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Drum Corps International 2016 Yearbook

Published by Drum Corps International, 2019-06-10 10:51:15

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COR ®NSOR wFromet’hve peracgticoe rtooymotouthecpeorfovrmeanrceefideld., OFFICIAL PORATE SPO 15% off accessory items Promo code: DCI2016 800.348.5003 | Expires 9/30/16. Exclusions apply. 1978since Attention educators! Educator pricing is now available online. Visit to request your educator login. Our expert Staff Advisors are here to help. 800.348.5003

Welcome Noah Perkins Drum Major Colts 2016 A word from one of Drum Corps International’s marching members Drum Corps International has the best fans.There are people in this audience who drove hours to be here. Music educators brought their entire bands. Families, friends, and com- plete strangers came together for one evening and for one purpose—to experience and celebrate everything these corps have to give. On behalf of Drum Corps International and all its performers, welcome to the show and to the 2016 DCITour. What you are about to see is an expression of the passion for performance that’s shared by each person who takes the field tonight. It’s also the culmination of months of dirt, tears and bruises, of long rehearsal days working toward the moment right now when we get to show you what we’ve learned.This is why we spend our summers pushing ourselves to the absolute limit, both physically and mentally. Every single performer you will see today has put in hours of hard work and fought through many hardships, though I don’t want to make it sound all bad.Through these hard- ships we learn about ourselves and create powerful bonds between corpsmates. The ultimate reward we get for all our work and all our sacrifice comes from all of you in the audience. Looking up from the field and seeing you jump to your feet, raucously shout- ing and applauding like your favorite team just scored the game-winner—that’s the real prize.To watch a stadium full of people go wild, to feel electricity coursing through the entire building, is pure euphoria. So if you like what the corps are giving you through their performances, please give them your energy and your applause. Thank you for supporting this incredible activity.Thank you to all our families and friends.Thank you to our band directors, who are often highly influential in starting us on this life-changing journey.We would not be able to perform if it weren’t for the vital support we receive from all around us. Please enjoy the show, and welcome again to the 2016 Drum Corps International Tour! Sincerely, 3

Welcome Daniel E. Acheson Executive Director/CEO Drum Corps International Drum Corps International Office of the Executive Director 110 W. Washington St., Suite C, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Welcome to the 2016 Drum Corps InternationalTour and the DCIWorld Championships. By giving us the gift of your presence at a DCI event, you have joined a global family that aspires to achieve excellence through music performance and in life. Being a performer with a DCI ensemble changes lives in ways that go far beyond the bounds of a stadium field.The same is true for the incredible teachers, volunteers, and leaders of the organizations who nurture the performers, making possible bold feats that many might never otherwise attempt. And then there are the families that make extraordinary commit- ments of time, money, and energy to allow these amazing students to excel. Just as the lives of the performers are transformed, so too are the lives of all those who come together to ensure that they realize their dreams.Your dedication to their pursuit of excellence is in itself an inspi- ration and motivates us all to work even harder on their behalf. In a recent speech, world-renowned music educator and motivational speaker Frank Troyka said, “There is something about experiencing music in the moment that makes it more real, more valuable, and more personal.”This is certainly true of the heart-pounding, earth-moving power of a drum corps performance, just like the ones that will be witnessed in more than 100 stadiums across the country this season. For our drum corps community, the key phrase inTroyka’s statement is “more personal.” Performers past and present, as well as all those who support them, have a deep personal connection to their experience in marching music.That connection is what keeps drum corps relevant and always evolving.The inspiration we receive from so many people makes us all want to reach new heights each season. And the benefits resulting from that desire come not only “in the moment” through performance, but also much later, as we watch our performers become leaders in music education as well as in countless other life and career pursuits. Thank you for supporting one of the world’s truly great music performance activities. Enjoy the entertainment, the virtuosity, and the fellowship that is Marching Music’s Major League™. Sincerely, 4 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Contents Features 51 The 34 We’re Off to Florida For the first time since 2012, Corps Drum Corps International has the Sunshine State on its tour map, The programs, repertoires, and staff members of which is as good a reason as any to look back at the importance corps competing on the 2016 DCI Tour. of Florida in drum corps history. By Michael Boo World Class ............... 52 40 The New SoundSport Festival Things are going Open Class ................ 97 to be a little different in Indy this August. Here are 10 things you All-Age ....................... 127 need to know about the newest Championships Week event: the SoundSport International Music & Food Festival. By Mac Randall 42 Drum Corps Veterans on Parade The average drum corps member marches for one to two seasons. But what about the decidedly non-average? We asked “old-timers” of five, six, and even nine years what keeps bringing them back for more. By Susan Poliniak 48 Corps Celebrations Three DCI corps are celebrating big anniversaries in 2016: Spirit of Atlanta’s 40th, Seattle Cascades’ 50th, and Phantom Regiment’s 60th. By Lauren Vogel Weiss Departments Welcome Championship Awards From the performers ............................3 World and Open Class winners From DCI’s Executive Director.............4 from the 2015 season.................... 134 About Hall of Fame Drum Corps International.................. 10 2016 Inductees.................................. 136 Past Honorees ................................... 137 2016 Events & Scorecard Friends of DCI Events Table of Contents .................... 13 Premier Events Scorecard .................. 14 The Inner Circle of DCI’s Tour of Champions .............................24 most committed fans .................... 138 SoundSport and DrumLine Battle .....26 Championships Week .........................28 Volunteers of the Year Open Class World Championship 2016 winners and past recipients..... 140 Events and Score Sheet..................29 DCI Performers Showcase..................30 Thank You! Indianapolis World Championship Recognizing all those who helped Events and Score Sheet..................30 make the 2016 season happen..... 142 Past Champions Postscript Commemorating more than Start looking ahead to DCI’s 45th four decades of World Champion anniversary season in 2017.............. 144 corps in all of DCI’s competitive divisions............................................ 128 6 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

2016 Souvenir Yearbook Dan Acheson Executive Director/CEO Bob Jacobs Director, Marketing John DeNovi Director, Sales & Business Development Chris Weber Sr. Manager, Communications Custom Published By: In Tune Partners, LLC Irwin Kornfeld CEO Mac Randall Editor Jackie Jordan Creative Director Michael R. Vella Production Director Barbara Boughton Business Manager Photography Drum Corps World Archives, Johnny Gilbert, Jolesch Enterprises, Jessica Skogh, Sid and Linda Unser Contributors Michael Boo, Susan Poliniak, Lauren Vogel Weiss Assistant Editor Kate Koenig Drum Corps International is the leader in producing events for the world’s most elite and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and performers. Business contact: 110 West Washington St. Suite C Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317.275.1212 Web: Editorial contact: [email protected] Advertising: [email protected] ©2016 Drum Corps International. All rights reserved. 7

Ad Index Band Shoppe .................................17 In Tune Partners..........................118 System Blue ................................. 98 Innovative Percussion............... 100 U.S. Army Bands.......................... 27 Drum Corps International Jupiter/Mapex/Majestic............. 25 U.S. Marine Drum & .......... 1, 106, 120, 122, 133, 135, 141 Lone Star Percussion .................116 Bugle Corps .................................. 23 ..............................inside back cover ............................ 124 Vic Firth..........................................21 .............. 135 Visit Indy....................................... 33 DCI Tour Schedule.........................12 Motif Music ...................................47 .......................... 9 Music For All ...............................110 WGI Sport of the Arts ............... 108 DeMoulin Bros. and Co. Pearl............................................... 50 The Woodwind & Brasswind ....... 2 ............................. inside front cover Percussive Arts Society.............112 Xtreme Brass & Percussion ....... 96 Remo, Inc. ..................................... 39 Yamaha...........................................11 Director’s Showcase Stanbury Uniforms...................... 45 Zildjian .......................... back cover International............................... 102 Drum Corps World..................... 126 Earasers ...................................... 104 Fred J. Miller, Inc. .......................... 5 French Lick Resort......................... 8 Halftime Magazine .....................114 “Come see OUR dome at French Lick Resort. It’s a National Historic Landmark.” Steve Rondinaro • DCI Broadcast Host 888-936-9360 • & French Lick Resort Marketing Manager

About Professional Staff FOR MORETHAN 40YEARS, Drum Corps International has Dan Acheson Brian Keller been the leader in producing events for the world’s most elite Executive Director/CEO Ticketing Manager and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and Megan Benson Jeff King performers.Thirteen original founding member corps formed Ticketing Coordinator Operations Director Drum Corps International in 1971 to organize and unify leader- Michael Boo Sue Kuehnhold ship. Directors of those competing groups sought to unite Staff Writer Director of Events, corps by providing opportunities to perform together—in the Carla Bowman Community & Corps end building a foundation for future success.The non-profit Staff Accountant Relations entity was officially established in 1972, and today supports Chelsea Broekema Connie Leide nearly 50 actively participating drum corps, which perform in Events and Meetings Accounting Administrator more than 100 competitive events that make up the annual Coordinator Wayne Leide Drum Corps International Tour. Some 400,000 fans will attend Kacy Burns Chief Financial Officer these events in 2016. Staff Accountant John Phillips Michael Cesario Judge Administrator In 2013, DCI launched two new performance initiatives, Artistic Director Jameson Rhodes SoundSport ® and DrumLine Battle™, which are bringing a whole Jeff Cox Technology Administrator new community of fans and participants to the competitive arts. Corps Housing Manager Duffy Teague With both domestic and international groups performing in a John DeNovi Travel & Meetings variety of formats, SoundSport and DrumLine Battle will be on Director of Sales and Manager display at select DCI shows this season, as well as in their own Business Development Rich Trotman special events. Tony DiCarlo Technology Manager Contest Director John Turner Drum Corps International is dedicated to the growth, Scott Dixon Open Class Judge well-being, promotion and support of the entire organization Relationship Manager Coordinator by providing each drum corps with services enabling them to David Eddleman Chris Weber perform and create a positive experience for members and fans. Open Class Coordinator Sr. Manager, Liz Glass Communications With a vast reach online at, through corporate spon- Office Services Manager Seasonal Staff sorship, annual broadcast initiatives, and outreach to high Kathy Harcourt Alex Emhardt school music programs, Drum Corps International delivers the Customer Service Al Ratcliffe message of “excellence in performance and in life” to more than Representative Andrea Underwood 7.2 million young people, ages 13-22 involved in the performing Shoshana Harper Event Managers arts across the U.S. Event Operations Dale Antoine Manager Pat Flynn Drum Corps International thrives largely from funding Jeff Hartowicz Mitch Huston received through ticket and merchandise sales (apparel, CDs, Video Services Manager Scott Litzenberg DVDs), and a percentage of all proceeds is distributed back to Jon Hensley Jill Moyer the individual corps to assist in operations.The success of Drum Merchandise Manager Rene Perez Corps International depends greatly on the amazing dedication Eric Hjellming Interns of hundreds of volunteers, as well as the remarkable hard work Business Development Austin Begle of each corps’ staff and performing members. Programs Manager Shawn Campopiano Tom Hope Kyle Carmack 10 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook DCI Pacific Division Kayla Garrett Representative Julian Gerace Bob Jacobs Conlon Griesmer Marketing Director Olivia Guns Grant Johnston Joey Hardy Warehouse Manager Tyler McCourt Robert Kaczanowski Andrea Neff Marketing Jerrick Olson Communications Elaine Toon Manager Katie Wietbrock Lauren Wilcox

MAERXCCHEILNLGE! MNUCSEI!C!2016 DRUM CORPS INTERNATIONAL TOUR VISIT DCI.ORG FOR ATNICDKIENTFSO! BHirumAnitnLsgvAhiBlaleAm•M•7A/71/528 IOWA Opelika • 7/29 SDiuobuuxqCuitey••77//1143 ARIZONA CeOFdWosakrareausRlotkaoeCpesiitad•ys•7•7•/81/7/27/5729 Mesa • 7/5 OvEelrDlaKonrAdaNdPoSarA•k7S•/178/12 BLeiAtnttlReoKnRvAoiclNlkeS••A77S//2179 CALIFORNIA Fresno • 6/24 Sacramento • 6/25 SOtaxnnfaorrdd••66//2296 AleKxEanNdTrUiaC•K7Y/16 Oceanside • 7/1 LOUISIANA WNiOnRstTonH-SCaAleRmO•L7IN/3A1 TENNESSEE T H E 2 0 1 6MoBSSBuPaaaRenanckilvrstelMaflaearmirdsoansfiewrieedHcnneoleaodrtsuo•••••s77•777e///7//321•11/79756/8Lafayette • 7/25OHIO Nashville • 7/29 COLORADO AMnnAaRpYolLisA•N8D/2 DCI WORLDDenver • 7/9 MCAhSesStAnuCtHHUilSl E• 7T/T2S Massillon • 6/25 TEXAS FLORIDA Hamilton • 6/27 Belton • 7/21 CHAMPIONSHIPSLakeland • 7/9 Lynn • 7/3 Dublin • 6/28 Denton • 7/21 DaytJounpaitBere•ac7h/1•17/12 Quincy • 8/4 Centerville • 8/2 Houston • 7/22 MICHIGAN Avon Lake • 8/6 San Antonio • 7/23 GEORGIA Troy • 7/30 Massillon • 8/8 Dallas • 7/25 Dallas • 7/16 Three Rivers • 7/31 Atlanta • 7/30 MINNESOTA OKLAHOMA UTAH Mankato • 7/6 Chickasha • 7/7 Ogden • 7/7 IDAHO MiMnRninoencahpeeoaslpitsoeAlrirs•e•7a7/•1/715/630 BroMkuesntaAnrrgo•w7•/276/20 VIRGINIA Boise • 7/6 MBIiSloSxIiS• S7/IP26PI Salem • 8/1 Hattiesburg • 7/27 OREGON WASHINGTON ILLINOIS WarrMenISsbSuOrUgR• 7I /18 Tigard • 7/2 Auburn • 7/1 Lisle • 7/2 NEBRASKA PPEittNsNbuSrYgLhV• A6/N2I8A Tri Cities • 7/5 Omaha • 7/11 Allentown • 6/30 WEST VIRGINIA LIVE! IN CINEMASRockford • 7/9 NMEaWncHheAstMePr S• 7H/I2R3E Sheffield • 7/29 Charleston • 8/1 A C R O S S A M E R I C A !MLDeetbeaKamnaloobnra••7•7/7/11/7113NEClWiftJonE•R7S/1EY Pittsburgh • 8/3 WISCONSIN NEW YORK Chester • 8/4 Whitewater • 6/25 DCI Tour Premiere • 6/23Macomb • 8/2 Buffalo • 8/7 Allentown • 8/5 Cedarburg • 7/3 Dixon • 8/3 Rome • 8/7 Johnsonburg • 8/5 La Crosse • 7/5 Allentown • 8/6 Madison • 7/10 BIG, LOUD & LIVE 13MInEidcvhiaaiIngnNsaaDvnpiIloCAleliiNts•yA•6•6/62//29236 Wausau • 7/14 Muncie • 7/1 Erie • 8/8 Waukesha • 7/31 RHODE ISLAND Oregon • 8/6 ORDER TICKETS FOR YOUR FAMILY TODAY!Ft.Wayne•8/2 WYOMING Cranston • 7/5 Casper • 7/8 WWoWrolodrOrlOdlpCdpehCeCnahnhmaCaCmlpmaliapsopsisnoisosPnnFhsrsiiehnphliaipiSmplsePsFm-ri-enMiflMaiiimnlcisachshl–isg–igIa–nIanndnIdniCaiCdiantiinyata,yanp,IpaoNIopNlilos•i•sli•8s•8/8•9/8/818/13/112 SOUTH CAROLINA from Indy’s Lucas Oil Stadium • 8/11 Lexington • 7/8 ©2016 Drum Corps International Events and dates subject to change. rev 06/16

SCHEDULE & Premier Events SCORECARD Use the following pages to find events near you and record the scores as a keepsake! Inside 1 4Premier Events................... 24Tour of Champions .......... DrumLine Battle & 26SoundSport ...................... 28Championships Week ...... 29Michigan City............... 30Indianapolis .................. SoDDurenundm(osSteLepeinsoerpetavBcgeaoentmtt2lepw6e)ai.ttnihtdion 13

Premier Events DCI Central Indiana Friday, July 1 BALL STATE UNIVERSITY Muncie, IN Carolina Crown serves as drum corps in residence in the days leading up to this event that concludes the Music For All Summer Symposium, a camp for high school musicians. DCI Tour Premiere Blue Stars La Crosse, WI SCORE Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC presented by French Lick Resort The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Thursday, June 23 Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Genesis Austin, TX __________ LUCAS OIL STADIUM Indianapolis, IN Legends Kalamazoo, MI __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ This kickoff event of the 2016 DCI Tour will also be Troopers Casper, WY __________ broadcast live in movie theaters across the country. __________ __________ SCORE East Coast Classic __________ Saturday, July 2 __________ __________ BOSTON COLLEGE Chestnut Hill, MA __________ __________ In a new venue for 2016, a cast of Northeast-area __________ heavyweights is bolstered by long-distance travelers Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, and Crossmen. Bluecoats Canton, OH 7th Regiment New London, CT SCORE Boston Crusaders Boston, MA Bluecoats Canton, OH The Cadets Allentown, PA Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL Crusaders Senior Boston, MA __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ DCI West The Muchachos Manchester, NH __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Sunday, June 26 Spartans Nashua, NH __________ __________ STANFORD UNIVERSITY Stanford, CA __________ The Madison Scouts travel west to join this lineup of Pacific powerhouses. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE Blue Devils Concord, CA Blue Devils B Concord, CA __________ Blue Devils C Concord, CA __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Golden Empire Bakersfield, CO __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Vanguard Cadets Santa Clara, CA __________ __________ __________ 14 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Drums Along the Rockies Premier Events Saturday, July 9 SPORTS AUTHORITY FIELD AT MILE HIGH Denver, CO The Cavaliers head to the Blue Knights’ hometown for the first time since 2009 in one of the DCI Tour’s oldest events. Corps at the Crest Blue Devils Concord, CA SCORE Los Angeles Blue Knights Denver, CO The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ presented by Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization Columbians Tri-Cities, WA __________ Saturday, July 2 Gold Oceanside, CA __________ Golden Empire Bakersfield, CA __________ ROSE BOWL STADIUM Pasadena, CA Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Familiar to drum corps and fans as the site of the Seattle Cascades Seattle, WA __________ 2007 DCI World Championships, the Rose Bowl is Troopers Casper, WY __________ a prime location for this early July showdown. __________ __________ The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE DCI Jupiter Blue Devils Concord, CA Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Monday, July 11 Gold Oceanside, CA __________ Golden Empire Bakersfield, CA __________ JUPITER HIGH SCHOOL Jupiter, FL Impulse Buena Park, CA __________ Incognito Garden Grove, CA __________ The second of three Florida events in 2016, this is Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ also the furthest south the DCI Tour has come since Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ the 1983 DCI World Championships in Miami. Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Watchmen Riverside, CA __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH SCORE __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ DCI Central Florida Heat Wave Inverness, FL __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Saturday, July 9 Legends Kalamazoo, MI __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Lakeland, FL __________ __________ Returning to Florida for the first time since 2012, the DCI Tour makes its first stop between Tampa and Orlando. Bluecoats Canton, OH SCORE Boston Crusaders Boston, MA The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Heat Wave Inverness, FL __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Legends Kalamazoo, MI __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ __________ __________ 15

Premier Events DCI St. Louis SCORE DCI North Alabama Monday, July 11 __________ presented by U.S. Army Bands __________ Friday, July 15 MCKENDREE UNIVERSITY Lebanon, IL __________ Carolina Crown joins this St. Louis-area __________ ALABAMA A&M Huntsville, AL lineup for the first time since 2013. __________ __________ A lineup of World, Open, and All-Age Class corps returns to The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ the Rocket City to compete at A&M’s Louis Crews Stadium. Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC Music City Nashville, TN SCORE Bluecoats Canton, OH SCORE Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA Boston Crusaders Boston, MA Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Racine Scouts Racine, WI __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Shadow Oregon, WI __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ __________ Legends Portage, MI __________ DCI Daytona Beach __________ Louisiana Stars Lafayette, LA __________ __________ Music City Nashville, TN __________ Tuesday, July 12 __________ Southern Knights Birmingham, AL __________ __________ Southwind Mobile, AL __________ MUNICIPAL STADIUM Daytona Beach, FL Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Drum corps march to the Atlantic coast __________ in this final event of 2016 in Florida. __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH DCI Kentucky Boston Crusaders Boston, MA The Cadets Allentown, PA presented by DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Crossmen San Antonio, TX Saturday, July 16 Heat Wave Inverness, FL Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ CAMPBELL COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Alexandria, KY Legends Kalamazoo, MI Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA The 2016 tour reaches Kentucky at a later date than usual, as corps make their way back north from Florida. 16 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook Bluecoats Canton, OH SCORE Boston Crusaders Boston, MA The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Cincinnati Tradition Cincinnati, OH __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ __________ __________

Premier Events DCI Minnesota Saturday, July 16 TCF BANK STADIUM Minneapolis, MN The biggest lineup to date on the 2016 DCI Tour features World, Open and All-Age Class corps at the University of Minnesota. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE DCI Central Texas Blue Devils Concord, CA Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ presented by Band Shoppe Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Thursday, July 21 The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Colt Cadets Dubuque, IA __________ UNIVERSITY OF MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR Belton, TX Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Genesis Austin, TX __________ This kickoff event to 2016’s “Texas Tour” enters Govenaires St. Peter, MN __________ its sophomore year at Crusader Stadium. Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, WI SCORE Minnesota Brass St. Paul, MN __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Genesis Austin, TX __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Racine Scouts Racine, WI __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ River City Rhythm Anoka, MN __________ Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ Seattle Cascades Seattle, WA __________ __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ __________ __________ DCI Denton presented by The Cavaliers for Red River Thunder Thursday, July 21 C.H. COLLINS ATHLETIC COMPLEX Denton, TX World and Open Class corps help get things started in the Lone Star State in this event north of Fort Worth. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE Blue Knights Denver, CO Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Guardians Houston, TX __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ __________ __________ 18 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

DCI Southwestern Premier Events Championship presented by Fred J. Miller, Inc. Saturday, July 23 ALAMODOME San Antonio, TX World and Open Class corps will find some shade from the Texas sun under the roof of the Alamodome during this important regional competition. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE DCI Dallas Blue Devils Concord, CA Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ presented by North Texas Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Festival of Drums and Bugles Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Monday, July 25 Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ LAKE HIGHLANDS HIGH SCHOOL Dallas, TX Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Drum corps will march off into the Texas sunset following Colts Dubuque, IA __________ this final event of 2016’s Southwestern Series. Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Genesis Austin, TX __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA SCORE Guardians Houston, TX __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Louisiana Stars Lafayette, LA __________ __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ __________ Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ __________ Seattle Cascades Seattle, WA __________ Genesis Austin, TX __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ Guardians Houston, TX __________ __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL Troopers Casper, WY DCI Arkansas Wednesday, July 27 WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM Little Rock, AR A lineup of World Class corps marches into the capital of Arkansas for this event at one of the state’s most iconic stadiums. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE Bluecoats Canton, OH Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ __________ __________ 19

Premier Events DCI Southeastern Championship presented by Lone Star Percussion Saturday, July 30 THE GEORGIA DOME Atlanta, GA For the only time this summer before the DCI World Championships get underway, all 22 of DCI’s World Class corps will go head-to-head in a single day of competition. DCI Southern Mississippi Alliance Atlanta, GA SCORE Atlanta CV Atlanta, GA Wednesday, July 27 The Academy Tempe, AZ __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA __________ THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Hattiesburg, MS Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ The Cadets return to Hattiesburg for the first time Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ since 2010. They’ll look to unseat the Blue Devils, The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ who have won this event every year since 2008. Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Carolina Gold Raleigh, NC __________ Blue Devils Concord, CA SCORE The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Blue Stars La Crosse, W Colts Dubuque, IA __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Heat Wave Inverness, FL __________ Heat Wave Inverness, FL __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Southwind Mobile, AL __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ DCI Birmingham Seattle Cascades Seattle, WA __________ Southwind Mobile, AL __________ Thursday, July 28 Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ MOUNTAIN BROOK HIGH SCHOOL Birmingham, AL __________ __________ New to the DCI Tour schedule, this 2016 event will serve as an important stopping point before drum corps get to Atlanta. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE Blue Knights Denver, CO The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Southern Knights Birmingham, AL __________ Southwind Mobile, AL __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ __________ __________ 20 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Premier Events DCI Pittsburgh presented by Three Rivers SUMMER MUSIC GAMES Wednesday, August 3 BALDWIN HIGH SCHOOL Pittsburgh, PA Traditionally hosted after the DCI Eastern Classic, this event gets a new date and day of the week in 2016. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE DCI East Blue Stars La Crosse, WI Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ Friday, August 5 Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ J. BIRNEY CRUM STADIUM Allentown, PA Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ This longstanding two-day event series featuring __________ all 22 of DCI’s World Class corps will celebrate its __________ 40th anniversary this summer. The Academy Tempe, AZ SCORE Blue Devils Concord, CA Blue Knights Denver, CO __________ Bluecoats Canton, OH __________ Colts Dubuque, IA __________ Madison Scouts Madison, WI __________ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI __________ Seattle Cascades Seattle, WA __________ Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA __________ Troopers Casper, WY __________ __________ __________ Saturday, August 6 SCORE Blue Stars La Crosse, WI __________ Boston Crusaders Boston, MA __________ Bridgemen Alumni Bayonne, NJ __________ The Cadets Allentown, PA __________ Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC __________ The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL __________ Crossmen San Antonio, TX __________ Jersey Surf Camden County, NJ __________ Mandarins Sacramento, CA __________ Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR __________ Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA __________ Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL __________ Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA __________ 22 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Premier Events The Tour of Champions takes a number of DCI’s top groups beyond their standard competitive productions. In this entertaining series, some of marching music’s best performers give fans an exclusive look inside the drum corps experience while interacting directly with audience members and showing off their creativity in special pre-show and intermission performances. 1) Northern Illinois 5) NightBEAT SUNDAY, JULY 17 SUNDAY, JULY 31 Northern Illinois University Wake Forest University DeKalb, IL Winston-Salem, NC 2) Central Missouri 6) PPL Park MONDAY, JULY 18 THURSDAY, AUGUST 4 University of PPL Park Central Missouri Chester, PA Warrensburg, MO 7) Buffalo 3) Texas presented byTHE SUNDAY, AUGUST 7 exSIGHTment OF SOUND Ralph Wilson FRIDAY, JULY 22 Stadium The Berry Center Buffalo, NY Houston, TX 8) Pro Football 4) The Masters of the Hall of Fame Summer Music Games Enshrinement Festival presented by Jupiter, Mapex, & Majestic MONDAY, AUGUST 8 FRIDAY, JULY 29 Paul Brown Vanderbilt University Tiger Stadium Nashville, TN Massillon, OH 1) SCORE 2) SCORE 3) SCORE 4) SCORE 5) SCORE 6) SCORE 7) SCORE 8) SCORE Carolina Crown Phantom Regiment Bluecoats The Cadets Santa Clara Vanguard Blue Devils The Cavaliers Crossmen Madison Scouts Boston Crusaders Blue Knights Blue Stars 24 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

BLUEKNIGHTS “These instruments and the people behind them have become a key component of our success. Our partnership is built on a shared vision of excellence in performance and music education.” MARK ARNOLD – EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Ascend Performing Arts Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps / Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble

Premier Events FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, Drum Corps International’s Saturday, June 18 SoundSport® and DrumLine Battle™ programs have been growing rapidly at home and internationally. HEROES STADIUM San Antonio, TX In 2016, the summer series will culminate in a new event: the SoundSport International Music & Food Festival, to be held on Sunday, June 19 Saturday, August 13 in downtown Indianapolis, preceding the DCIWorld Championship Finals (see page 40). SOUTHLAKE TOWN SQUARE Designed to be fan-friendly, flexible, and economical for the Dallas, TX groups involved, SoundSport and DrumLine Battle provide opportunities for drum corps organizations, school ensembles, and other performing groups to add to their Saturday, July 23 competitive schedules—while making room for new groups to begin competing for the first time.These exciting initiatives are also proving to be a springboard for new ALAMODOME* and re-emerging drum corps organizations that wish to join the DCI SummerTour. San Antonio, TX Saturday, August 13 DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLIS + Indianapolis, IN 2016 SoundSport Member Teams Saturday, July 9 Appalachian Sound Glassmen Toledo, OH Railmen Drum & Bugle SOUTHEASTERN Drum & Bugle Corps Harmonix Starkville, MS Corps Omaha, NE UNIVERSITY* Atlanta, GA Horizon Drum & Bugle The Rocketeers Lakeland, FL Bayou City Blues Corps Odessa, TX Huntsville, AL Houston, TX IMPACT Drum & Bugle Rogues Hollow Regiment Saturday, July 16 Bishop Dwenger Saints Corps Orlando, FL Doylestown, OH Fort Wayne, IN Indianapolis Ignition Sonus Brass Theater UW-WHITEWATER Calgary Stampede Drum & Bugle Corps Woodbridge, VA Whitewater, WI Showband Indianapolis, IN Southeast Sound Calgary, AB LakeShoremen New Albany, IN Saturday, July 23 Columbus Saints Brownstown, MI Spirit of Sunnyvale Columbus, OH Les Titans de Quebec SoundSport ALAMODOME* The Diplomats Quebec, QC Sunnyvale, CA San Antonio, TX Windsor, ON McMaster Marching Thunder Brigade D&BC Edmonton Sabers Band Hamilton, ON Gaithersburg, MD Saturday, July 30 Marching Band Mon Valley Express Tokea Drum & Bugle Edmonton, AB Pittsburgh, PA Corps Houston, TX GEORGIA DOME* Florida Xpress Optimists Alumni Vivace Drum & Bugle Atlanta, GA Hawthorne, FL Toronto, ON Corps Jurupa Valley, CA Freelancers Alumni Phenom Tempe, AZ Saturday, August 13 Corps Sacramento, CA Teams as of May 10, 2016 DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLIS + Indianapolis, IN INTERNATIONAL SERIES (FALL 2016) Japan Guatemala Thailand Indonesia Lithuania * DCI Premier Event + DCI Championships Week Event For the latest schedules, rules and more, visit: and 26 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

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AMES FIELD, MICHIGAN CITY Championships Week This August, Drum Corps International returns to Indiana to crown its 2016 World Champions. The week begins with the Open Class World Championship in Michigan City (Aug 8-9), followed by four days of action in Indianapolis climaxing with the World Championship Finals on Aug. 13. INDIANAPOLIS WILL ALSO BE THE LOCATION for a STREET BEAT 5K: Kick off Saturday morning in Indy range of special events, including the DCI Performers Showcase (see page 30), the Kickoff Party and Hall of with a 5K run/walk, starting at Military Park (601 W. New Fame Induction (Wed., Aug. 10), and two daytime events York St.) and ending at Lucas Oil Stadium. Registration on Saturday, Aug. 13: the third annual Street Beat 5K proceeds will support the drum corps or marching band run/walk and the new SoundSport International Music & of your choice. Go to for more details. Food Festival (see page 40). But the heart of the tourna- ment will once again be Lucas Oil Stadium. At Thursday’s World Championship Prelims, Open and World Class groups contend for a spot among the top 25 advancing to the Semifinals. The field is then narrowed down in Friday’s Semifinals to 12 Finalists, who compete for the World Championship title on Saturday night. THE WARMUP ZONE: Come to historic Military Park to see all your favorite drum corps in rehearsal as they prepare to take the Lucas Oil field each day during the World Championships. Corps generally start their warm- ups about an hour before show time. FESTIVAL MARKETPLACE: As soon as they enter Lucas Oil Stadium, fans will find themselves in the midst of the Festival Marketplace. Check out the Drum Corps InternationalTeam Store, featuring DCI and Championship merchandise and apparel. All of the individual corps and DCI sponsors will have their own booths lining the con- course that leads to all of the stadium’s seating areas. 28 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Open Class Finals Michigan City Tuesday, August 9 AMES FIELD Michigan City, IN THE OPEN CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: 1. _______________________________________ SCORE 2. _______________________________________ Two days of intense competition will take place in 3. _______________________________________ __________ Michigan City on August 8-9. Open Class corps will also 4. _______________________________________ __________ be eligible to compete in Indianapolis beginning with 5. _______________________________________ __________ the World Championship Prelims on August 11. 6. _______________________________________ __________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ Open Class Prelims 8. _______________________________________ __________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ Monday, August 8 10. _______________________________________ __________ 11. _______________________________________ __________ AMES FIELD Michigan City, IN 12. _______________________________________ __________ __________ __________ 1. _______________________________________ SCORE Open Class Caption Awards 2. _______________________________________ 3. _______________________________________ __________ BEST BRASS PERFORMANCE 4. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ BEST GENERAL EFFECT 6. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ BEST VISUAL PERFORMANCE 8. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ BEST PERCUSSION PERFORMANCE 10. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 11. _______________________________________ __________ BEST COLOR GUARD PERFORMANCE 12. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 13. _______________________________________ __________ MOST IMPROVED CORPS 14. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 15. _______________________________________ __________ (SEE PAGE 134 FOR 2015 WINNERS) 16. _______________________________________ __________ 17. _______________________________________ __________ __________ __________ 29

Indianapolis Wednesday, August 10 GEORGIA STREET Indianapolis, IN PRESENTED BY SYSTEM BLUE, the educational arm of the Blue Devils organization, the DCI Performers Showcase continues the tradition established by the annual Individual & Ensemble Championships. World, Open and International Class corps members, and even DrumLine Battle and SoundSport teams, have the oppor- tunity to come together to demonstrate their individual and group talents by performing solo and ensemble piec- es perfected outside of their normal rehearsal schedules. Thanks to the inclusion of vocal and woodwind catego- ries, members wishing to do so can display their talents on instruments that are not normally used on the field in drum corps competition. World Championship Prelims Thursday, August 11 LUCAS OIL STADIUM Indianapolis, IN INDIVIDUALS Visual: Flag, Auxiliary, 1. _______________________________________ SCORE Brass: Trumpet, Dance 2. _______________________________________ Melllophone, French Horn, ENSEMBLES 3. _______________________________________ __________ Trombone, Baritone/ Brass, Percussion, Cymbal, 4. _______________________________________ __________ Euphonium, Tuba Bass Drum, Woodwind, 5. _______________________________________ __________ Auxiliary, Flag, Dance, 6. _______________________________________ __________ Percussion: Snare, Multi- Vocal, Mixed 7. _______________________________________ __________ Tenor, Timpani, Keyboard, EXHIBITION 8. _______________________________________ __________ Multi-Percussion For instrumentation or 9. _______________________________________ __________ ensembles not covered 10. _______________________________________ __________ Woodwind: Flute, Clarinet/ under DCI Performers 11. _______________________________________ __________ Double Reed, Saxophone Showcase rules. 12. _______________________________________ __________ 13. _______________________________________ __________ Vocal 14. _______________________________________ __________ 15. _______________________________________ __________ 16. _______________________________________ __________ 17. _______________________________________ __________ __________ __________ 30 20156 DCDICSIoSuovuevneinrirYYeeaarrbbooookk

LUCAS OIL STADIUM, INDIANAPOLIS World Championship Indianapolis Semifinals Friday, August 12 LUCAS OIL STADIUM Indianapolis, IN 18. _______________________________________ __________ 1. _______________________________________ SCORE 19. _______________________________________ __________ 2. _______________________________________ 20. _______________________________________ __________ 3. _______________________________________ __________ 21. _______________________________________ __________ 4. _______________________________________ __________ 22. _______________________________________ __________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ 23. _______________________________________ __________ 6. _______________________________________ __________ 24. _______________________________________ __________ 7. _______________________________________ __________ 25. _______________________________________ __________ 8. _______________________________________ __________ 26. _______________________________________ __________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ 27. _______________________________________ __________ 10. _______________________________________ __________ 28. _______________________________________ __________ 11. _______________________________________ __________ 29. _______________________________________ __________ 12. _______________________________________ __________ 30. _______________________________________ __________ 13. _______________________________________ __________ 31. _______________________________________ __________ 14. _______________________________________ __________ 32. _______________________________________ __________ 15. _______________________________________ __________ 33. _______________________________________ __________ 16. _______________________________________ __________ 34. _______________________________________ __________ 17. _______________________________________ __________ 35. _______________________________________ __________ 18. _______________________________________ __________ 36. _______________________________________ __________ 19. _______________________________________ __________ 37. _______________________________________ __________ 20. _______________________________________ __________ 38. _______________________________________ __________ 21. _______________________________________ __________ 39. _______________________________________ __________ 22. _______________________________________ __________ 23. _______________________________________ __________ 24. _______________________________________ __________ 25. _______________________________________ __________ __________ __________ 31

Indianapolis World Class Caption Awards Determined by the average scores in each category over the three days of World Championship competition. GEORGE ZINGALI AWARD for Best Color Guard ___________________________________________________________________ World Championship Finals JOHN BRAZALE AWARD for Best Visual Performance Saturday, August 13 ___________________________________________________________________ LUCAS OIL STADIUM Indianapolis, IN 1. _______________________________________ SCORE DON ANGELICA AWARD 2. _______________________________________ for Best Overall General Effect 3. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________ __________ 5. _______________________________________ __________ JIM OTT AWARD 6. _______________________________________ __________ for Best Brass Performance 7. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 8. _______________________________________ __________ 9. _______________________________________ __________ FRED SANFORD AWARD 10. _______________________________________ __________ for Best Percussion Performance 11. _______________________________________ __________ ___________________________________________________________________ 12. _______________________________________ __________ __________ (SEE PAGE 134 FOR 2015 WINNERS) __________ 32 20156 DCDICSIoSuovuevneinrirYYeeaarrbbooookk

Indianapolis is proud home to the Drum Corp International World Championships. Make the most of your visit. Take in the pageantry of competition, then get out and see the city. Better yet, add a day or two to your trip. The city offers a collection of museums and attractions to keep you entertained all day, and a food scene with options to please every palette. For what to see, do, and eat, go to | FOLLOW US: @VisitIndy

We’re Off to AatthhdreeidchSihneuhganitassbthnoaierncwyke, tDScohtCafaaItpbnetr.seinrintgos BY MICHAEL BOO “There’s not a state long enough for me to miss that show!”That’s what Fort Lauderdale resident Anna Carey will tell you if you ask her about driving up the Atlantic coast to catch one of the three DCI competitions coming to Florida this year—the first such events there since 2012. After a three-year absence, Anna and her two hometown corps friends aren’t satisfied with the thought of just driving an hour to attend the nearest DCITour event at Jupiter High School.They’ll also be traveling to the shows in Lakeland and Daytona Beach, requiring a couple of out-of- town overnight stays. But they consider that a small price to pay for being able to welcome drum corps back to their state. Florida has long been a drum corps hotbed; after Texas and California, no state annually produces more corps members. And after Indiana and Wisconsin, no state has hosted the DCI World Championships more often. Consider that enthusiasm for drum corps, and it’s easy to understand why Florida fans have gotten so excited about the news that the DCITour is visiting the Sunshine State again. 34 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook


Orl a n d o M ia m i six-time finalist in DCI’s World Class (then called Division I) around the turn of the Four DCI World CoOdThferhatamehmneongplo1eiisw9oBh8n-oe3swdhWilp,ossriltde millennium. As with Suncoast Sound, it Championships have been was nearly impossible to place Magic in a hosted at the Citrus Bowl. JOURNEY TO THE stylistic pigeonhole.The corps earned a CENTER OF THE STATE top-12 spot with 1994’s “Cirque de 1996 Magique, Part Deux,” then explored the The opening show of this return engage- lives of the creatures of the sea, land, and 1997 ment is the DCI Central Florida event in sky in “Danse Animale.” In 1996, Magic left Lakeland, about 40 minutes east ofTampa Planet Earth for “Twelve Seconds to the 1998 Bay. Scheduled for July 9 at Southeastern Moon,” tracing the history of flight from University, it will feature eight corps in human-powered gliders to a space launch. 2003 competition: Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders,The Cadets, Crossmen, Heat Lakeland is also an easy drive down I-4 Wave, Jersey Surf, Legends, and Spirit of from Orlando, which hosted the DCI World Atlanta.Time for some history now; Championships in 1996, 1997, 1998, and Lakeland just happens to be about half- 2003 at Citrus Bowl Stadium. DCI enjoyed way between the homes of two of the a special relationship with Walt Disney most popular corps from DCI’s past, World during those years, and corps Suncoast Sound and Magic of Orlando. members and fans alike were brought into the theme park for events that includ- Tampa Bay’s Suncoast Sound, a sev- ed the Individual & Ensemble competition en-time DCI finalist in the 1980s, was and a nighttime parade of corps.That known for bringing a smooth yet ram- parade led fans directly into Epcot’s open- bunctious style to the field with programs air American GardensTheater, where the that were as provocative as they were cap- winners in each of the Individual & tivating. The corps’ oft-solemn 1984 show Ensemble competition categories from about the aftermath of the Vietnam War earlier in the day presented an exhibition was followed by the beach frolic of its of their winning performances. Following “Florida Suite,” which in turn was succeed- the 2003 Epcot appearance, fans gathered ed by the jazzy “Adventures inTime.”That around the World Showcase Lagoon for show, based on the album of the same the IllumiNations light and fireworks name by the Stan Kenton Orchestra, show. At the conclusion of the event, the earned the corps fifth place at the 1986 DCI DCI logo was projected by lasers on the World Championship, its highest place- Earth Globe at the center of the park’s ment ever. lagoon. Many of those who helped make Fans with long memories may recall Suncoast Sound so inventive later founded that an afternoon rain delay was built into Magic of Orlando, a corps that became a the daily schedule at each of the DCI World Championships hosted in Orlando.That was to accommodate the intense but brief storms that regularly pass over the state from the Gulf of Mexico. A SOUTHERN WAVE OF MEMORIES After DCI Central Florida, all corps will drive two and a half hours down the pen- insula to perform on July 11 at the DCI Jupiter show, located just north of West Palm Beach.This show is an easy trip from 36 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

A F l ori d a H on orR ol l Florida-based drum corps that have competed at the DCIWorld Championships since 1972: Inverness, 1 FLORIDA VANGUARD Founded FHleoaritdWa’asve in 1933 as the Greater Miami Boys Drum and Bugle Corps (though it always included girls). Evolved into Florida Wave in 1981. Competed at the DCI World Championships: 1977-80. the Miami metropolitan region, which round on Wednesday, advanced to the 1 FLORIDIANS Also based in itself hosted the DCI World Championships Quarterfinals onThursday, moved on to in 1983. That was the first time the big the Semifinals on Friday, and performed Miami, the Floridians formed in show had gone to Florida, and it remains in exhibition on Saturday as the newly 1968 and became the first drum the furthest south that the DCI Finals has crowned Division II Champions. In 1987, corps to march at the newly ever been staged. Miami’s Orange Bowl the corps finished in 13th place, just over opened Walt Disney World in was the scene of those 1983 events; it was half a point shy of advancing into the 1971. Competed at the DCI World demolished 25 years later to make way for World Class Finals. Championships: 1973-76. a new Major League Baseball stadium for the Marlins. FLYING NORTH 1 MIAMI SILHOUETTES Miami was also home to Florida Wave, On July 12, the eight corps on this year’s Competed throughout the East a corps that competed primarily through Florida tour head straight up the coast for Coast in the early 1970s and trav- the 1980s. DCI Hall of Fame broadcast a final date at Daytona Beach’s Municipal eled to Ithaca, N.Y. for its one and personality Steve Rondinaro directed the Stadium. An hour north of the Kennedy only Championship appearance. group at the same time that he was work- Space Center, Daytona Beach is also Competed at the DCI World ing as a newsman for a Miami television about an hour and a half south of Championships: 1974. station. WearingT-shirts under casual Jacksonville, home to another historic jackets, the corps visually projected a corps:Teal Sound, which made its DCI 1 SUNCOAST SOUND Founded relaxed sense of the tropics, and that debut as an Open Class unit in 1999 and laid-back air carried over to its music in became a World Class corps for its last in 1979, this Tampa-based corps selections such as “Coconut two seasons of 2010 and 2011. Teal was called its style “Sun Jazz” and Champagne” and “Fool on the Hill.” especially known for enthusiastically finished among DCI’s Top 12 for embracing amplification and electronics most of the ‘80s. Competed at Wave is perhaps best remembered for for its productions.The corps explored a the DCI World Championships: performing during all six days of the 1984 wide variety of intense rock music— 1979-89, 1992-94. DCI World Championships, a feat never including songs by Metallica, the Dave equaled before or since. After winning the Matthews Band, and DreamTheater— 37 Division II Prelims competition on often prominently featuring a band con- Monday and the Division II Finals on sisting of electric guitar, electric bass, Tuesday, the corps won the World synthesizer, and drum set. Championship Prelims qualification

WHO’LL BE THERE? One of the newest groups on the DCITour is also the only 1 FLORIDA WAVE A Miami current DCI corps to actually corps founded in 1981. Division II hail from Florida: Heat Wave, Champion in 1984. Competed at the DCI World Championships: a second-year Open Class 1981-90. ensemble from Inverness, 1 MAGIC OF ORLANDO Founded just north of Tampa. “We are Orlando 2003 in 1989, later known simply as extremely excited about the the Magic. Division II Champion in 2002. Competed at the DCI return of the DCITour to World Championships: 1990-99, 2002-06. Florida,” director Jonathan 1 FLORIDA GUARDSMEN Hailed Otero says. “There’s a big drum corps regularly hold winter rehearsal camps from the city of Fort Myers and community here, and to be part of it is just outside Orlando and have between only saw action for a few years in the early ‘90s. Competed at the truly special. As we enter our second 30 and 40 members from the state. “It DCI World Championships: 1992. year of competition, our members are means a lot that the DCITour is coming 1TEAL SOUND Founded in 1998, pumped to bring our 2016 production, back to Florida,” he says. “My first expe- the first Florida corps to be in DCI’s World Class since Magic of ‘Sahara,’ to our home state.” riences with DCI were in Florida and Orlando. Competed at the DCI World Championships: 1999-2011. Also among those sure to enjoy now I can watch the phenomenal per- 1TAMPA BAYTHUNDER drum corps in Florida this summer are formances without having to drive sev- Founded in 1999, merged with members of the three native ensembles eral hours north.” Recognizing its histo- Canadian corps the Kiwanis Kavaliers in 2002. Competed at participating in this year’s SoundSport ry in Florida, the corps is hosting a the DCI World Championships: 2000-01. competition in Lakeland (see page 26). reunion gala in Lakeland the day of the 38 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook Given that several past SoundSport DCI Central Florida event. groups have already gone on to become Last but not least, you’re sure to find Open Class drum corps, the growing longtime drum corps enthusiast John interest in SoundSport may Zaragoza at the Daytona Beach performance. He met very well translate into future “THE TOUR Florida corps appearing on WILL BE A his wife of 34 years in the field along with Heat GREAT Pennsylvania’s Steel City Wave. TOOL FOR Ambassadors All-Age Drum EXPOSURE, and Bugle Corps, and coinci- Another corps from the dentally, the very day DCI South that’s looking forward to the Florida tour is Spirit of RECRUITING, announced the Daytona Atlanta. Scott Keefer, who is AND FOR Beach show, he was driving heavily involved with that past Municipal Stadium and pondering what a great FEELINGensemble’s alumni associa- venue it would make for a CONNECTEDtion, says, “I think this tour is a great opportunity for Spirit TO OTHER DCI show. (But frankly, he to perform at more events CORPS.” admits to thinking that every time he drives past the stadi- closer to home. We’ve always had a great fan base from Florida.The um.) When he got home that night, he tour will be a great tool for exposure, learned of the good news and instantly recruiting, and for feeling connected to started making plans for a grand drum other corps in the region.” corps holiday. He and his wife will be Technically, Boston Crusaders isn’t a having dinner with one of his old Florida corps, but its connections to the marching buddies, now a driver for state over the years have run deep. Jersey Surf. Zaragoza states he’s look- According toTarpon Springs native ing forward “to enjoying a long-over- Matthew Carstensen, a member of the due evening of drum corps under the corps’ horn line in 2015, the Crusaders Florida stars.”

remo-pm2_dciyrbook_0615.pdf 1 5/28/15 9:45 AM M Y Y Y

10 things you need to know about... On Saturday, August 13, 2016, Indianapolis will host an exciting new family-focused community gathering as part of Drum Corps International’s World Championship festivities. The first SoundSport International Music & Food Festival is,above all, a chance for the eclectic, adventurous, and highly skilled music groups in the SoundSport® and DrumLine Battle™ programs to show their stuff in competition. Although these programs have both been a part of Championships Week before, they’ve never had such a showcase: a real festival atmosphere, complete with a wide range of onsite food vendors and entertainment aplenty. What should you expect? It’s free. SoundSport events welcome perform- Every part of ers of all ages, on the Festival all instruments. is open to the general How old you are and what you play public, and makes no difference here: The five- to no tickets are seven-minute SoundSport group per- required. formances are all about letting the imagination soar and entertaining an It’s big. The Festival will audience. Listeners could be treated to anything from a full marching band take place at three locations to a tin whistle ensemble. in downtown Indianapolis. Two of them are outdoors: Pan Am Plaza and nearby Georgia Street. The third location is the Pavilion at Pan Am, a 900-seat indoor venue being used by DCI for the first time this year to house all the SoundSport performances. And with so many groups expected to partici- pate this year, SoundSport and DrumLine Battle events will take place simultaneously Saturday morning and afternoon. 40 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Participants are coming from around the world. Over the past few years, SoundSport activities have caught on worldwide in a major way; they’re now taking place on five continents. The SoundSport International Music & Food Festival will reflect that global spread. In addition to DCI corps and other groups from the United States—including a performance by the legendary Bridgemen Alumni—you can also expect to cheer on ensembles from Canada and may even see groups from as far away as Colombia and Hong Kong. Groups don’t Showmanship is key. In both Did we have to be mention there physically SoundSport and DrumLine Battle, was food? From present in technical proficiency is secondary to order to take part. New a group’s showmanship and ability restaurants to gour- to get the crowd on its side. “Fast-paced and met food trucks, an assortment for this year, the SoundSport in-your-face” is the prevailing style here. That’s of vendors are expected to be Virtual Championships allows especially true of the percussive units vying for on hand at the Festival, offering ensembles of all types any- the DrumLine Battle championship title, who up a variety of cuisines. It’s a where on the planet to submit pack a ton of attitude—along with stick tricks, reminder of just how much the performance videos online to acrobatic stunts, wild dance moves, and of course Indianapolis restaurant scene judges, who will give scores killer drumming—into their two-minute sets. has grown in recent years, and and commentary just as they a delectable reminder at that. do for the teams that will perform in Indianapolis. VISITINDY.COM The winners of this first-ever virtual competition will be This Festival has its own theme song. featured as part of the festival via video displays. Check The anthem, “Raise Your Voice” by Irish composer them out, and give them all Brendan Breslin, was written to be played at all a hand so loud that they can SoundSport events and has been scored for just hear you wherever they are! about every conceivable instrument. All musical participants will join forces to play this theme—a must-see moment that will help close out the event as part of the awards ceremony. You can get The fun doesn’t end when involved too. the Festival does. The morning Take part in one of and afternoon SoundSport events the Festival’s make a natural lead-in to the main drum circles and experience event on Saturday night: the season-ending DCI first-hand the thrill of making World Championship Finals at Lucas Oil music in an organized group Stadium. See you there! setting. Not only is it a great time, but it will also give you even more appreciation for the high precision that DCI drum corps consistently achieve in performance. 41

BY SUSAN POLINIAK t’s no secret that being in a drum corps can be a rewarding experi- ence, but it can also be full of chal- lenges. Because of this, many indi- viduals participate for just a year or two. However, some are fortunate enough to be able to march for years, reluctant- ly leaving only because they’ve reached their final year of eligibility and “aged out.” What draws these “veterans” back to corps year after year, and how has it enriched their lives? The Trip Begins Maybe the best place to start answering these questions is by asking one more: What got you into drum corps in the first place? Erika Plez, a six-year member and three-year captain of the color guard in Jersey Surf, explains that she joined the corps “because my friend had marched in the corps the year before I joined, and he bragged about how good they were and how family-oriented the people were.” That word “family” keeps getting repeated when you talk to long-term corps members. Sometimes it’s not just a concept but the literal truth. “My dad marched in Santa Clara back in the late ’70s,” says Santa Clara Vanguard brass player Ken Nakamoto, who previously marched with the Open Class Vanguard Cadets. He will age out of the Vanguard A Corps this summer with six years’ experience between the two groups. “Dad was the reason why I fell in DRUM CORPS For some dedicated drum corps members, the tour just keeps on going. We love with the corps, and it is such an awesome feeling to Navigating Bumps in the Road carry on a family legacy.” Ah yes, the challenges: There are plenty of those while For Noah Koch, now in his ninth year with Legends, the touring the country with a drum corps! “You never know situation is similar. “I’m the youngest of five children,” he when the buses will break down, unexpected weather will says, “and all five of us marched with Legends in the sum- come, or the showers at a housing site won’t work,” mer of 2008. I was drawn to Legends initially because my remarks David Warren, conductor of Phantom Regiment biological family was there, but through my time touring for the past five years. “I’ve learned that challenges are that first summer my family grew to encompass each mem- good when you’re on tour.The most challenging days are ber of the corps . . . People grow closer when they over- always the ones that we remember.They are the days come challenges together, and that’s exactly what drum when we had to come together and really function corps is all about.” as one unit, and through that we grow as an organization.” 42 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

6YEARS ERIKA PLEZ 5 JERSEY SURF YEARS “What I get out of DAVID WARREN coming back is a bigger and bigger PHANTOM REGIMENT family every year.” “It’s rare to find 149 other people who support you no matter what.” talked to five performers whose tenure has lasted far beyond the average. Sometimes, just learning the ropes can be tough. “In problem that corps members face. Noah Koch has worked high school when I auditioned for the Vanguard Cadets, I through back problems, as well as Achilles and forearm rolled into the audition not knowing how to march at all,” tendon issues. Erika Plez has had ankle injuries to contend Ken Nakamoto notes. “My high school did not have a with, but “the staff at my corps always made sure that I marching band, so being part of a drum corps was my first was all right.That’s what I like the most about the staff: and only marching experience until I got to college. For the When it comes to issues like this, they actually care about first few years, even leading into my first year with the helping you.” Plez also notes that “there are times when I Vanguard, I always felt like the weakest link; everyone knew have to balance working and attending rehearsal camps. what to do while I stood there completely confused. I did Sometimes it can be hard to get your boss to let you miss not feel confident until my second year with the Vanguard.” full weekends of work and then a full summer on top of that while doing drum corps.” Physical injuries can be another common (and serious) 43

9YEARS NOAH KOCH 6 LEGENDS YEARS “The relationships that KEN NAKAMOTO are formed through shared experiences SANTA CLARAVANGUARD are ones that last.” “Drum corps has taught me to persevere and never give up.” For Zach Sheller, a member of the Madison Scouts for are not just staff:They are role models, and great people to five years (the last two as drum major), the challenges of look up to. It’s amazing coming back to the Surf because I drum corps have been especially significant. “The biggest feel like I’m walking into my home.” hurdle I had to overcome personally was back in 2013,” he says. “I had been asked to play euphonium for that sea- “The relationships that are formed through shared son—my first time with the instrument. It was difficult for experiences are ones that last,” Noah Koch remarks. “I love me physically because I was born with a birth defect called the people who make up Legends. Over time, I began to Poland’s syndrome that disfigured my left hand. Along with realize that I was capable of giving back to the organization that, I’m missing some muscle mass in my left arm and my that gave so much to me. As a veteran of the corps, I could entire left pectoral muscle.That year was the roughest set a positive example for the younger members of the spring training I’ve ever had. I suffered from muscle and group, showing them how to pursue excellence through back pain throughout the season. What really drove me to their time with Legends. I have grown to focus more on push through the summer, though, is that I didn’t want giving of myself to the group rather than focusing on what people to think I was different from anyone else nor give the group can give back to me. I know I’m not perfect, and I me special treatment. I felt like I had to be better than still have so much to learn, but if there is any way I can someone who could play the euphonium ‘normally’ and help those around me, I will do it.” even surpass the abilities of the other guys in my section.” The opportunity for personal growth is one reason why Keep On Keeping On David Warren has kept coming back: “Every summer you learn so much about yourself, and you grow so much as a It clearly takes hard work, determination, and sometimes person.That means every time you start a new summer, outside help to stick with a corps for the long haul, but the you take it on with a different perspective than you did the rewards are great. “As clichéd as it sounds, ‘There’s no year before. Of course, the people who I’m around every place like home,’” Sheller says. “I love the Madison single day are a huge inspiration to me in coming back to Scouts. I would do anything for the corps and my brothers. the corps every year. It is very rare in life that you find 149 It’s one of the reasons I’m a drum major now.” other people who you know are supporting you no matter what . . . I love every single thing about this organization, I Ken Nakamoto responds with similar enthusiasm: “I can’t imagine what my life would be without it.” grew up with this drum corps and I absolutely love this corps. What keeps me coming back to the Vanguard is my Things Learned Along the Way love for this organization.” And Erika Plez says, “What I get out of coming back is a bigger and bigger family every What people learn through the drum corps experience can year.These people in the corps and the people who run it change them, in ways that may last a lifetime. This is partic- ularly true for long-term members. “Throughout my years 44 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

Tehsseence of why these “old-timers” have come 5 back, year ZACH SHELLER after year: YEARS The corps MADISON SCOUTS is family. “Do the right thing and be the epitome of your corps’ ideals.” in the drum corps I have come to realize that the process of ple in close quarters. As crazy as that may sound, those pursuing goals, the moment-by-moment choice to get bet- 149 people become a part of your family as you live with ter, takes precedence over the finished product,” Noah Koch them for three whole months.” says. “I’ve learned that if I invest myself into the daily pro- cess of pursuing my personal best, whatever goals I have This, really, is the essence of why these “old-timers” will become far more achievable and fulfilling.” have come back, year after year: The corps is family. “There is no other feeling like performing with the com- The challenge of playing in a corps can push members to munity of people who mean the most to you in the world,” their limits, and bring to the fore qualities that might have Noah Koch says. been previously hidden or unrefined. Zach Sheller reports, “There’s a saying that one of our staff members has been The Legends veteran adds that the chance to be a posi- preaching to us: Drum corps doesn’t change you—it just tive role model to others is nearly as rewarding. “You can reveals your true potential.” Ken Nakamoto thinks the same: be an invaluable resource to those around you who are “Being in a drum corps has shown me what my true capa- experiencing corps for the first time,” he notes. “Be their bilities can be . . .Drum corps has taught me to persevere friend, mentor, and guide; set the example for them so that and never give up. If life knocks you down on your butt, you they can learn. Through teaching others you will continue get back up on your feet and keep fighting.” to be pushed to learn and grow.” Fighting to pursue your dreams, both as an individual Zach Sheller also understands that a long-term corps and as a group, is part of a corps’ heart and soul. “The member has a special responsibility to younger members: greatest thing that drum corps has taught me,” David “The day will come when you look up to see who’s leading Warren says, “is that no matter how crazy your dreams may you, but instead you have to look around to see everyone seem, don’t let anything get in the way of achieving them. else looking to you. Whether you’re given a leadership role Becoming a conductor seemed impossible when I first con- or not, people will look at you. Do the right thing and be sidered auditioning for that position at Phantom Regiment. the epitome of your corps’ ideals.” The process taught me that with a lot of hard work, and believing in myself, I could accomplish anything.” Joining that larger corps family, and learning how to lead the way for its younger members, gives a real sense of Looking Back From Journey’s End belonging and purpose to these seasoned performers. “We all have that moment where we realize that the drum corps As these die-hard members age out and move on, what activity is the place where we were meant to be,” David will they miss most about their years spent with their Warren says. “I use that as inspiration every single day.” corps? For Ken Nakamoto, “What I’ll miss the most is being able to spend a whole summer with 149 other peo- As Erika Plez puts it, “Joining drum corps was the best decision I ever made . . . Life is hard, drum corps is hard, but it’s fun and worth it at the end!” 46 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook


ICCtEoeOrbnrplAsS 60 Phantom years Regiment It’s a big anniversary year for three of DCI’s World Class corps, 1981 and a perfect time to look back on their many achievements. 1959 2008 BY LAUREN VOGEL WEISS 2012 Anniversaries are for celebrating special 2002 milestones, and 2016 marks three major ones in drum corps circles. Phantom Regiment, named after a Leroy Briefly called the Rockford Anderson tune written for the Boston Pops, first took Rangers, this Illinois corps the field 60 years ago. Seattle Cascades, the Pacific debuted as Phantom Regiment in Northwest’s oldest corps, began their march half a 1956, along with its all-girl century ago. And it’s been four decades since Spirit Phantomettes color guard.The corps went into of Atlanta formed, taking the moniker given it by limbo after a 1964 fire destroyed its home hall, but reorga- a member as the winning entry in a corps-naming nized in 1967 with 28 members. Known for its use of classi- contest. Congratulations to them all! cal music and powerful horn line, the Regiment has never left DCI’s elite Top 12 in the past 42 seasons. For three con- secutive second-place finishes (1977-1979) and the innova- tive “Spartacus” ballet programs (1981-1982), the corps was led by four future DCI Hall of Famers: John Brazale (visual), Marty Hurley (percussion), Dan Richardson (program coordinator), and Jim Wren (brass). In 1987, the corps intro- duced all-white uniforms, retaining the iconic pith helmet. Phantom Regiment tied Blue Devils in 1996 to earn its first DCI Championship title, before winning outright in 2008 with an updated reprise of “Spartacus.” Its tradition of excellence continues with this year’s induction of longtime program coordinator Dan Farrell into the DCI Hall of Fame. 48 2016 DCI Souvenir Yearbook

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