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Help Center Embedding

How to have embed flipbook start at a specific page

If you want to have embed flipbook start at a specific page, you just need to make a change on the embedded code. That's to say, you need to put #p=specific page behind the book URL inside the embed code. For example:

How to embed flipbook to a responsive web

When you embed your flipbook to a website, sometimes you will find the flipbook is not responsive. What's the wrong? The problem lies on the iframe width. All you need to do is replace its number of pixel with a percentage like 100%.

Embed a bookcase to web page

Copy and paste the embed code to your HTML file enables you to embed a nice looking bookcase to your site. Here provides some tips for you to embed a bookcase to web page. Step1. Log in your PubHTML5 account. Step2. Find your bookcase and click "Embed" icon. Step3. Copy the Embed code and paste it into your HTML file.

Fullscreen feature does not work when I embed the book to web page

PubHTML5 offers you a sound and comfortable reading experience by allowing you to read your flipbooks in full screen. However, sometimes the fullscreen feature doesn't work when you embed your flipbooks into your webpage. We will help you to fix it in two methods. 1) The embedded Code issue. 2) The IE compatibility issue.

Install flipbook Wordpress plugin on Wordpress website

PubHTML5 enables you to save flipbook as WordPress plugins. And Wordpress make it simple to get your flipbook up and running in your websites. Below steps show you how to install flipbook Wordpress plugin on Wordpress website. Step1. Publish your flipbook as plug-in for WordPress. Step2. Log in your WordPress account, find "Plugins" and click "Add New" to upload your published plugin. Step3. Install and activate your Plugin.

How to embed a flipbook to a web page

PubHTML5 provides stunning features for you to create beautiful flipbooks. You are able to enjoy these flipbooks online and offline. Moreover, this powerful software allows you to embed your flipbooks to your website and share with your friends. Followings are some tips for embedding a flipbook to a web page. Step1. Sign in with your PubHTML5 account. Step2. Find your Pubs, click "Embed" icon. Step3. In the popup window, you can copy the embedded code and paste it to your web page.

How to embed flipbook with https instead of http in the URL

If you embed the book under a https website, you need to use the book https url You just need to modify the book url to https format: For example, 1. Your flipbook‘s http URL : You just need to change it to this format: 2. Your flipbook’s https URL : index.html