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PUB HTML5 Online Magazine Creator for reading everywhere

Online Magazine Creator to create high quality online magazines in minutes! Online magazine can be read on all devices, easily and quickly.

Online Magazine Creator Access for Internet Digital Catalog Software

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Why PUB HTML5 Online Magazine Creator?

The distribution range of printed magazine is always limited. Because those heavy printed magazines are not convenient for carrying. And not all people can see your printed magazine, only they know your magazine and get your printed magazine they can see the magazine content. These tedious processes may cost you a lot of potential customers.

How to break through this limitation? Would you like to make more people easily touch and read your magazine? Online magazine can help you to do that. We know that network is worldwide. Online magazine, just as its name implies, can be read on all devices in the case of internet. PUB HTML5 is online magazine creator for creating high quality online magazines in minutes. This software is independent and effective, you donot need to coding, just do some clicks. Your magazine is awesome and we don't ever want to ruin it with ads, annoying buttons or other distractions. That’s why we’ve made sure our publication viewers are beautifully designed, take less than a second to load, and put your content center stage. As a result, publications published with PUB HTML5 Online Magazine Creator have higher pageviews and more engaged users than any other solution.
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More Amazing Examples Created by PubHTML5

Let us see the key features of PUB HTML5 software:

Quickly Convert – convert static PDF file to high quality online magazine in catalog mode;

More Templates – more templates and themes resource provided from PUB HTML5;

Customization - custom your own themes by changing the background and toolbar of magazine;

Rich Media – embed highlight hot-spot media, linkable button into online magazine for online business;

Animation - animated text and image effect shown on magazine, vividly and interactively;

Access for internet - HTML5 based technology, read on all devices;

What should I do to make an online magazine for reading everywhere?

1. Login and Import

Create PUBHTML5 account and then login, click "Import File" on the top menu, choose the imported PDF file and then open, define which page to import and then click "Import Now" to importing;

2. Custom Theme

Apply template, custom your own theme by custom setting panel, just change the background and toolbar color of online magazine, after all settings, click "Apply Change" to preview the effect;

3. Click "Animation Editor" to add dynamic objects, here we take hot-spot as example

Click "Add Hot Spot" icon and draw a frame, define the hot-spot properties, such as its color/alpha, define action, such as open URL, call javascript function, play audio, play video, slide show etc. click "save and exit" to preview;

4. Publish

Click "Upload Online", type your title/description/keywords, and then click "Publish". By uploading your PDF to PUB HTML5 Online Magazine Creator, your publication becomes instantly available as an HTML5 version that works great on desktops, tablets and smartphones. This way your customers can read your publications no matter when or where they are.

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