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BHAVANS MAGAZINE completed spread jun 23rd

Published by priyanka sankar, 2022-06-24 15:41:56

Description: BHAVANS MAGAZINE completed spread jun 23rd


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Bhavans Wise Indian Academ y, Ajman Spandan 1 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY


TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 5 Tuba liman 6 Bhavans anthem 7 - 10 Mission and vision 11 Our leaders 14 - 15 Our sponsor 16 - 25 Magazine Committee 26 - 27 Messages 28 Wise news 30 - 33 Guest book 34 - 37 Sports report Interview with Principal 39 - 100 101 - 124 ARTICLES 125 - 143 144 - 149 English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, French 150 - 155 Davinci corner 157 - 167 Teachers corner 168 - 169 Mangala pathram 171 - 175 Interview with Mr. Sooraj Ramachandran 176 - 186 Parent corner 187 - 243 Counseling 245 - 263 Teachers awards 265 - 281 Interview with Sr. Bivesh Babu 283 - 301 Monthly activity Our activity reports Class photos Our departments 3 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

ARABIC SONG TUBA LIMAN - Tribute To The Nation (UAE) Tuba liman khaadal bilaadu bi khuwatee Aminal Hayathu bi hubbihi yaa zaa`idoo From seven emirates to one great vision Ruled by seven great leaders in this nation We are proud to be a part of this land Let the fame of this land spread all the world Aminal Hayathu bi hubbihi yaa zaa`idoo What more can we say to honour our legacy The progress been ensure today Khalifa we know your legacy will grow You win your words You are the best in the world. tuba Lyrics: Mr. Thualhath (Arabic Teacher), image Mrs. Sowmya Sachin (Music Teacher) space Compiled by: Mrs. Sowmya Sachin Singers:Isabella-4C,Sreshta-8A,Andria-7A,Atmikha- 7A,Maheshwar-6C,Gavin-5C,Sarthak-5D,Riana- 4A,Eshal-4A,Juan peter-4A,Cecile-4A,Omer mohamad-4C,Vignesh-4A,Adeline-3D,Mary tessa- 3B,Niraamaya-6A,Nadyne-3A. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 4

ANTHEM Bhavans Anthem Jai Jai Vidya Bhavan Bharati Jai Jai Vidya Bhavan Hamara Gyan Karam Ki Jyoti Jagata, Amritmaya Vidya Sarsata Yahan Jagat Kalyan Sudha Ki, Bahe Prem Ras Dhara. Gun Gaurav Sanskrit Bhasha Ka, Desh Videshon Me Failata, Satya Shivam Sundar Ka Sangam, Bharat Raj Dulara. Bharat Sanskiriti Kala Niketan, Viksata Sahitya Sanatan Nav Vigyan Kala Kaushal Ka, Pavan Mandir Pyara. Prabhu Arpit Sab Karam Karata, Manav Ko Sampann Banata, Sada Ekta Prem Bhakthi Par, Tan, Man, Dhan Sab Wara. 5 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

MISSION & VISION Vision Develop a young generation, helping them to discover and nurture their inborn gifts and talents by focussing individually on the child Mission Create and nurture an environment in which children can develop self esteem, self confidence while acquiring knowledge. Create conditions that will attract the best minds to the field of education. Working to bring in parents and other members of the community to the educational process. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 6






“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.Learn as if you were to live forever.” MAHATMA GANDHI SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 12

“He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn.” SHEIKH ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL NAHYAN 13 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

MAGAZINE COVER PHOTO CREDITS Adithya Krishna - 10 B, Rema E A - 10 A, Angelina - 10 Sumayya - 12 B SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 14

COMMITTEE A , Jessicca - 10 A, Swara Rajesh - 10 A, 15 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

MESSAGES The richness of indian culture has universal acceptance. the multifaceted system of education that existed in India has undergone contemporary development spanning over several centuries without transforming the core of Indian philosophy. And, at bharatiya Vidya Bhavan we reach out to Surendralal G Mehta the student community to excel in both academic and co- curricular activities giving impetus to human values raising President, Bharatiya Vidya them to be responsible citizen of the countries they live. This Bhavan is unique to Bhavan. The Bhavan’s institutions both in India and abroad are committed to imparting quality education. The Bhavan’s schools in Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE have been playing an important role in the Middle East by providing quality education. We wish all the students a bright career ahead. We take this opportunity to greet our teachers and the parents of our students. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has global presence as an institution of excellence. Apart from imparting quality education, Bhavan is committed to inculcate human values in every student. This includes providing every child the maximum opportunity to excel in academics and creativity. Our continued efforts to orient our pedagogy system by adopting state of the art methods, foreseeing global needs and equipping the students with multidisciplinary tasks have succeeded enormously in laying a strong foundation among the students to be successful in every stride of their academic career. We wish our students at the Bhavan’s school’s in Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE a bright unique to Bhavan. The Bhavan’s institutions both in India and abroad are committed to imparting quality education. The Bhavan’s schools in Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE have been playing an important role in the Middle East by providing quality education. We wish all the students a bright career ahead. HN Dastur We take this opportunity to greet our teachers and the parents of our students. Exicutive Secretary & Director General SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 16

MESSAGES 50, 40, 30 r even 20 years back – children were focused on age appropriate matters be it their education and cultural activities in school, responsibilities at home or the social community they lived in. Character building was the essence in school and at home. Individual satisfaction and personal NK Ramachandra Menon needs were not given importance or priorities. The change from then to now is visible at every home – The attitude of Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya parents and children at every home – then and now is far Bhavan Middle East different from the way it was back then. Change is necessary and even mandated as generations pass. But we as a school believe that culture and values should remain the same and be the solid foundation of every home for generations.During the last 15 years of my 7/24 involvement with children, parents and teachers, I am really surprised or in fact more saddened to see the current level of attitude of children from class 3 onwards. May be I belong to an older generation or still continue with the old school of thoughts. But I believe many of the children are diverting from their proper path, and chasing things that are not age appropriate, and not at all necessary in these years of their career. This will ultimately lead to more children being trapped in a whirlwind of activities and emotions that divert their attentions and focus from matters most essential to set their future on track. Many of the children are in the trap. I am very sure that as a parent you belong to one of these parent groups – either the ‘trapped’, or the possibly ‘going to be trapped’. During several interactions with parents it has come to my notice that there are a number of instances where children lack respect, cases where they retort and answer back, and yell at, when even the slightest or basic questions are asked at home, but the very same child was obedient and mostly well behaved at school. Yesterday I heard from my senior leadership team that grade 8 children have started answering back to Principal and Vice Principals. In the last couple of months, I have seen lots of such unhealthy incidents which warrant the parents’ immediate intervention.  17 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

I am sure many parents are experiencing the same, or similar situations at home, as well. Our children grow physically and they may be aware of many more things than necessary for their age because of increased social media presence – but their emotional responsibility level is still that of a child and not of an adult. They need to understand the impact of their words and actions, and take responsibility for the effects of the same.  At Bhavans we believe in character building which is the foundation of any child for a better tomorrow, better future. Education will follow automatically. Parents are requested to communicate with the senior management team of the school as and when necessary to discuss the progress of their children in all matters of their growth or when you feel there is a visible change in child’s attitude and behavior. Let us work together for a better tomorrow. Trust us, we are with you. Sooraj Ramachandran Dear Students / Teachers / Parents, Vice Chairman, It gives me immense pleasure to contribute to yet another issue Bhavans Middle East of our Annual School Magazine. Each year, the school magazine outlines the progress that the school has made during the previous academic year and recapitulates all events, showcasing the various activities of the school. This year has passed swiftly in a blur of achievements and accomplishments, and I would like to congratulate and extend my best wishes to all those who have worked hard to ensure that the magazine remains a treasure trove of memories. To me, the magazine will always be an event-filled journal, chronicling another exciting year that will be cherished by our students in the years to come. Through this magazine, I would like to greet all the stake holders of our school family. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 18

MESSAGES worked hard to ensure that the magazine remains a treasure trove of memories. To me, the magazine will always be an event-filled journal, chronicling another exciting year that will be cherished by our students in the years to come. Through this magazine, I would like to greet all the stake holders of our school family. As in the previous editions, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our teachers and students for our success during the year. The good work done by our team of teachers and students speaks highly of the excellent quality of education that is being imparted by our school. It is also testimony to all the hard work that is put in by our teachers, day in and day out. I am most pleased to see progress by our students each year, as new batches exceed previous batches, armed with an unstoppable motivation to excel. During the years, our institution has created an environment and ambience that fosters learning, as it provides the students with opportunities to explore and grow, through situations that challenge them to identify their strengths and reinforce them. In this regard, the words of the great scientist Albert Einstein are memorable when he said, “I don’t teach my children. I create conditions for them to Learn”. BHAVANS prides itself on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of its students. We strive to impart knowledge that encompasses the prescribed syllabi of the institution as well as that of the world that lies beyond the classroom. It is our endeavor to shape well-rounded personalities that will contribute positively to society. To this end of holistic education, we strongly believe that educational excellence cannot be achieved solely through book knowledge. At our school, it has been our aim to provide the right environment for young minds to take wing. We shape them for a globalized future, where changes take place every second and decisions have to be taken on the spot. We prepare them for situations that call upon individuals who can step up and become leaders. Based on this premise, we believe in empowering our children so as to help them become the best they can be. In this regard, BHAVANS owes much to its dynamic leadership whose untiring efforts have resulted in the overall development of the School. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our staff members for their dedication and hard work that 19 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

MESSAGES has ensured that our flag is always flying high. Kudos to the entire Bhavans team for their commendable efforts! I believe, that in the years to come, armed with commitment and perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge and education, Bhavans will continue to prosper. I pray that the Almighty God continues to bless this school, including the students, parents, and all those associated with this institution. I Thank You Once Again. Dear Students , Teachers and Parents When I was in school or perhaps to be specific during those years from Grade 12 – College , we would have a lot of conversations on what we wanted to do , what we wanted to achieve , how we Divya Ramachandran wanted our lives to turn out. Back then exposure to opportunities that waited outside were far and few. We just did what were told Director, to do – most of us atleast and that too with no actual vision. Bhavans Middle East We tended to follow the crowd – most of us. Bu of course exceptions were always there. So these conversations would pan out and conclude with some saying they wanted to be rich , somewanted fame and recognition and I would just say I wanted to be educated enough to be able to what I wanted to do – at any point of time. I never knew why I said it – but that was what I always said. Years later ( almost 15 years down the lane ) I just realized most of us are chasing our passions now. Back in those days we were never told the importance of having an interest in art , dance , music, games all we ever needed to do was study and set goals for a career. And years later we wish we had devoted some time to writing , reading , dance , music , sports. All these suddenly became our source of relaxation and venues for stress busting. If not they somehow turned out to be a strong passion SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 20

MESSAGES which ended up being a source of income. And this made me realise how important it is to devote some timeduring our school years to identify the source of our passion and build our dreams.Dreams make us happy – they give us a purpose in life , a goal to achieve. And then what makes us more happier is chasing those dreams. We all have the power to make those little choices that can change the course of our lives forever. A choice to put in the extra hours , go the extra mile , pursue what you set your heart to , do things that seem like an opportunity , be creative , make lives better , make a difference. The things with having a choice is you can choose to wait around and hope that life gives you what you want or you can choose to jump up and put in the work to make your dreams come true. So while in school – walk out of your comfort zones ; It is only the first step, the beginning that is scary, terrifying , exciting and awesome – all at once. Do what you want to do – choose to write, sing , dance , play , anything that anyone might say you cannot do. For the time in school is the best time to explore, experience and chase activities that get you excited about living. Those things that give you simple and real pleasures. Chase things that give you hope and adds to your vision of a better life. Pursue opportunities that make you a better person. Chase things that inspire you to think , enhance your creativity and forces joy to station in your life. Pursue those things that reinforce in your soul that you can make a difference . Chase those pursuits that transforms your heart to selfless from selfish. And when you are out of school – continue to do the same.Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are not real. Be responsible and be reasonable. Do not be led by the fears in your head and rather choose the belief in your soul. When we want something so strong – our head , heart and soul aligns and we are able to achieve it even when the odds are against us. Wishing all my students and the teachers and parents – a very happy new year and a year that sees us all on a path in pursuit of dreams , pursuit of happiness. Thank you. God Bless. 21 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

MESSAGES The past couple of years have been anything but normal and Bhavans Ajman ensured that it was “education uninterrupted.” The strong partnership between school and home enabled us to grow wings in the face of adversity. We as a school have positioned ourselves differently, we truly Madona James believe that “the heart of education is the education of the heart”. Along with educational development we do not fail to foster values Vice Prinicipal, Bhavans WIse of respect, courtesy, consideration and individual responsibility. Ajman The past years that were wiped out by the Pandemic did not deter us from bringing out the best in our students. With life returning to normalcy lets accept the change and challenges coming our way with a smile on our face and faith in our hearts. Spandan 2022 is the outcome of ordinary talents and extra ordinary perseverance. All our students are talented but some of them are yet to explore and realise their strengths. Spandan is a humble initiative to set the minds free enabling them to roam free in the realm of imagination. The years to come will definitely unravel more writers and artists among us. A word of gratitude is due to the Editorial team headed by Mr. Roy P. Francis. Spandan ’22 is the result of the great teamwork at Wise Indian Academy. I am sure you will relish the crude musings of our youngsters. Each and every piece is a warm beating heart. Enjoy! SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 22

MESSAGES Shanil Kodathoor Bivesh Babu We are deeply committed to provide quality education for our students, nurturing them Director, Bhavans WIse Director, Bhavans WIse to be active,lifelong learners and influential Ajman Ajman leaders of sterling character. At WISE, the child is at the centre of every programme and activity that takes place in the school.Every student is important to us, and we customize the curriculum to help them realize their full potential. WISE programme is a unique and specially designed curriculum to cater to the varied needs and talents of our students. Through this, students will be exposed to a holistic education which prepares them to be confident, articulate, independent leaders for the 21st century. The process and journey of learning are of utmost importance.Teachable moments and challenging experiences that bring new dimensions of learning enrich student’s understanding and grasp of life’s issues. We help every child grow and be the best that they can be so that they are a person of positive impact and influence in the community. This magazine is a milestone that makes our growth, unfolds our imaginations and gives life to our thoughts and aspirations. We are glad to have a team of highly dedicated and experienced faculty. Our teachers create a vibrant learning environment to nurture in our students a passion for learning and cultivate in them the spirit of enquiry. We congratulate the editorial team for their hard work and dedication that has resulted in the publication of this issue of the school magazine Spandan 23 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

MESSAGES Roy Francis P Our young writers have put forth an amazing array of articles Editor, Dept of English that are undoubtedly going to enlighten the readers and gather their admiration. This souvenir is indeed a pious attempt to provide our budding artists and writers an opportunity to shape their creativity and learn the art of being aware because I believe that our success depends upon our power to perceive, the power to observe, and the power to explore. This sweet task of editing the school magazine would not have been possible without the sincere support of the members of the Editorial Board who sorted out the articles from the huge bundle we received from our enthusiastic and inquisitive young writers. It was edited and finalized with attention and enthusiasm by my colleagues, and I am thankful to each one of them and the students and parents who contributed significantly to the building of this journal. I am grateful to our respected Principal maam Ms. Indu Panicker, Vice Principal and HOD of Dept of English Ms. Madonna Ma’am, and Academic Coordinator Ms. Margina ma’am for entrusting me with the responsibility of being a part of the Editorial Board. I take this opportunity to thank all the dignitaries for sparing their valuable time to send their best wishes for the magazine in the form of Messages. Finally, thanks is due to Mr. Nasef Elanany (Dept of French), Mr. Ali Akbar (Dept of Arabic), Ms. Swetha Sasidharan (Dept of Hindi), Ms. Rekha Raj (Dept of English), Ms. Seethal P S (Dept of Malayalam), Ms. Vandana Valanju (Dept of English), Ms. Bestina Pious (Dept of English), Ms. Letha Rejith (Dept of Hindi), Ms. Janicia Melvin (Dept of English) and Mr. Shafi M S (Dept of English) for their valuable contributions and undeterred support in the making of this journal and it’s successful culmination. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 24

MESSAGES Ridhima Rangesh Laiba Naeem Khan Dear all‭,‬ Student Editor, Grade 9A Student Editor, Grade 11C The enthusiastic write-ups and artworks of the Bhavanites are unquestionably sufficient to hold the interest and admiration of the readers.‭ ‬We believe that our success depends upon our power to perceive‭, ‬the power to observe‭, ‬and the power to explore.‭‬ The school is an incarnation of self-respect,‭ ‬love,‭ a‬ ffection‭, ‬sensibility‭; r‬ esponsibility and compassion which puts the students into a‭ ‬“State of flow”‭ a‬ nd makes them genuinely want to learn‭. T‬ he magazine also gives us flashbacks of the school spirit which is built up within the‭ ‬school through the collective actions‭, t‬ houghts and aspirations‭. ‬ The reflection of the students’‭ ‬creativity and achievements is the epitome of the magazine.‭ ‬This magazine is before you due to the combined efforts of the Editorial Board,‭ T‬ he teachers and everyone else‭. W‬ e take the opportunity to thank all the contributors as their contribution is the‭ r‬ eason that makes this magazine endearing with our readers.‭‬ Helen Keller once said‭ ‬‘The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes,‭ ‬but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker’.‭ ‬It is a fine thing to have ability but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test‭. W‬ e heartily wish all the readers our best wishes and hope this souvenir of your memories at Bhavans,‭ W‬ ise Indian Academy will be held in your arms even after many years to come‭.‬ 25 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY




“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” MICHAEL B JORDAN 29 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

Sports Report sports day is an important event as it encourages the significance of physical exercise for the student. Physical activity increases metabolism and is good for health. Playing a sport regularly keeps children fit forever.    During the COVID19- pandemic, where most of us were reluctant to walk out of our house, we realized the necessity of having Sports Day more than ever. It is more important for kids to be as active as possible. Doing physical movement, such as walking or stretching, helps ease muscle strain, relieve mental tension and improve blood circulation and muscle activity. Keeping this in mind Bhavans wise Indian Academy, Ajman conducted “Annual sports meet 22-2021” virtually on 24th February with great zest.   Sports day was announced much in advance for students to have ample time to prepare themselves physically and mentally. Various innovative games were SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 30

Sports day was announced much in advance for students to have ample time to prepare themselves physically and mentally. Various innovative games were planned to focus on the development of the gross motor skills and the mental agility of children. On the day of Sports Meet, students were geared up with the sports track pants and T- shirt to perform the activities. The meet was officially inaugurated by   Principal Ms. Indu Panicker. Different activities like Jumping jacks, Tennis ball dribbling, Speed Bounce, Toss, Clap & Catch, etc. were played one after the other. Parents and teachers encouraged the children by clapping and cheering for them. It was an immense pleasure to see our little champs perform the activities with great energy and enthusiasm.   Among the four houses the Eagles were declared as the Champions with a score of 176. The Runners up were the Kestrels with 172 points. The main objective of this annual sports day was to bring out the sportsman spirit in all The main objective of this annual sports day was to bring out the sportsman spirit in all the students and that was well accomplished. All the students, parents, and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day. 31 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY



INTERVIEW WITH PRINCIPAL INDU PANICKER Interviewers: Shabnoor Sanafer( 11 E), Lezon Lenin(11 B), Brithway Julius(11 B), Aswin Siju (11 B), Mia Joby Thomas (11 E) Supported by : Mr. Shafi M S, Ms. Vandana Valanju, Ms. Bestina Pious (Department of English) PRINCIPAL Student : If you weren’t the Principal, career woman at all. But life always has surprises in store for you. I was THE What other profession would you always good with kids; everybody take? said that I was very good with chil- dren around me which gave me con- Ma’am : I would have been in the Police fidence, so I started up my career as force. Maybe, I would have loved to a teacher. Growth was very gradual become the Commissioner of Kochi that’s how I came into this school. But or something. I am passionately once I got into the profession, I gave into any type of visioned leadership. it my 200% I don’t know whether I have the physique for it, but I have always a Student: What do you do in your positive vibe which I keep blazing. leisure time? Student: Student: What inspired you Ma’am : My leisure time? I’m very to take education as a career? close to fine arts, I love classical mu- sic, I love kathakali, I like all kinds of Ma’am : To be honest with you. I classical dance, I read a lot and I lis- never chose it as a profession. I said ten to lots of music this last year; so, this question is very repetitive, but I will nevertheless Student : If you could go back in time, answer your question. what advice would you give your younger self? I wanted to be a wife and a Ma’am : I should have been more SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 34

and I have no complaints, I was just tell- the children, right? So we don’t have an- ing to another colleague of mine, I’m ything that is cast in iron here, I’m always very happy with my life. Life’s been very open to bending the rules if it’s going to good with me but I think if at 18 or 19 I help the student, For me, that’s the pol- had been a little more ambitious maybe icy. This is something that I’ve learned I would’ve studied a little bit more, I was from my mentors. just a graduate, I graduated in econom- ics and then in sociology. I regret I didn’t If it’s good for our children please do it. learn Psychology, that’s a major regret. So, the trick comes from a lot of expe- That’s why when my students say they rience Brithway. You have to start with are learning Psychology, I am happy. your life experiences to teach. I must say maybe when you become a grandmoth- Student: What keeps you energetic er again your perspective keeps chang- throughout the day? ing day-to-day. I’m not what I was at 27, right? All these years I’ve mellowed up. Ma’am : Ashwin has seen me. Oh, God! Why does she have to come here often? Student: What is the fun part of being a Ashwin it is part of my job. It is essen- Principal? tial that I am energetic. Unless I am, I don’t think I can percolate it to my staff. Ma’am: I love being with youngsters, I think a Principal should be out there, I love being with little children. I don’t with the teachers, the youngsters. I need know how much I love being with my to feel the pulse. So, that’s why I like to colleagues (Everybody laughs….) and be around, I like to be in the corridor. the younger they are, the more fascinat- For me this room is like very official, the ing they are. I started my career with A minute I’m out with my kids, that’s when 4-year-olds, unconditional love. But as I have fun. That for me is the best part they grow up, they get very smart, they of my job, whether I go to the kindergar- know which side of the bread to butter ten or whether it’s my 1 and 2, I love be- right, and you reach grade 11 and 12 you ing with kids because that’s when I be- are a different league, so I always found come somebody else. Hence, the energy. the challenge and I think I’m so happy I don’t know, I sometimes don’t think I’m and I feel that I have it in me to treat very energetic, I eat well, I eat healthy, every age today. I have a good breakfast, I eat a good, healthy balanced diet otherwise there are no other secrets. Student: Ma’am, this is my 4th year stud- ying in this school, I’ve seen you handle different situations, how did you acquire this skill? Ma’am: I think you just have to; it comes from experience Brithway. Every day is a new day, especially when you are in a school where you know, with children and youngsters you have to treat every day as a new day and my policy is what- ever happens here has to be best with 35 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

I know that 3rd and 4th have to be dealt and for 8 years I was the class teacher with differently and I’ve also taught in an of grade 1. How much fun we had. I’m not Engineering College, Rajgiri Engineering saying I am unhappy now but at the top, College which was a different ball game it has its challenges I’m not saying no, but altogether. Just like I do here even in my my happiest days were when I used to be previous school I used to be constantly with my grade 1, have fun with them, teach outside in the bus area, so when the chil- them English, and see them blooming as dren come, I used to bend down to their good speakers of English, to correct their level and say “Hello, how are you?” Later, English all these little things give me lots my grade 12 asked me that when you are of fun. They’re innocent, everything about with them I behave soft and sweet, why it was fun for me. can’t you be nice to us” I said this age group is different right? your age group I remember some of my students not be- is different and their age group is differ- cause of their academics but their mis- ent, engineering is different, and middle chief and how different they were, for the school is totally different, so everywhere little naughty things they did. I think it is important for a teacher or a principal to know how to handle these Student: How do you balance your per- children sonal and professional life? Ma’am: I believe in it that’s why I always tell my teachers you must have work and personal life balanced, how do I do it, of course as a Principal I cannot do it I can’t turn off my mobile and say it’s my holiday as a Principal I have to be available all the time, maybe it’s a staff or maybe it’s school-related. Student: What are some of the experi- According to me, I believe that the work- ences you faced through the journey ing hours here you should work hard, from a teacher to a Principal? quality time should include the time from 7 or 7:20 to much later than you all leave Ma’am: I always say the best days were that is the time you put quality work, oth- when I was a teacher. The best days erwise my weekends I think it’s my time are when you are a teacher but when and I need to relax It is important because you become a principal there is a dis- I’m not only a Principal I’m a lot of other connect. Children see you from a dif- things as well I love to read, I love to listen ferent perspective, they probably don’t to music, I love to socialize and I have my even know you. As a teacher, they know young students here who are all working. you and they know you better if you are constantly with them. My best days are They come and meet me, I’m a very social I think when I was a teacher I love be- person as well I love to have my outing, ing with my kids, especially my grade 1 that’s an integral part of me it’s not that I work, there’s an alter ego so I have to sat- isfy that as well. For me it’s not hard no it’s not because for SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 36

me it’s important that I have my personal life so I make sure that I work and I’m disciplined, plan everything early, I’m not a last-minute person anywhere I like to plan everything early so that I don’t need to stay here for extra hours to do any- thing that means I have earned my personal time right? I have earned it. Student: What is the vision for tomorrow? Ma’am : When I look at my students, I like to see that my youngster is first of all good human beings, they work well in a team, and doing well in academics is a giv- en. Learning good communication skills means reading, writing, and speaking good English well and well-round- ed human beings with a healthy state of mind and ready to face the world. Unfortunately, you are a generation that’s very vulnerable, emotionally you are all nothing compared to what we are, ok I can definitely talk about my generation, we are very strong, our generation is very strong because parenting was tough, par- enting was very strict, they used to love us but punishments, expectations were high and not only parents anyone around us was allowed to discipline us, I grew up with brothers who used to taunt me, tease me. Today it’s called bullying, today it’s called body shaming. But in the process what happens is, in my case I became stronger and when I say I, I’m generally talking about my generation but what’s happening today, is we protect children so much they are in a bubble and over protection. I don’t know whether you are strong enough to handle what is waiting for you outside. I hope we are able to give you the strength to accept and deal with life. If I have risen from challenges then it is because I was strong and had a wonderful family to support. Stay close to your family always. Interviewers: Shabnoor Sanafer( 11 E), Lezon Lenin(11 B), Brithway Julius(11 B), Aswin Siju (11 B), Mia Joby Thomas (11 E) Supported by : Mr. Shafi M S, Ms. Vandana Valanju, Ms. Bestina Pious, Ms. Dona Bobby (Faculty Dept of English) Compiled by : Ms. Princy Jackson, Ms.Lisha Roy,Ms.Vani Dhanesh,Ms. Sai Kiran Mai, Aalia Ashraf 37 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

\"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower\" STEVE JOBS SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 38


SHORT STORY The Village with No Water Once upon a time, there was a strange village in that village there was no water. The villagers have to walk 2 miles to fetch water. One day the villagers went to the vil- lage chief. The village chief said sorry, I can’t do anything about this issue. One day a girl was going to pick some flowers. She saw a pond full of water. She was very happy and shared the water everyone. POEM Friendship Friendship gives you wings, But it never stings your back. They take you an extra mile, And they give you a smile. Their voice is a breeze, That always makes you sit at peace. They smile like The Bright Blue Sky, Helping us let go of our cry, And turn it into Joy. Life is like a Dream, Where friendship fills up to the Brim. They give you a door to soar, And that’s what friends are for. Adarsh Jiso Grade 7 D FACTS Amazing facts about Animals One species of jelyfish is immortal. it can revert back to its child state after having become sexually mature, and therefore never dies. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 40

A snail can sleep for three years at a time There are 1 million ants for every human in the world. A blue whale weights as much as three elephant and is as long as three Greyhound buses. A bat can eat up to 1 thousand insects per hour and can eat up to 1 thousand insects per hour. Octupuses have three hearts. Sharks kill fewer than 10 people per year. Humans kill about 100 million sharks per year. Wild dolphins call each other by “oi, fipper”. Elephants have a specific alarm call that means “human”. Dog’s sense of smell is about 100,000 times stronger than hu- mans. However they have only one sixth our number of taste buds. Animals with smaller bodeis and faster metabolism such as chipmunks and squirrels see in slow motion. The male Gentoo and Adelie penguins “propose” to females by giving them a pebble. Polar bears have black skin and see-through fur. Reindeer eyeballs turn blue in winter to help them see at lower light levels. 41 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

Honeybees can flap their wings 200 times per second. A sea lion is the first nonhuman mammal with a proven ability to keep a beat. Male koalas have two penises, and female koalas have two vaginas. At birth, a panda is smaller than a mouse and weighs about four ounces. The flamingo can only eat when its head is upside-down. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat (is homy) and cannot find a mate. The venom of the king cobra is so deadly that just one gram of it is enough to kill a person. 150 times over. The bat is the only mammal that can fly. The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk. The only mammals to undergo menopause are elephants, humpback whales and human females. SHORT STORY Hardest Job in the World The hardest job in the world is not like any other. It requires your full attention all day long. You have no breaks or holidays. You have to spend your entire life in the job after you’ve got it. You have no Christmas, new- year, Easter holidays. The job needs full dedication. A job like this is hardest of all and this job we can see all around even in our home. You see, this hardest job is to be a mother. Our mother cares for takes care of us and cooks us delicious food never asking for anything in return. She has no holidays from being a mother and she never asks for it. She does her best to keep us happy and our happiness is her happiness. Let us show her we care about her by helping her and making her Happy. There is no greater gift then our beloved mothers. Love you Mom. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 42

SHORT STORY VINU AND HIS GRANDMA Vinu and his Grandma There is a boy named vinu.He is a good boy . He became a bad boy, because he is addict of phone . His parents told him do not to take the phone. At last his grandma said,do not take phone .Vinu agreed because Vinu loved grandma so much.Vinu again became good boy The End By Hrithik KG -2A SHORT STORY AKELA Once upon a time there lived a family who were very poor there lived Mira, Meena and Emma. Mira who were the mother of Meena and Emma was a fond of pigeons. She always fed the pigeons in the roof placing some plates of grain. But once their mother became sick and her sons could not afford the money to cure their mother in the hospital. Seeing this the god decided to help their family by sending a pigeon named “Akela” who drops a golden feather from its body. So on the first day it dropped a golden feather on the ground. So Emma and Meena sees a golden feather on the ground and picked it up and sold it. But when it continuously happen they tried to find out and when they found out they killed the pigeon so they could get unlimited gold but they couldn’t get any. Rithwin Rajimon -7D 43 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

SHORT STORY SHORT STORY The Little Squirrel The Baby Giant Once upon a time, there was a little squirrel There is a Baby Giant with a few strips of living in a tree. His name was Appus. He is hair. He was born with eyes that can see very smart and intelligent. One day while he outer space and ears that can hear the was sleeping, he saw an angel in his dream. smallest sound. He has a nose that can sense the farthest smell and has a mouth larger than the football field. Suddenly he woke up and looked around. Nobody was there. He felt very sad. The next day, He got an idea. Appus collected so many flowers and decorated the tree with them. Then he prayed to the angel. “Oh, Angel, can you please come to my tree and spend time with me. He is so big even the biggest mammals couldn’t reach his legs. His legs are so strong. Taking one step can shake the world. Having this many features doesn’t harm him. He always helps the living beings under his feet by heart. AARYA SUNI GRADE 4 A At once a sparkle of light shone at the tree SHORT STORY and a beautiful angel appeared there. Appus was “So happy and excited”, Then the angel The Day That Arrived blessed him and left. Then he lived his life with a lot of happiness. Sam was at his office trying to text without looking at what was a busy day at the Prardhana Prasanth precinct. His partner Charles was talking Grade 2 A about how to make the perfect omelet. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 44

He is fond of anything that has food in it. An hour later, the Captain stormed out of his office for some reason which Sam thought is a case which he was dreaming about for a long time. The case was a bank robbery in which the robbers took 10 Million Dollars. Charles and Sam were already on the case and found their first clue through the security tapes with which they found out that one of the robbers was part of another crime. His name was Denzel Johnson and he was the leader of a major group of robbers. Just then Angela arrives, Sam’s arch-nemesis. They had a bet in which who arrested the most criminals would do the paperwork of the victor for a whole year. She was just bragging about her lead and that he better be ready with doing her paperwork. The next day while Sam and Charles were People were scared and running around going through the case, a call came from an the bank trying to get inside to protect anonymous person. It was Denzel taunting themselves. Sam got a glimpse of Denzel Sam about where he’s going to rob the next when a group of people was running time. They tried taping his phone but failed to towards him which caused a distraction get his location. Sam went to the location to and a perfect getaway for Denzel when out examine the place, it was the National Bank. of nowhere one of the robbers knocked out Then it struck, the day when the robbery is Sam. Sam woke up to see a masked man who going to happen a marathon is being organized appeared to be one of Denzel’s members. to support the local charities. This somehow Sam began to smile as he revealed that he turned into Sam’s biggest case he has ever had texted without looking to the precinct dealt with. Charles and Sam decided to be in calling backup. the bank dressed undercover on the day of the robbery. After lots of planning the day finally Then a phone was brought to him by the arrived. Charles and Sam were undercover at masked man which revealed Denzel’s voice the bank waiting for Denzel and his members. saying that he had already escaped from Out of the blue, there was a gunshot coming there and that this was exactly like he from outside which was a clear indicator of the planned. Sam was stunned to know that but arrival of Denzel. was ready for whatever was next. He was ready for the case which he will remember forever. Advaith Grade 9 B 45 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

SHORT STORY I decided to interact with her. “Oh hi there, how are you?” I asked. She turned Just Miss around “Oh Hi!!! I am fine. How are you?” she cried. “I’m not that good. I missed I enter the airport thinking that I am my flight” I replied sadly. “Oh is it…. Which the only smart one present. Even though was your flight?” she asked. “It’s Air India” it was my first experience at an airport, I “Wait I am also traveling on Air India” she wouldn’t let my pride slip. As I entered a replied. We checked the flight number security guard paused me and asked for and it was the same which meant we my passport. I replied, “Why should I hand were travelling on the same flight and I it to you mister? Huh?” The security, “Ohh!! hadn’t missed my flight. It turned out that If that’s the case then……” “Then….” “Then the flight had been delayed 30 minutes you could turn around and....\" \"And....\" due to climatic conditions. She laughed “And leave!!” That was a stunning reply. at my foolishness after I told her the story I embarrassingly handed my passport of my experience at the airport. From this to him. After a moment, He returned the passport and let me in. Nevertheless, my Akul Bineesh pride wasn't completely lost. I checked my Grade 9 B ticket and found that I was 30 mins earlier than the actual reporting time, anyway SHORT STORY that wasn’t a big deal compared to being late. Visitor I stood there like a stone, wondering what Time was going so slow. Sarah waved am I supposed to do? Why did I come goodbye to her parents, who were going here in the first place? How do I find it? out of town for the night. She hazily ran The time was 9:15 and I didn’t know what back, locking the doors and went up to to do. I began to run not knowing where her room and called her friend Rachel to to go. I started regretting all my decisions come over. After Rachel has arrived, the of exploring the airport. Throughout the two of them decide to spend the night, airport, I ran for 5 minutes. I had visited all binge watching movies and devouring other gates except gate no. 4. Finally at snacks. But Sarah had something else 9:30 I reached gate no. 4. The ambience planned as couldn’t wait to drop the was calm and quiet. I thought the flight bomb on Rachel. had already departed. I had lost hope and my pride was destroyed. As I was turning 46 to leave I noticed Selina sitting there with her phone. She was my school friend. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

She had a smirk on her face. Rachel laughs The candles have been blown off, making seeing a grinning Sarah and asked ‘’ What’s it completely dark. Rachel quickly moved so funny?’’ ‘’ U look like a maniac’’. Sarah around searching for a matchbox and laughed as she replied ‘’ Oh it’s nothing. I grabbing the nearest candle and just then, have to tell you something, but promise she heard the humming sound again, but me you won’t tell anyone’’ ‘’ I promise’’ this time it came from behind. Sweating said Rachel ’’. Sarah pulled out a box and Shaking, Rachel turned around only from under her bed. She took out an item to find a long, thin figure of a woman and wrapped in red cloth. Confused but excited, skin of grey hovering above the lifeless Rachel quickly removed the cloth and to body of Sarah. She looked up and heard her surprise, it was a ouija board ‘’ WHA… from Bathsheba, WHA…WHY DO U HAVE A OUIJA BOARD??’’ ‘’ I AM HERE ‘’ . Rachel asked in distress. ‘’ Because we will be summoning Bathsheba’’ said Swara Rajesh Sarah. Rachel being scared and reluctant, Grade 9 A foolishly agreed thinking that she would be a coward if she didn’t. SHORT STORY Both the girls sat down and as per legend, The Old Library they lit nine candles in a circle around the ouija board. ‘’ Is there any entity with us here today? ’’ Once upon a time there was a person asked Sarah. Suddenly, the arrow moved who travels around the world but he was to yes. A chill ran down their spin. With poor, still he likes to travel, once when he courage, Sarah asked ‘’ Can we talk to was going through a very old village he Bathsheba? ‘’, and then, the girls felt a saw a library, it was so old and it was built humming sound coming from inside the 300 years ago he was scared to go in it closet. ‘’ WHAT WAS THAT? was so dusty but he went in and saw lots of books all the books were so dusty the Rachel asked. ‘’ Oh relax….it’s probably shelfs were all broken he took some books blustery weather. Rachel come on, we and tried to read but it was so old so it was are doing this ‘’ Sarah replied,’’ ‘’ Hey hard when he was taking a book, he saw Bathsheba, come out, come out wherever a small treasure box he was so surprised you are ‘’ . Just then a heavy wind hit the but it was locked he tried to find but it was windows. not there he checked all the books and it was still not there finally, after long time of searching he found a hidden small book in one of the shelfs he went through the book. 47 SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY

Finally, he figured out how to open the So then every day he gives food to the treasure box, it was not the key, it was a villagers and helps them so much. The code underneath the treasure. Then he villagers were very happy he was god for found the code, then he opened it he the villagers. One day god saw this god was very surprised it was full of gold and was happy with him. The god decided diamond, and he became very rich. to reward him with a magical flower. Syon Sumoj The flower is the most precious flower. If Grade 8 B you wish for something and touch it the wish will be granted but he thought that SHORT STORY he would give it to the villagers so that their wish will be fulfilled and not have to The Magical Flower struggle again. Once upon a time there was a small village, Syon Sumoj everyone in the village was very poor, they Grade 8 B had lots of problems, they didn›t have much food or anything, everyone lived in a SHORT STORY small house. after a month a new person came two the village, he was very ch; He Trip to Undiscovered Island had a big house than anyone in the village, but everyone was poor except him after a Once upon a time there lived a scientist few months he noticed that the villagers who was very intelligent, he was more had lots of difficulties and there was no intelligent than any scientist in the world, food because they were poor, the rich but nobody knew him. One day when he person was so sad the villagers struggling. was traveling, he saw a small island that nobody knew and it was undiscovered, so he decided to go there and discover it, so the next day he went there and saw the island glowing he never saw an island like that before and the trees were like diamonds shining when he went in the island he saw something underground he decided to go there when he went there, he so precious shining gems, he was so surprised He took some gems and went, after when he came back home, he researched about the island if it›s there in the map or not then he was so surprised to see it was not there. SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 48

He kept the island a secret for 10 years. After 10 years the island was finally revealed, but nobody was allowed to go there because it was full of precious gems and trees. Syon Sumoj Grade 8 B POEM SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY My Pet Once I saw a little rabbit. His name is Roro. Its colour is white Whose ears are soft as silk. I Like to play with Roro. Hip hop hip hop he runs so fast. Navami Ajith Grade 8 B 49

POEM POEM The Super Car Happiness I love my car Happiness is most valuable It is Red But not a product Not for buying or selling It goes in Mud But for sharing It goes in Dust Happiness brings real love Think only the best It goes on the Road Work only the best It goes on mountains Forget the past ‘Boom Boom Boom’ Hope for the best Smile, smile always Mohammed Rehan Fill life with happiness Grade 1 C Ardra Rejith Grade 5A POEM The Seashore I went to the seashore, Early in the morning and sat on the shore with my legs bowed And my hands hugged them tight. My hair rustled when the swift wind blew. My eyes twinkled when the rising sun’s rays threw. I watched the sea, So smooth and free And it lay like a salty brew. Waves went up And came back again to shower. And all over my face was covered with grains. I watched the sky, Crimson, yellow and orange. Fluffy clouds crossed slowly like snails. The sun peeped from behind the sea And birds swam over the sun, Chirping with glee. How lovely it is to spend time, sitting by the Seashore. Veda Vimble Grade 5A SPANDAN - BHAVANS WISE INDIAN ACADEMY 50

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