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Help Center Bookshelf

How to synchronize the bookcase with specific book folders

By synchronizing the bookcase with specific book folders, users can follow the steps below. It will be a piece of cake to do that: Step1. Sign in You can sign in with your existing social media accounts, such as Facebook and Google. Of course, if you have a PubHTML5 account, you can sign in with your account immediately, if not, you can also sign up to log in your account. Step2. Click "MY BOOKCASE" and then choose one bookcase and click the Setting button as the below arrow points. Enter into the Bookcase Setting. Step3. Tick the needed synchronizing folder, finished by clicking "Done". And finally save all the setting.

Bookcase security

PubHTML5 allows users to protect their bookcase information from others. Just a password, you could keep good of your bookcase. Please follow the below steps. Step1. Sign in Step2. Click "MY BOOKCASE" and then choose one bookcase and click the Setting button as the below arrow points. Enter into the Bookcase Setting. Step3. Set password and save.

Create a new bookcase and add books to the bookcase

PubHTML5 empowers you to create your own bookcase and add as many as books you like. Let's see how to do that. Step1. Login in with your account. Step2. Click the "MY BOOKCASES" option to open the panel, and then click on the "New bookcase" button. Step3. Type your bookcase title, and add books from the list. Step4. After you finish, click the "Create" button.

Bookcase settings

Bookcase helps to collect and manage your online books effectively. Followings are some tips for you to customize your bookcase settings. Step1. Sign in with your PubHTML5 account. Step2. Find your bookcases and hit "Edit Settings" icon for managing detailed information for your flipbooks. Step3. Perfect your bookcase settings and save.

Can I custom my own style skin for the bookcase

We are sorry it is No! Now you are only able to choose the defaulted skins inside the bookcase instead of customizing your own bookcase skin.

Rearrange order of the books inside the bookcase

PubHTML5 makes it easy to embed customizable bookcase in your web, it also enables you to rearrange the sequence of your books inside the bookcase. Below tips help you a lot if you want to arrange your books' order. Step1. Log in your PubHTML5 account. Step2. Your Bookcases-Edit. Step3. Choose a book, alter its sequence according to your needs. Then click "Done" to save your setting.

Remove flipbooks from the bookcase

In PubHTML5, you can display your online publications on a bookcase, which can be embedded into your own website and make your website more succinct and beautiful. In the meanwhile, you are able to customize the bookcase settings, change the sequence of your flipbooks and remove your flipbooks in the bookcase. Here are 3 steps to remove your flipbooks. Step1. Sign in with your PubHTML5 account Step2. Click "MY BOOKCASES -> PubHTML5 - Edit" button in sequence to manage your bookcase. Step3. Remove flipbooks. Check the option of the flipbooks your want to remove and then click "Delete" button to remove your flipbooks. Finally don't forget to click "Done" to save the changes.