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Crewing Manual 01 Sep 2015

Published by seateam.hsqe, 2016-03-02 03:40:17

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Crewing Manual Health Safety Quality& Environmental Management System CREWING MANUAL ISM Code ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007 TMSA MLC 2006Controlled Approval: WBFCRM Doc No. COV Page: 1 of 1COVER PAGE

Crewing ManualSection Record of Revisions Revision DateCRM 000ACRM 000B 01 Sep 2015 01 Sep 2015 Part A Crewing Manual CRW 001 1.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 002 2.0 01 Sep 2015 CRW 003 3.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 004 4.0 01 Sep 2015 CRW 005 5.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 006 6.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 007 7.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 008 8.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 009 9.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 010 10.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 011 11.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 012 12.0 01 Jan 2015 CRW 013 13.0 01 Jan 2015Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000ARECORD OF REVISION Approval: WBF Page: 1 of 2

Crewing Manual Part B MLC ManualMLC 001 1.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 002 2.0 01 Jan 2014MLC 003 3.0 01 Jan 2014MLC 004 4.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 005 5.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 006 6.0 01 Sep 2015MLC 007 7.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 008 8.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 009 9.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 010 10.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 011 11.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 012 12.0 01 Sep 2015MLC 013 13.0 01 Jun 2013MLC 014 14.0 01 Jun 2013Part C MatrixesCRM Matrix 001A 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 001B 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 002 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 003 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 004 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 005 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 006 01 Sep 2015CRM Matrix 007 01 Sep 2015Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000ARECORD OF REVISION Approval: WBF Page: 2 of 2

Crewing ManualSection Table of Contents Title CRM 000A CRM 000B Record of Revisions Table of Contents Part A CRW 001 Crewing Documents CRW 002 1.0 Crewing Office Administration 1.1 Human Resource Management 1.1.1 Education and Experience 1.1.2 Recruitment 1.1.3 Employment Letter 1.1.4 Temporary Staff 1.1.5 Remuneration 1.1.6 Training 1.1.7 Induction of New Employees 1.1.8 Working Hours 1.1.9 Public Holidays 1.1.10 Cooperation & Involvement 1.1.11 Appraisal & Evaluation 1.1.12 Career Development 1.1.13 Selection of Managers 1.1.14 Ethical Code of Conduct 1.1.15 Confidentiality and Security 1.1.16 Office Etiquette & Housekeeping 1.1.17 Medical Guidelines / Benefits 1.1.18 Workers Compensation 1.1.19 Allowances 1.1.20 Annual Leave 1.1.21 Other Leave 1.1.22 Business Travel 1.1.23 Termination 1.1.24 Hand-Over Notes 1.1.25 Email Communication 2.0 Crewing Office Job Descriptions 2.1.1 CEO 2.1.2 Crewing Manager / Deputy Manager 2.1.3 Accounts Manager / Deputy Manager 2.1.4 Training Manager / Q/S Coach 2.1.5 Executive SecretaryControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 1 of 7

Crewing Manual 2.1.6 Senior Crewing Executive / Crewing Executive 2.1.7 Accounts Executive 2.1.8 POEA Liaison Officer (SeaTeam Phils only) 2.1.9 Training Executive/ Assistant (SeaTeam India Only)CRW 003 3.0 SeaTeam Management - CrewingCRW 004 Administration 3.1 Policy on Manning & Recruitment 3.2 Functions and Responsibilities 3.3 Organizational Structure 3.4 Crew Emergencies 3.4.1 Illness, Injury or Death 3.5 Local Purchasing / Agency Nomination 3.5.1 Medical Examination 3.5.2 Uniform / PPE 3.5.3 Air Tickets 3.5.4 Agency Nomination 3.5.5 Visas 3.5.6 Union Fees 3.5.7 Statutory Contributions 3.6 Vendor Evaluation 3.7 Maintenance of Personal Records 3.7.1 Shipmate Database 4.0 Crew Qualification & Recruitment 4.1 Standards of Training Certification and Watch-Keeping (STCW) 1995 4.2 General Recruitment Practices 4.3 Verification of Qualifications and Experience 4.4 Medical Examination for Seafarers 4.5 Interview Process 4.6 Guidelines for Hiring Sea Staff 4.7 Minimum Experience Criteria for Promotion and Selection 4.7.1 Verification of Compliance with OCIMF VIQ Matrix 4.7.2 Probationary Period for Newly Hired Senior Officers 4.8 Development and Promotion of Chief Officers and Second EngineersControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 2 of 7

Crewing Manual 4.9 Returning Crew 4.10 Documents 4.11 Manning 4.11.1 Additional Personnel for Intense Trading Patterns 4.11.2 Personnel Requirements for New Delivery 4.11.3 Personnel Requirements for Dry-docking 4.12 Reporting RequirementsCRW 005 5.0 Conditions and Benefits of Sea Service 5.1 Collective Bargaining AgreementsCRW 006 5.2 Wage Scales and ReviewsCRW 007 5.3 Other BenefitsCRW 008 5.4 Allotments and Money OrdersCRW 009 5.5 Mail 5.6 Shipboard Welfare 5.7 Family Onboard 5.7.1 Wives 5.7.2 Children 5.8 Personal Shipments / Excess Luggage 5.9 Storage of Personal Effects Belonging to Ship's Crew 5.10 Leave 6.0 Union and ITF Matters 6.1 Handling Unions 7.0 Performance Evaluations of Sea Staff 7.1 Evaluation and Appraisal 8.0 Travel Arrangements and Repatriation of Sea Staff 8.1 Crew Travel 8.2 Travel Expenses 8.3 Repatriation of Marine Personnel 8.3.1 Medical Repatriation 8.4 Contract Extension 9.0 Fatigue Management 9.1 Fatigue Recognition 9.2 Fatigue Management 9.3 Best Practice ImplementationControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 3 of 7

Crewing ManualCRW 010 10.0 DismissalCRW 011 10.1 Disciplinary Actions 10.2 Guidelines on Proof for Dismissal for CauseCRW 012 10.3 Dismissal Due to Incompetence 10.4 Pre-TerminationCRW 013 10.5 Record of Log Book Entries Part B 10.6 Voluntary Repatriation 11.0 Vessel Crew Related Accounts and Cost Control 11.1 General 11.2 Accounting Report Forms 11.3 Cash Accounts / Cash Requirements 11.4 Crew Wages Account 11.4.1 Fixed Allotments 11.4.2 Money Orders (Special Remittances) 11.4.3 Office Cash Advance 11.5 Balance of Wages (BOW) upon Crew Sign- Off 11.6 Overtime 11.7 Summary of Accounting Forms 12.0 Office Accounts and Cost Control 12.1 General 12.2 Bank Accounts 12.3 Petty Cash 12.4 Separation of Duties 12.5 Approvals Process 12.5.1 Local Purchases 12.5.2 Payments to Crew 12.5.3 Payments to Allotments 12.5.4 Final Balance of Wages 12.6 Filing of Accounting Vouchers 12.7 Routine Accounting Duties and Deadlines 13.0 Cadets 13.1 Cadets 13.2 Cadet “Promotions” 13.3 Cadet Testing Maritime Labour Convention DocumentsControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 4 of 7

Crewing ManualMLC 001 1.0 IntroductionMLC 002 1.1 DefinitionsMLC 003 1.2 Minimum ageMLC 004 2.0 Medical CertificationMLC 005 2.1 Medical Examination for SeafarersMLC 006 2.2 Responsibility for Verification Of Medical CertificationMLC 007 2.3 Pre-Employment Procedures 2.4 Medical History & Screening 3.0 Qualifications of Seafarers 3.1 Standards of Training Certification and Watch-Keeping 1995 3.2 Company Responsibilities 3.3 Training & Familiarization 3.4 Language Skills 4.0 Seafarers’ Employment Agreements 5.0 Use of any licensed or certified or regulated private recruitment and placement service 5.1 General Requirements of the Manning Agent 5.2 Manning Agent Responsibilities 5.3 Communications with Manning Agent 5.4 Recruitment of New Applicants And Senior Officers 5.5 Annual Audit of Manning Agent 6.0 Hours of work or rest 6.1 Working Hours and Rest Periods 6.2 Use of WRH Software 6.3 Recording the Work and Rest Hours in the WRH Software 6.4 Non-Conformances 6.5 Significant Non-Conformance 6.6 Limits of Work and Rest 6.7 Monitoring 6.8 Staff Induction 7.0 Manning levels for the ship 7.1 ManningControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 5 of 7

MLC 008 Crewing ManualMLC 009 7.2 Safe Manning LevelMLC 010 7.3 Short HandMLC 011 7.4 Shore Leave 8.0 Accommodation 8.1 Living Conditions 8.2 Sanitary Accommodation 8.3 Routine Accommodation Inspections 8.4 Noise And Vibration 8.5 General Standards 8.6 Laundry Facilities 8.7 Potable Drinking Water 8.8 Cabin Maintenance 9.0 On-board recreational facilities 9.1 Onboard Recreational Facilities 9.2 Crew Mail and Communications 9.3 Seafarers’ Family and Relatives Visit to Vessel 10 Food and catering 10.1 Food Handling 10.2 Onboard Committee 10.3 Supply and Quality of Provisions and Catering 10.4 Ships’ Cooks 10.5 Catering Health and Safety 10.6 Healthy Eating Guidelines 11 Health and Safety and Accident Prevention 11.1 Occupational Health and Safety 11.2 Flag State and Other Statutory Requirements 11.3 Individual Responsibilities 11.3.1 Prompt attention to wounds 11.3.2 Prevention of infectious diseases 11.3.3 Maintenance of PPE 11.3.4 Avoidance of drugs & other medications 11.3.5 Vaccinations 11.3.6 Avoidance of heat stress 11.3.7 Avoidance of slips trips and fallsControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 6 of 7

Crewing ManualMLC 012 12 On-board medical care 12.1 Medical Care 12.2 Crew Injuries And Sickness 12.3 Ship Owner’s Liabilities 12.4 Medical Screening 12.5 Medical Facilities 12.6 Ships Hospital 12.7 Medical Treatment 12.8 Serious Illness or death 13 On-board complaint procedures 13.1 Compliant Procedures 13.1.1 External AuthoritiesMLC 014 14 Payment of wages 14.1 Wages 14.1.1 Payment of Wages 14.1.2 Payment of Allotments 14.1.3 Money Order 14.1.4 Fines against Seafarers 14.1.5 Legal Cases against Seafarers 14.1.6 Claim of wages when vessel is arrested or when owners are bankruptPart C Crew MatrixesCRM Matrix 001A SeaTeam Officers Minimum Requirements (Tankers)CRM Matrix 001B SeaTeam Officers Minimum RequirementsCRM Matrix 002 (Bulkers)CRM Matrix 003 Training Required for Bulk Carriers / Dry CargoCRM Matrix 004 Training Required for Crude / Product /OilCRM Matrix 005 Tankers Hours of RestCRM Matrix 006 Computer Based / Video Training Library (Oil Tanker)CRM Matrix 007 Computer Based / Video Training Library (Bulk Carrier) Computer Based / Video Training Library (Product – Chem)Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Doc No. 000BTABLE OF CONTENTS Approval: WBF Page: 7 of 7

Crewing Manual1.0 Crewing Office Administration  Purpose o To provide standard administration procedures for office staff  Application o SeaTeam Management (India) Pvt Ltd o SeaTeam Management (Phils) Inc  Responsibility o Office Managers o Staff 1.1 Human Resource Management The CEO is responsible for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of personnel administration procedures. The various sections Manager’s are responsible for the day-to-day personnel matters within their Sections. SeaTeam Management will follow line management principles that require each operational unit be managed via line management. Managers have been delegated responsibility and authority for all activities within their Section. Management will actively delegate authority and responsibility within specified limits, in order to create a motivating working environment, and to make use of the employees' competence in the decision making process. Differences in Specific Offices and functions between Crewing Offices will be specifically noted in those instances where application of company requirements differs.  In instances of conflict, staff are to be guided by the guidance and decision of local managementControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 1 of 16

Crewing Manual1.1.1 Education and ExperienceThe selection of the right employee, and development of theircompetence and ability is determined in the recruitment process basisestablishment of the correct professional competence, formaleducation, and previous experience in and for the position to be filled.The following guidelines indicate minimum education and experienceconsidered appropriate for senior shore based positions:  CEO - Crewing Offices o Maritime College with related field experience , sailed as Master of the vessel o 5 years shore experience, preferably in crew operations  Crewing Manager / Deputy Manager o University Degree, with related field experience o 3 yrs relevant working experience  Training Manager o Maritime college with related field experience as Senior Officer o 2 yrs relevant working experience  Accounts Manager / Deputy Manager o University Degree , graduate with accounting experience o 3 yrs relevant working experienceControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 2 of 16

Crewing Manual  Accounts Executive o GCE ‘O’ level plus LCCI Higher Accounting or Business graduate with accounting experience o 2 yrs relevant working experience  Crewing Executive o University degree holder o 1yr relevant working experience1.1.2 RecruitmentCandidates will first be identified from within the company, includingsea staffs who have demonstrated superior performance and a desireto work ashore and subsequently through known industry sources oradvertisement if in-house sources are not suitable.  After sourcing and screening, short listed candidates shall be called in for interview.  The interviews shall be conducted by the relevant Manager.  Candidates shall be asked questions based on the information they have given in their application letter, including detailed explanation of all of the following as may be applicable: o Education & Qualification o Work History & Experience o Criminal History & Record o Achievements o Salary RequirementsControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 3 of 16

Crewing Manual  Subsequent Background verification should be attempted, as far as possible, by telephonic or electronic searching and checking regarding the truth and validity of data presented  Candidates deemed acceptable for employment will be require to undergo pre-employment medical check prior to being offered office employment o Existing medical conditions may or may not be considered acceptable. Each circumstance will be dealt with on a case by case basis1.1.3 Employment Letter Employment of all office personnel must be on the basis of a written employment letter or contract. o The employment letter specifies the probation period (3 months). o The respective Manager or Department Head will review the staff performance prior to completion of the probation period and recommend if employment is to be confirmed1.1.4 Temporary Staff Temporary staff may be recruited to work when required, eg for short-term projects. o Temporary staff in junior positions will not normally be subjected to the full recruitment process, but may, basis performance, be subsequently selected for continuance as full time employees1.1.5 Remuneration The company will establish and maintain a remuneration system that reflects market conditions.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 4 of 16

Crewing Manual o Employees will be awarded different remuneration packages according to their positions and responsibilities in the organization. o Remuneration packages for each individual employee will be stated in the employment letter or contract. o Salary evaluation is carried out once a year, normally 1st of July. o Salary is paid monthly.1.1.6 Training The company will encourage, develop an annual training plan, and budget funding for continued professional training of its office staff o Office staff may be scheduled to attend professional training courses or seminars as needed to support their job functions, subject to company approval and budget o Training records are kept in individual personnel files; individual staff members are responsible to ensure copies of completion documents are returned to the company for inclusion o Staff training courses, will be approved by the CEO upon recommendation from Respective Managers.1.1.7 Induction of New Employees All newly employed personnel shall be oriented and introduced to the company by the responsible manager. Induction will be accomplished as follows: o The new employee will be assigned a company sponsor, normally in the same department, who will serve as mentor to demonstrate operation of equipment, ensure provision of all needed PPE, keys, and IT systems and provide a synopsis of standard departmental operating proceduresControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 5 of 16

Crewing Manual  The CEO will meet each new employee to welcome them aboard and provide an overview of the company Mission and Vision, and employment expectations for the position filled o The new employee will be required to read and confirm understanding of the company Management Manuals o The new employee will be provided a personal copy of the HSQE Induction Manual o Relevant Administrators will provide an overview of company benefits, claims processes, and leave procedures, in accordance with the company induction checklist1.1.8 Working Hours The company has endorsed in principle a 5 days working week. However, the international shipping industry is of a nature that may require work outside normal working hours. In such circumstances staff are expected to make themselves available as and when required o Monday to Friday 0900 to 1830 (including one hour lunch) o Certain employees and categories of staff will be required to work outside normal working hours from time to time as circumstances require.1.1.9 Public Holidays Employees are entitled to paid public holidays.1.1.10 Cooperation & Involvement  SeaTeam requires its employees to play an active part in the decision making through daily cooperation with management. The company will encourage staff ideas and viewpoints.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 6 of 16

Crewing Manual  Managers are to provide clear realistic objectives and goals for their sections so staff can understand and share responsibility for their achievement1.1.11 Appraisal & Evaluation  An important link in the chain of development and motivation of employees must be the provision of open and honest feedback on an individual's performance. o Major impressions and comments be discussed at least once a year through a prepared and structured \"Planned Dialogue\" with each employee o Performance of individual office staff is to be appraised on an annual basis using company forms designed for purpose. o Training needs and desires are to be discussed and recorded. o Staff evaluation will be carried out by the immediate superior. o Employees will be advised of the evaluation and any reasons for subsequent salary adjustment. o Annual Staff evaluations are to be completed by the 15th of June each year1.1.12 Career Development SeaTeam will create employee career possibilities along professional lines as well as careers through administrative positions in the line management structure. o Shore based staff will have a professional development portfolio developed, so that staff can participate in management of their personal career o High performing sea staff will be considered for shore positions when and where possible to help promote longevity and continuity of serviceControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 7 of 16

Crewing Manual1.1.13 Selection of Managers The company will ensure that our managers have the qualities and competence required for the relevant position and duties. Seateam will strive for equality of male and female employees in respect of career possibilities. Selection of Managers will be based on: o Ability to achieve results o Leadership (ability to create conditions which obtain best results from colleagues) o Marketing ability (knowing and satisfying principals' need and requirements) o Risk awareness (ability to make decisions even when unknown or uncertain factors are present) o Professional knowledge (acceptable professional knowledge required for decision- making within required area) o Qualifications1.1.14 Ethical Code of Conduct All staff, when on business, are to be aware that they represent the company. Therefore their dealings with agents, suppliers, contractors, etc, must at all times be professionally correct and their behavior such as never to bring the Company into disrepute. The behavior, attire, conduct and working methods encouraged are those, which management deems necessary to project professionalism, ensure higher work efficiency, improved quality of products and services, foster teamwork and cooperation among the sections, and greater awareness of profitability at all levels of operations All staff are also to be aware that in line with policy, Masters and Chief Engineers are considered part of the management of this Company and have to be afforded the respect that position deserves. In particular the Captain, who is at all times Master of his ship. Upon first arriving on board, staff shall first report their presence to the Master.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 8 of 16

Crewing Manual1.1.15 Confidentiality and Security Work stations, both printed and electronic files, documents and all other materials and equipment used in the daily execution of individual duties or as a consequence of those duties are the exclusive property of the Company. Equipment, files and documents which are intended for the free and open usage of all employees are maintained in common areas and not subject to any specific security. Equipment, files and documents which are subject to specific security such as computer work-stations, ‘local’ electronic files and files in lockable storage should not be accessed without the permission of the custodian. Security for commercially sensitive and confidential material is provided however the Company relies on the integrity and self regulation of all employees. To ensure personal and office security after office hours, all office staff shall cooperate to ensure that the office door is properly secured. The front door is to be locked by last the person attending to the switchboard each day. Presently, all staff are given a key the door to facilitate work in the office during the weekends. For personal safety and office security, please ensure that the door is secured whilst in the office and whenever leaving the office. Privileged Information o It is an unfortunate fact of life in any company that individuals become inclined to protect their principals’ interests in claims made against them by outside parties, ie pollution, cargo, injury, etc. To substantiate their claim it is necessary for these outside parties to gather evidence. o It is therefore possible that staff may be contacted by outside parties making seemingly innocent inquiries, which are in fact information gathering exercises. A little information from each of a number of people produces a lot of information.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 9 of 16

Crewing Manual o No information is to be given concerning the company or the movements of its ships, their trading, cargo, condition, crew, captain's name or indeed any fact unless you personally know the other party is entitled to have that information. If you are in doubt, pass them or refer them to your Section Manager. Managers in doubt should refer to the Managing Director. o No one except Senior Management has the authority to respond to outside solicitors / lawyers. They should be instructed to speak to Senior Management or send their inquiry in writing to be dealt with by senior Management. o Senior management is considered to be manager level and above.1.1.16 Office Etiquette & Housekeeping The impression given to visitors to company offices is important to the success of their business. In this respect all staff are reminded that their attire should at all times be conservative and correct. Smoking in any air-conditioned office premises, enclosed or air- conditioned corridor, lobby, stairwell, washroom or other common areas of the building is strictly prohibited. All staff are to ensure their work stations and surrounding areas are maintained in tidy and orderly fashion at all times. No boxes are to be placed along the common walkways, entrances or in any non- designated areas/rooms in the office. At year end, each Section is required to do an office housekeeping which includes mustering and destroying of own documents, clearing designated storage shelves/rooms/areas, individual work stations and walkways, preparing files for storage to warehouse, etc. Recycling, Green Purchasing, Energy & Resource Conservation, and proper disposal of hazardous materials should be an established routine in each sectionControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 10 of 16

Crewing Manual1.1.17 Medical Guidelines / Other Benefits The Company shall provide medical insurance to all employees, their spouse and dependent children under 18 living with them. The extent of cover will be in accordance with the underwriter policy as provided to the employee and subject to change. An employee is entitled to paid sick leave if the probationary period as detailed in the Letter of Employment has been completed, and the sick leave is certified by a doctor, and the employee has informed or attempted to inform the company of his absence1.1.18 Workman’s Compensation For employees who come under the definition of ‘Workman’ under the Workman’s Compensation Act: o Employees are insured either under the Workman’s Compensation or Common Law Insurance Scheme, which provide protection and compensation should you be injured during the course of your work in the Company o Such insurance Scheme provides medical, disablement and death benefits. The quantum receivable is assessable by the relevant authority. o Any accident occurring in the course of work is to be reported to the HSQE department so that investigation can be carried out prior to the filing of whatever claims may be due1.1.19 Allowances Reimbursement of costs in connection with work such as private telephone, internet and other such allowances are as per employment letter.1.1.20 Annual Leave Annual leave will be as per the employment letter.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 11 of 16

Crewing Manual Leave is allowed to be taken after confirmation of employment. Maximum leave allowable to be carried forward from any one year shall be 10 days of the respective entitlement per year. No accumulation of leave or settlement in cash shall normally be allowed, but exceptional circumstances will always be considered Staff will be advised of their leave position as at 1st October of each year in order that they can clear any outstanding leave in the last quarter of the year. Leave Application Form must be used for all leave applications. Approval for leave is in accordance with the organization reporting lines: o Managers - approval by the CEO o General Staff - approval by Managers Except for emergency or short term (3-4 days) leave, applications should normally be submitted for approval as follows three (3) weeks in advance, but exceptional circumstances will always be considered1.1.21 Other Leave An employee is entitled to 14 days paid sick leave a year. If hospitalisation is necessary he is entitled up to 60 days paid sick leave. To be eligible for such leave, the following conditions must be met: o The employee must be hospitalized, o The employee must have successfully completed his probationary period; o The leave must be certified by a medical practitioner or dentist and be submitted to Administration Section;Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 12 of 16

Crewing Manual If an employee is sick on a rest day, a public holiday, a non- working day or during annual leave or unpaid leave, he is not entitled to paid sick leave Maternity leave up to 2 months for the first 3 children only may be granted or as per provided by local employment regulations Paternity leave, 1 day may be granted for the first 3 children only or as per provided by local employment regulations Marriage leave, 3 days will be given Compassionate leave may be given. For death of spouse, parents, children, parent-in-law and sibling, 3 days leave will be given. For critical illness of same persons above 2 days leave may be given Education leave will be given for the examination dates.1.1.22 Business Travel All expenses incurred for business travelling will be reimbursed against receipts/costs. Reasonable claims not supported by receipts will be reviewed by department heads for approval. o Air Transportation - Economy class normally o Transportation - Per receipt o Hotel accommodation - Per receipt o Subsistence – As per agreed per diem For company travel, the following arrangement is to apply: o Travel Expense Report, duly supported by original vouchers and explanations, are to be submitted to the Accounts Section not later than 1 month from date of return. o Hotel accommodation shall not be taken and will not be reimbursed for periods of less than 6 hoursControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 13 of 16

Crewing Manual o All Travel Expense Reports shall be approved by the CEO, or in the case of the CEO by the Managing Director, Singapore. o Travel advance will be provided only for extended travel and must be approved by the CEO o Travelling on weekends or public holidays may, under exceptional circumstances, be credited to leave balance at the discretion of Department Heads Air transportation will be provided as follows: o Managers - Scheduled flight times of 6 hours or longer duration may be booked in Business class; Flights of less than 6 hours are to be booked in Economy Class o Others - All destinations - Economy Class o Where Economy Class tickets are not available and travel arrangements cannot be postponed, Business Class air-tickets will be provided subject to CEO’s approval o The company’s approved travel agents, will arrange all booking of air tickets Travel insurance is provided for staff who are required to travel on company business1.1.23 Termination The employment letter specifies terms and notice of termination (1, 2 or 3 months) depending on the position. Where the employment letter does not specify terms and notice of termination, the prevailing terms and notice as applicable to staff in similar positions shall apply. Unused annual leave cannot be used to offset notice period of termination without written agreement. The Company has the right to terminate your contract of service without giving the required notice stipulated in your employment letter in the following circumstances;Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 14 of 16

Crewing Manual o If you are continuously absent from work for more than two (2) days without prior approval from the Company or without reasonable excuse o Where you purposely break any of the provisions in the Company’s regulations or rules of conduct. o In the event of a re-structuring the Company has the right to terminate your service by giving reasonable notice.1.1.24 Hand-Over Notes All Managers are to, prior to final payment of salary, prepare handover notes for their reliever. They shall be written even when a staff member is being promoted or transferred to assume new duties within the office. In all such case a completed company hand-over notes form is to be provided to the reliever with a copy to administration. For staff who are about to go on leave, where the absence is longer than three consecutive weeks, the staff member shall prepare a handover email listing the jobs they have been doing, the progress towards each job, and what remains to be confirmed to be complete. Email hand-over notes may be informal when staff are temporarily covering the functions during a colleague’s absence as long as content is adequate enough to ensure a smooth transition of duties.1.1.25 Email Communications The company standard format for signing email communications are, as far as possible (with exception of mobile devices) to be used for signing emails, as follows: o For SeaTeam Management (As Owners Agents) Name/Position Office: Telephone Number Mobile: Telephone NumberControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 15 of 16

Crewing Manual Company logos should not be used in emails in order to minimize communication expenses of graphics Documentation & Filing o Curriculum Vitae (CV)  Office Administration File o Personnel Evaluation Form  Office Administration File o Interview Records  Office Administration File Distribution o All Offices o All Vessels References o ISO 14001 o TMSA 2Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 001CREW OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Approval: WBF Page: 16 of 16

Crewing Manual2.0 Crewing Office Job Descriptions Purpose o To provide function descriptions for office staff Application o Company Crewing Offices o SeaTeam Management (India) Pvt Ltd o SeaTeam Management (Phils) Inc. Responsibility o Office Staff o Managers The SeaTeam organizational structure is such that the company has established crewing offices in India and Philippines to provide exclusive manning services for SeaTeam Management Pte Ltd. The crewing offices operate as separate commercial entities, however they report to the Managing Director of SeaTeam Singapore and interact with the Technical Department on duty day to day issues.  Specific Job Descriptions of office staff both in India and Philippines are detailed in this section. As such there are some functions and responsibilities that may be specific to one office and not applicable in the other. Further not all positions exist in each office.  Individual staff in SeaTeam offices is responsible to know the responsibilities detailed for their function, carry our duties assigned, and monitor compliance with responsibilities. o Any inability to comply with assignments should be brought to the attention of the Designated Person and HSQE Department for review and modification where and when necessaryControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 1 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.1 CEO  Inter-Relations o Managers / staff o Technical Department Singapore o Shipboard Management Teams o Staff and Crew  Reports to the Managing Director of SeaTeam Management Pte. Ltd and Board of Directors of SeaTeam Management (Phils) Inc. / SeaTeam Management (India) Pvt Ltd.  Overall head of the SeaTeam Crewing Offices  Substitute o Crewing Manager  Functions and Responsibilities o Alternate DPA. o Responsible to the Managing Director of SeaTeam for the financial health of the company. To provide financial results and protect the interest of the company through all legal means. o Monitor functionality of Chennai/Manila office and other subsequent India/Philippine Offices in future. o Oversee work procedures of all SeaTeam Crewing offices operational and administrative staff. o To approve promotion and wage revision of office staff and offer career development.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 2 of 21

Crewing Manualo To establish contact and deal with Media queries pertaining to Company’s interest.o To represent the Company’s interest in Industry forums and tackle issues in any shipping related matters that affect company through institutions like FAME, MTC, FOSMA and etc.o Liaise with Government agencies (Marina, POET, DG Shipping and etc.) and Seaman Union on shipping related matters.o To communicate with head office and Owners as necessary.o Responsible for implementing Company policy on recruitment, training and welfare of seafarers in Chennai / Manila for vessels whose Crew Manning (CM) function is controlled from Head Office.o To conclude Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) for Officers and Ratingso To maintain all relevant CBA applicable to vessels whose manning function lies with SeaTeam Chennai / Manilao Liaise with SeaTeam Management Managing Director, Technical Fleet Managers & HSQE Manager regarding overall performance of seafarers onboard and formulation of Crew manning Policies.o Review and propose Master & C/E promotions based on qualifications, experience, appraisal reports and medical fitness, and any other positive recommendations etc.o Liaise and discuss with Training Manager and formulate company training policy based on incident feedback, changes in industry regulations and feedbacks.o Overall supervision of all functions of Crew Manning (CM) Operations.o To oversee the functions of the CM Administration and to carry out selection/ interview/ supervise on the job training and familiarization of new joining/promoted staff.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 3 of 21

Crewing Manualo To approve various Bills/Invoices pertaining to Crew manning and maintenance of the Chennai / Manila offices and their functions.o Crew Budgets: To oversee wages taking into consideration the vessel’s Budget. To liaise with Managing Director - SeaTeam regarding any wage Revisions as deemed necessary due to prevailing Market conditions for Seafarers. To liaise with Spore Accounting regarding Crew Budget Variance report. Inform any Revision in Wages or Service Terms & Conditions to all Vesselso Brief senior officers joining as per the briefing guidelines of the company and in addition any other special instructions from the Principal/Charterers/Technical Department.o Review of sea staff manpower situation including planning and forecasting of future manning requirements.o To conduct weekly meetings for Placement of officers with office staff and forward minutes to Singapore office.o To approve senior officers Promotions/Dismissals/Not to be Re-Hired status of Seafarers in discussion with SeaTeam Singapore.o Employ suitably qualified office staff to achieve the objective and responsibilities of the company. Monitor the continuity, suitability and professionalism of the office staff.o To take action to dismiss the staff whose continued employment proves or tends to prove damaging to the reputation and responsibility of the company with approval of Managing Director SeaTeam Singapore.o To approve seafarer’s selection and training procedures, service terms and conditions and wage scales. Keep personal communication with seafarers. Recommend guidelines when necessary on matters relating to seafarerso To oversee the seafarers wage statement monthly along with Accounts Department to rectify wage disparity matters and remittances for seafarersControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 4 of 21

Crewing Manual o Monitor Appraisal Reports of seafarers diligently and take appropriate action and on his training needs o Take steps and maintains high morale for the office staff and sea going staff. o Delegate an officer to take charge of the office during his temporary absences. Ascertain relevant information flow to the officer delegated. o Check and Read daily incoming E-Mails & Faxes and take necessary action. o Ensure Quality Management system is maintained at all times and continual improvement is effective to the system. o To visit various Marine Institutes, select Cadets accordingly. o To visit vessel and when required to monitor the SeaTeam seafarers work culture, dedication. To motivate them to perform with high standard and continual improvement. Authority o The CEO of SeaTeam Crewing offices has the authority as directed by the Managing Director to act and make the necessary decision in all SeaTeam marine personnel matters related to his functions and responsibilities.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 5 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.2 Crewing Manager / Deputy Manager  Inter-Relations o Accounts Manager o Technical Department Singapore o Shipboard Management Teams o Staff and Crew  Reports to the CEO of SeaTeam Crewing Office  Substitute o Senior Crewing Executive  Functions and Responsibilities o To source seafarers using shipmate data base o To arrange Logistical support for Crew Change and liaise with vessel/for Crew Relief matters. o Responsible for liaising with the vessel for all Crew Change Matters. To respond to the Master regarding Crew Relief requests. To liaise with Port agents, Travel agency etc. for facilitating crew change. To be fully aware of Visa requirements for carrying out crew change. o Responsible for ensuring that seafarers onboard and joiners have all required documents as per Vessel requirements. To check the list of seafarers whose documents (Including Flag state, Travel docs and VISA etc.) are expiring in next 30 days by using shipmate. To inform Vessel and CEO on the corrective measures. In order to achieve this, the checklist will be verified by the crewing manager prior Seafarer’s departure and acknowledged in the Shipmate. o To approve travel arrangements made by crewing executive prior to ticket issue.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 6 of 21

Crewing Manualo To oversee activities and performance of crew travel cost control.o To sign-on and sign-off a Seafarer in Shipmate upon crew change effected. When inserting the reason for sign off, to confirm with CEO regarding the reason for sign off such as Completion of contract, medically unfit, Dismissed etc.o To coordinate with Crewing Executive for applying Flag state documents for the seafarer. To keep the vessel informed on the Flag State Lic and expiry date of other document updates of all onboard seafarers.o Responsible for ensuring updated records for all seafarers are in Shipmate prior their joining of the vessel.o To seek Handover notes of senior officers from vessel and pass it on to joiners. Prior signing off a seafarer.o To coordinate with training center for their Pool Officers in order to complete the Training needs as stated in the Appraisal report or as per the CEO’s request.o Overall in charge of Shipmate database and ensure all day to day activities and necessary documents are uploadedo To update the planners in the Shipmate and inform CEO on the requirement of Officers in next 60 days. This is done on a weekly basis.o When necessary conduct interview of suitable shortlisted officers applying to join SeaTeam for the first timeo To coordinate in forming the Pool of Officers with Crewing Executive based on the availability of SeaTeam Officers reporting back from leave and plan their future assignment.o Monitor information internally and externally and report anything of significance to the CEO.o Check and Read daily incoming E-Mails & Faxes and take necessary action.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 7 of 21

Crewing Manual o To assist in Emergency preparedness team while emergency exists. o Any other such job duties & responsibilities as the Company may reasonably request. o To prepare Monthly Income Statement (MIS) report monthly with the help of admin asst. o To arrange and follow up the disembarkation of seafarers on medical grounds. To keep Singapore office and P&I Club informed regarding the repatriation for sick/injured seafarers with assistance of Executive Secretary and to open P&I file. o To de brief officers and crew within 14 days of signing off along with training Manager and find out about available date and course requirement and same to enter in the shipmate and to follow up with training manager. Authority o The Crewing Manager, SeaTeam India / Phils, has the authority as directed by the CEO to act in accordance with his functions, responsibilities and approved budgets to ensure an efficient operation of SeaTeam’ crewing function.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 8 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.3 Accounts Manager / Deputy Manager Inter-Relations o Deputy Managers o Shipboard Management Teams o Staff and Crew Reports to the CEO of SeaTeam Management Pvt. Ltd Substitute o Singapore Accounts Manager Functions and Responsibilitieso Overall in charge of Accounts and Taxation, and Administrationo Coordinating with company secretary on maintaining corporate records and filing.o Supervision of Monthly Income Statement (MIS) Reports, Forecasts, Budgets (both Capital and Revenueo Coordinating with Banks (Working Capital requirements, Investment of funds etc.).o Payroll administration, issuing salary certificates and filing of income tax and TDS returns – (quarterly, annually).o Daily Cash Management.o Coordinating with auditors in conducting Statutory Audits and Internal Audits, implementing recommendations to ensure that accounts prepared conform to statutory requirements.o Preparing Reconciliations (Creditors / Banks / Principals / Due to Crew, Branches, etc.).Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 9 of 21

Crewing Manualo Assisting in monthly disbursements, sent to head office.o Handling retirement funds.o Payment of all applicable social security contributions such as SSS, Phil Health, Pagibig, provided fundo Preparing TDS Certificates and Filing of quarterly and Annual TDS returns.o Preparing Budgets – (Both Revenue and Capital).o Handling Statutory and Internal Audit.o Maintaining Petty Cash.o Effecting Tax Payments.o Cash receipts and disbursements.o Co Ordinate with officers to open the bank account where company has salary account.o Maintaining records of all company assets.o Insurance of assets. Cover for Medical claim and Personal Accident Insurance for staff.o Scrutinize vessel wages account and remittance details , make remittances to floating staff as required in consultation with the CEOo Ensure that all crew have sufficient wages balance prior to making remittanceo Responsible for verify the Wage account statement of vessel and settlement of wages of Seafarers.o To obtain wage account from the vessel on monthly basis and verify. To attend to any queries on the wage account from Master/Vessel/ManagerControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 10 of 21

Crewing Manual o To assist Manager in arranging CTM (Cash To Master) for vessels. o To coordinate with vessel when new wage scales are implemented. To resolve an impasse on Wage matters for onboard seafarers as per the decision of CEO. o To assist CEO in revising the wage scales for Seafarers. o Any other such job duties & responsibilities as the Company may reasonably request. o To maintain all forms/documents in relation to local government taxes (labor Law, etc.) Authority o The Accounts Manager, SeaTeam Crewing office, has the authority as directed by the CEO to act in accordance with his functions, responsibilities and approved budgets to ensure an efficient operation of SeaTeams’ crewing function.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 11 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.4 Training Manager Q/S Coach  Inter-Relations o Crewing Manager / Accounts Manager o Crewing Executives o HSQE Manager o Crew  Reports to the CEO Crewing / HSQE Manager  Substitute o Nil  Functions and Responsibilities o The position has a dual role as Training Manager and Quality Safety Coach o As Training Manager is responsible for identify training needs and to arrange the provision of training to Officers and Crew. o Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the companies training center to ensure efficient operation and use of resources. o To discuss future promotions of staff with CEO to ensure all necessary training in place prior to promotion. o Review appraisal reports of all crew particularly with reference to required training o Identify, select and approve external training providers for company use as appropriate. o Prepare training schedule and plan the appropriate staff attendance pro-actively. o Contribute to and assist in the development of in-house operational training courses for Officers.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 12 of 21

Crewing Manual o Administer and ensure compliance with Seagull and other CBT training is conducted and completed at appropriate level for the Seafarers position onboard o Ensure training results are monitored for effectiveness and reported on a quarterly basis o Providing advice to Technical/HSQE on formulation of company training policy based on incident feedback, technological developments, and changes in regulatory requirements to improve the company capabilities o To assist CEO and crew managers in selection and training of cadets and junior engineers o As Quality Safety Coach is responsible to HSQE Manager for the companies Quality Safety campaign o Responsible for the implementation and guidance of vessels in onboard implementation of Quality Safety program through attendance onboard o Implementation of company safety and environmental initiatives o Conduct of onboard investigation of incidents / accidents as required from time to time o To de brief officers and crew within 14 days of signing off along with Crewing Manager and find out about course requirement and same to enter in the shipmate to follow up o To brief every senior officer joining first time or subsequent time to discuss regarding Q & S program and its implementation method Authority o Has authority as directed by CEO to act in accordance with his functions, responsibilities and approval budget to ensure efficient training of ships crew.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 13 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.5 Executive Secretary Reports to CEO / Senior Manager Inter-Relationso Crewing / Accounts Managero Shipboard Management Teamo Staff & Crewo Reports to the CEO Substituteo Nil Functions and Responsibilitieso Responsible for office administration.o Responsible for correct and timely submission of all statutory monthly reports including crewing related reports. (DG Shipping, SSS, Phil Health, Pagibig and etc.) as prepared by accounts.o In charge of medical renewal, insurance enrollment and follow up for office staff and seastaff.o Responsible for CBA enrollment and renewal for all vessels under direction of CEOo Responsible for P&I cases involving crew members. Includes follow up with overseas agents, liaising with family, opening claim file, tracking of expenses and final claim under direction of crewing manager.o Registration of vessels with POEA / DG Shipping.o Purchasing and up keep of office supplies, equipments and services.o Maintain office employee records including leave.o Responsible for office maintenance and cleanliness.Controlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 14 of 21

Crewing Manual o Preparation of welfare items for vessels. o Keeper of petty cash for office expenses. o Maintain log of invoices and mails received and distribution as appropriate within office. o Support CEO in preparation of reports including month end reports, weekly updates, crew retention and forwarding to head office. o Liaise with Singapore office in relation to Senior Officer visits. o Handling secretarial functions within office including record of meetings. o Maintain stock of necessary working gear and uniforms for joining officers and crew. Authority o Nil except by directionControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 15 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.6 Senior Crewing Executive / Crewing Executive  Inter-Relations o Staff and Crew  Reports to the Crewing Manager / Deputy Manager  Substitute o Nil  Functions and Responsibilities o Will be allocated responsibilities for a group of vessels by the crewing manager. o To arrange for PEME for all seafarers prior to joining and upload copy into Shipmate. o To verify all crew licenses training certificates, travel documents etc. and take copy of same and upload into Shipmate. o To get quotations and propose travel arrangements to crew manager for approval and subsequently co-ordinate crew travel arrangements. o To generate crew employment contracts and necessary statutory paper work for crew embarkation. o To issue working gear and uniform to crew prior to embarkation. o To apply flag state documents for seafarers and maintain records in Shipmate remarks column. o To apply for flag state License/Seamen's Book/Various Endorsements for all Seafarers joining vessels. o To monitor/take appropriate action on a daily basis for onboard seafarers whose Flag State documents/VISA plusControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 16 of 21

Crewing Manual license and all other mandatory docs are expiring in next 30 days. o To co-ordinate with Crewing Manager for forwarding original Flag State documents to Seafarers on board. To maintain record of the correspondence in shipmate. o To check the original Flag State documents upon receiving from the respective authorities and copy to upload in the shipmate. o To correspond with various Flag State authorities regarding discrepancies/status/ invoices of the documents. o Accurate and error free data entry of Newly appointed and existing candidates in Shipmate database system:  Name and all details must be entered prior seafarers departure to join vessel. Documents to be scanned and entered within 2 working days of their departure.  Appraisal Reports must be uploaded in Shipmate within 7 working days of its receipt after Manger/CEO’s review. Authority o Nil – Except by directionControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 17 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.7 Accounts Executive  Inter-Relations o Crew Manager o Crewing Executives / Executive Secretary / Staff o Accounts Department Singapore o Staff and Crew  Reports to the Accounts Manager  Substitute o Nil  Functions and Responsibilities o Will be allocated responsibilities for a group of vessels by the Accounts Manager. o Preparation of payment of MPO requests from crew always subject to check in Shipmate that crew member has sufficient balance of wages. o Preparation of crew wages and forwarding to vessel at the end of each month. o Preparation of ‘due to crew recon’ at the end of each month. o Calculation of final balance of wages due to crew for approval by Crew Manager. o Updating of all disbursements related to allocated vessels in shipnet system. o Batching and preparation of payment of supplies in relation to crew for allocated vessels. (Medical, travel etc.)  Authority o Nil – Except by directionControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 18 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.8 POEA Liaison Officer (SeaTeam Phils only)  Inter-Relations o Crew Executive o Executive Secretary o Crew members  Reports to the Crewing Manager  Substitute o Nil  Functions and Responsibilities o Responsible for liaison and smooth endorsements of all employment contracts of joining crew. o Submission of all necessary documents as required by POEA. o Assisting crewing department as required and directed by the Crewing Manager.  Authority o Nil – Except by directionControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 19 of 21

Crewing Manual2.1.9 Training Executive / Assistant  Inter-Relations o Staff and Crew  Reports to the Training Manager  Substitute o Nil  Functions and Responsibilities o To handle all training related work with respect to logistics and daily administration. This includes ticketing, hotel bookings, transport, certificates etc. o To complete the training checklist and all items included for every course schedules including the shipnet o To upload and update all training details including training center recommendations, completion of training certificate upload, and ensuring shipmate database stays updated at all times o To liaise with Training Managers to conduct courses as per the course planner, plan the participants and follow up accordingly o To update SEAGULL database and ensure same stays updated at all times o To maintain CES, APRO, Safety Alert reports in the training folder under the common drive. o To check & verify all training invoices prior getting the final approval from the training managers o To ensure training center stays prim, clean and hygienic at all timesControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 20 of 21

Crewing Manual o To assist crewing as and when required and in consultation with the Training Manager o Any other requirements that may come up adhoc Authority o Nil – Except by directionControlled Revision: 01 Sep 2015CRM Part A – CRW Doc No. 002CREWING - OFFICE JOB DESCRIPTIONS Approval: WBF Page: 21 of 21

Crewing Manual3.0 SeaTeam Management - Crewing Administration  Purpose o To clearly establish an organization that identifies key personnel and ensures that adequate resources are available to administer the seagoing staff serving onboard the Company’s managed or manned vessels.  Application o SeaTeam Management (India) Pvt Ltd – Chennai Office o SeaTeam Management (Phils) Inc. – Manila Office  Responsibility o CEO- Crewing Offices o Crewing Manager o Staff 3.1 Policy on Manning & Recruitment The Company recognizes that the safe and efficient operation of a vessel is greatly dependent on the expertise and experience of the staff selected and placed on board the Principal’s vessels.  Company does not charge any fee in whatsoever manner for providing employment on behalf of its Principal’s to serve on board their vessels including the cost of requisite medical examination, Flag State documentation requirements, Visa and Travel arrangements.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 003 Approval: WBFSEATEAM MANAGEMENT-CREWING ADMINISTRATION Page: 1 of 13

Crewing Manual o However any cost involved in up-gradation or revalidation of seafarer’s certificates, documents and license will be borne by the seafarer. Company shall take all necessary steps to maintain the right to privacy and protect confidentiality of seafarer’s data once collected. Such data shall not be communicated to third parties except when desired for / required by; o Travel arrangements o Ship Manager o Statutory Authorities Company shall not adopt any means, mechanism or list with the intention to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment. The selection of seafarers shall be carried out without any discrimination or bias based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin. In addition to normal repatriation arrangements, Company shall make all possible arrangements to repatriate the seafarer in the event of his being stranded at any place including his maintenance, lodging & boarding Grievances, if any by a seafarer shall be brought to the notice of the Master of the vessel, the Master will resolve such grievance in accordance with the guidelines provided by the SeaTeam Pte Ltd. SeaTeam will not employ any one below the age of 18 years or above the age of 65 to serve on board, though long serving staff above age 65 may be considered for continued employment if medically fit and the specific approval of senior management is obtained. SeaTeam discourages the employment of family members by shore staff within the company or onboard as it may lead to unwarranted accusations of favouritism When family members of sea staff are employed, family members may not serve on the same shipControlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 003 Approval: WBFSEATEAM MANAGEMENT-CREWING ADMINISTRATION Page: 2 of 13

Crewing Manual  In any case where family members are employed in the company the Managing Director should be consulted3.1.1 Replacement of Top Four Senior OfficersIn order to achieve continuity of expertise for operational and safetyrequirements, senior staff are to be rotated in a planned and structuredmanner to ensure adequate experience transfer among senior officers. Master and CO and CE and 2E are not to be relieved the at same time: o Tankers – A Minimum 14 days should elapse between changes of Master & C/O or CE & 2E o Bulkers – Less than 14 days may be permitted for retuning crew when there is more than 48 hours in port hand-over o No senior officer should be changed during bunkering calls unless returning crew, from a sister vessel, but in all cases not at same time as another senior officer in the same department3.2 Functions and ResponsibilitiesThe functions and responsibilities of the SeaTeam India/Phils may bebroadly described as:  Ensure that the number of seafarers onboard any vessel is in compliance with the vessel’s operational needs and as per the minimum safe manning certificate issued to that particular vessel.  Recruitment and screening of new applicant officers and ratings, either directly or through reputed and appointed manning agents, to man the vessels.  Maintain a roster of seagoing staff sufficient in number to meet regular and urgent requirements onboard vessels.Controlled Revision: 01 Jan 2015CRM Part A - CRW Doc 003 Approval: WBFSEATEAM MANAGEMENT-CREWING ADMINISTRATION Page: 3 of 13

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