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November 2018 City Manager Monthly Report

Published by COGB Controller, 2019-05-23 12:43:24

Description: November 2018 City Manager Monthly Report


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NOVEMBER 2018 City Manager Monthly Report America’s Most Livable City CITY OF GULF BREEZE | GULF BREEZE, FLORIDA


NOVEMBER 2018 Office of the City Manager Assistant City Manager VERNON L. PRATHER ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER Page 1

Assistant City Manager November 2018 Monthly Highlights: The Assistant City Manager’s office is primarily responsible for performance management. Achieving the City’s budget plan in a progressive, collaborative work environment is the top priority. Ensuring the Council’s strategic plan is effectively communicated with the public is a primary objective key. Developing action plans, benchmarks, analysis, neighborhood surveys, and managing risk and liabilities are key performance indicators for this office. Public Information/Community Outreach Reviewed Sidewalk Drainage at G.B. Methodist Church Met with East Basin Residents concerning progress of Stormwater Improvements Discussed Drainage issues with residents on Greenvista Ln. Designed new Stormwater Swale at 412 Shoreline Dr. Assisted with staff review of WWTP Expansion and Site Layout Risk Control/Safety & Insursance Inventoried and revised the assets insurance list Reviewed Chamber Building for roof leak. Reviewed Chamber Building for Insurance Continued oversight of Open FEMA Projects Page 2

Assistant City Manager November 2018 Administration Assisted with individual Council Briefings Attended FRUS meeting(s) Attended DRB meeting Reciprocal Water Usage Agreement with ECUA Assisted with Stormwater Rate Increase Continued Retrieval of Documents for State Auditors Page 3


City Clerks November 2018 Monthly Highlights Statistics & Performance Data: OPERATIONAL AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 4 CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS Coordinated, noticed and attended November City Council meetings 1 TEFRA Coordinated and assisted Hearing HEARING Officer with conducting a TEFRA hearing and printed Report of 1 NOTARY PUBLIC Hearing Officer for signature by Hearing SERVICES (OFFERED Officer FREE TO RESIDENTS) Rescheduled the December Gulf Breeze Police Pension Board meeting due to 8 PUBLIC RECORDS conflict REQUESTS Made reservations for members of City Council to attend the Winter Conference 6 INQUIRIES FROM 2018 Florida Stormwater Association CITY WEBSITE Worked with Gulf Breeze Optimist Club representative to display Toys for Tots 1 FMLA CASE box at City Hall and coordinated with IT PROCESSED Manager to place campaign on social media outlets 2 NEW HIRES - Processed request for one Red Light 1 FULL-TIME Camera Hearing. The violator paid the 1 TEMP fine prior to the hearing. Contacted the hearing officer and officer to notify that 2 EMPLOYEE the hearing was canceled TERMINATIONS Processed various invoices for payment PROCESSED 1 NEW WORKER'S COMPENSATION CASES; 3 ONGOING CASES Page 5

City Clerks November 2018 Worked with City Manager to develop DOT CONTROLLED “White Board” calendar for FY2019 SUBSTANCE TEST(S): Participated in the Florida Association of City Clerk’s Nominating Committee 1 RANDOM conference call; DOT CONTROLLED Coordinated dates for depositions in the SUBSTANCE TESTS Mark Lyster case; various calls, documents production in preparation 1 PRE-EMPLOYMENT for depositions PHMSA DOT Participated in Gulf Breeze Elementary CONTROLLED School Bike Fest program SUBSTANCE TEST Worked with Director of Finance to correct TRIM violation, republished 1 POST-ACCIDENT required notices, drafted resolution and DOT CONTROLLED placed item on Council agenda for SUBSTANCE TEST approval. Once approved by Council, prepared transmittal package for Advertisement of the submittal to TRIM Compliance following positions include Department receive and respond to Continued working on production of applicants, maintain list, documentation for State Auditors review qualifications, notify Complete and return Financial candidates for interviews, Disclosure Notification Response Sheet and provide declined for 2018 Board Members required to responses to unsuccessful complete Form 1 candidates: Researched minutes of Advisory Park Board for Blueways Plan information Accounts Specialist II, Payroll Maintain/organize internal records for public records requests 95 CANDIDATES APPLIED Organize/edit Monthly Report Organize/distribute mail Utility Manager 22 CANDIDATES APPLIED Water Distribution Foreman 28 CANDIDATES APPLIED Page 6

City Clerks November 2018 Researched and provided Assisted in scheduling/coordinating outstanding items requested by depositions with staff and attorney auditors including list of gift card for Lyster lawsuit; Various phone purchase/use; List of individuals calls, emails with FMIT Attorneys at enrolled in the City’s health plan Coppin’s Monroe, City Attorney Mary including dependents; and Form 1 Jane Bass and with the Chief of copies for various new board Police; Research work and members documentation production for FMIT Various emails/phone calls with Attorney in preparation for media and candidates regarding depositions, Deposition prep November campaign reports, EEOC Notice of Pending Claim Election results, swear in dates, etc. regarding J Kidd. Various emails, Assisted City Manager, Assistant City phone calls with City Attorney, FMIT Manager and department directors Attorney, Chief of Police regarding with various issues and various tasks pending claim; Research work and documentation production for FMIT HUMAN RESOURCES Attorney for preparation of EEOC Position Statement response. Worker's Compensation Meeting with Finance Director, Senior Accountant and City Attorney Conducted various emails, Russell VanSickle to discuss Military phone calls with carriers and Active Duty Leave supervisors, regarding new & Assisted employees with various existing worker's comp cases benefit/personal issues/changes Reported medical & pharmacy Process various retirement bills into Worker’s Compensation enrollments/distributions MDS system for the State Reported medical/pharmacy bills into Worker’s Compensation MDS system for the State Page 7

NOVEMBER 2018 Office of the City Manager Department of IT ED H. MILLER MANAGER OF IT & INNOVATION Page 8

Department of Information Technology November 2018 Monthly Highlights: IT TROUBLE TICKETS Data analytics for trouble tickets averaged around 47 the month of November. Most of the staff are now using ticketing system properly. Staff not in City network are being added by IT department for trouble tickets. Page 9

Department of Information Technology November 2018 The majority of the tickets submitted were Email (19), Network (5) and Hardware (4). The bar chart below lists the rest of issues reported. Page 10

Department of Information Technology November 2018 JCuniety Web Site Analytics 2018 Compared to 2017 November numbers last year we are up 4.5% compared to November 2018 for users, and up 6% for pageviews. Below are the google analytics breakdown of users who visit city web site listed by pageviews, age, gender, user interests, most visited pages, customer flow interacting with main website and acquisition (how we acquire visitors) and location of users accessing our website. Page 11

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Page 12

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Social Media Analytics: For the month of November, we saw an increase in new followers ranging from Twitter 1%, Facebook 2% and Instagram 4.5%. Respectively listed from main social media accounts are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Data listed are posts, increase in followers and user engagement for the month of November. Page 13

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Twitter Page 14

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Facebook Page 15

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Instagram Page 16

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Internet Search Usage: This data shows worldwide internet search usage for City of Gulf Breeze via google search for the month of November. Respectively listed data fields are search, views and interactions. Page 17

Department of Information Technology November 2018 June 2018 Page 18


Finance November 2018 Monthly Highlights: The Finance Director and the Senior Accountant continued follow-up to The fundamental goals of internal make sure purchase orders were services, accounting, finance and either closed or moved forward into utility billing are to provide accurate, the new fiscal year. The FY19 carry- timely, and responsive information to forward resolution and the final FY18 customers, departments, Council, Budget Amendment were presented citizens and governmental agencies in to Council and approved on a cost-efficient manner. November 14, 2018 as required by Florida Statutes. In addition, we \" provide worked hard with departmental staff to accurate, timely, enter invoices for goods and services and responsive received through September 30, information to 2018. This work included contacting customers, vendors and follow-up for receiving departments, documentation in order to process Council, citizens and final payments. At the end of governmental November, 98% of all outstanding agencies in a cost- items were paid for the FY18 fiscal efficient manner.\" year. On November 28th and 29th, the Finance Director and the Senior Accountant worked with State of Florida Sales Tax Auditors, who were on-site, to review the City’s cash receipts from all City Departments. Page 20

Finance November 2018 We also reviewed cash receipts for 9th, the Finance Director, Senior the Tiger Point facility, but were Accountant, Utility Billing unable to answer the questions Supervisor and staff from utility and the audit was extended into billing attended the BS&A software 2019. The Finance Director sent a conference in Savannah, Georgia. separate report to the City Manager This was a great opportunity to outlining the audit process and the network with BS&A staff, vendors need to continue the reviews into and other BS&A users. All staff in 2019 as it relates to Tiger Point. attendance learned a great deal of We will work to have the information and tools/tricks to accountant employed by Troon, to bring back and share with other come back on-site to answer staff members. questions. We attempted this during the summer months, but the The Cycle 1 billing message review was not completed due to related to the stormwater utility computer issues at the golf course. rate adjustments was sent to all customers in November. This item November 7th through November was tabled from the October meeting due to Hurricane Michael. The following is a recap of the activity for the Utility Billing Office: Page 21


Parks & Recreation November 2018 Monthly Highlights: FILMS ON THE FIELD The November Films on the Field event was held on Saturday, November 17, 2018 with fifty people in attendance. The feature film was the Walt Disney classic movie, Pocahontas. Staff organized games and events such as corn hole, a bounce house, knocker ball, and family trivia. Concessions were also available from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. SEASON SALUTE CHEER COMPETITION: The Season Salute Cheerleading Competition was held at the Recreation Center on Saturday, November 10th, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eighteen teams competed in the event in five different age divisions. Each team had an average of twenty girls on the team with a total of 360 cheerleaders. The event hosted five vendors, selling various cheerleading merchandise. Food and beverages were sold all day by GBSA Concessions. With a $5.00 entrance fee, the total revenue collected this year was $1,125.61. An estimate of 1500 spectators turned out to show support and enjoy the competition. Page 23

Parks & Recreation November 2018 SANDSPUR TENNIS TOURNAMENT: The 46th Annual Sandspur Mixed Doubles Tennis Classic was held at the Shoreline North Tennis Complex, on November 9th & 10th. Fifty players participated in the two-day event. Statistics/ Performance Data: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM The after-school program is a Mayor and Council approved initiative that provides the community’s middle school age children with a structured and safe environment, on weekdays, throughout the school year. The program is free of charge, and open Monday through Friday, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. For further questions, please visit the Community Center website or contact the Program Manager, Sydney DePalma: (850) 934-4150. MEN’S OPEN BASKETBALL This group is made up of men 18 years of age and up, that meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Approximately 40 men participate in this program three days a week. Page 24

Parks & Recreation November 2018 NOTE: JB Spencer has a key to the building and opens the building for the players on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. This class does not have a fee structure. BRIDGE/LADIES BRIDGE Morning 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Bridge Program is offered in the Clay Ford Room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The participants are charged $1.00 per class. Bridge Director is Sid Hite (850) 934-4571. Page 25

Parks & Recreation November 2018 ADULT PICKLE BALL The Adult Pickle Ball League is designed for adults 18 years of age and older. VENDING MACHINE The Vending Machine is located in the main lobby and is stocked and operated by the Recreation Center Staff. All proceeds are collected and deposited once a week as a fund-raising effort for programs and supplies. Page 26

Parks & Recreation November 2018 COMMUNITY CENTER MEETINGS June COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL2S018 Page 27

Parks & Recreation November 2018 OPEN GYM Open Gym is held every Sunday (when available) from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Individuals that come to play pick-up basketball games must be 16 years of age or older and present a valid picture I.D. Resident fee: $0.00 Non-resident fee: $2.00 JAZZERCISE Meets 9 Times per week. This group pays 20% of all participation fees to the center. Instructor: Jane Smith. (850) 525-2545. The following is a class time schedule with numbers: M & W & F 8:30 a.m. Saturday’s 8:00 a.m. & 9:00 a.m. M & T & TH 6:00 p.m. Sunday’s 4:30 p.m. Page 28

Parks & Recreation November 2018 PILATES These classes are 1-hour mat classes that focus on core strength, posture, flexibility and toning. Drop in rate is $10.00 per class or $50.00 per month. (8) classes. This class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in Room 209. Instructor: Ashley Kiegley NOTE 3-month package at $120.00 per month is available 4SHOREFIT This is a four-week fitness boot camp using indoor and outdoor activities focusing on strength and conditioning. Instructor: Erin Zeigler (850) 501-0552 Page 29

Parks & Recreation November 2018 June SEN20IO1R8 FIT Senior Fit classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. This class is specifically designed to meet the needs of senior adults, aged 50 and older, with an emphasis placed on stretching, low impact aerobics, muscle strengthening and toning with resistance. Instructor: Jane Smith ZUMBA GOLD This class is designed for senior citizens (55-years and over) to participate in a fun and safe upbeat aerobics class. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instructor: Regina Ewing (850) 554-6639. Page 30

Parks & Recreation November 2018 SENIOR LUNCHEON & BINGO This program meets the second Thursday of every month in the Clay Ford room. Senior Citizens are provided a nice catered lunch and have the option of participating in a book swap, in addition to playing Bingo. The program is free of charge to all citizens 55 and over. Total number of participants during the month of November: 19 TENNIS LESSONS/ LEAGUES Whitney Man, Tennis Pro (850) 554–9547 LESSONS: ADULT CLINICS: 1 hour 15 minutes = $15.00 Pro – Private Lesson.5 hour - $27.50 Pro, Private Lesson 1 hour = $55.00 Pro, Private Lesson 1.5 hour = $82.50 Pros- ladies League Lesson 1 hour = $110.00 Pro’s Ladies League Lesson 1.5 hour = $160.00 $100.00 per Ladies League Team KIDS CLINICS: LEAGUES: 1 hour = $15.00 per clinic or $104.00 for 8 clinics. 1.5 hour = $20.00 per clinic or $144.00 for 8 clinics QUADS: Monday Mixed Quads = $25.00 for 6 weeks Ladies Quads= $30.00 for 6 weeks Men’s Quads = $30.00 for 6 weeks Please see the program's monthly layout chart on the following page. Page 31

Parks & Recreation November 2018 GBSA WINTER SPORTS - BASKETBALL: The 2019 Basketball Season began registration on October 1st and continued through November 5th. The Basketball clinics were held through November 6th through the 10th. The following is a list of all Team Roster’s including Coaches and participants. June 2018 Page 32

Parks & Recreation November 2018 SHARKS: The 2019 Basketball Season began registration on October 1st and continued through November 5th. The Basketball clinics were held through November 6th through the 10th. The following is a list of all Team Roster’s including Coaches and participants. Parks Division: SHORELINE SOUTH – PICNIC GAZEBO KIDS PARK RENTALS Page 33

Parks & Recreation November 2018 FIELD RENTALS BOAT RAMP Honor Pole Collections Page 34


Police Department November 2018 Monthly Highlights: ADMINISTRATION The Police Administration consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, Administrative Assistant, Records Clerk, Part-time Red-light Camera Clerk and I.T. Forty-seven welcome letters were handed out to new residents by officers Thirty contacts with Records Clerk that individuals paid for fingerprints, reports etc. (does not include phone calls) 173 Red-light Camera contacts made in regards to payments (either mailed in, in person or by phone), this does not include phone calls regarding questions about a Red Light Camera Ticket 664 contacts with individuals at the front window or phone calls needing assistance Met with Gulf Breeze Will Do about women’s safety Sergeant Taveirne and Officer Nguyen conducted a safety meeting with GBPD staff at St. Ann’s Catholic Church Page 36

Police Department November 2018 The Police Department deployed a total of five officers to Mexico Beach over a two-week period, to assist with Hurricane Michael recovery. Officers patrolled within the City limits of Mexico Beach, responding to calls for service, resolving disputes, taking crime reports, conduct traffic enforcement, and other crime prevention measures. A local Church of the Mexico Beach area brought the Gulf t Breeze Police Officers a warm meal on Thanksgiving Day. Page 37

Police Department November 2018 UNIFORM PATROL The Patrol Division is divided into four 12-hour shifts. There are currently 3 Sergeants assigned to Patrol and 10 full-time Patrol officers. The Patrol Unit is supplemented by 3 part-time officers. Page 38

Police Department November 2018 Page 39

Police Department November 2018 Page 40

Police Department November 2018 Page 41

Police Department November 2018 INVESTIGATIONS There are currently two investigators and one Sergeant assigned to the criminal investigations unit. One investigator is assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and is working in their High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) unit. During the month of November, the Investigations Division participated in three Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigations, two of which were transferred to Santa Rosa Sheriffs Office after investigating the leads, which led to the county. The other was successfully investigated and closed exceptional due to the circumstances and age of the person involved. The Investigations Division currently has eight open cases it is actively working. Our Investigations Division processed 225 pieces of evidence during the month of November. Our HIDTA investigator assisted with two federal search warrants that were executed in support of an ongoing Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation. Doing so resulted in the seizure of eleven pounds of crystal methamphetamine, $32,710.00 US Currency, high value jewelry (not appraised yet), and a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. COMMUNICATIONS The Communications Division of the Gulf Breeze Police Department receives calls for service by way of three incoming phone lines and two incoming 911 lines. The Gulf Breeze Police Dispatch Center also monitors and provides account over the radio for the Gulf Breeze Police Department, Gulf Breeze Fire Rescue, the National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers, Florida sections of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, National Park (Perdido Key, Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa, and Naval Live Oaks) and after-hours calls for the Gulf Breeze Public Works, South Santa Rosa Utility Service. Page 42

Police Department November 2018 In addition to the incoming phone calls, and radio traffic, Dispatchers also make outgoing phone calls to surrounding agencies and jurisdictions to initiate/coordinate out of area response for additional Law Enforcement or Fire/Rescue needs. The Communications Division is staffed by five full-time dispatchers (including the Lead Dispatcher) and six part-time dispatchers. There are staggered shifts when possible so that there are two dispatchers at all times (with the exception of every day between the hours of 2:00 am and 10:00 am, when there is only one dispatcher) responsible for answering all incoming non-emergency and 911 phone lines, and dispatching the two Law Enforcement Agencies, one Fire Department, the National Park Service and after hour calls for City Hall. PHONE / 911 CALLS During the month of November, the Communications Division recorded a total of 5,734 phone calls via normal phone lines, and the 911 lines (a 3.32% increase from last month). Nixle: 17,797 subscribers. A 26% increase from October. 97 messages were sent. COMPUTER AIDED DISPATCH Gulf Breeze Communications utilizes a Computer Aided Dispatch tool to track calls created by either incoming phone calls from complainants, or self - generated activity by Police or Fire units. During the month of November, a total of 1,852 calls were generated (6.32% decrease from October). Page 43

Police Department November 2018 PHONE CALL INTAKE CHART Page 44

Police Department NoOvcetmober 2018 CAD CALL CHART Page 45

Police Department NoOvcetmober 2018 VIPS ACTIVITY REPORT NOVEMBER 2018 CAD CALL CHART Page 46



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