave been giving their all, non -stop, day and night 7 days a week to fight the FL PIPLAW. When others in leadership capacity said it could not, should not be done, only these

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 20132 attorneys in the State of FL believed in us, really KNEW the law and went to bat for uson faith that I and Kevin Johnson, CEO of Advanced Diagnostic Group could and wouldcollect funding to pay them and their expenses.FUTURE: To continue working to help Luke Lirot and Adam Levine fight for our rights,sharing, informing and asking for donations through my own Corporation set upspecifically for this purpose. United Practitioners Organization, inc.The insurance business is ever changing with new and different events, seminars, conferences,materials and training that should be attended to if and when it pertains to FSMTA membersOR potential members. Therefore it is impossible to enter here what exactly any future planswould be until they arise.I will once again be attending the FL Work Comp Annual Educational Conference in August(18th -21st) at the Marriott World Center, Orlando. I recently read a post in the Work CompSubscription I receive that they are watching what is happening with FL PIP in that theysuspect that maybe claims will increase within the Work Comp System because LMTS & APsare excluded from FL PIP. I will be keeping eyes and ears open for this.Concern is that I stay on top of any and all issues as they pertain to insurance and health careand opportunities for members or potential members to move forward in the health carearena.Submitted by__Vivian M. Mahoney, LMT__ Signature

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Social MediaSocial Media Annual ReportJune 2013In the last several months myself and several others have stepped up to the plate to getour Association more visible and accessible then ever before,we have had the ability to reach out on a wider and more extensive scale due to avenuessuch a FaceBook, Twitter etc.Social Media has allowed us the opportunity to introduce the FSMTA to therapist that werenot aware of this Association and the importance of being a member of a professionalorganization such as the FSMTA.We have been able to re-introduce ourselves and send a gentle reminder of theimportance and the value of being a member to therapist that may have let theirmembership lapse or whom had just been unplugged.In my opinion the use of Social Media reaches out further than any source ever has forthis Association.Myself, Leiah Carr and Greg Neely have been doing our best to maintain a strongFacebook presence.Posting, Liking and Sharing on multiple pages, FSMTA State Page, Convention Page andall Chapter Pages.We have increased awareness substantially about the FSMTA and our annual convention.(several of you have also monitored, shared and liked our post,Thank you, every time you do that you help in the notice-ability ranking. :)We have completed the 19 Chapter Facebook pages, each page has severaladministrators that are hopefully sharing and connecting with their members and tentativemembers on a local scale, informing members and potential members of local chaptermeetings and events in that particular chapter/community.These Facebook pages also offer us stronger web search optimization helping direct moretraffic to our Association's website hence opening the door of opportunity to grow ourmembership. (several of you have really picked up and started promoting your chapter pages, THANKYOU!)

Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013I have been on many phone conversations with multiple sources wrapped around ways topromote, establish and maintain a good strong media presence.With hopes of recruiting media coverage we have started contacting a large list of mediasources informing them of our Association, our Convention, Issues surrounding themassage industry such as PIP, hours of operation, Human Trafficking ext..Web presence for the Florida Massage Convention and Tradeshow was increased withpaid advertisements on Facebook.Greg Neely expanded our social media presence substantially via Google and othernetworks.Strategic Planning, Branding and Marketing is an ongoing adventure.In May with the use of an automated calling service we initiated a very successfulcampaign to put out a call to 28,000 massage therapist in the State inviting them to the2013 Florida Massage Convention and Trade show and directing them to our FSMTAwebsite.I have strategically worked with several others on convention planning. Contract verbiage,phone conferences, ideas, thoughts, ext…. spent a lot of hours here.Hours of brainstorming sessions in person and via phone and web with Lloyd List of Cryo-Derm, Gurukirin Khalsa of Soothing Touch, Selo Alkaranfil of LMTPRO, Jayne Thomas ofMassage Promotions, EC and Board members such as Leiah Carr, Maureen Gilbert,Debbie Seiber, Donna Smith, Greg Neely, John Graham, Alex, Spassoff, Vivian Mahoney,Sydney Sheaffer, Ron Stephens, John Romano, Angel Orzco, Katha King and JoycePrahasky.Helped create and generate several videos and promotional fliers that are out therepromoting the 2013 convention,Fliers have been sent out via e-mail and in drop ship orders from several of our vendors,exhibitors and presenters such as Cryo-Derm, LMT-PRO, Massage Magazine, MassageToday, Custom Craftworks, James Waslaski, Dr.Doreste, Adriane Carr, Vivian Mahoneyetc.

State Store Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show 2013Date: 5/14/13 FSMTA STATE STORE Year End ReportHello all:It’s Convention Time!!!!!Our new inventory line-up this year consists of more messenger bags, Ladies & Men’s Polo Shirts, Nametags,zippered Sweatshirts, Tervis Tumblers, Hot/Cold Packs , Sports T-shirts & much, much more.Thanks to the help of Greg Neely and the rest of the Central Office, we are right on target in processing creditcards directly at our booth and we have a Point of Sale program installed so that we can get our customers theirpurchases with minimum effort. Thank you Central Office & Greg is your assistance on getting thisaccomplished.After convention our next step is to get the FSMTA merchandise for sale on our website so that all our memberscan order directly from their own computers. Wahoo!!Also after convention, we will be sending out an interactive email asking for your comments on the state storeand what FSMTA items you would like to see sold to our members.As usual, if any of you have any ideas of desired merchandise or ideas of really anything else, please contactme. All suggestions are welcome and appreciated. This department, like all departments, can only get betterwith more bright minds throwing their two cents in.Thanks for reading and talk to me about your ideas!H. Brian George - State Store Chair

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