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Help Center Billing Subscription

How long does it take to upgrade my PubHTML5 account after paying for it

Currently! Since your purchase is completed in the third-party payment platform - PayPal, the upgrade will be successful as soon as the purchase is done.

How to get a quote for PubHTML5 service

PubHTML5 aims to provide the best services. Three packages of purchasing available for you to make your amazing flipbooks. If you are interested in our services and want to get a quote, just offer your personal information and send us a message at: support@

PubHTML5 Education Pricing

Our company is always having great support to the public education. Therefore, we are delighted to offer discount for the public education affair. There are 20%~30% discounts depending on the package you choose. If you are interested in purchasing, please send email to [email protected] with the attachment about relevant evidential materials.

Can I order Pro package annually

PUB HTML5 provides 4 versions: Free, Pro, Platinum and Enterprise. Among which, Pro package is monthly paid plan for you to make your beautiful publications. What is more, by contacting us at s[email protected], you are sure to order Pro package annually.

What happens if my PubHTML5 Online Service has been expired

There are three paid packages of PubHTML5 for you to choose, including Pro, Platinum, and Enterprise. You could choose one of them according to your demands. We are sorry to tell you that if PubHTML5 Online Service has been expired, we are afraid that you have to re-purchase the package to continue the service. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. For more info:

How to know whether I cancel the service or not (Recurring Payment Status)

It is easy to check your subscription on PubHTML5 platform in the following way. Step1. Login your PubHTML5 account on our website. Step2. Click on the "Billing" option and go to "Rental Record" where you can see your rental history. Note: If the Rent State is "Normal", your service is still available. If the Rent State is "Invalid", it means you have cancelled the renting service successfully and our system will never charge you again.

Payment methods for PubHTML5

You can pay for our software via your PayPal account. Besides, all the packages support both monthly and annual payments.

Upgrade PubHTML5 account

You can upgrade your PubHTML5 account as you wish. 1)If you are a free user, you can upgrade your account by ordering the Pro, Gold Platinum or Enterprise package in our website: : 2) If you are a Pro user and you want to upgrade to Gold or Platinum package, just directly upgrade your account on price page:; When you want to upgrade to Enterprise package, you need to cancel the subscription of Pro in your PayPal account first ( and then purchase the Enterprise package. 3) If you are a Gold or Platinum user and want to upgrade your account as well, please follow the same steps as the Pro user.

"Amount can only be increased by 20%" occurs when upgrading my PubHTML5 account

When you upgrade your service, an error message "Amount can only be increased by 20%" may be indicated. In this case, what you need to do is cancel your previous subscription in your PayPal account (, and reorder (

How to change credit card info for payment

Actually, we would like to tell you that it's easy and quick to change credit card info for payment. Just change it in your paypal account.

Apart from Paypal, can I pay for PubHTML5 service with Credit cards

For Pro users, you can pay via PayPal and it will bill your account monthly. But you can cancel it anytime if you don

Cancel PubHTML5 service .

If you don't need PubHTML5 services anymore and want to cancel it, just follow below steps for canceling. Step1. Log your account on website. Step2. Find the "Billing" option and then click on "Cancel Renting". You can directly cancel it in your PayPal account by clicking here. To check whether you've successfully cancelled the service or not, just click "Rental Record". If the rent status shows "Normal", that means you have not canceled the subscription successfully. If the rent status shows "Invalid", that means you've successfully cancelled the PubHTML5 services.

Get an invoice for PubHTML5 service

Step1. Log your account and click "Billing" in your backend. Step2. Click "Invoice setting" and edit your invoice title like below. Step3. Click "Billing Cycle", find your invoice and click "Print". Your invoice will be printed.