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Retrospect - Issue 86.2

Published by contact, 2021-07-13 10:31:41

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ABOUT US THE REVIEW EDITORIAL BOARD AND STAFF Retrospect is the official magazine of The Review, the official A.Y. 2020-2021 student publication of Northwestern University which publishes twice per Academic Year. The Review is the voice Editor-In-Chief: Zenith Kin P. Agcaoili of the students of Northwestern University in addressing Associate Editor: Pamela V. Tadeja different student concerns and issues. The Review is also an avenue that recognizes the accomplishments and different Managing Editor: Jezreel Larry R. Caunca programs of the students and the university. “Fiat lux veritatis News Editor: Dyan Rae G. Rapacon valet” which means “Let there be light as truth prevails” is the official motto of The Review. This motto captures the essense Literary Editor: Keishey Aiana H. Bonoan of the student publication which is to bring light and serve Features Editor: Charisse Sophia A. Raquinio only the truth. No part of this publication may be printed otherwise reproduced Sports Editor: Kristene Claire O. Lazo without any written permission of the publisher. For more Layout Artist: Clark Justine A. Galiza information regarding The Review, visit Website Manager: Mark Lester A. Caletina Lead Photojournalist: Jonh Lloyd Aquino EDITORIAL INQUIRIES AND LETTERS Lead Graphic Artist: Theresse Daphne P. Padayao Lead Cartoonist: Russel Joy L. Pascua Send your letters addressed to the Editor-In-Chief, The Review at AMC 113 Room, Aquino Multi-purpose Center, Cartoonists: Northwestern University, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines Alvin R. Bartolome 2900 or email us at [email protected] Rexmith H. Pugyao CUSTOMER SERVICE Staff Writers: Jessie G. Felipe Jr. Please contact us through the following: Brittany Lei Maquiraya Call or Text: 0908 971 3407 / 0977 238 7872 Facebook: Staff Graphic Artist: Twitter: @nwuthereview Paula Nica P. Alipio Instagram: @nwuthereview Email: contact@nwuthereview Staff Cartoonists: Rommiel Josh P. Castres SUGGESTIONS AND COMMENTS Hanna May C. Gabriel It is our deepest desire to hear your voice. If you have Staff Photojournalists: suggestions, comments, concerns, and questions do not Mark Lawrence Asuncion hesitate to contact us with the details provided above. We are also accepting contributions such as but not limited Dyna B. Cariño to literary works, photographs, artworks, essays, and other Rejeane Jireh G. Coma articles. Miles Faith Gift D. Quemquem Mark Angelo B. Reyes Adviser: Prof. Joan Jesusa B. Velasco

EDITOR'S NOTE Consideration is what we begged last time, even just a bit, but it seems like we were not heard enough. Weekends and Holidays were supposed to be days when we can take a break but even these days are being used for activities, performance tasks, and quizzes. The activities being uploaded to the learning management system is non- stop that it seems education is now all about clearing the activities in the calendar instead of learning the lessons in the class. It has been passed a year since COVID-19 locked us down with the fear of dying and being infected, the struggle to support our daily needs, and paralyze us from doing things like we used to do. Shutting down establishments that help people suffice their financial support, draining our health, locking down areas to contain infections, and narrowing the things we could access while taking away the life full of hopes, enthusiasm, and liberty. The battle does not end there; it continues in the educational setting. When these heroes are supposed to sharpen their swords to protect their citizens’ rights and well-being, they use them to abuse and threaten these vulnerable beings expecting something from them. It has been a year, but the system seems to be a lot more suffocating than before. Thumbs up, though, for holding on to the thin thread of fate and optimism, even most students are on the verge of giving up and throwing all their accumulated efforts ever since this pandemic started. It is taking a toll on our health. We have our eyes severely strained, but we will never turn a blind eye for such unjust situations, such as providing stacks of assignments on a day that the class was not even scheduled. We have been receiving unsolicited workloads on time we are supposed to rest, especially on holidays. We understand, though, it is the calling. They are struggling too as much as we do. However,…it is not a bit too much? Our backs are hurt, but it will not hinder us from standing up to our rights as students and as human beings are known to be the vulnerable ones. We will not be able to move a limb if you would just cut us half with your insincere empathy towards us. Again, we understand that you too…barely survive the challenge. Nevertheless,… were not you supposed to understand and guide us? Were not you suppose the first one to help us walk through when we could barely make a step towards success? We are not just about the rants and the dramas. We are starting to get sick physically with the slavery we are going through and started to get sick with the system that grasps our souls out of our bodies. We are counting on you to be the one who can understand us the most when people around us could not. After all, we share the same pain, don’t we? We respect you with all of our hearts; we look up to you as someone who could save us from drowning in the challenges brought by the global health crisis. Don’t we deserve a good night’s rest without thinking about the deadlines? Don’t we deserve a day free from stress and fatigue? Don’t we deserve a break from everything that makes us feel rotten on the inside? ZENITH KIN P. AGCAOILI Editor-in-Chief

2 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 OWLS GRIP VICTORY IN INTAYON AWARDS 2021 by Charisse Sophia Raquinio

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 3 “We cannot always build Individual Category while of volunteerism. They have the future for our youth, Northwestern University been selflessly reaching out to but we can build our Supreme Student Council’s communities through outreach youth for the future.” - Serve Share Care Program and programs. Not only caring about Franklin D. Roosevelt. NWU The Review’s Website the people but as well as taking The Search for Ilocos Development and Student care of the environment through Norte Ten Accomplished Youth Publication Digitization Project tree planting projects. and Organizations (INTAYON clutched the first and second Their “Serve Share Care” Awards 2020) organized by places, respectively. Both groups project promotes not only the the Provincial Government of represented the university in unwavering leadership abilities Ilocos Norte through the Ilocos the INTAYON Tertiary School that students may possess today Norte Youth Development Office Category. but also the spirit of leadership for (INYDO), aims to recognize the community and the nation for outstanding organizations making Siazon implemented the future. movement for the youth and the “Organic Gulayan sa Barangay, The “Website and Student future. MRF, Vermi and Compost Pit” Publication Digitization Project The search for exemplars as his main project. He promotes (” of the became the inspiration of Integrated Urban Gardening student publication of NWU, the youth to give back to the focused on organic farming The Review, aims to be the light communities by extending help with environmental protection as truth prevails and the bearer in various ways that anyone timely to the pandemic. He was of truth and timely updates could do. From plastic bottles also recently awarded by the especially in trying times like being converted as a school Philippine National Volunteer this. They aim to reach more supply to suffice the arise need Service Coordinating Agency students through the digitization for educational materials amid (PNVSCA) as the outstanding of student publications. Hence, it pandemic to expanding the volunteer in the Ilocos Region doesn’t end on reaching students venture to acquire school-related and was a finalist on the of the university, but as well as issues via website have been a big Individual Category. the community by providing contribution to the community timely and relatively issues or itself. Siazon coined that this articles that they might take as an Recognizing the efforts might serve as hope in these inspiration or eye-opener. and dedication of the youth will trying times. The plan he leads The website that was surely build more opportunities has not only benefited his fellow developed carries the function and esteem to unceasingly members of the community but that can spread awareness toward develop further programs or has also enlightened all aspiring students. This project also aims advocacies that may create leaders to create a change in their to be the voice of the unheard, a better future for the next own barangays. For him, organic and the website is being utilized generation. farming creates more jobs, creates to address students’ concerns JC Finale Siazon, a better food diversity, and yields especially amid pandemic. first year Juris Doctor student such vital benefits as preservation Indeed, Northwesternians under the College of Law was of soil’s organic composition. continue to uphold excellence awarded as first place during amidst the challenges brought by the INTAYON Awards 2020 The “Serve Share Care’’ the current global health crisis. project of SSC provides not only a hand for the students of NWU but also to the community through embodying the spirit

4news JANUARY-JULY 2021 ELO-KVUEMAUNSDTCAOHMANPAWSESBIOINNAR SERIES SEQUEL by Zenith Kin Agcaoili famous sights, and a lot more about AFS School Club in partnership depends on how we answer the India were introduced. with Globe and AFS Philippines, question: What kind of world do initially a 3-month long series of we want to create?” December 14, 2020 online activities. E-Kamustahan Series (Day 3), Kamalayan, where the Global Competence Part 2 is the sequel of awareness of the students were January will be the first-ever webinar widened thru various topics that sticking with the topic regarding Certificate (GCC) was discussed series launched and the speakers have prepared. Prof. “LEADERSHIP”, February will spearheaded by the Office of Maria Victoria Aguilar-Salazar, be on “LOVE,” and March on thoroughly, highlighting the the Student Affairs (OSA) and a Mental Health Technician and “COMPASSION.” Northwestern University (NWU) the Former Director of NWU opportunities that acquiring the Guidance Center for the Academic Guidance Center, discussed This is a tribute to student Year 2020-2021. mental wellness focusing on the leaders to know the struggles they certificate would give. It will not current state of the people and the are dealing with and how they country caused by the pandemic. cope up with the so-called “New only be applicable for local-based Mr. Froshkam Abdurahim, Normal.” The online discussion the National Director of AFS tackled global competence and opportunities, but it can also be Philippines, lead the discussion leadership development to prepare revolving around the topic, the student leaders in their journey available and well recognized Intercultural Exchange and Global for this AY 2020-2021. Competence Certificate (GCC). globally. To get to know more Lastly, Dr. Edwin Antonio, the “A leader is best when The E-Kamustahan founder of Katutubo Exchange people barely know he exists, when about the GCC, you can visit AFS and NWU Alumnus, discussed his work is done, his aim fulfilled, (Kalinga, Kamalayan, Karapatan, IPs: Culture and Its Value/Cultural they will say: we did it ourselves.” Global’s official website: https://afs. Misappropriation. — Lao Tzu Kabataan) in partnership with org/certificate/gcc-at-home/ December 15, 2020 This is to equip Globe, AFS Philippines, and (Day 4), Karapatan, where the Northwesternians to understand Prof. Yanilla introduced students’ rights were thoroughly what it takes to be a leader. To have qualities that one must possess Sharetea, was a 4-day webinar introduced and discussed by the in-depth knowledge and develop to be a leader and diverse ways speakers. Atty. Jasmine A. Balucio, leadership skills and to be leaders to ensure or carry out leadership held via Zoom Videoconferencing a Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) in their own and right time. during the webinar session 2. Lawyer, Vedasto J. Samonte School App, and some were streamed live of Graduate Studies Council Webinar Session 1: (VJSSGSC) President, and an Global Competence lead by Mr. via Facebook on December 11-15, NWU Law Alumnus talked Rex Rian Relova, an AFS PHI about RA 11312: Safe Spaces Act. Programs Support in place of 2020. Furthermore, Atty. Robert August Prof. Froshkam Abdurahim; and Camarillo, a Legal Officer/Law Webinar Session 2: Leadership Moreover, the Virtual Professor of NWU and an NWU Development, which clarified and Before going through the Cultural Grip with AFS India had Law Alumnus tacked about “Social explained by Prof. Christopher next part of the webinar session a prequel held on December 20, Media and Other Similar Platform- Yanilla, a faculty of Institute of 2, he concluded the first part 2020, to introduce the Philippine related Violations.” Liberal Arts in Philippine State by leaving a quotation from an culture, specifically Ilocos Norte’s College of Aeronautics was held American author, John C. Maxwell, beauty, taste, and practices. The E-Kamustahan series’ via Zoom Meeting on January 22, “Leadership is not about titles, sequel is the E-Kamustahan Series 2021. positions, or flowcharts. It is about This webinar series aims Part 2: “Leadership, Love and one life influencing another.” He to awaken the students’ awareness, Compassion.” This webinar series Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, also encouraged the participants to especially on the existence of is spearheaded by the OSA and the the Vice-President for Academic clear the past by joining the brief COVID-19 and their online safety Guidance Center with the Supreme Affairs, started her talk by saying, yoga he has prepared. and rights. Student Council (SSC) and NWU- “The future of globalization The next segment of Dating back to December the webinar session 2 requires 11, 2020 (Day 1), Kalinga, where releasing the tension and related Eskwela Webinars on Digital to the stimulation he stirred in Thumbprint Programs, which the the brief yoga session during the Globe representative expanded “clearing the past” activity. The insights; COVID-19 Updates/ student leaders or the participants Protocols which explained by the will be joining breakout rooms to University Physician, Dr. Emma enjoy different activities prepared Joy Bareng; and UNESCO Futures by the facilitators. Literacy Summit which were discussed thoroughly. Such webinar is very vital in trying times like this. Indeed, a December 13, 2020 (Day tribute to prep students to become 2), Virtual Cultural grip with AFS more of a leader, embodies globally India (Part 1) took part, wherein competitive attributes, and pursues Indian culture, the way they live, excellence amid the pandemic.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 5 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: NWU OUTSETS 89TH FOUNDATION ANNIVERSARY by Pamela Tadeja The institution’s Marching Band and Tamboreros along with the NWU Riders switched on the first day with pounding beats and beeps as they parade around town. An opening video was aired live via Facebook highlighting a new song titled, “Overcome.” It was composed by Mr. Jon Oscar Lois Rodas and was performed by the Saguday Performing Arts Group. Successful alumni, Mr. Hadji Rieta, a former Editor-in-Chief of The Review and an executive broadcast industry practitioner; Dr. Maricon M. Guillermo, an instructor of CAS; and Trisha Carbonel Aceret, Miss Ilocos Norte 2018 were also featured. Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas, together with Col. Roy Nicolas and Mrs. Rachel Nicolas, both stockholders of the university, commenced a wreath- laying ceremony in front of the Nicolas N. Nicolas building. The university president led the opening program as he recalled the founders’ resiliency, investment, love, and sacrifices in overcoming the challenges during their days. He also evoked the situation that we are facing and gave points to remember on how to face trials like a champion. “To conquer this crisis, we must keep our spirits up and challenge ourselves not to give up. To be able to get through these difficulties, we must be able to encourage ourselves, taking these challenges one day at a time and being grateful for the blessings that we have and not focusing on those that we lack,” he added. The event was attended by student leaders and employees from the different colleges of the university.

6news JANUARY-JULY 2021 RSEREVCICEOAGWANRDISZ2I0N21G: THE CHAMPS by Charisse Sophia Raquinio At the end of the day, you put all the work in, and eventually it’ll pay off. It could be in a year; it could be in 30 years. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.” – Kevin Hart As a part of the celebration of the 89th Foundation Anniversary of Northwestern University, the employees’ hard work, efforts, and services to provide quality education were highlighted in the Service Awards. The dedication and passion that the employees have poured in to reach out their students and uphold the institution’s core values despite diverse challenges that have been troubling our educational system’s smooth sail deserve to be applauded. Seven (7) employees were awarded in their 10 years in service; meanwhile, 12 employees are serving Northwestern University for 15 years, and received the President’s Club Award. 20-25 years awarded as Chairman’s Club Award. 11 employees are serving 20 years and five (5) employees are serving NWU for 25 years. There are two (2) employees awarded as Founder’s Club Awardees serving 30 Years at NWU. Two part-time employees were also awarded 15 and 20 years in serving NWU. Engr. Rolly Ramos was one of the awardees of the Founder’s Club Award having 30 years of service in Northwestern University. “Thirty years of service, Northwestern has been my bread and butter for 30 years. I have never imagined that I would be staying this long, and I don’t know how much longer I will be here. Will I make 35 years? 40 years? I hope so because I have no plan of leaving. I love interacting with young minds because it makes me feel younger,” Engr. Ramos stated in his speech. The warmth they bring to our dearest Northwestern to be the fire that keeps the passion of every student burning will never cease. Indeed, they are stepping up their game to overcome challenges such as the pandemic.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 7 NWU CONDUCTS VIRTUAL RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM LAUNCHES RANIAG JOURNAL by Jezreel Larry Caunca by Jezreel Larry Caunca over and over again, they ended up being N orthwestern University, through the known as the best writers. It is not because University Center for Research and they have supernatural powers or supernatural Development (UCRD), conducts intelligence but because they are persistent in Virtual Research Colloquium what they do. They are dedicated.” Prof. Wa- and launches the Raniag Journal of Social Mbaleka added. Sciences on January 29, 2021, via Zoom Videoconferencing App. This event is part Different research papers were of the celebration of the 89th Foundation presented during the event. Dr. Maricon M. Anniversary of Northwestern University. Guillermo and Prof. Catalina C. Exmundo presented their paper titled “Preferences University President Atty. Ferdinand for Capability Building and Enhancement S. Nicolas welcomes the participants of Trainings among Cooperative Members in the said event. “Research continues to be Ilocos Norte.” Dr. Jonah B. Badua presented relevant, especially during these times. With her paper titled “Implementation of R.A. the disruptions of the pandemic, new data 10586 (Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act needs to be collected. We are faced with new of 2013).” Dr. Eric S. Parilla and Prof. Marc problems we need to solve. We are faced with Edward Abadilla, presented their research new challenges we need to overcome. All the titled “Supply Chain Management Adoption more, with the challenges that we face, more and its Effect to Profitability of Philippine research needs to be done, more data collected MSMEs.” and analyzed, more solutions proposed in order to overcome them,” said Atty. Nicolas. This event also highlights the launching of the Raniag Journal of Social Participants were composed of Sciences. This journal comprises research- University Administration Officials, College based articles on the different aspects of social Deans, Department Heads, Faculty members, sciences, which include Business Studies, Arts, and students. Education, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Economics, Sexuality Studies, Dr. Eric C. Parilla, Vice President Law, Information Science, Media Studies, for Research, Community Extension, and Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Integrated Agricultural Development, Sustainable Studies. Dr. Eric C. Parilla, Dr. introduced the internationally-acclaimed Chita A. Gonzales, Dr. Florence Ganir, Dr. guest speaker. The speaker is Prof. Safary Maricon Guillermo, and Dr. Jonah Badua are Wa-Mbaleka, Ed.D., Ph.D. He is an Associate the current editors of the Raniag Journal of Professor of Education at the Adventist Social Sciences. University of Africa. Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, Vice President Prof. Wa-Mbaleka discussed the for Academic Affairs, closes the program with topic “Enhancing Research Productivity at her message of thanks to everyone who has Northwestern University.” According to him, participated in this event. Mark Dio Palcon, it is not the best writers who get published; a BS Hospitality Management – Cruise it is those who are persistent and dedicated Management student, moderates this virtual ones. “When the persistent writers publish event.

8 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 UPHNOORLTDHIWNEGSTCERONRUENIVVEARLSUITEYSINTAHCRTIOONU: GH A BLOOD LETTING ACTIVITY by Kristene Claire Lazo Giving is not just about making a donation. student and former Editor-In-Chief of The Review It is about making a difference.” – Kathy stressed, “I think that the significance of this activity Calvin upholds one of the core values of the university As a part of the 89th Foundation Anniversary which is “Selfless Service.” We give blood to save lives celebration of the institution, NWU volunteers of others and it is one way of serving selflessly.” started the month of hearts by giving love through One of the blood donors, Childe Mi Amor donating blood. Sales, a BS Criminology II student has been donating Students and employees propped up since 2019. Indeed, Northwesternians uphold the selfless service and active involvement during the institution’s core values by being a bridge in saving bloodletting activity in partnership with Mariano more lives even amid pandemic. Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center held Most of the student volunteers came from at the Aquino Multi-purpose Center on February 2, the College of Maritime Education and Criminal 2021. Justice Education. The university president also “I volunteered to support the people of participated in the said activity. course. I know that the blood will be easily restored “It is an important activity. As a school, the in our body and I know that the people need it more strength and the vibrancy of the youth is one way than we do,” said Kenneth Andersen, a BS Maritime of contributing to the welfare of people and we, Engineering III student and the first to participate in teaching them to be selfless and to think of others. the blood donation program. Donating blood is a small sacrifice and it will only When asked about the significance of the take you 20 minutes to do it,” said Atty. Ferdinand S. activity, John Eiell Domingo, a BSE-English IV Nicolas, the University President

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 9 E-KUMUSTAHAN PART 2: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES THRU SELF-LOVE by Zenith Kin Agcaoili As a part of the selfish. Self-love is when you take series to check on the students even E-Kumustahan Part 2: your time to appreciate yourself, the employees about their well- Leadership, Love, and embrace your flaws, pamper yourself being. At trying times like this, it Compassion webinar with the own little ways you can, or is when people need someone the series spearheaded even big, accepting who you are, most, as the pandemic is draining by the Northwestern University and viewing yourself as someone everyone’s enthusiasm to go on day Guidance Center and Office of the valuable. It is when you choose to by day. Student Affairs in collaboration love yourself first before offering with the Psych Society and Peer love or every bit of yourself to other Session 3 and 4 for the Facilitators Club, and in partnership people. February E-Kumustahan sequel with Sharetea Ilocos; Segment 2 for will be held on February 12, 2021 the month of hearts themed Love The session aims to raise at 9:00 AM. There will be special was held on February 5, 2021. awareness about the existence of participants who will be sharing self-love that most people forget. Ms. their experiences and insights The said E-Kumustahan Guillermo shared few tips on how regarding relationships in session 3: session was themed “Facts and to take of oneself: take good care of Facts and Facets of Relationships. As Facets of Self-love,” which was yourself, take a break, manage your well as on session 4, “Love for One’s discussed in detail by the resource time, acknowledge what you are Country and the Heraldic Code of speaker, Ms. Jessica Guillermo, a feeling, know your limits, seek social the Philippines” will be discussed Registered Psychometrician, an support, nurture your spirit, and live awakening the nationalism and instructor from the College of Arts in here and now. patriotism of each individual. and Sciences, and the adviser of Psych Society. The resource speaker also shared Dr. Andrea Pennington’s Just as the host for segment ‘Become Who You Really Are’ with 2 of the webinar series said, Rashed three key factors that one should Daniel Domingo, a BS-Psychology take note of: learn who you are, love student, “Self-love is regard for one’s who you are, and live who you are. own happiness or advantage.” It was timely and helpful to Self-love is far from being launch the E-Kumustahan webinar

10news JANUARY-JULY 2021 NWU STUDENT LEADERS AFFIRM COMMITMENT DURING VIRTUAL PANAGSAPATA 2021 by Dyan Rae Rapacon Leadership is the position and your experience clarity, coaching, and character. challenge to be in perspective. It’s okay to say something more than no and turn something down, University President, average.” -Jim Rohn you’re still a student and a Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas The academic year human being,” Dr. Chita A. congratulates the newly elected 2020-2021 started with the Gonzales, Vice President for officers saying, “Being a leader, challenge of the New Normal Academic Affairs, reminded the being given the responsibility of as students struggled to fit into leaders in her welcome address. leading others, is a position of the new practices brought by Prof. Josephine G. service rather than of privilege.” the pandemic. However, even Bolusan, Vice President in times of crisis, selfless service for Finance, shared six (6) Keynote speaker, still prevailed in the hearts of leadership principles. “1. Keep Mr. Willie Jake B. Sib-at left the students who chose to lead. good company. 2. Have an a challenge for the student Newly-electedofficersin accurate vision and remain focus leaders, saying, “Be passionate, different colleges, organizations, no matter what the obstacles be selfless, and be adaptable. and interest clubs, together are. 3. Do not rely on your past As a youth leader, we should with the Supreme Student successes, keep looking for new continue to create safe spaces Council (SSC) took their oath of frontiers to conquer. 4. Face for our fellow youth. Together, office in a virtual ceremony on your challenges head-on; 5. As let us prove that this is a February 5, 2021, via Facebook leaders, you need to grow and generation that can end poverty, Live. The event was graced by develop, leave your comfort this is the generation that can the Youth Development Officer zone, there is no growth there. innovate governance, this is III of the Ilocos Norte Youth 6. Rise above mediocrity and the generation that can give a Development Office (INYDO), status quo.” possible solution to the aging Mr. Willie Jake B. Sib-at, as the Meanwhile, Executive problems of the society.” Keynote Speaker and Inducting Vice President and Vice Officer. President for Administration, SSC President Meynard “Take a step back every Prof. Ma. Liza S. Nicolas talked G. Castro delivered his inaugural once in a while, and keep your about the five (5) characteristics address after the oathtaking of future and new generation ceremony, and Acting Dean of leaders: competence, courage, the Office of the Student Affairs, Prof. Agustina Dancel-Matias, closes the program.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 11 EXCEPTIONAL ROLE MODELS: RECOGNIZING THE EXCELLENCE OF NWU ALUMNI by Pamela Tadeja From eager owlets to esteemed owls soaring high in different fields, Northwestern University commemorated the outstanding service of the five graduates of the institution by conducting an online awarding ceremony which was aired through Facebook on February 6, 2021. Three alumni from the College of Law were complimented for their exemplary duty in their own professions. Mr. Nick Malasig II, a journalist and a station manager of DZJC Aksyon Radio Laoag has been serving for 21 years in broadcast media; Mr. Karl Lenin Benigno, the acting director of the Institutional Planning and Organizational Development Department (IPODD) of NWU has been recognized for his invaluable dedication and leadership in spearheading the disaster preparedness and risk reduction of the university; and Dir. Enrico Pacifico B. Ruiz, the President of the Board of Director of Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC) was acclaimed for his pioneering efforts in public service. “My education in the NWU College of Law has brought an edge to my success right now. Being a graduate of Bachelor of Laws has helped me in crafting the board resolutions for I am Board Director of Dingras and at the same time the President of the Board of Directors. I am forever be indebted to Northwestern university,” said Dir. Enrico Pacifico B. Ruiz. Two preeminent products of the Vedasto J. Samonte School of Graduate Studies were also acknowledged for their endeavor in the field of education. Dr. Jay Palaspas, SHS Master Teacher III of San Nicolas National High School and Dr. Jhon Rey D. Ortal, Education Program Supervisor of DepEd-Batac City were also awarded for their deep passion in teaching and for raising the standards for educational services in public schools. “It is important to continue to strive, to celebrate the good we can contribute to society and honor those whom the university can be proud of,” Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas, the University President stated.

12 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 NWU RECOGNIZES ITS STUDENTS THROUGH VIRTUAL RECOGNITION PROGRAM by Dyan Rae Rapacon Northwestern University conducted its Virtual For the 1st semester of AY 2020-2021, a total of Recognition Program 2021 on April 21, 19 academic scholars were awarded to students of the 2021, through live recognition in Zoom College of Allied Health Sciences, 15 for the College of Videoconferencing App and Facebook Live Arts and Sciences, Three (3) for the College of Criminal to recognize the innate talents and skills of Justice Education, 25 for the College of Business students in their academic and co-curricular achievements. Education, and 18 for the College of Teacher Education. Records Officer, Ms. Cynthia Medrano started the For the 2nd Semester of AY 2020-2021, 112 program with a prayer and followed by the singing of the academic scholars were awarded to the students of the PhilippineNationalAnthem,ASEANHymn,andNWUHymn. College of Allied Health Sciences, 14 for the College of “Just like every year, however, we give due Arts and Sciences, 11 for the College of Criminal Justice recognition to our achievers, our student leaders, those Education, 75 for the College of Business Education, who I call “extra milers” because they did not focus only 19 for the College of Engineering, Architecture and on their academics but also went beyond being sensitive Technology and 24 for the College of Teacher Education. to the needs of their fellow students, to cope up and let University Scholar, Rochelle Juan, left a message to their voices be heard when they had no capacity to do the students, “To all my fellow students, always remember so.” Acting Dean of the Office of the Student Affairs, Prof. whatever we achieve in this new normal, either a little Agustina A. Dancel-Matias expressed her warm welcome. or a huge one, we should always be grateful and proud Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Chita because a fact that we are still here living and surviving is A. Gonzales left a message and said “In order to truly already a blessing in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.” succeed in life, to live up to your own expectations, and Another University Scholar, Pamela V. Tadeja to make all your dreams come true, you only need that shared her story and left a challenge for the students, “Let perseverance. Let it be your lighted arms of darkness yourself be surrounded with people whom you think and your applause as you reflect on your successes.” will make you grow as a stronger man or woman. We Meanwhile, University President Atty. Ferdinand S. need to take care of our heart, mind, and soul. We need Nicolas expressed his gratitude to the students and added “I to survive and fix these twisted lines that this pandemic believe that we, all the more, will value the education and has cast. The goal in this situation is not to be ruined by the life lessons that we are learning, not only through our complications but to be built as a student by adhering academics, not only because of the recent concepts but because to the core values that our institution had instilled in us.” of a character that is created in the midst of difficulties.” The program ended with the Words of Gratitude Some of the non-curricular awards given to from the Supreme Student Council President, Meynard students are Leader of the Year, Journalist of the Year, G. Castro, “I ask you to live with the core values of the Extensionists, Cadet of the Year, Athlete of the Year, university. May it always ignite your inner passion to excel Debaters of the Year, Choristers of the Year, Performing in everything that you do. These values are our guiding Arts of the Year, Musicians of the Year, Dancer of the principles to succeed in all aspects of our academic journey.” Year, Creative Designer of the Year, and Best in Elocution.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 13 STRUECDOGENINZINTGSC’HWAMPEIOENKS: AWARD CEREMONY by Charisse Sophia Raquinio Despite the challenges firstplaceinNWUTiktokCompetition as the second and third places. that the pandemic (Ikaw Lang Malakas) and second has set in every place is Ruthelly Taggasa, both from Vlog Competition first student’s path to the College of Allied Health Sciences. placer is awarded to Bon Labuguen success, Northwestern Joshua Ibowa from the College of Jr. from the College of Allied Health University Supreme Student Business Education bags third place. Science, Jun Valerie Bologa from the Council spearheaded students’ College of Arts and Sciences, and week to overcome those challenges. Digital Poster Making first Joshua Bumanglag from the College place is given to Theresa Gwyneth of Criminal Justice Education as the Diverse activities were Agpaoa from the College of Allied second and third places respectively. opened to showcase the talents and Health Sciences. The second placer skills of every student from the is from the College of Engineering NWU Ambassador’s first institution. This is also to embark Architecture and Technology, placer is Mark Dio Palcon from the the 89th Foundation Anniversary Clark Justine Galiza, and the third College of Business Education, Jezreel celebration of the university. place is Mica Ella Mae Riton from Larry Caunca from the College of the College of Arts and Sciences. Arts and Sciences in second place, and Such activities help the Roselle Gregorio in third place from students break free from stressful Carl Abrogena from the the College of Teacher Education. academic activities and somehow College of Maritime Education stimulate them to engage more for bags first place in the Singing Idol The adviser of the SSC, active involvement as it was indicated Competition. Gio Corpuz from the Prof. Ancher Anthony A. Cua on the institution’s core values. College of Business Education and IV, appreciates and extended his Frances Musni from the College gratitude to the board of judges, From the College of of Arts and Sciences hailed as the the administration, and the student Maritime Education, Mark Lourence second and third place respectively. council as he closes the awarding. Taclas bags NWU Next Top Model. Genelene Acebedo from the The short film was awarded to College of Allied Health Sciences Mark Louie Gabayan from the College garnered 2nd place and Nuelina of Teacher Education. Lester Tumbado Mhae Sebastian from the College from the College of Engineering, of Business Education in 3rd place. Architecture, and Technology, and Frances Destiny Cuanang from the Patricia Lorraine Ramos got College of Allied Health Sciences

14 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 CULTURE TOWARDS THE FUTURE: VIRTUAL CULTURAL SHOW BY THE SAGUDAY PERFORMING ARTS by Kristene Claire Lazo According to Wendell Pierce, “The role ng buhay at tuwa sa ating mga damdamin bilang mga of culture is that it’s the form through Ilokano at Pilipino.” said the University President, which we as a society reflect on who we Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas in his message. are, where we’ve been, where we hope The show is not yet over as the hosts presented to be.” another set of dances under the Maria Clara Suite, A Cultural Show with the theme Biag Ni namely the Ilocano a Nasudi and Surtido Banna. Ilokano: Panagtaliaw iti Napalabas was done virtually This was performed gracefully by the Saguday Dance on February 12, 2021, at 2:30 p.m. The Saguday Troupe. Chorale performed an audiovisual presentation for Meanwhile, Medley of Ilocano Folk Songs, the Doxology, Philippine National Anthem, ASEAN which includes three Ilocano waltz-beat folk songs – Hymn, and the NWU Hymn. “Dagiti Bituen idiay langit, Diay Baybay, and Imnas ni “This is a show that have been sought years Ayat” and a song called Bannatiran were performed ago but now becomes a reality and would definitely by the Saguday Chorale. change the future of each of the participants. As they Miss Shirley Halili- Cruz, the Chairperson will become not mere performers but ambassadors of National Committee on Dance and Executive of our Ilocano culture locally and, if God permits, Director of Dance Xchange, gives her message abroad.” said Prof. Agustina A. Dancel-Matias, the stressing, “The commitment of the group to promote Acting Dean of Office of the Student Affairs, in her arts and culture while improving their skills through welcome remarks. exposures in the different national and international Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, the Vice President program is really commendable.” for Academic Affairs, stressed “It is our wish to pray “Hangad po namin na sana’y patuloy natin and appreciate these talented and brilliant students silang linangin at bigyan ng inspirasyon na patuloy to encourage them not only to help let them grow na mahalin ang pagiging Pilipino, patuloy na intellectually but also for them to strengthen and i-promote ang mayamang kultura at sining ng ating consider that their studies, sports, art and culture are bayan,” said Mr. Ferdinand Isleta, the Chairman of equally important.” National Committee on Arts in National Commision The program started with an overview of for Culture and the Arts the Rural Suite o Sayaw sa Kanayunan, namely Saguday Dance Troupe and Saguday Chorale Binatbatan, Rabong, and Kalapati while the Saguday showcase their extraordinary talent once again by Dance Troupe performed the different dances in ending the show by performing Pamulinawen. between introductions. The Saguday Chorale, on the other hand, Mr. Jonathan A. Paguirigan, the Acting performed Ilocano Folk Songs in duet. These Cultural Affairs Coordinator, gave his words of songs were the famous O Naraniag a Bulan and No gratitude to the people who have made this virtual Duduaem. show possible and stressing, “Nawa’y ito na po ang “Marahil po lahat tayo ay may simula ng partnership ng NWU at NCCA.” pinagdadaanang paghihirap sa paglaganap ng The hosts who ensure the great flow during pandemya sa ating nayon. Gayun pa man hindi the program are Ms. Therese Zsa Raval-Torres and dapat tayo tumigil sa ating mga gawaing nagbibigay Mr. Ancher Anthony A. Cua IV.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 15 UCR2DNNWCDOUNNCPDOBUBRCECT, by Dyan Rae Rapacon College of Business products in the Municipality Rahfie C. Nullar of Don E d u c a t i o n , of Adams, Ilocos Norte”; Jhon Mariano Marcos Memorial relationship of Presence of together with the Patrick D. Acosta, Zharina State University, College Business Continuity Plans University Center Kainah M. Leano, and Jed T. of Management, Business and Effects of COVID-19 to for Research Raquion presented “Assessing Administration Department Businesses in Ilocos Norte, and Development and Events the Level of Tourist Satisfaction in Catbangen, City of San Philippines.” Management classes of Hotel and Future Behavior Intention Fernando, La Union presented and Restaurant Management of the Conduct of Pamulinawen “Employee Retention Rate “Learning Preferences and Tourism, conducted the Festival”; Aivamajoli San Juan, Among the DOT- Accredited of Business Students: A study 2nd Northern Philippines Jessa Mae S. Semana, and Hotels in the City of San in a Private Higher Education Business Research Conference Unice M. Valdez presented Fernando, La Union.” Institution” was presented by held in a virtual conference on “Level of Guest Satisfaction of 3 Dr. Eric S. Parilla together with February 18-19, 2021. Star Hotel in Laoag City”; and Dr. Clea L. Bongat, Prof. Imee L. Cabugon and Prof. lastly Joanna Rizz Apolinar, Assistant Professor IV in Jocelyn G. Evangelista from the This 2-day conference Myra Pungtilan, and Precy Bicol University, presented College of Business Education, kicked off with a welcome Geromala presented “Facebook “Awareness and Acceptability of Northwestern University, Laoag address from Northwestern Engagement in the Business the Bicol University Vision by City. University President Atty. Performance of Ecotourism the Faculty Members and Non- Ferdinand S. Nicolas and Three in Nueva Era, Ilocos Norte.” Teaching Staff in BU Polangui “Students can learn (3) plenary sessions were held All of which are students Campus (BUPC).” from this conference by hereafter. of Northwestern University participating, and it is an taking up Bachelor of Science Mark Francis G. Ng, avenue for the students to Dr. Evelyn V. in Tourism. CPA, MBA, Associate Professor present their researches, and Tanagon was the first plenary II, Chairperson, Department of for the younger students, they session speaker in which she The second day of the Accountancy, Bicol University will be able to know the format discussed Regional Outlook conference continued with College of Business, Economics, and the different parts of a for Economic. Ms. Dore V. a webinar themed “Webinar and Management Daraga, research,” Dr. Parilla said on Dimaunahan talked about the on Status and Prospects of Albay, presented “Financial the benefits of research on the Performance and Prospects of Hospitality and Tourism Soundness of the Working student development. MSMEs for the second plenary Industry” with Dr. Cherrlyn Capital Management Practices session. The last session for Rodolfo, a faculty at the Asian of Newly-established Sole Moreover, the the 1st day was with Dr. Jean Institute of Management, as the Proprietorship Food Businesses Events Management class of Paulo Lacap for the Importance speaker. in Legazpi City.” Tourism adviser, Prof. Louelyn of Business Research in this Tabili imparted that in our pandemic. A Faculty Research Dr. Lord Jan Rodiris, everyday living, we should Presentation took place in the Dean, College of Hospitality impart innovation as part of An afternoon session afternoon as an international and Tourism Management, discovering ourselves, and was held for the Students participant, Dr. Faraha Divine Word College of Vigan, one way to do it is we need to Research Presentation as Nawaz, Associate Professor, Ilocos Sur, presented “Tourism research; it is one way for us students from Northwestern Department of Public and Its Impact: Evidence from to discover something, not University presented their Administration, University of Selected Tourism Stakeholders.” only in our society but also for research papers. Rajshahi Bangladesh, presented ourselves. “Gender-Based Violence in Dr. Eric S. Parilla, January Tiu and Heba the contest of COVID-19 Vice President for RCEIAD, Social research is Fabian presented “Level of pandemic: Lessons and looking Northwestern University Laoag expected to be included in Awareness and Satisfaction forward.” City, presented “Mediating the next Northern Philippines of Tourists to the Local food Effects of Industry in the Business Research Conference.

16news JANUARY-JULY 2021 NUEBG: 2020-2021 GPRGOI GGRARAMDEGNRSAANWTARDS by Jezreel Larry Caunca No r t h w e s t e r n will be preserved in a network of program grant are Atlanta Botanical University Ecological publicly accessible biorepositories. Garden, United States; Core Facility Park and Botanic Botanical Garden, University of Gardens (NUEBG) is The organizers evaluated Vienna, Austria (Universität Wien); one of the 14 recipients applications from 19 countries Desert Botanical Garden, United of the 2020-2021 through a set of criteria such as States; Inala Jurassic Garden, Global Genome Initiative for Gardens institutional capacity, collection Australia; Instituto de Pesquisas (GGI-Gardens) Awards Program scope and genomic novelty, best Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro, Grant. This program is initiated by practices, policies and biodiversity Brazil; Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical the Global Genome Initiative for standards, efficiency, and Botanic Garden and Research Gardens (GGI-Gardens), Botanic broader conservation impacts. Institute, India; Kunming Botanical Gardens Conservation International Garden, China; Montgomery (BGCI), and the U.S. Botanic According to Dr. Saharah Botanical Center, United States; Royal Garden (USBG). NUEPBG is the Moon Chapotin, Executive Botanic Garden, Jordan; San Diego only recipient from the Philippines. Director of USBG, “This important Botanic Garden, United States; The collaboration will help ensure Huntington Library, Art Museum, This program is an initiative critical plant genomic information and Botanical Gardens, United in exerting efforts to protect and is preserved for future research.” States; Tooro Botanical Gardens, preserve the genomic biodiversity Uganda; and Xishuangbanna of the Earth by maintaining samples “As plants across the Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese of living collections in the different globe face continued threats like Academy of Sciences, China. botanic gardens around the globe. climate change and loss of habitat, Mr. Michael A. Calaramo The program grant finding new ways to preserve plant is the Director of NWU Ecosystem recipients will accumulate dried diversity is key,” Dr. Chapotin added. Management and Development and frozen samples from genome- Other recipients of the Office and the Chief Curator of the quality plant tissue samples from NUEBG, which is located at Brgy. their living plant collections. This Payas, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 17 SAE-HNKDOUWSMEIUNCSGRTELATOHSVAETNOFPOEARVREOTRNL2EA:’SSTCINOGUNLOTRVEY by Dyan Rae Rapacon As a continuation to the E-Kumustahan Series, Balucio concluded. Part II: Leadership, Love and Compassion, Segment 2 – LOVE: Facts and Facets continue Session 5 revolved around the theme Facts and Facets with Session 4 and 5 themed Love for One’s of Romantic Love as five (5) couples from the university were Country and the Heraldic Code of the featured. Purchasing Officer, Mr. Leo Navasca and Physical Philippines, and Facts and Facets of Romantic Therapist Department Head, Prof. Shiela Navasca; CEAT Love respectively. Professors, Engrs. Rolly and Mildred Ramos; Mr. Rodel Santiago and Records Evaluator, Ms. Sharon Herrera; BS Psychology Organized by the Northwestern University Guidance graduates Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jasper Ardan and Aprille Campos- Center and Office of the Student Affairs, together with Psych Ardan; and Psychology student Rashed Daniel Reyes and Mr. Society and Peer Facilitators Club and in partnership with John Daniel Gonzales. Sharetea, the E-Kumustahan series was welcomed by a reminder from the university’s Vice President of Finance, Prof. Josephine G. Bolusan, that the best use of life is love, the best expression of Each couple was asked to narrate how they met and love is time, and the best time to love is now. how they found out that their significant other is the one, the ingredients of their strong relationship. They also shared advice Session 4’s Love for One’s Country and the Heraldic to the viewers and younger generation and their message to Code of the Philippines was given emphasis by Atty. Jasmine A. each other. Balucio, Public Attorney’s Office and the President of Vedasto J. Samonte School of Graduate Study Circle. She discussed the “Love will not keep the marriage, but it is the marriage Republic Act 8491, the act known as the “Flag and Heraldic that will keep the love.” Couple Carl Jasper Ardan and Aprille Code of the Philippines.” Campos-Ardan answered about the reason how they thought of each other as the one. Signed last February 12, 1998, the law has its timely discussion to show one’s love for the country as it celebrates its Respect, time, trust, and communication are the key 23rd anniversary. Atty. Jasmine A. Balucio further explained the ingredients mentioned by the couples on maintaining a strong do’s and don’ts in ceremonies and placements of the Philippine relationship despite the differences and misunderstandings that Flag as well as when to play and how to sing the National Anthem they went through. and the National Symbols like the National Coat-of-Arms and The Great Seal as these embody the national ideals and tradition “Whatever the labels would be, whatever the phase and express the principles of sovereignty and solidarity. would be, what kind of love that would be, what is important is that, there’s communication, we give time, and we sincerely put “Ang nangyayari kasi sa atin, we are being divided our emotion to it and all our efforts to keep it.” Acting Dean of because of our religion, of our culture, which should not be the Office of the Student Affairs, Prof. Agustina Dancel-Matias the case, kasi ang dapat mangibabaw sa atin is respect.” Atty. concluded Segment 2 of the webinar series.

18news JANUARY-JULY 2021 PCTCHAROHEOGSVFNWIUIEDTETEIKUVR:RESEHHEAELATLHTHFCOARRAELL by Kristene Claire Lazo C ollege of Allied Health Sciences of prepared for a brighter future working with us in the Northwestern University celebrated circle of professional healthcare providers.” CAHS week on February 18- 23, 2021, “We gave our students what is due them, but with a theme “Desire to flourish: Cognitive let us be more lenient in the sense that we follow up, Health for Allied Students.” we remind them of their requirements and missed The five-day celebration started with the exams… Leniency does not mean sacrificing the quality College Orientation last February 18, 2021, at 1:00 of education. Leniency means doing our responsibility p.m. with a big heart and an open mind,” said the Dean and Head of the Medical Technology department, Prof. Gregoria Najorda. Presentations of the Heads and Dean of CAHS “But Online Learning seems to be not enough were made and the Officers of Federation of Allied lalo na sa atin na nasa field of Allied Health. We need Health Sciences Students and their Advisers. to have a real experience with our profession, a contact Inspiration messages from the different heads with our clients and hands-on on the equipment we of the college were also part of the orientation. use. In short, we have to deal with the real world of our profession,” Prof. Najorda added. “Just like what our University theme is, we will Day 2 of this event was a webinar for students. overcome all these challenges, and as long as we never The speaker for this event was Ms. Jessica Guillermo, lose our hope, we should always keep our faith, and we a Registered Psychometrician and the adviser of will never cease to ask for his grace and guidance. We the Psych Society, with a topic of Desire to flourish: should always keep our focus on our goals, and for sure Cognitive Health for Allied Health Students. we will be able to achieve all our intended learning Prof. Agustina Dancel-Matias, the Acting Dean outcomes,” said the Head of the Physical Therapy of the Office of the Student Affairs, was the speaker department, Prof. Shiela Navasca. for Day 3 with the topic Safety through Management Prof. Charliemane A. Bullalayao, Head of of Resources. This said webinar was intended for the the Nursing department, states that “This is the Academe and Non-Academe. new normal, and we should all embrace the abrupt The remaining days were utilized for the changes that occur because of this pandemic. We are online voting of the online contest activities and online all worried about coping up with this health crisis we awarding. are experiencing. Despite this, you need still to be

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 19 E-KUMUSTAHAN SEGMENT III: COMPASSION by Charisse Sophia Raquinio The E-Kumustahan well as the lifestyle and routine of method allows you to review the series or the E-chikahan individuals. coping strategy you’ve used. Revise was launched dating Student resource speakers if it is not effective at all. Reflect back to December shared their experiences and what on which part was lacking or went 2020, spearheaded are the things they do to deal wrong; or what you need to improve. by the Office of Student Affairs with and cope up with the current JC Finale Siazon, a Juris Doctor and Guidance Center and in situation. One was the ability or student, shared how he manages his collaboration with the Supreme the willingness to manage one’s time being an employee, a volunteer, Student Center and various sponsors time. Time management in a and as a student at the same time. He like Globe and Sharetea. way of breaking load of activities said he was fighting for something. When 2021 approached, a categorizing which are needed to Maybe everyone needs something sequel was created to elaborate and be prioritized, what is urgent and to drive them to do something like discuss about Leadership, Love, and the time to be given on each task. an inspiration. One should strive Compassion. This series aims to As well as giving time for yourself or fight for whatever one wants to check on the students about their to breathe and rest from the stress achieve. well-being, mental health, and also given by the activities. Ms. Chelsey Anne Quiamas to raise awareness and share tips on One more thing you can do shared her insights on how to cope how to deal with the struggles that is finding what will motivate you or with the new normal such as setting the pandemic has brought. what comforts you. And the most boundaries on too much media March was deemed as the important thing, reaching out to consumption, setting up a new segment for the topic, Compassion people whom you know can help routine, seeking peer support, and which gave selected student resource you or be your support system. seeking support from teachers and speakers and one professional As one of the student parents. (guidance counselor) resource resource speakers said, “Asking As well as, Mr. Emmanuel speaker the opportunity to share a help doesn’t mean you’re being Piga, a representative from Gawad their “Coping Practices in The New weak.” It can be a strength after all. Kalinga, shared his ideas and Normal.” One practice that everyone experiences regarding compassion. Amid pandemic, not only else should try is what Jezreel Larry He stressed, “Do see good things the students are struggling or being Caunca, a resource speaker and the in every situation and always be… held back, but everyone else around Managing Editor of The Review have a heart for the poor and have us as well. The educational setting said, “Review. Revise. Reflect.” This a heart for volunteerism. No matter has changed, the work setting, as what situation it would be.”

20 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 NWU CELEBRATES WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AMIDST THE PANDEMIC by Jezreel Larry Caunca Northwestern University “And what we see in the confident, and I am courageous… really remain strong advocates of through the Office of women, in general, are traits that these are powerful qualities that love, joy, peace, and kindness. A the Student Affairs are truly godly and praiseworthy: serve as a reminder that every day call to lift each other up so that and Guidance Center compassion, nurturing spirit, we need to tell ourselves that and we can become cornerstones of organized the E-Kumustahan patience and kindness, heroism believe. Believe that we are strong, community building,” said Dr. Webinar Series Part II: Leadership, and self-sacrifice, and the ability confident, and courageous,” said Gonzales. Love, and Compassion in line with and strength to endure toil and Prof. Nicolas. During the afternoon the celebration of the National hardship with grace and beauty,” “Everything is up session, Atty. Jasmine Adriano- Women’s Month 2021 with the Atty. Nicolas added. to you; your emotions, your Balucio of the Public Attorney’s theme “W.O.W. RESILIENCE Rozelle Gregorio, a 3rd thoughts, your perceptions, your Office and President of the AND RELEVANCE: Natatanging Year student from the College reactions, every moment is on NWU Vedasto J. Samonte School Juana sa gitna ng Pandemya,” of Teacher Education presented you. You build yourself up, you of Graduate Studies Council on March 19, 2021, via Zoom an intermission number. Prof. believe in yourself, stand by your delivers her insights on the topic Videoconferencing App and Agustina A. Dancel-Matias, convictions, and pray to the “Salient Features of RA 9262: Anti Facebook Live. Acting Dean of Office of the higher power for He is in control Violence Against Women and Student Affairs and Chairperson and He is faithful,” Prof. Nicolas Children (VAWC).” Dr. Elsie C. Pilar, of NWU Multi-Purpose added. Mark Dio Palcon, a Chairperson of the NWU Gender Cooperative introduces the Guest Atty. Jo Erika F. Marquez, student from the College of and Development (GAD) Focal of Honor and Keynote Speaker of a Private Legal Practitioner and Business Education and Ma. System and Consultant of the the event. Alumna of NWU College of Law Rheane Audny Ylarde, a student Office of the Registrar, delivers Hon. Sandra Sanchez- shares her insight on the topic from the College of Arts and a welcome message to the Montano, Chairperson of the “Resilience and Success: A Story Sciences deliver their reflections participants. Philippine Commission on of a Woman with Special Needs.” as participants of the event. Women graced the event as the According to Atty. Marquez, “Ask “When women rise, they “The information Keynote Speaker. She discussed not what can’t a woman with don’t only carry themselves but to be shared by our Resource the different core programs of disability do, ask rather why can’t they lift the whole community,” Speakers will keep our women the Philippine Commission for she do it.” said Palcon. more empowered and be aware Women (PCW) and different Dir. Ma. Cristina “Women, you are of the support systems and the activities of the Commission Arzadon, the Regional Director enough, you should embrace government programs that especially in the celebration of of the Philippine Information yourself, your thoughts, address women’s issues and National Women’s Month. She Agency (Region IV-A – everything,” Ylarde added. concerns. This occasion endeavors also shares the “We Make Change CALABARZON) and the Ms. Stephanie Marie P. building the world a better place Work for Women” theme of the Chairperson of PIA GAD Focal Valiente, the Officer-In-Charge to live,” said Dr. Pilar. PCW for 2017-2022. “There are System shares her insight on the of the Guidance Center delivers a lot of things to celebrate in “Gender Fairness and Relevance her closing message for the Atty. Ferdinand S. womanhood,” said Hon. Montano. amid Covid19 Pandemic.” E-Kumustahan Part III. This event Nicolas, University President, Prof. Maria Liza S. Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, is moderated by Rashed Daniel delivers a message for the Nicolas, the Executive Vice Vice President for Academic Reyes and Fena Ennovy Zabala, celebration of Women’s Month. President and Vice President for Affairs, delivers a closing message both BS Psychology students According to Atty. Nicolas, “… Administration of Northwestern for the morning session of under the College of Arts and From heroines during our struggle University shares her insight on the event. “Lahat tayo ay mga Sciences. of independence to champions of the topic “Resilience of Women natatanging Juana at Juan sa industry and development as a amid the Present Pandemic.” gitna ng pandemya. This is the young republic, and to this day; “I am strong, I am time to call for all women to we see women who are leaders in all sectors of society bringing the distinct strengths of womanhood for the benefit of all.”

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 21 BEAU IDÉAL : CAS RAISES WOMEN’S FLAG OUT by Pamela Tadeja To honor the extraordinary role of women in history and contemporary society, “It is only when women remain the College of Arts and strong advocates of love, joy, and peace Sciences commemorates in this universe that progress will follow. National Women’s Month It is only when we lift each other up then by conducting a virtual program via we can conquer. And with these, we can Google Meet Videoconferencing App on say that women empowerment is elite to March 17, 2021, with the theme, “Women progress,” Dr. Gonzales said. Empowerment: A Leap Towards Progress.” To highlight the program, Atty. The conference was participated Ferdinand S. Nicolas recalled the greatness by Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas, University of Filipino women in history up to this President, Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, Vice modern time as he set their contributions President for Academic Affairs, Prof. into the spotlight. He also gave appreciation Agustina Dancel-Matias, Acting Dean of to all women in the institution for their the Office of Student Affairs, CAS faculty superb service. lead by the College Dean, Dr. Catherine V. Asuncion, employees of the university and “Our first heroines are our students from different departments of the mothers. Bearing children is one of the said college. greatest pains that any person could actually endure and because of the mother’s “Today, it is undoubtedly accepted love for her children, we are all here; and that women, just like men are partners in because of those heroic acts as mothers, building a greater and more responsive we can all achieve our own dreams and society. Let us give what is due to all ambitions in life,” the University President women, the love, the honor, and the respect said as he talked about the boldness of for their rights and their privileges,” Dr. women. Catherine Asuncion stated in her welcome address. Prof. Michelle P. Domingo, the head of the Social Sciences and Humanities Dr. Chita A. Gonzales also Department concluded the event asserting extended an inspirational message and a that women could greatly contribute to the brief discussion towards the theme. upbringing in education.

22 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 THE REVIEW ATTENDS OSSEI 2ND NATIONAL WEBINARS AND COMPETITIONS ON JOURNALISM by Mark Lester Caletina The Editorial Board and staff of editorial writing, editorial cartooning, and page the official student publication layout and design. In addition, topics were given of Northwestern University for the different writing, layout, and cartooning participated in the 2nd National competitions. Webinars and Competitions on Journalism, a three-Saturday Several student publications around the event which was organized by the Organization Philippines have competed for the best news of Student Services, Inc. on April 10, April 17, report, best feature story, best opinion article, and April 24, 2021, via Zoom Videoconferencing best sports report, best-published development/ App. All the 25 editors and staff of The Review community report, best published editorial attended the said event together with the different cartoon, and best-published news photograph student journalists all over the country. awards. The webinar aims to provide avenues OSSEI also conducted an evaluation for for the full development of students in the online publications in website, Facebook, and various fields of campus journalism. Prof. Ben other social networking site categories. They G. Domingo Jr., Chairperson of the Technical assessed the content, design, user-friendliness, Committee on Journalism of the Commission engagement, and relevance of the publications. on Higher Education; Prof. Liana Barro, Campus Paper Adviser of Far Eastern University’s The Russel Joy L. Pascua, Lead Cartoonist, Advocate; Mr. Don Dave DR. Ventura, Junior and Pamela V. Tadeja, Associate Editor of The Supervising Producer of GMA Network, Inc.; Review, bagged first in Editorial Cartooning Mr. Glenn Agustin, Lecturer and Evaluator from and 2nd in Best Feature story, respectively. DepEd Cabanatuan City; and Dr. Regidor Gaboy, On the online publication competition, The Acting Dean of the College of Education, Central Review landed 1st place in Website, 3rd place in Luzon State University imparted in-depth lectures Facebook, and 3rd place in Instagram/Twitter in printed publications, online publications, Categories.

JANUARY-JULY news 23 NWU CONDUCTS 88TH JOINT COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES ONLINE by Jezreel Larry Caunca Northwestern University May the NWU values and spirit be Samonte School of Graduate Studies; conducted the 88th Joint your guiding star as you roam the 22 Juris Doctor students from the Commencement Exercises world near and far after graduation… College of Law; 95 students from the on April 19, 2021, at 2:00 May you continue to inspire others and College of Engineering, Architecture, PM, live via the official Facebook may all your wishes come true…Take and Technology; 65 students from page of Northwestern University. The the lessons that you learned during the College of Allied Health Sciences; 88th Joint Commencement Exercises your time at Northwestern University, Three (3) students from the College is for the 429 graduates of Academic not just in the past few months but of Arts and Sciences; 87 students from Year 2019-2020 and First Semester, your college career, and let them guide the College of Business and Education; Academic Year 2020-2021. It is the you, inspire you, and remind you that Nine (9) students from the College first commencement exercise of NWU you are a strong Northwesternian,” Dr. of Teacher Education; 57 students which was conducted online due to Gonzales added. from the College of Criminal Justice the restrictions brought by the global Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas, Education; 55 students from the College health crisis that we are facing right University President, introduced the of Maritime Education; and Four (4) now. commencement speaker. Ms. Angelique Non-Degree program students. Charisse H. Roux, MA, an International Mr. Romel S. Gerson, The program started with Development Worker, and Educator, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and singing the Philippine National is the 88th Joint Commencement Restaurant Management – Ladderized Anthem, ASEAN Hymn, and Doxology, Exercises’ Commencement Speaker. Education Program 4 graduate and the which the Saguday Performing Arts Ms. Roux encourages the students to Supreme Student Council President Group led. Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, Vice not settle on their current skills because for AY 2018-2019 and AY 2019-2020, President for Academic Affairs, delivers we can learn more skills that we can use delivered his words of gratitude. “We her welcome remarks. Dr. Gonzales in these modern times. “Equip yourself are blessed to have this opportunity to presented the initiatives, programs, with different skills, learn another graduate, where I can say we are equal; and achievements of Northwestern language…You must learn to identify we deserve this. Our school journey University administration, faculty, and opportunities when you see them and may end today, [but] as we go on, we students amidst the challenges of the know how to make the most out of the will continue to expand, grow, and “New Normal.” situation,” said Ms. Roux. learn,” Mr. Gerson said. “We are seeing things we have The graduates reminisce their Also, Dr. Gonzales expressed never seen before, again because the memories in their journey as they her gratitude to the unsung heroes world has shifted, and as I said, there sing their graduation song, which is who have contributed to making the is no turning back… After all, you are “Lead the Way.” Ms. Therese Zsa Raval- Academic Year remarkable. “Thank really the ones who will make an impact Torres, a Juris Doctor graduate and you to our unsung heroes. The teaching out there. The new world is yours, not Executive Assistant to the President, and non-teaching staff; the men and ours anymore. So go out there and do led the students in their pledge of women; the Juan and the Juanas of great,” Ms. Roux added. loyalty. Dr. Roseli T. Aurelio, NWU Northwestern University who have Dr. Chita A. Gonzales led Alumni Association University Chapter helped made all things possible even the petition for conferment of degrees Vice President led the induction of during this time of pandemic. Thank and titles to the graduates while Atty. the graduates to the NWU Alumni you very much,” said Dr. Gonzales. Ferdinand S. Nicolas conferred and Association. Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas awarded the degrees and titles to the declares the closing of the AY 2019- “To our dear graduating students. The graduates are composed 2020 and the First Semester of AY students, I say, thank you for making of 32 students from the Vedasto J. 2020-2021. The program ended with us part of your educational journey. the singing of the NWU Hymn.

24 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 IKA-15 GANDINGAN AWARDS NG UP COMBROADSOC, DUMAGUNDONG PARA SA PAMPUBLIKONG KALUSUGAN by @nwuthereview Muli na namang tutunog Society (UP ComBroadSoc), maibigay ang mahahalagang ang Gandingan! pinararangalan ng Gandingan impormasyon ang pagpapakita ang mga natatanging programa, sa publiko kung gaano katindi Sa kabila ng patuloy na personalidad, istasyon, at iba ang pakikipaglaban ng medical pagharap ng bansa sa pandemyang pang plataporma ng midya na frontliners sa sakit, ang panawagan COVID-19, hindi nito mapipigilan nagbibigay diin sa komunikasyong ng mga manggagawang pinagkaitan ang muling pagdagundong ng pangkaunlaran at walang tigil na ng karapatang makapagtrabaho, Gandingan: The UPLB Isko’t naghahatid ng makabuluhang ang mga estudyanteng biktima ng Iska’s Multi-media Awards na impormasyon para sa bayan. kawalan ng pantay at inklusibong may temang “Midya: Kaagapay Hindi matatawaran ang edukasyon, gayundin ang mga ng Bayan sa Pagharap sa Krisis naging gampanin ng midya at ng biktima ng pang-aabuso, at iba pang sa Pampublikong Kalusugan.” mga kawani nito sa paghahatid mga sektor ng lipunan na patuloy Mapapanood ang livestream ng sa publiko ng mga kritikal na na lumalaban para sa kanilang ika-15 Gandingan Awards sa impormasyong pangkalusugan. kalusugan. Ang pagdagundong Facebook sa ganap na ika-2 ng Kasama rito ang pagbibigay-halaga ng Gandingan ay para sa kanilang hapon sa Mayo 22. sa kaalaman ng mga nakahahawa lahat. Ito na ang ikalawang at hindi nakahahawang mga pagkakataon na gaganapin ang sakit gaya ng dengue, tigdas, Sa taong ito, ibabahagi Gandingan Awards online bunsod polio, diabetes, at higit sa lahat, ang mga donasyong matatanggap pa rin ng dumaraming bilang ng ang COVID-19 na kasalukuyang mula sa Gandingan Awards sa mga kaso ng COVID-19 sa ating bansa. nangingibabaw sa bansa at sa batang may kanser na kinakanlong Una at natatangi ang Gandingan sa mundo. Sa pamamagitan ng ng Silungan ng Pag-asa (Shelter mga media awards na nagsagawa ng midya, naipararating sa madla ang for Hope) sa Maynila. Ito ang online na programa noong Hulyo mga impormasyong makatutulong nagsisilbing pansamantalang 2020. Bago dumating ang hamon mapanatili ang malusog na tirahan ng mga batang nagmula ng pandemya, isinasagawa ito sa pangangatawan at pag-iisip upang sa iba’t ibang lalawigan na walang DL Umali Hall sa Unibersidad ng maiwasan ang pagkakaroon ng mga malalapitang kamag-anak habang Pilipinas Los Baños (UPLB) mula nasabing sakit. Ang mga ito ang patuloy na nakikipagsapalaran 2007 hanggang 2019. binigyang pansin ng Gandingan sa Maynila upang magpagamot. Sa pamumuno ng Awards ngayong taon. Sa kasalukuyan, limang bata ang UP Community Broadcasters’ Kasama ng patuloy na namamalagi roon habang ang iba ay pagtugon ng midya sa layuning nasa kani-kanilang mga probinsya na patuloy pa ring sinusuportahan ng Silungan ng Pag-asa.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 25 HOJTNOHOU2ER0RRA2NEB1AVLCLIEEIMSWMMAERSNAETWTCUIEOADIRNVEDENINSST by Jezreel Larry Caunca The Review, the official student publication of Northwestern University, receives Honorable Mention in Best University Student Publication category during the 2021 CMA Student Journalism Awards organized by Catholic Media Association on October 5, 2020 – February 8, 2021. On May 15, 2021, the list of winners was released to the CMA Website. CMA Student Journalism Awards is an avenue to promote journalism and other fields of communication. This event is organized by the Catholic Press Association, founded in 1911, an organization committed to uniting and serving the Catholic press for more than one hundred years. This program is part of a national program accepting more than 3000 entries per cycle. The Review entered the Best University Student Publication category. This category is a General Excellence Award that recognizes the Best University Student Publication in stories, originality, quality of writing and headlines, columns, editorials and letters to the editor, quality and appropriateness of art, and graphics, and overall design. Aside from Northwestern University, other winners under Best University Student Publication are DePaul University (1st Place), Loyola University New Orleans (2nd Place), University of Portland (3rd Place), and Seton Hall University (Honorable Mention). Northwestern University is the only recipient of this award outside North America. Other categories of CMA Student Journalism Awards are Best Front Page, Best Use of Graphics with an Article, Best Presentation of Faith on Campus, Best Use of Multimedia for Storytelling, Best Single Photo, Best Feature Writing, Best Writing – Single Story, Best Writing – Series, Best Example of Teaching of the Church, Best Critical Review, Hot Topic – Current Events Affecting Student Life – Blog, and Current Events Affecting Student Life – Television.

26 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 REVITALIZE EPISODE 1: UPHOLDING THE CHARACTER AS A SJ by Charisse Sophia Raquinio The Review conducts the first He made an acrostic of the order. Every time we write or compose episode of “Revitalize: The word “CHARACTER.” The first letter a piece, it should be a clean copy. “E” Review Journalism Webinar “C” means Courage. We need to be stands for Efficiency; it is a state of Series,” which intends brave, bold, and strong at all costs. quality of being efficient. We must to deliver forth social awareness, We must furnish with strength in be efficient and influential members advocate the educational system, the face of pain, grief, or adversity. of the campus press. Lastly, “R” for and serve as a laboratory for learners “H” stands for Hard work; being a Resilience which means capacity to to achieve functional literacy and journalist requires a 24/7 job because recover quickly from setbacks and not encourage change towards nation- we have to be on call at all times, and give up easily on something. Do not be building campus journalism. This was we have to be alert. We need to be disheartened, do not feel empty or low conducted on May 15, 2021, via Zoom tireless; we need to be indefatigable. about it because there would be a new Videoconferencing App and Facebook “A” is for Accuracy; it is the quality or horizon. Being flexible is not about live. Students, faculty, and staff of state of being correct or being precise. giving up. Northwestern University together As media practitioners, we must have After Mr. Ventura’s first with students and teachers from other accuracy; when we write our news lecture, The Review Managing Editor, schools nationwide attended. piece, it is essential to know what will Jezreel Larry Caunca, presented and Mr. Don Dave DR. Ventura be included and stipulated to have discussed the newly launched website anchored this first episode, a Junior accurate reports. We do not invent data of the student publication. Supervising Producer of GMA or manufactured details. Therefore, we In the second part of the Network, Inc., tackled “Media Ethics must not involve inaccurate reporting. webinar, Mr. Ventura continued and Campus Journalism in the New “R” stands for Resoluteness. his discussion about “The Campus Normal.” At the inception of the We are determined, have the resolute Journalism in the Digital Age,” where first part of his lecture, Mr. Ventura trait, and have to be committed. As he tackles Campus Journalism, Section talked about Media Ethics and campus journalists, it is expected that of School Paper, Broadcast Media, Social Responsibility. “As a campus we are always resolute and dedicated. Digital Media, Print and Online journalist, it is essential that you are We need to adjust to what is being Journalism, Factors to be Consider guided by the principles, guided with presumed of us. We have to perform in a Virtual School Paper, Steps in the ethical standards on how will you and perform our tasks as some campus Producing a Virtual School Paper, and able to discharge your function,” said journalists. The fifth letter is “A,” which Alternative Modes. Mr. Ventura. stands for Aptness, the quality of Students and faculty members As we are enduring the new being relevant or suitable. There must actively participated in the open normal in our educational system and have appropriateness in everything forum, asking queries, reflections, in our daily lives, it is essential to know we do as a journalist. “C” stands for and giving their insights towards the more about media ethics as we are now cleverness, the quality of being clever activity. Finally, Prof. Agustina-Dancel more bound online. Furthermore, or mentally bright. We must possess Matias, the Acting Dean of the Office it is also significant to know the role keen intelligence and wisdom. We of the Student Affairs, closes the of campus journalism amidst the must be equipped with cleverness and program. pandemic; for us to perfectly utilize wit. the students’ concerns and issues “T” means Tidiness on the development of the whole tantamount to Cleanliness, the state or Northwestern University. quality of being arranged neatly and in

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 27 NEWS REPORTING FUNDAMENTALS HIGHLIGHT REVITALIZE TJWS EPISODE 2 by Jezreel Larry Caunca The Review, the official student Lecturer at the PUP Department of Journalism. publication of Northwestern He discussed the fundamentals of News University, conducts News Reporting Reporting that gave the participants a clear Seminar and Workshop for the second perspective on news reporting and the true episode of Revitalize: The Review Journalism essence of Journalism. “Ang sakop at hangganan Webinar Series on May 22, 2021, via Zoom ng kalayaan sa pamamahayag ay naaayon sa Videoconferencing App and Facebook Live. ating pagnanais at kakayahang ipaglaban ito,” The program started with the opening said Prof. Domingo Jr. prayer led by Keishey Aiana H. Bonoan. It was “I don’t want to engage myself in followed by the reading of the program rationale journalism due to uncertainties. But when the led by Charisse Sophia A. Raquinio. Zenith speaker delivers his lecture, it brought me closer Kin P. Agcaoili, The Review’s Editor-In-Chief, to journalism wherein I want to learn more welcomes the participants and guests of the about it and want to be part of it,” said Kyla Mae event. To show the support of the University R. Aguda, one of the event participants. Administration to this event and the activities of “It was a concise yet clear discussion to the student publication, Prof. Agustina Dancel- the novice of the field and the best way to cope Matias, Acting Dean of the Office of the Student up in the new norm of campus journalism,” Affairs, delivers an inspirational message. Mr. Mark Lorenz M. Tugadi, a Non-NWU Dyan Rae Rapacon, News Editor of participant, added. The Review, introduces Prof. Ben G. Domingo Prof. Joan Jesusa B. Velasco, The Jr., the guest speaker for the News Reporting Review’s Adviser, formally closes the second Seminar and Workshop. Prof. Ben G. Domingo episode of the Revitalize: The Review Journalism Jr. is currently the Chairperson of the Technical Webinar Series. Committee for Journalism of the Commission on Higher Education and a Special Professorial

28 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 REVITALIZING THE ARTICLES: IT IS MORE THAN EDITING by Zenith Kin Agcaoili “The first draft is black and white. doesn’t purely focus on making an readers. Being able to convey things Editing gives the story color.” - article attractive and literate, but it to educate, entertain, and inform with Emma Hill. infuses life to it. proper etiquette and facts through the Proper placement of articles written should be the golden May 29, 2021, Saturday- punctuation marks would make goal that a writer should have. On the last episode of significant differences in the stories On the other hand, Headline Revitalize: The Review or sentences the writer would want to writing serves as the window to the Journalism Webinar convey. Such simple knowledge would wholeness of the article written. It is Series, Ms. Michelle Therese D. boost the morale of the writer to write an overview of what the story wants to Nicolas, a freelance book coach, book a good story. tell the readers. It serves as the trailer editor, and editorial consultant of The role of copyediting is or spoiler if it will be likened to a Northwestern University, imparted indeed essential to every article that movie. her expertise regarding copyediting is bound to be published. It enhances Headlines are used as a head-turner and headline writing. its reliability, the clarity of the context, of every written article to captivate The journey of a journalist’s the accuracy of the content, becomes the reader’s attention to pique their work or output doesn’t only begin and more understandable and relevant interest in reading the whole article. end in writing only. There’s a process to what is meant for the audiences These knowledge and and procedure that improves one’s to read, and most importantly, the expertise shared by the resource work to avoid immoral sin in the correctness of the facts and statements speakers since the episode one of print media and publication of false building the wholeness of the article. Revitalize The Review Journalism statements through the help of a copy The power of copyediting Webinar Series were substantial, editor. that holds is boundless. It creates particularly on campus journalism in Anyone could be a copyeditor; awareness on both the editor and the the New Normal. Such webinar series hence, it takes a sense of responsibility, writer on what’s the article’s purpose. urges school publications to provide has a good command of the language, It helps to shape the article into information on their governed pays attention to small details, and is a something that would be able to call studentry, especially in trying times critical thinker to be qualified as one. attention, and being able to accurately like this. Nevertheless, gaining such and correctly include factual events Localities have been locked knowledge regarding copyediting is or truth would be a great help for the down or quarantined due to the vital as it may not only hone you to reader who’s gain knowledge through continuous threat of COVID-19. become a copyeditor but to become a it after reading the article. Information should still be abundant better writer. Additionally, copyediting In the end, copyediting to raise awareness and helps the would benefit the editors, writers, readers be informed and prepared for or anyone who wants to have their any circumstances. writing improved and benefit the

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 29 COBE STUDENTS EXCEL DURING AHTOMP’S FIRST NAT’L ICVC by Jezreel Larry Caunca The Hospitality and Tourism students Domingo was awarded 5th Place for the Cooking of Northwestern University under Competition utilizing Sardines; and Geraldine C. the College of Business Education Agustin was awarded 5th Place for Domestic Tour excel in the different activities during Package. the First National Inter – Collegiate “Events and organizations like this really Virtual Competition organized by the Alliance of give us the reassurance that there’s still hope and a Hospitality and Tourism Movers of the Philippines bright future that awaits the hospitality and tourism, (AHToMP) on May 13 – 29, 2021 with the theme management students. I’ve witnessed that in the “United to Serve and Move as One.” process of recovery, we strive to be a united country 11 students represented the university in order to bounce back stronger,” said Mark Dio F. in the different competitions. Klyh Nycholle G. Palcon. Remollo and Christa Khay F. Saludares for Tourism and Hospitality Quiz Bee; Berlyn M. Sumaoang for “It’s also good to see that in this industry, Buffet and Centerpiece Making Contest; Ashlyn we have good educators, mentors/coaches who are Joy A. Domingo for Cooking Competition utilizing really dedicated in motivating and nurturing young Sardines; Geraldine C. Agustin for Domestic Tour talents– with their belief that these learners are truly Package; Mark Dio F. Palcon for Extemporaneous the catalyst of change,” Mark Dio F. Palcon added. Speech; Jed T. Raquion for Facemask, A New Normal Cultural Inspired Fashion; Christian Gerald M. Prof. Imee Cabugon, Hospitality and Pacial for Mocktail Masters; Marl Eldrick L. Duabe Tourism Department Head, and Dr. Eric C. Parilla, for Table Napkin Folding; John Lowe V. Guererro COBE Dean supervise and support the participation for Tara, Biyahe Tayo; and Jhian Denver Aspili for of the students. Tiktok Contest. Mark Dio F. Palcon was awarded 1st Place for Extemporaneous Speech; Ashlyn Joy A.

30 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 NISW0U90R0E1-C:2E0R1T5IFIES FOR by Dyan Rae Rapacon Northwestern University received a Certificate of Registration for being assessed and registered for ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management for Administration & Operational Management of all programs approved & recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Department of Education (DepEd) & Legal Education Board (LEB) of the Supreme Court, including Design and Development. Granted by the GCL International Ltd., in London, United Kingdom, the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard Recertification was issued on May 25, 2021, and it will be valid until November 2023. The Quality Management System of the University is compliant with International Standards with world-class specifications for the products (graduates) services, systems to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency. According to the Acting Director of the Quality Assurance Center, Prof. Beatriz Cravalho, “The audit report indicated no non-conformances nor observations which mean that the requirements of the standard were satisfactorily met, based on the document audit conducted. Note that it was a remote audit.” “The certification was a collective effort of all departments, evaluated by Internal Auditors with the University President, Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas as Lead Auditor and facilitated by the Quality Assurance Center with the consistent support and guidance from the Executive Vice President and Vice President for Administration, Prof. Ma. Liza Nicolas,” she added.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 31 NWU PUSHES LIMITED FACE-TO-FACE CLASSES FOR AHS STUDENTS by Jezreel Larry Caunca No r t h w e s t e r n inform everyone of the intent Prof. Navasca clarified University conducts of Northwestern University that those who may not be a Consultation to offer limited face-to-face ready to engage in a face-to- After the discussions, Meeting for classes, to inform everyone face internship may be given it was followed by an open Limited Face-To-Face Classes of the requirements needed the option to take it when they forum. Students and parents of the different courses on how the university will are ready, without prejudice asked questions regarding under the College of Allied conduct face-to-face classes, to readmission and maximum the plans of the University to Health Sciences (CAHS) and to hear feedback and residency. Also, Interns shall conduct limited face-to-face on June 15, 2021, via Zoom inputs from the stakeholders not handle COVID patients classes. The program ended Videoconferencing App. The of the university. during their Internship with a closing remark delivered meeting was attended by the Prof. Gregoria S. Program or Related Learning by Dr. Chita A. Gonzales, University Officials, Faculty Najorda, Dean of the College Experiences. Vice President for Academic members of CAHS, students, of Allied Health Sciences, Affairs. parents, and representatives discussed the Department of Mr. Karl Lenin C. from the barangay and the Health (DOH) – Commission Benigno, Director of the “The views and Local Government Units. The on Higher Education (CHED) Institutional Planning and priorities expressed today are a target students for the proposed Joint Memorandum Circular Organizational Development useful reminder of the safety- limited face-to-face classes are No. 2021 – 001 or the Department (IPODD), first agenda of our university 3rd and 4th year Allied Health “Guidelines on the Gradual discussed the screening which is indeed applicable Sciences students. Reopening of Campus HEIs of students, employees, to our students and faculty for Limited F2F Classes during and visitors. Mr. Benigno and which challenges our Atty. Ferdinand S. the Pandemic.” highlighted the health university to do more and to Nicolas, University President, Prof. Charliemane A. protocols being implemented do better. I trust that the active welcomes the participants Bullalayao, Head of the Nursing inside the university including engagement that you have of the said event including Department, discussed the the Online Appointment shown today will continue in the representatives from the Guidelines on the Conduct of System for Students (CARL-s) the months ahead,” said Dr. different Local Government Related Learning Experience and Employees (CARL-e). Gonzales. Units; Mr. Ryan Remigio, (RLE) or Clinical Exposure Ilocos Norte Border Control of Nursing Students during Students who are “Only, if you, our In-Charge; Mr. Hipolito the pandemic in relation with going to have limited face-to- partner key players, are fully Salva Jr., Sports and Youth the DOH-CHED JMC No. face classes are required to be engaged, we’ll be able to come Development Officer; and 2020-001 while Prof. Shiela B. registered to PhilHealth or any up with an effective framework the different Barangay Navasca, Head of the Physical equivalent medical insurance applicable and relevant to all Chairpersons. Therapy Department discussed in line with the DOH-CHED and subsequently in delivering the Internship Program for the JMC 2021-001. Prof. Agustina limited face-to-face classes “We want everyone Physical Therapy students. Dancel-Matias, Acting Dean to our students. I, therefore, to be safe and secured even Also, Prof. Gregoria S. Najorda of the Office of the Student look forward to a stronger as we continue to pursue our discussed the program for the Affairs, discussed the Medical continuing partnership objective of providing quality Medical Laboratory Science Insurance for the students. Dr. and thank you for your education for our students,” students including a clinical Emma Joy Bareng, University commitment to making the Atty. Nicolas said. internship in accredited Physician, discussed the limited face-to-face classes training laboratories. Personal Protective Equipment scheme of Northwestern The objective of the (PPE) and Isolation Room in University a potential success,” consultation meeting is to the University. Dr. Gonzales added.

32 news JANUARY-JULY 2021 NWU JOINS CHED’S WEEK-LONG 1ST NATIONAL HEI CELEBRATION by Jezreel Larry Caunca Northwestern University The Review editors. Prof. Michelle During the Poster Slogan joins Commission on P. Domingo, Co-Chairperson of Making Category, the winners Higher Education in the Organizing Committee for this are Russel Joy L. Pascua (CEAT), the celebration of its week-long celebration ends the first place; Clark Justine A. Galiza 27th Foundation Anniversary opening program through her words (CEAT), second place; and Shane and 1st National HEI Week of gratitude. Viernes Aquino (CAHS), third celebration on May 18-22, 2021, place. For the TikTok Challenge, the with the theme “Padyak! Sama- Different competitions winners are Katelyn Czarina Ugale sama! Moving Forward, Claiming were conducted in line with the (CTE), first place; Jenelyn Garo Victory for the Philippine Higher celebration. These competitions are (CAS), second place; and Joshua Education, Pamantasan: Pandayan Word Blitz, Spoken Word Poetry, Ibonia (COBE), third place. The Tungo sa Kaunlaran,” through Song Writing, Poster Slogan Making, Spoken Word Poetry competition different online activities via and TikTok Challenge. Aside from winners are Novelyn Watson (CTE), Zoom Videoconferencing App and that, the NWU Guidance Office first place; Jezreel Larry Caunca Facebook Live. conducted a Virtual Career Day for (CAS), second place; and John The week-long celebration College Graduating Students, Grade Eiell Domingo (CTE), third place. started through an opening program. 10 Junior High School students, The winner of the Song Writing Saguday Chorale led the doxology and Grade 12 Senior High School Competition is Rozelle Gregorio and singing of the Philippine Students on May 19 and 20, 2021. (CTE) while Joemelle Buenavista National Anthem, ASEAN Hymn, (CTE) is the runner-up. The winners and NWU Hymn. Prof. Agustina On May 22, 2021, different for the Online Word Blitz are Pamela Dancel-Matias, Acting Dean of activities were conducted. The Online Tadeja (CAS), first place; Dr. Yolanda the Office of the Student Affairs Zumba Session and Martial Arts Sabado-Lao (CAS), second place; formally welcomes the participants Training were led by the College of and Rheane Audny Ylarde (CAS), of the celebration. An inspirational Teacher Education, Basic Education third place. message was delivered by the Department, Saguday Dance Troupe, Prof. Agustina Dancel- University President, Atty. Ferdinand and College of Criminal Justice Matias, the Chairperson of the S. Nicolas. Education. It was followed by Mental Organizing Committee for this week- Mr. Christopher Cid and Mr. Health Webinar for Employees with long celebration, formally close the Jon Oscar Lois Rodas, both mentors Ms. Jessica Guillermo, CAS Faculty, program by expressing her gratitude of the Saguday Performing Arts and Dr. Ricardo S. Guanzon, MMSU to everyone who participated and Group present a special intermission College of Medicine Dean, as guest exerted effort in making this event number. It was followed by video speakers. Simultaneously, a webinar successful. greetings and messages from the on News Reporting with Prof. Ben CHED scholars, Saguday Artists, and G. Domingo Jr., Chairperson of CHED’s Technical Committee on Journalism was also conducted.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 33 PBFIAMRRSLTSTIANSITDDUITDGREIATNAITNLSIDNTRGARKME , by Kristene Claire Lazo The Bachelor in Medical Kheila Moanah V. Manuel, a BMLS Laboratory Science 2nd year 2nd year student, states that “I considered this students and some 3rd year training significant, for as we all know our students who are currently course belong to medical field which aligned taking Community Public Health with rescue team when disaster comes. As subject had their digital training on Disaster well as in first aiding, we can’t remove the Risk Reduction Management and Basic First fact that medical professional’s responsibility Aid via Google Meet Videoconferencing App is providing health care to everyone. So, as a for four consecutive Saturdays, which started student in this early time, at least we are given on April 17, April 24, May 1, and May 15, 2021, brief knowledge by simply providing basic and every session lasted for four (4) hours. care to a patient. And as a citizen, at least The speakers of this said digital wherever we go, we know already what to do training were Ms. Haydie Manalili and Mr. and what not to.” Jed Mark Morido from the Philippine Red A pre-test and post-test are given to Cross – Ilocos Norte Chapter. It was organized the participating students in every meeting. by Ms. Allysa Asuncion, RMT, through Prof. They also utilize Google Classroom for their Gregoria Najorda, the Dean of the College activities, including the students’ insights, of Allied Health Sciences. The event was plotting hazards in a spot map of their specific supervised by other clinical instructors of the barangay, and providing hazards or the hazard Medical Technology Department. they have experienced.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 34 news WPFIHEITISLHTFANUWOTUFURIFMEOSARCGOINLALTAIBOSN by Jezreel Larry Caunca The Philippine Futures Thinking Nicolas, President, Northwestern University; Prof. Society (PhilFutures), in Shermon O. Cruz, Vice President of PhilFutures, collaboration with the Association of Professional Futurists Chair, and NorthwesternUniversity, conducted Chief Futurist of CEF; and Dr. Lizan E. Perante- a webinar titled “Futures Literacy Calina, President of PhilFutures, Dean of DAP in Asia: Unpacking the Philippines Graduate School, and PSPA President. and Malaysia Experience” on June 16, 2021, via Dr. Eric S. Parilla, Dean of the NWU Zoom Videoconferencing App and Facebook College of Business Education and Vice President Live. This event is part of the month-long First for Research, Community Extension, and Anniversary celebration of PhilFutures from June Integrated Agriculture Development (RCEIAD) 2 to July 2, 2021. NWU is one of the Institutional attended as a reactor while Mr. Karl Lenin C. members of PhilFutures. Benigno, Director of NWU Institutional Planning Different panelists who are well-versed and Organizational Development Department in the field of Future Thinking and Futures (IPODD) served as the webinar moderator. The Literary expressed their insights on the webinar event was attended by the students and members topic. The speakers are Ms. Zarina Nalla, Futures of the academe not just from the Philippines but Studies Head, Office of the Rector, International also from other countries. Islamic University – Malaysia; Atty. Ferdinand S.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 news 35 STUGADMREAINDDPTSRUSTEASRPTIEAENNNSGTEDAACETRAMICOHIHNCS by Kristene Claire Lazo The College of Allied Health Sciences graduating students presented their research papers on June 23, 2021, at 8:00 A.M. The program started with an Invocation, National Anthem, and PNA Hymn through an Audio-Visual Presentation. The Head of Nursing Department, Prof. Charliemane A. Bullalayao, states, “At this point, I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone for an active participation in today’s activity and making research a part of our activities of daily living and of course research as a way of life,” during his welcome remarks and rationalization of the Research Colloquium. “Also, students may improve their healthcare careers by doing work outside of the classroom that challenges them in the same way. This will also affect their professional future by allowing them to associate their name with activities that may have altered the boundaries that were previously the standard. Research may ignite the passion for learning that can last throughout a professional career, and there is no limit to what can be discovered,” said Dr. Eric S. Parilla, VP RCEIAD, during his inspirational message. Eight (8) research studies were presented during this event. Six (6) groups of students from the Department of Nursing led by Kelsey Cu, Lynette Gamiao, Melahdee Paulino, Heherson Ricardo, Michelle Macaculop, and Sigfried Suguitan. One group from both BMLS led by Joshua Balmilero and BSPT led by Athena Venecar. The Dean of CAHS, Prof. Gregoria S. Najorda, states, “I would like to focus on the group of students who are doing their research this term. May this activity energizes you to continue and not be discouraged by undesirable circumstances” during her inspirational message. The panellists for this research colloquium were Dr. Elsie C. Pilar, Dr. Maricon M. Guillermo, and Dr. Jonah Badua, who gave their reactions and suggestions for the presented researches. Indeed, despite the pandemic, this group of students could come up with this timely and relevant research. The closing remarks was made by Prof. Genevieve C. Agodon. Mr. Glenn Lagdao and Ms. Thricia Bless Ventura were the masters of the ceremony for this event.

JANUARY-JULY 36 news SEBASTIAN JOINED MISS ILOCOS NORTE PAGEANT AS SHE REPRESENTS LAOAG CITY by Paula Nica Alipio Witness the captivating beauty of Nuelina Mhae Sebastian from Laoag City after her journey in Miss Ilocos Norte 2021. Sebastian is currently a 2nd-year BS Tourism Management student Northwestern University. Before she takes her step to Miss Ilocos Norte, she is the reigning Miss Laoag 2020 and Miss ABC 2019. Her pageant journey is challenging but she always makes it to the top. She started joining beauty pageants in the year 2018. She joined the Miss Barangay pageant and after she was crowned, she tried to join Miss ABC in 2019, and she won. Her journey started after she was crowned as Miss ABC 2019, bringing her to join Miss Laoag 2020. She was under the camp of Beauties and Brains back then. Among the 16 candidates of Miss Laoag, she was chosen to bring home the crown. Sebastian does not stop there, but she takes her step to the next level. She joined Miss Ilocos Norte 2021 because she is motivated to join the province’s prestigious event. “As Miss Laoag, it is my responsibility to represent my city in that stage. Aside from the responsibility, I was motivated because it is a huge avenue to help people during these trying times. This will give me more chance to help people, especially students in terms of education,” said Sebastian. The competition of Miss Ilocos Norte was done via Facebook Live on Miss Ilocos Norte 2021 Facebook page. Sebastian’s journey is tough because she experienced being bullied along the way. She was about to give up but her fighting spirit wins. Even if she does not bring home the crown, her experience in representing her city is more than enough. She stated that “Everything seems like a dream as they always say, a lot were called, but few were chosen. Because of this pageant, I was able to meet new friends – sisters, by the way. I have learned a lot, especially knowing some cultures and traditions of every municipality in the province. I also learned the value of appreciating the people around you and the importance of helping people even in the simplest way.”


38 feature / devcom JANUARY-JULY 2021 STEALING HEARTS WITH A DEADLY MALADY CALLED SECOND LEAD SYNDROME by Zenith Kin Agcaoili and Kristene Claire Lazo “To be brave is to love someone Have you heard about pieces. Thus, this is one of the few male lead and the female lead. unconditionally without expecting Second Lead Syndrome? This reasons why my heart beats for the And then gets your heartbroken anything in return.”-- Madonna. term is not only popular for second lead and why we’ve always by the fact that they were never K-drama enthusiasts but as well as caught ourselves in a Second Lead meant to end up with each other. Indeed, when you love may be common to other genres Syndrome all over again. For K-drama enthusiasts someone without expecting or foreign dramas. This syndrome Second lead tends who missed or overlooked the anything in return is such is not that popular to female to present themselves existence of such exceptional a brave and selfless kind second leads, but it’s a lot used for extraordinarily. They can be the men, they treat as second of love. There are times when male second leads. good guys who are always there to male lead only. Here are some we tend to think of what will Have you ever found comfort the lead actress or the bad gentlemen who we can vouch as benefit us before actually doing yourself rooting for the second guy who keeps on pestering her. a potential candidate for Second something, but you can’t say the male lead instead of the main They tend to deny their feelings, Lead Syndrome. After reading same thing in love. male lead? Have you ever been but in the end, they are falling this, you might realize that they stirred or enthusiastic about the deeply to the girl they cannot deserve the love they offer, hence Korean dramas sweet chemistry between the have. left unreciprocated. (K-dramas) are always overlooked second male lead and the female Tormenting as it appears Han Ji Pyeong (Kim by focusing only on the main leads lead? Did it occur to you…the to be. The writers, directors, and Seon Ho) of Start-Up ended our or couples. However, in K-dramas, feeling of being struck by a bolt of the whole production staff will 2020 second lead syndrome, besides enthralling plots and lightning when the second male be playing with our feelings, while Han Seo Jun (Hwang In unforeseen jaw-dropping twists, lead turns out to never be the end assuming that the second male Yeop) started our 2021 with the there’s something that one should game of the female lead? lead and the female lead might same vibe. They became the talk look forward to-the existence of That’s second lead end up with each other, but it turns of the town, even slammed search the second leads. syndrome. It’s not infectious, but out nothing but a quick shuffle bars for their extraordinary it has no cure. It’s fatal but not of cards. They always caught us characters. The Second Lead Second leads are always lethal. hoping for a love to bloom and Syndrome heart of the countless outshone by the main leads, and In almost every film and then burst our hopes by serving K-drama fans burns for these two. their existence is barely recognized series we watch, there is always us a wholesome menu that they’d They were even recognized as the as something important in the a second lead. Though there are never end up with each other. It kings dethroning previous well- drama. People often view them times that we ship for the second was as if they were just meant to acknowledged second lead who as the one who tries to take the lead actor than the first lead, cross paths, but they won’t end up gave the second lead syndrome to female lead from the male lead or which is where Second Lead at the same dead end. K-drama fans like Kim Shin-hyuk the other way ’round. Although Syndrome happens. Annoying it is, (Choi Siwon) of She Was Pretty they appear as an obstacle to the Looking at the one you sometimes. You get your hopes and Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) development of the main leads’ love being happy with someone higher than the standards of of Extraordinary You. relationship, as someone who else can really make your heart the female lead. You even get Many fans are still baffled how on is very enthusiastic towards the bleed and broken into million your heart flutter by the simple earth Seo Dal Mi (played by Suzy existence of second leads, perhaps interaction between the second Bae, Start-Up) ended up with we think they are not always the douchebag of the story.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 feature / devcom 39 ... work out, he will finally move on to do so. A certain scene raised with someone else leaving Soo-ji from her. He tried to make a lucky the fans’ anticipation that finally, heartbroken. One more notable Nam Do San (played by Nam Joo shot, although it was pretty clear the ship (them) would finally sail. second female lead who made Hyuk), like all these years she was that he could not really replace Su However, he diverted his gaze the fans cried and sympathized whipped by the letters written by Ho on Ju-kyung’s heart. Indeed a instead of taking advantage of with her was Kang Soo-jin (Park Ji Pyeong. Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi’s heart-breaking scene, wasn’t it? the close counter with the female Yoo-na) of True Beauty, who went grandmother borrowed Nam Do lead. With that, he won the hearts boundaries ruining her friendship San’s name only, but the letters’ And what’s really got the of the viewers and even earned with Lim Ju-kyung (Moon Ga content, later on, became more fans crying over the drama, the respect from the fans when he Young) for the man he loves, Lee unfeigned and focused about Ji scene where Seo Jun encouraged decided to step aside as he learned Su Ho (Cha Eunwoo). Pyeong, who was asked to write Ju-kyung to finally go to Su Ho. He that one of his childhood friends Second female leads are Dal Mi letters. Do San actually deserves better, as he had chosen liked the female lead. His selfless not getting enough credits they look like a lot more as the second the happiness of the girl he loves nature left the fans heartbroken deserve as much as the second lead than the real second lead, Ji and the friendship he treasures for his character. male leads. Perhaps, it’s because Pyeong. with Suho. The scene where Either he was not just of the nature the drama has given We just couldn’t Seo Jun was crying on his own, meant for the female lead, or his to them…the ‘girl who’d hurt the understand how Dal Mi dense grieving over his unrequited love, timing was exceptionally late. female lead because she loves the could be for choosing Do San, really left a lasting impression on But then again, not because the male lead who was meant for the who was away for three years and the viewers, a reason why they character was the second lead, he female lead.’ They are always given did not choose the guy who stayed empathize with his character. will be branded as the guy who’ll that image of having the tendency with her through thick and thin try to snatch the female lead from to make the female lead suffer for through the years. Well, of course, Few underrated second the main male lead. getting the attention of the person that’s all part of the drama; after male leads made the fans overly They, too, deserve the they love more than they can or all…Dal Mi’s heart still burns for suffer from the second lead love they give and the love that the not receiving the feelings they Do San. Still… it’s objectionable, syndrome. Go Cheong-myeong main male lead receives. have devoted. right? (Lee Dohyun) of the well-known But the second lead These dramas or shows Here comes the birth rom-com dark fantasy Hotel Del syndrome does hurt as much make us realize how cruel life can of the King of second leads, Han Luna. What’s anguishing about as when it is when the second be. We meet someone we thought Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop) of True his role was some viewers actually female lead feel crappy about not is “the one,” but you’ll realize that Beauty. At first, he showed no assumed or anticipated that he being able to get the love they she/he isn’t meant for you in just a interest in the female lead Lim was reincarnated as Go Chan- deserve in the drama. Although, snap. They are just some passers- Ju-kyung (Moon Ga Young), sung (Yoo Jin Goo). It turns out the spotlight rarely given to them, by that have made a significant and later developed feelings for he was there all along protecting we can vouch few second female impact in your life. her when she was already too Jang Man-wol (IU/Lee Ji Eun) leads who had heart-breaking How ironic it is that the whipped for Lee Su Ho (Cha in the form of a firefly being the love stories as much as the guys one who can bring joy into your Eunwoo) friend of Seo Jun. first guest of the hotel, waited for mentioned above. life can also be the one to wash What really got the fans about a thousand-year to finally If you have watched it away, but even how hard and heartsick is the fact that Seo Jun fulfil his promise to Man-wol and Doctors (starring Park Shin Hye), painful it is, you’ll still love that still looked after her (Ju-kyung) due to his unwavering love to the Jin Seo-woo (Lee Sung Kyung) person, and his/her happiness will despite the fact that she is deeply female lead. who have been pinning Jung Yoon- always matter. in love with his friend Su Ho. do (Yoon Kyung-sang) ended up It really paints a beautiful What’s truly heartrending, for the Another potential hurting herself for loving a man picture of love; sometimes, when span of two (2) years of breakup candidate that broke the fan’s who couldn’t love her back. The paths crossed, it doesn’t mean between Su Ho and Ju-kyung, hearts was Kim Shin-hyuk guy was even pressured by their they’d eventually go in the same Seo Jun patiently waited for Ju- (Choi Siwon) of She Was Pretty. family (him and Seo-woo’s) to direction. However, there are kyung to open up to him and even Although he has shared a genuine marry off each other, hence, Yoon- times that we overlook people’s continued loving her despite the friendship with the female lead, do made it clear that he doesn’t worth. We tend to miss the fact he would not really stand a for him, it was love. He even feel anything for Seo-woo. As well opportunity to obtain the precious chance. openly expressed what he truly as Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga Young) diamond while busy looking for He was even unprepared felt for the female lead, even from Tempted who was known something a lot more ‘valuable.’ about confessing his love for Ju- risked his life only the female lead for her cunning appearance, but Second leads are humans, kyung. It was long overdue; hence, would end up with the male lead. bearing with a heavy burden did too. Maybe their character comes he asked for a chance to go on a not have the love she deserve on too strong, but they are masters of date three (3) times; if it doesn’t All-time favorite second the drama. Realizing feelings late, making people swoon over them lead was Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu she had her heart burning for when they couldn’t win the female Jun Yeol) of Reply 1988. He Kwon Shi-hyun (Woo Do-hwan) lead’s heart. could definitely line up with who is a childhood friend of her, the named ‘best boys’ from the hence, the guy has fallen in love selection of second leads. He has been harboring a crush for his childhood friend, but he could not bring it up as he does not dare

40 feature / devcom JANUARY-JULY 2021 TEACHING IN THE TIME OF PANDEMIC: THE NEW NORMAL by Charisse Sophia Raquinio Guro, salamat sa paggabay at pag alalay patungo sa tagumpay ng aking buhay. Isasaisip at isasabuhay ko ang mga aral at leksiyon na inyong tinuro habang buhay. The unknown villain is Teachers and professors they are not giving considerations ignorance, and the mentor have errands, too, especially that to those who have unstable internet is our hero. Knowledge is they are in their homes. Female service, especially those who are in a powerful tool to brawl mentors who have some children mountainous areas. ignorance. Experience is the key to to feed and house to clean but still We are all adjusting to this unlock curiosity and lessons that manage to give you modules and try new normal learning. We are not will last a lifetime memory. to meet you upon your schedules. the only ones who are struggling but While we were ranting Teachers are also going out to buy also our dear professors. Again, not on how we deal with our online some stuff in their daily living; they all professors have wireless fidelity modalities, we also hate our can’t always monitor their canvass (Wi-Fi) installed in their respective professors for giving us stressful or any learning paraphernalia. Some houses. Others might use mobile deadlines, quizzes, and assignments. may have businesses to run, and data to conduct online classes. We Why can’t we appreciate their efforts they also need to balance their time. are struggling, and so our mentors. in staying late at night to prepare our Also, we have part-time professors Also, let us thank them modules and check our activities? who have another job to suffice their for being our front-liner in this Why can’t we thank them for financial needs. pandemic. Our professors may giving all their efforts to provide us I admire our professors for be hard in giving us deadlines or knowledge and continue even in this their dedication and compassion in stressful quizzes, but they are also crisis? the teaching industry. Some teachers stressed in providing questions As we enter the “New are not tech-savvy but still managed about the lessons we learned in the Normal Learning” mode amidst the to meet their students online. Some modules they gave. They are not pandemic, being a professor or a professors stay late until midnight complaining, even if it is hard while teacher is a challenge─ how they will to check and respond to the queries we students keep on ranting. teach or deliver their lesson. They and concerns of their students. With this kind of set up are not just giving us tasks to comply Contrary to this, some teachers are brought by the pandemic, let us with or deadlines to beat, but they strict in giving instructions and are be more cooperative, widen our are trying their very best to provide not open to any questions coming patience, and pray that we will us with information and educate us from their students. Others have surpass this challenge. in all the possible ways. lack of empathy for their students;

JANUARY-JULY 2021 feature / devcom 41 RIDDLE: JAR OF HATRED by Britanny Lei Maquiraya Iam alone. I am compacted to this belong. Do not ever push yourself to fit jar with a thick wall of hatred. I in their lives because no matter what used to live like this: no friends, no you do, if they do not like you, there is enemy, and no family. Only I exists no value pushing yourself to them. You in this compacted jar. I am not happy are just hurting yourself. You must know nor sad. I am just living in the middle when to stop and walk out.” of everything because I am afraid to I did not listen to what she said. I become happy in just a snap and live the immediately ran to a couple of children rest of my life being sad. I am void. I am playing but ran away from me. Why are just existing to witness the smile drawn they avoiding me? All of my life, I never from their faces, to witness how they can felt real love, only fake and temporary be happy interacting with each other, to love. No one ever told me they need witness how their daily life cycle rounds. me. No one ever asked me what am I I tried to go out in this compacted jar, feeling? Why am I sad? Why am I alone? but it seems like it was sealed very tight It is really true that if they are not getting that only outside this jar can open it. benefits from you, they will hate you, It was March 17, 2020 when I was utterly they will forsake you, and they will never shocked and became happy because the value your existence. tight cover of the jar was nowhere to be The world loathing me and compacted found. It means I am now free. Someone me again in this jar with thick walls of may pity me for being an introvert since hatred. And then I asked myself, “Who I was born. I immediately traveled from really am I?” I tried to fit in their world. one place to another to explore and meet I just want to become happy but they different people with cultures, beliefs, threw me a pang of hatred. lifestyles, etc. But every place that I Yes, I became famous but not because of visited curse me and blamed me for good deeds but because of the curse of ruining their lives. But I cannot recall peoples’ wrath in me. Am I really a curse? if I have done anything that would hurt Do I not have the right to be happy? Tell them; I was just enjoying my freedom. me what you think of me, and I will I traveled to 219 countries in just a year, definitely know who I really am. and someone told me that I have gathered 136,663,803 bashers as of April 13, 2021, because they are blaming me for making them suffer from fever, dry cough, and fatigue. I was so devastated knowing that I was being hated by millions of people. Am I prohibited from becoming happy? Then someone with a blue gown told me, “Do not ever fit in a situation you do not

42 feature / devcom JANUARY-JULY 2021 SECOND LEAD COUPLE SYNDROME: THE COUPLES WE NEVER HAD by Kristene Claire Lazo Being a K-Drama fan episode of the drama rather the “kilig” more than the first lead became my sanctuary, than the first lead’s. They tend to couple. my safe haven, and my outshine the first leads, maybe You keep on wanting escape. I often think that in a way that they have effortless more appearance from these maybe this is the only place where chemistry, and their characters second lead couple. I can experience being loved, were well written that even if they I keep asking why I even if I am not portraying the are just an accessory for the drama am so hooked up with second drama. Let me raise a question to itself, their presence made the lead couple syndrome, knowing you. What are the things that you drama better. that in the first place, the story consider when choosing a drama It is so funny that revolves around the first lead. to watch? Is it the cast? The plot? sometimes you watch the drama Maybe because the obstacles that The title? Or the genre? because of the first leads, but you’ll these second lead couples face Most K-Drama fans end up rooting for the second lead sometimes are lighter than the first choose the drama because of the couples. I guess it is awe-inspiring leads, there were more “kilig” than cast; why? Because it helps us that they could present themselves painful moments for them. But to connect more with the story, flawlessly and even justify it even there are some dramas wherein especially when they see great in just a small period of time. the side story for the SLC’s was chemistry between the male and Here is a fun fact checklist heavier than the first leads, so female leads. However, I cannot that you are into second couple we tend to crave more scenes for deny that sometimes, I fall in love syndrome: them. Nonetheless, I guess in my with the character of the second You want them to be the part, I am hooked up with the lead couple. first lead couple in a drama. SLCs because I can relate myself to There are times that the You are patiently and their characters more and believed second lead couple was able to eagerly waiting for them to be in that it is not yet my time to shine. justify and present their character the scene. So, I’ll take one step at a time until in which outshines the first lead They can make you feel I can be already someone that can couples. These are moments shine perfectly imperfect in this wherein you are more eager to world full of misery. watch their scenes during the

JANUARY-JULY 2021 feature / devcom 43 MYTHS OR REALITIES? by Charisse Sophia Raquinio Anxious to be vaccinated in a continuous, large-scale clinical trial. There are methods to get vaccinated. because of those tales In comparison, Oxford’s AstraZeneca First, online registration─ visit circulating that the vaccine vaccine has shown to be 63% effective in the Facebook page of your city or causes death? Or maybe anongoing, large-scale clinical trial. The municipality. Second, take a form because of the side effect that occurs Sinovac’s Coronavac has an efficacy rate from your city/municipal planning throughout when we got vaccinated? of 50.4% for preventing the symptomatic and development and fill it out or Why do we need to get virus, according to data from a Brazilian download the form, fill it out and submit vaccinated? Vaccines used to be our trial, and an effectiveness of 67%, it to your city/municipal planning and booster in our immune system tofight according to a real-world study in Chile. development in your areas. against the virus. Vaccines stimulate Sinovac’s vaccine was validated for What are the benefits of the the virus or bacteria that create disease Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the vaccine in our bodies? The vaccine and triggers the body’s creation of World Health Organization (WHO) on helps these antibodies help your antibodies. These antibodies will guard June 1. immune system fight the virus if once a person is infected with the actual Getting the COVID-19 vaccine you were exposed, so it reduces your disease-causing virus or bacteria. is an effective way to guard ourselves chance of getting thedisease. However, Vaccination is a significant way against capturing COVID19. Vaccines you can still become infected after to defend ourselves from getting severe can help protect us by preventing severe being vaccinated by those people who COVID-19. According to World Health illness, hospitalization, and death from haven’t got vaccinated. Studies have Organization, COVID-19 vaccines COVID-19. Medical experts are still shown vaccinated people who do get that are yielded with Emergency uncertain how long people are safe from infected have mild to moderate cases UseAuthorization (EUA) by the Food reinfection after healing from the virus. of COVID-19 compared to those who and Drug Administration (FDA) are Taking the vaccine and continuing to aren’t vaccinated. So, once you are fully considered safe andeffective based on the follow public health guidelines isthe best vaccinated, there is a low risk of available evidence to date. Nevertheless, way to defend ourselves from becoming hospitalization and death because of then, there are risks of complications, infected again. COVID-19. but severe or life-threatening reactions Moreover, the purpose of After a year of obscurity, the vaccine are infrequent. Health professionals will human trials is to spot side effects –such has arrived and has clear advantages evaluate and closely monitor anyone as headache, sore arms, fatigue, chills, that should make everyone considered who will get the vaccine to minimize any and fever, which are not unusual in other getting the shot. By deciding to be risk. vaccines or injections and are usually injected, you can guard not only yourself What are the vaccines that are not harmful in the long term. Genuine and your family but your community as safe to use? According to the data of side effects mean anything long-lasting well. WHO, Pfizer from Biontech’s Comirnaty and probably not dangerous. Don’t be afraid to get vaccinated is the most efficient vaccine; based on There are possible risks that if you want to reunite again with your data provided by the manufacturer, may exist that are considerably lower friends and other members of your and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is than those associated with COVID-19 family. 95% effective in an ongoing large-scale infection and vastly outweighed by Get your vaccine now! clinical trial. Meanwhile, the Moderna the benefits of protecting people and vaccine has shown to be 94.1% effective preventing the virus from spreading.

JANUARY-JULY 2021 feature / devcom 45 Bagnet, Tupig and Saluyot: Ilocanos' Beyond the Serve by Pamela Tadeja Ilocos region is known introducing another BTS Meal bounty cuisine of the region. usually paired and cooked with for many things – the which carries the culture beyond Other than the protein local crops. With this simple thrifty description of the the serve – Bagnet, Tupig, and serving, delicacies of the north vegetable, the natives have their locals, historic heritage Saluyot. never get out of sight. Tupig also own versions of cooking it sites, pristine beaches, According to the natives known as intemtem, is one of according to what they desire. personalities, and so forth but of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, bagnet the most popular Ilocano sweet One of the known foods in the when we talk about culture, the was already being served by the treats. It is made by mixing place is dinengdeg. It is a bagoong real center of attention by many is locals as early as 16th century, ground sticky rice, muscovado soup-based dish with saluyot, none other than the food. the time when the Spaniards sugar, coconut milk, and coconut other varieties of vegetables and discovered the Ilocandia. Bagnet, strips. After which, it is wrapped fried fish in it. It is cooked freestyle “Food is a lens for a crispy pork belly dish is one of with banana leaves. Some natives according to the availability of the culture,” as stated by Dana the top favorites of Filipinos on cook it on a flat surface over greens. Goodyear. It gives us a clear view their plates. It is made by boiling charcoal while others use pugon, In addition, it can that we unite in each serving due the pork belly until it is a wood-fired oven that is made of be sautéed along with other to its rich cultural base. Every tender alongside garlic, black brick or stone. Although different vegetables and proteins. Some dish that we prepare, eat, or order peppercorns, bay leaves, and salt towns in the region have their people also serve tortang saluyot, speaks a lot of our identity. In our added in the pot. Once the pork style of making it by modifying ginataang saluyot with labong, situation right now, many people belly is removed, drained, and some of the ingredients. Tupig paksiw na saluyot, pinakbet with could not control themselves cooled; it will be deeply fried twice with either sesame, macapuno, saluyot and many more. Also, by tapping their screens and in a row. The result is crunchy on langka, ube, or cheese are some of if you want to convert healthy ordering new bites and the ones the outside and tender on the the upgrades. veggie into drinks, you can make that they’ve missed eating. When inside piece of meat. Surprisingly, Tupig is used to be your own green smoothie or jute talking about what’s good in the aside from numerous dips and shared and sold only during tea. With its simplicity, everyone eyes, mouth, and tummy, Ilocanos side dishes like bagoong and Christmas. Instead of money can make a fancy dish with it. have a lot to offer. atchara, there are many ways that being given to carolers, they With the dynamics of Before the second half- we can do to enjoy this meal with were given tupig as their reward. culture, an adaptation of meals year of 2021, Filipino die-hard a twist. Up to this day, with or without has brought Ilocanos to recognize fans of a famous Korean boy band gathering, the preservation is what their place is known for. have made a great shift in social Bagnet dishes can be visible. The “tupig for sale” posts From the day of discovery of media with a whopping 3.5 leveled up to any punch that can be seen in markets, along the north, the times where million nuggets being sold on anyone craves. The meal is ready the highway oreven online. The natives fought for freedom and the launch day alone. A fast- to be transformed either into sisig, delicacy is rooted in the way of life peace and up to the present day, food restaurant in collaboration paksiw, ginataang binagoongan, of Ilocanos and it is considered as Ilocanos show their preservation with the said Korean boy band sinigang, bicol express dishes, one of the prides of the culture. by celebrating culture with food. hasreleased BTS Meal which or nor pinakbet topped with it. Moreover, Ilocano BTS These are treasures that remind consists of chicken nuggets, fries, Indeed, everything can be done Meal is not complete without locals not only of their forebears coke, and two new dipping sauces. with creativity especially with food saluyot or jute in English. The but also of their culture. Bagnet, With this trend filling stories, that everyone will never refuse to dark green leafy vegetable is rich tupig and saluyot, known as the eat. Not only Ilocanos enjoy every in vitamins and minerals. It is BTS Meal of Ilocanos are newsfeeds, and news munch, but also tourists who are indeed beyond the serve. reports, Ilocanos ready to be fascinated with the also turned purple by

46 feature / devcom JANUARY-JULY 2021 SEASON 1: EPISODE 2: NEW VARIANT by Charisse Sophia Raquinio Overview: The CoronaVirusDisease performance of some of the PCR tests Both variants have been COVID-19 variants associated with used to detect COVID-19 infections – distinguished in numerous other possible increased transmissibility slaughtered a million although most of the PCR tests being countries and may already be and immune escape. There is still no used around the globe are invented to widespread. However, because many evidence, based on prepared data, that lives across the globe. detect several viral genes, so the impact countries do not have routinely P.3 is more infectious than the initial of this is not thought to be significant. sequence coronavirus genomes from version of SARS-CoV-2. However, the A billion dreams a large proportion of people who appearance of these three varieties The variant identified in test positive, it is tricky to know how suggests that it is achievable. were filched away in just a glimpse. South Africa, known as variant 501Y. far these variants have paved – or if V2, carries some of the same mutations these variants are procuring further The mutation profile of Remember that there were reported as the B.1.1.7 variant but appears mutations of concern. Stepping up this new virus variant warrants more to have evolved separately. It ``also global examination efforts should solid investigation due to its inherent cases of a new variant in the beginning carries some different mutations. therefore be a priority. public health implications. Therefore, One of these, a mutation in the spike the Philippines’ current distribution months of this year, but we are not protein gene called E484K, may reduce On the other hand, the of this developing variant and its the ability of specific antibodies from Philippines also has its variant of the transmission are controlled and even frightened by the possible chaos people who have recovered from COVID-19 disease. Furthermore, addressed by relevant public health COVID-19 to bind to and neutralize it is announced that this resurgence agencies to stem its area in nearby that might happen. the virus. However, this does not of SARS-CoV-2 is coincident with islands and regions. necessarily mean that the immune detecting a new Philippine variant: After a year of sustaining a response triggered by vaccines will B. First recognized in the In our province, at least six low number of cases in the Philippines, be less effective – something that Central Visayas region of the island cases of contagious variants of SARS on March 29, COVID-19 positive cases is currently being tested. Like the nation, the variant is obtained from Cov2, the coronavirus that causes spike 10,000 in a day – increasing day B.1.1.7 variant, it does not appear to the Brazilian B.1.1.28 strain and yields COVID-19. by day. Are we not threatened with a be associated with more severe disease many mutations with the P.1 variant more significant number of death and but may be more contagious than identified in Manaus at the beginning A resident of Solsona, positive cases that will surely ravish earlier variants. More intensive public of January. However, this variant Ilocos Norte had incurred the B.1.1.7 our life as well as our economy? Are health measures may be required to also has many unique features to the variant, which was first detected in the we just going to watch the numerals control the spread of these variants in Philippines, as the researchers analyze United Kingdom. In addition, three continually changing? both cases. these unique and shared mutations (3) patients in Laoag City, one (1) and discuss their inherent impact on in Municipality of San Nicolas, and The COVID-19 new variants Even if we get the exact the virus. one (1) in Municipality of Paoay had have mutations to the genetic code dosage of the vaccine, the mutations been contaminated with the B.1.351 that produces the spike protein gene in of these new variants become more According to the strain that was first detected in South the ‘cluster 5’ variant linked to Danish robust and even worse than we were Department of Science and Africa. The victims had been in the mink farms and the new variants taught. According to the World Health Technology- Philippine Council for COVID-19 summation of the province identified in the United Kingdom and Organization, when a virus is widely Health Research and Development, a with their respiratory samples sent South Africa. circulating in a population and causing unique COVID-19 variant officially to the Philippine Genome Center many infections, the likelihood of the designated as Lineage “P.3” was (PGC) in March to distinguish other According to investigations, virus mutating increases. The more identified in the Philippines on March coronavirus variants. the variant identified in the United opportunities a virus has to spread, 10, 2021, as stated by the Philippine Kingdom, known as the B.1.1.7 the more it replicates – and the Genome Center (PGC). The variant Again, let us internalize variant, comprises 23 changes to the more possibilities it has to change. was observed from local samples in ourselves to be observant and more genetic code relative to the original Most viral mutations have little to Central Visayas, accumulated on the cautious─ now that we have different SARS-CoV-2 virus distinguished no impact on the virus’s strength to exact dates where there was an audible variants of the disease. Observe in Wuhan, China. Specifically, how cause contaminations and illness. increase in COVID-19 cases reported proper hygiene, always wear your and where it originated is unclear, Nevertheless, depending on where in the region. masks and face shields and maintain but it has since spread to become the changes are located in the virus’s social distancing. Let us not forget to the dominant variant in London and genetic material, they may affect a These variations, or changes be more gentle during these difficult South East England. It has also been virus’s properties, such as transmission detected in P.3. are classified as E484K, times because not all of us are distinguished in other parts of the UK or hardness. N501Y, and P681H. They have been mentally stable. Keep safe, my dear and at least 31 other countries as far beforehand associated with known Northwesternians! afield as Australia, the United States of America, and Pakistan. Introductory studies indicate that the B.1.1.7 variant is more transmissible but does not result in more severe disease or make people who have previously had COVID-19 reinfected. One of the mutations it carries can also sway the

JANUARY-JULY 2021 feature / devcom 47 ’WHO’ S THE SPIDERMAN by Paula Nica Alipio Of all the things kids would say when asked what their However, there are also claims surrounding Tom Holland as the fears were, spiders will be on top of the list. A creepy best suited for the character because he portrayed the theme crawler that has tremendous eyes, an eight hairy- allure and teen side of Spiderman and action having a great legged insect that will most likely cause trauma, can sense of flexibility in terms of fighting scenes. jump for about 50 times its size, a venomous insect that’s 15 times more forceful than that of a rattlesnake. However, there is Spiderman had a huge impact on everyone’s childhood an exception for a kind of spider that children and kids at heart because of the remarkable story and unforgettable morals. likes – Spiderman’s fictional character. It even takes more than a decade; children still remember From the comics up to the blockbuster films, there is no Spiderman’s movie along with its valuable doubt that Spiderman has been a part of our childhood. lessons. Where this is not just a movie, Spiderman is a fictional character made by a writer- it is also a part of every childhood. It editor named Stan Lee, which is also the brain of other Marvel gives the best memories for we all Comics superheroes such as Iron Man and the Fantastic Four. dreamed of becoming Spiderman to A perfect, classic, epic superhero film that everyone loves. For save the day at least once in our two decades, Stan Lee ranked up in their own family business life. in order for him to be the first leader of Marvel Comics. He is directing the growth of the company from a subsidiary of a Overall, a great publishing house until it became to a multimedia corporation comic book adaptation – that leads the comics and movie industries. that is the perfect word to In the prime time-space of marvel comics and the say. “With great power marvel cinematic universe, there is no single soul who does comes great not know Spiderman. He is spectacular in a way that children responsibility,” remember his character, even with thousands of comic books these published. Moreover, with a total of eight movies since its first release in 2002, plenty of people will still re-watch it words due to its exemplary plot that is suitable for any audience. were spoken by The movie is worth watching. It is a good mixture of fun Peter Parker ‘s Uncle Ben that field action that will lead you to the edge of your seat and made a mark on every child which heartfelt themes. Most children enjoyed this movie. Although perfectly represents the challenge there are plenty of debates roaming around social media about Stan Lee was facing when the opinions of who the best Spiderman is. Tobey Maguire, the asked to bring one first person who portrayed Spiderman’s character, provided of America’s nostalgia among the rest of the Spiderman portrayers. Plenty of most loved viewers claimed that he is the best Spiderman. However, some superheroes people disagree with them. to the screen. Claiming that Andrew Garfield was a better Spiderman because of the show-stopping portrayal of the action scenes.

44 feature / devcom JANUARY-JULY

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