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Published by ramy.ahmed, 2020-08-31 03:16:23

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INDEX A Word from the President Who We Are • Vision • Mission • Organization Business Core Values • Quality • Environmental & occupational Health and safety Management Systems Projects Reference • Industrial & Power • Infrastructure • Commercial & Special Buildings • Monument Restoration & Structure Repair • Reinforced Earth Systems



Since establishment in 1998, we, at ROWAD Modern RME is backed by a strong team of highly skilled Engineering, have always believed that nothing is and qualified employees whom we consider our impossible. Armed with passion, willpower, hard success partners. We have faith in our employees work, and a sense of responsibility, we succeeded in and believe that they are our success partners and building the concept of uniqueness and leadership. family members. We give special care to ensure that Eighteen years of industrious work and relentless we all enjoy the best possible working conditions in pursuit have yielded the remarkable growth of RME, a rewarding environment that is based on teamwork, yet remains our genuine belief that there is a lot more flexibility, sound ethics and best safety practices. RME to achieve. RME has a diverse portfolio featuring is also keen on employee safety and health, thus, we large, successful projects executed by RME for both constantly work on enhancing the safety standards public and private sectors. and promoting awareness across the Organization. Throughout the years, RME has succeeded in We believe that the establishment of successful establishing its renown for quality, excellence and communities and groups requires continuous care proficiency, as we work with each client individually to for others through instilling the sense of responsibility provide tailor-made services that best fit every client’s and protection for the environment in all our staff and needs. In addition, we always strive to provide the employees. We encourage the young and invest highest quality of cost-efficient services in a timely heavily in their new ideas in order to improve their manner. capabilities and utilize their challenging spirit. It is Currently, we are keen on expanding our presence worth mentioning that RME has over than 1200 outside Egypt, as we have established our presence permanent employees under the age of 33, which across Africa and are planning for our next destination. ensures constant activity and vitality within the I believe that RME has great potential to become one Organization. of the most influential organizations in the MENA “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real region. Our continuing expansion owes much to our sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others”. At RME, awareness and knowledge of technological advances not only do we learn from our own experiences, we and global trends. also relish the opportunity to learn from other leading Customer satisfaction is our number one objective, companies’ mistakes and successes. Behind our own thus, we constantly raise our standards of excellence success stand our strategic partnerships. Hence, we by staying abreast of state-of-the-art technologies. extend our deep appreciation and warm thanks to our Moreover, RME offers considerable flexibility in order dear clients and subcontractors. Old successes fuel to always achieve customer satisfaction. Aiming at every team member with more determination towards contributing to reshaping the construction industry, more growth and achievements in all our business RME is always looking for new techniques and partnerships. following the international standard to best benefit our Thank you, valued customers.


‫‏‬Over the past 18 years, ROWAD Modern Engineering has been Power Generation, Heavy Industries, Infrastructure, Bridges, famous for its excellence, quality and commitment. Our commitment Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Facilities….. to the highest quality within the set time schedules has been our etc. Thanks to our result-oriented, tailor-made, customer-focused key driver towards growth, positive fame and reliability. RME is now services, we established sustainable long-term relationships with recognized as one of Egypt’s top reputable turnkey contractors. our customers and were able to win their trust and loyalty. We Through a program of alliances with major international contractors, became the number one choice for most of our customers when it we are able to undertake multidisciplinary projects of high scale comes to selecting a one-stop-shop for their construction projects. and complexity. ‫‏‬Being a customer-focused contractor, RME believes that customers’ D‫ ‏‬uring the past 5 years, RME has acquired such remarkable satisfaction is its priority and secret to success. In addition, we positioning in a very short time and in several markets, nationally pay special attention to our customers’ needs in order to fulfill and internationally. Apart from the Egyptian market, RME has them through meeting highest standards of quality, conforming gained a strong foothold in various markets including Nigeria, to requirements, preventing errors and exceeding expectations. Algeria, Chad and Mozambique. However, we are always looking We strongly believe that our key to success is represented in our forward for more achievements; thus, RME is currently planning to customer satisfaction, being environmentally friendly, as well as expand its presence and sustain its operations across Africa and acting responsibly and safely towards our society. above. Moreover, RME is best known for its diversity of operations and services, as we carry out projects in different sectors such as

OUR VISION “To continue being an efficient Turnkey Contractor and to extensively increase RME presence in the surrounding markets while focusing on operating in EPC contracts in Egypt specially in industrial, power & infrastructure sectors”.

OUR MISSION “We are committed to deliver quality value-added construction service while working in an ethical as well as balanced manner to earn the privilege of being the General Contractor of choice and build trust based partnership with our customers. We will ac- complish this through our capitalizing on our highly qualified employees who challenge themselves every day to reach highest levels of professionalism an exceptional perfor- mance year.”


Q‫ ‏‬uality

RME pays great deal of attention to quality. We consider quality as an essential element, without which no operations may be performed. Accordingly, RME develops quality policies and procedures that reflects RME’s commitment to reveal new opportunities and ideas to optimize the level of services provided. I‫‏‬n the same context, RME has developed and implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001. Such System helps in ensuring services quality and enhancing RME’s commitment to constant development and compliance with applicable statutory, regulatory and any other requirements. B‫ ‏‬y the implementation of the Quality Management System, our work environment, business needs, objectives and goals, service level, processes and operations as well as our company’s presence and fame were all positively affected. ‫‏‬Through this system, RME is able to identify the required improvements as well as their methods of implementation and a criterion that measures the effectiveness of such improvements. W‫ ‏‬e are ISO certified and we have our own capabilities and experience enabling us to achieve clients’ satisfaction and fulfill their needs, We are always keen on meeting our promise to provide our construction services in fulfilment of project’s requirements and quality standards.

ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Safety is not just a policy, Safety is rather a core attitude that should be instilled in each and every member in RME. Based on this, we, in RME, believe that all construction projects can be performed in a safe manner that prevents almost all potential accidents. Accordingly, RME commits to compliance with the requirements of any applicable regulations and legislations as well as the Clients’ HSE policies. B‫ ‏‬eing certified in OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 is a strong sign of our organization’s commitment to our employees’ health and safety. ‫‏‬Generally, Safety procedures are more essential when it comes to the project’s onsite construction phase, as accidents are more likely to occur within the project site. Thus, RME is always keen on promoting awareness on health, safety, and environment appropriate measures among all concerned persons in order to protect them from any potential accidents or injuries. ‫‏‬The successful implementation and maintenance of HSE policy and procedures is considered the responsibility of RME’s management. To this end, RME developed a number of requirements, as follows:

• HSE procedures implementation is the responsibility of all employees (simply put, working safely is a condition of employment). RME’s HSE objective is to succeed in preventing any harm to any employees or other concerned persons. • RME is to develop a criteria concerned with minimizing and eliminating workers direct or indirect exposure to risks or hazards such as high-noise levels, exposure to heat or using dangerous materials. • Working conditions and work environment must maintain the health and safety of all concerned persons including personnel, clients, and third parties. In addition, RME shall instill and promote the safety culture amongst all workers. • Rewards and incentives is awarded to individuals or organizations by RME in recognition of their outstanding level of safety performance. • Any risks or hazards related to HSE must be identified, assessed and managed prior to the commencement of any engineering, procurement, and construction works. • RME is responsible for establishing and implementing a well-rounded HSE program that is tailored for each program in line with all legal requirements, RME safety standards and client’s policies. This program will be applied throughout the term of the concerned project. • Safety Representatives must be assigned for each project. Such representatives shall be concerned with all aspects of the said Safety program. • Environment must be considered when carrying out activities. In case the impact of such activities on the environment cannot be completely prevented possible, it must be minimized to an acceptable level.

INDUSTRIAL AND POWER ROWAD Modern Engineering is a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. As for the Industrial Sector, RME enjoys wide experience in various construction projects, such as establishing power generation projects, cement factories, petrochemical utilities, electrical substations as well as Oil & Gas establishments. We are glad and proud of our effective and sustainable partnership with various steel structure manufacturers. Furthermore, we are keen on developing our mechanical erection capabilities to serve all projects and to enable our clients with complete turnkey basis for both civil works as well as electromechanical installations.

BENI SUEF COMBINED CYCLE 4800 MW POWER PLANT Managed by SIEMENS – ELSEWEDY consortium, Benisuef Combined-Cycle Power Plant is the largest power plant in Egypt and MENA region with a capacity of 4800 MW. Fortunately, RME was selected to carry out a great role in the construction process. For a period of 18 months, RME was responsible for all the civil works of the power blocks in addition to the civil, architectural and MEP works for the utilities and facilities in the site as well as GIS area.

EXTENSION OF ATTAQA POWER PLANT Every project has its own challenge. The challenge facing RME in executing the civil works of ATTAQA 650 MW simple cycle gas turbine units is the time-frame set for such a huge project. However, RME proved itself capable of completing the project within such time- frame of 5 months after it has put the mile stones of the project in record time.

GABAL ELZAYT JICA WIND FARM 220MW Continuing cooperating with international EPC contractors, RME has cooperated with Gamesa as their sub-contractor for carrying out the civil works package of the wind farm project financed by JICA with a capacity of 220MW. Gamesa is assigned to perform the supply, installation, commissioning, start up and testing for 110 G80 wind turbine generators with 2 MW of nominal power and 60 m hub height on turnkey basis.

EZZ DRI PLANT DANIELI is ranked among three largest suppliers of equipment and plants to the metal industry in the world. After a stoppage for about three years, DANIELI had to be so careful upon choosing the reliable contractor to successfully resume and complete the construction of EZZ DRI plant. Therefore, and based on its international fame as one of the most accurate contractors, DANIELI chose RME to act as the main contractor in charge of the project’s civil works. While DANIELI was facing a challenge in completing the project around the table set for it, RME has proven a good track record in achieving DANIELI standards in terms of resources allocation, Quality, Safety working procedures and commitment to time tables. It is worth mentioning that the Plant is located in Al Ein El Sokhna.

BMIC ASSUIT CEMENT FACTORY Being known for its compliance with the highest standards of quality, RME was assigned as the subcontractor for the execution and completion of the Building Materials Industries Company S.A.E. (BMIC) Cement plant located in Assiut, Egypt.

METRO ALGIERS MAINTENANCE WORKSHOPS AND SUBSTATION Based on its worldwide fame of excellence and proficiency, RME was entrusted with the construction of the 125000m2 metro maintenance and garage complex in Algeria. RME again proved itself professional by providing the highest quality and high-end complexity of civil engineering.

CAIRO FESTIVAL CITY SUBSTATION RME, in cooperation with ABB, takes pride in participating in the construction of the main substation for Cairo Festival City located in New Cairo in addition to all auxiliary buildings.

ELSEWEDY CABLES FACTORY - CV CABLES TOWER Amongst our effective and long-term partnerships, stands EL SEWEDY group. RME has cooperated with EL SEWEDY in many projects including, the Algerian manufacturing factory amongst many others. Having a reliable presence in Algeria, RME could successfully complete the turnkey construction of EL SEWEDY Cables factory, on an area of 50,000 m2, within only 10 months.

SWAG WINDMILL FACTORY Egypt is well-known for being one of the most recognized countries to produce power from wind plants, especially in the area of Zaafarana in El Ain El Sokhna. Therefore, the first Wind Mills tower manufacturing facility was built in this area of El Ain El-Sokhna by the German Investor SWAG. From our keenness to protect our country and help increase its prosperity and welfare, RME proudly worked as the main contractor for the construction of the 15000m2 manufacturing unit in addition to all facilities and utility buildings. RME was able to successfully complete the project in a period of 10 months. The first production of the plant was in early 2011.

LOGISTICA WAREHOUSE Logistica Warehouse is a logistics warehouse dedicated for pharmaceutical storage. Such kind of storages requires special care and specific equipment during the construction time. Bearing this in mind, RME took responsibility for constructing a warehouse on an area of 11,500 m2 with 15m height. Among this area, an area of 6,500 m2 will be dedicated for an air-conditioned Area and 5000 m2 to serve as a cold store designed to work at temperature varies between -20 and +5. The warehouse also includes a 7m-high rack store, machine, utilities building, water tank and electrical substation.

INFRASTRUCTURE The infrastructure is the cornerstone of any social and economic development of a country. Knowing that, the Egyptian Government has recently directed its focus to establishing and developing infrastructure networks across the Republic. Accordingly, the Government started investing on infrastructure development projects. In the same context, and from our deep keenness on the prosperity and well-being of our country, we pay great deal of attention to such national projects. Thanks to our deep-seated know-how and long experience in the construction industry, we have carried out a number of national infrastructure projects across the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad.

‫‏‬MAHALA BRIDGE Knowing how critical the selection of the companies on which Egypt’s development rely, the Egyptian Armed Forces chose RME to carry out the construction of El Shun Bridge with a total of 950m length and 12m width in a period of six months.

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