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Drum Corps International 2012 Yearbook

Published by Drum Corps International, 2019-06-10 10:50:01

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14 Time DCI WORLD CHAMPION BLUE DEVILS CAPTION HEAD SCOTTJOHNSON Introducing Championship Maple carboncoreTM Championship Maple carboncore snares and tenors feature the classic warmth of 6 ply Maple combined with the power and strength of an inner ply of carbon fiber for the ultimate Championship Sound. carboncoreTM is the sound of 14 time World Champion Blue Devils FFXICM-1412/A in 368 Black Silver Burst

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Welcome A word from one of Drum Corps International’s marching members. Welcome to the 2012 Drum Corps International Tour! Today, you will see young adults from all over the world, from every walk of life, coming together to perform for you, the fans. We will travel for 57 days this summer, living between a tour bus, a football field, and the gym floors of high schools across the country. This experience offers something different to every member of every corps. For some, this is a first chance at being an adult, learning personal responsibility and accountability, while supporting their brothers and sisters on the field. For others, like me, this is the last chance to perform and play for the crowd before entering the “real world” and beginning a career. The members of each corps will work harder than they ever have this summer and will be pushed beyond what they thought was possible. As part of the reward, they will form a family with their fellow corps members, building bonds that will last for life. Yes, the drum corps lifestyle can be tough, but bringing our performances to the fans makes it all worthwhile. The hours of rehearsal, the sweltering summer heat, grabbing precious hours of sleep on a bus while traveling from tour stop to tour stop—It’s all worth it. Nothing can describe what it’s like to hear the roar of the crowd as we enter the field, feel everyone lean forward in their seats as the suspense builds, and watch the fans jump to their feet cheering for us at the end of the show. Remember, we are out there performing for you. Whether it’s your favorite corps or a corps you have never seen before, they are all working to win you over and earn your applause. Even if you’ve been fol- lowing a particular corps for years, I challenge you to find a new, second favorite tonight. Thank you again for being here. Without you we wouldn’t have anything. Enjoy the show! Sincerely, Mark Donahue Blue Stars Drum Major 3

Welcome Drum Corps International Office of the Executive Director 110 W. Washington St., Suite C Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 On behalf of the organizations that comprise Drum Corps International, I welcome you to the 2012 DCI Tour and the celebration of our 40th anniversary season. Whether it is your first year or your 40th, we’re delighted that you have chosen to join us. Over the past 40 summers, fans have witnessed the remarkable transformation of our corps and the amazing performances they produce on football fields across the country. These once modest commu- nity organizations have become quite sophisticated. Yet even after four decades of evolution, achieving excellence through marching music competition is still at the heart of the experience, enhanced by life lessons in work ethic, personal responsibility, teamwork and passion. When this powerful mix comes together on the field, we the spectators are the beneficiaries of something truly special. I am grateful to the founders of Drum Corps International and all the leaders who have followed in their footsteps to govern the organization since 1972. Corps directors have always been the activity’s least heralded group. These visionary leaders find joy in their quiet service, and we’re forever thankful for their contributions. And in addition to our dedicated professional instructors and judges, we’re thankful for the parents and other volunteers who generously give their time and support to the activity we love. Last but not least, we’re grateful for the fans who return each year with amazing enthusiasm. You’re all part of what we proudly call our drum corps family and we’re thrilled to share our 40th anniversary celebration with you. We are even more excited to stand with you as we work together to continue Drum Corps International’s tradition of marching music excellence for generations to come. Sincerely, Daniel E. Acheson Executive Director/CEO Drum Corps International 4 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

PHOTO: JAMIE BECKER We’re as passionate about making uniforms Stanbury is a Corporate Partner as these guys are about playing cymbals. of Drum Corps International. • 800.826.2246 STAND OUT!

Contents THE CORPS FEATURES 34 A MAJOR CELEBRATION The programs, repertoires, and staff members of corps competing on the Every Championships Week is special, but as DCI commemorates its 2012 DCI Tour. 40th anniversary, Indianapolis will be buzzing with great performances, Index ..........................................57 intense competition, parties, parades, and the biggest and best reunion World Class ...............................58 in drum corps history. Open Class .............................. 105 All-Age .....................................133 40 THE INSIDE SCORE Drum Corps International groups voted to update the scoring system for the 2012 season. DCI’s artistic director and judge administrator explain how fans can learn about the new rules and judge the action on the field. 42 MARCHING ON! Whether taking part in alumni and all-age corps, marching in military ensembles, or performing onstage and in the studio, hundreds of former DCI members are finding ways to demonstrate their passion for drum corps long after aging-out. 47 DCI DECADES: 1972-2012 Born in the era of Watergate, 8-track tapes, and pet rocks, Drum Corps International has thrived during a time of great cultural, political, artistic, and technological change. Relive some of DCI’s key moments— along with the historical events both significant and silly—that shaped us both on and off the field over the last 40 years. DEPARTMENTS WELCOME PAST CHAMPIONS FUN AND GAMES From the performers ........................... 3 Winners from the last 40 years ...... 136 Test your DCl knowledge with From DCI’s Executive Director............ 4 word and picture games.............. 153 AWARDS ABOUT Answers............................................ 154 New Awards for 2012 ..................... 141 Drum Corps International ................. 10 Caption and Other Awards ............ 142 INDY 2013 2012 DCI TOUR HALL OF FAME Next Year’s World Championships SCHEDULE Schedule and Super 3 Tickets...... 157 2012 Inductees ................................. 145 Complete Events Listing ................... 13 Past Honorees .................................. 146 THANK YOU! Premier Events Score Sheet ............. 15 Tour of Champions ............................ 26 FRIENDS OF DCI Recognizing all those who helped Open Class World Championship make the 2012 season happen.... 158 The Inner Circle of DCI’s Events and Score Sheet................. 28 most committed fans ................... 148 COVERING 40 YEARS Indianapolis World Championship VOLUNTEERS OF THE YEAR Reflecting on DCI history with a look Events and Score Sheet.................. 30 back at vintage yearbooks ........... 160 2012 winners and past recipients ... 150 6 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

SOUVENIR YEARBOOK Dan Acheson Executive Director/CEO Bob Jacobs Director, Marketing John DeNovi Director, Sales & Business Development Chris Weber Sr. Manager, Communications Custom Published By: In Tune Partners, LLC Irwin Kornfeld CEO Will Edwards President Angelo Biasi Publisher Emile Menasché Editorial Director Jackie Jordan Creative Director Robin Garber Production Director/Designer Barbara Boughton Business Manager Photography Ryan Cain, Johnny Gilbert, Jolesch Photography, Sid and Linda Unser Contributors Michael Boo, Rich Breske, Mike Levine, Danny Miles, Mac Randall Assistant Editor Susan Kornfeld Editorial Intern Will Kussmaul Drum Corps International is the leader in producing events for the world’s most elite and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and performers. Business contact: 110 West Washington St. Suite C Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317.275.1212 Web: Editorial contact: [email protected] Advertising: [email protected] ©2012 Drum Corps International. All rights reserved. 7

Ad Index Blue Man Group............................12 ............................. 118 System Blue ................................106 The Crown Store.................134, 135 Music for All ................................122 Tournament of Bands.................155 DeMoulin Bros. & Co....................11 NAMM ............................................. 2 U.S. Army.....................................141 Director’s Showcase National Association for USBands ......................................128 U.S. Marine Drum International .............................. 9 Music Education...................... 37 Drum Corps Associates ............132 National Association of & Bugle Corps.......................... 46 Drum Corps Vic Firth........................................124 Music Parents .........................151 .......................143 International ........ 39, 56, 147, 156 Pearl....................... inside front cover WGI Sport of the Arts ................126 Drum Corps World......................130 Percussive Arts Society.............120 The Woodwind & Brasswind ..... 21 Etymotic Research ..................... 112 ProMark......................................... 23 Xtreme Brass & Percussion ...... 110 Evans Drumheads.........................19 Remo, Inc. ....................................104 Yamaha...................inside back cover Fred J. Miller, Inc. .......................... 1 Stanbury Uniforms........................ 5 Zildjian ............................. back cover Halftime Magazine ........................ 8 StylePLUS.................................... 114 Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association................ 33 Innovative Percussion................108 The Instrumentalist....................144 Jolesch Photography .................152 Jupiter/Mapex/Majestic..25, 27, 29 King Marching Brass ....................17 Make Music, Inc. ......................... 116 BECAUSE EVERY CORPS HAS A STORY We know that drum corps is much more than daily rehearsals on a football field during summer. It’s about connecting to the music. About sharing a story with the audience. After Drum Corps International championships though, all of the action ends. Or does it? Halftime Magazine provides some of the best stories and interviews in the marching world, providing you with inspiration—even during the off-season. ® SUBSCRIBE NOW Scan this Find us on Follow us on QR code source code: CCNDCI

About For forty years and counting, Drum Corps International has been the leader PROFESSIONAL STAFF in producing events for the world’s most elite and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and performers. Thirteen original found- Dan Acheson Connie Leide ing member corps formed Drum Corps International in 1971 to organize and Executive Director/ Accounting unify leadership. Directors of those competing groups sought to unite corps CEO Associate by providing opportunities to perform together—in the end building a founda- Michael Cesario Wayne Leide tion for future success. The non-profit entity was officially established in 1972, Artistic Director Chief Financial and today supports nearly 50 actively participating drum corps, which perform Mat Chavez Officer in more than 100 competitive events that make up the annual Drum Corps Sr. Manager, Katelyn Marando International Tour. Some 400,000 fans will attend these events in 2012. Technology Manager, Travel Jeff Cox and Meetings Drum Corps International is dedicated to the growth, well being, promotion Manager, Corps Whitney Medworth and support of the entire organization by providing each drum corps with ser- Housing Manager, Event vices enabling them to perform and create a positive experience for members Patty Creech Operations and fans. Sr. Manager, Event Rita O’Donohue Services Manager, Public With a vast reach online through, through corporate sponsorship, John DeNovi Relations annual broadcast initiatives, and outreach to high school music programs, Drum Director, Ric Oberlin Corps International delivers the message of “excellence in performance and in Sales & Business Director, Operations life” to more than 7.2 million young people, ages 13-22 involved in performing Development John Phillips arts in the United States. Tony DiCarlo Judge Administrator Contest Director Jessica Ruckman Drum Corps International thrives largely from funding received through ticket Lynda DiMaggio Manager, and merchandise sales (apparel, CDs, DVDs), and a percentage of all proceeds Sr. Accountant Merchandising is distributed back to the individual corps to assist in operations. The success of Dave Eddleman Richard Trotman Drum Corps International depends greatly on the amazing dedication of hun- Open Class Technology dreds of volunteers, as well as the remarkable hard work of each corps’ staff Coordinator Administrator and performing members. Susie Ferreira John Turner Group Experience Judge Administrator, Specialist Open Class Allison Focht Chris Weber Manager, Ticketing Sr. Manager, Kathy Harcourt Communications Customer Service Event Managers Jeff Hartowicz Dale Antoine, Manager, Patrick Flynn, Video Services Rennee Flynn, Kara Haughey Scott Litzenberg, Manager, Christina Mavroudis, Office Services Jill Moyer, Tom Hope Rene Perez Pacific Division Interns Representative Travis Cornejo, Bob Jacobs Kasey Cornwall, Director, Marketing Eric Hjellming, Grant Johnston Jeff Langan, Manager, Alyssa Price, Warehouse Megan Rogers, Susan Kuehnhold Jessica Skogh, Director, Events and Laura Turek Corps Relations 10 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

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2SSC0CHO1ERD2EUCLAER&DEtIahanoatlcectuwvonfehotonetdrDoraasusenlensylrstonccfaoueuaasimootarwanetmnrmribssdyydeodkio.rno’iCepnissonnUtngueeaohhfg,ggsptlropaetirespTsatwhenaoasisrtageodutsckhteinoersees!rtsertys INSIDE Tour Schedule ...........................14 Premier Events..........................15 Tour Of Champions...................26 Michigan City ............................28 Indianapolis ............................... 30 13

Tour Schedule With more than 100 shows coast- MICHIGAN CITY, IN to-coast, Drum Corps International’s 40th anniversary season will be as Open Class Prelims 8/6 dramatic as any in history. Learn Open Class Finals 8/7 more about being a part of this summer’s action at INDIANAPOLIS, IN schedule and World Championship Prelims 8/9* ALABAMA 7/15 Rockford World Championship Semifinals 8/10 6/21 Dothan 7/16 Lebanon World Championship Finals 8/11 7/30 Spring Valley *Watch the Prelims in high definition at cinemas across the U.S. in Drum Corps at the Movies: Big, Loud & Live 9. ARIZONA INDIANA NEW JERSEY SOUTH DAKOTA 6/20 Mesa 6/28 Merrillville 7/07 Jackson 6/24 Sioux Falls 6/29 Muncie 8/05 East Rutherford ARKANSAS 6/30 Michigan City TENNESSEE 7/17 Bentonville NEW MEXICO 6/20 Martin 7/26 Little Rock KANSAS 6/19 Albuquerque 6/26 Sevierville 7/16 Olathe 7/27 Murfreesboro CALIFORNIA 7/17 Wichita NEW YORK 6/22 Clovis 6/29 Ft. Edward/ TEXAS 6/23 Stanford KENTUCKY 7/19 Denton 6/24 Sacramento 6/17 Louisville Glens Falls 7/19 Round Rock 6/26 Santa Clara 8/02 Rome 7/20 Houston 6/29 Oceanside 7/21 San Antonio 6/30 Walnut LOUISIANA OHIO Akron 7/23 Odessa 7/01 Riverside 7/23 Lafayette 6/16 Fairfield 7/24 Dallas 7/07 Sacramento 6/27 Centerville 7/08 Pleasant Hill MASSACHUSETTS 7/09 Bowling Green UTAH 7/14 Mission Viejo 6/30 Lynn 7/11 Dublin 7/03 Ogden 7/15 Bellflower 7/06 Quincy 7/31 Avon Lake 8/02 Lawrence 8/03 VIRGINIA 7/31 Salem COLORADO MICHIGAN OKLAHOMA 7/31 Warrenton 7/07 Denver 6/20 Battle Creek 7/18 Broken Arrow 7/07 Kalamazoo 7/25 Edmond WASHINGTON CONNECTICUT 7/28 Paw Paw 6/30 Renton 7/01 New Haven 8/04 Niles OREGON 7/01 Tri Cities 6/28 Medford FLORIDA MINNESOTA 6/29 Hillsboro WISCONSIN 6/23 Orlando 6/23 Woodbury 6/22 Madison 6/26 Mankato 7/03 Cedarburg GEORGIA 7/14 Minneapolis PENNSYLVANIA 7/06 Whitewater 7/28 Atlanta 7/08 Chambersburg 7/12 Salem 7/30 Erie 7/13 La Crosse IOWA Muscatine MISSISSIPPI 7/31 Johnsonburg 8/01 Rice Lake 7/01 Waukee 7/24 Ocean Springs 8/01 Erie Davenport 7/25 Hattiesburg 8/01 West Chester WEST VIRGINIA 7/10 Oskaloosa 8/03 Allentown 7/30 Charleston NORTH CAROLINA 8/04 Allentown 7/12 7/29 Charlotte 8/05 Pittsburgh WYOMING 7/30 Raleigh/Durham 7/06 Casper 8/03 SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. IDAHO NEBRASKA RHODE ISLAND 7/02 Eagle 7/09 Omaha 7/03 Bristol ILLINOIS NEW HAMPSHIRE SOUTH CAROLINA 7/11 Metamora 7/15 Manchester 6/25 Ft. Mill 7/13 Lisle 14 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

Premier Events DCI LOUISVILLE DCI WEST SUNDAY, JUNE 17 SATURDAY, JUNE 23 Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY Stanford Stadium, Stanford, CA Five of 2011’s Top 12 corps—including the World Champion Drum Corps International’s biggest West Coast encounter is Cadets—will be rocking Louisville in this early-season clash. always a burner.This season, the Pacific-based corps will be defending home turf against out-of-towners Phantom SCORE Regiment and the Boston Crusaders. Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ SCORE Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Blue Devils B Concord, CA __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Blue Devils C Concord, CA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ DCI ORLANDO PRESENTED BY Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ DEMOULIN BROS. Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ SATURDAY, JUNE 23 Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Renegades San Francisco, CA __________ DCI invades Florida earlier than usual this season, as five Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ World Class groups—including the Sunshine State’s own Teal Sound—square off at the Citrus Bowl. Vanguard Cadets Santa Clara, CA __________ SCORE DCI CENTRAL INDIANA The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ FRIDAY, JUNE 29 Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Scheumann Stadium @ Ball State University Muncie, IN The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ DCI returns to Ball State for the second year running with a powerful World Class lineup that pits Midwestern powers Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ against interlopers from Florida, South Carolina, and Wyoming. SCORE Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ GlassmenToledo, OH __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ 15

Premier Events DCI KALAMAZOO SATURDAY, JULY 7 WMU’s Waldo Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI World and Open Class groups will be turning up the July DCI MINNESOTA heat as they face off on Legends’ home turf as the 2012 season kicks into its second act. SATURDAY, JULY 14 SCORE TCF Bank Stadium @ University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Two-dozen performing groups will take the field in DCI’s biggest mid-season event. Glassmen Toledo, OH __________ Legends Kalamazoo, MI __________ SCORE Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ The AcademyTempe, AZ __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Racine Scouts Racine, WI __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Blue Saints Sudbury, ON __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ DRUMS ALONG THE ROCKIES Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ SATURDAY, JULY 7 Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver, CO The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Drum corps thunder will fill the rarefied air of the Mile High Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ City as groups from every corner of the country battle it out. Cascades Seattle, WA __________ SCORE The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ Colt Cadets Dubuque, IA __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Cascades Seattle, WA __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ GlassmenToledo, OH __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ Govenaires St. Peter, MN __________ Legends Kalamazoo, MI __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Minnesota Brass St. Paul, MN __________ Music City Nashville,TN __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Racine Scouts Racine, WI __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ DAVID SHANKBONE Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ 16 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

Premier Events DCI ST. LOUIS PRESENTED BY ETYMOTIC RESEARCH MONDAY, JULY 16 Leemon Field @ McKendree University Lebanon, IL A sellout event in 2011, the DCI Tour returns to the St. Louis area for the second straight year. SCORE Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Cascades Seattle, WA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Music City Nashville,TN __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ DCI NORTH DALLAS PRESENTED DCI AUSTIN BY RED RIVER THUNDER THURSDAY, JULY 19 THURSDAY, JULY 19 Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex, Austin, TX CH Collins Athletic Complex, Denton, TX As their fellow World Class groups battle it out in Dallas, DCI’s annual late July invasion brings the entire World Class another impressive collection of top DCI corps march into to the Lone Star State, with 10 of them squaring off in the Texas’ capital city for some great competition Dallas area. SCORE The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ SCORE Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, MI __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Forte Dallas,TX __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Genesis Edinburg,TX __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Glassmen Toledo, OH __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ 18 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

Premier Events DCI SOUTHWESTERN DCI DALLAS PRESENTED CHAMPIONSHIP BY NORTH TEXAS FESTIVAL OF DRUMS AND BUGLES SATURDAY, JULY 21 TUESDAY, JULY 24 Alamodome, San Antonio, TX Wildcat-Ram Stadium @ Lake Highlands H.S. All 23 World Class groups will take the field in what many Dallas, TX consider to be the unofficial start of the season’s stretch run. SCORE The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ Dallas gets a second dose of drum corps energy as 10 World Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Class groups wrap up DCI’s Texas tour. Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ SCORE Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Cascades Seattle, WA __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Cascades Seattle, WA __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Forte Dallas,TX __________ Forte Dallas,TX __________ Genesis Edinburg,TX __________ Glassmen Toledo, OH __________ Glassmen Toledo, OH __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ DCI SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ WEDNESDAY, JULY 25 Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ M. M. Roberts Stadium Hattiesburg, MS Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ The fifth anniversary of the DCITour in Hattiesburg brings nine Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ World Class corps to the University of Southern Mississippi. Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ SCORE Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ WORLD CLASS INDIVIDUAL & Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ ENSEMBLE COMPETITION SUNDAY, JULY 22 Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Sunset Station, San Antonio, TX Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ World Class corps members gather at historic Sunset Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Station in the heart of San Antonio for this annual showcase of DCI’s ultra-talented individuals and ensembles. Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ 20 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

Your Band and Orchestra Author ity OFFICIAL COR NSOR PORATE SPO From the practice room to the performance field, We’ve got you covered! WoThoedwind&Brasswind FREE SHIPPING 800.348.5003 on most orders P.O. Box 7479 | Westlake Village, CA 91359 NO SALES TAX COLLECTED except in CA, UT, MO, IN & WA FAST SHIPPING WORLDWIDE to more than 90 countries on many popular models

Premier Events DCI ARKANSAS DCI ATLANTA SOUTHEASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY, JULY 26 SATURDAY, JULY 28 War Memorial Stadium, Little Rock, AR Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA After a successful debut in 2011, DCI heads back to Little Rock as 10 corps start their push toward the Finals. Always a key date on the Drum Corps International schedule, all 23 World Class corps will patrol the Georgia SCORE Dome turf to compete head-to-head.The large lineup—and the Georgia Dome’s indoor setting—make this a key The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ preview two weeks before the World Championships in Indianapolis. Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ SCORE Cascades Seattle, WA __________ The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Atlanta CV Atlanta, GA __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Glassmen Toledo, OH __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Cascades Seattle, WA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ GlassmenToledo, OH __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ 22 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

Premier Events DCI EASTERN CLASSIC J. Birney Crum Stadium, Allentown, PA Tradition abounds in this longstanding two-night event leading up to Championships Week. FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 SCORE Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Teal Sound Jacksonville, FL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 SCORE The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ Bridgemen Alumni Bayone, NJ __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Cascades Seattle, WA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio,TX __________ Glassmen Toledo, OH __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ 24 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

The Academy IT’S HARD TO EXPLAIN People always ask about your summer job. We know it’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s better that way... WWW.QUAN T UM M AR CHING.COM

Premier Events The Tour of Champions series is an exciting live entertainment format featuring the top eight corps from last summer. In addition to the corps’ traditional com- petitive productions, fans get an exclusive look inside the drum corps experience, including a chance to interact with members, special pre-show and intermission entertainment, and a finale by the combined forces of all eight groups. 1) SHOW OF SHOWS SUNDAY, JULY 15 Boylan High School Stadium Rockford, IL 2) DCI HOUSTON PRESENTED BY THE EXSIGHTMENT OF SOUND FRIDAY, JULY 20 Berry Center Athletic Complex Cypress, TX 3) THE MASTERS OF THE SUMMER MUSIC GAMES PRESENTED BY JUPITER/MAPEX/MAJESTIC FRIDAY, JULY 27 Floyd Stadium, Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, TN 4) NIGHTBEAT SUNDAY, JULY 29 American Legion Memorial Stadium Charlotte, NC 5) MUSIC IN MOTION SUNDAY, AUGUST 5 MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ Blue Devils Concord, CA ( 11) SCORE ( 22) SCORE ( 33) SCORE (44) SCORE ( 55) SCORE Bluecoats Canton, OH Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ 26 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

Phantom Regiment IT’S HARD TO EXPLAIN People always ask what you did to get that tan. We know it’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s better that way... WWW.QUAN T UM M AR CHI NG.COM

Michigan City The 2012 Open Class World OPEN CLASS FINALS Championship begins on Aug. 6 with a two-day format TUESDAY, AUGUST 7 introduced in 2011. Open Class corps will also be eligible to compete in Ames Field Michigan City, IN Indianapolis beginning with the World Championship Prelims on Aug. 9. 1. _______________________________________ 2. _______________________________________ OPEN CLASS PRELIMS SCORE 3. _______________________________________ SCORE 4. _______________________________________ MONDAY, AUGUST 6 __________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 6. _______________________________________ __________ Ames Field Michigan City, IN __________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 8. _______________________________________ __________ 1. _______________________________________ __________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ 2. _______________________________________ __________ 10. _______________________________________ __________ 3. _______________________________________ __________ 11. _______________________________________ __________ 4. _______________________________________ __________ 12. _______________________________________ __________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 6. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 8. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ 10. _______________________________________ __________ OPEN CLASS CAPTION AWARDS 11. _______________________________________ __________ 12. _______________________________________ __________ Best Brass Performance 13. _______________________________________ __________ 14. _______________________________________ __________ ______________________________________________________________________ 15. _______________________________________ 16. _______________________________________ Best General Effect 17. _______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 18. _______________________________________ Best Visual Performance ______________________________________________________________________ Best Percussion Performance ______________________________________________________________________ Best Color Guard Performance ______________________________________________________________________ 28 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

IT’S The Academy HARD TO EXPLAIN People always ask if it’s like a Xylophone. We know it’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s better that way... WWW.QUANTUMMAR CHING.COM

Indianapolis DCI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PRELIMS Drum Corps International returns to THURSDAY, AUGUST 9 Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2012 World Championships, August 9-11. Situated Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the state-of-the-art facility features a SCORE retractable roof, multiple seating lev- els, and family-friendly amenities. 1. _______________________________________ __________ 2. _______________________________________ __________ Entrance: Championship attendees should use the east 3. _______________________________________ __________ 4. _______________________________________ __________ side entrance of Lucas Oil Stadium. 5. _______________________________________ __________ 6. _______________________________________ __________ Tickets: For the general public, the box office on the 7. _______________________________________ __________ 8. _______________________________________ __________ southeast corner of Lucas Oil Stadium will be utilized for 9. _______________________________________ __________ ticket sales and will call pickup. 10. _______________________________________ __________ 11. _______________________________________ __________ Parking: There are more than 66,000 parking spaces in 12. _______________________________________ __________ 13. _______________________________________ __________ downtown Indianapolis, including surface lots that accom- 14. _______________________________________ __________ modate oversized vehicles. For more details, check out the 15. _______________________________________ __________ Downtown Indianapolis Parking Database at 16. _______________________________________ __________ parking.cfm. 17. _______________________________________ __________ 18. _______________________________________ __________ The Warmup Zone: Come to historic Military Park (601 19. _______________________________________ __________ West New York St.) to see all your favorite drum corps as they prepare to take the field each day during the World Championships. Corps generally start to warm up about an hour before show time. Festival Marketplace: Immediately upon entering Lucas Oil Stadium, fans will find themselves immersed in the Festival Marketplace. Check out the Drum Corps International Team Store, featuring DCI and Championship merchandise and apparel. All of the individual corps and DCI sponsors will also have their own booths lining the concourse leading to all of the seating areas. SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK EVENTS The week will be filled with celebrations of DCI’s 40th anniversary. Read all about the Grand Reunion, Parade, and more on page 34. 30 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

20. _______________________________________ SCORE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SCORE 21. _______________________________________ SEMIFINALS 22. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 23. _______________________________________ __________ FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 __________ 24. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 25. _______________________________________ __________ Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN __________ 26. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 27. _______________________________________ __________ 1. _______________________________________ __________ 28. _______________________________________ __________ 2. _______________________________________ __________ 29. _______________________________________ __________ 3. _______________________________________ __________ 30. _______________________________________ __________ 4. _______________________________________ __________ 31. _______________________________________ __________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ 32. _______________________________________ __________ 6. _______________________________________ __________ 33. _______________________________________ __________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ 34. _______________________________________ __________ 8. _______________________________________ __________ 35. _______________________________________ __________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ 36. _______________________________________ __________ 10. _______________________________________ __________ 37. _______________________________________ __________ 11. _______________________________________ __________ 38. _______________________________________ __________ 12. _______________________________________ __________ 39. _______________________________________ __________ 13. _______________________________________ __________ 40. _______________________________________ __________ 14. _______________________________________ __________ 41. _______________________________________ __________ 15. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 16. _______________________________________ __________ __________ 17. _______________________________________ __________ 18. _______________________________________ __________ 19. _______________________________________ __________ 20. _______________________________________ __________ 21. _______________________________________ 22. _______________________________________ 23. _______________________________________ 24. _______________________________________ 25. _______________________________________ 31

Indianapolis WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SCORE FINALS __________ SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 __________ __________ Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN __________ __________ 1. _______________________________________ __________ 2. _______________________________________ __________ 3. _______________________________________ __________ 4. _______________________________________ __________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ 6. _______________________________________ __________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ 8. _______________________________________ 9. _______________________________________ 10. _______________________________________ 11. _______________________________________ 12. _______________________________________ WORLD CLASS CAPTION AWARDS George Zingali Award for Best Color Guard ______________________________________________________________________ John Brazale Award for Best Visual Performance ______________________________________________________________________ Don Angelica Award for Best Overall General Effect ______________________________________________________________________ Jim Ott Award for Best Brass Performance ______________________________________________________________________ Fred Sanford Award for Best Percussion Performance ______________________________________________________________________ 32 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

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A MAJOR CELEB With new and noteworthy events—including a reunion of historic proportions—Drum Corps International will mark its 40th Anniversary in a style worthy of Marching Music’s Major League. You’ve never seen a Championship Week quite like this. Open Class Individual & Ensemble Competition Getting ready for Prelims 34 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

RATION R By Mike Levine a at Pre is fo ks Re ind a out ickoff e ent ho e Party a of ine a a e nduction R or d ass a R etPGaaeyirrftafyinnoudatfrsoRcteehouernesionony... ndy e e rate rts Parade ina s i ht Age-Out Get ready to party! Always the highlight of Ceremony the Drum Corps International season, Championships Week will be even more intense than usual this year as DCI celebrates its 40th anniversary. Officially, the week starts on Monday with Michigan City’s Open Class World Championships (August 6–7). But things reach a fever pitch when the drum corps community invades Indianapolis from Wednesday through Saturday (August 8–11). Here’s a quick guide to the special events on and off the field—including the biggest reunion in DCI history—that make DCI’s 2012 World Championships into a week to remember. 8WED The Indy action starts on Wednesday at 2:00 PM, with the Open Class Individual AUG & Ensemble Competition at the Indiana Convention Center adjacent to Lucas Oil Stadium. (The World Class I&E happens in San Antonio on July 22.) There’s no better way to get jazzed for the 35

corps competition ahead than to competition: First, the support these individual perform- new Hall of Fame class ers and small units as they square will be introduced to off in a range of categories. the crowd, followed by On Wednesday evening, kick the always poignant back and join the celebration as Age-Out Ceremony, DCI inducts five new members— as members in their final season bid their George Bevilacqua, Marty Hurley, Kickoff Party Michael Klesch, Mel Stratton, and corps a fond—and often Scott Johnson—into its Hall of Fame DCI and your favorite groups. tearful—farewell. “The age-out cere- (read more about them on page 145). Fans who can’t be in Indianapolis mony is very special—very moving,” The induction ceremonies are part of for the Prelims don’t have to miss all Jacobs says. “It really gives you a DCI’s annual Kickoff Party, which starts the action. Starting at 6:30 PM local chance to see the way the drum corps at 9:30 PM at Historic Union Station, a time, the performances of the last 15 experience has affected the members. picturesque old Union Pacific railroad Prelims competitors will be broadcast Corps members will often leave a token station that’s been converted into a live to almost 600 theaters nationwide of their experience—like shoes or other hotel and events venue. “There’s a cock- for Drum Corps at the Movies: Big Loud mementos—on the field marking the tail party and a silent auction that raises & Live 9 (, a spectacu- end of their DCI careers.“ money for the Hall of Fame scholarship lar production offering pristine sound As future alumni, 2012’s age-outs programs,” says DCI marketing director and high-definition images. “Big Loud will also get to see firsthand that the Bob Jacobs. “It’s a great mixer and a and Live has come a long way since bond between drum corps members really fun way to start the week.” we started it nine years ago,” Jacobs never really breaks. And there’s no bet- 9THUR The World Championship reflects. “With the technology we ter way to demonstrate and strength- battle starts in earnest at have now, big-screen drum corps has become an experience unto itself.” en these connections than at Friday’s AUG 9:00 AM Thursday with the Grand Reunion ceremonies, where DCI World Championship Prelims at Lucas Oil Stadium. This will be the second 1FR0I will honor alumni from throughout the straight season in which both Open AUG You’ll barely have time to organization’s 40-year history. catch your breath before Friday’s World Championship It all starts at Lucas Oil Stadium immediately after the age-out cere- and World Class squads will be eligi- Semifinals begin at 2:00 PM. By the mony with a special event honoring ble to compete head-to-head, with the time it’s over, the field will be down to former DCI members from as far back top 25 groups moving on to Friday’s 12 Finalists. as 1972, who will march on the field Semifinals. You’ll want to stick around Lucas Oil to be recognized by fans and current While the official com- Stadium after Friday’s members. Then the lights will dim and petition goes on indoors, you can watch a dizzying ont or et array of groups warm up to... heck outside Lucas Oil Stadium. out the The Stadium’s halls also provide one of the most arket ace comfortable settings for the Festival Marketplace, Vendors in the halls of where you can find apparel and Lucas Oil souvenirs showing your love for Stadium 36 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

a video will play on Lucas Oil Stadium’s massive screen, high- lighting legendary drum corps per- formances from throughout DCI’s rich 40-year history. After the Lucas Oil Stadium cer- emonies wrap up, fans who Al Chez have purchased one of the Championship Week Grand Reunion ticket packages (DCI. org/reunion) will be able to Age-outs about to take the field attend the Grand Reunion GfGPoeartrartttnyhdice. kReetusnion try,” Jacobs says. “The Kentucky Derby After-Party at the nearby Crane Festival and the Tournament of Roses have a lot of bands, but nothing can Bay Event Center. “It was the match this event.” The parade ends at the Indiana War Memorial, where home of all the Rolling Stone all the musicians will play a patriotic song together in what is becoming one Super Bowl parties,” Jacobs of the most moving traditions of the DCI season. “It’s a really impressive says. “It’s got both the size display,” Jacobs says. “There will be about 3,000 kids playing—including and the vibe to host what we about 60 or 70 tuba players! The sound will be immense.” expect to be the greatest party drum alumni may jump onto the bandstand Finally, at 5:30, it’s time for the World before the night is done.” Championship Finals at Lucas Oil corps has ever seen.” Stadium as DCI gets set to crown its 41st World Champion, putting yet another The party will feature trumpeter Al SAT great season into the annals of history. Chez and his band,The Brothers of Funk. 11 Saturday starts in spectacu- lar fashion at 11:00 AM as Chez, a former member of the Cadets, AUG DCI’s non-Finalist groups has worked with everyone from Tower of Power to the Robert Cray Band, march through the streets of down- Spyro Gyra, and Jon Bon Jovi, but may town Indianapolis in the Celebrate Indy be best known for playing in The Late Arts! Parade. “With around 30 corps Show with David Letterman band. “It’s marching along with a dozen or so going to be a great show,” Jacobs says. Indy-based arts organizations, it’s the “And who knows? A few surprise guest largest musical parade in the coun- Celebrate Indy Arts! Parade 38 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

• A Drum Corps at the Movies Event • Only One Night: Live from the World Championship Prelims Experience the world’s most elite marching music ensembles from the air-conditioned comfort of a movie theater near you! Live and larger-than-life from the 50-yard line of Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium. Thursday, August 9 For participating theaters and tickets visit For event information visit

TShceorIneside A fan’s guide to DCI’s updated judging system. Drum Corps International groups have a unique mission: to entertain and connect with audiences on an emotional level while tightly executing very challenging music and movement. For four decades, DCI’s highly trained judging teams have been John Phillips Michael Cesario watching corps strive for the perfect balance between these two elements. But with shows becoming more creatively adventurous every year, DCI’s admin- istration and member corps decided that the judging system and overall philosophy deserved a fresh look for 2012. How will these changes affect the outcome of the World Championships? And what should the fans in the stands expect to see on the field? DCI’s Judge Administrator John Phillips and Artistic Director Michael Cesario break it down. Why and how did DCI weighted most heavily. Within each analysis and what the paradigms are update its judging system caption, there are subcaptions which in brass, percussion, color guard, and before this season? detail “What?”—that is the challenges visual proficiency. You’d be amazed at given to the performer, as well as what we ask our judges to consider! JOHN PHILLIPS The corps themselves “How?”—the qualities the performers have led the way [through creative brought to the event. The best captions for fans to judge innovation], and the judging system are Music and Visual General Effect. needed to catch up in some respects. How can fans judge the Not only do they have the most points MICHAEL CESARIO The really new con- action for themselves? attached, they also credit the group’s cept was to create a system that would ability to reach out to all of us in the evaluate and reward whatever the M.C. The new scoring sheets will be stands. In other captions, the audi- corps brought to the field, no matter available publicly so fans can clear- ence isn’t in the thick of it like the pro- how innovative, today and tomorrow. It ly see the criteria the judges will be uses eight captions; Music Effect, Visual using. Fans will now get to peer into Effect, Music Analysis, Visual Analysis, the “behind-the-scenes” captions to Brass, Percussion, Color Guard, and see what considerations determine Visual Proficiency, each with a specific those scores. They’ll know the stan- point allotment. The Effect captions are dards and details for visual and music 40 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

the event even ends. That allows John to eight judges provides more consis- Phillips and I to listen to and review the tency than fewer or more judges in tapes from the other side of the coun- similar studies. So the overall score is try often before the corps buses even not just a reflection of what one deems pull out of the parking lot! to be his or her favorite. ficiency judges down How does this compare to Will the new system be any on the field, so it’s previous changes? less rigorous? harder to gauge the clar- ity and precision displayed M.C. Long ago, we moved away from J.P. Regardless of the system in place, on the turf. punishing errors [in the ‘tick-based’ a corps must perform with quality and system] to rewarding achievement.The precision, as well as possess a sub- How will judges learn and stantive level of design. That will never maintain the new guidelines? object of this new system is to change! unify our approach, making it M.C. DCI fans don’t just want excite- J.P. We’re gathering the entire judging clearer, easier to use, and more ment—they want precision. They’ll get roster for a three-day training session to see groups rewarded for how well just prior to the season. Throughout transparent. We hope that if you the performers are able to master the the spring, they have been receiving read the new questions on the back of challenges given to them. Since we’ve support materials to help familiarize each [scoring] sheet, you’ll understand refreshed the evaluative boxes, raised them with the new system. We’re also what judges need to consider in evalu- the standards, and re-examined quali- conducting preseason “webinars” to ating every group. fications for forward score movement, ensure that each judge is ready to go. J.P. While we have a “new” system, we might see a few lower scores—at M.C. Like last year, judges will be eval- the groups that march and play their least as the season begins. Remember, uated throughout this season. Today’s instruments best will continue to be this is Marching Music’s Major League, judges record their commentary on rewarded. I hope fans will continue so we owe it to our participants and digital voice recorders, and those files to experience programs that are as fans to maintain and support the high- are uploaded to the Internet before accessible and engaging as we’ve seen est standards possible. in the past few seasons. It’s important to remember that we have a panel of Learn more about DCI’s new judging eight judges—some looking at the fine guidelines at details close up. Scientific research has proven that using a group of five 41

MARCHING ON! Whether playing professionally or n Friday, August 10, hundreds of performing just for young men and women will under- fun, many Drum go the bittersweet rite of passage Corps International alumni known as “aging out” in a ceremony are finding ways to keep in marking the end of their eligibility to step with the activity they march in a Drum Corps International love so dearly. BY RICH BRESKE group. But after the tearful goodbyes, many will learn what thousands of their fellow alumni 42 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK have discovered over the years—the experi- ence continues to shape their lives. “Drum corps helped me in the same way it helped so many of my fellow members,” says Phantom Regiment alumnus Peter Bond, who plays trumpet with New York’s Metropolitan Opera. “It gave us all a strong work ethic, a commit- ment to excellence, self-confidence, and excep- tional perseverance.” Of course, not all alumni graduate to a major professional ensemble, but many stay con- nected by becoming music or dance educators, band directors, composers, arrangers, judges, or choreographers, perhaps even serving as

Clockwise from top left: drum corps instructors or designers over the USMC, The Commandant’s course of their careers. Own (Sergeant Nate Morris, The experience also resonates with alumni right-most drummer); who make their living outside of music. “It tre- Minnesota Brass member mendously increased my ability to focus and Erin Van Burkleo; a member my sense of self-motivation,” says Lockheed of the Atlanta CV color guard; satellite systems engineer Mike Bertram. But Metropolitan Opera Trumpeter instead of merely basking in the memories of Peter Bond; members of the his time with the Garfield Cadets and Santa San Francisco Renegades per- Clara Vanguard, Bertram continues to take the field, leading the mellophone section for the cussion section. San Francisco Renegades—one of ten all-age (a.k.a. “senior”) groups scheduled to perform at DCI events this season. According to Minnesota Brass marimba player Erin Van Burkleo—a front ensemble percussion instructor for several Minneapolis- area high schools—members of all-age groups enjoy many of the same benefits they recall from their junior drum corps days. “As I continue to teach and perform, my marching experi- ence continues to inspire me to be the best I can be and to keep on improving every season,” the former Academy member says. 43

Metallurgical engineer Chris Boldt sees a direct paral- lel between his youthful tenure with the Cavaliers and his current assignment as baritone player with Minnesota Brass. “There are a myriad of skills that marching pro- motes: teamwork, discipline, focus, goal setting, indi- vidual accountability, etc.,” he explains. “But one of the most important is learning how to ‘practice excellence.’ Drum corps instills a methodology for rehearsing things the correct way, every rep, down to the last detail. You practice the excellence into your performance so that it USMC Sergeant becomes standard and not accidental. I believe this is Courtney Lawrence something that not only applies to musical pursuits, but Exhibitions by The Commandant’s Own have been a translates to any aspect of your life.” mainstay at the DCI World Championship Finals, and the unit While some all-age corps stick to playing exhibitions, has regularly counted DCI alumni among its ranks, including about two dozen compete under the auspices of Drum the newest addition, former Colts trumpeter Derek Hessing, Corps Associates ( DCA holds its World who will join the unit after basic training this summer. Championships over Labor Day weekend (this season, Aug. Another Colts alum, Sgt. Leanne Splitter, teaches cornet 31-Sep. 2, 2012 in Annapolis, Maryland). Minnesota Brass and trumpet and performs with Marine Corps ensembles. won the DCA Open Class title in 2011. Smaller DCA corps can “I think it’s great that kids want to continue to march when also compete in its Class A division. they’re ‘retired’ from us,” says Colts executive director Greg Uniform Values Orwoll. “It tells me that they indeed had a great experience here to want to continue on as adults.” No “senior” group has a prouder history—or offers a USMC Sergeant Courtney Lawrence says her tenure with more direct reflection of the DCI experience—than the U.S. a DCI group demonstrated how she could resolve what Marine Corps Drum & Bugle Corps. “The par- WE THOROUGHLY seemed like conflicting goals. “I allels between marching in a DCI group and ENJOY COMPETING AND had been planning to attend the the USMC are striking,” says Sergeant Nate BRINGING THE CROWD United States Naval Academy Morris, a former drummer and instructor with TO ITS FEET. for years, but changed my mind Boston Crusaders. “Much can be achieved when I fell in love with music,” with good hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and a the Phantom Regiment alumna little bit of patience.” explains. “I remember seeing The Commandant’s Own at the 2003 DCI World Championships. My desire to be a Marine never quite went away, so when I learned I could pursue my passion for music while serving in the Marine Corps, it seemed like the perfect fit.” Marching in the military is a clear career path. But what inspires so many civilians to take on the demands of per- forming in a drum corps? For many, it’s about recapturing a sense of community, even after years away. “I wasn’t able to stay involved after leaving the Blue Devils color guard in 1981,” says Lee Sowers. But after 25 years of work, child-rearing, and following drum corps from afar, seeing the Renegades members Madge and Ray Sanchez 44 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

2007 World Championships in Pasadena inspired her to MARCHING ONTO BIG STAGES join the Renegades’ front ensemble—even though it meant It’s no accident that some of the top musicians in the learning a new instrument and traveling over 350 miles each world have at least one summer of drum corps on their way for rehearsals twice a month. “It can be difficult,” she resumes. Few experiences both immerse and challenge admits. “But it’s easier thanks to the friends I carpool with. a performer like a season from winter rehearsals through That’s the number-one benefit of the activity.The friendships spring training and on to the World Championships. I made when I marched; the friends I’ve reconnected with on “Some of the most intense perfor- mances of my life were in drum corps,” Facebook; the ones I see on and off the field at shows; and says Chris Martin, principal trumpet for the new friends I keep making simply by having one thing in the Chicago Symphony, who marched common: drum corps.” with the Spirit of Atlanta. “The expe- Like Sowers, Madge Sanchez was a guard member in the rience was important because you played every day and spent so much 1980s (Blue Knights and Velvet Knights). She later marched time working toward a goal. The com- with the Kingsmen alumni and senior corps before joining plete commitment to a drum corps the Renegades pit in 2009, where she now performs along- goal was essential.” Jim Riley Just a few other notable alumni side her soprano bugle-playing husband, Ray. “We both include Nashville drummer Jim Riley, a former Velvet thoroughly enjoy competing and bringing the crowd to its Knight best known for touring with Rascal Flatts; Wilco feet,” she says. “One of my fondest memories is the moment drummer/percussionist Glenn Kotche, who marched with the Kingsmen alumni corps marched onto the field for the the Cavaliers; and trumpeter Al Chez, a former member of DCI Semifinals at the Rose Bowl in 2007. I’ll never forget the Cadets who now plies his trade with The Late Show looking into the stands and thinking, ‘You are not going to with David Letterman band. Bridgemen alumnus Tommy Igoe has worked with Blood Sweat & Tears, Glenn Miller believe what you are about to see!’” Orchestra, and many others. Simon Boyar, a former mem- Sanchez adds that while playing on the all-age circuit Jeff Kievit may not always be as rigorous as a DCI tour, it’s still physi- ber of Jersey Surf, teaches at cally demanding. “The health benefits are amazing!” she New York University’s percus- sion department and is an says. “Hauling heavy pit equipment around or marching and active composer, producer, Chris Boldt of playing at 172 beats per and performer. Jeff Kievit Minnesota Brass minute definitely makes moved on from his stint in you pay attention to diet the Hawthorne Muchachos to and conditioning.” become an active producer, session trumpeter, and member of Broadway pit bands. Friendships and fit- Original Blast! cast member Jeff Queen—like Igoe, a popu- ness may be power- lar presenter of instructional drum DVDs—marched with ful inducements, but Bluecoats, Velvet Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Blue underneath it all, many Knights. Blast! isn’t the only ensemble cast to feature for- mer DCI members: Blue Man Group has also drawn from all-age corps mem- the drum corps ranks. bers continue to march Other former members combine performing with teach- because they still crave ing and credit drum corps with helping them forge their the competition that sets drum corps apart from other art career paths. Former Madison Scout Keith Dudek tours with country star Glen Templeton, forms. “Just working to be the best you can be and putting freelances, and serves as the on a great show for the fans is definitely rewarding,” Boldt drum line instructor for Wilson concludes. “But let’s be honest: Everyone wants to win, and Central High School in Lebanon, striving to achieve that goal isn’t really a bad thing. And I Tenn. “I experienced my first DCI must admit, being announced as the DCA Champion in 2011 show in seventh grade and knew I would march someday,” Dudek felt a little bit better than being announced in third place says. “I dreamed of playing music with the 1989 Cavaliers.” professionally from a young age Keith Dudek and I’m very glad I pursued it.” 45

“ e Com andant’s Own” The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps USMC.Drumcorps

DCI Decades’72 The first four ’12 Over its 40-year history, Drum Corps International has marched on through war and peace, economic boom and bust, and constant changes to art, pop culture, and technology. Join us as we look back at some key moments both on and off the field. 1972-1981 1982-1991 1992-2001 2002-2011 IN THE BEGINNING Drum Corps ■ Anaheim Kingsmen ■ Argonne Rebels ■ Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights ■ Blue Rock International was born when a pioneering baker’s dozen of ■ Blue Stars * ■ Boston Crusaders * ■ Cavaliers* groups decided that the activity needed new guidelines to ■ De La Salle Oaklands ■ Garfield Cadets * promote the creative goals of both staff and—more impor- ■ Madison Scouts * ■ Santa Clara Vanguard * tant—marching members. Of those first 13 groups, seven ■ Troopers* ■ 27th Lancers remain part of DCI’s World Class (indicated by *). 47

DCi’s KInfiitnrTCesghrhts1enamDamA9treinup7onaminoh2waneClisinoWmhritopphrs.eld First Decade By the mid-‘70s, DCI will expand 1972-1981 to include two more divisions: A-Class 1972 (equivalent to Pong is today’s Open Class) a state- and All-Girl. of-the art video arcade game. GOLDEN (STATE) AGE Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard each win four titles in DCI’s first decade. Madison Scouts are the only non-California corps to win. 1973 3 ELECTIONS PRESIDENTIAL PHOTOS: WHITE HOUSE PHOTO OFFICE; VIETNAM: U.S. ARMY 4 PRESIDENTS U.S. TROOPS PULL OUT OF Richard Nixon wins a second VIETNAM. term in 1972 but Watergate leads to his resignation in August of 1974. His replacement, Gerald Ford, loses the ‘76 election to Jimmy Carter, who is defeated in 1980 by Ronald Reagan. 1975 A TV broadcast of the DCI Finals first airs on PBS. 48 2012 DCI SOUVENIR YEARBOOK

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