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Does Google Analytics web tracking code track flipbook statistics at page level

It is so sorry to tell you that the Google Analytics web tracking code doesn't track flipbook statistics at page level. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Publication statistics

Step1. Sign in You can sign in with your existing social media accounts, such as Facebook and Google. Of course, if you have a PubHTML5 account, you can sign in with your account immediately, if not, you can also sign up to log in your account. Step2. Click "Statistics -> Publication Statistics", and you will get a simple graph about all the publications statistics of your flip books. Click to view the detail information. Step3. Detail information about one of the flip book.

How to track the book statistics of my books hosted on our server

PubHTML5 allows users to track visits of online page flip book by statics. And there is also a way to help you track the book statistics which was published to your own servers. Before we track statics of flipbook on your server, you should create an account of Google Analytics first. Then you will get the Google Analytic ID. Step1. Insert Google Analytics ID into Flip Book Custom Settings -> Search Google -> Google Analytics ID -> Copy and Paste Google Analytics ID -> Click Apply Change to save. Step2. Publish and Upload to Server Click "publish to local" to publish your books to local computer as HTML5 formats and then upload all the book files to your own server via FTP tool, like FileZilla. Step3. Track statics of Flip Book After several hours later, you can log in Google Analytics and learn more about the flipbook on your server.